Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask FAQ/Walkthrough

       Version 1.4 8/22/13

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Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Prologue
  003b. Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos
  003c. Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell
  003d. Chapter 3: The Battle for Monte d'Or
  003e. Chapter 4: Angela's Tears
  003f. Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked
  003g. Chapter 6: The Ghosts of Akbadain
  003h. Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn
  003i. Chapter 8: The Final Miracle
  003j. Epilogue
004.  The Toymaker's House
005.  The Shopkeeper's House
006.  The Ringmaster's House
007.  The Reunion House
008.  The Puzzle Keeper's House
009.  The Hidden Door
010.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS game called 
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It's a 
puzzle/mystery game containing a lot of brainteasers. It's 
the fifth game in the Professor Layton series, and it's the 
second game in a prequel trilogy.

You can contact me at if you 
have any questions, suggestions or that sort of thing.

002-Video Walkthrough

I made a video walkthrough for this game, so if you would 
rather watch me solve various puzzles rather than read 
about them, you can see them all at:

I will also include links to the individual videos in this 


Select "new game" to start a new game, then enter in a 
name. This will be the name that appears on your save file.


Video #1:

Professor Layton and Luke have arrived in the lively town 
of Monte d'Or. Layton is curious as to how the town has 
grown so much, given the fact that it was founded in a 
remote place, only eighteen years ago.

Professor Layton teaches Luke how to examine things. Tap on 
the magnifying glass, then drag it around and tap to 
examine something. Try this out and examine the clown on 
the right, who is tied up by balloons. He has a puzzle for 
you to solve.

Puzzle #001: Stumble's Balloons
Location: Carnival Square
Person: Stumble

Summary: Stumble is trapped in his balloons! Can you get 
the strings untangled, by pressing the nine orange dots? 
Pressing on a dot swaps the strings next to it.

Solution: There are multiple solutions to the puzzle. The 
fastest solution is three moves: top/right dot, middle dot 
and top/left dot.


Once the puzzle is solved, the parade is interrupted 
unexpectedly. Someone has started turning people into 
stone! This is revealed to be the work of someone named the 
Masked Gentleman. This man flies off into the night.

Professor Layton's assistant, Emmy, arrives with horses. 
Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy ride the horses and chase 
the Masked Gentleman.

In this challenge, you want to move left and right to avoid 
barrels. If you hit a barrel, you get slowed down. You want 
to collect carrots, because that will speed you up.

There will be forks in the road. When this happens, take 
the same fork as the Masked Gentleman. Keep chasing after 
him, and eventually Professor Layton will get very close. 
At this point, the Masked Gentleman escapes, and the 
Petrification Incident is added to mysteries.

003b-Chapter 1: The Mask of Chaos

Video #2:

At the start of the chapter, we have a flashback of 
Professor Layton receiving a letter from an old friend, 
Angela Ledore. She begs him to come to Monte d'Or, which 
could be destroyed by an archeological artifact known as 
the Mask of Chaos.

The Mask of Chaos is added to mysteries.

Now that our heroes are in Monte d'Or, it seems that Angela 
could be correct. The Masked Gentleman is certainly causing 
a scene here, although it appears no one knows much about 

Examine one of the statues here, and Emmy notices someone. 
This person is Aldus, a man with a pink jacket and large 
hair. Aldus has a tutorial for you. First, he wants you to 
find a wooden box.

Look around the screen for a bit, and Luke will say no box 
is in sight. Aldus gives you the ability to zoom in, while 
examining things. If your magnifying glass turns blue, you 
can tap there to zoom in. Try this out by zooming in on the 
orange building, on the left.

Tap on the box to get a hint coin. You can use these to get 
hints, while solving puzzles in this game.

After Aldus leaves, you want to examine the large circus 
tent in the background. Our heroes will want to investigate 
somewhere else. Layton will explain how this works. To move 
to a location, simply tap on that location on the bottom 
screen. If you are currently examining an area, you will 
have to tap on "back to map" before moving to a location.

Try this out by moving forward to the Carnival Arcade. When 
you arrive, Luke mentions saving the game. To save the 
game, tap on the trunk in the corner of the bottom screen. 
From the trunk, you can save your game, view puzzles you've 
already solved, watch episodes, and more.

The game gives you an episode to watch at this point: 
Emmy's Inquiry. Watch it to see what happened when Emmy 
arrived in town and questioned two people about the Masked 

Video #3:

Travel up one square and examine the deflated clown 
balloon. Our heroes hear someone crying. Zoom in on the 
balloon to see a girl named Cookie. Talk to her for a 

Puzzle #002: Where's Mother?
Location: Carnival Arcade
Person: Cookie 

Summary: You want to find a woman with red hair and a pink 
purse with a bear design. Based on the statements, can you 
figure out which woman it is?

Solution: Woman B. It cannot be A, who does not have red 
hair. It cannot be C, who is not a woman. It cannot be D, 
who has a blue purse. It cannot be E, whose purse does not 
have a bear design. By process of elimination, it must be 


Move forward another screen and talk to the policeman. It 
looks like the police have no idea what to do about the 
Masked Gentleman. After the conversation with the 
policeman, Stumble appears with another puzzle.

Puzzle #003: Stumble's Banners
Location: Gallery Plaza
Person: Stumble

Summary: Which of the three posters matches the one on the 
top screen?

Solution: Poster B. On Poster A, the tail doesn't match, 
and on Poster C, a hat doesn't match.


Go forward again. This alleyway has two puzzles on the 
right. One is on the fire truck toy, and the other is with 
the man.

Puzzle #004: Bumper Perspective
Location: Knickknack Alley
Examine: Fire Truck Toy

Summary: You have a picture on the top screen. Circle the 
car of the person who took this picture.

Solution: You are looking for the white car near the 
middle, which is facing the lower/right area.

Puzzle #005: Robot Factory
Location: Knickknack Alley
Person: Guy

Summary: Build the robot! Put the four pieces into the 
boxes to do this. The boxes are loaded in a certain way, 
and in a certain order.

Solution: You want to build the robot from the bottom to 
the top, and the order is 2 4 3 1. So, put the legs in Box 
2, the body in Box 4, the arms in Box 3 and the head in Box 

You need to rotate some of the boxes for the robot to work. 
The body should be upside down, the head should be turned 
clockwise, and the arms should be turned counter-clockwise.


When you solve the robot puzzle, Guy gives you a robot. 
This is a meta-puzzle, which is in Layton's trunk. Over the 
course of the game, you will get different puzzles for the 
robot. See the Toymaker's House section for more 

Video #4:

Go forward once more to leave the main part of town and 
reach the residential area. Our heroes quickly run into a 
pair of con artists, who run a rigged ball-finding game. 
The challenge is to follow the ball and figure out where it 

Luke and Emmy both try and fail the challenge. Professor 
Layton, however, has caught on to the trick these men are 
using. The dealer keeps mentioning his hands, right? Pay 
close attention, when his hands are over the cups. One of 
his fingers is spread out from the others, and it points to 
the ball with the cup.

Solve the challenge as Layton, and the con artists leave. 
Now you can move forward a screen, then go forward another 
screen to reach the Ledore Estate. Angela Ledore is waiting 
for Layton, and there is a scene with her.

Go inside the Ledore Estate to talk with her some more. She 
and Professor Layton talk about events from eighteen years 
ago. More recently, the Masked Gentleman appeared a month 
ago, after the Mask of Chaos was stolen.

The Masked Gentleman is added to mysteries.

Video #5:

Before leaving, there is a puzzle on the bureau on the 

Puzzle #006: Bunny-Hop Swap
Location: Ledore Parlor
Examine: Bureau

Summary: Turn all the white bunnies brown, by jumping over 

Solution: You have sixteen squares here.

1   2  3  4
5   6  7  8
9  10 11 12
13 14 15 16

Since the layout is symmetrical, what you do on the left 
side of the board mirrors what you do on the right side.

1. Jump from 4 to 1 and 8 to 5.
2. Jump from 9 to 12 and 13 to 16.
3. Jump from 1 to 9 and 5 to 13.
4. Jump from 16 to 8 and 12 to 4.


Leave the Ledore Estate. Luke wants to go directly to the 
hotel, but Layton wants to visit the crime scene again. 
That means you have to go backwards, to the first scene of 
the game.

When step outside the estate, you meet Mordy, who is Mr. 
Ledore's assistant. When you return to Knickknack Alley, 
Aldus reappears with another tutorial. Use the zoom feature 
to find him behind on the far right, then talk to him.

Aldus says you can find artifacts. For example, one is 
inside the metal box here. Sometimes in this game, you get 
artifacts for tapping on certain items. A list of every 
artifact you find is added to the trunk. There is no reward 
for collecting artifacts.

At the Carnival Arcade (where the large clown balloon is), 
you can talk to the woman for a puzzle.

Puzzle #007: A Toasty Toast
Location: Carnival Arcade
Person: Collette

Summary: Which of these six people can be seen in this 

Solution: Everyone except the fifth person (the man with 
glasses) can be seen in the picture.


Go south from the Carnival Arcade. Talk to the policeman 
here to learn that all the statues were taken away. He 
suggests talking to a woman in the shopping district.

You can talk to the woman here for a puzzle.

Puzzle #008: Carnival Colors
Location: Carnival Square
Person: Madelaine

Summary: How many times does this flag pattern appear in 
the picture?

Solution: It appears two times. The trick is that it 
appears once when viewed from the front and once when 
viewed from the back.


Video #6:

Time to visit the shopping district! Go up twice, to the 
gallery plaza. A new pathway to the left opens. Take the 
pathway and talk to the man. He points you in the direction 
of the store.

This store is Madame Lapushka's. You can get a puzzle by 
examining the sun symbol over the doorway to the right, and 
you can get a puzzle from talking to Madame Lapushka.

Puzzle #009: Stamp Stumper
Location: Madame Lapushka's
Examine: Sun Symbol Over Door

Summary: Which of these four pictures matches the stamp?

Solution: D. The image on the stamp is mirrored, when you 
use it.

Puzzle #010: The Place to Be!
Location: Madame Lapushka's
Person: Madame Lapushka

Summary: How many people are in the shop?

Solution: 8. The feet of two people cannot be seen.


Madame Lapushka will give Luke the store meta-puzzle. Over 
the course of this game, you'll get puzzles for the store 
as a reward for solving puzzles. You can solve them inside 
the trunk. See the Shopkeeper's House section for more 

Leave Madame Lapushka's, then go north. You're almost at 
the hotel, but a clown is blocking your way. Talk to the 
clown for a puzzle.

Puzzle #011: Backstage Blunder 
Location: City Monument
Person: Juggles

Summary: Find the one item without a pair.

Solution: The box in the clown's hands is the item without 
a pair.


When you solve the puzzle, the clown talks about the 
monument here. He gives you an episode that you can watch. 
This episode is all about the local clowns.

Video #7:

Go north to reach the Dromedary Hotel. A man is standing 
outside. He is the ringmaster, and he is upset because a 
bunny is not working out. Luke will take the bunny and help 
train it.

This is the bunny challenge, which is added to Professor 
Layton's trunk. You get to pick which bunny you want, and 
you can name the bunny. See the Ringmaster's House section 
for more information.

Go inside the Dromedary Hotel. You need to talk to the 
woman here, as well as the man. It turns out that the 
Ledores own the hotel. As your room is prepared, you are 
given a puzzle.

Puzzle #012: Sharing the Burden
Location: Dromedary Lobby
Person: Pascal

Summary: Balance the two piles of luggage!

Solution: One pile is A, C and F. The other is B, D, and E.


Talk to the woman if you haven't done so already, then go 
to your room. Here, Emmy and Luke ask Professor Layton 
about the events which occurred eighteen years ago. How did 
Randall die? What do the Ledores have to do with these 
events? Did Layton really find the Mask of Chaos?

003c-Chapter 2: The Secret of Norwell

Video #8:

The game cuts to eighteen years ago, when Professor Layton 
was a student. Layton was not interested in archaeology at 
the time, but his best friend Randall Ascot was.

Randall and Layton attend an archaeology class. Tap on the 
teacher to start the class. His lecture on the Azrans and 
the Mask of Chaos includes a puzzle for Hershel and two 
puzzles for Randall.

Puzzle #013: Ancient Arti-Facts
Location: Classroom
Person: Mr. Collins

Summary: Using the clues, figure out who dug up which 
artifact, what the artifact was made out of, and how deep 
the artifact was found. Some of the answers have been 
filled in for you.


A has the sword of blue metal at 200 cm.
B has the doll of wood at 150 cm.
C has the pot of clay at 100 cm.
D has the coin of stone at 50 cm.

Puzzle #014: Bite of Bygone Days
Location: Classroom
Person: Mr. Collins

Summary: Which fish made the fossil that is pictured here?

Solution: Fish A made the fossil. It is the only fish with 
six teeth on the upper lip.

Puzzle #015: Fix the Fossil
Location: Classroom
Person: Mr. Collins

Summary: Form a complete picture. The trick is that you can 
only move a group of three pieces at once.

Solution: Move the left column down once and move the 
middle column up once. Then, move the bottom row right once 
and the rightmost row up once.


Video #9:

Once the lecture is over, tap on the clock to the left for 
a puzzle.

Puzzle #016: Wandering Watches
Location: Classroom
Examine: Clock

Summary: Based on the clues, figure out what time it is!

Summary: It is 1:25. The fastest watch is 10 minutes fast, 
and since it is currently set at 1:35, the real time must 
be 1:25.


Leave the classroom and tap the umbrella, in the basket on 
the right.

Puzzle #017: Busted Umbrella
Location: Kingsbrook Academy
Examine: Umbrella

Summary: Which umbrella matches the broken umbrella?

Solution: The answer is B. A has the wrong handle, C has no 
piece over the handle, D has too many spokes, and E has the 
wrong pattern on the inside.


Talk to Dalston here, in order to leave. Dalston dislikes 
Randall, Layton and Angela. When you leave the building, 
Angela appears. She is good friends with Layton and 
Randall, and she agrees to come with Layton to Randall's 
home that night. Randall promises to show them the Mask of 
Chaos, but Layton is skeptical.

Leave the academy grounds after this, and go inside the 
Layton Home. Lucille, Hershel's mother, is upset. Zoom 
through the bookcase to talk to her, and she says that Mr. 
Layton was taken by strange men.

Hershel decides to go find his father. In the meantime, you 
can tap on the bottle on the counter to the left, for a 

Puzzle #018: That's Juicy!
Location: Layton Home
Examine: Bottle

Summary: All three customers got 18 L of juice. There are 
three different sized containers. How large is each 

Solution: They contain 6 L, 3 L and 1 L.

The third customer has 4 mediums and 6 small. For that 
person to have 18 L in total, small cannot be 3 or greater 
(otherwise medium is 0), and small cannot be 2 (otherwise 
medium is 1.5, and the rules say you only have whole 
numbers). Therefore, the small container is 1 L, which 
means the four medium containers are 12 L. This means the 
medium container must be 3 L.

Person 2 has two larges and size smalls. We know small is 1 
L, so that means the two larges are 12 L. That means a 
large container is 6 L.


Video #10:

Leave the Layton home, then go up to the academy. Go right 
to Pebble Lane. The woman here has a puzzle.

Puzzle #019: Spinning Maize
Location: Pebble Lane
Person: Esther

Summary: Guide the ladybug through the maze!

Solution: Go right and up. At the first juncture (of 
three), take the middle fork. Take the right fork, then the 
left fork, ignore the right path, then take the right fork.


When you solve the puzzle, go up. Hershel meets with Henry 
Ledore, the future husband of Angela. Henry works as a 
servant for Randall's family, and he is not very talkative.

When Henry leaves, you can get a puzzle from the man here.

Puzzle #020: Nine Red Bricks
Location: Market Street
Person: Lionel

Summary: There are nine bricks in a row. Two bricks, which 
are next to each other, are heavier than all the others. 
What is the fewest number of bricks Lionel must lift, in 
order to figure out which two bricks are the heavy ones?

Solution: 4. Lionel can figure out which bricks are heavier 
by lifting every other brick (which works because the two 
heavy bricks are side-by-side).


Go north again. The man here has a puzzle.

Puzzle #021: A Lick of Paint
Location: Old Towne
Person: Doug

Summary: You want to paint houses, to fulfill the 
requirements given to you by the four tenants. What is the 
fastest way to do this?

Solution: Turn House D yellow.


Hershel is starting to get worried, as this is the end of 
town. Go north one more time, to the gate that stands 
between the town and the forest. Mr. Layton is here! Talk 
to him, and he explains that the men he was with were old 

Roland Layton agrees to go home with Hershel. Return to the 
Layton home, talking to people along the way if you want 

Video #11:

Enter the home. Lucille is relieved that her husband has 
returned. Hershel decides to go to his room and do some 
studying before dinner. Go up to Hershel's room. Tap on the 
drawers on the right side of his desk for a puzzle.

Puzzle #022: Poke 'Em Totems
Location: Hershel's Room
Examine: Desk Drawers

Summary: Move the totems, to match the picture in the 
upper/right. You cannot hit a totem that is on top of a 

Solution: First, get the gray blocks in place. Do this by 
going to the right side. Hit the second-from-top row of 
gray blocks left. Hit the top gray block left, then hit the 
top gray block left. All the gray blocks are in three rows.

Now for the totem heads. Hit the green head left, then hit 
the blue head right.


Tap on Hershel's desk, and he wonders about Randall while 
studying. After this, he goes and has dinner with his 
parents. Hershel excuses himself early, so he can meet with 
Randall. Before leaving, though, you can get a puzzle from 
both of Hershel's parents.

Puzzle #023: Fairway Fibber
Location: Layton Home 
Person: Roland

Summary: Mr. Black, Mr. White, Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue are 
golfing. A says "B is not Mr. Black", B says "I'm not Mr. 
Blue!" and C says "Mr. White? That's D". Given the fact 
that Mr. Brown lied, can you figure out who Mr. Blue is?
Solution: Mr. Blue is D. B's statement cannot be false, and 
if A is lying, C is lying too, which breaks the puzzle 
rules. Since A and B can't be the liars, C is the liar. 
From there, you can work out that Mr. Blue is D.

Puzzle #024: Patterned Apron
Location: Layton Home
Person: Lucille

Summary: Put flowers on the apron, to match the pictures!

Solution: Put a star in the topmost spot. The bottom half 
of the apron is seen in B, so put the flowers on according 
to that picture.


Leave the Layton Home and go north to the academy. Mr. 
Collins is here with a puzzle.

Puzzle #025: Brave the Caves
Location: Academy Gate
Person: Mr. Collins

Solution: Use the four photos to determine which caves the 
explorer went through.

Solution: From left to right, the explorer went through 
blue, yellow, blue, and red. The shadows in the pictures 
help you determine this.


Go right from the university. Layton sees Dalston and 
wonders what he's doing here. Talk to Dalston for a puzzle.

Video #12:

Puzzle #026: Mangled Math

Summary: Can you solve the math problem? Dalston says it's 

Solution: Turn your 3DS upside-down, so you're seeing the 
paper from Dalston's perspective. The tears spell out "17 – 
2", which is 15.


Go left to Randall's. Angela appears and walks with Layton 
along the river. After watching the scene, go left again 
and tap on Randall's window (on the left, second floor).

Puzzle #027: That Rings a Bell
Location: Ascot House
Examine: Randall's Window

Summary: Fire the slingshots in the right order, to get the 
bell to ring!

Solution: Ball 1 is on the left, Ball 2 is on top, Ball 3 
is on the right, and Ball 4 is on the bottom.


Hershel and Angela go inside Randall's room. He shows off 
the Mask of Chaos, and even though this is already a great 
archaeological find, he is certain that it will lead to 
another, even greater, discovery. When asked how he found 
the mask, Randall reveals a wall with many diagrams on it.

Chapter 2 comes to an end here. The game goes forward in 
time, to the day after the end of Chapter 1. 

003d-Chapter 3: The Battle for Monte d'Or

Video #13:

Luke wakes up late, and he finds Emmy and Professor Layton 
all ready to resume the investigation. They decide be to 
talk with Henry Ledore, Angela's husband, about the theft 
of the Mask of Chaos.

Before leaving the room, examine the pillows on the bed to 
the right.

Puzzle #028: Bunny-Hop Swap 2
Location: Layton's Room
Examine: Pillows

Summary: Turn all the white bunnies brown, by jumping over 

Solution: Move the rabbit in the top/left to the right, 
then down. Move both rabbits in the rightmost column to the 
left. Move the bottom/right rabbit left and up.


Leave the room. An older woman is in the hotel lobby. She 
is Nanna Grams, and she collects puzzles for you. For 
example, if you missed or skipped a puzzle in chapters one 
and two, Nanna Grams has the puzzle here. You can solve the 
puzzle from her for free.

Leave the hotel. Cookie is here. She's the girl who got 
lost in Chapter One. Click on her, and Layton agrees to 
take her back to her mother, in Carnival Square.

Go right a screen, and Layton sees Esther. You might 
remember her as a woman you saw in the previous chapter. 
Talk to her, then go down a screen. Talk to the man in the 
white suit to get an episode.

Video #14:

Talk to Frankie for a puzzle.

Puzzle #029: Tenth-Round Ace
Location: Merchant District
Person: Frankie

Summary: A and B are playing a game where fire beats wood, 
wood beats water and water beats fire. A has 3 fire, 5 wood 
and 2 water, whereas B has 2 fire, 5 wood and 3 water. 
There are no ties, when they play for 10 rounds. Who wins?

Solution: A wins! A has a 3-2 record against B's 5 wood, 
and B has a 2-3 record against A's 5 wood.


Go down to the Gallery Plaza. Madelaine has a puzzle.

Puzzle #030: Big Cake, Little Cake
Location: Gallery Plaza
Person: Madelaine

Summary: A, B and C all ate a piece of pie. A said, "C had 
the medium slice" and "B had the large slice", while B 
said, "A had the large slice" and "I had the medium slice". 
Both A and B told one lie and one truth. Can you figure out 
who had which slice?

Solution: A ate the largest piece, B ate the smallest 
piece, and C ate the medium piece. They both lied on their 
second statement.


Go south a screen, and our heroes meet with Mordy. After he 
leaves, talk to Collette for a puzzle.

Puzzle #031: Emperor's Throne
Location: Carnival Arcade
Person:  Collette

Summary: It's a slider puzzle! Move the large penguin to 
the middle square.

Solution: Move the top/left penguin down, right and down. 
You can now move the large penguin right and up to the 
middle square.


Go south, to Carnival Square. Cookie's mother is the woman 
with red hair, on the right. Talk to her, and Cookie is 
reunited with her mother. You get an episode for helping 

Video #15:

Talk to the policeman on the left for a puzzle.

Puzzle #032: Target Practice
Location: Carnival Square
Person: Policeman

Summary: The policeman shot at a target 5 times, and he 
ended with a total of 100 points. How many times did he hit 
each area of the target?

Solution: He hit the 100 point bullseye once. The other 
four shots missed the target completely.


We are going to the Ledore Mansion to visit Henry now. Go 
north three times to Knickknack Alley. Guy has a puzzle.

Puzzle #033: Chained Circle
Location: Knickknack Alley
Person: Guy

Summary: Which ring should be cut out, so all these rings 
form a continuous circle?

Solution: H needs to be cut out. That's because a 
continuous circle will only work, if each ring is connected 
to two other rings. H connects G and K, the two rings which 
currently break the "connect only to two rings" rule.


From here, go north three times to the Ledore Mansion. Talk 
to Angela. She says that Henry isn't here, but she got 
permission to let you into his study. This is where the 
Mask of Chaos was stolen.

Here, you want to examine a few things. Examine the desk 
under the big picture. That is Henry's desk. Examine the 
desk to the right of it, where the Mask of Chaos was 
displayed. Tap on Angela to finish the examination.

Also, you can examine the plate on the right for a puzzle.

Puzzle #034: The Cat's Trophy
Location: Henry's Study
Examine: Plate on Far Right

Summary: There are eight pieces on the top screen, and nine 
pieces on the bottom screen. Which plate has the piece 
which is not seen on the top screen?

Solution: C. The cat stole the piece from C.


Video #16:

Angela suggests that Dalston is the culprit. Dalston was a 
minor antagonist in the previous chapter, and he and Henry 
currently own most of Monte d'Or. They constantly struggle, 
to get full control of the town. Also, the Masked Gentleman 
sends warning messages to both Henry and Dalston.

Dalston leaves to the west of the hotel. Layton decides to 
go there and solve puzzles along the way. Leave the study, 
the mansion and the mansion grounds. The man here has a 

Puzzle #035: Guess Stars
Location: Ledore Mansion Gate
Person:  Nils

Summary: A woman takes 5 bottle caps and flips them 25 
times. Is the final bottle cap going to be facing up or 
facing down?

Solution: The answer is B. Since 25 is an odd number, the 
bottle cap is facing down.


Go south three times, to the plaza. Talk to Yuming for a 

Puzzle #036: Going Dough-Nuts!
Location: Gallery Plaza
Person:  Yuming

Summary: The mother made three unique donuts. Which donuts 
are they?

Solution: The second donut in the top row, the donut in the 
lower/left and the donut in the lower/right. In her donuts, 
the white part is opposite of the brown part.


Go north twice. Humbert here has a puzzle.

Puzzle #037: Spin Shenanigans
Location: City Monument
Person:  Humbert

Summary: The roulette wheel lands on 10, 9, 8, 5 and 3. 
Figure out the pattern, so you can determine where it lands 

Solution: It lands on the 6. Whatever number it lands on, 
the ball moves that number of spaces, in a counter-
clockwise direction.


Go west twice from here. This is where the circus is 
located! The character here has a puzzle.

Puzzle #038: Pattern Pending
Location: One-Ring Circus
Person: Puck

Summary: Figure out the pattern and continue it.

Solution: All the shapes pictured can be folded up to form 
a cube. Move the two pieces like this, with no space 
between them:
 X X


Video #17:

Move west to meet with Dalston at his estate. Dalston 
believes that Angela Ledore is behind the Masked Gentleman. 
He thinks she still blames Henry for Randall's death.

A message from the Masked Gentleman arrives. He sent one to 
Dalston AND one to Layton. Does this mean our heroes are 
being watched?

Dalston suggests going to City Hall, where a special task 
force has been set up to capture the Masked Gentleman. Two 
detectives from London are going to be there!

City Hall is north of the Ledore estate. Go there by going 
right twice, south twice, and north four times. Talk to the 
clown or the policeman if you want, then go inside City 

Video #18:

Talk to the policeman, and he brings out the mayor. Talk to 
the mayor. If you have solved 25 puzzles, he will let you 
into the meeting with the London detectives.

Before going into the meeting, there are two puzzles here. 
One is with the receptionist, and one is with the lamp.

Puzzle #039: A Hat of Tiles
Location: Reception
Person: Michelle

Summary: Use the tiles to form a picture of Layton's hat!

Solution: Use three white tiles to fill the bottom row 
completely. Put two brown tiles in place, so the bottom row 
of the tiles forms the brim of the hat.

Now, cover the rest of the grid with white tiles. The only 
thing remaining should be the hat's brim and a piece going 
up from the middle of the brim. Put the red piece above the 
brim and put a brown piece above it to finish the hat.

Puzzle #040: Crossed Connections 
Location: Reception
Examine: Lamp

Summary: The sockets and cables are all mixed up! Each 
cable travels six meters, and multiple cables can travel 
along a vertical line. Figure out which socket matches 
which cable!

Solution: C to 1, D to 2, A to 3 and B to 4.

Go into the Briefing Room. Our heroes see that Inspector 
Grosky, an old friend, has been sent here. Inspector Bloom, 
who is more competent, is with him.

Video #19:

Start the meeting by speaking to Chief Sheffield. The 
meeting consists of figuring out three different dark 
miracles that the Masked Gentleman put on. Answer the 
questions correctly to proceed.

The first dark miracle is turning people into horses. The 
Masked Gentleman appeared during a parade and flashed a 
bright light. When the light left, there were horses where 
people had stood previously.

1. The key element to the trick was...the time of the 
2. Nobody saw what happened because...their eyes were 
3. The horses were the nearby alleyways.

The Masked Gentleman put horses in the street, while 
everyone was blinded. That made it seem like people turned 
into horses.

The second dark miracle is turning paintings alive. 
Paintings were donated to the museum, and at one point, the 
town was vandalized by people dressed like the people in 
the paintings. What's more, when the paintings were later 
examined, the people in them disappeared.

1. The paintings were...from a common source.
2. The paintings were...oddly packaged.
3. They came with instructions for...when to display them.
4. They were painted with...vanishing paint.

The Masked Gentleman used vanishing paint to get the people 
in the paintings to disappear. At the same time, people 
dressed like the painting's inhabitants terrorized the 

Video #20:

The third dark miracle is setting people on fire. Thirteen 
people were summoned to the plaza. They were seen onstage, 
then they were set on fire. They were later discovered at 
home, perfectly safe.

1. These people were...friends with each other.
2. No one saw the...people get on stage.
3. Their clothes were not...the same at home.

The 13 people who got burned were not people at all. They 
were mannequins. We know this, because the people on stage 
were dressed differently from the people found at home. 
Reports of stolen clothing and a previously hidden letter 
confirm this.

Video #21:

After the meeting ends, Layton and his friends decide to 
leave City Hall and visit the newly-opened museum. First, 
though, Sheffield has a puzzle.

Puzzle #041: From the Sidelines 
Location: Briefing Room
Person: Sheffield

Summary: A boy sees people following the three patterns on 
the top screen. Where is he?

Solution: He is at the park, where people are using 
playground equipment.


Leave City Hall and go outside. A woman named Hanna is 
here. She likes Inspector Grosky, and she has a puzzle. The 
policeman has a puzzle as well.

Puzzle #042: Couple at the Café
Location: City Hall Steps
Person: Hanna

Summary: How can you manipulate this photo, to make it seem 
like the two people are next to each other?

Solution: Place the photo on the circular column.

Puzzle #043: Evenly Matched 
Location: City Hall Steps
Person: Policeman

Summary: Split up the board into four equally-shaped 
sections. Each section needs a white piece and a black 

Solution: Each piece looks like this:

  X X

Put them together, and you get...



Video #22:

To get to the museum, you go south from City Hall four 
times. Now that the museum is open, you can go inside. Zoom 
in on the art gallery to the left and tap on the large 
panting for a puzzle. You also get a puzzle from the man in 
the main room.

Puzzle #045: From Left to Right
Location: Montsarton Gallery
Examine: Large Painting

Summary: Move the gray statue block from the left to the 

Solution: Start by moving the yellow block right. To make 
this explanation simpler, I'll describe how to solve this 
puzzle in groups.

1. You want the three 2-by-1 pieces in a vertical row on 
the right. Do this by moving the purple 2-by-1 piece into 
the upper/right. Move the cyan block right, and move the 
two 2-by-1 pieces above the cyan block. Move the cyan block 
left, and move the 2-by-1 pieces around so they form a 
vertical line.

2. Now you want the 2-by-2 pieces to form a vertical line, 
above the cyan 2-by-2 piece. Move the pink piece all the 
way right, and move the orange piece down. Move the green 
piece left, so you can move the purple piece up and the 
orange piece right. Now the 2-by-2 pieces are in a vertical 

3. Now to get the funny blocks in the top row. Move the 
blue block up all the way. This lets you move the cyan 
piece left, and the two 2-by-2 blocks down. Move the green 
funny block right all the way, then move the blue funny 
piece up all the way. The top row is filled!

4. Time to move the statue out of the way. First, move the 
orange block left. Move the bottom/right 2-by-1 block left, 
and the other 2-by-1 block down. The two 2-by-1 blocks are 
now side-by-side, and they take up the same amount of space 
as a 2-by-2 block. You can now move the purple 2-by-2 block 
right, which gives you enough room to move the statue 

5. Clear a path to the exit, by moving 2-by-2 blocks along 
the bottom. Move the cyan 2-by-2 block into the left exit. 
Move the orange 2-by-2 block next to it. Move both 2-by-1 
blocks left, move the purple 2-by-2 block down and left. 
Move the green 2-by-2 block left and down. You can now move 
the statue to the right exit.

Puzzle #046: Toppings Up!
Location: Montsarton Gallery
Person: Artie

Summary: Flip all the pizza slices right-side up. When you 
flip a piece, you flip the two pieces adjacent to it, as 

Summary: Flip a slice next to the slice which is up. You 
have two slices up and six slices down. Flip both slices 
which are one slice away from the right-side-up slices.


When you solve Artie's puzzle, he mentions that you should 
visit Madame Lapushka. Sounds like a plan! Leave the museum 
and go up to the business district. Go right, to Madame 
Lapushka. She has a puzzle.

Puzzle #047: Trial By Tennis
Location: Madame Lapushka's
Person: Madame Lapusha

Summary: E beat one person in the tennis competition. Not 
all the scores are on the board, but can you figure out who 
E beat?

Solution: E beat F. It turns out that F lost every game.


Madame Lapushka says that the people in the circus paid a 
suspiciously large amount of money for costumes. Layton 
decides to investigate.

Video #23:

Leave Madame Lapushka, go north, then west to the hotel. 
The clown has a puzzle. 

Puzzle #044: Suit Crates 
Location: Dromedary Plaza
Person:  Yukkles

Summary: Move the crates to form a suit!

Solution: The suit you want to form is a club.

On the left, the blocks are this:

1 2
3 4

To form a club, they get placed like this:

1 3
2 4


Go left to the circus. You can go inside now. There is a 
puzzle on the lights, a puzzle with the man, and a puzzle 
with the tiger.

Puzzle #048: Lightning Action
Location: Big Top
Examine: Lights

Summary: The top/left piece and the bottom/right pieces are 
in place. Can you get the other pieces in place?

Solution: This is a number puzzle. You want to spell out 
the numbers 1 through 8. 2 and 7 are orange, 3 and 6 are 
blue, and 4 and 5 are yellow.

Puzzle #049: Floor Seats
Location: Big Top
Person: Tyrone

Summary: Using the clues, determine where the woman was 

Solution: She is five seats away from the center, and her 
seat number is two away from the row number. Therefore, she 
was in Row 6, Seat 4.

Puzzle #050: Kitty Solitaire
Location: Big Top
Person: Maurice the Tiger

Summary: You want to jump over all the cats here, and 
finish with the black cat in the middle tile. Any cat can 
jump over another cat.

Solution: Move the black cat up, down, left or right. Then, 
go clockwise around the board with the black cat, making 
three diagonal jumps to get the cats in the corners. You 
can also do this by going counter-clockwise.

There are four white cats left. Two of them are next to 
each other, and the other two form a diagonal. Jump the 
diagonal, in the direction of the two side-by-side cats. 
Jump a side-by-side cat to be next to the diagonal piece, 
then jump the diagonal piece to be next to the black cat. 
Jump the black cat to the center tile.


Solving the puzzle gets you an episode. The tiger gives you 
an alibi for Dalston, and the ringleader explains that he 
bought costumes so his performers could go incognito as 
normal tourists.

Video #24:

Leave the circus. It's nighttime, which means the Masked 
Gentleman is going to appear. First, though, tap on Stumble 
for a puzzle.

Puzzle #051: Dandy Bears
Location: One-Ring Circus
Person: Stumble

Summary: The board follows a pattern. Figure out the 
pattern and determine which bear goes in the empty spot.

Solution: The answer is D. The pattern is that no hat, 
glasses, or bow tie repeats in any row or column.


Go left from the circus to see Gonzales. He has a puzzle.

Puzzle #052: Spectacular Views
Location: Dalston Mansion
Person: Gonzales

Summary: Given the clues, determine where the four gems go.
Solution: There is one gem per row and one gem per column. 
It looks like this: 

A1 R  A3 A4
B1 B2 B3 B4
C1 C2 C3 C4
D1 D2 D3 D4


When that's done, go right twice, then south twice. The 
Masked Gentleman performs a dark miracle. This time, he 
walks on air and causes other people to fly up until they 

The Masked Gentleman suggests that you find the Mask of 
Order, to stop him. He says the next dark miracle is 
tomorrow night, at Pumpkin Park. He personally invites 
Angela to attend with her husband.

The police arrive after this, and they arrest Alphonse 
Dalston on suspicion of working with the Masked Gentleman. 
They believe that Dalston wants revenge on Henry for 
business reasons and personal reasons.

Henry arrives, and Dalston goads him a bit before leaving 
with the police. Henry and Angela leave, as do Layton and 
his friends. Before they go to bed, Layton resumes the 
story of Randall and the Mask of Chaos.

003e-Chapter 4: Angela's Tears

Video #25:

Back in Randall's room, he is talking with Angela and 
Hershel. He claims that he solved the secret of the Norwell 
Wall, which led him to the Mask of Chaos. He claims that it 
will soon lead him to an even greater treasure.

Hershel and Angela have doubts. Randall wants to show them 
what happened, by taking them to the Norwell wall. Before 
leaving, though, you can find a puzzle on both bookcases in 
Randall's room.

Puzzle #053: Poke 'Em Totems 2
Location: Randall's Room
Examine: Top shelf of left bookcase

Summary: Move things around to match the picture in the 
upper right! You can't move a piece which is on the top of 
a column.

Solution: Hit the block under the red block to the right. 
Hit the red block right as well. Move the block under the 
green block to the left, and move the blue block right. 

Puzzle #054: Archaeological Feet
Location: Randall's Room
Examine: Right bookcase

Summary: You have a picture of an archaeological dig, and 
you are told the order in which various artifacts were 
found. Using the footprints as a guide, figure out which 
artifact was found where.

Solution: The footsteps start from B, then they go to D, C, 
A, F and E. Since the items were the jug, necklace, dish, 
axe, sword and wood, this is the solution:

A: Axe
B: Jug
C: Plate
D: Necklace
E: Wood
F: Sword


Leave Randall's room and go right twice. You end up on 
Pebble Street, where Dalston and Ethel are standing. 
Dalston will talk to Randall and friends for a bit, but he 
rejects Randall's offer to join them on the trip to the 
Norwell Wall.

Talk to Esther for a puzzle.

Puzzle #055: Spinning Maize 2
Location: Pebble Street
Person: Esther

Summary: Guide the ladybug through the maze!

Solution: Go through the left hole, and immediately fall 
back into the same hole. This allows you to reach an area 
you couldn't reach before. From there, go through the 
bottom hole, then the left hole, then the bottom hole. You 
reach the end of the maze.


Video #26:

From here, you can exit town to reach the Norwell Wall, but 
there are puzzles waiting for you at the Layton Home. Go 
south twice and west inside the Layton Home. Both of 
Hershel's parents have a puzzle.

Puzzle #056: Clear-Cut Corners
Location: Layton Home
Person: Roland Layton

Summary: You can tap a square to change its color. What is 
the one square you can tap, in order end up with more black 
space than white space on the board?

Solution: Tap the white border of the board. This is the 
square you want.

Puzzle #057: Stitching Squares
Location: Layton Home
Person: Lucille Layton

Summary: A person wants two red patches, in each quadrant 
of the board. No two red patches can be in the same row, 
column or diagonal. Two patches are in place. Where do the 
other six patches go?

Solution: Put an X in these spots:



Exit the Layton Home and go north twice. Go west and north 
to Market Street. Lionel here has a puzzle.

Puzzle #058: Sorting Blocks
Location: Market Street
Person: Lionel

Summary: There are ten blocks here, some of which are heavy 
and some of which are light. How many blocks must you lift, 
in order to determine which blocks are heavy and which 
blocks are light?

Solution: You must lift all ten blocks.


Go north. Doug has a puzzle, and there is a puzzle in the 
bush in the middle of the area.

Puzzle #059: Flowery Footpath
Location: Old Towne
Person: Doug

Summary: Solve the jigsaw puzzle!

Solution: The easiest way to solve the puzzle is by 
duplicating the picture on the top screen. Start with the 
center of the board, which is a small circle.

Puzzle #060: Dangerous Holes
Location: Old Towne
Examine: Bush

Summary: Using as little rope as possible, rope off all the 
holes. You must start at the left arrow and end at the 
right arrow.

Solution: You start at the blue arrow. Go right twice, up 
and left to surround A. Go down four times, then left and 
up to surround D. Go right three times, up and left to 
surround C. Go down twice and left to surround E. Go down 
and right twice, then up, right twice, down and left to 
surround F. Go up five times, then left, and down to 
surround B. Then go all the way right to the exit arrow.


Video #27:

The pathway to the forest is locked. Look at the gate to 
find a puzzle.

Puzzle #061: Padlocked Fence
Location: Edge of Town
Examine: Gate

Summary: Move pieces around, so every row, column and 
diagonal has the same total. Pieces can be flipped over.

Solution: Since this is a three-by-three grid, and the 
numbers you have to work with are 1, 2 and 3, the number of 
this magic square is 6. There are multiple solutions, and 
here is one:



Solving the puzzle lets our heroes go forward into the 
woods. They will discuss the sign here, which has been 

Puzzle #062: Shattered Sign
Location: Signpost
Examine: Sign

Summary: It's a jigsaw puzzle! Fix the sign.

Solution: The trick to this puzzle is realizing that it is 
a picture of a hand. It is pointing to the left.


After finishing with the sign, move on to the next area. 
Randall goes ahead to the bridge. Tap on him for a puzzle.

Puzzle #063: A Muddy Mess
Location: Winding Road
Person: Randall

Summary: Based on the footprints, can you determine how 
many people crossed the bridge?

Solution: Two people crossed the bridge. All the other 
people walked close to the bridge, but never crossed it.


After solving the puzzle, our heroes can go forward to the 
Norwell Wall. A scene plays, and Randall invites Hershel to 
solve the puzzle.

Puzzle #064: Norwell's Secret 
Location: Norwell
Examine: The Norwell Wall

Summary: Move the pieces on the board to form a square. You 
can only move four pieces at once.

Solution: Move the second column up, the fourth column 
down, and the second-from-bottom row left.


The wall is map, leading to the Ruins of Akbadain. Randall 
went to this site, where he found the Mask of Chaos.

Video #28:

Angela gets mad and takes the Mask of Chaos away. Follow 
her by going south until you reach Dalston, then go left 
towards Randall's house. A scene with Angela and Randall 
plays, and you get an episode about the two of them. Angela 
is afraid Randall will die if he goes on an expedition to 
Akbadain, and she begs him not to go.

Go left twice to Randall's room. Randall and Hershel 
prepare for the trip (which will take place the next day), 
and the chapter ends.

003f-Chapter 5: Miracles Unmasked

Video #29:

The chapter starts with a recap of Chapter 3. Layton and 
his friends want to prove Dalston innocent. Since Dalston 
is being questioned at City Hall, this is their 
destination. As usual, Layton has many puzzles he can solve 
along the way.

Leave Layton's room, then leave the hotel. Travel west and 
go into the circus tent for a puzzle with the tiger.

Puzzle #065: Kittle Solitaire 2
Location: Big Top
Person: Maurice

Summary: Make the cats hop over each other. The last move 
will have the black cat land in the center spot.

Solution: Move the top cat down, and move the bottom/right 
cat diagonally. Move the bottom/left cat diagonally. Now, 
move the upper/left cat down, diagonally and down. Finish 
by moving the black cat to center.


Leave the circus and go right twice. The policeman here has 
a puzzle.

Puzzle #066: A Trip to the Hospital
Location: City Monument
Person: Policeman

Summary: A person leaves home and walks 500 meters in one 
direction, then turns around and walks an unknown distance 
to a shop. Then, he travels 800 meters in the original 
direction. After this, he walks home. How far did he 

Solution: He travelled 2600 meters.


Go south. Talk to Nils for a puzzle.

Puzzle #067: Language of Love
Location: Merchant District
Person: Nils

Summary: Tap on two things in this room to find a hidden 

Solution: The two things you tap are the light switch and 
the lamp.


Video #30:

Go east and talk to Madame Lapushka for a puzzle.

Puzzle #068: Days of Rest
Location: Madame Lapushka's
Person: Madam Lapushka

Summary: People are trying to make a schedule, so each 
person has a day off. The days that they can possibly take 
off are listed on the chart. Person A wants to work on 
Sunday, and Person C wants to take a day off right before 
Person A.

Solution: A is Saturday, B is Tuesday, C is Friday, D is 
Monday, E is Thursday, F is Wednesday, and G is Sunday.


Go south. Head into the museum and talk to Artie for a 

Puzzle #069: Toppings Up! 2 
Location: Montsarton Gallery
Person: Artie

Summary: Flip all the pizza slices right-side up. When you 
flip a piece, you flip the two pieces adjacent to it, as 

Solution: Of the two pieces on the bottom, flip the right 
one. You now have an upside-down piece on the left side. 
Flip the piece left of that one.

You have a right-side-up piece on the top half. Flip both 
pieces next to it.


Go north three times. Esther has a puzzle outside the 
Ledore Mansion.

Puzzle #070: A Perilous Adventure
Location: Ledore Mansion Gate
Person: Esther

Summary: Move one pencil, so the ant can reach the end of 
the pencil maze!

Solution: The pencil you should move is the purple one, 
which is the one the ant starts on.


Go north and inside City Hall. Dalston is being questioned 
in the briefing room. He confesses to nothing because he's 
innocent, and Layton is intrigued by the mention of a cart.

The cart was used during the petrification incident. Layton 
and Bloom deduce that it was used to bring statues to the 
area. They determine that it was hidden at the scene of the 
crime, inside a balloon. Since Dalston is rich enough to 
own a cart, he is the prime suspect.

Video #31:

There are puzzles at City Hall. Dalston has one in the 
briefing room, while the mayor and the receptionist both 
have puzzles in the main room.

Puzzle #071: Evenly Matched 2
Location: City Hall
Person: Mayor Billson

Summary: Split the board into four pieces of the same 
shape. Each piece must contain a white piece and a black 

Solution: This is easy, because there are many black and 
white pieces on the board. Each piece looks like this:


Put four together like this:


Puzzle #072: A Cup of Tiles
Location: City Hall
Person: Michelle

Summary: Place tiles on the board, in order to form the 
picture on the top screen.

Solution: Put red tiles all along the bottom row, and put 
two red tiles on the left part of the top row.

The cup handle is white. Put a white tile above the 
rightmost red tile. Place another white tile one square 
left and one square below this one.

Now for the red pieces inside the handle. As you can see, 
you need three red squares here in the final picture. Place 
two red tiles, to fill in those squares. One red tile will 
be one left of the right edge, with its bottom two above 
the lowest white tile. The other red tile is one left and 
one below it.

Place a white tile one row below the upper/right space, 
then put a red tile in the upper/right. The entire coffee 
cup handle is done now. Place white tiles all on the board 
to form the coffee cup.

Puzzle #073: Ancient Arithmetic
Location: Briefing Room 
Person: Alphonse

Summary: This is an arithmetic problem, where the numbers 
have been replaced with shapes. What is the solution?

Solution: The solution is 87, which is the C symbol and B 
symbol. The number of sides on a symbol determines its 
numerical value.


Leave City Hall, and Layton will express interest in going 
to the horse racetrack. He suspects that the horse cart 
used in the petrification incident came from there.

Go north to the racetrack. Tap on the building, and you can 
go forward. After a brief scene, our heroes arrive at the 
shed which contain the carts. The man here has a puzzle, 
and there is a puzzle with the crates on the left.

Puzzle #074: Bunny-Hop Swap 3
Location: Racetrack
Examine: Crates

Summary: When you hop over a bunny, it changes color. Hop 
bunnies until all of them have turned brown.

Solution: Make hops, with all four bunnies found in the 
corners of the board. Then, hop over every white bunny, by 
making jumps along the edges.

Puzzle #075: Grand Horse Race
Location: Racetrack
Person: Gustav

Summary: Based on the four statements, determine how each 
person placed.

Solution: C placed first, A placed second, B placed third, 
and D placed fourth.


When you solve Gustav's puzzle, he lets you examine the 
shed with the carts.

Video #32:

Tap on the door to open it. The cart you're looking for is 
on the right. Examine it, then talk to Gustav again. He 
confirms that Henry Ledore signed the order to have this 
cart removed, on the day of the petrification incident.

Travel south three times and go into the Ledore Mansion. 
Talk to Angela, in order to start a scene with Henry. 
Layton will talk about the cart, and he will explain how 
the levitation incident occurred. Henry is a prime suspect, 
since he was involved with drop cloths and the gallery, on 
that day.

Henry does not appreciate being accused, and he tells 
Layton to leave. Go outside and talk with Angela. She is 
acting just as oddly as Henry is. Henry and Angela's odd 
behavior is added to the list of mysteries.

Video #33:

Leave the Ledore Mansion. A policeman appears, saying that 
someone wants to meet with you in Carnival Square. Go south 
and talk to Aldus for a puzzle.

Puzzle #076: Painstaking Packing
Location: Oasis Street
Person: Aldus

Summary: There are two boxes, which are 30 by 30 by 30. How 
many 20 by 20 by 10 boxes can you fit inside the larger 

Solution: Twelve. You must put the two larger boxes side-
by-side to get all the boxes to fit.


Go south again. A strange man who looks like a tree wearing 
a hat needs your help with a puzzle.

Puzzle #077: Mishmash Map
Location: Knickknack Alley
Person: Firth

Summary: Put the pieces of the map back together!

Solution: From left to right, the symbols are a ferris 
wheel, a castle, a medal, the Eiffel Tower, skyscraper and 
cards, buildings and cheeseburgers.


Video #34:

Go south three times to Carnival Square. If you zoom in on 
a building to the left, you find the policeman you're 
looking for. He has a horse minigame! Tap on him, and he'll 
let you ride horses, like you did in the prologue. There 
are three tracks you can go through, and you have to get a 
good score on one track in order to unlock the next.

Video #35:

Go north twice, and our heroes learn about a disturbance in 
the casino. They decide to go there. Go north to the 
merchant area and talk to Juggles for a puzzle.

Puzzle #078: Three Clowns 
Location: Merchant District
Person: Juggles

Summary: Each clown has a hat, a drum and a ball. They keep 
their items in specific boxes. Each clown has put one item 
in a box, and each item is of a different type. Using their 
statements, and the fact that the black and green boxes are 
empty, can you figure out which box has the ball?
Solution: C. Statement 2 tells us that the drum is in the 
red (because green and black are empty), and Statement 1 
tells us something that isn't a hat is in the yellow box 
(because that person puts all non-hats in black, and black 
is empty). Put those two statements together to realize 
that the item in yellow isn't a hat or a drum; therefore, 
it is a ball. 


Puzzle #079: The Shopkeepers
Location: City Monument
Person: Murphy

Summary: Based on the statements given here, determine who 
works where.

Solution: A works at the cafe, B works at the grocery 
store, C works at the bookshop, D works at the cake shop 
and E works at the bakery.

With this puzzle, you have to use the process of 
elimination to figure out where everyone works. Start with 
Person C, who is mentioned in the most statements. Then, 
figure out Person D, E, B and A.


Video #36:

You can go north to the casino area, but there are three 
puzzles you can get to the left. Go left and into the 
hotel. The man has a puzzle. 

Puzzle #080: Sharing the Burden 2
Location: Dromedary Lobby
Person: Pascal

Summary: How can you divide the two bags, so the two people 
can carry them?

Solution: Place the bags in the middle. That way, they both 
carry the bags at the same time.


Leave the hotel and go left. The character here has a 

Puzzle #081: King Arthur's Sword
Location: One-Ring Circus
Person: Puck

Summary: This person wants to make a stained-glass window 
here, with no two adjacent pieces being the same color. How 
many colors are needed?

Solution: Three. Technically, there are four colors, but 
you can break a window to avoid having to pay for a fourth 

Go left once more. The man here has a puzzle.

Puzzle #082: Rainbow Repair
Location: Dalston Mansion
Person: Gonzales

Summary: Put the tape on the hole, as indicated by the 
diagram. The diagram shows the tape, from the opposite 

Solution: Since the tape is shown from the opposite side, 
the tape needs to be placed in reverse order. Also, the 
image must be reversed.

1. Blue tape horizontally in the middle.
2. Red tape vertically in the middle.
3. Orange tape horizontally on the bottom.
4. Green tape vertically on the right.
5. Pink tape horizontally on top.
6. Yellow tape vertically on the left.


Go right three times and north to the casino. Talk to 
Sterling for a puzzle.

Puzzle #083: Settle the Score
Location: Chance Avenue
Person: Sterling

Summary: Based on the totals of the three games, how many 
points is each area worth?

Solution: A is 9, B is 7, C is 5 and D is 4. The left 
target says they all equal 25, while the middle target 
tells us that A + D = 13. Since they all equal 25, B + C = 
12. The right target tells us that 3C + B = 22. You can 
subtract B + C = 12 from this, to get 2C = 10. Therefore, C 
= 5. Put that back into the equation to get B = 7.

The rules say A>B and C>D. Combining this with A + D = 13, 
the only single-digit numbers which can possibly work are 9 
and 4.


Video #37:

Talk to the other character here and go forward to the 
casino. The sign has a puzzle.

Puzzle #084: Neon Orange
Location: Casino Entrance
Examine: Sign

Summary: Continue the pattern of the signs.

Solution: The pattern goes clockwise. One hand goes two 
squares clockwise each time, while the other hand goes four 
squares counter-clockwise each time. This means, for the 
final time, you highlight the sixth section, going 
clockwise from the 12:00 position.


Go forward into the casino. Frankie and Conner are causing 
problems. They force Layton to go through a rigged puzzle 
battle. The goal of the puzzle is to make a magic square.

No matter what, Frankie will answer first, and he declares 
victory. Layton claims that he can get a more thorough 
victory, with the diagonals of the square adding up to 15. 
He can also do this in fewer moves than Frankie.

Layton's solution is to move chips around. Take the 7 chip, 
move it around the board, and use it to push the 5 chip 
down. Take the 4 chip, move it around the board, and use it 
to push the 9 chip up.

Frankie and Conner leave. Now that the casino problems are 
dealt with, we can continue the investigation.

Video #38:

There are two puzzles inside the casino. The man here has 
one. Zoom in on the pillar and tap on the right card table 
for a puzzle.

Puzzle #085: Slot Sequence
Location: Casino
Person: Drake

Summary: Figure out the pattern and predict which number 
comes next!

Solution: The pattern is the last day of every month. That 
would be 0131, 0228, 0331, 0430, 0531, 0630, 0731, 0831, 
0930, 1031, 1130 and 1231.

Puzzle #086: Even Deal
Location: Casino
Examine: Table

Summary: You want to flip cards, so both you and the dealer 
have the same number.

Solution: Turn the 7 around. Since you and the dealer have 
a 14 point difference, taking 7 points from her while 
giving yourself 7 points results in a tie.


Leave the casino. You can go north from here to reach 
Pumpkin Park. Yukkies the Clown is guarding the entrance. 
If you have not solved 50 puzzles, he refuses to let you 
inside. If you have solved 50 puzzles, he lets you in.

Video #39:

Go inside the park. Our heroes enjoy the park for a bit, 
before Grosky tells them about the Masked Gentleman's clue. 
They need to find a spin on the miraculous. This means they 
must examine all four things in the park which spin.

Two of those things are here. They are the carousel and the 
roller coaster.

Puzzle #087: Merry-Go-Tiles
Location: Carousel
Examine: Carousel

Summary: Rotate all of the tiles, so all the pieces 

Solution: Rotate the middle piece right once, so the 
yellow-and-red horse faces right. With that in place, you 
can rotate all the other pieces to match it.

Puzzle #088: Glass Arrows
Location: Carousel
Examine: Roller Coaster

Summary: Which of the four arrows is missing from the 

Solution: C. That would be the arrow facing down.


Go forward to the other area of the park. The spinning 
things here are the pumpkin spinners and the ferris wheel.

Puzzle #089: Pumpkin Spinners
Location: Pumpkin Spinners
Examine: Pumpkin Spinners

Summary: Which of these pumpkins is not like the others?

Solution: B. It has red and purple right next to each 

Video #40:

Puzzle #090: Loose Connection
Location: Pumpkin Spinners
Examine: Ferris Wheel

Summary: Move the yellow piece into the gap at the bottom!

Solution: You can solve this in eighteen moves.

1. Move the yellow piece to the top/right corner.
2. Move the blue L piece up and right.
3. Move the green L piece up, so it fits with the blue 
4. Move the clock piece left all the way.
5. Move the green L piece next to the clock.
6. Move the T piece one left and one down.
7. Move the yellow piece down all the way.
8. Move the blue L piece into the top/right corner.
9. Move the green L piece right, so it fits with the blue 
10. Move the clock piece up.
11. Move the green L piece up.
12. Move the yellow piece all the way left and down.
13. Move the smaller green L piece down.
14. Move the larger green L piece left.
15. Move the T piece up, right and up, into the gap on the 
16. Move the yellow piece all the way right.
17. Move the Z piece up and left, out of the way.
18. Move the yellow piece to the end.


Once you get all four clues, from all four spinning things, 
Professor Layton determines that they lead to Topsy Tower. 
Henry and Angela appear at this point to join our heroes.

Go to Topsy Tower and examine it. The Masked Gentleman 
leads our heroes inside, where it is dark. After the Masked 
Gentleman talks for a bit, he leaves out the door.

Our heroes follow, and it is with shock that they find 
themselves in an empty amusement park. Where did everyone 
go? The Masked Gentleman kidnaps Angela and runs back to 
the tower, where he lets her go. He promises that his next 
dark miracle will attack the whole town, and there will be 
many victims.

Leave the tower for the park. Everyone has suddenly 
reappeared! They have no idea that they went missing, 
either. What could have happened? The disappearing incident 
is added to mysteries.

003g-Chapter 6: The Ghosts of Akbadain

Video #41:

Hershel and Randall set off for Akbadain. This chapter has 
a unique control scheme. You can move Hershel around with 
the arrows on the touchscreen and dig holes in dirt. 
Alternately, use the control pad and the circle pad to move 
him around, and press A to dig. This area has eight levels, 
and each level has various rooms for you to go through.

Video #42:

Floor B1: Room 1

Go up and Randall gives you a shovel. Use it to dig a hole 
in the dirt in the corner.

Do you see the blue arrows? Those appear the end of a room. 
Walk across the arrows to travel to another room.

Floor B1: Room 2

Dig at the hole to get a hint coin. Dig at the hole again 
to fill it in.

Floor B1: Room 3

There are two switches in this room. Randall steps on one. 
Step on the other switch to open the door.

Floor B1: Mummy Chamber 1

There are mummies here! Your goal is to reach the switch. 
You can do this by causing the mummies to fall into holes, 
or you can outrun them to the switch. They move at the same 
speed as Hershel, in that they take one step every time 
Herhsel does. They also take a step every time Hershel digs 
a hole.

I found two different solutions to this puzzle.

In solution one, you start by trapping the mummy on the 
right. Simply go right five times, then up four times. Spin 
around and dig a hole. The mummy falls into it. Now for the 
mummy on the left. Go down all the way and left all the 
way. Go up twice to get the mummy's attention. Go down, 
then spin around and dig a hole in the dirt above you. Walk 
around a bit, and the mummy falls into the hole. With both 
mummies in holes, you can easily walk to the switch in the 

In solution two, go left all the way and up twice to get 
the mummy's attention. Go down twice, then go right all the 
way. The second mummy will notice you, and you will have 
both mummies chasing Hershel. You can easily avoid them, by 
looping around. Go up four times, left four times and down 
four times. Then, just walk to the switch in the 

Floor B1: Room 5

There is nothing in this room besides the stairway to the 
next level.

Video #43:

Floor B2: Room 1

This is a stairway room.

Floor B2: Room 2

There are boulders in this room. Stand next to a boulder 
and face it. You can now push the boulder in the direction 
you're facing. Once pushed, a boulder will keep rolling 
until it hits something.

To start with, push the first boulder up. This allows you 
to go left. There are two boulders here. Push the left one 
to the left. This allows you to walk to the exit.

Floor B2: Puzzle Chamber 1

In this puzzle chamber, you want to push a boulder to make 
a pathway to the exit. Simply push the boulder up, left, 
down, right and up.

Floor B2: Mummy Chamber 2

Push the boulder up at the mummy to kill it. Then, go left 
twice and up twice to get the attention of the mummy on the 
right. See the dirt near this mummy? You can dig a hole 
there, but you have to take the long way around to reach 
it. Go down twice then right all the way, down twice, up 
three times and left three times. Dig the hole and the 
mummy falls in.

Now for the mummy on the left. Push the left boulder to the 
left, then push it up to kill the mummy. With all the 
mummies gone, you can easily walk to the exit.

Floor B2: Room 5

This room has two holes. One contains a hint coin, while 
the other contains a puzzle. After digging them, go down 
the stairs to the next level.

Puzzle #091: Totem Tumbler
Location: B2
Dig: Hole

Summary: You want to duplicate the picture in the 
upper/right, by hitting only one rock.

Solution: It's a trick puzzle! The rock you hit is the thin 
one, on the bottom. See the small crack in the lower/left? 
That's where you hit it.


Video #44:

Floor B3: Room 1

Go up the small set of stairs here. You have three 
boulders. Push the boulder in the lower/left to reach the 

Floor B3: Room 2

Push the boulder right and up. Walk across it to the exit.

Floor B3: Room 3

Walk down the hallway. Randall notes two holes at the end. 
Layton and Randall examine them, and they're almost killed 
by a large boulder. They survive by running down the 

Go back down the hallway and dig in the two holes. One has 
a puzzle.

Puzzle #092: Ancient Artistry
Location: B3
Dig: Hole

Summary: How many bulls are in the picture?

Solution: Ten. The outline counts as a picture of a bull.

Floor B3: Puzzle Chamber 2

There are three boulders here. You never push the 
bottom/left boulder.

Push the bottom/right boulder up. Then take the other 
boulder and push it down and right to the exit.

Floor B3: Mummy Chamber 3

You have a new type of mummy here. The red mummy moves 
twice as quickly as a normal mummy. In other words, it 
moves two spaces every time Hershel moves one space.

The solution which kills all the mummies requires you to 
start with the mummy on the right. Go right twice, up 
twice, right, and up twice. The mummy notices you. Go right 
and up, then dig a hole below. The mummy falls in.

You can kill the red mummy at this point, by going up, left 
and up twice. The mummy notices you. Go down twice and dig 
a hole above you. The mummy falls in. As for the other 
white mummy, approach it from the right and dig a hole in 
the dirt that is right of it. 

Another solution is to go up twice and right to get the 
attention of a mummy. Go right again and up twice. Go left 
three times, which gets the attention of another mummy. 
From here, go up twice, left three times, up twice, left 
twice and down twice to the exit. Normally, the red mummy 
kills you if you try this, but the two white mummies are so 
close to Hershel that they block the path of the red mummy.

Floor B3: Puzzle Chamber 3

Push the boulder to the right. Go up the stairs and the 
bottom/right, then walk over to the switch. Stand on it, 
and another boulder falls. Push this boulder down.

Go back up the stairs and walk to the lever. Stand above it 
and face down, in order to pull it. This opens the exit 

Floor B3: Room 7

There is nothing in this room besides the stairway to the 
next level.

Video #45:

Floor B4

This floor has only one room. Follow the path to the large 
part of the room, where a cutscene plays. It is followed by 
a puzzle.

Puzzle #093: Hershel vs. Mummies!
Location: B4
Examine: Large Room

Summary: Move Hershel around, which moves the tiles around. 
Your goal is to get the mummies into the hole in the 

Solution: To get the first mummy, go right twice, then 
down, left and up. This puts one piece into place. From 
there, go right and down twice. The mummy will follow along 
the track and die.

To get the second mummy, go left, up and left. This makes a 
nice track to the bottom/right, but you need a bit more. 
When the mummy is on the left side of the board, go up and 
right twice. You only need one piece to get the mummy on 
track, which is the left-to-right piece in the top row.

Go up, left twice, and up. This moves the piece you want. 
Go left three times, down three times, right three times 
and up three times. The track will be complete, and the 
mummy falls in place.


When the puzzle is done, go upwards to the stairway.

Video #46:

Floor B5: Room 1

There is a new item here: a crystal. You can destroy them 
with boulders, but the boulder needs to be at least one 
square away from a crystal in order to destroy it.

Move the boulder here down, left, up and right to destroy 
some crystals. Grab the other boulder and move it down and 
right. This allows you to walk to an area, where you can 
dig up a puzzle.

Puzzle #094: Cursed Case
Location: B5
Dig: Hole

Summary: Put pieces on the board, so the two suitcases will 
fit together perfectly. In other words, the white holes on 
the left case match the black holes in the right case, 
while the black holes on the left case match the white 
holes on the right case.

Solution: Don't rotate any of the pieces. The piece with 
two black holes goes in the upper/left of the left case. 
Put the long vertical piece right of it. The next tallest 
piece goes into the left case, on the left. The fourth 
piece in the left case fits the gap.

On the right case, place the piece with two white spots on 
the bottom. The piece with white and black on the bottom 
goes above it. The piece with steps goes in the upper/left, 
while the other piece goes on the right.


Floor B5: Puzzle Chamber 4

In this room, you work your way upwards. Push the 
bottom/left boulder right, down and right. Push the 
bottom/right boulder left, up and left. Push the upper/left 
boulder right to reach the exit.

Floor B5: Room 3

There is an optional puzzle in this room. You can push the 
boulder right, up, left and down, so you can reach the 
holes. The real puzzle in this room is at the door.

Puzzle #095: Snakes and Keys
Location: B5
Examine: Door

Summary: Which snake holds the key pictured on the bottom 

Solution: Snake C.


Floor B5: Puzzle Chamber 5

The key to this puzzle is realizing that the black area in 
the bottom/left is a wall, not a bottomless pit like the 
other black areas.

Push the middle boulder down. Then, push the right boulder 
down, left, up and right, so it is against the middle 
boulder. Push the upper/left boulder down and right to open 
the path to the exit.

Floor B5: Mummy Chamber 4

Now we have spiked mummies! When you bury these mummies, 
the spikes block those locations.

The solution which destroys all the mummies requires you to 
go down twice and left twice to get the attention of the 
bottom mummy. Move right twice and go up five spaces. Dig a 
hole below you to get the spiked mummy.

Go up all the way and left all the way to get the attention 
of the upper mummy. Go right four times, then down. Dig a 
hole above you to capture the mummy.

Go down three times to get the attention of the mummy. Go 
right and dig a hole to capture the mummy. For the final 
mummy, go to the bottom/left corner. Go right four times 
and dig a hole left of you. The mummy will fall in. This 
mummy has no spikes, so you can easily walk over it to the 

For the solution which kills no mummies, go down twice and 
left four times. Go up all the way, and you have all three 
blue mummies following you. Get the white mummy chasing you 
by going right all the way, down halfway, and left all the 
way. Now just go up and make your way to the switch.

Finishing the mummy chamber opens the door to the stairway.

Video #47:

Floor B6: Puzzle Chamber 6

Push the right boulder down, and push the left boulder 
right. These two boulders and side-by-side. Push the top 
boulder down and right, into the hole. Then, push the right 
boulder up, left, down and right, into the hole.

Floor B6: Room 2

Randall and Hershel split up and follow different pathways 
in this room.

Floor B6: Puzzle Chamber 7

This room looks more difficult than it is. Start by making 
things easier on yourself. Move the highest boulder up and 
move the leftmost boulder up. They are now in holes, and 
out of play.

Move the left boulder up, right, down and left, into a 
hole. Push the remaining boulder up, to the exit. 

Floor B6: Puzzle Chamber 8

The trick to this puzzle is making use to the walls to the 
left and the one broken pillar on the right.

Push the bottom/right boulder up, left and down. Push the 
bottom boulder left, then push the top boulder left and 
down. The two boulders are side-by-side.

Take the right boulder and push it left against the two 
boulders. Take the fourth boulder, which you have not 
touched so far, and push it down, right and up.

Floor B6: Mummy Chamber 5

The way is blocked with crystals, until Randall appears.

Go up and right twice. A mummy sees you. Go up three times, 
left four times and down twice. The other white mummy sees 
you. Now go right four times, up twice, left four times and 
up. Randall kills the mummies that are in a row.

Go to the switch. Randall will push two boulders to the 
right. Push the one boulder up and right onto the switch. 
Step on the other switch to open the door. 

Floor B6: Room 6

A puzzle begins as soon as Hershel enters the room.

Puzzle #096: Arach-attack!
Location: B6
Examine: Spider Hole

Summary: The spiders here always go up, and when they reach 
a web strand, they cross it. Where can Hershel stand in 

Solution: Place A is the safe spot to stand. 


When the puzzle is done, leave the room.

Floor B6: Room 7

Puzzle #097: Tilt to Traverse
Location: B6
Examine: Room

Summary: Tilt your 3DS to traverse this room. Make a path 
for Hershel to travel to Randall.

Solution: Tilt the 3DS away from you, which is "up". Move 
Hershel all the way to the right, then all the way down, 
then all the way right. He is in a corner.

Move your 3DS down, which is towards you, then left and 
down. There are only two blocks in play now. Do you see the 
block in the bottom/left? You want to move it next to 
Hershel. Do this by moving it up, right, down, right, up, 
right, up, right, up. Walk Hershel right across this block 
and have him walk to Randall from there. If you 
accidentally tilt your 3DS left here, you have to start 
over, because the block leading to Randall will fall.


Video #48:

Floor B7: Room 1

This room has an optional puzzle. Move the right boulder 
up, then move the left boulder down, right, up and right. 
Dig in a hole for the optional puzzle.

Puzzle #098: Watertight Code
Location: B7
Dig: Hole

Summary: You see this drawer, next to a water tank. Use it 
to figure out the password to a nearby door.

Solution: The metal will sink in the water tank, revealing 
the numbers 9594.


Floor B7: Puzzle Chamber 9

Push the right boulder down, and push the left boulder 
right. The two boulders are side-by-side. Push them both 

There are two boulders side-by-side. Push them both right. 
Then, push the bottom boulder up, right and up to the exit.

Floor B7: Puzzle Chamber 10

For this puzzle chamber, you ignore the boulder on the 

Push the right boulder left, down and left. Push the top 
boulder down and left. Push the bottom/left boulder up and 
left to the exit.

Floor B7: Room 4

This room has an optional puzzle.

Push the bottom boulder left. The top/left boulder here is 
going to do most of the moving in the puzzle. Move it down, 
right, up right and up. Move the upper/left boulder up, 
then move the upper/right boulder left and up. You can dig 
in the holes for the puzzle.

Puzzle #099: Ancient Artistry 2 
Location: B7
Dig: Hole

Summary: How many deer are in the picture?

Solution: Eleven deer. Two of the deer are outlines. 

Floor B7: Puzzle Chamber 11

Push the upper/right boulder left, down and right. Move the 
upper boulder down and right. You have two boulders side-

Move the right boulder down and left. Move the upper/right 
boulder down. The two boulders are side-by-side again. Now, 
push the leftmost boulder down. Push the top/right boulder 
left and up to the exit.

Floor B7: Mummy Chamber 6

Start with the mummy in the right/middle. Go right, up, 
right twice, up, right, up twice and left to get its 
attention. Then go right, down twice and right. Dig a hole 
to the left to capture the mummy.

Next, the lower/left mummy. Go down twice, left twice, up, 
left twice and up to get its attention. Spin it in a circle 
by going down tice, left twice, up twice, right and up. Dig 
a hole below you to capture it.

Next is the mummy above you. Go up, left and up twice to 
get its attention. You'll bury it on the right, so go down 
twice, right twice, up, right twice, up and right twice. 
Dig a hole to the left to capture it.

Finally, the two mummies on top. Go to the top row to get 
their attention. Spin them in a circle in the area below 
you, by going down twice, left, down twice, right twice, up 
twice, left and up. You can walk to the exit from here, or 
you can dig a hole to capture the mummies below you.

Video #49:

Go to the last level of Akbadain. Go through the room. 
Hershel and Randall cross a river to reach the treasure, 
but they accidentally trigger a trap. The river disappears, 
and Randall falls into a pit, due to his reluctance to let 
go of the Mask of Chaos.

He was one puzzle away from the treasure.

Puzzle #100: Gate to the Ruins!
Location: B8
Examine: Door

Summary: Insert the correct code.

Solution: The marks on the door indicate the position of a 
piece on the grid. For example, the piece with a dot in the 
upper/left is the lower/right piece (which has a dot in the 
upper/left corner of it, in the grid).

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

The solution is 9 6 5 3 1


Hershel finds the treasure, which is gold and gems. He 
returns home and tells the bad news to Angela and Henry. 
Eventually, he moves away from Stansbury.

003h-Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn

Video #50:

Our heroes aren't sure how to start their investigation. 
Leave the bedroom and talk to Pascal for a puzzle.

Puzzle #101: Wonky Wiring
Location: Dromedary Lobby
Person: Pascal

Summary: Rotate all of the pieces, so they connect to each 

Solution: With the middle piece, the X is facing up, while 
the O is facing down. Then rotate all the other pieces to 
make connections.


Leave the hotel, and Gonzales will appear. He says that 
Dalston was released from jail, and he wants to speak to 
Layton. You want to go left to meet with Dalston, but you 
should stop at the circus first, for two puzzles. 

Puzzle #102: Dice Crates
Location: One-Ring Circus
Person: Yukkles

Summary: How can you spin the four dice, to get a total of 

Summary: The only way to get 22 from 4 dice is to have two 
fives and two sixes. If a die has a 6, put it down. If a 
die's highest number is 5, put that down.

Puzzle #103: Stars of the Stage
Location: Big Top
Person: Tyrone

Summary: Which people are standing in view of more than one 

Solution: A, C, D, F and G.


Video #51:

Go to Dalston's estate, which is left of the circus. Talk 
to Gonzales, and he lets you go inside. Before talking to 
Dalston, examine the bookshelf on the left for a picture.

Puzzle #104: Undercover Code
Location: Dalston Parlor
Examine: Bookshelf

Summary: What is the secret message on the map?

Solution: The message is 735. When you fold the map up, one 
of the folds (the left side of the rightmost section) 
matches up with the lines on the book cover to show this.


Dalston mentions being in the dark, which causes Layton to 
suddenly realize how the vanishing incident occurred! He 
wants to go there, to confirm his suspicions about the 

Leave Dalston's and go right twice. The casino owner will 
talk to you for a moment. When he leaves, you can get a 
puzzle from Firth.

Puzzle #105: Free Lunch!
Location: City Monument
Person: Firth

Summary: The wheel is spun six times. Every time it lands, 
each person gets the point total on the side which faces 
them. After the six spins, A has 13 points, and there are 
no ties. Who has the lowest score?

Solution: B. In order for A to have 13 points, A must have 
received five 2's and a 3. This means A got five 1's and a 
2, while C got five 3's and a 1.


At this point, you can go directly to Pumpkin Park and 
continue the storyline. I'm going to take the long way 
around, which takes you through several puzzles. In order 
to beat the game, you must have solved at least 75 puzzles. 
If you've already done this, you can skip solving the 

Go south to meet Cookie. She has a puzzle.

Puzzle #106: Confusion Cubed
Location: Merchant District
Person: Cookie

Summary: Move pieces around, so all the pieces connect!

Solution: There are two pieces which can go in the 
bottom/left corner. Those two pieces go side-by-side in the 
middle row. The other two pieces are side-by-side on the 
top row. Just make sure that all the lines connect, when 
you go from piece to piece!


Video #52:

Go south to the plaza. South of here, you have a puzzle 
with Juggles. North of here, in the gallery, you have a 
puzzle with Artie.

Puzzle #107: Toppings Up! 3
Location: Montsarton Gallery
Person: Artie

Summary: Flip all of the pieces, so they're right-side up!

Solution: Flip the topmost piece, on the left-hand side. 
Flip the piece left of that one. There is a slice in the 
lower/right which is right side up. Flip both pieces that 
are next to this piece.

Puzzle #108: Balls and Boxes
Location: Carnival Arcade
Person: Juggles

Summary: Figure out what the boxes mean, in order to get 
the ball to fall into each box!

Solution: A circle means the ball falls to the left, while 
a diamond means the ball falls to the right. Your solution, 
therefore, is diamond 2, diamond 3, circle 1 and circle 3.


From the plaza, go northeast to knickknack alley. Both 
people here have puzzles.

Puzzle #109: Fishy Triangle
Location: Knickknack Alley
Person: Guy

Summary: Cut the fish into two pieces. When you put the 
pieces together, you get a triangle.

Solution: The piece you want to make is a Y shape. The cut 
is in the lower/right, and it looks like this:


Puzzle #110: Cozy Cabins
Location: Knickknack Alley
Person: Tania

Summary: Put all the people in the cheapest house!

Solution: The cheapest house which fits everyone is B. Two 
people will be lying horizontally, in order to fit everyone 


Video #53:

Go north three times. Hanna is outside of City Hall, and 
she has a puzzle.

Puzzle #111: Holiday Snaps
Location: City Hall Steps
Person: Hanna

Summary: There are four people in these pictures. Both the 
sender and the recipient were not in photos with every 
other person, and the sender was in more pictures than the 

Solution: B sent the picture to C.


Go inside City Hall and talk to Michelle for a puzzle.

Puzzle #112: A Duck of Tiles
Location: City Hall
Person: Michelle

Summary: Recreate the picture in the top screen, using the 

Solution: Put a blue piece in the upper/left corner. A 
yellow piece is one right of it. A red piece is one right 
and one down of that, for the eye.

A yellow piece goes a space right of the red one, while 
another yellow tile goes against the left wall, one below 
the red tile. Now the eye is complete, along with the bill. 
Place a blue piece below the bill, with a yellow piece two 
squares right of it. Place a yellow piece below that for 
the foot.

Place a blue tile one up and one left of the one you just 
placed, in order to have blue above the foot. Put a yellow 
tile one above the blue tile. Place a blue tile in the 
bottom/left corner, and place a yellow tile two diagonal 
spaces away from it, to finish off the duck's chest. The 
left-hand side of the board should be complete now.

Put a blue tile in the upper/right corner, and put a yellow 
tile two spaces below it for the tail. Put a blue tile one 
space below that one, and put a yellow tile one up and one 
left of that one. Place a blue tile in the upper/middle to 
form the duck's back.

Almost done! Place a blue tile in the bottom/right, with a 
blue tile left of it. Now, place two yellow tiles to finish 
the back end of the duck.


Leave City Hall and go north. Talk to Humbert for a puzzle.

Puzzle #113: Chip Champions
Location: Racetrack Entrance
Person: Humbert

Summary: You have a picture, showing how many chips people 
started with (and lost). Using the statements, determine 
who is who.

Solution: A is 4, B is 3, C is 5, D is 2, E is 6 and F is 


With puzzle 113 done, you've finished the puzzles on the 
right side of Monte d'Or (for now). Take the tram left to 
Pumpkin Park. Go south three times, to be in the area next 
to the hotel.

Video #54:

Go north and talk to Collette for a puzzle.

Puzzle #114: Emperor's Throne 2
Location: Chance Avenue
Person: Collette

Summary: Slide the large penguin into the hole in the 

Solution: After all those puzzle chambers in the previous 
chapter, this is simple! Move the top/left penguin right, 
down and right. Move the bottom/right penguin up, left and 
up. Move the emperor penguin right, down and right. 


Go north. Enter the casino and talk to Drake for a puzzle.

Puzzle #115: Slot Sequence 2
Location: Casino
Person: Drake

Summary: Figure out the pattern of this slot machine!

Solution: Every time you spin the machine, the rightmost 
digit goes up by one. The tens place goes up by two, the 
hundreds place goes up by 3 and the thousands place goes up 
by four.


Leave the casino and go north into the park. Go to the 
other park of the park and talk to the person here for a 

Puzzle #116: Ferris Letters
Location: Pumpkin Spinners
Person: Puck

Summary: The "S" Ferris Wheel has letters spinning around 
it. These letters are "M", "V", "E", "M", "J", ___, "U" and 
"N". What letter goes in the blank spot?

Solution: The letter "S" is missing. The letters stand for 
planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, 
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


Go to Topsy Tower and examine it. Professor Layton shows 
that the tower has a rotating base, which leads to an exact 
duplicate of Pumpkin Park, hidden behind the real park. 
When the Masked Gentleman made everyone in the park 
disappear, he really just took our heroes to the duplicate 

Video #55:

Go south to the park. Murphy is here, and he has some 
information for the Professor. First, he wants you to solve 
his puzzle.

Puzzle #117: Ride Rotation
Location: Pumpkin Spinners
Person: Murphy

Summary: All three things make a full rotation, in twenty 
seconds. If the girl starts facing east, what direction 
does she face after fifteen seconds?

Solution: She is facing south.


Murphy talks about Henry. Go to the Ledore Mansion by going 
to the other part of the park, then taking the tram to the 
racetrack. Go south twice, then enter the mansion. Talk 
with Angela, then go into the study to talk to Henry.

Randall's elderly mother appears. Talk to her, then leave 
the room. Talk to Henry before leaving the mansion.

Video #56:

Outside the mansion, Layton mentions that he has some 
concerns about Henry's assets. We have to take another trip 
to City Hall. Go north from outside the mansion, then go 
into City Hall. Talk to the mayor.

Puzzle #118: Evenly Matched 3
Location: City Hall
Person: Mayor Billson

Summary: Divide the board into four pieces, which all have 
two black pieces and two white pieces.

Solution: Draw a vertical line down the middle. Each piece 
looks like this:



Layton gets the information he needs, and it clears Henry 
of all wrong-doing. Layton doesn't share this information 
with his friends, however. A policeman comes by and 
requests his presence.

Go right to the briefing room and talk to Chief Sheffield. 
He says that Bloom has information for Layton. Leave City 
Hall, and Grosky will tell Layton that the Masked Gentleman 
is at the Reunion Inn.

You can go directly to the horse racetrack to speak to 
Bloom at this point, but there are a number of puzzles you 
can solve, now that it's nighttime. For example, you can go 
south twice for a puzzle with Madelaine.

Puzzle #119: Fairly Shared Squares
Location: Oasis Street
Person: Madelaine

Summary: Divide the board into four pieces, each with an 
almond on it.

Solution: Each piece has five squares. Draw a horizontal 
line, so the top two rows are apart, and draw another line 
so the bottom two rows are apart. Your pieces look like 
that. Draw three lines, so the two middle rows form two 
pieces of the same shape.


Go south twice to the Gallery Plaza. Stumble is tied up in 
a puzzle again.

Puzzle #120: Stumble's Balloons 2
Location: Gallery Plaza
Person: Stumble

Summary: Swap strings in order to free Stumble!

Solution: Tap the two bottom dots in the rightmost column, 
to separate the string on the right. In the second column, 
tap the two middle dots to separate two groups of strings. 
With the leftmost column, tap the dot which is second from 
the bottom. With the third-from-left column, tap the dot 
which is second from the top.


Video #57:

Go north twice and left to meet with Sterling. He has a 

Puzzle #121: Ball-Dart Bulls-Eye
Location: Dromedary Plaza
Person: Sterling

Summary: All three people took three shots and got 62 
points. A got 27 points with his two first throws, and B 
got a 5 in her last shot. Who got the bullseye?

Solution: B.


Go left and enter the circus. Talk to the tiger for a 

Puzzle #122: Kitty Solitaire 3
Location: Big Top
Person: Maurice

Summary: Jump over all of the cats and finish with the 
black cat in the middle.

Solution: The easiest solution to explain is the one where 
you only make jumps with the black cat. Move the cat left, 
diagonal, left, diagonal, diagonal, left, diagonal, left 
and up.


Leave the circus. Go right twice, north twice and into the 
casino. Talk to the policeman twice for a puzzle.

Puzzle #123: Weighted Marbles
Location: Casino
Person: Policeman

Summary: Put numbers on the board so every line of four 
numbers equals 34.

Solution: The board looks like this:

   12 9
  1 11 16
14 13  5  2
  4     8
6 15  3  10


Leave the casino and go north to Pumpkin Park. Go north 
inside the park and talk to the policeman.

Puzzle #124: Stumble's Banners 2
Location: Carousel
Person: Policeman

Summary: Which of the three banners matches the one of the 
top screen?

Solution: Banner C matches. The other banners have mistakes 
with the number of people in the pumpkin spinners and the 
direction the boy is facing.


Video #58:

Leave the park and take the tram to the racetrack. Go north 
a screen and talk to Bloom. He says that the Masked 
Gentleman is inside the Reunion Inn. You can take the tram 
there, but before you do, get a puzzle from Gustav.

Puzzle #125: A Day at the Races
Location: Racetrack
Person: Gustav

Summary: Tailors, winemakers and upholsterers are seated in 
these three groups. Who is in the yellow group?

Solution: The tailors (group A) are in the yellow area. 
This is because the yellow section resembles a shirt.


Go south and use the tram. Take it to the Reunion Inn. 
Aldus is waiting for you outside. If you have not solved 75 
puzzles at this point, he will not allow you to enter. If 
you have solved 75 puzzles, you go inside.

Go inside the inn and talk to Mordy. He wants you to solve 
a puzzle, before he guides you through the inn.

Puzzle #126: Mystery Room
Location: Front Desk 
Person: Mordy

Summary: Which of these four plates can form the number 

Solution: D.


Video #59:

Mordy will take you to Henry's study at the Reunion Inn. 
The group splits up at this point. While Layton goes 
somewhere else, Luke and Emmy stay inside the room. There 
are two puzzles here: one on the books on the smaller 
table, and one on the sword display.

Puzzle #127: Ace of Diamonds
Location: Office
Examine: Sword Display

Summary: Which sword here is called the Ace of Diamonds?

Solution: Sword A. When you look at it head-on, it looks 
like the playing card which is the ace of diamonds.

Puzzle #128: Faded Photos
Location: Office 
Examine: Desk

Summary: Based on these photos, determine the direction the 
carriage is headed.

Solution: The carriage is going south. We know this, 
because the sun in the photos is setting.

In addition to the journal found by solving puzzle #128, 
there are three things you must look at to complete the 
investigation of the room. These are the leftmost 
bookshelf, the large map on the wall and the robot on the 
desk on the left.

When you're done, Layton returns with the real Mask of 
Chaos. Mordy remembers that there was a book left for our 
heroes at the front desk.

Video #60:

Return to the reception room of the Reunion Inn to get the 
book. It is from the Masked Gentleman, and it contains a 
story about how people change when they grow older.

The story has a clue, leading to where the Masked Gentleman 
is. Our heroes decide that the clue leads to one of the 
suites. Go to the Sapphire Suite to get a puzzle from 

Puzzle #129: A Sweeping Solution
Location: Sapphire Suite
Person: Yuming

Summary: The cleaning crew likes to go through these rooms 
in a different order, every day. However, there is one room 
which is always in the same spot in the order. Which one?

Solution: That would be the larger room, on the left-hand 
side. Whether you start from the left or the right side of 
the board, it is always the seventh room you go through.


Leave the Sapphire Suite and go in the Emerald Suite. 
Frankie and Conner are there. They won't let you 
investigate the room, unless you solve their puzzle.

Puzzle #130: Water, Wood, Fire
Location: Emerald Suite
Person: Frankie or Conner

Summary: Four people are playing the game that Frankie 
introduced in Puzzle #029. That is the game where fire 
beats wood, wood beats water and water beats fire. All of 
the players' cards are shown here. Someone claims they 
could have won, if they swapped a wood with a water and a 
water with a wood. Who made this statement?

Solution: C. She would have won, if her cards were water, 
wood, water and wood.


When you solve the puzzle, you get permission to examine 
the room. Look at the picture in the frame on the left. Our 
heroes find another book there.

Video #61:

The book appears to be an allegory about Professor Layton. 
It leads to the conservatory. A bird has the book here. Tap 
on the bird to learn that it wants fruit.

Tap on the red flower in the lower/left. You need to tap on 
it twice, to fill the canal with water. A fruit appears on 
a tree to the right. Tap the fruit, and the bird will eat 
it. Finally, tap on the book. This book is an allegory for 
Henry Ledore (the poor man who became rich), and it leads 
to the Grand Hall.

Video #62:

Go to the Grand Hall, and you see a scene with Bloom and 
Bronev. You also get an episode with the two of them. This 
is Bronev's first appearance in the series; it appears that 
he is a villain who has plans which involve places that 
were discovered by Professor Layton and Jean Descole. 
Descole is Layton's rival who was introduced in the 
previous game in the series.

In the Grand Hall, examine one of the chairs on the right. 
It has the book, but the book is locked with a puzzle.

Puzzle #131: Jewels to the Lock
Location: Grand Hall
Examine: Chair

Summary: The arrows form a pattern, but one arrow must be 
rotated to finish the pattern. Which arrow is it?

Solution: Select the arrow in the upper/left. If you rotate 
this arrow, you can connect all the arrows with lines that 
lead directly from one arrow to the next.


This book contains an allegory about Angela Ledore, but the 
story is incomplete. It leads to the auditorium. Here, 
examine the seats for a puzzle.

Puzzle #132: Stealth Night
Location: Auditorium
Examine: Seats 

Summary: The policemen want to cover every square of the 
board. They can look in front, behind and to the sides at 
45 degree angles. All the policemen are in the fourth row, 
and one is in seat A. Where must the others sit?

Solution: The other four sit in seats D, E, F and G.


Video #63:

Examine the screen in this room. The Masked Gentleman's 
story ends, and he kidnaps Luke. He falls to the bottom of 
the main room of the hotel, leaving Luke in a perilous 

Puzzle #133: Grand Hall Rescue
Location: Auditorium
Examine: Screen

Summary: Drop down to reach Luke! You can only drop at 
certain spots.

Solution: You should drop when Professor Layton is at the 
following points: A, D, G, and L.


Henry, Angela and Mordy arrive, just in time to see 
Professor Layton identify the Masked Gentleman as Randall. 
Randall removes the fake Mask of Chaos and openly admits 
his identity. He did not die eighteen years ago, and he 
decided to return to get his revenge.

Why didn't he return sooner? He had amnesia, which was 
cured when he got an anonymous letter. The person who sent 
these letters told Randall how to disguise himself as the 
Masked Gentleman and perform dark miracles, in order to get 
revenge on Henry.

Randall leaves, promising that his next dark miracle will 
destroy the entire town.

003i-Chapter 8: The Final Miracle

Video #64:

Leave the Reunion Inn through the door icon on the bottom 
screen. Our heroes confront Randall, and he shows that his 
final dark miracle is sand! He wants to flood Monte d'Or 
with sand, in order to destroy it!

Take the tram and go south three times. If you try to go 
anywhere else, you will get stopped. A conversation ensues, 
in which Professor Layton says that the way to save Monte 
d'Or is to solve the final puzzle of Akbadain.

You see, if you solve the final puzzle of Akbadain, the 
city is going to rise from the ground to its former 
position. Monte d'Or was built above Akbadaian, so when 
Akabadain rises from the ground, Monte d'Or will, too. 
They'll rise up, above all the sand that is pouring in.

Video #65:

Dalston appears and talks for a bit. When control returns 
to Layton, zoom in on the monument. On the ground in front 
of the trees is a manhole cover which resembles the picture 
found on the wall in the Akbadain ruins.

Puzzle #134: Breaking the Seal
Location: City Monument
Examine: Manhole 

Summary: Put pieces on the board so every row, column and 
diagonal has four arrows, all facing different directions.

Solution: There are two pieces where the arrows face 
opposite directions. That would be the middle piece on the 
left and the bottom/right piece. Put the bottom/right piece 
in the bottom/right space, and put the middle/left piece in 
the third column.

There are two pieces which have a left and an up, without 
being rotated. Those are the piece on the right and the 
piece in the upper/left. Put the upper/left piece in the 
upper/left corner of the board, and put the right piece in 
the lower/left corner of the board.

Finally, rotate the final piece and put it into place. 
Obviously, you need to be careful when putting pieces on 
the board in this puzzle, because if you rotate them the 
wrong direction, the solution won't work.


Layton and his friends go into the final chamber of 
Akbadain. The Mask of Order and the Mask of Chaos are 
needed here, and Layton reveals that the Mask of Order is 
actually embedded inside the Mask of Chaos. He pulls the 
two masks apart, and then Layton and Angela solve the final 

Puzzle #135: Mask Pedestal
Location: Final Chamber

Summary: Tap on a pedestal on the outer ring, to move 
pedestals in the inner ring. Can you get all of them to 
face inward?

Solution: Press the top pedestal, the top/left pedestal, 
the left pedestal and the top/left pedestal. The order you 
press the pedestals in doesn't matter, exc

although the rules of the puzzle state that you can't press 
the same pedestal twice in a row.


Solving the puzzle causes Akbadain to rise again. Monte 
d'Or is thereby saved.


Video #66:

Talk to Randall to start the epilogue. It begins with 
scenes about the mysterious villain who was manipulating 
Randall. This villain is Jean Descole, who was the main 
villain of the previous game.

Video #67:

After Descole leaves, our heroes discuss Henry's actions. 
Henry is a good person, and for the past eighteen years, he 
has been preparing for Randall's return.

After Layton and his friends leave, the ending credits 
play. A scene with Descole and Bronev plays after this, and 
then you get the chance to save your game.
004-The Toymaker's House

Video #69:

When you visit Knickknack Alley for the first time, you 
must solve Guy's puzzle (Puzzle #005). As a reward, he 
gives you a robot. You can look at the robot, in Professor 
Layton's trunk, to start the robot minigame. In this game, 
you want to move the robot onto the red square. The catch 
is that your robot only takes three steps at once.

You unlock tracks for your robot, by solving certain 
puzzles. Specifically, you get robot tracks for solving 
puzzles 005, 015, 029, 058, 067, 075, 082, 108 and 130.

Track 1: Abandoned Lab

Go up twice, where you hit a wall. Then go down and right. 
You get a gear. From here, you can go left, up and left to 
the exit.

Track 2: Unearthed Ruin

Go right and down to get a gear. Go up and right, and you 
hit a wall. Now go left, up, right and down to the exit.

Track 3: Colossal Coliseum

Go right twice and down. You get a gear. Move left, up, 
right, left and down to a block. Go right twice to the 

Track 4: Inviting Oasis

Go right and down, to a wall. Go up, left and left to the 

Track 5: Perilous Pyramid

Go left and down twice. Go right twice, then up twice. You 
land on a conveyer belt. Go right, down, up, left and down 
to the exit.

Track 6: Weird Wilds

Go up, left, down and right. You get a crank. Now go left, 
down, left and up to the exit.

Track 7: Sturdy Ship

Go down, right and down. By going in the lower/right square 
twice, you put yourself out of sync with the other robots. 
Go up twice, down and left to get a crank. From here, go 
right, down and right to the exit.

Track 8: Small Town

This solution requires clearing out the top/left area. Go 
down to the crank and up twice to the starting position. Go 
right to the crank and go left twice. Here, go down for 
another crank. Go left, down and right for another crank. 
Go left and down to the exit.

Track 9: Floating Castle

Go left, up twice and right for a crank. Go down and left 
for a crank. Go down for a crank and right for a crank. 
You're one square off from the solution, so go left, down 
and left three times to reset yourself. Go right three 
times, up, left, down and left to the exit.

Solving tracks 1-9 unlocks Track 10.

Track 10: Eastern Palace

A boss battle! Well, the boss will be at the top in seven 
turns, so if you're beneath the key at this time, you can 
go up to defeat it. There are multiple ways to do this. One 
is to go left, up twice, right twice, down and left. Go up 
to hit the boss.

Uh oh, the boss isn't defeated! Well, it'll be at the 
bottom in four moves, so if you're above the key then, 
you'll be safe. Go left twice, right and down. Go down 
there to defeat the boss.

Solving all ten tracks unlocks the Toymaker's House, under 
Layton's Challenges, in the bonus menu. It also unlocks 
fifteen extra robot stages, which you can solve for fun. 
There is no reward for going through the fifteen extra 
stages. To enter them, select the stairs in the middle of 
the robot's map.

Video #70:

Inside the Toymaker's House, you have three bonus puzzles 
to solve.

Puzzle #136: A Pattern of Tiles

Summary: Recreate the pattern using the twenty tiles 
available to you!

Solution: Let's solve this corner by corner. In the 
upper/left, place a red tile. Place a green tile one right 
and one down of it.

In the lower/right, place a red tile. Place a green tile 
one left and one up of it.

In the upper/right, place a green tile. Place a red tile 
one left and one down of it.

In the lower/left, place a green tile. Place a red tile one 
right and one up of it.

Put a red tile in the upper/left and lower/right corners, 
and put a green tile in the upper/right and lower/left 

Now for the middle tiles. Place a red tile, one left and up 
of the bottom/right tile. Place the other red tile one 
right and one down of the top/left tile. Place a green tile 
one left and one down of the top/right tile. Place the 
other green tile one right and one up of the bottom/left 

Finish by putting the four white tiles into place.

Puzzle #137: Curse Case 2

Summary: Place all the pieces on the board, so the two 
suitcase parts go together! Every black dot must match with 
a white dot.

Solution: We might as well start with the pieces that 
aren't rotated. Put the Z piece in the lower/left. Place 
the piece with two white dots right of it. Place the 
upper/left piece in the upper/left. Take the piece on the 
right, with the black and white dots separated, and put 
that on the left. The final piece in this case is the L-
piece with one black dot, which you must rotate.

For the right case, put the T-piece in the upper/right. The 
L-piece with one black spot goes right and below it. The 
other pieces must be rotated into place. The larger piece 
with one white goes in the upper/left. The piece with two 
black dots goes in the lower/left.

Puzzle #138: Poke 'Em Totems 3

Summary: Knock blocks around, until you recreate the totem 
pattern in the picture! You cannot hit a block that is on 
the top of a column.

Solution: Hit all the blocks on the left column, except the 
one which is second from the bottom. Hit blue left, hit 
green right, hit the only arrow left and hit the only arrow 

005-The Shopkeeper's House

Video #71:

When you visit Madam Lapushka's for the first time, you 
must solve Puzzle #010. As a reward, she gives you the 
shop, in Layton's trunk. This is a puzzle, where you must 
place things on the screen so items of the same type or 
color are next to each other.

There are ten aisles to the shop, and you get aisles for 
solving puzzles 010, 019, 030, 042, 047, 057, 072, 083, 
114, and 129.

Aisle 1: Fresh Fruits

Put the large apple in the bottom/left, with the green 
pineapple right of it. Put the yellow pineapple above it. 
The top row has a green banana and a yellow banana, from 
left to right.

Aisle 2: Crockery

The yellow plate goes above and one right of the yellow 
cup. The chain from there goes right, down and left, with 
the red plate, red cup, red pot and yellow pot.

Aisle 3: Explorer's Needs

The bottom/right has a red lantern and blue lantern. The 
middle row has a red compass and blue camera. The top shelf 
has a green camera.

Aisle 4: Instruments

The bottom/left has a purple and red violin. The red drum 
is in the lower/right, with a red ocarina above it and a 
yellow ocarina above that. A yellow violin goes in the 
remaining space.

Aisle 5: Baked Goods

The red loaf goes left of the donut, with the yellow loaf 
above it. The bottom/right has the white loaf. Above it, 
and going against the right wall, is a green loaf with a 
donut above it. In the remaining space, you have a yellow 
cake above a white cake.

Aisle 6: Green Thumb

The green cactus goes in the lower/left with a purple 
cactus above it. The top row is a purple cactus, purple 
flowers, yellow cactus and yellow plant. The bottom row has 
the green cactus, green plant, red flowers and red plant.

Aisle 7: Apparel

The top row has a blue hat, a space, a black hat and a 
green hat. The leftmost column has a blue shoe below a blue 
tie. The black shoe rests on the blue shoe, with the black 
tie above the black shoe. On the right, you have the green 
shoe on bottom, with the green tie above it.

Aisle 8: Plush Toys

The left column has yellow bear above red bear. The right 
column has white cat above white bear. The middle shelf has 
red cat and red bunny, while the shelf above it has yellow 
bunny and yellow cat. The white bunny is in the 

Aisle 9: Hobby

The top row has blue car, white car and red car. The bottom 
row has yellow helicopter, yellow far, white ship and white 
helicopter. The middle row has blue helicopter, blue ship 
and red helicopter. This is not the only solution to the 

Aisle 10: Antiques

The top row has red clock, yellow clock and yellow china. 
The middle row has red book, white china, red china and 
purple book. The bottom row has red picture, purple picture 
and purple clock. 

Solving all ten aisles unlocks the Shopkeeper's House, 
under Layton's Challenges, in the bonus menu. There are 
three puzzles here for you to solve.

Video #72:

Puzzle #139: Emperor's Throne 3

Summary: Move penguins around so the emperor penguin is in 
the middle!

Solution: Move the top/right penguin down. Move the other 
penguin in the rightmost column left. Move the topmost 
penguin down and right. Move the emperor penguin up and 

Puzzle #140: Evenly Matched 4

Summary: Split up the board into four pieces, each with 
four black pawns and four white pawns. The pieces must be 
the same shape.

Solution: The board is divided by a vertical line down the 
middle. Each piece looks like this:


Put together, the pieces look like:


Puzzle #141: Fix the Fossil 2

Summary: Move rows or columns of five pieces to form a 

Solution: You can do this in five moves.

1. Move the second-from-right column up.
2. Move the third-from-bottom row left.
3. Move the third-from-left column down.
4. Move the second-from-top row left.
5. Move the leftmost column up.

006-The Ringmaster's House

Video #73:

In the first chapter, you talk to Tyrone outside of the 
hotel. He will give you a bunny. This unlocks the bunny 
challenge, inside Layton's trunk. You want to get your 
bunny to learn various moves, and you want the bunny to 
finish ten plays.

There are ten plays you can complete. You get a play for 
solving puzzles 021, 046, 050, 061, 070, 077, 085, 116 and 
126. It's a good idea to chat with your bunny before and 
after each play, to learn if there are any new bunny 
actions you can get.

Play 1: Sunflowers in the Storm


Play 2: Mail Bunny


Play 3: Little Lost Squirrel


Play 4: Eve of the Carnival


Play #5: Home Sweet Home


Play #6: The Naughty Wolf

Bunny Kick

Play #7: A Bit of Courage


Play #8: Fuzzy Dance-Off

Bunny Kick
Hand Walk
Breakin' Bunny

Play #9: The Snow Bunny

Bunny Kick

Play #10: The Greatest Treasure

Hand Walk

Completing all ten plays unlocks the Ringmaster's House, 
under Layton's Challenges, in the bonus menu. There are 
three puzzles here for you to solve.

Video #74:

Puzzle #142: Spinning Maize 3

Summary: Guide the ladybug through the maze, to the other 

Solution: Take the bottom/left hole. Take the right hole. 
Go to the far right and go in that hole. Take the left hole 
twice to the exit.

That's left, right, right, left and left.

Puzzle #143: Flowery Footpath 2

Summary: It's a jigsaw puzzle! Put the pieces together to 
form the picture on the top screen.

Solution: The piece with three prongs, sticking out of the 
top, goes in the lower/right. A two-pronged piece fits into 
it. The piece which is a 3-by-5 piece, with an additional 
square sticking out of one 3-side goes in the lower/left, 
with the additional square against the bottom row.

There is only one piece which fits in the bottom space. You 
have two pieces which have the center of a flower on them. 
The one without prongs goes in the upper/left, while the 
one with prongs goes in the upper/right, with the prongs 
facing left. Fit the other pronged piece to fit with the 
upper/right one, and the final piece goes in the final 

Puzzle #144: Grand Hall Rescue 2

Summary: Drop down at the correct spots, so you slide along 
the same rope as the girl.

Solution: Drop at B, F, I, O and Q.

007-The Reunion House

When you beat the game, you unlock the Reunion House, under 
Layton's Challenges, in the bonus menu. There are three 
puzzles here for you to solve.

Video #75:

Puzzle #145: Merry-Go-Tiles 2

Summary: Rotate and move pieces around, to form a complete 

Solution: See the piece with TWO green horse parts? This 
goes in the lower/right, with the horse head on the left. 
Above this piece is the one with two white horse pieces. 
With those two pieces in place, you can use process of 
elimination to get the remaining seven pieces in place.

Puzzle #146: Tilt to Traverse 2

Summary: Tilt your 3DS to move platforms around, so the 
character can reach the lower/right corner.

Solution: Move the 3DS down, left and down. Now move the 
character to the center island. Do you see the hole in the 
upper/right? Get a crate into it, by tilting the 3DS right, 
up and left.

There is a hole near the middle. Fill it with either one of 
the two boxes in the upper/left. Do NOT fill it with the 
box in the lower half. Once that is filled, move the box in 
the lower half next to the hole you just filled. The 
character can walk from there to the exit.

Puzzle #147: That Rings a Bell 2

Summary: Put the five shots in the five correct slingshots!

Solution: From left to right, the answer is 5, 3, 2, blank, 
4 and 1.

008-The Puzzle Keeper's House

When you solve puzzles 001-147, you unlock the Puzzle 
Keeper's House, in Layton's Challenges, in the bonuses 
section. This area contains the final three puzzles of the 

Video #76:

Puzzle #148: Mummies' Revenge

Summary: Move around and get the three mummies to fall into 
the lower/right.

Solution: Start by going down all the way. Now that you're 
in a safe spot, examine the board and figure out how you 
want to get the mummies into the bottom/right. I recommend 
working on one mummy at a time, while some people prefer 
that you get all three mummies on the same line.

Puzzle #149: From Right to Left

Summary: Move the statue from the right to the left.

Solution: I'll describe general moves you want to make.

First, you start with the starting position. Remember that.

Second, move the two small horizontal pieces to the exit. 
Move all the pieces in the left column to the left. Move 
the large green piece left and up. Move the two small 
vertical pieces to the lower/right. Move the orange 2-by-2 
piece up, and move the two small vertical pieces left, 
below it. Move the large green piece down and right. Move 
the left column right.

Third, move the two small vertical pieces back to starting 
position. Move the orange 2-by-2 piece left to the exit.

Fourth, what I do is move things around. I put one of the 
horizontal pieces by the 2-by-2 piece, and I put one of the 
horizontal pieces by the two side-by-side vertical pieces. 
I then treat those pieces, grouped together, as 3-by-2 

Fifth, you want the two 3-by-2 pieces on the left. Start 
moving pieces counter-clockwise. At one point, when you 
have the green and pink pieces on the top row, you want to 
drop them both to the bottom. That lets you get the 3-by-2 
pieces next to each other, and you can easily move 
everything counter-clockwise from there to get the 3-by-2s 
on the left.

Sixth, ignore the left side of the board for now. Move 
pieces around, until the green and pink pieces are on the 
left, one on top of the other.

Seventh, with the remaining pieces, duplicate the starting 
position on the right. Remember, this is where the two 
small vertical pieces are in the corners. This allows you 
to move the gray piece left, and to move the two small 
vertical pieces into the hole.

Eighth, I once again pair up horizontal pieces with the 2-
by-2 pieces, and pretend they're 2-by-3 blocks. I also put 
the green and pink pieces side-by-side, so they look like a 
2-by-3 block. Seeing it this way makes it easy to rotate 
everything clockwise (or counter-clockwise) until the two 
2-by-3 blocks are on the right.

Ninth, you want to move things around, so the two 
horizontal blocks are in the corners. One horizontal block 
is not against the gray piece. Move that horizontal block, 
and the 2-by-2 piece it is touching, to the right. Move the 
gray piece down or up, then move the piece in the exit out. 
Move the gray piece down or up (the opposite of how it 
moved before). Move the small horizontal piece next to the 
gray piece and move things clockwise or counter-clockwise 
to get the gray piece lined up with the exit.

Puzzle #150: Back to the Chamber

Summary: Tap on a pedestal on the outer ring, to move 
pedestals in the inner ring. Can you get all of them to 
face inward?

Solution: You must hit the left switch three times, the 
bottom switch twice and the bottom/left switch once. Keep 
in mind that you cannot step on the same switch twice in a 

009-The Hidden Door

Video #77:

The Hidden Door is in the Top Secret part of the bonus 
section. Accessing this gives you a password for "Professor 
Layton and the Last Specter". This particular password is 
specifically tied to your 3DS, so use the exact same 3DS to 
play "Professor Layton and the Last Specter".

Use the password on the Hidden Door in that game (in the 
top secret part of the bonus section) to get some concept 
artwork. You also get the password for the Hidden Door of 
"Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask".

Put the Miracle Mask game back in the 3DS and use that 
password on the Hidden Door. A scene plays, in which Luke 
and Emmy talk about the previous game in the series. You 
are challenged to remember what happened in that game.

The quiz answers are...

Emmy's last name is Altava.
Luke's last name is Triton.
Misthallery was plagued by a specter ruining homes.
Inspector Grosky's first name is Clamp.

The characters say different things, depending on how many 
questions you got correct.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013. If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).