Radiant Historia: FAQ/Walkthrough

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|  __  | | |  \___ \   | | | |  | |  _  /  | |   / /\ \  
| |  | |_| |_ ____) |  | | | |__| | | \ \ _| |_ / ____ \ 
|_|  |_|_____|_____/   |_|  \____/|_|  \_\_____/_/    \_\

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Because my attempt was pretty fail. XD

Radiant Historia
By Chloe B./Drachemeister
Copyright 2011

Version - 1.0
        - Everything done, and some silly errors fixed too!

                               Table of Contents

Ctrl + F and enter the codes to find the section you like.

As for the walkthrough part, this is how you should interpret it:

AH = Alternate History; SH = Standard History; Ch = Chapter

The quotations indicate the last node I take you to within the section.

 (1)   Introduction.................................................[00001]
 (2)   Gameplay.....................................................[00002]

 (3)   Walkthrough
                     Prologue                              [WLK01]
                     The First Decision: Rosch             [WLK02]
                     The First Decision: Heiss             [WLK03]
                     AH Ch 1:   To "The Valkyrie"          [WLK04]

                     SH Ch 1+2: To "Castle Sewers"         [WLK05]
                     AH Ch 1+2                             [WLK06]
                     AH Ch 3:   To "Shattered Steel Arm"   [WLK07]
                     SH Ch 2+3: To "Death of a Friend"     [WLK08]

                     AH Ch 3+4: To "A New Alliance"        [WLK09]
                     SH Ch 3+4                             [WLK10]
                     SH Ch 5                               [WLK11]
                     SH Ch 6                               [WLK12]

                     AH Ch 5                               [WLK13]
                     AH Ch 6                               [WLK14]
                     AH Final Chapter                      [WLK15]
                     SH Final Chapter                      [WLK16]

 (4)   Contact......................................................[00004]
 (5)   Legal Information............................................[00005]

                                 Introduction                          [00001]

This guide is written with the assumption that you are following it from the

You should be able to find your place should you not be. But if you decide to
follow the guide at some point in the middle of your playthrough, you may have
to hop around a bit to find a lot of sidequest information. I try to maximize
playthroughs so that you won't be doing a ton of time traveling.

Sidequests will get tedious if you decide to do them at the end of the game.

Completionists, I will not help you with items you acquire from monsters. Don't
even ask.

Furthermore, special thanks to OLDHAG for listing the sidequests. It helped me
get quite a few of the ones I missed on my first run.


And if all you want is a plain sidequest list, I suggest you look at that.

                                   Gameplay                            [00002]

This game is pretty straightforward, but still fun.

Your enemies will be on any of 9 squares, sometimes occupying more than one.
Pushing them in the back will reduce the damage they dish out, and the damage
you give to them. This is actually more important than it sounds.

You can play offensively and drag your enemy to the front to kill them as fast
as possible -- at the risk of getting hit harder and dying -- or you can shove
'em in the back and try healing.

Launching into the Sky
There are a couple attacks that allow you knock your enemy up -- twice. I don't
find these very useful over left/right/up/down techniques, but if you hit your
enemies after they're in the air, they take damage upon landing.

Knock Enemies into Each Other
There are many techniques that allow you to move your enemies around. Use that
to knock them into each other, and you'll hit them all at once!

You chain your attacks together. In other words, have everyone attack the same
enemy or group of enemies to increase the chain. Some skills have multiple
hits associated with them.

This doesn't sound like much, but really, the more you chain, the more damage
you dish out. So have a big magic nuke attack at the end and you'll see some
impressive amounts of HP flowing out of the enemy.

You can change turns with enemies. This will enable you to create better combos
at the risk of taking more damage before your turn comes back up.

Mana Burst
You can also use these to delete enemy turn panels or unleash devastating
attacks. Well, they may be fairly useless attacks as well. You have to get hit
a lot to fill the gague enough. :P

This deserves its own section.

USE. IT. In the form of the item, Poison Wing, or the skills you get. It won't
work on a few bosses, sure, but it helps with a lot of the difficult ones.

  Push Assault - LV 1
  Left Assault - LV 2
    Power Wave - LV 4
          Heal - LV 5
      Recovery - LV 7
 Right Assault - LV 9
          Fire - LV 10
   Air Assault - LV 13
  Resurrection - LV 14
 Weakness Scan - LV 17
  Double Slash - LV 21
         Steal - LV 23
  Greater Heal - LV 25
     Area Heal - LV 31
    Head Crush - LV 35
    Heat Blade - LV 42
        G-Fire - LV 50
    Fire Storm - LV 60
Dullahan Sword - The Blades Trial sidequest
  Will o' Wisp - The Blades Trial sidequest
   Shadow Arts - The Blades Trial sidequest
  Wraith Blade - The Blades Trial sidequest

         Heal - LV 2
      Grapple - LV 3
Weakness Scan - LV 4
  Magic Boost - LV 8
  Guard Boost - LV 11
 Push Assault - LV 15
    Area Heal - LV 19
  Speed Break - LV 23
   Trans-Turn - LV 25
 Resurrection - LV 29
 All Recovery - LV 33
 Greater Heal - LV 37
   Guard Rise - LV 42
   Magic Rise - LV 47
   Super Heal - LV 52
  Area G-Heal - LV 60
Right Assault - Marco the Calm sidequest
 Left Assault - Marco the Calm sidequest
  Sleep Cloud - Marco the Calm sidequest
   Spin Slash - Marco the Calm sidequest

 Push Assault - LV 2
      Thunder - LV 4
 Poison Break - LV 8
        Frost - LV 11
         Fire - LV 15
   Regenerate - LV 20
         Rush - LV 25
       G-Fire - LV 30
   Mana Regen - LV 35
    G-Thunder - LV 41
      G-Frost - LV 47
     Backfire - LV 53
Cross Thunder - LV 60
 Resist Boost - Raynie the Active sidequest
  Sleep Break - Raynie the Active sidequest
  Armor Break - Raynie the Active sidequest
 Poison Blast - Raynie the Active sidequest

    Mana-Shot - LV 21
   Aim Bullet - LV 21
Weakness Scan - LV 21
   Power Rise - LV 21
   Regenerate - LV 21
   Trans-turn - LV 21
    Hard Shot - LV 21
   Holy Arrow - LV 28
      G-Frost - LV 32
     Deadline - LV 35
     Blizzard - LV 38
    Judgement - LV 42
  Magic Boost - LV 45
 Push Assault - LV 51
   Chain Rave - LV 54
 Resist Boost - LV 57
  Area G-Heal - LV 60
  Burst Light - The Light Trial Sidequest
 Divine Light - The Light Trial Sidequest
   Holy Light - The Light Trial Sidequest
        Shine - The Light Trial Sidequest

    Air Assault - LV 18
         Mushin - LV 18
Elemental Beads - LV 20
   Push Assault - LV 24
    Qigong Wave - LV 28
  Divine Spirit - LV 33
Echoing Impulse - LV 39
         Qijong - LV 45
     Dohatsuten - LV 50
  Bedrock Smash - LV 55
    Waxing Rage - LV 60
          Musou - The Ultimate Skill sidequest
  Triple Strike - The Ultimate Skill sidequest
Wind God Strike - The Ultimate Skill sidequest
         Cosmos - The Ultimate Skill sidequest

  Grave Tuck - LV 7
Left Assault - LV 7
  Gull Swing - LV 9
     Grapple - LV 13
 Belial Claw - LV 17
 Cross Spike - LV 20
     Big Air - LV 24
    Power Up - LV 29
   Stun Blow - LV 40
 Wind Thrust - LV 47
  Giant Push - LV 55
  Spiral End - LV 60
Burn Knuckle - Automatic, AH Chapter 3
 Impale Mode - Conversion sidequest
  Blast Pain - Conversion sidequest
  Haste Mode - Conversion sidequest

          Steal - LV 12
  Weakness Scan - LV 12
        Polaris - LV 12
  Electric Trap - LV 12
   Greater Heal - LV 14
      Bomb Trap - LV 17
       Ice Trap - LV 20
      Starlight - LV 23
    Poison Trap - LV 26
        Meteora - LV 30
    Area G-Heal - LV 33
   Push Assault - LV 36
     Cross Star - LV 39
     Sleep Trap - LV 42
     Super Heal - LV 45
        Lunatic - LV 48
    Air Assault - LV 51
     Mana Regen - LV 54
    Guard Break - LV 57
    Speed Break - LV 60
      Dreamless - LV 62
  Dancing Death - The Starlit Trial sidequest
 Volt Star Trap - The Starlit Trial sidequest
 Fire Star Trap - The Starlit Trial sidequest
Frost Star Trap - The Starlit Trial sidequest

                                   Prologue                            [WLK01]

Woohoo, 500g. Oh, right. Grab the Soothing Balm x2 from the chest to the left,
take the elevator to the third floor to grab the Charm on the right, and go
down to 1F. Enter the door to the right to claim Holy Water and Herbal Tea x2.

Run south to the next screen, the Second Ward. Up all the stairs to the right
and follow the path to the Herbal Tea chest. To the next south screen. Again
up the stairs to the right for a chest of 300G. Check the Inn's rooms for Beast
Skins. South again to exit.

Lazvil Hills
You'll be forced into where you go and what you fight for a while. So go ahead
and do the tutorials.

Go ahead and leave to the east when you gain control. South of the dead tree is
Soothing Balm x3. You'll come to another scene. Get the Royal Jelly x3 from the
south and head back north for another battle. Continue north to learn how to
attack enemies before encounters.

Put them to sleep to gain the advantage. This makes the game soooo much easier.

Anyway, head east to the next screen. You can't kill those trees yet for that
chest, so head to the bridge. Scene, unwinnable fight, scene.

Do-over time. Head south and through the barricade. Fight, then you'll be at
the exit. Ouch.

                           The First Decision: Rosch                   [WLK02]

You're at the major split. It is from here that history separates into
Alternate and Standard. Don't be afraid to use the Mana Crystals you'll get,
but don't overuse them. Buying them is expensive.

Find Rosch up the stairs. Can't miss him. Choose to work with Rosch for now.
You'll be coming back to Heiss soon.

   NOTE: Do sidequests, get true end. There are 10 in particular you have to do
         for it.

   [Soldier Recruit]
     Talk to the girl behind the counter on 1F. Rush to the inn and talk to the
     two people in front of you. Then back to the lady for money.

   [Night Watch] ~ Part 1
     Talk to the soldier behind the item shop. You'll come back later to give
     his items.

Lazvil Hills
Follow the path west, then take the southwest path to the next screen. Then go
across the bridge and take the southwest path. You'll be by the barricades.
Head north to the next screen and enter the cave for Bronze Mail. Up to the
road now, where you'll find a merchant. West to exit.

Alma Mine
You'll enter to a scene with an informant.

Wait in ambush -> Bad End
   Send Scouts -> Continue

There's no penalty for seeing the bad end. You can always go back and redo your
decision. This applies for sidequests too. It doesn't matter which you do first

Anyway, you won't be able to do much else in this time because you need to save
the merchant in the other one. And you have to meet the informant here to
continue the story in the other time, so it goes both ways.

Poke around the area for 200G and Soothing Balm x3, but it's to Historia with

                           The First Decision: Heiss                   [WLK03]
To the first node!

Talk to Rosch and choose Heiss. Head up to his office on 2F. To the item shop!
Then to the bar. Fight. Power Waves should do him in. Back to Heiss.

Down to 1F to start SH Chapter 1.

   [The King's Daughter] ~ Part 1
     Talk to the little girl to the left of the bar. Always do favors when
     asked. Always. She'll ask you for Eruca's ring.

   [What Was Inherited] ~ Part 1
     Talk to the two kids by the weapon shop. Then enter the open house nearby
     to meet the botanist.

Find Raynie just outside the bar, then leave.

Lazvil Hills
You finally get to explore this place properly. Follow the path to the west
screen, then take the southwest path for a scene. Now south to the next screen.
Across the bridge, then north.

Wait for Informant -> Continue (in a bit)
   Go to Alma Mine -> Bad End

And then head south. Twice, to arrive at the barricades. You'll come to a boss

   BOSS : Bram and Hertz
   Use Grapple to bring them together and then combine with Thunder and Power
   Wave. That'll make short work of one of them. Once Kiai is used, you might
   want to push him to the back, as the buff makes him hurt a lot more.

You'll be taught how to use bombs. Yay. Head west then south to leave. You
probably want to go back to Alistel's Inn to heal beforehand.

Judgement Cliff
Talk to the guy as you enter. He explains that some enemies cannot be moved.
There isn't all that much to do in this area, so head north, north, north.
You'll exit.

Sand Fortress
There are traps in the middle of the road. Buy two Anti-Sleeps from the
merchant for a sidequest.

I'll be guiding you through the treasure of this place when there aren't enemies
crawling all over it. So for now, you can look on your own or rush to
the boss. For the boss, head up to the third floor and follow the very obvious
eastern path. You'll find him.

   BOSS : Granorg Defender + 4 minions
   Do not let them stay in formation. Kill the small fry first, especially the
   archers. You would do well to use Magic Boost on Raynie, possibly Guard
   Boost if you feel someone needs extra help. Once you get rid of the archers,
   the battle goes smoothly. My level was 12, btw.

Exit to the north.

Gran Plain
Save before entry. Just in case. :)

Keep heading north to the next screen. Head northwest to see some guards
talking. Then a cry for help. Go northeast for a boss fight.

    [At Journey's End] ~ Part 1
      Save yourself some trouble. Choose to save the girl. You'll fight either
      way, but choosing the right option leads to a very hidden sidequest.

    BOSS : Sabretooth Tiger x2
    The typical pushing tactic works here too. If you want to use Magic Boost,
    do so. It can only help. You'll make short work of these two.

Aht will join you. After Raynie and Marco, she's in your party the most.

Approach the gate now. You won't be able to continue for the time being.

      Abandon the idea -> Continue (in a bit)
Force your way through -> Bad end

                          AH Ch 1: To "The Valkyrie"                   [WLK04]

Proceed to "The Closed Mine" in the prologue.

    [Accident in the Cave] / [Marco the Calm] ~ Part 1
      Before you do anything, go back to Lazvil Hills West, go south, through
      the barricade to the east, and continue north to the cave. Talk to the
      soldier. If you wait, he dies. Right-Cut Scroll get.

      Go ahead and get the Breeze Armlet and Holy Water chests you see behind

    [Nightwatch] ~ Final
      In Alistel, talk to the soldier in the first ward and hand over the Anti-
      Sleeps. You get Alistel Edge.

Ok, back to the mine. You'll get a couple scenes.

Once you can control, go west for a scene. You see them barrels? Blow up the
rocks in front of you. Then drag a barrel to the east and blow up those rocks.
Grab your Heavy Mail and back to the west, then north to the next screen.

Follow the path to the shiny. You can get Mana Shards and Crystals from those
sometimes when you hit them. Head north, then northwest for some barrels. Push
those northeast, then scene. Le gasp, cave in.

Northwest with ya. Grab 800G, then back to the initial path. Head all the way
west, grab Royal Jelly x4, save, and blast your way through the rocks. Then
blast your way through the next set for a Healing Herb. Boss in the next room.

Well, I say boss, but it's really a bunch of mooks. Group a few of them
together at a time and wipe them out.

Ok, we're finally in chapter 1. Before running to Sonja... take the high south
path for Seed Ring and 1500G.

   [A Letter to Tomorrow] ~ Part 1
     Talk to the guy south of the bar, next to the high south exit.

   [Engineer Recruit]
     Talk to the lady behind the counter, then travel back to "The Closed Mine"
     to talk to the guy in the only house. Return to the lady for 3000G.

   [Red-Letter Day]
     Talk to the guy in the room next to Sonja's, then to Sonja herself. Back
     to node "The Beginning". Find Rosch and talk to him about Sonja.

      Send after -> Continue
     Chase after -> Bad End

     Return to Meese to finish. You get the P. Thauma Spear.

   [Flower of Promise] ~ Part 1
     Talk to the girl on the southeast part of 1F.

   [Marco the Calm] ~ Part 2 / [Raynie the Active] ~ Part 1
     Find the soldier in blue in the other right room on 1F. You can learn a
     skill for Marco right now.

To 3F, right side.

Lazvil Hills + Judgement Cliff + Sand Fortress
After the scene, head west, west, south, west, then you'll come to a scene at
the exit.

In Judgement Cliff, keep heading north.

    BOSS : Shadow
    He'll make a heal zone. Kick him out. But give him all you got and he goes
    down quick.

At Sand Fortress...

    [A Letter To Tomorrow] ~ Part 2
      Talk to Viola in one of the back rooms on the first floor.

There are beds in the left room of the second floor. Follow the west path till
you find Kiel. You be able to chop down some obstacles and those shiny objects
now. You can't do anything else in this timeline, so to node "Stocke's
Display" in the other one.

                        SH Ch 1+2: To "Castle Sewers"                  [WLK05]

Before doing anything, go back to where you saved Aht and do some plant killing
for a First Aid Kit.

Approach the gate and make your way through. Take the southwest path to reach
Gran Plain W (not South Hill), then south from there to Forest Clearing for a
scene. You'll be roped into finding food and firewood.

To the north screen to learn Mana Sight, so now you can see invisible things.
You have walked over invisible treasure already, lol.

Head west and whack your way through the giant weeds. You'll find a second
Withered Branch here. Claim the Holy Water and continue to the east. To the
north of the Gran Plain area, drag the barrel to the east to claim a Bishop's
Stud. Futher north under the tree root is another Withered Branch. Follow the
northwest path, then cling to the east side of the new area for your fourth

Aht will tell you to go to South Hill. Proceed south twice, but save before
the second screen. By a tree to the south is the fifth. Then you have a scene
and fight.

    BOSS : Fumble + 2 minions
    Fumble takes up four spaces. You can still use Aht's traps. In fact, you
    can put two down and push him in for more damage. Since he resummons
    mushrooms once you kill them, it'd be best to leave one alive and focus on
    the big guy. Poison first, then give your best attacks to him.

You now have fresh meat. Back to the forest clearing. On the west side is a
chest of Anti-Poison x3. Talk to Vanoss. You'll get the White Page from Aht,
and later, Mana Burst.

Head north, east, northwest, and north to get to Granorg. You'll hit a scene
along the way.

Once inside, head north for a scene.

    [The Ultimate Dish] ~ Part 1
      In the Downtown area (west), talk to the man in green in front of the
      produce. He asks for meat, but you need the veggies too.

    [What Was Inherited] ~ Part 2
      Next to the man in green, talk to one of the sellers for info on conuts.

Your informant is in the east side. You'll be launched into chapter 2.

Next to the item shop is Might Herb x2.

    [The King's Daughter] ~ Part 2
      Talk to the man inside the item shop. They don't have the replica.

    [Mankind & Beastkind] ~ Part 1
      Approach the save point to have a soldier approach you. Speak to him
      again, then to Liese in Downtown (near the Inn), then back to the

Check out the rooms in the Inn for Anti-Paralytic.

From Downtown, head north for a scene. Check out the alley, then enter the bar
and talk to the barkeep. Stop, head to node "The Valkyrie".

    [One and Only] ~ Part 1
      Talk to the man inside one of the Inn's rooms. He'll make you hunt for
                                   AH Ch 1+2                          [WLK06]

To proceed, you have to disarm bombs. If you don't, they'll explode. This is
why Mana Sight is needed. To the east of 1F is a hidden chest with Emerald, and
the eastern room has a bomb. Next to the third room is another bomb. Move the
barricade within the room for a hidden chest of 2000G.

On 2F, take the west door to find a hidden Panacea Plus. Behind that room is
the third bomb. Keep following the path to the barricade, and claim the hidden
Mana Crystal x2 behind it. The next room along the path has the fourth bomb.

On 3F, head west to disarm the final bomb. Go east and keep going till you find
more barricades and a hidden Leaf Ring.

    [Raynie the Active] ~ Part 2
      Through the door to the north on the right side for a hidden Darkshield

Go outside to the northwest, kill some plants, and claim the Wisp Blade and
Herbal Tea x2. All the way southeast for a hidden 2000G.

Time for Rosch. You should know where he is by now.

Prioritize the mission -> Continue
   Send reinforcements -> Bad End

The one you need to find is where the last boss was; 3F. Before that, however,
go outside and buy a couple Sleep Wings.

    BOSS : Grey Shadow + 4 minions
    Put the boss to sleep and deal with the mooks first. Prioritize the buffing
    archers, then the ones in the front. Kick anyone who gets into the power
    zone out, as it hurts a lot. Once they're done with, change turns with the
    boss till it's all your turn and kick his ass. You should be able to kill
    him in his sleep.

Chapter 2!

    [A Letter to Tomorrow] ~ Part 3
      Talk to Viola to get her diary.

Gran Plain
You enter to a scene. Head north, west, and west again. You'll come to a fight
in one of the screens.

Look for Rosch -> Continue
      Go north -> Bad end

    BOSS : Paelzen + 3 Shields + 3 Archers
    Burn the shields, then kill the archers. Paelzen is cake on his own.

You acquire a secret document. Go back to "Alistel's Offensive" and take the
document to Viola. Now fast foward to "A Meeting Too Late".

    [At Journey's End] ~ Part 2
      Choose "I leave it to you." Otherwise, you're making things harder for
      yourself later. The same thing happens either way.

Once you regain control, don't go directly to Hugo.

    [Swordsman Recruit] ~ Part 1 / [Mercenary Recruit] ~ Part 1
      Talk to the lady behind the counter on 1F.

Go into every other office to find the following hidden items: Shield Seed,
Rhapsody, Panacea Plus. Now to Hugo. The fight is easy, just be sure to change
with him a lot and plow through him with a bunch of strong attacks. I hit him
with five Power Waves in a row. You get Vanish, which is awesome. And needed.

As you leave Alistel, you'll be roped into more fighting. They're pretty easy.

                       AH Ch 3: To "Shattered Steel Arm"              [WLK07]

    [Flower of Promise] ~ Part 2
      Near the save point is a sparkling patch of flowers. Talk to the person
      there and get a flowering bud.

Snoop around on the west side of town to find a hidden Crystal Charm. Then go
north for Rosch. After the scenes, go back to where Rosch is for hidden Anti-
Paralytic x2.

Lazvil Hills
Go to the south of the area for Herbal Tea x2. Head north and come to some
rocks and an invisible barrel. On the west side is a hidden Rune Claw. Past the
plants is Healing Herb x2. Go north for another set of rocks, then west. You
can't take the bridge, so south. There, you'll have a scene next to the save

    BOSS : Forest Bear + 2 minions
    Set lots of traps; you're going to be knocking Mr. Bear around a lot. Set
    two, when you can, and knock the bear into them. Use your Mana Bursts to
    kill his turns, as he hurts a lot. If you do it right, the bear shouldn't
    get more than a hit in. Gafka, btw, should take care of the minions, and
    you'll have to abuse changing to get Aht to set two traps.

Afterward, go to the inn and speak with Vanoss.

You won't make it far before you meet up with Vanoss. To the east of the weapon
shop, up the stairs, is a hidden 2000G. In the higher part of the First Ward is
another hidden 2000G.

    [Wandering Soul] ~ Part 1
      Talk to Vanoss. You'll be asked to look for the former shaman.

    [The Blades Trial] ~ Part 1
      Behind and to the west of the item shop is a hidden Fire Pact.

    [Battlefield Missive] ~ Part 1
      Speak to the boy in front of the weapon shop. He'll ask you to give
      something to his dad.

    [Second Opinion] ~ Part 1
      Talk to the lady in front of the home by the bar. You'll be saving her
      husband soon.

After all that, go all the way north for a scene. When you can move, head south
for a fight. They're more challenging than your average mook, but beatable.

By now, you know Lazvil Hills in and out. I'll spare you the direction. :P

You enter to a fight. This is one I recommend Gafka for, due to his high
attack. Get rid of the defenders first and the rest of the fight goes somewhat
smoothly. I beat them in the early 20's, if you want a number.

Once you gain control, speak with Rosch, Raul, then Barranca.

 Nominate Raul -> Bad end
Nominate Rosch -> Continue (in a bit)

Talk to Sonja, then to "Castle Sewers" in the other timeline.

                       SH Ch 2+3: To "Death of a Friend"              [WLK08]

Head out of the bar and back to the alley. You found your next dungeon. You'll
find the two thieves soon after entry.

North to the next screen, cross the ramp, then the other one, and go to the
east screen. Follow that walkway to a switch. Back to the second screen, and
take the south exit that the thieves came from. Follow that path east, and
you'll see the thieves again. Go where they came from to get Herbal Tea x2.

Take the southern east path for Special Tea x2. Then go back and take the
northern one. Flip the switch in the second north path. South, then west. Go
down the eastern south path to a switch. Then go down the other one. Go down
both west paths for a Mail Vest and hidden 2000G, then to the east screen.

Talk to the little girl. THIS IS NOT A SIDEQUEST. Saving her now saves you a
the trouble of doing it later.

Take the two eastern paths to a hidden Panacea x2 and Wind Armlet. Back to
where you came from.

From the second screen, head east twice. Take the eastern north path for Mana
Crystal x2. Take the other north path and cling to the south side for a hidden
Medicloth. Toward the light, and follow the path to another part of the sewer.

Hit the switch and take the southern east path for hidden 2000G. Then go for
the ladder to be done with this place.

Exit the area for a scene. Since you know Vanish, you can overcome this

 Stick to stealth -> Continue
I'll be the decoy -> Bad end

Go up the stairs and to the right. In there is 2000G, hidden. Back down, and
go in the west door. Follow the path outside, and check out the west side of
the area for hidden 2000G. Save and approach the vines~

It's a bunch of mooks. Kill the archers, as always. Run out the way you came.

Before entering the jail, get the Cocktail Dress and hidden Mana Crystal x3
from the adjacent room. Once inside jail, you'll automatically be taken out.

    [The King's Daughter] ~ Part 3
      Talk to the person standing next to the tree Downtown. You'll get the
      ring. The real ring.

      Don't push yourself -> Bad end
        Fulfill your duty -> Continue

    [Despairing Young Man] ~ Part 1
      Go near the castle entrance (the official one) to find a crowd behind a
      dead man. Talk to someone in the crowd to start the quest.

Go to Gran Plain, then take the northeast exit to get to your destination.

Cornet + Granorg + Sand Fortress
Once inside, sidequesting. Get the hidden Fang Charm from the west part of the
crops, and a First Aid Kit from the east.

    [The Ultimate Dish] ~ Part 2
      Go to the left side of the crops and pick up the hidden object.

    [What Was Inherited] ~ Part 3
      Talk to the guy next to the visible chest about Conuts.

    [Marco the Calm] ~ Part 3
      North of the Conuts dude is a hidden chest; Sleep Gas Scroll.

After all that, go north for a scene. Drag the barrel to its obvious
destination for a Sprig Ring. To the elder. Then out of town.

Once in Granorg, keep heading north. Eventually you'll see Will dying. To the
bar. On the way, you'll save Aht from a bunch of mooks. You'll get the Black
Page and a new Mana Burst with it.

In the bar, Eruca joins your party. Remember saving that girl? This is when it
comes into play, and at one future point. Time to get out.

    [Assassination of Dias] ~ Part 1
      Talk to the man on the bridge as you leave.

To Sand Fortress. If you don't know your way around, shame on you. :P

Judgement Cliff
Enter to a scene, then head south twice. You can finally take the west path.
Rocks will be falling. You'll come across a hidden barrel. Blow up the rocks to
the south for a Healing Fruit, then continue west. In the next screen, go north
till you find a hidden barrel on the west side, and blow up the rocks for Life

Proceed to the west path now. To the south are a bunch of hidden traps. You can
go around them to get Sniper Rounds. You can't get the treasure to the west
right now, so go north. The cave has a Power Down Plus. Outside is your camping
ground. Investigate the area for hidden 2000G. Might as well save before

 Leave it to Marco -> Bad end
Deal with the Fire -> Continue (after a hiccup)

You'll have an easy one on one fight. You get a particular item that you need
in the other timeline. The solution to his guard tech is to use Fire.

To "The Closed Mine" in the prologue. While there, sidequests! Be sure to read
a little ahead. If you don't, you'll be going back and fouth. I grouped them
together for your convenience.

During the first few, find Sonja. She'll give you what you need.

    [Conversion] ~ Part 1
      Start the scenes, then snoop around in the only house for a hidden chest.
      It holds the Impale Core. Coincidentally, there's another hidden Mana
      Crystal x2 on the right side of the Material Storage room.

    [One and Only] ~ Final / [The Starlit Trial] ~ Part 1
      Within that house, talk to the man inside the house about paint

      As nuts as this sounds, go back (again) to "The Closed Mine", but leave
      the cave. Head to Alistel's inn to find Kaizan. Then go back to the same
      man using SH Chapter 2's "Castle Sewers". Then back AGAIN to find him in
      Alistel. And again to Granorg's inn.

    [Flower of Promise] ~ Final
      Talk to the girl who asked for the flowers (on 1F). Then to "A New
      Mission", AH Chapter 1. Talk to her again for Thaumatech Orb.

    [A Letter to Tomorrow] ~ Final
      While in "A New Mission", talk to the man up the stairs next to the bar.
      You'll get a Noah Amulet.

      Don't show journal -> Bad end
            Show journal -> Continue

    [Second Opinion] ~ Final / [Raynie The Active] ~ Part 3
      Still in "A New Mission", talk to the guy in front of the house by the
      bar. Give the medicine. Then to AH Chapter 3, "The Beastkind Forest".
      Keep going till you get to Alistel. Talk to the guy again.

      NOTE: Might as well go to the guy in the room next to the elevator to
            learn more techniques for Raynie and Marco.

    [Battlefield Missive] ~ Final / [The Blades Trial] ~ Part 2
      AH Chapter 1, "The Valkyrie". Go to the room where Viola is and talk to
      the soldier sitting at the table. You'll get a Death Pact. To "The
      Beastkind Forest" till you get back to Alistel. Talk to the boy by the
      weapon shop for Celestial Oil.

    [Assassination of Dias] ~ Part 2
      Go to SH Chapter 1, "Aht's Prayer", then to the Granorg Inn for a scene.
      You'll get the sword. You can finish this now, but I'm going to have you
      do the final part later. You'll be going there anyway.

                  Leave -> Continue
      Accept invitation -> Bad end

    [Despairing Young Man] ~ Part 2
      While still in "Aht's Prayer", talk to the man in brown in the crowd in
      front of the castle.

    [The Ultimate Dish] ~ Final / [The Light Trial] ~ Part 1
      Enter Lazvil Hills West, then go south to arrive in Woodland Path. Save,
      then fight the boar you see sitting there. Be sure to have Trans-turn for
      Marco and have your Mana Bursts ready. Let him use Kiai Charge twice,
      then delete his turns and FIRE, because it's his weakness. Use Trans-turn
      to get more fire in. It took about 10 hits for me to kill him, Magic
      boosted by Marco.

      Then back to "Castle Sewers" and talk to the guy by the produce again. He
      gives you Firelight Pact.

    [The King's Daughter] ~ Final
      To to SH Chapter 1, "To Granorg", and talk to the little girl near the
      bar to finish the quest. You'll get Rabbit's Foot.

    [What Was Inherited] ~ Final
      Go to the open home (same ward as the bar) to find the botanist.

            Tell -> Bad end
      Don't tell -> Continue, opens up a third option when you try again

      You get Pandur.

                        AH Ch 3+4: To "A New Alliance"                 [WLK09]

With all that sidequesting over with, go to "Shattered Steel Arm" of AH Chapter
3. Talk to Sonja. Save. Now to Rosch, then Raul, then Barranca.

One on one fight. Again.

    BOSS : Rosch
    This is tougher than the last time. Throw a Poison Wing on him, then hit
    him with Fire when you can. Keep pushing him out of the front row and Heal
    Zone and the poison will slowly take him.

Since it's a good idea to grind a little, I'm keeping you in this timeline.
You'll come to a roadblock in the other one soon anyway.

    [Conversion] ~ Part 2
      Go back in the house and talk to Sonja. You can learn one of the skills

Talk to Elm. This is actually required.

Ok, Lazvil Hills. You know the drill... right? I actually grinded a little
here because the enemies were kicking my ass. I got up to level 31 with Stocke.
Anyway, just keep going north.

    BOSS : Thaumachine + Clockwork Thunders
    Everything is weak to lightning. However, the Clockworks will self destruct
    each and every turn, then the Thaumachine summons more. Defend through the
    first four bombings to survive. You can level Rosch up to the point where
    he takes out the entire row in one hit with Gull Swing, or you can
    push/pull the Thaumachine into two of them, zap, then take out the third.
    At the end, he'll spam Bull Crash a lot, which can easily kill someone.
    BTW, if you have G-Fire with Raynie, that should do more damage.

    In any case, the easiest way to do this is to have everyone alive after
    killing some Clockworks, then to turn break with everyone and use G-Fire
    as much as possible (which, ideally, includes Marco using Trans-Turn).

That's one of the harder boss battles. Anyway, you'll be back in Celestia.
Talk to Raul to keep going.

Team up with Forgia -> Continue (in a while)
  Join someone else -> Bad end (after choosing Granorg)

                                   SH Ch 3+4                           [WLK10]

To "Death of a Friend", SH Chapter 3. Take off all the nice accessories you
have on non-Aht people so that Aht can have them. And give her the nice stuff
now. Make sure you have a supply of Poison Wings and some healing items.

Talk to Aht to continue, this time Rosch doesn't die. Instead, you get taken
to Cygnus by a jerkface.

Chapter 4!

Save. You're getting into a fight after you sleep. Save after that fight too,

    BOSS : Gladiator
    Poison. But don't use up your Poison Wings. If you run out, reset. After
    that, just pound him.

    BOSS : Garland
    Poison. lol. This guy is more deadly. If need be, resort to defending and
    letting the poison take him. He'll buff himself up to where you need good
    healing items to survive.

Ok, time to explore town. Within the inn is First Aid Kit x4. To the east just
outside the inn is a hidden (gasp!) 2000G. Behind the barricades to the west
are Healing Fruit and Special Tea x2. To the west screen. Check on the east
and west sides of the area for hidden barrels. Drag those to the western rocks
for a hidden Feather Armlet.

Back to the east screen, then to the north screen. Be sure to save before going
that way.

    [The Light Trial] ~ Part 2
      In that north screen, hug the wall to the south and keep going west. You
      will eventually run into a hidden chest for a Protection Pact.

In the building (bar, really), you get to save Aht.

    BOSS : Bodyguard
    Use Poison Trap or a Poison Wing, then keep knocking him left and right
    into other types of traps. The poison should keep Breath from restoring any
    of his HP. You probably will have to revive Aht, but try to kill quickly.

Head south for a scene. Go to the Central Plaza, then north. Talk to the guy by
the torch. He'll rope you into, OMG, more fighting. This is why I wanted Aht to
have all the best stuff. In fact, if you have trouble, try upgrading her
equipment first. Head south, then talk to the man standing by the two who are

First fight is, essentially, a bunch of mooks. Easy ones.

Second fight is with Bram and Hertz. Take 'em out one at a time, but don't let
them stay in formation. You may want to use your turn breaks to keep Bram from
killing you.

Third fight is against the guy in charge.

          Stop Aht -> Continue (in a bit)
Go with Aht's plan -> Bad end

Go to AH Chapter 4, "A New Alliance" to learn the skill you need. Then return
to "Chi-Clad Warrior" and kick his ass.

Poison him, and hit as many times as possible before he buffs himself up. But
he'll go down real quick, even with the buffs.

Prizes: Emerald, Madre Blade, Gospel Armor.

Don't attempt the next two fights (sidequests, really). You might be able to
do the first one with some turn breaks, but the second? Oh hell no.

Go back to the guy by the torch to get your info. Then talk to the guard in
front of the door and find Eruca... and Marco and Raynie.

Take Aht out of your party. Now. She's useless against giant enemies. Fetch
Eruca, save, and head south till you fight.

    BOSS : Hell Spider
    See why Aht's useless? Even Eruca is a better fit. Poison, boost everyone's
    defense, and just try to survive. Get a G-Fire in when you can.

Once you can move, head south to meet Garland.

                                    SH Ch 5                            [WLK11]

Exit the inn to a scene.

    [An Unwanted Reunion]
      Go to the Central Plaza and find Ricky. Then go to the bar and talk to
      the green haired lady. Go to "A New Battle" back in chapter 4 and talk
      to the barkeep. Then back to "Scorching Battlefield" and talk to Mimel.

      Capture Mimel -> Bad end, and quite worth seeing!
       Let Mimel Go -> Continue

      Back to Ricky to finish. You get Sable Larme.

To Garland.

Stay in Cygnus -> Bad end
  Lead the Way -> Continue

Even though I said continue, you'll come across a problem. Even so, the
solution is quite simple. You get an armlet, so you take it back to the owner.
Go to Chapter 4 "Desert City Messiah", go south, and all will be fixed.

When you're taken to the White Chronicle, skip to "Warlord's Request".

Itolia Wasteland
Go north for an arrow storm. Move quickly. On the east side of the area is
Special Tea x2. Head west and go straight for the ballistas here. They're weak
to fire, like pretty much all shield types. You'll get a scene; two more to
the east.

So east you go to meet Garland. Push a barrel to the eastern rocks and cross
to the next screen. Go east again and check the north side for a hidden 3000G.
Back west and north into the cave. Go east for an Iron Charm, then go back to
the north path.

Go straight for the ballistas again.

    [Raynie the Active] ~ Part 4
      Check out the north side of the area for a Poisoner's Scroll.

Back to Garland. Save first. 

    BOSS : Palomides + Gardner
    Both are weak to lightning. They're easily pushed into each other, so you
    can easily go for Aht or Raynie in this fight. You're going to be fighting
    over a Heal Zone. Just keep pushing him out. They're also quite fond of
    curse, which keeps you from using items. Stocke is good for that. Gardner
    seems more resistant to magic, so keep that in mind.

Afterward, leave Cygnus for a scene.

                                    SH Ch 6                            [WLK12]

I could have you go to Skalla... or I could have you do sidequests. Hm~

Well, head north twice, then west. Check out the south side for a hidden barrel
and blow up the rocks to make a path to Tungsten Mail. Back east and blow up
the rocks to the north. Skalla is north of there. As you do that... :P

You're intended to do some sidequests at the same time, so read a little ahead.

    [The Living Legend] ~ Part 1
      North, west, north from where you started in Itolia. Go into the well you
      see. Might as well get the Celestial Oil x2 there, then talk to the man.

    [Moon Armlet]
      Back to Cygnus. Talk to Garland, then back to Itolia. Go all the way
      north to where Skalla's exit is, but head east at the end. Hidden next to
      the rocks in the middle is what you're looking for. Back to Garland for

    [The Good Thief's Way] / [Raynie the Active] ~ Part 5
      In the Moon Mall part of Cygnus, talk to Hertz on the west side near the
      shops. Then to Bram. Go to "The Closed Mine" in the prologue and head for
      Alistel. Talk to the kid by the bar. Now off to "Castle Sewers" in
      chapter 2 and talk to the kid by the inn. Go back to Bram and give him
      the items. You get Raynie's final scroll.

    [The Blades Trial] ~ Part 3
      Talk to the kid in the weapon shop during "The Closed Mine". Answer is
      "hope". I hope you know where that cave in Lazvil Hills is by now. The
      Shade Pact is hidden just outside it.

    [The Light Trial] ~ Part 3
      While in "Castle Sewers", talk to one of the people in the bar. Answer
      "The past". Go to "How to Disappear" (the next node you can travel to)
      and head back down to the sewers. Go west and check out the north side
      for a hidden Sunlight Pact.

    [The Starlit Trial] ~ Part 2
      Go to Chapter 3, "The Beastkind Forest" and talk to the person south of
      the item shop. Answer "All things", then look in the bush for the
      Meteorite Pact.

    [The Living Legend] ~ Final
      After doing the Trials above, go back to the man in the well. Mainly so
      you have a node opened up to you. Go ahead and learn the techs you have.
      Eruca should learn Divine Light. Eruca is a thousand times more useful.
      Aht will be, once you get more of her traps.

Upon entry, you'll meet a familar merchant. Go inside the building and talk to
him. You get a Sand Sword. Not a sidequest.

    [Mercenary Recruit] ~ Part 2
      Talk to Tarquin again. Go back to Chapter 1, "Echoing Hills" and save
      Tarquin again. Head back to Skalla and talk to Tarquin again.

    [The Starlit Trial] ~ Part 3
      Just south of the weapon shop is the Thunderstar Pact.

Head to the inn now. It doesn't matter how you get there, just keep heading
toward the east exit in Itolia.

Abyssia Forest
Go east twice.

    [Mankind and Beastkind] ~ Part 2
      Talk to Liese, then go back to the first screen, north, and find the
      corpse. Bring the item you find back to Liese.

    [Marco the Calm] ~ Part 4
      On the east side, near the corpse, is a hidden Roll-Cut Scroll.

Grab the Beast Charm in the area too before returning to Liese. From there,
west, then north. Go northwest and grab the Healing Fruit, then return and take
the northeast path.

Exit is to the north, but before that... Right next to where you're standing
is a barrel. You can't see it, but it's there, just hug the south wall. Blow
up the obstacle for a hidden Gaia Blade. Head east and do some bush whacking
for Tourniquet x2. Leave.

Holff Ruins
Go ahead and enter the ruins. It's quite jarring to see a bunch of gorillas
chase after you. There is a switch in the floor to the north. Hit it and
proceed through the door.

Head east for a hidden 4000G, then go through the nearby door. Follow that path
to Snow White. Back to the hidden chest and to the north exit for a hidden
Expert Fist. Now west to a hidden Celestial Dew and another door. Head north.

    [The Light Trial] ~ Final
      Check out the center of the circular pattern for a hidden Divine Pact.
      Be sure to learn the skills soon!

Through the door to the southeast for Divine Water.

Back, then take the northeast path and go down the stairs. Skip the save point
and go west, south, south for Special Tea x2. North, north, east, north to
push the switch. Back to the save point and through the doors.

    BOSS : Shadow
    He's fond of poison. Marco is good for that, or Stocke. You can actually
    poison him back. Anyway, just kill it with fire. :)

Go back to the save point. Use a Mana Crystal or something. Take Aht out of
your party.

    BOSS: Guardian
    Giant ass spider. First order of business? Poison. Second? Surviving.
    You want at least one person nailing at all times, and everyone else
    ensuring you have enough HP. As always, against these things. He's slow
    enough to where you can get some pretty decent combos on him.

You'll get the Beast Mark and your final Mana Burst.

And here is where I have you do a little detour. But it's important. Go back
to Chapter 3, "The Resistance". Talk to Will by the bar to give him the Sand

    [Despairing Young Man] ~ Final / [Marco the Calm] ~ Part 5
      While in "The Resistance", go to the the castle and talk to the man
      behind the crowd. You get Left-Cut Scroll.

Advance the story till you find Will in Granorg.

    [Assassination of Dias] ~ Final
      As you leave Granorg, talk to the man by the bridge for a Rose Ring.

Head for Sand Fortress now. Keep going till you see Will and Otto.

    [Marco the Calm] ~ Final / [Raynie the Active] ~ Final
      Might as well head on back to chapter 1, "A New Mission" and learn the

    [Mankind & Beastkind] ~ Final
      Thought you were done? Head to chapter 2, "The Sewers" and find Liese.

       Believe in him -> Continue
      Leave it to her -> Bad end

      Then go find the soldier for a Promised Knife.

Back to the main show. Head all the way over to "Overcoming the Trial" and talk
to Bergas.

Wait for the Gutrals -> Continue
        Lead the way -> Bad end

Since you saved Pierre's sister and ensured the survival of Will and Otto, you
can now proceed without hitting a wall.

You can go straight for the castle for once, then to the throne.

    BOSS : 2 Protea Guards + 2 Heavy Granorgites
    Damn Heal Zones. Kill one of the Protea Guards first, then focus on the
    Heavy Granorgites (unless the heal zone is still up). As they die, they
    cast annoying shield magic, but the Protea Guards are cake on their own.
    Aht isn't the most useful here due to the lack of pushing room... although
    using Dullahan Sword and magic isn't a bad combo.

You now have Etherion, and you can pass an obstacle you didn't know you had. It
comes later in AH. Speaking of which, you can't progress to the final SH
chapter yet. So it's time to run through the rest of AH.

                                    AH Ch 5                            [WLK13]

Go to chapter 4, "A New Alliance".

Just keep going till you hit Judgement Cliff, then take the west exit there.
Be sure to blow up the rocks by the soldier for Herbal Tea x3.

    [Wandering Soul] ~ Part 2
      Drop by Skalla and go to the northern house to find a hidden item.

         Don't do anything -> Bad end
      Send soul to heavens -> Continue

From Skalla, the path to Forgia is easy. Keep taking the eastern exits. :)

Once in Forgia, check out the west side where you start for hidden 4000G.

    [The Ultimate Skill] ~ Part 1
      Then check out the east side for a hidden Strongman Book.

Before going onto the ramp to the Elder's place, you'll find a hard-to-see
barrel to the east. Drag it to the west for Tourniquet x2. Next to the Elder's
home is a hidden Giant Cape.

Talk to the elder for Chapter 5.

You'll automatically be in Skalla. Go in the inn, then talk to the three
soldiers west of the inn for a fight.

They're mooks, but strong mooks. So save, juuuust in case. Btw, the weapon you
can steal isn't half bad. Talk to Rosch to continue.

    [The Beast God's Birth] ~ Part 1
      Go back and speak to the Elder.

    [The Ultimate Skill] ~ Part 2
      Speak to Bergas by the entrance to Forgia. New node created. Go ahead and
      fight him for your first tech; if you have Qigong Wave, it shouldn't take
      more than a couple hits.

Back to Skalla with ya.

    [Wandering Soul] ~ Final
      Find Vanoss to the west. You get Cleansing Cape.

Afterward, save and talk to Rosch.

Personally, I'd simply charge for the boss. Head outside of Sand Fortress to
face him.

    BOSS : Thautomaton + 2 Cannons
    Fire on the Cannons, then lightning on the Thautomaton. Aht isn't a bad
    choice after you get the cannons down. She has Polaris and a great trap.
    If you don't have G-Thunder with Raynie (I didn't), Aht is probably
    superior. Use G-Fire instead of Thunder if you insist on Raynie. Once his
    HP is down quite a bit, he'll use Bull Crash, which hurts like hell.

    [At Journey's End] ~ Part 3
      Choose "Bring back now". DO. IT.

After choosing the correct option, head to Gran Plain.

Stooooop. SAVE.

Then talk to Rosch.

Accept the truce -> Bad end
Reject the truce -> Continue

    BOSS : Shadow x3
    Thanks for the warning, game. Since you have done sidequests, you should
    have techs to get you through this: Aht's traps, Divine Light. Cast Divine
    Light on Eruca if she's underleveled and unprepared (yay!) and focus on
    hitting enemies into Aht's best traps. Trans-Turn isn't a bad thing to use

    If you didn't do sidequests and you're coming here saying "Heeeeelp me
    Drache", well you're SOL. I managed to get by without doing sidequests on
    my first run, but damn it was hard. Aht is your friend. Eruca is not.

                                    AH Ch 6                            [WLK14]

    [The Beast God's Birth] ~ Final / [The Ultimate Skill] ~ Part 3
      Go to South Hill of Gran Plain and check the south end for a grave. Go
      to chapter 5, "Gafka & the Scrolls" and talk to the elder.

      Don't say anything -> Bad end
                    Wait -> Continue

      You get Magic Fist Forza and Tristrike book. Might as well take the book
      to Bergas, btw. You can kill him pretty easy changing and using Musou.

    [At Journey's End] ~ Final
      Don't change time. Go to Skalla. Talk to Marco, then Raynie.

         I can't give up -> Continue
      I'll stop fighting -> Bad end

      Then go back and talk to Marco. You get Priere Bonheur.

Back to where you where in time, then to the alley by the bar in Granorg. Rush
to the Castle part, you should have a good idea of how to get there. You don't
need to mess with the switches.

Once inside, proceed west twice. Save, and proceed.

    BOSS : Heavy Thautomaton + Floating Stones
    Thautomaton is weak to lightning. The stones are obnoxious in that they
    have Whiteout, which heavily damage everyone. Aht is great for her
    lightning traps (though she'll die easy, so you have to act fast and abuse
    changing). Or you can push everyone together and zap 'em with Raynie.
    Overall, Aht is better. Third party member? I recommend Marco.

Once you leave the room, you'll come to a scene. This area is good for grinding
because you can stay at the inn. lol. I had Stocke at 42, everyone else was 32
or above. Anyway, keep going out till...

    BOSS : Gold + Sapphire + 2 Dias Knights
    Dias Knights must die. Gold is weak to Ice, Sapphire to Fire. Push Assault
    to take out Gold first, and the knight behind him. Use Marco/Gafka to pull
    them back into a trap, or you can simply use Raynie to hit them. Eruca
    would be fine if she knew more than G-Frost, but you may be able to make a
    use for her anyway. Watch out for Sapphire if it's the last one though.
    Ouch. Might want to turn break that sucker.

Go into the castle, use a Mana Crystal to recover, save, and continue onward.

    BOSS : Viola + 2 Auto Defenders
    Aht may not be the best for this because you can't push around the Auto
    Defenders. Eruca is cool because of Divine Light and her all-hitting
    spells. Raynie works, as always. Push her on top of the Auto Defenders and
    do your best to get around Divine Light (alternatively, boost Eruca's magic
    and hit everyone at once; ignore the moving). However, do not let her be in
    the middle of the back row. If you use Eruca and Marco, you can use
    trans-turn to give yourself the opportunity to use Divine Light. Further,
    you can use Spin Slash and Double Attack to get through the Divine Light
    your enemy uses. Gafka also has Musou in place of Spin Slash.

After all this, head straight for the throne. You'll be sent to Alistel.

    [Mercenary Recruit] ~ Final
      Talk to the lady behind the counter for 15000G.

    [Thaumatech's End] ~ Part 1
      Talk to the old man in B1.

Go through the main path of B1 to reach a warp. Go down to enter...

Underground Lab
After the scene, grap the Superior Tea x2 and continue to B2. Take the
southeast ramp to Divine Water, then go to B3. Take the southeast for a hidden
Mana Cape and then to B4.

    [The Ultimate Skill] ~ Part 4
      Look to the north for the Wind God Book.

Take the Mythril Mail out from the southwest barricades and to B5. Check to the
southeast for a hidden switch.

    [Thaumatech's End] ~ Part 2 / [Conversion] ~ Part 3
      Fight the red thaumachine. Weak to lightning, and Raynie/Aht will do well
      here so long as they aren't busy being killed in one shot. Eruca might be
      good, if only for Divine Light! You could go back to the old man, but
      that's a perfectly fine waste of time right now.

Time for B6. Take the barrels in the area and blow up the obstacles. B7.

    [A Scholar's Creed] ~ Part 1
      Another sidequest?! Talk to the man to the west.

Take the barrel to the southeast to blow up the obstacle to the south.

B8 has a save point.  The southeast ramp has the switch, the southwest has
Tourniquet x2, and the south path has hidden Celestial Dew. B9 you're going to
be making a return trip to. At the east and west are hidden barrels. Blow up
the east obstacles for a hidden Medibranch. Blow up the west obstacles for
the switch and final floor.

 Take the power -> Bad end
Draw your sword -> Continue (after a roadbump)

Don't worry about the "boss". He's intentionally easy. Talk to Fennel, grab the
blade, and head back in time...

    [A Scholar's Creed] ~ Final / [Conversion] ~ Final
      Go back to "The Closed Mine" in the prologue. Go to Fennel there (next to
      Sonja's place) for the Haste Core. If I had to guess, Fennel is talking
      about Sonja's brother.

      Be sure to upgrade Rosch when you're in chapter 4!

Go to chapter 4, "Celestian War" and talk to Elm for Historica. You don't have
to equip it, btw. Save, then all the way back to "Demigod".

    BOSS : Hugo + Alistel Officers
    He'll summon mooks to give you a hard time. On the good side, all your
    mages will work in this battle. On the other hand, he actually hurts this
    time. Will o' Wisp could work for the mooks, if they're in the corners.
    Main thing to watch out for is Wrath of God, which hurts everyone for a
    lot. Since the mooks like Anti-Magic, having a heavy hitter isn't a bad
    idea. So poison Hugo, keep trying to steal from him, and hit him hard. Oh,
    and Aht's Polaris is very nice.

                               AH Final Chapter                        [WLK15]

    [A Timely Warning] / [The Ultimate Skill] ~ Part 5
      Talk to the man to the south of the Weapon Shop. Go back to chapter 6,
      "Flux War" and talk to him again. Find him in the final chapter again for
      Omnipedia, Gafka's last book. I don't recommend fighting quite yet.

To the queen, then to Judgement Cliff. Take the northern exit by that giant
face and the boulders.

Imperial Ruins
Ignore everything (you're not missing anything anyway) and run north for a
scene and fight.

    BOSS : Shadow x3
    The blocks should die first; they're easier. However, the tiger will use
    Wild Shout when alone. So try to hit them all at once, then take out the
    tiger as fast as possible. Aht's traps are the best method, since you can
    push the tiger into two at once sometimes, just be sure to use Flame Star.

Go north for a Panacea Plus. Then back to the first room and west. On the north
side is a hidden Freikugel Mercy. Again to the first room, but east this time.
Down the vine, grab the Nirvana Plate, and go east for another vine. Keep going
till you hit a save point. Continue up the vines till you find a hidden Der
Lowe, then back to the save point.

Keep going west for a scene. Go northwest, down the vine, and grab Shield Seed
Plus x2. Take the west exit in the save point room now, grab the Divine Water,
and head up the vine. Follow the path all the way north for a hidden Wing
Armlet and continue for another scene.

Climb up the vine for a Superior Tea, then back down and east. Down the vines
to the next room, where you'll find another vine. And another, and another...

Once down and out, go east. You can't see it, but there's a door there. Grab
the Tourniquet...

    [The Starlit Trial] ~ Final
      And the hidden Icestar Pact as well.

Save, use a Mana Crystal, then proceed north to Mr. Bossy.

    BOSS : Heiss + 2 Shadows
    You want to get rid of the shadows, and quick. Aht is the easiest, fastest
    way, though she'll probably die right after managing to get rid of them.
    Heiss has Dark World, which hurts everyone for a lot. I recommend Marco as
    your other person, though Rosch also works. In any case, right after you
    have the blocks dealt with, turn break Heiss and start shoving him into
    traps. He'll spam Dark World like crazy if you don't.

If you need items and whatnot, this is the time to do it. Go to "Aht's Prayer"
in chapter 1 and...

    BOSS : Heiss + Shadow
    Can't get enough of him, eh? This is another good day for Aht. Heiss has a
    new, powerful move called Shadow Kill. It can easily kill one person. When
    he's alone, he'll start using Dark World again. Otherwise, however, he's
    actually a little less obnoxious and will go down easier.

                               SH Final Chapter                        [WLK16]

You can leave the castle if you need anything.

There's a hidden barrel to the northwest, and another to the northeast. Use
them to get through to the north and the Luminous Dress in the middle of the
room. The next room has a block.

Something cute. It'll change its weakness. Fire Change makes it ice, Ice Change
makes it lightning.

Fight it and push to the north. You'll find crystals in your way. I always ran;
they're obnoxious. Now you have two blocks. Fight one and push it to the east.
Grab the Celestial Oil and fight your new block. Push it north, then fight the
other block on the island. Take that block and make another eastern path. Fight
the block to the north and drag it to make yet another eastern path for
Superior Tea. Next block, then north with it.

    [The Blades Trial] ~ Final
      Drag a northern hidden barrel allll the way back to the rocks. Blow up
      the northern-most rock for a Soul Pact.

Find the final block to the north and drag it west for Panacea Plus x2. Now
take the northern path.

Node created, save point availible. You can and should go back to any point in
time to get items, etc. between battles.

"Gafka & the Scrolls" has Healing Fruit, if you are desperate for them like I
was. Also check it out for some nice accessories, if you need some good ones.

But first, check out the southwest for hidden barrels. Drag one to the
northwest for Tourniquet x2. Drag the other northeast, then south for Superior
Tea x2.

    BOSS : Palomides + 2 Pure Ice
    You can kill Palomides easy with just a couple Volt Stars from Aht. Make
    sure two get set down, and push him into both at once. He'll die QUICK.
    While you can't move the Pure Ice, you can lift them. Cross Star is good
    for that.

    BOSS : Garland + 2 Silent Souls
    Aht will save the day again. Similar strategy to last time.

    BOSS : Guardian
    Aht may not be the best this time... but she works, assuming the spider
    doesn't stomp on her first. You can poison still, but there isn't much else
    you can do. Just revive the dead (Marco and Stocke are best because of
    this) and have someone else attack.

    BOSS : Viola + 2 Floating Stones + 2 Noble Flames
    Finally, a real boss. You can take Aht, but you have to be fast in killing
    the Stones. A few Will o' Wisps should take them out. You could also use
    someone like Gafka to take out the Flames, though you don't have to. Try
    to use Cross Star on Viola and one or two of the flames (depending on where
    she is). Once you get the freedom to push Viola around into traps, she'll
    die really fast. I recommend Marco as the third for Trans-Turn. It's just
    that awesome.

Go north to find... Eruca! Finally. You'll also get the final node.

To Grind, or Not to Grind
If you just wanna beat the final boss and ignore the rest of the sidequests,
52 is a decent level to do so... with Raynie and Marco, which is far from the
best of teams. You could probably get by with lower with a different setup.

If you want to do sidequests, you'll want to grind. If they're far below Stocke
in level, they'll gain more exp.

Where to grind? Well, you have to do it without Eruca, but go to Sand Fortress
North in AH Final Chapter and fight the flies. It's fantastic; weak enemies,
tons of EXP. Thanks to Silverdrake of GFAQs for figuring this out.

If you want to level Eruca, go to Sand Fortress anyway, then grind on the
crystals in the final dungeon.

Take the opportunity to learn what skills you haven't from Vainqueur.

    [The Ultimate Skill] ~ Final
      Now is a good opportunity to finish what you started with Bergas in
      chapter 5, "Gafka & the Scrolls". I did this at level 42.

      First battle, I changed to where Gafka could hit three times in a row and
      used Triple Strike each time.

      Second battle, I changed so he could have two strikes, and used Musou and
      Sky Hammer (his Mana Burst).

    [The Next Foe]
      To chapter 4, "A New Battle" and talk the the nearby swordsman for a
      battle against a bear. At your level it should be easy. You'll get a
      Pieti Edge.

    [The Road to Victory]
      Talk to him again for a... SPIDER. ;_; Poison, have a bunch of Holy
      Waters, and just goddamn survive. I used 7 Holy Waters and 1 Divine
      Water. I used Resurrection all other times. You get Moirae Manteau for

    [Swordsman Recruit] ~ Final
      Talk to the man again, then go to "Demigod" of chapter 6. Go all the way
      back up to Alistel and talk to the lady behind the counter for 8000G.

    [Thaumatech's End] ~ Final
      Since you're back in Alistel, talk to the old man in the Special Lab
      again for a Medibranch.

    [The Final Trial] (More like "The Final Sidequest")
      You can do this after the final boss.

      To chapter 6, "The Three Contracts" for the hardest boss battle in the
      game. Up your MDF as much as possible, even at the expense of DEF.

      My party was Stocke 59, Aht 58, Eruca 45.

      You start out fighting the Master's House. A spider. If you survive the
      first couple rounds, you should be able to turn break the spider with
      everyone and NUKE with magic. Use Dancing Death with Aht a couple times,
      then hit him with everything you have. G-Frost works great. You might
      want to restart till his first attack isn't a damaging one, because the
      next battle's going to hit you hard.

      The second part is against the master... four of him. They're so fond of
      power down that you aren't getting far with physical attacks. Use Polaris
      and Lunatic with Aht to deal with this guy, though you still need Noah
      Amulet and Sky Drops (from Forgia) as accessories. It's not a bad idea to
      throw a Magic Herb on Eruca, then Dancing Death + Burst Light. But this
      may not work if Eruca is always sleeping or dead. So the other way it to
      take them one at a time, but using more powerful techs. I recommend the
      other way; takes longer, but it has a higher chance of working.

      Start out using Shield Seed Plus, if you have them, crossing your fingers
      qnd Dancing Death + Double Strike + G-Frost to kill one of them. Or
      G-Frost + any Star trap + left/right assault (or Trans-turn so you can do
      it twice, depending on the space you have). Then focus on keeping Divine
      Shield up with Eruca as Stocke and Aht go at it.

      The battle gets easier as you chip away at their numbers.

      Give up Historica for True Historica.

Ok, time for the boss. If I can manage with Marco/Raynie, you can manage with
anyone. Only one I can't recommend is Aht, though you could probably manage.

    BOSS : Black Chronicle + Shadows
    You must push the Shadows into the Chronicle to damage it. As you kill the
    Shadows, the Chronicle will summon more. Before finishing the battle, you
    want to touch up on HP/MP.

    FINAL BOSS : Apocrypha
    Thought you were done? THIS is why Aht isn't a great idea. Marco isn't so
    bad so long as he has Super Heal. Everyone else will work fine. The boss
    has three parts: bottom, middle, top.

    First form is very easy; hits hard, but goes down real fast. You might as
    well use all your turn breaks on the second form, as form three will
    destroy your mana gauge. Anyway, the second form adds status effects to the
    mix. Just before he dies, he'll use Fallout on you, maybe twice. It HURTS.

    Then form three. This one is deadlier. Don't be afraid to use Celestial Oil
    or something if your MP is out. Panacea Plus is a must if you don't have
    Marco. If you use Eruca, use G-Frost and keep a Divine Shield on everyone
    at all times. Easier than it sounds.

    If you see him use Dark Matter, DEFEND. Or Shield Seed Plus. Or Divine
    Light. The next attack is going to be one of the worst things you've ever
    seen if you don't.

Did you do all the sidequests? There are about 10 of 'em that lead to the true
end. You'll get an event node for each one you've done.

The final choice doesn't matter.

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