Red Dead Redemption: Legends & Killers: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Red Dead Redemption: Legends & Killers  

Table of Contents

I – Introduction

001.0 – Contact Info 
002.0 - Legal Info
003.0 - Version History

II – Legends & Killers Content 

001.0 – Multiplayer Characters  
002.0 – Multiplayer Maps  
003.0 – Tomahawk 
004.0 – Trophies   

Welcome to my Red Dead Redemption: Legends & Killers FAQ. 

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Version History: 

First Submission: Version 1.0   

II – Legends & Killers Content 

001.0 – Multiplayer Characters  

One main feature in the Legends & Killers pack is the glorious return of the 
Red Dead Revolver cast. As soon as you install the DLC pack, eight new 
characters will become available for you to play as. All character 
descriptions come from Rockstar’s official Red Dead Redemption website. 

- Red Harlow - With his family slaughtered by bandits and left for dead when 
he was a young boy, Red Harlow now prowls the open frontier as a bounty 
hunter, bringing justice to wicked bandits, while desperate to unravel the 
identity of his family's killers.

- Jack Swift - An English gentleman and trick shooting ace who heads out West 
to join the circus as a sharpshooter, with his dual revolvers "The 
Showstoppers" in tow.

- Mr. Kelley - The 3-time champion of the annual Brimstone Battle Royale 
dueling competition, the well-dressed Mr. Kelley is known throughout 
Brimstone for his prowess both at the poker table and with a six shooter.

- Annie Stoakes - In the rugged Western frontier, staking your claim means 
being prepared for more than just hard work. Cattle rancher Annie Stoakes 
knows this, which is why in addition to working a small plot of land outside 
Brimstone, she's a crack shot with "Faith" - her affectionately named 
repeater rifle.

- Buffalo Soldier - A soldier in the U.S. Army, Buffalo was captured by the 
ruthless Mexican General Javier Diego and forced to work in the gold mine at 
Bear Mountain. In Red Dead Revolver, he meets Red Harlow after Red is also 
captured by Diego, and together they both escape with the help of Shadow Wolf.

- Shadow Wolf - An Indian scout and member of the Red Wolf Tribe, Shadow Wolf 
is also Red Harlow's cousin, and like Red, must face his own challenges in 
the Wild West and either find his place amongst the tribe, or outside.

- Ugly Chris - Not much is known about the leader of the Ugly Gang. One of 
the most ruthless men in the West, his gang is known to invade towns with 
weak lawmen and plunder whatever is of value.

- Pig Josh - A rotund demolition expert with more than a few swine-like 
traits, Pig Josh enjoys traveling from town to town along with his "troupe", 
demonstrating his talents with dynamite.

002.0 – Multiplayer Maps  

Additionally, there are also several new multiplayer maps to play on. Once 
again, the colorful descriptions are courtesy of Rockstar’s official Red Dead 
Redemption website. 

- Tall Trees - The snowy highlands of Tall Trees create an awesome backdrop 
for epic Hold Your Own matches. Because of the vast expanse of this map, 
you'll probably have most success on horseback. This map is all about 
coordinated tactics, go in single handed and expect to be taken down very 

- Thieves Landing - Under a constant river fog, the dark and ominous town of 
Thieves Landing provides lots of crossfire opportunities with its unique 
combination of cover and open space. Look for the buildings you can climb up 
on, but be careful of the surrounding water. With only a couple of bridges 
connecting the various areas of this map, players need to be extra vigilant 
in Thieves Landing because someone will always be ready to take you down.

- Fort Mercer - Bill Williamson's last known whereabouts in New Austin, Fort 
Mercer offers a close quarters paradise, with the occasional guard tower 
sniping from above. Players can use the various corridors to their advantage 
and use their weapons strategically. If you are in a narrow space, your 
shotgun can be a useful tool or if you're perched on a high building with 
distance to play with, then your rifle may be your best bet.

- Manzanita Post - The road through Manzanita Post is the quickest way to the 
other team's base but also the most exposed. The forest in the eastern half 
of the map provides a less exposed alternate route and also textures some 
conveniently placed Gatling guns for added firepower along the way. Utilize 
the watchtowers and the ridge located in the west segment of the map for an 
elevation advantage to provide cover for your teammates and prevent the 
opposition from stealing your team's bag.

- Blackwater - While modern settlements like Blackwater accelerated the 
demise of the old west, their purpose-built block-like design servers up an 
awesome location for all the multiplayer modes, with tons of cover, sniping 
perches and choke points throughout. With rooftops, narrow alleys, and long 
streets lined with storefronts, Blackwater adds intense urban combat to the 
world of Red Dead multiplayer.

- Punto Orgullo - Bases are located at each end of Sidewinder Gulch and 
knowledge of the mazelike gorges that run through the center of this map is 
key to forming a cohesive assault on the opposing team's base. You can get to 
the other side of the map by the main road, but are left vulnerable to 
incoming fire due to its open nature and lack of cover. Whistle for a horse 
to gain a speed advantage and use a mounted effort of road and ravines to 
quickly get into the other base to grab the bag and escape back to your base. 
The elevated hilltops located at the north end of the map give players an 
added sight advantage.

- Escalera - The town of Escalera is defined by various elevation changes. 
Controlling the villa watchtowers in the northern section of the map will 
give players the best vantage points to pick off opposing players. A sniper 
rifle is located at the Market on the lowest level to aid in getting players 
off the watchtowers. Utilize interiors and cover while minimizing time spent 
in open areas vulnerable to fire from upper levels of the map.

- Hennigan's Stead - Teamwork is of the utmost importance due to the open 
nature of this map. The trees provide some helpful cover as your team makes 
their way across the vast plains to the other base. Horses will prove useful 
so whistle for one and work together to time your assault while leaving a 
couple players behind to protect your bag. Use the deadly new Tomahawk weapon 
in close quarters battles to help complete new Challenges. 

- Rio Bravo - The mountainous Rio Bravo area lies between Tumbleweed and Fort 
Mercer. The numerous winding narrow pathways between the foothills, and the 
intentionally restricted choice of weapons make matches fought here extremely 
tense, nerve-wracking experiences. Because the opponent blips only appear on 
your mini-map when people fire their weapons or sprint, you'll find people 
can jump out at you at any point, so look out for Tomahawk stealth kills.

003.0 – Tomahawk 

The Tomahawk is a new weapon available in both single player and online modes. 
It can be used as both a melee and throwing weapon, and is extremely deadly 
when it hits its target. In online Free Roam, your character will 
automatically have access to the Tomahawk once you install the DLC, and your 
supply will be replenished from any ammo crate. However, the Tomahawk can 
only be used in specific Legends & Killers competitive matches, and not the 
standard Red Dead Redemption quick matches. 

The Tomahawk is very similar to the Throwing Knife, but due to the increased 
mass it has a greater throwing distance and inflicts more damage, but will 
also drop out of the air quicker. When aiming with the Tomahawk, you should 
aim significantly higher than the actual target you’re trying to hit. 
Additionally, the Tomahawk will frequently fly off to the left or right of 
where you’re aiming, making it more difficult to get long-range kills with 
the weapon. 

In both single player and online play, you can retrieve any Tomahawks that 
you have killed someone with by looting their bodies.

003.1 – Tomahawk Mastery Challenges 

Additionally, the single player mode offers several new challenges to 
complete involving the Tomahawk. 

- Rank 1 – 
Description: Purchase the Tomahawk from the General Store at Manzanita Post. 

Details: Pretty straightforward, go to Manzanita Post and buy at least one 
Tomahawk from the General Store. Tomahawks cost $10 each. 

- Rank 2 – 
Description: Kill one enemy using the Tomahawk as a melee weapon, one as a 
throwing weapon, and one while on horseback. 

Details: The key word here is “enemy” so random civilians will not count 
towards this challenge. With your Tomahawks equipped, go to a gang hideout 
and start attacking. Go for the throwing and horseback kills first, since you 
can keep your distance and use cover to avoid taking damage. Just take your 
time and aim high and these two kills should come rather easily. As for the 
melee kill, clean up the remaining enemies until there are only one or two 
left. Isolate one and charge at him, and once you’re within striking range 
attack him with the Tomahawk to cut him down to size.  

- Rank 3 – 
Description: Kill a bird with the Tomahawk without using Dead Eye. 
Undead Nightmare Description: Kill a bat with the Tomahawk. 

Details: This challenge can be tough, but your best chance is directly after 
completing a gang hideout since a flock of vultures will begin circling 
around the recently deceased enemies. Get close to the largest group you can 
find and begin hurling Tomahawks in the air. There will definitely be some 
luck involved here, but the number of birds in the area and their size should 
tip the odds in your favor. 

For the Undead Nightmare standalone disk, the idea is the same but will 
obviously be a bit tougher. Bats can be found all over the map, so keep an 
eye out for one and try and get as close as possible before using up your 

- Rank 4 – 
Description: Kill five enemies in a row with the Tomahawk without missing. 

Details: This sounds trickier than it actually is, as long as you’re careful. 
Once again, a gang hideout will be your best shot – Tesoro Azul and Solomon’s 
Folly are the easiest two. Take your time, use Dead Eye, and get in close to 
avoid missing, and you should get this pretty quickly. 

- Rank 5 – 
Description: Clear a gang hideout using only the Tomahawk. 
Undead Nightmare Description: Save a town using only the Tomahawk. 

Details: Again, Tesoro Azul and Solomon’s Folly are the easiest two to go 
with. Solomon’s Folly is very easy because there are only five enemies in the 
first part of the mission. Once you’ve killed all five, get on the wagon and 
ride it back to Armadillo to complete the hideout. Enemies will attack you on 
horseback, but you can just ignore them and focus on staying on the road to 
maintain your speed. Remember, you can’t use any other weapon from beginning 
to end. 

The Undead Nightmare variation of the challenge is actually easier, since you 
don’t have to worry about being shot at. Run away from any groups of zombies 
that start to surround you, and isolate lone undead and use melee attacks to 
cut them down. 

004.0 – Trophies   

Lastly, there are ten new trophies that can be earned with the Legends & 
Killers pack. Only one trophy can exclusively be earned offline, and several 
of them do not actually have anything to do with the Legends & Killers 
content itself. There are nine bronze and one silver trophy. 

- Axe Master – 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Complete all Tomahawk challenges in Single Player.

Details: Like the description says, complete the five Tomahawk challenges. 
Check out the Tomahawk section above for details on each challenge. 

- Call It A Comeback! - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Come back from a 2-0 deficit and win a Hold Your Own game.

Details: This trophy is next to impossible unless your entire team is trying 
to earn it, and even then you’ll likely require a few tries. The problem is 
that more often than not you simply won’t have enough time for both teams to 
score a combined five points before the game clock runs out. 

To make matters worse, without organizing with your whole team, you will need 
to be assigned to a team that is bad enough to let the other team take a 2-0 
lead yet skilled enough to come back and win, and visa-versa for the opposing 

Your best bet is to let the other team score early, giving you enough time to 
mount a comeback. Once you’re down, attack the enemy’s bag in a group, and be 
thorough about taking out all of the other players camping out by their 
treasure chest. Once you’re in the clear, someone grab the bag and sprint 
back to your base, but not necessarily taking the most direct route. Use 
alleys, high walls, and any other cover you can to avoid being ambushed or 
sniped by the other team who is likely hot on your trail. Be quick, but also 
play smart to avoid running out into the open and being gunned down.  

- Who Needs Deadeye? - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Kill three or more players in a standoff or showdown.

Details: For most players, this trophy is just as much luck as it is skill. 
In most cases, you will usually only have one player actively targeting you 
at the beginning of a standoff or showdown. For Free-For-All standoffs, it is 
the player who is “assigned” to take you out, while for Team showdowns it’s 
simply the player directly across from you. 

In either case, you will need for that one player to be killed to give you a 
chance to escape from the chaos. Once you’re off to the side, you can hide 
behind cover and pick off any remaining players to pick up three quick kills. 
Obviously, the other players in the game will greatly affect how difficult 
accomplishing this will be. Ideally, you want them to be bad enough to not be 
able to get any kills themselves but good enough to stay alive long enough 
for you to come after them. This trophy should come naturally as you get 
matched up with different players. 

- Stick And Move - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Get three kills with knives or throwing knives in a single 
competitive match.

Details: This trophy isn’t terribly difficult as long as you devote the whole 
match to getting these three kills, because you’ll want to have your knives 
equipped at all times. Unless you’re careful, you’re likely going to losing a 
number of lives as a result, since someone will catch you trying to sneak up 
to them and you won’t be quick enough to switch weapons. 

To get the kills, crouch and move around the map looking for opposing players. 
Smaller maps are better since there are fewer places to hide and you can 
quickly scan the entire map without wasting time traveling from Point A to 
Point B. Look for players camping in buildings or on rooftops, and sneak up 
behind them and take them down with your knife. 

- Double Bagger - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Double capture three times in a single Gold Rush map.

Details: “Double capturing” refers to picking up two bags of gold and 
bringing both to a treasure chest at the same time. This is actually easier 
with more players, since there will be more bags of gold to fight over. You, 
on the other hand, should try and find the bags that are being ignored, often 
because they’re in some far corner of the map that no one happened to spawn 
near. From there, try and find the nearest bag of gold that’s also in the 
same direction as a nearby treasure chest. With any luck, you won’t encounter 
too much resistance and can drop off your loot without too much trouble. 
Remember, though, players will often camp out near treasures to steal easy 
points as another player goes to drop off their gold. Be careful and make 
sure to look around rather than blindly running to the chest. 

- Headhunter - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Kill five players via headshot in a single Shootout or Gang 

Details: This trophy’s difficulty will obviously vary depending on your skill. 
If you’re running around the map, make sure to aim high when targeting 
another player to go for the headshot. If you find yourself being killed too 
often, you may want to consider using a sniper rifle instead. Most maps will 
have pretty good sniper perches, and you can hunt for other camping players 
to headshot.  

- Legendary - 
Type: Silver

Description: Reach level 50 and pass into Legend.

Details: Once you reach level 50, you will have the option to pass into 
legend, similar to Call of Duty’s prestige mode. Your rank will be reset to 
level 1, but you will unlock new characters and mounts as you level up again. 
To pass into legend, go to your multiplayer page from the pause menu and 
select the option to do so. If you have already passed into legend before 
installing the Legends & Killers DLC you will earn the trophy the moment you 
enter an online Free Roam session. 

Alternatively, if you want to earn the trophy but don’t want to lose your 
rank, there is a way to do this. First, copy your multiplayer save file to a 
flash drive and enter a LAN game. Pass into legend for the trophy, quit the 
game, and then copy your original multiplayer save file back to the PS3’s 
hard drive to restore your character. 

- Hail Mary - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Get a kill greater than 35 yards with a Tomahawk. 

Details: This trophy will likely require some practice. Fortunately, the kill 
can be an NPC, and enemy, or another human player and will still count. The 
easiest place I’ve found is the online Tesoro Azul gang hideout. At the very 
beginning you’ll find two banditos standing outside of the gate, and they 
won’t attack until you do. Stand 35 yards away and start hurling Tomahawks. 
If you miss, make sure to kill the two banditos on the rooftops inside the 
hideout, because their long-range rifles will definitely kill you unless you 
take them out first. Once they’re dead, the original two banditos will still 
be shooting at you with pistols, so continue to aim and hope you get lucky 
once. If you run out of Tomahawks, you can either die or complete the hideout 
to replenish your ammo. 

- Original Gunslinger - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Get 25 Deadeye kills with Red.

Details: Switch to Red Harlow from the Outfitter menu. Now, you must kill 25 
human players to earn the trophy, so NPC’s and hideout enemies will not count. 
There are two ways to gain Dead Eye: killing several enemies and finding Dead 
Eye chests, which are marked by green dots on your map and radar. 

Once you have full Dead Eye, find the nearest players in your Free Roam 
session and catch up to them. Most of the time, other players will not attack 
you unless provoked, so you should be able to get your first few kills pretty 
easily. As soon as you start shooting, however, they will likely retaliate, 
so find some cover and wait for them to respawn. 

The most annoying part of this trophy is that if you’re killed you lose all 
of your Dead Eye, forcing you to refill your meter while avoiding the wrath 
of the other players you’ve been antagonizing. Fortunately you don’t have to 
get all 25 kills in one session, so if you’re having trouble with a few 
players you can always leave and try again in a new session. 

I’ll say, I’m normally the last person to advocate being a jerk to other 
players online, and Dead Eye kills with Red in Free-For-All matches also 
count, but this is by far a much faster method. 

- Reeeeal Good - 
Type: Bronze 

Description: Get 25 Dynamite kills with Pig Josh.

Details: Very similar to the Original Gunslinger trophy, but with Pig Josh 
and Dynamite kills instead of Red and Dead Eye kills. This trophy is much 
easier since you won’t have to fill up your Dead Eye meter before going after 
other players. You obtain Dynamite at level 15, so even if you’ve just passed 
into legend you should be able to get your hands on Dynamite fairly quickly. 

In a Free Roam session, find a ground of players and start hurling Dynamite 
at them. When you run out, the other players will most likely kill you in 
retaliation, which will, ironically, restock your supply of Dynamite and 
allow you to continue attacking them. Kill 25 human players and the trophy is