Red Faction: Armageddon: FAQ/Walkthrough

            _____  ______ _____     ______      _____ _______ _____ ____  _   _ 
     |  __ \|  ____|  __ \   |  ____/\   / ____|__   __|_   _/ __ \| \ | |
     | |__) | |__  | |  | |  | |__ /  \ | |       | |    | || |  | |  \| |
     |  _  /|  __| | |  | |  |  __/ /\ \| |       | |    | || |  | | . ` |
     | | \ \| |____| |__| |  | | / ____ \ |____   | |   _| || |__| | |\  |
     |_|  \_\______|_____/   |_|/_/    \_\_____|  |_|  |_____\____/|_| \_|

       A      R      M      A      G      E      D      D      O      N
Table of Contents
          1. - Controls..........................................RF01
          2. - Walkthrough.......................................RF02
                    2.01 - Armageddon.................RF201
                    2.02 - The Terraformer............RF202
                    2.03 - Dig Site...................RF203
                    2.04 - We're Not Alone............RF204
                    2.05 - Outbreak...................RF205
                    2.06 - Road to Bastion............RF206
                    2.07 - Bastion Defenses...........RF207
                    2.08 - Water Supplies.............RF208
          3. - Weapons...........................................RF03
          4. - Enemies...........................................RF04
          5. - Upgrades..........................................RF05
          6. - Abilities.........................................RF06
          7. - Audio Logs........................................RF07
          8. - Trophies/Achievements.............................RF08
          9. - Contact...........................................RF09
          10. - Disclaimer.......................................RF10

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1. - Controls                                                              RF01
PLEASE NOTE - All of the controls for PC mode are default controls and can be 
changed via the options menu. I'm not sure on the console versions, I simply 
got those controls through GameFly.

Command               |  PC Control  | XBox 360 Control | Playstation 3 Control
Common Controls       |              |                  |
  Forwards            |      W       | LEFT  THUMBSTICK |  LEFT ANALOG STICK
  Backwards           |      S       | LEFT  THUMBSTICK |  LEFT ANALOG STICK
  Strafe Left         |      A       | LEFT  THUMBSTICK |  LEFT ANALOG STICK
  Strafe Right        |      D       | LEFT  THUMBSTICK |  LEFT ANALOG STICK
  GPS                 |     TAB      |   BACK  BUTTON   |        SELECT
  Chat                |      T       |       N/A        |         N/A
  Push to Talk        |      V       |       N/A        |         N/A
  Pause               |     ESC      |   START BUTTON   |        START
                      |              |                  |
On Foot Controls      |              |                  |
  Attack              |    MOUSE1    |  RIGHT  TRIGGER  |          R1
  Melee               |      F       |   CLICK  RIGHT   |          R3
                      |              |    THUMBSTICK    |
  Zoom                |    MOUSE2    |   LEFT TRIGGER   |          L1
  Zoom Toggle         |     N/A      |       N/A        |         N/A
  Interact            |      E       |        X         |        SQUARE
  Reload              |      R       |        X         |        SQUARE
  Impact              |      Q       |   RIGHT BUMPER   |          R2
  Shockwave           |      Z       | RIGHT BUMPER + A |        R2 + X
  Berserk             |      C       | RIGHT BUMPER + X |     R2 + SQUARE
  Shell               |      X       | RIGHT BUMPER + B |     R2 + CIRCLE
  Previous Weapon     | MS WHEEL UP  |       N/A        |         N/A
  Next Weapon         | MS WHEEL DN  |       N/A        |         N/A
  Weapon 1            |      1       |     D-PAD UP     |       D-PAD UP
  Weapon 2            |      2       |    D-PAD RIGHT   |      D-PAD RIGHT
  Weapon 3            |      3       |    D-PAD DOWN    |      D-PAD DOWN
  Weapon 4            |      4       |    D-PAD LEFT    |      D-PAD LEFT
  Repair              |    MOUSE3    |   LEFT  BUMPER   |          L2
  Sprint              |    SHIFT     |    CLICK LEFT    |          L3
                      |              |    THUMBSTICK    |
  Sprint Toggle       |     N/A      |       N/A        |         N/A
  Crouch              |     CTRL     |        Y         |       TRIANGLE
  Crouch Toggle       |     N/A      |       N/A        |         N/A
  Jump                |     N/A      |        A         |          X
  Dodge               |     N/A      |        B         |        CIRCLE
  Dodge/Jump          |    SPACE     |       N/A        |         N/A
                      |              |                  |
Exoskeleton Controls  |              |                  |
  Attack              |    MOUSE1    |  RIGHT  TRIGGER  |          R1
  Attack 2            |    MOUSE3    |   RIGHT BUMPER   |          R2
  Melee               |      F       |   CLICK  RIGHT   |          R3
                      |              |    THUMBSTICK    |
  Melee 2             |      Q       |   LEFT  BUMPER   |          L2
  Zoom                |    MOUSE2    |   LEFT TRIGGER   |          L1
  Zoom Toggle         |     N/A      |       N/A        |         N/A
  Interact            |      E       |        X         |        SQUARE
  Reload              |      R       |       N/A        |         N/A
  Jump                |    SPACE     |        A         |          X
                      |              |                  |
Walker Controls       |              |                  |
  Attack              |    MOUSE1    |  RIGHT  TRIGGER  |          R1
  Attack 2            |    MOUSE3    |   RIGHT BUMPER   |          R2
  Melee               |      F       |   CLICK  RIGHT   |          R3
                      |              |    THUMBSTICK    |
  Activate Shields    |    SPACE     |       N/A        |         N/A
  Zoom                |    MOUSE2    |   LEFT TRIGGER   |          L1
  Zoom Toggle         |     N/A      |       N/A        |         N/A
  Targeting Mode      |      Z       |   LEFT  BUMPER   |          L2
                      |              |                  |
Flyer Controls        |              |                  |
  Ascend              |    SPACE     |        X         |        SQUARE
  Descend             |     CTRL     |        A         |          X
  Attack              |    MOUSE1    |  RIGHT  TRIGGER  |          R1
  Attack 2            |    MOUSE3    |   RIGHT BUMPER   |          R3
  Zoom                |    MOUSE2    |   LEFT TRIGGER   |          L1
  Zoom Toggle         |     N/A      |       N/A        |         N/A
  Targeting Mode      |      Z       |   LEFT  BUMPER   |          L2
2. - Walkthrough                                                           RF02

2.01 - Armageddon                  RF201


You will begin the game with a relatively short introduction video and then 
given a bit of a tutorial mission. You will speak to SAM, your situational 
Awareness Module as she will help you get your bearings straight and teach you 
how to play the game. Do as she says, first she will make you look up and then 
she will make you aim at the barrels in front of you. Press Mouse 2 to snap 
right to those barrels quickly in an auto-aim fashion. Once you are allowed to 
move, head forward towards the wall with the marker on it. Equip your Maul and 
smash it down.


Now run forward and pick up the item with the blue light on it. This will 
resupply your ammo. Keep running forward and you will see you unlock your 
plasma rifle. Run up the hill and enter the building on your left for some more 
ammo. Run out the door and continue to the left, pick up some ammo for your 
plasma rifle behind the destroyed vehicle. Keep running towards the stairs for 
some more items. At the top of the stairs, run towards the large door to the 
left for a new objective. 


You will receive this new objective from the top of the stairs where there are 
a ton of items. Stay put once SAM starts to speak to you and she will tell you 
to destroy the solar towers. Look around you and you will see three large 
towers. Simply destroy each one to complete this objective. Use your plasma 
rifle and stay put. Just charge up each shot and shoot one of the main support 
beams of each tower to bring each down with ease. After you destroy them, 
refill your ammo with the ammo bins around you and move on.


Continue towards where the large blue force field door was before you destroyed 
the solar towers. Once you go through it, SAM will inform you that the cultists 
are ahead. You will see a friend at the next door. Run towards him and wait at 
the door as he will call for an airstrike which will take out the cultists on 
the bridge ahead. Run to the left side of the road when you get outside and 
pick up some salvage. Cross the road and pick up some more salvage on the 
sidewalk there. 

Run further down the road here and you will have to fight off some cultists. 
There will be one in the tower to the right with a machine gun which you should 
focus on first. After that cultist is down, start firing away at the few on the 
ground. After you kill the first one, a few more will appear from around the 
corner to the left so keep killing them as they come out. Continue down the 
road for a checkpoint. Enter the small booth on the right side of the road and 
fill up on ammo. Run a little further down the road for a cutscene.

Some more of your friends will be on the left side of the road shooting at the 
enemies on the right side of the road. Keep running forward and kill the 
cultists in the building to the right as your friends are distracting them. 
There is an audio log behind this building, make sure to check it out. After 
you kill all of the cultists here, you will be given a new objective.


Head towards your friends across the road. Grab the salvage from behind the 
storage unit in the yard with your friends opposite of the stairs. Now continue 
down the road to the right. In the first building you see, you will have a 
couple of cultists shooting at you. Get a little closer until you can see some 
barrels just to the right of the building, blow them up to kill a couple and 
finish off any that you didn't with your weapons. 

Now continue down the path and look the right, up some outdoor stairs for some 
more cultists there. Kill the one behind the cover and more will appear. As you 
see them run out from around the area the cultist you just killed was, shoot 
those large tanks to the left to hopefully blow them all up. One of them will 
have a rocket launcher so if he survives, you want to kill him first. Once they 
are all dead, run behind that first building for some salvage. Now run up the 
outdoor stairs more reinforcements came from and collect some salvage and ammo 
here. Run straight ahead when ready and jump off the edge of the platform in 
the back of this area.


You will be given this very short objective once you land. SAM will notify you 
that your repair function is now operational again. This is actually pretty 
cool to watch. Simply run towards the bridge using it and you will see the 
bridge rematerialize in front of your eyes. Cross it to finish this quick 


Enter the cargo bay further down the road and stock up on ammo around the room. 
Use the control panel in the back of the cargo bay for a cutscene. You will now 
fight the first boss of the game.


The Scout Walker is a large spider life robot. It will move pretty quick when 
it wants to but doesn't seem to like moving. You will see several lasers coming 
out of the front of it. It's two attacks are a rocket launcher and a tesla 
coil. The tesla coil won't do too much damage but it fires quickly at you. The 
rocket launcher on the other hand will do a lot of damage but takes some time 
to fire. 

You will see the lasers stay put for a few seconds as it charges the shot and 
fires it. At this point, you should run as far as you can. Just take a couple 
fully charged shots with your plasma rifle to make quick work of the Scout 
Walker. If it destroys a lot of crates around you, use your repair module to 
bring them back up. A good strategy is to try to get some distance and just 
hide behind the same couple of crates. When the boss destroys them, simply 
repair them again for more cover and pop out only to shoot. Keep doing this 
until the boss dies. Once you are ready to move on, press your interact button 
for a cutscene.

2.02 - The Terraformer             RF202


Run down this hall and use your impact ability on the door at the end to break 
through it. Continue down this hall and use your impact on the next door to 
break through this one as well. There will be open doors on both sides of this 
room. Enter each room for ammo if you need it. When ready, use your impact 
ability again on the next large door. Kill the cultist as he jumps off the 
balcony straight ahead and then another cultist behind the crates to your left. 
Enter the room to your right for some ammo and salvage. 

Leave the room the same way you entered it and kill the cultists to your right. 
Run down the ramps here and you will see a cultist firing at you with a rocket 
turret from the room in the back. Kill him and break down the wall if he hasn't 
already done so. Run to where he was firing from and enter the room to the left 
for some ammo if you need it. Cross the hall for some salvage in the next small 
room. Enter the next room and just shoot the barrels next to the next cultist. 
Continue to the back of this room and run up the series of ramps here. When the 
path splits, kill the three cultists to the right. 

Enter the small room to the left for some salvage and then go to the path the 
three cultists came from. Enter the small room to the right for an audio log 
and some ammo. Keep running down this path for the next large room. There will 
be one enemy around the corner to the left and the rest will be on the balcony 
across the room and approaching from the room in that corner. Blow up the 
barrels there and use your plasma rifles to destroy the walls of that room to 
get rid of their cover. Kill all of the cultists here and run to that area 
across the room in the back right corner. Pick up some salvage and ammo in the 
room to the left here and keep running down this path. 


In this room you will immediately see some cultists along the left side, kill 
them and enter the large room to kill some on your right. Continue down the 
path and where the wall sticks into the room on the right side, some more 
cultists will jump down from a balcony. Kill them and then kill the cultists on 
the balcony on the left side of the room. Run up there for more ammo as more 
cultists attack from further down in the room. Once all the cultists are dead, 
you will be given a new objetive.


Simply run around on these platforms and hold your repair module out. Repair 
any platforms you are running on that may have been destroyed but focus on the 
three large turbines. Repair all three and continue to the back of this room.


Run through the large door and down these halls. Pick up some ammo and salvage 
when you run across them. Enter the next room for the next objective.


There will be one cultist on the ground here and the rest will be on the 
balcony. Kill them and climb the ladder on the left side of this room. Continue 
down this platform to the next room, repair the platform if it was destroyed. 
Run to the back of this room and run up the ramps. Kill the two cultists that 
will approach from the next room. Run towards that doorway and pick up the 
audio log to the left of it. 

Enter the next room and run along the platforms to the right as you kill the 
cultists from the next room. Enter it and kill a couple more as they run around 
the platforms above. Run up the ramp opposite of the door in this room and some 
more cultists will appear on the balcony above. Kill them and run to the top of 
the platforms through the series of ramps in this room. Go through the large 
doorway opposite of where those two cultists were shooting from.


Run down the hall to your right. You will see a cutscene and have to fight an 
exoskeleton in the next room. Just keep circling the room and use the large 
structure in the middle as cover. Use your plasma rifle to kill it and run into 
the next room when the door opens. Use the control panel in the back of this 
room to extend the bridge.


Leave this room and head back to the bridge that you just extended, cross it. 
Break down the door at the other end of this bridge with your shockwave for one 
more cutscene.

2.03 - Dig Site                    RF203


Simply run forward and grab the salvage as you run into it. After a few steps, 
you will already hit the next objective.


You will be able to use your exoskeleton's magnet gun which is actually a 
really cool feature. Shoot at the door ahead of you to place a magnet on it. 
Now you have to place an attractor pretty much anywhere other than the door. 
The magnet will be pulled towards the attractor which will rip the door off in 
the process. Once you break down the door, you are done with this objective.


Run through the doorway that you just opened. Make a right turn and follow this 
hall towards a large holgram. Collect all of the salvage in this room. When 
ready, grab the large ball that fell from the sky which crushed the hologram 
with your magnet gun. Use your GPS to see which way to go and launch the ball 
into the doorway that's blocking your way.


Simply enter the room that you just opened for a cutscene and new objective.


Simply keep shooting the large monolith in the center of this room with your 
magnet gun and break it up by shooting attractors on the walls. Keep pulling it 
out piece by piece until the whole thing collapses. You will then see a 
cutscene and be given a new objective.

2.04 - We're Not Alone             RF204


Follow the path forward and pick up some salvage. After discussing the matter 
with SAM, you will be able to use your weapons again. Follow the path until you 
reach a small hole in the wall, crouch to walk under it. Just keep following 
this path until you run into the first enemy that SAM brings up, it's all 
pretty much a straight line until that point. Run further down this room for 
the next objective.


Before you work on clearing the debris, run down the cliff side to the left for 
some salvage and an audio log. Now run back up the hill you came from and break 
through the debris ahead with your maul.


Run through the path when it is cleared. Just run straight to the destroyed 
upgrade station and repair it with your repair module. 


Simply use the upgrade station and pick whichever upgrade you would like. 


Grab the salvage in this room as you continue down the linear path. Note that 
you can grab the salvage with your magnet gun which you have unlimited ammo 
for. Run further ahead for your first fight against creepers. They like to jump 
around and spit at you but they aren't too difficult to defeat. They will stop 
moving when they try to attack and you can make quick work of them then. Just 
try to hang back and let them come to you for some easy kills. Continue down 
the path and grab some salvage until the next room, which will have more 
creepers. Kill them when they approach you. 

Keep running down the path to the next room while grabbing some more salvage 
along the way. You will see another cutscene that shows creepers spawning from 
a pod. Back away and kill the creepers safely first and then run in to kill the 
pod. It will likely have spawn another creeper or two but nothing you can't 
handle, focus on the pod first after killing the first wave. After the pod is 
destroyed, kill any left over creepers and continue down the path. You will 
find a shotgun. After the shotgun, several more creepers will attack from a 
couple of pods. Run up the path to the right and kill the creepers that attack 

Focus on the pods first this time since there is more than one pod and then 
kill the creepers. Grab some salvage out of the building to your left. Equip 
your maul and continue down the path. You will fall down a cave as the rocks 
below you crumble and you will be surrounded by creepers, just keep swinging 
your maul at them while they try to surround you. When you can, take out the 
two pods down here and grab some salvage behind where you landed. Continue up 
the rocky hill when ready for a cutscene. 

Now you will fight ravagers which are bigger and stronger. They take longer to 
kill and do more damage but like most big enemies, they are a bit slower so 
they are easy to hit. Kill them and continue down the path. Fall down the chasm 
when you reach it and quickly kill the pod as it spawns ravagers. You do not 
want too many of these at a time! Make sure to hug the right wall for some 
salvage as more creepers approach. Kill them off easily. Continue for a couple 
more ravagers but they won't all be together and then a wave of creepers. Check 
under the building along the right side for an audio log. Keep running forward 
from here for a cutscene.

2.05 - Outbreak                    RF205


Run up the hill and cross the bridge. Keep following the path until you are 
given a new objective.


Two pods will appear and then disappear to each spawn a couple of ravagers. 
Simply check your HUD to see where they are approaching from and kill them all 
as you can. Try to use your magnet gun and if they are jumping on to the 
buildings around, just launch the buildings towards the walls to crush them.


Simply run towards where the GPS points you to to get the signal.


Circle this area to make sure you collect all the salvage. Use the upgrade 
station if you can afford an upgrade and move on to where the GPS tells you to 
go. Run down this tunnel and kill the creepers at the end.


Immediately pick up the charge launcher and cover the monolith that pops out of 
the ground with it. Blow it all up and use all your ammo on it. After you run 
out of ammo for the charge launcher, use the magnet gun and throw buildings 
into it until it goes away. Now you can focus on the ravagers in this room. 
Kill them and a couple will spawn out of two pods that appear for a brief 
moment. Once the room is cleared, pick up all the goodies including an audio 
log on the left side.


Run over to the elevator controls after you collect everything and activate it.

2.06 - Road to Bastion             RF206


Turn around and collect an assault rifle if you want it, an audio log, salvage, 
and some ammo where the people are in this area. When ready, run down the road 
for the next objective.


You will see another one of those monoliths that make enemies much tougher. 
Behind it will be a couple of large tanks. Shoot an anchor at them with your 
magnet gun and then shoot attractors at the monolith. That will take a lot of 
damage, run in and finish it off with a weapon and then kill any creepers or 
ravagers that are still running around.


Run down the road, ahead of the convoy, until you are given the next objective.


Simply run towards the weapons locker when you are given this objective and use 
it. Pick whichever weapons you'd like to carry and exit it.


Simply continue down the road for the next cutscene.


This area will have a berserker which is new and more powerful than your 
ravagers. Then you will have a couple of ravagers and creepers as well. They 
will appear all over the place in new pods. Try to just stay on the road so you 
will see them come from a distance. Once they are all dead, the convoy will 
catch up.


Simply use the repair module on the bridge ahead to allow your convoy to 
continue. You do have to get most of the bridge in order for the convoy to 
continue so keep repairing it until you get the next objective.


Simply run up the road a little further.


Kill a couple of creepers on the road and move up. 


Simply keep shooting the infected building on the left side of the road with 
the magnet gun. Set the attractors elsewhere to tear the building apart to 
complete this objective. 


Run up the road, there won't be any more enemies. At the end of the path, grab 
the audio log and plenty of ammo and salvage. Use the upgrade station if you 
have the salvage for it and you will be given a new objective. 


When ready, simply run to the excavator and use it to activate it.


In this sequence, you will have to fight off a ton of aliens as the excavator 
digs through the rock to make a tunnel for the convey. There are a lot of 
aliens so kill them as quick as you can. There will be some ammo along the left 
side of the excavator and there's a wall you can use for cover on the left 
side. If that cover ever breaks, just repair it. Keep focusing on killing the 
aliens though because if you just hide, the aliens will build up and you won't 
be able to handle the large number of them.


Run down the road and into the tunnel along the right wall when you reach it 
for a weapons locker if you would like to change weapons. Run up the hill 
opposite of the tunnel with the weapons locker for a cutscene. At the end of 
the cutscene, kill the creepers that will attack. Run up the hill here until 
you are given a new objective.


Simply hop in the exoskeleton waiting for you on the right side of the road 
here and just destroy the pods first. After the pods are destroyed, kill the 
enemies and then you can focus on the buildings. If you see enemies jump onto 
the infected buildings, try to get both in one shot.


Continue down the road, hopefully still in the exoskeleton. The next room will 
have two large monoliths that power up enemies so take them both out quickly 
and then deal with the enemies. This part is tough without the exoskeleton 
because they will charge you before you can get close to the monoliths so be 
careful. Enter the building on the right side of the road here when all is 
clear for an audio log. 

Keep clearing this area out and pick up all items along the way. Kill the next 
set of creepers down the road. Continue until you see a building on the left. 
Quickly turn the corner and look to the right, block up the barrels to kill 
most of the creepers here. Kill any surviving enemies after you destroy the 
explosives. Destroy the large monolith to the left and then quickly kill the 
enemies coming out of the pod on the opposite side of this room. Run through 
the tunnel for the next objective.


Run up the stairs to the right and buy any upgrades you would like to. When 
ready to move on, activate the gondola here. 


Some aliens will appear from the tunnel you came from as you're making your way 
to the gondola. Kill them and protect the convoy. As the gondola gets closer, 
jump on it and kill any aliens left.


Look ahead of where the gondola is going once you clear the enemies behind you 
and kill the enemies as you approach them. After a while, you will hit a new 


You will see a large obstruction on the track ahead of you, destroy it. Keep 
riding the gondola and keep an eye on the right side since there are a few pods 
on the right that will keep spawning aliens. Destroy those and kill any enemies 
you can. When you reach another obstruction on the overhead track, destroy that 
one as well. Ride it until the end.


Once the gondola stops, just jump off it.


Before you continue, turn to the right and climb up the hill you saw the 
vehicle come down. There is an audio log up here. Now run back down and 
continue down the road. 


A couple of aliens will appear after the first tunnel. Kill them and then two 
monoliths will appear, one on each side of the road. Focus on those before you 
fight off the rest of the aliens. After those are destroyed, kill any aliens 
that are still alive.


Continue down the road and kill a couple of berserkers right after the tunnel. 
Keep running until you get the next objective.


Follow the road until you see a set of stairs go down both sides of it. Go down 
either set of stairs. There is a weapons locker in here so change weapons if 
you would like to. Use your repair module on the generator in the center of 
this room.


Once you run up the stairs and out of this room, look across the chasm for a 
monolith. Focus your fire on this first and the kill a ton of aliens that will 
all climb up from the bottom of the chasm. 


Simply wait for the convoy to get on the elevator and activate it to complete 
this level.

2.07 - Bastion Defenses            RF207


Grab some salvage to the left and use the weapons locker if you would like to 
change your load out. Now run to the right side and use the upgrade station, 
upgrade whichever abilities you like. When ready, run forward until you reach 
the weapon lying on the ground, this will unlock the Banshees. Keep running 
forward until you reach a cutscene.

You will immediately start with creepers all over the place. Stay back here so 
this person who tells you where the power cells are can help you out a little 
in taking them out. Clear out all the creepers in this immediate area before 
moving on. When finished, enter the small building to the right for some 
salvage and an audio log. To collect the power cell from the tower along the 
right wall, just shoot it with the magnet gun and pull it down to your feet.

Pick it up and follow the path to the left while you run down a tunnel. At the 
end of this tunnel, kill a couple of ravagers but focus on the pod they're 
spawning from first. Again, when the area is cleared, shoot the tower with your 
magnet gun and bring it down for the power cell within. Once you collect the 
second power cell, continue along the left wall and climb the stairs to the 
next area.

Kill the pod at top with a couple of ravagers and then a bunch of creepers 
along with a berserker. The creepers and berserker will come out of the tunnel 
behind the pod. Once you kill all of these enemies, follow the wall to the 
right of the tunnel for an audio log. Now enter the tunnel and run down it. 
Follow the path until you reach a force field with some friends in the room.


Simply press the button to the right of the force field.


Use your repair module on the generator directly behind the button to turn off 
the foce field. Once you repair it, a pod will appear above the force field 
that will spit out ravagers. Kill all that come out of it. Now after you kill 
all of the ravagers, repair all of the generators which will have objective 
markers on them. One of the generators will have an audio log right next to it 
so make sure to grab it. 


Once all of the generators are repaired, run back to the switch next to the 
force field and use it again to turn it off. 


Kill the berserker at the end of the tunnel after the cutscene. Run into this 
next room and you will get a couple of alpha creepers and ravagers. There is 
also a monolith in the back so that should be your first priority. You can get 
a good target of it between two large rocks with a plasma rifle or some other 
powerful weapon. Once the monolith is destroyed, kill all of the enemies in 
here. There is an upgrade station at the foot of the tower with the power cell 
you can repair and use. Grab the final power cell from the tower when ready.


Now just head back to the beginning of this level. In the room with the second 
power cell, you will fight another wave of bugs. Kill the monolith first and 
then focus on the ravagers as usual. There will be a couple waves of ravagers 
so make sure to kill them all as they each come out of their pods. Once this 
room is cleared, run down the next tunnel for a cutscene. Kill the monolith 
that will appear right in front of you after the cutscene and then clear the 
room of ravagers. Once empty, continue forward to the objective marker.

2.08 - Water Supplies              RF208


Run forward and save a couple of humans from a few creepers running down the 
tunnel. Circle this room and collect the goodies, including an audio log in one 
of the buildings on the right. There is also a weapons locker to prepare your 
loadout if you want to change something. Once ready, continue down the tunnel 
the creepers came from. Grab the Nano Rifle towards the end of this tunnel. 

This room is difficult since there are a couple of pods at the bottom with 
plenty of creepers all over the room. Stay at the end of the tunnel to start 
and wait for a bunch of creepers in the door. Shoot the floor under them with 
the magnet gun and launch it across the room to get a few easy kills. Now wait 
for them to gather in front of you again and shoot the magnet gun at the big 
pipes in the center and pull them towards you, just make sure to get out of the 
way of the debris by hugging the right wall. 

This should clear most of the area immediately. Simply run forward with your 
repair module to repair the ground in front of you and run down the stairs. 
Make your way all the way to the bottom while killing more creepers and 


Simply clear the area once you reach the ground, make sure to get the pod in 
the back of the room first. 


Simply use your repair module on the four water pumps on the ground here. 


Use your GPS to find the door out of this room and repair the stairs if needed. 
This tunnel will have two berserkers but there are plenty of explosive barrels 
around. Run a little further for a weapons locker and upgrade station, use them 
if you please. Run to the left for some salvage and then take the path to the 
right of the upgrade station. 

Cross the bridge for a little of creepers and some pods. You will see two pods 
on the ground beneath the right side of the bridge you can kill from the 
bridge, one on the other side of the bridge, and the last on the path to the 
right once you cross the bridge. Simply sprint towards these and kil them as 
quickly as you can before creepers get close enough to attack you. Once all 
four pods are destroyed, kill all of the creepers in the room.


Once you hit the bottom, kill any creepers or ravagers left.


Simply use your repair module on the two water pumps on the ground here. 


Use your GPS to find the tunnel you should run down. Run to the end of this 
tunnel and climb down the ladder for the next mission.
3. - Weapons                                                               RF03
Assault Rifle
Primary Fire               - Fire
Description                - Triple barreled, fully automatic rifle. Standard 
                              issue for all Red Faction soldiers.
Unlocked                   - Road to Bastion

Primary Fire               - Fire
Description                - High damage, slow fired dual wield pistols. A
                              favorite of smugglers and salvagers alike. 
Unlocked                   - Bastion Defenses

Charge Launcher
Primary Fire               - Fire
Reload                     - Detonate
Description                - Fires a remote charge that can stick to any 
                              material. Charges must be detonated manually.
Unlocked                   - Outbreak

Magnet Gun
Primary Fire [First Shot]  - Anchor
Primary Fire [Second Shot] - Attracter
Description                - Two-staged salvaging device that, in skilled 
                              hands, can be a formidable weapon.
Unlocked                   - We're Not Alone

Nano Rifle
Primary Fire               - Fire
Description                - Marauder developed rifle that fires a burst of 
                              nanites. Capable of disintegrating most 
Unlocked                   - Water Supplies

Plasma Rifle
Primary Fire [Hold]        - Charge
Primary Fire [Release]     - Fire
Description                - Fires a bolt of plasma that penetrates objects 
                              with destructive force.
Unlocked                   - Road to Bastion

Primary Fire               - Fire
Description                - A standard pump action shotgun, deadly at close 
Unlocked                   - We're Not Alone
4. - Enemies                                                               RF04


  Warriors are your typical cultist enemy. They aren't powerful and won't cause 
  you much trouble unless you allow them to. 

  Shivas are tough cultists to beat but you won't fight them very often, they
  are almost mini-bosses. They are exoskeletons with rocket launchers on them
  that can take a lot of abuse before you kill them.  

  Heralds are similar to warriors except that they carry rocket launchers. Make
  sure to kill these guys quickly and stay away from any falling debris their
  rocket launchers may cause.

Scout Walker
  Scout Walkers are really tough but you really won't face them very often. 
  They have rocket launchers which will blow away cover and tesla power which
  will shock you and quickly deplete your health. Try to stay behind cover and
  repair any they destroy as you fight back.


  Creepers are your typical alien. They aren't overly powerful but are hard to
  kill because they jump around so quickly. They will spit at you but not 
  often. They usually just try to get close and swipe you with their claws.

Alpha Creeper
  Alpha Creepers really are just bigger and stronger creepers, as their name
  would suggest.

  Ravagers are bigger and more powerful but slower than creepers. They can pack
  quite a punch but don't move nearly as fast making them easier to kill even
  though they have more health.

  Monoliths are those huge things that stick out of the ground. They make 
  enemies around them stronger and will shoot at you as well. These should be a 
  priority to kill before anything else.

  Pods are what enemies spawn from. Some pods will stay there until you destroy
  them which should be focused on before any other enemy or enemies will just 
  keep spawning. Some will just appear for a few seconds to spawn a few enemies
  and then disappear immediately after and never return.

  Berserkers are even bigger and more powerful than ravagers. They do a good
  amount of damage and have a lot of health. When they are low on health, they
  will charge you and explode when they are close. Once you kill them, they
  will also explode so make sure to keep a distant. When they are at half 
  health, you should launch them as far away as you can with your magnet gun 
  just to be safe.
5. - Upgrades                                                              RF05

Tier 1

Enemy Health Indicators 
   S.A.M. provides a visual indicator of enemy vital signs.

   Reduces enemy accuracy while you are dodging. Additionally, reduces damages 
   taken while dodging.

Fast Hands 
   Reduces reload times as well as reducing the time it take to switch carried 

Increase Health I 
   Increases your total health.

Recoil Reduction 
   Reduces the negative effects on accuracy that occur with repeated fire.

   The Nano Forge releases a burst of energy that stuns nearby enemies and 
   damages them.

Tier 2

Tier 2 is unlocked upon completing the mission Road to Bastion.

   Salvage is created from dead enemies. 

   The Nano Forge infuses with your energy, temporarily increasing your attack
   speed and damage. 

Dead Eye
   Makes your more accurate, as well as reducing camera shaking while you are
   zoomed in. 

Deep Pockets
   Increases the amount of maximum ammo carried for each weapon. 

Impact Boost
   Increases the power of Impact, giving it higher recharge rate, increased
   damage and a longer range.

Improved Explosives
   Increases the damage done with explosive weaponry. 

Improved Small Arms I
   Increased damage inflicted with non-explosive weaponry.

Last Gasp
   When you are very low on health, you take reduced damage. 

Melee Damage
   Increases the damage and effectiveness of your melee attacks. 

   The Nano Forge creates a sphere of protective energy which stops incoming 
   weapon fire. Enemies within the sphere are attacked by nanites.

Shockwave Boost
   Prerequisite: Shockwave
   Increases the radius, damage, and enemies affected by shockwave, as well as
   reducing cooldown between uses. 

Stopping Power
   Your weapons have more stopping power, and hit with greater force.
6. - Abilities                                                             RF06
   The Nano Forge creates a strong kinetic force which destroys everything in 
   its path.

   The Nano Forge creates a sphere of protective energy which stops incoming 
   weapon fire.

   The Nano Forge releases a burst of energy which stuns and damages nearby 
7. - Audio Logs                                                            RF07

The Terraformer

In the corner behind the building to the right of the bridge you have to 

In the small office just before the last large room of Get to the Turbine Room.

In the back of the second room of Save the Terraformer objective.

We're Not Alone

At the bottom of the cliff in the cave to the left right when you are given the 
Clear the Debris objective.

On the right side of the cave under a building during Get Back to Bastion.


In the destroyed tunnel at the beginning of Get to the Mining Colony.

Along the left wall of the room of Clear the Area.

Road to Bastion

Turn around right when you start the Secure the Elevator objective.

In the area where you will be given the Activate the Excavator objective.

In the first building on the right side of the road during Get to the Gondola 
Station objective.

Once you exit the gondola, take a right and climb this hill, it will be sitting 
at the top. 

Bastion Defenses

In the small building to the right just after the cutscene where the guy tells 
you where the power cells are. 

Right before the tunnel between the second and third power cell, follow the 
wall to the right. 

Next to one of the generators you repair to turn off the force field. 

Water Supplies

In the second building to the right from the start of the mission. 
8. - Trophies/Achievements                                                 RF08
Please Note - There are achievements for the PC version, although they aren't 
Steam Achievements. There are also achievements for XBox 360 and trophies for 
PS3 though. As a result, I will include this section as I want to help as many 
people as possible. In this section, I will list the name of the trophy or 
achievement. Then in parenthesis after the name, I will list which trophy and 
then how many gamer points you get for it. After that, I will include the 

All For One, One For All (Silver, 25)
   Finish a 4 player Infestation game beyond wave 9 without anyone bleeding 

Back At Ya! (Bronze, 20)
   Make an enemy kill themselves while shooting at your Shell.

Boom Goes The Dynamite (Bronze, 10)
   Kill 2 other enemies with a single exploding Berserker.

Breathe Easy (Silver, 30)
   Put an end to the threat, once and for all.

Bug Hunt (Bronze, 20)
   Finish at least one wave on each map in Infestation.

Catch! (Silver, 30)
   Use the Magnet Gun to fling debris BACK at a Tentacle.

Cheater! (Bronze, 20)
   Buy a Cheat.

Chronicler (Silver, 25)
   Listen to 40 Audio Logs.

Commando (Silver, 50)
   Finish waves 1 through 20 on any map in Infestation.

Crack Shot (Bronze, 10)
   Kill a Wraith before it re-stealths.

Crusader (Bronze, 15)
   Kill 175 enemies while in the L.E.O. exoskeleton.

Exterminator (Bronze, 15)
   Destroy 100 Pods while piloting the Mantis.

Family Business (Bronze, 20)
   Defeat the Mantis.

Field Surgeon (Bronze, 15)
   Perform Revival 25 times in Infestation.

Haymaker (Bronze, 10)
   Kill 5 enemies in one shot with Impact.

Hit 'N Run (Bronze, 15)
   Kill an enemy by ramming them with the Inferno GX.

Hold Still (Bronze, 10)
   Kill 6 enemies in one use of Shockwave.

Honorary Mason (Gold, 75)
   Finish waves 1 through 30 on any map in Infestation.

I Need A Nap (Gold, 75)
   Finish the Single Player game on Insane Difficulty.

I'm All You've Got (Bronze, 15)
   Defend the Red Faction.

In. The. Face! (Silver, 25)
   Kill one of each enemy type with the Maul.

It's All In The Wrist (Bronze, 15)
   Send an enemy at least 30 meters with Impact.

Knock, Knock (Bronze, 15)
   Open up the secret entrance.

Liftoff (Bronze, 10)
   Send an enemy at least 50 meters with the Magnet Gun.

Lock And Load (Bronze, 20)
   Keep Berserk active for at least 21 seconds in one use.

Losses (Bronze, 15)
   Make it through to the lair.

Martian Can Opener (Silver, 40)
   Buy every Upgrade.

Martian Drive-By (Bronze, 15)
   Kill 100 enemies while in the Marauder Scout Walker.

Martian Matchmaker (Bronze, 10)
   Fire an enemy into another enemy with the Magnet Gun.

Money Well Spent (Bronze, 15) 
   Buy out any one Upgrade ring.

Must Go Faster (Bronze, 15)
   Travel to the Marauder homelands.

Nanergy! (Silver, 30)
   Gather 25,000 total salvage.

Old Friends, Older Enemies (Bronze, 15)
   Safely escort Winters through the depths.

One Big, Ugly Motha... (Bronze, 20)
   Defeat the source of it all.

Ooooh Yeah! (Bronze, 10)
   Kill 5 enemies with one L.E.O. shoulder bash.

Plan B (Bronze, 15)
   Find out how to reach the lair.

Red Faction: Armageddon Master (Platinum, PS3 Only)
   Unlock all Trophies in Red Faction: Armageddon

Salvager (Bronze, 20)
   Find 200 piles of salvage.

Secrets Long Buried (Bronze, 10)
   Remove the Seal.

Soldier (Bronze, 25)
   Finish waves 1 through 10 on any map in Infestation.

Survival of the Fittest (Bronze, 15)
   Make it to the surface.

That Coulda Gone Better (Silver, 30)
   Finish the Single Player game on Hard Difficulty.

Things Fall Apart (Bronze, 20)
   Destroy the Water Filtration Plant.

Unto The Breach (Bronze, 15)
   Gain entry into the Terraformer.

Vanguard (Bronze, 15)
   Escort the convoy.

We're Not Alone (Bronze, 10)
   Make it back to civilization.

Weather The Storm (Bronze, 15)
   Destroy the Jamming Devices.

What Is Best In Life? (Bronze, 15)
   Perform melee finishers on 25 Creepers (single player only).

Zero G War (Bronze, 20)
   Kill 50 Shockwaved enemies before they hit the ground.
9. - Contact                                                               RF09
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10. - Disclaimer                                                           RF10
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