Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City: FAQ/Walkthrough

       ´╗┐Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City FAQ/Walkthrough by Ultimate_Finale
Version 0.25, Last Updated 2012-03-23 
Table of Contents

   1. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough/FAQ
   2. Version History
   3. Introduction
   4. Characters
         1. Bertha (Medic)
         2. Vector (Recon)
         3. Spectre (Surveillance)
         4. Lupo (Assault)
   5. Walkthrough
         1. Mission 1: Containment
   6. Mission 2: Corruption

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough/FAQ by Ultimate_Finale (Jack Birch) E-mail:, g-mail:
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough/FAQ
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Version History

0.25 - Started the guide

Next update (0.5) - Add controls, finish some more levels, finsih the character section

Hello and welcome to my Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough/FAQ. This is my 3rd guide (2nd guide currently in writing) during my time on GameFAQS. If you have any suggestions or you see an error than please contact me at the above e-mails.

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There is a total of 6 characters you can choose from on RE:ORC. This section will tell you about them.
Bertha (Medic)

Michaela 'BERTHA' Schneider finds pleasure in pain. After an unsuccessful return to civilian life, this disciplined former soldier with a devotion to medicine, eagerly joined Wolfpack as their medic when she was assured anesthetic would be considered a luxury and not a priority.
Vector (Recon)

Vector's file remains largely confidential, his true identity is hidden. Training at Rockfort Island he developed his lethal martial art ability and elite skill for reconassaince. As a covert operative, his achievements in-the-field are only matched by his former master, HUNK.
Spectre (Surveillance)

A veteran of the Cold War, former spy. Vladimir 'Spectre' Bodrovski was moved to Umbrella's European wing for unknown reasons. The premier surveillance expert of the U.S.S, he was transferred to Wolfpack when the upper echelon of Umbrella management realized his skills could greatly benefit them.
Lupo (Assault)

A former French Special Forces Op, Karen 'Lupo' Lesproux speacializes in weaponry. Lured by money, Lupo joined Umbrella and leads Woldpack. Her knowledge in the field makes her highly trusted by her team. She looks out for them, like a wolf looks out for her cubs, which has made the team affectionately call her "Wolf Mother"

When you come you up to the main menu, select CAMPAIGN and then choose whether you want to play privately or publicly. Once you have chosen, select what difficulty you want:

Casual (Easy mode) - Enemies will have miniscule health and deal minor damage.

Normal - Enemies will have average health and deal average damage. (Recommended for either new RE: ORC players or people who want a bit of a challenge and enjoy the game.

Veteran (Hard mode) - Enemies will have more health than normal and will deal a lot of damage. (Around 3 hits to get killed)

Professional - Enemies will have the highest HP setting and will nearly kill you in one hit.

After you choose your character, set up your squad and, if you want to, spend your XP on something. Once you are done press 'START' to start the game.
Mission 1: Containment
First Aid Spray
Frag Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Green Herb
Raccoon City Mascot

MISSION BRIEF Welcome to your first mission. In this mission you have to find Birkin and secure some samples.

After you have watched the scene you will start in the elevator. Lets take this time for me to tell you the HUD:

Bottom right is your health, ammo and bullets in your clip. Your health is the green circle, the bullets in your clip is the little bullets underneath the big bullet and the big bullet is the amount of ammo you have.

Top right is your map, use it for if you get lost.

Bottom left is your item shortcuts, each button on your d-pad will have an item mapped to it (First Aid Spray, grenade etc.)

Once you are finished in the elevator, go up to the desk to find a First Aid Spray in the bin and then go round to find some ammo next to the chair. To the right of the door where HUNK and your squad is, you can find some Data (these will prove Umbrella's involvement in the Raccoon City outbreak). Once you are ready, go through the door and down the stairs to your left to see a B.O.W, some mercs will come into the room and try to kill you. Take cover next to the railing and pop up to shoot them. Some more will come across the rail above the once on the ground, use the same tactic as before to kill them. Once they are all dead (told by HUNK), pick up the ammo on the floor near you then go down the stairs. Follow HUNK into cover and kill the guys that come using the same pop up tactic as before. To the left of the B.O.W container near you is a Green Herb. If you need some ammo, there is an ammo box next to you. Go down the stairs and across the room into some more cover and you will some more baddies for you to kill. To the left of the stairs is a Frag Grenade, to the right is a Green Herb for you to nab. Once they are all dead, head down the stairs and pick up the Green Herb right in front of you. Once everyone is dead go towards the stairs and pick up the First Aid Spray if you haven't already got one.

Go through the large door at the end of the room and go through the corridor, there is a Green Herb near the corner straight ahead of you and some ammo right in the corner in case you run out. Also, near the Green Herb is some Data on the desk for you to pick up. Continue to the end of the corridor and then go right and you should reach a dead end with some ammo, a Frag Grenade, a First Aid Spray and an Incendiary Grenade. Once you have finished, continue onwards and go down the stairs, their is 2 Green Herbs for you to pick up while you go down these stairs. Once you reach the bottom you can quickly search the room before the alarm goes off. There is a First Aid Spray on the couch, a Frag Grenade at the back behind some cover, a Raccoon City Mascot + 350XP also at the back of the room and some Data on the table. Once you have rinsed this room go through the large door which HUNK is next to and go through the corridor until you reach a laboratory. Go left and interact with the Laptop which can be used to turn in data that you've collected and give you unlockables and XP. Go to the top right of the room to find some more Data and a First Aid Spray nearby. Go across to the other side of the room and pick up the Green Herb then continue onward with your squad to trigger a scene.

Wait until the door gets blown off by Birkin's Spec Ops. Run into the room and take cover and use the pop up tactic to kill them all. If you get injured a lot then there is a Green Herb to the left of the door you entered from to heal. Go right from the door you entered from then left to find a Frag Grenade in the corner of the room, a Incendiary Grenade to the left of the frag and a First Aid Spray behind you. Once you are done in this room, go onto the elevator to proceed with the mission.

You will arrive in a large room, there is a First Aid Spray in front of you on the transport cart, a Green Herb to your right, go all the way to the right of the room to find some Data on top of some crates, there is also some ammo to the left of the data, inbetween 2 containers. Continue onwards and pick up the Frag Grenade in front of you then go forward a bit to trigger a scene.

For people who have played the previous Resident Evil games then you will know who it is, if you haven't then (READ ONLY IF YOU WANT TO):
SPOILER! Highlight to View

It is Birkin, the guy from before

Anyway, pick up the Green Herb if you want to then go up and right to find some Data on some boxes and some right at the end. There is also a Green Herb near the end behind some crates and a First Aid Spray. Then go all way towards the smoke then right through the door. Proceed through the corridor and avoid all the smoke until you reach the end and trigger a scene.

Right, now don't fight this tough bastard head on, instead shoot it's eye to slow it down while you try to escape, if you don't you will die. Continue to shoot it's eye and run until you reach the end of the corridor. Go through the door and rendevous with HUNK and you will be attacked by some enemies. Once they are all dead, go round to where the enemies were and collect the Data.

Go through the corridor and you will be greeted by a dog, kill it then continue onwards through the door. You will be greeted by another dog, kill that one then go right until you reach a door, go through the door to find some ammo, First Aid Spray and a Laptop.

Open the following door and take cover, use the pop up tactic from before to take out all the enemies that come for you. Continue onwards until you get ambushed by Birkin, you will have to move your left stick according to what it says on the screen (right for me) to get up then run away by shooting its eye to slow it down. Once you reach the door, you will have to hold off Birkin until it opens, do this by continuing to shoot its eye. Once the door is open, pick up the ammo is you need to and pick up the Green Herb behind the table. Continue to run away from Birkin until you reach the end of the corridor to finish the mission.
Mission 2: Corruption

When you get to the squad screen, I recommend you use; Lupo (main person), Spectre, Bertha and Beltway for this mission. When you have chosen your squad, buy new guns or abilities if you want with the XP you gained from the previous mission (I had around 4000XP). When you are ready, begin the mission.

MISSION BRIEF Your mission here is to destroy some evidence in Raccoon City's City Hall that links Umbrella to the outbreak.

You will start on top of some stairs. Go down the stairs then go right until you reach a door, go right of the door and enter the room to get some Data and a First Aid Spray behind you (after you picked up the data) then go through the door with your team to continue. When you open the door, go left and pick up the Antiviral Spray then go forwards and through another door to get to another room. Pretty messy state right? Anyway, go right and pick up the Data on the shelf and then go up the stairs and through the door, then through another one.

Congratulations! You have seen your first zombie in this game! The best advice I can give you, and is pretty knowledgable if you're a zombie fan, shoot the head. It has the most damage output than shooting them in their legs or chest. Once you have cleared the room out of zombies