Sacred 2: Fallen Angel: FAQ/Walkthrough

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            \__ \ /(__)\( (__  )   / )__)  )(_) )   / _/ 
            (___/(__)(__)\___)(_)\_)(____)(____/   (____)

   ____  __    __    __    ____  _  _      __    _  _  ___  ____  __   
  ( ___)/__\  (  )  (  )  ( ___)( \( )    /__\  ( \( )/ __)( ___)(  )  
   )__)/(__)\  )(__  )(__  )__)  )  (    /(__)\  )  (( (_-. )__)  )(__ 
  (__)(__)(__)(____)(____)(____)(_)\_)  (__)(__)(_)\_)\___/(____)(____)

                         Walkthrough by: Bacterx
			      Version: 1.30
                      Last Updated: July 23, 2009

Note: items in [brackets] are put there for easier searching. If you want to 
skip right to Charaters, for instance, type in [CRS]. 

SPECIAL THIRD EDITION NOTE: Bacter has now completed his first glorious slog
through Ancaria. Please still read the opening notes!


Thanks a ton to:

Tyler Janssen
Vincent Fenijn (
Sean Bean
Shonba Ram

For their  contributions! ROUND OF APPLAUSE EVERYBODY



[INT] Introduction
[NOT] Opening Notes
[STR] Getting Started
[CTL] Controller/buttons
[HUD] Heads Up Display 101
[MNU] Menus (options menu, action menu, character menu, world map)
[PVP] Online/PVP settings
[CRS] Characters
        [SRM] Seraphim
        [DRD] Dryad
        [SWR] Shadow Warrior
        [INQ] Inquisitor
        [HLF] High Elf
        [TPG] Temple Guardian
[GDS] Gods
[EMS] Enemies
[LCN] Locations
	[TYL] Part 1: Tyr Lysia
	[BGR] Part 2: Bengaresh
	[JGL] Part 3: Jungle
	[ART] Part 4: Artamark
	[NPL] Part 5: Nor Plat
	[SER] Part 6: Seraphyria
	[DRG] Part 7: Dragon Isles
	[SWP] Part 8: The Swamp
	[DYR] Part 9: Dyr-Laigh
	[WST] Part 10: Wastelands
[QST] Quests
        [244] Epic Office Quest
	[363] Unique Mounts Quest
[MQT] Main Quest Guide     
[CBT] Combat/Strategy
[CAR] Combat Arts
[WPS] Weapons
[ARM] Armor
[BKS] Books
[TMP] Temple of the Gods Locations
[BOS] Boss Locations
[RUN] Runes
[SKL] Skills
[RLS] Relics
[PTN] Potions
[MSC] Miscellaneous Items
[HRS] Horses/Mounts
[CMB] Combinations
[ACH] Achievements
[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
[RKS] Closing Remarks
[CPW] Copywight Information




Alright well welcome to the wide, expansive, sprawling, fantasy world of Sacred
2! It is going to be a long, tough journey, with only your instincts, moral
compass, trigger finger, and myself, your humble guide, standing between you
and death in the form of a horde of slavering monsters and horrible conspiracy!

The world of Sacred 2, or Arcania as we'll call it from here on out, is tipping
on the brink of conflict. There is this stuff called T-energy, which is
basically magic. From this point on we shall refer to it as moonjuice,
because that is hilarious. The Seraphim guarded it since time immemorial, and
then one day decided to pass it off to the High Elves. HUGE mistake! The elves
used it to further their civilization, and the other peoples warred against
them. Because of their vast reserves of moonjuice, however, the High Elves won.
The war totalled the continent, caused the High Elves to build this huge wall
to keep out humans, and triggered an ongoing High Elf civil war which could 
bubble over into larger conflict at any time.

To add to this, moonjuice, which was originally a power for creation, is
growing out of control and poisoning the lands. It's a delicate time for the
land, and one in which a hero or villain could cause a huge change. YOU ARE 
THAT HERO OR VILLAIN. Let's get to it!



        Opening Notes


Alright well obviously this game is enormous, and any document which purports
to be a general walk-through will have to be likewise enormous. I have tried
to focus this guide into condensing and summarizing the information into
useful categories. The main part of this guide will be the locations, as they
will detail everywhere your character can go, along with what can be done
there. Some quests are really hard to find, and this will help with that too.

ALRIGHT troops! Bacter has completed a single, triumphant run through the game.
Here I present to you what I earnestly believe to be everything that there is
to do as a Light-aligned Temple Guardian who worships Lumen.

I now plan to work through as a Shadow Dryad, to see what quests are only
available to dark aligned characters, and to get the Dryad specific quests.

WHAT YOU GET by helping me: You get to not have to do all this crap that I
just did. It is way easier to write down differences than note everything.
You also get EXTENSIVE credits for helping, not just at a little section
in the bottom. I'll put you on the TOP.

WHAT I GET: I don't have to do the stuff you do.

I'd like this to be the framework we build an excellent guide off of. 

Please note that I know I skipped some numbers in the quests, but re-writing
it is such a pain I'm saving it for the next ed. Sorry!


* Ok so this is a fun game but it is also enormous. There is a ton to see and 
to do, so it might behoove you to get a little familiar with the shape of my
guide. I have tried to keep redundant information out as much as possible, so
I have divided up the guide essentially by region. In each region you can find
things to do, people to know, and monsters to kill. I have obviously summarized
a lot here. There are hundreds of encounters I don't detail, simply because
that would make this guide SO massive.

* For explanations of what various attributes do and which skills are more or
less worthwhile, check the strategy section.

* Lexicon: I am using a few terms of my own to substitute for the game's terms.
These include:

        Moonjuice: T-energy
	Follow Your Nose: Look at the minimap to see the quest circle. Go there

* I just felt that, since this didn't fit well in any other section, I wanted
to make it a matter of public record here that I find the character
customization hilarious. You can change the hair color to like three different
colors, and make it short or long. Woooo!

* In sections where I detail things by race, I always follow the left-to-right
order that you can pick characters in on the loading screen: Seraphim, Dryad,
Shadow Warrior, Inquisitor, High Elf, Temple Guardian. If you are having
trouble finding your race, that's the order they are going to be in.

* I don't have a HDTV, and I found that tinkering with the gamma and the
brightness settings (making each a little higher, specifically) GREATLY
improved the readability of the text. Just saying!

* Beyond a basic description I have left out PVP strategies. I may add this in
a later version but I felt it wasn't truly the domain of a "walkthrough".



        Getting Started

Ok so this is the catchall category for getting started. Once you load up the
game you will be prompted to press start. Do so and you move on to getting a
character, after you are told that you need a Gold account to access some
multiplayer features. Up next is the CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN.

Here you see a picture of your character. You can switch classes with the L and
R trigger buttons until you find the one you want. If the options are not 
darkened at the bottom of the screen, X changes haircolor and Y changes
hairstyle, though these customization options are somewhat... lacking. Once
that's chosen, press A to accept. 

Pick a name, and press start to move on. Next you are prompted to pick a
campaign and a deity. THIS WILL MATTER A GREAT DEAL IN THE GAME. Choose if you
want to be good (light) or evil (chaos). Note that Inquisitors and Seraphim do
not have this choice. Next pick your deity- this can influence some quests and
will change some status boosts you get during the course of the game. See
the gods section and the main walkthrough for light/dark campaigns for more

From this point you are given a menu of options. Note that this will be your
default screen after your first time creating a character!
      * Achievements lets you see all the achievements you've earned so far 
        (which, if you're reading this section, is probably none). 
      * Leaderboards show the top players for multiplayer online PVP.

      * Options lets you adjust game settings such as vibration, camera motion,
        and if you want a tutorial, audio settings, and display settings. If
        you, like me, don't have an HTTV you might want to tinker around with
        display settings to help readability of the text.

      * Start game, Continue game, and Select Character are pretty self-
        explanatory. You can have up to 8 characters. Note that to create
        a new character, go to the "select character" option and hit right
        trigger to get to the "create a new character" option.

      * Credits for those who like to give credit where it's due and applaud
        the creators of this fine game!

When you click Start Game (as you probably should), you are given three
options. Only Create Game relates to the single player experiance, and if you
want the story of the game pick it. Quick Match and Custom Match are for online
PVP experiances, and are covered more in the PVP section.

Under Create game, you can pick if you want New Campaign, which starts you in
the beginning of the game proper with the main quest all laid out before you, 
Free World which lets you explore Arcania without all the bother of the main
quest hanging over your head (there are side quests in this mode), or Free
World PVP which lets you brawl PVP style. Since again the bulk of this 
walkthrough is centered around the main campaign, not PVP, we will assume
you've picked "New Campaign".

Also present here is the difficulty: it's recommended that you start with 
bronze. Each difficulty level requires a character of a certain level to 
join, the levels are:

*Bronze, 1-200
*Silver, 1-200
*Gold, 60-200
*Platinum, 100-200
*Niob, 140-200

Also note you must complete a silver campaign to choose a gold campaign, a
gold campaign to complete a platinum campaign, and a platinum campaign to
choose a Niob Campaign.

You can also specify if you want to be on or offline, if you are online
players have the option of joining and some PVP experiances are allowed. Also
set your Join policty to private (where random people can't join), or public,
which lets people join in. Level Gap lets you pick how close to your level you
want people who join the campaign to be. This shouldn't be too large or there
will be problems within the party!

Once that's all set, hit A and you are transported into the world of Arcania.




This section is just a quick rundown of what the default settings for various
actions are in the game. Don't forget to use all your action slots to make
battles MUCH easier!

Left Trigger (LT): Switches action slots to Set 3

Left Button (LB): Interact

Right Trigger (RT): Switches action slots to Set 2

Right Button (RB): Action Menu

Start (ST): Options Menu

Back (BK): World Map/Teleport, closes menus

Left Analog (L): Move Character

Left Analog Push Down (LP): Opponent Information

Right Analog (R): Move Camera

Right Analog Push Down (RP): Orient Camera North

Left Arrow Key (<-): Potion Slot

Right Arrow Key (->): Potion Slot

Down Arrow Key (\/): Potion Slot

Up Arrow Key (^): Divine Gift

Xbox Button (XBX): Open Dashboard

X,Y,A,B Buttons (X,Y,A,B): Player-set action slots (set 1)



        Heads Up Display 101

The HUD is your best friend on the battlefield, quickly summarizing all the
information you need to know to fight well. The main portion of the screen
shows your character, the objects, people, and mosters around him, and, you 
know, the stuff they are doing. 

On the top right of the screen you will see your portrait surrounded by a
circle, half green and half red. The red half of the circle shows your current
health. You want it to be full, when it empties you are toast. The green half
shows your current experiance. When it fills up, you gain a level!

The bottom-right shows two sets of four circles. The rightmost set of four
circles shows your action slots. These can be switched by the RT and LT buttons
they are activated by pressing the button from the XYAB button set that matches
the position of the circle. These can be changed in the character menu as well.
The leftmost set of circles shows your potion and divine gift slots. The left,
right, and bottom circles show potions while the topmost one shows your divine
gift. These are activated by pressing the arrow key that corresponds to their

In the top-left of your screen is the minimap, which contains all the
information about your immediate surroundings. You may see on it:

Golden arrows: These are main quest quests. Move in the direction they point.
Silver arrows: Side quests
Blue arrows: Special quests specifically for your character type
Red Arrow: An enemy!
Question mark: A quest giver. The color matches the quest type (as above)
Exclamation point: Somebody who is ready to give you a reward. Find them!
Circle: Quest target, you are close to the target for the quest
Bag: Merchant
Hammer and Anvil: Blacksmith
Little symbol that I think looks like a guy shrugging: Runemaster
Horseshoe: Horse Trader
Dark Gray Peg: Inactivated Resurrection Monolith: activate it to resurrect here
Blue Peg: Activated Resurrection Monolith: you'll appear here if you die
Blue Doorway: Teleporter- use these to move around quickly
Dark Stone Door: Entrance to a dungeon
Chest: Hero Chest: Put items in here to pick them up from any hero chest.




This section is a quick overview to how to use the options menu, active menu,
and world map. Much of this is covered in the intro tutorial, but I know that
some people don't like taking directions until it's too late :D. That being


        Options Menu	

The options menu can be accessed at any time by pressing the start button. It
will give access to a variety of menus, which can be toggled back and forth
with the LT and RT buttons. It will not pause the game! The menus are

-Game Options

This menu allows you to turn on and off vibration, adjust the camera angle, 
adjust the gore level, and turn on and off the tutorial as well as saving and
leaving the game


This meuu adjusts damage details (if you are informed of experiance gained by
attacks or all relevant information), how potions are ordered (the most in line
with your alignment first or the strongest first), what should be collected
with the collection button (either everything or various levels of rarity), 
and if the hero flag should be active


These menus allows the player to adjust various graphics and sound options in 
the game, much like the main menu options


This allows for switching between various servers, and joining different games.


        Action Menu

Access this at any time by pressing the RB. It opens a circle on the screen. 
From here, the desired menu is chosen by moving the left analog stick in the
direction of the desired menu and releasing the RB. The menus which can be 
chosen are:


This menu shows the weapons, armor, relics, miscellaneous items, mounts, 
potions, and set values that the character has. The different menus are
navigated between with the left analog stick. Any item can be shown with more
information by pressing the RB.

-Combat Arts

Shows the arts that are available to you and that you have learned. There are
three possible levels per art, and they will be designated by the circles
underneath. Skills that can be added to will not be faded, skills that are
unavailable will be faded. Also at the bottom combinations are shown. 

-Quest Log

This shows the various quests you have active. You can select the quest you 
would like to be "active", in other words to show pointers on the maps for.
Using the RT you can also get to the books that you've collected and read


See a list of basic stats about your character, including alignment, deity,
enemies defeated, times died, experience, etc. 


From here you can see your "vital stats": Strength, Stamina, Vitality,
Dexterity, Intelligence, and Willpower. 

-Summon Mount

Call your noble steed, or big lizard, or wheel, or whatever it is you ride.

	Character Menu
You can access the character menu by getting to either the inventory, overview,
combat arts or combat arts menu. Essentially the character menu is just all of
these menus and also a "skills" menu, which details the skills your character
knows. They are all linked together by the LT and RT buttons.

        World Map 

Click BK anytime to access the world map. This uses the same symbols
as the minimap. The most useful feature of this map is teleporting. You can
teleport between teleporters anywhere across Arcania, or, in multiplayer games,
you can teleport to the game leader. This can be done anytime, as long as you
are not in immediate danger (IE there are monsters close to you).



	Player Vs. Player and Online Settings

This section is shorter than the singe player walkthrough, both because I am a
shut-in misanthrope who detests human contact and because I feel like there is
less to walk through. The multiplayer experiance was meant to 1) augment the
single player experiance by letting you tackle the challenges with friends, and
2) provide challenges in the form of PVP combat, where you take on other 
characters. The main quest is essentially the same (though more social) as the
single player campaign, and PVP is just a romping good time pounding on other
player characters. As such individual style and move sets are going to be much
more important than anything I could tell you. I guess what I'm saying is that
in this guide I'll summarize how to set up PVP, but I'll leave the actual
playing to you, or anybody who wants to publish a "how-to" for creating 
uber characters. 

The quickest way to set up a multiplayer experiance is with the "continue
playing" option in the main menu. It starts the game in single player, but you
can choose to invite friends too. If you choose "start game", you should choose
to not play alone to allow other characters in. You can start the game as a
single player; players who join will immeditally appear right next to you and
can pick up from there. 

If you are the game creator, you must stay in the game or else it will end 
(you are essentially the server for all other players), and so it's important
that you have a stable internet connection. Other players can come and go as
they please.

Campaign Mode: 
All players who join a campaign are part of the same team, and hence must be
of the same alignment. The only statistics affected by a campaign game are
those of the creator, but any member can start quests or advance the plot. 

Free World:
Characters can choose their party, and explore at their leisure. This is not
specifically designed for PVP but does not prohibit it.

Free world PVP:
Every character who joins is a member of a new party, which allows for a battle

Note that two people playing on the same console can also play with online
characters (i.e. internet play and 2P mode are mutually supported), but two
characters playing on the same console must be on the same team.


Two heroes who are in the same game and both online can trade items. One player
must approach the other and press interact, and the other one also presses
interact to confirm. The game is saved and checked, and trading can then take




This section deals with the different character types the player can pick, 
their powers, mounts, and general strategies. Also included in each are
alignment information and any quests that only one race can specifically


*SERAPHIM: The ancient caretakers of moonjuice, these beautiful warriors are
the essence of goodness and decency. They are tall, beautiful, with long
flowing hair, pupil-less eyes, and ridiculous proportions. She is as
comfortable with a sword as she is with casting a fistful of magic!
-Alignment: Because these beings are the essence of goodness and decency, they 
            can only choose a good alignment.

-Gods: They can only choose good Gods. That's Lumen, Kybele, or Forens.

-Mount: The Seraphim gets a Sabertooth tiger as a mount. Awesome! 

-Moves: The Seraphim has three Tracks to gain moves on: Exalted Warrior for 
        hack n' slash, Celestial Magic for casters, and Revered Technology for
        a Technical player. See the moves section for more details.

-Notes: The Seraphim is a good all-around player for any player type. Fine for
        beginners, just make sure you don't want to be evil if you play one!
        They are good at casting or fighting.



*DRYAD: Archer extrodionaire, the Dryads are High Elves that got sick of the
exploitation of moonjuice and withdrew to western isles to escape the main
High Elf civilization. She focuses on nature magic.

-Alignment: A dryad can choose either good or evil alignment. 

-Gods: A dryad can pick any god, depending on what alignment they choose.

-Mount: The Dryad's mount is a giant monitor lizard. 

-Moves: A Dryad has three Tracks: Capricious Hunter focuses on ranged battle
        powers, Cabilistic Voodoo is dark magic that drains health from 
        enemies, and Nature Weaver uses status effects to hinder enemies. See
        the moves section for more details!

-Notes: Not for beginners! The Dryad has weak magic in the beginning of the
        game and learning ranged combat can be tricky. With a little help, 
        however, the Dryad can be a powerhouse. Also note that this class can
        use shrunken heads, which are unique equippable items that give some
        kind of status boost. See the heads section for more details. 



*SHADOW WARRIOR: Oh uh it is angsty zombie time! These guys are the tanks of
the game. They can wear the shiniest armor and wield the biggest hammers. They
were warriors who fought hard during their lives and should have been able to
enjoy the afterlife, but were dragged back by either a High Elf or Inquisitor
for service. They long for the sweet release of death and etc.

-Alignment: Salvation or damnation, it's up to you if you choose a Shadow 
            Warrior. These can be either alignment.

-Gods: Because they can choose either alignment, Shadow Warriors can choose any
       God (appropriate to their alignment)

-Mount: A Shadow Warrior gets a big 'ol angry demon gorilla called a Hellhound.

-Moves: There are three moves tracks, which are all based around hitting your
        enemies really, really hard. Death Warrior is not subtle, it is just
        the "hit them harder than they hit you by a lot" track. Malevolent
        Champion is for your more agile brutes, and Astral Lord lets you call
        up your dead buddies to help you out. See the moves section for more

-Notes: This is the ultimate beginner class (it is also awesome, so don't take
        "beginner" to mean "only for newbies"). You can get access to really
        fun weapons/armor, and bashing your enemies never really gets old!
        Don't look to be an arch-mage, you're focused on physical damage.



*Inquisitor: Yeah nobody really doubts that these guys are evil. Not ONLY do
they wear black robes and skulk around, they insist on saying things like how
they are really intelligent and so should be able to do whatever they want to
"lesser races". That's pretty troubling. Also there is the whole "can only
choose evil alignment" thing. Well anyway, these guys are fine casters and fun
to play if you don't mind being a jerk! They LOVE the moonjuice, as much as the
dryads hate it.

-Alignment: The nefarious and vile Inquisitor can only choose evil alignment.

-Gods: Owing as to how they are so vile and all, they can only choose dark Gods
       Those are Testa, Kuan, and Ker.

-Mount: One of the coolest parts about the Inquisitor for sure, they get a huge
        spider to ride around on. 

-Moves: The Inquisitor has three tracks, all horrible and focused on different
        elements of fighting. Gruesome Inquisition is good for the offensive
        meleer, Astute Supremacy is the magic track and focuses on offensive
        magic, and Nefarious Netherworld focuses on battlefield management,
        draining enemies and using corpses as weapons.

-Notes: The Inquisitor is an offensive powerhouse, good at doing damage and 
        not stopping. In tougher battles healing can be an issue, but if you
        manage him well he can usually drain enough health to keep himself
        going. A fun class and good for intermediate players.



*High Elf: The jerks who started this whole mess to begin with. They are the
true casters of this game. Steeped in moonjuice, power can fly from them like 
none other. They have studied for a lifetime, and they are just SO SICK of
books. They want to get out and BURN stuff, you know?

-Alignment: You can be good or evil as a High Elf, which goes to show the race
            isn't all bad! Just a little power hungry...

-Gods: Take your pick: the High Elf can choose any god! They are of course
       restrained by their alignment.

-Mount: The High Elf gets the somewhat adorable wind serpent. It's ickle!

-Moves: All 3 movesets for the High Elf are based around magic and casting
        magic and MAN WE LOVE MAGIC GET IT? There is Arrant Pyromancer, which
        uses flames to burn everybody to a crisp, Mystic Stormite, which is
        much more defensive and uses ice to weaken enemies and buff up your
        defense, and Delphic Arcana, which is a good all-around spell list that
        supports one of the other types. 

-Notes: The High Elf can be tricky, since even a little melee damage can take
        down even a high-level elf. By that point, of course, nobody should be
        able to get within thirty feet of you without turning into a flaming
        chicken and getting their atoms blown apart, but still... a good type
        for the intermediate player. 



*Temple Guardian: Ok these guys are my personal favorite, if only from a design
perspective. You can be regular elf, wood elf, dark elf, angel, undead fighter,
or ROBOTIC JACKAL SAMUS ARAN. Heck and goodness yes. The Temple Guardians were
created along with the Great Machine and moonjuice by the creator. Their
numbers have dwindled over the years, but they were created to protect the
machine and they still do it. 

-Alignment: The enigmatic Temple Guardians can be good or evil, but are always

-Gods: Take your pick, based on what alignment you pick.

-Mount: You get to ride the Mobiculum! This thing is awesome since it is a
        modern machine powered by moonjuice. You can use your combat arts when
        seated in it!

-Moves: Devout Guardian helps the guardian do lots of damage. He is a competant
        melee fighter. Lost Fusion aids in his blaster attacks, blowing up
        enemies from a distance. Source Warden is more battlefield management,
        as he changes his opponents and his environment!

-Notes: At various places throughout the game you will find batteries, which
        govern your blaster's shots. See the batteris section for details on
        where to find them. The Temple Guardian is excellent as a solo player,
        but can also shine as a supporting character, good for multiplayer.




When picking a character, you also pick what god you will worship. Your choice
gives you various benefits throughout the game. Patron gods can influence some
quests and can give very powerful protection spells, but the spell has a huge
regeneration time. Praying at statues of your god or visiting temples shortens
this length. 


Lumen: The god of light, Lumen is an offensive based choice. With this god's
       blessing, you can shoot powerful beams of searing light. The beams are
       especially useful against undead and mutant creatures.

Kybele: The god of nature, this is a defensive choice. Status effects can be
        reduced and an entire party healed.

Forens: The god of philosophy allows a worshipper to reflect attacks.


Testa: The god of science allows you to be filled with moonjuice, shooting out
       globes of the stuff that heal allies and damage opponents. Offensive AND

Kuan: The god of war, this is great in a battle with swarms of enemies. All
      enemies become confused and attack each other for a time.

Ker: The goddess of chaos calls on a big 'ol angry shackled demon to fight for
     the characters.




Here you'll find chronicled all the fools and mortals who would dare step into
your path as the savior or agent of destruction for Arcania. 

They will be organized as follows: Name: strategy

Note that I name the monsters based on their name as it appears in the 
"last monster killed" section. For bosses, this can be different than their
name in the "boss" section.


     Tyr Lysia

*Brigand: These are just your run of the mill human thieves. They think
your character is easy pickings for their loot bags, and they literally could
not be more wrong. They tend to be melee attackers so if you can take them out
from a distance, fine, but you can probably handle them up close too. Just
keep an eye on your health!

*Small Snapper: A little brown spiky turtle guy who waddles after you. If
you have ranged capabilities, unload them, because he can just melee attack!
Shouldn't be much of a problem, and gives out some coin. 

*Snapper: As small snapper, but less small.

*Inquisition Guard: Ninja-like elves with dark skin and twin katanas, they
look like they put up a better fight than they do. They fall really easily
to ranged or melee attacks.

*Sailor: Read "pirate". They are after gold, and maybe
you have some. They talk all piraty, but are basically a bigger badder version
of the brigand. Not big or bad enough to cause you problems, so watch out for
their ranged attack and waste them. Melee attacks work really well.

*Archer (pirate): Just like their meleeing cousins, this is a
pirate that hates you. This one has a bow and arrow, so close distance and
take them out melee style or use your superior bow skills! 

*Seaman/woman: Sailor v 2.0. Not even that much tougher.
Roll through them with ease, friend.

*Captain: Notable for their cutlass and fancy hat, these
guys are not notable for much else. You may want to make them a priority
target when dealing with swarms of pirates

*Dire Bandit: Nothing really new to report. They have creepier voices, better
ranged weaponry, but this is really just a brigand dressed up all fancy. 
They can sometimes come from multiple directions, so pay attention!

*Malicious Brigand: We start to get tricky with these guys. They will have
hefy melee weapons or good ranged weapons so be prepared to pull out your 
tricks. They will go down, but not without a fight.

*Wolf: Just a wandering beastie. They can run pretty fast so be on your guard
for charges, but they go down easily enough that you don't have to worry too

*Black Wolf: Bigger, angrier brother to the regular wolf. Dealth with in 
pretty much the same way. Just take what we said about regular wolves and be
a little more careful. 

*Timber Wolf: Worse even than the black wolf, I always found these in packs. 
They're very quick, so have some potions handy!

*Wild Boar: A really damaging charge on this one, but it's slow moving if it's
not charging, so take care of it before it notices you!

*Brown Bear: Big lug, shouldn't be much of a challenge. Keep away from the 
claws, and watch out if you accidentally mutate it!

*Grizzly: The beefed up version of Brown Bear. You find these in caves a lot,
and by the time you've noticed it they're clawing out your eyes. Bring your
strong techs to "bear" on these guys (ho ho!)

*Kobold: Little green goblin like guy. They shouldn't put up much of a fight,
even regular brigands can take them down. The only time to be wary is if they
are in huge numbers, or swarm you in a tight space.

*Kobold Shaman: Most troubling when you are tied up with their kobold brethern,
these spiritual leaders lob green spells at you. If you can close distance
with them and take them down do so, otherwise mow through their weaker, less
magic cousins then deal with them.

*Kobold Stone Thrower: This is a highly precise and technical job description
among the kobolds. Given, they are idiots. This is just a kobold who chucks
stones at you- their version of an archer. Take them out.

*Kobold Archer: They finally get it together enough to have bows and arrows
after a few levels. These guys are actually dangerous at range. Close quickly
and break them

*Kobold Chief: A beefier version of your garden variety Kobold. Still not
exactly anything to freak out about. Watch out for their charges, and take them
out after dealing with their minions

*Giant Bat: A cave-dwelling blood sucker, this beast will replentish its
health every time it succesfully attacks you. Have some ranged attacks ready
or just do so much damage so quickly it doesn't matter. 

*Poison Trap: If you don't keep a close eye on your minimap, you might find
yourself stumbling into a poison trap. You'll know because you'll be unable
to lose and getting poisonsed, which is never fun. Take them out quickly so
you can deal with other enemies!

*Cellar Rat: Ah, the humble rat. Ever the low end of the totem pole for video
game baddies. These guys are no exceptions chew 'em up! Often found in caves.
Do watch out for their poison attacks

*Bear Trap: Ouch! Avoid this thing- it'll freeze you in once place and do some
damage too. Your poor leg... Notice it on the minimap first and kill it from

*Mutated Turtle: Kind of a beast. Has really good defense and throws a mean
lightning bolt. Flames will do it in, as will good melee skills.

*Cannon: Try not to stand right in front of them. The slightest tap will send
them toppling but they do lots of damage so make them first priority in a 

*Steelnose Forino: Basically an uber-pirate. By level 5 or so you should have
no problems with him at all. 

*Bloodmouth: The second uber-pirate you'll be dealing with. He's hiding in the
caves in Copper Peaks. Not too much trouble to deal with. Status effects are
great against him, and so are melee attacks.

*Small Earth Elemental: This little whisp of gravel floats along and wants to
pummel you with its tiny fists. Rain on its parade with a quick, strong
attack to dissolve it back to gravel

*Heavy Turtle: A bigger version of the Small Snapper, and fought in exactly
the same way. They have much better protection, so be ready to attack a few
times before they go down.

*Copperpoint gang member: Basically a quest-specific brigand, these guys have
stolen a vegetable merchant's loot. It's up to you to blow them to atoms
and get it back!

*Copperpoint gang leader: MARGINALLY tougher than the gang members. Blast away
from a distance or close in and swing with your sword, this guy shouldn't give
you much trouble.

*Zombie: Probably your first undead fight, these guys shamble around and try
to melee attack you. Being quick on your feet is a bonus, as you can outrun
them and keep the pressure up not letting them land hits.

*Ghost: Floating through the air and attacking you with and ghost claws,
these aren't too much trouble alone but can be a major hassle when confronted
with legions of the undead. Make them a priority target.

*Cannonness: Unique enemy, fight her in the observatory. She is pretty easy,
just attacks with a knife. She summons a Wandering Stome early on, though, and
that means trouble. Take her out quickly!

*Wandering Stome: The stone guardian of the Cannonness. Chucks stones at you
through the battle and has a ton of health. Very slow, so tactical retreats 
from time to time are perfectly acceptible.

*Thief: Kin to the bandits and brigands, the thief can have somewhat heavier
weapons, also wears a kerchief over their mouths, and dies just as easily.

*Wild Boar: I guess the ones you killed earlier were tame boars? Anyway this
guy is much tougher, and has thicker skin. Try to take them out before they
can start digging their tusks into you!

*Spider: A humble spider mutated by t-energy, the spider rushes up and attacks
close range. Low health means it isn't a huge problem.

*Undead Fighter: Skeleton. Has sword, will slash at you. Kind of a challenge
in large numbers. Tanks can handle them without much trouble, but casters
keep an eye on them and keep your distance!

*Undead Archer: Say what you will about them not having any tendons, but these
skeletons can really arch! They are damaging and should be a priority target
in fights.

*Undead Mage: basically an archer minus a few hitpoints plus some pain when
their spells connect. These get even higher priority than the archers, you can
easily pick them out by their glowing staffs.

*Troll: OH MAN BOSS FIGHT! Ok this guy will pick up huge glowing rocks to 
toss at you, run around and generally pound you into the floor. Have plenty of
healing potions at the ready and remember that you have a divine spell to use
if things turn sour!

*Minotaur: A strong melee fighter, it towers over most enemies. Its club can be
quite damaging, so make sure to stay right on the outside of his range. If you
can surprise him from behind, so much the better!

*Highwayman: A brigand by any other name would steal just as much gold and
smell just as bad. That's my theory at least.

*Cold Charley: Leader of the brigands in this neck of the woods. He is just an
uber-bandit. He lives in the brigand camp far to the northwest. Waste him!

*Kobold Chieftain: Just an uber-kobold, noting too strenuous or scary. The
real danger is the troll this guy has with him. Take him out quickly so that
he's not harrassing you during the troll fight.

*The White Griffin: Big and scary looking, and puts up a really tough fight. 
If you stay in close you're going to get stunned a lot, so make sure you always
have enough health to take a few seconds of pounding. Ranged is good here, and
retreating works wonders too. There is a long way to go whittling this guy 
down, so take your time and stay calm. Divine intervention is a great tactic
to use.

*Mutated X: Any monster can get mutated: just have it glowing blue and a little
angrier at you. 

*Inquisition Guard: These femme fatales have two katanas, red leather pants,
and they aren't happy to see you. Fortunately they are very weak, so just
mow them down.

*Officer of the Inquisition Guard: A tougher version of the Inquisition guard,
though still doesn't pack much of a punch. 

*Corrupt Priest: Nothing to worry about. These guys are good at blood
sacrifices, but when it comes to fighting a fully-trained hero they come up
short. There are nine of them and they can swarm if you're not careful.

*Elven Ghost: Snobbish in death as well, these guys refuse to have the same
name or appearance as a common ghost. They keep their original shape
remarkably well. Hit them with fire!

*Lightning tower:  White/blue glowing spheres on pedistals. They are basically
moonjuice turrets

*Wolf Riders: Sure the kobolds might LOOK primitive. But when was the last time
YOU tamed a wolf? Huh? These are kobold cavalry, and very dangerous. Try to 
draw them away from the rest of the kobolds and take them on one on one.

*Undead Centurian: The heavy troops of the undead. Much taller than your 
average man and wielding heavy weapons, these are shock troops and make no
mistake. If you're going to close with them have potions ready, and don't
be ashamed to use your divine gift!

*Alien: This weirdo hangs out in a cave, makes crop circles, and may or may
not be there as a joke. Anyway he is a meleer, and while he can do some decent
damage with his claws, not a big threat. Besides, there's only one of him.

*Rodent: A leveled up cellar rat, this disease infested beast swarms through
the countryside. Put it out of its misery!

*Undead Tribune: Sort of field lieutenants of the undead. These guys stand
taller and wear centurian style hats, and punch a little harder too. They
buff their troops, so make sure they are priority targets. 

*Small Toxic Elemental: A disgusting creature, subsisting on muck and toxic
sludge, indistinguishable from the fraternaty broather, this little guy 
doesn't take too much of a pounding but can poison you, so hit them hard and

*Werewolf: Big strong and fast, sharp of fang and claw, the werewolf can be
a tough enemy. It's best to keep your distance, whittle him down, and not
get pushed into a corner. 

*Dark Rodent: The emo cousin of the regular rodent. Life is a little bit less,
poison is a little bit stronger.

*Cultist: General dark forces worshipper. They are only there to summon bigger
bads, and as such go down pretty quickly. They are still worth taking care of
before engagin whatever monstrocity they summoned.

*Duloriel the Depraved: A truly tough boss if taken on too early. He is
located in a tower on the southeastern side of the northernmost moonjuice
pool of the spills that's visible on your map. He wouldn't be so bad except
for his two spellcasters (see below), but he also does some pretty good 
damage with his sword and has plenty of health.

*Bergenthiar and Mandarir: Duloriel's lieutenants, these are very potent
spellcasters. They will wipe away your health with magic attacks, and when
one of the trio of Duloriel, Bergenthair and Mandarir gets too low on health,
they will cast a powerful healing spell. To be able to win the fight against
them you have to be able to destroy them twice before the heal spell can
recharge. I would suggest tackling this trio only after some extensive
exploration. During my first playthrough, I was defeated by them once, but
won the battle pretty handily after exploring Bengaresh and the Jungle.


*Fire Elemenatal: Got lots of health and a penchant for burning things. Be
wary of prolonged close contact- retreats are fine when facing this brute.
Fire reisistance is obviously a great deal.

*Harpy: These flying monstrocities sound terrifying when they scream. Be
ready for their attacks, especially since they fly in flocks.

*Elite Harpy: In addition to turning blue and getting stronger, elite harpies
leran the trick of throwing magic attacks at you. Make these your priority
targets when facing a flock of harpies.

*Lightning Harpy: Redder than the others, the name really says it all for these
beasts. They throw deadly electrical attacks at you, and should be early
targets so they don't chip away your health while you're busy with the other

*Undead Legionnaire: The medium troops of the undead, above fighers and below

*Keltiar: Dude murdered his brother then tried to attack you. He is NOT a
challenge. Off him.

*Deer: Helpless, kill them for their pelt in one quest. Barely an enemy at all.

*Mummy: The bandaged, walking dead. People in desert climates frequently 
mummified their dead to preserve their bodies along with their memories. Use
flame attacks to finish them quickly.

*Scarab: Desert-dwelling insectiod horrors, these are quick and vicious. Avoid
getting mobbed by staying mobile, and crack their exoskeletons with a strong

*Senate Aide: Nothing you can't handle. Elf with a sword, and they only attack
you on misison 123-4

*Berserker: Shirtless tattoo'd guy with a big 'ol sword. They can take quite
a few hits and keep swinging, so watch out for getting mobbed by them. Magic
works really well.

*Soldier: An armored infantryman- good protection and a heavy weapon. Try to
line them up in a confined space so you're only fighting one at a time.

*Paladin: Heavily armed and armored, you are in for a real good fight indeed
when you take on a Paladin. Bring your A-game and some potions. Buff yourself 
up, cast any draining spells you have, and try to overcome their strength.

*Giant Rat: It is serious trouble if this thing gets into your storehouse.
Think regular rat, but HUGE. Use the same tactics, but beware because it is
quite a bit hardier

*Spitting Spider: Long-distance attacks are never fun, especially not from
something as higly mobile as the Spitting Spider. Pursue them, back them into
a corner, and take them out.

*Blade Spider: BOY these things are creepy. Enormous spiders with cutting legs,
they will rip you to shreds unless you take them out quickly. Distance is

*Dur-rach Krimar: Bedouin desert fighters, deadly with a scimitar, they will
come on you suddenly in numbers and attack fiercely. They are susceptible
to brawn, though.

*Hydra: Oh gosh this three-headed terror just crashes around everywhere
destroying things and biting and stepping on you. It does a TON of damage
so be ready to be on a health potion IV drip. Keep moving and pounding and
you might have a chance at living

*Muduscker: A big swamp bat. It sounds gross, it is gross. It'll keep 
replentishing its life by attacking you, so end it quickly by hitting it hard
or by keeping your distance so it can't land a hit

*Lich: The creme of the crop, undead-wise. These are the best undead
spellcasters, and can raise their troops over and over again. Use their
relative frailty to keep them down during a fight.

*General Teras: He is big and BOY is he mad. An enormous towering skeleton,
he is the lord and commander of all the undead forces in Tyr Lysia. He'll put
up an intense fight, using his buffs and his troops to throw at you while
pounding away with his big sword. Keep your health up, don't be afraid of
using your divine gifts, and he'll eventually crumble.

*Mutated Scarab: I felt these guys deserved special mention, because
besides turning blue and glowing and getting some magic, the transformation
makes the HUGE and terrifying.

*Stone Guard: Mummy-like warriors roaming the desert, angry because somebody
disturbed the tomb of their master. They are adept with both bos and arrow
and hand axe. Dangerous from a distance especially, once you close ranks
and start whaling on them they'll fall without too much trouble.

*Stone Warrior: The heavy troops of the stone guards, these will be seen
carrying a larger weapon. They are quite strong and put up a good fight, so
make them priority targets in desert skirimshes.

*Scorpions: Large red venemous insects, these are a constant desert threat,
though not as deadly as some otehr desert creatrues. Beware their venom!

*Desert Harpy: A deadlier version of the mountain harpies, the desert harpy
can prove very challenging to hit.

*Harpy Queen: Oh gosh this is the worst harpy. Just stuffed full of offensive
power and health, you trace her to her desert lair, eliminate her guards, and
then take her on. Make sure you have plenty of health potions because her
attacks HURT.

*Alpha Warg: Much meaner than your average wolf, these things are out for
blood and are quite adept at drawing it. They are quick but don't take too
much pounding to go down, so stay on them.

*Lion/Lioness: Big predators, and they know it too. Lions and lionesses do not
mess around when it comes to providing themselves with meat. They usually go
down in surprisingly few hits, but the elite ones will take forever to bring
down and will deal out incredible damage the whole time. Try to take down the
weaker members of the pack first.

*Griffin: Majestic looking in the evening sun, the mighty Griffin is the true
master of the plains. It will not hesitate to tear into you with its fierce
claws, so have an escape route ready

*Hunter Spider: fitting in very well with the jungle flora, the hunter spider
is sometimes only seen by the time it's too late. Watch out for swarms!

*Black Panther: Lithe and quick, the panther will rush you and tear with
sharp claws. 

*Dur'Rach Almar: The distance attackers of the desert bandits, these will throw
knives at you while the Krimar tie you up. See if you can break through and
make them your first target!

*Dur'Rach Scarin: The tanks of the desert raiders, these troops are mounted 
atop giant mutant scarabs. They have tremendous damage capability and good
armor, so make sure you have a retreat lined up before engagin them, and 
beware of multiple Scarin

*Ice Elemental: Tempermental and hostile, the ice elemental is most at home
when freezing the crap out of you with blasts from his freeze ray, or pounding
you up close with his ice fists. Heat things up with some fire damage to make
short work of this one.

*Moilos: The lord of the minotaurs and an incredibly strong melee fighter,
it can really help to have an invulnerable sidekick with you when fighting him.
Try to get him trained on attacking them while you attack his back. Keep
your health up, watch for being stunned, and charge!

*Earth Elemental: Not as cute as their smaller cousins, the Earth Elemental
will buff himself up before coming in to take you to pieces. Obviously
elemental resistances are important when fighting them. 

*Fire Elemental: Just this big 'ol burnin' man. Wants to punch you with his
on-fire fists. Elemental resistances are important, as are doing elemental

*Young Dragon: Aw, so cute! These lil' firebreathing tykes attack you both
up close with their claws and teeth and long-range with freballs. They 
shouldn't be too tough, but watch out for them in swarms.

*Dragon: OH MY GOSH not as cute. This monsters has incredibly strong melee
attacks and a fire breath attack that utterly fills the screen. You'll want
to be on a constant health IV. You're kind of in high damage range if you are
in close or out far, because the claws will tear you down just as fast as 
the fire attacks. It helps to have sidekicks when taking on this beast!

*Cursed Priest: Stumbling around after you and giving you a good pounding,
the cursed priest is a high-level undead worthy of your fear. Keep your
distance because their speed is still quite sub-par.

*Garganthropod: You will be lucky if you never encounter a bigger, angrier 
scorpion than this one. He is in the caves in the south of Bengaresh, and he
is just BRISTLING with venom and claws. Sometimes he'll kind of freak out and
turn silver and white, and if that happens you had probably just better run
away for a minute or two while he sorts himself out. He goes down hard, and
to make sure he doesn't get back up again YOU LIGHT HIM ON FIRE. THAT IS 


*Garcema Warrior: One of the peoples living in the jungle, these samurai-like
fighters will swarm you and hack until they bring you down. Despite being
fairly weak individually, they are usually found in larger groups that will
provide a credible challenge.

*Garcema Assassin: A little tougher than your average fighter, the Garcema
Assassin is deadly both at short and long range, serving as the archers of
the Garcema. Take them out first!

*Garcema Shadow Warrior: In the competition for most annying enemy of all time,
these guys are STRONG contenders. Pound on them quickly and they will die, but
if they are at a low amount of health for a long time, they will turn 
transparent. At this point they will still be at your side, pounding away at
you with their dumb swords, but your auto-target doesn't work. You don't really
realize how valuable this has been until now, because it is so hard and
annoying to kill them. 

*Garcema Levin Warrior: A notch above the warrior for toughness, these guys
are the casters and are a bit more rare. Make them a target after you've
taken out the weaker warriors.

*Garcema Daimyo: The leader of a bunch of Garcema, the Daimyo is tough when
with his subordinates, as he buffs them up pretty good. Make sure to make him
a priority target to avoid getting cut to ribbons!

*Hunting Spider: Easily camoflaged, the hunting spider relies on stealth and
speed to make a kill. It's easy to miss this critter in the underbrush until
you are already being ambushed. Its low health means that if you do see it
coming you're probably alright.

*Flying Demon: Looking kind of like a big gray and red angry fish, the flying
demon swoops down to take a big bite out of you. They can be a little over-
whelming if they swarm, so manage them one by one. 

*Jungle Lizard Warrior: An armed and armored lizard, the warrior will charge
you in great numbers, hitting you with their weapon (some kind of femur bone
from their last meal!) While individually not much of a threat, they can be
difficult to hit and are just resilient enough to do a lot of damage if you
let them overwhelm you.

*Jungle Lizard Hunter: The lizard's archer, the hunter will stand back while
warriors are attacking you and fling knives your way. They don't do enough
damage to be a priority target, but try to take them down if you have a few
seconds in between warriors.

*Jungle Lizard Priest: The caster of the lizards, he will freeze you in place
with tangling vines before casting a long-distance poison spell at you, then
dealing more distance damage. Make him a priority target!

*Leader of the Jungle Lizards: Well, he is! Bigger and stronger than the rest,
he's got a spear and something to prove. He'll be a tough opponent, not taking
much damage and doing quite a lot. 


*Assassin: Not too bad, the assassin is a quick fighter, but not one that
should pose much of a threat. Faster than the rest of the bandits, you can
run away to draw them out.

*Exiled Slave: A weak fighter with a painted face, find him in the human lands.

*Gun Turret: Some advanced turret weaponry, this can generate shields and 
fire blasts at you. Take it out quickly!

*Goblin Warrior: Think of these guys as kobolds 2.0. They are still little
ugly and mean, but have a slightly stronger punch. Take them out, but they
are dangerous in hordes.

*Goblin Shaman: The spellcaster of the goblinoids, they will drain you before
attacking with fireballs. Tricky buggers, make them a priority.

*Tusker: The next step up in warthog evolution. Their sharp little horns will
gore you pretty good, so try to take them out fast.

*Dark Temple Knight: The fighter of the "dark temple" series, these guys have
flaming swords and put up quite a decent resistance!

*Dark Archer: The archer of the dark temple bunch, these guys are mostly to
support the knights. You can take out the knights first before dealing with

*Dark Mage: Fireball-packin' dark temple folks, they shouldn't be too much

*Raging Boar: King of all boar-kind, this orange and black mottled terror can
be found northwest of black oaks in the forest. If you have any invulnerable
allies they will be very useful in this battle. Distract him with them then 
move in and pound on him!

*Plague Rat: A diseased little vermin, if you're not careful it'll poison you.

*Dark Paladin: You probably know this guy as the big angry flaming sword man
who wants to cut you to pieces with his flaming sword. If you don't, you will
soon. He is the shock troop of the dark temple, so be ready for a battle when
he charges. Keep healing potions handy.

*Bloodthirsty Werewolf: I guess the other werewolves were pretty blood-quenched
because this one is just bigger and angrier than the others.

*Demon: A big gross looking thing that has a strong melee attack. Watch out 
for them because they are strong fighters! Keep a number of health potions
handy when fighting one.

*Evocator: Kind of a really strong caster who is also a megalomaniac and 
probably crazy too. He'll teleport all over the dang place and cast every
spell in the book at you. He doesn't have a ton of health so if you pour it 
on heavy 

*Ghost X: A human or animal can be a ghost, it's like being a mutant in that
it makes them tougher and harder to hit, but otherwise just like normal.

*Thraconian: A viking, essentially. Good with weapons but not a big threat
unless you're utterly mobbed by them.

*Banshee: A true undead terror, the banshee wails out of nowhere at you and
swipes with its powerful claws and spells until you are a bloody pulp. If you
aren't a significant number of levels higher than it, make sure to bring in
lots and lots of health potions. Spells that take off negative effects from
you will be especially helpful.

*Thraconian Captain: Notable for their fancy winged headgear as well as their
short tempers, the Thraconian Captains are essentially just Thraconians 2.0

*Hunter of the Cult: These jolly fellows enjoy worshipping horrible dieties
and attacking at both close range and from a distance. They can have any kind
of weaponry, and will be fairly adept at what they have. They do like to
swarm, so look out for many where you find one.

*Elemental of Destruction: I didn't really know that destruction was an
element. I guess these guys just love destroying so much that it is impossible
to reduce that desire into any other parts. Anyway they charge you and pound
you. Take them out quickly!

*Elemental of Protection: Tough nuts to crack. These guys will help their
buddies by making them harder to hit, and have impressive defenses themselves.
If you can take them out before they can buff their friends, PLEASE do so.

*Shaman of the Cult: The cult's very own casters, these guys usually fall too
quickly to unleash their poison magic, but they have nasty summon abilities.

*Orc Warrior: Bigger and meaner than goblins, the common orc knows well how to
use his blade, and doesn't hesitate to drive it right into you.

*Striped Rat: Meanest of the regular rats, it will bite your eyes out as soon
as look at you.

*TW-1395 Hunter Edition: A temple guardian with nefarious plans.

*Test Run XX: Bioengineered death in goblinoid form. They fire elemental
attacks and pack a mean punch, as well as having just a ton of health. In
addition, they're small enough to swarm you. Do everything you can to take
them on one at a time.

*Ogre: An enormous gorillalike opponent, the ogre loves nothing better than to
run up to you and pound you to pieces. His fists are deadly weapons and he's
too fast to retreat properly. You'll need some health potions!

*Tree Spirit: A huge walking tree, think of the ents from Lord of the Rings,
and you are Sauromon. Fire damage works great.

*Giant Spider: Exactly what you'd expect. The smaller spiders you've faced
before will seem like pleasant memories when these behemoths tear into you.
Keep health potions ready and have good defenses, they are a bit quick for

*Bloodclaw: The angriest darn werewolf you ever saw. Find it in the southeast
of Artamark, behind what looks to the casual eye like a patch of solid forest.
He is quick and uses a number of physical attacks, so with good protection
against physical damage you can probably whittle him down pretty handily.

*Gar'Colossus: This guy is enormous! A big angry golem, he has all the T-energy
soaked through his body that he needs to pound you into rubble. Take him out
with your strongest attacks, and aim for the blue stones. Watch out for his
two-fisted pounding attack, it is a killer! 

      Nor Plat

*Mounted Boar Hunter: A goblin charging headlong at you on top of a huge
tusked squealing pig. It's alright if you're scared of it, I certainly am.
Also it casts a big angry lightning spell at you, so be on your guard.

*Goblin Boar Rider: Somehow different from the mounted boar hunter, these 
guys seem to be a little more melee based.

*Fighting Boar: A big 'ol angry porker, this guy has had time to grow up and
brings his considerable muscle to bear on you.

*Kodiak: Oh gosh this is just the angriest old bear. 

*Mountain Troll: bigger and stronger than y'average man, even orc, these
guys aren't too bright but will pound you into the ground regardless. Bring
a health potion when tangling with them.

*Mountain Troll Chieftain: You can tell them because of their shield and
club, which I guess is royalty gear in the mountains, they are just the most
threatening of the mountain trolls. Make them priority targets.

*Orcish Bear: I guess it's some kind of orc/bear? It's just regular to me.

*Theranak: Some kind of T-energy mage who lives alone in a cave in the
southwest. He will summon mutated animals and cast some bad spells at you, so
make sure to keep moving 

*Flying Fox: I guess the idea is that this is a bat that's so big it might as
well be a fox. It sure bites like one! Bats are terribly annoying to me because
of how dang hard they are to hit. This one is no exception, so look forward
to a lot of time spent swinging at them. 

*Ancestral Spirit: Blue glowing ghost, I include them as seperate only because
they have seperate names from "Human Ghost" or something like that.

*Orc Chieftain: BOY this guy is big and spiky. Carries a club, smacks you with
it, buffs other Orcs. He is the biggest and the strongest! Make him a priority
target for sure.

*Orc Champion: This guy can freeze you in place with a big 'ol white circle of
magic power, and he can dish out the damage big time while you are stuck
there. He is a champion because of his fighting ability, which he is all too
willing to bring to bera on you.

*Ogre Champion: Ugh. This is not a fun fight. This guy can take you by himself
on harder difficulties and he is usually flanked by his buddies. If you can,
try to draw him out and fight him one on one, otherwise use a lot of hit and
run tactics.

*Mountain Troll Archer: Not particularly good at their job, the Mountain Troll
archers are slower than most at firing but their big 'ol arrows do a lot 
of damage.

*Albino Rat: Albinos are really misrepresented in mainstream media. I feel like
more people should be aware of the gross stereotype that somehow albino people
and animals are scary and evil. They are people and animals, just like the
rest of this. That said, kill these evil bastards as soon as you see them.

*Mountain Troll Shaman: Notable for being purple as well as casting a MEAN
spell, these guys 

*Small Golem: Just a lil' guy! Made out of mud and lightning and just as angry
as spitting at you. Hit him hard before he hits you! Earth protection is a
good thing.

*Giant Octopus: Truly a formidible opinion. Spraying poison and ink all over
you and striking with its big tentacles, as well as possessing a ton of health,
you might just have bring a few health potions for this one. Remember that 
retreat is an option, as it's fairly slow. Melee weapons will have to get in
really close to strike effectively, giving the edge to ranged folks in this

      Seraphyria/Dragon Isles

*Ice Elemental: An animate bit of ice, this thing attacks you with its big
crystal fists. What it's doing in a tropical environment is utterly beyond me,
but anyway. Do elemental damage and melt it.

*Wandering Stone: Basically an earth elemental or Golem. Elemental damage.

*Stone Creature: I don't know what the difference is between this and the
wandering stone.

*Dragon Cultist: Kind of a jerk. Keeps slaves, feeds slaves to the dragons, 
wants to kill you with his big flaming halbred. Show him a thing or two and
smash him to pieces.

*Dragon Cult Leader: A bigger, buffer version of the Dragon cultist. They'll
have fancier shoulder pads, and maybe a slightly more on fire lance, but
otherwise act just the same. 

*Fire Lord: Picture just the biggest 'ol flame you've ever seen with angry
fists and a propensity to smash you. I think this is a flame elemental gone
crazy, and what likes to pound on you. Pound on it FIRST, and do elemental
damage, and you'll come out ok.

*Fire Spirit: One of the little jerks that Carnach summons to aid him in his
battle. These guys cast flames at you, do flame melee damage, and can be
connected to Carnach by a string, strengthening him.

*Fire Demon Boss: A big stomping threat! He looks like a straight up melee
fighter but actually makes you chase after his dang little fire spirits that
he summons. When they have a little string like thing connecting them to
Carnach (the boss), they are strengthening him. Kill them quick, and make
sure those elemental damage dealers are on. He will take quite a long time
to go down and will probably drain your health several times, but he will
fall eventually!


*Mouldered Zombie: Angry zombiem'n who lurches after you and tries to punch
you with his rotting hands. Gross! They aren't that tough but being undead
can take quite a licking. 

*Mouldered Lich: Dressed in purple robes, and flying around pretty comically
when killed, the mouldered lich is the more dangerous cousin of the zombie. 
He can paralyze you so watch out! Also poison. 

*Mouldered Skeleton Warrior: The Mouldered skeleton warrior is a slightly
higher level undead. Clutching a sword, he stumbles after you seeking 
vengeance or blood or whatever undead want. Stay away from him and try to
fight him one on one.

*Mouldered Skeleton Mage: This guy is a huge jerk. Lobbing spells at you from
behind a wall of skeleton warriors and Olms, he should be a priority target
even if you have to wade through some hits to get to him. 

*Swamp Rat: Not dangerous because of hitpoints, this guy cumbles easily. It's
more the poisons and diseases that he carries that should have you concerned.
When swarming in large numbers can be deadly!

*Mudsucker: All the annoying of a regular bat (CAN'T HIT THEM WITH RANGED
GRR), all the bloodsucking ability of a vampire, and more health points too.
A lot to hate about this guy.

*Swamp Olm: These guys come in a variety of colors and shapes but they all
want to kill you pretty bad. You should put some effort into taking them out
but they are slow enough that they can be avoided usually. Except if they
use vines to stop you in your tracks. Grr. 

*Nameless Warrior: The "cultist" of this region, this guy is mindless and 
upset at you because you have broken one of his many, many codes of conduct. 
He just has a big femur bone to hit you with though, so don't stress.

*Nameless Priest: A caster cultist, he is there to support the warriors. He
will buff them pretty good so take him out, yo.

*Leader of the Nameless: A upgraded version of the Nameless Warrior, the
Leader is so angry at you for breaking their codes of conduct that he can
barely STAND it. Tough to take down!

*Nefarious Prince: Found on the northwest of the swamps, this guy will drain
your health while summoning bats and stuff. I think maybe he's supposed to be
a vampire? POUR ON the damage. He can be hard to find among all the other
enemies in this region.

*Temple Guard: The robot guardians of yore, these guys will attack you if they
think you are going against some kind of code or protocol. 

*Fog Monster: This guy is a serious jerk. You can spend your time swinging at
nothing, and not really connect with anything. The real secret to fighting this
guy is that you don't even fight the monster- just the undead abominations that
he spawns. He can sort of do some freezy attacks against you, and otherwise 
swing some misty claws, but other than that he's harmless. Take out the undead
guys and he just vanishes.

      Dyr Laigh

*Leaping Plant: Yeah I mean this is pretty representative of what they do. 
They are humanoid plants that chase after you. They can leap great distances
in a single bound and when they land BOOOM the ground shakes. Kind of a scary

*Jungle Cat: These cats are sharp of tooth and claw. They prowl the islands
of Dry Laigh looking for prey. You look a lot like prey. They can be tough
opponents and are often in large groups, so try not to get cornered and run
away until some of them lose interest. 

*Leaping Spit Plant: The high grade of leaping plants, these guys will leap
after you and attack and they also have a mean spitting attack which will
poison you. They are much rarer than the regular leaping plant, but also
more dangerous.

*Forest Guardian: OH I HATE the forest guardian. This guy isn't too bad 
except that he has a healing power that he can use every maybe half a minute. 
It won't restore all his health but it means he effectively has a ton more
health than he would normally, unless you can absolutely overpower him and
kill him between charges. Certainly eliminate any other enemies in the
area before taking him on, and use any invincible allies you have to distract
his attention.

*Blood Dryad Warrior: The cultist for Dyr Laigh, the warrior has a big 'ol
flaming sword and a mohawk. You can recognize them by the way that they're
charging at you screaming for your blood. Individually they probably aren't
much of a challenge but where there's one...

*Blood Dryad Shaman: The shaman is an offensive caster, focusing less on buffs
and things like that than burning you to smithereens. They can cast a nasty
fire thing that will singe off all your hair and and give you a bad feeling.
Give THEM a bad feeling first in a fight- you can recognize them by the oaken
staffs they carry.

*Blood Dryad Champion: Wearing funny shiny armor and carrying TWO fire swords
(because what's better than one, right?), these guys are paragons of intensity
on the battlefield. They are surrounded by their warriors, and will keep
fighting until one of you drops. Notice your situation when you see one- if
you have good health and can take on the other enemies quickly, go ahead and
fight. Otherwise, don't feel bad about teleporting or running.

*Blood Dryad Berserker: Basically just a stronger version of the blood dryad
warrior, this guy has higher stats but exactly the same flaming sword. I mean
maybe it's crafted a little better or something but it works about the same. 

*Fire Flower: The "caster" of the living flower plants (which is a weird thing
to type), you might think that you can grab this guy for a powerup (mario 
reference ho ho!), but instead of that he just wants to cast fireballs at you.
Be ready to chop him off at the hilt.

*Fen Fire: Also known as will o' the wisps, these little guys are a real
pain. They are hard to hit and hard to see, and they float around casting
pretty strong lightning bolts at you. Forget about hitting them with ranged
weapons, you want to use a melee weapon.

*Cult Follower: A youngling in the cult that sprung up in the caverns below
Dry Leigh, this guy isn't much but a robe and a cheap sword, if he even has
that. There is some limited casting ability, but essentially these guys are
fodder. Take them out.

*Cult Overseer: Now this is a slightly better fight. This guy is identifiable
because his robe is more ornamented. He is a much better caster and more hardy
in close combat that the follower. He will mostly attempt to use his superior
casting ability to cause you grief from a distance, so counter this by
charging him and ending it quickly.

*Fanatic: When a young person becomes too enamored with this particular cult,
they lose all sense of self-preservation. Accordingly, this particular cultist
has higher offense but lower defense than other people in here. They are a lil
faster than their cultist brethern, so they'll be the first you can fight.
Try to damage them from a distance as they run towards you.

*Sacrificing Priest: I'm not honestly sure what the difference between this
person and the lesser cult followers are, I guess their job title is different.
Fight them just like normal- watch out for clusters and be ready to flee if it
gets too hot.

*Manataul's Huntress: Sporting a bow and arrow, and you KNOW how good Dryads
are with those things, the huntress is an expert at whittling down your health
while you are tied up with melee fighters. Some ranged folks you can let go
until the end of a battle before you break through and take them out- don't
make that mistake with the huntress.

*Arrow Trap: Yeah I mean... if you have good detection this isn't really a
problem at all. If you step on it an arrow fires at you, so that's lame. 
Watch out?

*Tormenter: Confined to the dungeon part of the cult's headquarters, the
tormenter specializes in torture, which unfortunately for them means that
they are used to having their victims tied down. They should find you...
less willing to accept their particular brand of hospitality. I did not find
them in great numbers, but they have very damaging attacks.

*Mazzagon: I'm not sure why this guy gets his own unique name, to be honest. 
He's just kind of a regular cult guy. He's got decent health and some good
magic attacks but seeing as he's alone it definitely shouldn't be anything you
can't handle. 

*Crystal Monster: This thing is... yeah. Crystal monster describes it pretty
well. A big floating crystal that things you ought to die. It's got damanging
magic and stuns the goodness out of you. As you chip away at its life notice
that it gets smaller. This does not make it any more deadly! It just gets
quicker and attacks you more frantically.


*Nimouril's Guard: Basically the "cultist" of this region, a standard soldier
who can be armed with any number of weapons. They would be a challenge anywhere
else but given how dangerous the demons in this place are they are kind of a

*Burning Skeleton: High-level undead. I have to give props to the necromancer
who looked at reanimation of skeletons and realized that it could be made
that much more hardcore by including FIRE in the mix. Keep them at bay because
their melee is punishing. Fire protection is necessary.

*Demon: Some are casters, some are fists melee, some are swords melee. All of 
them are wandering the caverns and are extraordinarialy deadly. I don't have
any secrets. They are just TOUGH. 

*Nomonuil: The Grand Inquisitor. Don't think he won't go down without a huge
magical fight. He will stun you and slam you with all kind of magic attacks,
and he can take a BEATING too. You'll need your health potions, god powers,
and combat techniques to be fairly high level before you think about going
after him.

*Boss: There are four of these jerks, and they are all sort of holograms
animated by the Great Machine. I suppose they are protection. Either way their
physical attacks are TRULY to be feared, you will have to be constantly 
drinking down potion if you take them on one on one. When you engage them
try to run away from the Great Machine beacause a) you won't get mobbed as
much by guardians or the generators, and b) the great machine won't give power
to them. 




This chapter will detail places to go, and the things to do there. There will
be a brief description of the places, followed by quests that are available for
different character types, important characters, enemies and treasures. 

                         | Wilderness- Tyr Lysia |

This is my term for everywhere that doesn't take place within a "city", quests
that you find out in the wilderness and aren't in the "Copper Peaks" or 
"Golden Coast" region.


Quests 26,27,28,30,41,44,45,46,47,48,49,55,56,59,68,70,71,73,79,81,82,83,
84,92,117,118,119,120,121,132,133,139,149 start here


Erestor (quest giver)
Rangald (quest giver)
Ambul (quest giver)
Sick Hermit (quest giver)
Aristocratic Spy (quest giver)
Passive Water Elemental (quest giver)
Lysia('s handwriting) (quest giver)
Farmer Mahtan (quest giver)
Gildor (quest target)
Orpheus (quest target)
Jacque (quest giver)
Master (Quest Giver)
Brutus Blutocrato (Quest Giver)
Wylminei (Quest Giver)
Little Boy (Quest Giver)
Brigand (Quest Giver)
Joseph Rooster (Quest Giver)
Hologram (Quest Giver)


Mutant animals and thieves everywhere. Pirates against the lakeshore
and in the southwest. Undead in the eastern half of the region, kobolds in the
west. Elementals in the foothills and in dungeons, toxic elementals near
Thylysia. Ghosts in ruins, harpies in the foothills.


In a field in the northwest, slightly southwest of Noriah, there is The White
Griffin, a boss fight.

Terus, the leader of the undead legion, is fought in northeast Tyr Lysia (boss)

In Northwestern Tyr Lysia on a hillside is a Temple of the Gods. SE of Noriath

Southwest of Thylysia, in the Sea of Heavens, is a Temple of the Gods

                         |  Temple Ruins |

The fallen rubble fron an ancient temple, this place is the 
starting location for temple guards. You are dug out of the rubble and begin
your quest.

*NOTE: This is the starting location for Temple Guards

Quests 1,2,3 start here


There is a cave which can be reached by taking the road just north of the road
which leads to the temple ruins, following it under the bridge and hugging the
coast as you proceed towards the temple city. It's relatively small and 
mundane, with some giant bats and a poison trap, but there is some ok loot.

                         |  Golden Coast |

A beautiful stretch of beach that is unfortunately overrun with
horrible mutated monsters. Still, if you like long walks on the beach, this is
the place for you! This covers the southwestern portion of Tyr Lysia.


Quests 6,9,10,54 start here




Inquisition Guard
Steelnose Forino
Animal-type enemies
Kobold-type enemies
Small Earth Elemental
Copperpoint Gang


                         |  Gold Island  |

The second from the right of four islands in an archipelago right
below the Golden Coast. Famous for its beautiful sunsets and dark elves living
in huts with carved skulls on them.




-Note that in the center of the island is an inquisitor's hut. There will be
inquisition guards around. It's reachable by means of the rightmost island in
the archapelago. 

                         | Happy Cow Farm |

This is exactly where it's happening. You know you want to come to the hottest
tourist attraction around. The swingin' place: The Happy Cow Farm! Dare we say
it... it's UDDERLY AWESOME! The farm is directly south of Sloeford, by the
resurrection stone.


Quest 4,5


Trader Ryean (questgiver)
Galia (questgiver)


Just east of the village is a cave with a well in it full of rats and bear 
traps, as well as snappers that have been mutated by moon juice. Watch out
for the latter's lightning attacks!

Resurrection Stone

                         |    Quarry     |

Just outside of Sloeford, a little to the southwest. It is originally blocked




                         |   Sloeford    |

A quaint, sleepy little farm town nestled deep in elf country. Normally you'd
think a place like this wouldn't take too kindly to strangers, but eh. Here
you are! Some of your first quests will take you here.


Quests 7,8,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,245 start here


Farmer Walcott (questgiver)
Lieutenant Niran (questgiver)
Thelal (Quest Giver)
Liaenna (Quest Giver)
Zamnar (Quest Giver)
Michel (Quest Giver)
Kylian (Quest Giver)
Village Elder (Quest Giver)


There's a wealth of things to do right outside town. To the right there is the
poor mage's tower (he got et by a zombie), and further up the mountain is a 
chapel with a statue that says "Inquisition Guard: We Benefit from their 
ignorance." There is also the cellar of the mage's tower and a bandit cave
in this area.

There is a Temple of the Gods here

                         |  Beachcombers |

Located right by the resurrection stone which is on the south edge of the
Golden Coast directly east of the Copper Mountains, some unfortunates are
trying to scrape by here.


Quests 11,12,13 start here


Fisher Alrail (quest giver)
Vegetable Vendor Piertyill (quest giver)
Elven Guard (quest giver)


There is a resurrection stone close by, as well as a cave with some bears and
surprisingly good loot. There are two caves on the road from the beachcombers.

                         | Copper Mountains |

Forbidding and imposing, these mountains line the western edge of Tyr Lysia.


Quests 14,15,16,29,51,52 start here


Officer Rengelwyn (quest giver)
Scout Mentrafal (quest target, quest giver)
Bloodmouth (target, quest 15)
Aquetioen (quest giver)
Malte (quest giver)
Farm Woman (quest giver)
Menterial (quest giver)


Kobold-type enemies
Animal-type enemies


There are lots of little dungeons nestled in the hills- the ones important
for quests are detailed in the quest section, otherwise explore around to find
caves with monsters and loot!

                         |Forgotten Gardens |

Nestled in the copper mountains, this can only be accessed by following a path
strewn with kobolds. From the beachcombers, take a road northwest, then take
a left at the fork in the road and you'll find it without too much trouble.
The Seraphim love walk in these glades. 



Sentry (ends quest 13)


There is a portal which teleports you to the celestial dome, a good long
distance out of your way. Be careful before you get in it!

                         | Seraphim Valley |

Take the road northwest out of beachcombers and head right at the fork in the
road to get here. This idyllic landscape is where a Nunnery devoted to the
Seraphim makes its home. 


Quests 17,18,19,20 start here


Sister Prudentia (quest giver)
Sister Ligiea (quest giver, quest target)
Ihheril (Earth elemental, quest target)
Abbess (quest target)


By the monostary, there is a statue of the god of light to be activated.

                         |Celestial Dome |

Taking the road northeast from Sloeford, you'll run into the celestial dome.
Here great magic experiments are carried out and there are plenty of quests
for the enterprising adventurer. This is the largest observatory in Arcania.


Quests 21,22,23,24,25 start here


Chief Astronomer Nomengalus (quest giver)
Assistant (quest target)
Lamela (Quest Giver)
Magonir (Quest Giver)


                         |  Bandit Camp  |

In the northwest part of Tyr Lysia, just to the east across the river from the
Kobold camp.



Cold Charley (quest 34 target)


                         |  Kobold Camp  |

Located in the very northwest section of Tyr Lysia, neslted in the Copper
Peaks, this crude gathering of huts and bones is where the kobolds call home.
Seeing as there are about seven million kobolds in Tyr Lysia, I guess they do
alright for themselves.




The Troll is fought here (boss battle)
The Kobold Chieftain Gahanka is fought here (boss battle)

                         | High Elf Outpost (North) |

Situated between the Celestial Dome and Sloeford, right off the main road,
this is a place of camradarie for high elves, and a nice place to pick up a
quest or two for everybody else


Quests 27 start here


Soldier (Questgiver)


                         |Celioth's Tower|

In the mountains to the southwest of the Happy Cow farm and Sloeford, the
tower stands at the end of a long, winding mountainous path. 


Quests 30 starts here



There is a resurrection monolith directly north of the tower

                         | Brigand Camp (south) |

Directly north of Celioth's tower and the resurrection monolith. I suspect this
was supposed to be "woodcutter's camp" but whatever. There's quests!


Quests 31,32 start here


Tirean (quest giver)
High Elf Guard (quest giver)
Lysia's father (Quest target)


Note the resurrection monolith directly south of town

                         |The Sleepy Badger|

On the road northwest from the Happy Cow you may run into The Sleepy Badger.
The badger has a seedy air to it, and good-aligned characters will find little
to occupy their time here.




                         |  Twainbrook   |

Another idyllic town in Tyr Lysia. This one is slightly above Sloeford, and is
on a little peninsula surrounded by rivers.




Melantion (quest giver)
High Elf Sergeant (quest giver)
Witch (quest target)
Innkeeper (quest giver)
Argatha (quest target)


                         | Noriath Temple |

As far northwest as you can possibly go in Tyr Lysia, the Noriath temple is
situated to the east of some of the biggest spills of moonjuice in the region.
It's tough to get here, but they have some pretty nice amenaties.


Quests 57,58 start here


Aleya (quest giver)


                         |Monastary of Light|

Situated at the far north on the land body that also houses Gelioth's Tower, 
the monastary offers a place of refuge for all those who worship the God of
Light and seek to bathe in his healing rays.




                         |Shadowy Catacombs|

Lying right in the "shadow" of the monostary of light, the catacombs is a
huge spooky graveyard. 




There are plenty of epitaphs here for those going for the "Tomb Raider"

                         | Hidden Valley |

Well it certainly is hidden. Find this to the far far north in Tel Lysia, 
along the banks of the leftmost of the two main rivers. There isn't much here
besides an elf grave, the ghost hunter who wants to put it down, and a cackling
mad alchemist. Sounds like a party!


Quests 61,62 start here


Retilyn (quest giver)
Alchemist (quest target)


                         |Benny's Corn Circles|

Certainly a bizarre little farm. Situated almost due north of the High Elf
outpost near Twainbrook, it's home to an insular little family of quest-


Quests 63,64,65 start here


Buddix (quest giver)
Caranthir (quest giver)
Erris (quest giver)


Some neat crop circles here. Not much else

                         | Derelict Manor |

Following a path northeast from the main road that runs through Twainbrook, 
and taking the righthand fork when you reach you, you arrive at the derelict
manor. This is essentially the fantasy version of the Haunted Mansion

Quests 66 start and here


Mourning Lilly (quest giver)


                         |  Goblin Camp  |

I don't care what they say, it's a KOBOLD camp. There are no goblins anywhere
to be seen! Due east of Twainbrook, it's not anywhere near as large as the 
kobold camp to the northwest in Tyr Lysia. 




                         | Clearview Ruins |

Another spooky undead hangout, come here if you want a big scrap with undead
centurians and archers. It's due west of Clearview.




                         |  Clearvew    |

The nicest, quaintest little town to ever be plagued by vicious hordes of the
undead. It's got full amenaties, including the shops you need and a dedicated
portal so you don't have to worry about resurrection stones, and it's situated
along the main road north from the main city.


Quests 74,75,155,151,152,153,154 start here


Lina (quest giver)
Hansel (quest giver)
Beniel (quest giver)
Kerry (quest giver)
Barti (quest target)


                         | High Elf Outpost - Heartland |

This outpost is just north of the ruined temple, between Twainbrook and
Clearview on the map. There is a stables here as well as some quests, 
merchants, and the like.


Quests 67,69,72 start here


Elronhir (quest giver)
Mary Ann (quest giver)
Myriam (quest giver)


                         | Dragonmaw Pass |

Situated in the only gap of the mountains between Tyr Lysia and Artamark,
Dragonmaw pass is the only way to get to the human lands early game. You can't
just pass right through though- you'll need permission.



Hologram (Quest Target)
Charos (Quest Target)


                         | Abandoned Mine |

Located Due East of Clearview, the abandoned mine is hardly that. It is full
of pests, and some bandits have made camp right outside. This mine is HUGE
and full of tragedy.


Quests 76,77,78,80 start here


Amras (quest giver)
Grenwyn (quest giver)
Miner's Widow (quest giver)


                         | Garghadoks' Destiny |

It's somewhat rare that a destiny actually manifests itself as a location, but
then Garghadok is hardly common. Find the destiny in a copse of trees in the
northeast, due east of the top of the lake.




                         | Bluestonberry |

Located in the very northeast of Tyr Lysia, this is a lakeside town with a 
pleasant climate, rampant piracy, and a shop.




There is a hero chest here, as well as a boat that will take you to a point
north of the lake where you can talk to a pirate captain.

                         |   Sonnenwind  |

Located right against the shores of Bluestone Lake, Sonnenwind is roughly due
east of the main city. Plenty of quests, gentle breezes, all the amenities of
a big town- there's a lot to love about Sonnenwind (paid for by the Sonnenwind
city council)


Quests 85,86,87,88,89,90,91 start and end here


Arilyn (Quest Giver)
Tialas (Quest Giver)
Village Doctor (Quest Giver)
Keltier (Quest Target)
Town Guard (Quest Giver)


                         | Blessed Rock Manor |

Due West of Sonnenwind, this fancy estate is home to an arcane library, as 
well as a shop, and is just STUFFED with quests. Be sure to visit it!


Quests 93,94,95,96,98 start and end here


Laurelina (Quest Giver)
Gardener (Quest Giver)
Bimista (Quest Giver)
Master Hunter (Quest Giver)


                         | Sea of Heavens |

Tranquil and majestic, the sea of heavens is at the southeast corner of Tyr
Lysia. A classical monument to the Gods rests here, and one can find serenity
in quiet meditation. Also there is a tomb where you can beat up on mummies.




                         |   Thylysium   |

Truly a mighty city, and the place where everything happens in Tyr Lysia, you
knew where this place was before you even got there. It's the city that's so
big it shows up on your map before you explored it: it's dead center in Tyr
Lysia. You better believe everything cool is here!


Quests 99,100,101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116
118,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,131,134,135,136,137,138,139,150 start


Sister Roberta (Quest Giver)
Jahrin (Quest Giver)
Captin Hank (Quest Giver)
Commander Lothar (Quest Giver)
Jana (Quest Giver)
Aaron (Quest Giver)
Farith (Quest Giver)
Tamara (Quest Giver)
Tobias (Quest Giver)
Poul Brotheuse (Quest Giver)
Farelyn (Quest Giver)
Geroda (Quest Giver)
Lerana (Quest Giver)
Alcander (Quest Giver)
Judriel (Quest Giver)
Romandreal (Quest Giver)
Murgil (Quest Giver)
Bacallo (Quest Giver)
Secretary of the United Undertakers (Quest Giver)
Lynryn (Quest Giver)
Edoras (Quest Giver)
Taen Ysael (Quest Giver)
Heglie (Quest Giver)
Fisher's Wife (Quest Giver)
Nityahel (Quest Giver)
Nimorean (Quest Giver)
Denlyw (Quest Giver)
TyBosso (Quest Target)
Nimorean (Quest Giver)
Liosaleth (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Stone

There is a Temple of the Gods here

                         |  Old Naval Port | 

The seedy underside of Thylysium, it is located directly south of that main 
city. The undead roam the streets and bones are in piles everywhere. What
happened here?


Quests 138 starts here


Exiled Leper (Quest Giver)


                         | Thylysium Sewers |

It's one of the immutable laws of RPGS: any city sufficiently large and 
impressive has a set of sewers with horrible experiments, cults, and monsters
just crawling all over the place. Thylysium is no exception!




                         | Thylysium Graveyard |

Another immutable law of big cities in RPGs is that their graveyards are just
MAD haunted. This is directly north of Thylisium, a great place to read up on
some epitaphs, and there are some quests too!




                         |  Jail Island  |

That's a pretty descriptive name. Jail island is the larger of two islands
right off the coast of Thylysia. It's where the most hardened criminals are
kept in a stone fortress. Spooky!




                         | Teardrop Hamlet |

In the southeast of Tyr Lysia, the little Hamlet experiances the best of both
undead and pirate attacks, yet remains cheerful through it all! Oh also they
are in the grip of a vicious protection racket.


Quests 142,143,144,145,146 start here


Landlord Mauricio (Quest Giver)
Rabesha (Quest Giver)
Annia (Quest Giver)
Telwan (Quest Giver)
Jonas (Quest Giver)
Thomas (Quest Giver)


                         |  The Spills   |

My name for the very Southeast of Tyr Lysia, the part that is completely filled
with moonjuice. It is everywhere, and it is full of mutant animals that are
completely into tearing you to pieces.




Mutant Animals
Mutant Elves


About halwfway up the coast there is a hidden rowboat, on the southwest shore
of the lake. This take syou to a secret area on the north shore of the lake
where there is treasure. 

Don't descend the tower you find on the eastern edge of the lake unless you are
ready to get a whoopin'! In here you will find the fierce trio of Bergenthiar,
Mandarir, and Duloriel the Depraved. If you take them on too early then
you will be sucking on health potions as fast as you can mash the potions
button and still only barely make it out alive.

                         |  Libi's Pratfall |

A tenuous series of bridges over the huge falls, this connects the wastes
to the very northeastern part of Tyr Lysia.




In the northeast corner of Libi's Pratfall, down some stairs, is a Temple of
the Gods

                         | The Strange Traveling Circus |

Very isolated. You have to get here by taking Libi's pratfall North then
circling back around west to find a boat, which you take to the circus.


Quests 148 start here


The Lonely Hippocampus (Quest Giver)


Note the God of War statue here.

                         | Wilderness - Bengaresh |

My term for anywhere that doesn't show up as a definite city or region in
Bengaresh, the desert country to the south


Quests 163,174,175,176,177,182,196,197,198,215,216,217,218,224,226,230,231,494
498,499,549 begin here


Gelminy (Quest Giver)
Assassins (Quest Target)
Alima (Quest Giver)
Decrepit Harpy (Quest Giver)
Simir (Quest Giver)
Subordinate (Quest Giver)
Dig Supervisor (Quest Giver)
Old Bedouin (Quest Giver)
Skeleton Adjunct (Quest Giver)
Sheik Yerboti (Quest Target, Giver)
Sistran (Quest Giver)
Mathilda (Quest Giver)


Slightly north of Turbak, and almost directly down (a little East) from Tharum
is a cave which contains The Harpy Queen, a boss fight. 

In the southeast of Bengaresh, on the east side of the gorge, there is a cave
behind a waterfall. Follow it to the top of the plateau, and follow the path
there to find the Dragon, a boss fight.

In a cave in the very south of Bengaresh is the Garganthropod, a boss fight

In a cave directly north of the valley that splits eastern Bengaresh is Holos,
the minotaur lord, a boss fight.

Northeast of Tharum, in the mountains, is a Temple of the Gods

                         |    Tharum     |

Sustained by the hardy will of the people there as well as by the life-giving
oasis it's next to, Tharum lies on the western part of Bengaresh.


Quests 156,157,158,159,160,161,225 start here


Jidahs (Quest Giver)
Kernforce (Quest Giver)
Errig (Quest Giver)
Marakle (Quest Giver)
Simon (Quest Giver)
Rich Businessman (Quest Giver)
Antiques Dealer (Quest Target)


Resurrection Monolith
Hero Chest

                         |    Turbak     |

Gateway to the sea and trade, Turbak is set in the southwest of Bangaresh. It's
a fully functional seaport as well as a quest hub.


Quests 162,169,170 start here


Gelminy (Quest Giver)
Middleman (Quest Target)
Cassim (Quest Giver)


                         |  Zahrat Coast |

The west coast of Bangaresh, it borders the sea.


Quests 156, begin here



On an island south
of Turbak there is a bridge leading to a cave containing a statue of Forens.

                         |  Nambirah     |

Note that this place doesn't get an official name on the map, but Gelminy
mentions its name in her quest. The settlement is south of Tharum.


Quests 164,165,166,167 start here


Wentelion (Quest Target)
Alchemist Nabhuz (Quest Target, Giver)
Mehmet (Quest Giver)
Dig Supervisor (Quest Target)




                         |  East Turbak  |

There are significantly fewer ocean breezes in this inland fort, more like
desert sororros and scorpions. Nevertheless people eke out an existance here,
and do alright for themeslves! Give it a visit and you'll see what we mean.


Quests 171,172,173 begin here


Lonely Ogre (Quest Giver)
Madalga (Quest Giver)
Lia (Quest Giver)


                         |    Rajab      |

Nestled among the southern plateaus of Bengaresh, Rajab is a welcome sight
for travelers who have journeyed long in the desert.


Quests 178,179,180 start here



                         |  Bashade Plains  |

Open and sun-filled, full of big predators sunning themselves, the Bashade
Plains would make for a great tourist destination if those big predators didn't
all want to eat you.


Quests 182,183 begin here


Lightheart (Quest Giver)
Archaeologist (Quest Giver)


                         |    Badawi     |

Comprising both the town itself and a military barracks located to the west,
Badwai is located direcly southwest of the entrance to Bengaresh from Tyr


Quests 184,185,186,187,188,189,190,191,192,193,194,212,213,219 start here


Harun (Quest giver)
Barradel (Quest giver)
Hegiman (Quest giver)
Schehera (Quest giver)
Thylius (Quest Giver)
Pasha Barazi (Quest Target)
Ompha (Quest Target, Giver)
Joseffa (Quest Giver)



                         | Bengaresh Threshhold |

The main entrance from Tyr Lysia to Bengaresh, this place is also CRAZY. It
sits right on the border of a number of monster zones, so it's not unusual to
see a huge blade spider in a three-way brawl with a Dur'Rach Almar and a 
mutant grizzly bear. It is at the southeast of Tyr Lysia and North-central




                         |    Khorum     |

Nestled in a great depression in the middle of Bengaresh, the main city of
Korum has everything the adventurer could ask for, from amenities to many


Quests 200,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210,211 start here


Commandant (Quest Giver)
Wasmut (Quest Giver)
Nihum (Quest Giver)
Daliel (Quest Giver)
Xalyria (Quest Giver)
Cemil (Quest Giver)
Schangan (Quest Giver)
Lurana Lemanto (Quest Giver)
Ayna (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Stone

There is a Temple of the Gods here
                         |  Amon-Sab     |

A desert bandit fortification (and by fortification I mean they have some
tents) in the southeast of Bengaresh. 





                         |   Dar Al Badja  |

In the very southwest of Bengaresh lies this quaint hamlet. There is not much
in the way of quests, but they are big on heart!


Quests 214,228 starts here


Djinn (Quest Giver)
Jammuia (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Monolith

                         |  Sand of Thousand Antannae  |

Nestled in the northeast of Bengaresh, the name should give you a clue as
to the type of enemies commonly found here. Bugs, and lots of 'em.




In a cave that you have to take a twisting path to find, on the northwest
part of the Sand, behind a T-energy spill is a cave that contains minotaurs
and Moilos, the lord of minotaurs and a boss fight.

                         |   Sulinar     |

Located on the east side of the ridge in Bengaresh, Sulinar is a ghost town if
ever there is one. It's just ruins and Desert People


Quests 234,235,236 start here


Shiek Yerbota (Quest Giver)


                         |   El-Darrag   |

East of Khorum, El-Darrag is the major city hub for Eastern Bengalesh.


Quests 220,221,222,223 start here


El-Darrags (Quest Giver)
Old Man (Quest Giver)
Officer Ahmad (Quest Giver)



Hero Chest
Resurrection Stone

                         | Twitty Tister |

Besides being a clever film reference, this place is in the far south of
Bangaresh. It is super hard to find. Look for a tiny path in the mountains
to between Rajab and East Turbak





Jungle: A hot steamy jungle to the very south of Arcania, who knows what
ancient secrets the jungle holds- that had better stayed buried?
                         | Jungle Wilderness |

This is my general term for area in the jungle region that isn't part of a
listed city or other territory.


Quests 181,239,240,495 start here


Keeper of the Jungle (Quest Giver)	
Kerrim (Quest Giver)
Boathouse keeper (Quest Giver)


The big jungle cats are pretty much everywhere, as well as mutant animals,
but the jungle warriors tend to stay in the northern part, and the flying
demons tend to stay in the south. Expect very tough enemies in this region!
The islands to the west contain lizard people.


There is a Temple of the Gods east-southeast of the archaeological camp, on
the top of the ridge.

East of the Temple of the Gods, across the river, is a tiny dungeon with a
switch. When activated, the switch says "Something Wonderful has just
unlocked!" This something wonderful can be found by crossing Libi's Pratfall
and working your way east from there. This starts quest 244.

On the tip of an island to the west of the jungle, which can be reached by
completing a quest in the northwest of the jungle, on the top of a mountain
on the southernmost island lives the Earth Lord, a boss fight. 

                         |    Na'Tian    |

Up against the river to the far west of the Jungle, Na'Tian is a bustling port
city with all the amenities you could ask for.


Quests 241,242  start here


Master Chef (Quest Giver)
Village Elder (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Monolith

                         | Archaeological Camp |

At the very top of the Jungle, and the very bottom of Bengaresh, the
Archaeological camp serves as the gateway to the Jungle


Quests 243,500 start here


Keeper of the Forest (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Monolith

                         | Temple of Tears |

Easily found by taking the main road south into the jungle, the Temple of
Tears is devoted to Kybele.




                         | Ciria Delith  |

The abandoned former Elven Capital, this rests at the south of the Jungle area,
and is as south as you can go in the game.


Quest 552 starts here



Kral of the Winged Demons, a boss fight, is here.

                         |  Studio 2     |

Sort of "The Developer's Room", that time-honored secret place that video
games tend to have. You access it by first activating the switch that unlocks
"Something wonderful" in the northeast part of the Jungle (See Jungle:
wilderness), and then circle around the south of the lake in Tyr Lysia, heading
up the eastern side until you reach Libi's pratfall. Head north from there, 
and then east again until you reach the temple of the Gods. Keep going south
from there, and you will fight off a Hydra, and then open the gate there. This
brings you down into the Studio!


Quest 244 starts here. Oh boy does it.


Heiko tom Felde and 89 other people eventually



Artamark: The human lands- Germanic/Nordic in appearance, they are dominated
by baronies and ruled over by stone castles, but plagues of ghosts and vikings
trouble the land.
                         | Wilderness - Artamark    |

Somewhat colder and more mortherly than Tyr Lysia, but roughly the same climate
the human lands of Artamark. This is my place for putting any quests that take
place in Artamark that don't take place in a town or other listed region


Quests 247,263,267,268,271,275,276,277,278,279,281,282,283,284,285,286,287,288 
355,359,369,370  start here


Alexander (Quest Giver)
Outlaw (Quest Giver)
Mawino Barimark (Quest Giver)
Filigion Barimak (Quest Giver)
Farmer (Quest Giver)
Informant (Quest Giver)
Buyer (Quest Giver)
Mister Shultz (Quest Giver)
Michael Ronney (Quest Giver)
Emald (Quest Giver)
Commander (Quest Giver)
Restless Ghost (Quest Giver)
Gisbert (Quest Giver)
Lumen Priestess (Quest Giver)
Lidiwen Marvo (Quest Giver)
Turin (Quest Giver)
Hay Highben (Quest Giver)
Ephrehaim (Quest Giver)
Nomad (Quest Giver)
Nomad Woman (Quest Giver)
Ephrehaim (Quest Giver)
Charolus (Quest Giver)
Hani (Quest Giver)
Wendelin (Quest Giver)
Willibald (Quest Giver)
Weneter (Quest Giver)
Angar (Quest Giver)
Mawrean (Quest Giver)
Timotan (Quest Giver)
Timotan’s Wife (Quest Giver)
Gabelte (Quest Giver)
Mirwiell (Quest Giver)
Iskari (Quest Giver)
Julius (Quest Giver)       
Kragik (Quest Giver)
Spiriti (Quest Giver)
Mathirius (Quest Giver)


The northern reaches always contain vikings. Bandits of some kind are omni-
present, whether escaped slaves in the east or brigands in the west. There
are ghosts in the far east and a sinister cult is taking root in the west.
Watch out for golems everywhere!


To the northwest of black oaks in the forest is the raging boar, a boar boss.

In the northeast in a cave is the banshee, a boss battle

In the southeast of Artamark behind a grove of trees is Bloodclaw, the werewolf
lord, a boss fight

East of Grunwald forest on a hillside is a Temple of the Gods

In southeast Artamark past Bloodclaw is a Temple of the Gods

                         | Griffinbourough   |

Proud capital of Artamark and symbol of the humans power, this town is medevial
in style. It hosts all the luxuries you'd expect from a town of its size, and
many quests as well!


Quests 248, 249,250,251,252,253,254,255,256,257,258,259,260,261,262,264,265,
  start here


Finebond (Quest Giver)
Rikal (Quest Giver)
Hagan (Quest Giver)
Nearsighted Man (Quest Giver)
Isadora (Quest Giver)
Migolo Fernal (Quest Giver)
Pethyr (Quest Giver)
Spirit of Atheron (Quest Giver)
Clarence (Quest Giver)
Henry (Quest Giver)
Stan (Quest Giver)
Carl (Quest Giver)
Clerk (Quest Giver)
Juri (Quest Giver)
Hicks (Quest Giver)
Marpek (Quest Giver)
Henry (Quest Giver)
Clarence (Quest Giver)


Hero Chest
Resurrection Monolith

There is a Temple of the Gods here

                         |  Black Oaks   |

A pleasant little town in the center of Artamark, Black Oaks is a German-style
medevial village.


Quests 272,273,274,274b,280


Leonard (Quest Giver)
Nathan (Quest Giver)
Fruit Seller (Quest Giver)


Hero Chest

                         | Trallheim Manor |

A mysterious and somewhat nefarious location to the northwest of Black Oaks,
Trallheim Manor stands empty for some reason.


Quests 315 start here


Kratos (Quest Giver)



                         |  Fortress Reikenstein |

A monument to human architecture, this impressive castle has never been
captured ever, and boasts some pretty corrupt commanders.




Hero Chest

                         | Nagash's Nest |

Located in the swampy area to the west of Fortress Reikenstein, to the east of
the river, this is where Nagash makes her home.





                         | Kufferath Castle |

Located on the northwest side of the middle landmass in Artamark, this tiny
castle is beseiged by the Dark Temple.


Quests 316 start here


Baron (Quest Giver)


Hero Chest
Resurrection Monolith

                         | Whisperwood   |

Big 'ol mysterious woods full of giant spiders huh. Well it's technically not
named murkwood so I guess we're safe from copywights. 




                         |  Ulli's Potato Patch  |

A pleasant little farm to the North of Griffinbourough, the owners of the farm
are expecting a wedding soon.




                         |  Skook's Corner |

A little island city to the northwest of Griffinbourough. 


Quests 303,318 start here


Squire Tallim (Quest Giver)
Baron's son (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Monolith
Hero Chest

                         | The Royal Honky Tonk |

A quaint little bar of no small import to the history and dealings of Arcania,
the Royal Honky Tonk is north of Griffinbourough.


Quests 309, start here


Jasper (Quest Giver)


                         | Antamark's Gate |

The northern port city of Antamark, this is located due north of Skook's


Quests 319,320,321,322,324,325,326,327,328, start here


Herbalist (Quest Giver)
Philanderer (Quest Giver)
Historian (Quest Giver)
Bentren (Quest Giver)
Crying Boy (Quest Giver)
Crumbagle (Quest Giver)
Rasha (Quest Giver)
Mrs. Crumbagle (Quest Giver)


                         | Arkenmark's Refuge |

Located just southwest of Antamark's Gate, this giant crypt city has lots and
lots of undead as well as dark crusade folks.





                         | Arkenmark's Splinters |

The volcanic island right above Antamark's Gate, this place is home to some
deadly fire elementals!


Quest 329 starts here


Heinrich (Quest Giver)


                         |  Last Watch   |

This spooky place is nestled in the mountains in the northeast of Artamark.


Quest 330 starts here



                         | Hagelstein    |

The ghostly remains of a barony which thrived earlier in history, just north
of Last Watch


Quest 331 starts here


Ghostly Guard (Quest Giver)


The Evocator, a boss fight, is here

                         | Pirate Bay    |

In the very northeastern part of Artamark, the pirates have their secret
cove. You must approach it from the top shore heading east.


Quest 341 starts here


Captain Blackheart (Quest Giver)


                         |  Crag Rock    |

An isolated valley, accessed through tunnels in the northeast part of Artamark,
this is an ideal place for a group of settler harassed by ghosts and vikings.


Quests 343,344,345 start here


Theminius (Quest Giver)
Silmina (Quest Giver)


                         |  Grunwald     |

A cultist-infested region in the southwest of Artamark 


Quests 348,349,350,351,352,353,354 start here


Farmer (Quest Giver)
Meadowscare (Quest Giver)
Ramenos (Quest Giver)
Milk Weed (Quest Giver)


In a cave to the west is a dragon, a boss fight

                         |    Wargfels   |

A quaint little hamlet on the eastern side of the western landmass in Antamark


Quests 356, 357,358 start here


Lienhart (Quest Giver)
Village Elder (Quest Giver)
Hardbrush (Quest Giver)


Hero Chest

                         | Orcish Byway  |

I'm not entirely sure I would name my town after a group of people that
sometimes walk through it? Anyway it's the last town right before the Orcish
lands of Nor Plat


Quests 361,362,363,364,365,366,371,401,402,403 start here


Miklof (Quest Giver)
Kendrel (Quest Giver)
Archaeologist’s Sister (Quest Giver)
Hinrich (Quest Giver)
Gunnar (Quest Giver)
Charolus’ Wife (Quest Giver)
Mathirius (Quest Giver)
The Broker (Quest Giver)
Beltario (Quest Giver)


Hero Chest
The Gar'Colossus, a boss fight, is here

                         | Urthak's Moxie  |

A town dedicated to the grit and wherewithal of its founder, Urthak's Moxie
is the town to the northwest in Antamark.


Quests 360,368 start here


Grenon (Quest Giver)
Tilgon (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Monolith

                         |  Pointed Peak |

The northwestern most point in the eastern landmass of Antamark, Pointed Peak
is a station where guards defend the territory from Thraconians and goblins.


Quests 372,373,374 start here


Bilter (Quest Giver)
Gunaff (Quest Giver)


                         |  Island of Malday |

A leper colony in the very northwest of Antamark, this is a leper colony for
the sick


Quest 375 Begins here


Nemfilio (Quest Giver)


                         |  Mount Island |

It's difficult to reach here, it can only be reached by completing the epic
mounts quest in Nor Plat.




Some seriously mutated animals here, at various levels of strength. Prove
yourself so you can buy those mounts!


This island is where character specific mounts can be purchased.

There is a Temple of the Gods here


Nor Plat: Wild and windswept, the Orcish lands are dominated by a tribal
structure. Make your way and prove your strength among these wild, free
                         | Nor Plat- Wilderness |

My name for all the quests that take place in Nor Plat that don't take place
in towns or other recognizable regions


Quests 383,389,390,391,394 begin here


Guntha Spearsharpener (Quest Giver)
Contex (Quest Giver)
Knutsmilla (Quest Giver)


The enemies are pretty well spread out, with a mix of goblins and orcs every-
where. Ogres are found to the west, and giants to the south. There are big 
bears everywhere, and rats and bats in the many caves.


In a cave in the northwest of Nor Plat is the Octagolamus, a boss fight

In the caves just south of Schlun Zum are the Ice Lord, a powerful ice
elemental, and Thrank, a T-Energy wizard, boss battles

In Gronkor's Outlook to the far south is a Temple of the Gods

                         |     Ruka      |

Controleed by Orc Thag, this large-sized village is the easternmost in Nor
Plat. Notable for having a hero chest as well as a portal, it'll be important
in the story.




                         |     Entruag   |

You become a clan brother in this little hamlet, so expect to be performing
some quests here! This is the site of the very violent, rugby like sport that
the orcs love to play.


Quests 376,377,378,379,380,381,382 start here


Floyd Blantis (Quest Giver)
Ulof (Quest Giver)
Knarx Axegrinder (Quest Giver)
Gargaduck (Quest Giver)
Pakmarah (Quest Giver)
Celal Candymoon (Quest Giver)
Tinytot (Quest Giver)


                         |   Schlun Zum  |

A complex of interconnected pathways, Schlun Zum lies at the very southwest of
Nor Plat




                         |   Za'Zururik  |

Lying to the far west of Nor Plat, this town is engaged in mining, boasting
one of the longest caves you will ever encounter at the back of it. 


Quest 404 starts here


Orc Chieftain (Quest Giver)

Hero Chest
Resurrection Monolith

                         | Tol Rumazil   |

Barely a town at all, this lies just to the north of Za'Zururik. It's like two
huts and it is deep into the mountains.




                         |   Sloptok     |

A town along a major road in the center of the western landmass of Nor Plat,
Sloptok is another quest hub


Quests 384,385,386 begin here


Ollagga (Quest Giver)
Xatta (Quest Giver)
Smoothroot (Quest Giver)


Resurrection Monolith
Hero Chest

                         |    Tharak     |

A good-sized city, and the one farthest east on the western landmass in Nor
Plat. Some quests and a hero chest. Rhymes!


Quests 387,388


Gintonik Icelump (Quest Giver)
Toriak (Quest Giver)


Hero Chest

There is a Temple of the Gods here

                         |  Kargah       |

An orcish port town along the north coast of Nor Plat. Lot of orcs, lot of 


Quests 392,393,395,396,397,398,399,400


Shama Fellir Thornripper (Quest Giver)
Flutok Scatterbrain (Quest Giver)
Chieftain (Quest Giver)


Hero Chest

                         |  Blululuz     |

A ridiculously-named port town, this one to the west of Kargah. It's quite
small but a functioning port means you can teleport there for easy travel.




Resurrection Monolith

Seraphyria: This rugged, windswept island is home to the beautiful seraphs and
the hilariously horny librarian who loves them so. Also some dragons and stuff.

                         | Seraphim Island   |

Stark and Forboding, the ancient home of the Seraphs houses a great many


Quests 405,406,407,408,409,410,411,430,431 start here




Rock and Ice elementals on all parts of the island, T-Energy mutants when
a chest is opened as well as scattered evenly throughout the island.


Scattered throughout the island:

Hero Chest
Resurrection Monolith

There is a quest in eastern Seraphyria that will teleport you to the lair of
Magmadur the dragon, a boss fight

In the north of the island is a Temple of the Gods


Dragon Isles: Really as much a series of tunnels under the isles as anything
else, the Dragon isles are a good congregation spot for dragons.

                         | Dragon Isles  |

As much notable for the volcanic tunnels that run underneath them as the
actual islands, the Dragon Isles are home to dragons, and the cults that 
worship them.


Quests 422,423,424,425,426,427,428,429,432,433 start here


Orc Survivor
Phantom Fire-Breather
Dragon Cult Leader
Dragon Hunter 


Dragon cultists of course swarm in here, as do earth elementals, young 
dragons, fire elementals, and horrible eldrich creatures.


Xanthiar the dragon, a boss fight, is in the maze

Carnach the Fire Demon lives in the caves under the southernmost island, and is
a boss fight.

The Lord of Searing Flames, a fire elemental boss, is on the southern tip of
the island 


The great swamps: A murky, mysterious place where you are as likely to find
death, disease, and the shambling undead as you are a home with the lizardmen
or a respectable trophy for bagging a Hydra.

                         | Swamp- Wilderness     |

My name for anywhere in the swamps that isn't otherwise noted as a city or


Quests 434,441,465,466,471,472,473,474,475,476,481,485,486,487,491,492,
 start here


Dying Traveler
Cult Priest


Swamp Olm and Swamp rats everywhere, though mostly in the north. Cult of the
Nameless in central swamp. Werewolves in the southwest, along with mini
dragons (by their momma). Fen Fire in the south.


The nefarious prince is located by the temple of the gods in western swamp,
and a dragon can be found by taking a path into the mountains in the extreme

The Swirling Mist of Miasma can be finally defeated in the far south of 
the swamp, a boss fight.

In the extreme southeast of the swamp is a trail which leads to a dragon,
a boss fight.

In the mountains in the south of the Swamp is a Temple of the Gods.

There is a Temple of the Gods along the west coast of the swamp, by Libi's

                         |  Asui'thaz    |

On one of the main roads in the swamps, southwest of where you teleport in,
this is another small settlement huddling together against the torrential
downpours and monsteres in the swamps.


Quests 436,437,438,439,440,470,496 start here


Patriarch Gab
Family Grackk


Hero Chest
Nearby portal

                         |   Sethiaz     |

I'm going to be honest and say that most of the towns just sort of blend
together in the swamp region. Nonetheless, this place is the northeasternmost
town in swamp. It is surrounded by roads.


Quests 435 start here


Novice of the Nameless



                         |  Skull Rock   |

This place is sort of generically spooky. It's located  little to the 
southeast of Sethiaz, along the road.




                         |  Neithu'thaz  |

A dismaly swampy town ayup ayup. The lizardmen who live here seem to like
it well though though, and if it's good enough for the, it's good enough
for you!


Quests 460,461,462,463,464,467,469 start here




                         |   Sar'thaz    |

A town threatened by a crazy cult that doesn't like names. There is also some
worry about eating meals. It's a weird place is what I'm trying to say. It's
right north of Marigold fields in the east of the swamps


Quests 455,456,457,458,459,497 start here


Lizardman Companion


Hero Chest

                         |  Marigold Fields  |

I guess marigolds are pretty bad for the fog, so you better know about this
here place. It's where the marigolds grow, though that doesn't seem to keep
the undead out. It's due east of Libi's pratfall.




                         |  Hisui'Sui    |

Sort of a dinky little town, it's just south of the Marigold Fields. You can
summer vacation here, but don't expect too warm a welcome.


Quests 488,489,490,493, start here


Leader of the Nameless



                         | Hesheth Heights |

I don't know why this is considered to be posh. I seriously don't. It's some
mountains to the northwest of Hissil'Ta, and some mercenaries hang out there,
and that's about it. 




                         |  Hissil'Ta    |

Now THIS place is the main attraction in this dump. It has the amenities you'd
expect from a REAL city, and is totally horrible swamp climate resistant! What
could anybody ask for besides getting out of this horrible swamp?


Quests 442,443,444,445,446,447,448,449,450,451,452,453,468 start here


Ritual Master
Sir'Zeel Kriss


Resurrection Monolith
Hero Chest

                         |    Lizurath   |

Truly a bizarre place: Lizurath is a town run by werewolves, who became that
way after their caravan got attacked. Truly sunny side up people, they decided
to just make a go of it and live there! It's in the southeast of the swamps


Quests 477,478,479,480,482,483,484 start here




Hero Chest
Nearby Portal
Resurrection Monolith


Dyr-Lain: The home of the Dryads, this island paradise bursts with natural 
beauty... and natural predators.

                         | Dyr-Lain Wilderness |

My term for anything that happens on Dyr-Lain that doesn't take place in an 
already-named town or region.


Quests 506,507,508,509,522,523,525,526,527,529,530,531,538,539,540 start here


Kybele Priest
THE monster


Spiders in the center and north, jumping plants mainly in the south but
everywhere, jungle cats everywhere, blood dryads in the north and east,
cultists in the cave below Dyr Laigh


In the caves to the far north of the island lurks Facettelion, the deadly 
crystal, a boss fight.

In the tunnels under Girvym Island, an island to the east of the main island,
is a dragon, a boss fight

By the caves in the very southwest of the island is the Forest Guardian, an
annoying boss fight

To the very east tip of D'Ary, an island off the southeast coast of the main
island, is the Poison Lord, a boss fight.

In the valley to the south of Dyr Laigh is a Temple of the Gods

In the west wing of the cult's headquarters south of Dyr Laigh, in the garden,
is a Temple of the Gods

                         |    Aerendyr   |

An elven outpost on the island itself, Aerendyr is seen as an unwelcome
imposition by most of the dryads. It's on the southeast of the island.


Quests 501,502,503,504,505 start here




Resurrection Monolith
Hero Chest

                         |  Eloeth-Sun   |

At the very northeast of Dyr-Lain, Eloeth-Sun is a traditional Dryad village
that doesn't take much to foreigners, but they wouldn't say no to some help
fighting off those danged blood dryads.


Quests 510,511,512,513,514 start here




Hero Chest

                         |   Dyr-Laigh   |

The capital city of Dyr-Lain, and kind of a pain to get around what with all
the multiple levels and tree fort houses and whatnot. Don't get me wrong, I
think the idea is cool, it is just a pain when you HAVE to go to the second
story to get some places and... bah. Oh well. It's smack dab in the center of
the island.


Quests 515,516,517,518,519,520,521,523,524,541,542,547,548 start here




Resurrection Monolith
Hero Chest

                         |    Logaeiar   | 

The ruins of a once-great civilization, this lies just to the south of
Dyr-Laigh. It's pretty crumbly, and an aura of faint evil clings to the broken


Quests 533,534,535,536,543,544,545,546, start here


Ghost Prince
Tily Fihl



Wastelands: A land bleaker than Bengaresh, more deadly than the swamps, and 
chock full of prophecy and adventure. That is, if you can survive the demons,
temple guardians, and mercenary troops. You might even take control of the
world from in here!	

                         | Wastelands Wilderness |

My name for any quest or thing that happens in the Wastelands that isn't part
of some named section of it.


Quest 550 start here



Demons in the caves, strongly armed troops and flying demons in the areas
outside, temple guardians near the great machine


                         |  Windswept Fortress  |




There is a Temple of the Gods here.

                         | The Great Machine |

This is where it all goes down my droogs. The central hub of evil and mystery
for the whole REGION. Your quests, whether you are good or evil, will
inexorably lead you to this location.


Quests 551,553 starts here



The nameless guardians, the final boss fight, is here



Here will go the quest progressions, with numbers, for the main quests for the
various characters.




This section gives more detailed descriptions of each of the quests along with
how to beat them. They are numbered, and all other references in the game
correspond to their number here.


[1] Reactivated

* Available to: Temple Guardian (light)

* Given by: Starting game

* Description: All system reactivated. Recieved instructions from hologram. I
have been reactivated. My first destination is the Elven Settlement

* Instructions: Leave the Temple Ruins and head to the Elven Settlement. On the
way out, watch for brigands- be ready to blast them! When you get to the Elven

* Completion: (reached Sloeford) I should talk to the village elder


[2] Unpacking

*Available to: Temple Guardian (light)

*Given by: Hologram, as you are leaving Temple Ruins

*Description: I must retrieve my possessions from the archives.

*Instructions: Pretty simple. The location of the items will show up on your
minimap, just turn around (or go back to the Temple Ruins if you've already
left), and go get them. They are not guarded and I don't think they do anything
besides just look silly. Anyway you have to get the Teddy Bear, Ball, and 
Cube 2.0 X 36 Phoenix Edition. Get them and head to Sloeford. Run into a little
boy on the outskirts, who wants a ball and a teddy. Fine, there's a toy dealer
in the next city. So head there, and find that toy dealer! The first one can't
help so you get re-directed. THIS one is happy to help you, but first you got
to rescue their son from the goblin camp to the east. Make sure you are
up to taking out many kobolds, but then go and wipe them out. Bring him back
and you'll get the doll. Now go have a talk with the competitor who slandered
the guy. He'll start a fight with the death robot, which is a bad move. Blast
him away. Head to Thylysia, specifically the museum. Follow your nose to get
there, and talk to the proprietor. He will be convinced you are the pest
control guy, so go in and control pests. They are just some vermin and
spiders, shouldn't be a big issue. Once they are smoking carcasses he'll come
in and tell you that the piece you want is in the hands of this guy TyBosso.
Go talk to him and he'll let you know that he's in a spot of trouble, and if
you'll only escort him out of the city he'll give you the thing. If you are
smart you'll have activated the teleported in Clearview before this quest
starts. If you have just teleport there and run to the cabin, the guy is
invincible anyway. He loses this quality on getting there, which is handy,
because the mages council lets you know he's a criminal. Time for judgement
and by judgement I mean melting his face off. Do so, and talk to the mages'
council lady. She'll give you the last thing you need, and opens up quest 149

*Checkpoint: Collected items from settlement, talked to boy in Sloeford, talked
to toy dealer in Twainbrook, talked to other toy dealer, found toy dealer's son
rescued son, went to museum, exterminated pests, got item, talked to TyBosso,
escorted TyBosso safely, talked to mage, killed TyBosso

*Completion: Picked up final object

*Reward: Unlocks quest 149


[3] The Turtle Eggs

*Available to: Everybody Light

*Given by: Ranger Mekeliel, in temple ruins

*Description: A gamekeeper by the name of Mekeliel is concerned about the spiny
turtle popluation. A poacher looted the nests under the cover of darkness. I'm
supposed to try and apprehend him and snatch the bag away from him. 

*Instructions: Your goal is to "apprehend" the poacher. I put that in quotes
because apprehend in this context means "punch in the face until he dies". So
get to it! The location of the turtle eggs should be marked on your map, 
you're looking for a brigand somewhere in this general area. Kill him, grab
the turtle eggs, and head back.

*Checkpoint: Killed poacher

*Completion: Brought eggs to Mekeliel

*Reward: 25 gold.


[4] Rusty Inheritance

*Available To: Temple Guards

*Given by: Trader Ryean in Happy Cow Farm

*Description: A Merchant Sent me to retrieve some components that thieves stole
from him.

*Instructions: He mentioned the thieves were hanging out southwest of town. Go
there and see if you can't convince them to part with the things they stole
from the merchant. You will have to use your blaster and flamethrower, but
that's not very upsetting. At least not to me! Anyway once you get them head
back to see the merchant for your reward. 

*Checkpoint: Killed Thieves

*Completion: Returned parts to merchant

*Reward: Carapace Pants


[5] Four Yellow Feet

*Available To: All

*Given by: Galia in Happy Cow Farm

*Description: Galia, the mage's apprentice, is supposed to collect four
yellowfoot herbs for her mentor. These herbus usually grow on the shores of the
river, but were all apparently picked by Kobolds. I'm supposed to find the 
Kobold camp and take at least four yellowfoot herbs from the little beasts!

*Instructions: Well nothing to do but do it. The Kobold camp will appear on
your minimap as an arrow pointing the way- just head towards it. You will come
over the top of a hill and see their crude huts. The Kobolds shouldn't cause
you much trouble but watch out for their shaman. Once they are down, grab the
petals and return. 

*Checkpoint: Killed Kobolds, got Petals

*Completion: Returned petals to Galia

*Reward: 165 GP! Not too shabby


[6] Fishing Stores

*Available To: Everyone

*Given by: Gleroniwe (on road near bandit camp from quest 4)

*Description: A man has asked me to deliver a bag of worms to his brother in
Shoeford. His brother uses the worms as fishing bait. Shoeford is more or less
on my way, so why not?

*Instructions: This one couldn't be easier. Just make the trek, the pond is 
right next to Happy Cow Farm, and hand off the worms. Bam, done. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Give worms to fisherman

*Reward: 55 gold for basically no work isn't bad!


[7] Books, Cows and Virgins

*Available To: All

*Given by: Farmer Walcott (Sloeford)

*Description: A local farmer told me that a strange mage is living in the area.
He has always been peculiar, but lately he's become even worse. First several
cows and sheep disappeared, and now even a little girl is missing from the 
village. Rumor has it that the mage has gone mad, and the farmer asked me to
find and save the girl if possible. I can find the mages house in the forest
to the northeast.

*Instructions: Well this has all the markings of one of those "more than meets
the eye" type quests, so let's trek up to his digs and see what we can see. 
Hm. As we approach the guy's house we see a cow pitchforked right through the
stomach. Bad sign. There is a zombie crashing all around in the house, and he
has killed the mage- this is 

*Checkpoint: Entered mage's house.

*Completion: Talked to Farmer Walcott

*Reward: A cool 70 gold for your troubles. 


[8] Tutorial Hirelings

*Available To: All

*Given by: Lieutenant Niran (Sloeford)

*Description: A High Elf lieutenant asked me for help. He wants me to rescue
his comrades who have been captured in a pirate attack. 

*Instructions: Oh boy. This would be a lot easier if it weren't for lieutenant
wet behind the ears slash total moron Birnarn who comes with you. Keeping him
alive won't be easy, but you'd best do if if you're gunning for the full 
reward. Make you way down to the pirates cave. Before you go in you might as
well also accept quest 9. It is a tough battle in here, 

*Checkpoint: Taking Birnan with you.



[9] Pesky Pirates

*Available To: All

*Given by: Scout Jelanthil (Near pirate cave from quest 8)

*Description: A lot of pirates seem to be roaming in this area. An intercepted
message mentioned a map in a cave, and that it's marked with all the landing
sites of these raiders. A High Elf scout asked me to go to the cave and get
the map. He's afraid of the rats there. Tsk...!

*Instructions: Head on into that cave. There's more to worry about than rats
though. There's pirates, and cannons, and everything you just read about in
the previous quest. Basically just storm into the cave and when you manage
to rescue the prisoners for that quest, or once the lieutenant's died, switch
active quests, find the map, grab it and get out.

*Checkpoint: Found Map

*Completion: Delivered Map

*Reward: 210 GP. NICE.


[10] Bounty

*Available To: Those who completed Quest 9

*Given by: Jelanthil (Golden Coast, right outside pirate cave)

*Description: I have to find the pirates leader and kill him. The man is called
Steelnose Forino, and he makes anyone who jokes about his nose suffer for it.
I should be able to find him at the cliffs. Well then, I'll just follow my

*Instructions: Ugh what a terrible pun in the description. You should have no
trouble killing pirates by this point, so just make your way along the road
slaughtering them as they come. Work your way up the cliffs and talk to 'ol
Steelnose. Talk to him, insult his nose, then run him through. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Killed Steelnose

* 120 sweet pieces of gold!


[11] Gone Fishing

*Available To: All

*Given by: Fisher Alrail (beachcombers)

*Description: A fisherman has asked me to deal with a group of aggressive 
tortoises that are scaring off all the fish.

*Instructions: Their locations appear on your map. If you have been taking
your time getting here some these things will be no challenge. They are just
small snappers. Anyway head over and murther them. You can retreat if you're
doing poorly, they are really slow. Beware, however, because there are loads
of pirates on the shore, and boar, wolves, and kobolds inland. Once they are
dead check back with Alrail

*Checkpoint: Killed turtles

*Completion: Returned to Alrail

*Reward: Book 2


[12] Attack on the Vegetable Vendor

*Available To: All

*Given by: Vegetable Vendor Piertyill (beachcombers)

*Description: Young vegetable vendor Piertyill has been attacked by brigands.
I have to stop them before they steal everything.

*Instructions: This is another "go there kill this" mission. You may have seen
the overturned cart if you came to the beachcombers by way of the main road. If
not, just follow the road up. You may have to deal with a few kobolds or
animals on the way, but nothing too major. The Copperpoint Gang Member and 
leader aren't really much tougher than bandits. You'll have to kill the leader
and three gang members, then head back south.

*Checkpoint: Gang defeated

*Completion: Returned to Piertyill

*Reward: 426 gold pieces for ya


[13] Kobold Canyon

*Available To: All

*Given by: Elven guard (beachcombers)

*Description: A guard has asked me to clear the path to the Gardens of the
Seraphim and drive the Kobolds from the canyon

*Instructions: Kill 20 of the little buggers. Believe me when I say that
finding 20 of them to kill will not be a challenge. On the higher difficulty
level you might want to bring some healing potions with you because you are
going to get MOBBED. Keep in mind that the guard you talked to in the beginning
of the quest is NOT the same person you talk to to finish the quest! To finish,
head north and follow the pathway through the mountains until you reach the
elven guard near the forgotten gardens. Talk to him to finish the quest.

S*Checkpoint: Killed 20 kobolds

*Completion: Reported to sentry

*Reward: 938 golden coins


[14] Captain Bloodtongue

*Available To: All

*Given by: Officer Renglewyn (copper peaks north of beachcombers)

*Description: An officier by the name of Renglewyn is missing one of his
scouts. the scout was supposed to explore some caves nearby. Renglewyn has
asked me to find the scout and tell him that he is overdue. If he's still alive
that is.

*Instructions: Time for some spelunking! Part of the Captain's problem might
be that he is standing by the wrong entrance. The caves that the scout is
hidden in are absolutely massive, and it's easy to get distracted. Just head
towards the circle icon on your minimap. There are some tunnels that show up
as black spaces on the minimap, don't worry about these and just head forward.
Be prepared to deal with earth elementals. Talk to the scout to end the mission

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to scout

*Reward: Goooold


[15] Reporting to Renglewyn

*Available To: Any who completed Quest 14

*Given by: the scout from quest 14 (In cave, copper peaks)

*Description: The scout asked me to tell his officer about the precarious
situation he's in, and about the pirates' activities! The scout asked me to
inform his officer of the pirates' activities. He also asked me to mention
his "great heroism!"

*Instructions: This is pretty much exactly the reverse of the previous quest,
except easier because you already killed everything standing in your way.
Head back out of the cave and talk to Renglewyn. He... doesn't seem to get
the thrust of what you were trying to say. 

*Checkpoint: (none)

*Completion: Talk to Renglewyn

*Reward: XP boost


[16] Bloodmouth Must Die!

*Available To: Any who have completed Quest 15

*Given by: Renglewyn (Copper peaks north of beachcombers)

*Description: Officer Renglewyn has asked me to eliminate Captain Bloodmouth,
the leader of a band of dread pirates

*Instructions: Back into the cave! Bloodmouth is hiding at the back of the
cave, surrounded by his scurvy dogs. Keep an eye on the quest marker and you
shouldn't get too lost. Remember that he won't attack until you talk to him,
so take out all the pirates around him before starting the battle. He is just
a really tough pirate, and so shouldn't go down too hard.

*Checkpoint: Kill Bloodmouth

*Completion: Report to Renglewyn

*Reward: 1,103 


[17] The Shadows of the Seraphim

*Available To: Any good

*Given by: Sister Prudentia (Seraphim valley, west of the forgotten gardens)

*Description: A nun belonging to a Seraphim Order asked me to defeat an Earth
Elemental by the name of Itheral. The sisters are quite isolated and the 
Elementals are really bothering them. Ihheril... weird name.

*Instructions: Well you've got a target now. The elemental is on a plain just
to the northeast of you. It shouldn't be a challenge getting there. Have some
potions ready, because the plain really is swarming with earth elementals. 
Ihheril isn't that much tougher than your standard earth elemental, so just
keep swinging and you'll come out ok. Then walk the short distance back to 

*Checkpoint: Kill Ihheril

*Completion: Return to Prudentia

*Reward: 301 gold


[18] Kobold Grave Robber

*Available To: Any who completed quest 17

*Given by: Prudentia (Seraphim Valley)

*Description: The Sister sent me to the burial cave to chase off the Kobolds
that are apparently threatening to rob the graves of deceased nuns!

*Instructions: The cave is a little to the south of the nunnery, in very easy
walking distance. Inside the cave there are, as expected, tons of kobolds. 
Make sure to take out the archers before dealing with all the little melee
guys, they will whittle your health away otherwise. The nuns don't seem to
mind overmuch if YOU loot everything in here, so go ahead. If you start
opening sarcophagi, however, watch out for zombies! To finish make sure you get
all six kobold warriors, then return to Prudentia.

*Checkpoint: Kill 6 kobold warriors

*Completion: Return to Prudentia

*Reward: 200 jangly coins

[19] A conversation with Sister Ligien

*Available To: Any who completed quest 18

*Given by: Prudentia (Seraphim Valley)

*Description: The order's First Priestess - Ligien- wishes to see me. I'm off
then. It is not good to make First Priestesses wait!

*Instructions: You um... you pretty much just walk 20 steps north and talk to
her. I'm not sure why this is listed with two little effort bubbles.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to sister Ligien

*Reward: Can get quests from Ligien


[20] The Abbess

*Available To: Any who completed quest 19

*Given by: Sister Ligien (Seraphim valley)

*Description: The Order's First Priestess sent me to find out what's the matter
with the Abbess. She's been acting strange lately, and has shut herself up
in the medetiation hall. I wonder what's eating her?

*Instructions: Uh oh with something like "what's eating her" in the quest
description this sounds like it's going to be both a bad pun and a horrible 
scene for us to view later. Well anyway, you can get into the old monostary 
now. Head on in, and watch out for the ghost attack! This is.... wow. Yeah. 
this is a pretty impressive monostary! You will walk past lava vents and
crystal tunnels. You will constantly be getting harried by ghosts in here, so
take your time and keep your health up. The last chamber before the Abbess
is just SWARMING with ghosts. This might be a fine time to use your divine 
power to clear them all out. After that it is time for an audience with her
holiness. It seems she has got a demon inside of her, which she may or may not
have put there. Either way she is not repentent at all and wants to cut you
into ribbons! Killing her isn't too difficult, but at the start of the battle
she summons a Wandering Stome, a rock demon that throws rocks at you. They 
hurt! Take out the cannonness QUICKLY, have potions cued up, and then whale
away at the demon until it topples. It is very slow so a tactical retreat or
two might be in order. Once the deadly duo are dead, you can go back to the
First Sister.

*Checkpoint: Defeated abbess and stone guardian

*Completion: Return to Sister Ligien

*Reward: 440 gp and the satisfaction of a job well done


[21] Eye Into the Sky

*Available To: All

*Given by: Nomengalus (celestial dome)

*Description: Nomengalus, the Chief Astronomer at the observatory, has asked
me to deliver a some [sic] spare parts to his workers. A defective moonjuice
pipeline needs to be repaired.

*Instructions: A delivery quest. Put on your delivery hat and get onto your 
tiny bicycle, because here we go! The workers are along the pathway right
outside of the observatory, just follow the road. Be prepared for HUGE numbers
of kobolds to attack you, but by now you should be able to handle them. Just
talk to the people by the side of the road, and the quest is over!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Gave workers parts

*Reward: 301 coins


[22] To the Focusing Station

*Available To: All who have completed quest 21

*Given by: Nomengalus (Celestial Dome)

*Description: Nomengalus has developed quite an exciting theory. He thinks that
... um... Oh, well. Never mind. My task is simply to collect the latest test
results from the focusing station.

*Instructions: For the focusing station being probably thirty feet away from
the observatory as it is, this is kind of a big trek. The shortest way there
is to leave by the main road over the bridge, then cut through the wilderness
to the bridge over the water right beneath the main observatory, and circle
back up to the station. It'll be a cave in the cliff that the observatory is
situated on. You'll be passing by a bandit camp and also recall the obscene
numbers of kobolds in the area. There are some mutant spiders in the focusing
station, but the guy in charge there doesn't seem to be particuarly worried 
about it. Eh. Talk to him, get the report, head back the way you came.

*Checkpoint: Got report

*Completion: Gave report to Nomengalus

*Reward: 201 GP


[23] Mutants on the Rampage

*Available To: Any who have completed Quest 22

*Given by: Nomengalus (Celestial Dome)

*Description: The T-Energy leak in the transmission line appears to be worse
than I thought. Apparently there are three mutant wild boards marauding near
the transmission line. I must kill them before they hurt someone. As the saying
goes: Happy hunting to me! (editor's note: that is not a saying)

*Instructions: The pigs aren't necessarially near the line you fixed earlier,
they are probably hiding in the wilderness somewhere. Use your minimap to lock
onto them, and try to kill kobolds around them before tackling the mutant
boars themselves, as they tend to be pretty tough opponents. You'll know you
are fighting the right boars because they will be glowing blue. Hard to miss.

*Checkpoint: Killed three mutant boars

*Completion: Talked to Nomengalus

*Reward: That generous reward is 351 gold


[24] In the Hands of Kobolds

*Available To: Any 

*Given by: Lamela (Celestial Dome)

*Description: A child ran away from her mother while they were taking a walk.
She ran towards a Kobold camp, which is beyond the bridge. The desperate mother
asked me to save her daughter. Apparently, the little girl is in grave danger.

*Instructions: "Apparently in grave danger"? She ran straight into a camp full
of these little bloodthirsty trolls! Anyway the camp is right across the bridge
near the tower, so cut into the wilderness and head for it. You'll know you
are heading the right way because of the signposts with skulls and ribcages
and such things on them. Anyway make sure you thourougly clean the camp and
wilderness of kobolds before rescuing the girl, because she will have to
follow you back. She's surprisingly tough for such a little thing, but she 
still can't take much of a beating, and obviously having her die is a pretty
sad end to the quest.

*Checkpoint: Rescued the girl

*Completion: Return the girl alive

*Reward: Some XP and can do quest 25


[25] A Worthwhile Journey

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 24

*Given by: Lamela (celestial dome)

*Description: The Mother of the child whom I saved told me to seek out her 
husband on the eastern edge of the village in order to recieve a reward.

*Instructions: This one is not too pressing and kind of a long hike, so you
may want to shelve it while you do some other quests. It's not difficult at
all, just head to the man's house and get your sweet reward.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to husband

*Reward: A shiny ring


[26] Rust

*Available To: Temple Guardians

*Given by: Magonir

*Description: On my way to Thylysiam I was stopped by a man who commented on 
my creaking joints. My elbow reall is quite stuff. He said he could help me if
I fetched some oil stones from the hills. Oil from stones? Stone oil? Hmm,
I've never heard of it

*Instructions: Hooo boy it is a far trek up north. The way to go is to follow
the main road up from the celestial dome until it curves off to the right. 
From there head up into the wilderness between the forests, and turn to the
left at the top bridge across the silken river. If you hit the bandit camp
you've gone too far north. From here you will have to go into the kobold
camp to get up into the hills. Be prepared for many kobolds. All of the rocks
are in the camp itself, so just follow your minimap until you find them. The
first one is in this big clearing and OH GOSH BOSS FIGHT! Ok this is a big 
angry troll who wants to crush you with rocks and his fists. Keep moving, that
is really important. Have lots of health potions if you want to do the close
quarters thing, otherwise circle around him and keep up the pressure all
the time because he has great health regeneration and so leaving him alone
for even a few seconds means a lot of work undone. When he lies dead, take your
rocks and leave. Note that he only had one, you need to get all the rocks 
(just follow your minimap) before you leave. Don't worry, no more trolls.

*Checkpoint: Collected rocks

*Completion: Return to Magonir

*Reward: Some oil (potions)


[27] Unexpected News

*Available To: All

*Given by: Soldier (High elf encampment)

*Description: I am supposed to deliver the soldier's letter to his bethrothed.

*Instructions: This starts out as a simple "deliver the letter" quest and then
gets weird. So you agree to deliver it, and instead give the letter to... the
lady's brother. Whatever. He is living on a farm that's just off the main road,
it's not hard to find. Anyway he freaks out and starts attacking you. Just 
give him a good hit or two and he comes to his senses and suddenly wants to
visit his sister, who lives in the main city. Fine then, off you both go. 
This ends up being another escort quest, and if you've been paying attention
you HATE escort quests. As in all other ones, his survival is not guaranteed
or in fact even likely. If he does or survives, you still have to talk to his
sister. To keep him alive it helps to just run as fast as
you can past any danger. Go ahead and do so. 





[28] Holdup

*Available To: Anybody

*Given by: Walking towards the main city from the farm outside Sloeford

*Description: A woman is being harassed by brigands. I am going to tech those
scoundrels some manners!

*Instructions: This one is actually pretty tough, just because the woman is
often lying dead by the time you figure out what is going on. RUSH in and
proect her.






*Available To: Any

*Given by: Aquetioen (Copper Peaks, off of a small road which heads east on
your way the main road north)

*Description: A minerologist asked me to search a cave for samples of a
special ore. He can't go into caves himself because he is afraid of small 

*Instructions: The cave is tiny, packed with wolves and a minotaur, and right
behind him. Head on in, being cautious of the claws and clubs, and get the 
ore. It's behind a pillar, then go outside to talk to Aquetieon

*Checkpoint: Got the ore

*Completion: Returned to Aquetioen

*Reward: A nice xp boost


[30] The Lost Amulets

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mage School Graduate (by resurrection monolith north of Celioth's

*Description: A young mage messed up his first big assignment. He was supposed
to imbue three amulets with protective spiells then deliver them to his 
customers. He was attacked by elementalists while delivering them and lost the
amulets. I'm supposed to find and take the amulets to the Lumerjacks who 
ordered them.

*Instructions: The amulets are scattered around a pile of rocks to the east.
Make your way there, and, as was suggested by the mage, prepare for an attack
by elementals. You are a little mroe hardcore than he was, however, and should
have no problem taking on the elementals. Dispatch them, grab all three
amulets, and make your way to the lumberjacks. The lumberjacks are in a 
brigand camp (?) slightly to the north of where you started. Give them the
amulets and get your money.

*Checkpoint: Got amulets

*Completion: Gave woodcutteres amulets

*Reward: 456 gold


[31] The Eaten Cow

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Tirean (Brigand Camp South)

*Description: A hunting guide has lost a cow. It was attacked and killed by
a wolf, which probably also swallowed the cow's jeweled collar. He has asked
me to kill the wolf and retrieve the collar from the wolf's gut.

*Instructions: I like how a hunting guide can't find a wolf. Especially when
the thing is literally twenty paces outside of town to the east. This is an
incredibly quick mission. Dart out, kill the wolf, grab the collar, talk to
the guy again. 

*Checkpoint: Retrieved Collar

*Completion: Gave Tirean Collar

*Reward: It was worth 436 gold to the guy. Strange.


[32] Hunting Highwaymen

*Available To: Any

*Given by: High elf guard (Brigand camp south)

*Description: Some highwaymen are harassing the nieghborhood. I should take
care of them. 

*Instructions: Taking care of the highwaymen itself is no problem. They are 
lurking right outside town, so go to it! The bizarre part is that you have to
check in with the guard at Sloeford to complete the task. Well no harm done, 
head there and talk to the guard.

*Checkpoint: Killed Highwaymen

*Completion: Talked to Guard

*Reward: 456 additions to your treasure trove


[33] Missing patrol

*Available To: Any who completed quest 32

*Given by: High elf guard (Sloeford)

*Description: A guard in the village told me that a patrol has been missing
for several days. He asked me to go find out what has befallen them.

*Instructions: The guards you're looking for are in a cave to the southwest.
Wind your way down, and be prepared for tons of rats and bandits in the cave.
The cave is just CHOCK full of them, but they are all relatively low level
so nothing to worry about. Once you've cleared the cave, notice those bodies
lying in the corner... shoot. Well, at least pick up the medals and map and
head back to the guard for your reward. They're in a better place.

*Checkpoint: Found Medals

*Completion: Talked to guard

*Reward: 435 coins. Blood money.


[34] Leader of the pack

*Available To: Any who have completed 33

*Given by: High Elf Guard (Sloeford)

*Description: The map I found shows the place where the band of highwaymen are
hiding. I am supposed to wipe them out and take the head of their leader to the
village as proof of my deed

*Instructions: Ok this is waaaaay far in the north. Depending on what order you
have done the quests in, you may have actually already run into this particular
camp. Anyway, head on up north, trying to sneak past the kobolds in the fields
below if you can. Once in the camp itself you will have 15 highwaymen to deal
with as well as Cold Charley. He is quite a strong fighter, so try to pick off
the other highwaymen first before tackling him.

*Checkpoint: Killed highwaymen

*Completion: Returned to guard

*Reward: 1601 coins and an amulet. Not bad! You might say you came out...


[35] The Kobold Chieftan

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Thelal (Sloeford)

*Description: An envoy of the senate told me that the number of Kobolds in the
area is rapidly increasing (editor's note: yeah, we've seen). Apparently a
Kobold Chieftan has arrived which indicates that the Kobolds are probably
planning something big. I must go to the kobold village now and kill enough
kobolds to lure the chieftan from his hideout.

*Instructions: Ok this is a really busy area up north here. Three quests and
counting! Anyway first go to the celestial dome, then work your way northward
from there killing kobalds as you go. Once you get a message box that says 
that you're getting close, move into the kobald camp and get ready to thwack
just mad amounts of kobalds. 40 to be exact. Once they're wasted, you hear a 
distant roar.... uh oh. Head to the top of the kobald camp following your
minimap. For some players this will actually be their SECOND time fighting the
big troll. Keep moving, and keep the pressure on him! His regenerative ability
makes this fight tough. Once he and the chieftan are down, you get your
reward. If you've activated the resurrection monolith in Sloeford, go ahead
and teleport back, otherwise it's a long trek.

*Checkpoint: Killed Chieftain

*Completion: Return to Thelal

*Reward: 3052 gold and some neat artifacts


[36] Tutorial Relics

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Liannea (Sloeford)

*Description: A little girl lost her teddy while playing in a cave. I wonder
what's waiting for me in there.

*Instructions: The cave you're looking for is to the northeast. Head on in and
be ready for rats and bears. You kill mama bear and find, because this game
is utterly insane sometimes, that her teddy is an actual bear. Talk to it
and escort it home. Because this is a short escort quest it's not quite as
odious as most of the escort quests in the game.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Teddy

*Completion: Return to Liannea with bear

*Reward: An anti-poison relic! Nice.


[37] Muggers

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Markus (Sloeford)

*Description: A traveler has asked me for help. Muggers attacked him and stole 
his luggage. He barely escaped with his life. The thieves have taken all his
equipment and money. Worst of all, they stole his father's sword, shield and
breastplate. These tiems are family heirlooms and he promised at his father's
deathbed that he would carry them with pride. He offered me a magic ring if 
I could retrieve these items for him. There is no way that I could deny his

*Instructions: The bandits aren't anything special, so getting there and back
will be the longest part of this mission. They are to the northwest, just
off the main road if you follow it. The three items are hidden in their camp,
so go ahead and grab 'em!

*Checkpoint: Got items

*Completion: Returned to Markus

*Reward: A rune!


[38] Tutorial Runemaster

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Zamnar (Sloeford)

*Description: Once more the runemaster's son stayed at the river bank longer
than his father has allowed him to. The runemaster asked me to go look for his
son. Afterwards he'll provide me with his services. 

*Instructions: Oh I hate escort quests. Oh I hate them. This one actually
isn't that bad because the kid stays hidden for the worst of it. Head over
to the riverbank, east of town, and notice all the wolves in the area. Make
sure you clear the area before talking to the kid! Once you've done that,
talk to him and he'll follow you back to town. Keep a close eye on him.

*Checkpoint: Killed Alpha Wolf

*Completion: Returned Child

*Reward: 160 gold and services


[39] Tutorial Blacksmith

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Michel (Sloeford)

*Description: The blacksmith's apprentice, Michel, was attacked and robbed of
some things. Michel asked me to get those things back so he owuldn't fall out
of favor with his master. Perhaps this will give me a chance to fall back on
the blacksmith's skills.

*Instructions: The most bandit-infested cave near Sloeford will be getting 
another visit! Leave town by the west entrance and head south to get to the
cave. There is the usual assortment of rats and bandits inside, nothing in
particular to look out for. Clear out the rest of the bandits, head to the
back and talk to their leader. Hey! That double crossing fink! Well we'll have
some choice words for him once we kill all these bandits (do so) and open the
chest behind them (do so) and get his stuff (better grab it!) and head on
back to the village.

*Checkpoint: Talked to bandit leader, killed bandits

*Completion: Talked to Michel

*Reward: 275 gold and Journeyman's Work (sword)


[40] The Brigand Camp

*Available To: All

*Given by: Kylian (Sloeford)

*Description: A brigand camp is located north of here. Several soldiers are
being help captive there and they must be freed. The brigands must recieve a
just punishment.

*Instructions: "Just punishment" eh? You know what that means. It's murdering
time! Get your favorite pointy or shooty weapon and head northwest. It's best
to approach the camp from the southeast. You have to kill ten brigands, and
there are good odds that there'll be a big nasty force of kobalds in the area.
Clear the whole area out before opening the soldiers' cages. Once you've
freed them talk to their leader, who will direct you to a cave south of
Sloeford. Head there.

*Checkpoint: Killed bandits

*Completion: Reached Cave

*Reward: Quest 41


[41] Punishment

*Available To: Anyone who beat quest 40

*Given by: Beating quest 40

*Description: I can hear voices from over there! That should be who I am 
looking for.

*Instructions: This is a pretty standard cave, except for the lightning-
throwing turtles in the back. Watch out for them. Head into the cave, blasting
away (the cave is directly east of the Happy Cow farm), and fry all 10 
bandits. You're not quite done yet. Look on the minimap for the last circle,
that will be the contract that the soldier mentioned pick it up and head back
for your reward. You'll find the quest ender in the high elf encampment north
of Sloeford.

*Checkpoint: Killed bandits

*Completion: Talked to Erestor

*Reward: Some neat artifacts and the gratitude of the elven army!


[42] Let's Have a Drink!

*Available To: All

*Given by: Melantion (Twainbrook)

*Description: A rich but somewhat wacky Elf called Melantion has asked me to
fetch him two barrles of the finest wine. His stock are depleted and he doesn't
want to drink cheap stuff. I should go and seek the wine merchant Naia in order
to find some wine for him.

*Instructions: Ok so the wine seller (and cellar! ho ho!) is to the northwest.
Follow the main baths on the way there and you shouldn't have any problem. You
might want to pick up quest 43 from the guard on the way as well. When you
get there talk to the merchant and learn that all you have to do for some
free wine is kill the vermin that are infesting her cellar. No big deal, right?
The cellar is close by. Head on in there, and get ready for some spiders! 
They are pretty weak, so just pick them off one by one and go back topside
to the merchant. 

*Checkpoint: Killed Spiders

*Completion: Talked to Melantion

*Reward: 527 Gold


[43] Tutorial Damage Types

*Available To: Any

*Given by: High Elf Sergeant (Twainbrook)

*Description: A guard told me that undead have occupied the area past 
Twainbrook claiming it for themselves. Kobolds might not be strong opponents,
but perhaps I should listen to the guard and try to learn the secret of the
Kobold Mage's burning weapon.

*Instructions: This cave us up north, right by the wine seller's hut. It is a
small one-room deal. head in to see the kobald being attacked by three undead
legionairres. Attack them first and kill them, then talk to the kobald. After
you get his secret be prepared for him to attack you on the way out, then go
back to the guard.

*Checkpoint: Killed Legionnaires

*Completion: Returned to guard

*Reward:  878 gold


[44] The Hunter Camp

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Rangald (south of twainbrook)

*Description: The hunterse have asked me to bring them ten boar pelts. Sounds
like a solvable task.

*Instructions: A straightforward hunt in the wilderness. What makes this
doable is that your minimap will update with the position of the nearest boar,
so follow the gray circles. What makes this annoying is that there are a lot
of rivers and forests around here, and getting to the boars can be a long trek.
Use the absurdly high spawn rates of this game to your advantage for once, and
if a boar spawns too far away for your tastes, kind of circle around until one
spawns nearer to you! When you're done head back.

*Checkpoint: Killed ten boars

*Completion: Returned pelts to hunter camp

*Reward: 527 gold for some stinky pigskins. Good deal!


[45] Days Gone By

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ambul (Due west of the High Elf Outpost south)

*Description: In the ruins close to here a magic ritual once failed. Since
then, the souls of the mages who tried to complete it have been haunting that
area. I'm supposed to collect fragments of a rare nameless stone so that the
ritual can be completed and the souls of the High Elf mages can be released.

*Instructions: The stone you're looking for is across the river to the
northwest on top of a hill. It isn't guarded or anything but there are 
kobalds in the area not to mention wild animals, so don't be too hasty
rushing around. Grab it and get back.

*Checkpoint: Got Stone

*Completion: Give Ambul stone

*Reward: 527 gold


[46] The Boar

*Available To: Any who completed quest 44

*Given by: Rangald (south of Twainbrook)

*Description: And now they want me to kill the giant boar, leader of the pack.
Seems to be a pretty tough animal. I should not take this assignment lightly.

*Instructions: Protip: It does not matter if you take this assignment lightly
or not. The wild boar you are chasing shows up on your minimap just the same.
Be ready for a tussle when you fight him, though. He's not too far away so
this should be a quick mission.

*Checkpoint: Killed boar

*Completion: Returned boar

*Reward: That hunting knife, and the acceptance you apparently so desperately
crave by a bunch of smelly hunters. 


[47] Secure Shipment

*Available To: Anyone who completed quest 46

*Given by: Rangald (south of Twainbrook)

*Description: I am supposed to escort this consignment of furs and ensure that
they reach Rober the Merchant safely.

*Instructions: Talk to the lady and get going. I hate escort missions. This
time you've got a fair chance of surviving it. Stick to the main roadways, run
if you see any big scraps or groups of kobolds, and you'll be ok. PROTIP: 
people you are escorting automatically teleport right next to you if you get
too far ahead of them, so if you are playing as a temple guardian and can use
your jets to get across the river directly into Sloeford, you will save a ton
of time.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Goods arrived safely

*Reward: One thousand, five hundred and five gold pieces


[48] Old Friends

*Available To: Anyone who completed quest 45

*Given by: Ambul (Due West of High Elf outpost south)

*Description: Ambul prepared the stone. Now we're going to the ruins together,
so that the spirit of the mages can finish their ritual.

*Instructions: Now THIS is an escort quest I can get behind- one where the
target to be escorted is invulnerable! Take time out to marvel, as you travel
northwards, how stupid he is though. Running RIGHT into the middle of 
kobolds and such. I just KNOW that if he wasn't invulnerable he would have
died three times over on the way here. Anyway once you reach the ruins all
heck breaks loose. It was a trap, Ambul was leading you to your death, so you
got to destroy those spectres and him too. 

*Checkpoint: Reached ruins

*Completion: Destroyed Ambul and Spectres

*Reward: Some neat artifacts Ambul had on him.


[49] The Sick Hermit

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Sick Hermit (East of Twainbrook across the river) 

*Description: A dying hermit has askmed me to collect herbs in a mine not far
away and take them to a herb woman in the village. He's also given me a key to
the mine.

*Instructions: Head into the mine and collect the herbs. You shouldn't 
encounter too stiff resistance. There are some giant bats, some cellar rats,
and some earth elementals. Once you've got the herbs head to Twainbrook to see
the sorceress





[50] The Tortured Soul

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Inkeeper (Twainbrook)

*Description: The Inkeeper of "The Broken Goblet" has told me a strange story.
HIs wife, who died two years ago, was somehow or by someone turned into an
undead and now haunts the cemetary. He saw her one night, and she asked him
to put an end to her miserable existance. But he couldn't. So now he's looking 
for someone who can do this for him and free the soul of his wife. I feel sorry
for him.

*Instructions: The cemetary is just north of town. Head up there, and it's not
hard to see her shambling about. Just put her to rest quickly and head back to
the tavern for your reward.

*Checkpoint: Killed Argatha

*Completion: Return to tavern

*Reward: 527 coins for killing his wife. Re-killing. Whatever


[51] Lahrian is Missing

*Available To: All

*Given by: Malte (copper peaks, in a mountain road north of beachcombers)

*Description: Malte the Merchant would like me to visit Lahrian the Mage to
make sure that nothing bad has happened to him. His Golem has not been coming
into town for groceries as he usually does, and Malte is concerned about
Lahrian's well being. The magician's hut is southwest of here. Apparently it is
quite a distance to travel, but I always wanted to visit the western part of 
this region anyway.

*Instructions: He IS pretty far down, so use this opportunity to scope out the
territory, maybe check out some caves, etc. Anyway he's fine, so all you have
to do is get down there, talk to him, and then hoof it back up to talk to
Malte again.

*Checkpoint: Found Lahriman

*Completion: Came back to Malte

*Reward: Better deals on Malte's goods in the future. 


[52] The Farm Woman's Husband

*Available To: All

*Given by: Farmer's wife (Copper Peaks, take westerly side road)

*Description: A farmer's wife asked me to look for her missing husband in the

*Instructions: Well first off he isn't in the forest, and second off you can
see him right from the path. They have a pretty lax guard in this town is
all I'm saying. Not that it's a happy ending! Follow the path up north and
you'll find the guy dead in a graveyard with a bone hand from the undead that
killed him next to him. Grab the hand, go back to the widow, who is TOTALLY
AVAILABLE now if you get my drift. Eh? Eh?

*Checkpoint: Got bone hand.

*Completion: Returned to wife.

*Reward: You get to give a lady a skeleton hand and tell her that her husband
is dead. If that isn't good enough for you, well then I just don't know what
to say.


[53] The Kobold Building Co.

*Available To: All

*Given by: Menteriel (Copper peaks north of beachcombers)

*Description: Ranger Menteriel has asked me to kill the four Kobolds that are
erecting a watchtower nearby. The Kobolds want to control the road. They must
be stopped!

*Instructions: They're up on yonder hill, sort of west-north-west of your 
position. You'll be looking for four kobold shamans, and you can tell them
because they've got a different color than the rest of the kobolds. Also they
are marked on you minimap. This isn't a terrifically hard fight, so take them
out and return for your reward!

*Checkpoint: Defeated Kobolds

*Completion: Returned to Menterial

*Reward: 527 coins


[54] Desperately Seeking Golem

*Available To: Any who are undertaking quest 51

*Given by: Lahrian the mage

*Description: I have met an old magician who is in a difficult predicament. He
told me that his Golem has been missing for several weeks now. The wolves have
probably destroyed it. The old man is weak and the Golem was his handyman.
Unfortunately, the mage is missing several ingredients that he requires to
summon a new golem. He has asked me to acquire those ingredients for him. 
I will need to collect two kobold hearts, five wild boar tusks and four
stones of earth elementals.

*Instructions: There is no set pattern to where the critters are, though you
do have to collect the ingredients in boar -> kobold -> elemental order. Just
follow your nose, and by your nose I mean the minimap.

*Checkpoint: Collected supplies

*Completion: Gave supplies to Lahrian

*Reward: A job well done, son.


[55] Protecting Noriath's Corner

*Available To: All

*Given by: Aristrocratic Spy (Just south of Noriath temple up a winding hill)

*Description: A High Elf spy found out that the Inquisition is planning to
construct a training camp in the area. I'm supposed to eliminate some guards
who have set up their camp in nearby ruins

*Instructions: The spy's little spyglass didn't lead him astray. There are
indeed some inquisition guards and an officer of the inquisition guard 

*Checkpoint: Killed guards

*Completion: Report back to spy

*Reward: The council is exactly 1526 gold coins happy you did this.


[56] Inquisitor Ortlewyn

*Available To: Any who completed quest 55

*Given by: Aristocratic spy (just south of Noriath)

*Description: I'm supposed to eliminate the Inquisitor who's leading the
clergy's campaign. He was seen while reconnoitering the area.

*Instructions: This is pretty much the same as the previous quest, except
there are fewer targets. Hoof it on over west to the lake where Inquisitor
Ortlewyn is hanging out, and talk to him. He lets you know that he will kill
you, then immeditally crumples under the fierce beating you administer. Go
to the building next to the temple up north to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: Killed Ortlewyn

*Completion: Reported to spy

*Reward: 561 gold for the death of Ortlewyn!


[57] Purification of the Temple

*Available To: Any 

*Given by: Aleya (Noriath temple)

*Description: I must rid the temple of this unholy cult.

*Instructions: The unholy cult is all hanging out in the temple. Go in there,
and slaughter the priests one by one. When they are all dead (I guess the 
janitorial service doesn't ask many questions) head back and talk to Aleya.

*Checkpoint: Killed Priests

*Completion: Talked to Aleya

*Reward: General's Signent Ring of Wealth


[58] Impure Hands

*Available To: Anybody who has completed quest 57

*Given by: Aleya (Noriath)

*Description: Aleya has asked me to retrieve the Goblen of Light from an
evil mage and bring it back to the temple

*Instructions: The cave you're looking for is to the south. If you are the
adventurous type you've probably already seen it! Anyway the cave itself
isn't too challenging- there are some rats and poison traps and such in here.
Also hilarious is the fact that you have to talk to the mage before the battle
with him will start. This puts you directly in smack-with-a-hammer range, and
that is precisely where any right-thinking mage does not want you to be. So
take advantage of that range, smack him one, grab the goblet, and get out.

*Checkpoint: Got goblet

*Completion: Gave goblet to Aleya

*Reward: 2862 impure coins


[59] The Needy Water Elemental

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Passive Water Elemental (far north against right bank of Torreya)

*Description: A water elemental has asked for my assistance. A bunch of
kobolds massacred the frogs in his pond, and now their rotting corpses have
contaminated  it. The elemental has asked me to collect all the dead frogs.
It's not my usual line of work, but how often do you get to do work for a 
water elemental?

*Instructions: This is pretty simple: just run up the river and grab the frogs.
The kobolds who did the slaughtering are still around though, so keep an eye
out for them. Also make sure and smash the pot at the very top of the map for
quest 60. Anyway once you got the frogs talk to the elemental again.

*Checkpoint: Collected frog bodies

*Completion: Talked to water elemental

*Reward: Relic of Frost


[60] A Tragic End

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Find it in a pot at the VERY top of the Torreya, right bank, in Tyr

*Description: I have found a letter inside a jar: Dear Father, You wanted to 
force me to marry that slimy astronomer Nomengalus, that's why I ran away. Not
only did I have no affection for the old elf, I was also in love with Feniwyn.
We weren't careful enough though, a band of kobolds ambushed us. My beloved
Feniwyn fought valiantly, but there were too many of them so I ran away in 
fear. I can still hear the beasts and I know they will be back. I won't make it
out of here alive. Traveler if you find this letter, take it to my father. His
name is Nimanteus, and he's a lumberjack who lives near the mage tower. He has
to hear about my fate and realize his guilt in our death.

*Instructions: Well, she certainly is a jerk. Just let the old man think you're
living happily in some other country! Well anyway, we better go find him. He's
by the lumberjack camp.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Gave letter to lumberjack

*Reward: Some gold and a sad man.


[61] Threat from Beyond

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Retilyen (Hidden Valley)

*Description: A ghost hunter has discovered a supernatural presence at an old
grave. The ghost has to be stopped before it can fully manifest itself. The
ghost hunter needs an Elixer of Souls to banish the ghost, and has asked me
to collect the elixer from a mad alchemist.

*Instructions: Nothin' to it. Follow the trail back, talk to the alchemist,
grab it, head back, and we're clear.

*Checkpoint: Got elixer

*Completion: Delivered elixer

*Reward: 572 Goldies


[62] Ghost Hunting

*Available To: Any who completed quest 61

*Given by: Retilynen (Hidden Valley)

*Description: I have to destroy the evil spirits at the ancient grave. I'm sure
the elixer will be a great help.

*Instructions: Head north from the ghost hunter- there's only one path to take.
There are 8 ghosts to deal with, and each is kind of a tough customer. Be sure
to make good use of that elixer of souls for a good boost if you need it!

*Checkpoint: Killed ghosts

*Completion: Talked to Retilynen

*Reward: 1,767 jangles for your bangle.


[63] Corn Circles

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Buddix (Benny's Corn Circles)

*Description: Buddix believes that an unknown breed of creatures made the
circles in the corn. He has aked me to help him prove their existance. I have
to admit that even I'm interested in finding out the truth now. Buddix asked
me to get a copy of "irrelevant Arcanian Tall Tales" and see if it contains any
clues about corn circles.

*Instructions: Ok get ready for a multi-part, VERY bizarre quest. The first 
part to this is going to the nearby town to get that book. Or a newspaper? A
newspaper boy has the thing, and apparently quotes it to you from memory. Also
you may get a copy. Anyway it mentions a flying machine headed towards the 
mountains. This next part would be SO frustrating without the quest circles on
the map. How on earth do you know where to go? Anyway, head towards the circle
to meet a guard who was disgruntled because he brought up his abduction (do
you see how we're going for kind of the classic American alien abduction 
story with this one?) Anyway he is just there to point you towards the path
you'll have to take. It's right behind him, so head up the path and take a
left at the fork. Go into the cave, all the way to the back, and on the
central pedistal press the button. There are some weird lights and an alien
comes out to attack you. Kill it, grab its head, head back to Buddix

*Checkpoint: found book, talked to soldier, pressed button, killed alien

*Completion: Returned to Buddix

*Reward: Some XP


[64] Sinister Figures

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Caranthir (Benny's Corn Circles)

*Description: A farmer has asked me to find a band of brigands who frequently
robbed him. He wants me to deal with them and return his gold to him.

*Instructions: It's kind of a trek to where the guys are- the derelict manor.
You'll want to approach it from the south, as it's hemmed in by thick forest
to the sides and north. Anyway, they aren't the toughest nuts to crack, the
leader's mutated wolf notwithstanding. Waste them one at a time, then find the
bag of gold on your mini-map. Grab it and get back!

*Checkpoint: Killed bandits

*Completion: Returned gold

*Reward: Half the gold


[65] The Stray Cat

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Erris (Benny's Corn Circles)

*Description: A little girl has lost her cat. I will go and look for it.

*Instructions: Ugh escort quest. And you just KNOW this cat has like zero
hit points. Anyway it's to the west. Zealously clear out enemies as you
approach the cat, don't talk to it until everything around it is dead. When
you talk to it run quickly, clearing a path, back to the girl. Talk to her
and get your reward.

*Checkpoint: (found cat) I have found Tari. Now I must return her to Erris.

*Completion: (returned cat) I have returned the cat unscathed.

*Reward: An item that she feels like parting with


[66] Disturbance of the Peace

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mourning Lilly (Derelict Ruins)

*Description: Lilly, a poor woman at the ruins, asked me to find out where the
strange noises were coming from. It's probably a couple of undead. I'm going to
go make sure everything is ok.

*Instructions: This is a local quest. Tough battle with the undead, but not a
lot of legwork, so it all evens out. There are six of them creeping around in
the ruins, including an undead centurian, so stock up on healing potions and
waste them. Divine gifts are great against the centurian.

*Checkpoint: Killed Undead

*Completion: Talked to Lilly

*Reward: Lilly will pray for you. I guess that's pretty good?


[67] Strange Rituals

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Elrohir (high elf encampment north of Clearview)

*Description: Strangely clad people in black cowls are apparently meeting at
the stone circle outside of the village conjuring up Demons. The residents of
the village fear for their safety. I'm supposed to get rid of that pack of 
Demon conjurers.

*Instructions: The peak you're looking for is to the east. Make sure you 
approach it from the south, as there is only one path to the top. If you are
going steeply upwards and crossing rope bridges you're almost there. The
cultists, nine of them, are indeed on the peak, and right on cue they summon
a Horrible Monstrocity, a fire elemental. Take out the cultists first, then
waste the elemental and be on your merry way.

*Checkpoint: Killed Cultists

*Completion: Talked to Elronhir

*Reward: XP boost


[68] The Wolf Problem

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Farmer Mahtan (piece of land jutting out near river

*Description: I should help the shepherd Gildor to drive away the wolves.

*Instructions: OK the shepherd isn't too far away, so just run up and talk
to him. He's a little to the east. Be prepared though, because as soon as you
do the wolves will come! Once they show up try to get them all to attack you
so they aren't focused on the shepherd. They should go down relatively easily.
Once they are heaps of fur, talk to the shepherd again and learn that much
further to the east they have taken refuge. It's up to you to go clean them
out! I was thinking there would be a cave or something, but it's just another
group of wolves over to the east. Clean them out and head back for your
reward. Uh oh it is unexpected fight time! After you mop the floor with 
wolf-boy, talk to the farmer.

*Checkpoint: Found gildor, defeated wolves, defeated wolf nest, talked to
Gildor, defeated werewolf

*Completion: Talked to Mahtan

*Reward: A health potion. Woo.


[69] Orpheus

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mary Ann (High Elf Outpost - Heartland)

*Description: Mary Ann has asked me to accompany her to the underworld

*Instructions: Well this is certainly an odd quest. This lady, Mary Ann, 
wants to see her beloved Logamir REALLY badly, except that he's kicked it.
Well, if you want to see your beloved again, and your beloved is dead, I guess
it just makes sense to head off to a crpyt. Now, this is an escort mission
and Mary Ann is not the strongest of people, so make sure that you keep a 
close eye on her. Her one redeeming characteristic is that she's happy enough
to fall behind while you fight all the baddies further on. If you have 
friend healing spells though, best to keep them handy. Anyway once you get her
to her mummified lover, they request that you get them the heck out of the
dusty tomb, but first they want you to go talk to Orpheus. This is where
things get bizarre. As soon as you talk to Orpheus you complete the 
one quest and get another, (#71), which turns the lovers against you. See 71 
for more details.

*Checkpoint: Reunited lovers 

*Completion: Quest ends abruptly when you take on quest 71

*Reward: XP


[70] Quest

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 69

*Given by: ???

*Description: None

*Instructions: I think this is a bug. This shows up in my quest log after I
talked to Orpheus in quest 69. It is immeditally complete. Weird.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: None

*Reward: None


[71] Orpheus Himself

*Available To: Any who have completeld quest 69

*Given by: Orpheus (Dungeon near high elf outpost - heartland)

*Description: Orpheus has ordered me to kill Mary Ann and her lover.

*Instructions: Kill them! It is not even a little difficult. Is there another
way to end quest 69? I hope so.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Killed Mary Ann and lover

*Reward: Some XP


[72] Annoying Little Kobold Shamans

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Kobold Hunter Myriam (High Elf Outpost- Heartland)

*Description: I have to slay five kobold shamans to take the fight out of the
other kobolds.

*Instructions: They'll show up on your minimap. Just chase them down one by 
one. Each probably has other kobolds around it so be careful. If you can draw
them into fights with the undead to whittle down their numbers, so much
the better.

*Checkpoint: Killed Shamans

*Completion: Talked to Myriam

*Reward: Gold, XP


[73] The Last Drop

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Wine Merchant Jacque (just west of High Elf Outpost- Heartland)

*Description: The wine merchant is afraid to set foot in his own cellar, 
apparently it's haunted! He has asked me to take a look around.

*Instructions: The cellar is right behind him and boy is it packed with 
undead and rats! You might want to have some health potions, and remember
to use lots of flame attacks. Kill the undead, grab the book of the glorious
legion, and head back up for your reward. (The book can be found using the
circles on the mini-map)

*Checkpoint: Killed enemies, got book

*Completion: Talked to merchant

*Reward: 798 gold and some wine (health potion)


[74] A Long Journey

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lina (Clearview)

*Description: A woman named Lina asked me to deliver a parcel to her son. He
is serving as commander for the human military and it is his birthday soon.
First, however, I must collect the parcel from the Der Effci trading post. 

*Instructions: This IS a long journey! Also, if you take this on in act 1,
it's not completable right away. The first part isn't so bad, just move up
the main road until you come to the trading post, talk to the man there and
get the package. The second part of the quest IS a long journey, and it takes
you into a new region which you can't reach from act 1. 





[75] Blind Guardian

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Hansel (Clearview)

*Description: Blind Guardian is scheduled to give the last concert of their
Arcania tour. THey were robbed by undead metal fans on the way and their
instruments were stolen. I'm supposed to find Hansel's microphone and stand.

*Instructions: In a game full of bizarre quests, this one might take the cake.
You meet Hansel, one of the members of Blind Guardian, who has lost his 
instruments. Some undead who were fans stole it from them. You have to go
get them back, by which we mean kill everybody who stole one. I guess heavy
metal bands are pretty hardcore about this stuff. So first off it is your
job to get his microphone, which is held by an undead guy south across the
bridge. Circle north around the copse of trees and kill him, then return the
microphone. Now you may be letting out a groan when Hansel says he's coming
with you to get the rest of the instruments but don't! This guy is METAL. His
microphone you gave him is actually a completely awesome lightning staff, and
he is invulnerable. Collect the guitar from the cave just to the north of
Clearview, then the other one from a field to the west. After this you head
due north to the undead camp and wipe out five undead legionnaires. There are a
ton of undead here, so be prepared. Talk to the undead fan after this for some
bizarre dialogue (if he was such a huge fan, why'd he steal the guitar in
the first place?). You are then teleported WAY down south. Talk to each of the
band members, then to Hansel. You are treated to a pretty awesome cutscene,
and after the show you get some COMPLETELY AWESOME equipment.

*Checkpoint: Get the microphone, get first guitar, get second guitar, kill
the undead legionnaires and talk to undead fan.

*Completion: Talk to each of the band members, then to Hansel. Watch the 

*Reward: AMAZING equpiment and a neat cutscene


[76] Mine Blockade

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Amras (Due south of Dragonmaw Pass, around some mountains)

*Description: It's said that ghosts haunt the mine. I've been asked to clear
the tunnels of this meace so that the laborers can go back to work

*Instructions: This mine is really massive, and while I know 25 of something
seems like a lot to kill there are easily twice that number of ghosts in here,
which makes it somewhat baffling to me that the miners would be happy with
just 25 dead. Anyway, there are also earth elementals and rats to worry about,
so line up the healing potions and stay on your toes. The ghosts are found
in small groups of 2-6, so be ready for that. The mine itself is, like I said,
huge. It might be a good idea to explore it fully and get quest 77 while you're
in here too. Once you're done head back out for your reward.

*Checkpoint: Killed 25 ghosts

*Completion: Check back in with Amras.

*Reward: Some gold


[77] Haunted Mine

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Grenwyn (in mine described in quest 76, by east entrance)

*Description: A miner has asked me to destroy the ghosts of his coworkers. The
poor people were killed by pirates. He hopes to bring peace to their souls.

*Instructions: This is a search and destroy quest. Note that the ghosts are 
different than those in quest 76- you can tell them because their feet are
on the ground. Beware the rats, other ghosts, and earth elementals in here.
Once the ghosts dissolve into thin air again return to Grenwyn.

*Checkpoint: Killed Ghosts

*Completion: Returned to Grenwyn

*Reward: 1557 gold!


[78] Meeting Geonamihr

*Available To: Any who completed quest 77

*Given by: Grenwyn (in mine described in quest 76, by east entrance)

*Description: The miner has asked me to kill Geonamhir, the captin of the
violent pirate gang. He's said to hide near the entrance to the mine.

*Instructions: Well just walk out the door and start pounding on the pirate
guards to start this one. Once they are dead talk to the captain himself- oh
wait not actually the captain just a stand-in. Darn actors. Anyway it's time
to hear west to the beautiful lakefront property of the actual scurvy dog. He
won't hear any reason and attacks along with his two guards. Simply dispatch
them (they aren't that tough, just regular pirates) and the quest is done!

*Checkpoint: Talked to fake pirate captain, talked to real pirate captain

*Completion: Kill pirate captain

*Reward: XP boost


[79] The Diving Bell

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Master 

*Description: An inventor has made a revolutionary creation. He made a machine
that allows walking and breathing underwater. I won't believe that until I see
it. The inventor needs a cogwheel for his machine, but his assistant hasn't
returned after being sent to get it. The inventor has asked me to look for him
and get the cogwheel.

*Instructions: Head down south to see the apprentice, or.... hm. What's left
of him. Get the thing and head back north. Another tragedy! Oh spit well I hope
we get to encounter the diving bell later!

*Checkpoint: Got cogwheel

*Completion: Talked to Master's son

*Reward: XP boost


[80] The Wedding Ring

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Miner's Widow (just south of east mine entrance)

*Description: A widow has asked me to retrieve her husband's wedding ring from
the mine that he was killed in. Apparently the area around the mine is frought
with dangers.

*Instructions: Boy is that mine frought with dangers. The thing is enormous
and packed with earth elementals, ghosts, and rats. Make your way through it
slowly, keeping your health up. The ring itself is in a large pit in the
middle of the mine. Follow your minimap. Grab it and get out! There are a bunch
of other quests connected with this mine, and if you haven't already now would
be a good time to get started on 78. You're passing through that way anyway.

*Checkpoint: Got ring

*Completion: Returned to widow

*Reward: 1,557 Gold widow's coins. Doesn't she need them?


[81] The Slave-Driver

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Brutus Plutocratio (estate south of Clearview)

*Description: Slave Trader Brutus Plutocratio has asked me to bring him the
shackels of his escaped slaves, but he hasn't told me how I should do this.

*Instructions: The slaves are pretty close, but there are plenty of undead
between you and them. Head northwest, dealing with undead as you go. Whe you
reach them good characters will collect their shackles and head back.

*Checkpoint: Talked to slaves

*Completion: Talked to Brutus

*Reward: Can do quest 81 for good characters


[82] Uncovered

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 81 

*Given by: Brutus Plutocratus (estate south of Clearview)

*Description: Brutus Plutocratus has seen through my little ruse. Now he wants
to kill me. I should make sure he doesn't get the chance.

*Instructions: Uh-oh. Those people behind you don't look happy. Well they also
don't look that tough. They aren't. Buff yourself up and talk to the lead guy
when you're ready. Then take on the hunters.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Kill hunters and Brutus

*Reward: XP reward and you did a good deed!


[83] The Undead Legion

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Wylmieni (settlement south of Clearview)

*Description: An Undead Legion is apparently making this neighborhood unsafe.
The Thylysium Council sent a mage to look into this matter. She asked me to
assist her in her research. At Blessed Rock Manor there is supposed to be
a historian who might possibly have helpful documents in his records.

*Instructions: The manor is to the east, in the forest. There are a TON of
other quests here, so pick some up! To complete this quest just talk to the guy
who is in the house.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Lord Gemma's clerk

*Reward: Opens quest 98


[84] The Prodigal Son

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Little Boy (Just north of Sonneswind along lakeshore)

*Description: I met a little boy who got lost. He asked me to take him back
home to his parents. Can't thye look after their children properly?

*Instructions: Oh boy an escort mission. Babysit the kid, it's not far to go.
If you can one-hit kill enemies in this region that would be great. There
are usually a big group of pirates right outside the city walls, so take them
out and run in. Talk to the kid's day to end the mission.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to child's father

*Reward: XP boost, some equipment


[85] The Plague

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Arilyn (Sonnenwind)

*Description: I've been asked tofetch some medicine for the diseased villagers.
A village has fallen prey to the Black Fever. The Herb Woman in the village
does not have enough supplies and I have been asked to fetch some more
medicine from [sic] the town. 

*Instructions: Head on down south to Teardrop Hamlet to pick up the medicine.
Once you've got it just head back, talk to Arilyn, and then visit each of the
sick sailors in turn.

*Checkpoint: Got medicine, talked to Arliyn

*Completion: Visit the sailors

*Reward: An artifact


[86] The Pelt

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Tialas (Sonnenwind)

*Description: Tialas has asked for the pelt of a rare wolf. Let's see how rare
these animals really are.

*Instructions: This is a follow your nose quest. Just look at the minimap,
go to that location avoiding or killing the undead, thwack the wolf, who is
only a little stronger than your average, grab its pelt and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got pelt

*Completion: Talked to Tialas

*Reward: 2612 gp for a messy furry thing


[87] Heir by Murder 

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Village Doctor (Sonnenwind)

*Description: The Village doctor has asked me to deal with an undead man who
has been plaguing the village for some time.

*Instructions: The undead himself is right outside the city, and should be
no challenge. Head north, sharpen your spear, put your spear into that undead,
grab his last words, and head back to the doctor. Hm... the plot thickens!

*Checkpoint: Got last words

*Completion: Talked to doctor

*Reward: XP, opens quest 88


[88] Evidence

*Available To: Any who completed quest 87

*Given by: Village Doctor (Sonnenwind)

*Description: I have to visit Keithar, Regna's brother, to find out if he
really killed his own brother.

*Instructions: I guess you're just going to ask him? Well anyway you don't
actually have to talk to him, just run into his house, grab the poison bag,
and head back to the doctor, who is now convinced of the guy's guilt.

*Checkpoint: Got poison bag

*Completion: Talked to doctor

*Reward: XP, opens quest 89


[89] The Verdict

*Available To: Any who completed quest 88

*Given by: Village doctor (Sonnenwind)

*Description: The village doctor wants me to inform the town guard about
Keithar's misdeed.

*Instructions: This quest is actually completed the very second you get it, so,
hey, XP boost!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Immediate

*Reward: XP boost, opens quest 90


[90] The Enforcement

*Available To: Any who completed Quest 89

*Given by: Town Guard (Sonnenwind)

*Description: The town guard has asked me to arrest Keltier and take him to
them. I wonder if he will cooperate.

*Instructions: I don't wonder. And I was right. It was ridiculously easy fight
time there. Back to the town guard!

*Checkpoint: Killed Keltier

*Completion: Talk to town guard

*Reward: XP, opens quest 91


[91] The Reward

*Available To: Any who completed quest 90

*Given by: Town guard (Sonnenwind)

*Description: I have recieved a letter that I need to show to the paymaster
of this region. He will then pay my bounty.

*Instructions: This kind of seems like a trivial quest. Really? They don't have
enough gold so here is a letter that you give to a man for gold? You might want
to shelve this quest until you're going to the main city. Anyway, when you're
ready, head there. Talk to the paymaster to complete the mission!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to paymaster

*Reward: 2,191 gold


[92] Brigands

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Brigands (bridge southwest of Blessed Rock Manor)

*Description: (you either ignore or talk to the brigands and they attack you)

*Instructions: Just kill 'em

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Killed Brigands

*Reward: XP boost


[93] Servant Troubles

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Laurelina (Blessed Rock Manor)

*Description: Laurelina has asked me to check on the servants' quarters. It
would seem that something happened there last night and she does not want to
disclose the nature of the incidents [sic] to Lorg Gemma.

*Instructions: Just going to the Servant's quarters actually completes the
quest, but it opens up new ones.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reach servant's quarters

*Reward: XP boost, opens up other quests


[94] Hungry Wolves

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lord Gemma (Blessed Rock Manor)

*Description: A pack of wolves has plundered Lord Gemma's pantry. Now I must
find the pack and get rid of them.

*Instructions: The wolfpack is to the east across the bridge. They aren't any
tougher than regular wolves, but there are a good number of them and there are
pirates milling about so be ready for that. Kill the pack and return for your

*Checkpoint: Killed wolves

*Completion: Talked to Lord Gemma

*Reward: 1557 gold was what this was worth to him.


[95] The Thief of Roses

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Gardner (Blessed Rock Manor)

*Description: Every night some beast eats squire Gemma's roses. The gardener
has asked me to find the animal and destroy it, so his rose bushes may grow
and flourish.

*Instructions: It's just a small snapper doing it, the poor thing lives 
immeditally to the east of the estate. The pirates nearby will be more of a
challenge than it, but neither should slow you down. Return to the rose

*Checkpoint: Killed small snapper, talked to gardener

*Completion: Brought roses to gardener

*Reward: 311 gold. The crusty old guy didn't have much, did he?


[96] The Tame Bear

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Bimista (Blessed Rock Manor)

*Description: A young serving maid from Gemma's house asked me to take a basket
of fruit to a tame bear, Urui, which is the bears name, lives in a cave in the
forest and is apparently sick.

*Instructions: The cave you're looking for is to the south. There are a couple
other bears in there, but they are not gentle and kind and so you get to
slaugther them. Once the bears are out of the way, give Urui the fruit, and
she stars moving around. Exit the cave to see some POACHERS! Well
unfortunately for them there is an unstoppable bear/hero combination that wants
them dead. Make them dead and you beat the quest!

*Checkpoint: Fed Urui the fruit, exited cave

*Completion: Killed poachers

*Reward: The satisfaction of having helped out that 'ol bar.


[97] Help with the Hunt

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Master Hunter (Blessed Rock Manor)

*Description: Lord Gemma instrusted one of his hunteres to slay three deer and
bring him the pelts, at the same time the hunter's bethrothed is visiting. The
good man asked me to take care of the matter for him, so that he can devote all
his time to his sweetheart. Well then, tally ho!

*Instructions: The deer are up north, to the east. They don't put up any fight
at all but they are surrounded by the milling monster animals and undead. Get
in, kill four, grab the pelts, and hoof it back to the manor.

*Checkpoint: Got pelts

*Completion: Talked to Master Hunter

*Reward: 934 gold and Warhorse's Longbow of Torment


[98] The Old Records

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 83

*Given by: Lord Gemma's Clerk (Blessed Rock Manor)

*Description: The historian actually found a document about General Terius and
his Legion. A curse was placed on the soldiers and they msut rise from their
graves every 100 years.

*Instructions: Take this back to Wylmieni, it's as easy as just getting back
to see her again.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Wylmieni

*Reward: Opens quest 119


[99] Feed the Poor

*Available To: All Good

*Given by: Sister Roberta (Thylysia)

*Description: A nun is asking for my help. She works in a soup kitchen, but
they're low on supplies. I need to get some boar meat for her.

*Instructions: You can follow your nose to find all ten boars. They will be
wandering in the wilderness, so watch out for bandits and the like. Get the
meat and heat back to Roberta.

*Checkpoint: Got 10 boar meat cutlets

*Completion: Talked to Sister Roberta

*Reward: Her prayers. That should be good enough for you!


[100] Dispossessed

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Jahrin (Thylysium)

*Description: Jahrin is an aristocrat whose wealth has been expropriated. He's
asked me to take revenge on his tormenter - a newly rich man by the name of
Goldman. Godlman is apparently well-guarded. I have to talk to a thief called
Janna as she might know how to slip past the guards.

*Instructions: Well Jana isn't too far away, just go to talk to her to finish
this mission. It's off to see the king of the thieves. I guess we are really
bringing out the big guns for this mission!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Jana.

*Reward: Opens quest 103, XP


[101] Good Address

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Captain Hank (Thylysium)

*Description: A gang of thieves have seized a vessel. They failed to steal it
because the ship's captain took the steering wheel with him. I'm supposed to
take care of the thieves.

*Instructions: This is simple enough. The thieves are on the ship, and they
can't get out. Try to fight them in small groups, and once they lay slain talk
to the guard for your reward

*Checkpoint: Killed thieves

*Completion: Talked to guardsman

*Reward: XP boost and some equpiment


[102] Commander Lothar

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lothar (Thylysia)

*Description: Some of commander Lothar's soldiers have deserted. I am supposed
to find and punish them for their cowardice. Ther commander's scout should know
where I can find them, so I have to speak to him.

*Instructions: Well the spy isn't that far away, and he points you in the 
direction of the deserters, just follow your nose to him. The deserters
themselves are... um... like still within the city limits. Great spy you got
there Lothar. Real bloodhound. Anyway, once you've managed to find them they'll
attack. There's three of them, and they are about bandit strength IE not very
strong. Off them and return to Lothar

*Checkpoint: Talked to spy, killed deserters

*Completion: Talked to Lothar

*Reward: Some gold and quest 131 unlocked


[103] The Thieves of the Elven Capital

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 100

*Given by: Jana

*Description: I found Jana. She wants me to take her to Aaron, her estranged
husband. Jana believes that he will be able to help me. As long as she is by
my side, the thieves won't harm me. 

*Instructions: This is an escort quest, but unless you decide to leave the
capital city for some reason there's no danger. Go north to meet Aaron.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Aaron

*Reward: XP, opens quest 104


[104] Thieves and an Estranged Husband

*Available To: Any who completed quest 103

*Given by: Aaron (Tylysia)

*Description: Aaron has sent me to kill one of Goldman's guards. Apparently he
didn't pay off his debt in time. The guard's naem is Mirian.

*Instructions: Mirian is on the docks, and of course decides that attacking you
is the smartest thing he could do. Honestly. Well beat him down and head back
to Aaron.

*Checkpoint: Killed guard

*Completion: Talked to Aaron

*Reward: Opens quest 107


[105] The Stolen Poems

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Farith (Thylysium)

*Description: I have been asked to retrieve stolen manuscripts. They have been
hidden in this mansion.

*Instructions: Well the mansion is kind of on an island northeast of where you
get the quest. The guy must be some kind of necromancer because there are 
ghosts all about. Also check for him in the cellar behind his house, you have
to walk along the beach to get there. Once he's dead take the manuscript back
for your reward

*Checkpoint: Got all pages

*Completion: Talked to Farith

*Reward: 1180 gold


[106] Bruno the Teddy Bear

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Tamara (Thylysium)

*Description: A little girl has lost her teddy. She dropped it into the gutter
and then it was flushed away into the sewage system.

*Instructions: Well she is accurate about where it is. Bruno is on the west
hand side of the sewers, just follow your nose to find the exact location. 
There will be stairs down into the filth near where he is, so take them
and pick up the teddy.

*Checkpoint: Found bear

*Completion: Talked to girl

*Reward: A little girl's gratitude. The best gift of all.


[107] Assassination

*Available To: Any who completed quest 104

*Given by: Aaron (Thylysium)

*Description: Aaron has arranged for me to talk to Goldman about a job. As
soon as I stand before him I will make sure that he draws his last breath.

*Instructions: Just head to Goldman's place and talk to him. You know, I 
wouldn't exactly call this "well-guarded". Anyway waste him and be done
with it.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Killed Goldman

*Reward: Whatever you can pick up in his place


[108] Down in the Sewers

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Tobias (Thylysium)

*Description: Kobolds have settled in the city's sewage system. I have to 
drive them away so Tobias can do his job down there. This already stinks!

*Instructions: I know it stinks, but ain't nothin' to it but to do it. Just
follow your nose to find the different warriors, make sure you can take each
one on along with some rats before starting an engagement. Once they're dead
head on back up.

*Checkpoint: Killed kobolds

*Completion: Talked to Tobias

*Reward: 2,612 GP. Man they pay their sewage guys WELL.


[109] The Best Omelet of Them All

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Poul Brotheuse (Thylysium)

*Description: Poul Brotheuse has asked me to retrieve his herbs from the

*Instructions: I'm... not really sure why there are undead inside the city
limits. I guess the guard is REALLY understaffed. Anyway head north and re-
kill them, take back the herbs and return to Poul

*Checkpoint: Got bag of herbs

*Completion: Talked to Poul again.

*Reward: 979 gold- almost as golden brown as his omelette.


[110] Cleaning Ship

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Farelan (Thylysium)

*Description: I am supposed to free the hostages from the cargo ship "The

*Instructions: This feels an awful lot like a quest we just did. Anyway. If 
you can one-hit kill pirates this is a cakewalk, otherwise try to get the
pirates to focus on attacking you. None of them are particularly indimidating.
They are on a ship right to the west of you. Take out the pirates and talk to
the blue glowy people to free them. Then head back and talk to the captain for
your just reward

*Checkpoint: Killed pirates, freed hostages

*Completion: Talked to captain

*Reward: 1257 gold from far-off lands


[111] The Alchemist

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Geroda (Thylysium)

*Description: Alchemist Geroda has run out of reagants for his experiments. I
need to bring him five mana stones, so he can continue his work. The goblin
chieftains that roam near here carry these stones.

*Instructions: The goblin chieftains are southeast of the town on a hillock.
They are pretty much by themselves, which is nice. Surprise them and take the
mana stones, then head back to Geroda.

*Checkpoint: Got stones

*Completion: Talked to Geroda

*Reward: Gold, unlocks quest 134


[112] Rivals

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lerana (Thylysium)

*Description: Priestess Lerana wants me to get a job with Lord Alcander
in order to find out more about him.

*Instructions: This isn't hard. Alcander shows up on your minimap, just follow
your nose over to him and say hello. He'll hire you on the spot.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Alcander

*Reward: Opens quest 122


[113] Judriel and Romandreal

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Judriel (Thylysium)

*Description: Judriel has asked me to take a letter to her beloved, the Priest

*Instructions: Romandreal is a priest, so he's by the temple. Head there and
talk to him to finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to Romandreal

*Reward: Unlock quest 123


[114] Rabbit Infestation

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Murgil (Thylysium)

*Description: Gardener Murgil has asked me to help him decimate the rabbit
population. I should kill ten of the animals.

*Instructions: Poor little guys... well anyway take your time and enjoy the
stroll around the beautiful gardens of Thylysia, pausing only to blow away
rabbits that come into your view. Once ten of them are toast report back to
Murgil. They are all in the garden, just follow your nose to find them.

*Checkpoint: Killed rabbits

*Completion: Talk to Murgil

*Reward: 2,612 gold. I guess this really matters to him!


[115] The Escape

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Bacallo (Thylysium)

*Description: Bacallo has asked me to free his wrongly incarcerated father.

*Instructions: Head to the dungeon entrance where two guards attack you. Clear
them out and go into the dungeon- it is packed with rats, soldiers, and 
berserkers. This looks like a pretty nasty place. Once it's clear grab
Bacallo's dad and make for the entrance. Watch out though- there is an ambush
when you leave. Get him to the circle safely to complete the quest.

*Checkpoint: Reached Dungeon, freed Becallo's father

*Completion: Reached target area outside dungeon safely

*Reward: XP boost and you are a nice guy


[116] Insuing the Insurance

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Secretary of the United Undertakers (Thylysium)

*Description: The secretary of the Uniter Undertakers "Daisypushers" has asked
me to uphold the anti-undead insurance policies. His customers want to be able
to rest in peace undisturbed, but apparently there are some undead who want
the exact opposite. I'm supposed to get rid of them without attracting too much

*Instructions: The tomb you're looking for is on the Sea of Heavens to the
southeast. Head there and once in the tomb there'll be a whole slew of zombies
and ghouls and scarabs to exterminate. Take your time and heal up. Once they
are all gone, I'd teleport back to the capital, but if you really love the
scenery you could hoof it too.

*Checkpoint: Killed zombies and ghouls

*Completion: Talked to secretary

*Reward:  1240 gold and 25% off a coffin of your choice


[117] The Chicken

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Joseph Rooster (just north of Thylysium)

*Description: The farmer asked me to search for his best chicken at the 

*Instructions: Well this seems like it'd be an escort quest, but it's a little
sadder. Venture into the graveyard directly north to find the dead chicken.
Your mini-map will then show a feather-covered zombie. Waste him, and return
to the farmer for condolences and rewards.

*Checkpoint: Found chicken, killed zombie

*Completion: Talked to farmer

*Reward: Some potion


[118] Artifact Theft

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lynryn (Thylysium)

*Description: A mage stole an artifact from the local Temple and is going to
try to extract the magical energy from it. I'm supposed to find the mage and
take the artifact from him. Well let's get to work!

*Instructions: The cave is just north of the city, and it's populated by
thieves and brigands. Nothing you haven't seen before. The mage himself can
be surprised and knocked over the head before he has the chance to magic at 
you. Grab his artifact and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got the artifact

*Completion: Talked to Lynryn

*Reward: 523 gold


[119] Identifying the Undead

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 98

*Given by: Wylmieni (settlement south of Clearview)

*Description: In order to be certain, I'm supposed to collect a few pieces of
armor from the Undead Legion so they can be compared with the drawings in the
Chronicles. Well then, let's get to work!

*Instructions: Follow your nose to get the armor pieces, though I shouldn't 
have to tell you that it's not exactly difficult to find 10 legionnaires.
Remember that this place is SWARMING with the undead. Once you've handled them,
return to Wylmieni

*Checkpoint: Got the armor pieces

*Completion: Talked to Wylmieni

*Reward: 1061 gold and quest 132


[120] Threatened Vinery

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Marcus (2nd settlement south of Clearview)

*Description: The farmer is desperately trying to protect his grapevines
from the boars. He has asked me to kill at least ten boars.

*Instructions: A find and kill quest. Follow your nose, and make sure you can
handle a boar before taking it on. A health potion or two might not be a bad

*Checkpoint: Killed boars

*Completion: Checked in with farmer.

*Reward: 2,610 GP and some nice XP


[121] Plentiful Harvest

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 120

*Given by: Marcus (2nd settlement south of Clearview)

*Description: The farmer has asked me to escort him and his crop to the city.

*Instructions: An escort quest woo. At least it's not too far this time. Hoof
it into the city with them following you. I went north and then west and then
down south into the city, encountering only some brigands and toxic elementals.
Shouldn't be too horrible.

*Checkpoint: Made it to the requested zone in Thylysium

*Completion: Talked to Marcus

*Reward: 1767 gold and some nice XP


[122] Exterminator

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 112

*Given by: Lord Alcander (Thylysium)

*Description: My task is to get the "uninvited guests" out of Lord Alcander's

*Instructions: The uninvited guests are just sort of a ragtag bunch of pests-
spiders and rats and the like. Shouldn't be any challenge. Head north to his
place, clean them out, get back to him.

*Checkpoint: Killed animals

*Completion: Talked to Alcander

*Reward: 662 gold and Alcander's trust, and quest 130


[123] Friars

*Available To: Any who completed quest 113

*Given by: Romandreal (Thylysia)

*Description: Romandreal wants to leave his religious order and needs my
help. I'll have to accompany him from the temple

*Instructions: Well apparently they are just SO desperate for people to be
priets, because the two senate aides wandering around outside will attack you
when this mission starts. Waste them, and make your way to Judriel

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Judriel

*Reward: Opens quest 124


[124] Rescue Operation

*Available To: Any who completed quest 123

*Given by: Romandreal (Thylysia)

*Description: Romandreal and Judriel have asked me to protect them until they
are safe

*Instructions: Well it's a blazing battle through the city streets trying to
get the star cross'd lovers out. I feel like Romeo and Juliet might have ended
differently if they'd had an epic fantasy hero on their side. Blast away the
pursuers (look out for elves with swords), and get them out of the city at the
designated point on your minimap to the southwest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Made it safely to the designated area.

*Reward: Some gold and an amulet


[125] Redemption

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Edoras (Thylysia)

*Description: A Lumin priest has approached me. He's looking for an honest
fighter, but he won't say more in public. I better follow him, it sounds

*Instructions: Follow the guy to a backyard. He then instructs you to look for
eavesdroppers. Not finding any, you talk to him again.

*Checkpoint: Reached backyard, talked to Edoras

*Completion: Talked to Edoras again

*Reward: Opens quest 127


[126] Intercept Delyme

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Taen Ysael (Thylysia)

*Description: Lieutenant Taen gave me an important mission. I have to eliminate
the bodyguard of Lady Delyme. The Lady's not playing fair and she's secretly
working for the Inquisitors. The death of her bodyguard should be a warning
for her. The two will arive by ship soon...

*Instructions: Head down to the docks to meet the lady and her guard. He is
the scary guy wearing the black robe. Somewhat hilariously, considering this
is an assassination, the guard will come to your aid in the fight. He isn't
all that tough, so whack him and talk to the lady. She gets the message!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Killed bodyguard

*Reward: XP boost


[127] Kidnapped Husband

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 125

*Given by: Heglie (Thylysia)

*Description: Lumen Priest Edoras has asked me to talk to a woman from the
desert. She's been through a terrible ordeal and needs my help. Heglie is an
admirable woman. Her husband has been enslaved and is now living as a prisoner
in the arena, waiting to be slain in the sand. She followed him alone and
unarmed through the desert hoping to free him, and she hasn't given up. She's
a Human woman, so her chances of success alone are rather slim. I'll make sure
Heglie gets her husband back.

*Instructions: This quest is solved as soon as you take it on.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Immeditally

*Reward: XP, opens quest 130


[128] Deadly Catch

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Fisher's Wife (Thylysia)

*Description: A fisher's wife has asked me to find her husband. He did not
return from a fishing tour.

*Instructions: Follow your nose to the little boat that takes you to the small
island where the fisher breathed his last. Snag the dagger right next to the
ship, take the boat back, and talk to the wife.

*Checkpoint: Got the knife

*Completion: Talk to wife

*Reward: Opens quest 129


[129] An Eye for an Eye

*Available To: Any who completed quest 128

*Given by: Fisher's wife (Thylysia)

*Description: I must take the dagger to the guardsman and tell him what
happened. I hope the truth will be revealed!

*Instructions: Well this isn't too tough. Go see the guard, who is of course
too busy to leave his post. Head into the tavern and talk to the murderer, who
starts to punch the eight foot fall hero with the glistening fire sword.
Whatever, he's probably drunk. Obliterate him then talk to the guard again
for your reward.

*Checkpoint: Talked to guard, talked to man, killed man.

*Completion: Returned to guard

*Reward: Plain item


[130] A Good Deed

*Available To: Any who completed quest 122

*Given by: Lord Alcander (Thylysia)

*Description: I am supposed to deliver gold to a poor family of farmers for
Lord Alcander

*Instructions: Well this guy doesn't seem so bad... And it's a simple enough 
quest. Go to the guy, give him the gold, and head back to Alcander

*Checkpoint: Gave farmer gold

*Completion: Returned to Alcander

*Reward: 662 gold and unlock quest 136


[130] Paying the Price

*Available To: Any who completed quest 127

*Given by: Nityahel (Thylysia)

*Description: The arena owner wasn't happy about my allegations, but he has
made me an offer. He will free Heglie's husband if I fight in the arena and

*Instructions: This one teleports you immeditally into the arena, where you
will face off against two paladins. It's a tough fight, but take them down
and you win. Except the jerk doesn't acknowledge your win, and you have to
fight his two guards. Ironically, this is a much easier fight. Win and he
agrees to let EVERYBODY go. Go talk to the people right across the street,
standing there with their weird friends. Escort them back to the house- no
tricks this time, just walk them there. Talk to Heglie, then to the priest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Nityahel, beat paladins, talked to Nityahel again,
beat guards, talked to Nityahel a third time, talked to Heglie

*Completion: Talk to priest

*Reward: Some gold, a neat artifact, and a name drop. Secret agent eh?


[131] Wet Graves

*Available To: Any who completed quest 102

*Given by: Lothar (Thylysia)

*Description: Some waterlogged bodies returned from the dead at the old port.
It's my job to kill ten of these undead, then the town guard will take care
of the rest.

*Instructions: The old port is to the south of Lothar. The actual undead are
skeletons and ghouls. They are all clumped together, all ten of them, so make
sure you can handle the fight. Shouldn't be too troubling. I don't think they
are supposed to be part of the actual legion, but they die just the same. Try
to memorize how you got to the port on the way in- it can be easy to get lost
in the canyons. Anyway, finish and go talk to Lothar.

*Checkpoint: Destroyed undead

*Completion: Talk to Lothar

*Reward: 2,635 gold and quest 136


[132] Immediate Action

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 119

*Given by: Wylmieni (settlement south of Clearview)

*Description: Wylmieni wants to create potions that are supposed to prevent
the fallen undead from rising up again. To do this she needs water bottles
from skeleton mages.

*Instructions: Another follow your nose quest. The skeletal mages are the
rarest kind, so they may be spaced far apart, and good luck getting from one
to the next without running through an entire horde of undead. Well anyway
once you've downed them, get the bottles and head back to Wylmieni.

*Checkpoint: Got 4 water bottles

*Completion: Talked to Wylmieni

*Reward: XP, opens quest 133


[133] Message to the High Council

*Available To: Any who completed quest 132

*Given by: Wylmieni (settlement south of Clearview)

*Description: I'm supposed to take a letter with information about the Undead
Legion to Senator Nimorean while Wylminei makes the potions.

*Instructions: A courier mission. The senator is in the capital city of
Thylysia, and is kind of a jerk about the letter.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Gave senator Letter

*Reward: Unlock quest 135


[134] Ghost Energy

*Available To: Any who completed quest 111

*Given by: Geroda (Thylysia)

*Description: The alchemist has given me a device which I need to collect
signatures from spirits. I think this means that I'm supposed to kill five

*Instructions: Cemetary is north of town. Weapon is in your hand. Ghosts 
souls go in jar.

*Checkpoint: Killed the ghosts

*Completion: Returned to Geroda

*Reward: 1,104 gold and unlocking quest 141


[135] Expidition to the old Naval Port

*Available To: Any who completed quest 133

*Given by: Nimorean (Thylysia)

*Description: Ther eis a spot at the old naval port where undead have been
entering the city from for some time. This could be connected to the
appearance of the Undead Legion. I am supposed to find the spot.

*Instructions: Just head down there and talk to the creepy robed guy. He
is somewhat unsettling. Try not to breathe in the air close to him.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to expelled leper

*Reward: Unlock quest 138


[136] A Just Man

*Available To: Any who completed quest 129

*Given by: Alcander

*Description: I have been asked to deliver a secret message from Lord Alcander
to the captain of the ship "Unsurpassable Justice". Maybe it contains the
information Priestess Leena is after.

*Instructions: Well you read the letter and it has to do with his poor
illegitimate daughter. Being a good guy you deliver the letter to the
captain and don't betray the guy. He is, after all... A JUST MAN?

*Checkpoint: Read letter

*Completion: Delivered letter to captain

*Reward: 1023 gold


[137] The Lich

*Available To: Anyone who completed quest 131

*Given by: Lothar

*Description: Commander Lothar has ordered me to deliver a message to Senator
Palentine. I'm supposed to go there at once.

*Instructions: Just go and talk to Palantine. He directs you back south to the
Old Port Town. Down there there is a lich and some skeletar warriors which
you are supposed to mop the floor with. Note that there is a different path
to get to them than you took to get to the main area of the Old Port Town!
The undead themselves shouldn't be too tough, but watch for them raising from
the dead a lot more than once. Once they're done go back to Lothar for your

*Checkpoint: Talked to Palantine, Killed Lich and Skeleton Warriors

*Completion: Talked to Lothar

*Reward: 3094 gold


[138] The General

*Available To: Anyone who has completed quest 135

*Given by: The Expelled Leper (Old Naval Port)

*Description: I actually managed to find the spot. Now I'm going to general
Denylw so he can coodrinate a further course of action.

*Instructions: Essentially the opposite of what you just did. You went from
Denylw to the port, now go from the port to Denlyw

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to Denlyw

*Reward: 728 gold and unlock quest 139


[139] Battle Below Ground

*Available To: Any who completed quest 138

*Given by: Denlyw (Thylysia)

*Description: Together with three other officers, I'm supposed to open the door
the undead are using to get into the port. Apparently a complex of
storehouses and dungeons is located beneath this door. If we come across 
Undead Legionnaires we will concentrate on the officers

*Instructions: Well first it's back to the port again. Open the door and head
down. Now keeping in mind that this place is just jam packed with the worst
that the undead have to throw at you, if you keep your head about you and 
take things slowly you should be fine. The same cannot be said for Larry,
Curly and Moe, the officers you were sent down here with, as they have this
tendancy to run face-first into the worst the undead have to offer, and have
like 20 hp bewteen them. Don't freak out about keeping them alive though,
Denlyw knows that saying about omelettes and eggs and sometimes some soldiers
have to die. Anyway mop up the undead, take out the mages first, then the
commanders. Once that's done with head back to Denlyw

*Checkpoint: Killed commanders

*Completion: Talked to Denlyw

*Reward: 5123 gold for that heroic effort and you unlock quest 140


[140] Getting the Plan of Action Approved

*Available To: Any who completed quest 139

*Given by: Denlwy (Thylysia)

*Description: General Denlyw has compiled a very detailed plan in order to 
gain command over the situation. A plan of this magnitude needs authorization
from the Council, so I'm going to take the battle plan to Senator Nimorean.

*Instructions: Simple, just go north and talk to Senator Nimorean. Being a
reasonable chap, he approves the plan.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to Senator Nimorean

*Reward: 1525 gold, opens quest 150


[141] Alchemist Jacobas

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 134

*Given by: Geroda (Thylysia)

*Description: Geroda was mumbling something about a machine that could destroy
every spirit in the proximity. But he also said it wouldn't work yet. Anyway,
he has asked me to take the collected signatures to an alchemist in the human




*Reward: 3314 gold


[142] Rich Soil

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Landlord Mauricio (Teardrop Hamlet)

*Description: A landlord has asked me to fetch lumps of soil from Earth 
Elementals. THe soil on his fields has been spoilt by T-energy and he has heard
rumors that these lumps can be used as fertilizer. I will find Earth Elementals
everywher in the region.

*Instructions: This is very much a follow your nose quest. Enjoy your nice
quiet amble through the countryside, slaughtering and maiming as you go. There
will be plenty of brigands and animals to distract from the earth elementals,
and they can be somewhat widely spaced, but get them and get back to the

*Checkpoint: Got 10 earth elemental lumps

*Completion: Talked to Mauricio

*Reward: 3752 GP

[143] The Finder's Reward

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Rabesha (Teardrop Hamlet)

*Description: A couple of children have lost their balloon. It flew away
over the treetops. They've asked me to rescue it for them.

*Instructions: Another batch of kids found the balloon and are claiming
finders keepers. Talk to each of the three in turn and you'll get your
balloon back, then return it to the kid

*Checkpoint: Got balloon

*Completion: Gave Rabesha balloon

*Reward: XP and a child's smile


[144] The Talisman

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Annia

*Description: Young Annia is persecuted by her husband. I have to return her
talisman before everything gets out of hand.

*Instructions: Go see young Buckley, who is somewhat north of where you are,
to get the talisman. Bring it back to Annia

*Checkpoint: Got talisman

*Completion: Brought talisman to Annia

*Reward: 336 gold


[145] Protection Money

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Telwan (Teardrop Hamlet)

*Description: Recently a number of adventurers who relied on the healing
potions that they bought from merchant Telwan have died. His supplier is
obviously selling goods of poor quality, and I am supposed to find out why.

*Instructions: Right, well first it's time to shake down the supplier. She
calls foul and says it's really this racketeering gang that's doing it. So
you go pound on them until they sqeal on the Priest who is behind everything.
Now his gardener isn't really fond of him, so when you go see him he kind
of vaguely mentions where the Priest is for the weekend. Sharpen your knives
because we got to go see the priest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to merchant, beat up the gang, talked to the gardener,
talked to priest

*Completion: Killed priest

*Reward: 2450 gold. And you didn't even get cursed! Sweet deal.


[146] Sweet Present

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Jonas (Teardrop Hamlet)

*Description: The merchant owes the boy some candies and I must take them from

*Instructions:  Not a big deal. Go talk to the merchant who cracks immeditally
under your withering glare. Then bring the candies to the boy, who gives you
some and runs off to give the rest to his sister.

*Checkpoint: Talked to merchant

*Completion: Gave candies to Jonas

*Reward: A child's smile and he can rot his sister's teeth too.


[147] Spider Infestation

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Thomas (Teardrop Hamlet)

*Description: A farmer is complaining that his pigs have become the favorite
food of soem evil spiders. He will try to overcome the problem with my help.

*Instructions: You should really be one-hit killing the spiders by this
point. Smack them all, watching out for them attacking the pigs or Thomas, 
and when they're splatted talk to him again.

*Checkpoint: Spiders dead

*Completion: Talk to Thomas

*Reward: 3757 gold


[148] The Lonely Hippocampus

*Available To: Any

*Given by: The Lonely Hippocampus (Strange Traveling Circus)

*Description: I met a lonely Hippocampus on my travles. It has been alone for
so long, it's eager to show me waht it can do. I'm really looking forward
to this.

*Instructions: Just talk to it while it does some tricks for you

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to Hippocampus

*Reward: Some XP and the satisfaction of beating a hard to find quest.


[149] Verification

*Available To: Temple Guards who have completed quest 2

*Given by: Mages' Council (North of Clearview)

*Description: A terminal is required for analysis of gathered data. My
directional sensors indicate that there might be one right around here.

*Instructions: So you have to find the terminal- follow your nose to the cave
in the north. Once there simply activate the terminal and you'll get some
dialog and your hologram will appear in Dragonmaw Pass. Head there, talk to 
the hologram and get new coordinates. These are in the human lands which
you can't access in Act 1

*Checkpoint: Got to cave, activated terminal, left cave, talked to hologram




[150] Journey to Clearview

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 140

*Given by: Senator Nimorean

*Description: Heavy Fighting between the soldiers and the undead is taking
place in the garrison town of Clearview. I'm supposed to go there and speak
with an officer by teh name of Beniel. It would appear that the leader of the
Legion himself must be slain in order to end the Legion's bloody campaign.

*Instructions: Just teleport to clearview and walk right over to

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Beniel

*Reward: Opens quest 151


[151] Defending Clearview

*Available To: Any who completed quest 150

*Given by: Beniel (Clearview)

*Description: Officer Beniel wants me to start a counter attack first! I'm
supposed to thin the ranks of the undead by killing as many as possible

*Instructions: Just go SLAUGHTHER them. 50 all told, follow your nose to get 
it done. Try not to get overwhelmed, but by the time you take on this mission
you shouldn't be having much trouble with individual undead.

*Checkpoint: Killed 50 undead legion soldiers

*Completion: Talked to Beniel

*Reward: Unlocks quest 152


[152] Kerry

*Available To: Any who completed quest 151

*Given by: Beniel (Clearview)

*Description: Officer Beniel is worried about his betrothed. I'm supposed to
find her and make sure that she's ok.

*Instructions: Kerry shows right up on your minimap, so follow your nose right
to her. She's fine thank goodness.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Kerry

*Reward: Unlocks quest 153


[153] The Brother's Amulet

*Available To: Any who completed quest 152

*Given by: Kerry (Clearview)

*Description: Kerry can't find her brother. I'm supposed to find him and
make sure he is all right. He is wearing an amulet with three jewels embedded
in it. I'm supposed to be able to recognize him by that.

*Instructions: So the first part makes total sense. You go south, find the
brother, and find out he's dead. Peas. Well then for some reason you go past
Clearview into the High Elf Encampment right next to it and talk to Barti
Startfass, who tell you to go kill three Lich Princes. Sure. Whatever Barti. 
Anyway kill them and grab the gems, then get back to Barti, he'll fix the
trinket which you give to Kerry to finish up the quest. Simple!

*Checkpoint: Found amulet, talked to Barti, Killed Liches, talked to Barti

*Completion: Gave amulet to Kerry

*Reward: Unlocks quest 154


[154] Back with Beniel again

*Available To: Any who completed quest 153

*Given by: Kerry (Clearview)

*Description: I'm supposed to go to Officer Beniel and help him to overcome the
danger once and for all. Enough blood has been shed!

*Instructions: Just go talk to Beniel

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Benial

*Reward: Opens quest 155


[155] The General of the Undead Legion

*Available To: Any who completed quest 154

*Given by: Beniel (Clearview)

*Description: General Teras made camp near Clearview. Once he has been
destroyed, then his Legion will crumble to dust as well. I will set about the

*Instructions: Oh gosh and golly this is it! OK the first step is to rile him
up. Take out 20 of his soldiers, just follow your nose anywhere to do it, and
he'll start to get angry. Head on up. He is surrounded by his lieutenants and
BOY is he big and angry

*Checkpoint: Destroyed 20 undead soldiers

*Completion: Destroy General Teras

*Reward: 12377 gold and boneslicer the sword


[156] Horse Thieves

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Jidahs (Tharum)

*Description: The Mayor of Tharum wants me to get his horses back from the
horse thieves, then take them to his middleman at the port.

*Instructions: The Thieves are over on the west coast. They are a bunch of
those desert brigands, the ones that can teleport, so off them. There are ten,
and then it's an ESCORT QUEST (woooo) down to Turbak. Clear the path before you
kill the bandits is my advice

*Checkpoint: Killed bandits, got horses safely to Turbak

*Completion: Talked to Merchant

*Reward: 5125 gold


[157] The New Book

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Kernforce (Tharum)

*Description: Kernforce, the High Elf mage, is also a succesful novelist.
She's working on a new novel right now and is conducting research for it
in this area. Her dog foolishly ran away. I'm supposed to look for it with her.

Oh boy it's been awhile since we've had an escort mission to
properly hate on. You're going to have to watch her like a hawk because
she loves nothing more than to run ahead and punch everything that's going to
kill her. If I were you I would activate the portal in the port city BEFORE
taking on this quest





[158] Farmer Seeks Lady!

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Errig (Tharum)

*Description: Errig the lettuce farmer is looking for a wife. He has asked me
to hang up posters proclaiming his eligibility in Khorum, Tharum and El-Durrag.
It will be a long journey.

*Instructions: This is one of those quests that you're probably going to have
for a looong time before you complete. All you have to do is stand in the
assigned places, so you could make quick visits to each of these cities and
get the quest done with, but I prefer to hold onto the quest, and simply
complete this assignment as one among others when reaching the assigned

*Checkpoint: Put posters in Khorum, Tharum and El-Durrag.

*Completion: Returned to Errig

*Reward: Helping a really weird guy get a date.


[159] Bottle Fights

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Marakle (Tharum)

*Description: Here in Tharum they have really strange customs. The people enjoy
bottle fights. Thye conjure the genies in the bottles and then the genies duel.
It seems that an alchemist managed to produce an incredibly strong genie, or
would you say he bottled it? I have to seek him out to buy the genie.

*Instructions: Just head down to the settlement below Tharum and talk to the
alchemist there.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to alchemist

*Reward: Unlocks quest 164


[160] Sad Simon

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Sad Little Simon (Tharum)

*Description: This young boy has lost his bad of happysand. Perhaps it would
comfort him if I patted his head.

*Instructions: Just interact with him three times

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Patted his head three times

*Reward: XP boost


[161] Research Funds

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Rich Businessman (Tharum)

*Description: A businessman has given a scientist money to build a machine
that will make water out of sand. He has aked me to find out how the scientist
is using hsi money.

*Instructions: Well, let's head on over to the coast and see what's kickin'
there. The guy is there, and of course his stupid machine doesn't work. He
fully acknowledges that the idea of turning stand into gold is just something
he made up for the gold. It's not clear why he's still there though. Well
anyway if you are a good person at this point you refuse his bribe, and he
decides, as have so many idiots before him, that punching you is going to work.
Render judgement and get back to the rich businessman.

*Checkpoint: Talked to inventor, killed inventor

*Completion: Talked to businessman

*Reward: Artifact and 4,420 gold


[162] Find El Leigh

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Gelminy (Turbak)

*Description: I met a treasure hunter by the name of Gelminy. She is looking
for an amulet that belonged to the legendary Elf King Berang El Leigh, whose
grave was recently discoverd and desecreated. Now his stone guards are making
thes desert unsafe. One of these guards was seen carrying a scroll and we need
to get it from him.

*Instructions: Is it just me or is every dang quest in this REGION a dang
escort quest. Well anyway the stone guardian you're looking far isn't too far
to the east. Go and kill him and take the scroll

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Got the scroll

*Reward: Unlocks quest 163


[163] Dead Language Expert

*Available To: Any who completed 162

*Given by: Gelminy (wilderness)

*Description: Unfortunately Gelminy can't read the writing. She wants me to
take it to a Linguist in Nambarah.

*Instructions: Man if only all escort mission were like this. Gelminy knows
what she's doing, doesn't die, hangs back from fights and just archeries 
enemies to death. It's sweet. I'd teleport to Tharum first if I were you, then
head down. Follow your nose to the guy to end the mission.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Linguist

*Reward: Unlocks quest 166


[164] Heads and Bowels

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 159

*Given by: Alchemist Nabhuz (Nambriah)

*Description: Aha! This isn't as simple as I thought. The alchemist needs the
bowels of five anemic [editors note: ???] harpies as well as the head of a
special scarab. He plans to make a tincture out of them, which will allow him
to visit the plane of the ghosts.

*Instructions: This is absolutely a follow your nose quest. The enemies will
be around, not too far outside town, which is nice. Mop them up, watching out
for large masses of stone guards/warriors.

*Checkpoint: Got bowels/head

*Completion: Return to Nabhuz

*Reward: Unlocks quest 167


[165] Ayshe

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mehmet (Nambriah)

*Description: I have been asked to kidnap Mehmet's fiancee. Well that's what
it amoutns to. First I have to get rid of the guards. Then I can take Ayshe
to Mehmet.

*Instructions: A two-part, kill the guards quest. For the first one just walk
up to the lady and kill everybody around her, the three guards. They don't have
weapons. That's sure to win her affection! Once that's over you lead her to
Mehmet, and they have a probably sort of freaked out reunion. He then wants you
to get a dowry from the father. No problem, right? Well of course the father
has something to say about is his daughter going to get married (no) and is he
going to sic the guards on you to prevent it (yes). Slaughter them, these ones
are significantly tougher so use the city guard to your advantage, and then
he'll cough up the money and some threats too. Head back to Mehmet to finish
the mission.

*Checkpoint: Killed guards, talked to Ayshe, talked to father, killed other 

*Completion: Return to Mehmet.

*Reward: Some potions and they're going to name their kid after you.


[166] At the Antique Dealers

*Available To: Anyone who completed quest 163

*Given by: Wentelien (Nambriah)

*Description: The expert skimmed over our document. He thinks the text is
written in code and that we need a second part to be able to understand the
true meaning of the text. He instructed us to go to an antiques dealer in
Tharum. He might have something for us

*Instructions: Be ready to plop down 2000 gold for this thing from the
dealer, but if you are thourougly exploring and selling the merchandise you
sell, this shouldn't be any dang problem at all for you. Just head to
Tharum and get it.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to antiques dealer

*Reward: Unlock quest 225 (yes I took a long time to do this one)


[167] Other Planes

*Available To: Anyone who completed quest 164

*Given by: Nabhuz (Nambriah)

*Description: That figures. I have to drink this stuff and go to the plane of
the ghosts. Once I'm there I have to defeat Fedel raa, and the defeat will also
ban him from that plane. I really hope that everything works out as planned...
including my return.

*Instructions: Yeah, I totally called it. Also note that by "drink this
ticture" they really mean " go in this cave slightly to the north. Well it's
ghostfight time when you get there with Fedel Raa. I was underwhelmed, I just
blasted him into atoms straight away. Well however you do it, deal with him
and he'll agree to follow you. It's just a short jaunt back to the city after
that, and talk to the alchemist.

*Checkpoint: Entered cave, defeated ghost, talked to ghost

*Completion: Returned to Nabhuz

*Reward: Unlock quest 168


[168] A Bottle Comes to Its Master

*Available To: Anyone who beat quet 167

*Given by: Nabhuz (Nambriah)

*Description: The ghost is in the bottle now. I have to take it to Maride.

*Instructions: Why this is a three circle difficult quest I can't fathom. 
It's a straighforward "take this thing to this guy" quest. You can teleport
or just hoof it the short distance back to Tharum. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Contact reached

*Reward: 4089 gold


[169] Washed up Goods

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Cassim (Turbak)

*Description: A ship reportedly sank not too long ago. I'm supposed to look
for goods that have washed ashore and take everything that I can find to the

*Instructions: This is real simple. It's a follow-your-nose, straight walk
up the beach. Grab the stuff as you find it, deal with some turtles and a
scarab or two, and make your way back to her.

*Checkpoint: Got the items

*Completion: return to Cassim

*Reward: 1500 gee pee


[170] Adventure Tours

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Captain Jack Karrow [editor's note: what.]

*Description: A strange guy who wears a captain's hat has started a prosperoud
busienss selling adventure tours to wealthy High Elves. Now his business
partner has vanished and he's asked me to play travel guide until his partner
returns. Sounds entertaining.

*Instructions: Try not to have the guy die. Mine did. :(





[171] Lost

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lonely Ogre (Just south of East Turbak)

*Description: A lonely Ogre has lost his way in the desert and can't find his
way home. I will take him to the beach so that he can find a boat to take
him home.

*Instructions: If you have been to the port city just teleport there,
otherwise you'll have to make the trek and do some babysitting. Have I
mentioned that I hate escort quests?

*Checkpoint: Made it to the beach

*Completion: Talk to ogre

*Reward: 4420 gold


[172] Forced Marriage

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Madalga (East Turbak)

*Description: A young woman called Madalga is supposed to marry an older man.
She hated the prospect so much that she's on the run now. She's asked for my

*Instructions: Take her east to the port city. You really should have gone
there and activated the teleport feature by looking at the ship in the harbor.
If you have done so then just teleport there, otherwise you'll have to make
the difficult trek over land.

*Checkpoint: Made it to the coast

*Completion: Talk to the ship's captain

*Reward: XP boost and a conscience boost too!


[173] A Rather Different Bar

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Commander Lia (East Turbak)

*Description: I'm going to check out the Twitty Tister [editor's note: what.]
Bar. Soldiers often like to drink away their earning at the Tister, but some
soldiers recently failed to return from the bar. The officer has asked me to
take a look around.

*Instructions: I'm not a big fan of quests where the big challenge is finding
out how to get there, and this place can be really tough to find. Look at
the Twitty Tister section in Locations for more info. Get there and talk to
Razor, who is somewhat disturbing. So is Frost, and Carlos, the next two
people you follow your nose to. After a while of talking to people and getting
creeped out, they will turn into werewolves. Rough. Anyway be ready for a tough
fight here, but keep pressing and they'll go down. Then it's just the trek
back to Lia.

*Checkpoint: Reached Twitty Tister, talked to patrons, defeated werewolves

*Completion: Talked to Lia

*Reward: Recovery Elixer


[174] Differing Opinions

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 165

*Given by: Walking around

*Description: Oh they look like bad tempered attackers, gee I wonder who
sent them...

*Instructions: Three times you will be ambushed by assassins (well actually
just once, the other times will show up on your mini-map and you have to go
to them... kind of a let-down for assassins, yanno?) and defeat them. Ali
sent them, but they aren't that tough. The last batch, the master assassins,
might pose a threat if you aren't ready.

*Checkpoint: Killed assassins

*Completion: Killed master assassins

*Reward: Unlock quest 175


[175] Dowry

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 174

*Given by: Completing quest 174

*Description: Ali went one step too far. I admire his tenacity, but I have
better things to do than fight assassins all day. I should visit Ali.

*Instructions: Go see the guy! He's in town like usual. Once there he joins
the ranks of rich fools who think punching the world-ending superpower that
is you is a good idea. Show him the err of his ways.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Ali

*Completion: Killed Ali

*Reward: Some dang peace of mind, as no assassins will come after you again.


[176] Lost

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Alima (Along eastern path in southern plateaus of Bengaresh)

*Description: A little girl is lost. I have to take her back to her village
in the west.

*Instructions: If you have activated the teleport in the port city, like you
should have, this is another cakewalk. Just teleport there and walk on over
to the quest ending place. Otherwise it is a looong trek, and dangerous too.
Babysit her closely!

*Checkpoint: Reached destination safely

*Completion: Talked to Alima

*Reward: XP boost


[177] The Last Journey

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Decrepit Harpy (Northeast of Tharum, north of main path)

*Description: An old Harpy feels her death approaching. She asked me to take
her to the Feather Hills, the place harpies go to die.

*Instructions: Apparently she doesn't mind you killing like thirty harpies on
the way there, though. Well anyway walk her to the feather hills. She'll stay
out of trouble for the most part. If you teleport to Tharum immeditally and
then sort of hug the mountains you shouldn't run into too many monsters.

*Checkpoint: Reached Feather Hills

*Completion: Talked to Harpy

*Reward: XP Boost


[178] Scorpion Meat

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Abdullo (Rajab)

*Description: Abdullo the cook desperately needs meat from the best scorpions.
He will get it!

*Instructions: A follow your nose quest if ever there was one. Beware though;
he wants scorpion meat just from any old scorpion, but specifically from the
meanest ones. They tend to be surrounded by lesser scorpions, and when they
all charge you they can do a lot of damage quickly. Stay mobile, keep dishing
out damage, and you'll be fine

*Checkpoint: Got meat

*Completion: returned to Abdullo

*Reward: 3456 gold


[179] Whetstones

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Blacksmith Ataya's Apprentice (Rajab)

*Description: The blacksmith's apprentice was assigned the task of getting
rough whetstones because his master can't sharpen with the old whetsontes.
He's too scared to go into the desert because of the scorpions, so I will
help him.

*Instructions: Another follow your nose. The stones are scattered around, and
they aren't too far away. It can be a nice scenic tour if you're into that
kind of thing. Besides the scorpions that is. Anyway grab them and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got stones

*Completion: Talked to apprentice

*Reward: 2160 apprentice gold.


[180] The Healer

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Dillon (Rajab)

*Description: This plague of scorpions is a grave threat, especially for the
most vulnerable in our society, the children. I must collect some scorpion's
tails so that the healer can distill an anti-venom

*Instructions: The third follow your nose quest from this city! They do love
their scorpion deaths too. Unlike the snobby chef, any old scorpion will do
for the tails. The plague of them around is trouble for the children, too,
but it means that it won't be hard to find 15. Kill them and return, bunch
of tails in hand.

*Checkpoint: Got tails

*Completion: Talked to healer

*Reward: Potions


[181] Keeper of the Jungle

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Guardian of the Forest (very north of jungle, on path leading in)

*Description: A Guardian of the Forest has asked me to slay a camp full of
poachers. The camp is not far from here. Let's go.

*Instructions: It's not very far as in like ten feet away. Get in and kill them

*Checkpoint: Killed Poachers

*Completion: Talked to Guardian



[182] The Fearful Soldier

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lightheart (About the east middle of the Bashade Plains)

*Description: A soldier was attacked and has been robbed.  The Thieves also
took his  sword, which is apparently a complete humiliation in these parts.
He asked me to help him and to save his honor.

*Instructions: The bandits aren't far away. BOY that guy has an awesome beard.
Just go and thwack them- they're those teleporting desert bandits you know and
love by now.                                       

*Checkpoint: Kill bandits, get sword

*Completion: Talk to Lightheart

*Reward: The joy of helping a soul in need.


[183] Desperate Archaeologist

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Archaeologist (northeast Bashade Plains) **NOT MARKED ON MAP**

*Description: I've found an Elf in the desert. The sun has almost baked him.
I've given him some water.

*Instructions: So after you interact with the elf she wants to be taken home.
Fine, it's to the northeast and not very far away. Fend off the raiders that
will certainly be attacking, and charge her home.

*Checkpoint: Talk to Archaeologist, get archaeologist back safely

*Completion: Talk to archeologist when back safely

*Reward: Divine amulet


[184] Nails are forever

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Harun (Badawi)

*Description: Harun the coffin-maker from Badawi has asked me to fetch him a
box of nails from Khorum. Apparently he is too busy building coffins to make
the journey himself. He has offered to build me my very own coffin in return.
Just what I always wanted...

*Instructions: So you're looking for the blacksmith's apprentice in the big
city of Khorum. Head there and talk to him, and you get the nails. Then hoof
it on back. Just a messenger quest!

*Checkpoint: Got nails

*Completion: Talked to Harun

*Reward: 2451 dusty coffin coins


[185] Exquisite Long Drinks

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Barradel (Badwai)

*Description: Barradel, a merchand from Badwai, is preparing for the gladiator
games. He won't be fighting though. Barradel will be serving his famous
"Thunder Gungler" to the spectators. He has asked me to help him collect
some of the ingredients. The first ingreditns he needs are 20 bug
carapaces to make the Thunder Gurgler goblets.

*Instructions: There are just huge numbers of scarabs east of the city, so
finding the 20 carapaces shouldn't be a challenge. Either way, it's a follow
your nose quest. Get them and head back, being careful not to get overwhelmed
by the insects

*Checkpoint: Collected carapaces

*Completion: Checked back in with Barradel

*Reward: 2561 gold, unlocks quest 188


[186] Talent vs. Elixers

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Hegiman (Badwai)

*Description: I met a pompous sword trainer in Badwai today. His name is
Hegiman and he wants me to pick up some elixers from a witch. Using them,
he means to make up for his apprentice gladiator's lack of talent.

*Instructions: A straightforward fetch quest. Simply follow your nose to the
healer, talk to her, and bring back the potions.

*Checkpoint: Talked to healer

*Completion: Returned to Hegiman

*Reward: 492 gold. Please.


[187] Gladiator Volunteer 

*Available To: Any who completed quest 186

*Given by: Hegiman (Badwai)

*Description: This Hegiman has got some nerve. He "allows" me to spar with his
apprentice. I'd better not show him my entire repertoire.

*Instructions: As soon as you accept the mission the apprentice starts going
to town on you. Go right back to HIS town on HIM. He isn't really that tough,
so this should be no problem for you. After this talk to the apprentice then
to Hegiman, who has decided that you are too pushy by far (ha!) and will
attack you. He isn't much harder. Mop the floor with him then talk to him.

*Checkpoint: Defeated Apprentice

*Completion: Talked to apprentice

*Reward: It is very satisfying to beat him.


[188] Straw

*Available To: Anyone who completed quest 185

*Given by: Barradel (Badwai)

*Description: The merchant still needs some more ingredients. This time he
asked me to bring hime five Sword Spider legs. He'll only accept absolutely
perfect legs, and they can be hard to find. I'll have to kill quite a few of
the eight-legged monstrosities before I have what I want.

*Instructions: The description doesn't know what it's talking about, the 
drop rate is just fine on these things. Anyway they are right outside town
along with the scarabs. Grab enough of their legs to form a bundle (5) and
head back to Barradel.

*Checkpoint: Got legs

*Completion: Returned to Barradel

*Reward: 2310 gold dubloons, quest 194


[189] Dirty Deal

*Available To: Any who have done some other quests in Badwai

*Given by: Schehera (Badwai)

*Description: The Healer Schehera from Badwai put me in contact with a High Elf
Agent who wants me to do something about the terrible conditions in the local
arena. I'm supposed to seek him out in order to get more information.

*Instructions: High Elf agent connected with gladiatorial corruption, huh.
Haven't we heard of this guy before (quest 130)? Anyway we get to meet the guy
in person now! Just head over and talk to him.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Thylius

*Reward: Unlocks quest 190


[190] Selection Process

*Available To: Any who completed quest 189

*Given by: Thylius (Badwai)

*Description: (none)

*Instructions: So this is a gladiator-style fight. First go talk to the Pasha,
who lets you be selector and moves you down to the arena. From there you fight
seven enemies, each tougher than the last. That said, the only one who could
give you trouble is The Blood Sister, the last one. She hits really hard. A
protip is if you have somebody invincible following you, often the gladiator
will go after them letting you pick them off. However it goes, take out all
seven gladiators and talk to the ringmaster, who is ticked that you let them

*Checkpoint: Defeated gladiators

*Completion: Return to Thylius

*Reward: Unlock quest 191


[191] Raiders

*Available To: Any who completed quest 190

*Given by: Thylius (Badwai)

*Description: Thylius was pleased with my efforts in the arena and now we're
setting off together to ask the Pasha for the Gladiators' papers. He won't be
able to produce them and then we will arrest him!

*Instructions: Right, I'm sure he'll go quietly. Let's go ask him. Hm, no his
guards tried to kill you oh I am shocked. Well the NPCs you get on this mission
aren't pushover, so with your help they should overwhelm the guards with no
troubles, but the Pasha escapes. Peas.

*Checkpoint: Killed the Pasha's guards

*Completion: Talk to Thylius

*Reward: Unlock quest 192


[192] Barazi's Refuge

*Available To: Any who completed quest 191

*Given by: Thylius (Badwai)

*Description: Pasha Barazi turned a ring on his finger and activated a 
teleportation spell. He escaped! We defeated the guards but none of them had
any inforation on the Pasha's whereabouts [Editor's note: he means to say we
killed them all before they could do anything but plead for their lives].
We'll take care of the Pasha later. First we have to get rid of Commander

*Instructions: Ok so follow your nose to El'Duffi's house. He is there and
boy I wonder if THIS one is going to come quietly oh nope looks like he called
the guards on us. This is essentially identical to the Pasha's scenario except
that he didn't have a twisty ring. Do him and his guards in and talk to
Thylius. You are told to search the house, which means go to the minimap
circle. Grab the evidence, talk to Thylius again.

*Checkpoint: Confrontd El'Duffi, killed El'Duffi and his guards, talked to
Thylius, found briefcase

*Completion: Talked to Thylius again

*Reward: Unlocks quest 193


[193] Barazi's End

*Available To: Any who completed quest 192

*Given by: Sacchara (Badwai)

*Description: The witch was actually a big help. She used her magic to find
out where the Pasha is. Let's get going!

*Instructions: He's close, in a cave to the northwest. Head there and take out
his guard, then find the man himself in a cave slightly to the east. He
doesn't put up a fight and comes quietly. Head back into town and talk to
the lizardman in the arena, then talk to Thylius

*Checkpoint: Killed Barazi's guard, arrested Barazi, talked to lizardman

*Completion: Talked to Thylius

*Reward: Not only gold but the respect of ultra awesome secret agent Thylius


[194] Excitement

*Available To: Any who completed quest 188

*Given by: Barradel (Badwai)

*Description: The Thunder Gurgler gets its kick from a small dose of pure
T-energy. I always thought even the slightest exposure to T-energy turned
people into monsters, but then I've heard some people consider poisonous fish
a delicacy.

*Instructions: Hoo BOY this is a gross drink. Ok so the T-energy fields are
pretty dangerous places, so make sure you're prepared (as you can be) before
you head there. When you reach the Bengaresh threshhold head east, and stop
in the target zone. I guess just that particular moonjuice will do. Head back
to Barradel with your "prize".

*Checkpoint: Got T-energy

*Completion: Returned to Barradel.

*Reward: 2310 gold and quest 195


[195] The Thunder Gurgler

*Available To: Any who completed quest 194

*Given by: Barradel (Badwai)

*Description: Now I have to take the drink to Barradel's guinea, I
mean assistant.

*Instructions: What, he couldn't do it himself? Wimp. Anyway give abdullah
the drink, and hey presto he 
into a horrible punching glowy man. 
Punch his glow right out and talk to Barradel once more. The jerk.

*Checkpoint: Gave drink to Abdullah, killed mutant Abdullah

*Completion: Talked to Barradel

*Reward: 5415 in guilty gold


[196] Ending the Feud

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Simir (settlement halfway between Nambirah and the main city, a
little north of Nambirah)

*Description: A feud between two desert tribes has been going on for
generations. It all started with a sheep and a lamb or something. This
vendetta has lasted for centuries and now one tribe wants to end it. I'm
supposed to escort their negotiator

*Instructions: Maaaaan I hate escort quests. This one is across a pretty bad
stretch of desert too. If you have the resurrection stone from Khorem activated
then this becomes a lot easier, otherwise just cut westward through the open
desert. If you can avoid swarms of scarabs at all please do so, as any 
fighting is bad fighting. If you are withing reach of the city and your health
is low don't be afraid to just cut and run. Once there talk to the patriarch
and then again to Simir.

*Checkpoint: Reached Nambirah, talked to patriarch

*Completion: Talked to Simir

*Reward: 3939 gold points and a reputation as a peacekeeper (or not)


[197] Decisions

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Subordinate (settlement halfway between Nambirah and the main city, 
a little north of Nambirah)

*Description: Tribe Leader Havey suffers from indecisiveness. The leader's
subordinates asked me to get a decision making potion.

*Instructions: Go see the import trader in the big city of Khorum. He doesn't
exactly have what you're looking for, but hopefully the placebo effect will
work just as well. Grab the potion and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got potion

*Completion: Talked to subordinate

*Reward: The gratitude of a desert tribe. And some gold.


[198] Graverobbers

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Walking by the grave halfway east-northeast of Nambriah.

*Description: Graverobbers are attacking the grave site! I have to help.

*Instructions: Wade in VERY quickly and start blowing away grave robbers. If
you are fast enough you'll save the foreman. Talk to him. He'll say something,
then talk to him again. Now he wants to go to the next settlement. Escort
quest woo. Run him there, and talk to his boss for the reward.

*Checkpoint: Killed graverobbers, talked to foreman, talked to foreman
again, arrived at town.

*Completion: Talk to supervisor

*Reward: GP, XP!


[199] The Number of the Beetle

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Old Bedouin

*Description: An old desert dweller has asked me to count the beetle
population at three different locations. He claims that the population levels
indicate the weather trend for the coming season.

*Instructions: Go to three different places, and just kind of stand there. You
will count off a number and then return to the lady for a treat.

*Checkpoint: Went to circles

*Completion: Returned to Gypsy

*Reward: 2,385 gold


[200] Soldiers From the Past

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Commandant (Khorum)

*Description: The commander of the troops in Korum told me about a
strategically difficult situation. He made mysterious references to "special
troops". I'm supposed to go to the Lumen Priest Migenyw and mention the
name "Sheik Yerbouti"

*Instructions: Migenyw is in the north part of town, so head there and talk to
him to complete the quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Migenyw

*Reward: Unlock quest 208


[201] The Poltergeists

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Wasmut (Khorum)

*Description: Wasmut has asked me to banish the ghosts that are haunting his
house. Wasmut's house is haunted by poltergeists. He has asked me to take care
of them. Right then! You know what they say: I'm not afraid of ghosts! 
[Editor's note: nobody says this]. Let's take a look then.


The house is right behind him. When you feel like you're up for defeating five
ghosts at once accept the quest and they'll appear. They can do some decent
damage but if you attack quickly they'll fall.

*Checkpoint: Defeated ghosts

*Completion: Returned to Wasmut

*Reward: 3938 gold, opens quest 203


[202] Blood Feud

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Nihad (Khorum)

*Description: The chieftain's brother has been murdered. According to local
customs his murderer must die at the hands of a stranger. I have been chosen to
be the instrument of revenge.

*Instructions: The guy you're looking for is in the tavern, like so many
evildoers tend to be. Just go find him and punch him until he can't stand up
any more. Then he dies I think. Anyway go talk to Nihad again!

*Checkpoint: Killed Ali

*Completion: Returned to Nihad

*Reward: 1,238 gold


[203] Tenacious Ghost

*Available To: Any who completed quest 201

*Given by: Daliel (Khorum)

*Description: Rumor has it that the evil ghost is hiding in the ceellar, but
that shouldn't be a problem for me.

*Instructions: So the cellar is just on the other side of the house. Head over
there and down into the cellar. The ghost just wants to talk! Do so and it's
revelaed that Daliel and Wasmut are the real evil ones gasp! So leave the 
cellar and find the nearest town guard to blab it all to.

*Checkpoint: Talked to ghost

*Completion: Talked to town guard

*Reward: Unlocks quest 204


[204] Salvation

*Available To: Any who completed quest 203

*Given by: Town Guard (Khorum)

*Description: I wonder if I just helped a couple of murderers.

*Instructions: Ok so talking to the gaurd prompts you to go have a chat with
Daliel. Do so and she and her husband, will, like ROYAL idiots, attack. You
get the guard's help but believe me you don't need it. Waste them both and
grab their necklaces. Talk to the guard, then down in the cellar talk to the
dead kid.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Deliel, killed Deliel and Wasmut, got pendants, talked
to guard

*Completion: Talked to ghost child

*Reward: XP boost and you did a good thing there.


[205] The Skewer

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Cemil (Khorum)

*Description: Landlord Cemil has come up with an ew delicacy- chicken on a
skewer with yogurt sauce. He needs five chickens from one of the local farmers.

*Instructions: Just a lil' three-part fetch quest. First head to the northeast
of the city to get some chickens. They're paid up for, but the farmer wants
you to kill them yourself. Fortunately chickens aren't exactly a tough fight.
Take them down and back to Cemil [Editor's note: what kind of accent on earth
is this supposed to be?]. Once you've done that it's to the southwest part
of the city to grab some milk. Talk to the milkm'n there and return back
to Cemil. The next two fetch quests are just right outside his door, first to
grab some garlic from the market and second to get his family. Everybody is
around, everybody is happy, and you get a knife.

*Checkpoint: Talked to farmer, got chickens, talked to Cemil, talked to milk
farmer, talked to Cemil again, talked to garlic merchant, talked to Cemil
a third time, talked to Cemil's wife.

*Completion: Talked to Cemil the final time

*Reward: Eviscerator


[206] The Lost Caravan

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Schangan (Khorum)

*Description: Merchant Shangan has asked me to look for a caravan that's been
missing for days.

*Instructions: Just go to where the guy said, see the bodies, get the flag,
and teleport back. A simple early quest

*Checkpoint: Got flag

*Completion: Talked to Schangan

*Reward: Unlocks quest 210


[207] Converting the Faithless

*Available To: Any devotee of Lumen

*Given by: Laurana Lemanto

*Description: Some of the townsfolks have lost their faith in the God Lumen.
These lost sheep must be led back to the herd.

*Instructions: They aren't really faithless I think, they just kind of had
a lapse. Anyway the people who fell away from Lumen don't require much
convincing to return to the fold. Just march around the city and talk to them
one by one. It's a good way to get to know the layout of the city!

*Checkpoint: Talked to faithless

*Completion: Returned to Laurana

*Reward: Ring


[208] Fortress of the Dead (Doesn't appear in quest log)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 207

*Given by: Migenyw

*Description: Yeah it's weird. In my game it didn't show up under quests.

*Instructions: The fortress will show up on your minimap, though the
quest isn't in your journal. Follow your nose out to it and talk to the
skeleto there.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to skeleton adjunct.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 215


[209] You Wanna Bet?

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ayna (Khorum)

*Description: The Children Ayna and Esca made a bet with each other about
whether there is a giant oasis in the north and they asked me to accompany
them there.

*Instructions: OK so not to get on a soapbox or anything but this is just
INCREDIBLY irresponsible. You are agreeing to take these CHILDREN on this
VERY, VERY dangerous route. They will be attacked at all times. Anyway
to be honest I'm not sure if they are invincible or not. I would suspect
that they are because I just CHARGED up road towards the lake (which is
of course what they are going to see) and neither of them took a scratch. 
You'll have to periodically listen to them complaining, the brats, and when
you finally reach the lake they'll eat the magic bean and teleport back to
Khorum, thank goodness. Talk to the runemaster to finish things.

*Checkpoint: First, second, third, and fourth checkpoints to lake, reached
lake, talked to Ayna.

*Completion: Talked to runemaster

*Reward: Potions


[210] Salvaging the Goods

*Available To: Any who completed quest 206

*Given by: Schangan (Khorum)

*Description: I've been asked to salvage goods from the destroyed caravan. I
need to take the pack animals I've been given to the site.

LOVE FOR THESE THINGS. I believe that I have. Anyway, you get you some
mercenaries, and some pack mules. I'd teleport to Badwai and head down. Watch
for bugs and harpies, the scarabs love to swarm you here. Reach the site and
the mercenaries will get an exclamation point over their head. Quick quick
talk to them, and they'll say they've loaded up the carts sufficiently. Then
teleport immedtially back to the capital and talk to Schangan to finish the
mission. Whew!

*Checkpoint: Arrived at caravan, loaded cart

*Completion: Talked to Schangan

*Reward: 5415 caravan money, unlocked quest 211


[211] Ompha, the Belittled

*Available To: Any who completed quest 210

*Given by: Schangan (Khorum)

*Description: Apparently scarabs keep attacking caravans. I've been asked to
talk to a strange old man named Ompha. He seems to know much about this area.

*Instructions: Teleport your darn self right to Badwai, where Ompha awaits.
Simply talk to him to end the quest

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Ompha

*Reward: Unlocks quest 212


[212] A True Miracle

*Available To: Any who completed quest 211

*Given by: Ompha (Badwai)

*Description: Old Ompha is suffering from temporary memory loss. Apparently
the only thing that can help him is a bottle of "miracle cure".

*Instructions: You will have to pony up 100 gold for this thing, but believe
me when I say that shouldn't be a problem at this point. Head over to the
witch's house for a bottle of booze I mean miracle cure I mean booze who are
we kidding. Then head back to Ompha.

*Checkpoint: Got miracle cure

*Completion: Returned to Ompha

*Reward: Unlock quest 213


[213] The Scarab's Lair

*Available To: Any who completed quest 212

*Given by: Ompha (Badwai)

*Description: The "miracle cure" really seems to have worked wonders for
Ompha. Now I can put an end to this menace.

*Instructions: Ok you finally get the location of their hideout. It's in a
cave to the west. Head there now, and you'll find that you only have to kill
20 of the buggers in the cave. You should have been fending off SWARMS more
of these things by now. Exterminate them and head back to your old friend

*Checkpoint: Reached cave, killed scarabs

*Completion: Returned to Schangan

*Reward: 6932 gold and Champion's Amulet


[214] Djinn

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Breaking vase (South of Dar al Bajda)

*Description: Oops, how clumsy of me. I've broken this vase. Well it wasn't
a work of art anyway, but what's this? A Djinn?

*Instructions: Ok so look for a smoking vase to break south of Dar al Bajda.
Once it's broken talk to the Djinn, then to the laborer, then to the Djinn

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Defeated Djinn

*Reward: XP boost


[215] Just a Fool

*Available To: Any who completed quest 208

*Given by: Skeleton assistant (Undead Fortress)

*Description: The Sheik's undead adjuctant made an army of skeleton warriors
rise up and attack me.

*Instructions: This is just a straightforward brawl. There will be a whole
mess of warriors that pop up and attack you. If you can take on a bunch of
skeletons, great. Otherwise retreat and try to get them to attack you
one on one.

*Checkpoint: Defeated skeleton warriors

*Completion: Talked to assistant.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 216


[216] Sheik Yerbouti

*Available To: Any who completed quest 216

*Given by: Undead assistant (Undead fortress)

*Description: I spoke the ancient words and after that the undead Sheik really
appeared. He wants to test my strength and worthiness in a duel.

*Instructions: Just a one-on-one fight. He does some pretty good damage, but
he's just one undead. Take him down!

*Checkpoint: Talked to Shiek Yerbouti, defeated Shiek Yerboti

*Completion: Talk to Shiek again

*Reward: Unlocks quest 217


[217] The Du'Rach Camp

*Available To: Any who completed quest 216

*Given by: Sheik Yerbouti

*Description: After I demonstrated my strength, Sheik Yerbouti agreed to
help me in the fight against the Dr'Rach with some of his soldiers

*Instructions: Head to the camp, which is highlighted on your minimap. There
will be a whole mess or Du'Rach there, along with their tribal leader. Talk
to the leader and the whole mess will attack you. This is a tough battle! 
Don't be afraid to hide behind the Sheik a lot, as he will absorb all the 
damage meant for you and do loads of it himself. Heck, you spend a couple
quests trying to get him for this. Once they're all done, talk to the Shiek.
Then head down to Dar Al Badja and talk to the leader of the archaeological

*Checkpoint: Talked to desert people leader, killed desert people, talked to
Shiek, talked to archaeologist.

*Completion: Talked to archaeologist.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 228


[218] Displaced

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Sistran (Northeast Bengalesh, west of the gorge)

*Description: High Elf Sistan has asked me to take him and his family to the
High Elven region. It's uspposed to be very far away.

*Instructions: It's not quite that far. Just teleport to the Teardrop Hamlet
teleportation hub and then run south real quick. It'll be easy, because the
enemies in the High Elven region are one hit kills by now.

*Checkpoint: Reached Teardrop Hamlet

*Completion: Talked to Sistran

*Reward: 21,563 gold and XP


[219] Lost Soldier

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Joseffa (In Bar South south-east of El-Darrag)

*Description: The orderly Joseffa has asked me to search the desert for her
fiancee. He is a soldier and hasn't returned from his latest mission.

*Instructions: Man he ain't missin', he's d... well I won't spoil it for you.
Follow your nose to his location, grab the ring and the farewell letter,
and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got ring, letter

*Completion: Returned to Joseffa

*Reward: Some gold and a crying woman


[220] Attack is the Best Defense

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Entering El-Darrag

*Description: Ambush! Desert Folk are attacking El-Durrag. I have to help the

*Instructions: The first part of this is a straightforward brawl. There are
a bunch of attacking bandits and you need to run into the center of town and
kill them before they defeat the town guard. After this, talked to commander
El-Darrags to get the mission to go out and slaughter 20 sand folks for their
insignias. This is a follow your nose portion of the mission. Return and talk
to El-Darrags.

*Checkpoint: Kill the bandits attacking town, talk to El-Darrags, get 20
sand people insignas

*Completion: Return to El-Darrags

*Reward: Unlocks quest 221


[221] Take the Initiative

*Available To: Any who completed quest 220

*Given by: El-Darrags (El-Darrag)

*Description: The Desert Folk's camp is close. I have to slay their leader.

*Instructions: A search and destroy mission. The camp appears to the northeast,
so head there. There will be plenty of sand people along the way, but you get
El-Darrag and some guards. Once you show up at the fortress itself, you'll
have to defeat the personal guards and Desert Folk leader. Remember to take
the camp slowly and have some health potions. Don't be afraid to let the
guards take the brunt of some of the attacks. Once he's dead talk to
El-Darrags and head back to El-Darrag. Once there talk to Murrat.

*Checkpoint: Reached camp, killed guards and leader, talked to El-Durrags

*Completion: Talked to Murrat

*Reward: 12,710 gold and you saved a whole town!


[222] Rose of Oblivion

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Old Man (El-Durrag)

*Description: An old man wants me to help the ghost of his beloved Mathilda
find eternal peace, by taking her a rose of oblivion. The rose is said to
grow in a cave. It remains to be seen if this will really help.

*Instructions: The cave you're looking for is actually within the city limits
of Khorum. Head there, and be prepared for scorpions in the cave. The rose
is in the back, follow your nose to find it. After that the ghost lady
appears northwest of El-Durrag. Go see her, give her the rose, and get a

*Checkpoint: Found rose, talked to ghost

*Completion: Got letter

*Reward: Opens quest 224


[223] Supplies for the Outpost

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Officer Ahmad (El-Durrag)

*Description: I must take a shipment to an outpost. At lesat one cow has to
make it there alive.

*Instructions: Depending on how full the desert is of enemies during the time
you go, this can be anywhere from a cakewalk to very difficult. If you've
already done tasks to whittle down the number of Desert Folk, so much the
better. Anyway it's a straightforward escort quest southeast to the outpost.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reached outpost with at least one cow

*Reward: 2763 gold


[224] Forgetting can be a Blessing

*Available To: Any who have completed quest 222

*Given by: Mathilda (Northeast of El-Durrag)

*Description: The ghost of the dead Mathilda asked me to take her farewell
letter to her husband. I can't refuse her this request.

*Instructions: Just head back to El-Durrag and talk to the Old Man

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Old Man

*Reward: I guess you gave him something nice to do in his waning years.


[225] The Final Fragment

*Available To: Any who completed quest 166

*Given by: Antiques Dear (Tharum)

*Description: The antiques dealer said that the dubious tomb raider from whom
he bought the scond piece was probably in possession of the last missing
fragment. The tomb raider is ransacking the ruins near a small grotto right

*Instructions: As dictated by law and tradition, this guy will not be
reasonable at all. In fact he is a huge jerk who is going to get both his
fragments back by attacking you. Him and his two friends. Just them, no
horrible monsters. Pfeh. Murder him quickly and take his scroll.

*Checkpoint: Found tomb raider, killed tomb raider and guards

*Completion: Talk to Gelminy

*Reward: Unlock quest 226


[226] Mysterious Words

*Available To: Any who completed quest 225

*Given by: Gelminy (East of Tharum)

*Description: Gelminy says we have to go back to the dead languages 

*Instructions: Nothin' to it but to do it. head back to Nambirah and talk
to the pompus ass. "The Key has 3 notches on the top and 3 on the bottom"
"The 3rd notch on the top and the 2nd on the bottom could use some pressure"
and "King Ering El Leigh is recieving applicants". Hmmm...

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to languages expert.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 227


[227] Face to Face with the King

*Available To: Any who completed quest 226

*Given by: Gelminy (Nambriah)

*Description: We have deciphered the scroll but the meaning is still somewhat
cryptic. Now we are heading to the burial chamber of the king who died a long
time ago.

*Instructions: It's south of the city, and it's sort of underwhelming for a
burial chamber. Also it's a shame that the minimap spoils the puzzle for you
in this case. You were supposed to stand on particular "notches", or panels
in the floor, to make the king appear. The room itself is shaped like a key.
The problem is you just go stand where the minimap tells you and hey problem
solved. Anyway then the king appears. Take out all of his servants you can
before talking to him. He and his two toughest lieutentants will start bashing
on you when you talk to thim. They're quite tough and resurrect a few times
each. You might have to use some health potions. When they are done collect
the amulet and talk to Gelminy. Bid her farewell!

*Checkpoint: Reached tomb, pressed buttons, talked to King, defeated King,
got amulet

*Completion: Talked to Gelminy 

*Reward: Some neat artifacts, and Gelminy stops following you.


[228] Blinded

*Available To: Any who completed quest 217

*Given by: Jammuia

*Description: An archaeologist made a very important discovery on an ancient
stone tablet. The entrance to a hidden cult site is located in the area
surrounding the ruins of Sulinar. A prehistoric, superior divinity rests
there and is waiting to be woken up. I've agreed to accompany him on this
little expidition. We'll have to be careful, because a hostile gorup of
Desert People lives there.

*Instructions: Uh-oh. This doesn't sound good. Anyway the place you're
looking for is in the gorge to the north. Make sure you approach it from
the south, going into the gorge from the southeast. There is no westward
entrance to the gorge for the whole bottom half.

*Checkpoint: Reached Bridge

*Completion: Talked to Jammuia

*Reward: Unlocked quest 229


[230] A New Clue

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Jammuia (In gorge)

*Description: At the old bridge we'll continue on to the north.

*Instructions: Just move up a little. You'll run into a sarcophagus after a 
short trek.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reach Sarcophagus

*Reward: Unlocks quest 231


[231] New Findings

*Available To: Any who completed quest 230

*Given by: Jammuia (Gorge)

*Description: We continued our journey after we found the sarcophagus. The
archaeologist is restless.

*Instructions: Yeah he seems pretty excited. Huh. Well anyway continue on
to the north. You'll hit some ruins.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reached Ruins

*Reward: Unlocks quest 232


[232] A Way Out of the Gulch

*Available To: Any who completed quest 231

*Given by: Jammuia (Gorge)

*Description: After the ruins, which can also be attributed to the ancient
people of this mysterious God, we have to find a way out of the Wadi.

*Instructions: The quickest way to get here is probably to teleport to 
El-Darrag and head east. I'm not sure this quest marker is in the right place,
but oh well.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reached quest area

*Reward: Unlocks quest 233


[233] Sulinar in Sight

*Available To: Any who completed quest 232

*Given by: Jammuia (Gorge)

*Description: The archaeologist is obsessed with the idea of finding the
ancient God. We are headed straight for wild Du'Rach territory!

*Instructions: Head east out of the gulch (and through the gulch, if you
teleported for the earlier quest) and then south to Sulinar. There will be
some slightly elevated levels of Du'Rach, but I don't think this area is 
HORRIBLY more difficult.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reached Sulinar

*Reward: Unlocks quest 234


[234] Obsession

*Available To: Any who completed quest 233

*Given by: Entering Sulinar

*Description: The archaeologist has gone completely mad. He is under the
influence of a mysterious dark force.

*Instructions: Just talk to the guy to finish this mission. Boy he is nuts.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Jammuia (Sulinar)

*Reward: Unlocks quest 235


[235] The Shiek's Last Battle

*Available To: Any who completed quest 234 and 221

*Given by: Shiek Yerbota (Sulinar)

*Description: Scores of Du'Rach just howed up. I must destroy them.

*Instructions: Boy do they! There are a ton of tough fights at this point,
and our archeologist disappears. Well Shiek Yerbota, our old friend, also
shows up and helps you cream them. Talk to him once the battle's done!

*Checkpoint: Talked to Yerbota, defeated Du'Rach

*Completion: Talked to Yerbota again

*Reward: Freed the spirit of a man who has longed for centuries, quest 236


[236] Camp in Distress

*Available To: Any who completed quest 235

*Given by: Finishing quest 235

*Description: A terrible feeling is compelling me to go back to the
archaeologist's camp

*Instructions: Head out of the city and down south to the camp. It's easier if
you have activated the resurrection beacon right outside the city.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to Limise

*Reward: Unlocks quest 237


[237] Freeing the Archaeologists

*Available To: Any who completed quest 236

*Given by: Limise (Dar Al Badja)

*Description: I was begged to protect the archaeologists from the Du'Rach.
I have to kill ten Raiders. The excavation site and the area surrounding it
must be protected!

*Instructions: A seek and find "kill these guys" quest. Follow your nose
to take out all ten of them. They aren't that tough and you only have to
fight them one or two at a time, so you can take time to heal between 
encounters. Talk to Limise when you're done.

*Checkpoint: Killed raiders

*Completion: Talk to Limise

*Reward: Quest 238, 5312 gold


[238] Mission Accomplished

*Available To: Any who completed quest 237

*Given by: Limise (Dar Al Badja)

*Description: The cook's helper told me to return to the commander of the
troops in Khorum and repot about saving the camp. I'll probably get a 
handsome reward!

*Instructions: Teleport yourself right into Khorum and have a heart to heart
with the commander there. You get yourself a fancy reward!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to commander

*Reward: Some awesome artifacts!


[239] Is That Your Leg?

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Kerrim (road to Na-Tian)

*Description: A man has slipped in a puddle on the path, and broken his leg.
It looks pretty bad. He's asked me to get a doctor. There's supposed to be
one at the beach down the path.

*Instructions: This is an escort quest, true, but it has an advantage over
other escort quests, at least in my mind, in that it lets you clear out the
escort path before you do the escort. Head on the path west to Na'Tian and
follow your nose to the doctor. Once you talk to her she'll follow you back
along the (hopefully) pretty clear path to the sick man. Keep a close eye on
her and this shouldn't be a tough quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to healer

*Completion: Returned doctor to sick man

*Reward: An XP boost


[240] The Boathouse

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Boathouse Keeper (North of Na'Tian)

*Description: A pack of wild animals has killed the guard at the boathouse.
Unfortunately he was carrying the key to the boathouse, and the door is locked.
I have to get the key!

*Instructions: The key is in the jungle directly to the east, so just follow
your nose to it. Grab it and return. Watch out for garcema and hunting spiders!

*Checkpoint: Got key

*Completion: Returned to boathouse

*Reward: Open boathouse, allowing transportation to the islands


[241] Food For All

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Master Chef (Na'Tian)

*Description: The chef of a jungle camp has asked me to kill and bring him
"something". I'd better get going.

*Instructions: A "go here get this" quest par excellance, simply follow your
compass to the "stuff", grab it and return.

*Checkpoint: Got ingrediants

*Completion: Returned to chef

*Reward: Some gold and potion


[242] Firewood

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Village Elder (Na'Tian)

*Description: The village elder- blessed be his wisdom- has asked me to collect
firewood to start a bonfire. I will probably find wood in the forest.

*Instructions: Gook work there Einstein. Wood from the forest. Anyway, this is
another follow your nose style quest. The wood is in the jungle, in batches
that are relatively close to each other. Collect them gunning down Garcema
and spiders along the way, and then return.

*Checkpoint: Got the wood

*Completion: Returned to village elder

*Reward: The respect of a crazy man


[243] Hunting Season

*Available To: Any who completed quest 181

*Given by: Keeper of the Forest (Archaeological Camp)

*Description: Some of the poachers weren't at the camp when the Guardian and I
attacked. I've been asked to locate and kill the rest. The guardian wants the
poachers' weapons as proof of my deeds. As far as I remember three poachers
are still missing.

*Instructions: This is another follow your nose style quest. There are three
hunters to take care of, and since they are thieves they should not be much
of a challenge. The Garcema warriors in the area may make this tough, however.
Have some healing potions and don't be afraid to withdraw for a bit.

*Checkpoint: Got poachers' weapons

*Completion: Returned to Keeper of the Forest

*Reward: She invites you deeper into the forest, and gives you an artefact


[244] Epic Office Quest

*Available To: Anybody who found the switch in the northeast part of the Jungle
(see Jungle: Wilderness for more details) and flipped it

*Given by: Heiko tom Felde (Studio 2)

*Description: I met Heiko tom Felde in the lobby of an office buliding. If I
see any of his employees on my way, he asked me to let them know that 
development of Sacred 3 is supposed to start.

*Instructions: Hoooooooo boy. This is the longest dang quest, I can guarantee
you'll have this for most of the game. What you have to do is find the 89, 
count them 89 employees scattered throughout the world and let them know
that it is time to get their buns in gear and get themselves back to Studio 2
to start making Sacred 3. 

Their locations are:

	Tyr Lysia

Stefan Ruthenberg: Take the path north into the copper mountains from 
beachcombers. Head west through the caves into an area with beach style huts.
He will be in one of the huts.

Anett Boelke: Due northwest of the northernmost Temple of the Gods, in a goblin
encampment by a bonfire

Steve Manekeller: on a hilltop just off the main road, north of the rightmost
island in the archipelago off the Gold Coast

Elvin Mehmedagic: On a tower just north of a small lake in the Goblin Camp

Melanie Thiemann: In the farmhouse at Benny's Crop Circles

Eric Lambertz: In the undead camp northwest of Clearview

Carolyn Hacker: Outside the runemaster's shop in Clearview

Lars Hammer: In a watchtower along a road connecting Clearview and 

Bastian Clarebach: In the bushes near the submarine against the western edge
of the lake

James Mearman: Take the boat from Bluestonbury, he is up the cliff from there.

Janos Toth: On a farm northwest of Teardrop Hamlet

Uygar Kalem: In the back of the Blessed Rock Manor

Enrico Ausborn: In a circular patio next to the Temple of Gods by the Sea of

Ralf Armin Bottcher: In a mansion overlooking the bay in the northwest of

Anca Adelina Finta: First house to the northeast of the circular fountain in
the western part of Thylysia, second floor

Mark Kieschke: In the senate dome in Thylysia

Steffen Schulze: On a platform to the southwest of the pool with four islands
in Thylysia

Bettina Wegner: On the western side of the temple in Thylysia

Roger Boerdijk: Small island in the southwest of the lake. Take a boat due
west of the island to get there.

Andreas Liebeskind: Second island from the south on Libi's Pratfall


Felix Schuller: In the mountains of Bengaresh, hug the northern mountains just
east of the passage from the Old Naval Port in Tyr Lysia and take the path
west once in the mountains.

Dan Winderlich: Along the mountains to the south in Bengaresh, by a store.

Andreas Muller: In a hut to the southwest of Khorum


Ralph Roder: In a cave north of Na'Fian, all the way at the back

Maximillian Mantz: On top of the Temple of Tears

Stefan Maton: Northeast corner of the inner courtyard at Ciria Delith

Alexander Conde: Right by the teleporter to take you back to the mainland 

Simon Volker: In a cave in the northern mountains, halfway between the
archaeologist's camp and Na'Fian


Hans-Arno Wegner: In the second floor of a house in Griffinbourough

Christian Grunwald: In the graveyard in Griffinbourough

Daniel Balster: On top of a ridge to the west of Griffinbourough

Peter Kullgard: In a house in Black Oaks

Christian Bus: In Trallheim Manor

Raimund Lingen: On the very tip of the central area in Artamark

Ole Metzdorf: On a dock by the sea, at the northwest of the rightmost landmass
in Artamark

Daniel Sawitzki: On the west side of Kufferath Castle

Franz Stradal: On an overlook due north of Griffinbourough in the town there

Daniel Muller: On Skook's corner

Simon Trumpler: Skook's corner, on a balcony

Peter Grimsehl: In a cabin in Whisperwood

Jan Langermann: In Last Watch

Jan Walczak: After freeing the lost valley from their imprisonment

Roger Swindells: In a cabin on the north shore of Artamark

Lars Berenbrinker: On a cabin in Pirate's Bay

Ulf Winkelmann: In a glen to the northeast in Artamark, go through a cave

Nadim Affani: On a tower to the very west of Artamark

Alan Wild: in a nice garden west of Wargfels

Thomas Daehling: In Urthak's Moxie

Catharina Zeiss: On Pointed Peak

	Nor Plat

Julian Pies: On road just west of main entrance to Nor Plat

Stephan Hodes: In a camp due north of the last peg on the Nor-Plat Border Wall

Marko Giertolla: In the arena by Ruka

Kay Struve: Road south of Nor Plat

Aarne Jungerberg: In Entruag

Jens Eischeld: Gronkor's Outlook

Michael Bussler: South of Nor Plat

Frank 'Rente' Rentmels: Through a cave in the southwest of Nor Plat

Michel Dumont: A little past Frank 'Rente' Rentmels, in another cave

Peter Luber: In rival orc camp in Nor Plat (Southwest)

Stefan Hinz: in Za'Zuruk

Matthias Sub: Tharak

Jochen Hofmeier: Karagh

Torsten Meier: Northwest coast, in a camp

Stefan Hinz: Za'Zuruk further into the hills

*Checkpoint: Found employees

*Completion: Talked to Heiko tom Felde again



[245] Levied Tax

*Available To: Any light who completed quest 1, 544, 555, 556, 557

*Given by: Sloeford Village Elder (Sloeford)

*Description: The village's tax levy has been stolen! The principal has 
implored me to find the thieves and return the tax money to Senator Graccius
in Thylysium

*Instructions: Ok well I am honestly not sure what this first waypoint to the
southwest is about, but just follow the road there. When you get there you will
get a checkpoint to the northeast. Follow it, but beware of bandits and undead
and kobolds that will be milling around. When you get there there will be a
fight with some bandits. If this is an early quest for you, take your time and
get some health potions first. Once they are toast head southeast to Thylysium.
It's the big city, you can see it before you've discovered it. Follow your nose
to the senator and give him the bag o' gems. Well, his aide anyway. Also his
aide seems to think you're bribing the man. Well, whatever. Head to the Drunken
Elf in the south. Or... wait. Don't deliver the taxes. Actually talk to 
Liosaleth here, and then go to the place he mentioned and give the teacher the
gems. Return back to Liosaleth to finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: Got gems, talked to senate aide, talked to Liosaleth, gave 
teacher gems, returned to Liosaleth.

*Completion: Talk to Liosaleth

*Reward: Unlocks quest 246


[246] Through the Wall (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 245

*Given by: Liosaleth (Thylysia)

*Description: Liosaleth said the war is bigger than just the clergy and
nobility. He's sent me to track and expadition that got lost in the Orc
regions. But first I've got to find the secret tunnel into the Human 
territories. What a strange man- very down to earth. He seems more likely to
spend his time drinking beer in the local pub than leading a movement to fight

*Instructions: Well, head up to Dragonmaw pass in the northeast of Tyr Lysia.
From there head east down a winding road to talk to Charos, who will open
the gate for you. Head through and make your way to the Royal Honky-Tonk.
Talk to the guy there who directs you to the guide. Well he is in a cave in
Black Oaks, which seems weird. Well anyway, head and talk to him... OH GOSH
man he is running a slavery ring. Kill him and get in there and talk to the
lady. The rest of the quest is just errands. 

*Checkpoint: Talked to Charos, made it through the passage, talked to inkeeper,
talked to guide, killed guide, talked to woman, talked to healer

*Completion: Heal sister.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 401


[247] Cat and Mouse

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Alexander (Artamark, north of the secret entrance from Tyr Lysia)

*Description: The boy wants me to help him find his tomcat.

*Instructions: Despite this being an escort quest (hear that everybody? 
My first quest in Artamark is an ESCORT QUEST. BOO) I actually enjoyed this
one. If only because of the kid. Anyway the tomcat is in a cave to the south.
Head there now, but be prepared for a tussle. In addition to the spiders and
rats and whatnot, you'll have to fight the Bandit Gang the kid is working for
(!). Talk to their leader, wipe the floor with them, and talk to the brat
again. Now it's time to grab him by the ear and haul him off back to school in
Griffinbourough to the east. Talk to the schoolmistress to finish the quest. 

*Checkpoint: Talked to bandit leader, killed bandits, talked to boy.

*Completion: Talk to schoolmistress

*Reward: You made a kids day a little worse.


[248] Jade Collier

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Jeweler Finebond (Griffinbourough)

*Description: A pretty upset jeweler by the name of Finebond has asked me to
retrieve some jae from a mine in the mountains. He needs it for jewelery.
Apparently his customers are crazy about jade at the moment.

*Instructions: Right, the cave you'll want is down south. Head to the entrance
and talk to the bandit there. He apparently wants to sell you some jade. Make
your way through the cave, taking out rats and spiders and such, and talk
to the leader. Buy the jade at a terrible price, and head back to the 

*Checkpoint: Talked to bandit, talked to bandit leader

*Completion: Returned to jeweler

*Reward: Hoop


[249] The Moneylender

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Moneylender Rikal (Griffinbourough)

*Description: A low-life thug harassed a young man who apparently owed someone
money. This someone sent a thug to collect the debt. I payed it. It wasn't much
for me, but was apparently a lot for the young man.

*Instructions: By accepting the quest you pay 100 gold to the thug, which
cancels out the guy's debt. You are just SO nice. Go ahead and talk to Joshua,
who is right next to you, to learn that Rikal is kind of a jerk about
getting back his money, and has sent his thugs to go after another young
woman who is nearby. Follow your nose to her, and talk to her. After you take
out the thugs, talk to the husband who thanks you and lets you know about the
secret hideout Rikal has got going. Time to head there I guess. Once there
you'll see an inquisitor as well as Rikal and some thugs. Talk to the
inquisitor, who teleports out, and waste Rikal and the thugs. Now head to
the temple to pay that inquisitor a visit. See all them guys with swords? Yup.
You're gonna have to take them on. Kill them and the inquisitor to sort things

*Checkpoint: Talked to man, talked to woman, killed thugs, talked to husband,
talked to Rikal, killed Rikal and thugs, talked to Inquisitor, killed guards

*Completion: Kill inquisitor

*Reward: Making the region safe for humans


[250] The Dragonslayer

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Drunk Hagan (Griffinbourough)

*Description: A man who was so drunk that he could barely talk told me that he
has a Dragon locked away in his cellar. It sounds like a madman's tale, but
who knows? Maybe there's some truth to his story. I should go and have a look.

*Instructions: As a brief public service announcement, if a visibly drunk man
asks if you want to see the dragon he has locked up in his cellar, just say
no. However, as you are an all-powerful being in this case, go ahead and go
to his cellar.  Oh my goodness this is domestic abuse. Don't worry though, it's
hilarious because she is loud! Ugh. Anyway talk to her to finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: Open cellar

*Completion: Talk to wife

*Reward: XP and you get hit on by an angry married lady.


[251] Scattered View

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Nearsighted Man (Griffinbourough)

*Description: A man has lost his glasses. They seem to have fallen in the 
sewers. He wants me to find them because he's nearly blind without them.

*Instructions: Simple enough. Just head to the sewers, which are right nearby,
and down into them. A big 'ol rat has the glasses, which I assume that he has
perched on his nose in a comical fashion. Blast him, bring the man his glasses,
and be done with it.

*Checkpoint: Got glasses

*Completion: Returned glasses

*Reward: 658 Gold


[252] Thread Rush

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lena (Griffinbourough)

*Description: A poor woman begged me to get some thread rush from the
apothecary for her husband. She wanted to give me her ring to trade it for
the medicine, but of course I refused to take it.

*Instructions: Talk to the lady again to let her know you won't use her stupid
ring, which probably isn't worth anything anyway. Next head to the apothecary
to find out that nobody can get any dang thread rush. Stupid highborns, taking
it all for themselves. Her nephew might have some, so better go to find him.
He is up north, and be prepared for a tussle because there is a whole camp
of marauders who want to make sure he doesn't go free. Kill them to complete
the quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Lena, talked to apothecary, found camp

*Completion: Killed Mercenaries

*Reward: Unlocks quest 194


[253] Oh Happy Days

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Isadora (Griffinbourough)

*Description: I must inform the beautiful Isadora's guests that her wedding has
been postponed until tomorrow. The Priest has been delayed by a death in a 
nearby village. Oh my, this guest list if very impressive!

*Instructions: This is a follow your nose style quest which introduces you to
Griffinbourough and the area directly north of it. You will have to find a lot
of people, and in fact it looks like the wedding isn't going to go too well, 
but talk to everybody and the quest gets completed.

*Checkpoint: Talked to guests

*Completion: Talked to groom

*Reward: Um... informed a wedding?


[254] Illegal Gambling

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Town Guard Olander (Griffinbourough)

*Description: One of the soldiers in the Town Quard suspects that there is an
illegal gambling den somewhere in town. He's asked me to find out 

*Instructions: Follow your nose to a tavern, where the owner doesn't know much
about the gambling but remembers a seedy character named Stan. You'll find him
in the tavern on the other side of the town, so go find him and talk to him
to complete the quest.

*Checkpoint: Found tavern, talked to tavern owner, found second tavern

*Completion: Talked to Stan

*Reward: Unlocks quest 261


[255] The Barimak Plot

*Available To: Any good with good reputation

*Given by: Migolo Fernal (Griffinbourough)

*Description: Migolo Fermal, a public servant to the King's court, thinks the
Barimak family is involved in a conspirty to gain power. This must be stopped
at all costs, so he's asked me to talk to his clerk Milasen who will have
further instructions

*Instructions: This starts out easily enough. Just to and talk to the clerk,
who says he needs a minute.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to clerk

*Reward: Opens quest 266


[256] By Order of the Crown

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Officer Pethyr (Griffinbouroug)

*Description: An officer in the capital city entrusted me with the task of
taking on the criminals in the area. I'm supposed to kill at least fifteen of
the the outlaws who are causing trouble here. I'll use myself as the bait and
simply let them rob me!

*Instructions: This is a follow your nose style quest. You'll kill some
banished slaves out in the wilderness. Just let them come to you, and mow
them down one by one. The last one lets you know where their big hideout
is, then runs away with his life intact.

*Checkpoint: Killed 15 slaves

*Completion: Talked to outlaw

*Reward: Unlocks quest 263


[257] The Spirit of Atheron

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Spirit of Atherton (Griffinbourough)

*Description: An old spirit entrusted me to find the lost lorebook of Atheron
and to deliver it to a chronicler.

*Instructions: You can see where the guy is who has the book. Follow your nose
to find him, and then you'll be fighting against a horde of grave robbers.
Take them out, get the book, and head to the chronicler. You'll find him in
Black Oaks

*Checkpoint: Talked to grave robbers, killed grave robbers, got book.

*Completion: Talked to chroincler

*Reward: Gold and some AWESOME armor


[258] Present for the Bride

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Jocelyn (Griffinbourough)

*Description: Jocelyn is worried about her fiance. He's been missing for days
now, and all she knows is that Dulim went to visit his friend Merrick.
Merrick hasn't been seen for days either. I should talk to Achmed, Merrick's
brother in law. Maybe he knows where the two men are...

*Instructions: Head to the brother in law to find out that they were going
after a fertility symbol in the form of a dragon's claw. It's in a grave.
So head northwest of your current position, north-northeast of the temple of
the gods near Griffinbourough to find the cave. You'll know it's the one
because there will be lightning turrets and goblins. Clear out the whole
cave, then head to the back and talk to the two guys. They want the claw
still, so head to the big coffin and grab it, then teleport back to 
Griffinbourough and talk to the bride.

*Checkpoint: Talked to brother in law, talked to guys, got dragon's claw

*Completion: Talked to bride

*Reward: 5,674 gold


[259] Henry

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Henry (Outside Griffinbourough)

*Description: I've gotten involved in a family intrigue. The son of an
assassinated Count askemd to to take revenge on his father's murderer. The
scoundrel took the throne after his bad deed.

*Instructions: Well if you wait the aristocrat does indeed come by, but his
personal guard stays where they are, so that is a great way to take him out
alone. Mop up his personal guard and go find Henry again. Oh um... oops. I
guess that was the wrong guy. Well, better go find his sister. She of course
freaks out, and after you talk to her brother he challenges you to a duel.
With... his fists... well anyway waste him and get out of here. This was
sort of a bust.

*Checkpoint: Killed nobleman and guards, talked to Henry, talked to sister, 
talked to brother

*Completion: Killed brother

*Reward: This was kind of a bad end to the mission. I bet there's another way.


[260] The Banished Man

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Clarence (Under south bridge to Griffinbourough)

*Description: I met Clarence, a jester who is down on his luck. He buried a
treasure in Griffinburg, but he no longer has access to it. I'm supposed to
recover the treasure for him and take it to his daughter. The good child has
consented to a marriage for money and her devoted father wants to spare her
from such a fate!

*Instructions: Head right into town and find his house. All you're told then
is that the tree must be nearby. It is in fact in a stump behind his house, so
you'll have to go around (use the main city streets) and follow your nose to
the stump. Check it, get the gold, and return to the daughter.

*Checkpoint: Found house, found treasure

*Completion: Talked to daughter

*Reward: Unlocks quests 262 (outside)


[261] Gotcha!

*Available To: Any who completed quest 254

*Given by: Stan (Griffinbourough)

*Description: Stan bought my story and he's invited me to a game. I have him
on the hook, but I'm not ready to reel him in qutie yet.

*Instructions: Talk to the guy once to "gamble" for awhile. He is having such
terrible luck! Ok then get the key to the cellar and go around to meet Eddie
and pals. Talk to them twice to start a fight. Pound them to the ground. Now
at this point Eddie actually died when I was playing through, but a restart
of the game solved that. Talk to him and he gives up, and then just escort him
right to the town guard.

*Checkpoint: Talk to gambler, got key, went in cellar, talked to Eddie, fought
Eddie and friends, talked to Eddie

*Completion: Talk to town guard

*Reward: 7260 gold


[262] Agitated Bridegroom

*Available To: Any who completed quest 260

*Given by: Carl (Griffinbourough)

*Description: Carl, Merchild's future husband found out that I gave her bride
her father's treasure. She then canceled the wedding and now Carl is absolutely
furious. Seems I have to help him calm down...

*Instructions: A straightforward brawl with underwhelming opponents. Smack
them until they bow and worship you (neat!) and then talk to Carl again.

*Checkpoint: Beat up Carl and buddies

*Completion: Talk to carl

*Reward: Defended honor of bride


[263] Hideout

*Available To: Any who completed quest 256

*Given by: Outlaw (Outside Griffinbourough)

*Description: I left one of the robbers alive, in return he revealed the
location of his accomplices' camp. I think it was a fair deal. Now let's pay
those criminals a visit!

*Instructions: The cave you're looking for is to the west of Griffinbourough.
There are lots of animals and bandits swarming the place, so be ready for a
fight. In the cave are some bats and rats, as well as 11 slave outcasts.
Once they're dealt with, find the half-burned note and return it to the guard.

*Checkpoint: Killed slaves, found note, talked to guard

*Completion: Talked to commander 

*Reward: Unlock quest 270


[264] Long Watch

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Sentry Hicks (Griffinbourough)

*Description: Sentry Hicks has asked me to get a book for him. He's stuck
at his post and is bored to tears.

*Instructions: A straightforward, follow your nose style fetch quest. Go and
grab the book, which is in a house, and return it to the good guard.

*Checkpoint: Got the book

*Completion: Returned to Hicks

*Reward: XP plus a book


[265] Blacksmith

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Blacksmith Juri (Griffinbourough)

*Description: The blacksmith of Griffinbourough has more work than he can
handle. He's got so much to do that he can't find the time to deliver his
goods, so he asked me to do it for him. I'll play the postman, then!

*Instructions: That really is all this quest is; a postman quest. You have to
take the package to a guy north of Griffinbourough, so head up there, being on
the lookout for werewolves. Hand off the package and head back to the black-
smith for your reward.

*Checkpoint: Talked to customer

*Completion: Returned to Blacksmith

*Reward: 2405 Gold


[266] The Clerk's Plan

*Available To: Any who completed quest 255

*Given by: Clerk (Griffinbourough)

*Description: I have to pose as a member of the Barimak family to take part
in their secret meeting. It's important that I uncover what these conspirators
are planning.

*Instructions: The meeting place is given to you in the southeast of Artamark.
Head there (you'll have to duck through a narrow path in the woods to get 
there). Just talk to the guy there to complete the quest.

*Checkpoint: Found the meeting place

*Completion: Talked to family member

*Reward: Unlocks quest 267


[267] Mawino Barimak

*Available To: Any who completed quest 266

*Given by: Mawino Barimak (Southeast of Artamark)

*Description: Mawino plans to kill Count Pikereli and to make the King even
more dependent on his money. That way he'll eventually gain all the power he

*Instructions: This is simple enough. Travel around the campfire and talk to
the old guy.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to old man

*Reward: Unlocks quest 268


[268] The Clerk's Plan

*Available To: Any who completed quest 267

*Given by: Filigion Barimak (Southeast of Artamark)

*Description: Filigion likes the plan and wants to support Mawino with gold.
He's asked me to give it to him.

*Instructions: So um... just head back around the campfire and talk to Mawino.
Well with that pleasant business out of the way warp or travel back to
Griffinbourough. Follow your nose to the circle to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Mawino

*Completion: Arrived at clerk's meeting point

*Reward: Unlocks quest 269


[269] The Barimaks Strike

*Available To: Any who completed quest 268

*Given by: OFficer Marpek (Griffinbourough)

*Description: I tried to report to my client after the meeting. Unfortunately
the Barimaks have arrested him for high treason while I was at the meeting. The
officer who made the arrest was well paid by General Barimak and wants to pay
his debts at a tavern now. I have been asked to take this message to Mekezz,
the inkeeper's brother.

*Instructions: The tavern is in town, so just go there and talk to Mekezz.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Mekezz

*Reward: You learn a little about the Barimaks, plus experiance


[270] Suspicion

*Available To: Any who completed quest 263

*Given by: Commander (Griffinbourough)

*Description: Weapons and equipment keep disappearing from the armory lately.
I'm supposed to find out who is behind it. First I have to go meet an

*Instructions: The informant is to the east of town, along a major road, in
a tavern. Just go talk to him

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to informant

*Reward: Unlocked quest 275


[271] Finally Rich

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Farmer (West of Griffinbourough on main road)

*Description: A farmer discovered a vein of gold in his field. Now he wants me
to deliver a letter to his brother so that he can efficiently apply for the
mining rights.

*Instructions: Not too tough a quest. You're looking for his brother, who lives
in Griffinbourough. Warp there, talk to him, and you complete the quest. Don't
forget to return later to the field for a share in the profits!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to brother

*Reward: Can return to the farmer later (you must find him) for 7435 gold


[272] Greedy Rodents

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Farmer Leonard (Black Oaks)

*Description: A farmer has a rabbit problem. The little rodents are nibbling on
his carrots. I'm supposed to take care of the problem.

*Instructions: This is just follow-your-nose target practice. Take out the 
hares, they shouldn't be any threat and they are right nearby.

*Checkpoint: Killed rabbits

*Completion: Talked to Leonard

*Reward: 645 gold and XP


[273] Glorious Twelve Pointer

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mayor Nathan (Black Oaks)

*Description: A small town mayor has asked me to kill a twelve pointer in
these woods

*Instructions: Just the first rare-animal killing quest for this town, this
is a simple follow your nose and kill this thing quest. Head out to the forest,
a little northwest of the city, and hack it to death, and take its antlers.
Return to the mayor

*Checkpoint: Killed buck, got antlers

*Completion: Returned to mayor 

*Reward: 3290 gold


[274] Fresh Fruit

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Fruit Seller (Black Oaks)

*Description: A fruit seller is angry with her husband. He gave her the wrong
basket, and how she doesn't have any fruit to sell at the market. I have to go
get the right basket from her husband.

*Instructions: Nothing too hard. Go find the poor beleagured husband and talk
to him, he's south of town. He tells you where the basket it, so grab it and
return to the wife. 

*Checkpoint: Talked to husband, got basket

*Completion: Talked to wife

*Reward: Saved that poor man a beating later on!


**Editor's note: Why is it 274b? I am NOT renumbering all these for now**

[274b] Sickle Moon Wool

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Seamstress Yamya (Black Oaks)

*Description: A seamstress would like to give her daughter a special dress
for her birthday. She needs the wool of Sickle Moon Sheep for it. These sheep
only show up once every few years to graze in a secret pasture.

*Instructions: Man this is not an eco-friendly town. Well anyway this is
another WONDERFUL escort quest. Grab the lady and tromp over to the not secret
at all pasture, and slaughter eight of the rare sheep. Be on the lookout for
bandits, as they love this pasture too. Once you've got eight, talk to the
mother. Her daughter lives in a...  cave? Oook. The cave is to the south, so
go check it out. She's just hanging with the spiders. Wipe them out then talk
to her for a nice woven cloth!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to weaver

*Reward: Unlocks quest 279


[275] Investigations

*Available To: Any who completed quest 270

*Given by: Informant Harol (Tavern on north road west of Griffinbourough)

*Description: The informant's plan is simple. Kill the robbers and go to the
meeting with the weapons dealers in their place. This way we can hopefully
learn more about the backers.

*Instructions: So head to the bandit camp to the west, and kill them all. The
next part would make MUCH more sense if your buddy followed you. He doesn't,
and he is still in the tavern. Hike all the way back to see him, and he says
"hey, I think that's the guy!" The guy is like halfway across the region. Bah.
Anyway hike back and talk to the dealer to complete the quest.

*Checkpoint: Killed bandits, talked to Harol

*Completion: Talked to buyer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 276


[276] Tailing

*Available To: Any who completed quest 275

*Given by: Buyer (Forest North of Black Oaks)

*Description: The goods will be exchnaged near the village close to the

*Instructions: Just head a little south and talk to the dealer, then talk to
the informant. At this point the dealer froze and didn't move for me until
I teleported. Once he starts moving, follow him down into the cellar. This
next part can be confusing. There is a door in the cellar RIGHT next to the
stairs. Take this and then take the boat, which leads you to the fortress
directly north of Dragonmaw pass. Talk to the dealer and whoop on him
and his cronies. Talk to the dealer to finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to dealer, followed dealer to cellar, took boat, talked
to dealer, defeated dealer.

*Completion: Talked to dealer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 277


[277] Pawn Sacrifice

*Available To: Any who completed quest 276

*Given by: Weapons Dealer (Fortress north of Dragonmaw Pass)

*Description: If this greasy little criminal is telling the truth, then the
Lord of the castle is behind all this. I have to take him unharmed to the
informant so that he can testify.

*Instructions: Yaaaay an escort quest. Ok well as soon as you get this one
teleport to Black Oaks and from there head west clearing the way as you go.
Talk to the informat to end this.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to informant

*Reward: Unlocks quest 278


[278] Crown Witness

*Available To: Any who completed quest 277

*Given by: Informer Harol (North of Fortress)

*Description: We have enough evidence now to convict the lord of the castle.

*Instructions: You might want to... delay a bit before finishing this one.
I say this because it gives you an invincible posse of swordsmen. So go ahead,
do some exploring first. I'll wait. Done? Ok. Head down to the castle. There
is some very light fighting through the various levels of the fortress, which
is in the south. Rats and bats and such. You can let your guys handle it all
if you want. Anyway when you reach the top talk to the commander, who decides
to off himself. Hooray! Success!

*Checkpoint: Talked to commander

*Completion: Talked to Harol

*Reward: Some gold and a nice piece of armor!


[279] Sickle Moon Cloth

*Available To: Any who completed quest 274

*Given by: Weaver (Cave in south of Artamark)

*Description: The weaver has made the cloth. I should take it to the

*Instructions: Simple. Just teleport back to Black Oaks and talk to the

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to seamstress

*Reward: Unlocks quest 280


[280] Beautiful Dress

*Available To: Any who completed quest 279

*Given by: Weaver (Black Oaks)

*Description: The seamstress has asked me to take a dress made of Sickle Moon
Wool to her daughter who lives in town.

*Instructions: Again, simple. Teleport to Griffinbourough and find the
daughter. Talk to her to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to daughter

*Reward: Divine Pendant of the Berserker


[281] Descecrated Gods

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Priest (North of Black Oaks, end of a road off the main path)

*Description: The poor priest at the Forens temple is really upset. Someone
desecrated the place. Now he wants to perform a ritual to pacity Forens. I'm
supposed to search for hemetical scrolls in a nearby cave.

*Instructions: The cave you're looking for is to the Northwest. Follow your
nose to it, and enter to finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Entered cave

*Reward: XP


[282] Safe Roads

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mister Shultz (Road west of Black Oaks)

*Description: A traveling merchant has been attacked by a robber knight named
Raride and his henchment. He's lost a whole month's income, and all his 
companions are dead. I've been asked to find the brigands and return the gold
to the merchant.

*Instructions: The brigands you're looking for are in the woods to the north.
Be ready for a small fight, but they aren't too tough. Head north, pound them
down, and talk to the guy again.

*Checkpoint: Killed brigand knights

*Completion: Returned to Shultz

*Reward: 1/2 the gold!


[283] Wolf Pelts

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Michael Ronney (Roast west of Black Oaks)

*Description: A fur trader has asked me to get 13 wolf pelts. One of his
customers has ordered them.

*Instructions: Another member of the long, proud tradition of "go here and
kill this" quests. Follow your nose to find the wolves. If the dark temple
folk get a bit too thick for your liking, don't be afraid of backing off and
finding another wolf- there are plenty. Once you've got the 13, return

*Checkpoint: Got 13 wolf pelts

*Completion: Returned to Michael

*Reward: Magic Rod


[284] The Lost Letter

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Emald (Due west of Trallheim manor)

*Description: A man asked me to recover an intercepted love letter. He's having
a love affair with a married woman, and one of her servants got ahold of one
of the letters. If the woman's husband gets the letter the whole affair will be

*Instructions: So let me get this straight: we're protecting an illicit affair
with murder? Oh well. Head east to the manor to see the thugs the guy hired.
Kill all of them, take the letter, and deliver it to the mistress. Once that's
done wash your hands of the matter.

*Checkpoint: Killed thugs, got letter

*Completion: Talked to mistress

*Reward: I guess satisfaction for helping people in love?


[285] Raiders

*Available To: Any who completed quest 74

*Given by: Commander Elsurion

*Description: I must find a gang of marauders who have been pillaging the area
recently. That doesn't sound easy.

*Instructions: It's not that bad, calm down. Anyway go talk to the fisherman
in Skook's corner, who directs you to another fisherman who is by the 
Wargfels warp gate. Talk to him and he gives you the location of the raiders
camp. Head there and be ready for a big tussle with a large but kind of sickly
group of raiders. They mob you but don't put up a strong fight. Once they're
toast return to the commander.

*Checkpoint: Talked to fisherman, talked to other fisheman, killed bandits

*Completion: Returned to commander

*Reward: Lots of gold and some neat gear


[286] Quest

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Getting quest 285

*Description: None

*Instructions: It solves itself once quest 285 is solved

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Complete quest 285

*Reward: Ha ha somebody in the design team doesn't know how to program quests!


[287] Ghost Whisperings

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Restless Ghost (Northwest of Fortress Reikenstein)

*Description: I have to find that poor woman's amulet and take it to her

*Instructions: The ring you're looking for is quite nearby, in a field to the
northeast. Go grab it. Somewhat bafflingly, the daughter is just on the other
side of that secluded grove, so go find her and give her the ring. She'll
thank you.

*Checkpoint: Found ring

*Completion: Talked to daughter

*Reward: Set a spirit to rest


[288] Fisher Gisbert

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Fisher Gisbert (Along river just north of Nagash's Nest)

*Description: Fisherman Gisbert cut his leg with an ax. He is still injured and
can't do any work. I have to check his fish traps and retrieve the catch for

*Instructions: His traps are all nearby. Go and check them, watching out for 
goblins, bears, and bandits. Return when you got all three fish. We're not done
yet though, oh no. Talk to Gisbert again and then head off to talk to the
doctor at the military garrison to the northeast.

*Checkpoint: Got fish, retunred to Gisbert, talked to Gisbert

*Completion: Talked to garrison commander

*Reward: Annealed Axe, unlocks quest 290


[289] Fresh Bandages

*Available To: Any who completed quest 288

*Given by: Commander (military Garrison west of Black Oaks)

*Description: The commander has agreed to send his field surgeon to treat
Gisbert's leg. I must escort him to Gisbert himself.

*Instructions: Just a simple escort quest. If you've cleared the path to
Gisbert arlready, this shouldn't be too tough. Just head back quickly and
talk to Gisbert to finish it.

*Checkpoint: Talk to doctor

*Completion: Return to Gisbert

*Reward: Some XP and a good deed done.


[290] Descecrated God

*Available To: Any 

*Given by: Lumen Priestess (North of Black Oaks, end of a short path)

*Description: The local Priest of Lumen asked me to destroy five ghosts to
honor Lumen. This will hopefully appease him after his ritual site was
descecrated by wild boars last night.

*Instructions: This is a pretty straightforward seek and find quest. The
ghosts are tough enough to put up a fight, but pick them off one by one and
don't get mobbed by any other critters and you'll be fine. Follow your nose to
them and return.

*Checkpoint: Killed ghosts

*Completion: Returned to priestess

*Reward: XP and Lumen's favor (maybe)


[291] Family Tradition

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Carlos (Shoreline northwest of Griffinbourough)

*Description: A young man named Carlos has asked me to help him slay a monster.
He wants to impress his father. I wonder if he'll believe the story of Carlos'
heroic deed.

*Instructions: Yeah I'm inclined to agree with the father on this one. Carlos
is a big 'ol pansy. You'll want to approach the glade from the north. There is
a big 'ol orc in there. If the idiot hasn't passed away already, you'll have to
do all the work killing it. Which shouldn't be much, but still. Head back to
the father, who sees right through your shenanegans RIGHT away, but gives you a
treasure map. The father is apparently VERY lazy, because the mentioned
treasure is like 20 paces away by a lake. Go find the treasure chest, crack it
open, and get your sweet reward.

*Checkpoint: Found orc, killed orc, talked to father, got map, found chest

*Completion: Opened chest

*Reward: Gold! Gold from a baaaaandit!


[292] The Lost Ring

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lidwien Marvo (roadside on north of middle section of Artamark)

*Description: An aunt of Lidwien lost a ring during an attack. I've been asked
to look for it in the ruins of a burned down mansion.

*Instructions: Well the bandits weren't very thorough. Head to the house which
is just to the southeast. The ring is outside, around the back. Just grab
it and head back to Lidwien.

*Checkpoint: Got ring

*Completion: Returned to Lidwien

*Reward: 5625 gold


[293] Her Last Will

*Available To: Any

*Given by: A Sick Woman (North center part of the center land mass in Artamark)

*Description: A sick woman has approached and told me that she wants to see the
sea before she does. I will take her there.

*Instructions: This is kind of sad! Well anyway march her on up to the sea,
making sure to take care of any baddies along the way. It's straight up the 
trail north, if you want to clear it out beforehand. Once she's there, talk to
her to finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: Reached the sea

*Completion: Talked to the sick woman

*Reward: Some XP and you did a dang good thing there, sir or ma'am.


[294] Turan's Findings

*Available To: Any who completed quest 252

*Given by: Scout Turan

*Description: It's just as I suspected, they weren't soldiers at all. They
were criminals posing as soldiers. Apparently the thread rush trade is quite
lucrative. I heard there's another larger camp nearby. Maybe I can find the
apothecary's nephew there!

*Instructions: Well the camp is in fact QUITE nearby. It's just a little to
the north, so head there now. The place is quite stuffed with marauders. Talk
to the guard twice to start the battle, and be prepared to get mobbed by the
guys. Do that thing you do where you tear a bloody hole through any opposition,
and when they are all dead talk to the Nephew. He gives you some thread rush,
which you should deliver to the apothecary. Teleport back into town, give the
rush to the apothecary. This technically ends the quest, but you should go talk
to the town guard for your reward. Follow your nose to find him, he's a little

*Checkpoint: Talked to marauder, talked to marauder again, killed all marauders
talked to nephew

*Completion: Talked to apothecary (post-quest: talked to guard)

*Reward: 15,202 gold (after talking to guard)


[295] Greedy Scoundrels

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Hay Highbern (North of Griffinbourough)

*Description: There was a burglary at a widow's house last night. I have to
find and kill the thieves. If I follow and pick up the stolen goods they've
dropped, I should find them.

*Instructions: Follow your nose to the east where you will find that trail of
items the mayor mentioned as well as the group of bandits. You'll have a fight
but not a tough one. They'll drop the loot then, so get it and return to the

*Checkpoint: Found items, killed bandits, got loot

*Completion: Returned to mayor

*Reward: Unlocks quest 308


[296] Lost Thoughts

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Nomad (Road north of Griffinbourough)

*Description: A group of travelers was attacked, and the men were cut down. A
dying man told me that the women were kidnapped and taken into a cave...

*Instructions: The cave your looking for is to the east. Head on in, being
ready for some bandits and turrets and rats. Take them out swiftly and talk
to the women. Huh. That's bizarre.

*Checkpoint: Found cave, killed guardians

*Completion: Talked to nomad woman.

*Reward: Unlocked quest 297


[297] A Strange Machine

*Available To: Any who completed quest 296

*Given by: Noman Woman (Cave north of Griffinbourough)

*Description: A woman told me that they were kidnapped and that the people
holding them in this cave have a machine that turns people into weakwilled
slaves. That sounds weird...

*Instructions: This is pretty easy. Run over to that 'ol machine, and touch it.
Grab the crystal that pops out, go talk to the lady again, and then head over
to the town to the east and talk to the mayor. Ok so this place is creepy. 
They want to do the women slaves thing, so go ahead and keep talking to the
mayor. You will break the crystal and he gets all sad, but you win.

*Checkpoint: Poked machine, got crystal, talked to woman, talked to mayor,
talked to mayor again.

*Completion: Talked to mayor a third time.

*Reward: You stopped a horrible conspiracy.


[298] Bad Things

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Squire Bruno

*Description: A squire asked me to kill the Minotaurs in a nearby cave.

*Instructions: If this doesn't seem like a particularly intellectual quest,
it's because it's not. A man has paid you to kill 8 minotaurs in this here
cave to the east. Go to it, kill them. Beware though, 'cause this cave is full
of not only minotaurs but also dark temple, traps, bats, rats, and mutated
animals. Nasty stuff! By the way any eight minotaurs will do so if you have a
secret stash of them somewhere don't be shy about killing them. 

*Checkpoint: Killed minotaurs

*Completion: Returned to Bruno

*Reward: 7,239 gold


[299] Ephrahim's Nightmare

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Approaching Ephrahaim's farm (North of Griffinbourough)

*Description: A farmer and his cows are being attacked by spiders. I must
help him!

*Instructions: Run in quick and take out the spiders, then talk to the man. He
gives you a "Kill X of Y quest" where X = 20 and Y = Spitting Spiders. They are
SWARMING around this farm, so finding 20 should be no problem. Follow your nose
and kill they.

*Checkpoint: Killed spider, talked to Ephrahaim, killed spiders

*Completion: Talked to Ephrehaim

*Reward: Unlocks quest 300


[300] Hunting Spiders

*Available To: Any who completed quest 299

*Given by: Ephrehaim (Farm north of Griffinbourough)

*Description: Ephehaim has good reason to suspect that killing these spiders
won't stop the plague for long. I'm supposed to look for the source of this
evil in the forest and destroy it.

*Instructions: Head on north into the glade, into Whisper(murk)wood. Looks like
there is a locked door here! (Note you can actually get into the cellar if
you dismount right next to the door, but there's nothing inside yet).

*Checkpoint: Found door

*Completion: Returned to Ephrahaim.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 302


[301] Quest

*Available To: Any who started quest 299

*Given by: Starting quest 299

*Description: None

*Instructions: This is another goof up. The quest automatically gets solved
as soong as you solve quest 299

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Solving quest 299

*Reward: MAN somebody on the team needs to have a better handle on how to make
quests. I am serious.


[302] Eerie Forest

*Available To: Any who completed quest 300

*Given by: Ephrehaim (Farm north of Griffinbourough)

*Description: I'm supposed to speak with Squire Tallim. He has the key to the

*Instructions: Nothing too intense here, just head to the Squire for the key.
He's on Skook's Corner.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Squire Tallim

*Reward: Unlocks quest 303


[303] Heavy Burden

*Available To: Any who completed quest 302

*Given by: Squire Tallim (Skook's Corner)

*Description: I am to confront the danger together with Lydia, the squire's
daughter. Lydia will open the door to the cave.

*Instructions: Ok this is an escort quest and this lady CAN be hurt an killed,
so be careful. Make your way to the place and enter it. It's full of.... well
just some spiders. Kind of disappointing, but I'm glad you don't have to keep
her alive through a boss or something. Waste them and get out of there.
Teleport back to Skook's corner.

*Checkpoint: Killed spiders

*Completion: Returned to Tallim

*Reward: Armor


[304] Milestones

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mynhert (North of Griffinbourough)

*Description: A surveyer asked me to count the milestones along the way. Since
I'm already in the area it's easy enough to help him out.

*Instructions: Ok this one is a little silly. Just walk north along the path
and stop at each stone. You'll count it. You get to 4

*Checkpoint: Reached stones

*Completion: Talked to surveyer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 306


[305] Bad Sheep

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Shepherd Jacob (Roadway north of Griffinbourough)

*Description: A shepherd has asked me to check on his sheep. The poor man
sounded very confused. He claimed that his sheep attacked him! If what he says
is true then I'll have to take care of it. I can't let a flock of man-eating
sheep roam around.

*Instructions: Oh boy this is weird. The things are heavily mutated and really
angry about it too. Head out there and talk to the lead sheep (yes, you read
that right), and they'll all attack. Wipe them out and head back to the 
shepherd for your reward.

*Checkpoint: Talked to sheep, killed sheep

*Completion: Talked to shepherd

*Reward: An angry shepherd, but a safe countryside


[306] The Missing Stone

*Available To: Any who completed quest 304

*Given by: Surveyor

*Description: One milestone is missing, and I have to look for it.

*Instructions: Ok this one is pretty funny. Go find some followers of Kuan,
who are using the thing as an idol. This is not optimal. Kill them and book
it back to the surveyor.

*Checkpoint: Killed followers of Kuan

*Completion: Talked to surveyor

*Reward: 725 gold


[307] The Unholy Crusade

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Passing by the ambush (Due north of Griffinbourough)

*Description: I got caught in a fight between soldiers and some sinister
looking figures. The soldiers are hopelessly outnumbered I should help them.

*Instructions: This is another one of those be quick about it fights. The
unholy crusade is sweeping through these soldiers, and you better get in there
and kill them. Do it and you'll get the quest to go talk to their commander. 
Follow your nose to him, he's northwest of Skook's Corner

*Checkpoint: Killed dark crusaders, talked to guard

*Completion: Talked to commander

*Reward: Unlocks quest 313


[308] Hunting Scoundrels

*Available To: Any who completed quest 295

*Given by: Hay Highben (Town north of Griffinbourough)

*Description: Hay Highben has asked me to make sure the landlord's alright. His
tavern lies on the outskirts of town.

*Instructions: The man is in fact fine (find him at the Royal Honky Tonk), but
he wants you to check out his cave where he keeps his beer. Head over there and
find that some bandits had made their home right in his cave, but fortunately
they're drunk and don't put up much of a fight. Give them a drubbing and
return. Note that the cave is buggy, and sometimes won't let you advance 
far into it. I circumvented this as a Temple Guardian using rocket boosters,
but I'm not sure what other folks do. 

*Checkpoint: Talked to tavern owner, entered cave, killed bandits

*Completion: Return to tavern owner

*Reward: Unlocks quest 309, some gold

[309] Brother-of-One's-Brother-In-Law

*Available To: Anyone who completed quest 308

*Given by: Bartender Jasper (Royal Honky Tonk)

*Description: The landlord asked me to talk to the village Priest. He's the
brother of his cousin's wife... well, he's a distant relative of the landlord
who recently had an encounter with some brigands.

*Instructions: Ok so this is kind of a run here and there style quest. First
off head down and talk to the priest, who confirms that the temple was robbed.
He is in the temple of the gods west of Griffinsbourough. He directs you to
this other guy who is in the town where you got the original bandits quest. Go
see him, who directs you to the bandits cave. It's south and west of 
Griffinbourough. Head there, and be ready to rumble with the bandits. Once
they're toast, grab the loot and head back to the priest. He'll reward you!

*Checkpoint: Talked to priest, talked to priests's friend, found bandits, 
killed bandits, got loot

*Completion: Returned loot to priest

*Reward: Gold, potion, and a neat weapon


[310] Ferryman Charolus

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ferryman Charolus (west bank of the river southwest of 
Kufferath Castle)

*Description: Ferryman Charolus has asked me to confront his rival- a fellow
called Nuthim. Nuthim destroyed his boat and robbed him of his livelyhood.

*Instructions: Well, head on up the riverbank to talk to Nuthim. True to form,
he's waiting there for you with some thugs. There isn't much to them, so pound
on them and he'll freak out and give you a bag of gold. Take it back down to

*Checkpoint: Talked to Nuthim, killed his thugs, talked to Nuthim again

*Completion: Returned to Charolus

*Reward: 3411 gold and unlocks quest 312


[311] Take the Bull by the Horns

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Hani (Ledge due west of the top of Kufferath castle)

*Description: A woman ruthlessly ditched her tyrranical husband, well almost
anyway. A mage turned him into a Minotaur by mistake, instead of something
harmless. I was sent to destroy him so that the monster wouldn't hurt any
innocent people.

*Instructions: Well, she is at least telling the truth about her husband being
close (I'm not sure I buy her story). He's in the cave beneath the house.
Circle around and waste him, then return for some money.

*Checkpoint: Killed husband

*Completion: Returned to wife

*Reward: 3441 gold


[312] A New Boat

*Available To: Any who completed quest 310

*Given by: Ferryman Charolus

*Description: Ferryman Charolus has asked me to go to the local carpenter and
order a new boat. Afterwards I will seek out his wife- she might have some
useful herbs for me.

*Instructions: The town you're looking for is Orcish Byway, which is located
to the northwest. Head there and talk to the shopkeep who lets you know that
the boat will be coming soon. Next talk to his wife, who lives in the same

*Checkpoint: Talked to shopkeeper

*Completion: Talked to wife

*Reward: Unlocks quest 366


[313] Alleviation

*Available To: Any who completed quest 307

*Given by: Officer Wendelin (Camp north of Trallheim)

*Description: Officer Wendelin asked me to assist him in the fight against the
Crusade. First I'm supposed to buy the soldiers a little time by weakening
the Crusaders. As soon as I have slain twenty of them, I am to report back to

*Instructions: A follow your nose style kill X of Y quest, and believe me it's
not hard to find 20 of these guys. Beware getting mobbed and keep some health
potions handy and you'll be fine. Report back when it's done

*Checkpoint: Killed 20 temple knights

*Completion: Talked to Wendelin

*Reward: Unlocks quest 314


[314] Demonic Magic

*Available To: Any who completed quest 313

*Given by: Officer Wendelin (Camp North of Trallheim)

*Description: One of Wendelin's patrols came back. The scout reported that one
of the Unholy Crusade's incantation rituals is going to take place near here.
I should go check this out with Wendelin

*Instructions: The circle is just north of here. Wendelin and his men are
pretty beefy, if not downright invulnerable. Head to the circle and wipe
the floor with the cultists, then grab the scroll. Talk to Wendelin and head to
Trallheim manor to get the thing decyphered.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists, grabbed scroll, talked to Wendelin

*Completion: Talked to demonologist at Trallheim.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 315


[315] The Arch-Mage's demise

*Available To: Any who completed quest 314

*Given by: Demonologist Kratos (Trallheim manor)

*Description: Kratos was able to discover that the scroll is used to conjure
Demons. It is written in the conjurer's blood. Arch Mage Saewild is supposed
to be able to find out who is behind all this. I'm going to show him the scroll

*Instructions: Well this is somewhat of an ominous title. Head to Kufferath
Castle and talk to the archmage twice. Gosh! He bites it and this big 'ol
demon gets summoned. You're in for a fight, but you can do it. Put him down
and continue to talk to the guard, who directs you to the baron.

*Checkpoint: Talked to the archmage, talked to him again, killed the demon,
talked to the guard

*Completion: Talked to the baron

*Reward: Unlocks quest 316


[316] By the Skin of His Teeth

*Available To: Any who completed quest 315

*Given by: Baron of Kufferath Castle (Kufferath Castle)

*Description: So DeMordrey is behind this crusade, and he has ordered the 
crusaders to build a tunnel below the fortress. I should prevent them from
building that tunnel.

*Instructions: Yeah so follow your nose right to that very tunnel. Inside are
both soldiers of the dark crusade and cows with explosives. Blast both of them
and then find the officer outside and north of the tunnel.

*Checkpoint: Found tunnel, destroyed cows and soldiers

*Completion: Talked to officer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 317


[317] The Attack of the Fortress

*Available To: Any who completed quest 316

*Given by: Officer Willybald (Wilderness North of Kufferath Castle)

*Description: Officer Willybald is prepared to take desperate measures. He
wannts to attack DeMordrey's fortress head on. 

*Instructions: The fortress is on Skook's corner, so head there. There
actually is next to no resistance, which is odd. Walk right up to the guy
and talk to him, and his bodyguards will attack. Use your guard friends
and your health potions. He'll go down. Talk to his kid to end it.

*Checkpoint: Talked to baron, killed baron and guards.

*Completion: Talked to baron's son

*Reward: Unlocks quest 318


[318] The Heart of the Unholy Crusade

*Available To: Any who completed quest 317

*Given by: Completing quest 317

*Description: The baron's son has surrendered and given me the key to the
cellar vault. I'm going to go see what I can find down there.

*Instructions: Boy are you going to find a big fight down there! It is just
stuffed full of dark crusaders and also a big demon. Be ready to use your
guards as shields, and if you can keep their health up so much the better. 
Once they are all dead talk to the guard to finish up.

*Checkpoint: Killed dark crusaders, killed demon

*Completion: Talked to guard

*Reward: The thanks of the kingdom, a nice new bow, and some gold


[319] Witching About

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Herbalist (Antamark's Gate)

*Description: I have an invitation to the annual herbalists' conference for
Shadow Shelly

*Instructions: Head on down to where the herb woman is, it's a hilarious fun
trek through spiders and ghosts and dark temple knights and etc. When you
get there, there is nobody inside, so go talk to the raven. He wants nuts,
which are in the house. Once you give him them, he tells you that the witch is
gone. Follow your nose to her new place. There are plenty of goblins to kill
here, so do them in and talk to Shelly.

*Checkpoint: Found hut, talked to raven, gave raven nuts, killed goblins

*Completion: Talked to shelly

*Reward: XP boost


[320] Infidelities

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Philanderer (Antamark's Gate)

*Description: I am supposed to collect jewelry for a remorseful adulterer.
Apparently the penalty for adultery is transformation into a Troll. How

*Instructions: Ok this town is NOT big enough to support the sheer volume of
women this guy has cheated with. You get a pretty good tour of the town, 
though you just have to talk to each one of them to get their stuff. Get it
talk to the wife, then the husband.

*Checkpoint: Talked to women, got gifts, talked to wife

*Completion: Talk to husband

*Reward: 2140 gold


[321] The Ghost Village

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Historian (Artamark's Gate)

*Description: I'm supposed to find a book for a historian. First I need to 
talk to an "herb woman" who knows a lot about local history.

*Instructions: Head on down to talk to the lady, who lets you know that the 
book is in an old monastary. Talk to the kid again to get the go ahead to
go find it. When you get there enter in, take out the MULTITUDE of ghosts. You
can run in and out if you want to but there is some good treasure if you want
to fight everybody. Talk to the assistant on the way out, then head back into
town to talk to the guy. He gives you a new village to look for, so head east
to find it. You can't cross the bridge, says the ghost, without express
permission from the baron. To get that you'll have to follow your nose south
to the super creepy Last Watch (notice it on your minimap even though the
quest technically ended) and get the baron's signet ring.

*Checkpoint: Talked to herb woman, talk to assistant, go to monastary, get
book, return to historian, talk to ghost on bridge, enter last watch

*Completion: Get signet rignt

*Reward: Unlocks quest 330


[322] Punishment for the Traitor

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Guard Bentren (Basement of house in Antamark's Gate)

*Description: A guard asked me to kill a traitor. Apparently the good man has
little faith in his comrades, but treachery is the most vile thing there is!

*Instructions: So head down into the tunnel, and once there follow your nose
to the traitor. He is kind of a jerk to you, and threatens your life, so you
don't have to feel too bad about offing him. Return to Bentren.

*Checkpoint: Talked to traitor, killed traitor

*Completion: Returned to Bentren

*Reward: Gold and XP


[323] Revenge!

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Weneter (East of Antamark's Gate)

*Description: I have met a man who is in mourning for his wife. She was killed
by brigands and her husband desperately desires revenge. Apparently the
murderer is hiding in a burial mound. He is probably in leage with the undead
that dwell within the mound.

*Instructions: Head on into that mound. There are some undead there, but
probably nothing you can't handle. Re-dead them and talk to the murderer.
Once you talk to him, he attacks. Lay him to waste and return to the entrance
to get your reward.

*Checkpoint: Talked to murderer, killed murderer

*Completion: Returned to Weneter

*Reward: Gold, a helm, and XP


[324] The Wedding Gift

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Crying Boy (Antamark's Gate)

*Description: A crying boy told me that his paper kite got away from him and
landed on a T-Energy field. He wanted to trade the kite for an amulet to give
to his sister for her wedding. Now he's asked me to get the kite back.

*Instructions: Man how the heck did this kid's kite get all the dang way
over here? Well anyway, go over the to west and grab it then teleport back
and return his toy for a quick quest.

*Checkpoint: Got kite

*Completion: Returned kite to child

*Reward: XP boost and you made a kid's day.


[325] Frightened Guard

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Soldier Crumbagle

*Description: The Soldier with the unfortunate sounding name asked me to
accompany him on his patrol through the city. He's afraid to go alone. I have
no objection to a little tour. We shouldn't leave the city during it though.
Here goes.

*Instructions: Ok this is a straight up follow your nose style waypoint quest.
It serves as a good tour of the town!

*Checkpoint: Go to the different waypoints marked on the map.

*Completion: Talk to the guard

*Reward: Unlocks quest 326


[326] The Guardsman's Wife

*Available To: Any who completed quest 325

*Given by: Soldier Crumbagle (Antamark's Gate)

*Description: Crumbagle, I still can't get over that name, assigned me the
task of speaking to his wife. 

*Instructions: Just a "go here talk to this person" quest. Head over to her
and talk to her to finish it.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to guardsman's wife

*Reward: Unlocks quest 328


[327] Mine Slaves

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Refugee Rasha (Antamark's Gate)

*Description: The men from the refugee camp have been taken by thugs.
Apparently they'll have to work in the mine. I'll take care of that.

*Instructions: Ok so head to the mine, talk to the mine guard and start a
fight with him and his flunkies. Once you waste them just talk to one of the
slaves, and you'll escort them back to Antamark's Gate. Teleporting is
HIGHLY recommended. 

*NOTE* This is an OFTEN glitched quest. Odds are that as of now once you kill
the guards you'll simply be unable to progress

*Checkpoint: Talked to guard, killed guard, talked to slave, arrived safely
back at antamark's gate

*Completion: Talked to Rasha

*Reward: Gold and satisfaction.


[328] An Old Chest

*Available To: Any who completed quest 326

*Given by: Mrs. Crumbagle (Antamark's Gate)

*Description: Mrs. Crumbagle told me that there is supposed to be a treasure
chest hidden not far from here. She drew me a map of the location. It sounds

*Instructions: This one is real simple. Head to the specified place, and open
the chest. When you open that chest, you also complete the mission. Neat!

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Opened Chest

*Reward: Gold and a pearl


[329] The Lighthouse Keeper

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lighthouse Keeper Heinrich (Island north of Artamark's Gate)

*Description: The Lighthouse Keeper is peeved! Even after five years of service
he still hasn't recieved a pay raise. He has drawn up his written notice and
asked me to deliver it to the mayor. 

*Instructions: Yeah this is pretty simple. Head back towards the door to find
the deputy mayor, and give him the letter to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to deputy mayor

*Reward: XP boost


[330] Following Orders

*Available To: Any who completed quest 221

*Given by: Picking up baron's signet ring

*Description: I discovered a bridge that's being guarded by ghostlike figures.
They won't let me pass without a permit from the baron. 

*Instructions: Yeah so grab the ring and get back to that bridge! They open the
gate for you, and once you step through it you get transported. Head on up to
talk to the village elder.

*Checkpoint: Entered gate

*Completion: Talked to village eldger

*Reward: Unlocked quest 331


[331] Forgotten Valleys

*Available To: Any who completed quest 330

*Given by: Village Elder (North of last watch)

*Description: Only ghosts seem to inhabit the village, and only the village
elder seems to be aware of his death. All the others either don't know or don't
want to know. Moreover the village lies in eternal night. Maybe I can find out
something about this permanent darkness.

*Instructions: Well the first step in finding out about this permanant darkness
is to kill you some ghosts. Talk to the village elder than snake your way
around to where they are and put them to rest. Return to the village elder and
he'll tell you to head south. This can be tricky to find- across the first
bridge you took to get to the soldiers, go left instead of right, and you
should be ok. There is an Evocator on top of the ledge there. Go and talk to
him to start a boss battle. Once that's over with, go talk to t he elder to
get some diaries. Return them to the historian in Antamark's Gate.

*Checkpoint: Talked to elder, killed soldiers, talked to elder, talked to
Evocator, killed evocator, talked to mayor

*Completion: Talked to historian

*Reward: Some neat gear


[332] Wolves' Fur for Angar

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Angar 

*Description: Trapsetter Angar asked me to go to the traps that he set and
collect the wolves' furs that are lying in them. He's afraid to go there
himself because of the Thraconians.

*Instructions: This is a follow-your-nose style get to know the region quest.
You'll just go to the waypoints, collect the furs there, and return to

*Checkpoint: Got the furs

*Completion: Returned to Angar

*Reward: Gold, tells you about Mawrean


[333] A New Hope

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Fisherman Maweran (On road east of Artamark's Gate)

*Description: A fisherman asked me to check on the safety of a couple that he
is friends with and to take some fish to them. The forester Timotan and his
wife live on the road that leads to the gates of Artamark.

*Instructions: A simple quest, just head west to the cabin and talk to the
forester there.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to forester

*Reward: XP boost


[334] The Worst Ghosts

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Diola Timotan's Wife

*Description: The forester's wife doesn't even want to step out of her house
anymore because her property is supposed to be haunted. The Arch Mage ghosts
are apparently the worst. I'm to slay four of these Arch Mage ghosts.

*Instructions: "Supposed" to be haunted? You killed like 12 ghosts GETTING 
here! Anyway this is a follow your nose style kill X of Y quest. The arch mage
ghosts put up a good fight and they're backed up by all their buddies, so be
on the lookout. 

*Checkpoint: Killed arch mage ghosts

*Completion: Returned to wife

*Reward: Carved longbow


[335] A Bag of Peas

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Timotan the Forester

*Description: Timotan dropped a bag of peas whileh was fleeing from some
ghosts. I'm supposed to find it and take it back to the forester.

*Instructions: I'm not sure what he was doing by the old abandoned house, but
that's where the peas are. Follow your nose right to them, grab them, and 
return to Timotan for the reward.

*Checkpoint: Got peas

*Completion: Returned to forester

*Reward: Gold, unlocks quest 336


[336] Back to Mawrean

*Available To: Any who completed quest 335

*Given by: Timotan the forester (Road east of Gate to Artamark)

*Description: Timotan advised me to go speak with Mawrean the fisherman again.
He also gave me a letter that I am supposed to deliver to the fisherman.

*Instructions: Simple as it gets. Head over to see the guy and talk to him.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Mawrean

*Reward: Unlocks quest 337


[337] The Retreat Area

*Available To: Any who completed quest 336

*Given by: Mawrean (Road west of Gate to Artamark)

*Description: The Inhabitants of this region founded a militai in order to 
protect themselves from attacks by the Thraconians and the ghosts. I'm supposed
to speak to the leader of this militia, a certain captain Giabelle.

*Instructions: Not tough. Head north to the circle, talk to the dude.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to the captain

*Reward: Unlocks quest 338


[338] Lady Mirwiell

*Available To: Any who completed quest 337

*Given by: Militia Captain Gabelte (West of Gate to Artamark)

*Description: I was sent to see a certain Lady Mirwiell by militia Captain
Gabelte. She is the leader of the militia and currently resides in the "Ocean
View" tavern.

*Instructions: This, um, this is basically a repeat of the last quest. This 
time you meet the REAL ruler of the militia. Go talk to her.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Lady Mirwiell

*Reward: Unlocks quest 339


[339] The Clerk's Plan

*Available To: Any who completed quest 338

*Given by: Lady Mirwiell (Far east of Artamark)

*Description: The ruins of the Lady's former villa apparently contain some of
her husband's notes that document his plan for recapturing Crag Rock Valley.
I'm going to get them.

*Instructions: Well one nice thing about this quest so far is that everything
is relatively close to everything else. The villa is just to the southwest,
so head there and grab the plans. They're inside. Then go a little north back
to Gabelte and give him the plans.

*Checkpoint: Found plans

*Completion: Gave plans to militia captain

*Reward: Unlocks quest 340


[340] Meeting with Blackheart

*Available To: Any who completed quest 339

*Given by: Militia Captain Gabelte (Militia camp in ghost territory)

*Description: The nobleman's notes indicate that a renegade captain and his
men have set up camp on the coast. The Thraconians consider him and his people
outcasts. With a little gold it should be possible to hire him and his men.

*Instructions: Sure, what can go wrong with trusting a guy named Blackheart?
Well head far north to the coast then east to reach him, dealing with
Thraconians all the way. Head up instead of down at the fork and talk to him.
Apparently, he is an idiot.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Captain Blackheart

*Reward: Unlocks quest 341


[341] Good News 

*Available To: Any who completed quest 340

*Given by: Captain Blackheart (Pirate Bay)

*Description: 40 gold bars... He wouldn't accept any less than that. Well
I think the people don't have any other choice. Even so, it was still a

*Instructions: Just go and talk to Gabelte. You know where he is.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Gabelte

*Reward: Unlocks quest 342


[342] The Forgotten Valley

*Available To: Any who completed quest 341

*Given by: Captain Gabelte (militia compound in ghost territory)

*Description: I'm supposed to take the tunnel into the valley that the people
here call Crag Rock. An old swordmaster by the name of Theminius apparently
lives there, and he might be able to adi the villages here with his gold.

*Instructions: Head due east into the cave. If you haven't been this way
before, prepare for a tussle with a banshee, a seriously tough undead 
opponent. After that you are through  to the valley, so head over to the
east end to find the swordsmaster

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to swordmaster

*Reward: Unlocks quest 343


[343] Silmina

*Available To: Any who completed quest 342

*Given by: Swordmaster Theminius (Crag Rock)

*Description: Theminius didn't have enough gold stashed away either. A long
time ago he discovered a treasure chest containing a crown in a cave though.
If I could recover this crown, then that should give us enough gold to pay
Blackheart and his men. I should speak with the swordmaster's daugther. She
goes to the area near the cave often.

*Instructions: Ok to be honest I'm getting a bit sick of the go here talk to
this person quests. Well anyway, she's in the valley, on the southwest side.
Go talk to her.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Silmina

*Reward: Unlocks quest 344


[344] The Golden Crown

*Available To: Any who completed quest 343

*Given by: Silmina (Crag Rock)

*Description: A Thraconian beastmaster has apparently taken possession of the
crown. He should still be in the cave.

*Instructions: Here we go! A fight!
He's right inside the cave, so just make your way in there and
take the path left. He'll have some alpha wolves looking out for him, so clear
them out as well as any ghosts before going up the stairs. The guy himself
isn't too tough now that you've taken out his support. Kill him, get the crown,
get back to Silmina.

*Checkpoint: Killed Captain, got crown

*Completion: Returned to Silmina

*Reward: 6122 gold, unlocks quest 345


[345] A New Hope

*Available To: Any who completed quest 344

*Given by: Silmina (Crag Rock)

*Description: I'm supposed to deliver the crown to Lady Mirwiel and report
everything to her.

*Instructions: Good thing about that secret passage! It's right by where you
fought the beastmaster. Go through the cave and give Mirwiel the crown. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to Lady Mirwiel

*Reward: Saved the settlers, got some neat gear.


[346] Outpost Wrathhill

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Commander Iskari (Camp to the far southwest of Artamark)

*Description: Commander Ishari asked me to kill five cultist shamans to help
the defenders in this area. He wants me to bring back their heads as proof.

*Instructions: Assuming you're a bad enough dude to take out the shamans, this
is NOT a hard quest. I found all five of them RIGHT outside the camp. Follow
your nose until you kill them all, then get their skulls (grizzly!) and report

*Checkpoint: Collected heads

*Completion: Reported back to Iskari

*Reward: 2076 GP, unlocks quest 347


[347] I Need Him Alive!

*Available To: Any who completed quest 346

*Given by: Commander Iskari (Camp in far southwest of Artamark)

*Description: After my striking success the commander wants me to find the
nearby camp of the cultists and kil all but one, and then bring that one back
to him.

*Instructions: Well I think "nearby" is somewhat of a stretch. Come to think of
it so is "camp", the thing is just a statue that they hang around. Anyway it's
to the northeast, so head there now. Once you make it to the camp, there are 
cultists to kill, but killed more making it here than there are cultists at the
camp. Waste them and talk to the final guy to get the escort quest to bring
him back. Once he's back, talk to the commander to finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists, talked to cultist, escorted cultist to camp

*Completion: Talked to Iskari

*Reward: 2032 gold


[348] The Dark Cult

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Farmer (Farm on road east of Grunwald)

*Description: I met a farmer who told me that one of the maids was taken by
a strange, dark cult. The cultists don't seem to be the most peace loving
people under the sun. If the rumors are true then they are killing people by
sucking the life right out of them. I hope I can find Mary in time.

*Instructions: Well you sure can! The camp is just north of you. There will
be cultists on the way and a gaggle of them in the camp too, so be ready
for a brief tussle. Nothing too bad. Talk to Mary then, and bring her back
to camp. It's not a long escort. 

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists, talked to Mary, arrived at camp

*Completion: Talked to farmer

*Reward: Gold, unlocks quest 349


[349] Follower

*Available To: Any who succesfully completed quest 348

*Given by: Farmer (Farm on road east of Grunwald)

*Description: The farmer says that all the people in this region fear for their
lives. Some are so scared that they ahve joined the cult. I've been asked to
visit the neighboring farm.

*Instructions: The farm is just a wee trek to the west. Once there it is a 
fight with cultists exactly matched to that of last quest, in other words
nothing you can't handle. Talk to the farmer when this is done.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists

*Completion: Talked to farmer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 350


[350] Crumbling Power

*Available To: Any who completed quest 349

*Given by: Farmer Meadowscare (Farm west of farm from 349)

*Description: My fight against the cultists seems to have been pretty
impressive. Farmer Toby is willing to reconsider his silent membership in the
cult. He will even join the fight against the cult, if I manage to slay
twenty cultists.

*Instructions: Any of them will do, from shamans down to the little elementals.
I headed north to find my twenty, but walk a few yards in any direction and
you should be knee-deep in them. Pick them off one by one, try not to get
mobbed, and don't be afraid to retreat a little. Head back to the farmer
once the deed is done.

*Checkpoint: Killed 20 cultists

*Completion: Returned to farmer Meadowscare

*Reward: Unlocks quest 351


[351] The Magic Shield

*Available To: Any who completed quest 350

*Given by: Farmer Meadowscare (Farm East of Grunwald)

*Description: The center of the cult is located at a Temple that is protected
by a magic shield. To get inside I have to deactivate the shield. The farmer
told me that this can be done from a nearby hidden cave. 

*Instructions: Man this is the coolest cult ever! A temple with a magic shield,
a hidden deactivation cave, SO cool. Ok head up to the cave, being aware that
there will be cultists swarming all about. There are some more of them to kill
when you reach the cave, be aware that the shamans here are pretty high-
powered. Once you've killed all the marked enemies, touch the t-energy panel
in the cave, this de-powers the shield. Approach their big creepy temple, and
enter. There is one more big fight where you kill the three guys in charge of
the cult, then talk to the survivor.

*Checkpoint: Reached cave, killed cultists, activated panel, killed lead

*Completion: Talked to survivor

*Reward: Nice gear! Also you stopped the cult so good on you.


[352] Adventures in the Forest

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Trader Ramenos (along road on western edge of Grunwald)

*Description: A group of merchants is trying to dig through an old tunnel
because they hope to find some Dwarves on the ot her side. How naive! Every
child knows that Dwarves are nothing but fairy tales! I'm not going to spoil
their fun, I'll kill the cultists who are blocking the entrance to the cave.

*Instructions: Oh my GOSH the cultists are swarming around here. The hardest
part will be getting to the actual people to talk to. I played this on bronze
difficulty so I was one hit killing them and I was still getting swarmed 
pretty bad. Anyway break through their barrier and talk to the cultist who 
is by the cave. He'll set his men on you, but you've killed like 12 times as
many has he has to get here. Wipe the floor with him and get back to the

*Checkpoint: Talked to cultist, defeated cultist

*Completion: Returned to trader

*Reward: 5566 gold and unlocks quest 353


[353] Abscond

*Available To: Any who completed quest 352

*Given by: Trader Ramenos (Road on west of Grinwald)

*Description: The merchant also had a little tip for me. A corrupt
administrator who works for the barony is said to have taken flight with an
enormous amount of gold. If I confront him bperhaps I can claim a part of this

*Instructions: If this doesn't seem like something that's going to go smoothly,
it's because it's not. Go find the man who is there with his personal guard
and panther, talk to him to make them attack you, slaughter them to a man, and
grab the gold

*Checkpoint: Talked to administrator

*Completion: Killed administrator

*Reward: 7235 gold


[354] Escaping the Terror

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Milk Weed (Northwest Grunwald)

*Description: A young woman has been kidnapped. Cultists want to sacrifice 
her in front of a demon statue. I've agreed to protect her on the way to the

*Instructions: This one can be tricky. First off I'd teleport to the
resurrection monolith directly below the temple (or the circle, if you don't 
know where the temple is yet. Circle around the forest to the northeast.
When you see a gap head through it. March your way up the hill and reach the
temple to end the mission. Watch out for her! She will die easily. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reach the temple

*Reward: Only satisfaction for this one.


[355] Besieged Temple

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Temple Provost Julius (Temple of the Gods in western Artamark)

*Description: I've reached the forest Temple that's being beseiged. Provost
Julius has asked me to search for two young novices he sent out for
reinforcements more than a week ago. Now he fears something might have 
happened to them. It wouldn't surprise me in this neighborhood.

*Instructions: Their stuff is just at the base of the mountain, which is nice
because it is tough to get to the temple. You're just looking for their stuff,
which is behind a rock. With names like Heller and Quadling, they may have 
just gotten beat up by a passing bully. Anyway return to the priest with the
sad news. He then sends you to get eight elemental essences, four from the
elementals of destruction, and four from the elementals of protection. This 
might involve kind of a hike, 

*Checkpoint: Found stuff, talked to priest, got elemental essences

*Completion: Returned to priest 

*Reward: Their thanks and a sash.


[356] Pumpkind Kobold Heart Soup

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Landlord Lienhart (Wargfels)

*Description: I'm supposed to chase the kobolds out of Lienhart's pumpkin
patch. He would also be happy if I could get him six Kobold hearts, so that
he can whip up something delicious for his guests again. He makes pumpkin
Kobold heart soup with them.

*Instructions: A true to form follow your nose style quest in which you go
into the farmer's pumpkin patch, kill kobolds with the help of the guard who
are probably already hacking them to pieces, get their hearts, and get back.

*Checkpoint: Got six kobold hearts

*Completion: Returned to Lienhart

*Reward: 3441 gold


[357] Manners Maketh Kobold

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Village Elder (Wargfels)

*Description: The village elder told me that they're expecting a visit from a
Kobold noble next week. He sends me to the village fools, because he has got
business to attent to. I think if I talk to the village fool he'll tell me how
I can help.

*Instructions: Kind of a long one. First go talk to the fool, who directs you
to Nagash's nest and the kobold there. Go talk to him, and you'll learn that
you have to get a painting back for him. Fine. Go kill the orcs, there are
about six of them, and bring back the painting. Next you have to fight Nagash
himself. He's on an island in the swamp to the north, so go take him out. 
Return to the kobold for the lesson, and return to the fool for the reward.

*Checkpoint: Talked to fool, talked to kobold, got art, talked to kobold,
killed Nagash, talked to kobold again.

*Completion: Returned to fool

*Reward: Fool's Hat

[358] Research

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Author Hardbush (Wargfels)

*Description: An author called Hardbrush wants to follow his book about Trolls
with one about Earth Elementals. I'm supposed to help him kill a few. What is
it with creative types and sequels?

*Instructions: Not just any earth elementals will do, oh no, this guy has to
have the special earth elementals that grow on some ridge to the southwest.
It's good if you clear that general area (near the town to the southwest) out
first. Once that's done, take the guy there. Kill the elementals, talk to him,
teleport to the gate near town, and walk him back.

*Checkpoint: Killed elementals, made it back home

*Completion: Talked to Hardbrush

*Reward: 4129 gold


[359] The Mad Butcher

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Insane Scientist Kragik (Road between Atamark and Nor Plat)

*Description: I met a mad scientist who kills Orcs and transforms them into
undead slaves. He's already caught one Orc, I can't let this happen.

*Instructions: Despite how it sounds, this isn't a quest where you help this
nut. Talk to him after you started the quest to get him to attack you. He and
his aides go down quickly, then talk to the orc to free her.

*Checkpoint: Talked to scientist, killed scientist and aides.

*Completion: Talked to orc

*Reward: XP boost and you maybe saved the world.


[360] Rescuing the Leprosy Station

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Captain Grenon (Urthak's Moxie)

*Description: A group of Thraconians led by a man calling himself "Quingar the
Terrible" have invaded an island in Urthak's Bay. there is nothing on the
island but a leper colony, so maybe the location has some sort of strategic
value for them. I have been asked to deal with Quingar and his men once and
for all.

*Instructions: I kind of like how Quingar's plan is to get two guys that he
knows and take over a leper colony. Anyway the island is to the northwest, and
there's a bridge leading to it right below the island. Head on up there and
talk to Quingar, who is just a Thraconian with two buddies. You might need a
health potion to take them down, but probably not. Once they're cold, head
back to Grenon

*Checkpoint: Talked to Quingar, killed Quingar and friends.

*Completion: Returned to Greon

*Reward: 5506 GP, unlocks quest 375


[361] Stop the Golem

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Farmer's Son Miklof (Orcish Byway)

*Description: A boy from a farm has told me that a Golem keeps attacking his
village. Now he wants to pour water on the path the Golem always takes. He
hopes that the water will soften the Golem's clay feet. Smart plan, I'll help
him with it.

*Instructions: Just a "go there get this" quest. It's even in town! You should
have no problems following your nose to the big water bucket. Grab it and
head back to the kid. Do it again? Fine. AGAIN? Jeez this quest is getting 
dull. Well after you get the third water you'll find out that the kid isn't
there and his sister tells you you got fooled. AGH. This is the town of 
people fooling you! (See quest 362)

*Checkpoint: Got water

*Completion: Returned to Miklof

*Reward: Unlocks quest 367


[362] Honesty Pays

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Kendrel (Orcish Byway)

*Description: A shady looking character approached me with what he calls a
"lucritive business proposition". He says that if I follow him he'll explain
everything to me in secret. It all sounds rather mysterious.

*Instructions: Well, yet another time that you get to play the "big hero". This
may have been sarcastic. Lead the guy to an abandoned field where he outlines
his plan to have you kill a friend of his in exchange for a neat artifact. So
head over to the friend, who is right nearby, and paste him. He isn't nearly
strong enough to put up a challenge. Head back to the tavern and let him know
to learn you've been had and finish the quest.

*Checkpoint: Went to field, talked to Kendrel, killed associate

*Completion: Returned to Kendrel

*Reward: Nothing. You got fooled, son.


[363] Unique Mounts

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Archaeologist's Sister (Orcish Byway)

*Description: The archaeologist's sister told me that her brother has found
documents about some unique mounts. I can find him near Nrthak's Moxy" if I
want to talk to him.

*Instructions: Now THIS looks like an interesting quest.  Go talk to the
sister, who has lost the map. It then appears up near pointed peak. Head on
up and grab it and return. She then reveals the location of a SUPER SWEET
HIDDEN ISLAND :O. You can teleport there by ship assuming you've talked to
a ship's captain sometime before, otherwise head to a dock. Once there, talk
to the orc (take some time to marvel at the awesome mounts), and you'll
be assigned a fight. Kill the horrible things on the island, but be prepared
for a fight against very high level kobold like things. Same deal next time
but against mutant animals. The final fight is against some high level mutant
enemies, but tougher. Once they are gone you can guy your special mount
from the orc on the island! WOO!

*Checkpoint: Talked to archaeologist, found map, returned to archaeologist,
teleported to island, talked to orc, killed monsters, talked to orc, killed
monsters, talked to orc, killed final monsters

*Completion: Returned to orc

*Reward: Can buy special mounts


[364] Sports Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Coach Hinrich (Orcish Byway)

*Description: The rag doll ball team's coach is seeking revenge for his
murdered forward. I must kill the Orc players for him, and take him their

*Instructions: A seek and find, follow-your-nose style quest, these athletes
are still upset about how the game went and are really looking forward to 
hitting you a lot about it. Hit them first, then grab their hearts (this seems
a bit brutal) and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got hearts

*Completion: Returned to Hinrich

*Reward: I just got an XP boost


[365] Swords to Plowshares

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Blacksmith Gunnar (Orcish byway)

*Description: The local armorer has asked me to bring back fifteen Goblin
swords. He wants to forge some plows and he hasn't got any iron.

*Instructions: A seek and find quest that can dovetail very neatly with
quest 364. Follow your nose to find 15 goblin warriors. Unless they all
attack you right at once, you shouldn't have much of a problem with them. 
Grab their swords and mosey on back.

*Checkpoint: Got 15 goblin swords

*Completion: Returned to Gunnar

*Reward: Gold. Precious, precious gold.


[366] Mistletoe

*Available To: Any who completed quest 312

*Given by: Charolus' Wife (Orcish Byway)

*Description: The ferryman's wife has sent me to the woods to gather some

*Instructions: The mistletoe she's looking for is in a gove to the northeast,
and it is surrounded by some pretty thick goblin forces. No wonder she can't
get to it! Be aware of your surroundings and you'll be safe enough. Grab the
mistletoe and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got the mistletoe

*Completion: Returned to the ferryman's wife

*Reward: 3 health potions


[367] The Authorization Key

*Available To: Any who completed quest 149

*Given by: Completing quest 149

*Description: I extracted the main laboratory's coordinates from the
damaged Temple Guardian. The lab is located in the south. The keys are 
disguised and spread all over the world. Analysis indicates that there will be
extensive searching required.






[368] Order to Hold Down the Fort

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Captain Tilgon (Urthak's Moxie)

*Description: On Behalf of officer Tilgon, I'm supposed to deliver written
orders to the soldiers who must hold their position at the watch tower.

*Instructions: Simply go to Pointed Peak, the fortress in question, and talk
to Guard Bilter there.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to guard

*Reward: Unlocks quest 372


[369] Bad Soil

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Spiriti (Road south of Orcish Byway)

*Description: Farmer Spiriti asked me to find out why he's having trouble
with one of his fields. The few things that grow at all are rotten. I should
talk to Old Lebart, he's been living her for almost a hundred years so he
might know something about that land.

*Instructions: Man I smell the undead in this mission. Go ahead and go talk to
the old guy. HEY! I was right! It was a cemetary and blah blah. You know,
wouldn't a cemetary actually make for some pretty excellent minerals and such?
I guess ghosts are terrible for plants. Anyway follow your nose to the priest,
who gives you a vial, pour it on the field and... AGH GHOST ATTACK! Fortunately
they don't budge unless you talk to the lead ghost, so get yourself ready. Talk
and retreate so they aren't all surrounding you, then take them out. Talk to
Spiriti to finish this.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Lebart, talked to priest, visited field, talked to
ghost, killed ghosts

*Completion: Talked to Spiriti

*Reward: 5627 golds


[370] An Awkward Situation

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Magician Mathirius (Road east of Orcish Byway)

*Description: A magician by the name of baa... Mithirus turned himself into
a sheep to escape from a horde of Orcs. He asked me to escort him safely to
his home, where he might be able to undo the spell.

*Instructions: If you've cleared the way back to his house before taking on
this escort quest, then no sweat. If you haven't, then keep close to this
sheep! Make your way back to his home, and remember that sometimes goblins
can even be in his house.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Arrived at home

*Reward: Unlocks 371


[371] Changes

*Available To: Any who completed quest 370

*Given by: Magician Mathirius (Orcish Byway)

*Description: That clumsy old fool of a magician has forgotten the spell that
can undo his transformation. Now I have to get it from his mentor.

*Instructions: This is just a fetch quest. Follow your nose to the lady, grab
the spell, and return.

*Checkpoint: Talked to mentor

*Completion: Returned to Mathirius

*Reward: Unlocks quest 371


[371] Quest

*Available To: Any who completed quest 370

*Given by: Completing quest 370

*Description: The transformation was a success! What good fortune! Now it is
time to speak with the magician

*Instructions: Just talk to the dude

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to magician

*Reward: A proverb? That's IT? BOOOO


[372] A Little Goblin Hunt

*Available To: Any who completed quest 368

*Given by: Guard Bilter (Pointed Peak)

*Description: The Guard wants me to slay a few of the Goblins. Those aggressive
creatures are keeping them from their real orders.

*Instructions: A follow your nose style killing mission. Depending on how
thorough you've been with cleaning out the little buggers before talking to
the guard, you might have no distance at all or a little distance to go to
find the 12 goblins, but they are never far away, and shouldn't be any
challenge. Talk to him again when you're done.

*Checkpoint: Killed goblins

*Completion: Returned to Bilter

*Reward: Unlocks quest 373


[373] Neutralize the Scouts

*Available To: Any who completed quest 372

*Given by: Guard Bilter (Pointed Peak)

*Description: Two of the Thraconian scouts have taken up a position on a nearby
knoll. I'm supposed to neutralize them before they gather too much information
and have an opportunity to pass it along.

*Instructions: It's not too bad of a trek down to see the scouts. Head due
south and look for a way up the hill. You don't have to circle it to the
south. Talk to the scout, who is somewhat skeptical about your fighting
abilities. Prove them, then return to Bilter.

*Checkpoint: Talked to scout, killed scouts

*Completion: Returned to Bilter

*Reward: Unlocks quest 374


[374] Impudence Wins!

*Available To: Any who completed quest 373

*Given by: Guard Gunaff (Pointed Peak)

*Description: A thieving beggar made off with the food that was brought as an
offering to the Gods. I'm supposed to take him a parcel with food, and tell him
that in the future he should leave the Gods' offerings alone.

*Instructions: This creep is just at the bottom of the ledge. Given how serious
the Gods seem to be about getting wronged, it's a good thing the quest wasn't
to flay the guy alive. Just talk to him to finish things.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to beggar

*Reward: 2072 gold


[375] Gathering Spume Herbs

*Available To: Any who completed quest 360

*Given by: Nemfilio the Physician (South of Island of Malday)

*Description: A healer on the island hid himself in a barrel during the
Thraconian attack. Now he reeks of rotten fish! He has asked me to gather some
herbs so that he can treat his surviving patients.

*Instructions: A pretty straighforward seek and find quest, just grab six 
herbs while fending off some goblins and then return.

*Checkpoint: Got herbs

*Completion: Return to Nemfilio

*Reward: You helped some sick guys


[376] The Olympic Potion

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Floyd Blantis (Entruag)

*Description: The local mangita team's doctor, Floyd Blantis has asked me to
fetch an invincibility potion from Libatte the Witch.

*Instructions: So first go talk to the witch lady. It then becomes a follow
your nose style quest to kill ten boars and get their testicles. You did read
that right. This is one bizarre potion. Anyway mop them up and head back.
She'll get really, really excited about the ingredients you just got her and
give you the potion. Head back to Floyd

*Checkpoint: Talked to witch, killed boars, talked to witch again

*Completion: Returned to Floyd

*Reward: One of each basic kind of potion


[377] The Lost Sword of Grammbrain the Mighty

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ulof (Entruag)

*Description: I have met a young Orc warrior called Ulof. He told me the 
old saga of Grammbrain the mighty Orc warrior. Legend has it that Grammbrain
single-handedly defeated an army of Demons with his magic sword. Ulof has
discovered the hero's grave where Grammbrain and his sword are buried. If the
sword truly exists, it would be worth a little detour

*Instructions: The cave you're looking for is actually in town, which makes
it quite handy to access. It's not heavily guarded either! Just a couple of
bats and bears and such. When you get there, get ready to get disappointed.
It's just a dang 'ol iron bar! Well, take it back.

*Checkpoint: Got iron bar

*Completion: Brought iron bar to Ulof

*Reward: Gold and one disappointed orc. 


[378] Feuding Clans

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Knarx Axegrinder (Entruag)

*Description: A warrior from the Gurag Orc clan asked me to free the kidnapped
wives from the hands of the enemy Orcs. I can't exactly refuse this request,
since I'm sort of a member of the clan.

*Instructions: Well, when I first got the quest I was nothing of the sort, but
I guess the game assumes people don't explore too thourougly. Anyway you'll
follow your nose to the enemy camp. Slaughter all the guards around, because 
once the special quest guard is dead this becomes an escort mission. You'll
want to immeditally teleport back to Entruag to avoid having the womenfolk die
on you. Talk to Knarx to end it.

*Checkpoint: Killed guard, made it back with women

*Completion: Talked to Knarx

*Reward: Gold and the respect of the clan.


[379] Wantanor, Ogre Champion

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Gargaduck (Entruag)

*Description: Ogre warrior Gargaduck has asked me for 25 Troll hearts. He
wants to make a sacrifice to Wantanor, the legendary Ogre warrior and Troll
slayer. I have to take the hearts to Wantanor's statue and put them down there.

*Instructions: This is essentially a difficult seek and find. Trolls are not
the easiest buggers to kill, so putting them down might be a challenge. There
is a very fertile troll hunting ground to the southeast of Entruag in the
mountains, including a cave with a bunch of them, so try there. Take things 
slow and keep healed. Once they are all toast, the statue shows up on your
minimap. Follow your nose to it and drop off the hearts, then return.

*Checkpoint: Got 25 troll hearts, dropped of hearts at shrine

*Completion: Returned

*Reward: Shoulder pads and an elixer


[380] Feeding Time

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Pakmarah (Entruag)

*Description: Pakmarah is a weird little Goblin with an even weirder kind of
grammar. Right now he has something of a problem. His master is hungry and
demands to be served venison, but nobody can find the Goblin hunter.
Pakmarah has asked me to kill a deer and then tell him where I have left it.
Some days I could eat a deer too...

*Instructions: This is pretty simple: the deer doesn't put up much of a fight
and it appears on your minimap right for the taking. Kill it and head back
to Pakmarah

*Checkpoint: Killed deer

*Completion: Returned to Pakmarah

*Reward: Gold and gratitude


[381] Nargutz Derby

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Celal Candymoon (Entruag)

*Description: The Orcs call their brutal sport "Nargutz". Apparently the
objective of the game is to carry a Troll head into the opposing team's
end zone, and how you accomplish that is up to you. The local derby match
between Entruag and Tharak is soon. Unfortunately some Trolls have decided to
set up camp in the kick off zone. Unless they're removed the match will have
to be canceled. Celial Candymoon the Orc asked me to kill the Trolls and bring
back one of the skulls- just in case the Orcs need an extra ball for the game.

*Instructions: This is essentially just a really tough seek n' find, where
you'll have to defeat 11 trolls on the field. Follow your nose to them and
remember to heal up between battles. Once they are all done you'll have to 
face off against a Troll Warlord. Once he's dead, take his head back to

*Checkpoint: KIlled trolls, killed troll warlord, picked up head

*Completion: Returned to Celal

*Reward: Gold, unlocks quest 382


[382] Plan Put Into Action

*Available To: Any who completed quest 381

*Given by: Shaman Tinytot

*Description: I have given the Troll's head to the shaman and he is making
a Nargutz ball from it. He will tell me about the plan when he's finished.

*Instructions: This quest is way easier than 382. Wait a few seconds while the
shaman messes with the head. After that follow your nose to the place where you
put it, place it there, and head back to Celal.

*Checkpoint: Talked to shaman, placed head in bushes

*Completion: Returned to Celal

*Reward: Master's hoop and potion


[383] Master Of the Hunt

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Guntha Spearsharpener (Southern end of Nor Plat)

*Description: An Orc by the name of Guntha was bragging about being the Master
Hunter of the clan. According to him, hunting boar is the supreme test of an
Orcs hunting skills. He wants me to bring him the head of a boar pack leader
so that I can be accepted into this elite circle of hunters. It's amazing that
and Orc can pronounce such a long term without making a mistake. To get the
leader to come, I have to kill as many boars as possible in a short amount of
time. That is supposed to attract the leader. I'd better get to work then!

*Instructions: Ok this one is timed, and almost no quest is timed, so be
alert. You'll want to kill the mounted boars QUICKLY. Once they are done, the
big daddy comes out, and you'll have a big fight in front of you. Take it down
and get back to Guntha

*Checkpoint: Killed boar attackers, killed big boar

*Completion: Returned to Guntha

*Reward: Nifty hunting gear


[384] The Tooth Fairy

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ollagga (Sloptok)

*Description: Ollagga's husband has toothache, but he refuses to go to the
tooth puller. So would I, to be honest. She asked me to start a fight with him
and knock his tooth out. It sounds a bit rough, but if it does the job...

*Instructions: This is a straight up fight. Head over to the guy and clock him.
One or two hits should do it, and he falls over. He isn't dead don't worry!
Wait for him to get up and talk to him. 

*Checkpoint: Defeated Ollagga's husband

*Completion: Talk to husband

*Reward: 2110 gold and a worthwhile fight.


[385] Wedding Anniversary

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Xatta (Sloptok)

*Description: The widow Xatta lost her husband two years ago. He died a heroic
death... in a tavern. I'm supposed to get her six boar tusks so that she can
sacrifice them to Katan. One for every year of their marriage.

*Instructions: Just one of those seek and find thangs. You know how they roll
by now. Find the boars roaming around in the wilderness, kill them, get their
tusks, meet the lady by the Temple of the Gods.

*Checkpoint: Got boar tusks

*Completion: Talked to woman

*Reward: Her gratitude and some xp.


[386] Pure Water	

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Shaman Smoothroot (Sloptok)

*Description: Smoothroot the Shaman has asked me to gather seven wrathberries.
Apparently he needs the berries to cleanse the well in his village. The berries
only grow in areas inhabited by Trolls. Or to be more precise- they only
grow in Troll turds.

*Instructions: Most disturbing to me about this quest is that there are troll
droppings around everywhere and you've just been STEPPING in them. Anyway
the berries are all real close together, in a field to the northwest. Head
there and keep an eye on your companions, they really like to up and die, 
especially from the meteor attacks and such. Once you've got them I would
teleport back immedtially

*Checkpoint: Got berries

*Completion: Returned to shaman.

*Reward: Some nice gear and some gold


[387] Noveau Varguz

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Chieftain Gintonik Icelump (Tharak)

*Description: The Orc Chieftain Gintonik has given me a scroll from his
brother's estate. The deceased Orc was a keen varguz player, whatever varguz
is. Maybe Con hid his fortune somewhere? Let's see what this scroll says.

*Instructions: Ok so the cave you're looking for is to the southeast. Head
there and be prepared to deal with the albino rats in the place. Now I don't
know if this is the truth for everybody, or if I just happened to do things
right the first time, but I talked to the castle looking thing, the tower,
and that apparently opened the chamber on the chessboard. Head on in and 
get the book. I...guess that ends at it?

*Checkpoint: Found cave, moved chesspiece

*Completion: Got book.

*Reward: You ended a bizarre quest


[388] Fan Scarves

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Toriak (Tharak)

*Description: Seamaster Toriak has run out of cloth. He wants to make fan
scarves for the upcoming Nargutz game, but he needs more cloth. He's asked me
to search the becah for rolls of cloth that have been washed ashore. He said a
ship wrecked there recently and its cargo might still be around.

*Instructions: Sort of a seek and find, only with little helpful bubbles
showing you where everything is. Go to the first- nothing there. No luck on
the second either. It's the third little circle that's paydirt. Open the chest
and get back to Toriak

*Checkpoint: Reached waypoints

*Completion: Opened chest

*Reward: Some gold and you don't have to wear his stupid scarf


[389] The Legend of Gronkor

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Orc Chief Contex (End of small road by Tharak)

*Description: The legendary Orc Hero Gronkor lies buried in this cave. 
Apparently Gronkor is one of the most famous warriors in all of Orc history.
Both of the Orc clans claim to bear his right hand with their standard, but
even an Orc hero can only have one right hand. One of the clans must be
mistaken. The clans want to decide once and for all who really has Gronkor's
right hand. Thye asked me to enter the cave and find out which hand is the real
one. Orcs are not allowed to enter this sacred place.

*Instructions: Man I called this one before I finished it. Head on into the
tomb. It's kind of weird in there, there are orcs and goblins in pots that
you can't hit. Make your way to the grave site and find out that both sides
were wrong! Ok now time to get out. There are ancestral spirits milling about
when you try to leave, so blast them and bring the news to Contex.

*Checkpoint: Found gravesite

*Completion: Returned to Contex

*Reward: Unlocks quest 390


[390] You Scratch My Back

*Available To: Any who completed quest 389

*Given by: Orc Chief Contex (End of small road by Tharak)

*Description: The clans have decided to make he best of a bad situation. They
asked me to reenter Gronkor's grave and bring back both his hands so they can
share them. These orks really are quite a handful/

*Instructions: Just head back to that place you were before. The ancestor
spirits aren't happy to see you are and are kind of swarming, so they'll take
a bit of dealing with. Reaching the tomb ends this quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reached tomb

*Reward: Unlocks quest 391


[391] Happy Orcs

*Available To: Any who completed quest 390

*Given by: Finishing quest 390

*Description: Gronkor has awakened! I will have to fight him!

*Instructions: He's just a dang mummy. A lil' high level but nothign to worry
about. He takes three deaths before he goes down for good, so give him those
three and hoof it back out. Contex is happy to see you.

*Checkpoint: Killed Gronkor

*Completion: Returned to Contex

*Reward: Gold and a dagger


[392] The Fat Rat

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Shama Fellir Thornripper (Kargah)

*Description: Fellir the Orc Priest is in a pickle. He needs a nice, fat rat
that he can sacrifice to the God of teh Rats for the Festival of Fury. 
Unfortunately all his best rats were killed off by a rat plague. If he can't
find a rat that will appease the God o the Rats, then the Law of Grumok
demands that Fellir sacrifice himself. Fellir has asked me to secretly
acquire a rat from the Priests of the neighboring tribes. These Orcs are just

*Instructions: Ok this doesn't sound too bad. Just head over to the nearest 
village as marked on your minimap and.... oh. Well. Looks like you blew your
cover and the shaman hates your questgiver. Also this ends the quest. Hm. Well,
before you write him off as dead notice the new circle that's shown up on
your minimap. Head there.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Shaman

*Reward: Unlocks quest 394


[393] 7 Days of Rainy Weather

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Flutok Scatterbrain (Kargah)

*Description: An Orc shaman tried a rain spell but it was a little too
effective. Now it won't stop raining and he needs a counter spell to stop the
rain. He needs the heart of a Troll shaman for the counter spell. If this
works I'll eat my hat.

*Instructions: Well, he wants a shaman heart he'll get one. This is a one-off
follow your nose and kill it quest. Be warned that troll shamans are tough
buggers, so be prepared before you engage. Warp and head back.

*Checkpoint: Got heart

*Completion: Returned to Flutok

*Reward: Unlocks quest 395


[394] The Totem Chain

*Available To: Any who completed quest 392

*Given by: Knutsmilla (Small village Norhthwest of Stoptok)

*Description: A good hearted Orc lady has accidentally thrown her husband's
favorite chain in the fire. She wants to make a new chain before he notices
his loss. She asked me to bring her six kobold heads and three kobold guts.
Orcish fashion is something else!

*Instructions: Ok a seek and find quest and not a bad one at that either.
The kobolds are right next to the village. Grab them and give her the

*Checkpoint: Got parts

*Completion: Gave Knutsmilla parts

*Reward: 7903 gold


[395] Rat Tails

*Available To: Any who completed quest 393

*Given by: Flutok Scatterbrain (Kargah)

*Description: Just as I expected. The Troll heart didn't do the trick. Now I'm
supposed to get five fats tails. I'm going to guess that they're the wrong
ingredient too.

*Instructions: Well, let's find out. The cave is in town, so getting the tails
is no problem, and rats aren't exactly high class opponents. Collect them and
head back!

*Checkpoint: Got the tails

*Completion: Returned to the shaman. Hey big surprise.

*Reward: Unlocks quest 396


[396] Hare Paws

*Available To: Any who completed quest 395

*Given by: Flutok Scatterbrain (Kargah)

*Description: The remedy now requires hare paws instead of rat's tails. 
Anybody want to make a wager?

*Instructions: Siiiigh. Ok well the hares are right outside the walls. Run
out there and smack them. Anybody else notice that these quests are getting
less intimidating every time? What next, pillows?

*Checkpoint: Got the hares paws

*Completion: Returned

*Reward: Unlocks quest 397


[397] Kobold Paws

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Flutok Scatterbrain (Kargah)

*Description: The shaman seems to be having a bad day. DId he really misread
that? Instead of hare paws he now wants hairy paws. And that would mean
kobold paws. No bets yet?

*Instructions: Sigh. We all know what's going on here. Get the paws. Get back.
Try not to get so angry you kill him.

*Checkpoint: Got kobold paws. West of the city.

*Completion: Returned

*Reward: Unlocks quest 398. Siiiigh.


[398] Couldcuckoo Weed

*Available To: Any who completed quest 398

*Given by: Flutok Scatterbrain (Kargah)

*Description: Now he wants couldcuckoo weed instead of hairy paws. Because of
the five leaves and all, of course. If only someone would make a bet!

*Instructions: FUMING. That is what I am doing. Get his stupid weed. It's to
the west of town. Bring it back.

*Checkpoint: Got the weed

*Completion: Brought the weed to Flutok

*Reward: Unlocks quest 399


[399] The Chieftain

*Available To: Any who completed quest 398

*Given by: Flutok Scatterbrain (Kargah)

*Description: Who would have guessed? The couldcuckoo weed wasn't the right
ingredient. The shaman thinks maybe I should go and speak with the chief of
the clan.

*Instructions: Well, better go talk to him. He's in a nearby hut.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Chief

*Reward: Unlocks quest 400


[400] A Radical Solution

*Available To: Any who completed quest 399

*Given by: Chieftain (Kargah)

*Description: I'm supposed to kill Flutok the Shaman. The Orc Chief hopes that
it will make the rain stop.

*Instructions: OH this is SO satisfying! Ok go ahead and off the Shaman. See
if you don't feel any better after he's dead. 

*Checkpoint: Killed shaman

*Completion: Returned to Chief

*Reward: Money and SATISFACTION


[401] Gar'Colossus (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 246

*Given by: The Broker (Orcish Byway)

*Description: I found the broker scared witless. A golem was attacking the
town, and he said if I killed it, he'd stop the slave trafficking. The
creatuer is surrounded by a T-Energy Shield. The magical blazing s tones must
surely hold the key to victory.

*Instructions: I don't know if there is some fancy pants way to end this, but
I just ran down the ramp and thrashed the Gar'Colossus within an inch of its
life. Then I came back to the dude. He said some things, then I went north
and talked to another man who told me to go to orc territory. Check. 

*Checkpoint: Killed colossus, talked to man, talked to academy guy

*Completion: Talked to orc in orc territory

*Reward: Unlocks quest 403


[402] A Growing Danger 

*Available To: Any who have started quest 401

*Given by: Beltario (Orcish Byway)

*Description: Beltario is the leader of a small investigation team that is 
looking into the appearance of the Golem. He has noticed some newly created
Earth Elementals and is worried about the mutations T-Energy might cause. 
I've been asked to kill the creatures before they get too strong.

*Instructions: They are all in and around the ramp, so find them and give them
a pounding. They are various levels of big and nasty, so be sort of careful
about which ones you take on. Take them on and head backto Beltario

*Checkpoint: Defeated golems

*Completion: Returned to Beltario

*Reward: Gold and some potions


[403] Among Orcs (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 402

*Given by: Completing quest 402

*Description: I arrived at the place where "the magic flows from the earth". 
An Orc told me to enter the fighting arena and prove my skills by killing the
Earth Elementals. Maybe they will accept me when I am succesful.

*Instructions: OK this is one long string of battles. Just what you'd expect
from some orcs, right? To complete this you'll first have to go into the pit
with the warring elementals and kill you up a few of them. After they are dead
talk to the orc outside, who directs you to the chief, who makes you a brother
of one of the clans. So go talk to one of their warriors, who directs you to
a village getting attacked by trolls. Go to the upstairs of their lodge there
and talk to the chief, who wants you to take out 10 trolls. Be careful with
this one, don't be afraid to use the other orcs there to help whittle the
trolls down. Grab the heads and talk to that orc twice. He'll make a necklace
from the teeth. Take that to the chieftain in the cith up north, who then
wants you to assassinate the leader of an invasion force. The invasion is
directly above the city. Again, use the orcs to absorb the brunt of the enemy
attack and only concern yourself with the enemy general. Once he's toast
head back to talk to the head orc who directs you to the BIG head orc and
ends the quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to orc, killed elementals, talked to chief, talked to
warrior, talked to town chief, killed ten trolls, talked to town chief two
times, talked to head chief up north, killed leader of invasion squad

*Completion: Returned to chief

*Reward: Unlocks quest 404


[404] Wet Danger (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 403

*Given by: Completing quest 403

*Description: I finally met the clanleader of the Gruntag Clan. He says the 
clans have called a temporary truce to try and solve a problem. Something has
blocked the river that flows through the region, backing it up into a lake. A
water monster called Octaglomus has risen out of this lake and is attacking the
members of all the clans. It has become a point of honor to see who can kill
the monster, and whichever clan succeeds will become extremely influential in
the Orcs' society. The clanleader confided in me that he believes the monster
is strong only in the water and on swampy ground. Where the ground is dry,
it's weaker and slower. I musts escort a shaman to the river. He will perform
a magic ritual to dry the well.

*Instructions: Uh oh it is boss battle time! Woo! Ok so talk to the chief
orc to learn about the troubles they have been having with that big 'ol
octopus. You get a shaman (invincible) to escort to a well so he can run it
dry. Go head there, and the shaman will do his magic. Once that's done you
can head through a previously locked door to go fight Mr. Giant Octopus. Once
he is toast, head back to the chieftain, then talk to the elves, who are jerks,
and finally to a ships captain up north.

*Checkpoint: Talked to orc chief, escorted shaman to river, defeated giant
octopus, talked to shaman, talked to elf

*Completion: Talked to ship's captain

*Reward: Allows you to visit Seraphim Island!


[405] The Arena Above the Clouds

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Saskia (Northwest Seraphyria)

*Description: Seraphim Saskia is curious to know if I can win against a demon.
I'm supposed to put my knowledge to the test in some sort of arena. Naturally
I accepted the challenge.

*Instructions: Just a straight fight, the demon you'll fight is a big bruiser,
so have those health potions out. You may want to use your god power, but you
probably won't have to.

*Checkpoint: Killed demon

*Completion: Returned to Saskia

*Reward: Unlocks quest 406


[406] More Demons

*Available To: Any who completed quest 405

*Given by: Saskia (Seraphim Arena)

*Description: Now I'm supposed to go up against three Demons at the same
time. Hopefully they're a little more skillful than the last. 

*Instructions: Ok this one is a bit tougher. I would say in fact three times
as tough. God powers are perfectly acceptible here, and remember you can
take as long as you want between fights so you can recharge it before the
next one.

*Checkpoint: Killed demons

*Completion: Returned to Saskia

*Reward: Unlocks quest 407


[407] Even More Demons

*Available To: Any who completed quest 406

*Given by: Saskia (Seraphim Arena)

*Description: Here we go again! those couple of Demons weren't enough.

*Instructions: Yeah this lady is tough to impress. This time it's you versus
SIX demons, so make sure you got your killin' shoes all shined and ready. If
you can possibly try to kill them one at a time, maybe hitting one with a 
distance attack, try not to get mobbed. God powers are great here. Use them
and move one.

*Checkpoint: Killed demons

*Completion: Returned to Saskia

*Reward: Skullcap and a potion


[408] Almost Godlike

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Nicole (Northeast Seraphyria)

*Description: Seraphim nicole has given me an important assignment. I have to
kill a Dragon! Magmadur is an old, despotic Dragon who has been taunting the
Seraphim for a while now. Sophia sent Ambassador Katharina to him, but he
killed her in cold blood.  That calls for vengeance. I will strip the scales
from this monster!

*Instructions: Alright brace yourself because this is a boss type battle
against a real life dragon. Magmadur has all the attacks you'd expect of a 
dragon of his stature- flying, claws, fire breath. You'll want to stay close
to avoid the fire breath, and when he flies, watch out because taht is when
he really lets loose with the fire. When he lies dead, you'll teleport back.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Magmadur, killed Magmadur

*Completion: Talked to Nicole

*Reward: All the loot you can fish from the dragon, 


[409] Researcher

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Nadja (Northeastern Seraphyria)

*Description: Seraphim Nadja seems to be pretty stressed out. She's working on
a weird looking thing that she calls a console. She is so focused on her work
that she forgot to stude a few Ice Elementals that were "switched" last week.
Apparently the Seraphim are able to create monsters on demand. I'm supposed to
kill 20 Ice Elementals and bring Nadja their crystals. 

*Instructions: This one is a little tough just because of the relative lack of
monsters on the island (by which I mean you aren't tripping over thirty of
them every two feet) and she wants TWENTY of them, which seems like a bit
much. They aren't much of a challenge, just remember to do elemental damage.
Grab 'em and return 'em.

*Checkpoint: Got 20 crystals

*Completion: Returned to Nadja

*Reward: Unlocks quest 410, some gold


[410] Studies of Ice Elementals 

*Available To: Any who completed quest 409

*Given by: Nadja (northeastern Seraphyria)

*Description: Nadja has asked me for another favor. She needs 15 crystals
from Stone Elementals. I'd love to know if she really needs all this stuff, or
if she's just trying to look important.

*Instructions: Another tough seek and find quest. Be patient, and realize that
if one of them spawns in an area that you can't reach, it's always possible
to walk in the opposite direction from him and find another one. The actual
fights aren't that bad and the elemetals are usually alone. Grab the goods
and hoof it on back. To Nadja

*Checkpoint: Got the crystals

*Completion: Returned to Nadja

*Reward: Gold and XP and I guess she's kind of happy?


[411] Navigation Crystals

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Tilda- end of a peninsula on Seraphyria

*Description: Tilda the Seraphim has asked me to take some navigation crystals
to a High Elven observatory. The director at the observatory, a certain
Rumbodir, ordered the crystals recently. As usual Tilda has offered to
teleport me there.

*Instructions: This one COULD have been the mother of all long quests, but they
were nice and teleported you. Which raises an interesting question- why didn't
she just teleport herself? Anyway head on in, and talk to the lady. Oops, we're
a little too late. Anyway she'll take the crystal and zap you right back, so
talk to Tilda to end this.

*Checkpoint: Talked to observatory lady

*Completion: Returned to Tilda

*Reward: Gold


[422] The Dragon Cult

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Jarofein (Dragon's Cave tunnels)

*Description: I met a dragon cultist today by the name of Jarofein. He told me
an interesting tale about a group of insane cultists. They are like a horde of
wild berserkers and attack anything they see. They have even become a danger
to their comrades. They all have blue tongues! Walton, the leader of the cult,
has ordered Jarofein to bring him five tongues, but the young cultist is too
afraid and has aked me to fetch the tongues for him. As far as I know there's
only one way to get a tongue. Jarofein has given me his ring of honor so that
the cultists will recognize me as one of their kind.

*Instructions: Pretty easy. The cultists are wimps so it should be no trouble
dispatching them and cutting out the tongues. They are everywhere down here
too. Kill them and head back to the main village.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists, got tongues

*Completion: Returned to chief

*Reward:Light Health Potion, unlocks quest 423


[423] Placing Blame

*Available To: Any who completed quest 422

*Given by: Dundiel (Dragon Cult island)

*Description: Dundiel blames Blackhammer- a friend of the Humans. Blackhammer
is a savior to those imprisoned to be fed to the Dragons, and has long been
a thorn in the cult's side. Now he has been marked for death and I am the one
who has to kill him!

*Instructions: Man I hope you don't have to. This guy sounds alright! Take the
boat nearby up to his island and give him a stern talking-to. Hm, just as I
thought, the evil cult are the bad guys. Well head on back and talk to the
deputy, who decides now is killing time. Change his mind, then go talk to 
the leader.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Blackhammer, talked to Dundiel, defeated Dundiel

*Completion:  Talked to leader

*Reward: Unlocks quest 428


[424] The Third Sacrifice

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Kelsior (Human Outpost)

*Description: Cultist Kelsior is busy with the preparations for the annual
festival of Sacrifice. He's got the virgins and the gold for the sacrifice,
but is still missing the third offering- the beer. Unfortunately the cultists
have used up their supplies and find it hard to get new beer. They're hoping
I'll be able to find some at a site in the Dragon region where an Orc
expidition was massacred. If i fail, the cultists will have to face the wrath
of the Dragons.

*Instructions: Just a simple seek and find quest, though it does open up one
that's a bit more challenging. Anyway just head to the place and pick up the
beer. Bring it back to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Found beer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 424,


[425] The One Who Made It

*Available To: Any who found the beer in quest 424

*Given by: Orc Survivor (Dragon Tunnels)

*Description: I found the beer, as well as a survivor, at the site of the Orc
expidition. The survivor is injured, but otherwise fine. He asked me to make
sure he gets to the beach in one piece. He wants to build a raft for his
return to the Orc territories. I've been promised a magic amulet if I can get
him back to the beach unharmed.

*Instructions: OH BOY an escort quest. I don't like this one especially, and
you know how much I love escort quests in general. The problem with this one
is that the enemies down here are really too tough for our orcy friend, and
he has NO problem just rushing facefirst into all of them. Anyway remember
you can teleport if it gets too hot, and try to clear out the path in front 
of him. Make it to the island and he's good.

*Checkpoint: Reached beach

*Completion: Talked to Orc

*Reward: Talisman and Gold, unlocks quest 426


[426] Victims First

*Available To: Any who completed quest 425

*Given by: Completing quest 425

*Description: What, didn't think we'd forgotten to give the poor man his
beer did you? Hoof it on back to him!

*Instructions: Return to cultist

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Returned beer to cultist

*Reward: 11,301 gold


[427] Fire-eating Beyond the Grave

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Phantom Fire-Breather (Dragon Tunnel Caves by westmost island)

*Description: I found a restless soul who seems to have fallen victim to a
Dragon. He asked me to get him a torch that had been ignited with Dragon fire,
so he can finally find some peace.

*Instructions: This one isn't too tough, the torch you're looking for is nearby
and is guarded by some dragons. March on over, out-tough the dragons, and
grab the torch. 

*Checkpoint: Got torch

*Completion: Brought torch to fire-breather 

*Reward: Some XP


[428] The Truth is Revealed 

*Available To: Any who completed quest 423

*Given by: Dragon Cult Leader (Dragon cult island)

*Description: Walton has killed Dundiel and we are on our way to search the
treasure chamber. Hopefully we will find the evidence we need to incriminate

*Instructions: I'd take the boat to the lower island to get to the treasure
chamber if I were you... the men you get for this are made out of paper 
mache. Getting there gives you the next quest.

*Checkpoint: Reached treasure chamber

*Completion: Talked to Cult Leader

*Reward: Unlocks quest 429


[429] Quest

*Available To: Any who completed quest 428

*Given by: Completing quest 428

*Description: Yeah time to kill that evil guy! 

*Instructions: Ok so take the boat to the island where he is, and you'll
notice that the guy is just SURROUNDED by his buddies. Uh-oh. Well anyway
talk to him, and after that you'll notice that everybody has turned hostile
and started attacking you with spear and halbred. Well attack them right away
and take them all out. 

*Checkpoint: Talked to cult leader, killed leader and cronies, talked to new

*Completion: Killed new leader

*Reward: Stopped Dragon Cult 


[430] Better Yields

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Florentina (Seraphim Island)

*Description: Seraphim Florentina is experimenting with crop seeds. She wants
to make the crops bigger and more resistant. I'm supposed to test her new
pumpkin seeds. For that I will have to sow them in a field. 

*Instructions: Ok this isn't hard, but it is horrifying. Head to the fields,
reach the point, interact with the pumpkin, talk to the lady, and above all
try not to think about it. 

*Checkpoint: Interacted with pumpkin, talked to farm girl

*Completion: Returned to Florentina

*Reward: Gold and a guilty conscience. 


[431] Realm of the Seraphim (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 404

*Given by: Servant (Seraphim Island)

*Description: A servant outside the palace said there used to be a sculpture
of something called The Great machine on a pedestal in the village square, but
that it was missing. Fortunately, she knew where the pieces were and told me
to bring them to Mir. Giles, the librarian for more information. 

*Instructions: Ok this is kind of a seek and find quest. First go to the ruined
chapel on the northeast of the island for the statue, then head to the west
to talk to the hilariously horny librarian. He tells you to go to the main
Seraphim, which you do, get briefed in monotheism, and sent to Liosaleth,
your old buddy who is here now. He tells you to head for dragon territory
and sends you back to our old friend the horny librarian, who tells you that
you'll need an amulet, and sends you packing to the main Seraphim again. Whew.

*Checkpoint: Found statue, talked to librarian, talked to main seraphim,
talked to Liosaleth, talked to librarian

*Completion: Entered Dragon Tunnels

*Reward: Progresses main story, unlocks quest 432


[432] Fire, Brimstone and Dragon Scales (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 431

*Given by: Dragon hunter (Dragon tunnels)

*Description: I've met a Dragon hunter, who was just preparing a raid on a
Dragon and asked me to join him. Apparently, there is a difference between
settled and roaming Dragons. According to the Dragon hunter, the settled ones
are much harder to kill, but their heartscales are worth more. And I need
those heartscales for the amulet of protection.  I should join with the hunter
and find out how tough the Dragons really are.

*Instructions: Man the dragon is just the BEGINNING here. Head through the
tunnels to find it... and oops, looks like it died of natural causes. Anyway
kill the guys around it, and talk to the hunter for a heart scale. He directs
you to the slaves, who you free, and they direct you to Blackhammer. He is
having some problems with a dragon what has taken up residence in his
underground railroad tunnels. Oh boy oh boy a fight! Head to the east
to find the dragon, and don't worry that this area isn't getting marked on
your map. he is TOUGH, so make sure you're prepared. Take him down and go
further east to free all the slaves. They tell you to head to the human
outpost, so go there and talk to the guy, who makes you the heart pendant.
Now you're free to go down to the southern island and talk to Mer-Kil.

*Checkpoint: Talked to dragon hunger, killed overseers near dragon, talked to
slaves, talked to Blackheart, talked to dragon, killed dragon, talked to
human outpost commander, talked to Mer-Kil

*Completion: Enter catacombs

*Reward: Unlocks quest 433


[433] The Oldest of the Immortal (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 432

*Given by: Completing quest 432

*Description: Of course, Mer-Kil declined my offer to fight for our side. Being
the ancient creature he is, our mundane struggles are of no interest to him.
He did promise to tell me more about the location of the hub and even agreed
to release the slaves from his breeding tunnels- but only if I can kill the
Carnach, yet another creature from another dimension. According to the old
dragon, the Carnach has learned how to use the magic energy, which makes
him a considerable threat to Mer-Kil.

*Instructions: Yeah it's boss fight time. You know it. Go kill that horrible
flaming demon monster thing, and head back.

*Checkpoint: Killed Carnach

*Completion: Returned to Mer-Kil

*Reward: Unlocks swamp/jungle, quest 496!


[434] Quick Help

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Passing by Lizardman settlement (Northern Hissil'Ta)

*Description: On my way through the swamp I met some Lizardmen. Most of them
were members of some cult, and only a few of them even had a name. They are
fighting and I decided to help the weaker party.

*Instructions: Yeah gotta be quick on this one. Rush in and take out the
cultists before all the Lizardmen are dead, then talk to the guy there to
end the quest.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists

*Completion: Talked to Lizardman leader

*Reward: A good feeling.


[435] A Letter Home

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Novice of the Nameless (Sethiaz)

*Description: A young cultist seems to be a bit homesick. He has asked me to
take a letter to his family, assuring them that he is in good health and
spirits. I am traveling in that direction anyway, so why not?

*Instructions: Well boy the first checkpoint isn't that far, could it be that
we're already in the right cit... NOPE. It's an ambush by those jerks in the
nameless cult. You should have no problem mopping the floor with them, then
proceed on to the REAL checkpoint. Talk to the dad there.

*Checkpoint: Talked to cultists, killed cultists

*Completion: Talked to patriarch

*Reward: Unlocks quest 437


[436] The Other Trophy Hunt

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Brombar (Asui'thaz)

*Description: A rare creature dwells within the swamps- the Hydra. Many
hunters have come to the swamps hoping to take home a Hydra head for their
mantlepiece. There are a number of poachers among them who hope to make a
fortune with the heads. I have been asked to turn the tables on the poachers
and collect their heads as a warning to others.

*Instructions: A "go there kill them" type of mission. I'm not entirely sure
how these three losers managed to kill a hydra, because they fall to your
blade without a lot of trouble. What you really have to look out for is the
monsters along the way.

*Checkpoint: Got heads

*Completion: Returned to Brombar

*Reward: A tiny amount of gold!


[437] A Good Father

*Available To: Any who completed quest 435

*Given by: Patriarch (Asui'thaz) 

*Description: The young cultist's father was quite calm. He respects his son's
decision, although it has been quite a blow to the famil. He has given me
a basket of personal bleongings to take to his son.

*Instructions: This one is pretty short. Just head out the door and run into
some cultists. They say either give over the basket or fight! I would
personally go with a fight. Accept to fight, or otherwise deny to get the
next quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to priest

*Completion: Made decision

*Reward: Unlocks quest 438


[438] Gifts

*Available To: Any who completed quest 437

*Given by: Priest (Asui'thaz)

*Description: I didn't want to break the law, so I decided to hand over the
basket to the Priest. But the Priest said that some things are more important
in this world than the law. I will take the basket to the novice now.

*Instructions: Awww a sweet quest. 





[439] A Feast

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Patriarch Gab (Asui'thaz)

*Description: Patriarch Gab is expecting guests. He wants to serve them
Swampbelly Toads, but unfortunately his son and a few friends plundered the
pantry so his meal is missing the main ingredient: Swampbelly Toads. I'll
have to kill a few toads to make the feast possible.

*Instructions: Kind of a nice "get to know the swamps" type of a quest. You're
looking for turtles, not frogs, mudsnappers to be exact. When you find 'em
blast 'em, and you should have explored a good portion of the swamp by then.
Head on back to finish up the mission.

*Checkpoint: Got toads

*Completion: Returned to Gab

*Reward: Gold and XP


[440] Poacher

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Gurz (Asui'thaz)

*Description: A Lizardman has a culinary problem. A poacher is catching all his
delicious swampfish, and it can't continue. That's why he asked me to bring
him the poacher. First I should go and check the good fishing spots.

*Instructions: Sort of a "get to know the village" kind of quest. You will
check the various fishing spots. When you meet the poacher he'll want to
rumble, but believe me you can take him. Once you do, he'll follow you right
back to the fisherman.

*Checkpoint: Arrived at points, talked to fisherman, defeated fisherman.

*Completion: Returned to Gurz

*Reward: 3667 gold


[441] The Bloodthirsty Mercenaries

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Dying Traveler (Just north of Hissil'Ta)

*Description: I found the remains of a destroyed caravan by the wayside. Three
Lizardmen are still alive and one of them asked me to get Ganglith the
Healer from Hissil'Ta. Without his help they won't live to see another day.

*Instructions: This quest essentially ends as soon as you get it, but now
you can talk to the healer in Hissil'ta. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Ends after talking to the lizard

*Reward: Lets you get quest 443 


[442] Dog Tags

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ritual Master (Hissil'Ta)

*Description: There are a lot of undead soldiers roaming around an old
battlefield. I have to collect 15 identification disks from them, then take
them to the ritual master so that he can commemorate the dead.




*Reward: 8068 gold


[443] Dangerous Medicine

*Available To: Any who completed quest 441

*Given by: Ganglith (Hissil'Ta)

*Description: Ganglith gave me some herbs that are supposed to help. 
Unfortunately he can't come himself because he is desperately needed in
Hissil'Ta. I'm to take the herb to the Lizardmen, but this doesn't
guarantee that they'll be healed.

*Instructions: So this one is pretty simple. Just head on back to that
Lizardman caravan and talk to the guys. This medicine is some pretty serious
business, and it kills three of the guys, which then ends the mission and
unlocks 444.

*Checkpoint: Talked to first caravaner

*Completion: Talked to second lizardman

*Reward: Unlocks quest 444


[444] Man in the Background

*Available To: Any who completed quest 443

*Given by: Lizardman in caravan (North of Hissil'ta)

*Description: The Lizardman Kattizh survived the treatment and told me who
was responsible for the attack. They were attacked by several mercenaries of
various species and were told them [sic] that a merchant named Fur'urh sent
his regards. Kattizh knows where to find him and we are going to him right

*Instructions: Another "not that hard" quest. Head into town and talk to the
guy. OH GOOD another idiot who has decided to fight you. He is peas easy, and
will crumple if you poke him too hard. Poke him too hard. Then talk to him.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Fur'urh, defeeated Fur'urh

*Completion: Talked again

*Reward: Unlocks quest 445


[445] The Long Arm of the Law

*Available To: Any who completed quest 444

*Given by: Fur'urh (Hissil'ta)

*Description: Kattizh would have liked to kill the merchant, but it is 
probably a better idea to turn him over to the guards.

*Instructions: Yeah I mean pretty much just go to the guards and, you know, 
talk to them. That's pretty much it? Anyway. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to guard

*Reward: Unlocks quest 446


[446] Belated Justice

*Available To: Any who completed quest 445

*Given by: Kattizah (Hissil'ta)

*Description: Kattizh asked me to do one last favor for him. I'm supposed to
find and kill the mercenaries. Justice must be served, so I'll make my way
towards Hesheth Heights.

*Instructions: Yeah you do that! You make your way there! Only be ready for
a whole mess of mercenaries. No dwarf (dang) but an orc, and ogre, a human,
an a lizardman. Well be ready to thump 'em good, because they're gonna
mob you!

*Checkpoint: talked to mercenary

*Completion: Killed all the mercenaries

*Reward: Gold and JUSTICE, my friend.


[447] Too Many Parties

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lizardman Priest Lazzila (Hissil'ta)

*Description: Lazzila the old Lizardman Priest is furious. He thinks that all
the festivities in the region are a sign of immorality. He's written a 
sermon and asked me to take it to the family elders in the nearby villages.

*Instructions: OK a drop off mission. Your first stop is Neithu'thaz so head
there. After that head to Asui'thaz to end this quest.

*Checkpoint: Reached Neithu'thaz

*Completion: Reached Asui'thaz

*Reward: Unlocks quest 470


[448] Studying the Past

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Hussian the Lizard Historian (Hissil'ta)

*Description: Hussian the Historian is interestd in a battle that took place
here many ages ago. Unfortunately few records of the battle exist. Apparently
the Cult of the Nameless has ways of communicating with the undead. Hussian
has asked me to make contact with the cult. 

*Instructions: A pretty easy go here talk to this guy quest. You're looking for
a camp far to the southwest. Head there and talk to the creepy cultistm'n.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to cultist

*Reward: Unlocks quest 485


[449] All Natural Products

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Old Lizard Kremdiss (Hissil'ta)

*Description: A Lizardman has asked me to bring him some Werewolf pelts for his
mattress. He hopes the pelts will alleviate his backache.

*Instructions: The werewolves you're looking for are in the very southeast of
the swamp, all hanging out there. Kill them and get the pelts, remembering as
always to try to take them on one at a time. Carry some health potions too!
Not just any Werewolf will do, mind you.

*Checkpoint: Got wolf pelts

*Completion: Returned to Kremdiss.

*Reward: 8068 gold


[450] Water Samples

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Gagthoz the Alchemist (Hissil'ta)

*Description: The alchemist Gagthoz asked me to accompany him on his rounds
to the various watering holes. He wants to take some samples close to the
T-Energy lines. 

*Instructions: Alright woo! Time for another one of those awesome escort
missions that don't at all make me want to cry or bang my head against a wall
until I'm unconscious. This water sampler guy is a scientist, and a bit of a
wimp. By this I mean he can take like three hits from ANYTHING, and he's 
toast. Also the swamp is packed with enemies. Clear them out, and remember to
activate the teleporter in town. The best way to complete this mission is to
just charge headlong into all three of the water sample sites- they are linear,
and close together. Touch all of them then teleport back into town, and reach
the waypoint and talk to Gagthoz.

*Checkpoint: Reached waypoints

*Completion: Talked to Gagthoz

*Reward: I just got XP


[451] Desire for Unity

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Negotiator (Hissil'ta)

*Description: I'm supposed to escort some Lizardmen to a secret meeting place.
They want to negotitate a peaceful coexistance there. 

*Instructions: Just take the guy to the place. Watch that he doesn't die, which
is quite easy for him to do. 

*Checkpoint: Reached meeting place

*Completion: Talked to negotiator

*Reward: You brokered peace between some lizards.


[452] Out of the Test Tube

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Laak (Hissil'Ta)

*Description: An alchemist is said to have created a tincture that has the
same effect as marigolds. If that's true it would be a pioneering invention
for all Lizardmen. They wouldn't have to harvest marigolds anymore, which
they need to help them hold back the mists. I should visit the alchemist and
ask him for the recipe. 

*Instructions: Head down south to find the alchemist. Hey, who're those guys
around him? CULTISTS? Attack!

*Checkpoint: Talked to cultist

*Completion: Defeated cultists

*Reward: Unlocks quest 474


[453] Family Party

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Patriarch Sir'zzel'Kriss (Hissil'Ta)

*Description: A Lizardman asked me to tell his relatives about the party. I
have to visit three families.

*Instructions: Well the first guy is in Sar'thaz to the northwest, so head
there. Next up is Asui'thaz for a stop, which is due north. The final stop is
in Sethiaz.

*Checkpoint: Reached Sar'thaz, reached Asui'thaz

*Completion: Reached Sethiaz

*Reward: 3667 gold


[454] Dry Roads

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Red the Builder (Northeast of Marigold Fields)

*Description: Fed the Builder wants to drain the swamp so he can develop the
land. He needs some more materials, so I need to find ten rat pelts and five
branches from a gnar'tree.

*Instructions: This is a seek and find quest that's good for introducing you
to the wonders of the swamp. Mostly it's wet and there are rats and tree
branches, but you know. It's cool. So head into the swamp, and follow your
nose to killing all the little baddies. Collect the fur and branches and
head back.

*Checkpoint: Got fur/branches

*Completion: Returned to Red

*Reward: Gold and XP


[455] The Dream Vampire

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Miraculaz Village Priest (Sar'thaz)

*Description: A mysterious creature that calls itself a Dream Vampire has
infested a village. If it isn't stopped then it will destroy all the 
inhabitants of the village. I must defeat this being, but that is only
possible in a dream. I'm going to take a nap.

*Instructions: A go there kill this mission, the dream vampire is hiding out
in dreamland, which looks suspiciously similar to regular land with a few
special effects. Go up the tower to sleep (???) and you'll appear in dream
land. There is really only one way to go so go there, talk to the vampire,
and kill he. Return.

*Checkpoint: Climbed tower, talked to vampire, killed vampire, returned.

*Completion: Returned to Priest

*Reward: Some cash, some XP. The usual.


[456] Hunting the Henchmen

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Patriarch Astakaz (Sar'thaz)

*Description: The leader of a tribe of Lizardmen has asked me to bring him
the heads of five cultists. He is sick and tired of the cult and has decided
to join the resistance. 

*Instructions: Yeah well this is an ok first step I guess. Just head to the
place marked on your map and be ready for a tussle when you do get there.
The cult isn't happy to see you. Kill them and head back.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists

*Completion: Returned to Astakaz

*Reward: Money and XP, a potion too.


[457] Skin Complaints

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Zizhar (Sar'thaz)

*Description: Old Zizhar has a skin inflammation and can't stop the itching.
He can't visit the healer because his complaint is so contagious. Zizhar 
has asked me to fetch a lotion from Mizz the healer. 

*Instructions: Yeah um just go talk to the healer. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to healer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 458


[458] Strange Ingredients

*Available To: Any who completed quest 457

*Given by: Healer (Sar'thaz)

*Description: The old healer needs some bat brains for his skin lotion. I have
to get the brains from the bats that live near the big tree.

*Instructions: This is a seek nd find quest- go to the bats, kill them
get their brains, return.

*Checkpoint: Got bat brains

*Completion: Returned to healer

*Reward: Unlocks quest 459


[459] As Long as it Works

*Available To: Any who completed quest 438

*Given by: Healer (Sar'thaz)

*Description: I'll bring Zizhar the lotion now. Hopefully his skin complaint
will heal quickly.  This stuff smells horrible. I had better hurry!

*Instructions: Yeah just bring the guy his lotion. Nothin' fancy about it.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Brought Zizhar his lotion

*Reward: Some money some gold and don't think about his skin condition.


[460] Deadly Blue

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Graziss (Neithu'thaz)

*Description: A guard spoke about some mutated beings that are somewhere
around here. I'm supposed to kill some of them.

*Instructions: Yeah this is a tough follow your nose style mission. Expect
tough resistance from the mutants!

*Checkpoint: Killed mutants

*Completion: Returned to Graziss

*Reward: 15,937 gold


[461] Green Gold

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Cocaspepsis The Blind (Neithu'thaz)

*Description: A blind old Lizardman has asked me to bring him some jade from
the mountains. His eyesight is poor and he cannot collect jade anymore himself.

*Instructions: The pieces of jade you want are against the eastern
mountains, just kind of hanging out. Head on over there and pick them up. This
is a good time to explore this region too. Head on back for some gold.

*Checkpoint: Found jade

*Completion: Returned to Cocaspepsis

*Reward: Gold in exchange for jade? Good trade.


[462] The Dead Hold the Street

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Village Elder Thiraz'Shir (Neithu'thaz)

*Description: The village elder Thiraz'Shir asked me to clear the street to
Hissil'Ta of all undead. The walking and ecaying things are blocking the

*Instructions: BOY do I hope you enjoy taking out undead, because you're in
for a killing spree. You'll be taking out 50 count them 50 of the monsters,
but you don't have to take them all on at once! Pick your battles, try to do
one on one matchups, and this will be over before you know it. 

*Checkpoint: Killed 50 undead

*Completion: Returned to elder

*Reward: Some neat gear


[463] Treasure Hunting

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Nar'Zhul (Neithu'thaz)

*Description: This old fellow wants me to explore the fortress. Alright then
I will!

*Instructions: The fort is to the southwest. Head there and look in the
treasure chest for some goodies. Well not so much goodies as "an old rotting
book". Maybe the guy wants it? Head on back.

*Checkpoint: Found book

*Completion: Returned to Nar'Zhul

*Reward: Gold and Gratitidue


[464] A Picnic in the swamps

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ithiz'Tu (Neithu'thaz)

*Description: Some of the members of a tribe of Lizardmen have failed to
return from a picnic. A Lizardman warrior has asked me to help him search for
his missing brothers. I can't refuse his request for aid.

*Instructions: Head to the east where the picnic spot is, and keep an eye
on your buddy. He likes to run facefirst into the enemies. It's no "picnic"
(ho ho!) when you get him there either.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reached swamp

*Reward: Starts quest 465


[465] Poor Souls

*Available To: Any who completed quest 464

*Given by: Completing quest 464

*Description: It seems the Lizardmen chose a picnic spot that was a little too
close to a T-Energy field. They are all horrible mutated and it's not a pretty
sight. I'll put these poor creatures out of their misery.

*Instructions: Yeah go ahead and kill them quickly, trying to keep your 
buddy alive.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Killed mutants

*Reward: Unlocks quest 466


[466] Life Without Meaning

*Available To: Any who completed quest 465

*Given by: Completing quest 465

*Description: (none given)

*Instructions: Just talk to the lizardman to finish this off. Poor guy.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Lizardman

*Reward: 8068 gold


[467] Haiku!

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Hunuizz (Neithu'thaz)

*Description: A Lizardman who speaks in strange riddle and poems wants to be
accompanied to a poetry competition in the capital. He's a funny fellow, that's
for sure.

*Instructions: A straight-up escort quest. This works best if you've activated
the teleporter in the main city, otherwise be on your guard. Just make it
there to finish the mission.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Made it to checkpoint

*Reward: Unlocks quest 468


[468] The Competition

*Available To: Any who completed quest 467

*Given by: Completing quest 467

*Description: We have reached the capital. The Master will be able to
participate in the haiku competition. I hope he wins!

*Instructions: Just talk to the guy for your reward.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to haiku master

*Reward: 5668 gold


[469] The Olm Farm

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lutzz (Neithu'thaz)

*Description: One of the Lizardmen wants to start an Olm farm. He has asked
me to bring him five eggs so that he can start breeding them. 

*Instructions: You're looking for a cave where the breeding Olms live, and 
it's to the southeast. Head there and go in. It's actually pretty safe, there
aren't as many Olms as you'd think. Follow your nose to the breeding ones,
kill them and get their eggs. Return.

*Checkpoint: Got Olm eggs

*Completion: Returned to Lutzz

*Reward: A cut of the profits! In the form of gold.


[470] Succesful Missionary Work?

*Available To: Any who completed quest 447

*Given by: Completing quest 447

*Description: One more delivery and then I'll be finished...

*Instructions: Yeah this one is actually a lot better than the others. And
I'm not sure why because the elder you are giving it to is in the cult town
of Hisui'Sui. Anyway head there and talk to him.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Hisui'Sui elder

*Reward: Gold money.


[471] Hassl'toh The Shaman

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Shaman Hassl'toh (Southwest of Hissil'Ta)

*Description: I met shaman Hassl'toh deep in the swamps. He was out foraging
for ingredients for his muck soup and has asked me to escort him home.
The swamp olms have beclme a plague in this area, and the shaman fears for his
life. He has promised to reward me with 3 magic potions.

*Instructions: It's a tough trek through the swamp, fortunately the good
Shaman is decent at staying out of trouble and if you can clear the path with 
efficiency he'll be ok.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reached House

*Reward: Unlocks quest 472, 3 magic potions


[472] Spider Silk Bags

*Available To: Any who completed quest 471

*Given by: Shaman Hassl'toh (his home)

*Description: After I escored the shaman home he asked me to gather some
ingredients for his much soup. He needs 10 spider silk bags, and each bag
must be cut from the body of a living spider.

*Instructions: Man this is gross business. This is one of those quests where
the enemies you're looking for are SO NUMEROUS that you shouldn't have any
trouble whatsoever. Get the bags, return.

*Checkpoint: Got the spider silk bags

*Completion: Returned to Hassl'toh

*Reward: 3 potions, unlocks quest 473


[473] ...and Olms to Round it Off

*Available To: Any who completed quest 472

*Given by: Shaman Hassl'toh (his home)

*Description: Hassl'toh wants to make his neighborhood safer. He has asked me
to kill thirty olms. he wants to sell some more of his swill... er soup in

*Instructions: Well on the downside you got to find thirty of the buggers. On
the upside they are swarming everywhere, so that shouldn't be a huge issue. 
Heh bet you didn't think that would ever be a positive. So anyway yeah I mean
just kill them and get on back.

*Checkpoint: Killed 30 olms

*Completion: Talked to Shaman

*Reward: Unlocks quest 476


[474] Dangerous Grounds

*Available To: Any who completed quest 452

*Given by: Completing quest 452

*Description: Some cultists are attacking the alchemist. I have to save him!

*Instructions: Yeah basically just wipe out the cultists real quick and talk
to the alchemist, who now wants to get home. It helps if you have the teleport
beacon activated in the city, otherwise slog your way there. Once done,
talk to the original quest giver for your treat.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists, talked to alchemist, made it to city

*Completion: Talked to questgiver

*Reward: Gold n' gear


[475] The Family Grave

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Relative (East of Hissil'Ta)

*Description: I can hear the sound of battle coming from the grave site. The
cultists want to tear down graves belonging to a Lizardman family. I have
to help the Lizardmen defend the graves.

*Instructions: Not too bad. The brothers can hold their own while you wade in
and make short work of the cultists. Kill lots of 'em and kill them fast. 
When it's all done talk to the questgiver.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists

*Completion: Talked to questgiver

*Reward: A potion, some XP, and rest for the dead.


[476] I hope you're fine!

*Available To: Any who completed quest 473

*Given by: Completing quest 473

*Description: Five Lizardmen from the cult have appeared out of nowhere and
are trying to kill the shaman, just because they don't like his soup! I can't
let them do that! I must help the shaman!

*Instructions: Yeah just take out the cultists. They are a little tough but
not too bad.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists

*Completion: Talked to shaman

*Reward: His gratitiude and MORE potions.


[477] Silver!

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Well Manager Erik (Lizurath)

*Description: There's a lot of commotion in Lizareth. They stumbled upon a
shiny metal while working on the well. In the worst case scenario, it could be
silver. I'm supposed to take a sample of the metal for analysis to a scholar.

*Instructions: Yeah just a go here talk to this person kind of quest. You'll
be wanting to hit the camp to the west, and the guy there identifies the 
metal as just copper. I wonder if he's telling the truth... anyway head

*Checkpoint: Talked to identifier

*Completion: Returned to Erik

*Reward: 2200 gp and some happy werewolves


[478] Personal Hygeine

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Liara (Lizurath)

*Description: A young Werewolf named Liara has asked me to retrieve her
shampoo from the wreckage of the caravan. She is having problems adjusting to
her fur.

*Instructions: A really simple one. Just leave the village and go to the
site of the destroyed caravan. Make sure you pick up the health potions here
as well as her shampoo.

*Checkpoint: Got shampoo

*Completion: Returned to Liara

*Reward: 2200 gp and she is less flea covered.


[479] Beautiful Olm Heads

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Werewolf Jack (Lizurath)

*Description: One of the Werewolves collects shrunken heads. He likes to cure
and shrink olm heads, apparently it's a great way to deal with stress. The
Werewolf explained that he is a clumsy hunter and tears teh olms to shreds when
he tries to hunt them himself, so he has asked me to bring him five olm

*Instructions: I personally found the drop rate on this one to be kind of
crappy, so be ready to kill lots o' Olms. When you do drop them, get the
heads. They can be found anywhere in the swamp, but make sure you kill the
marked ones for best droprates.

*Checkpoint: Got Olm brains

*Completion: Returned to Jack

*Reward: A health potion


[480] Hydra Tongues

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Werewolf Dorothee (Lizurath)

*Description: A female werewolf has challenged me to a contest to find out
who is the better hydra hunter. I'm supposed to collect the hydras' tongues.
Dorothee needs nine tongues from three hydras.

*Instructions: There are a bunch of these things milling around outside
town, and more good news is they seem to be weaker than your standard
Hydra. Kill them and take the tongues.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Got all Hydra tongues

*Reward: Unlocks quest 481


[481] A Draw?

*Available To: Any who completed quest 480

*Given by: Completing quest 480

*Description: I think the werewolf was more interested in the tongues than the
competition. Anyway, it was a draw.

*Instructions: It's over as soon as it starts

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Finishes when talking to Dorothee

*Reward: Satisfaction?


[482] Chewing Tobacco

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Werewolf Milla (Lizurath)

*Description: The Werewolves are having marital problems. I werewolf woman
wants me to surprise her husband with some chewing tobacco to make up for her
jealous behavior. She has asked me to gather 15 chewing tobacco leaves in the
mountain foothills

*Instructions: That 'ol Tobacco is just kind of lying there, against the 
southeast and southern mountains in the Swamp. Watch out for monsters, and go
collect it. You'll need 15 leaves. 

*Checkpoint: Got the leaves

*Completion: Returned to Milla

*Reward: Potion and a saved marriage


[483] The Werewolf Hunt

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Junius (Lizurath)

*Description: A resident of the Werewolf village has asked me to kill eight of
the wild Werewolves that are marauding around the countryside. They have been
attacking the Lizardmen and endangering the peace between the Lizardmen and
the Werewolves.

*Instructions: The Werewolves you're angling for are in the southeast part of
the map, just kind of hanging out. Make sure you don't get mobbed by them. 
Once they are all toast you can kind of head on back.

*Checkpoint: Killed werewolves

*Completion: Returned to Junius

*Reward: 2600 gold and you saved the town's reputation


[484] Orc Marauders

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Simon (Lizurath)

*Description: I am accompanyting a band of free Werewolves on a campaign
against the Orcs. The Orcs have invaded the swamps and are killing all the
Hydras. It's strange but these Werewolves really seem to like the Hydras.
Everyone has different tastes I guess. Onward! To war!

*Instructions: So head to the waypoint, which then gives you another waypoint
where 12 orcs are fighting against some Hydras. You'll want to kill both
the hydras and the orcs (which is weird, given the nature of the quest, but
oh well). Return to town when it's done. Take out the orcs quickly to
preserve your werewolf buddies.

*Checkpoint: Reached waypoint, killed orcs

*Completion: Talked to mayor

*Reward: 11,003 gold.


[485] A Fair Deal

*Available To: Any who completed quest 448

*Given by: Cult Priest (West southwest of Hissil'ta)

*Description: The cultists have offered to give me a potion that will enable
me to speak with the undead. I have to bring them 20 of the dog tags worn by
the undead in exchange. It sounds like a fair deal to me. 

*Instructions: Yeah dude just basically wants 20 dog tags real bad. You can
get them by killing zombies, see. Go do it. Go kill those zombies. They are
all around, so follow your nose to them. Keep in mind if they have fallen
but are going to resurrect (so annoying) they won't drop. So just because one
fell down and didn't drop a tag doesn't mean to give up. Once you get 'em get
back to the cultist who will mix you up a potion when you talk to him twice.
Then follow your nose to the meeting point to start the next quest

*Checkpoint: Got tags, returned to cultist, talked to cultist

*Completion: Arrived at waypoint

*Reward: Unlocks quest 486


[486] Studying the Past- Part Two

*Available To: Any who completed quest 485

*Given by: Completing quest 485

*Description: The potion seems to be working. I can hear the whispering 
voices of the undead. I wonder what they'll have to say.

*Instructions: Yeah so just run around and talk to all the folks as they light
up on your minimap. You get a nice lil' historical perspective on the war.
After that head back to town.

*Checkpoint: Talked to skeletons

*Completion: Returned to Historian

*Reward: Bloody Lance, gold


[487] Venomous Prey

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Qui'Sizz (Far southwest of Hissil'ta)

*Description: A Lizardman hunter needs some glands from swamp spiders for his
hunting poison. he has asked me to get the glands.

*Instructions: Man WHERE EVER ARE WE GOING TO FIND SPIDERS ok I will stop 
being sarcastic. Yeah just kill them and head back.

*Checkpoint: Killed spiders

*Completion: Returned to Qui'Sizz

*Reward: Gold and XP


[488] The Oracle

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Leader of the Nameless (Hisui'Sui)

*Description: The cultists are fighting over whether their traditional evening
meal should consist of toadquark or spider ragout. Obviously it's just the
kind of decision that demands divine intervention. They have asked me to 
consult the Oracle, whatever or whoever that is.

*Instructions: The oracle is on the far western edge of the swamp, so go talk
to her. That's all there is to this quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Oracle

*Reward: Unlocks quest 491


[489] Stirring Memories

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Karra'Kh (Hisui'Sui)

*Description: A Lizardman has asked me to visit some of the cultists and find
out whether they really have forgotten their past lives.

*Instructions: A get to know you quest for the village. Just go to the
different folks and talk to them. They clearly remember their past. So head
back to the questgiver.

*Checkpoint: Talked to quest givers

*Completion: Returned to Karra'Kh

*Reward: Relic of the arcane


[490] Homesickness

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Cultist Rizzil (Hisui'Sui)

*Description: Rizzil, a novice of the Cult of the Nameless, is tired of life
in the cult and wants to return to his home. He is uncertain if his family
will welcome him back. He's written a letter and asked me to deliver it to
his family. I wonder how they'll react?

*Instructions: Well the dad is in Hissil'ta, so go talk to him. He is a bit
gruff, but seems to care for his kid overall, so go fetch him home.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to father

*Reward: Unlocks quest 493


[491] The Robes of the Dead

*Available To: Any who completed quest 488

*Given by: Oracle (Western Swamp)

*Description: The Oracle has asked me to hunt down some Lichs and bring him
their robes. He will not answer my question unless I collect enough robes.

*Instructions: I bet he totally could answer it at any time and he's just
being a jerk.
The liches are, as I'm sure you've noticed, among the most
rare of the undead, so you'll want to follow your nose to find them. Keep in
mind they all have at least one regeneration, so stay on top of them until
they drop the robes. Collect and bring back.

*Checkpoint: Got lich robes

*Completion: Returned to Oracle

*Reward: Unlocks quest 492


[492] The Die is Cast

*Available To: Any who completed quest 491

*Given by: Oracle (Western swamp)

*Description: The Oracle has spoken. Toadquark will continue to be our
traditional evening mean. Well, I wasn't expecting that.

*Instructions: Yeah so just head on back and talk to the guy. He'll be happy
to hear what you said and give you a reward.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to original quest giver

*Reward: 3576 GP


[493] Go Home!

*Available To: Any who completed quest 490

*Given by: Rizzil (Hisui'Sui)

*Description: Rizzil is ready to go, we can leave at once.

*Instructions: Ok as soon as this starts you get BUM RUSHED by a bunch of angry
cultists. It helps if you've cleared the area of monsters beforehand. You have
to take them out while protecting Rizzil. Handle that, he's got some good
health fortunately, and teleport back to Hissil'Ta.

*Checkpoint: Killed cultists

*Completion: Returned to father

*Reward: 6706 Grateful coins.


[494] Trojans

*Available To: Any who completed quest 367

*Given by: Entering the cave in the south of Bengaresh

*Description: Thieves have infiltrated the Temple Guardian's facility and are
using it for another purpose. No cooperation possible. Termination initiated.

*Instructions: Not enough killing for you in that last quest? Well just hop
into this cave and talk to Ali baba. You will now have to kill him AND 
his fourty thieves. After that bloodbath you get the fourth key. Head down
to the jungle for the fifth. Turns out it's your "little brother", a little
android. Give him a talking to, and he'll join you. On your way to the 
Temple of Tears, you run into an envoy of the dragons. He wants to follow
you to make sure things work out alright. Head to the temple with your
invulnerable party, and find the serum. Finding it destroys it. Talk to the
dragon to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to alibaba. Killed all thieves, got fourth key, talked to
android, talked to dragon, destroyed serum

*Completion: Talk to dragon

*Reward: Unlocks quest 495


[495] Communication

*Available To: Any who completed quest 494

*Given by: Completing quest 494

*Description: This cannot be the end of it all. I must find more answers!

*Instructions: OK first off talk to your lil' bro to learn about the split, 
then head out of the temple to get attacked by some flying drones. Once they
are all taken out talk to the one that's left. He directs you to a temple
complex in northwest jungle, one that's a repair station. Once you head there
talk to the guy again, and find out there are 12 of those flying fish and
temple guardians in the compound to take out. Once that's done with follow your
nose to the five blueprints, then talk to your hologram. He gives you some
coordinates to go to.

*Checkpoint: Talked to little brother, defeated drones, talked to woosh, 
entered temple, destroy temple guards, get blueprints

*Completion: Talk to hologram

*Reward: Unlocks quest 552


[496] Family Ties (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 433

*Given by: Family Grackk (Asui'thaz)

*Description: I went into the swamp and found the family Grackk just like
Mer-Kill told me to. The Lizardmen seemed surprised that I wasn't a member of
a family. Apparenlty families mean a lot to them. Te leader of the family
Grackk was so concerned that he offered to adopt me. I sould go to the sacred
place of naming and talk to the shaman to recieve my name. I see no harm in
this, after all a rose by any other name would smell just as fragrant.

*Instructions: OK so head to the naming site. After a little mystical voodoo
talk to the priest twice to get inducted into the clan. Then you gotta bring
the list of names of some undead to the patriarch so they can put them down
for good. Seems simple enough, so just follow your nose to the quest circle
and OMG FOG BOSS MONSTER! Ok this one can be tough without knowing how to do
it, so remember to only attack the monster's minions. Once the monster is
dead talk to the patriarch, who says you need to build a memorial. Ok head to
that site to find a pitched battle with the undead. Pitch in and help, and
once they are dead talk to the patriarch, who builds the shrine. He then
sends you to Sar'thaz. Just head there and OMG ANOTHER FOG BOSS MONSTER!
Ok clear this one up like before, and proceed.

*Checkpoint: Talked to shaman twice, talked to clan leader, defeated fog
monster, talked to patriarch, arrived at site, destroyed undead, talked to
clan leader

*Completion: Destroyed second fog monster

*Reward: Unlocks quest 497


[497] Defying the Fog (light)

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Lizardman Companion (Sar'thaz)

*Description: The village was completely enveloped by the fog. I fought my
wah through to the home of my family member, able to push the fog back just
enough to free him. It seems that this fog has the ability to paralyze all
creatures unlucky enough to be engulfed by it. The fog cannot be fought
directly. To weaken it the summoned creatures must first be dispatched. My
brother said we must harvest lots of marigold to secure the village before
he can assist me.

*Instructions: Flower picking to save the world huh. Alright whatever. Go
ahead and pick ye the flowers, and when they are good and picked you'll talk
to your buddy and then decide to head south to the desert. Ok so it looks like
there is another fog monster. I know this is the big climactic boss fight but
whatever. Just waste it. After it's done talk to him and head through the
pass. Get to the oasis.

*Checkpoint: Picked 20 marigolds, talked to companion, destroyed fog monster

*Completion: Reached oasis

*Reward: Unlocks quest 498


[498] Throne of Conflict (light)

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Completing quest 497

*Description: None given

*Instructions: Talk to the guy standing there, then to your buddy, then to
the guy again. The lizard gets in the tribe and you head south. From here
you'll want to talk to a guy who directs you to get a fancy scroll of Devil's
Fire from a cave to the far east. There is a passage through the gully a little
north of Khorum. Get it and leave the cave to go talk to the guy who is set
to inherit the throne. He wants you go to find an alchemist for him. Check. 
Go to the guy in the north, and talk to him, watcing out for harpies. He says
he'll come with you, so make your way back down. Uh oh an escort. Bad feeling.
Talk to this guy twice, and he and his boys attack. They aren't much to speak
of, and remember that your escort is inuvlnerable. Once he's toast, the quest

*Checkpoint: Talked to desert man, got scroll, left cave, talked to prince,
found alchemist, talked to prince's envoy, killed envoy and guards

*Completion: Returned to Prince

*Reward: Unlocks quest 499


[499] Demise of a Scorpion (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 498

*Given by: The Prince (Khorum)

*Description: None Given

*Instructions: Ok it is scorpion killing time. Really? Garganthropod? Really?
Fine. Go down south to the caves where he lives, and find him. He's a big
scorpion which you should probably have expected. He will charge you and
poison you with that big tail, and every so once in a while he will go CRAZY
and turn white and do just a TON of damage. Make sure you keep away when he
is crazy like this. Pound on him and then set him on FIRE. You are awesome. 
The prince is now in Rajab for no good reason. Talk to him and he'll let you
go to the Jungle. 

*Checkpoint: Talked to prince, Kill scorpion, set scorpion corpse on fire, 
talk to prince

*Completion: Reach junle

*Reward: Unlocks quest 500


[500] The Forgotten City (light)

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Archaeologist (Archaeologist's camp)

*Description: I met an archaeologist in a campsite in the jungle. He told me
that he has found the pyramid of the Lost City, but hasn't been able to enter
yet because it's been guarded by a flying monster. If I want to enter it, I
need to kill this guardian first. If only the path to the pyramid wasn't so

*Instructions: Man this path isn't overgrown at ALL. Head down to the temple
where you'll find a big 'ol angry flying demon named "lava flow" I guess. Huh.
Well anyway you might have to go on a health potion IV drip for this battle
but you should be able to take it down. Once that's done head on into the 
temple. Activate the pillars for some MORAL LESSONS. Once you click on them
you'll talk to Liosaleth, your good buddy. Better go to the Dryads and get
that dang 'ol key!

*Checkpoint: Talked to archaeologist, reached temple, killed flying monster,
activated pillars

*Completion: Talked to Liosaleth

*Reward: Unlocks quest 501


[501] Green Islands (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 500

*Given by: Priestess (Aerendyr)

*Description: I went to the Dryad Island and found an Elven settlement. The
priestess told me that the Elves are being tolerated on the island because
they fight off repeated invasions from the Wastelands with their ships. She
also said that the Queen's decision is not relaly popular among the Dryads.
Many of them think that the Elves are destroying the island by farming,
mining, and cutting down the trees. In order to be allowed to go inland, I
must first earn the Dryad's trust. There is a strip mine to the west. I must
shut it down to stop the pollution of the air it causes by constantly belching
clouds of smoke into the sky.

*Instructions: Yeah so head on over to that stripmine, where the guards will
attack the goodness out of you. Beat them into the ground and head back, and
the priestess will be pleased. If you head north, you'll run into two orcs
who are now your buddies. They are invincible, so you might want to keep them
around while you clear out the rest of the island before continuing on with
the quest. Anyway when you are ready head to that camp. Take out the folks 
there and talk to the prisoner.

*Checkpoint: Reacher strip mine, killed guards, talked to priestess, found
orcs, killed bandits

*Completion: Talked to prisoner

*Reward: Unlocks quest 548


[502] Elixer of Visions

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Voodoo Witch Selagh (Aerendyr)

*Description: A witch wants to brew a potion that allows one to predict the
future. She needs a vial of T-Energy to complete this task. I'm supposed to
get this T-Energy for her.

*Instructions: This particular T-Energy is to the north, on a little patch of
land by the mountains. It isn't heavily guarded or anything, but the big
cats will definitely swarm you. Just hit the checkpoint and get on back there.

*Checkpoint: Got T-Energy

*Completion: Returned

*Reward: 11,229 gold, unlocks quest 505


[503] Sophisticated Taste

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Monitor Lizard Whisperer Kitja (Aerendyr)

*Description: Shiro, Kitja's Monitor Lizard, is quite finicky when it comes to
food. I'm supposed to get 5 kidneys from crazy jungle cats so he can properly
gorge himself on them. 

*Instructions: Yeah this is a seek and find style quest with some big cats,
where you have to kill them and take their kidneys. I can't make this stuff up
folks! Ok so follow your nose into the jungle, and kick the crap out of the
marked cats. Head back afterwards

*Checkpoint: Got cat kidneys

*Completion: Returned to Kitja

*Reward: General's Hoop (Ring)


[504] Medallion of Wrath

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Dryad Agent (Aerendyr)

*Description: A Dryad agent asked me to help her. A cursed medallion was stolen
from her and she must get it back before the thieves can cause any damage with

*Instructions: Oh man I don't like this quest. Ok so part of it is that it's
an escort quest, but it doesn't matter if your escort dies (sort of) so that's
nice. Head with her over to the east to talk to the pirates. Kill all of them.
That's what I mean by talk. Ok once they are all dead you can go and talk to
this guy that's alive now. Get to know him. You and he will diagree 
FUNDAMENTALLY on what it means for an entrance to "not be that far away". 
What doesn't help is that the stupid quest icon seems to indicate that you
want to go through the strip mine entrance. Maybe this used to be an
entrance? Maybe it is if you go through the main quest more? Anyway the actual
place you want is against the mountains on the west end of the island. Head
there and go into the tomb. Now you have to pass by the Forest Guardian to
get there and frankly I'm not sure if your Agent CAN stay alive through this 
whole trek. Mine certainly died. Head to the tomb, find the crpyt, kill the

*Checkpoint: Killed pirates, talked to pirate, reached tomb

*Completion: Killed mummy

*Reward: Unlocks quest 506


[505] Bon Voyage

*Available To: Any who completed quest 502

*Given by: Completing quest 502

*Description: None given

*Instructions: Yeah so you drink the thing and OMG MOONJUICE MUTANTS! Oh wait
what's that? We're not scared of them anymore? Fine. Blast them to smithereens
and you'll be teleported back. 

*Checkpoint: Killed the T-Energy mutants

*Completion: Talked to Sleagh

*Reward: Some potions


[506] The Medallion Returns

*Available To: Any who completed quest 504

*Given by: Completing quest 504

*Description: Since Aurora didn't survive, I should give the medallion to 
someone else. It seems very important that the medallion is safely stowed away.

*Instructions: The guard you're looking for is back in Aerendyr. Teleport there
and give them the medallion

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Gave guard medallion

*Reward: Some nice gear


[507] Priest Ordination

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Kybele Priest (Dyr-Lain north of Aerendyr)

*Description: A Kybele priest has asked me to help her look for a missing
huntress. She's been sent to get some oblations for an ordination, but
nobody has heard from her in two days. 

*Instructions: Yeah my priest died :(. Gonna retry this one next time thru

*Checkpoint: Priest dies

*Completion: Ouch

*Reward: No reward


[508] Make Room for New Blood

*Available To: Any (Dyr-Lain north of Aerendyr)

*Given by: Huntress Finidral

*Description: I'm supposed to hunt some old jungle cats. The animals become
more aggressive with age and keep attacking the dryads. 

*Instructions: They did kind of have to work hard to make the "Kill X of Y" 
quests make any sense here on Dryad Isle, but this one is at least a little
sensible I suppose. Ok so just head out and watch out because these 'ol
jungle cats can get fierce. 

*Checkpoint: Killed jungle cats

*Completion: Returned to Finidral

*Reward: 5066 gold


[509] Search for a New Home

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Tashol (Just south of Eloeth-Sun)

*Description: A desperate refugee from the desert is stranded on this island
with the rest of his clan. Thye are all sick and weak, so need help from the
Dryads. Tashol, the head of the clan, asked me to take him to them.

*Instructions: This guy just wants to go to Eloeth-Sun, so if the area is
reasonably clear of monsters you can just make a mad dash for it. Get up there
and talk to the Dryad to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to dryad

*Reward: Unlocks quest 510


[510] Medicine Against Jungle Fever

*Available To: Any who completed quest 509

*Given by: Dorwellya (Eloeth-Sun)

*Description: I'm supposed to accompany the shaman so we can gather the
ingredients for the medicine.

*Instructions: Hooo boy. Shaman wants five leaves from those stupid leaping
poison flowers, so you better watch out for her. There are plenty of the
flowers nearby, but watch out for getting mobbed by big cats. 

*Checkpoint: Got leaves

*Completion: Returned to village

*Reward: Unlocks quest 511


[511] Saved!

*Available To: Any who completed quest 510

*Given by: Dorwellya (Eloeth-Sun)

*Description: We have to go to the settlers quickly and prepare the medicine
for them.

*Instructions: Yeah so head down the coast- you shouldn't get mobbed too bad
if you just hug the coast- and talk to the settler lady. She wants an escort
back to Eloeth-Sun. Since you JUST came down this way, there shouldn't be any
monsters at all here. Reach the village to beat the quest

*Checkpoint: Talked to settler

*Completion: Reached Eloeth-Sun

*Reward: Unlocks quest 512


[512] Against the Blood Dryads

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Dorwellya (Eloeth-Sun)

*Description: I must defeat the Blood Dryad leader if I want the Dryads to
help the Humans.

*Instructions: Man you listen INTENTLY any time somebody tells you to do some
killin' because that is what your characer likes best. Said champion is in the
pyramid to the south, and won't start anything until you talk to her, so clear
out the remaining blood dryads, talk to her to start the fight. It's a bit of
a tricky one but nothing you can't handle. Take her out and head back.

*Checkpoint: Talked to blood dryad champion, killed champion

*Completion: Returned to Dorwellya 

*Reward: Some gold and the humans get cared for.


[513] Beggars Can't be Choosers

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Logistics Officer Sader (Eloeth-Sun)

*Description: The people of Eloeth-Sun need iron to ensure that new weapons
are available for reinforcements. They commissioned me to order the iron in
Slain Arathil.

*Instructions: This is on the northwest side of the island, there will be a
brigand there. This is a pretty easy quest, assuming you are up to taking on
some monsters, because all you have to do is go there and talk to the guy and
he agrees to do the shipment.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to brigand

*Reward: Some gold and you helped a village!


[514] Will-o'-Wisps

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Shaman Elafar (Eloeth-Sun)

*Description: The shaman needs 15 Will-o'-wisp essences. She wants to use
them to conjure up an Air Elemental that will protect the village.

*Instructions: The only real challenge with this mission is finding the stupid
things. They are tiny and white and glowy and hard to see- fortunately they're
lit up so get out there and kill 'em.

*Checkpoint: Got will o' the wisps

*Completion: Returned to Elefar

*Reward: Some potion


[515] The Perfect Green

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Artist Gwentir (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: An artist asked me to fetch him the venom sac of a Greenclaw. 
He plans to create the perfect green with it.

*Instructions: There is a big 'ol, mean 'ol spider up north. You'll want to
go there and take it out. It's quite poisonous but not too dangerous. Return
the green to the artist.

*Checkpoint: Killed spider

*Completion: Returned to Gwentir

*Reward: Just his gratitude


[516] Cat Over Board

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Anlimuj (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: A little girl's cats fell from the rail. Now the little tigers
are stuck in the underbrush. I'm going to do the little girl a favor and
find the cats.

*Instructions: Ok so just head into the door behind the girl to get teleported
down to ground level. Talk to the cats one by one and they TELEPORT back to
her. They didn't need your help at all! They were MOCKING YOU! WHY YOU OUGHT

*Checkpoint: Talked to cats

*Completion: Returned to Anlimuj

*Reward: Light Potion of Undead Death


[517] Outside Interferences

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Officer Sarana (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: Officer Sarana has asked me to raid a smuggler's camp and
retrieve eight T-Energy weapons. Zatina, a Blood Dryad is waiting for these
weapons and wants to harm the island with them. That must be prevented.

*Instructions: So head up north to Eloeth-Sun, where you'll find the brigands
camp. They are just kind of hanging out, so talk to the guard, and he'll let
his buddies know that you are attacking. Be ready for a big brawl, and once
they are dead head to the west to meet the arms dealer. There is another 
fight there, and once they are toast return to Dyr-Laigh.

*Checkpoint: Talked to gaurd, killed guards, got T-Energy weapons from camp,
killed weapons dealer's guards, killed Zatina

*Completion: Returned to Sarana

*Reward: 11,596 gold


[518] The Country Needs New Trees

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ranger Taegha (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: The ecosystem is threatening to collapse because the Blood Dryads
are clear-cutting the rainforest. Well, something like that anyway. New trees
must be planted in order to avert an irreversible climate change.

*Instructions: This is a "go there" quest that will introduce you to the 
rainforest north of Dyr-Laigh. You don't actually get to see any of the trees
growing, but you do get to know that in ten thousand years they'll be big and
strong. Yay?

*Checkpoint: Planted trees

*Completion: Returned to Taegha

*Reward: General's Legguards of burnished steel.


[519] One in a Million

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Dryad Shaman Meras (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: A shaman told me that once again there's a sentient tree, a
Na'Thurigh, in the forest. These trees are very rare. The shaman wants me
to escort him while he looks for the tree.

*Instructions: Boy I hope you like this guy because you will be with him for a
LONG haul. Follow your nose to the waypoints, they will lead you around the
west side of the island. You'll reach a number of waypoints, talk to the
Shaman at each of them to continue. Finally you'll meet a tree that gives you
a branch and then talk to the shaman to conclude the quest.

*Checkpoint: Reached waypoints, talked to shaman, talked to tree

*Completion: Checked back in with shaman

*Reward: Magical tree branch


[520] Bloody Rituals

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Guard Leandras (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: The Blood Dryads have kidnapped a Dryad family. If we don't
rescue them from the hands of their captors they certainly won't live very
much longer. I'll try to save these Dryads.

*Instructions: Boy you better do more than just TRY to save them. You better
actually get out there and FOR REAL save them. They are in a pyramid just to
the north of town, so head up there and kick the tar out of the priestess,
who is a shaman. 

*Checkpoint: Killed shaman

*Completion: Talked to family

*Reward: Unlocks quest 522


[521] The Metamorphosis

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Ligmissy (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: A Dryad huntress did not return from hunting. The other 
huntresses fear she might be dead. A Dryad also spoke of a monster trying to
invade the city. A guard was able to chase it away, but now she's in shock
and won't come out of her tree anymore. I'm spposed to make sure everything is
ok and defeat the monster, whatever it is.

up and talk to her.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to THE monster

*Reward: Unlocks quest 538


[522] Escort

*Available To: Any who completed quest 520

*Given by: Completing quest 520

*Description: Now I have to escort the family home safely.

*Instructions: Yeah just take them down into town. It's not that far of a walk
so you can probably just rush it and they won't die. Talk to the lady who
gave you the quest to begin with to end it.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Leandras

*Reward: Some gold some potion some thanks


[523] Voodoo Dolls

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Voodoo Witch Raerrae (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: Witch Raerrae needs new material for her voodoo dolls. I'm
supposed to get wood blanks from merchant Sovoyn, then emeralds from
Eoyrea the Jewler and finally balls of wood spider silk from Eveory the
Tailor. I'm off to Sorowyn first.

*Instructions: Well this is just a go there talk to this person kind of quest,
not too hard. You might have some trouble finding the people, but remember that
they're never on the ground level and you should be ok.   	 

*Checkpoint: Talked to first merchant, talked to second merchant

*Completion: Talked to third merchant

*Reward: Unlocks quest 541


[524] The Ancestors Chambers

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Mekilas (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: A Dryad couple's young daughter disappeared. She probably fell
into the hands of a dubious cult that calls itself the "Shadows of Life".
The mother left to look for her daughter some time ago and has disappeared as
well. I'm supposed to find them both. 

*Instructions: Well the lady at least isn't too hard to find. Simply get your
bad self headed down south, and she is in the mountains. Follow your nose to
her, and talk to her to end the quest. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to wife

*Reward: Unlocks quest 525


[525] The Thief

*Available To: Any who completed quest 524

*Given by: Timmune (South of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: Timmune sent me into a cave. First I'm supposed to find a thief
who managed to sneak into the cult's hiding place.

*Instructions: It's a hack and slash through the cult's headquarters, taking
out the rabid cultists along with some bats and other beasties. Once you
reach the thief, just talk to him.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to Thief

*Reward: Unlocks quest 526


[526] The Ancestors' Chambers

*Available To: Any who completed quest 525

*Given by: Thief Figmiyen (Cult's headquarters)

*Description: That thief is pretty good! She got the key for the west wing.
She'll only give it to me if I bring her warlady Durwagon's ring.

*Instructions: Man I don't care if you picked hero or villain, your eyes just
glow red when somebody mentions murder. There are a whole mess of cultists
down there, as well as the lady herself, who isn't anything special. She's
just a blood dryad warrior. Take her and her retinue out, and get back the

*Checkpoint: Got ring

*Completion: Returned to Figmiyen

*Reward: Unlocks quest 527


[527] The Crypt Wing

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Thief Figmiyen (Cult's headquarters)

*Description: Apparently along with the ghosts and undead in the west wing,
there is also a ghost conjurer who has a magical pendant. I'm supposed to
get the pendant.

*Instructions: My goodness, these facilities are QUITE extensive. When you
enter into the east wind you'll want to head south, the door to the garden is
locked. Wind your way past seemingly endless amounts of undead and bats, 
until you reach an "outdoors" area. You're still technically in a dungeon, but
it looks like gardens. Don't neglect the Temple of the Gods here, which is in
my opinion the hardest one to find. Pick you way down to the inquisitor who you
then murder, get his pendent, and take the teleporter door thing back down. 
Hit the waypoint on the way out of the wing and talk to Figmiyen

*Checkpoint: Got pendent

*Completion: Returned to Figmiyen

*Reward: Unlocks quest 528


[529] The Prison Wing

*Available To: Any who completed quest 528

*Given by: Thief Figmiyen (Cult's Headquarters)

*Description: Now I'm supposed to kill the dungeon master in the east wing,
and take his amulet to the thief. this dungeon master, Mazzagon, is apparently
totally crazy. He's locked himself in a room. I'm supposed to speak with the
dungeon master's secretary.

*Instructions: Wait, what? His SECRETARY? Do Dungeon Masters have to deal with
a lot of correspondance? Ugh whatever. Instead of there being ghosties and 
undead guys in this place there are a lot of cultists. Take them out in a big
battle royale (it helps if you have some invulnerable followers), and then
see the secretery who doesn't care if you off his boss. Some loyalty! Anyway
get the key, open the door, and take the man on. He's not that impressive,
though he gets his own name in the bad guy names book. Anyway break his bones
and get his pendant. Once you have it just head on back to get the next 
part of this long quest.

*Checkpoint: Talked to secretary, got pendent

*Completion: Returned to Figmiyen

*Reward: Unlocks quest 530


[530] The Last Room

*Available To: Any who completed quest 529

*Given by: Figmiyen (Cult's headquarters)

*Description: I got the key to sorcerer Mankauf's relaxation room. The cult's
grand master is said to prefer to take the form of a winged Demon when he is
resting. This is not going to be easy.

*Instructions: Eh it won't be that bad you pansy stop complaining. Get on in
there, and talk to the big flying fish. It is a huge brawl once you start that
conversation, so make sure you're ready. Once he and his harpy and griffin
boys are down, this quest is YOURS.

*Checkpoint: Talked to sorcerer

*Completion: Killed sorcerer and guards

*Reward: Unlocks quest 531


[531] Gilminga

*Available To: Any who completed quest 530

*Given by: Gilminga (Cult's headquarters)

*Description: Gilminga hid in a dark corner, once she found out that this
cult is not the place she had hoped to find. She's going to stay and collect
a few more treasure then she'll go home. Her poor worried mother also sent
a wizard to save her. That sure makes our journey back a lot easier. 

*Instructions: Boy it sure does make your return journey easier. In fact this
is just about the easiest quest. You get teleported out. Talk to the mother.
Get the reward. Boom.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talk to mother

*Reward: Some really nice gear. Who IS this lady?


[533] The Ghost Banquet

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Walking up to ghost (Logaeiar)

*Description: I met a rather communicative ghost in the ruins of the palace.
He claims that he used to be a prince and that hew as cursed by a witch along
with all his friends. Apparently it all began when he recieved a ring as a
wedding present.

*Instructions: Ok I know that I said last quest was the easiest one, but this
is even better. You don't even have to walk anywhere. Just talk to the ghost
to hear his sad story.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to ghost

*Reward: Unlocks quest 534


[534] The Shaman

*Available To: Any who completed quest 533

*Given by: Ghost (Logaeiar)

*Description: The ghost wants me to ask the shaman Ciloria in Dyr Laigh
how to lift the curse.

*Instructions: Just head on into the city and talk to her.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to shaman

*Reward: Unlocks quest 542


[535] Patience

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Priest Schellock (Temple of the Gods south of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: A priest asked me if I'm interested in a different kind of job.
Sure! Why not! I should talk to his brother Learchim.

*Instructions: The hard part is finding the dang temple in the first place.
Hug the north face of the valley between the mountains south of Dyr-Laigh
and you'll get here. From there head south in the valley and talk to
Learchim. Ok so he wants you to take out five plants, eh? No problem. Don't
leave the valley for this, just wander around until you find five of them
here. Return and... what's that? Five spiders? Sure thing. Same deal, wander
until you find five. NOW maybe we can get that reward. Nope. Five GIANT spiders
now. Grr. Now... gr. Now you have to find some other brothers. Alright well
let's hop to it! Now he says he has other brothers?! Oh great. Well the first
is in Aerendyr. You'll want to talk to him. First up is five jungle cats,
which aren't bad. Next is five tree ghosts, which are those walking tree 
things, then five jumping spitting plants. Talk to him again to get the
go-ahead to find Eldran, who directs you to kill 5 fire flowers. Next it's
five strong jungle cats, then five blood elves. He directs you then to
Findarl in Dyr-Laigh.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Learchim, talked to Gloran, talked to Eldran

*Completion: Talked to Findral

*Reward: Unlocks quest 547


[536] Green Gods: Lumen

*Available To: Any worshipper of Lumen

*Given by: Dryad Priesterin Tily Fihl (Temple of the Gods south of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: Dryad priestess Tily Fihl needs five white nettles for a ritual
in honor of the God Lumen. I've been asked to collect them.

*Instructions: Simply follow your nose to find them- they'll be scattered
around the nearby valley. Grab them, there are just five, and return. 

*Checkpoint: Got nettles

*Completion: Returned to Tily

*Reward: A potion and Lumen's blessing


[537] Shrunken Heads

*Available To: Any

*Given by: Laetynia

*Description: A Dryad asked me to get the heads of 20 Blood Dryads, so that
shrunken heads can be made out of them. That doesn't sound too hard.

*Instructions: Yeah it really isn't, either. There are just TONS of the blood
dryads around, and as long as you're careful and pick your fights well they
shouldn't really give you too much trouble. Get their heads and return.

*Checkpoint: Got blood dryad heads

*Completion: Returned to Laetynia

*Reward: Some gear


[538] Strange but True

*Available To: Any who completed quest 521

*Given by: THE monster (north of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: The mutated Dryad asked me to find a real giant spider and kill
it, so that I can tell the people in the Dryad settlement that the monster has
been defeated. 

*Instructions: Just find one, any hunting spider will do. You should get a
quest beacon for not too far away. Go there and kill it!

*Checkpoint: Killed spider

*Completion: Returned to THE monster

*Reward: Unlocks quest 539


[539] The Refuge

*Available To: Any who completed quest 538

*Given by: THE monster (North of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: I'm supposed to accompany the Spider-Dryad to a cave near here
now. Hopefully she will be safe now.

*Instructions: Well the cave isn't exactly a GREAT place to live, but it'll do.
The spider is pretty good about staying out of trouble but keep an eye open
her way as you fight your way through the jungle. It isn't far, and the cave
isn't long. Get there to complete the quest.

*Checkpoint: Reached temple entrance

*Completion: Reached cave

*Reward: Light potion of undead death, unlocks quest 540


[540] Little White Lie

*Available To: Any who completed quest 539

*Given by: Completing quest 539

*Description: I'm going to set out for the Dryads now.

*Instructions: Yeah just go and talk to the Dryad lady. 

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to dryad

*Reward: 2536 gold


[541] Wood Spider Silk

*Available To: Any who completed quest 523

*Given by: Tailor (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: The tailor has no more wood spider silk. I have to get him raw
silk from the wood spiders.

*Instructions: The wood spiders you want are just south of the main city, so
make your way down to ground level and head there. They are pretty easy to
to take out, so get the silk, get back to the tailor, and then to the
voodoo lady.

*Checkpoint: Killed spiders, talked to tailor

*Completion: Returned to voodoo priestess

*Reward: Some potions


[542] The Vision

*Available To: Any who completed quest 532

*Given by: Shaman Cilkoria (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: The shaman says that she is able to help but she must be close
to the prince's mummy. Once she is there she can invoke a vision that will
tell her what the next step should be. 

*Instructions: Well shaman wants to see the ghost? Shaman GETS to see the
ghost! We go south to meet her and watch out for the shaman's health. Once
we are there, talk to the shaman to end the quest.

*Checkpoint: Reached ghost

*Completion: Talked to Shaman

*Reward: Unlocks quest 543


[543] The Ring

*Available To: Any who completed quest 542

*Given by: Shaman Cilkoria (South of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: The shaman connected the curse to the ring. Apparently, the ring
is essential if we want to lift the curse. However the ring is hidden in an
evil place.

*Instructions: I wouldn't really say hidden, and the place isn't really more
evil than any other place. Just head to the ruins, grab the ring at the center
and talk to the shaman

*Checkpoint: Got ring

*Completion: Talked to Shaman

*Reward: Unlocks quest 544


[544] Invitation for the Ghost of a Prince

*Available To: Any who completed quest 543

*Given by: Shaman (ruins south of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: Now we have to go and visit the location where he was cursed and
take the prince along

*Instructions: Just get on back there and talk to the prince, buddy.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Talked to prince

*Reward: Unlocks quest 545


[545] The Ghost Banquet 

*Available To: Any who completed quest 544

*Given by: Ghost Prince (South of Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: The pince's ghost agreed to accompany us into the ruins of this

*Instructions: It's not too bad. Just get ye into the palace. There could be
a couple elementals hovering around, so blast them and get to the dining room.
Then talk to shaman.

*Checkpoint: Reached dining room

*Completion: Talked to the shaman

*Reward: Unlocks quest 546


[546] The Vindictive Witch

*Available To: Any who completed quest 545

*Given by: Completing quest 545

*Description: An unbelievable incident!! Juglal's ghost took over the shaman
and now she is threatening us all.

*Instructions: Man she better not threaten you! You have a big 'ol weapon
and you will use it to beat her to the GROUND. Do so and then talk to the

*Checkpoint: Defeated ghost

*Completion: Talked to prince

*Reward: Money and his eternal reward


[547] Solving the Riddle

*Available To: Any who completed quest 535

*Given by: Findarl (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: Now he wants me to slay five will-o'-the-wisps. Will this never

*Instructions: OK so head out and kill the wisps- lots of them just north of
the village. Now get back. What. A bet. Oh they are so lucky we don't just
kill them all. 

*Checkpoint: Killed wisps

*Completion: Returned to Findarl

*Reward: Some good gear (and there BETTER be some!)


[548] Lethal Crystal (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 501

*Given by: Queen (Dyr-Laigh)

*Description: I arrived at the main city and discovered the reason for the
unusual nature of the little girl I rescued- she is actually the Queen of the
Dryads! So many lives in the hands of one so young... She said she was
abducted by orders of the Grand Inquisitor to force her to reveal the location
of the key to him. The Queen told me that the key is hidden in the Crystal
Caves. It is safe there because the caves are being guarded by the
Facetiteiron- a monster so ferocious that no one has ever managed to get
past it.

*Instructions: Well YOU better get past it. The angriest crystal by far in 
this game is in a cave up north. It is big and strong and boy will you need
some health potions to beat it down, I promise. Once it's dead move past it
to get the key from the pedestal with the light shining down. After that just
head your bad self out to the docks and talk to the guy.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Queen, defeated crystal, got key, talked to sailor

*Completion: Went to the wastelands

*Reward: Unlocks quest 550


[549] Parched Gods: Lumen

*Available To: Any worshipper of Lumen

*Given by: Priest (Tharum Temple)

*Description: A Lumen Priest at the Rock Temple has asked me to fetch
oblations for the god. He needs clean water and a harpy feather.

*Instructions: The harpy feather droprate is actually pretty abysmal, but it
can come from any harpy, so just keep slaughtering them until you find the
Right One. Once that drops it's down to see the alchemist- follow your nose
to him to get the clean water. Return.

*Checkpoint: Got feather, got water

*Completion: Returned to temple

*Reward: Lumen's blessing


[550] The Wastelands (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quest 548

*Given by: Arriving at the Wastelands

*Description: The key mechanism is located on top of a hill. The troops of the
Grand Inquisitor have conquered this hill and they are now defending it against
the troops of Liosilath. An officer told me to meet Liosalath on the side
of the battle field.

*Instructions: Not only have his troops held the field, there are also
burning skeletons and demons all up in your business. This quest is pretty
much just a "follow the critical point indicators" quest, but there is plenty
to keep you busy along the way. You'll fight an inquisitor that took out a
seraphim, as well as Nimonuil, the grand inquisitor himself. He takes quite
a drubbing before he goes down, let me tell you! Clear the area of his lesser
enemies first before taking on the big guy.

*Checkpoint: Followed waypoint, defeated inquisitor, talked to Liosalith

*Completion: Defeated Grand Inquisitor

*Reward: Unlocks quest 551


[551] The Great Machine (light)

*Available To: Any who completed quset 550

*Given by: Completing quest 550

*Description: I must open the gates with the key!

*Instructions: Yeah I guess you better. Follow your nose to the panels, input
the keys, and open the door.  THE DREADED DOOR! It's dreaded because you have
four TOUGH fights coming up with the four clones of "The Nameless Guardian".
FOUR of them! One fight with these jerks would be enough. Ugh. You will be
on a health potion IV drip the whole time, guaranteed. Once they are toast
interact with the thing in the center. A winner is you!

*Checkpoint: Used keys in gate, killed Nameless Guardians

*Completion: Activated console

*Reward: You Beat The Game!


[552] Creators and Destroyers

*Available To: Any who completed quest 495

*Given by: Completing quest 495

*Description: According to the coordiantes I have to find a place on the 
island of the Dryads.

*Instructions: The specific place you're looking for is on the western coast
of Dryad Isle. Go on in there, and you'll see a fight between temple guardians
and demons! Wade in and help, taking out the demons. Talk then to the bionic
flying device to learn of mother's evil plans. This starts the final part of
the class quest

*Checkpoint: Reached cave, defeated demons

*Completion: Talked to bionic flying device

*Reward: Unlocks quest 553


[553] A New Creation

*Available To: Any who completed quest 552

*Given by: Completing quest 552

*Description: We're there now. Mother must die, there are no other viable

*Instructions: Yeah you get to lead the temple guardians now son! This is going
to be awesome! Just basically follow your nose to a final fight with some
demons to end this one.

*Checkpoint: None

*Completion: Reach target area

*Reward: Plasma battery (awesome!)


[554] Pastures New

*Available To: Dryads

*Given by: Starting the game

*Description: We are under attack! The shaman is heavily injured. I must defeat
the attackers! 

*Instructions: You are under attack by some shady characters! Make quick with
the blow-gunning and take them all out, then talk to Nelyas. Poor, sweet
Neylas. Looks like you got to go to Sloeford. Follow the right shore of the
island as you head right and then north, and follow the road into Sloeford.

*Checkpoint: Killed guards

*Completion: Reached village elder in Sloeford

*Reward: Some XP, starts quest 245 or 559


[555] Duel!

*Available to: High Elves

*Given by: Starting the game

*Description: I have been here for a long time, but I think my staying here is
not for much longer. I should listen to what the Arch Mage has to say to me.
This is my final test. I will take on my fellow student... and of course I
will observe general rules.

*Instructions: Man, is there any rule against having duels not fought among
wildy mismatched opponents? Your opponent is slow to attack, doesn't move,
and gets wasted with a single fireball. So uh... do that. Waste the sucker.
Now head left, talk to the Arch Mage, head outside the tower, and get the
chest here. From there, just follow the road into Sloeford.

*Checkpoint: Defeated student, talked to Arch Mage, Reached Sloeford

*Completion: Talked to elder in Sloeford

*Reward: XP, starts quest 245 or 559


[556] Revisitation!

*Available to: Shadow Warriors

*Given by: Starting game

*Description: I... I am alive?! How is that possible! I hope the magician will
be able to shed a light...

*Instructions: Well, looks like he didn't screw up as much as he thought he
did. Or maybe he screwed up much, much worse. Go ahead and slay that fool Tybor
who thinks he's gonna step to you. Now talk to Syliar again, and head north
along the footpath to Sloeford.

*Checkpoint: Talked to necromancer, killed Tybor, Talked to necromancer, went
to Sloeford

*Completion: Talked to village elder

*Reward: XP, starts quest 245 or 559


[557] End of a Journey - A New Journey Begins

*Available to: Seraphim

*Given by: Starting game

*Description: A sister! She will not be with us for much longer - I should
listen to her last words carefully... They will surely be important!

*Instructions: I'm not sure they'll be that important. Anyway talk to the
hooded guys to learn they offed your sister. I don't know about you, but for
me that's a cue to start murdertime. Let murdertime run its course, and then
head to Sloeford.

*Checkpoint: Killed inquisitors, headed to Sloeford

*Completion:  Talked to village elder

*Reward: XP, starts quest 245


[558] Conspiracies!

*Available to: Inquisitors

*Given by: Starting game

*Description: The messenger has been dealt with. And if my plan comes to pass
the Inquisitor will not be in the way for much longer either.

*Instructions: So we enter the labyrinthine world of conspiracies and schemes.
And by that, I mean the world of you murdering EVERYBODY. Start with this
fool of a messenger, and then the innkeeper. Wouldn't want to make anybody
SUSPICIOUS. Or, you know, bribe somebody. Meh. Then head along the path into

*Checkpoint: Kill guest, kill landlord, head to sloeford

*Completion: Talked to inquisitor commander in sloeford

*Reward: XP, starts quest 559


[559] Thwarted Attack Plans

*Available to: Any dark who completed quests 1, 544, 555, 556, 557

*Given by: Inquisitor Tahlreth

*Description: Nobility, waste of space that they are, plan on attacking a
base of the inquisition. The commander of that base needs to be warned so she
may prepare for the onslaught.

*Instructions: Ok so once you talk to Tahlreth, you learn you gotta prepare
the spooky commander of a base for an attack by nobility. Head on north past
the bridge, and follow the road northeast. Follow your nose to the Camp by
a copse of trees. Oops! Too late! They are already being attacked... by....
like five guys. You can let the inquisitor's troops handle this for you or
wade in and massacre them all yourself. After that head into the camp and
talk to the commander

*Checkpoint: Talked to Tahlreth, headed north out of Sloeford, reached camp,
killed high elves

*Completion: Talked to commander

*Reward: Some sweet gold and quest 560


[560] The Center of Power

*Available to: Any who completed quest 559

*Given by: Commander Amalia

*Description: We did it. The attack has been fought off. However, the commander
is worried that this attack has not been the last of its kind. She has asked
me to request reinforcements from the Grand Inquisition.

*Instructions: Alright fine we'll be errand boy. For NOW. Head to the Grand
Inquisitor's shack in the capital. Oh and NOW this stupid guard thinks we are
a thief? Nothing for it my droogs, we'll have to waste him. And it's not hard.
The other guard lets you right in, and you learn that you have to prove 
yourself in the arena. Just to be clear here, you want some guards to defend a
critical inquisition post. And you have to PROVE yourself? This is insanity. 
But it's the best kind of insanity. The kind where you MURDER. So go talk to
the arena guard, downstairs, and head into the arena. you might want some
health potions with you, but it's not too crazy of a fight. Once i t's over, 
talk to Arim again.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Amalia, talked to Inquisition Guard, killed inquisition
guard, talked to other guard, talked to Nimonuil, talked to Arim, killed 3
Moriturus in arena

*Completion: Talked to Arim

*Reward: Some gold, Starts quest 561


[561] Through the Wall (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 560

*Given By: Nimonuil

*Description: The grand inquisitor has hired me as his representative. I have
a job to do.

*Instructions: Alright so you got to head back and find Nimmy, but first to
talk to these guard. What the..? Attacked AGAIN? My goodness they are awful at
identifying people. Well the guards aren't much of a threat, so once they're
wasted go ahead and move to the temple. Nimmy says he'll hire you if you want
WANT TO SERVE), and you get a ring that lets you through the northern gates!
Make sure you are levelled a bit before heading up there, but just show the
ring to the guard by the gates in the northeast of Tyr Lysia, and you're out!
Now head north to Griffinborough and follow your nose to Syrilar to finish
up the quest.

P.S. This quest does make a lot more sense if you are playing as a dark
character that is not an inquisitor.

*Checkpoint: Talked to guard, killed guard, talked to guard, talked to grand
inquisitor, say you'll serve the inquisition, show guard ring

*Completion: Talk to Syrliar in Griffinborough.

*Reward: Starts quest 562


[562] Beyond the Wall (Dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 561

*Given By: Syrliar

*Description: I found the spy while he was fighting off a pack of wolves. I may
have saved his life, but perhaps not. No matter. He told me a friend of the 
broker's runs a gambling den in the village north of here. 

*Instructions: So you'll start out finding your super-competent spy friend 
being attacked by wolves. WOLVES. How on earth. Whatever, massacre the fanged
menaces, and you'll learn that the broker's partner runs a tavern in Valeview.
Follow your nose there, and meet up with the owner. He will need some 
convincing to talk, which sounds like EXACTLY the kind of thing you're good at.
Murder his two guards, and he'll give you a place to go. Don't trust the loser
though. Don't try to be nice in the shadow campaign! Jeez. Murder him now and 
get some phat lewt as well as the real directions, or believe him and go on a
stupid wild goose chase. Either way you'll end up in orkland.

*Checkpoint: Saved Syrliar, went to Honky-Tonk, killed escorts

*Completion: Interrogate owner

*Reward: Starts quest 563


[563] Gar'Colossus (Dark)
*Available to: Any who completed quest 562

*Given By: Honky-Tonk Tavern Owner

*Description: I finally found the broker. He was in a panic because his 
village was being attacked by the Gar'Colossus - a Golem. The coward. It 
didn't take much to convince him to sell the girls to the Grand Inquisitor. 
All I have to do is kill the Golem and my mission is completed. The creature 
is surrounded by a T-Energy shield The magical blazing stones must surely be
the key to victory. 

*Instructions: I like how you're so contemptuous of the owner being terrified
by this ENORMOUS FRIGGIN GOLEM. Well, you'll have to deactivate the T-energy
barrier. Do this by scrambling around and pressing the glowing stones, then
heading down into the pit. This'll be your first big boss battle, so be
prepared. Have a HP-potion drip, and be ready for a drawn-out conflict. He
will drop some completely fat lutes when he's down. Now go to Endaris, and
find our old friend Nimmy in the temple north-west of the Orcish Byway.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Endaris, Find Gar'Colossus, kill Gar'Colossus

*Completion: Kill Nimmy

*Reward: Starts quest 564


[564] Among Orcs (Dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 563

*Given By: Ore-Thag Warrior

*Description: The Grand Inquisitor explained the situation in the Orc region.
Several Orc clans are at feud with each other, and lately the Ore-Thag-Clan has
the upper hand. He told me to find the leader of that clan and offer to help
him win. In return, once the Orcs are unified, the Grand Inquisitor will call
upon the support of the Ore-Thag Clan in our battles to come. 

*Instructions: Alright time for some politics. Go talk to the Ore-Thag warrior
to the west, just south of Ruka. You'll meet with the Orc elder then, who
decides you need a little bloodshed to get admitted into the clan. Simple
enough, so go into the arena and kill you some earth elementals. Once that's
through, they say since you're so bloody-minded you might as well go with the
Ore-Thags. Good enough for me! Go talk to the chief, who points you towards
some other orcs who insulted them. You'll have to teach them a lesson (a
murderlesson), so go talk to the spy who is north in Ruka. He'll point you
toward some orcs you got to kill, so do the deed and talk to him agian. Oops!
Some spies got captured. Well no worry, they're nearby on a hillside, so just
head up, kill the captors, and return to him and then the chieftain. You're

*Checkpoint: Talk to warrior, talk to elder, talk to members of Ore-Thag clan,
talk to spy in Ruka, kill 3 trolls north of Ruka, talk to spy, kill Gurag
chieftain, rescue Ore-Thag members

*Completion: Spead to chieftain

*Reward: Starts quest 565


[565] Wet Danger (Dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 564

*Given By: Chieftain Klop-Tok

*Description: What rotten timing! I arrived at the leader's camp right in the 
middle of some big clan meeting. He won't pay any attention to me until this 
problem is cleared up. It seems something has blocked the river to create a 
lake. Some sort of creature is living there now. It has poisoned the watter 
and is attacking the Orcs. The clans have agreed to cancel their favorite sport
of killing each other until the monster is dead. They all want to be the first 
to kill the damn thing, so naturally I've got to go out and do battle in the 
name of the good old Ore-Thag Clan. At least the chief gave me a hint for 
fighting the monster - if I blow up the dam that's blocking the river, it will 
dry out the area and that will weaken the monster. Apparently he's tried this 
arleady, but the Orcs carrying the gunpowder were killed by fellow Orcs. They 
were furious because the poisonous water would consequently kill many Orcs. If 
I can recover the gunpowder, I can destroy the dam and kill the monster. The 
chief doesn't give a rat's ass about the Orcs who might die in the valley. 

*Instructions: Alright I hope you cats and kittens are COMPLETELY READY for
another thrilling boss battle! This dang 'ol Octagolamus has blocked the river
that runs through the orc region. Follow your nose first to the dead ambushed 
group of orcs that have the gunpowder, and take it. Place it where the little
barrel is on the dam, and the dam will blow. Head north and deal with our octo-
friend. Remember, it's much easier if you can draw him north out of the water.
He'll be much weaker there. Still, expect to be on a heath potion IV drip for
this mission. Octo will go down eventually, so get his loot and head back to
the chief, who lets you talk to the captive elves. Head north, talk to them,
then pack your bags and get ready to head to Seraphim-land!

*Checkpoint: Talk to Klop-Tok, find gunpowder, take gunpowder to dam, blow up
dam, kill Octogolamus, talk to chief, talk to elves

*Completion: Talk to ship captain

*Reward: Starts quest 566


[566] Realm of the Seraphim (Dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 565

*Given By: Maid of the Seraphim

*Description: Some blathering fool outside the palace let slip that there used 
to be a sculpture of something called The Great Machine on the pedestal in the 
village square, and that some pieces are still in a closed wing of the palace.
Finding them shouldn't be too hard, and then it sounds as if I should pay a 
visit to the local librarian. 

*Instructions: So first thing when you get to the island, you'll want to
follow your nose to the Maid of the Seraphim. She'll tell you about the 
broken sculputre of the great machine, which is now broken. There are now
markers for you to follow to get to the pieces. And... get lectured. SO sweet.
Go see Nimmy, who points you in the direction of Giles. He'll mention you
should get a dragon scale necklace, so enter the caves by Seraphim Tower, and
head off!

*Checkpoint: Talked to maid of seraphim, found two pieces, talked to Giles,
talked to Sophia, talked to Nimmy, talked to Giles, entered caves

*Completion: Talked to Bounty Hunter

*Reward: Starts quest 567


[567] Fire, Brimstone, and Dragon Scales (Dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 568

*Given By: Bounty Hunter

*Description: I met a bounty hunter who told me that there are two kinds of
Dragons, roaming and settled ones. It seems he's afraid of the settled ones, 
and likes to stay on good terms with them. What a gutless wonder. The Dragons
hold Humans in slave camps, but a guy called "Blackhammer" recently freed a
bunch of them. Gutless here wants to return twenty of them alive to appease
the Dragon Ordaurcl- can't hurt to play along in case the reward is good. And
if it's not, I can always have some fun with the magic amulet he gave me that
makes the slaves obey our commands when it touches them. Time to head out...

*Instructions: So to start with you'll get an amulet, and have to follow your
nose around to the slaves. They'll get a white ring around their feet, that
lets you know that they're enslaved again. Mua ha ha. After this go find the
dragon, who in a stupendous show of being a jerk, decides not to actually give
you any reward at ALL, but to attack you. A good tip is to take out all the
enemies around the dragon before talking to him, to make the dragon fight
easier. Once that's done, go see the bounty hunter who directs you to ANOTHER
dragon. Great. So you find him, and he tells you to kill some of his snacks
that have escaped. Follow your nose to them, off them, and return to Aetzel.
He'll show you where the settlement that'll make you the amulet of protection
from the dragon scale is, so head there. Once there, talk to the commander, 
agree to hide them, and go find that dragon!

*Checkpoint: Talk to bounty hunter, capture slaves, talk to dragon, kill
dragon, talk to other dragon, kill slaves, find human settlement

*Completion: Get settlement to make you amulet.

*Reward: Starts quest 568


[568] The Oldest of the Immortal (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 587

*Given By: Mer-Kil


*Instructions: So you basically got to go kill Karnak. He is close by, and he
is a BEAST. This is a big boss fight, so be prepared to get your HP potions
out and such. Tromp down into the nearby caves, blast Karnak, and be on your
merry way.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Mer-Kil, killed Karnak, returned to Mer-Kil

*Completion: Entered portal to swamp

*Reward: Starts quest 569


[569] Contrary to Recollections (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 568

*Given By: Sethiaz

*Instructions: Alright so first thing to do is to talk to Sethiaz, who will
send you to the Cultist and Acolyte right by him. This will open a marker to
Skull Rock, so follow your nose there and kill the swamp creature, which can
be a tough fight, so be prepared! Head back with its skin. Talking to the
cultist again will mark the monument to the south-west, so head there and
destroy it. The acolyte is finally taking you seriously! Head to the leader
in Hisui'Sul, making sure to grab the marker nearby. You'll be tasked with
starting an attack on the marigold collectors, sort of dooming the region.
Eh well, it looks like we're evil anyway so far, so why not! Go murther 12
of them, go back to the leader, and tell him to shove it.

*Checkpoint: Talked to Sethiaz, talked to acolyte, went to skull rock, killed
swamp creature, got skin, talked to acolyte, went to monument, destroyed
monument, talk to acolyte, talk to leader, destroy 12 marigold collectiors

*Completion: Talked to Leader

*Reward: Unlocks quest 570


[570] Defying the Fog (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 569

*Given By: Cult leader

*Instructions: Get ready for a confusing and bizarre boss fight. You can get
more information on this guy in the monsters section, under Swirling Mist 
of Miasma. Just talk to Lieraz, then follow your nose down south to the
grove where the miasma is. Waste it, then walk through the caves. It seems
like just just got here!

*Checkpoint: Talked to cult leader, talked to Lieraz, defeat mist of miasma

*Completion: Entered Cave

*Reward: Starts quest 571


[571] Throne of Conflict (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 570

*Given By: Tribal Leader

*Instructions: Alright there is some vicious policking going on in the desert
country, so as the evil character our clear job is to find the biggest jerk
and make an alliance with him. You'll first follow your nose to the tribal
leader, who wants you to prove yourself by fighting a guy. Fine. off him and
then talk again to be let into their clan. You'll need to go southwest to
El-Darrag. Talk to the prince, who is our requisite jerk for the chapter. 
He needs some basilisk eyes, which are in a caravan to the southwest, on
the south edge of the huge central city. Get them and head northwest to the
prince (fllow your nose to get there). Once there, hand him the eyes and 
continue to head northwest, meeting up with the messengers who give you a
letter of introduction, and finally meeting up with Assim. The prince will be
in the building to the south there. Go meet with him!

*Checkpoint: Talked to tribal leader, killed tribal guy, talked to tribal
leader again, went to El-Darrag, found caravan, got eyes, found where prince
is, got messengers, met prince

*Completion: Talked to Assim

*Reward: Unlocks quest 572


[572] Igniting the Devil's Fire (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 571

*Given By: Prince

*Instructions: So talk to the prince, who is in Tharum. You got to kill the
big ugly, the Garganthropod and secure the Prince's grip over the region.
Well, that's fine. Go to Rajab and head east (or follow your nose), and get
ready for a big boss battle. This one was especially annoying to me, so make
sure you keep your distance and have lots of HP. Once he's down, activate his
body to burn the remains. The prince will show you to the jungle, not that you
haven't found it already I assume.

*Checkpoint: Talked to prince, killed garganthropod, burned body

*Completion: Talked to prince

*Reward: Unlocks quest 573


[573] The Forgotten City (Dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 572

*Given By: Archaeologist

*Instructions: Follow your nose to the archaeologist in the entrance camp. 
He'll take you (he's unkillable, don't worry), to the entrance to the pyramid
in Kiria Delith. Go destroy the pillars that are scattered around the pyramid
which releases a tough battle, Kral. When he's dead (more info on him in the
monsters section) go in the pyramid and touch the holograms. Touch the round
platform and heeeeey it's Nimmy! We haven't seen HIM in a while! Go to the
Na'Fian (west coast) and talk to the captain, who will take you to beautiful
scenic Dryad Island.

*Checkpoint: Talked to archaeologist, destroyed pillars, killed Kral, touched
holograms, talked to Nimmy

*Completion: Talked to ship's captain

*Reward: Unlocks quest 574


[574] Green Islands (Dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 573

*Given By: Peasant

*Instructions: Ok so talk to the peasant who seems to have a bee in his bonnet
about some spy. Now who here could be a spy? Any of the almost naked island
people or the BIG SCARY GUY IN BLACK ROBES. Sheesh inquisitors. Anyway follow
your nose to the spy, who directs you to the smuggler. He's on one of the 
eastern islands, so go talk to him, he wants you to smuggle in "confusion
potions" A.K.A. vodka, from the shack in the north. Fight your way there, 
grab the potions, and return to the smuggler, he'll show you how to get to the
Crystal Caves.

*Checkpoint: Talked to peasant, talked to spy, talked to smuggler, got flasks

*Completion: Talked to smuggler

*Reward: Unlocks quest 575


[575] Lethal Crystal (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 574

*Given By: Smuggler

*Instructions: So we're at the caves, and the dryads are sort of pissed about
it. Something about environmental damage or... I wasn't listening. Anyway,
slaughter them all. After the fight, talk to Dyria D'Arquelyght, who shows you
where the main cavern entrance is. Go to that entrance, and fight a big 'ol
crystal. For some reason. Anyway once it's down go further into the cave to
find a hub key. You can use this on the other side of the cave to transport

*Checkpoint: Killed Dryads, talked to Dyria, found cave, killed crystal, got
hub key

*Completion: Used hub key

*Reward: Unlocks quest 576


[576] Wastelands (dark)

*Available to: Any who completed quest 575

*Given By: Inquisitor

*Instructions: Alright it's serious endgame time. First talk to the inquisitor,
who directs you to the great machine. Head north fighting off waves of enemies
until you reach the platform. Use it and get into the bowels of the great
machine, where you'll be attacked by Seraphim. Kill them all, and hey it's
Nimmy! It's also RECKONING time. Time to be in charge, know what I'm saying?
Punch him a new one, then talk to him.

*Checkpoint: Talked to inquisitor, reached platform, defeated seraphim, talked
to Nimmy, fought Nimmy

*Completion: Talked to Nimmy

*Reward: Unlocks quest 577


[577] The Great machine

*Available to: Any who completed quest 576

*Given By: Nimmy

*Instructions: Simple. Just go with Nimmy to the circle corridor, and use the
two terminals in the center. The four nameless guardians mob you, and it is a
tough fight, but once they're down, THE WORLD IS YOURS.

*Checkpoint: Went to ring corridor, used terminals, defeated guardians

*Completion: Use terminal

*Reward: You own the world. Seriously.



Main Quest Sequence For:

Light Temple Guardian


1 -> 245 -> 246 -> 401 -> 403 -> 404 -> 431 -> 432 -> 433 -> 496 -> 497 ->
498 -> 499 -> 500 -> 501 -> 548 -> 548 -> 550 -> 551

Light Dryad

554 -> 245 -> 246 -> 401 -> 403 -> 404 -> 431 -> 432 -> 433 -> 496 -> 497 ->
498 -> 499 -> 500 -> 501 -> 548 -> 548 -> 550 -> 551

Dark Temple Guardian

1 -> 559


Here will go the list of combat strategies, along with what moves work better

Temple Guardian: The Temple Guardian can focus on ranged or melee combat. As
a ranged fighter, attention should be put into the raned weapon category as
well as speed and regeneration of abilities. Close combat should focus more
on defensive abilities such as T-Energy Shroud.

Firey Ember works really well for taking out groups of enemies, and Archimedes
cannon is excellent for one tough one.



        Combat Arts

This section details the combat art "perks" that each character can get. These
can be assigned slots just like weapons, and come in three aspects. It's
advisible to assign your slots to powers on different aspects, as once one
power for a certain aspect is used, all those powers must recharge. There is no
"mana", just a recharge time. These powers can be learned by reading Runes,
and sometimes when you level up you can put points into them.  The points
will move you along either the High Track or Low track, each with their own

The powers are listed as follows

-Power: Effect
   High track effects: 1st Effect
                       2nd Effect
                       3rd Effect

   Low Track effects:  1st Effect
                       2nd Effect
                       3rd Effect



-Soul Hammer: The Seraph attacks with a strong attack, using a black and purple
sphere to indicate hardcoreness, against a single enemy.

       High Track:

Aim - Increases chance to land critical hits
Battering - Temporarialy reduces target's armor class
Incision - Chance to inflict a deep wound

       Low Track:

Wounding - Chance to cause an open wound (Damage over time)
Disarm - Chance to dislodge the weapon from the opponents' hand
Coup de Grace - Inflict twice as much damange when the opponents
               health falls below a threshold value

-Pelting Strikes: A bunch of rapid-fire attacks against nearby enemies

       High Track:

Succession - Chance for double hit. (20% chance) 
Focus - Pelting Strikes requires less energy (lowers regeneration time)
Precision - Increases the chance to land critical hits.

       Low Track:

Thrust - Inflicts more damage with each hit.
Enfeeble - Temporarily reduces the target's defence value
Indentation - A successful hit temporarily reduces the target's armor class.

-Assailing Somersault: A jump attack which can also be used to bypass terrain

       High Track:
Spurt - Extends the range of Assailing Somersault.
Brawn - Increase weapon damage.
Bewilder - The seraphim leaps away, briefly reducing the run speed of opponents 
           at her starting location. 

       Low Track:

Athletic - Decrease the regeneration time of Assailing Sommersault. 
Impetus - Inflicts damage not only on the target but also on nearby opponents.
Concussion - Chance to stun the target

-Dashing Alacrity: Temporarialy increases run and attack speed, also makes the
caster immune to root-based paralyze spells

       High Track:

Bloodlust - Further increases attack speed. 
Reprisal - Increases the seraphim's damage output when she is injured.
Ardor - Decreases the regeneration time of all attacks.

       Low Track:

Sprout - Further increases run speed.
Delay - Increase the duration of Dashing Alacrity.
Impatience - Reduces the cooldown of Dashing Alacrity.

-Battle Stance (buff): Increases attack and defense values as well as weapon 

       High Track:

Premonition - Further increase attack value. 
Drill - Reduces the energy cost of Battle Stance.
Idol - Extends a portion of the effects to party members.

       Low Track:

Aggression - Further increases weapon damage output. 
Flexibility - Chance to evade weapon attacks.
Retaliation - Small chance to reflect close combat damage.


-Baneful Smite: Lighting springs from your hands and strikes your enemies

       High Track:

Laggard - Slows the target down.
Potential - Increase the chance that the damage will have a lasting effect 
            on the target.
Electrocute - The magic damage will definitely induce it's secondary effect. 

       Low Track:

Disarm - Opponent temporarily loses his weapon. 
Confuse - Reduces the target's attack value. 
Chain - Chance for chain lightning.

-Radiant Pillar: A pillar or multiple pillars of light erupt from above,
damaging enemies

       High Track:

Hypnosis - Attracts opponents to the center of the pillar.
Brightness - Increases the area of effect.
Magnify - Increase damage of Radiant Pillar.

       Low Track:

Delude - Reduces opponents' attack values within the area of effect.
Conserve - Increases duration of Radiant Pillar
Ordeal - Inflicts twice as much damage when the opponent's health has 
         fallen below a threshold value. 

-Instill Belief: May convert target and nearby opponents. Not boss monsters.

       High Track:

Strong Voice - Increase the area of effect. 
Sinner - At least one opponent will attack the converted target. 
Blessing - Restores health of freshly converted targets.

       Low Track:

Elocution - Increases the chance to convert at least two opponents. 
Preacher - Decreases the regeneration time of Instill Belief. 
Fanatic - Increases the Attack speed of converted targets.

-Hallowed Restoration: Heal the Seraphim or friend

       High Track:

Remedy - Increase healing effect.
Prevention - Temporary protection from damage over time.
Solidarity - Extends the healing effect to nearby allies. 

       Low Track:

Recuperation - Temporarily increases the hitpoint regeneration effect.
Master Healer - Decreases the regeneration time of this spell. 
Antidote - Reduces the duration of all impediment and wound effects. 

-Cleansing Brilliance (buff): Bright light illuminates area, damaging all
enemies but especially undead and moonjuice mutants

       High Track:

Distract - Reduces opponents' attack speed within the area of effect. 
Purify - Increases damage against undead creatures.
Eagerness - Increase damage per second. 

       Low Track:

Blind - Reduces opponents' defense values within the area of effect. 
Cleanse - Increases fire damage against T-mutations.
Illuminate - Increase the area of effect.


-Archangel's Wrath: Weapon fires red hot bolts of fire

       High Track:

Red Hot - Increases the fire bolt's damage.
Explosive - Chance to hit nearby opponents as well as the target
Greek Fire - Increases the chance that the opponent will burst into 
             flames upon impact.

       Low Track:

Salvo - Fires two successive bolts, each with slightly reduced damage
Lock - The fire bolts will seek their targets. 
Vulnerable - Increases the chance to land critical hits.

-Flaring Nova: Big old angry area effect spell around Seraphim

       High Track:

Expand - Increases Flaring Nova's radius. 
Perplex - Opponents temporarily lose their attack power. 
Flux - Increases Flaring Nova's damage. 

       Low Track:

Impulse - Sends out two pulses, but reduces strength and area of effect. 
Stun - Chance to stun opponents within range.
Laggard - Slows the target down.

-Divine Protection: Protective shield around Seraphim

       High Track:

Dampen - Increases damage absorption. 
Uplifted Force - Improves the energy field. 
Improved Reflection - Increases the chance to reflect projectile damage. 

       Low Track:

Capacity - Divine Protection lasts 50% longer. 
Boost - Reduces shield's recharge(cooldown) time.
Improved Mirror - Increases the chance to reflect spell damage. 

-Warding Energy (buff): Energy field that absorbs part of the incoming

       High Track:

Field Force - Strengthens the energy field and absorbs more damage until it 
              is exhausted.
Field Force - Improves the energy field and absorbs more damage until it is 
Block - Blocks a fixed amount of damage from every successful hit.

       Low Track:

Projectile Reflection - Chance to reflect projectile damage.
Magic Mirror - Chance to reflect spell damage. 
Resource - Reduces the cost to maintain the shield.

-BeeEffGee (buff): A huge divine weapon appears and fires. Must have an open
weapons slot!

       High Track:

Enhancement - Inflicts more damage. 
Enhancement - Inflicts more damage.
Accuracy - Increases the chance to hit.

       Low Track:

Battery - Reduces the cost to maintain the BeeEffGee.
Battery - Reduces the cost to maintain the BeeEffGee.
Penetrate - Chance to smash through targets.




-Ravaged Impact: A single strong attack

       High Track:

Perforate - Chance to cause open wounds (damage over time).
Breach - Chance that enemy armor value will be ignored, and that 
         full damage will be inflicted. 
Blast - Chance that an explosion will occur when hitting the target. 

       Low Track:

Envenom - Some of the damage will be converted into poison damage. 
Trail - Projectiles will home in on the target. 
Double Shot - Two shots in quick succession. 

-Darting Assault: A quick attack with the equipped weapon, hits several targets

       High Track:

Reload - Increases the number of projectiles or hits.
Throwback - Chance to knock opponents back slightly. 
Rotate - The attack is directed at opponents all around the Dryad. 

       Low Track:

Edged - Increases damage dealt by Darting Assault.
Wounding - Chance that a successful hit will leave the opponent with an open 
           wound (damage over time). 
Pierce - Chance that a projectile continues on its path after a hit. 

-Forest Flight: A quick dash at the target causing damage or paralysis

       High Track:

Recovery - Heals the Dryad slightly during her Forest Flight movement.
Expert - Decreases the regeneration time of Forest Flight.
Refresh - Adds a light healing effect while moving.

       Low Track:

Roots - Increases the chance to root nearby enemies.
Escape - Increases the chance to break immobilizing spells.
Escape - Increases the chance to break immobilizing spells. 

-Dust Devil: Spinning causes a cloud of dust that protects Dryad and allies

       High Track:

Concealment - Increases evade chance inside the cloud. 
Elongate - Dust Devil lasts considerably longer.
Sanding - Slightly damages opponents inside the Dust Devil. 

       Low Track:

Recondition - Significantly reduces recharge time. 
Spell Shield - Light protection from hostile spells.
Spread - Increases circumference of Dust Devil significanly.

-Sinister Predator (buff): Increases attack speed and chance to hit of ranged
weapons, and chance for opponents to drop shrunken heads.

       High Track:

Eagle Eye - Increases the chance of critical hits.
Marked Shot - Adds a chance that opponents cannot evade or parry 
              incoming shots.
Hunting Focus - Decreases the regeneration time of the aspect Capricious Hunter

       Low Track:

Rapid Fire - Increases attack speed of ranged attacks.
Perforate - Chance that projectiles will pierce through their targets and 
            continue on their flight path. 
Unflinching - Reduces the opponent's chance to deflect projectiles.


-Twisted Torment: Damages and slows enemy, increases chance to drop shrunken

       High Track:

Encumber - Further slows down victims.
Tear - Increases damage over time. 
Envenom - Adds poison damage to Twisted Torment. 

       Low Track:

Headhunter - Additionally increases the chance to receive a shrunken head when 
             the victim dies. 
Sadist - Increases duration of Twisted Torment.
Ravage - Increases the damage frequency of Twisted Torment. 

-Viperish Disease: Poisons the enemy, the more damaged the enemy is the more
damage the poison does. Carrying a shrunken head can help enemies of that type
get the disease

       High Track:

Gangrene - Targets do not need to be as severely injured before the damage 
           output of Viperish Disease increases. 
Transmission - Increases the chance to transmit the disease even with no 
               shrunken head equipped.
Gouge - Chance of inlicting a deep wound on first target.

       Low Track:

Relapse - Increases the duration of Viperish Disease which leaves more time 
          for opponents to become infected. 
Headhunter - Increases the chance to recieve a shrunken head when the victim 
Contaminate - Extends the range of Viperish Disease. 

-Black Curse: Lowers all attributes of opponent. More effective with shrunken
heads of enemy type.

       High Track:

Porous - Reduces the opponent's resistance to physical damage. 
Elongate - Increases the duration of Black Curse.
Expert - Reduces the regeneration time of Black Curse

       Low Track:

Headhunter - Increases the chance to receive a shrunken head when the victim 
Distress - Reduces opponent's attack speed. 
Dispel - Deactivates the target's permanent beneficial spells.

-Malicious Totem: Summons totem to fire poisonous arrows.

       High Track:

Anxiety - Chance that hit opponents will run away. 
Pointed - Arrows inflict more damage. 
Expert - Reduces the cooldown of Malicious Totem. 

       Low Track:

Solid - Increased duration of Malicious Totem.
Venomous - Increases poison damage on arrows.
Rapid Fire - Increases the totem's firing rate. 

-Moribund Animus (buff): Summon a hireling of the type of head equipped

       High Track:

Malice - The hireling inflicts more damage. 
Elevation - Inreases hirelings level. 
Fury - Improves hirelings attack speed.

       Low Track:

Stone Skin - Improved armor for the hireling. 
Headhunter - Increases the chance to receive a shrunken head when the victim 
Headhunter - Increases the chance to receive a shrunken head when the victim 


-Edaphic Lances: Spears burst from the ground, damaging any who touch them

       High Track:

Thorns - Adds more thorns to Edaphic Lances. 
Thorns - Adds more thorns to Edaphic Lances. 
Barbs - Successful hits have an increased chance to inflict bleeding wounds.

       Low Track:

Density - Decreases distance between thorns, thus causing more damage to nearby 
Stings - Each thorn inflicts more damage. 
Singe - Thorns inflict additional fire damage. 

-Tangled Vine: Roots burst from the ground holding opponents in place

       High Track:

Tendrils - Increases the damage of the strangling roots. 
Singe - Roots inflict additional fire damage. 
Encroach - Increases the range of Tangled Vine. 

       Low Track:

Sprawl - Increased duration of Tangled Vine.
Impair - Reduces the rooted opponents attack speed. 
Intent - Increased chance to land critical hits.

-Goldenglade Touch: Heals the Dryad

       High Track:

Flow - Increases hitpoint regeneration rate. 
Amity - Lightly heals nearby allies. 
Amity - Lightly heals nearby allies. 

       Low Track:

Bandage - Rapid heal when casting the spell.
Persevere - Increases the attribute Willpower.
Diligence - Increases duration of Goldenglade Touch.

-Acute Mind: Temporarialy increases regeneration rate of all combat arts, gives
intelligence boost

       High Track:

Proficiency - Decreases the regeneration time of Acute Mind. 
Defiant - Decreases the impairments and wounds. 
Celerity - Increases attack and cast speed.

       Low Track:

Insight - Additionally increases intelligence. 
Insight - Additionally increases intelligence. 
Easiness - Additionally decreases the regeneration time. 

-Ancient Bark (buff): Increases armor value, resistance to fire, gives
permanant light healing effect

       High Track:

Rugged - Increases all armor values. 
Divert - Chance to deflect close combat damage to the attacker. 
Invigorate - Improved healing. 

       Low Track:

Slippery - Increases defense values.
Repel - Additional chance to evade weapon attacks.
Effortless - Ancient Bark costs less energy. 


	-Shadow Warrior


-Demonic Blow: A mighty blow against a single opponent

       High Track:

Wounding - Chance to cause an open wound (damage over time).
Frailty - Temporarily reduces the opponent's armor class. 
Life Leech - Pulls life from the target into the Shadow Warrior.

       Low Track:

Vehemence - Allows Demonic Blow to inflict area damage on nearby opponents. 
Poisoning - Adds poison damage (damage over time).
Trauma - Chance to cause a severe wound. 

-Scything Sweep: Powerful attack hits all enemies in front of warrior

       High Track:

Force - Scything Sweep is executed with more power and inflicts more damage. 
Intent - Chance to land critical hits.
Hurl - The sweep hurls slain opponents away as projectiles.

       Low Track:

Knockback - Increases the chance to knock opponents back. If they tumble 
            against additional opponents they will inflict damage upon impact.
Numb - A purposeful blow with an added chance to stun opponents for a brief 
Rage - Each hit will store additional energy. This energy will discharge with 
       the first successful hit after the Scything Sweep. 

-Ruinous Onslaught: Charge directly at target, increase defense and run speed

       High Track:

Getaway - Chance to escape root spells. 
Patch - Heals a small amount of hitpoints.
Routine - Decreases the regeneration time of Ruinous Onslaught.

       Low Track:

Fend - Further increases defense value. 
Adrenaline - The Shadow Warrior sustains less damage during the charge.
Adrenaline - The Shadow Warrior sustains less damage during the charge.

-Rousing Command: Yell a battle cry, increasing attack values

       High Track:

War Song - The battle cry intensifies and increases the attack values even 
Spur - Increases run speed.
Surge - The regeneration time of all combat arts is decreased while Rousing 
        Command is active.

       Low Track:

Persistence - Prolongs the duration of Rousing Command.
Impulse - Increases attack speed.
Leader - Rousing Command will also affect nearby party members.

-Grim Resiliance (buff):Increases hitpoints, willpower, and spell resistance

       High Track:

Fortify - Increases the hitpoint bonus.
Readiness - Adds a defense value rendering the Shadow Warrior harder to hit.
Reflex - Increases the chance to evade attacks.

       Low Track:

Rejuvenation - Increases the hitpoint regeneration rate. 
Discipline - Reduces the regeneration penalty caused by Grim Resilience. 
Safeguard - Significantly increases physical resistance. 


-Frenzied Rampage: A series of quick, violent strikes at nearby targets

       High Track:

Double Attack - Chance to strike twice with one hit.
Double Attack - Chance to strike twice with one hit.
Envenom - Adds poison damage to Frenzied Rampage. 

       Low Track:

Wounding - Chance that a successful hit will leave the opponent with a open 
           wound (damage over time).
Intent - Chance to land critical hits. 
Vampire - Chance for the Shadow Warrior to leech from the target and add 
          them to his own hitpoints. 

-Belligerant Vault: A jump attack which can bypass terrain

       High Track:

Reach - Extends the range of Belligerent Vault.
Unaware - Reduces the opponent's defense value. 
Commotion - Chance to briefly stun opponents in the designated area 
            when the Shadow Warrior lands. 

       Low Track:

Routine - Decreases the regeneration time for Belligerent Vault. 
Shock - Opponents at the starting location of the jump become confused 
        which slows them down. 
Unbound - Good chance to escape rooting effects. 

-Augmenting Guidion: Summon a banner which increases attack and defense values

       High Track:

Elite - Increases attack and defense values by 50%.
Healing - Heals party members within area of effect. 
Fear - Reduces attack values of all opponents within area of effect. 

       Low Track:

Ensign - Expands the area of effect. 
Tutor - Grants more experience from opponents within area of effect.
Leadership - Increases attack and cast speed of allied units within 
             area of effect

-Killing Spree: Every succesfull hit stores up damage, which is released in 
a few mighty blows

       High Track:

Control - Additionally increases the Shadow Warrior's attack value. 
Burst - A damage bonus is added to the energy discharge. 
Sway - Additionally increases the Shadow Warrior's attack speed. 

       Low Track:

Berserk - The Shadow Warrior's damage output increases when he is injured. 
Perseverance - Prolongs the duration of Killing Spree. 
Sear - Adds fire damage to the discharge.

-Reflective Emination (buff): Reflective aura, can return damage

       High Track:

Tough - Adds a chance to reflect stun effects.
Unstoppable - Adds a chance to reflect root effects.
Riposte - Adds a chance to increase to reflected damage.

       Low Track:

Backlash - Adds a chance to also reflect ranged attacks.
Antimagic - Adds a chance to reflect incoming spells. 
Idol - Extends the reflective effect to all party members. 


-Spectral Hand: Conjures a ghost hand to attack the target

       High Track:

Swiftness - Increases attack speed.
Chill - The spectral hand inflicts additional ice damage. 
Double Attack - Chance to strike twice with one hit. 

       Low Track:

Clout - Increases the damage the spectral hand inflicts. 
Intent - Increases the chance to land critical hits.
Destruction - Increases all damage types of the spectral hand.

-Skeletal Fortification: Creates a skeleton tower that fires projectiles

       High Track:

Rapid Fire - Increases the skeletal tower's firing rate.
Ice Shards - Adds ice damage. 
Scatter Shot - Adds another projectile to the skeletal tower. 

       Low Track:

Focus - Reduces the cooldown time for the skeletal tower
Arcane Power - Adds magic damage. 
Perforate - The arrows pierce through their targets and continue on their 
            flight path. 

-Rallied Souls: Those recently killed will come back and fight for the 
warrior, but fade quickly

       High Track:

Armament - The animated corpses will receive an armor bonus. 
Vivification - The animated corpses live considerably longer. 
Contagion - Adds a chance for the animated corpses to infect their victims, 
            turning them into undead servants.

       Low Track:

Dark Realm - Increases the effective range of the conjuration. 
Demand - Chance to animate an increased number of corpses. 
Furor - Animated corpses inflict more damage.

-Shadow Veil: The warrior is invisible while not attacking

       High Track:

       Low Track:

-Nether Allegiance (buff): Ghost soldiers are summoned to the warrior's side

       High Track:

Creep - Opponents have to get closer to detect the Shadow Warrior while he is 
        walking amongst them with Shadow Veil active.
Nimble - Increases run speed while Shadow Veil is active. 
Sinister Pact - The effect of Shadow Veil is permanent rather than temporary.

       Low Track:

Avoidance - Reduces the effects of incoming detrimental spells.
Fade - Greatly reduces the detection radius while casting spells.
Shadowmaster - Significantly reduces the regeneration time of Shadow Veil




-Callous Execution: A powerful stab to inflict heavy damage

       High Track:

Bleed - An attack which inflicts damage and causes bleeding (damage over 
Lacerate - The opponent suffers from a deep wound that will decrease the 
           base hitpoint value for a brief period. 
Draw life - Draws life from the opponents

       Low Track:

Tenacity - An attack that will slightly recharge all combat arts
Startle - Chance to leave the target opponent stunned for a brief period. 
Judgement - Increases chance for critical hits.

-Ruthless Mutilation: Attacks all enemies in front of inquisitor, slowing them

       High Track:

Deprivation - Even further reduces movement speed of affected opponents.
Dolor - Adds a chance to draw life from the target opponent. 
Smolder - Adds fire damage to each successful hit

       Low Track:

Ire - increases the damage inflicted upon all affected opponents.
Petrify - Adds a chance to stun opponents briefly. 
Frenzy - Chance for double hits on each affected opponent. 

-Mortifying Pillory: Turns enemies against target, some weapon damage becomes
poison damage

       High Track:

Disgrace - Reduces the opponent's armor value for a brief period.
Proclamation - Increases the threat the outlaw poses to other opponents. 
Mortify - Reduces the target's defense value. 

       Low Track:

Loathing - Increases the chance that more opponents attack the outlaw. 
Expulsion - Forces the target to remain an outlaw for a longer period of time.
Decay - Adds more poison damage. 

-Frenetic Fervor: Increases attack speed and max. attack values temporarialy

       High Track:

Faith - Reduces casting time for spells. 
Contemplation - Increases the inquisitor's dodge chance.
Relentless - Increases the duration of the Frentic Fervor. 

       Low Track:

Fanaticism - Increases attack speed.
Resolve - Increases the inquisitor's attack value.
No Escape - Increases run speed.

-Purifying Chastisement (buff): Damage done to inquisitor increases damage
dealt by him.

       High Track:

Purge - Increases inflicted fire damage.
Merciless - The threshold for the maximum effectiveness is raised to 35% of 
            remaining hitpoints.
Inure - The inquisitor sustains less damage. 

       Low Track:

Mystic - Increases inflicted magic damage. 
Eradicate - Greatly increases the chance for critical hits.
Hallow - Adds more damage. 


-Levin Array: Lightning attacks nearby enemies

       High Track:

Disperse - Increases the angle of effectiveness.
Paralyze - Briefly decreases movement speed of affected opponents. 
Steal Life - Adds a chance to draw life from opponents

       Low Track:

Elongation - Increases the range of the lightning streaks
Hesitation - Briefly reduces the opponent's attack speed. 
Dynamic - Increases the chance for critical hits. 

-Raving Thrust: Opponents are knocked back, damaging anything they fall into

       High Track:

Lash Out - Increases the range of Raving Thrust.
Relay - Opponents near the targeted opponent will also be knocked back.
Lesion - A successful hit greatly reduces the target's base hitpoints for a 
         brief period. 

       Low Track:

Bedaze - Adds a chance to stun opponents briefly.
Vehemence - Increases damage caused. 
Tumble - Adds a chance to disarm opponents when they are knocked back. 

-Clustering Malestrom: Everything is drawn to the core of a storm, damaging

       High Track:

Gravitation - Adds a damage bonus to Clustering Maelstrom.
Vortex - Increases the range of Clustering Maelstrom.
Vortex - Increases the range of Clustering Maelstrom.

       Low Track:

Chaos - Opponents tumbling into other opponents will inflict more damage.
Gash - Adds bleeding damage (damage over time).
Stupefy - Adds a chance to stun opponents briefly. 

-Zealous Doppleganger: Summons a doppleganger of the inquisitor which helps

       High Track:

Incentive - Increases the doppelganger's attack and defense values.
Equal - The doppelganger receives the aspect Gruesome Inquisition. 
Determination - The doppleganger's lifespan increases by 30%.

       Low Track:

Vigor - The doppelganger receives a minor hitpoint regeneration rate. 
Domination - The doppelganger receives the aspect Astute Supremacy.
Companion - Causes permanent doppelganger

-Reverse Polarity (buff): Grants a chance to reflect damage

       High Track:

Rebound - Adds a chance to reflect magic damage
Counterblow - Adds a chance to reflect close combat damage.
Exploit - Each party member receives 5% of the damage intended 
          for the Inquisitor. 

       Low Track:

Sphere - Opponents within a certain radius around the Inquisitor will 
         be hit and damaged by small streaks of lightning. 
Perfection - Increases the effectiveness against ranged damage.
Evade - Increases the defense value. 


-Dislodged Spirit: Attack with a touch, tearing a soul from the body and
decreasing stats

       High Track:

Gelidity - Increases the ice damage.
Deprivation - Further decreases opponent's attributes while the soul is 
              being held.
Stimulate - Steals energy from the target, which will decrease the regeneration 
            time of combat arts

       Low Track:

Spite - Increases the duration of the soul being held. 
Torture - Adds damage over time.
Wildfire - If an opponent dies while his soul is being held, the soul will 
           explode and inflict minor area damage.

-Inexorable Subjugation: A beam of power hits the target freezing it and
inflicting magic damage. If the target dies, it becomes a spectral companion
of the Inquisitor

       High Track:

Brunt - Inflicts more magic damage per time unit. 
Fanatic - Increases attack speed of the spectral companion. 
Probation - Increases the spectral companion's lifespan. 

       Low Track:

Effort - Magic damage is inflicted more frequently. 
Menace - The spectral companion poses a significantly higher threat to 
Reclaim - Heals a certain amount of the Inquisitor's hitpoints when he 
          creates the spectral companion.

-Eruptive Desecration: Causes corpses to explode, damaging nearby enemies

       High Track:

Greed - Adds a chance to receive additional items from the corpse. 
Violence - Increases the damage dealt by explosions. 
Apocalypse - Increases the explosion's range.

       Low Track:

Restore - The soul of a corpse will heal the Inquisitor. 
Danger Zone - Increases the damage range of the explosions. 
Plague - The explosion has an additional poisonous effect. 

-Paralyzing Dread: Slows all attacks by enemies near inquisitor

       High Track:

Panic - Reduces the opponent's attack value. 
Decrepit - Reduces attack speed even more.
Extension - Increases the range of effect.

       Low Track:

Despair - Reduces the opponents' resistance values. 
Demoralize - Adds a chance to instill fear into 
             opponents and make them run away for a brief period. 
Confidence - Increases attack value.

-Soul Reaver (buff): Raises the souls of fallen corpses. They surround the
inquisitor before disappearing. Each new soul boosts the Inquisitor's attack
and defense, and resets the souls lifespan.

       High Track:

Deathmagic - Souls inflict magic damage to nearby opponents. 
Recreation - Increases the Inquisitor's hitpoint regeneration rate while he is 
             accompanied by souls. 
Zealot - Increases the lifespan of each reanimated soul. 

       Low Track:

Zealot - Increases the lifespan of each reanimated soul.
Source - Decreases the regeneration time of combat arts while the Inquisitor is 
         accompanied by souls.
Soul Imbiber - Heals the Inquisitor every time he collects a soul. 


	-High Elf


-Ancestral Fireball: Your classic fireball

       High Track:

Greek Fire - Increases the chance that the hit opponent will burn. 
Fusillade - Conjures an additional fireball. Overall damage will be 
            increased but divided between the fireballs. 
Fusillade - Conjures an additional fireball. Overall damage will be 
            increased but divided between the fireballs. 

       Low Track:

Explosion - Fireballs inflict area effect damage on nearby opponents. 
Globe - The fireball increases in size and inflicts more damage. 
Hot Pursuit - Fireballs will follow their targets. 

-Blazing Tempest: A moving fire wall roasts enemies

       High Track:

Scorch - Inflicts more damage upon impact. 
Spell Flow - Significantly decreases the regeneration time of Blazing Tempest.
Fright - Adds a chance to scare targets into fleeing. 

       Low Track:

Ignite - Increases spread speed.
Conflagration - Sets targets ablaze. 
Ambition - Increases the chance to land critical hits.

-Incendiary Shower: A meteor shower blankets a target area

       High Track:

Skull Smash - Chance to stun opponents on impact.
Continuity - Increases Incendiary Shower duration (increases number of meteors)
Devastation - Increases the chance of inflicting critical hits.

       Low Track:

Magma Rain - Increases meteor fire damage. 
Smoking Rock - Meteors inflicts more physical damage. 
Intensity - The time interval between meteor falls is shorter. Number of 
            meteors is unchanged.

-Fire Demon (buff): Summons a fire demon which enhances other pyromancer spells

       High Track:

Power - Increases the level of the summoned demon.
Lively - The demon reduces spell casting time. 
Modesty - When the demon is present, the Combat Arts regeneration penalty is 

       Low Track:

Renew - Increases the demon's lifepoints regeneration. 
Guard - Reduces the impact and the weakening effects on the High Elf.
Power - Increases the level of the summoned demon.

-Incandescent Skin (buff): Almost immmune to fire damage, can burn up 
approaching projectiles

       High Track:

Inferno - Increases the chance to set fire to opponent when they sustain fire 
Energy Focus - Decreases the regeneration time of the aspect Arrant Pyromancer.
Arrant Pyromancer Expertise - Further decreases the regeneration time for the 
                              Arrant Pyromancer aspect. 

       Low Track:

Combusting Arrows - Chance that arrows may burn before they can inflict damage. 
Revenge - Chance to reflect close combat damage. 
Fiery Ardor - Additionally increases fire damage. 


-Frost Flare: Powerful frost blast, attacking and slowing target

       High Track:

Spell Flow - Significantly decreases the regeneration time of Frost Flare. 
Constraint - Reduces the opponent's chance to hit successfully.
Icy Circle - Freezes opponents within a significantly larger area around the 


       Low Track:

Freeze - Further reduces target's movement rate. 
Frost - Additionally increases the ice damage over time. 
Perpetuity - Increases the duration of the freezing effects. 

-Glacial Thorns: Circular attack of ice shards

       High Track:

Fusillade - Increases the number of frozen thorns. 
Devastation - Increases the change for critical hits. 
Fusillade - Increases the number of frozen thorns.

       Low Track:

Frost - Increases damage inflicted by each frozen thorn. 
Pierce - Chance that thorns will continue to spear forward after hitting a 
Pierce - Chance that thorns will continue to spear forward after hitting a 

-Raging Nimbus: Damaged opponents will be struck by lightning

       High Track:

Hurricane - Increases lightning frequency. 
Momentum - Further decreases movement speed of opponent caught in blizzard. 
Cyclone - Increases the duration of the blizzard 

       Low Track:

Wrath - Ice damage of lightning is increased. 
Roar - Reduces the attack value of affected opponents. 
Extended Nimbus - Increases the radius of the blizzard. 

-Cascading Shroud: Casts invisibility around Elf. Arrows and regular weapons
pass through harmlessly

       High Track:

Faint - Reduces the probability of being struck by weapons. 
Intangible - Chance to fully resist root effects. 
Steam - Reduces the vulnerability to fire effects. 

       Low Track:

Mist - Additionally reduces physical damage.
Inconspicuous - Reduces the chance to be detected by opponents. 
Facileness - Increases run speed while Cascading Shroud is active. 

-Crystal Skin (buff): Improves armor and reisistance to spells. Increases
regeneration arts of ice spells.

       High Track:

Freeze - Slows movement rate of opponents in close combat range. 
Feel Cold - Reduces the opponent's resistance against ice damage. 
Mystic Stormite Expertise - Decreases the regeneration time for the 
                            Mystic Stormite aspect.

       Low Track:

Glacial Mirror - Increases the chance to reflect incoming detrimental magical 
Focalize - Increases the spell intensity of the aspect Mystic Stormite combat 
Frosty Breeze - Additionally increases ice damage.


-Cobalt Strike: Powerful strike of lightning, especially hurts moonjuice

       High Track:

Heavy Damage - Increases direct damage output. 
Electrify - Increases the chance to reduce the opponent's attributes. 
Explosion - Damages additional opponents in the vicinity of the target.

       Low Track:

Chain Reaction - 80% chance that the lightning will hit an additional 
Chain Reaction - 80% chance that the lightning will hit an additional 
Critical - Increases the chance to land critical hits.

-Magic Coup: Enchants a weapon for magic damage. 

       High Track:

Target focus - Increases the chance that opponents cannot evade or parry 
               incoming hits. 
Life Leech - Leeches life from the target and adds it to the caster's life. 
Critical - Increases the chance to land critical hits. 

       Low Track:

Heavy Damage - Increases damage bonus.
Steal Mana - Steals combat art energy from opponents.
Stray Damage - Chance to hit nearby opponents. 

-Shadow Step: Can teleport in range of sight, can be invisible or invulnerable
after teleport.

       High Track:

Phase Shift - Decreases the cool-down time, not regeneration time, of Shadow 
Vanish - The caster remains invisible for a brief period after the teleport.
Explosion - Inflicts damage while teleporting.

       Low Track:

Escape - Chance to break all rooting effects while teleporting. 
Sanctuary - The caster is briefly invulnerable after the teleport.
Mend - Heals the caster during teleport.

-Expulse Magic: Removes any enchantment on enemy weapons

       High Track:

Strength - Increases banishing potential but maintain the same effective 
Pentagram - Reduces the duration and impact of incoming weakening effects. 
Protection - Chance to block direct magical damage.

       Low Track:

Expansion - Increases effective radius but maintains the banishing potential.
Banish Dead - Damages undead creatures within the radius of effectiveness. 
Banish Creation - Damages T-Energy creatures within the radius of effectiveness

-Grand Invigoration (buff): HP and spells regenerate at an increased rate

       High Track:

Arrant Pyromancer Expertise - The regeneration time for the aspect Arract 
                              Pyromancer will decrease significantly.
Replenish - Further decreases the regeneration time of all spells.
Resilience - Reduces the impact and duration of incoming detrimental effects.

       Low Track:

Mystic Stormite Expertise - The regeneration time for the aspect Mystic 
                            Stormite will decrease significantly.
Life Energy - Additionally increases the hitpoint regeneration rate.
Fleetness - Increases run speed while Grand Invigoration is active. 


	-Temple Guardian


-Dedicated Blow: A portion of physical damage is converted to the damage type
which the opponent has least resisitance to. Also increases chance to hit in
normal close combat. This close combat arm cannot shoot.

       High Track:

Transformation - Converts more damage to the least resisted element.
Intent  - Adds chance to do a critical hit. 
Enforce  - Dedicated Blow does increased damage. 

       Low Track:

Bedazed  - Chance to stun. 
Confident  - Significantly increases chance to hit. 
Impact  - Chance for a deep wound. 

-Battle Extension: An additional arm that attacks opponents

       High Track:

Double Attack - Chance for two hits on each strike.
Efficiency - Reduces Combat Art regeneration.
Double Attack - Chance for two hits on each strike.

       Low Track:

Hydraulics - Increases weapon damage 
Impairment - Reduces target's evade chance.
Intent - Increased chance for critical. 

-Deathly Spears: Long spears shoot out from the Temple Guardian

       High Track:

Batter  - Chance for knockback.
Singe  - Adds fire damage.
Jab  - Adds an additional attack

       Low Track:

Gore  - Increased damage when TG is wounded.
Occult  - Adds magic damage. 
Wounding  - Chance of causing an open wound/bleeding damage over time.

-Combat Alert: Increases attack and defense

       High Track:

Assault  - Doubles attack bonus to all weapons.
Riposte  - Melee damage reflection. 
Party Protection  - Extends the benefit to party members. 
       Low Track:

Barricade  - Adds a defensive bonus equal to the current attack bonus. 
Repair  - Healing.
Permanent  - Converts Combat Alert into a buff called Battle Aura

-T-Energy Shroud (buff): Force Field that partly absorbs incoming damage

       High Track:

Power  - Increases shield power.
Recharge  - Adds shield recharge during combat. 
Power  - Increases shield power. 

       Low Track:

Derogate  - Adds close combat damage. 
Reduction  - Further reduction to incoming damage. 
Reflection  - Chance to reflect spells. 


-Amplifying Discharge: Rapid fire bullet attack.

       High Track:

Ice bullets  - Adds ice damage. 
Momentum  - Chance to knockback.
Ice bullets  - Adds ice damage. 

       Low Track:

Ricochet  - Chance to cause another ricochet.
Ricochet  - Chance to cause another ricochet.
Speed shot - Reduces regeneration time.

-Furious Emblazer: A jet of molten fire burns everything in the Temple
Guardian's path. It's a good short-range attack. 

       High Track:

Accelerant  - Increases fire damage. 
Terror  - Chance to cause targets to run away. 
Intensify  - Increased damage. 

       Low Track:

Immolation  - Increased chance to set target on fire. 
Incapacitate  - Chance to stun.
Burnout  - Increased damage against severely damaged opponents. 

-Jolting Touch: Grab enemy with left hand, shocking them

       High Track:

Payback  - Chance to reflect melee damage.
Self repair - Minor self healing effect every damage pulse. 
Shelter  - Reduces incoming damage while active. 

       Low Track:

Life Leech  - Leeches back health from target. 
Voltage - Each damage pulse increases Combat Art regeneration.
Flux  - Increases pulse frequency.

-Archimedes Beam: Fire a beam of concentrated energy

       High Track:

Paralyze  - Decreases target movement speed. 
Weaken  - Significant chance to decrease target's attributes.
Shelter  - Reduces incoming damage while active.

       Low Track:

Bundle  - Increases beam damage.
Intent  - Increases chance to critical.
Annul  - Significant chance to dispel beneficial spells (buffs) from target. 

-Propelled Levitation: Levitate with jets, which also attack enemies

       High Track:

Fuel  - Decreases regeneration time. 
Boost  - Propelled Levitation will cover longer distances. 
Emergency Lift-off  - Enables lift-off even when under the influence of root 

       Low Track:

Super charger - Increases damage range.
Jet Stream - Opponents will sustain additional fire damage. 
Flux - Increases damage pulse frequency. 


-Primal Mutation: Causes Direct damage using moonjuice. Also gives the chance
to transform an opponent into a harmless animal- or a mutated enemy! This power
makes a big red glowy ball appear and zap your enemies. 

       High Track:

Combust  - Converts physical damage into fire damage. 
Mutate  - Increases chance to mutate target. 
Demolition  - Increases Primal Mutation base damage.

       Low Track:

Theurgy  - Converts physical damage into magic damage. 
Helpless  - Briefly reduces target's attributes.
Helpless  - Briefly reduces target's attributes.	

-Firey Ember: Causes fire damage, decrease fire resistance. Allied players get
a bonus to ice resistance

       High Track:

Incinerate  - Increases fire damage.
Frost Protection - Improves protection against ice damage.
Conservation  - Reduces regeneration time.

       Low Track:

Scald  - Reduces target's attack speed. 
Churn - Further reduces target's fire resist. 
Sustain  - Increases duration. 

-Icy Evanesence: Causes ice damage, decreases ice resistance. Allied players
get a bonus to fire resistance

       High Track:

Ice Needles  - Increases ice damage.
Fire protection - Improves protection against fire damage. 
Conservation - Reduces regeneration time. 

       Low Track:

Freeze  - Reduces target's movement speed. 
Deep frost - Further reduces target's ice resist.
Sustain - Increases duration. 

-Charged Grid: Moonjuice pulsates around the Temple Guardian and damages 
opponents while it heals allies at the same time. This is a shiny field that
moves around you, like it says, healing your friends and hurting your foes.
It's really handy to activate mid-battle. 

       High Track:

Substance  - Increases healing.
Substance  - Increases healing.
Longevity  - Increases duration. 

       Low Track:

Havoc  - Increases damage dealt. 
Unnatural selection  - Inflicts higher damage to severely wounded opponents.
Widen  - Increases range.  

-Untouchable Force (buff): Creates a small forcefield around the Temple
Guardian that causes light damage to nearby opponents with the possibility to
leave them stunned. 

       High Track:

Field damage - Increases magic damage. 
Paralyze  - Decreases movement speed of opponents.
Field damage - Increases magic damage. 

       Low Track:

Mind control - Increases chance to stun. 
Calm  - Reduces opponents' attack speed. 
Crumble  - Chance to destroy incoming projectiles.




You use these to hit people and things with really hard. Sockets can be used
to fit runes in and upgrade your weapons.

Weapons are organized into basic types. Modifiers are listed below this, and
can apply to weapons. For instance, a Halbred normally would be a regular
two-handed spear type weapon, but 

	-Unique Weapons
* Hammer of the Ferrous: 1, 22-32, damage modifier, Opponents armor: physical

	-Energy Weapons

* Energy Pistol: A one-handed blaster


* Scimitar: A middle eastern one-handed blade
* Great Sword: A two-handed, bastard type sword
* Sword: Just a regular blade. European in style
* Falchion: A larger sword used in times of war
* Blade: A short blade, smaller than a sword.
* Flamberge: A big two-handed sword
* Saber: A one-handed, long blade. Good for buckling swashes
* War blade: A smaller, lighter weapon designed for the battlefield
* Dagger: A short handled blade good for quick strikes


* Short Bow: Quicker, but does less damage than a longbow
* Long Bow: The big damage-dealer for ranged attacks

	-Blunt Weapons	

* Ceremonial Staff: Two-handed, fancy looking stick for hittin' folks
* Magic Staff: A blunt weapon that increases knowledge of a magic track
* Quarter Staff: a quicker staff, the favorite of thieves
* Cudgel: A small, portable blunt weapon
* Bludgeon: A simple one-handed club
* Hammer: A one or two handed war weapon


* Lance: A long spike used by knights for jousting
* Javelin: A usually thrown weapon, here used as a spear
* Bandiche: A long spear with a wide tip
* Spear: Your standard long pokey weapon
* Glaive: A spear with a wide blade
* Pike: A medevial halbred type weapon
* Halbred: A spear with an axe handle end

        -Thrown Weapons

* Throw Star: A ninja star like weapon
* Shuriken: A throwing star with a far eastern flair
* Throwing Dagger: Favorite of seedy types everywhere, a thrown dagger
* Pipe: Hurl projectiles with your breath! This is voodoo like




Wearing armor provides protection from enemies, but also causes a pentaly in
terms of regeneration for abilities.

	Basic Types of Armor


* Robe: Doesn't provide much protection, but doesn't encumber you much
* Harness: Fits snugly around the chest, helping posture AND defense!
* Tunic: A well-made shirt
* Vestment: Ceremonial garb
* Curiass: Medium or heavy chest armor
* Hauberk: Strapped on chest plates


* Rounded Shield: Good for deflecting physical blows
* Defender: A smaller, more square shield
* Protector: A somewhat larger shield, more diamond in shape
* Aegis: A large kite-like shield


* Pants: Don't leave home without 'em! 
* Leggaurds: For those who like more defense on their legs
* Pantaloons: A pirate-er version of the regular pants


* Cloak: Wraps around the shoulders for light armor protection
* Shoulder Plates: More encumbering than a cloak, but better protection
* Paldroon: Shoulder armor, pretty standard in these adventure-y games.


* Wristguards: Essentially bracers
* Vambrances: Arm wraps for the fighter


* Boots: Standard footwear
* Sabations: Tall, leather boots. Very imposing! For Inquisitor
* Archon's Slippers: Light nature-loving footwear for Dryads
* Sandals: Very light armor


* Full Helm: Strong protection for the head, decreases regen time a lot
* Casque: A lighter piece of headware
* Barbitue: In between the Casque and Full Helm in terms of heaviness


* Cincture: A snug, armored belt
* Belt: Pretty basic equipment. 
* Waistband: A wrap that fits around the waist




You may come across some books during your travels. They are consumable
items,  and "using" one adds its text to your library. Besides getting the
achievement for reading a lot of books, it adds some fun backstory to the
quests! They are listed here in the following categories:

Cooking [CK#] books 1-6
Lost Diaries [LD#] books 1-3
Books of Magic [MG#] books 1-6
Books of Religions [RG#] books 1-6
Lore of Weaponry [WP#] books 1-6
Lore of Monsters [MT#] books 1-3
Book of Herbs [HB#] books 1-3
Travel Guide [TV#] books 1-5
Interesting Facts About Arcania [FT#] books 1-8

-------------------------    The Art of Cooking


Orcish Cooking

At first glance, Orcish cooking seems pretty plain and simple. There are not 
exactly many detailed and elaborate recipes to be found in the Orc cuisine. 
Maybe this is one of the reasons why Orcish food has become increasingly 
popular in the civilized areas of Ancaria during recent years. People are fed 
up with sophisticated, strange dishes and they want to experience the taste of 
nature and wilderness. Back to the roots! Or should we say: Back to the meat?

In every bigger town, there is at least one Orcish restaurant these days. More 
and more people seem to enjoy the unusual and exotic taste of Orcish food in 
combination with real event gastronomy like bar-room brawls, eating with hand 
and scimitar and beating up the cook after the meal. Of course, the food in 
those restaurants is slightly tweaked and adjusted to civilized standards. Orcs
are occasionally eating things that many people would consider inedible. Many 
of them do not even have a name in our language, some not even in Orcish. This 
book have been written to give you an overview of the Orcish way of cooking and
we would like to make you curious about this very special kind of food.

There are a few basic principles for Orcish cooking. The grand Orcish chef 
Gkratulak once described the philosophy of Orcish cooking in his (admittedly 
very short) book "Orc Food for Every Day" (3. ed.)

"Kill living being and cook it."

Note, that in the Orcish language, there is no specific word for cooking. The 
corresponding word "hthak" describes the general process of preparing food. The
condition of the food when it is being eaten does not really matter, neither 
does the type of animal. Also, the removal of skin, fur, feathers or scales is 

Although the above quote is - in the true charm of Orcish tongue - a little 
short-spoken, the principle still holds true: Orcish cookery requires meat. 
Lots of meat! The more the better. There simply is no Orcish dish without meat.
Or the other way round: it is not easy to find something in an Orcish dish 
that's NOT meat. There is an Orcish saying. They say: Karukh nah erak. Karuki 
toptzak an erak. (translation: If it doesn't move, eat it. If it moves, hit it.
Then eat it.)

When it comes to beverages, the Orcish cuisine is even more straightforward. 
Orcs are drinking beer or - if they are too young for beer (1-3 years) - water.
After a good feast however, they sometimes enjoy a liquor called "Chuke", but 
the recipe for this drink seems to be a secret and it is generally considered 
venomous for non-Orcish beings.

Now, without any further ado, here is a typical three course Orcish dinner for 
your cooking pleasure. The following recipes are all taken from Gkratulaks 
famous book. As most of them are usually quite simple, we decided to make 
adjusted versions for each dish. You will find the adjusted version for refined
palates below the original recipe.

Starter: Long-eared fast-thing

Original: Kill long-eared fast-thing and cook it.


    * 1 rabbit, cut into pieces
    * 1 onion
    * 2 1/4 cup flour
    * salt
    * pepper
    * cooking oil 

Brown onions in cooking oil. Dredge rabbit pieces in flour, salt and pepper. 
Put oil, onions and rabbit pieces into a frying pan and cook until the rabbit 
pieces are browned on all sides. Take out the meat and make a sauce from the 
oil and onions by sprinkling in flour. When the gravy is brown, add some water 
and return the rabbit meat into the mixture. Cook until sauce thickens.

Main course: Bristly Grunting Thing

Original: Kill bristly grunting thing. Remove teeth. Cook it.


    * 1 wild boar
    * 50 onion
    * 10 garlic
    * 20 liters of beer 

Remove the boar hide and let the boar bleed dry. Open it and remove all guts 
and organs. Fill with onions and garlic. Place on a spit and over a fire. Spin 
around for 9-10 hours. Baste with beer frequently during the roasting process.
The wild boar is ready when the eyeballs begin to drop out.

Dessert: Cackling Thing

Original: Kill cackling thing. Remove beak and feet. Cook it.


    * 1 chicken
    * 1/4 cup sugar
    * 1/2 cup honey
    * 1/2 cup mace
    * 1/2 teaspoon cloves
    * 1/2 ginger
    * 1/4 cup almonds 

Pluck the chicken and remove all guts, head, feet and organs. Put honey, mace 
and sugar into a bowl and stir well. Apply the mixture to the chicken. Put the 
chicken into the oven and leave to roast until the skin is gold/brown. 



 Dryad Cooking

Of all living beings. the Dryads have the closest bond with nature. Their 
connection with the trees is of such closeness that they refuse to eat anything
that does not live or grow in the woods. Although the range of food supply 
seems rather limited. Dryad cuisine is far from boring or repetitive. Over the 
centuries, the Dryads have developed their culinary art to perfection. Dryad 
cuisine is one of the most interesting cuisines of Ancaria with many nuances, 
different flavors and exotic recipes.

For Dryads, cooking is a collective and social activity. Since they are living 
in wooden tree houses. they usually do not have fireplaces inside the house. 
Instead, there are usually several safe fireplaces in the central areas of the 
villages, where all the cooking takes place. The Dryads prefer to cook in 
larger amounts and they arc used to preparing their food in big cauldrons and 
huge pans. There are no exact recipes in Dryad cooking. It consists of the 
combination of certain basic ingredients and spices.

Meat plays an important role in the Dryad cuisine. There are many different 
kinds of animals living in the forests and most of them are edible. Amongst the
variety of venison, there are deer, boars, small bears, but also fish, such as 
wild salmon and pike. The Dryads are hunters and they exclusively hunt and eat 
wild animals. You will never find domesticated animals in a Dryad dish.

Dryads traditionally do not grow plants. Instead, they reap what the forests 
have to offer and that is quite a lot. There are all kinds of fruit and berries
available. In addition, there are many forms of wild vegetables, such as 
potatoes, rice and wheat.

The most unique element of Dryad cooking is the variety of spices and herbs. 
Dryads are using an amazing amount of different herbs and spices for their 
dishes. Some of them only grow in their homeland regions, some are not even 
recognized as useful in other parts of the world. The herb lore of the Dryads 
is unmatched in Ancaria and a skilled Dryad cook is able to create something 
unique even out of a simple rabbit.

Pike in Wine-vinegar Sauce

    * 1 large pike
    * 1 1/4 cup wine
    * 2 tbl. vinegar
    * 3 slices of bread
    * 1/4 spoon wild cinnamon
    * 1/8 spoon ground white pepper
    * 2 onions
    * fat
    * wild parsley
    * salt 

Place the pike in a pan, pour in wine and vinegar and add parsley. Add enough 
salted water to cover the fish and poach it until the flesh is white. Lift the 
fish from the pan, then put the bread into a bowl. Add some of the wine-vinegar
liquid until the bread is covered.

Skin the fish and take out the spine and other bones. Cut the fish into small 
pieces to make a manageable disk.

Strain the cooking liquid into a clean pan. Pour 2 cups of it into the bowl 
with the bread, add cinnamon and pepper and mix it together until smooth. 
Return the mixture to the liquid in the pan. Fry the onions in a little oil 
until soft, and add them to the liquid as well. Taste for seasoning, add the 
pieces of fish and re-heat gently to serve.

Deer Roast

    * 4-6 onions
    * 4-6 wild chili
    * 4-6 garlic cloves
    * salt
    * red pepper
    * lemon juice
    * water
    * fat 

Cut the onions, chili and garlic into small pieces. Cut small holes in the deer
meat and insert pieces of onion, garlic and chili into the holes. Mix salt and 
pepper and insert the mixture into the same holes.

Mix lemon juice and water. Pour over the meat and marinate overnight. Cook the 
meat in a large saucepan. Melt the fat in the saucepan and add some water. 
Leave to cook for 4 to 6 hours on low heat. Remove the roast and thicken the 
gravy with some flour.

Dryad Stew

    * short ribs of wild boar separated by rib
    * 1/4 cup flour
    * 1/4 cup oil
    * 5 cups beef stock
    * 1/2 spoon cinnamon
    * 1/2 spoon ground cloves
    * 1/2 spoon ground mace
    * 2 spoon cardamom
    * 4 peppercorns
    * 1 onion
    * 6 sprg. parsley
    * 1 spoon sage
    * 1/4 cup vinegar
    * 1/4 spoon saffron
    * whole wheat bread 

Chop the parsley and sage, cut the onion into small pieces and crush the 
cardamom. Dust the ribs with the flour, fry it in the oil until it is brown. 
Add the stock as well as the spices and herbs except for the saffron and leave 
to simmer for two hours. Soak in the vinegar and saffron with the bread, puree 
it and stir it into the stew. Check seasoning, then simmer for another half an 



 Drinking in Ancaria

Many different beverages can be found (and ordered) in the taverns of Ancaria. 
Unlike food, the different cultures and races of the world seemed to have 
influenced each other when it comes to drinks. Except for the Orcs, who have a 
rather narrow range of drinks (actually it’s just beer or water), all races are
sharing and contributing to the variety of beverages. For example, tea was 
originally invented and consumed by the Dryads, but quickly adopted by other 
races and now, people all over the world are drinking tea in their homes.

Water is the most natural form of liquid and it is the basic ingredient for 
most beverages. The only exceptions are fruit juices and wine.


Mead is a brew based on honey. Quite a number of different flavors of mead are 
known throughout Ancaria, some of them are seasonal, others are just regional 
variations. However, they all have one thing in common: the combination of 
honey and alcohol can have devastating effects on the incautious consumer.

Dryad Lemon Mead

This Mead variation originated from the southern parts of the world. The Dryads
are said to have invented this special form of mead. The fresh taste is a nice 
contrast to the rather heavy aroma of the honey.

    * 6 wine quarts water
    * ½ ounce whole nutmegs
    * 1 lemon peel
    * 1 quart honey
    * Pulp of 2 or 3 lemons
    * Lemon juice

Time to completion: 1 month

To every quart of honey, add six wine quarts of water, half an ounce of 
nutmegs, the peel of a lemon and the meat of two of the three. Boil these 
together. When the scum does not rise anymore, remove from the fire and leave 
it to cool down. Squeeze the lemon juice into the brew. The lemon mead will be 
ready in less than a month.

Cloven Mead

A quit simple but tasty mead. The strong aroma of the cloves and the ginger 
grant this mead a sweet accentuation. Cloven mead is especially popular during 
the winter season when it is usually served hot.

    * 3 lbs. honey
    * 1 gallon water
    * ½ ounce ginger root
    * Cloves
    * Mace blades
    * Agrimony

Time to completion: 2 to 3 months.

Dissolve three pounds of honey in a gallon of water and boil it. As soon as it 
starts to boil, add half an ounce of ginger, some cloves, mace and a small 
quantity of agrimony. Leave to boil for an hour and keep it constantly skimmed,
as there will be plenty of scum rising from the pot. Strain into another vessel
and leave to cool down. Wait until it is creamed over with a black cream and 
leave it to ripen for two or three months.


By far the most popular alcoholic beverage in Ancaria is ale. From the noble 
taverns of Thylysium to the quayside bars of the shanty towns, large quantities
of ale are being sold everywhere. Ale is relatively easy to brew and thus can 
be sold at a reasonable price. Of course, similar to mead, there are dozens of 
flavor variations available and they also vary in strength.

Weak Ale

For 2 ½ gallons of ale:

    * 4 2/3 lbs. malt
    * 1 ½ lbs. oats
    * 13 qts. Water
    * 1 cup yeast
    * ¼ ounces light oak chips

Boil the water, then crush the malt and mix it with the oats while they are 
still dry. Place the tun near the stove. Pour two quarts of water into the tun,
then pour all the dry grain into the lauter tun. Slowly pour three more quarts 
of boiling water over the grain, then put a cover on the tun and leave it for 
several minutes. Add one more quart of boiling water, then put the lid back on 
and leave it for another 20 minutes.

Take off the lid and stir it all up. The consistency should be fairly thick. 
Put the lid back on and leave to cool down for two hours. Open up the tun and 
stir in three more quarts of boiling water. Stir it, then close up again and 
wait for half an hour. Finally, add the remaining boiling water. Stir it, then 
close up again and wait for half an hour. Finally, add the remaining boiling 
water and stir well.

Strain out the wort, be very meticulous and make sure that most of the liquid 
goes out. Close the fermenter and leave the wort to cool over night.

Add the yeast to the wort. Shake and stir it. Allow the ale to ferment for a 
day. The yeast should have become active and the process should be well under 
way. Boil the oak chips in a cup of water. Remove from the fire as soon as the 
water is brown and leave it to cool. Pour out some of the water, then boil it 
again. Add the oak water to the wort and allow the ale to ferment for several 



 Table Manners and Etiquette

Much has been said and written about manners and etiquette already. And even 
more blunders and errors have been made. There simply is no other occasion 
where a lack of decent education will reveal itself more clearly than at the 
table. Not knowing the basic rules of etiquette is - at the least - 
embarrassing. Occasionally, however, it can be fatal. The infamous "Banquet of 
Doom", which caused the "War of the Corned Beef", is the most infamous one. 
Good table manners are no T-Energy science. Everybody should know how to behave
at the table and everybody should be aware of the cultural differences to avoid
unpleasant situations.

The first and most obvious rule when eating together with other people is: know
what cutlery to use for which kind of food.

Meat does not require a fork, just cut it with your knife and eat it with your 
hand. Forks are there to pick up small pieces of food which are too hot to 

If you really must use your fork and want to scratch your back, do not use the 
fork you are eating with. Instead, politely ask your left or right hand 
neighbor if he needs his fork. Only if does indeed need it for himself are you 
allowed to scratch your back with your own fork.

Never clean your hands with the table cloth. There are usually cats or dogs 
under the tables, waiting for leftovers, Use their fur to clean your hands. If 
there is no animal available, you may use your clothes, hair or beard to get 
rid of the grease.

If you need to burp, do not burp into your food. That is considered very bad 
manners. Turn your head to the left or right and burp into the direction of 
your neighbor. If your neighbor happens to be female, excuse yourself. If he is
male, lift your glass and raise a private toast to him. If it's an Orc, either 
beat him up, or run.

Picking your teeth with the knife is forbidden. Using the fork is not.

Giving an official toast is a delicate and complex matter. There is a 
predetermined order of precedence for the toasts, and even the most erudite 
people sometimes commit a blunder. Describing the entire process would take way
too long. As a rule of thumb, the first toast always goes to the sovereign. If 
there is no sovereign, or if there is uncertainty about the current sovereign, 
the first toast goes to the noble with the highest rank. The consequent toasts 
should go to the host of the evening, the oldest person at the table and the 
one with the longest and most impressive last name.

If you are guest at an Orcish dinner, it is considered impolite to not 
participate in the after dinner brawl. Beating each other up is considered good
for the digestion. If you refuse to take part, they assume that you did not 
like the food. This is an insult.

Orcs never eat vegetables or plants in general. If you see something green in 
an Orcish meal, it is NOT salad, it is decoration. Do not eat it if you want to
avoid embarrassing moments.

If you do not like your food, quietly drop it to the floor below the table. Do 
not put it on your neighbor's plate when he is not watching.

Minstrels singing their silly songs during a meal can be annoying. Still, it is
not appropriate to attack them. Only the weak are resorting to violence! The 
polite person just throws some leftover food at them.

Throwing pieces of bread, grapes or other kinds of food at the people on the 
other side of the table is a well known and entertaining game. But don't be 
excessive! Always make sure that the pieces of food are no larger than a 
chicken or a small duck, and that the consistency is not too soft or too hard. 
Also, bringing small catapults for this purpose requires a prior agreement. 



 Guide for a Successful Feast, or "How to not poison your guests"

Preparing a banquet can be complex Nothing can spoil a celebration more than a 
failed banquet and unsatisfied guests. Hosting a banquet is quite a 
responsibility and should not be taken lightly. But fret not! In this book, we 
will guide you through the process and make sure you will be able to avoid any 
obstacles and possible threats.


This is where it all starts. In the first steps of planning, you need to answer
a number of questions. How many people do you intend to serve at the feast? 
Will the kitchen hall and tables accommodate that number? Can you pie-cook 
anything? Can you prepare everything that day! Who is going to attend your 
meal? Are there any cultural or racial limitations for the food? Planning is 
the key to everything here. Only if you have sufficient answers to all those 
questions, you can safely continue with your next step. Numerous banquets have 
been spoiled due to lack of preparation:

"But the page said there is enough wood in the kitchen. Whatever made him say 
"What do you mean by, The meat looks a bit strange!"
"Did we really invite those Ore scu... those people of Orcish origin!"
"Where is my recipe book again!"

All those questions are a sure indication of bad preparation. Avoid that at any
cost! Eliminate all those possible threats right from the start. Trust nobody 
but yourself. If you have a question, find out the answer for yourself. Don't 
ask anyone. And if you have found out the answers, write them down. Papyrus 
can't forget.

Make sure there are enough tables, benches and chairs available, as well as 
enough table cloths to cover the tables. Candles and proper lighting are 
essential as well ("I can't see the meat!").

Planning the Menu

Probably the most important step is deciding which dishes you want to serve. 
For a large banquet, we recommend no more than four courses. It goes without 
saying, that you should not try to serve dishes you have never done before. 
Also, keep in mind, that some ingredients might be seasonal and may not always 
be available.

For the courses, we recommend:

    * Bread, Butter, Fruits
    * Soup or Stew
    * Meat course
    * Dessert 

For the stew, we recommend:

A chicken thyme stew with cream. This nice little recipe is highly popular in 
all cultured parts of Ancaria and does not require too much preparation. Yet, 
due to the rich flavor it is very suitable as a starter.

Chicken Thyme Stew with Cream

    * 15 pieces chicken meat
    * 2 tbl. olive oil
    * 1/2 onion
    * 2 garlic cloves
    * 2 tbl. flour
    * 1 1/2 mug mushrooms
    * 1 mug chicken broth
    * 4 tsp. parsley
    * 1 1/2 tsp. thyme
    * 1/4 mug sherry
    * 1/4 tsp. pepper
    * 1/4 mug sour cream 

Cut the chicken into small pieces. Warm one spoon of olive oil in a pot until 
it's hot, but not smoking. Add the chicken and fry until it is brown. Remove 
the chicken and pour all the remaining oil into the pot. Add the onion and game
and cook them, stirring until the onion begins to brown. Stir in the flour and 
cook until the flour dissolves in the melange. Add the mushrooms, chicken 
broth, paisley, sherry, thyme and pepper. Boil until the mixture has thickened.
Return the chicken meat to the pot and cook for a minute. Stir in the sour 
cream and serve the stew while it is hot.

For the meat course, we recommend

Wild Boar in Peanut Oil

    * 3 tbl. peanut oil
    * 1 wild boar
    * 2 garlic cloves
    * 1 spoon ginger root
    * 1/2 bunch radish
    * 2 onions 


    * 2 spoons crunchy peanut butter
    * 1 spoons soy oil
    * 1 spoons vinegar
    * 2 spoons sesame oil
    * 2 chili
    * 2 spoon sugar
    * 1/5 mug stock 

Cut the wild boar into small pieces. Soak the radishes in warm water for 
several minutes, then drain them and cut them into quarters. Cut the onions 
into pieces.

For the sauce, cream together peanut butter and soy oil, then add the remaining
ingredients. Set the sauce aside.

Add oil to a frying pan. When it starts to smoke, add the boar meat and fry for
a minute. Add garlic and ginger and fry for another minute. Put the boar meat 
into the saucepan and add the peanut sauce. Heat and leave to simmer for 15 
minutes. Add the onions after approx half the time. If the sauce thickens, add 
more stock.

Add the radish and simmer for another 5 minutes, then take it off the fire to 
serve it.



 Ancient and Foreign Recipes

Countless ancient books and fragments of scrolls are stored in the libraries of
the realm, yet only a handful of those books deal with the art of cooking. The 
only surviving copies are the "Ye Great Booke of Foode" by the Elven Highlord 
Taurith of Graat - written 829 Old Time - and "What Thou See is What Thou Eat" 
by an unknown Human Nobleman, written probably before 600 old time. Both books 
contain a number of rather odd suggestions for food. Many of the ingredients 
are hard to come by these days, other recipes are particularly strange and 
nobody would even consider eating their results anymore. Since both books are 
written in a fairly arcane language, it is sometimes hard or even impossible 
to to translate the passages into the modern languages of Ancaria. Some parts 
of the content appear to be completely lost in translation. Still, those books 
are highly interesting, not only for those who are interested in cooking. They 
are contemporary documents and give us insight into the history of our world.

Excerpts from "Ye Great Book of Foode"
by Taurith of Graat, approx. 830 Old Time:

Goblin in Mustard Sauce

Kill some Goblins. Remove their heads, hands and feet. Fry them in a big pan, 
with salt, pepper, garlic and some ham. When the skin turns brown, remove them 
from the heat. Add onion rings to some water, boil for several minutes. When 
the onion rings are soft, take the pot off the fire. Take a brush and mustard. 
Apply the mustard to the goblins, make sure the entire surface is covered with 
mustard. Take the onion sauce, pour it over the Goblins and serve them. If you 
like your goblin an little more spicy, take some pepperoni, chop it into very 
small pieces and season the Goblin with it.

Scrambled Harpy Eggs

Steal 2-5 Harpy Eggs, beat them lightly, add seasoning. Melt some fat in a 
saucepan and pour the eggs in. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon until the 
egg begins to thicken, then remove it from the heat and let it cool down. Serve
the Scrambled Harpy Eggs warm with some bread.

Giant Ravenous Llama Goulash

Gather a few friends and take down a Giant Ravenous Llama. (As a rule of thumb:
one Giant Ravenous Llama serves approximately 8 people.) Be careful, those 
llamas are dangerous creatures. Avoid their toxic spittle under all 
circumstances, always wear your safety goggles. As soon as the Giant Ravenous 
Llama is dead, skin it and remove all organs. Place it into an oversized pot 
with some water and cook for several hours. When the meat turns gray, remove it
from the head. Separate the meat from the rest of the bones and cut it into 
small pieces. Put those pieces into a pot and set it aside. Put Onions, Ginger,
Pepper, Mace, Salt, Vinegar and some wine into the oversized pot. Add some 
pints of water, throw in some dried squirrels and boils this mixture for half 
an hour. Remove it from the fire, then take a huge frying pan and put all 
pieces of Llama meat into it. Fry for several minutes, until the meat is dark 
brown. Add it to the sauce. Stir well and serve it.

Basilisk in Bacon Wrap

Put a bag over a basilisks head and kill it. Skin it and remove all organs, 
fill the chest with onions, apples, salt, pepper and cinnamon. Wrap slices of 
bacon around the basilisk and fix them with thread. Put the basilisk on the 
fire and roast it for 15 hours (basilisk meat is quite resistant to heat, so it
will take a while). Server it while it is still hot and remember to avoid eye 
contact with your dish.

Evidently, all those recipes sound rather odd; in fact, some of the are quite 
extraordinary. Therefore, this book is considered a hoax by some historians. 
Others are suspecting sloppy translations of arcane language parts. However, 
even the most renowned researchers choose their words carefully when they are 
talking about he older book "what Thouse See Is What Thou Eat". The oldest 
fragments of this book have been found during an excavation at an ancient High 
Elven ruin site. The condition of the book is rather poor, many pages have been
completely destroyed and the reset was heavily damaged by water. In addition, 
it is written in a very old Human dialect, which has been completely lost for 
centuries. Still, some parts of the book have been deciphered and copied.

Excerpts from "What Thou See is What Thou Eat"
by unknown author, approx. 600 Old Time:

Vampire Tarte Flambee

    * 1-2 vampires
    * 1 wooden stake
    * 55 garlic bulbs
    * 3 onions
    * parsley
    * absinthe 

Stake a Vampire. Leave the stake in his body to paralyze him. Place him in a 
large pot along with garlic, onions, absinthe and (very little) parsley. Wait 
until sunrise, then place him into the light for just under a minute (or half 
a minute if you prefer your vampire medium).

Squirrel Stew

    * 50-60 squirrels
    * 10 gallons of water
    * 3 tomatoes
    * salt
    * pepper
    * mace
    * thyme 

Throw the squirrels into a large pot. Chop the tomatoes into small pieces, add 
them to the squirrels, then add the water and boil everything for an hour, 
while constantly stirring it with a large edgar. (translator's note: edgar = 
ancient term for a large cooking spoon) As soon as the consistency is getting 
thicker, add the salt, pepper, mace and thyme. Stir it again with the edgar and
finish it with some more salt for seasoning. serve the squirrel stew with a bit
of cream on top and eat it while it's hot.

Magic Scarabaeus in a Dumpling

    * 20 scarabaeus
    * wheat
    * eggs
    * onions
    * pepperoni
    * sugar
    * salt 

Collect 20 magic scarabaeus, remove their wings and antennae. Place the eggs, 
wheat and some water into a bowl, mix them together until you have a dough. Cut
the onions and pepperoni into small pieces, add them to the dough. Take the 
beetles and wrap the dough around them, forming a dumpling for each scarabaeus.
Roast the dumplings on a fire until the surface is brown, then remove them from
the fire and add some sugar and salt for seasoning. To soften the rather strong
beetle flavor, serve them with sour cream and vinegar.


I think even the most adventurous reader will agree, that those recipes are 
very strange. We do not recommend trying them without proper research. The 
editor does not take responsibility for any mental or health damage, caused by 
those recipes. Nevertheless, if you are "brave" enough to try one of the above 
recipes, feel free to send us your feedback.

----------------------- The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir


 The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir

Book 1

5. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 2 hands and 3 fingers

Purchased an ancient book from an adventurer at the market this morning. He 
claims to have found the volume buried under a mound of rubble in a remote cave
and demanded 20 gold coins for his prize. We bargained and I forced him down to
18. This seemed a fair price to me.

The book- an old manuscript with lots of text and some magical symbols - seems 
most interesting. At first glance, I believe it to be of Ethurian origin, but I
am not quite certain. The bulk of the text seems to be written in some type of 
code. I shall try to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

Bad heartburn from the chicken in pineapple sauce that Cookie served at midday.

Note: Tell Cookie no more pineapple sauce!

8. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 8 fingers

A bad day. Cookie is ill. I have to run out of clean goblets - and plates, for 
that matter! It looks as though I shall have to wash the dishes myself! How I 
disdain such profane drudgery! The book is very promising. I had to remove 
several security runes in order to see the entire text. Unfortunately, it 
remains encrypted - I had hoped that removing the runes would reveal the clear 
text. I have received a letter from the academy in Thylysium requesting payment
of my annual membership fees. Those decrepit leeches!

Note: Have opened last bottle of Elven red wine!

9. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

Cookie is still bedridden. I have washed the dishes. Have not had time to work 
on book.

Note: When washing dishes - do not use spells, wands or other magical means to 
heat water! Note: Need new burn cream!

12. Kuthar 129

The temperature artifact reads 2 hands and 1 finger

I have yet to make any progress with the book. The code is proving particularly
obstinate - moreover, the text is presumably written in some ancient dialect. 
This does not make my task any easier. My Lingua Arcana is quite rusty. Perhaps
I should attempt the Galharis decryption method-alas I cannot recall the 
opening sequence. If only I could find his book in the library! The "Summer 129
Mage & Druid Catalogue" has arrived! Fantastic!

Note: Ask Cookie to organize the books in the library in alphabetical order. I 
cannot work in this chaos!

15. Kuthar 129

Mild and cloudy
The temperature artifact reads 2 hands and 4 fingers

Cookie found Galhari’s book jammed under the cellar door. Have now jammed a 
dissertation on "Alternative Approaches to Animal Metamorphosis" by my former 
pupil Walter under the door. I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me. 
I can now finally begin decrypting the book. Still plenty of work to do. I had 
almost forgotten how complex the Galharis method is. Have ordered new stuffed 
ravens from the Mage and Druid catalogue. They are a real bargain and the 
delivery is free of charge! Cookie can dispose of the old raven.

Note: Tell cookie to order the new Elven red wine (the cheap label for 2,95, 
not that expensive stuff from last time. After all, gold is the one thing I 
can’t make!)

18. Kuthar 129

Mild, windy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

Mother is visiting. Cookie forgot to remind me of her birthday. Good servants 
are so hard to find these days! I gave Cookie a good scolding while Mother 
looked on. Despite (or because of?) this, Mother is still sulking. Cookie is 
also in a foul temper. Not a good day. Just try making sense of women!!!

Note: Buy flowers for Mother and Cookie!

25. Kuthar 129

Mild and windy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

New raven has arrived - I immediately threw the old one on the compost. New 
raven is most impressive!

Brought Mother her new flowers - she nattered on about her various ailments. 
Everything is back to normal then!

Received a letter from the academy- I am to be assigned a new apprentice this 
year : hopefully not another work-shy dunce!

Note: Tell Cookie to bring the textbooks up from the cellar.

3. Tyrbor 129

Sunny, cool
The temperature artifact reads 7 fingers

Hey presto! After 36 hours I finally decoded the entire text. It was indeed 
written in a very ancient from of Ethurian Lingua Arcana. But what a 
disappointment! The manuscript is simply a guide to decoding magically 
encrypted texts! Eighteen gold coins and all that work just to find out that 
someone discovered the Galharis Method before Galharis! Perhaps I can sell the 
manuscript to the academy, or to Galharis - if he is still alive. I have not 
heard from him for a long time now.

New apprentice arrives next week.

Note: Ask Cookie to clear out the attic!
Note: Ask Cookie to return "Alternative Approaches to Animal Metamorphosis" to 
the library and jam Galhari’s book under the cellar door! 



 The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir

Book 2

12. Tyrbor 129

Windy, rain
The temperature artifact reads 9 fingers

New apprentice has arrived. He is a small, rather stupid runt called Naithyl. 
He is typical for the type of youth one sees in the cities these days - he 
wears his hat back-to-front and dresses in over-sized leggings. I think I shall
have a lot of work with this one!

Word has come that I should expect important visitors from Thylysium. Erzmagus 
Fionor arrives tomorrow to inspect Naythil’s lodgings. What he truly hopes to 
inspect is my wine cellar!

Note: Naithyl! The apprentice is called NAITHYL!
Note: Tell Cookie to hide the wines in one of the outhouses!

14. Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 3 fingers

Fionor has departed. A short visit - moving the wines was just the trick!

Have begun instructing the new apprentice - he is as gormless as he is 
recalcitrant. He knows everything better - of course! - but cannot master even 
the simplest of runes. I will give him three more days, before sending him back
to Thylysium. I have no intention of wasting my time on such a detestable 
little toad!

The kitchen window is broken. Sat in a draft all day. Not good!

Note: Wines must be moved back to the wine cellar!

5. Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 6 fingers

I have caught a cold! Woke up with a fever, a sore throat and an aching head!

Can barely get out of bed, slept most of the day! Cookie wanted to rub some 
kind of "old remedy" on my back! I have no idea what it was, but it smelt like 
rotten goat’s cheese. I would rather die than have something so foul smeared 
upon my naked body! Cookie was in a sulk.

16. Tyrbor 129


Still in bed. Fever is worsening. I cannot think straight. Thirsty. I am 
ravaged by thirst. I must be dying!!!! Have instructed Cookie on what is to be 
done should I pass away. She laughed and mumbled something about menfolk. Well,
she will soon see what she gets for that!

17. Tyrbor 129

My death nears. I can feel Death stalking me. Farewell, sweet Ancaria!

19 Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 8 fingers

Fever has subsided. I feel refreshed and healthy again. Cookie refuses to 
believe that my talk of death was nothing but a harmless joke. How simple-
minded women are! They truly believe whatever we menfolk say!

Spent the whole day instructing the apprentice. Oh, how tiresome! Why does the 
academy insist on sending me such useless wretches?

Note: Tell Cookie to repair the kitchen window!

21 Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 3 fingers

Caught the apprentice playing magic cards again! These killer games are a 
plague! No wonder so many students at the academy run riot!

Need a new homunculus - the old one has dissolved into dust. 3 years- a ripe 
old age for a muncle. Must find my book of incantations. I cannot quite 
remember the chant. Must be getting old!

Read a most interesting article in Magic User Magazine on the practice of 
altering the dimensions of lodgings and study halls! Not the easiest of spells,
but were it to work, well!

Note: Must find my book of incantations for creating homunculi!

25 Tyrbor 129

Cool and windy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 1 finger

That good-for-nothing apprentice tried to animate a broom!!! The entire broom 
closet was on the move! Cookie ran away screaming with fright!

I gave him a serious talking to - that young rascal!

Note: Chocolates and flowers for Cookie!

27. Tyrbor 129

The temperature artifact reads 4 fingers

My visit to Cookie was fruitless. She took the chocolates and threw me out. She
will not return as long as the apprentice is still in the house. I will wait a 
week longer - sometimes women calm down after a while. So they say.

The apprentice is now meek and anxious to please.

Found my book of homunculi incantations! I really must clean up the library. 
Have begun the summoning - will be finished three days from now.

Note: Ask Cookie - Oh, that’s right!

31. Tyrbor 129

Very cold
The temperature artifact reads 1 finger

Day 6 post-Cookie. Ordered apprentice to wash the dishes and clean the house. 
We have had nothing to eat but dried meat for days now! This cannot go on much 

Finished summoning new homunculus. Albino! (Add more color next time?)

Have begun to alter the dimensions of the house. The west wing of the library 
is now five times as big as before! I got lost the first time I went in! Once 
one has altered the dimensions of a room in this manner the exits become quite 
difficult to find.

Note: Make exit signs for library! 


[LD 3]

 The Lost Diaries of Magus Elohinir

Book 3

31. Tyrbor 129

Very cold
The temperature artifact reads 1 finger

Altering dimensions with magic is a highly interesting pastime! I spent all day
in the library and discovered a wealth of new possibilities. Will have to 
install more shelving to use the new space. A very interesting side effect: 
spontaneous occurrences of T-Energy. Must urgently check the hazard level!

Cookie has returned! Thank the Gods! It certainly took a lot of chocolates this
time! She has returned just in time - I had run out of clean laundry.

The apprentice is improving! Perhaps we can begin studying Fire Magic next 

Note: Shelves!

3. Yal 129

The temperature artifact reads 6 fingers

Will have to look at the library again - I was attacked by a T-Energy Goblin 
while reading! Luckily, I had my wand close at hand! That could have turned
very nasty! Perhaps the alterations were not such a good idea after all?

Red wine arrived today. Very good!

5. Yal 129

The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 0 fingers

The T-Energy Goblins in the library are becoming quite a nuisance! I shall have
to resort to some rather harsh measures to stop them! It is impossible to 
reverse the spell without risking a multidimensional convolution! The situation
is grave! Have sent the apprentice to the academy with a message. Perhaps 
someone from the Inner Circle knows a solution to this quandary.

Ordered new shelves. Outrageously expensive! This world is just full of 

Note: Asking Cookie to make room for the new shelves in the library!

12. Yal 129

Rain, mild
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 4 fingers

Apprentice has returned with a message from the academy - unfortunately they 
are no great help. This morning I once again found three quite drunk and 
confused Trolls asleep in the library. The contents of their bowels were 
splattered across the entire Encyclopaedia Arcana Magica! If I could only 
locate the dimensional tear in space, I could close it with a few simple 
stabilization spells.

Note: Ask cookie to wipe the Troll vomit from the encyclopaedias and clear up 
the mess!

Note: Buy some Dryadic Perfume Trees!

14. Yal 129

Cool, cloudy
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 4 fingers

Disaster! Cookie attacked and bitten by a T-Energy rat while cleaning! Killed 
rat, but Cookie has a deep bite wound. I have given her three days off work, 
perhaps she will recover.

Locked the door to the library. Used maximum security magical locks with triple

Sent apprentice back to the academy - he is no longer safe here.

17. Yal 129

Cloud, dull, morning mist
The temperature artifact reads 1 hand and 2 fingers

Cookie came to work today. She is now a T-Energy cook - there are no apparent 
disadvantages to this. Indeed, she seems to work much more efficiently than 
before, and can now lift heavy items. She also seems to speak less - a most 
agreeable development! However. I am not entirely sure what to make of these 

I shall have to enter the library again some time in the next few days.

22. Yal 129

Sunny, cold
The temperature artifact reads 7 fingers

Cookie caused something of a stir at the market today. Having noted her 
T-Energy aura, the town guards decided to kill her. Fortunately, I was able to 
dissuade them of their intentions.

Preparing to enter the library and search for the leak. I cannot let this 
matter rest.

Note: Do not send cookie to market again!

24. Yal 129

Cool, windy
The temperature artifact reads 5 fingers

My preparations are complete. Tomorrow I shall unlock the door to the library, 
and attempt to find and seal the leak. I fear this will be no easy task!

I have put all my affairs in order, in case I do not return - details can be 
found in an envelope on the mantelpiece.

25. Yal 129

The temperature artifact reads 3 fingers

I shall now open the door. 

---------------------------------------------Books Of Magic


 General Conspectus of Magic

For more than five hundred years I have been studying the secrets of magic and 
I am walking the thin line between the thirst for knowledge and the realization
that even an immortal existence would not be sufficient to unveil every last 
secret concealed by this arcane power.

1. Essence

All magic within this world derives from magical Essence. This mysterious power
saturates everything, it never stagnates and it cannot be caught nor explained. 
Every race and each person in this world uses the Essence one way or another. 
From the more primitive shaman spells of the Kobolds, to the complex 
conjuration rituals of High Elven magic lore - everyone everywhere on this 
world utilizes the Essence... some knowingly, some blissfully unaware.

Many cultures have begun to divide magic into fields and disciplines. Even the 
most extensive research did not spare us from having to use this kind of aid 
Therefore, we are using terms such as Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Conjuration 
Magic... even Poison Magic is being regarded as an independent discipline these
days. Still, by now we know full well that all these divisions are nothing but 
feeble attempts to categorize something that is simply beyond categorization. 
In fact, these categories even prove to be impediments when it comes to 
transforming Essence into new spells.

The Essence is ubiquitous in Ancaria, albeit its presence appears to be 
stronger in some areas than others. Nobody has been able to explain this 
phenomenon though. The terms Essence accumulation' and Essence dispersion' are 
widely used for these occurrences. If a magician is in an area with high 
Essence accumulation, the desired effects will require considerably less 
transformation energy than in area with Essence dispersion. As yet a location
with a complete absence of Essence is unknown,- however, persistent rumors 
exist that the Dragons are aware of such locations (which allegedly is the 
reason for their move to Ancaria). In all my years of research I have been 
unable to confirm these theories.

2. Transformation

Discovering and researching magic spells is not the true art of magic. The art 
is using Essence according to your own will and transforming it. That, of 
course, is far from being easy. Only very few people have been blessed with 
this talent; most people do not have the ability to influence Essence. Surveys 
have revealed that only one in three thousand High Elves is capable of it. 
Those who do have this ability face a long and arduous path before they are 
able to use their magical powers purposefully and efficiently. Magic results 
from the perfect combination of two powers: Essence and the individual power 
of the spell caster. That is the only way to invoke magic!

Having said that, even this profane approach does have its limits. There will 
always be fields that cannot be accessed successfully by merely combining 
Essence and the talent of transformation. The most distinctive example would be
necromancy. Although it is possible to reanimate dead beings with relatively 
little effort, it is impossible to create new life by magic means. Essence 
always implies the change of a status quo. Delaeniel described this factor in 
his standard work "Lex Magica" in the year 974 (Old Time) as re-creational 

3. Lex Magica

"How inadequate the thought that magic should be divided into categories. How 
pathetic to hide behind such a construct. How deplorable this naivety that will
inevitably lead to failure!"

- Delaeniel The Elder

The Lex Magica is arguably the most extensive work about magic. Its author, 
Delaeniel the Elder, created a systematic list of all known magical aspects. 
The central part of his work is the transcription of all the laws of magic. 
Although the Lex Magica is now more than 1,200 years old its contents are still
as valid as ever. Delaeniel was the first to recognize that magic is not a 
priori divided into aspects, and that the categorization is merely a figment 
created [artificially]. This was a revolutionary thought at the time.



 Fire Magic

"Fiery balls sped like comets across the battlefield and destroyed everything 
in their wake. Spirals of flames and the bright lights of explosions blinded 
friend and foe alike as they lit the night sky. I wielded my sword relentlessly
but wherever my blade struck, it only cut deep into the charred flesh." 

        --- Description of the battle of An-Athail 

The destructive powers of fire have been known since the beginning of time. 
Fire kills effectively and fast. Thus, it is not surprising that the school of 
Fire Magic focuses on destructive fire spells.

The most basic form of fire magic simply heats an item. The ethereal essence of
the target object is transformed into energy. As this process is straight 
forward it is possible to reach extremely high temperatures. Although this form
of Fire Magic can only be applied to inanimate matter it has a variety of uses.
Some suspect that the famous alloys, which the Dwarves manufactured in their 
forges, were the result of strong fire magic as the temperatures for these 
alloys were impossible to create by natural means.

Evoking and focusing fire in an open space is much more difficult and requires 
considerable experience. Once this step has been mastered, the evoker is able 
to stabilize and maintain fire energy, confining it to a small space until it 
hits its designated target discharging its full potential upon impact. These 
fire globes are magically accelerated, which renders them deadly projectiles 
typically referred to as "Fire Balls".

"My first successful fireball required half an hour of preparation. When I 
finally bundled enough energy and attempted to hurl it towards the stone target
in front of me, my strength faltered and my fireball sped off in the opposite 
direction towards the window. There, it struck my mentor's chest - may the Gods
be merciful - and singed off his beard. I think he never forgave me for that." 

        --- From the memoirs of Arch Mage Jaquemart 

The most complex part of Fire Magic has to be the combination of all known 
aspects in order to create or conquer flame beings that are able to act 
independently or follow their conjurer's orders. This aspect of Fire Magic can 
create fire elementals or conjure existing beings such as fire demons. Only the
most powerful and experienced magicians are able to deal with this aspect and 
control these beings. However, many have succumbed to the temptations of these 
powers and have lost their lives during their feeble attempts. Despite 
centuries of research, fire magic has not been conclusively explored yet. New 
possibilities to make fire effects even more deadly are constantly being 
discovered. Fire Magic is already consistently being used by all civilized 
armies and has become a tactical element during battles and sieges.

However, no mortal being has been able to compete with the annihilating powers 
of Dragon fire. The fire breath of these creatures is the most devastating form
of fire magic. Many magicians have attempted to research the nature of the 
Dragons in order to reveal the secret behind their fire breath. So far, all 
their efforts have been in vain.

"The old dragon regarded me with an expression resembling both boredom and 
concealed curiosity while I concentrated. I hurled the fire beam towards the 
rock and barely held onto my footing during the recoil. The impact of the beam 
split the rock in two. 'Well, what do you think?' I inquired. 

The Dragon stared at the split rock for a while, then his eyes turned towards 
me and finally wandered back to the rock. He made a vague movement with his 
head and a thin, bright beam shot towards the rock, melting it down to a small 
puddle of lava. 'It does make things easier, when you use fire,' he retorted 
before he rose and flew away." 

        --- Torquez the Elder, in "Pyrotechnica Arcana" 



 Ice Magic

"But master, why should I put this much effort into learning all these ice 
spells, when you can kill enemies with fire?"

"Fire resistant armor, efficient use of essences, special effectiveness against
certain magical beings...I could lecture you indefinitely on the countless 
reasons. However, just to keep it simple... Have you ever smelled a charred 

        ---Dialogue between Ragnoir and his disciple 

The destructive powers of Ice Magic are similar to those of Fire Magic, albeit 
many believe that Ice Magic is inferior to Fire Magic. The reason for this 
misconception is probably that most beings harbor a natural fear of fire while 
ice - although causing discomfort - is not being regarded as ultimately 
dangerous. This may hold true in nature, but if you ever witness an experienced
ice magician in battle, you will most likely have a change of heart. Should you
ever have the misfortune to be at the receiving end of an ice magician's wrath,
you will unfortunately not have the opportunity to change your mind, though.

Ice Magic owes its destructive powers to the manifold of shapes that it may 
adopt, thus enabling it to penetrate even the smallest of gaps, cracks or seams
of any type of armor. The magic iciness then has a paralytic or even lethal 
effect on almost all creatures.

On battle fields, the effects of ice spells that affect whole areas are most 
devastating. Ice shards are the perfect weapon to keep attackers at bay - they 
inflict injuries and the magic ice has extremely adverse effects on metal.

"The early morning fog was still lingering while the first faint sunbeams cast 
an almost surreal light on the field. The Orcs were closing ranks and stood 
there shield next to shield - an unusual display of discipline on their part. 
Rain clouds had approached from the east and when the Orc troops started to 
move, the first drops of rain fell, splashing onto the spiky armor of the 

Our army was by far outnumbered but we had taken up formation on top of a 
mound, ready to take advantage of our elevated position. When I noticed the 
raindrops I called for our battle mages, ordering them to spread out. Finally, 
the horn sounded and the Orcs began to charge. All battle mages cast their 
spells simultaneously. A fierce blizzard erupted and swept towards the Ores, 
transforming the raindrops into icy spikes. The fight was over before it had 
even begun. The Ores fell like grain during a storm. We did not lose a single 
warrior in this battle, but the Orcs' casualties were devastating. Those who 
survived the initial wave suffered frostbites all over their bodies and many 
lost their eyesight due to the icy spikes. Never again did I win a battle with 
such ease, never again did I have to witness such devastating injuries among my
enemies. Our empire owes this victory solely to Ice Magic. No legion of fire 
mages would have been able to succeed in this fashion."

        ---From the memoirs of Celirathian, General of the High Elves 

Ice Magic is the best choice against creatures resistant or even immune to fire
such as Dragons, Fire Demons or Lava Golems. Fire can not harm these beings, 
but they will suffer consider damage from cold. 



 Poison Magic

"How are you feeling?"
"Good, very good! My tongue is tingling a little, but otherw..."
"Very well, dispose of him and bring the next one."

--- From Varmac's research protocols while testing a new substance on a 

The lore of creating poisons and researching their effectiveness is one of the 
oldest aspects of magic. These disciplines comprise more than merely mixing 
substances. Each traveling charlatan is able to concoct some type of poison 
from plants, crystals or other ingredients. The true art of Poison Magic lies 
within refining the effectiveness of poisons, transforming them into different 
shapes and finding alternative methods to apply them by means of magic. The 
study of antidotes is also part of this branch of magic as almost every 
existing poison is curable by an antidote.

The roots of Poison Magic are lost in history. Fragments of old scrolls from 
the era of the Dragon Wars prove, that magicians were already getting involved 
with this discipline. One of the fundamental and classic works of poison magic 
is the "Arcana Alchemica" written by Archmage Trinysil in 78. In this 
compendium, all known poisons were sorted into groups for the very first time 
and all effects of magic in connection with poisons were described. All these 
classifications are valid to the present day. Of course, Poison Magic has 
evolved since then. Still, "The Trinysil" - as it is lovingly called by all 
students - is the standard treatise for Poison Magic at all academies of the 

The list of possibilities involving Poison Magic is endless. It ranges from 
creating simple poisons to constructing complex traps that could emit a deadly,
poisonous cloud when they are being touched or otherwise triggered.

Despite being taught at all official academies of the empire, Poison Magic 
still maintains a sinister reputations; something does not taste right about 
it... pun intended. Far too often, Poison Magic is connected with 
assassinations, political intrigues leading to attempts on the regents' lives, 
or perfidious murders of competitors and rivals. Poisons are the first choice 
when you want to dispose of someone inconspicuously; this fact does nothing to 
improve the reputation of Poison Magic. Of course, this is all merely a figment
of our imagination. Poison Magic - so far as it is taught at our academies - is
a respectable science, albeit one that took a long time to be officially 
recognized as a branch of magic. Long and heated debates and negotiations were 
required before it was finally accepted. One of its most ferocious opponents 
was the eccentric Archmage Gotan who was so adamant in his rejection of Poison 
Magic that it was almost obsessive.

"Here they are at their desks, mixing powders, grinding herbs, murmuring their 
ridiculous formulas and then they call it magic! MAGIC, I say! The entire 
quarter is contaminated by the stench of their creations. Birds are falling 
from the sky when they are unfortunate enough to fly over our roofs! There are 
not enough criminals in the empire to serve in their test series! And now these
dabblers have the nerve to demand that their quackery should be called sublime 
magic? These fairground magicians, unable to weave a single, decent spell? If 
these wannabe-magicians are going to be admitted to the academy, I will resign 
this instant."

--- Gotan about poison magic 

"May this hedonist babble as much as he pleases. His opinions are weighed down 
by the dust and cobwebs of centuries gone past and his outlook on the world is 
as boring and naive as Fire Magic. Still, I must admit that I am profoundly 
impressed! Gotan is able to spread more venom in one speech than I am able to 
produce in one week. I recommend parsley as an antidote. Just stick it in your 

--- Varmac's reply to Gotan 




"What is it?"
"What does it do?"
"It glows blue."

Two constant streams of energy flow through Ancaria. They may seem similar, but
they actually could not be more different: these two forms of energy - 
T-Energy and the Essence, are like fire and water. T-Energy is an inherently 
destructive power. Like a wildfire, once it is out of control it devastates 
anything in its path. The Essence, on the other hand, is a silent, surging 
force that requires a catalyst to unleash its full potential.

T-Energy is much more difficult to control than the Essence. Whereas masters of
the magical arts need only to concentrate on channeling the Essence, T-Energy 
must be subdued before it can be used. For a long time it was believed that it 
was impossible to combine T-Energy and the Essence in a single spell. Various 
theories were put forward to explain what might occur if T-Energy and active 
Essence met. The theories ranged from apocalyptic visions of exploding 
continents to shifts in the fabric of reality and holes in time - the scholar's
imagination knows no bounds, or so it would seem... What everyone agreed on was
that combining T-Energy with Essence was a fatal undertaking! It was only after
the emergence of the first spells, which successfully synthesized T-Energy and 
Essence, that such absurd theories lost ground. And thus began an era of 
intensive research into the potential benefits of combining these two energy 

In the years that followed, however, it became evident that as pessimistic as 
these theories may have been, they did possess a modicum of truth. At the 
Imperial academies T-Energy research resulted in a wave of fatalities, the 
likes of which Ancaria had never seen before. Unforeseeable accidents rocked 
the academies as experiments got out of control. Unexpected results wreaked 
chaos and devastation. The Academy in Lanithiain had to be reconstructed four 
times. No fewer than eight esteemed seers of the magical arts were either 
killed on the spot or transformed into hideous creatures with the intelligence 
of steamed broccoli following their exposure to raw T-Energy. It was eventually
decided to restrict access to T-Energy research and continue it on a smaller 
scale in more secure facilities.

Under Qrenuir IV, T-Energy research was banned from all of the major urban 
academies and shifted to remote regions in order to minimize the dangers to 
people and property. Research centers were set up throughout Ancaria, most of 
them in largely unpopulated areas. This development led to a series of 
spontaneous revolts among the rural population. Some peasants even went so far 
as to chain themselves to the gates of the research centers in a desperate 
attempt to hinder the transport of T-Energy materials. Such rebellions were 
swiftly quelled. In the year 42 the now renowned researcher and mage Lanopyth 
made a major breakthrough in tlx* study of T-Energy. He discovered a method of 
transforming and safely channeling a small amount of T-Energy. The energy was 
barely sufficient to reanimate a dead frog for even a short while, but his 
discovery marked a major turning point. In the years that followed, Lanopyth 
refined his technique and was eventually able to boost most magical rituals 
with T-Energy. This was an epoch-making development! Prior to this, T-Energy 
had been viewed with some suspicion, now its popularity surged to new heights 
throughout the magic community. New research programs were launched in 
academies across the Empire and new applications for T-Energy emerged by the 
day. The scribes and copyists of the realm were buried under an avalanche of 
manuscripts and bulletins.

After 200 years of scientific inquiry, T-Energy was well on its way to conquer 
the magic world and emerged as a serious alternative to the powers of the 



 Forbidden Magic

For more than forty years I have been devoting my studies to Forbidden Magic. 
Of course, officially and by request of the academy and for investigation 
purposes only. It is not easy to deal with the dark sides of magic day in and 
day out - to study all these repulsive rituals and monstrosities and to concern
oneself with the scum within these dark circles.

Little is written about Forbidden Magic. The essays you may find in libraries 
are few and far between, typically incomplete, or they are based on assumptions 
and speculations. This is understandable since Forbidden Magic is... well, 
forbidden. How does one report about something that is not meant to exist 
officially? When I began my research for this book, I was facing this problem 
myself; however, owing to my position I enjoy certain privileges and those 
opened the doors to several secret documents. Otherwise, this book would have 
been unthinkable. Now, however, I hope to present to my readers a reasonably 
correct and comprehensive treatise about the subject, although this scroll is 
not meant for everyone's reading pleasure. Let me begin without further delay 
and let us delve into the realm of darkness.

The seemingly most harmless variation appears to be the Curse Magic. At first 
glance, this branch of magic would not seem very dangerous. However, 
appearances can be deceptive! Curses can be extremely dangerous and it is 
almost impossible to lift them.

Then, of course, there are necromancers. They are abominable scum, obsessed 
with everything connected to death and reviving the dead. These people will not
stop short of anything, they animate dead flesh and turn the mortal remains of 
creatures into mindless puppets. Semi-decayed bodies aimlessly amble through 
the night screaming for brains, despite the fact that their bodily functions 
have ceased to exist. The more advanced the decay, the more repugnant these 
monsters become. Even skeletons may be reanimated by Necromancy. They wander 
about although they cannot see where they are going - obviously, as they lack 
eyes - and they will lash out at anything that crosses their path. An 
experienced necromancer is able to create entire armies like this. Hordes of 
mindless warriors who do not know fear. This is repulsive and condemnable. And 

Alas, this does not satisfy every necromancer! In an extremely repulsive 
incident, a necromancer attempted to create a body from many parts of corpses 
by sewing them together. However, he had to break off his experiment without 
being successful, sold his memoirs for an obscene amount of money and moved 

In comparison to Necromancy, Curse Magic is much more subtle. Curses are almost
impossible to lift once they have been activated. Unfortunately, there are no 
limits to the minds of curse magicians. Curses can be hexed to individuals, to 
groups of people, families of tribes. The probably best-known incident involves
sword master Crauthain, who apparently incurred the wrath of a dark magician 
during a seemingly insignificant dispute. He spent the rest of his life with a 
rain cloud over his head. Even inanimate items can be subject to curses, such 
as corn fields, for example.

Another aspect of despicable Forbidden Magic is the Demonology, which deals 
with the conjuration of creatures from hell and other frightful spheres. Once 
brought into this world, these creatures of chaos can only be controlled by an 
immense amount of magic. If this magic falters, they break free and then, they 
are able to roam around the world freely, which is equivalent to a major 
disaster. Something like that will happen eventually; maybe in a thousand 
years, or even two thousand years, but it WILL happen.

Beware of Forbidden Magic, for all it breeds is disaster. Beware of cursed 
hags, necromancers and demonologists and bring them to the attention of the 
authorities. Baneful are their deeds and nefarious their desires.

You believe that to be strange? Well, such are the words written down in this 

-----------------------------Books of Religions


 Kybele - Goddess of Nature

Kybele is the Goddess of nature, fertility and motherhood, flora and fauna. She
is worshiped by people of all races all over Ancaria, especially by farmers, 
hunters and in small villages in the countryside.


The mythology says that after the creation of the world, Kybele wandered 
through the empty and sparse lands, looking for life and a worthwhile, friendly
place to be. Deeply saddened by the lack of life and the hostility of the 
place, she rested below a dead tree and began to cry. The tear dripping from h
er eye fell down to the earth, trickling into the soil. When she continued her 
journey, a bud grew from the dead tree. Before long, the desert turned into a 
green meadow. Since then, every tear lost by Kybele created life or fertile 

Therefore, she is also known as the "Crying Goddess" or the "Tear of Life" in 
some languages and dialects.


Although Kybele has many different shapes, she is most commonly displayed as a 
feathered, snakelike being with a sad but friendly face. She can change the 
color of her feathers at will, and often lets her feathers shine with 
iridescent lights.

The Cult

Followers and priests of Kybele have erected countless memorial shrines all 
over Ancaria, although many of them are hard to recognize as one. The church 
of Kybele does not emphasize grandiosity. Instead, they prefer chasteness and 
humility, which is consequently reflected in all her shrines. Worldly 
possessions do not mean anything to Kybele, for the only real and most valuable
treasure in the world is life.

The symbol of Kybele is a bead. All her priests wear a bead made of stone or 
wood as a pendant. It represents the life bringing tears of Kybele and the 
blessing of her sympathy. Members of her cult will occasionally gather around 
the shrines for collective meditation or celebrations. It is not surprising 
that spring is commonly considered the time of the year dedicated to Kybele. 
When plants reach up toward the first beams of the warm spring sun, the 
followers of Kybele all over Ancaria bring all kinds of sacrifices to her, 
welcoming her back from her long absence and trying to convince her to stay for
a while to restart the cycles of life. The second high feast of Kybele is in 
late summer, when the fields are harvested and the grapes of the earth are 
stored for the upcoming winter. This time, they are celebrating their 
thankfulness and their hopes to see her again next year.

Opponents and Supporters

In the Ancarian Pantheon, Kybele supports Lumen, the God of Light in his 
eternal struggle against Ker. She is also opposed to Kuan, the God of War.



 Testa - God of Science

Testa is the God of science. He is the God who defines the rules that govern 
how things work. His is the spirit that animates mechanical things and causes 
machines to operate.


Being the God of science, Testa works hand in hand with Forens, the Goddess of 
philosophy and wisdom. However, while Forens is focusing on the aspect of "the 
word", Testa is responsible for technical and mechanical knowledge. From the 
simplest laws of physics, to complex machinery, Testa is the spirit and the 
force behind it. Testa always follows a clear path of cause and effect. All 
events are triggered by other events and can be backtracked. That's the 
decisive difference from the rather elusive and obscure answers to the 
questions of philosophy.

The theological descent teaches us that shortly after the creation of the 
world, Testa himself built a huge machine, which is now known as "the great 
machine", and animated it. Then, he created replicas of himself to maintain the
machine. Replicas, which are in fact partly machines themselves.


Testa is commonly displayed as a dog head made of steel on a mechanical 
apparatus in the shape of a human body. His ribcage is open and one can see the
complex machinery with gears, bolts and pipes inside.

The Cult

Since every culture has at least some form of Science, Testa can claim temples 
and followers in virtually all regions of Ancaria. However, it is obvious that 
his influence is stronger in the more industrialized regions of the world.

Reflecting his focus, the science, many of the followers of Testa are 
intellectuals, or at least educated people. Many people consider Testa as both
a God, but also an inspiration. They are not just worshipping him, they are 
trying to emulate his spirit and let themselves be guided by his ideas.

Testa's symbol is the gear wheel, representing one of the heart pieces of
mechanical animation. This symbol is displayed in all his temples and memorial 
shrines and it's considered the perfect shape amongst the believers of Testa.

Opponents and Supporters

Testa is closely related to Forens, the Goddess of Philosophy and wisdom. 
Otherwise he takes a neutral position in the Ancarian pantheon, especially in 
regards of Ker and Lumen's battle.  



 Forens - Goddess of Philosophy

Forens is the Goddess of Philosophy and Wisdom. She is the goddess who inspires
men to ask the question "why?" She endows people with the power of speech, 
wisdom, and learning. She is also elusive, just as the answers to the great 
questions are elusive.


Forens is a constant wanderer between the worlds. She is constantly moving 
around the universes, back and forth into time, but at the same time, she's 
omnipresent. Whenever a new universe is created, she is the first one to bring 
"the word" to it, which is a synonym for enlightenment and speech. Because just
like living beings, "the word" needs to be created, it doesn't come naturally. 
For her, a world without words, without thoughts and questions is a lost world,
empty and without a soul. Living beings need to learn, because that's what 
makes them living beings. Therefore, Forens is on an eternal quest, trying to 
evoke the fire of asking in every race and being.


Like any other God, Forens has multiple forms of appearances. In the elven 
mythology, she's displayed as a beautiful woman, with black hair and shimmering
eyes, which - if you look into them - contain the entire universe. In other 
regions, Forens doesn't have a human or even physical form and is just a 
shining halo, talking with a deep, soft voice.

The Cult

There are temples dedicated to Forens in every bigger town in Ancaria. 
Especially amongst the intellectual circles, Forens is a very popular goddess. 
Every elven University in Ancaria has a small chapel, dedicated to Forens, 
where students meet every week to pray and ask for blessing and enlightenment. 
In the rural regions of the world, the cult of Forens is not as popular, 
although some local groups in certain elven areas are still worshipping her. 
The symbol of Forens is the candle. It represents the light that's being 
ignited to bring knowledge into the darkness of the mind. High priests of the 
cult wear an embroidered candle on their robes.

A side arm of the main cult follows the "Codex Forens." It's an ancient 
manuscript, containing long chunks of philosophical and theological text. The 
author claims, that Forens herself has insinuated everything to him in long 
sessions of trance and meditation. However, the main cult leaders don't believe
this version, so this sub section of the cult is operating independently.

Opponents and Supporters

Although Forens supports Testa and Lumen, she is actually an independent 
Goddess and does not interfere much in the struggle between the other Gods. 
She instead prefers to focus on her eternal quest. 



 Lumen - God of Light

Lumen is the God of light. He makes things seen, he heals, he can see the 
future and he can see the past. Lumen represents the good side, benevolence and


Lumen and Ker... the Yin and Yang. The fire and the water. The light and the 
darkness. Lumen is fighting an eternal battle against his arch-opponent, Ker, 
Goddess of darkness and evil. A battle, which he both wins and loses every day.
It is obvious to both sides that neither of them can win, and that they cannot 
even exist without the other. But this battle is their destiny, their fate, 
which they seem to have accepted. The two opposite entities Lumen and Ker play 
a special role in the Ancarian religion. Being the extreme sides, all other 
Gods have to take a stand in their battle, or remain neutral, which is just a 
third position in the divine equilibrium. There are many different theories 
about the relation between Lumen and Ker or the origin of their antagonism. In 
some cultures, the two Gods are considered twins, who hate each other, because 
they can not stand the idea that they are not unique. Consequently, they took 
the most contrarious positions against each other. In other cultures it is 
being said that both gods are claiming a deciding role in the creation process 
of the world. Lumen says, that the essence of the world is actually light and 
that darkness is just a by product, while Ker claims that the opposite is true.


Lumen is commonly displayed as a male human. Despite his long, white hair, he 
has a young face. Another identifying feature is the bright Halo that surrounds
him, merging his entire body into a silhouette.

The Cult

There are temples dedicated to Lumen all over Ancaria. Since the cult of Lumen 
represents one of the extreme side of the eternal battle of good against evil, 
he - as well as Ker - are the Gods who can claim to have most followers. Lumen 
is not only the God of light, he is also the God of healing. Therefore, many of
his temples have become some sort of hospitals as well. Sick and injured people
often visit his temples, seeking cures and remedies. Priests of Lumen are said 
to have the ability of channeling the divine powers of Lumen through their 
hands. In the church of Lumen, the cycle of the day is very important. Sunrise 
is a very special moment for all his followers, because it represents the 
arrival of Lumen. On the opposite, every sunset is bemoaned, and in their 
prayers the believers express their hope and confidence that the night - the 
reign of Ker - will soon be over. 



 Kuan - God of War

Kuan, God of War. This is the god who protects the warrior and fills him with 
the raging spirit he needs to succeed in battle.


Kuan is the divine personification of the perfect warrior. For him, fighting is
the ultimate reason behind all things. All beings must fight and struggle for 
superiority. As soon they stop fighting, they have lost their reason to live 
and deserve death. Because only fighting ensures the survival of the stronger, 
and the elimination of the weaker side and - thus - progress and evolution. 
Just like a gardener has to remove the dead branches from a tree and the 
surgeon has to burn out an ulcerating wound, war is there to cleanse the world 
and constantly eliminate everything that's not strong enough. All contrary 
aspects such as mercy, compassion and love are just symptoms of diluted 
weakness, leading to stagnation and poisoning the natural flow of things. There
is no alternative to war! Kuan disdains sacrifices or pleas for his favor 
before battles. He will support the side that is strongest unto itself, without
the aid of deities, although his spirit will encourage all warriors.


Kuan is a tall warrior, wearing black, heavy armor, a black cloak that goes all
the way down to his ankles and a full helmet that covers his entire head. 
Although his shape is obviously humanoid, it is impossible to tell what race he

The Cult

Kuan is omnipresent in Ancaria. There is literally no part of the world where 
he is not known, and where his word and doctrines are not being spread. Since 
Kuan does not emphasize prayers, sacrifices or being worshipped, the followers 
of his cult strictly focus on sharing the ideas of the world, war and the 
reason for living. For them, war is a religion and a God in itself. And Kuan is
the driving force behind all this. This is a remarkable difference from all 
other churches and Gods. There are no holy days in the church of Kuan. Amongst 
the believers, every battle is automatically considered a religious event. The 
symbol of Kuan is a sword sticking in a skull.

Opponents and Supporters

Although Kuan is in some ways related to Ker, he is actually a separate, 
isolated deity with his very own, hedonistic views, which does not leave much 
space for other philosophies. 



 Ker - Goddess of Evil

Ker, Goddess of evil. She is the destroyer, the bringer of darkness.


Ker is the synonym for destruction and death. She is the impersonation of evil,
the origin of all chaos. She doesn't tolerate any form of order, because order 
is a form of stability and stability means stagnation. Chaos is the only valid 
form of existence and the darkness is the only answer to the weak. Ker is 
fighting an eternal battle against Lumen, the God of light and this battle is 
the great religious theme in Ancaria. But it's a battle which can not have a 
winner, for chaos can not exist without order and destruction is impossible 
without creation. Both deities are eternally bound together, depending on what 
they hate most. It's their fate to fight their very own counterpart, knowing 
that annihilating one means destroying the other. A tenacious theory amongst 
Ancarian mystics says, that Lumen and Ker are actually brother and sister, who 
are both trying to fight the other in an attempt to be unique.


Ker is described as a woman of unnatural beauty, with red, shimmering hair. But
her eyes are so cold and cruel, that just looking into them will drive any 
living being into insanity. In addition to her human shape, she's got a single 
horn, protruding from her forehead. Ker is usually dressed in many layers of 
cloth, seemingly loosely wrapped around her body.

The Cult

Although Ker has a huge amount of followers behind her, most of her temples and
shrines have been erected in more or less secret places. For obvious reasons, 
Ker is a feared deity amongst those who're not members of here church, and 
people tend to avoid any contact with the believers of Ker. Therefore, the 
church of Ker has to operate furtively in most parts of the world. Ker has 
quite a number of holy days during the Ancarian year. Most of them are 
celebrated with bloody, chaotic rituals, which usually include human 
sacrifices, torture and lots of blood. The exact reasons behind all those 
feasts are written down in the secret sacred books, the "Codex Ker". Only the 
high priests of Ker have access to those books. The symbol of the church of 
Ker is a broken chain link, which represents breaking the boundaries of order 
and the destruction of stability.

Opponents and Supporters

Ker is the arch enemy of Lumen, the god of light. These two are fighting an 
eternal battle against each other. 

---------------------------Lore Of Weaponry



Since the dawn of time, all intelligent races have spent endless resources 
studying, developing and perfecting the lore of weaponry. The art and science 
of weaponry is not only about creating the most efficient ways of killing an 
opponent. It's also about having the best response to an opponents weapon and 
especially his armor. Of course, this requires dedicated study of your 
opponents. Generally, there are four categories of weapons: single-handed, 
two-handed, pole and ranged. All of them have their very own advantages and 
disadvantages, and play their role in duel as well as battle situations.

Single-Handed Weapons

This category contains the widest range of weapons. From a simple club to a 
dagger and all the way to mace, axe and sword. Using a weapon in one hand is 
the most natural way of fighting, because it emulates the bare fist punch, In 
addition, single-handed weapons also offer the fighter a good variety of 
options for the off-hand, thereby determining his fighting style. He can equip 
a shield to increase his defensive potential, or another weapon to give him 
more attacking chances.

There are single-handed weapons designed for all kinds of damage, slash, 
thrust and crush. Some of them are limited to just one type of damage, while 
other weapons are more versatile in terms of damage output. The most versatile 
weapon is the sword, which, if used properly, is able to deal all kinds of 
damage. This flexibility is certainly the main reason why swords and sword-like
weapons are the most popular.

A special fighting technique is the Armantin or dual-wield style. Here, the 
fighter will use one weapon in each hand. There are numerous ideas and tactics 
for this style. Many fighters are used to wielding two weapons of the same 
type, others prefer different types of weapons to enhance their offensive 

Two-Handed Weapons

Two-handed weapons are of longer range than their single-handed counterparts. 
The combined force of two arms in combination with excellent leverage and 
swing momentum also means that a blow from a two-handed weapon is much harder 
than the usual one-handed blow. However, there obviously has to be a drawback 
somewhere. It's very hard (and in some cases even impossible) to fight at close
range with such weapons. Two-handed swords and two-handed battle-axes are the 
most common weapons of this type. Although they seem to be similar, they 
require a completely different fighting style. While the sword is controlled 
from a rather small hilt, the axe fighter has access to the whole shaft, which 
allows a number of additional moves and levers.

Two-handed weapon fighters dismiss almost all defensive options, and are purely
relying on their offensive skills. Fighting with those weapons is extremely 


Pole-weapons are basically a special form of two-handed weapons. However, since
fighting with these weapons requires a special style, they are classified as a 
different type of weapon. Pole-weapons are polearms, pikestaffs, spears and 
halberds. All these weapons have a very long range of effect. On the downside, 
they are almost useless in close range combat, which is one of the reasons why 
pole-weapon fighters tend to wear a secondary weapon on their belts. Pole-
weapons are generally considered weapons for mass battles. When operating from 
behind a safe shieldwall, a polearm or spear squad is a devastating unit.

Ranged Weapons

Bow, crossbow and all other forms of missile weapons are a special, unique 
class of weapons. They are used for killing at long distances, so there is no 
direct contact between the combatants. Missile weapons are the perfect choice 
for siege situations and for large battles. For single combat, they require a 
special tactics. Good bowmen will not reveal their location until they have 
fired their arrow.

Simultaneously to the development of weapons, all Ancarian races have developed
some form of armor to counter the effectiveness of weapons. The deciding factor
of armor is the trade off between protection on one hand and encumbrance of the
wearer on the other hand. All kinds of armor offer good protection against 
certain types of damage, while being vulnerable to other kinds of damage. Plate
armor is especially useful against slash and crush weapons, but considerably 
weaker against thrust. Chain is the perfect protection against slash, but 
almost useless against crush. Whichever armor a fighter prefers, he always 
needs to take into consideration that some weapon types will render his suit of
armor useless.


Quality of material and craftsmanship should never be underestimated. The 
difference between a good weapon and a mediocre weapon can decide a fight, a 
battle, possibly an entire war. In centuries of research and development, 
blacksmiths of all races have gained enough knowledge to create long lasting a
nd flexible weapons. Still, it is the High Elven steel that is considered the 
best choice for a weapon. A sword made of good High Elven steel is highly 
resistant against rust. It is also extremely flexible and can bend up to 90 
degrees before it finally snaps.


Even the best weapon in the world is just a useless piece of wood and metal if 
the fighter lacks the skill to wield it properly. The ability to use the weapon
is as important as the weapon itself. There are lots of different schools of 
fighting in Ancaria, some of them more popular than others. But they all have 
one thing in common and that's the goal of distracting the opponents defense 
and landing the first and deciding blow. This is mostly achieved by a 
combination of blows and fast and quick movement. 




"The day I lose respect for my swords is the day I die."

---Nuagin Thedoilin, Elven Swordmaster 

In many ways, the sword can be considered the king of weapons. A sword in the 
hands of a skilled master at arms is absolutely deadly. No armor can withstand 
a well placed strike. If two swords meet, only the better fighter will win. 
There is no room for a lucky strike. Sword fighting requires three different 
skills: speed, strength and precision. A good swordfighter doesn't need to be 
equally good at all three aspects. Any two of the three combined makes a good 
fighter. The choice of the type of sword highly relies on the style of the 
fighter. If a warrior is strong and precise, he can use a long and heavy sword.
The fast and precise fighter will prefer a shorter and lighter blade. There are
many different kinds of swords.


The shortsword is a small, compact weapon, that's able to inflict devastating 
damage to a target, simply by the force of the impace. Shortswords are usually 
not sharp, but pointy. Due to their reduced length, they're the perfect weapons
for very close combat, like fighting indoors during a siege for example. 
Shortswords are the weapon of choice for a speed-precision fighter.


Broadswords are bigger versions of shortswords. Like their smaller cousins
they are not overly sharp, but thanks to the mass of the blade they are able to
crush through any kind of armor. Wielding a broadsword requires a lot of 
strength and stamina, and controlling the blade takes a lot of practice and 
clever use of the swing momentum. Broadswords are suitable for strength-
precision fighters.


The longsword is the longest version of all one-handed blade weapons. Unlike 
the short sword and the broadsword, the long sword has a very sharp blade and 
can deliver both, slash and crush wounds. The extra length of the longsword 
renders it a perfect dual weapon. However wielding a longsword requires the 
expertise of a true master of swords. Strength-speed fighters will usually 
choose the longsword.


This weapon is also known as the 1 1/2-handed sword. It is too large for a one 
handed weapon and too small to be called a two-handed sword. Very strong 
fighters can wield a bastardsword with just one hand. However, fighting with a 
bastardsword is usually a very special and unique mixture between two-handed 
and single-handed fighting techniques. The ability to wield it with one hand 
highly increase the variety of possible swings. While the impact of a 
bastardsword cannot be compared to the damage of a two-handed sword, it is 
still much more severe than the strike of a one-handed sword.

Forging the Sword

Decades of research, experience and learning are essential if one intends to 
create a good sword. The steel must be perfect - flexible but strong. The 
balance point needs to be exactly in the right spot. If it leans a smidgen to 
either side it will turn a sword into a useless chunk of metal. The best swords
in Ancaria stem from northern Artamark, which has a long tradition of 
weaponsmiths, all following the heritage of Tunathin, the legendary swordmaster
and smith, who lived 580 years ago. Very few swords made by him survived 
throughout the centuries and each one of them is invaluable.

Rumors claim that Tunathin wrote a book containing all his secrets 
experiences about swordmaking, and that this book is kept in the vault of the 
weaponsmith guildhalls in Artamark's Gate. Others say that this book never 
existed, that all his knowledge was transferred by word-of-mouth. Either way, 
it is a fact that the swords from Artamark are of extraordinary quality, and 
whoever is able to afford one calls one of the most powerful weapons in 
Ancaria his own.



 Two-handed Swords

"The Gods had their reasons for giving us two arms. Encumbering one with a 
wooden board was not one of them." 

In many ways, two-handed swords (aka "Great Swords") are the kings of swords. 
They are similar to their single-handed counterparts, but yet so superior. A 
blow from a two-handed sword, unblocked and delivered with full force, is 
devastating. No armor can withstand such a blow, if it is not magically 
enhanced with protective or deflecting spells.

Although the weapons are kindred, it is impossible to compare the techniques of
fighting single-handed swords to two-handed swords. The mass of a single-handed
sword is small enough to be completely controllable by a human arm. However, 
the two-handed sword is far too heavy for that. Two-handed swords are impact 
weapons, the edge is usually not overly sharp and all the damage results from 
the mass. Swiftly swinging a two-handed sword requires intensive use of 
leverage and the swing momentum of your weapon. Precision is very important, 
because once the blade is in motion, it is very hard to correct the blow, let 
alone stop and change it. The two-handed sword fighter can chose from a wide 
variety of moves and blows and thrusts. As with melee weapons, the most 
successful moves consist of the combinations of different blows. A long swing, 
distracting the defense, followed by a sudden, hard thrust to the face is hard 
to counter.

Two-handed swords are purely offensive weapons. It is extremely hard to block 
or parry with them. In a fight against any single-handed weapon, the two-handed
fighter will always try to land the first blow, while the one-handed weapon 
fighter will try to get past the critical range and into close range combat, 
where the great sword is no longer as effective. Many great swordfighters carry
a secondary close range weapon, dagger or rapier, on their belt as a backup 

"Watching a duel between two-handed swords is like watching a dance rather than
a fight." 

A mirror matchup on the other hand is completely different. A duel between two 
masters of great sword fighting is highly aesthetic and exciting to watch. 
Both sides are constantly trying to anticipate and counter the opponents moves 
and actions. It is the battle of two minds as well as the fight of two swords, 
and the win usually goes to the fighter who managed to land the first blow by 
unbalancing his opponent or tricking him into leaving a gap in his defense.


"This wound was delivered by a WHAT?"

--- Chyriac, field surgeon of King Larenoir, examining a body mauled by a 

Although there seem to be many similarities between greatswords and polearms, 
the fighting style is in fact completely different. Unlike greatswords, 
polearms concentrate the mass of impact to a much smaller area, making the blow
considerably harder, but at the same time more difficult to land.

Unlike the greatsword, which has a relatively small hilt compared to the rest 
of the blade, the polearm features a much larger part for the control of the 
weapon. The pole can be up to six feet long. The wide grip means excellent 
leverage and thus extremely fast motions. A skilled polearm fighter is able to 
deliver any kind of blow out of a resting stance with no preparation.

For the same reason, blocking is a lot easier with a polearm than it is with a 
greatsword, leaving the fighter more options to adjust his style. Polearm 
fighters have no need to be as aggressive if the prefer to fight defensively. 
Many polearms have a buttspike for close range combat.

However, the same tactical basics hold true for all two0handed weapons: their 
main advantage is the range. Once the opponent is too close, the weapon is 
weak. Without any doubt, the most efficient use of polearm fighters is in 
battle situations. A group of polearm fighters, protected by a defensive wall 
of shields is extremely hard to eliminate.


"I didn’t see that coming..."

--- Last words of Duke Throidor, who died from a spear in the battle of 

Spears are pure thrusting weapons. There is no blade, there is no edge, just a 
spearhead. The shaft of the weapon is up to nine feet long and extremely hard 
to control. A spear is not the best choice for duels. But in battles, a skilled
spear fighter can eliminate dozens of opponents. An incoming spear is extremely
difficult to see - by the time you do, it is usually too late. Therefore, 
thrusts to the face from behind a wall of shields are the most effective 
tactics in open field battles. 



 Dual Wield

"Shields are overrated"

--- Armantin, in his book "The Art of Two Swords" (written in 529) 

The oldest document of a dual wielding fighting style is dated 1500 years ago. 
It's a small image in the Elisithian manuscript and shows a Seraphim defeating 
a Camach with two longswords. Numerous Heroes and masters at arms are known to 
have used this style in battles, duels and tournaments. The most well known of 
all is certainly Armantin Tarabath, Warlord under Emperor Turiam III in the 
limes of the Six Wars. Every student of dual wield sword fighting is still 
following his techniques and principles, as described in bis famous book "The 
Art of Two Swords". Because of this huge influence, dual wield sword fighting 
is commonly known as armantin-style or armantin for short.

Wielding one weapon in each hand is without any doubt the most aggressive 
fighting style. The armantin fighter dismisses the protective element of a 
shield in exchange for an extra sword. This automatically determines his 
fighting style and tactics. The lack of blocking capacity makes it impossible 
for him to fight defensively. Instead, he will try to kill his opponent as 
quickly as possible by covering him with enormous amounts of combined swings 
at an incredible speed, keeping his shield and weapon constantly busy. A good 
armantine fighter will try to force his opponent to move his shield, thereby 
leaving gaps in his defense.

Fighting armantin requires lots of practice. Both arms need to be equally 
skilled and trained. If the off-hand isn't able to deliver swings, blows and 
thrusts at the same speed and precision as the main-hand, the offensive 
advantage of the extra weapon will vanish and leave the fighter with a poor 
shield in the form of a sword. Only truly ambidextrous fighters can fight 
armantin to its full potential. But armantin is not only about training the 
arms. Movement and balance are of equal importance. While fighting with a 
single weapon and shield can be quite static, the armantin fighter needs to be 
able to move around and readjust the balance of his body, which is constantly 
changing during the combination of swings.

"Your arms may deliver the deciding strike. But your legs win the fight."

--- Armantin in this book "The Art of Two Swords" 

Of course, armantin is not limited to fighting with two swords (although 
Armantin himself never used a weapon other than the sword). There are many 
possible combinations, such as sword and axe, sword and dagger, two axes, mace 
and sword and so on. While the combination of a crush and a slash weapon 
certainly can be helpful in some fights, most fighters tend to use weapons of 
the same kind, because it's a lot easier to master the flow of motions.

"The two-weapon fighter should always try to use the longest weapons he can 
comfortably swing. It's essential to attack the opponent before he gets a 
chance to get too close to you. You should always aim for the initiative, and 
kill your opponent as soon as he's into your weapon range"

--- Passage from "The Art of Two Swords" 




"A bow is like a cat. It has its own will that you can't bend In order to 
control it, you need to understand it first. And in order to understand it, 
you need to let it control you."

--- Seribas Whitelock, Master Archer 

Archery, the Science

Bows are the perfect symbiosis of different materials. The flexibility of the 
bow-stave, transferring the acceleration to the string, which then passes it on
to the stiff and rigid mass of the arrow, made of steel and wood. It is the 
inherent properties of the materials, which make the bow such a deadly weapon.

Interestingly, bows can be found in the history of every single culture in 
Ancaria. However, it remains unclear, which race or culture can actually claim 
to have invented the bow. Many theories are focusing on this question. Some 
historians even say that bows are an Orcish invention.

One of the oldest examples for archery was found during the archaeological 
excavation of an ancient Human cemetery. The burial objects in the graves 
indicated that it must have been an extremely wealthy village. However, one of 
the graves was different from the others. Instead of the usual amount of burial
objects found in the other graves, it just contained three arrow heads. It 
took quite a while for the historians to figure out that in this particular 
case, the arrow heads were actually not burial objects, but the cause of death.

No other weapon in the history of Ancaria went through an evolution like the 
bow did. In ancient times, the bow was merely a weak and unreliable instrument,
used for hunting small animals. But over the centuries, the High Elves and 
especially the Dryads have developed the technology to perfection, and created 
one of the most powerful weapons ever seen. Made of a special kind of magical 
wood called "Nyugharii" (Dryad: "Soul of the Forest"), Dryad bows are extremely
precise and long-ranged. A well crafted Dryad bow is the only missile weapon in
Ancaria that's able to penetrate the heart-scale of a Dragon.

Elven bows are usually made of yew wood. The typical Elven bow is longer than 
its Dryad counterpart, and almost (but not quite) as strong. But this downside 
is equalized by the fact that Elven arrows are commonly considered the best 
arrows you can get. The expertise of Elven smiths is still unrivaled, and the 
quality of arrowheads made of Elven steel definitely makes a difference - as 
thousands of Orcs can't attest to any more.

Archery, the Art

"Are you longing for perfection! Don't fool yourself. A lifespan is not enough 
to master the bow."

--- Seribas Whitelock to a student 

It is the most efficient way to kill an enemy. Nock an arrow, draw the string, 
release it and watch the arrow find its target. Silent and with deadly 
precision, bows are able to kill at long distances, long before the enemy can 
even reach you.

But not so fast! It is a long path before this picture becomes reality. 
Countless hours of practice are required before you can call yourself an 
archer. Only the most talented will make the cut and become a master bowman. 
Archery requires a combination of physical and mental skills. High dexterity, 
sharp eyes, the ability to concentrate and good reflexes are all equally 

Archery in Battles

An army of skilled archers is able to decide battles and entire wars. There are
many examples in the history of Ancaria, where archers have been the deciding 
factor for a victory. However, just having archers is not enough. It takes some
tactical skills to use them to their full effectiveness. Archers are generally 
weak as soon as their targets get into melee range. Therefore, protecting the 
archers is a key tactic in battles. It is essential to give them as much time 
as possible, because more time means more opportunities to fire arrows.

Archers in battle units usually wear light armor to keep them as mobile as 
possible, enabling them to avoid direct encounter with heavily armored troops. 
And even in siege situations, where most of the heavy armored troops are 
rendered useless, archers are a useful unit due to their ability to shoot 
burning arrows or take out single defenders from the distance.




Since the beginning of systematic research on the Lore of Magic, magical 
weapon (and armor) enhancement has been one of the top disciplines. Simply 
embedding a spell or enchantment is the basic form of this art. More complex 
ideas include chains of spells or even spells that can be triggered by the user
of the weapon. In many cases, weapon enhancing magic will just add magical 
damage to the damage that is already being dealt by the weapon, increasing the 
overall damage and avoiding certain resistances. But the variety of options is 
in fact far wider. Literally all kinds of spells can be embedded into a weapon.

It was only a matter of time until someone came up with the idea to replace the
controlled magic energy with the most primal and dangerous form of magic 
energy, the T-Energy. There is no way to control T-Energy. It is a constant 
flow of chaotic power that is almost impossible to channel, let alone control.

However, in the year 352 - After decades of dedicated research - the Archlords 
of the High Elf school of essence finally found a magic ritual that bound tiny 
pieces of T-Energy to a static object. The results were amazing. The T-Energy 
promptly took control over the object, but did not destroy it. Instead, it 
frequently unleashed small bits of energy with devastating effects. The 
ultimate weapon seemed to be born, but soon it became obvious that this was 
just an illusion, because the energy strikes were not targeted. Anyone wielding
such a weapon would sooner or later inevitably kill himself. But the initial 
step was made.

Another fifty years of research were necessary before the means to concentrate 
T-Energy to a certain part of a weapon were found, thus ensuring that the 
unleashed energy would only target the intended object rather than leaking 
randomly. With this major advancement, the path to T-energy weapons was clear.

---------------------------------Lore of Monsters


 How to Deal with Undead? A Guideline

"He moved towards me - swaying, his body oddly twisted and dislocated. His 
staring squinting look appeared to go right through me. Some strange and 
indiscernible green liquid oozed from his mouth while he attempted 
to speak. I drew my sword but then I realized it was not a zombie, it was the 
captain who was completely drunk on his way to his cabin."

---from the travelogues of Nayjol the Adventurer 

Every adventurer has heard of them and many have already encountered them: 
Marauding zombies on derelict cemeteries, erratic skeletons on historic 
battlefields, vampires in their shape shift forms as wolves or bats, or ghosts 
doing their boring spooking routines, undead come in many shapes and forms.

Undead creatures are not only extremely obnoxious, they are also classed as 
highly dangerous! Many unprepared adventurers underestimated the danger and 
lost their lives to the 'un-life'. This guide was written to assist the 
aspiring adventurer in his dealings with undead creatures. "Know thy enemy!" 
is our motto. Well then, let's meet the enemy!

The lowest form of undead creatures are skeletons, zombies and mummies. All 
these forms are reanimated bodies without mind or intellect. Reanimating bodies 
is the simplest form of necromancy, basically dead easy (pun intended) for any 
conjurer of death. This is probably the reason why these kinds of undead 
creatures are encountered more often than the other, more complex variations.

The rules of conduct while dealing with skeletons, zombies or mummies are 
pretty straightforward: If you wish to avoid them, do not go near any 
cemeteries or battle fields. Catacombs and dungeons are also preferred habitats
of these creatures.

If an encounter is inevitable, your choice of actions is rather limited. Each 
and any attempt to lead a conversation will be futile, thus, you will have to
resort to pure violence. However, do be careful! Zombies, and even more so 
skeletons, are tough opponents. They are held together by necromantic magic and
thus, they are able to regenerate severe wounds and even severed limbs within a
short amount of time. The magic will only dissipate when the bodies have been 
completely dismembered and only then will their remains dissolve.

While skeletons and zombies are rather dumb, ghouls do have some sort of 
ability to think. Ghouls are creatures which are half dead and half alive. 
Trapped in this interstage they wander the world without aim, feed on carrion 
and human bodies and they are typically timorous. Still, attempting to solve 
an imminent conflict with ghouls by verbal means is also futile. Your first 
choice should be drawing your weapon.

"Approximately three hundred years ago a blow like that could have killed me!" 
ranted the ghost before he disappeared through the closed door and left me 
standing with my sword in my hand.

---from the travelogues of Nayjol the Adventurer 

Ghosts and apparitions are bodiless and as such the exact opposite of the 
bodied undead such as zombies, skeletons and mummies. Here, only the ethereal 
part of a being has been reanimated. Ghosts and apparitions are thinking beings
- often even capable of speaking - created by a complicated focus of 
necromantic energy.

Despite - or because of - their lack of bodies, ghosts and apparitions are 
dangerous opponents. Average weapons do not have any impact on ghosts. If you 
intend to stand your ground against a ghost, you will require magic or at least
magical weapons. That is the only way these beings can be hurt.

Vampires are the ultimate form of undead existence. They are free, independent 
and thinking beings with supernatural abilities and powers. They are not 
created by necromancy, instead, they create themselves. Nobody knows where they
came from, yet they exist. And they are extremely dangerous!

Not many adventurers can claim that they encountered a vampire and lived to 
tell the story. Evidently, a wooden stake, driven through the heart of a 
vampire will paralyze the undead creature. Furthermore, beheading a vampire 
will kill it. Contrary to popular belief the use of garlic, holy water and 
escaping across running waters are all ineffective according to several 



 How to Behave Around Dragons

They are without a doubt some of the most fascinating creatures of the world. 
Dragons in all their various shapes arc not only truly impressive, they are 
also intelligent, sentient beings. Their stature is awe-inspiring and demands 
respect. Dragons can measure up to 500 Ancarian cubits in length and 350 
Ancarian cubits in height. It is impossible to obtain any definite information 
about their weight. Nobody has been able to persuade a Dragon to step on scales
(well... weighing machines, they do step on other scales fairly frequently!). 
Several adventurers have already paid for their curiosity about a - female, no 
less - Dragon's weight with their lives.

Their origins as well as their motivation to settle in this universe are 
unknown. We do know, however, that they have found refuge on Ancaria and now 
they are shielded from the rest of the mundane world. They are a very rare 
sight, which makes it even the more important to be prepared for such 
encounters. Dragons are not necessarily hostile towards other creatures. Yet, 
they are bizarre creatures with somewhat eccentric characteristics. A seemingly
insignificant remark or an unobtrusive gesture may arouse their anger. Those 
mistakes are usually avoidable - and more often than not lethal.

Dragons are undeniably vain, They are susceptible to flattery and compliments. 
On the other hand they perceive any kind of objection or criticism as a 
personal insult. Anyone conversing with a Dragon should bear that in mind. We 
highly recommend a positive choice of words! Patronizing remarks, even if they 
are not intended lo be condescending, should be avoided at all costs.

All Dragons naturally display an aura of arrogance. They deem themselves as 
generally superior. Usually, they do not regard other beings as adequate 
counterparts. When dealing with Dragons you should always be aware of that fact
and tread carefully.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Dragons is their curiosity. They are always 
interested in the unknown and you might be able to use that to your advantage.

Body odor - a very sensitive subject. No matter which way you look at it, there
is no denying that Dragons stink! Generally, they are surrounded by a stench of
decay, sulfur and burnt flesh. You will have to be able to control your body 
very well in order to suppress the naturally occurring retching reflex. Still, 
it is essential that you do so. You should also refrain from holding your nose 
as that would be perceived as an insult.

Dragons feed on Humans. Many Dragons keep Humans in kennels. These poor 
creatures are typically not a pretty sight as they are left to vegetate in 
their own excrement for years. However, you should never refuse an offer of a 
snack, as Dragons detest rejection of their food or invitations.

Dragons expect to be treated with respect and courtesy. They do not appreciate 
it if you attempt to curry favor or chum up with them. Although Dragons arc 
certainly not Elves, they are aware of their conduct and they have adapted it 
for themselves.

Beltorak awoke with a start when his corporal entered the tent. He needed 
merely a second to be aware of his surroundings.
"Is it time yet?" he asked.
The corporal nodded. 

Shortly after, the small delegation was ready to leave. Beltorak checked that 
the dispatch, which he was supposed to relay to the Dragon in the name of the 
empire, was safely tucked away in its document case and fastened to his belt. 
Finally, the small group began to advance up the hill. 

Beltorak had not been born a diplomat. Once again he asked himself why he had 
been entrusted with that task. Negotiating with Dragons about small adjustments
of borders was not commonplace for him. He was certain there were people better
suited to that task than him. 

Once they arrived at the designated meeting point, they saw the dragon who had 
settled on an elevated rock. He rested his head on one arm, scratched symbols 
into the stone with the claws of the other arm and peered intently at the group
of five Elves coming up the hill, panting. 

Beltorak, flanked by his corporals, look a moment to compose himself. He 
fumbled for his document case, opened it, took out the scroll of paper and 
unrolled it. He cleared his throat and then raised his voice in order to read 
out the government's dispatch. "Through unspeakable dangers and despite 
uncountable difficulties I have made my way to this castle on the outskirts of 
the Kobold city..." 

Beltorak froze! His thoughts began to spin around while he tried to analyze the
situation. Whoever was responsible for the bad joke of switching the dispatch, 
he would pay for it. He quickly scanned the faces of his corporals and then he 
spotted a faint grin on one of them. Telthoe - he should have known! He never 
forgave him for taking his wife away from him. 

The Dragon raised an eyebrow. Despite his naturally rather limited options for 
facial expressions he produced a surprised look. 

Beltorak's brain was working frantically. He had to improvise. Quickly! A drop 
of sweat trickled down from his temple while he attempted to come up with an 
appropriate salutation. It look only fractions of seconds to discard 
"my dear" or "pal" as suitable options. He was under pressure and the situation
was on the verge of escalating so he decided on a desperate attempt. He drew a 
quick breath and began his address with a simple: 


---Ancarian Heroic Sagas. Book 4 



Searching the libraries of the empire for works about Trolls is usually futile.
The general consensus states that there is nothing worth reporting about this 
species. They are too basic, their mind is too dumb. Trolls are huge, 
aggressive beings living in the Orc territories. Most scholars and adventurers 
agree that this is all there is to say about them.

Admittedly, Trolls are not the most intelligent creatures in Ancaria. The 
average vocabulary of a Troll comprises of approximately one hundred words - 
most of which are variations of the basic needs: eat, drink, fight, procreate. 
Trolls with the ability to produce complete sentences or solve simple 
arithmetical problems are few and far between. Still, some individuals stand 
out from the crowd. The best-known example of a gifted Troll is Trugzk from 
northern Artamark. He wrote no less than three novels - although short ones - 
in his lifetime and published them. However, some claim that these novels did 
not stem from his chisel and hammer but instead, from a mediocre Ogre author.

Trolls love to fight. They love to crush their opponents and to devour the 
dismembered body parts afterwards. Fighting gives the Trolls some kind of 
purpose in life. Other than that they are peace-loving, even gentle beings 
underneath. When Trolls are unable to fight - let's say in captivity - they 
become wistful, withdraw and die. In fact, Trolls never survive for longer than
a few years in Captivity while they can reach the age of 150 in freedom. Grotz,
who used to live in the area around Orcish Byway for many years, was reputedly 
184 years old when he was battered to death in a fight against brigands. 

Similar to Ogres and Orcs, Trolls feed predominantly on meat. They are able to 
consume enormous amounts of meat at once and within a very short amount of time.
Additionally, they eat pebbles and they will not refuse the odd rock or two 
either. Their teeth are perfectly adapted for this kind of diet. Troll teeth 
are amongst the hardest materials known to man.

Trolls boast an excellent sense of smell as opposed to their atrocious sense of
vision. The short-sightedness of Trolls is proverbial and it is the subject of 
many jokes and metaphors. 




Most residents of Ancaria aren't able to distinguish more than four different 
kinds of herbs. They know that hermit leaves stink and are a good spice for 
their food, that Celandine can cause the milk of their goats to taste bitter, 
that shadow moss is good for sprains and that Mandragorum Officinarum (even 
though most can't pronounce the name) can perform miracles in relation to love.
They tend to divide the herbs in three different categories: flavor enhancers 
for food, medicinal herbs and poisons. Knowledgeable herbalists also know that 
the herb that can heal is also able to kill, and that deadly herbs are 
sometimes useful for love - and not just to gel rid of an unwanted rival.

Herbalists can be found far away from the streets and villages, in places where
no horseshoes trample the green and where the shadowy forest doesn't have to 
give way to fields. Their knowledge is passed on from generation to generation 
but only to those who have proven themselves worthy. Healers, poisoners and 
cooks seek out these herbalists when they start their training, and the best 
stay for many years. The herbalists generally don't care why their knowledge 
is sought, much as a blade isn't interested in whether it's chopping bread or 
heads. Some of them choose to enter certain guilds, and they offer their 
services as healers. They have a high position in most villages and towns, 
because many of the residents owe their lives and well-being to the herbalist's
skill. They rarely work for free. Contrary to popular opinion most herbalists 
aren't spiritualistic forest goblins who live in mossy huts, they are clever 
business people who know quite well that some herbs are worth a hundred times 
their weight in gold.

If you're interested in this profession you'll need a lot of patience and good 
eyes. It's a time consuming business to gather herbs, and the difference 
between a simple weed and a medicinal herb can be tiny. Beginners in this field
shouldn't worry if their first tries bring about nothing more than a tasty soup
or - in the worst case - a potentially fatal concoction (they should plan their
testing accordingly though). In the beginning it's advisable to concentrate on 
the sick who are at death's door already, because in these cases nobody will 
blame the healer when the attempt to heal them fails. Once you pass the first 
obstacles, there are many doors that will open for you. everybody needs herbs, 
from the hunter whose feet hurt in the evening to the prince who wants to get 
rid of a nasty wart. Over the centuries immoral herbalists with a love of 
experimentation have been able to increase their knowledge to such a degree 
that today there's a remedy for almost every illness and condition. Its 
possible to heal shaking plague, speckle fever, yellow blazes, sleeplessness, 
dream fever and tinnitus as well as unanswered love and bad breath. Of course 
even the best herbalist can't know all herbs, because some only grow in 
deserts, others on mountains or in swamps, and one of them - fire lance, the 
most valuable in all of Ancaria - only grows inside of volcanoes. So a sick 
person can count themselves lucky when they find an herbalist who knows what's 
needed to heal them as well as where to find it. You should turn away from 
herbalists who ponder for a while and then say: "I haven't tried this myself, 
but..." or "Let's see what happens, when..."

Let me add a word of warning: The life of an herbalist is quite dangerous, as 
the story of King Halmud the fool proves. A prophet told him that he would die 
from poison so he immediately ordered that all poisoners and herbalists would 
be hunted down and killed. Shortly after the last herbalist passed away he died
from blood poisoning, because he cut his thumb while peeling an apple. 



 Ancaria's Herbs - Their Effects, Use and Special Features

* Thread Rush - grows in high grass and on the edge of fields. Cooked and 
  thickened you get a sticky spread that can be applied to aching eyes or any 
  kind of bruise, where it should remain for up to one day. It can also lessen 
  the after-effects of too much alcohol when applied to the temples and 
  forehead It's a staple supply for any healer that lives near a tavern or 

* Purple Coneflower - can be found on dry and sunny plains, but never in the 
  shadows. If you chew it, it can dispel bad breath so can be used to counter 
  the effect of hermit leaves. As a spread it can protect the skin from the 
  sun, and in it's liquid form has a calming effect on the stomach and 
  digestion. If the dosage of the liquid is too high, it can occasionally lead 
  to a blue discoloration of the skin. There's no known antidote against this 

* Shadow Moss - grows in damp and shadowy places, mostly in caves and swamps. 
  You can cut it out of the ground and immediately apply it to contusions, 
  sprains and broken bones without any preparation. Bandages with shadow moss 
  should be changed on a daily basis. It's not advisable to eat it, even if you
   cook it, because it can lead to delusion, fever and death. 

* Hermit Leaves - can be found in almost every deciduous forest of Ancaria, 
  where they grow between bushes and under old leaves. Hermit leaves can be 
  eaten raw or cooked, and they ease the pain of all kinds of sores. Applied 
  on the skin they reduce pain in neck and ears, but afterwards the skin smells
  awful for several days. Eating it leads to bad breath, but this can be 
  countered with purple coneflower. It makes a nice seasoning for all kinds of 
  hearty meals, but eating hermit leaves with large amounts of alcohol can lead
  to flatulence and diarrhea. 

* Mandragorum Officinarum - is also called the "herb of lovers" and grows in 
  rocky and sandy areas. This is one of the herbs every man and woman in 
  Ancaria knows. The flowers have no scent, but when mashed and mixed with food
  will cause the person who eats it to fall in love with the first person they 
  see. The responsible herbalist will make it clear to all interested buyers 
  that the feeling cannot be removed by eating the herb again, so extensive 
  planning should be used when considering serving it in food. The Mandragorum 
  Officinarum stems can enhance potency, and it's possible to remove unwanted 
  body hair by using a spread made with this herb. 

* All-Herb - grows in stagnant water and swamps. Cooked with water and consumed
  hot it can help with colds and internal organ problems, especially the lungs 
  and liver, and the same liquid is good for polishing tarnished silver. 
  All-herb can induce a deep slumber with pleasant dreams, warts will disappear
  when it is applied to them, it can reduce pain in the head and teeth and 
  speed up the healing of wounds when the bandages are soaked in the liquid. 
  You can also use it to sweeten food, but you should never use it uncooked 
  because when consumed raw it can cause hair loss, cardiac arrest and even 

* Fire Lance - this is the rarest plant in Ancaria, because it only grows in 
  the craters of active volcanoes. It should be harvested with extreme caution 
  because the stems contain a potent acid, one that can corrode skin, leather 
  and even metal. The recommended harvesting method is to dig them out with 
  their roots, and cook them in a huge tank of water before trying to transport
  them. This impressive long and red plant was used only as an exotic spice at 
  the tables of Princes and Kings for a long time, then it was discovered that 
  its roots can heal dream fever and the dreaded yellow blazes. 

* Celandine - an unimposing plant, it grows near brooks and other running 
  waters as long as the temperature doesn't get too warm. A Celandine draught 
  is good for your digestion, but the effect kicks in after a few minutes so 
  the timing and place it's taken should be considered well. 

* Speckle-Moss - grows on the trunks of old broad-leaved trees, but only on 
  their northern side. When applied to the skin or scalp it can reduce 
  dandruff, dry skin, skin irritation, rash and athlete's foot. After eating it
  you have the temporary belief that you're a llama. Nobody knows why this 

* Desert-Herb - a rare plant that can only be found in the places where ocean 
  and desert meet. Chewing the fresh or cooked leaves triggers a state of 
  euphoric happiness that can last for several hours, but being prepared as a 
  tea clearly reduces the effect so you'll only feel a pleasant contentedness. 
  Desert-herbs help the patient cope with the grief of losing a loved one or 
  similar situations. It should not be eaten for long periods of time, as 
  prolonged use can lead to paralysis of the legs and stultification. 



 Poisons of Ancaria: Their Use, Effect, and Attributes

* Shadow Weed - the most well known poisonous plant in all of Ancaria. It 
  grows in caves, under rocks, and in other dark places. Uncooked the plant has
  a distinctively bitter taste that even strong spices can’t hide. However, 
  when cooked for several hours shadow weed becomes almost tasteless and can be
  easily added to the victim’s meal. Adding hermit weed makes sure that no 
  trace of the telltale taste remains. Shadow weed acts swiftly. It causes 
  insanity, fever, finally death. 

* Bear Paw - a poisonous plant from the coniferous woodlands of the north. 
  There it grows on treetops and crutches. The fine hairs that cover its leaves 
  are poisonous. They look like brown fur and can be scraped off with a knife. 
  It can be added to a victim’s meal without further preparation. The plant was 
  named not only for its look, but also for the swiftness of its kill which has 
  been compared to being struck down by a bear. 

* Withermilk Weed - a nasty poison. This white, sweet smelling liquid can be 
  found in the roots of withermilk weed. One should take caution not to touch 
  the liquid as it is absorbed through the skin and slowly poisons the inner 
  organs. Withermilk poisoning is subtle and often only becomes apparent after 
  many months. The weed grows in desert regions, mostly on mountain sides or 
  between rocks. It should be applied to the sole of the foot as it causes a 
  slight discoloration of the skin which usually remains unnoticed there. 

* Death Root - a herb that grows on decomposing cadavers. Drinking a brew made 
  from the cooked leaves of this herb causes almost instantaneous insanity. It 
  is said that death root sucks the spirit out of the dead and the living. 
  Uncooked death root leaves can also be put in cupboards to keep away moths.

* Ghost Mist - skillful administration is needed for this poison as only the 
  fumes that rise when cooking it are poisonous. Great care should therefore be
  taken in windy regions. Ghost mist causes painful lumps when it comes into 
  contact with the victim’s (or the unlucky poisoner’s) skin. This symptom is 
  often confused with the deadly blain fever which healers tend to exploit for 
  their financial gain. Left untreated the lumps usually disappear after two or
  three days. 

* Farmer’s Curse - grows on wheat and corn fields. Its blossoms consist of fist
  sized seed sacks that burst upon touch and cover the victim with poisonous 
  thorns. These thorns cause painful swelling and can be deadly when swallowed.
  Poisoners avoid the plant because it is so difficult to handle. 

* Stumble Weed - often found near ponds. The cooked roots cause a severe loss 
  of balance making normal movement impossible. They are mainly used in 
  moonshine to demonstrate the alleged strength of the liquor. The dried leaves
  can be used as a spice and taste like cinnamon. 

* Cramming Moss - a poisonous, but also agricultural plant. It grows in barren 
  mountain regions and is used by farmers to fatten cattle as it strengthens 
  the appetite. The moss is dried, then added to the cattle feed in small 
  amounts. Undiluted it is quite a spectacular poison as it forces victims to 
  eat until death. Often used at royal feasts as a deterrent. 

* Blackfinger - grows in dark places like caves or ruins. In the south it is 
  also known as Two-Step because after consumption death is almost 
  instantaneous. Its black leaves are tasteless and odorless when cooked. They 
  can easily be added to dark sauces. The remaining brew can be used to dye 

----------------------------------Travel Guide


 I. Tyr Lysia
Geography and climate:

Tyr Lysia, land of the High Elves lies south of the barren Western and Eastern 
Dragon Teeth and north of the deserts of Bengaresh. It is a fertile and mild 
land rich in rivers and streams, guarded by fortresses. Villages are surrounded
by small fields, birds nest in green hedges. The woods offer rich game. 
Picturesque fishing villages line the coast in the west. The climate is 
generally mild, but it can get rather hot in summer, except for the west where 
a constant cool breeze attenuates the power of the sun. During the summer 
season there is a chance of extended drought periods, although famines are 
almost unheard of.


Tyr Lysia is mainly inhabited by High Elves who came here a long time ago from 
the south. Farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen are governed by both nobility and 
the clergy who lease land and collect taxes (usually food, goods or money. The 
villages consist of simple houses, the inhabitants are friendly, but not very 
outgoing around strangers. There are altars and small cult sites in almost 
every village. They are usually decorated with flowers and grain ears. High 
Elves believe in a large pantheon of deities. Villages show their wealth 
through the number and sizes of their altars. Poor villages usually only have 
one altar that all deities must share. Humans serve the noblemen in their 
mansions or work as farm hands in rural areas. Only rarely does one come upon a
Human craftsman. Most Humans are servile, however some (mostly free Humans) 
tend to be brazen and rude- One should avoid them as they tend to combine 
stories about their unjust fate with begging.

Places of interest:

When visiting Tyr Lysia one should - of course after seeing the capital 
Thylysium - also travel to two other places. One is Farview, an unassuming 
small town blessed with a spectacular view. It lies at the top of a mountain 
surrounded by smaller hills and plains which on a clear day allow the visitor 
to see places as far away as the Dragon Teeth to the north and even Bluestone 
Lake to the east. It's a steep ascent to Farview, but the most spectacular view
in all of Tyr Lysia is well worth the exertion. Unfortunately the amount of 
visitors has also let to an enormous increase in thievery. Keeping a close eye 
on one's possessions is advised. The other place of interest is called 
Sonnenwind. It used to be a simple fishing village at Bluestone Lake, but then 
aristocrats began building their summer residences there to escape the summer 
heat. Nowadays nearly ten times as much people live there compared to the time 
before the arrival of the aristocracy and the village specialty Eye Clam Salad 
is nowadays renowned in all of Tyr Lysia.


The harvest festival season in the fall almost guarantees that visitors will 
have a good time. Every village celebrates the festival at a different date so 
that one can spend weeks traveling from one festival to the other. Houses and 
huts are decorated with flowers, noblemen open their wine cellars to the 
public, jugglers, actors, and bards travel the land. 


Tyr Lysia is suitable for travel all year long, though it can 
get very hot and dry upcountry in the summer. Visitors should avoid areas with 
burned down villages, as these are often frequented by the undead which make no
difference between locals and travelers.


Geography and climate:

Thylysium lies near a river delta on the west coast of Tyr Lysia, land of the 
Elves. Because of the Jade Sea the climate is dry, slightly salty, and 
generally pleasant. In winter there's a likelihood of storms, but floods are 


The population consists mainly of High Elves. The city is governed by the 
Senate. Among its members are merchants, priests, and noblemen. They are the 
upper-class of Thylysium and live in large townhouses. Leaving the broad 
streets one soon comes across an astonishing number of different languages, 
smells, and faces. People come to Thylysium from all parts of Ancaria, 
sometimes to trade, sometimes just to satisfy their curiosity. Some are rich, 
some poor- there are merchants and laborers, fishermen and thieves. Travelers 
should be aware that a friendly face often hides a drawn dagger. One should 
also avoid the town guard as its soldiers are known for taking bribes and are 
often in league with one of the many gangs in town.

Places of interest:

Thylysium is a magnificent city. Even simple houses are made of granite (the 
construction of wooden houses or mud huts is prohibited by law), townhouses and
temples are built with white marble. There are many places one should visit, 
among them the Academy of Magic, the Senate and the surrounding gardens with 
their exotic flowers, and the Road of the Aristocrats, a boulevard lined with 
the largest and most opulent townhouses and mansions. Travelers who wish to 
experience real life in Thylysium should visit the harbor where they will meet 
all kinds of people and see an astonishing selection of goods. It has been said
that everything in Ancaria will sooner or later arrive at Thylysium's harbor. 
After spending a day watching the harbor and eating in one of the many 
cookshops travelers will most likely agree. The sea is covered in white sails 
and dark brown wood Barrels are rolled from ships, crates are carried to the 
markets, bolts of fabric are sold to the highest bidder. Even late in the night
one can hear the merchants bargaining and the laborers shouting. Humans, 
animals, materials, jewelry, food - everything is traded in Thylysium.


There is only one day without trade in Thylysium. On the Day of Contemplation 
no ship may enter the harbor and all shops remain closed From sunrise until 
sunset the city belongs to the Gods. Pilgrims walk between the temples to honor
each and every God. Priests smear ashes on their face or walk by swinging jars 
with burning incense. The city is filled with the chants and songs of the 
believers,- there is dancing, singing, and meditating. Until sunset no coin may 
change hands and no business may be conducted The citizens of Thylysium hold 
this day in such high regard that even thieves respect it and guards refuse to 
be bribed.


A clear mind and open eyes are needed in Thylysium. Travelers should be careful
when talking to  citizens and should trust no stranger.


* Tyr Lysia, land of the High Elves lies south of the barren Western and 
  Eastern Dragon Teeth and north of the deserts of Bengaresh
* Capital is Thylysium
* Farview, at the top of a mountain surrounded by smaller hills and plains. 
  Most spectacular view
* Bluestone Lake to the east
* Sonnenwind, used to be simple fishing village at Bluestone Lake. Aristocrats 
  now own their summer residences there to escape the summer heat. Eye Clam 
  Salad renowned in all of Tyr Lysia
* Thylysium near river delta on west coast of Tyr Lysia. Jade Sea port 




Geography and climate:

The land of the Humans is green. From the mountains that line it a cold wind 
constantly blows carrying rain in summer and snow in winter. Large woods cover 
Artamark. Beneath the trees the ground is fertile. The large variety of crops 
that grow here are responsible for the many tasty kinds of breads taverns serve
in Artamark. This green land again and again surprises the traveler with its 
beauty like the view of snow covered mountain tops and mist rising from the 
woods and evaporating in the pale sunlight.


The inhabitants are friendly and open-minded toward strangers. Artamark is 
almost exclusively populated by Humans. The thatched huts and houses they live 
in look picturesque, but offer good protection against common winter storms. 
Most people in Artamark work as farmers or craftsmen, but some go to the woods 
and try their luck as hunters. They kill game for meat and sell the pelts to 
passing merchants. Brigands who also live in the woods often rob these 

Strangers are welcome in Artamark, but its inhabitants generally do not care 
for High Elves or Orcs. This is understandable as High Elves regard Humans as 
slaves whereas Orcs constantly threaten Artamark’s northern borders.

Places of interest:

Humans aren’t particularly renowned for their architectural masterpieces. There
buildings are mainly simple and practical, and they seem to have no eye for 
beauty. Still, there are some places one should visit, for example Urthak’s 
Moxie near the Orcish border. It is said that it was built over a period of two
hundred years and looking at its mighty walls rising out of the woods one can 
almost believe this.

The market in Blackoaks in the south of Artamark should be the last stop on 
one’s journey through the land simply to avoid being robbed further north. It 
is the largest market in Artamark and deals mainly in furs, meat, and 
craftsmanship, especially wood carvings. Human woodcraft is highly regarded in 
all of Ancaria and may well be the only form of artistic expression displayed 
in this land. The market offers all sorts of carvings from small earrings to 
life size warrior statues that look so real one almost expects their hair to 
move in the breeze.

In Artamark it is considered impolite to make a gift of something that could be
of use to the giver, as it implies that the giver is better off and therefore 
superior to the receiver.


If at all possible, one should travel through Artamark in the summer. The 
weather is mainly pleasant then and one can also get a taste of a local 
delicacy: a mush of deer brain and strawberries that is served with fresh 


* Urthak’s Moxie near the Orcish border
* Market in Blackoaks in the south of Artamark. Largest market in Artamark
* Human woodcraft highly regarded in all of Ancaria 



 Nor Plat

Geography and climate:

Nor Plat, land of the Orcs lies in the north of Ancaria. mountains enclose huge
frozen plains that border in the north on the Dragon Sea. Looking from the 
mountains over the land no trees are to be seen, only the dirty brown tundra 
with patches of grass and moss that cling to the rock fighting against the cold
winds. The river Numak runs from north to south through the land. It is frozen 
most of the year.


Monsters and creatures roam this harsh, cold land. There are Trolls, Ogres, and
Goblins, but the Orcs are the only ones who build settlements and exhibit signs
of a "culture".

Two attributes characterize Orcs: their stupidity and their enthusiasm for 
battle. These potentially volatile combination is best met with a friendly 
demeanor and short, easily understood sentences. Not many travelers make their 
way to Nor Plat, that's why the Orcs always welcome visitors and invite them to
their mead halls to listen to stories from foreign lands. Travelers who are 
asked for such a story should make sure that it deals with war and death and 
still be grasped after five or six jars of mead.

There is only one God in Nor Plat: Kuan, the God of war. Almost every orc prays
to him. However, this spiritual unity has not led to a peaceful togetherness. 
In fact, most Orc settlements are at war with their neighbors. The reasons for 
this are complex clan hierarchies, blood feuds with long forgotten causes, and 
the Orcish code of honor. Every Orc, from the ice fishers on the Numak to the 
trappers in the tundra considers himself a warrior. A wrong word spoken under 
wrong circumstances almost inevitably leads to bloodshed. It is said that the 
major cause of death among grown male Orcs is a sudden loss of the head.

Places of interest:

Orc settlements consist of simple huts and dirt holes with a large mead hall 
that serves as a gathering place in the center. The Orcs share these one room 
huts with their cattle. They have no chimneys. Instead a simply but elegantly 
constructed drain causes the smoke to pass through the roof while 
simultaneously smoking the meat that hangs from the ceiling of every Orc hut.

Passionate hunters will find many things to their liking in Nor Plat, everyone 
else should hope one of the infrequent ice storms that come suddenly over the 
land and transform it into a landscape of bizarre forms and figures.


In Entruag, the largest settlement and the only one on the Numak a strange 
festival called Walrus Wrestling can be witnessed at summer solstice. At 
sunrise Orcs line the banks of the river and jump into the water as soon as the
first ray of the sun touches it. In the water they wrestle walrus bulls thrice 
their size and try to pull them on dry land. Orcs come from all over the land 
to be a part of this festival. They are cheered on by Kuan priests. The Orcs 
believe that Kuan will grant them victory over the elves should they defeat a 
walrus. This hasn't happened yet, but the festival still takes place every 


    * Entruag, the largest settlement and the only one on the Numak
    * The river Numak runs from north to south through the land
    * There is only one God in Nor Plat: Kuan, the God of war 



  Dyr Lain

Geography and climate:

The island of Dyr Lain lies in the middle of the Jade Sea. It has often and 
quite rightfully been described as paradise. Waves roll gently over white 
beaches, colorful birds sing in trees that carry all kinds of fruit. The water 
of the many small rivers is so clear that it is almost invisible if one is more
than a few steps away, and the dark blue surfaces of the lakes and ponds 
sparkle in the sunlight. The climate is generally pleasant and slightly humid.
There is a short rainy season in spring and a longer one in the fall.


The Dryads are descendants of the ancient Elves of the south, but have long 
since developed their own distinct and independent culture. They live as one 
with nature. Their settlements consist of tree houses, their gardens are 
renowned in all of Ancaria. Especially the citizens of Thylysium value the 
sweet fruits that grow there and are willing to pay quite extraordinary prices 
for them. The Dryads don't care about money. They only grow as much as seems 
appropriate to them.

For a very long time the Dryads lived alone on their island, shying away from 
contact with the outside world. But after monsters started attacking them, they
allowed a few Elves to build a settlement called Aerendyr in the south of the 
island. They have come to regret this decision because Aerendyr seems to poison
the whole island. Maybe this experience is responsible for the reserved manner 
with which the Dryads approach strangers. They welcome them to their villages, 
but engaging a Dryad in a conversation beyond a simple greeting is quite 
difficult. One can only get to know them better by sharing their belief in 
Kybele, Goddess of nature and by helping them take care of the fauna and flora 
of the island. Travelers who have sufficient time should not miss this 
opportunity as the Dryads have a lot to say. Their wisdom will come as a 
surprise to those who dismiss them as "plant whisperers" and "fruit huggers".

Places to see:

There are no places to see on Dyr-Lain, the whole island is worth seeing. One 
can spend weeks admiring the beauty of the many gardens and the gracefulness of
the animals that inhabit them. A visit to the capital Dyr-Laigh is a must. No 
other place in Ancaria shows such a perfect harmony between nature and 
architectural artistry. There are no sharp comers in this city, no straight 
lines, no right angles. Everything is smooth and rounded and the colors of the 
building and even those of the Dryads' clothing is reflected in the surrounding 
plants. Dyr-Laigh is a fascinating city, unfortunately the night life leaves a 
lot to be desired.


It is customary to plant the stones from fruits one has eaten and to take care 
of the plants that grow from them. Visitors are expected to give these stones 
to Dryads, so that they can take care of them instead.


It is considered extremely rude to cut off a woman in mid sentence. Some people
claim that Dyr-Lain is the chattiest place in all of Ancaria.


* Dyr Lain lies in the middle of the Jade Sea
* Elves settlement called Aerendyr in the south of the island
* Belief in Kybele, Goddess of nature
* Capital is Dyr-Laigh.
* Dryads are descendants of the ancient Elves 




Geography and climate:

Bengaresh is a surreal land. It is covered by huge sand and gravel deserts that
seem endless in the oppressive, shimmering heat. The eye welcomes the rare 
sight of a small oasis in this monotonous landscape. At the coast one may find 
rock formations that the sand has shaped into smooth forms resembling animals 
or demons. The natives tend to avoid these formations. Upcountry it is silent. 
There is no wind, and the air burns like fire in one's throat. At night the 
heat turns into a bitter cold only familiar to those who have spent time in the
land of the Orcs. Sometimes sandstorms strong enough to rip the flesh from 
one's bones sweep across the desert. At the coast the constant breeze causes an
itching layer of salt and sand on the traveler's skin. It never rains.


Only a few beings are dumb enough or proud enough to challenge the desert. No 
one knows why the descendants of Elves are among them. They roam the land as 
nomads, traveling from one oasis to the next and live off goat meat, dates, 
cacti, and milk. With Elf merchants who come on ships they trade gems and salt 
from the mountains and get food, clothing and weapons in return. The desert 
tribes are no seamen and tend to remain near the coast when they go fishing in 
their longboats. They almost never stay at sea during the night. The tough 
desert life has changed the Elves' appearance over the long centuries. Most are
thin, with dark leathery skin. Their eyes are slitted as if from staring too 
long at the sun. In contrast to their ancestors they only pray to one God: 
Testa, the God of science. Every tribe follows their own interpretation of the 
holy scriptures. During large gatherings this can lead to heated theological 
debates, but these rarely turn violent.

Strangers are welcome in Bengaresh and are usually greeted with calm 
friendliness. The desert tribes are always helpful, but never brash. Behind the
black scarves that protect their faces from the sun and the sand hides a dry 
sense of humor that has surprised many travelers. Maybe this is the result of 
the constant struggle against a land that seems set on killing all life on it. 
Whatever the reason, a sense of humor is more than welcome around the camp 
fires of the tribes.

Places of interest:

Khorum, the capital of Bengaresh lies in the center of the land, at the 
hottest, driest, and most silent place in Ancaria. It lies on a hill and is 
surrounded by rocks and sand. The walls are made from yellow stones that blend 
in with the desert and seem to almost disappear in the shimmering heat. These 
walls have protected its inhabitants from sand people attacks for centuries.


Most practices in Bengaresh are connected to water. Drinking from the well of 
another tribe is an offense punishable by death. Spitting is considered rude. 
Spilling water is considered bad luck, spotting a cloud brings happiness. Every
meal is prepared with either milk or oil, only the strong tea made from cactus 
blossoms is cooked with water.


Travelers who despite the climate wish to visit Bengaresh should do so during 
the Great Gathering when all the tribes meet in Khorum for the year's weddings.
The festival only ends when the last couples have been wed by a priest. This 
can take days, sometimes even weeks. To pass the time more quickly many turn to
chewing desert weed. Officially, this practice is forbidden, but during the 
Great Gathering no one cares.


    * Bengaresh, desert of Ancaria
    * One God, Testa, the God of Science
    * Khorum, capital of Bengaresh, lies in the center of the land 

--------------------------Interesting Facts About Arcania



Do they really exist?

For centuries, reports and legends about the race of the Dwarves have existed 
all over the world. Countless stories songs, poems and make-believe 'facts' 
have been told and written about this race. However, the race of the Dwarves 
appears to be like a deep-water monster that rears its ugly head only once 
every few years. Nobody truly believes in it - but what if it were true after 
all? So everyone travels to that location and buys mugs with an image of the 
monster, uses those mugs as presents for relatives and they end up gathering 
dust on the shelf. Still, do they really exist, those Dwarves? Or are they 
indeed simply a myth - created in order to scare little children, conjured as 
creepy stories by the campfires? In this book i will attempt to solve this 
puzzle - I will uncover the rumors and name faces and certainties.

Origins, Initial References

Two historic sources allegedly prove the existence of Dwarves. Both are of the 
same age and derive from the same regions:

First, the "Hailstone Songs" - a collection of ancient texts and poems, dated 
back to the year 1500 (Old time) by archaeologists. Very few pages still exist,
and one of them features a song with the words:

Little man, long beard and hammer,
 Whacking iron with a slammer.
Wearing coat and helm from chains,
 Eating well 'til none remains.
Belly's bulging, nose is knobbly,
 Drinking stout that makes him wobbly.

This song - as well as the entire book - was written in Old-Eruthrean. Thus, 
numerous varying interpretations and translations of this text exist. Many 
historians have expressed doubts about the accuracy of the translation; 
however, they have failed to offer convincing alternatives. Therefore, this 
fragment is regarded as the initial reference to Dwarves. Still, even if the 
translation were correct, it would not necessarily mean that the described 
person was indeed a Dwarf. Visit any village inn throughout the Human 
territories and you will find dozens of people matching this very description.

The discovery of the "Hailstone Skydisk" in 242 (New Time) added fuel to the 
fire of the Dwarf-theory supporters. This strange arcane artifact consists of 
copper and brass rivets and it puzzled researchers for years. Finally, the 
historian and scholar DeNiken discovered that you have to connect those rivets 
in a certain order, which revealed this picture:

This revelation was a scientific sensation. Even the most passionate critics of
the Dwarf-theory had to admit that the Hailstone Skydisk was yet another 
indication for the existence of Dwarves in the region.

Popular Belief and Legends

   "Eat your food, it ain't so tough,
   or Dwarves will grab you by your scruff"
     --- Nursery rhyme, traditional

Many myths, legends, ideas and theories about Dwarves are floating around. The 
fact that nobody has ever seen a Dwarf does not convince anyone that they do 
not exist. Quite the contrary - the common people regard Dwarves as even more 
mysterious due to that fact. There are many legends about Dwarves entering 
houses of Humans at night and cleaning them (the houses, not the Humans) while 
consuming enormous amounts of beer and singing merry songs. Elsewhere, stories 
are told about an obscure Dwarven cult taking in exiled aristocratic ladies and
nursing them. Additionally, the myth "Dwarves" was widely used as a sanctioning
tool for children's education: In the northern regions a terrible threat was 
issued to children that they would be cooked and eaten by Dwarves if they did 
not behave. A much less sinister approach in the southern regions offers the 
vision that Dwarves come to pick up baby teeth once they have fallen out, and 
turn them into diamonds.

Dwarven technology is yet another endless field for vivid imaginations. 
Supposedly, Dwarves are able to build extremely complex machines. The 
technological and mechanical capabilities of this race are allegedly very far 
advanced, and even enable them to build flying devices! There claims prove yet
again the absurdity of the stories about Dwarves that are told among the common

Another skill associated with Dwarves is the art of blacksmithing. According to
common belief, Dwarven steel is supposed to be the hardest and most sturdy 
material known to mankind. Swords forged at Dwarven anvils, ornate with runes 
and other magic signs, are apparently the ultimate weapons in the hand of any 
warrior; there are even claims that they are superior to High Eleven blades.

Approximately 250 years ago, strange circles appeared in the corn fields around
Urthak's Moxie. Rumors were spread at the time that the circles were the result
of Dwarves having gotten lost in the fields during nights when they were drunk.

More reputable researchers are adamant that the Dwarves did in face exist but 
they are extinct. A possible reason for this extinction could be the impact of 
a huge meteorite, which caused the Dwarven mines to collapse. Others assume 
that a change of climate and the resulting shortness of food resources could be
responsible for the extinction of the Dwarves. Finding a reason for an entire 
race to have apparently dissolved into thin air seems to be even more 
challenging to scientists than answering the question of whether this race did 
exist or not.

Do Dwarves exist?

During all my years of research and studies I have never encountered a single 
solid proof that the Dwarves really existed. All traces and findings such as 
the bone samples of Urthak turned out to be forgeries of misinterpretations. 
Even studying ancient history books did not facilitate a final judgement. 
Therefore, my approach to this theory is still skeptical. If the Dwarves 
existed, where would they be! How could they conceal their existence from the 
world, where are they hiding? Do mines and tunnels exist which are deep and 
long enough to hide an entire race of people?

Frequently, sightings of Dwarves are reported. However, upon further 
investigation you will find that usually the probability of such a sighting is 
closely connected to the amount of alcohol imbibed by the reporter, which does 
not render there statements very believable. Can you trust these sources? 
Personally, I highly doubt it.

It remains difficult to prove the existence of a race that has never existed...



 The Winning Gambler

By Husganson the Elder

They say you only need three things to win the game:

* A good knowledge of the rules
* A clear head
* Luck 

But who wants to rely on unpredictable things such as luck when the table’s 
bending under the sheer weight of the gold and the moneylender already sent 
his thugs after you? Isn’t it more intelligent to have some advantages like 
knowing which cards your opponents have in their hands?

The successful (or desperate) gamer should buy certain skills and items, if 
these arguments sound reasonable to them. One thing that’s helpful, especially 
when playing cards, is to wear clothes with wide sleeves where you can hide 
some cards occasionally to improve a lousy hand later on. Take heed that you 
don’t slip and play a fifth ace or similar nonsense that will get you caught!
For these occasions it’s helpful to have a swift horse, never be a miser when 
it comes to your mount. As the formerly great gamer Jonah No-Finger once said: 
"If I had paid attention to this simple wisdom I wouldn’t need another person 
to scratch my nose now."

Players should start with smaller games in villages, and act naïve. It’s also 
advisable to lose the first rounds. Occasionally ask about the rules or do some
awkward shuffling to give the impression of being less skilled than you are. If
you should by chance win a round you should be generous. Buy a strong wine for 
everyone and your opponents will be more careless in the future, just don’t 
drink it yourself.

In these circles every player can train their finger nimbleness. They should 
find out what kind of cards and dice are common in the areas they plan to 
travel, and they should buy a large supply of them. About half of them should
remain untouched so they can be checked if anyone gets suspicious. Then you 
mark the rest of the cards with tiny symbols on their backs. Try to buy cards 
with an especially patterned backside, as they are commonly used in the 
southern provinces and marks aren’t as noticeable in the pattern. You should 
make the symbols as inconspicuous as possible, but they shouldn’t be too small 
either - you don’t want to stand out by making strange movements with your eyes
or your head. A good rule of thumb for this is: If you can’t distinguish a 
horse form a bucket when you’re twenty feet away then you shouldn’t try to mark
your cards.

These players shouldn’t despair, because they can always make their own luck in
a nice game of dice instead. The marking of dice was reserved for the 
carpenter’s guild for a long time, but since their secret was unraveled you 
don’t have to pay them large amounts for this service anymore. You just drill 
into the points on the side opposite the one you’re interested in, fill the 
hole with lead and paint the points above it again. Be careful because even in 
the country it’s common to exchange the dice before playing, or to pass them in
circles on one tip to find out if they have been manipulated. Nimble-fingered 
players should keep their dice in the the wide sleeves of their clothing and 
exchange them for normal ones after every round. Players whose fingers aren’t 
nimble enough should lay the dice aside and take up the plow instead. They’ll 
live much longer there than if they played in the taverns.

When you’re able to cheat some farmers out of harvest and home you should move 
on to the next city. Before you do this you should think about looking for the 
right partner to distribute the winnings in a discreet manner. It won’t be 
necessary to emphasize that this decision shouldn’t be made lightly. You should
always expect the worst from the others, as they certainly expect the worst 
from you.

Last but not least we should talk about the opponents you should pay attention 
to while undertaking this profession. Beware of the ones who dress and act like
you, they’re probably up to the same thing. Then there are the members of the 
so called brotherhood of honorable gamers, a society that is fanatically 
dedicated to the purity of gambling. You can identify them through their stern 
faces and through their habit of praying over their cards and dice. If you are 
unlucky enough to meet them, it is advisable to make a lively retreat and to 
rely on your already mentioned fast mount. If you want to know more about them,
just pay Jonah No-Finger a visit. 



 How to Beguile Aristocrats


"Your eyes are like the stars in the night" or "How to beguile noble women"

Not every man who grows up with pigs and chickens plans to stay there for the 
rest of his life, and many a farmer’s son has stood yearningly in front of a 
palace or a castle. These places are reserved for the people of Ancaria who 
became powerful and rich through the labor of others: the aristocrats.

How nice it would be to walk through the marble halls and to eat with golden 
cutlery. But he only sees the nobles when they gallop past him on their horses,
raising dust for him to swallow. Luckily for the young farmer, and for everyone
who strives for more than he has, there are some tricks that can help you get 
to know and to even fall in love with a noble woman.

1. To meet aristocrats

Of course you can’t meet a princess at the wine press as you would Martha, the 
wine maker’s daughter. They mostly look for quiet and peaceful places where 
their fathers can hunt and talk about politics while the girls listen to the 
musicians and cause confusion among their house maidens. The potential suitor 
has to keep in mind that the thing a young noble woman hates most isn’t the 
shaking plague or the war but boredom. He must entertain her to win her heart.

In the beginning it’s enough to appear near her a few times while doing an 
arduous job that she would never see a noble man doing - like chopping wood or 
tending the fisher nets. The arduous nature of the work allows you to cool 
yourself by removing the clothing from the upper part of your body- do it no 
matter what the weather conditions are! It doesn’t hurt to oil you chest and 
arms too.

Depending on how bored the girls is, it shouldn’t take longer than two 
encounters until the noble woman addresses the suitor. Many men fear this 
moment, but don’t worry, the situation isn’t that difficult to handle.

2. How to address a noble woman

First of all you should not greet her - wait until she speaks to you. Your 
answer should be as short as possible, and it is advisable to refrain from 
jokes, offensive remarks and too much information about yourself. The less she 
knows, the more interesting you are to her. As a rule of thumb you can answer 
everyone hundred words of hers with ten of your own. This may seem difficult, 
but you’ll soon notice that your remarks are unnecessary as they are unwanted. 
Noble women are used to having the attention and not to listening to other 

The first and of course secret meetings should take place at a small and 
secluded location with a romantic atmosphere. A small lake with some trees, or 
another similar place, to give her the impression that the simple people know 
secrets she never imagined. But you have to keep her away from the simple 
people at all costs! Marakus the swineherd maybe a good companion, but he 
shouldn’t get to know your new friend. You should also deny her desire to meet 
your parents. It’s recommended to say that you were found lying in a small 
basked as a child, or that you were abandoned and raised by wolves.

3. How to get an invitation

Did you pass the inspection of the first meetings by showing no interest in her
way of life? Ignore every reference to her wealth, and then she will think 
you’re not interested in mundane things and that you’d prefer to live in a 
simple cottage in the woods. Sooner or later she’ll find it irresistible to 
introduce her unpolished diamond to her friends (who she’ll see as quite 
decadent by now). This would be the perfect moment for some compliments! Use 
them sparingly and refer to natural things - but be wary of mistakes like 
comparing her eyes to those of Better the cow.

If you follow this simple advice, the gates of the castle will be open for you 
in no time, and you’ll never have to spend another night in the mosquito-ridden
forest behind the barn. 




"Oh, my hero" or "How to beguile noble men"

Farmers, herders, farmhands - girls in the country don’t have much of a choice.
Perhaps they wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t for those aristocrats in their 
nice clothing with golden embroidery, riding their noble horses or taking their
women for a drive in their carriages. Every girl starts to dream of a better 
life when she sees one of them in the distance while herding the goats, but 
only a few try to realize their dream. For those who have made the decision to 
flee their boring life in the country there are only three practicable things 
they have to think about: Who? Where? How?

1. Who?

This question mostly depends on how far you are willing to go. If you are a 
girl who doesn’t look like if the bull sat on your face there are several 
possibilities: an old noble widower, a fat and unimposing one or a young and 
good-looking fellow. They all have their advantages. The old aristocrat won’t 
live much longer, but you shouldn’t underestimate the intrigues his descendants 
will start to get rid of an unwanted rival for the expected inheritance. In 
these circles people don’t think twice about hiring poisoners or skilled 
assassins. The unimposing noble will certainly live longer, but he could turn 
out to be the right choice and it’s also quite possible to meet him in the 
tavern next door - but keep in mind that this man usually doesn’t have much in 
the way of coins in his pocket. Of course you don’t long for riches, but for a 
young aristocrat who will pour gifts upon you and whose sight you can stand the
whole day without having the impulse to close your eyes.

2. Where?

Most country girls know which taverns the nobles meet in before or after their 
hunting trips, to drink and to boast of their deeds. At first glance this looks
like the perfect place for a meeting, but that’s not true: All girls who sit in
these taverns hope for the same, and all these nobles know that. They have the 
free choice, which is not good if you think you’d be the right choice for that

It’s much better to go into the forest where they are hunting and act as if 
you’ve sprained your ankle. A feigned attack is also quite helpful to attract 
the attention of the mercy of some nobles. The exact details of this made-up 
situation depend on your fantasy and on your acting talents. The most important
thing is to look helpless, but not stupid. Should you be lucky enough to 
descend from a simple, but intact family (that maybe even owns a little farm),
you should ask the noble to take you home on his horse. Aristocrats mostly 
descend from families in which the sons kill each other to get the inheritance 
for themselves. A friendly family and a house in which the knives just lay on 
the table without being used for deadly deeds will soften the heart of most 
nobles. If you live in a stable with the goats and the pigs by your side it’s 
better to invent a stern father and to keep the noble away from your home.

3. How?

Simplicity, naivety and honesty - these are the three characteristics a noble 
doesn’t see in the woman of his social circles. If you possess these traits, or
can even fake them convincingly, your journey into the castles shouldn’t take 
very long. Don’t overplay it though, a noble with good intentions could come to
the opinion that it would be better to deny love because otherwise this 
innocent and simple girl would have to endure the intrigues of the rich. You’ll
need some good instincts in this area. You should leave all praise to the noble
and you should blush when he compliments you. You can practice turning scarlet 
in front of a mirror or a smooth water surface. It’s much easier than you 
think. Once you’ve finally arrived at the castle you should be very careful: 
When you are insulted (and you notice it) you should just smile, and if you’re 
unsure if you just heard a rude remark you should just gently bend your head. 
Always be nice to the housemaids and servants, because they know a lot more 
than anybody else. Aristocracy is like a snake pit: Only snakes can survive 
here - and the mongoose that jumps in briefly to catch what it wants.

Every girl should decide for herself if she wants to be a snake or a mongoose.



 Orcish for Beginners


Congratulations on your purchase of this latest work in our "Lingua Ancaria"
series. The present volume is dedicated to Orcish and provides interested 
readers with a lucid and comprehensive introduction to the Orcish language.

We would also like to draw your attention to our works for more advanced 
learners "Orcish for Intermediate Learners - From Drinking Hall Anthems to 
Marriage Proposals", and our course book for budding experts "Debating in 
Orcish - The Concise Compendium of Insults and Curses." All of these works are 
available at a well-stocked parchment and scroll merchant of your choice.

Our scribes are currently also preparing a new edition of the companion volume,
"The Complete Guide to Orcish Grammar" (5 pages - with a wealth of explanatory 
pictures and plenty of room for notes) which is to be published next Garon.

Let’s get started!

The history of Orcish languages spans thousands of years. Like most languages, 
Orcish is distinguished by an abundance of dialects and local variants. This 
myriad of local variations presents an almost insurmountable challenge to even 
the most learned of experts in the field of Orcish linguistics. The only 
attempt ever made by a non-Orcish scholar to describe and analyze all of the 
Orcish dialects was undertaken nearly 2500 years ago by Master of Lingua 
Thaddeus. Sadly, he failed to complete the mammoth task which so absorbed him 
for 40 years. The deeper he delved into the labyrinthine complexities of 
Orcish, the more firmly melancholy gripped his soul. Eventually, one morning, 
Thaddeus was found dead in the attic of his house. In his despair, the Master 
of Lingua had disemboweled himself and cut short a lifetime of erudite 
scholarship. A note found at his lectern allegedly read: "I have no idea which 
dialect this is, and I do not care! HUSH NOW! SILENCE! LEAVE ME IN PEACE! ALL 

His life’s work, encompassing 350 handwritten manuscripts, was tragically 
destroyed by the fire the following year.

The present volume is concerned solely with High Orcish, or, as it is otherwise
known, Classic Urguaz. This purest form of Orcish is spoken only seldom today, 
although Orcs of all tribes and clans are familiar with it. Students will soon
learn to take great pleasure in the diversity of the Orcish language and will, 
no doubt, revel in a range of novel and exciting linguistic possibilities.

Many of the sounds unique to Orcish result from the peculiarities of Orc
anatomy, and students are advised to use the false incisor teeth accompanying 
this volume. (Alternatively, you can substitute corks for the false teeth) 
False teeth are in indispensable aid for students who wish to pronounce Orcish 
vocabulary correctly. And now, we with you all the best in your endeavors to 
learn what is perhaps one of the most colorful and vivid languages of all 
Ancaria! Or, as in Orc would say: Hataz Dura!

I. Getting to know Gragash

This is Gragash! He will accompany you on your way through this book. Say 
‘Hello’ to our Orcish friend! 

You say:
Hello, Gragash! How do you do?

In Orcish we say:
Artak Gragash, etok?

Gragash answers:
Tirtak! Naturok?
(I’m good! And you?)

Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique features of the Orcish language:
The -k at the end of "artak" is a hard, unvoiced -k. However, the -k in the 
interrogative word -etok- is much softer and guttural - a combination of -ch 
and -g.

Note:Greetings are an extremely complex matter in the Orcish culture. Precise 
rules exist on how to greet your counterpart; age, status and the intended 
purpose of the conversation are all important factors. Any digression from 
these rules may be interpreted as a sign of weakness, provocation or insult. 
At this stage, students are advised to dispense with the use of standard Orcish
greetings. Occasionally, some Orcs may take offense at this practice but 
learners will usually be able to avoid any violent confrontation by clearly 
evincing their ignorance of the Orcish language and customs.

Now that we have successfully greeted Gragash, let’s continue our conversation.

You say:
Do you want to eat some chickens with me?

And now in Orcish:
Nghuash su kruag topa ni?

Gragash answers:
Larguok tasniz ni egul!
(I have to do something else, unfortunately!)

There are only two personal pronouns in Orcish grammar:

I = ni
Not-I = su

In some cases the personal pronoun -su- can be substituted or complemented with
a more precise description as necessary. In order to make a statement more 
ambiguous, well versed orators may choose to dispense with such nuances.

Note:We recommend that students eager to test their master of Orcish do not 
attempt to inflect personal pronouns - conversation partners may take violent 
exception to any unnecessary or incorrect references. Learners may, 
consequently, find themselves maimed or dismembered.




Hunting is one of the noblest jobs in Ancaria. You'll face nature alone, you'll
fight against the wildest creatures and you'll carry their carcasses to the 
village to eat their flesh. It has always been this way, and it will always be 
the same.

A little help is always welcome though, because there are few things more 
embarrassing than coming home to your village after a long hunt with only a 
squirrel or - even worse - nothing at all.

The most important things for a successful hunt are the right clothing and the 
suitable equipment. The hunter who dares to enter the forest clad in colorful 
clothing better suited for a clown and armed only with a kitchen knife should 
expect to be attacked by a baffled bear, not to return to their village with 
prey for dinner. In the forest it's a best to wear clothes of colors that match
and blend with the trees, which means green and brown tints. If you're not sure
if your clothing is suitable you should ask a woman, they're usually more 
experienced with these things.

It's also important not to wash yourself with soap and not to use fragrances as
a perfume. All deer know that other deer don't smell like rosewater. It's best 
to wash yourself with only plain water.

As soon as you are clad accordingly you have to choose the right weapons. You 
should concentrate on ranged weapons, there are very few hunters skilled enough
to stealthily get close enough to a wild animal to be able to use a blade 
against it. When hunting animals like bears or wolves it's generally best not 
to attack them at close-range, unless you're forced to because the bear/wolf 
got aggressive after smelling your rosewater.

In addition to your primary ranged weapon, you should also always carry a 
knife, and in a way that you can't fall onto it. In the dense forest arrows and
a bow are good ranged weapons, but crossbows aren't bad either because they can
pack quite a punch. For a slingshot you need a lot of space in front of and 
behind you, therefore you should only use them in the light forest, on the 
grassland and in the mountains. For the latter they are especially useful as 
you can find your ammunition there and don't have to take it with you. A bag 
full of stones can get very heavy in the long run. Spears are good for clear 
ares too, but they're somewhat unmanageable. Throwing knives are a good choice 
when hunting small prey even though it's not easy to hit them, but bigger 
animals aren't wounded much by these weapons. It can get quite expensive to 
replace knives if the wounded bear or deer runs away with your knife stuck in 
its body. Many hunters wonder if it's useful to poison the blade of their knife
or the tips of their arrows so that even small wounds can be fatal. These 
hunters should keep in mind that the cemeteries are full of hunters who touched
their blades with their own fingers, and that there are a lot of stories in the
taverns about what happened to families who thought it would be a good idea to 
eat the flesh of a poisoned animal.

If you enter a forest armed with a bow and arrows, it's best to look for a 
watering place with lots of tracks around it. If you don't know which animal 
leaves which tracks, you should bear in mind the following: If it has hooves 
you can hunt it, if it has paws it will hunt you. If you manage to find a 
watering place with tracks of desirable prey, you can make yourself comfortable
here. Consider the wind direction when you choose the place you will wait. It's
best to stand where the wind will not blow your scent, with or without 
rosewater, in the direction you expect your prey to come from. It can take 
hours for an animal to appear at the watering place. When it comes into view 
it's important to stay calm and to take shallow breaths. The bow can be handled
almost silently, but all animals that have escaped from an arrow once know the 
sound of a bowstring. If everything goes as planned the deer or stag will go 
down then the first arrow hits, but if it doesn't you should show mercy by 
tracking and killing it fast. When you have successfully taken your prey, be 
sure to cover its wounds with mud or bandages. You'll have to convey it back 
through the forest, and the smell of the blood could attract bears and wolves. 
If bears or wolves are your prey, you can disregard this caution but it's 
always advisable to take some companions with you on these hunts.

If you heed all these tips you'll be able to come back to your village burdened
with prey and more importantly, alive to entertain (or bore) the farmers in the
tavern with tales of your hunting trips. 




How can I catch a fish? That’s the question every boy and girl asks when they 
see the glittering scales in the village pond. A fishing rod with a hook can be
built in no time, but the bait is the first obstacle you have to overcome. 
Will the hook alone be enough, or will it work better if you attach a worm or 
a bloody piece of meat to it? The latter is indeed suitable for fishing 
sometimes, but you rarely find fish that are attracted by blood in a village 
pond. If you find it helpful in your village’s pond, you should tell someone 
that the pond isn’t safe for swimming anymore!

The basic requirements are simply something that covers the hook and moves in 
the water. Some fish eat plants, others mosquitoes and some even eat smaller 
fish or crab. With a little patience and some training you’ll soon learn which 
kinds of fish like what kind of bait, and what kind of water you’re likely to 
find certain kinds of fish in. You’ll also figure out which is the right moment
to give the rod a tug, so the hook pierces the fish’s mouth allowing you to 
pull it in rather than gets pulled out of it. You’ll also notice that most of 
the people you started your fishing adventure with will soon get bored, and 
begin to herd goats or watch the tanner at work instead. If you find yourself 
enjoying being alone in a boat in the middle of the pond, making the bait out 
of feathers and small stones, you should seriously consider fishing as a 

There are many large and small fishing guilds in Ancaria. They’ve divided the 
fisheries along the seashores and in the huge lakes among themselves. Guild 
members show that they belong to a special guild and that they are allowed to 
fish in a certain lake or part of the sea by wearing specific colors. At 
especially desirable fisheries, like the ones near cities, there are often 
fights between competing guilds. Sometimes you can even witness a siege by 
hostile fleets. When the fighting subsides and the fishing is occurring it’s 
mostly accomplished with nets. The nets are thrown out from boats, or are bow 
nets. You can learn how to use them easily enough, but it takes much longer to 
find out where the good fisheries are located and which fish to catch there. 
An apprentice being trained by seasoned fisher shouldn’t need much more than 
one year to learn which areas their guild can fish, how to read the weather and
to learn the basics of seamanship.

On rivers and lakes most fishers reject and distrust each other, but at sea 
they share the camaraderie of soldiers who have to face a common enemy every 
single day. Especially those who fish the Jade sea, with its numerous shallows 
and sudden unpredictable changes in the weather. Every fisher knows that one 
day it could be the boat of another fisher that saves their lives.

But then there are the ones who are respected by all fishers from the lakes, 
rivers, shores and oceans alike: the master fishers of Ancaria! They don’t 
belong to a guild, they won’t ever fight and they wear white scarfs to show 
their independence. Only other master fishers are allowed to train them. You 
call for them when you have to catch enormous fish, the ones that will tear 
apart each and every net and are able to shatter the boats with one single whip 
of their fins. Only armed with a harpoon will the master fishers fight them. 
They lead a very dangerous life, but they know that they are the best of the 
best. Becoming one of them is the dream of every fisher who sits in his boat 
in the middle of the pond. 



 The Art of Trapping

Hunting is said to be noble and refined, but anyone who has spent days in a 
rainy forest only to return to their village wet, ill and without any prey 
knows that it's not always accurate. Why should you endure the dangers and the 
boredom if you can make use of traps made of shroud-spider-silk and sharpened 

Of course many hunters eventually have the idea to set up traps to make the 
whole hunting business a little easier, but if they were all successful it 
wouldn't be possible to take a step into the forest without falling into a pit 
full of spears or getting caught in a sling and dangling from a tree by your 
feet. Luckily the art of trapping is complicated. The secrets of this 
profession are taught in the trapper's guild but it's very selective and there 
are difficult entrance examinations, for example you'll have to catch a Dryad 
monitor lizard or a similar unpleasant animal alive. If that doesn't frighten 
you, just ask the furriers or the people in the taverns about the members of 
this guild. You can find it in almost every city and near the profitable 
hunting areas.

If you pass the entrance examination you will begin your training. Training can
last up to seven years, depending on your skill and your thirst for knowledge. 
Nobody knows exactly what they teach, but according to rumors you only practice
binding and placing slings in the first year. Squirrels and rabbits are mostly 
caught this way. Afterwards you practice how to hunt with nets, which are hung 
in trees and activated with a mechanism on the ground. With nets and with 
slings you are able to catch living animals. Apprentices allegedly have to kill
all animals that get hurt in those traps, and set the rest free.

After this skill is mastered, the apprentice moves on to the deadly traps. Pits
full of sharpened logs are quite laborious, but with them the trapper is able 
to kill larger animals which they could otherwise only hunt in groups or at 
great danger to themselves. The most important part of this trap is the 
material the pit is covered with. It has to be cleverly disguised and look 
robust enough to fool the animal, but it can't be too solid so it will burst 
when the animals walks over it. A perfect cover collapses at the moment the 
animal reaches the middle of the pit, too soon or too late gives the animal the
chance of reaching solid ground instead of falling. Good trappers build those 
covers with such precision that a whole herd of deer can pass by and it only 
collapses when the first stag steps on it.

It's obvious that these traps can't be built in most areas. In populated places
it's strictly forbidden, as is the setting up of so called spear throwers - 
wooden gates with spears that quickly come out of the ground or a tree. When 
hunting predators these traps are quite common though, so most hunters stay 
near these traps to warn unsuspecting people who may be passing in the area. 
But of course there are also hunters who prefer to spend their days at the 
tavern and to trust the mercy of the Gods. If you should happen to meet one of
these trappers, it would be advisable to not take the shorter way through the 




	Temples of the Gods

This section tells where all 20 of the Temples of the Gods are- this is useful
for getting the Polytheism achievement. Note that the temples in the major
cities must be explored (i.e. you have to go there and see "Temple of the Gods"
appear on your screen), even though they are revealed automatically.

      Tyr Lysia

*  Near Sloeford, quite hard to miss

*  One in Thylysia, in the northeast part. Make sure you visit it

*  Northwestern Tyr Lysia, follow a main road to this one. Southeast of Noriath

*  Southeast of Thylysia, in the Sea of Heavens.

*  Directly northwest of Libi's pratfall. You'll have to take stairs down


*  North-east of Tharum in the mountains. Quite tricky to get to. Look for a
   cave northeast of tharum, and hug the mountaintops heading east. The hidden
   path to the temple is right by a green tree, a relative rarity.

*  The capital city of Khorum has one


*  Make your way east directly after coming into the region. You're looking on
   the map for a large ridge, the temple is on top of this.


*  In the undiscovered map, this looks like a spiral hill east of Grunwald
   forest. It must be approached from the south

*  The southeast of Artamark has a patch of forest which looks solid but can
   be traveled through. Bloodclaw, a werewolf boss, will be guarding this

*  The main city, Griffinbourough, has one.

     Nor Plat

*   The "main" city, Tharak, has one to the southwest.

*   The far south of the region has some caves, one of which leads to Gronkor's
    Outlook. This place also holds a Temple


*   Easy to get to, a bridge on the north of the island leads to it

*   The Isle of mounts has one. You will have to finish the epic mounts quest
    to get here.


*   Hug the southern mountains of the swamp due south of Hissil'Ta to find one

*   There is one along the west coast north of Sar'Thaz. The Nefarious Prince
    guards this.


*   South of Dyr Laigh, move into the valley between the mountains. Move west
    along the north of the valley, hugging the top. Eventually you will be
    able to move north along a hidden path. This leads you to the temple.

*   The hardest one to find is here too. You will have to be engaged in the
    Halls of the Ancestors quest arc, exploring the west wing. While here you
    will exit into "the gardens". It looks like it's outside but it's still in
    the dungeon. There is a temple here, but it won't show up on your map


*   Teleport to the final resurrection monolith before the great machine. From
    there head south along the narrow corridor. Continue all the way south
    until you see what looks like a dead end with a pillar by it. Go around the
    left side of the pillar and you can continue on. This leads to the temple. 


	Boss Locations

This is a listing of the big, mean style bosses. I have defined a "boss"
monster as one that has a health bar and changed the camera angle when you
fight it. They all have higher health and are much angrier in general than
your average monster.

An *M* means the boss is encountered as part of the main quest
An *S* means the boss is encountered as part of a side quest
An *R* means the boss is encountered at any time by wandering into its space


      Tyr Lysia

*S*   Troll - Kobold Camp northwest of Tyr Lysia

*S*   Gahanka (Troll) - Kobold Camp northwest of Tyr Lysia

*S*   Terus (Skeleton Leader) - Undead camp northeast Tyr Lysia

*R*   Daloriel the Depraved (Mage) - In a dungeon in the northeastern spills

*R*   The White Griffin - Very northwest of Tyr Lysia by the T-Energy spills


*M*   Garganthropod - Big angry scorpion in cave in southern mountains

*R*   Dragon - In cave through waterfall in the southwest of Bengaresh

*R*   Harpy Queen - In cave south southeast of Tharum

*R*   Holos (Minotaur Lord) - In cave directly north of the valley (east)


*M*   Gar'Colossus - Immeditally west of Orcish Byway

*S*   Evocator (Mage) - Southeast of Hagelstein

*R*   The Banshee - In cave southwest of Pirate Bay, leads to Crag Rock

*R*   Bloodclaw (Werewolf) - Southwest Artamark, on road to Temple of the Gods

*R*   Raging Boar - Southeast of Trallheim Manor, Northwest of Black Oaks

*R*   Dragon - In cave in the very west of Grunwald


*M*   Kral of the Winged Daemons - In temple in south of Jungle

*R*   Earth Lord - Summit of lizardman mountain on island west of Jungle

      Nor Plat

*M*   Octagolamus - Caves in northwest of Nor Plat

*R*   Ice Lord - In the caves just south of Schlun Zum

*R*   Thranak - In caves south of Schlun Zum

      Seraphyria/Dragon Isles

*M*   Xanthiar (Dragon) - In Dragon Isles maze

*M*   Carnach (Fire Demon) - Caves under southernmost island in Dragon Isles

*S*   Magmadur (Dragon) - Teleport to cave located in east of Seraphyria

*S*   Lord of Searing Flames - South tip of island south of the maze


*M*   Swirling Mist of Miasma - Various locations around the swamp, in south.

*R*   Dragon - Secret trail to get to dragon in extreme southeast of swamp

*S*   Sinister Prince - Near Temple of the Gods in western swamp

      Dyr Laigh

*M*   Facettelion - In the caves in the northwest of the island

*R*   Dragon - In tunnels under Girvym island (Island west of Dyr Laigh)

*R*   Forest Guardian - Inland by caves, very southwest of main island

*R*   Poison Lord - Very east of the southeast most island (D'Ary)


*M*   The Nameless Guardian - Four of these nasties in the Great Machine




Runes can be either memorized to improve the corresponding combat art or
attached to a weapon and armor to have a different effect. 

Organized like this: Name: Weapon Effect, Memorize Effect

*Acute Mind: +9.0% Opponents chance to (depends on slot), +1 Acute Mind

*Amplifying Discharge: +1.0% chance for critical hits, +1 Amplifying Discharge

*Ancient Bark: +1 Opponents chance to (depends on slot), +1 Ancient Bark

*Archangel's Wrath: +10.0% Shield regeneration, +1 Archangel's Wrath

*Archimedes Beam:  +1.0% chance for critical hit, +1 Archimedes Beam

*Arctic Mind: +9.0% Opponent's chance to (depends on slot), +1 Arctic Mind

*Augmenting Gridion: +5.0% armor, +1 Augmention Gridion

*Battle Extension: +5.0% attack virtue, +1 Battle Extension

*BeeEffGee: +10.0 Shield Regeneration, +1 BeeEffGee

*Callous Execution: +30.0% Damage of enraged players, +1 Callous Execution

*Combat Alert: +5.0% Attack Value, +1 Combat Alert

*Charged Grid: +5.9% Environmental magic effects, +1 Charged Grid

*Critical Thorns: +0.5% Spell Immunity, +1 Critical Thorns

*Deathly Spears: +5.0% Attack Value, +1 Deathly Spears

*Dedicated Blow: +5.0% Attack Virtue, Dedicated Blow +1

*Divine Protection: +10.0% Shield Regeneration, +1 Divine Protection

*Edagetic Lances: +1 Opponent's chance to (slot specific), +1 Edagetic Lances

*Fire Demon: +2.0% Chance for Burn, +1 Fire Demon

*Firey Ember: +6.9% Environmental magic effects, +1 Firey Ember

*Flaring Nova: +10.0% Shield Regeneration, +1 Flaring Nova

*Frenetic Fervor: +10.0% Damage of enraged players, +1 Frenetic Fervor

*Frenzied Rampage: +5.0% Defense Value, +1 Frenzied Rampage

*Frost Flare: +0.5% Spell Intensity, +1 Frost Flare

*Furious Emblazer: +1% chance for critical hits +1 Furious Emblazer

*Glacial Thorns: +0.5% spell intensity, +1 Glacial Thorns

*Grim Resiliance: +5.0% armor, +11 Grim Resiliance

*Hallowed Restoration: +11.0% Chance to evate, +1 Hallowed Restoration

*Icy Evanesence: +6.9% Environmental magic effects, +1 Icy Evanesence

*Incandescent Skin: +2.0% Chance for Burn, +1 Incandescent Skin

*Inescapable Subjugation: +3 life leeched per hit, +1 Inescapable Subjugation

*Instill Belief: +11.8% chance to evade, +1 Instill Belief

*Jolting Touch: +1.0% Chance for critical hits, +1 Jolting Touch

*Killing Spree: +5.0% Defense Value, +1 Killing Spree

*Levin Array: +5.9% Chance to deflect: Close Combat, +1 Levin Array

*Magic Coup: +4.9% Block Chance: Combat Arts, +1 Magic Coup

*Malicious Totem: +3 Life leeched per hit, +1 Malicious Totem

*Nether Allegiance: +4.9 Block Chance: Projectiles, +1 Nether Allegiance

*Paralyzing Dread: +3 Life leeched Per hit, +1 Paralyzing Dread

*Propelled Levitation: +1.0% Chance for Critical hits, +1 Propelled Levitation

*Primal Mutation: +6.9% Environmental Magic effects, +1 Primal Mutation

*Purifying Chastisement: +10.0& Damage of enraged players, +1 Purifying

*Radiant Pillar: +11.0% chance to evade, +1 Radiant Pillar

*Rallied Souls: +4.9% Block Chance:Projectiles, 1 Ralled Souls

*Reflective Emination:  +5.0% Defense Value, +1 Reflective Emination

*Reverse Polarity: +4.9% Chance to delefct: Clse Combat, +1 Reverse Polarity

*Rousing Command: +5.0% Armor, + 1 Rousing Command

*Ruthless Mutilaiton: +10.0% Damage of enraged players, +1 Ruthless Mutilation

*Scything Sweep: +5.0% Armor, +1 Scything Sweep

*Shadow Step: +3.9% Bock Chance: Combat Arts, +1 Shadow Step

*Sinister Predator: +2.0% Chance for Poison, +1 Sinister Predator

*Skeletal Fortification: +4.9% Block Chance: Projectiles, +1 Skeletal

*Soul Reaver: +3 Life leeched per hit, +1 Soul Reaver

*T-Energy Shroud:  +5.0% Attack Virtue, +1 T-Energy Shroud

*Tangled Vine: +9.0% Opponent's chance to (effect dependent on socket), +1
         Tangled Vine

*Twisted Torment: +3 Life leeched per hit, +1 Twisted Torment

*Untouchable Force: +6.9% Environmental magic effects +1 Untouchable Force

*Viperish Diseases: +3 Life leeched per hit, +1 Viperish Disease

*Warding Energy: +10.0% Shield Regeneration, +1 Warding Energy

*Zealous Doppleganer: +10.0% Damage of enraged Opponents, +1 Zealous




Skills are various perks that you can gain to help in in battle or in other
in-game activities. Learn them while leveling up.

COMBAT ART SKILLS----------------------------

        *Combat Discipline

Up to three combat arts can be combined and the combat arts in combos
regenerate faster. Slightly increases the damage of all combat arts
(requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases damage done

At Level 75 Combat Disciple Mastery up to four combat arts can be combined. 
Enhances the ffectiveness of all active effects.



Decreases the regeneration time of all combat arts. Also grants the ability to
maintain up to two buffs simultaneously
(requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels decreases regeneration time

At Level 75 Concentration Mastery significantly decreases the regeneration time
of all combat arts. Also grants the ability to maintain up to three buffs


	*Track 1 Focus

Decreases the regeneration time for your character's 1st aspect, raises max
spell levels without penalty. Enables the use of modifications for this aspect.
(requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels decreases regeneration time

At Level 75 Track 1 Mastery Further decreases the regeneration time.
Spell levels are raised even higher without penatly.


	*Track 2 Focus

Decreases the regeneration time for your character's 2nd aspect, raises max
spell levels without penalty. Enables the use of modifications for this aspect.
(requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels decreases regeneration time

At Level 75 Track 2 Mastery Further decreases the regeneration time.
Spell levels are raised even higher without penatly.


	*Track 3 Focus

Decreases the regeneration time for your character's 3rd aspect, raises max
spell levels without penalty. Enables the use of modifications for this aspect.
(requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels decreases regeneration time

At Level 75 Track 3 Mastery Further decreases the regeneration time.
Spell levels are raised even higher without penatly.


	*Track 2 Lore

Increases inflicted damage, critical hit chance and execution speed of your
character's 2nd track. Enables the use of modifications for this aspect.
Increasing levels increases chance for critical hit and execution speed

At Level 75 Track 2 Proficiency Further increases inflicted damage


	*Track 3 Lore

Increases inflicted damage, critical hit chance and execution speed of your
character's 3rd track. Enables the use of modifications for this aspect.
Increasing levels increases chance for critical hit and execution speed

At Level 75 Track 3 Proficiency Further increases inflicted damage


OFFENSIVE SKILLS------------------------------------------------------

	*Ranged Weapons

Improves wielding ranged weapons by increasing the chance to hit as well as
attack speed. Creates the ability to use higher-level weapons succesfully.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases attack virtue and attack speed

At Level 75 Ranged Weapons Mastery Ranged weapon attributes, which are based
on this skill will increase significantly. Additionally, master weapons can
be used.


	*Sword Weapons

Improves wielding swords by increasing the chance to hit as well as
attack speed. Creates the ability to use higher-level weapons succesfully.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases attack virtue and attack speed

At Level 75 Sword Mastery Increases the chance for double hits


	*Blunt Weapons

Improves wielding Blunt Weapons by increasing the chance to hit as well as
attack speed. Creates the ability to use higher-level weapons succesfully.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases attack virtue and attack speed

At Level 75 Matter Weapons Mastery Increases the chance for double hits


	*Tactics Lore

Increases damage done by equipped weapons as well as the chance for critical
hits. Enables the use of modifications for weapon-based combat arts.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing Level increases damage done and chance for critical hits.

At Level 75 Tactics Mastery Further increases the chance for critical hits.


	*Speed Lore

Increases the speed as well as attack and defense times with all weapons
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing level increases attack and defense virtue and run speed.

At Level 75 Speed Lore Mastery further increases run speed.


	*Damage Lore

Increases the chance to trigger secondary effects (burn, freeze, weaken,
poison) of the respective damage types. 
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing level increases chance for secondary effect.

At level 75 Damage Lore Mastery Increases the effectiveness and duration of
secondary effects.


DEFENSIVE SKILLS------------------------------------------------------

	*Armor Lore

Increases armor protection and reduced the encumbrance penalty caused by armor
Grants the ability to wear higher-level armor
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing level increases armor bonus, decreases regeneration time penalty
from armor, and increases Max. level of armor worn without penalty.

At level 75 Armor Lore Mastery Significantly reduces the combat art
regeneration penalty from armor


	* Warding Energy Lore

Increases maximum shield energy. Shields also absorb more damage.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing level increases shield energy and damage absorption.

At level 75 Warding Energy Mastery Shield will regenerate faster.


	* Constitution

Increases maximum hitpoint and hitpoint regeneration time out of combat.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases hitpoint and hitpoint regeneration rate

At level 75 Constitution Mastery increases hitpoint regeneration during combat


	* Spell Resistance

Increases the spell resistance as well as the cahnce to evade critical hits
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases spell resistance and ability to evade critical hits

At level 75 Spell Resistance Mastery Reduces the duration of detrimental


	* Toughness

Adds a base resistance for each type of damage and reduces incoming damage.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases armor per damage type and decreases opponents 

At level 75 Toughness Mastery significantly improves damage reduction


	* Combat Reflexes

Increases the chance to evade hostile weapon attacks and reduces the chance to
sustain critical hits.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases evade chance and increases chance against critical
weapon hits

At level 75 Combat Reflex Mastery Further increases the chance to evade


	* Pacifism

Reduces incoming damage from hispile players (PVP)
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels decreases hostile players' damage

At level 75 Pacifism Mastery further reduced damage inflicted by hostile 
players [PVP]


----------------------GENERAL SKILLS


Grants the ability to ride better horses and reduces the regeneration penalty
while mounted. Additionally, special abilities may be unlocked.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases mount combat arts and maximum horse level.

At level 75 Riding Mastery increases run speed while mounted


	* Blacksmith

Grants the ability to work on items without a forge. Additionally, items above
character level can be used. Rings can be forged into items with brozne or
better slots, amulets can be forged into items with silver or better slots.
Allows the use of exclusive enhancements.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases Maximum Level of Workable Item and decreases
blacksmithing costs

At Level 75 Blacksmith Mastery when the blacksmith removes an enhancement from
an item Blacksmith mastery will grant him a chance that he will not destroy
additional enhancements in the process.



Displays item prices even when not at a merchant. Additionally merchants will
offer better prices and better items
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases chance for special offer and higher quality of

At Level 75 Bargaining Mastery Grants better quest rewards


	*Enhanced Perception

Increased chance to detect hiding places, traps, and camoflaged creatures
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels increases detection chance.

At Level 75 Enhanced Perception Mastery Chance to detect secret compartments
in chests and hiding places


	*Divine Devotion

Increases the regeneration time of the Divine Gift and unlocks additional 
attributes of the artifacts.
(Requires at least 5 points in skills of this group before you may learn this
Increasing levels decreases regeneration time

At Level 75 Divine Devotion Mastery Further decreases the regeneration time
of the Divine Gift.




Relics come in four main kinds: Frost (blue circle), flame (red circle), 
poison (green circle), and magic (purple circle). They can be equipped up to
six at a time, and give you many benefits. Note that no more than three of
the same kind of relic can be equipped.




Organized like this: Name: effect

*Light Health Potion: restores a little health

*Light Potion of the Mentior: Gives +50% of experiance for kills while active

*Light Concentration Potion: +33.3% regeneration time

*Light Recovery Elixer: Neutralize damage over time

*Light Potion of Undead Death: Chance to banish undead +100.00%

*Health Potion, just like the Light Health potion, but with a bigger kick

*Heavy potion of the Mentor: Gives +100% of experiance for kills while active



	Miscellaneous Items

These items, when forged into weapons and armor, can have a variety of 
beneficial side-effects

Organized like this: Name, places they can be forged into

* Magic Pearl: Can be fitted into a weapon's socket.

* Pendant: Can be forged into gold sockets of weapon/armor

* Signet Ring: Can be forged into Silver/Gold slots in weapons and armor. 

* Amulet: Can be forged into gold sockets of weapons and armor.

* Roast Joint Trophy: Consumable Item, Requires alchemy

* Hoop: Can be forged into Silver/Gold sockets of weapons and armor

* Talisman: Can be forged into Gold sockets of weapons and armor



        Shrunken Heads

Shrunken heads can be dropped by enemies. They increase damage against that
particular enemy type as well as boosting some kind of stat. They also
supplement various Dryad powers and allow for the summoning of a familiar of
the enemy type you have the head from.




In the course of your adventures as a temple guardian you'll come across 
batteries. Make sure and keep the best one you find equipped, because they
govern how tough your blaster arm is!





This section includes basic information about the various means of
transportation available to heroes in Arcania. The earliest mount you can get
is a horse, available at any town with a stables. Look carefully at a horse
before buying it- different horses will have different stats and different
levels. While the needs of each hero are unique for mounts, I would recommend
that you purchase a horse with the leaping ability- this allows you to quickly
bypass difficult terrain, and can actually save a lot of time- jumping over
small fences instead of going all the way around them for instance. 

Special mounts are a different category altogether. They are particular to the
class that you choose. Special mounts must be accessed by going to the Orcish
Byway, a town in Artamark, and finding the archaeologist's sister. For more
information on this quest, see quest 363 in the quests section. 


Temple Guardian- Mobiculum: The mobiculum is a wheel that you ride inside, and
has the special ability that a temple guardian can continue to use all of his
battle techniques while riding it. Jumping is done by activating the propelled
levitation battle technique.




Two sklls can be combined so that they will be executed together. Below will
be listed particularly effective combinations for each character

(note: thus far I have only combined firey ember and archimedes beam for 
Temple Guardian. It's ok)




This section details the achievements for the XBOX 360 version

Adventurer (10)	 Any Hero reaching the Deserts of Bengaresh and accepting a 
quest there.

Ambler (10)	Any Hero reaching the Orc region and accepting a quest there.

Ancaria's Dark Lord (40)	Any Hero completing the Shadow Campaign.

Ancaria's Lightbringer (40)	Any Hero completing the Light Campaign.

Annealer (10)	Any Hero has forged something into an item for the first time.

Ascaron Fan (30)	Any Hero has found the secret halls of Ascaron.

Beam Me Up! (10)	Use a teleporter for the first time.

Blessed (20)	Your Seraphim attaining Level 15.

Bookworm (30)	Any Hero has read 33 Books.

Butcher (30)	Any Hero slayed 1,337 elite monsters.

City Guide (20)	Any Hero has visited all 42 towns.

Combologist (10)	Any Hero has executed his first combination

Dedicated (30)	Any Hero completed the main quest without exploring more than
20 % of the map.

Diligent (25)	Any Hero completed 20% of all sidequests.

Discoverer (10)	Any Hero reaching the Wastelands and accepting a quest there.

Dragon Slayer (10)	Any Hero has slain five Dragons.

Dreadnought (30)	Any Hero slayed 25 boss monsters.

Easy Rider (10)	Any Hero rides his special mount for the first time.

Expert (10)	Any Hero has maximized one modification of one aspect.

Explorer (10)	Any Hero reaching Dyr-Lain, the Isle of Dryads and accepting a 
quest there.

Extremely Diligent (30)	Any Hero completed 40% of all sidequests.

Fashion Police (20)	Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the 
first time.

Globetrotter (10)	Any Hero reaching the Jungle region and accepting a 
quest there.

Group Hug (10)	Any Hero fighting alongside 3 other heroes in multiplayer mode.

Hawker (10)	You successfully traded with another user.

Heroic Perseverance (30)	Any Hero reaching difficulty level Platin.

Hospitable (10)	Host your first multiplayer game.

Journeyman (10)	Any Hero reaching the Marshes of Hissil'Ta and accepting a
quest there.

Junior Cartographer (20)	Any Hero has explored 30 % of the map.

Legendary (25)	Any Hero attaining Level 35.

Legendary Perseverance (40)	Any Hero reaching difficulty level Niob.

Lone Ranger (25)	Any Hero traveled a distance of 200 miles 
on his special mount.

Master Cartographer (25)	Any Hero has explored 50 % of the map.

Medicine Man (20)	Any Hero has consumed 1,000 healing potions.

Millionaire (20)	Any Hero owning 1,000,000 gold.

Polytheist (30)	Any Hero has discovered all 20 temples.

Reputable (10)	Any Hero attaining Level 5.

Scrooge (30)	Any Hero has completed the main quest without buying anything.

Slaughterer (30)	Any Hero slayed 10,000 opponents.

Survivalist (30)	You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died.

The Dreadful (20)	Your Inquisitor reaches Level 15.

The Living Monument (20)	Your Temple Guardian reaches Level 15.

Tomb Raider (30)	Any Hero has read 100 epitaphs (graves).

Toughness (30)	Any Hero reaching difficulty level Gold.

Treehugger (20)	Your Dryad attaining Level 15.

Tyr Lysia's Hero (20)	Your High Elf attaining Level 15.

Vengeful Spirit (20)	Your Shadow Warrior attaining Level 15.

Wanderer (10)	Any Hero reaching the Dragon realm and accepting a quest there.



-How do I get to Dryad Isle? 

    Unfortunately you can only get here by advancing the main quest. This
    requires you to get pretty far in it too, since Dryad Isle is the second
    to last area

-How do I find the epic mounts?

    Check out the "unique mounts" quest in the quests section

-How do I get into the secret halls area?

    Check out the "epic office quest" in the quests section



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