Silent Hill 4: The Room: Walkthrough

                 S   I   L   E   N   T      H   I   L   L      4

                          T   H   E      R   O   O   M

                             Game/Walkthrough Specs

                    Platform: Xbox, Playstation 2, PC
                    Developer: Konami (2004)
                    Genre: Survival/Psychological Horror
                    Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence,
                               Sexual Themes, Cynthia Velasquez)

                    Author: Georgi Samaras
                    Version: 1.00
                    Last Updated: September 5, 2009


                    Introduction ..................... [int]
                    Controls ......................... [con]
                    Game Mechanics ................... [gmc]
                    Monsters ......................... [mon]
                      Room 302 ....................... [rm1]
                      Subway World, Pt. 1 ............ [sw1]
                      Forest World, Pt. 1 ............ [fw1]
                      Water Prison World, Pt. 1 ...... [wp1]
                      Building World, Pt. 1 .......... [bw1]
                      Apartment World, Pt. 1 ......... [aw1]
                      Hospital World ................. [hw1]
                      Subway World, Pt. 2 ............ [sw2]
                      Forest World, Pt. 2 ............ [fw2]
                      Water Prison World, Pt. 2 ...... [wp2]
                      Building World, Pt. 2 .......... [bw2]
                      Room 302 of the Past ........... [r3p]
                      South Ashfield Heights ......... [ash]
                    Endings .......................... [end]
                    Hauntings ........................ [hnt]
                    10-Star Speed Run ................ [spr]
                    New Game +/Ranking Bonuses ....... [ngp]
                    Trivia and Observations .......... [tri]
                    Miscellaneous .................... [mis]

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                    Introduction                       [int]

  Imagine being stuck in your apartment for nearly a week.  Imagine that, no
  matter how much noise you make, no one can hear you.  Imagine finding a hole
  in your bathroom wall that seems to be your only escape.  Such is the premise
  for Silent Hill 4: The Room.  What did not start as a Silent Hill game
  quickly turned into one of the series' more controversial titles: it seems
  that most are either crazy about it or hate it with a passion.  Personally,
  I love it, and I want to help people get the most out of it, so I'm going to
  try to go the extra mile to make this guide worth your time.

  Silent Hill 4 is pretty straightforward where gameplay is concerned, but if
  you want to understand this game, you have to treat the whole thing as a
  puzzle.  For starters, the story encompassing Silent Hill 4 is more than the
  game itself; the game is simply where Henry Townsend enters the plot.  In
  order that fans may fully understand what has happened before our hapless
  protagonist enters the scene, the Japanese SH4 site provided background info
  on aspects in the game not fully explored there.  The good folks at
  Translated Memories have made this information available to English-speaking
  fans, and their efforts can be viewed here (and they deserve many thanks for
  all their work):


  Be warned that this information is full of spoilers for those that haven't
  played the game yet.  So why am I bringing it up in the introduction?  You'll
  see.  Just keep it in the back of your mind because now we are focused on
  getting through the game.  As with my other Silent Hill guides, I will write
  as I explore, provide info on bonus material afterwards, and will try to
  compile some sometimes useless, sometimes interesting trivia.  For the
  record, I'll be doing this all on the Xbox, but there are no differences
  between it and the other versions aside from the controls.


                    Controls                           [con]

  left analog stick:
    moves Henry in a 2D scheme, meaning he will move forward in whichever
      direction you move the stick
    move the loading pictures around the screen

  right analog stick:
    move the camera; note that this is very limited
    expand/contract the loading pictures on the screen

    move cursors in menus/inventory

  left trigger:
    position camera behind Henry (in certain instances, the camera cannot
      be repositioned)

  right trigger:
    enter combat stance

    open map/scrapbook screen
    cycle between map/scrapbook
    open options (from pause menu)

    open inventory quickly
    use/equip an item from inventory

    attack (hold to charge)
    zoom in/out of map

    hold to make Henry run
    dodge (in combination with the left analog stick and while right trigger
      is held)

    skip cutscenes

    open inventory/pause game and display information on each item

  black button:
    delete a saved game (only in save menu)

                    Game Mechanics                     [gmc]

  Silent Hill 4 is a little different from previous Silent Hills in the way
  the game unfolds.  Here is a quick outline of the major points with which
  you should be familiar.  "Quick" meaning we're gonna breeze through the
  general stuff and get more in depth in the walkthrough when we encounter
  specifics since some mechanics come into play halfway through the game and
  bringing them up now may prematurely spoil something.

                                    Room 302

  Room 302 is the hub of the story, as well as the hub of the gameplay.
  Every time you finish a section of Otherworld exploration, you are returned
  to your apartment to mull over what to do next, save your game, swap out
  items, read your mail, spy on your neighbors Rear Window style, or climb in
  a hole and keep going with the game.  The camera switches to first-person
  view whenever you're in the apartment.  For the beginning half of the
  action, your apartment will even slowly refill your health anytime you visit.
  On the flip side, certain occurrences in your apartment will drain your
  health, so you will have to work to protect your homestead.  Or not.

  Henry Townsend may look and act like a blank slate, but there's more to the
  man than meets the eye.  Since 302 is his living space and has been for about
  two years, if you interact with anything that prompts an eye icon in the
  upper left hand corner of the screen, Henry will start talking.  What he has
  to say at certain times in the game and when staring at certain objects can
  give you lots of insight into the story and what is happening to him.

                            Saving and Item Storage

  Room 302 contains the game's one and only save point: Henry's red bound
  notebook on the table in the living room.  This isn't as bad as it sounds.
  As mentioned above, you will be making multiple stops in room 302 and can
  even make trips back to the room while exploring the Otherworld.  Anytime
  you see a hole in the wall, jump in and you will be warped right to your
  comfy bed.  This will give you time to heal, save, and rearrange your

  To do the latter, you need to make a stop at the item box beside the TV.
  This large box, not unlike what you'd find in a Resident Evil game, is where
  you will store all of your items, as Henry does not have the patented Silent
  Hill Portable Black Hole Item Storage Systemô that allowed past protagonists
  to carry all their stuff at all times.  Henry is only allowed 10 slots for
  whatever he needs to defend himself outside the apartment, so choose wisely
  or find yourself making a lot of pit stops to the box.

                           Health and Continue Points

  Henry's life gauge is displayed in the upper left hand corner.  It will
  change color from blue to yellow to red as he takes damage.  Nutrition drinks
  will restore a small amount of health, portable medical kits will restore a
  little more, and ampoules will fully replenish your health as well as have
  lasting healing effects.  For the first half of the game, room 302 will
  slowly replenish your health every time you visit, so there is no need to use
  any of your healing supplies.  Save everything you find for the second half
  of the game since they are in short supply, especially ampoules.

  If you should happen to die, you will not be forced to start over from a
  previous save.  Silent Hill 4 uses continue points to allow you to pick up
  where you left off upon your horrible demise, and these points are based on
  when and where you last entered a hole to room 302.  Depending on your
  difficulty setting, the game will even soften up the monsters for you each
  time you die and come back.


  Anyone can see that Henry does not spent a lot of time fighting in his daily
  routine, but put a 9-iron or rusty axe in anyone's hands and they'll give
  you a run for your money when it comes to hitting stuff.  To get ready to
  fight, hold in the right trigger.  You can attack two different ways.  One
  is by pressing A to get Henry to swing his equipped weapon and continuing to
  press it to do a hit combo, which is usually about three swings.

  The other way to attack is by pressing and holding A to charge it up.  While
  prepping a charge, the little C-shaped meter next to your life gauge will
  slowly fill.  When it's full, let go of A and Henry will unleash a powerful
  swing.  Compared to simple hits with A, charge hits do about two or three
  times more damage.  Certain weapons have different charge attacks that fill
  the charge gauge at different speeds.  Some are wide swings, others are full
  360 degree turns, and still others are forward thrusts.  Henry is 100%
  invincible during a charge attack, making them a viable and wise defensive
  maneuver.  Since Silent Hill 4 has a large array of weapons, you should pick
  one you are comfortable with based on its damage, speed, and charge attack.

  No matter what attack you use to knock your enemy down, 9 times out of 10
  they will not be dead, and they will squirm along the floor and make awful
  noises to let you know this.  The one thing that can put them down for good
  is a stomp from Henry.  If you don't stomp them dead in time, chances are
  they will get back up and repeat the combat cycle, just at lower health than

  Henry can also perform defensive maneuvers to avoid damage.  To perform a
  dodge, press B while the right trigger is held.  Henry will take a small
  hop in whichever direction you hold the left analog stick.  This is good for
  avoiding attacks, but running out of the way is just as effective.

                              Difficulty Settings

  Because Silent Hill 4 throws more monsters than puzzles your way, the
  difficulty settings can have a major effect on your game, puzzle solutions
  not being a factor.  The clues, however, are different between Easy/Normal
  and Hard.  The next big difference is firearms: the pistol holds 12 bullets
  on Easy, 10 on Normal, and only 8 on Hard.  Finally, enemies get
  exponentially tougher in Hard mode, being able to take and deal as much as
  three times more damage.

  The only time you would ever need to strongly consider a higher difficulty
  is if you were looking to get a 10-star ranking to unlock two new game
  modes.  This is gone into more detail in the New Game + section.  Normal
  mode is recommended if you're not going for the high ranking since Hard mode
  can be quite aggravating.

                    Monsters                           [mon]

  It wouldn't be Silent Hill without some living, breathing, twisted psychology
  lessons trying to kill you.  This installment has some of the creepier
  monsters the series has to offer, as well as something new where enemies are
  concerned.  Since Henry does not carry a flashlight or radio (which attract
  and detect monsters, respectively), he is always a potential walking target,
  but there are still ways to avoid fighting and/or get an advantage with
  certain enemies.

                                  Sniffer Dogs

  Dogs are a staple in the Silent Hill enemy roster.  Sniffer dogs look like
  ordinary mutts except that they have a terrible skin condition and
  extraordinarily long tongues that act like straws.  They attack by lunging
  at Henry and biting.  You can try to outrun them, but they are good at
  keeping up.

  The best way to deal with Sniffers is to walk around them so as not to
  attract their attention.  You can also attack and kill one dog and use it as
  bait to draw out the others since any dead bodies will attract any and all
  Sniffers in the area.  When you hear the tell-tale slurping noises, they are
  no longer interested in Henry until he either attacks them or runs right into

  Sniffer dogs come in two varieties: male and female.  Females have a red
  tint to their skin and are more aggressive than males, opting to chomp on
  Henry's legs to keep him from running.  They are a little harder to sneak
  past for this reason.

                                    Wall Men

  Wall Men are what they sound like: humanoid figures that emerge from the
  wall to swipe at Henry with their long arms.  They make distinctive noises
  when they do this, so it's hard not to miss them.  Because they are stuck in
  one place, you would not think they'd pose a large threat.  However, the game
  has devised multiple ways to put you right in their path and make them
  potentially lethal.

  If you cannot avoid a Wall Man, you have three options.  One is to wait for
  him to stop swinging his long arms in time to run past him.  A second is to
  grab a melee weapon, wait for him to stop swinging, and then go in swinging
  yourself.  Your attacks should disrupt the monster enough to keep him from
  countering.  The third is the safest: use a gun to attack from a distance.


  Hummers look like bats and are absolutely no threat.  They hang out on
  ceilings and walls and will buzz around Henry, causing very slight damage on
  contact.  One swing from any weapon will knock them to the ground and leave
  them in the perfect position for a stomp.

                            Double Heads and Bottoms

  One of the creepiest Silent Hill monsters (in my opinion) the Double Head is
  actually twins Billy and Miriam Locane, hacked apart by Walter Sullivan (as
  mentioned in Silent Hill 2) and apparently brought back together.  With no
  feet, the Double Head walks around on its two large hands.  When it spies
  Henry, it will balance on one hand and use the other to point in his
  direction, and if you stand around it long enough, it will start whispering

  They are about as dangerous as they are disturbing.  They can perform long
  distance lunges and close range arm swipes.  Taking them out with a firearm
  is the safest way to get rid of them, but they are not overly aggressive so
  you should be able to approach them with a melee weapon safely while they're
  pointing or walking around.  Since they are humanoid, one hit from the stun
  gun will knock them down.

  Towards the end of the game, Double Heads will get a bit of a makeover and
  gain some strength, becoming monsters called Bottoms.  These newer Double
  Heads are a fleshy color all over, easily recognizable.  Take care of them
  the same way, just with more care.


  Tremors look like oversized leeches.  They are another non-threat, as the
  only time they will ever do Henry harm is if he accidentally manages to walk
  right into one.  They come in different colors, but that really doesn't
  matter.  If you see one on the floor, hit A to stomp it and leave a really
  impressive splatter behind.  If they are on the wall, swipe them with a
  weapon to knock them off and then stomp them, or use a charge attack to
  decorate the wall with their guts.


  Toadstools are long, stalk-like creatures that grow out of the ground and
  cannot move.  Like Tremors, Toadstools can only do damage if you happen to
  walk right into one.  Unlike Tremors, they do not require a stomp to kill.
  One swing of any weapon will do the trick.  Toadstools love to block
  passageways but make a distinct noise, so if you hear something unfamiliar,
  look ahead before running.

                                    Gum Heads

  Ape-like monsters that walk around on their hind legs, Gum Heads like to
  appear in places with narrow corridors, stairs, and doors that they can
  purposefully block.  They can lunge at you, bite you, and just be generally
  irritating.  There are two different types, the more aggressive one being a
  two-toned color.  Their most dangerous attributes are their ability to
  wield weapons and steal yours, and their penchant for appearing in groups.

  Usually it's safer to avoid fighting and run: even when they are standing
  right in front of a door, Henry can still open it.  Because they are
  humanoid, one hit from the stun gun will instantly knock them down.  The stun
  gun doesn't have a charge attack, so it's a little tough to get the timing
  down, but this little weapon will be a lifesaver when Gum Heads attack.


  Patients are both hilarious and dangerous.  They carry a blunt weapon in one
  hand and love to swing it wildly and quickly, resulting in a multi-hit combo
  that can kill Henry in one go if you're not careful.  That is really their
  only attack (they also rarely perform a downward overhead swipe with their
  weapon), but it is really all they need.

  Shooting them from a distance is obviously a plus, but when this is not an
  option, use a weapon's charge attack to avoid and disrupt their combo and
  start your own.  Like the other humanoid monsters, the stun gun will work
  wonders if you can only get close enough to safely make contact.  They make
  a rather unique sound when hit.  Push a Patient down a flight of stairs and
  you have a prime example of Silent Hill 4's own brand of humor.  Patients
  are also the only monsters that require two stomps to fully kill (one will
  do the job, but they'll keep squirming unless you give them two).


  Yes, you read that right.  Haunted wheelchairs are an enemy in Silent Hill 4.
  They cannot be killed since they are not alive to start, and they will cause
  Henry to get a headache if he is anywhere near them.  They can also open
  doors, and if they should happen to run into Henry, they will instantly
  throw him to the floor.

  Luckily, they do not appear too often, and there are several ways to deal
  with them.  One is using a series of attacks (preferably charged to avoid
  damage) to stun them long enough to pass safely.  The other is to equip a
  saint medallion to bypass the headache and run.  Wheelchairs in Hard mode
  move quicker and don't stay stunned for long.


  Ghosts are unique to Silent Hill 4 and are an absolute pain in the rear.  For
  starters, they cannot be killed because, well, they are already dead.  Next,
  it takes a lot of hits from a weapon to knock one down, and when you do get
  one on the floor, it won't be long before it's back up.  Then there's their
  attacks.  Each ghost has a different one: some will attempt to smack Henry
  with objects they carry, some will drive their arms through Henry's chest -
  which looks quite painful - and others will think of more creative ways to
  harm you based on the way they died.  Furthermore, ghosts can enter any room
  they like by melting through the walls, so they can follow you all over a
  specific area if they so choose. Finally, simply being near a ghost will
  cause Henry to get a headache and take damage.

  So how to deal with the ghostly menace?  There are four items that allow
  Henry to fight back.  Saint medallions can be equipped and will ward off any
  headaches ghosts may cause by keeping them at bay.  However, the medallions
  will break after a period of use.  Holy candles do the same but only work in
  a single spot and until they burn out.  Silver bullets are the best offensive
  weapon against ghosts: they can down a spectre in a single shot.  The
  drawback is that there are only two such bullets in the entire game, and the
  ghosts will still recover from the shot, just very slowly.  Swords of
  Obedience are the best defense when it comes to ghosts.  They reward the time
  and effort it takes to knock a ghost to the floor by pinning it where it
  lands and keeping it there indefinitely, as well as nullifying their ability
  to deal damage with headaches.  Swords are not a weapon by themselves; they
  can only be used when you successfully knock a ghost to the ground.  They can
  be reclaimed, but as soon as they are, the ghosts they were pinning are let
  free.  There are only five swords in the entire game, so you need to choose
  wisely or reclaim some to deal with the more troublesome dead people.  If all
  else fails, run, Henry, run.

  Ghosts are the reason I posted the link to Translated Memories in the
  introduction since they are actual characters in this twisted little story.
  They each have a name, a background, and a tale to tell when it comes to
  their deaths.  Not all of them are encountered in the game though, just
  enough to make your life miserable.


  This walkthrough was written while playing on Hard mode.  For completion's
  sake, I've played through multiple times to note differences for Normal and
  Easy mode as well, so all this means is that my fighting strategy is a
  little more cautious.

                    Room 302                           [rm1]

Be sure to leave the game on the title screen for a bit to see an awesome intro

We start off with a nightmare sequence.  At least, we can only assume it is
since no one in their right mind would let their apartment get this bad.  Be
sure to examine everything in Henry's room to start (there are five things he
will say no matter what you examine, after that he will talk specifically about
whatever you look at), and you'll quickly notice that something is very wrong:
he doesn't recognize any of his stuff.

Move out into the hall and make your way to the living room.  Not much to do
out here: the TV is stuck on static, Henry doesn't recognize any of his items
out here either, and the front door seems to be nonexistent.  Be sure to take a
look at the picture book on the coffee table, and examine the picture of Henry
on the wall to learn that he doesn't even recognize himself!  Beside the
picture of the 21 corpses is a stain on the wall that draws the camera to it.
Walk back towards the bedroom and the opening credits are prompted.

Afterwards, we properly meet Henry.  Examine the phone by the bed to initiate a
scene; if you don't, Henry will by himself.  A mysterious female voice asks us
for help and then we are free to examine the apartment again.  Henry is quite
the photographer, so be sure to take a look at all the pictures scattered
around.  There's lots of easter eggs therein.

If you move close to the windows, you will automatically look outside and get a
clear view of a woman pacing the entrance to the subway.  Cancel out of that to
get a more free look at the rest of Ashfield.  Use your windows for easy access
to your fellow tenants' personal lives across the way, and feel free to mash
the A button to bang on the window pane, even though no one can hear your cries
for help.

If you look across the street to the billboard for Bar Southfield, you should
see a number: 555-3750.  Since we're desperate for any human contact, try
calling it.

In the living room, Henry will automatically get us acquainted with the item
box by the TV.  Get used to it.  Move over to the windows to pick up the BOOK
SCRAP behind the bookshelf.  The next item of interest is the fridge.  In it
are a WINE BOTTLE (our first weapon) and some CHOCOLATE MILK.  You'll soon find
that the milk really doesn't serve a purpose since Henry won't drink it or
comment on its potential usefulness.  Maybe he will later, so shove it in the
item box or keep it on you.  Doesn't matter.  Finally, approach the front door.
Make special note of the hand prints on the wall outside, 15 in all.

Before you go off to investigate that sudden noise, grab the FIRST LETTER from
under the door.  Get used to checking the peep hole in your door and underneath
it because the door is one of your only windows to the outside world right now.

Or maybe not so much.  If you enter the bathroom (across from the bedroom),
you'll spy a hole in the wall.  Let's do the logical thing and climb in it, but
not before grabbing the STEEL PIPE (a slightly better weapon than that bottle).

                    Subway World, Pt. 1                 [sw1]

Keep the left stick held up to climb through the hole to emerge in a dingy
looking area with an escalator to nowhere.  Start walking, and take a time-out
to check your map.  It starts blank but will fill in as Henry draws it.  He's
good at multi-tasking like that.  For now, all you have to do is go straight to
run into another poor lost soul.

Cynthia's going to follow us for a bit.  A very short bit.  As soon as you
approach the restrooms, she'll duck in to the women's room, most likely to
regret her latest alcoholic adventure in the projectile sense.  Henry's reward
for waiting for her is a trio of Sniffer dogs, one of which is already taken
care of for us.  If you want to get the hang of Silent Hill 4's combat system,
now is a great time to start.  Since the dogs are distracted, go ahead and
practice charge attacks on them and then give some normal A combos a go when
they turn their attention on you.  However, it's also wise to just *walk*
around them to the women's room to check on Cynthia.  They will completely
ignore you if you walk.

Cynthia's gone, but there's a hole here instead.  Jump in, and we're back home.
Nothing of note in the apartment except Henry's shelf by the kitchen has been
moved.  Straighten it to find a PISTOL, a message carved in the wall, and a
peep hole looking right in on your neighbor Eileen's bedroom.  Along with the
front door, you should get in the habit of peeping on Eileen when you return to
your room.  To see if she's safe, of course.

Answer the phone and then head back to the bathroom to catch up with Cynthia.
Take the LYNCH STREET LINE COIN from the bloody Cynthia mannequin and head out.
If the Sniffers are still there, walk all the way to your left to exit lest you
disturb them.  Or you can run really fast.  It doesn't matter since we're not
coming back this way.

In this new area, there's a Sniffer dog hiding by the turnstiles.  Keep walking
past this area to a new hall south of here.  Two Sniffer dogs and a giant worm
thing are here.  Kill one dog and let the other drink its fill.  PISTOL BULLETS
are tucked away on the stairway to the right at the end of the hall, by the
giant worm.  Speaking of, the worm is harmless.  You can attack it if you like,
but nothing will come of it.  You can take your wine bottle to it until it
breaks, making it a deadlier weapon.  Even broken, it won't have a charge
attack though.

Go back to the turnstiles and look for the Lynch Street Line to the north.  To
use your coin, you need to stand in front of the little mechanism to the side
of the turnstile, not the actual place where you enter.  Descend the stairs for
a surprise.

Meet your first ghosts.  The bald guy is Jimmy Stone, the other guy is Toby
Archbolt, and they will both slowly kill you should you stay too close to them.
Keep running and go down the stairs to your right to reach the subway platform.
(There was a small hallway to your left, but nothing is there.)

Cynthia is here, trapped in one of the subway cars just down the stairs.  The
switch to open the door is in the engine on the other end of the platform.  Be
quick because Jimmy and Toby are following you.  Hit the red button in the last
car and Cynthia will be free to catch up to you on the platform.  She will
follow you the rest of the way around here, but don't worry about her.  She
won't be harmed by the ghosts and will be really good about keeping up with

A new ghost has joined the party: Sharon Blake is easily recognized by her
classy dress and sun hat combo.  She is weaker than most ghosts, but you should
still run from her, as she likes to punch her hands through people's chests.
Make your way down to where Cynthia was being held and enter the open subway
car.  You may have noticed a vending machine with some strange graffiti on it;
keep it in mind because we'll be back for it later.

We are now in a maze of subway cars.  Our goal is the other side of the
platform, and yes, Sharon followed us on the train.  I'm going to give
directions based on Henry's position, since bringing up the map all the time is
a pain.  Go right, up, and left to enter the next car.  There's a box here with
symbols on it matching the vending machine.  Still nothing we can do about it
now.  Go up through the door and keep going straight to the next car.  Go right
when you can, up a bit, and then right again to enter the next car.  Sharon's
probably there waiting for you.  If she gets too close for comfort, feel free
to give her a few whacks with your pipe.

Go down to the next car, left, down, and right to the next.  Head down once
more and look to the right for the platform.  Jimmy and Sharon are here.  As
you head south, look for some stairs leading up to some PISTOL BULLETS.  Now
beat feet to the far south and enter the door at the end of the platform.
Cynthia will not follow, and if you try to go back to find her, she won't be

There's a hole here.  Use it to return to the apartment if you need to.  Go
down the ladder to a fleshy hallway.  If you look at your map, you should see a
ladder east of you.  Climb it, get the PISTOL BULLETS, and unlock the door here
for easy access later.  Go back down.

Now head south down the hall between the two ladders.  Run because Toby and
Sharon have followed you.  The door down here leads to another platform with a
Sniffer dog.  Again, if you walk, it won't pay you any mind.  Cynthia comes on
the intercom down the platform and seems to be in trouble.  We should save her,
maybe.  But before that, look for an open train car along the platform.  Inside
is a slew of Sniffers.  Try and coax at least one out to the platform because
fighting in the car is very difficult.  Once you get one, the others should
come out.  Feel free to attack them as they leave the car, or just let them be
to eat.

Now, what were they guarding?  Look inside the train car for a 9-IRON on a
seat.  Golf clubs are more powerful than your standard melee weapons.  The
catch is that they break after a number of uses.  There's a lot of these
floating around, so use 'em when you get 'em.  When broken, they remain in your
inventory but are completely useless.  Ditch them in the box.  Further down
this train is an engine car missing some parts.  Nothing we can do about it
now.  Exit.

Continue on down the platform to spy a NUTRITION DRINK by some escalators.
Opposite that is a hole.  I highly recommend going back to the room and healing
since the next part can be hazardous to your health.  Keep the nutrition drink
to play it safe, too.

Up either escalator is a gauntlet.  There are Wall Men lining the walls, just
waiting for Henry to come within their range.  You can play this section a
couple different ways.  One is to wait for a Wall Man to swipe and then quickly
run past him.  This is hard because they will sometimes swipe once, other times
they will take multiple swings in a row.  It is hard to tell, and you may just
end up getting slapped, which will send Henry hurtling down the escalator, only
to have it bring him right back to the Wall Man that just gave him a piece of
its mind (if you're on the "up" escalator, that is).

The other approach is to use a weapon to stun the Wall Men long enough to run
past.  This is much safer and is much easier when you have a firearm.  If you
are low on bullets, you will have to resort to melee, so use charge attacks to
stay invincible long enough to slap the Wall Men silly.  Since the escalator is
always moving and there are sometimes two Wall Men right next to each other,
you will have to stay mobile to resume smacking a specific Wall Man, or you'll
just have to forgo the charge attacks and just keep mashing A to keep Henry

This early part in the game is usually why I don't play Hard mode.  It sucks.
However, I managed to survive this time by constantly holding down the B button
and having Henry run close to the side of the escalator away from the wall.
I'd have him run down when I saw a Wall Man swing and then quickly move forward
when they stopped or retracted into the wall.  Sure, I kissed the floor a
couple times, but I was also able to evade a few swipes by running like a
crazy bastard.

Up top, if you run down the Lynch Street Line to the north, you can pick up
some PISTOL BULLETS.  Go up the other set of stairs quickly because Jimmy is

If you check your map, you'll see we're now in the other turnstile in one of
the beginning areas of the subway.  If you check the floor, you'll see Cynthia
has scattered her crap all over the ground.  Check the nearby office door to
remove the TEMPTATION PLACARD.  Then enter for a scene.  I'd feel more upset
about this turn of events if it didn't happen to such beautiful music.

Afterwards, we are automatically taken back to the apartment.  Rubberneck as
best you can out the window and then get your bearings.  Henry will have new
stuff to say concerning the items in his living space, the most intriguing
being what he says about the photos on his table by the Eileen peep hole.  ("I
was that age once too..."  Sounds like two people talking, yeah?)  Dump the
Temptation Placard and Lynch Street Line coin in the box, grab the RED DIARY -
APRIL 8 entry under the door, and check the peep hole to see something new has
appeared on the wall opposite: a bloody handprint, nice and fresh.  Nothing
else to do but jump in the hole, which has gotten a little bigger.

                    Forest World, Pt. 1                 [fw1]

Welcome to a forest.  This is actually one of my favorite sections of the game.
I dig the ambience.  Walking forward, you may notice Henry turn his head to
look at the tree stumps here.  There is writing on them, but he can't read it.
There's a lot of this around the entire area; nothing to do but ignore it for

There's a hole in this next area.  We just came from the apartment; they
wouldn't give us a way back so soon unless there were a reason to use it,
right?  Case in point: if you go back to 302, someone will be ringing your
doorbell.  Attempt to answer for a scene.

Back in the great outdoors, there's a door nearby with "Danger.  Do not enter."
written on it.  Enter anyway.  In this area, Hummers will swoop down from the
ceiling.  Even on Hard mode, they do piddly damage.  Pick up the PISTOL BULLETS
at the bottom of the ramp and move on.

More Hummers in the next smelly area.  You could even run right past them to
save time.

Something a little more interesting lies ahead: a running car.  Henry will not
have grand theft auto sullying his driving record, so the car stays put.
However, there is something on the driver's seat: examine it twice to get

In the next area is the man himself.  Stand around Jasper long enough and he'll
strike up a conversation.  He's so chilled that he's got a bad stutter (in case
you couldn't tell).  Across from him, behind the candles, is a NUTRITION DRINK.

Past the creepy rocks is an area rife with Sniffer dogs.  There's an obvious
trap along the path here; it's so obvious that it springs itself to save you
the effort.  As for the dogs, simply walk around the outside of the area, along
the trees with little corpses hanging in them.  They shouldn't bother you at
all.  The dogs, not the corpses.

More Sniffers and Hummers are in the next area.  Bypass them both by turning to
the left or right and walking in the grass.  Much safer that way.

This next area is the forest hub, and it just happens to be a creepy abandoned
(and also locked) orphanage complete with a hole in the wall.  Jasper's memo
mentioned this, as well as a lake to the northwest.  I'm up for a good lake
view, so head thataway: straight ahead from where we entered.

Nothing but Hummers in this new area.  Moving along!

Next is a cave, complete with Hummers and dead bodies.

Out the other side is Toluca Lake, as seen in the very beginning of Silent Hill
2.  There's a PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT lying here.  There's also a hole and more
illegible writing.  Backtrack all the way to the orphanage.

Let's hit the southwest next.  The first area is just ambience.  The next area
holds a new ghost.  This is Steve Garland.  He's holding a weapon (a pooper
scooper to be precise; he owned a pet shop), so run past him in a wide arc so
he can't hit you with it.  There's a hole by the door if you need it.

After entering the door here, you need to actually walk forward to initiate the
cutscene.  We're now presented with one of Silent Hill's major themes: children
are evil.  Sure that little kid hasn't done anything yet, but I don't trust him
one bit.  Why?  Because he's in a Silent Hill game.  Scope out the open grave
here and backtrack.

Jasper will now be hanging around the orphanage entrance.  He's got something
we apparently can't do without.  But he wants to trade for something.
Something he can drink.  Something he can drink that is chocolate flavored.
Go back to 302 and grab the chocolate milk if you didn't keep it on you.  "Use"
it next to Jasper to trade for the BLOOD-INSCRIBED SPADE.  It says we should
dig opposite the lake, so head down the southeast path from the hub.

There's Sniffers here as well as Hummers in the trees.  Do the walking thing or
shoot a dog and use it to distract the others.

Nothing in the next area but bloody, bandaged trees.

After that, we come to a small area.  Circle around the trees ahead to find a
tree root that looks like an arm.  Use the spade from your inventory to dig up
the RUSTED BLOODY KEY.  Holding this, we are doomed to wander for eternity.
Try to go back the way you came to find what this means: the previous area has
gotten a blur filter and will loop endlessly, meaning we are trapped.  What to
do, what to do?  We need to dump the key somewhere, and throwing it the length
of the forest is not an option.  Go back to the tree area and continue east.

There is a hole here.  We're saved!  Steve is here.  Crap!  Pick up the 6-IRON
and dive in the hole.  Dump the cursed key in your item box and head back out.
Careful of the last area before you get back to the hub: the Sniffers there
mean business.  There's a female among them, and she'll chomp your leg to set
you up for hurt from the males.  Jump in the hole at Wish House and retrieve
the key, then use it to open the orphanage.

Jasper will follow you inside.  There's some children's drawings on the table
to your right and an interesting memo on the floor nearby.  Head to the back of
the room and read the HOLY SCRIPTURE SCRAP.  You should hear a door open and
close while reading.  Look to the right to see Jasper gone and smoke emerging
from the open room nearby.  Get the SOURCE PLACARD and watch the scene.

Afterwards, do the usual examinations (Henry seems to be showing signs of
memory loss), then answer the door to see we've got the super, Frank
Sunderland, on our case now.  Look at the photo over the couch to learn that
he's just broken up over the fact that his son and daughter-in-law are missing
since their last visit to Silent Hill.  Dump the Source Placard and any healing
items you have, then jump in the hole once more.

                    Water Prison World, Pt. 1           [wp1]

We wake up to someone screaming for someone to let them out.  He should join
the club.  Check your map to learn that we are in a circular room.  Circle
around to find the guy screaming for help and you'll then see that it is a
prison.  Henry, ever the stoic hero, will not even talk to the guy, whoever he
is, but we should probably free him anyway.  Maybe.

To make exploring the cell floors easier, I'm going to refer to the rooms on a
clock face basis.  For example, our hysteric friend is at 5:00.  To give you
the authentic feel of being watched while wallowing in a prison cell, you will
sometimes see and hear a shadow walk past the peep holes in each cell.  The
graffiti and notes left by the kids trapped inside can be a little depressing.
And also funny.

Grab the EXPLORATION MEMO on the ground outside the cell at 4:00.  There's
PISTOL BULLETS and some graffiti in 2:00, and a group of Toadstools live in
11:00.  Just whack them from a distance and try not to accidentally run into
one.  Exit to the south.

There's a hole here.  Take the GUARD'S DIARY on the wall.  (Just what we need,
the game itself telling us the upcoming puzzle is a pain.)  If you go back to
Room 302 now, you should see the TV is stuck on the ant races, as well as the
RED DIARY - APRIL 4 entry under the door.  Now we formally know who this Walter
person is: not just the guy who's locked us in our apartment and written
cryptic messages on the door, but a serial killer as well.  Fantastic.

Jump back into the hole and enter the door to Henry's left since the other one
is locked.  Go down this ramp long enough and you'll encounter Wall Men.  We
don't want that, so run back up the ramp and go down the ladder near the door.
Now, go up the stairs past the locked door to see another ladder in the floor.
Descend and you will have successfully escaped another gauntlet.

Before you go through the door here, go back up the stairs a little ways until
Henry spies something shiny on the floor.  This is a SAINT MEDALLION, a good
defensive item against ghosts and other such paranormal phenomenon, but it is
fragile so I don't advise using it any time soon.  For the record though, you
equip it by pressing X on it in the inventory, like a weapon.  In fact, you can
have a saint medallion and a weapon equipped at the same time.

Don't get too close to the water wheel well in the basement.  There are Hummers
sleeping on the walls inside.  Check the signpost at the northern side of the
water wheel for the WATER PRISON EXIT KEY.  Examine the sign again for the
WATER WHEEL ROOM PLATE MESSAGE.  There's a hole here if you need it, as well as
a door opposite that leads to an Alice in Wonderland-esque oversized door.  Now
that we have a key though, our business lies back upstairs.

Unlock the door across from you in the hole room to go outside.  Like
downstairs, there are ladders to bypass the whole running thing.  If you want
to avoid more annoying-as-hell Hummers, I recommend the ladders.  On the second
floor, we run into the Tremors.  At least, I hope you don't run into them
because that is the only way to get hurt by them.  Have fun stomping their
little guts out, and watch for when they drop from the ceiling.  Watch for
Toadstools as well.  There is actually nothing to pick up or mess with on the
second floor, so you could actually bypass it unless you want to read some
children's scribbles.

The third floor is where it's at.  Walk around the perimeter to see your first
Double Head pointing right at you.  These things can be quite dangerous, not to
mention creepy as all hell, so take them out with a firearm to play it safe.
If you've no bullets, grab your pipe or a golf club and wait for an opening to
get close to start beating it to death.  They're tough too; they can take a
whole handgun clip and then some to down on Hard mode.  Don't think there's
safety in distance either because these things can lunge.  The good news is
that they are not overly aggressive: you can attack them while they're pointing
at you, and they will even slowly walk away from you after you've initiated
combat.  Children don't make good fighters, but they make damn good monsters.

Grab the PRISON DIARY from the room at 4:00.  Watch for Toadstools.  There are
two Wall Men guarding PISTOL BULLETS and some more graffiti in the cell at
1:00.  In the rooms at 10, 8, and 2 o'clock are a sight for sore eyes: a hole,
except these lead down.  Jump down the 8:00 hole: it leads all the way down to
the shower room with two Double Heads in.  Quickly run out the door and climb
up the ladder to the north.

Now you can play the role of the sadistic prison guard by looking through the
peep holes lined up here.  Go ahead and try it on our friend from the start of
the level.  (He's at 5:00.)  In fact, take the time to look through the peep
holes of the rooms you couldn't access; filling out your map will help a little
with the upcoming puzzle.  Grab the 1F SURVEILLANCE ROOM REPORT from the desk
and climb.

Snag the 2F SURVEILLANCE ROOM REPORT on the desk here, and get to peeping.
Then go all the way up top to get the SECRET NUMBER MEMO.  Time for the game's
first (and really, only) difficulty-sensitive puzzle.

                          The Prison Lighting Puzzle

  Normal mode clues:

    You are practically handed the solution here, so no excuses!  Here's clue
    number 1:

      This place continues to deteriorate.  The doors to a number of cells no
      longer open.  As a result, the kids inside can no longer go outside.  But
      the less they know about that, the better.  I can't open the doors, but
      from this room I can watch them get more and more emaciated each day.
      With no food and never showering themselves, they turn into smelly little
      grey lumps in there.
      Following the suggestion of an engineer, we've disposed of the corpses by
      digging a hole below the cells.  Since each floor of this building can be
      rotated independently, we can dispose of the bodies without the others
      noticing by aligning each cell with a body in it vertically.
      I bet you're just dying to see the interrogation room behind the kitchen.
      I understand your feelings, but have you noticed?  There are three rooms
      with bloody beds.  One is on the 1st floor, one is on the 2nd floor, and
      one is on the 3rd floor.  If you line those three rooms up, then it's

    And clue number 2:

      To keep a close eye on the kids, it's important to keep the cells well
      lit.  The lights on the 3rd floor were originally bought as searchlights.
      As a precaution against a blackout, they were set up to run on a private
      generator.  There's a hydroelectric generator in the basement.  To light
      up the 1st and 2nd floors, use the corpse disposal chutes.
      Since each floor of this building can be rotated, you can light up any of
      the cells by matching up the holes.  Repeating this periodically is an
      effective way to keep the kids fearful and well-behaved.
      Chief, if you turn the handle in the middle of this room, you can easily
      rotate the cells.  You can't rotate the 1st floor, so align the 2nd and
      3rd floors with the 1st floor cell that has the blood-stained bed.
      By the way, if you use the peephole in this room, it's easy to make sure
      you're doing it right.  Give it a try.  Also, please don't forget to open
      the sluice gate on the roof.  Much appreciated, Chief!

  Hard mode clues:

    Hard mode players get the short end of the stick here.  Since the solution
    is the same no matter what mode you play, you can just read the above
    section for sensible (?) clues of how to light the basement.  Here are the
    two clues we're given:

      I'm sleepy.

      I want to go home.

    The first one is a hint that the beds are important.  If you look around
    the cells, you should notice some beds are different.  Most notably, some
    have a giant bloody mess in the shape of a little child on them.  There's
    one on each floor.  I'm not 100% sure how the second clue plays into this;
    it could be another hint that the bloody beds are key since we've already
    heard talk of corpses and death chambers and are pretty sure that going
    home is not an option, but dying is.

  Puzzle solution:

    Since there are only three bloody beds, one on each floor, do the logical
    thing and turn the entire prison to line them up.  The first floor will not
    turn, so you must turn the second and third to line up with the first,
    which is located at 1:00.  The bloody bed on the second floor is at 7:00,
    so turn the wheel four times to the right.  The third floor's is at 10:00.
    Turn the wheel once to the right to see a cutscene of our buddy's cell
    opening, so go down and greet him in a cutscene.  Turns out the evil little
    child is actually an evil little serial killer in the making.  Didn't I
    tell you?  I did, didn't I?

Time for a detour.  Exit south to find yourself in the basement stairwell
again.  Were you curious as to why there was no reason to enter the second
floor earlier?  It's because there's a secret hidden therein.  Go up to the
third floor, enter the cell at 10:00, and jump down.  In the same cell on the
second floor is a STUN GUN for the taking.  A great weapon for humanoid
enemies, which we'll meet soon.  Jump down to the first floor and then make
your way to the central surveillance room by way of the basement room halfway
down that stairwell.  Back to the puzzle:

    Turn the third floor once more to the right, and all the bloody beds should
    be lined up at 1:00.  However, you may notice that the lights aren't on.
    Go all the way down the surveillance room ladders, then all the way up to
    the roof, to open the sluice gate (turn the wheel opposite of where you
    entered) and get the water running to power the water wheel in the basement
    to generate light on the third floor.  Who designed this place?

    In any case, the flood lights there will be strong enough to light the
    basement, so enter the cell at 1:00 on the third floor, and jump all the
    way down to the basement.  Whew, we're done.

Clear the toadstools and feel free to open the door ahead of you to the dining
hall and then unlock the door here for easy access later.  Now go back to the
kitchen and unlock the back room by punching in 0302 (as per the memo in 3F
surveillance) after you pick up the WATCHFULNESS PLACARD.  All that work just
to see another one bite the dust.

Back in 302...  This is the one time Henry's comments on all his household
items aren't changed between worlds, so you don't have to feel obligated to
examine everything again.  Exit the bedroom to hear an awful noise coming from
the bathroom which has now gotten the Steven King treatment.  Get the RED
DIARY - JULY 23 entry from under the door; this explains Swords of Obedience,
which we haven't found yet.  Look out the peephole for a scene.  Unfortunately,
things aren't looking too good on the outside: we can't read the
SUPERINTENDENT'S MEMO, and Walter's bloody handprint collection is growing.
Dump your newest placard and anything else you don't need and jump in the hole.
I highly recommend bringing the stun gun.

                    Building World, Pt. 1               [bw1]

The building world is a fun little level.  At least for now it is.  It's not
without its challenges, but what fun would it be otherwise?  As you walk along
the alley here, look above you to see a bunch of something or others jumping
along the rooftops.  Sounds more like a zoo than anything.

Gunshots will be mixed in with the screeches on the next screen.  Continue on
down the stairs and you will meet your first Gum Head at the bottom.  "Don't
tase me bro" jokes aside, if you have the stun gun, one hit will knock this
creature down since it's humanoid, even on Hard mode, when it can take up to
six or seven charge attacks from a normal weapon to down one.  The stun gun
does not have a charge attack, but you don't really need one when it works this
well.  This is the best way to deal with Gum Heads as they are generally
obnoxious, being very aggressive and agile.  Running past them is another good
option; even when they are blocking a door, you can still get around them
without fighting.

Down this second flight of stairs is a cutscene with our neighbor and resident
angry man, Richard Braintree.  We learn that he can see holes too, and he knows
about our apartments' former resident: a crazy person.  Right after the
cutscene, Gum Heads are going to drop down and attack you.  Stun or run through
the door in front of you.

In this little living space, you will hear the sounds a ghost makes when it is
pinned by a Sword of Obedience.  On the floor is Eric Walsh, the bartender of
Bar Southfield and presumably who we would have reached had our phone call from
the start of the game gone through.  Examine him once to get the GHOST'S KEY
and again to take the sword from his belly.  You don't have to, really.  You
can make do with four swords, and if you leave it in Eric, he won't bug you for
the rest of the game.  (Leaving it in him is a very good idea since Eric is
fast and quite the pain.)  Use the key you just got to open the nearby door.

Note: For this walkthrough's sake, I will not be pinning any ghosts.  I will
undoubtedly regret it in the long run, but I need to make note of which ghosts
appear where for completion's sake.  You may use the swords whenever.  If you
have a ghost that is troubling you, by all means, stab it through the
midsection and leave it.  I will make note of which ghosts are most troublesome
and deserving of a sword, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to pin
them.  Just remember that even though there are only five swords, they don't do
any good just sitting in your inventory, so use them.

Tremors line the stairs out here.  Be careful on lower flights because they
will drop on top of you, but go fast because Eric will follow you out.  He is a
fast bugger, and he's of the "I like punching my fists through people" variety
of ghost.  Go through the door at the bottom of this area, and then quickly go
through the door north of you in this next short hallway.

Grab the PISTOL BULLETS on the shelf and go through the only other door.  In
the sporting goods store, there are several goodies: a 5-IRON on the floor, an
ALUMINUM BAT across from it, and a hole.  Go through the hole and you may get a
treat at the door: a knock and the message "BETTER CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBOR
SOON!"  Check on Eileen if you can and remember that we have another neighbor.
If you look out of your living room windows, you should be able to just barely
see Richard Braintree in his apartment across from you (look for the bright
blue shirt).  He's lying down and looking pretty twitchy.

Note: You can actually see Richard like this before this message appears.
Whether or not Walter meant Eileen or Richard when he wrote that on the wall, I
can't say, but Richard is the one in immediate danger.

Back in the hole, go through the door on the north wall (the one that isn't
locked) and descend the stairs.  Nothing harmful here, just creepy sound

The pet shop is through the door.  Therein stalk three Sniffer dogs and some
Hummers.  Use the usual kill and bait technique.  You really only need to deal
with the first two you see.  Our goal here is to get ALBERT'S SPORTS KEY in the
middle aisle.  There is a door in the back of the store, but it leads to a
stairwell with a new ghost (a druggy by the name of Peter Walls) and an
upside-down room with a locked door.  Not important right now.  Backtrack to
sporting goods.

Use Albert's key on the door right next to you to unlock more stairs.  These
come with the added bonus of Gum Heads.  Get out the stun gun and go to town.
As soon as you descend the stairs, a different type of Gum Head will appear.
These are two-toned and are more dangerous due to the fact that they can steal
your melee weapons and use them on you.  If this happens, kill them to get it
back.  Two more Gum Heads will jump you on the ground floor.  Just run for the
railing and take the path between it and the building.

This is very high.  The only way to get down is to use the last elevator you
come to, which is the only one available.  A cutscene will take you down.
That kid is back, but Richard will save us from him.

The cutscene took us all the way to the bottom, but go back up to the top for
now.  Exit the northern door to come to a long hallway.  Peter is here, but
he's not too aggressive, just a follower.  Eric is here as well, and he may be
a problem.  Keep running until you reach a dead end.  There's a SPADE and SWORD
OF OBEDIENCE here.  Now run for your life back to the elevator and hit the
bottom button.

Note to Hard mode players: you may want to skip the next paragraph.  Alerting
the enemies by showing up on the other side of the fence may make the next
fight a little harder.  Just go straight down the ladder and come back for the
bullets later.

Exit to the south for a taste of things to come: three Sniffers and two Gum
Heads are on the other side of the fence here.  Once upon a time, I was able to
use the spade's powerful forward thrust charge attack to nail the Sniffers from
this side of the fence, but for some reason I couldn't this time (worth a shot
though).  Shooting them is an option too, though it's not advised because you
can't stomp them to kill them for good, and you shouldn't waste bullets
shooting them dead.  Grab the PISTOL BULLETS here and go down the ladder in the
elevator now.

There's a NUTRITION DRINK in this room.  Clear the path of Toadstools and climb
the ladder.  You are now in the thick of things.  Chances are the Gum Heads
will find you first.  If one isn't close by now, slowly walk down this alley
until one is.  Stun it and kill it, and it will attract the Sniffer dogs.  DO
NOT RUN AROUND THESE DOGS.  They're females, meaning they will deal you more
damage.  If you have the means and the health, kill them while they're eating,
or just walk around them if you can.  Chances are you can't because the second
Gum Head will likely steal something from you as you pass, or will force you to
fight.  Play tag up and down the ladder to get some breathing room: kill one or
two enemies, leave, come back, etc. until the area is clear.  All the doors are
locked, so exit to the south between the two buildings.

More Gum Heads are here!  It's probably safest to run since there's a
particularly nasty Gum Head guarding the door you need to use: he has a golf
club, the PITCHING WEDGE.  Enter his door, pass through the empty room beyond,
down the stairs, and through the door to the south to reach a welcome
establishment: a bar.

This bar is awesome for one reason, and one reason only.  Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you the best "non-special" weapon to come out of the Silent Hill series:
the RUSTY AXE.  This thing is incredible; it is relatively fast, and its charge
attack is an extended forward thrust that charges at a decent speed, meaning
you have a good period of invincibility with a decent attack behind it.  Try it
out on the Tremors on the walls.  It's not the most powerful weapon in the
game, but I can't recommend it enough.

Get the BARTENDER'S MEMO from the bar.  If only Eric weren't dead and trying to
kill us...  Henry could probably use a pick-me-up after all this.  The way out
of here is locked (as per the memo), and we need to get the bar's phone number.
Luckily, they put it on their billboard, which is visible from Henry's
apartment.  Go back to the room, heal, and check out the number: 3750.  You may
want to bring a saint medallion back with you if you let Eric free.

Input that code into the locked door to see more stairs!  Nowhere to go but up,
in the direction of that horrible yell of agony.  Peter and Eric will follow
you during your climb.  Peter is no threat, but Eric is so fast that he can
hurt you while you run.  Our saint medallion from the water prison will take
care of him.  Take the CHAOS PLACARD from the door to 207 at the top and enter
for a scene.  Poor Henry is so desperate for company that he will willing grab
an operational electric chair to save a gun-crazy, child-hating, angry maniac.
Poor, poor Henry.

In 302, do the usual examinations and look out the window.  Walter is pointing
at Eileen's room.  Check on her to see that she has gone through a change of
clothes.  It's not the worst thing she could wear.  That comes later.  Stop by
the box and enter the hole once again after examining your toilet.

                    Apartment World, Pt. 1              [aw1]

The Otherworld apartments are interesting in and of themselves.  There's not
that many monsters but plenty of ghosts, so a lot of running is to be had.  The
real fun lies in snooping into your fellow tenants' lives, more so than spying
on them through your windows.  There is also a weird sub plot here that is sure
to raise an eyebrow.

Enter room 301 right next to you.  This is your neighbor Mike's apartment, who
we never see.  Read MIKE'S DIARY on the table to learn the name of 302's former
tenant: Joseph.  Then grab the RED PAPER.  These red scraps of paper are unique
to the apartment world.  They are useless for now, but slip them under 302's
door and they will become legible when you read them back in your apartment.
Think of it as the reverse of Sunderland's note from earlier.

Go look in Mike's back room to see some red photos.  Take the SUPERINTENDENT'S
KEY and LOCKER KEY #106 from these photos, then read the only thing that isn't
a porno here: JOSEPH'S ARTICLE, which gives details about the Order, a cult in
Silent Hill.  It also tells us that the water prison was indeed part of the
orphanage in the forest.

You should hear noises now that you've gone in the back room.  Sharon Blake is
back and now haunts 301.  Run away!

Outside, dead Sniffer dogs, the best kind.  Little Walter is banging on our
door, but luckily, he disappears as Henry approaches.  Go ahead and slip your
red paper under the door to match the one already there.

Eileen's room is next, or it would be if it weren't locked.  And the only other
door on this floor is locked as well.  In fact, like good apartment tenants,
everyone has locked their doors.  How to get them open?  The super should have
keys for every apartment, and we just happen to have his key.  The super's room
is 105, so head to the first floor.

Holy crap, Walter is on the stairs.  He's not interested in a boss fight just
yet though.  He'd rather reminisce about when he met Eileen and then hand us a
SHABBY DOLL.  You don't have to pick up the doll; it doesn't do anything but
take up space.  If you like taking risks by accepting gifts from serial
killers, pick it up.  You can stay and talk with Walter, but he's boring, so
continue to the first floor.

There's a hole in the lobby, as well as more dead Sniffers.  It's most likely
Walter who killed them.  He's the only other actual person here.  Check the
mailboxes by the table lamp and use your mailbox key to spill out 106's
contents.  Mike is in love with Rachael.  Creepy obsession with pornography
aside, there's nothing wrong with that.  Go back to 302 to read our new mail:
RED DIARY - MAY 14 and RED DIARY - MAY 2.  You should also hear a grating noise
coming from the laundry room: the dryer will have redecorated.

Back "outside", 105 lies in the hall to the west of the lobby.  Unlock it and
start pilfering.  Grab the RED PAPER, the TORN RED PAPER, the APARTMENT KEYS,
and the SUPERINTENDENT'S DIARY (UMBILICAL CORD) in the bedroom.  Some married
couple had a baby in Henry's apartment, abandoned it, the super found it and
called the hospital but kept its umbilical cord in a box in his room.  No, this
isn't the eyebrow-raising sub plot; it's just a cultural reference that did not
translate well when leaving Japan.  You can see the umbilical cord box in the
living room; it smells, so Henry won't touch it.

Let's finish up the first floor.  Here's a quick reference list of what's in
what room (for sanity's sake, save 106 for last).

  107: the best sound system known to man
  104: Hummers
  103: absolutely nothing
  102: lots of Tremors looking to snack on the dead cat in the fridge; grab the
       TORN RED PAPER from the jean pockets
  101: model guns, PISTOL BULLETS on the counter, and a note in the bookshelf
       in the back room concerning the cat we found

You might want to make a pit stop back to room 302 to clear out some inventory.
Walter will have gone from the stairs, and Eileen is banging on her door
urgently.  Be sure to check 304 on your way; it's just an old couple's
apartment but with PISTOL BULLETS in the back room.

In 302, you should have the RED DIARY - MAY 20, RED DIARY SCRAP, and RED DIARY
SCRAP (CONT.).  These all concern the key to Eileen's room, which we'll
eventually need, but we're not done in the apartments yet, so head back.  (If
you want to finish this section early, just get the DOLL KEY by Henry's bed and
unlock Eileen's door.)

Back to room 106, this is where the freaky sub plot kicks in.  Remember, this
is Rachael's room.  In the back room, there is a phone with her boyfriend's
number posted.  It should call to Mike's room, right?  Punch in the numbers and
Steve Garland will appear to haunt you while a phone will ring incessantly.
(See why I wanted to save this one for last?)  Follow the ring up to the second
floor.  Here's the quick list for these rooms:

  205: the "SKINNED MIKE" CASSETTE tape on the table
  206: two Sniffer dogs in the back
  207: RICHARD'S REVOLVER on the electric chair (sometimes you can also see
       Walter standing by the window), some bloody clothes in the waste basket,
       and a PUTTER in the back room
  204: nothing
  203: BUG SPRAY, Jimmy Stone, and a TORN RED PAPER in the pocket of the bloody
       shirt in the back room
  202: that damn phone; pick it up to stop the ringing and also take the time
       to examine all the paintings, learn who lives in what room, and the
       truth about the whole Mike/Rachael thing
  201: Sharon, Hummers, and illegible writing

A note on your two new weapons: Richard's Revolver is one of the most powerful
weapons in the game, but ammo is a little scarce.  Use only when necessary.
On the flip side, the bug spray is completely useless.  Like stun guns are to
humanoids, so is bug spray to enemies like Hummers, but Hummers already go down
in one hit from any weapon, and bug spray only serves to blind other enemies
for a short time, not harm them.  Throw it in the box.

Alright, we're done here.  Put any red papers you have left under your door and
go to 302.  MIKE'S LOVE LETTER should be the one piece of mail left.  Use the
cassette in your inventory on your stereo to give it a listen.  Therein lies
the high point of the Rachael/Mike sub plot:

  Mike was distraught over not having gotten a letter back from Rachael (whom
  he was stalking) and apparently either bumped into or otherwise pissed off an
  already-angry Richard Braintree.  Richard snaps and drags Mike into his room,
  getting the attention of the entire building.  Mike emerges from Richard's
  room bloody and naked, as Richard has apparently beaten him and torn his
  clothes off for whatever reason.  The guy in 205 grabs his tape recorder but
  misses the action; he instead gets the woman in 102 talking about taking
  Mike's jeans to wrap up her dead cat (killed by the gun maniac next door),
  and the alcoholic in 203 mumbling about taking Mike's shirt for himself.
  Then we hear Richard berating a little kid he just happens to see.  Based on
  the cutscene between him and little Walter in Building World, we can assume
  that it was little Walter who the super and everyone else saw occasionally
  walking around the apartment complex.

Let's finish this section up.  Grab the DOLL KEY from the other side of Henry's
bed (it will appear after having read the memos concerning it) and use it to
open Eileen's door in apartment world for a scene.

Look out the window once you're back.  Henry's photos are starting to creep him
out, and his memory loss is getting even worse.  In the living room, over by
the little cabinet, there's a stain forming on the wall.  Look through the
Eileen peep hole for some interesting conversation and to see that her creepy
Robbie the Rabbit doll is pointing at us.  Buh...  Check the door's peep hole
now to see 19 1/2 hand prints?  The 20th hand print is so faint you can barely
see it.  Get the RED DIARY - JULY 13 and the SUCCUBUS TALISMAN at your feet.

If you try to reenter the hole in the bathroom, you'll see that it's completely
blocked.  Well, damn.  If you enter the laundry room, you'll see a new stain on
the wall.  Henry will say that it looks like a demon, just like the talisman we
just got.  Use the talisman on the stain to reveal a message and four holes.
The designs there match our four placards we got earlier, so dig them out of
storage and place them in their correct spots: Watchfulness to the north,
Temptation to the west, Source to the east, and Chaos to the south.  Go ahead
and give the new hole a test run.

                    Hospital World                     [hw1]

Our first scene is a gruesome look at what Walter does in his spare time: rip
out people's hearts.  Henry barely avoids another opportunity for a boss fight
by slowing slipping out the door.  If you reenter, however, you will be treated
to your first Patient monster, which is a rendition of the woman Walter was
operating on just moments ago (hence the name "Patient").  These monsters are
very dangerous.  Since they're humanoid, you can break out the stun gun for a
one-hit KD, but the way they swing their weapons around makes it difficult to
get close without getting hit.  This is where the rusty axe shines.  Do a
charge attack and let it fly; by the time you do, the Patient will have started
its attack.  You will be invincible at this point and will have knocked the
Patient down with one swing.  Nice.  Just be careful when they show up in

Back to the matter at hand.  Hey, we're in a hospital!  Unlike previous
hospital levels, this one is short and sweet but is probably the most memorable
section of the game.  Clear the lobby of Hummers and enter the door across from
the emergency room, the office.

On one of the desks here is a PAPER-CUTTING KNIFE, which is another complete
waste of inventory space.  It has the quickest charge attack in the game, but
that means nothing when you see that it deals little to no damage.  Exit out
the other door to enter reception.

Examine the x-rays for a scene, then take the NURSE'S MEMO from the desk
opposite.  There's also a weird little note posted by the door leading back to
the office: all it says is Eileen's name over and over.  Also, if you examine
the bookshelf, you'll learn that we're in St. Jerome's Hospital, Rachael's
place of work, conveniently located near the apartments.

The door next to reception is the restroom, with the hospital's only portal
back to 302.  On the other side of the lobby from this door is another
emergency room with a NUTRITION DRINK on a shelf.

At the southern end of the lobby, a cutscene will show you EILEEN'S BAG on the
ground.  The inventory says it's a weapon for her.  Finally, a secondary
character in a Silent Hill game that can pull her own weight.  Enter the one
door on the west side of the hall and either start unloading with a firearm
(preferably Richard's revolver) or prep a charge attack because two Patients
are going to bum rush you.  I highly recommend the charge attack method: case
in point, the two pushed me into a corner, but I was able to knock down both
with one charge from the axe.  Why two Patients in one tiny storeroom?  They
were guarding an AMPOULE, hidden on the shelves to the right.

The door across from here is the doctor's lounge.  Inside is a PORTABLE MEDICAL
KIT and a baby's medical chart that Henry cannot peel his eyes off of (three
guesses as to which baby).

The elevator in the lobby is broken, and the only other door leads to the
second floor, where the real action is.  Action in the form of haunted
wheelchairs, to start.  They are like ghosts in that they'll harm you directly
and indirectly and can't be killed.  Just keep hitting them with a weapon to
stun them and make them stop with the headaches.  You can also push them down
the hall in this way, clearing the path for when you enter and leave a room.
You'll see wheelchairs go in and out of rooms, but I've never had one enter a
room while I was in it, so I'm assuming that this is mainly for show and will
not mean that you have to worry about wheelchairs barging in on your alone time
in the hospital rooms.  As you progress down the hall and explore, more
wheelchairs will flood the hall, but they will all disappear when you hit a
certain plot-progressing room.

A little heads-up before we start: the rooms' positions are completely random
but the designs and items inside are not.  Therefore, I'm going to list items
and specific rooms, but they will not necessarily appear in the same order for
you.  Just make sure to get all the items worth getting, and don't forget to
take the time to fully appreciate each room's quirky design.  Also, you will
need to make at least one or two pit stops in 302 to clear out inventory.

Among these doors you will find:

  A NUTRITION DRINK on a broken bed.

  The 4-IRON in a padded room with broken glass.

  A room with a hanging corpse with a sheet over its head.

  The HOSPITAL ROOM KEY inside a snake statuette.  Use it to unlock the cage
  that falls on you after you pick it up.

  A NUTRITION DRINK in a sterile room.

  A spiked ceiling trap, which is completely harmless, even on Hard mode.  It's
  just there for a quick scare.

  PISTOL BULLETS lying in the corner of a room with an adhesive floor.

  A room with some stinky body parts suspended by chains.

  A room with a wire floor with Hummers underneath, which can still harm you
  through the grating.

  A huge version of Eileen Galvin's head.  In a room.  With quivering eyes that
  follow Henry as he walks around.  (Sadly, Eileen - the real one - does not
  react to this room at all when you find her and bring her here.)

  A room with a bunch of x-rays.

  Another sterile room with a Patient in.

  Baby incubators with a long umbilical cord wrapped around the room.

  Toadstools growing out of a bed in a room that has rain pouring from the

  REVOLVER BULLETS in a room with a non-hostile wheelchair.  Fun fact: if you
  have not rescued Eileen by the time you reach this room, there will be a
  shadow of a person visible in the chair.  If Eileen is with you, the chair
  will be gone.

  A much-needed SAINT MEDALLION in a room bathed in sunlight.  Equip it to
  protect yourself from the wheelchairs if you feel you need it.

  Your first HOLY CANDLE behind a vase with dried-up flowers.  Think of holy
  candles as non-portable saint medallions.

  PISTOL BULLETS next to a bed with knives pinning flesh on the covers.

  Another room with skin as a decoration.  This one has two Patient monsters
  standing guard.

  A room with a bunch of hooks and a terrible-smelling cloth hiding what looks
  like a human figure.

  Toadstools growing out of a man's body.

  Eileen Galvin.  (This would be the only locked room, unlocked by the key from
  the snake statue.)

You can rescue Eileen as soon as you have the key and find her room.  Watch the
cutscene, and prepare for Game Mechanics Part II.

                                Escorting Eileen

  Rescuing Eileen signals the beginning of an escort mission spanning the rest
  of the game.  Though she is beaten, bruised, and walks with a limp, she is
  not completely worthless.  Eileen is just as adamant about surviving as
  Henry, and she will help him fight if you give her a weapon.  Having only one
  working arm, impaired vision, and wearing high heels will slow her a bit in
  the area of climbing ladders and running for dear life, and she is not crazy
  enough to jump down holes like Henry.

  It's easy to keep track of Eileen by looking at your map: she will appear as
  a red triangle alongside Henry's blue one.  Eileen will automatically follow
  Henry wherever he goes, but it is possible to run too fast for her and leave
  her behind.  If this happens, check the map to see where Eileen is.  She will
  stay put if Henry should leave her, so you must go find her if you want her
  to follow you again.

  Giving Eileen a weapon will make her more aggressive.  If there are any
  enemies in the area, she will go into attack mode, putting herself in harm's
  way but helping you rid the monster menace at the same time.  Most of the
  strategy in this game involves running, so giving Eileen a weapon is not such
  a good idea unless you know you want to fight.  Without a weapon, Eileen is
  all for the running away.  Her weapons also take up valuable inventory
  space, and you cannot un/equip her unless she is standing right next to you.

  Eileen cannot die, but she can become cursed and eventually completely
  possessed if she takes enough damage.  She doesn't seem to take too much
  damage from Henry, so if you accidentally hit her a couple times, it'll be
  fine.  Being attacked by monsters and being left in a room with them will
  cause Eileen to take lots of damage which shows up as dark splotches on her
  skin.  Look at her back: if you see her scars getting more prominent, she's
  taken a bit of damage.  If you see dark, pulsating blobs all over her skin,
  then you haven't been a very good escort service, proving that Henry is not
  very good with women and will be a bachelor the rest of his life.

  When Eileen has taken that much damage, she will become possessed and
  occasionally start spouting nonsense, quoting lines from the Order's texts,
  or crying and calling for her mommy and daddy.  She may even cause damage to
  Henry like ghosts, simply by being near him.  The worst part of this is that
  she will follow you, making it very difficult to avoid at least a little
  damage.  Letting Eileen become possessed adds a very interesting twist to the
  game, since there is no warning for when she will flip out, what she will
  say, or if she will attack Henry or not.  On the flip side, when Eileen is
  severely damaged, she may just take a time out on the floor, leaving her open
  to attack and making Henry's job that much harder.

  Whether or not you protect Eileen affects which ending you receive, so take
  care of her based on that decision.  It's not hard to keep her safe, just a
  little annoying at times.  Dumping her in a location without monsters is a
  good way to keep her out of harm's way, and I will list prime locations for
  doing so when we reach them.

All the wheelchairs will have disappeared from the hall.  Two Patients will
have replaced them instead.  Charge the axe, wait until they are close, and
then let 'em have it.  Even in this open hall, it is possible to nail both with
one attack.  Before you go back to the first floor, call the elevator at the
end of the hall.  A Patient is inside, but we don't need to go inside.  On the
first floor, you'll see that calling the elevator revealed a door in the shaft,
but it's locked.  For now, clear the lobby of Patients and get Eileen to the
safety of Henry's apartment.

A few things will strike you as odd upon entering 302.  Eileen didn't make it,
and the air has become heavy.  In the living room, you'll see that the ceiling
fan has crashed into the coffee table, signaling the end of 302's life-healing
properties.  They will be missed.  Look behind the bookshelf for the RED
DIARY - JUNE 11, RED DIARY - ??/??, and RED DIARY - JUNE 14.  Check your door
for the RED DIARY - JULY 20 and a SMALL KEY.

Back to Eileen, Henry lays out a pretty vague plan to find out exactly what is
going on.  With nothing better to do, what's the worst that could happen?  Use
your new key on the locked door beneath the elevator.  Patients are walking the
long staircase down.  Now is the time to get the full idea of how hilarious
their sound effects are.  The real danger of these stairs lies in the fact that
once you hit them, the Patients will fall all the way down, out of your reach
for a stomp.  If you can, try to hit them when they pass the small landing
halfway down, so you can stomp them quickly there.  If not, just charge and
wait for them to climb back up to you.  Don't rush.  Enter the door at the

Since we know Walter is behind all this, it's safe to assume that these
stairwells we've no entered are filled with repressed psychological imagery.
For example, the hanging female bodies adorning this particular spiral
staircase all have what appear to be needles sticking out of their bellies.
Diagnosis: a bad case of "Mother Never Loved Me" Syndrome.  Have fun looking
around this and future stairwells, as they only get weirder from here on out.

Jump in the hole towards the bottom to go back to 302 and get acquainted with
my favorite game mechanic: hauntings.


  I lived in a 302.  My college dorm was a room 302.  302 is an inherently evil
  number.  I had a ghost living with me named Gail Sullivan.  She liked to
  steal my stuff, make noises, and throw my desk fan at me while I slept.
  Henry's ghosts are a little more malevolent.  Since he's with Eileen and has
  pretty much told Walter that he's on to his game (and it's only safe to
  assume that Henry is on Walter's hit list), Walter's stepped up by attacking
  Henry in his only safe haven.

  Hauntings are paranormal occurrences in the apartment that will slowly sap
  your health should you stand around them too long.  Some are easily spotted,
  like the TV tuned in to the ant races or Jimmy Stone emerging from your wall.
  Others are a little harder to spot.  You can easily miss the fact that
  one of the living room chairs is possessed or that there's blood pouring from
  the front door's peep hole.  Henry does have a ghost detector, and it is his
  stereo in the living room.  Turn it on, and if there's static, there's a
  haunting in progress.

  To clear hauntings, you need saint medallions and holy candles (holy candles
  are best since they cannot be carried like saint medallions and therefore
  have limited use in the Otherworld).  Set candles near a haunting or approach
  one while wearing a saint medallion and the bad vibes will slowly clear.  Do
  not leave a haunting until a candle has fully burned out or your saint
  medallion has stopped humming.  This will ensure that the haunting is totally
  gone.  You will only get one haunting per apartment visit; a new one won't
  appear, say, right after you've already cleared one.  It's not a guarantee
  that you'll see a new one every time you go back to 302 either.

  You do not have to clear out your apartment of ghosts.  In fact, choosing not
  to do so will affect which ending you get.  Though they invade your living
  space, it is possible to avoid damage in your apartment and leave hauntings
  intact.  Hauntings will also disappear eventually if left alone, but this
  does not mean they are gone for good.  It actually means that they are bound
  to reappear shortly after.  For a complete list of each haunting, where it
  will appear, and the best way to clear it, check the Hauntings section in the
  latter part of this guide.

  The hauntings also mark the end of our investigatory apartment shenanigans:
  Henry will no longer change his comments about his items in his apartment,
  the radio will no longer play anything but silence or static, and you will no
  longer get cutscenes or visits at your door (except for a particularly
  awesome haunting).  You can still spy out your windows though, and your
  neighbors will be as oblivious as ever.

Consider bringing the stun gun with you from the item box.  Now, let's continue
with Henry's foolproof plan and keep descending the stairs.  Enter the door you
find to emerge in a maintenance-type room.  Get the HOLY CANDLE from the shelf
and exit.  Check your map to see we're in Subway World again.

                    Subway World, Pt. 2                 [sw2]

We've entered just slightly past the escalator in the first hallways of the
subway.  Gum Heads are out and about; either fight or flee.  Since we know the
escalator goes nowhere, let's make a return trip to the restrooms to show
Eileen that Cynthia mannequin to creep her out.

Actually, all that's in the restrooms is a NUTRITION DRINK in the men's room
and a bunch of tremors guarding the hole in the women's room.  Take this time
to go back to the room and snag the KID'S LETTER, TOY KEY, and the RED DIARY -
JULY 25 which explains how to clear hauntings.  Make sure you've got a Sword of
Obedience, your pistol, and the Lynch Line coin before leaving.  In the
station, continue on to the turnstiles and you should see some hair on the
ground.  Follow it and we'll be reacquainted with Cynthia, of all people.

                               Cynthia Velasquez

  Like all of Walter's previous victims, his newer ones have now joined the
  rank of ghosts that live (heh) to make Henry miserable.  His newer victims
  can be ten times worse than the ones we've faced up to now.  Cynthia is such
  a ghost, so special precautions are in order.  In fact, Cynthia is one of the
  toughest ghosts in the game and is a prime candidate for a Sword of Obedience
  since she will show up intermittently throughout the rest of the Otherworld,
  trying to give Henry his overdue "favors".

  Her hair has been let down since her untimely death, and she will use it to
  damage you along with the standard punches.  She can take a real beating
  before you knock her to the floor, and if she still has some stamina left,
  she will actually slide along the ground to get out of your reach, making it
  extremely difficult to pin her.

  She doesn't seem to focus too much on Eileen, so feel free to give her her
  handbag so she can help beat Cynthia to death (again).  Actually, I highly
  recommend letting Eileen fight.  When I did, Cynthia went down in no time at
  all, but she took a lot longer with Henry fighting alone.  If you'd rather
  not risk hanging around Cynthia long enough for Henry or Eileen to take
  damage, consider using a silver bullet to knock her down in one shot.  We
  don't have any silver bullets yet, but we will.

  Run past the turnstiles to the hallway with the giant worm.  Kill the Gum
  Heads, grab the NUTRITION DRINK in the hallway to your right, and check the
  stairwell on your left for one SILVER BULLET.  Load it in the pistol, go back
  to Cynthia, aim, and fire.  Stick a sword in her and she's done.

Use the Lynch Street Line coin to get through the turnstile.  Before continuing
on to the platform, check the hallway to Henry's left at the foot of the
stairs.  There wasn't anything here on our first visit, but you can now find a
RIDING CROP on one of the old chairs back here being guarded by two Sniffers.
Don't forget the NUTRITION DRINK farther back as well.

On the platform, remember that we recently got a key with a note about a "toy
train".  Recall that box we found on one of the seats because we need to find
it again.  Move fast because Cynthia is down here, likely emerging from the
very car she was trapped in earlier.  Go to the opposite end (to the south) and
enter the car down here.  Go to the right twice and look to the end of this car
for a SAINT MEDALLION.  Now go back to the platform and enter the nearby room
with Eileen in tow.  Grab the HOLY CANDLE and descend the ladder.  Eileen
cannot follow but will instead stay in this monster-free room, a perfect place
to dump her for now, since the last thing we need is her getting lost in the
train cars.

To ensure she stays put, go across the fleshy hall (which is now pulsating) and
up the other ladder to get on the other side of the platform.  Watch out for
the two Sniffers here (they're male so they're docile).  Look in the middle of
the stretch for some PISTOL BULLETS on a bench.  Just past that is a stairway
leading up, where we found pistol ammo with Cynthia; now there's a PORTABLE

From here, enter the nearest train car (the furthest north).  Go left, left,
grab the HOLY CANDLE, right, right, up to the next car, left (watch for
Cynthia), up, right, up to the next car, left, left (either entrance), down,
down, and there's the box.  Unlock it with your key and get the FILTHY COIN.
Its description says Henry wants to clean it before it can be used, so we need
to go back to 302.  Luckily, there's a hole nearby.  Go right, down, left and
there's the platform.  Run all the way to where we dumped Eileen, go down the
ladder to the fleshy hall, run up the other ladder and use the hole.

Get the RED DIARY - JULY 17 under the door.  If you'd been examining things,
you should remember how Henry was bitching about not having running water in
the bathroom and nothing to wash in the kitchen.  Well, we have something to
wash now, so use the coin in front of the kitchen sink (if it isn't spewing
blood, that is) to get the 1 [something or other] COIN.

The vending machine with that same symbol that isn't in any computer's
character map will most likely take that coin now.  Go back to Eileen's room
and walk along the platform until you see it on the north end.  Use the coin to
get the MURDER SCENE KEY.  Since we were privy to a murder, we know just where
to go.  The problem is, gimpy can't use ladders.  Dump her back in her room and
go back to the fleshy hallway.  This time, go down the hallway in between the
two ladders.

Toby and Sharon are here.  Hurry along to the King Street platform.  There are
no Sniffers this time, but Cynthia, Sharon, and Toby will have followed you.
DO NOT go into the train car where you found the golf club last time.  They
will make it impossible to get out without a hand or two through the chest.
There's nothing in there for now, anyway.  Don't do it!  Instead, move down to
the escalators.  Yeah, guess what we get to do again... except this time, we
have the rusty axe, the greatest thing known to man.

Choose which escalator you want to ride, get out the axe, and start charging
up.  When you see a Wall Man, let loose.  Use your invincibility to stay
relatively safe, and if you are riding the down escalator, let it carry you out
of harm's way should you need it.  You should kill all the Wall Men you see
since we will have to take Eileen through here later.  Three to four and a half
charge attacks with the axe should do it for each.  Of course, you may also
have a lot of pistol ammo to use or even Richard's revolver if you want to
speed things up.

Kill the Sniffer dog down the hallway at the top of the escalator and grab the
NUTRITION DRINK.  Ascend to the turnstiles again.  Cynthia's crap is still
here, now with a chalk outline.  More importantly, CYNTHIA'S COMMUTER TICKET is
for the taking.  This will replace the Lynch coin as well as open the turnstile
for the King line.  Use the murder scene key to open the office.  Good to see
the crime scene hasn't been too disturbed...  Follow Henry's gaze into the mess
to find a TRAIN HANDLE.

Utilize Cynthia's ticket to exit the King turnstile and enter the Lynch one.
Now we need to go all the way back to Eileen, bring her back here through Lynch
to King, and down the escalator we cleared to get to the train platform.  Phew.
The handle we got from Cynthia's death chamber fits into the train sitting
here.  She will likely be waiting in the cars, feel free to give Eileen that
crop and go to town to get her to clear the way.  Use the handle in the engine
and the train will have moved.  Go back down the cars and look for an exit to
the left.  Get the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE and go through the door to see a short

Walter has finally put away his dolls and is ready to fight.  We, however,
don't have time for that since we're playing escort service.  Pay Walter no
mind and just keep running forward to the next door.

The next spiral staircase sports some dismembered body parts strewn around as
well as kneeling corpses behind glass.  Nothing too spectacular.  Use the hole
near the bottom to dump everything subway related in the item box because we
will never need it again.  Woo!

                    Forest World, Pt. 2                 [fw2]

Remember how I said I liked Forest World?  Well, I take it back.  We start off
in the cemetery with the open grave (which we now know is Walter's).  Hummers
will fly out of it if you get close.  Because she is slowly being possessed by
Walter, Eileen can read the bloody writing left all over the forest by little
Walter during his stay at the orphanage.  There are two entries to read here.

In the upper left hand corner of this area is a lit torch.  Pick up the TORCH
and light it.  This will trigger the appearance of Walter.  He is apparently
pissed that we didn't fight him before and is taking a more direct approach
(and will continue to do so for the rest of this level).

                                Walter Sullivan

  Think of Walter as a ghost but not.  He will not harm you just by being near
  you, which is a major plus.  Instead, he will try to harm you with a range of
  weaponry: a pipe, a pistol or two, and a chainsaw.  He cannot be pinned with
  Swords of Obedience and anti-spirit items are wasted on him.  He is like a
  ghost in that he cannot be killed, seeing as how he is dead.

  What Walter will do is follow you throughout certain areas of the game,
  mostly in Forest World but also later in the prison and apartments.  You can
  run or fight when you see him.  Fighting seems futile but is the only way to
  safely explore an area in which he appears.  Deliver enough punishment and he
  will fall to the ground and remain there until you either leave the area or
  dawdle too long.  Running is usually the best option since Walter is a mean
  fighter.  Since he has a ranged weapon most of the time, make sure to weave
  your way away from him rather than run in a straight line so he has a harder
  time hitting you.  This also makes it a little easier for Eileen to keep up.

  Speaking of, if you are looking to fight Walter, give Eileen a weapon so
  he'll go down faster.  If you want to run, take her weapons away so she
  doesn't go seeking Walter out.  Henry seems to be Walter's main target, but
  that doesn't mean he won't or can't harm Eileen.

Quickly exit this area.  Walter is packing a pistol and a pipe; we don't want
to get too close.

In the next area, you will hear the door open and close behind you.  Pay Walter
no mind and look for a well dead ahead.  Remember these from last time?  They
were too dark before but now we have a torch to see what's inside.  Grab the
DOLL'S HEAD and run for the exit.  There is a NUTRITION DRINK by the lamp post
past the well; be sure to grab it as Walter will probably shoot you and those
two Sniffer dogs will likely chomp you as you wait for Eileen to catch up.

Nothing to do in this next area except run some more.  There's a Sniffer here,
but it's a male so it shouldn't be much of a problem.  Eileen will be as she is
incredibly slow because she'd rather stop and point out Walter's presence than
actually run for her life.

The next area is Wish House, thank the powers that be.  This is our Eileen
dumping ground and No Walter Zone.  Jasper seems to have burned the orphanage
down; Walter would be so happy.  Have Eileen read the three messages around the
orphanage, pick up JASPER'S BURNED MEMO in front of the charred remains, snag
the HOLY CANDLE on the foundation, and read the WHEELCHAIR DOLL TEXT by
examining the blackened doll.  Go ahead and attach the head since we've got it.
There's a CHAIN for Eileen on the monkey bars on the east side of the compound
as well.  Be aware that when you equip this on her, it will make rattling
noises as she shuffles along.

The last order of business is to enter the hole here to go back to 302.  Get
the RED DIARY - JULY 18 from under the door and enter the laundry room.
Remember from our exploring things at the start that there was a tank of oil
here?  Use your torch from your inventory to dip it in the oil, allowing it to
burn longer.

Let's go back to the lake.  Go through the northwest doorway and leave Eileen
behind by running faster than her.  Shouldn't be too hard.  Two Double Heads
guard a well here.  Our torch isn't lit so just run past them to the mines, but
not before grabbing the NUTRITION DRINK by the entrance.

In here are PISTOL BULLETS to the right and the PICKAXE OF DESPAIR farther up
to the left and another NUTRITION DRINK by the fencing.  The pickaxe is the
strongest melee weapon you can swing, with a charge attack boasting a 720-
degree damage radius.  The drawback?  It is s  l  o  w.  Use at your own risk.

REVOLVER BULLETS lie to Henry's right by a flame outside the mines.  There's
also three more diary entries here for Eileen to read if you brought her.  A
cutscene will take over by the graves.  Finally, Henry confronts the evil that
is little Walter and puts an end to this nightmare.  Or not.  Nab the CRESTED
MEDALLION from the grave.  Jump in the hole here to free inventory if you need

On your way back to the orphanage, light the torch and run through the mines
(avoiding Steve, Eric, and Toby who have now appeared), and grab the DOLL'S
RIGHT LEG from the well now that we can see.

Attach your new doll parts when you hit the orphanage.  Let's go straight
across to the northeast now.  Nothing but a Double Head in the first area.

Look to your right in the next area and grab the HOLY CANDLE.  If your torch is
still lit, you can get the DOLL'S LEFT ARM.

When you reach the rocks, guess who!

                                   Jasper Gein

  Jasper is physically tough (he is the hardest to knock down), but he is
  actually no real threat.  Seeing as how he is on fire, it is wise not to get
  too close.  He is also holding that little whatever-it-was when we saw him
  burn to death, and he will swing it to hit you.  This actually causes quite a
  bit of damage, but he has short range, so it's easily avoided.  Just think of
  Jasper as a more deadly version of Steve Garland.  On fire.

  Jasper is dangerous but slow.  He will also rarely appear again.  He is not
  worthy of a Sword of Obedience, a silver bullet, or the time and effort it
  takes to knock him down.  Just run past him every time.

There is a SAINT MEDALLION on the other side of the rock on your left.  Use it
to keep Jasper off your back.  There's also a torch here for future reference.

Next are two Hummers hanging around Jasper's car along with some bloody writing
for Eileen on the tree stump.

Back in the factory, Jimmy will join Jasper in chasing you.  There is a
NUTRITION DRINK to grab along the factory walkway.

Steve will join the fun in chasing you along the next factory room, which has
been invaded by the worm.  Run until you hit the forest again.

There's a torch out here along with a hole.  Consider freeing some inventory or
bringing the stun gun for an easy fight.

Moving on, quickly run and get the DOLL'S RIGHT ARM from the well and then
switch out the torch for a weapon to get rid of the Gum Head.  There's a HOLY
CANDLE and a NUTRITION DRINK here that are difficult to get with the monkey
running around.  There's also three diary entries for Eileen.

When you go back, you will find that four Gum Heads have invaded the area.
Run the gauntlet through them and the ghosts to get back to the orphanage.

There's only one way to go from here - to the southeast.  Kill the two Hummers
and look for a NUTRITION DRINK to your left.

In the next area, Walter makes a return appearance, this time with a pistol and
a chainsaw.  Don't take any chances; run like hell.  Walter is restricted to
this section of the forest, so he won't follow you.

The next area is where we dug up the key last time.  On the other side of the
trees should be the second, and last, SILVER BULLET.  There's also an entry for
Eileen on the tree.

The last area has a hole, a torch, three diary entries for Eileen, a NUTRITION
DRINK, and the last well which has the DOLL'S LEFT LEG in.  Use the hole if
you need to and then run back to the orphanage.

Once there, attach all the body parts you collected to the doll to have it come
to life only to roll off the foundation.  Make sure you have the crested
medallion with you before you go down this new hole.  Read the DESCENT OF THE
HOLY MOTHER - THE 21 SACRAMENTS on the altar and place the medallion in the
door to the left.

There's not much down the spiral staircase here except another kneeling body,
a swinging corpse in a straightjacket, and a huge sheep.  Yes, a huge sheep.
Explain that one, Sigmund Freud.

                    Water Prison World, Pt. 2           [wp2]

We restart Water Prison World at the very tippy top of the tower.  When leaving
the elevator by way of the door opposite the hole, you should see a pistol
aimed right at your head.  Run right past Walter to get to the outside of the
tower.  He's packing dual pistols this time.

Since Eileen can't climb, she's going to have to run around the tower's
perimeter which puts her in the path of Hummers and Walter, who will prowl the
outside of the tower but not the inside.  They pose a threat to her, sure, but
if you take her weapon away (if she even had one), she will actually have
brains enough to run before they cause her too much harm.  Or at least she
should.  Consider running down to the third floor with her so you can draw
enemy fire, if you will.

We want to dump Eileen in a safe room as fast as possible.  Keeping in mind
that she won't jump down holes, it's time to pull a Henry Townsend special.
Go to the third floor and clear out the three Double Heads.  Get the HOLY
CANDLE from 2:00, PISTOL BULLETS in 8:00, and jump down the hole in the cell at
1:00 (since we know it actually leads somewhere) to leave Eileen relatively

Check out the death chamber to see a PRISONER'S SHIRT on the ground.  Someone's
written on it in wax and we can't read it until we dip it in a colored liquid,
kind of like when you'd use white crayon to write messages on easter eggs and
dye them to show what you wrote.  We need to find some colored liquid elsewhere
since Henry doesn't want to use what Andrew left behind here.

After clearing the Toadstools in the dining hall, look for a SAINT MEDALLION on
one of the benches and a NUTRITION DRINK on a table.  Just outside of this
room, Toadstools will be blocking the ladder to the observation room.  Clear a
path and climb up to see what they were guarding: a NIGHTSTICK for Eileen.
There are also PISTOL BULLETS in the shower room if you feel so inclined.

Your inventory is probably full at this point, so enter the lower spiral
staircase (the one with all the Wall Men) by way of the door opposite the
observation ladder and climb up to the first floor room with the hole.  Tremors
have taken up residence here.  Pick up the NUTRITION DRINK by the hole and go

Get the RED DIARY - JULY 28 from under the door.  About that colored liquid,
if you remember, Henry's apartment recently underwent some bloody redecorating.
The pool of blood in the bath tub should be a great place to dip our shirt so
we can read it.  Use the shirt next to the tub and you get the NOTE FROM THE
BLOODY PRISONER'S SHIRT.  It mentions a triangle sword, a fat pig, and
sticking said sword into said pig.

Meanwhile, in Water Prison World, if you enter the first floor, you will run
into two Double Heads and a flock of Hummers.  While trying not to die, snag
the PISTOL BULLETS from 5:00, a HOLY CANDLE from 10:00, and a NUTRITION DRINK
at 7:00.  You might hear some new and exciting sounds coming from the
observatory rooms, but not enough to make you want to stay anymore than you
have to.  Let's get out of here!

Our prison love letter mentioned a room on the second floor, so head out and
bypass Walter and the Hummers by way of the ladders just outside the first
floor door.  Get ready to fight four Double Heads on this floor.  (One charge
attack from the rusty axe along with a stomp kills Double Heads dead.)  Stay in
one place while fighting and you shouldn't have to deal with two at a time, as
they are fairly spread out.

The room at 7:00 is the one with all the jars with the black powder in.  Upon
entering, you should see Henry's gaze shift to the bed.  Examine it for a SWORD
OF OBEDIENCE, which would not have appeared had we not read the wax writing.
As for the rest of this floor, a Double Head is guarding PISTOL BULLETS at
5:00 and another is watching over a HOLY CANDLE at 11:00.

So we've got the sword.  Now where's the pig?

Go ahead and make an inventory stop, since you've likely accumulated some junk.
When you're in 302, make sure to take out the pistol and one of your silver
bullets.  Don't put that Sword of Obedience away either.

We've explored everything but the basement (which is likely our means of escape
this time), so let's grab Eileen and go.  Head up to the third floor and run
her all the way down the spiral walkway to the first.  Walter is still out
here, by the way, and still packing pistols.

In the first floor room with the hole, make a pit stop if you need to (though
it's not advised since the Tremors are here and will hurt Eileen) and continue
to the basement.  You should see a cutscene reintroducing Andrew.

                                 Andrew DeSalvo

  Shirtless Andrew is now damned to float around, singing passages from the
  scripture he faulted the kids for believing.  He'll greet you halfway down
  the spiral walkway here (the Wall Men have been replaced by Toadstools, so
  it's not as bad as it was) and will continue to float after you smack him a
  bit, resulting in a game of Tag.  Andrew's song is apparently a registered
  attack, and I think all this means is that as long as he's singing, he has a
  wider damage radius than the normal ghost.  This is code for "wear a saint
  medallion at all times".

  Even with the medallion, Andrew is a problem.  He flops around in the air and
  will headbutt you for a good amount of damage if you get too close.  It's
  hard to tell when he's just twisting in the air to move away and when he's
  attacking.  Sometimes it's both at once.  It's just wise not to get close at

  Andrew is unique in that he is the only ghost that we are required to pin
  with a sword since it's been noted that he has the basement key.  Couple this
  with the fact that he is best fought from a distance, and we have a prime
  candidate for a silver bullet, assuming you still have one which, since we've
  only seen Cynthia and Jasper so far and Jasper is a waste of our time, should
  be a good assumption.  Load that bullet in the pistol and let 'er fly.  Once
  Andrew's done screwing around in the air, stick a sword in 'im.

  If you don't have a silver bullet or don't want to use one for whatever
  reason, just do the same ole, same ole: give Eileen a weapon and go to town.
  To avoid getting headbutted to death, try a charge attack, run after him,
  charge another while he's twisting around, unleash, repeat.  If Andrew flies
  around too much, Eileen might have problems keeping up, but she can still
  lend a hand.  Make sure not to get tangled in the Toadstools either.

  Pinning Andrew with a Sword of Obedience automatically nets you the WATER
  PRISON GENERATOR ROOM KEY.  It is probably best just to leave the sword
  there.  Andrew is a terrible singer; we don't need that following us the rest
  of the game.

In the basement, the phallic worm creature has taken over the water wheel, but
it is still as harmless as ever.  There's a PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT by the hole in
the wall.  I recommend going back to 302 to set a continue point in case the
next stretch doesn't go over well.  You might also want to take out some
firepower and healing items depending on how you want to play what comes next.
It involves a lot of Double Heads and a fight or flee option, with "fight"
being the better choice.

Open the only door here to see the generator room where the Alice in
Wonderland-esque door was, which is now normal-sized.  The door is not our
concern, rather it's the six Double Heads standing in front of it, all pointing
at us.  If you are going to fight it out, give Eileen that nightstick we picked
up.  She can't stomp them dead, but she can put them in a position for Henry
to.  Firearms are best to start you so can knock some down before they get
close enough to swipe you.  (This might be a good time to break out Dick's
revolver.)  Remember: the axe is godly, but it does take time to charge up that
one-hit KD attack, and it's best suited for one-on-one fights.

Running is a little difficult since they take up the whole hallway and it
actually becomes narrower as you approach the door.  Stand still for a bit away
from the door to coax them towards you, then run like hell right through them
(the kind of hell that is slow enough to allow someone with a limp to keep up,
that is).  Because of how Double Heads attack (swipe first, likely missing, and
then waddling away), it may be fairly easy to escape damage if you run and/or
meander.  Eileen will not be so lucky.  At least with a weapon she will defend
herself, so I actually recommend fighting it out here.

Hanging corpses, dismembered body parts, and some awkwardly-placed apparent
torture victims await you along this penultimate spiral staircase.  Guess where
we're going next?

                    Building World, Pt. 2               [bw2]

Richard does not beat around the bush.  The first thing you are going to see is
him doing a dive bomb off a some-odd story building just to give us a piece of
his mind.

                              Richard Braintree

  Unfortunately for Dick, he can be a pushover.  For one, he can't fly.  He
  teleports instead, which is a double-edged sword.  His only real method of
  attack seems to be swinging a rusty pipe around.  Aren't you glad you took
  his revolver away?  (He wouldn't have it even if you didn't take it, though.)
  He can also punch his fist through your chest.  Rich's cool in the fact that
  he moves like a broken record: his animations visually skip and he makes
  horrible glitchy noises while walking.  It's a nice break from the usual "fly
  around your head and occasionally lash out" type of ghost.

  All you need to do to handle Richard is use charge attacks.  Back off a bit,
  charge, and let it fly.  Richard will likely fade out and teleport elsewhere,
  but your attack will still land because Henry will have locked on Richard if
  he's close enough and will automatically turn mid-attack to compensate.  So
  even with teleportation, Braintree is a fairly easy target.  However, I've
  noticed in Hard mode that Richard is actually quite fast and a decent dodger;
  he will know to take two steps back when you're swinging an axe.  He can also
  take a lot of punishment before he falls for good, and I'd stick a sword in
  him when he does.  Building World is cramped and full of monsters and fetch
  quests.  Rich would be an unwelcome addition.

  Something new I discovered in this playthrough: when I was beating up
  Richard, he teleported and didn't come back for a good while.  So apparently
  he likes to play Hide-and-Seek, the "I'm Going to Beat You to Death With My
  Pipe When I Find You" Edition.

Before entering the elevator in this area, read the book on the ground near
where we came in: REMINISCES.  This marks a level-long fetch quest for no
particular reason other than a way for Eileen to bypass ladders so we can
continue.  Get excited.  Don't forget the NUTRITION DRINK in the corner behind
the pink car near where you entered.

Push the bottom button in the elevator here since we want to ditch Eileen.  Go
out the southern door to hear some freaky new ambience and see a little bit 'o
fog.  There's a HOLY CANDLE out here to Henry's left.  Sorry, that med kit is
just out of reach.

Enter either elevator and descend the ladder.  There's Tremors down here.  Pick
up the BILLIARD BALL before climbing the ladder.

A cutscene will take over halfway down this alley with the Hummers.  The kid is
back!  With Walter!  And after the cutscene, Cynthia comes back too!  Before
running away, be sure to double back a bit and pick up the PORTABLE MEDICAL
KIT.  Now for the love of cheese, run!

Despite there being no blockades between this area and the next, Cynthia will
not follow.  Nothing else here really either except a VOLLEYBALL next to the
door and a SAINT MEDALLION cleverly hidden to its right, where the cylindrical
container and the railing meet.

Enter the door to hear wheelchairs below.  Put on that saint medallion and run
for the door behind your position on the stairs.  Careful because they are
booking, and the saint medallion won't keep you from being run over by three
chairs at once right in front of the door.

At the top of the next set of stairs is a HOLY CANDLE to your left (Henry's
right).  At the bottom is the door to the bar.

Go ahead and place the cue ball on the table since that is the most logical
place for it.  Absolutely nothing happens when you do.  Now pick up a new memo
right where the old one used to be on the bar.  The LATER BARTENDER'S MEMO
tells us how to get the new code for the locked door.  Enter the hole.

Get the RED DIARY - JULY 29 from under the door and look out the window.  The
billboard has not changed, and that is a problem, but if you call the old
number, you get a pre-recorded message telling us the new one: 555-4890.  Try
calling that one and you get the same zombie-like moans as before.

Put 4890 into the locking mechanism on the door and we'll be back to the
longest set of stairs in South Ashfield.  You can no longer climb upward, but
rubble has now made the stairs leading downward accessible.  Hummers will
attack you as you descend, try to hit them as they hover over the railing so
you smack them hard enough to cause them to tumble all the way down to the
floor.  No need to worry about them getting back up; the fall will kill them.

Grab the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT by the door here.  The symbol should tip you off
that we've found this area's exit.  Problem is, Eileen is not with us.  (Before
you go getting mad about having to backtrack, know that there is no real way to
do this section without going back and forth.  At least now we know our goal.)

Backtrack all the way to the room underneath the elevators, the one with the
Tremors.  (Watch for Steve Garland running through the alleyways; he'll have
joined Cynthia.)  If you want to bring Eileen, you can; use the elevator with
her in it to reach the top floor.  If you'd rather explore without having to
worry about her, that's fine too.  Just know that you will have to backtrack
some more to come and get her when the time is right; climb up the ladder to
the elevator she's not in and hit the top button.

We're on B8 now.  Check your map.  If you took the elevator on the right, the
north door will lead to the hallway where we got the spade and Sword of
Obedience before.  Nothing down there but Gum Heads and some REVOLVER BULLETS
now.  The south door for either elevator leads us outside, a level above
Richard who can teleport up to you, so don't dick around.  (Bad pun.  Sorry.)

Two Sniffer dogs are guarding a NUTRITION DRINK around the side of the
building (Richard will not follow you).  The door here is locked so climb the

We're up in the Sporting Goods shop again.  Get the CAKE CANDLES from the
counter, the 3-WOOD on the floor, put your volleyball in the basket, and go
back to 302 if you need to.

Exit out the door by the hole and get the HOLY CANDLE on the floor.  Follow the
path, up the stairs (trying to avoid Peter Walls), and then into Eric's
apartment.  If he's still there and not pinned by a sword try to put the
candles on his birthday cake and grab the STUFFED CAT on the floor by the door
without taking too much damage.  If he's still pinned, take your sweet time.

This next bit is optional.  If you go out the other door in this apartment, you
can travel all the way back to where you started the level the first time you
were here.  There's a bunch of Sniffers out this way, most of them female, so
watch your feet.  There's a NUTRITION DRINK on B2, and a HOLY CANDLE and
REVOLVER BULLETS (check the hood of the car) on B1.  Kill two more Sniffers
down the very first corridor you traversed in Building World.  The ultimate
prize for coming all the way back here?  A DRIVER.  Go into the hole next to it
and dump it in your inventory box, unless you're trying to break the whole set
of clubs.

Backtrack to Sporting Goods.  Go through the door on the north side of the
room and head down the stairs to the pet shop.  Cynthia, Eric, and Peter are
here, and something is making an awful lot of noise.  Check the shelves for a
NUTRITION DRINK and PISTOL BULLETS, then move to the back of the store and
place your stuffed cat in the open cage on the counter.  A clock will start
ticking.  Enter the back door and read the newspaper on the ground out here.
You will then hear some more interesting (and horrible) noises from the pet
store.  Go back in for a surprise.

Downstairs is that room with the clock you might've seen before, now with
PISTOL BULLETS.  The clock is now ticking, meaning the door is open.  This is
our ladder-free shortcut; if you didn't bring Eileen, go get her now.

The clock door leads us to another huge descent, littered with stairs, doors,
and ghosts (Jasper, Peter, and Cynthia).  All of these doors are locked, except
for one we need on the bottom, so don't bother trying them all.  Just get
downstairs as quick as you can.

Ready?  Through this door are four Gum Heads and a male Sniffer.  All of these
Gum Heads are packing golf clubs: a 3-IRON, 7-IRON, 8-IRON, and SAND WEDGE.
There's a NUTRITION DRINK further in this area by the fencing if you need it
(you might).  The enemies are fairly spread out, so sticking in one corner and
defending it with charge attacks or a firearm is a good strategy.  The Gum
Heads go down quickly after some pistol fire, and one charge attack should down
the dog.  The tricky part might be keeping Eileen out of the cross fire, since
she tends to run away when she sees Henry pick fights.  That is, unless you've
kept a weapon for her to use.

Going through the door in this area leads to a stairway Richard calls home for
the time being.  Hurry down and unlock the door at the end to emerge in the
Hummer and ghost-infested alley where you saw the cutscene with the two
Walters.  Beat feet down this alley, through the room with the wheelchairs,
down the set of stairs (watch for the Gum Heads), through the bar (another Gum
Head), down a much longer set of stairs, and through the exit door to another
set of- wait?  A boss fight?

                                 The One Truth

  You are trapped in a room with Wall Men lining the thin walkway here.  (Don't
  worry; you cannot fall into the pit in the floor.)  Reading the inscription
  on the locked exit on the other side of the room yields the message: "To
  reach the deepest part, you must defeat the One Truth.  Do so and this door
  will open."  That's just where Henry wants to go, so one vague destination
  deserves an equally vague route.

  The Wall Men here are huge and you'll soon find that you can't really kill
  them.  Hit one long enough and he'll go limp and recede into the ceiling,
  only to return later.  How are you supposed to defeat the One Truth if you
  can't tell which one it is?

  The answer is simple: go around whacking Wall Men until you hit one that
  causes them all to shudder as if struck.  It's the classic duplication trick:
  the original is tied to all the fakes.  Kill the original, and the rest go
  down with it.  Because you've got such a narrow walkway to work with, Eileen
  can easily get caught in a Wall Man's swipes.  I noticed that if unarmed, she
  will do a little defensive shuffle away from whatever Wall Man Henry is
  fighting, and this puts her right in the way of the Wall Men next to you.
  Giving her a weapon is not a bad idea here because then she can help weed out
  the One Truth.  Plus, Wall Men are stunned by just about any attack; if
  Eileen can hit a Wall Man before he hits her, she'll have avoided one more
  step towards becoming possessed.

  Wall Men normally don't take a long time to kill, but if you're on Hard mode,
  be prepared to camp out for a while in front of the One Truth once you find
  it.  The fact that they continually recede into the ceiling and occasionally
  tease Henry by sliding only halfway down the wall, out of his range, just
  serves to balloon this fight's length.

Once all the Wall Men are dead, enter the locked door to see a familiar sight:
stairs!  This stairwell is pretty tame compared to what we've seen (except for
a particularly creepy dancing baby towards the bottom).  Be sure to enter room
302 through the hole and grab the RED DIARY - AUGUST 27 from under the door.
It's not like we couldn't have figured it out, but now we have it in writing:
Henry Townsend is officially on the shit list.

Back in the Otherworld, make your way down to the bottom of the stairwell.
Pick up the SUPERINTENDENT'S DIARY (MAN WITH THE COAT) and enter room 302...?

                    Room 302 of the Past                [r3p]

It's all black and white, which means we are in the past.  None of the candles
strewn about can be picked up, but they are a good indication of how batshit
the tenant is.  Go into the bedroom to pick up the RED DIARY - AUGUST 2, RED
remember all the way back to the beginning of the game, you should recognize
the words in the August 2 diary entry.  Also, Henry (or whoever was controlling
Henry at the time) wanted to know where his red typewriter was.  Well, there it

Across the hall in the bathroom is a hole which will take you back to your 302
if you should need it right now.  (You shouldn't.)  Take note of the mess the
tenant made at the end of the hall.  Be sure to read the red writing there as

Back in the living room, you can see the record player Henry was wondering
about at the very beginning in place of the TV.  More importantly, there are
two books on the table you should read: the OLD PICTURE BOOK and the CRIMSON
TOME.  Looks like boss fight instructions, yeah?  Nothing more here, so head
towards the bathroom to go home.  As soon as you hit the black stain on the
floor, a cutscene will interrupt.

Joseph will fill in Henry and Eileen and tell them what to do next.  The camera
also pans in on a pickaxe that has manifested itself in the hall, not once but
twice.  Be sure to grab it, as it is the PICKAXE OF HOPE.  Not a weapon, but
very useful if we want to finish this game.

Back home through the hole, walk out towards the living room and you should
hear a noise.  Check out the laundry room and you'll see a box full of Joseph's
stuff has conveniently spilled a piece of paper out for you to read: JOSEPH'S
LETTER.  Entering the hole here puts you right back in the 302 of the past, so
we'd be stuck, except we have a pickaxe now.  A pickaxe of hope.  Stand at the
end of the hall and use it on the wall.  The storeroom will now be available,
but after going in, you probably wish it weren't.

Walter has been rotting in Henry's apartment all this time.  Fantastic.

This isn't Resident Evil; he will not spring to life, so feel free to go right
up to him and sift through his pockets.  (That doesn't make him any less
disgusting though.)  Examining Walter twice will net Henry the KEYS OF
LIBERATION.  Take some time to check out Walter's digs; the items on the table
here are part of a tradition in Silent Hill.

Once out of the gross as hell storeroom, you should feel the need to get out of
there as fast as possible.  Now that we have Walter's keys, we can do just
that.  Use the Keys of Liberation on the front door and taste sweet, sweet

                    South Ashfield Heights              [ash]

Or not.  The apartment building has gotten a makeover in the worst way.  Since
we didn't enter a hole to get here, you have to manually trek back to the room
to switch out inventory and save.  With Eileen in tow, enter 301 to see some
stairs have been put in since our last visit.  There are Double Heads in this
room (one upstairs, one downstairs), and when you go to pick up the SAINT
MEDALLION in one of the little cages in the south side of the room, you can spy
a Bottom running around downstairs.  You should be able to target it at the
foot of the stairs.

Down in room 201 is a NUTRITION DRINK in one of the cages.  There are also
plaques down here that were not legible before.  Now they are, and it sounds
like someone is very excited.

Be careful as you exit 201 and make your way to 202.  Walter is behind the
bars by the corpses and will not hesitate to shoot you.  Just run as fast as
you can to the door and you should avoid getting shot.  There is a SWORD OF
OBEDIENCE in the artist's bedroom.  Enter 203 by way of the hole in the wall in
the living room.

Equip that Saint Medallion because Cynthia is hiding out in 203.  There's
nothing to pick up in here so hurry out into the hall; she won't follow.
Walter is gone, by the way, so you don't need to dodge anymore bullets either.
"Where did Walter go?" you ask.  The answer is 204.  Go in and inch forward
until you get a view of him behind a grate.  Go any further and he will open
fire.  We don't need to go in his range because all we need from this room is a
NUTRITION DRINK in the kitchen.  Get it and hurry out of there.

Be ready for an onslaught as soon as you exit the second floor.  Five patient
demons are out here, wildly swinging their weapons.  Start a charge attack of
your choice, wait for them to come at you in a large group before you let
loose, and hope Eileen has the brains to stay behind you.  It might not be a
bad idea to go back and get Richard's revolver so you can quickly take out the
patients with a bit of gunfire and a boot stomp.  They should start spread out
but will quickly converge.  Retreat to the second floor to get them to reset
their positions if needed.

Before continuing on to the rest of the second floor, make a detour around this
landing to some stairs going up.  There's some PISTOL BULLETS up here, and you
can also enter rooms 304 and 303.  304 has a Wall Man in the living room, a
Double Head down the hall, and a NUTRITION DRINK in the bedroom.  In 303, you
can get another look at the mess Eileen made last time we were here.  (No
comments from her, surprisingly enough.  Henry will, of course, simply point
out the obvious.)  There is also a patient demon here and some REVOLVER BULLETS
on the coffee table.

Back downstairs, enter 205 and check the back for a NUTRITION DRINK.  In 206,
rush forward and start beating the daylights out of Walter, who is packing a
pipe and a pistol.  I actually recommend fighting him here because maneuvering
around this small apartment with him constantly shooting at you is a pain.
Plus, giving him a swift kick to the gut is a nice precursor to the boss fight
that is way overdue with this guy.  Once Walter is immobilized, get the HOLY
CANDLE from the room with the bunk beds and exit via the hole in the wall in
the back room.  Walter won't follow you.

207 is Richard's room, so guess who's here if you didn't leave him for dead in
Building World.  There're PISTOL BULLETS in his back bedroom.  Leave out the
front door before he kills you.

Out in the hallway is some awesome ambience.  Also a Bottom is pointing at you
and guarding the stairs.  Kill it and go down a floor to hear little Walter
crying for his dad for a change.  Enter 107 to find Andrew guarding a NUTRITION
DRINK in the back room.  There's another HOLY CANDLE in 106, a PORTABLE MEDICAL
KIT in the room with the answering machine, and the second and last AMPOULE in
the bathroom.  The super's door is chained shut six different ways, so no
snooping in there just yet.

Examine the sketchbook in the lobby and Henry will take a wild stab at what
Walter was trying to draw here.  Without a word, Eileen decides she'd rather
space out and stare at the sketchbook rather than follow Henry anymore.  She'll
be fine here; this is a perfect chance to run the gauntlet back to 302 if you
need to rearrange inventory or save.

Enter the other hallway in the lobby which leads to rooms 104-101.  You should
notice the corpse hanging in the corner in the hall out here, examine it and
you hear a voice which could only belong to Walter's father.  (There's a Double
Head and a Bottom here as well.  Might want to take care of them.)  If you go
back to the super's room, you will notice one less chain barring the door.
Looks like we have to hear Walter's father out to progress.  Going back to the
super's room also means you run into Eileen in the lobby, who will be ready to
join you again.  The cutscene that plays varies depending on how possessed she

In 104, two Wall Men guard a PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT and corpse #2 is in a cage in
the back.  In 103, two Bottoms are guarding corpse #3, so either kill them and
listen to it or run in, listen to it, and then scram.  (There's a NUTRITION
DRINK in the back, so I recommend grabbing that, too.)  Get the NUTRITION DRINK
in 102 and say hi to Jimmy Stone one last time.  Beat up Jimmy if you want, but
all that's left in here is corpse #4 and that dead cat in the fridge.  PISTOL
BULLETS are lying in the hall outside 101.  Pick them up and talk to corpse #5
at the end of the hall.  Now enter room 101 and listen to corpse #6.  Pick up
the PISTOL BULLETS in the area opposite if you need/want them.

Now that all the chains are gone, let's go see what Frank's got that is
important enough to be locked up so tightly.  Pick up Eileen if you haven't
already and enter room 105.  There's a NUTRITION DRINK on Frank's bedside
table, but the real item of interest is the little red box Henry spied when he
first came in.  After a cutscene (which will change depending on Eileen's
condition), you will get the UMBILICAL CORD.  Go back in the hall for another
cutscene, full of relevant and mildly disturbing imagery.

A bell will start sounding (awesome) and you will have to make your way back to
room 302, since Eileen said that's where she was going.  But first, examine the
drawing on the floor.  Weird how Henry seems to know what Walter is drawing.
Go up the stairs outside 107 and you should see unsettling sight #1: a crowd of
Double Heads and Bottoms waiting on the other side of the bars here.

Wall Men have spawned in 207, but Walter is gone from 206, so you have time to
check your map and plan your course of action.  Your goal is the stairwell;
fighting the horde outside is not advised since it's easier just to run.
These monsters are naturally slow and tend to waddle around with an occasional
lashing out, so running shouldn't be a problem.  Meander so you're a harder

Backtrack all the way to 301 and take another breather.  There's another horde
standing guard outside 302.  Again, just run and mash A when you're close to
your door so you can get in as fast as possible.

Back in 302, things haven't changed at all.  Any hauntings you left will still
be in progress (this is your last chance to clear them).  Check out the back
room to see something strange though: Walter has gone missing and there is now
a hole in the floor.  Henry gets the feeling that it's a one-way trip, and he's
right.  Be sure to organize your inventory before heading in.  You will need:
1) the umbilical cord, 2) melee weapon of your choice (no guns!), 3) healing
items (I recommend the two ampoules if you didn't use them and some med kits),
and 4) at least one empty slot (more is better, but don't sacrifice healing
items to make room).  Jump down the last two holes of the game to bring this
sick story to an end.

                                Walter Sullivan

  First off, this boss fight is timed if you are looking to keep Eileen alive.
  She was looking kind of spaced out, yeah?  She's completely under Walter's
  influence now, and he wants her dead.  To that end, he's going to have her
  walk down that pathway into the spinning death machine at the end.  How fast
  she walks depends on how much control he has over her: the more damage she
  took with Henry, the faster she's going to walk.  You have to work fast if
  you are looking to save her, especially if the last couple cutscenes she was
  in didn't look too good.  If not, obviously, you can fight without worry.
  The camera will repeatedly flash Eileen on the screen whenever she moves a
  significant distance, and you can see her just fine during your fight with
  Walter.  When you hear a grinding noise and a scream, she's gone.

  Eileen aside, the first stage of the fight with Walter is a little one-sided.
  He appears as a shadow and is invulnerable, so don't bother.  What you need
  to do is what the Crimson Tome and Joseph explained a while back: bury part
  of the conjuror's flesh into his body.  Take the umbilical cord and use it
  next to the hulking mass that is apparently Walter's true body.  There will
  be an event, the camera will tell you a new element has come into play, and
  the fight will continue.

  The four spears on either side of the corpse will have become loosened, so
  pick up as many as you can and jam them into Walter's corpse.  You should see
  shadow Walter flinch whenever you do so.  You shouldn't have to worry about
  being attacked by him while you're harpooning his real body; he can still
  attack and will even teleport up to you to try and pull a steel pipe special,
  but he's easily dodged.  When all eight spears are in their proper places
  (i.e. - Walter's face); the last stage of the fight begins.

  Now you have to fight Walter up close.  He's packing the pistol and pipe
  combo again.  He has several attacks involving shooting you, hitting you with
  his pipe, and huddling over and doing a weird spin attack should you get
  close.  The spin attack is probably the major threat in this fight since it
  is the equivalent of a hit-and-run with a wheelchair or a back hand from a
  Wall Man: it knocks Henry to the floor.

  Strategy involves prepping a charge attack and getting close enough to Walter
  to make it connect without taking too much damage.  If you are fighting with
  something like the Pickaxe of Despair, then you may have a rough time of it,
  seeing as how the thing is slow and you have to be close to unleash its
  powerful attack, close enough for Walter to do his spin attack first.  The
  rusty axe's "wind up and lunge forward" charge attack is a game winner here;
  it should let you charge relatively quickly and keep you out of Walter's
  range.  Dodging pistol fire  may be difficult while charging.  Stay mobile
  and remember the defensive hop.  Save your healing items for when you are in
  the red or low yellow; those two ampoules you (hopefully) have left will keep
  your health up for a while after use, so you can take Walter's punishment.

  A good way to avoid the kiss-the-floor spin attack is to bait Walter into
  performing either the wind-up with the steel pipe or a pistol shot.  Start
  charging your attack but keep your distance.  When you see him prep an attack
  or raise his gun, let go of your attack and his will completely miss due to
  your invincibility.  This works best with the rusty axe since it propels you
  forward, meaning you can start a good distance away.  Afterwards, do a hop
  backwards (if Walter doesn't) and repeat the process.  Walter may get a shot
  in every now and then, but a pistol shot isn't as annoying as being thrown to
  the floor by a reject dance move.

When you deal the final blow, your ending will play.  Enjoy it or don't, but be
sure to save afterwards, as this game has plenty of New Game + extras for you.

                    Endings                            [end]

  Silent Hill 4 has four endings, none of which are on UFO-level comedy,
  unfortunately.  The endings are completely dependent on two factors: whether
  you were taking care of Eileen or whether you were cleaning your apartment of
  hauntings (that is, taking care of Henry).

  To take proper care of Eileen, you simply have to keep her from taking
  damage: don't let her get hit by either Henry or a monster, don't give her
  the submachine gun in a replay game with a 9/10 rank or higher, and don't
  abandon her in rooms with active monsters or ghosts.  The speed at which she
  walks into Walter's death machine at the end is directly affected by her
  level of possession, or how much damage she received.  You can tell how
  possessed she is by checking her skin for dark, pulsating marks and by her
  reaction in the cutscenes towards the end of the game.

  To take care of Henry, you must clear out at least 80% of the hauntings that
  occur in the apartment in the second half of the game.  See the Hauntings
  section below for more on that.

  And now, the endings:

  Escape (Good +): The best ending requires you to clear Henry's apartment and
  take proper care of Eileen, finishing Walter before he can finish her.  Both
  will escape Walter's clutches relatively unscathed and meet up with each
  other afterwards, albeit in a hospital.

  Mother (Good): For this one, you must take care of and save Eileen but not
  your apartment.  It is similar to the Escape ending except that room 302 is
  still retaining some Otherworldly aspects.

  Eileen's Death (Bad +): If the title of this ending wasn't a big hint, then
  I don't know what to tell you.  Clear Henry's apartment but treat Eileen
  poorly enough to have her get killed by Walter in the final fight.  Henry
  will wake up to an unsettling radio announcement afterwards.

  21 Sacraments (Bad): This ending is the worst since it requires that you let
  both Eileen and Henry's conditions deteriorate.  Don't clear any hauntings
  and treat Eileen poorly to see this ending, in which Henry finally becomes
  fully possessed, the whole apartment building goes to hell, and both Walters
  get what they want in the end.

                    Hauntings                          [hnt]

  If you want to save Henry by the end of the game, you need to clear out room
  302 of hauntings.  Hauntings are paranormal occurrences in the apartment that
  will slowly sap your health should you stand around them too long.  Some are
  easily spotted, like the TV tuned in to the ant races or Jimmy Stone emerging
  from your wall.  Others are a little harder to spot.  You can easily miss the
  fact that one of the living room chairs is possessed or the blood pouring
  from the front door's peep hole.  Henry does have a ghost detector, and it is
  his stereo in the living room.  Turn it on, and if there's static, there's a
  haunting in progress.

  To clear hauntings, you need saint medallions and holy candles (holy candles
  are best since they cannot be carried like saint medallions and therefore
  have limited use in the Otherworld).  Set candles near a haunting or approach
  one while wearing a saint medallion and the bad vibes will slowly clear.  Do
  not leave a haunting until a candle has fully burned out or your saint
  medallion has stopped humming.  This will ensure that the haunting is totally
  gone.  You will only get one haunting per apartment visit; a new one won't
  appear, say, right after you've already cleared one.  It's not a guarantee
  that you'll see a new one every time you go back to 302 either.

  You do not have to clear out your apartment of ghosts.  In fact, choosing not
  to do so will affect which ending you get.  Though they invade your living
  space, it is possible to avoid damage in your apartment and leave hauntings
  intact.  Hauntings will also disappear eventually if left alone, but this
  does not mean they are gone for good.  It actually means that they are bound
  to reappear shortly after.

  Here is a list of all the possible hauntings and the best way to avoid or get
  rid of them:

  - Henry's shoes will sometimes walk from the front door to the kitchen,
    trailing blood.  Set a candle by the shoes and they'll return to their spot
    by the door.  The shoes are easy to avoid unless you have business in the
    kitchen, like washing the coin for Subway World.

  - The living room windows will rattle endlessly.  Set a candle on the floor
    in front of them to shut them up.  Avoiding the windows is easy, and if you
    need to look outside for any reason, just use the bedroom windows.

  - The wall clock in the living room will tick wildly while its hands spin.
    Set a candle on the chair under the clock to clear this haunting.  This
    will really only damage you if you approach the bookshelf in the corner;
    otherwise, it's easily avoided.

  - Little Walter's shadow will sometimes appear in Henry's closet, making
    horrible crying noises.  This haunting is especially troublesome because it
    will affect you every time you come back from the Otherworld since it's
    right next to the bed.  Set a candle in the closet and retreat to the other
    side of the bed to watch Walter disappear.

  - Like in the first half of the game, the TV will turn to the ant races.
    This time, however, it will hurt you since there's some hidden evil in
    between the static.  Set a candle in front of the TV to turn it off.  This
    haunting is another one that is hard to avoid if you need to access the
    radio or the living room windows.

  - Large, pulsating cracks will appear on Henry's living room and bedroom
    walls.  These are best taken care of with a saint medallion, but a candle
    will work if you place it carefully on the floor in the living room.  They
    are fairly easy to avoid, though, so if you need to save a saint medallion,
    feel free to do so.

  - Joseph is always watching you, and he will remind you of this by telling
    you through the telephone.  Over and over.  Like little Walter, this
    haunting affects you every time you jump out of bed after exploring the
    Otherworld, so clear it right away by placing a candle on the floor next
    to the phone.

  - In a repeat performance of the opening nightmare sequence, Jimmy Stone will
    attempt to emerge from Henry's walls.  Jimmy will appear in every room, so
    it's probably best to clear him out since being forced into a cramped space
    with him like the laundry room is not good.  Clear him out of the living
    room or bedroom since there's more space to put a candle underneath him.
    Evicting him from one room kicks him out of the whole apartment.

  - Baby dolls will emerge from the wall above your item box.  This haunting
    only appears if you accept the shabby doll from Walter in Apartment World
    and store it in the item box.  The doll will disappear from the box while
    the haunting is in progress, so you can't simply remove it to exorcise
    them. If you keep the doll out of the box, this haunting will never appear,
    but it's a waste of an inventory slot.  The position of this haunting would
    make it seem inconvenient, but it is possible to access your item box free
    from harm while the dolls are there by edging away from the box far enough
    to where you can still see the eye icon in the upper left but not feel the
    damaging effects.  Clearing it is a waste of items unless you plan to take
    the doll out of the box.

  - My personal favorite involves the front door and is easily missed.  If you
    should happen to see blood pouring from the peephole, take a look into the
    hallway.  You should see poor, mutilated victim 21/21 staring you right in
    the face, inaudibly whispering.  Get rid of him by placing a candle in
    front of the door.  Victim 21/21 will also disappear on his own when Henry
    finally unlocks the front door late in the game.  Number 21 can make it
    difficult to get your mail from under the door and he does block the
    peephole, but it's not like you need to see out of it at that stage in the
    game.  He does not drain your health when you're actually looking at him
    through the peep hole, so feel free to stare as long as you want.

  - One of the more rare hauntings occurs in the bedroom: the picture Henry
    took of the church in Silent Hill will sometimes turn into a portrait of
    Walter.  Like the cracks in the walls, Walter's photo demands a saint
    medallion since you can't easily place a candle near it.  He makes it tough
    to get out of your room, but if you run past him, it's not a problem.

  - If you hear meowing in your apartment, take a minute and think back to
    Apartment World.  Then open your fridge for a surprise: a moving lump of
    dead bloody cat meat.  Put a candle in front of the fridge to get rid of
    this horrible haunting.  The cat can make walking to the front door and
    getting around the kitchen a little difficult, so it's probably best to
    clear it.

  - Probably the most subtle haunting involves Henry's living room chair.
    Approach it and it may just start draining your health.  Do a double take
    to see it drenched in blood.  Simply set a candle on the floor in front of
    it to get rid of those blood stains.  You'll probably notice this haunting
    when you go to save or turn on the radio.

  - If you hear running water, check the kitchen sink to see it pouring out
    blood.  Light a candle on the floor in front of it to get it to stop.
    Unless you need to wash the coin from Subway World, this haunting is not
    necessarily bothersome.

                    10-Star Speed Run                   [spr]

  Getting a perfect rank is no easy task.  Luckily, this game throws you a bone
  or two, but no more than that.  There are lots of factors that play into your
  score, all of which are shown at the end of your game on the ranking screen:
  difficulty, play time, saves, continues, enemies defeated, and memo items
  found.  To get the 10 big stars, you need the following:

  - Difficulty: gotta be Hard.  No exceptions.  The walkthrough above was
    written for Hard mode, so refer to it for strategy.

  - Play time: must be completed in under two hours.  Refer to the speed run
    below for a condensed walkthrough and tips.

  - Continues: none!  So try not to die.

  - Enemies killed: you must kill at least 120 monsters.  Sounds daunting?  Not
    really.  You may have noticed that at least three different enemy types in
    this game are practically killed with one hit.  If you wondered why, this
    is the reason.  It's the game being nice to you.

  - Memo items found: you need to find all 52.  All memo locations are in the
    walkthrough, both the main and condensed version below.

  - Ending: does not matter.  However, for time's sake, you should probably
    go for the 21 Sacraments ending, so you won't have to worry about Eileen or

  The ranking is based on a point system, but math and numbers were never my
  strong suit, so I cannot tell exactly how many points each item here is
  worth.  However, I do know that the game gives you some room to slack.  For
  example, you can save or use a continue once and still get a perfect score if
  you fulfill every other condition.  Having a save halfway through wouldn't be
  a bad idea in case something goes wrong.

  Below is a bulleted, condensed walkthrough to help you speed through the
  game.  Some ground rules in addition to those listed above:

  1) Skip all cutscenes!  Even the "entering/leaving a hole" animations.

  2) Set Henry to auto-run in the options.

  3) Only pick up "useful" items.  No holy candles, Swords of Obedience (if
     they are out of the way), or pistol bullets.  Skip healing items if they
     are not on your route.  Also, find a good melee weapon and stick with it.
     The less weapons you have to pick up and switch out, the better.

  4) Only focus on fighting when absolutely necessary or unless the enemy is a
     one-hit kill.  There are almost 500 enemies in this game, so getting 120
     is no big deal.  The walkthrough below will assume you are killing
     Tremors, Hummers, and Toadstools whenever you see them.  Very rarely do
     you need to divert off your path to net some kills.

  5) Don't pay any attention to the apartment.  Only concern yourself with the
     mail and the item box when actually there.  Use its healing effects to
     their fullest for the first half.

  6) Don't go out of your way to protect Eileen.  Don't give her a weapon.

  7) Pin a ghost only if you think they will be a nuisance later.  Cynthia,
     Andrew, and Richard are all great candidates for swords (Andrew must be
     pinned to progress anyway).  Don't take the sword out of Eric Walsh in
     Building World.  Do make sure you get both silver bullets, and make sure
     to save one for Andrew to make things easier.

  8) Use a certain particularly helpful glitch in Building World to bypass the
     ladder-bypassing fetch quest.  Ditch Eileen in the little fenced in area
     outside the elevators (with the holy candle) by leading her away from them
     and then bumping into her as you run back inside.  This should throw her
     off enough to keep her from following you.  Go down the ladder inside the
     elevator, do not pick up the billiard ball, and go through the alley to
     view the cutscene with the two Walters.  When you make your way past the
     other side of the fence, Eileen will magically rejoin you.  Yes, this is
     cheap, but it is very good insurance in case you are worried about time/
     healing items/etc.  If you are a purist and want to finish without the
     glitch, go right ahead.  I have a real beef with speed runs in Silent Hill
     games, so I will be using everything the game gives me to get this over
     with as quickly as possible, glitches included.

  9) Pausing the game with the start button apparently stops the timer.  Use
     this to either consult the walkthrough or take a break.

  This condensed walkthrough is going to assume you know the basic layout of a
  level and have played the game at least once before, so directions aren't
  going to be super specific in some places.  I'm doing the absolute bare
  minimum here in order to guarantee a good time.  Good luck!

  Note: As of this posting, I am experiencing problems getting Frank to give me
  the Superintendent's Memo.  I haven't had this problem before when I did the
  run on my PS2 version, so I'm not sure if it's a glitch on the Xbox or if I'm
  missing a trigger and simply forgot about it.  I'm working on this and hope
  to get it fixed, but if anyone has any info about it, let me know!

  Room 302:
    - Go into the living room.
    - Look at the face on the opposite wall.
    - Turn around and go back to your room.
    - Pick up the phone.
    - Look out of your windows to see Cynthia.
    - Look at the item box.
    - Get the BOOK SCRAP from behind the bookshelf.
    - Go to the front door and get the FIRST LETTER.
    - Go to the bathroom, grab the STEEL PIPE, and enter the hole.

  Subway World, Pt. 1:
    - Keep the analog stick tilted up for the first hole sequence; you cannot
      skip it.
    - Meet Cynthia, then follow her into the bathroom when she leaves.  Enter
      the hole here.
    - Move the shelf by the kitchen and pick up the PISTOL.
    - Look through the peephole at Eileen, answer the phone, and go through the
    - Get the LYNCH STREET LINE COIN from the mannequin and use it in the
      turnstile past the Sniffer dogs.
    - Ignore the ghosts and go down to the platform.
    - Head down to the engine and flip the switch inside to free Cynthia.
    - Go down and enter the car Cynthia was trapped in.  Go right, up, left,
      up, up, right, up a little bit, right, down, left, down, right, down.
      Look to your right for the platform.
    - Enter the door at the southern end of the platform.
    - Go down the ladder, up the opposite ladder, and unlock the door here.
    - Go back down the ladder, down the fleshy hall in between the two ladders,
      and onto the platform.
    - Run down the platform and grab the NUTRITION DRINK by the escalators.
    - Run/fight up either escalator to reach the King turnstiles.
    - Get the TEMPTATION PLACARD and enter the office.
    - Back home, get RED DIARY - APRIL 8 from the front door.
    - Make sure you have the CHOCOLATE MILK from the fridge.
    - Clean inventory.  Enter the hole.

  Forest World, Pt. 1:
    - Go through the first four sections of forest until you reach Jasper's
      car.  Examine the driver's seat for JASPER'S MEMO PAD.
    - Ignore Jasper in the next area but grab the NUTRITION DRINK behind the
    - Keep going until you reach Wish House.
    - Go through the door to the southwest and run all the way to the cemetery
      to see a cutscene with Jasper and little Walter.  Go back to the
    - Give the chocolate milk to Jasper to get the BLOOD-INSCRIBED SPADE.
    - Go through the door to the southeast.
    - Dig behind the trees in the third area in to get the RUSTED BLOODY KEY.
    - Continue to the next area and use the hole to go to room 302.
    - Dump the key in the item box, backtrack to the orphanage, and use the
      hole there to get the key back.
    - Read the HOLY SCRIPTURE SCRAP and get the SOURCE PLACARD.  Go home, clean
      inventory, enter the hole.

  Water Prison World, Pt. 1:
    - Get the EXPLORATION MEMO outside the cell at 4:00.
    - Kill the Toadstools in 11:00.
    - Exit at 6:00.  Get the GUARD'S DIARY on the wall.
    - Go through the door leading downstairs, using the ladders to bypass Wall
    - Read the signpost by the water wheel twice for the WATER PRISON EXIT KEY
    - Go back upstairs to the first floor and unlock the door leading to the
      outside of the prison.
    - Use the ladders to ascend to the roof.  Spin the wheel up here to open
      the sluice gate.  Now go down a floor.
    - On the third floor, get the PRISON DIARY at 4:00 and jump down the holes
      at 8:00.
    - Exit the shower room and climb up the observation ladder.
    - Grab the 1F SURVEILLANCE ROOM REPORT and climb up.
    - Grab the 2F SURVEILLANCE ROOM REPORT and turn this floor four times to
      the right.  Climb up.
    - Grab the SECRET NUMBER MEMO and turn this floor twice to the right.
      Climb all the way down.
    - Make your way up to the third floor by way of the ladders outside the
      tower and jump down the holes at 1:00 to reach the kitchen.
    - Grab the WATCHFULNESS PLACARD and enter 0302 into the door panel.
    - In 302, grab RED DIARY - APRIL 4 and RED DIARY - JULY 23.
    - Look out of the peephole, skip the scene, and pick up the
    - Clean inventory and enter the hole.

  Building World, Pt. 1:
    - Follow the linear path until you meet Richard.  Enter the nearby door.
    - Take the GHOST'S KEY from Eric and leave the sword.  Use the key on the
      nearby door.
    - Go down the stairs, through the door, and through the door opposite in
      the short alley.
    - Go through the store room with the shelves to Albert's shop.
    - Pick up the ALUMINUM BAT here if it is your weapon of choice.  Go through
      the door to the north.
    - Down the stairs in the pet shop, get ALBERT'S SPORTS KEYS from the middle
      aisle and go back upstairs.
    - Unlock the door next to you in sports and descend the stairs.
    - Exit between the building and the railing, past all the Gum Heads.
    - Take the furthest (and only available) elevator down.
    - Go down the ladder, get the NUTRITION DRINK, clear the Toadstools, and
      climb the ladder into the alley.
    - Run past all the enemies and exit south between the two buildings.
    - Run past the Gum Heads and enter the door they are guarding.
    - Pass through the empty room, down the stairs, and through the door here.
    - Grab the RUSTY AXE if it's your weapon of choice (highly recommended) and
      pick up the BARTENDER'S MEMO from the bar.
    - Enter 3750 to unlock the door here.
    - Run up the stairs, get the CHAOS PLACARD, and enter 207 for a scene.
    - Clean inventory.  Enter the hole.

  Apartment World, Pt. 1:
    - Enter 301 and get MIKE'S DIARY and the RED PAPER from the front room, and
      the SUPERINTENDENT'S KEY and JOSEPH'S ARTICLE from the back room.  Exit.
    - Put the red paper under your door.
    - Ignore Walter and go to the first floor.  Open room 105 in the west wing.
    - Go to 102 and kill the Tremors around the fridge for a TORN RED PAPER.
    - Go to 203 and get the TORN RED PAPER from the shirt in the back room.
    - Now go back to the third floor and slip all your papers under the door.
    - Inside room 302, get RED DIARY - MAY 14, RED DIARY - MAY 2, RED DIARY -
    - Get the DOLL KEY from behind Henry's bed and use it to enter room 303 in
      the Otherworld.
    - Back in 302, get the RED DIARY - JULY 13 and the SUCCUBUS TALISMAN.
    - Use your talisman on the stain in the laundry room, then take your four
      placards out of storage and put them in the corresponding holes:
      Watchfulness to the north, Temptation to the west, Source to the east,
      and Chaos to the south.
    - Clean inventory.  Enter the hole.

  Hospital World:
    - Enter reception across the hall.  Get the NURSE'S MEMO on the desk.
    - Enter the room across from that and a little to the south for a NUTRITION
      DRINK if you need it.  Exit.
    - Go south near Eileen's bag and enter the door to your left (not to the
      stairs, but the one before it).  Get the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT inside.
      Exit and go upstairs.
    - For the random rooms with
        - a broken bed, get the NUTRITION DRINK.
        - broken glass, skip.
        - a hanging corpse with a sheet over its head, skip.
        - the snake statuette, get the HOSPITAL ROOM KEY.
        - sterile room, get the NUTRITION DRINK.
        - the spiked ceiling, skip.
        - adhesive floor, skip.
        - body parts suspended by chains, skip.
        - wire floor with Hummers, skip.
        - panned out camera angle (Eileen's head room), skip.
        - x-rays, skip.
        - sterile room with a Patient, skip.
        - baby incubators, skip.
        - Toadstools in the rain, kill them and leave.
        - the non-hostile wheelchair, skip.
        - sunlight, get the SAINT MEDALLION.
        - vase with dried-up flowers, skip.
        - bed with knives, skip.
        - two Patients, skip.
        - a bunch of hooks and humanoid cloth on the wall, skip.
        - Toadstools growing out of a man's body, kill them and leave.
        - Eileen Galvin, get her and go.
    - Kill the Patients and call the elevator.  Go downstairs.
    - Kill the Patients in the lobby and enter the hole in the washroom.
    - Get the RED DIARY - JUNE 11, RED DIARY - ??/??, and RED DIARY - JUNE 14
      from behind the bookshelf and the RED DIARY - JULY 20 and SMALL KEY from
      under the door.  Go back to Hospital World.
    - Unlock the door in the elevator shaft and go down the stairs here; try to
      kill the Patients if you can.
    - Go all the way down the spiral stairs here; skip the hole.

  Subway World, Pt. 2:
    - Ignore the Gum Heads and go to the restrooms.
    - Get the NUTRITION DRINK in the men's and kill the Tremors in the women's
      before going into the hole.
    - In 302, get the KID'S LETTER, TOY KEY, and the RED DIARY - JULY 25.  Make
      sure you have the Lynch Street Line coin.
    - In Subway World, run past Cynthia and the turnstiles and get the SILVER
      BULLET at the end of the hall with the Gum Heads.
    - Go back and down to the platform.
    - Enter the closest subway car and go right, up, left to unlock the box on
      the seat for the FILTHY COIN.
    - Go right, down, left to the platform.
    - Enter the room to the south.  Use the ladders and hallway to enter the
      hole on the other side of the platform.
    - In 302, get the RED DIARY - JULY 17 and wash the coin in the sink.
    - In Subway World, go back using the ladders and hallway and use the coin
      in the vending machine on this side of the platform for the MURDER SCENE
    - Go back to the room to the south, down the ladder, and down the fleshy
      hallway to the King Street platform.
    - Run to the escalators.  Fight the Wall Men up to the King turnstile.
    - Grab CYNTHIA'S COMMUTER TICKET and enter the office for the TRAIN HANDLE.
    - Use the ticket to return to the Lynch Line and get Eileen.  Bring her up
      to King and then down the escalator to the train at the King platform.
    - Use the train handle at the head of the car and get the SWORD OF
      OBEDIENCE before going through the door.
    - Ignore Walter and the hole at the bottom of the spiral stairway.

  Forest World, Pt. 2:
    - Go forward, get the TORCH, light it, and leave.
    - Get the DOLL'S HEAD from the well and the NUTRITION DRINK by the post and
      then run to Wish House, making sure Eileen can keep up.
    - At Wish House, get JASPER'S BURNED MEMO, the WHEELCHAIR DOLL TEXT, and
      put the head on the doll.
    - Enter 302, get the RED DIARY - JULY 18 and dip the torch in oil.
    - In Forest World, head to the lake in the northwest.  Get the NUTRITION
      DRINK by the mine entrance and another in the actual mine.
    - Get the CRESTED MEDALLION by the lake, light your torch, and run back to
      the area outside the mine.
    - Grab the DOLL'S RIGHT LEG and attach it back at Wish House.
    - Head to the northeast and get the DOLL'S LEFT ARM from the well in the
      second area if your torch is still lit.
    - Get the SAINT MEDALLION from the rocky area with Jasper.  Keep running.
    - When you hit the factory, look for a NUTRITION DRINK.  Keep going until
      you hit the outside with a hole to 302.  Light your torch.
    - In the next area, get the DOLL'S RIGHT ARM.  Hurry back through the Gum
      Heads and ghosts to Wish House.
    - Head to the southeast now.  Get the NUTRITION DRINK on your left in the
      first area.  Keep running until you hit the arm-looking tree root.
    - Get the SILVER BULLET by the tree and continue to the next area.
    - Get the NUTRITION DRINK and DOLL'S LEFT LEG after you light your torch.
      Run all the way back to Wish House.
    - Attach all the doll parts and go downstairs.
    - Read the DESCENT OF THE HOLY MOTHER - THE 21 SACRAMENTS and use the
      medallion to unlock the door.
    - Ignore the hole at the end of the spiral staircase.

  Water Prison World, Pt. 2:
    - Ignore Walter and go down to the third floor.
    - Jump down the hole at 1:00 and get the PRISONER'S SHIRT from the kitchen.
    - Get the NUTRITION DRINK and SAINT MEDALLION from the tables in the
      dining hall and go up to the first floor.
    - Get the NUTRITION DRINK, kill as many of these Tremors as you can, and go
      to 302.
    - Get the RED DIARY - JULY 28 and use the prisoner's shirt by the tub to
      get the NOTE FROM THE BLOODY PRISONER'S SHIRT.  Bring your pistol and
      both silver bullets, and an extra Sword of Obedience.
    - Back at Water Prison World, go up to the second floor and check the room
      at 7:00.  Examine the bed for a SWORD OF OBEDIENCE.
    - Go up to the third floor, get Eileen, and walk her down to the first.
    - Shoot Andrew and pin him for the WATER PRISON GENERATOR ROOM KEY.
    - Pick up the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT by the hole in the basement and unlock
      the generator room.
    - Run past all the Double Heads and exit.
    - Ignore the hole at the end of the spiral staircase.

  Building World, Pt. 2:
    - Get the NUTRITION DRINK and REMINISCES memo on the ground.  Shoot Richard
      and pin him.
    - Hit the bottom elevator, go out to the south, and leave Eileen out here.
      Lead her away from the elevator and bump into her as you run back inside.
    - Go down the ladder and climb up the other one by the billiard ball
      (ignore it).
    - Run down this alley and wait for Eileen to join you after the scene.
    - Go through the wheelchair room, down the stairs, to the bar.  Get the
      LATER BARTENDER'S MEMO and enter 4890 into the door.
    - Go down the long stairwell and get the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT and defeat
      the One Truth.
    - Afterwards, get the SUPERINTENDENT'S DIARY (MAN WITH THE COAT) and enter
      old 302 of the past.

  Room 302 of the Past:
    - Go into the bedroom and get the RED DIARY - AUGUST 2, RED DIARY - AUGUST
      3, RED DIARY - AUGUST 4, and RED DIARY - AUGUST 5.
    - Read the OLD PICTURE BOOK and the CRIMSON TOME in the living room.
    - Get the PICKAXE of HOPE after the scene and go back home.
    - Get RED DIARY - AUGUST 27 from under the door and JOSEPH'S LETTER from
      the laundry room.
    - Use the pickaxe against the back wall in the hall and get the KEYS OF
      LIBERATION from Walter.  Use them on the front door.

  South Ashfield Heights:
    - Enter 301, get the SAINT MEDALLION if you want, kill the Double Heads and
      go downstairs.  Kill the Bottom, get the NUTRITION DRINK, and leave.
    - Enter 202 and use the hole to get to 203.
    - Ignore 204 unless you need a NUTRITION DRINK.  Leave this hall and kill
      the Patients in the stairwell.
    - Enter 205 if you need a NUTRITION DRINK.
    - Enter 206 and either fight Walter or run past him to the hole in the back
      room to get to 207.  Exit.
    - Kill the Bottom and go downstairs.  Get the NUTRITION DRINK from 107 if
      you need it.
    - Enter 106 and get the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT and AMPOULE from the back
      rooms.  Leave and go to the lobby.
    - Leave Eileen by the sketchbook and enter the opposite hall.  Listen to
      corpse #1 in the hall.
    - In 104, listen to corpse #2 in the cage in the back.
    - In 103, ignore the Bottoms, run in and listen to corpse #3, then leave.
    - In 102, get the NUTRITION DRINK, ignore Jimmy, and listen to corpse #4.
    - Listen to corpse #5 at the end of the hall.
    - In 101, listen to corpse #6.
    - Go back to the lobby, get Eileen and enter 105.
    - Get the UMBILICAL CORD and then make your way back to 302 (go upstairs,
      enter 207 to 206, make your way to 203 to 202, out in the hall, over to
      201, upstairs to 301, and then over to 302).
    - Arrange your inventory for the boss fight then go down the hole in the
    - Fight Walter.
    - Skip the endings and credits and wait for your results screen.
      Hopefully, it gives you a big 10 star rank.  Congrats!

                    New Game +/Ranking Bonuses          [ngp]

  Replaying the game for four different endings is all well and good, but there
  is more to be had from this title.  Some New Game + bonuses are dependent on
  your rank at the end.  Others aren't.  Here's a list of all you can get in a
  new game:

  - A chainsaw becomes available during a second run through.  You can find it
    in Forest World, stuck in a tree in the same area as Jasper's parked car.
    The chainsaw does surprisingly little damage compared to other weapons and
    takes time to start up and swing.  It charges slowly but does multiple hits
    in one strike.  The idle animation is grade-A; stand still while holding
    the chainsaw and Henry will rev it up and wave it over his head.

  - If you finished with either the Escape or Mother endings, then a new item
    becomes available towards the end of the game.  While in South Ashfield
    Heights (your second time in Apartment World), go to room 303 and pick up
    the nurse uniform from the living room chair.  Keep this item in your
    inventory during the boss fight and make sure to save Eileen (that is, get
    either the Escape or Mother ending).  Now when you go to start a new game,
    you get the option of changing Eileen's outfit when you pick the game's

  - If you have Eileen dress in the nurse outfit and have gotten all four
    endings, Cynthia will change her outfit for your next game as well.

  - A submachine gun is available if you have finished the game with a rank of
    at least 9/10 stars.  Found in room 101 in Apartment World, this machine
    gun has unlimited ammo and is meant for Eileen.  With it, she becomes a
    force to be reckoned with, and Henry need barely lift a finger to fight.
    However, the recoil damages Eileen and causes her to become possessed

  - Get a 10/10 rank and One Weapon mode will become available on the
    difficulty selection screen on a reloaded save file.  Hit right on the
    d-pad and the text will turn purple.  In One Weapon mode, the game starts
    normally but lays out every weapon available when you first enter Subway
    World.  You get to pick one weapon to play the entire game with (you will
    still get the pistol since it is plot-related); once chosen, all others
    will vanish.  You can up the game's difficulty by a huge amount by picking
    a really useless weapon, but you will regret it.  Rusty axe, anyone?

  - Getting a 10/10 rank on One Weapon mode unlocks All Weapon mode.  Tilt left
    on the difficulty selection screen and the text will turn green.  Now when
    you enter Subway World, you get the same weapon buffet, except all of them
    are for the taking this time.  You will also find an endless supply of
    health drinks in the fridge and boxes of handgun bullets in the storeroom,
    which replenish during each visit to the apartment.

                    Trivia and Observations             [tri]

  Silent Hill games are best known for sneaking in trivia, whether it be
  psychological or mainstream.  This game requires a little more observation
  than past games since we're dumped in the middle of an already complex and
  just plain weird story, so this is more of a "Hey, did you notice?" section.
  Contributions are always welcome.

                         Apartment Windows Easter Eggs

  Your apartment windows are your only link to the real outside world, so it
  makes sense to make them interesting.  There are a few special gems you can
  witness throughout the game:

  - One of the Lakeside Amusement Park mascots, Robbie the Rabbit, can be seen
    flying around outside in hot-air balloon form throughout the game.

  - Andrew DeSalvo's disembodied head can be seen floating around just outside
    your window after you witness his death in Water Prison World.

  - Your neighbors are entertainment in and of themselves.  Though their daily
    lives aren't that exciting and their routines barely change, you can still
    have fun watching the circus.  My personal favorite is the tenant in 107
    who takes to headbanging up a storm every now and then.

  - After you enter Building World, you can see Richard Braintree lying in his
    apartment, twitching every now and then.

                             Peep Hole Easter Eggs

  So maybe your windows aren't the only link to the outside.  There's plenty of
  stuff to see from your front door as well.

  - Frank Sunderland is a regular occurrence outside 302.  Sometimes he can be
    seen simply standing out in the hall, looking at your door; sometimes he
    will walk by and try to sneak a peek; and other times you can see him
    arguing with someone out of your range of vision.

  - After Eileen gets Richard involved, you can catch him trying to look into
    your room through the peep hole.  Prepare to get a face full of Braintree
    when you do.  The man is not shy about trying to spy on others.

  - Aside from the scripted events, Eileen mostly stays in her room.  However,
    there is an instance where you can catch her waving her arms around like
    she's trying to shoo something away.  You can also hear the sound of
    Hummers as she does.

  - During Apartment World, you find out Walter is a sadistic tease.  Not only
    does he offer you a toy that will later suck your health away, but if you
    look through the peep hole back home, you can also catch him looking in at
    you, smiling.

                                Spying on Eileen

  The peephole to Eileen's room serves no real purpose for gameplay except to
  move the plot along.  Team Silent just wanted you to know that, yes, you are
  a voyeur at heart.  At least they treat your bad habits with Eileen instead
  of an empty room.  You can catch her doing a number of things:

  - Laughing at something on TV.
  - Watching a scary movie and gasping in shock.
  - Reading a book, either on the edge of the bed or lying on her stomach with
    her legs in the air like she was giggling on the phone.
  - Going to the window to rubberneck.
  - Sitting on her bed, continually crossing her legs.
  - Getting dressed for her party.
  - Sometimes you can catch her staring off into space, and then you realize
    she is looking right back at you.  She's on to you.

                                    The Radio

  The ever-popular Silent Hill radio is actually a stereo in this game, so you
  can't take it with you.  Instead, you actually can use it to listen to things
  instead of just static.  Weird, huh?  Among the things you can hear are:

  - A weather report.  Funny, they never report any fog.
  - An ad for Silent Hill, the resort town we know and love.
  - A news report about Springfield Zoo walruses.
  - A tiger birth announcement.  This game is big on the zoo.
  - An arrest report about a guy publicly urinating in North Ashfield.

                             The Sullivan Victims

  Because we're introduced to Walter's killing spree midway, here is a complete
  list of the victims.  Most of the supplemental info here was acquired thanks
  to Translated Memories, who got the original content from the Japanese SH4
  website.  Go here for the full deal:

  1/21 - Jimmy Stone, priest of the Valtiel sect of Silent Hill cult
  Killed by gunshot to the head

  2/21 - Bobby Randolph, high school student
  Strangled to death

  3/21 - Sein Martin, high school student
  Strangled to death

  4/21 - Steve Garland, pet shop owner
  Riddled with machine gun bullets (except over his chest)

  5/21 - Rick Albert, owner of sports shop
  Beaten to death with a golf club

  6/21 - George Rosten, priest of the Valtiel sect of Silent Hill cult
  Beaten to death with a steel pipe

  7/21 - Billy Locane, elementary student
  Hacked apart with an axe

  8/21 - Miriam Locane, elementary student
  Hacked apart with an axe

  9/21 - William Gregory, owner of clock shop
  Stabbed to death with a screwdriver

  10/21 - Eric Walsh, bartender of Bar Southfield
  Killed by gunshot to the face

  11/21 - Walter Sullivan
  Committed suicide by severing carotid artery with a spoon

  12/21 - Peter Walls, high school student
  Beaten to death

  13/21 - Sharon Blake, housewife
  Death by drowning

  14/21 - Toby Archbolt, priest of Holy Mother sect of Silent Hill cult
  Pushed off a cliff

  15/21 - Joseph Schreiber, journalist

  16/21 - Cynthia Velasquez
  Stabbed to death

  17/21 - Jasper Gein, follower of the occult
  Burned to death

  18/21 - Andrew DeSalvo, prison guard

  19/21 - Richard Braintree
  Death by electrocution

  20/21 - Eileen Galvin
  Beaten near to death (unsuccessful?)

  21/21 - Henry Townsend
  unknown/unsuccessful (?)

                          Silent Hill Series References

  Some general, non-game-specific references to the Silent Hill series occur
  in SH4.

  Fans make an appearance in this game.  The ceiling fan in room 302 stops
  spinning whenever the room loses its healing effect and becomes possessed.
  You can also see a spinning fan casting a large shadow in the area before Bar
  Southfield in Building World.  Fans are a constant in the Silent Hill games;
  they represent the continuous cycle of the rebirth of the Holy Mother.

  After Building World, examining the picture Henry took of the lighthouse in
  Silent Hill will prompt him to say that there were UFO sightings there
  before.  The UFO ending (in which aliens abduct each Silent Hill protagonist
  and carry them into each game after) was a staple up until Silent Hill 4.
  Harry first encounters the aliens atop the lighthouse in the first game.

                           Silent Hill 1 References

  Where it all began, Silent Hill 4 has some throwbacks to the very first game.

  Steve Garland appears as a ghost in this game since he was Victim 4/21; he is
  generally believed to be Lisa Garland's father.  Lisa was the nurse that took
  care of Alessa and that helped Harry navigate the Otherworld.

  Jasper Gein's t-shirt features Incubus, one of the two possible final bosses.
  The text on the shirt reads "Hades".

  Walter and Alessa were both abused and taken advantage of by the same cult.
  A memo in the remains of Wish House reads "Have you found Alessa yet?  How is
  Walter's progress coming along?"

                           Silent Hill 2 References

  Silent Hill 4 shares the biggest connection to Silent Hill 2 since it is
  where we are first introduced to Walter, albeit through a newspaper in the
  trash.  Jimmy Stone is actually referenced in that article as well; his
  nickname was "the Red Devil" and he was the leader of the Valtiel sect of the
  cult, meaning he was an executioner.  Executioners wore red triangle-shaped
  hoods, hence his nickname.

  Frank Sunderland is the next obvious link; the last name should ring a bell.
  James Sunderland was our anti-hero in Silent Hill 2, and Henry drives the
  link home by telling us that he'd heard Frank's son and daughter-in-law
  (Mary) disappeared in Silent Hill a few years ago.

  If you look at the wall where Joseph tried to tunnel through to Eileen's
  room, you can see something that looks like Pyramid Head.  (Thanks to Zone of
  the Gamers for pointing this one out first.)

  The cave area in Forest World (just before the lake) sports some weird
  something-or-others behind a chain link fence.  They look oddly like the
  mannequin enemies from Silent Hill 2.

  The view of Toluca Lake in Forest World is almost exactly like that at the
  beginning of Silent Hill 2.  Given the factory/forest link (see below), we
  can guess that Henry is on the same side as James was when we first see him.

  In Forest World, you can see Walter's grave.  You could see it in Silent Hill
  2 as well, in a small grassy area between the labyrinth and the factory on
  the edge of the lake.  Seeing as how a smelly factory and Toluca Lake are
  both in walking distance of Walter's grave in Silent Hill 4, we can only
  assume the factory that Henry traipses through is where James and Eddie had
  their fight.

  My favorite ongoing joke in Silent Hill concerns the toilets.  James is
  famous for fearlessly sticking his entire arm down a disgusting toilet just
  because he thinks he sees something in it.  After Building World, Henry will
  spy something in his toilet too, but if you agree to reach in for it, he will
  say he's not brave enough.

  In Henry's back room, Walter has an array of items from Silent Hill 2 on the
  table: an obsidian bowl, a vial of white oil, and a large knife.  The first
  two were items James needed to get the Rebirth ending of the game, in which
  he used a cult ritual to reanimate Mary.  Walter was apparently using the
  same methods to reanimate himself.

                           Silent Hill 3 References

  Eileen has a Robbie the Rabbit doll on her bedside table.  Robbie is the
  mascot for the Lakeside Amusement park, which got the most screen time in
  Silent Hill 3.

  The ceiling trap in the hospital is just like the one Heather encounters in
  the amusement park.  On Hard mode, the trap could kill Heather unless she
  hunkered down; Henry's is completely harmless.

                           Random Trivia/Observations

  There is a town called Ashfield in the state of Massachusetts.  New England
  has always been a fair assumption for the location of Silent Hill games, and
  it looks like a good bet for this one.  Note the radio mentions a Springfield
  Zoo: Ashfield, MA is only thirty-five miles from Springfield, MA.

  In Japan, parents keep the umbilical cord (hesono-o) of their child as a
  symbol of the bond they share.  From a Japanese site on celebrating birth:
  "When the baby's cord dries and falls off, it was put inside a special wooden
  box and kept indefinately.  This signified a well wish for the mother-child
  relationship in the future."  Frank's keeping Walter's umbilical cord would
  seem perfectly rational in Japanese versions of the game (it also goes to
  show how much he cared for the abandoned baby); however, this cultural
  reference did not receive any touch-ups during localization (a hard feat,
  seeing as how it plays a large part in the game), so those not familiar with
  the practice were left scratching their heads.

  Many of the weapons you find throughout the game are significant to Walter's
  previous murders.  Specific examples include:
    - Pistol: Jimmy Stone (1/21) and Eric Walsh (10/21) were shot in the head
    - Sub machine gun: used to shoot up Steve Garland (4/21) and his store
    - Golf clubs: Rick Albert (5/21) was beaten to death with one
    - Steel pipe: George Rosten (6/21) was also beaten to death
    - Rusty axe: Billy (7/21) and Miriam (8/21) Locane were chopped up    

  In the very first room 302 sequence, we are playing as Joseph, who seems to
  be possessing Henry (since it is clearly Henry's room).  All the items he
  describes as missing can be found later in room 302 of the past.  Joseph is
  also very out of touch with the technology of today: he uses a typewriter,
  listens to a record player, and does not know what a stereo is.

  The number Henry tries to dial in the first telephone sequence is 555-2195.

  When looking out of your apartment windows, you can press the A button to
  bang on the window panes.  However, you cannot do this at the front door.

  Cynthia Velasquez appears in Subway World because that is where she first met
  a very scruffy, homeless-looking Walter Sullivan.  Flirting with him and then
  denying him most likely sealed her fate.

  If Cynthia is wearing her extra costume when you first meet her in Subway
  World, she is showing off its rather revealing features by shaking her hips
  while she stands around.

  Every time you enter/leave the restrooms in Subway World, you can hear the
  sound of a wooden something dropping to the floor.

  The two lines in the subway are Lynch and King, named for David Lynch and
  Stephen King, two popular figures in the horror/psychological thriller genre.

  Jasper Gein, Bobby Randolph (2/21), and Sein Martin (3/21) were all friends
  investigating the cult, which was tied to Wish House in the Silent Hill
  woods.  Walter offed Bobby and Sein early on and left Jasper for much later,
  opting to take him out in the woods he and his friends loved to haunt.

  Andrew DeSalvo, routine drinker and child abuser, was hired by the cult to
  watch the kids even though he was not a member himself.  Walter and his
  friends had many run-ins with Andrew, so it's only fitting that he'd get his
  dues in the prison.

  Whenever you are in the cells in Water Prison World, you can hear a guard in
  the central room walking, coughing, and jangling his keys.  You can also see
  his shadow pass over the peephole.

  After Building World, examining the picture of South Ashfield Heights on the
  wall will prompt Henry to say that it is built so those on the inside of the
  U-shaped building can see what their neighbors are doing through the windows.
  He also says there was a movie like that once.  That movie is Rear Window
  (1954), directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

  Walter hates dogs, hence why twisted versions of them are a common enemy type
  and why all of them are dead in the beginning of the first visit to Apartment
  World: Walter killed them all.

  In Hospital World's reception room, you can find a strange memo by the door
  that is nothing but Eileen's name disjointedly repeated over and over.

  In the hospital's doctor's lounge, Henry finds a baby's medical chart that he
  will not take his eyes off of, even though it can't be read and isn't a memo.

  One of the random hospital rooms has a non-hostile wheelchair in it that will
  project a human-shaped shadow on the floor if Henry visits the room alone.
  After he rescues Eileen, the wheelchair and shadow will be gone.

  In Water Prison World the second time around, you can see Walter actively
  attack and kill the Hummers outside the tower.

  In the second visit to Apartment World, there is a gate that separates 303
  and 302.  When outside 302, there are corpses and body parts littering the
  floor outside 303, and when you are outside 303, the body parts will then
  appear in front of 302.  The same holds true for the twitching corpses
  between 202 and 203 and the cages between 206 and 207 (which turn to

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