Silent Hill: Downpour: FAQ/Walkthrough

       ´╗┐Author: Nur_ein_tier 
version 1.20
date: 3/22/12
Alchemilla Hospital, formerly Valtiel's Silent Hill Site

version notes:
v1.2: Added a bunch more the sidequests, still needs some work though. I need
to play through again to get various details from the actual game for the main
walkthrough, so I will be doing that very soon. Already playing through again, 
I mean that I will be typing up more once I've recorded my playthrough. This
guide is my priority right now, and then I will get back to my secrets/easter
egss guide, also on gamefaqs to do more symbolism, themes, secrets, etc. Sorry
it's taking me a while but there is just so much to type! ARGH.

v1.1: This is still incomplete, but I will work on finishing it very soon 
once I've played through all difficulty levels. I will also add more 
ending info in the next version. See also my References/Easter Eggs 
guide, in which I will put all the references, themes, and plot 
analysis after I've finished the walkthrough. I will also add info
on the monsters shortly. 


II..............Side Quests
III..............Endings Guide


Start your game. You can choose game and puzzle difficulty. 

You start out in Ryall Penitentiary. While the credits roll, 
Murphy is riding down in an elevator. He meets the prison guard 
Ryall, who tells him to follow him. You now have congtrol of 
Murphy, so you can walk along behind him. He takes you to the 
showers and waits outside. 

Open the door and go through to the shower area. You can turn 
on the faucets, so go turn on some showers. Eventually a cutscene 
will happen. In the corner, there is a knife. Pick it up. You 
will need to fight Napier, who comes in during the cutscene. The 
knife will stick in him, but you can continue with your fists. 
That was a bit brutal, eh? A cutscene will take over again. Hey, 
it was only a dream? 

You wake up and Sewell is letting you out of your cell again. 
Follow him once more. Eventually you'll end up getting on a bus 
with some fellow inmates for a transfer. A certain female guard 
doesn't seem very fond of you. That's Anne, you'll see more of 
her later. On the bus ride, Murphy has a couple flashbacks that 
gives clues to what's going on in the game. 

The bus driver loses control, and the bus crashes. This is what 
sets the game into motion. You're now free and in the middle of 
the woods. There is a path, follow it.  You'll find that Murphy,
 unlike so many Silent Hill protagonists, has the ability to do 
things like duck under stuff, balance on tree limbs, and squeeze 
through tight spaces. This will come in handy when you find the 
tree bridge. Hey, it's our old friend Anne. A cutscene will take 
place. You'll have two choices, but the result is the same either 
way. Once that's over, you can continue up and find the road. 

Your objective is to find a way out of the area. You'll come to 
a gas station. There's a radio you can turn on if you want to. 
There's also a map to pick up. Now you'll have to learn how 
locks work in the game. You can pick up a heavy item, like a 
brick, and break open locks that have a padlock on them. Beat 
up the lock until it break, and continue through the gate. Boy, 
that would've come in handy in the other games... There's a 
ladder on the side of the gas station. Climb it. You'll pass 
a wheelchair. Then hop down and you'll be back on the ground 
in a new area. Duck under the pile of junk and run around the 
building. Go up the steps and you'll find yourself on the Devil's 
Pitstop ride. Look around. There are some token on the table to 
the right. 

You're told that your objective is to get a ticket, but you don't 
get one right away. Instead, go through the open door and use the 
lever. You'll see some spraks and the ride car will move. Forget 
about the tickets for now, the machine for that is in another area. 
Instead, head back outside and down the steps. Head down the road 
in the othe direction. Head toward the truck. A cutscene will take 
over and you'll meet the postman, Howard. 

Continue to the building. You'll have to break another lock. Get 
used to it. Gothrough the second door into the dining area. Check out 
all the tables for stuff, and then check the cash register. You can 
get into and take some money. You can use money in the jukebox if you 
want, but then continue to the kitchen. You'll smell some gas. Look 
around the room a bit before you do anything. Make a note of things 
like a the valve and the boxes on the wall.

Turn the red valve and you'll ignite the gas you smelled. You need to 
turn on the sprinklers now. They are the red box on the wall, to the 
left of the valve. You might be thinking you can relax now that the 
fire is out. Wrong. While all the weird Otherworld stuff is happening 
around you, now you also have to worry about the water reaching the 
breaker box. If this happens, you will get electrocuted and die. Find 
the box and turn it off. This is another red valve. Now you can go 
through the door into a hallway. You'll get to a door. Go through. 
There's a painting on the wall, and you can turn it. A door will open 
on the wall, but it only stays open for a minute. Go through. If you 
miss it, try again.

Now you'll meet the Void. Run through the hallway. It's kind of Borley 
Haunted Mansion in Silent Hill 3. There are a lot of cages, so knock 
them over with the action button to slow down the Void. Keep running away. 
You can use a button to look behind you, but I can't imagine why you'd want 
to do it. You already know it's right behind you, so what you really 
need to do is run like hell. You'll duck through a hole in the wall. Now 
you're sliding down, and you need to steer Murphy to avoid colliding with
 obstacles. This doesn't last too long, thankfully. You need to avoid 
some fences and a bus. I have no idea how Murphy's clothes survived all
 that. Now you're in a weird room with a rocking chair and phonograph 
playing "Born Free." Go upstairs.There's another red valve. It moves 
all your surrounding around. Turn it and then go to the room just below 
you. Now you can turn the painting to do other weird stuff to your 

Go downstairs, past the phonography, and around the other room until 
you find a way in. Turn the painting. The walls disappears. Continue 
back to the ladder area, and it's void time again. Go upstairs. This 
will keep you going in circlesuntil you move the valve you come to, 
which will open up new places to go. Avoid the dead end after going 
down the steps again, and just keep going ahead. There's a door and 
an inclined area. Now, this is actually the part that really, really 
upset me my first time through. I thought maybe it was like the long 
tunnel in the Historical Society in Silent Hill 2, and I just had to 
keep going. No such luck. This will go on forever. Once the Otherworld 
stuff is over and the Void isn't chasing you anymore, you can simply 
turn around and go back to the diner. 

Phew. Now you'reback in the kitchen. Go through the brown door that 
was locked before. Dont' go upstairs yet. Go down the hall to a room 
with a small table. There's a key there. Another room has a drawer 
containing a piece of wire. There are also various weapons and a medipack. 

The key opens the door upstairs and then you can get to the motel. 
Heading there first is a good idea, because it allows you to get a 
weapon. Look around for drawers you can open as well as open cabinets. 
You can find medipacks in cabinets sometimes. Alway open all the drawers. 
You're looking for a power cord. Go through the rooms until you find the 
one with the dead dog. Continue to the next room where you will find a safe.

Safe puzzle
Basically, you need to pay attention to which dials are trick dials. 
Some will cause other dials to turn, thus messing up the combination. 
Pay attention to these and how many they turn other dials. Another 
problem is they skip numbers. You will have to mess around with them 
until they will go on the right number. This doens't mean immediately; 
but you need to turn the trick dial and then see if you can get the right 
code with the others. I checked the strategy guide for this and its 
solution did not work for me. I'm not saying it's wrong, just that it 
did not work for me on easy or normal riddle modes. I found that I just
 had to mess with them until I got it right. Get the trick dials right 
first. Then mess with the dials that they cause to turn. If you can't 
make those ones land on the right number, move the trick dial again and 
mess with the dials it causes to turn a bit, then try again. Once you 
get those, put the right numbers on the regular dials. You also need to 
do this fairly slowly so you don't trigger the security mechanism. 

The combination is 26351. Once you get that, you can get a gun. 

Go down to the basement. There's a memo on the table you can read. take 
note of the location of the elevator. You can't use it juet yet. Bust 
through the lock on the gate. Continue through and bust another lock. 
Make sure you have a weapon ready. The gun is your best bet. If you try 
to do all this before going upstairs to the hotel, you can't progress. 
The cutscene will not happen. So ignore the basement until you've done 
everything upstairs. The area with the second locked gate is where a 
cutscene takes place and you meet your first monster. Use the gun if you 
want, otherwise there are many weapons lying around this area. 

Now you are able to use the power cord on the elevator to get the hell 
out of the diner. Now you're outside in th motel area. There are a few 
rooms you can explore. There is a bed with some clothes on it, and Murphy 
can change into these new clothes. They contain a badge and a key, as well. 
Go into the next room. There is stuff in the refridgerators if you want to 
carry around a weapon. Look out for the medipack on one of the shelves. 
What you need to do now is find the generator outside. There are some 
enemies in that area, so be on your toes. You can turn on the generator 
and then head into the warehouse-type room. This has a Jailbreak game in 
it, and that's how you get the free ticket.

Jailbreak Game

Use you game tokens on the game machine. The water level rises, and 
you need to get the red and green balls into the appropriately-colored 
holes at the time. Start the game. The water is rising, and you can steer
the ball back and forth. When you get all the balls in the right holes, 
you will get a ticket. You can keep playing until you get it right. 

Head back out. Between two building, there are some barrels infront of 
a gate, You can squeeze through to get to the gate. You'll need something
 to break the lock with, of course. He;ll push open the gate and you can 
run down the street. There are enemies around. You can save time and 
health by just running away. Now you're headed back to the Devil's 
putstop ride. Go up the hill and up the stairs of the building. 
Use the ticket you got from the game on the blue box and go through 
the gate and into the car. You'll ride the monorail for a while. Just 
sit back and relax for a moment. 

Your next objective is to find a way into town. Go through the building 
about down the stairs. Look for any items in cabinets, check out the 
toilets if you want (they flush), and get the lighter in the workroom. 
There's a boarded up door. Find the hatchet on the other side of the 
room and break through the boards to open the door to the outside area. 
Now there's another door to break. There's a key on a shelf across from 
the electrical boxes. Go upstairs and use the key n the door. Go through 
the door to trigger a cutscene. Now you'll meet JP. After the cutscene,
follow the path down to the train. Go through the other door form the deck
and take the elevator down. Watch out dfor enemies when you go downstairs.
running is your best bet here, since there are multiple enemies. Go across
the bridge. Predictably, it does not hold. Hold on and then climb back up. 
This is a terrible game if you're afraid of hights like me... There's a valve 
to turn in the first area. Then you can pick up a hatchet to get through a 
boarded up door. 
Find the stairs going up next to a door. You'll come to an area with three
valves. Look overhead and there are some water troughs. Moving them around
will divert the flow of the water from the wheel on the left to the right.
Start with the left and move it until the water is flowing onto it. Then 
move on the the next two and head back over the bridge where the steps are.
Now there's a hole you can go through.

To be continued....

 Bank Side Quest

Go to the bank in Pearl Creek, on Brite and Lansdale. 

Get the weapons and items, then head to the vault. Try to get into the 
safety deposti boxes. You'll set off the alarm. Go back to the first floor.
This is the same in all difficulty levels. Kill one screamer, then you can
open a safety deposit box to get a medipack. Then kill 2 screamers to get 
pistol bullets. Defeat another screamer and a brawler to a Colt gun. 
Defeat 2 brawlers and then you get pistol bullets. 
Then defeat one of each enemy to get three medipacks. 
Homeless Side Quest
Go the tunnel's east entrance from Laymond Ave. 
Go past the barrels to find
a homeless dude. Talk to him. 

Find him some food.
Easy: Go to the vending machine on Brite and Laymond.
Normal: The vending machine is on the south end of Cook.
Hard: go to the alley south of Cook.

If you don't have any money, you'll need to get some at the movie theater.
Buy the homeless dude a chocolate bar and give it to him. He'll unlock a 
door for you. 

Get the dude a coat.
There's a thrift store in Chastain Heights. Depending on the difficulty 
the coat could be near the cash register (easy), in the storage room (normal),
or in the back of the storage room (hard). Give it to the guy, then he'll
ask for a fishing rod. 

Fishing rod
Easy: It's near the center of the docks.
Normal: Just outside of the Pleasant river underground entrance, in 
the spillway.
Hard: East edge of the docks, on the narrow boardwalk.

Give him the rod and he will unlock the entrances to Pleasant River 
and Port district. 

Art collector side Quest

Start at the Pearl Creek Art Gallery, south of the Centennial Building.

Find the paintings. 
1. Despair: Hillside Police Dept, through the barricaded door.
2. Sunrise: booth inside Hillisde underground entrance.
3. Wonder. Apartment building, ground floor kitchen.
4. Certainly. Storage until on Laymond.
5. Hope. Chaistain Heights, hardware store east of 
St. Maria's Monastery. There's a key in the cash register to open the 
door, then you need to move a crate to find the painting.
6. Freedom: Pleasant River, west end of Rice St. in the van.

Go back to the gallery to arrange the paintings. Move them around to 
make a picture. Use the UV light to reveal a town map. 

Find the treasure.
Go to Monroe Cemetery, near St. Maria's Monastery. 
There's a ladder leading
underground in the crypts. Go to the locked gate. 

Easy: There is one activagted tile, one marked with blood. Activate the
marked tile and identify the pictures from memory.
Normal: No tiles are activated, one is marked in blood. 
Activate the marked tile and idetify the pictures.
Hard: No activated tiles and no markings. Identify 
the four pictures from 
Cinema Side Quest

Chastian Heights cinema
Easy/Normal: House on the Lake reel can be found on a coat check counter
Hard: Reel is found behind concession counter in a darkened room.

Easy/Normal: The Silent Children reel is found in a small room. Look in 
the stalls. Then go through the hole in the wall to the theater and go
down to the dfront of the theater. The steps on the left lead to the room.
Hard: "The Silent Children" reel is 
found by taking the steps to the poster
storage room and it's on the floor near the back row.

The Secret of the Attic reel is founf to the room to the right of
the projector in all difficulty levels. 

Repair the projector
Go into the projection room. On easy mode, 
the spare bulb is in the storage
room. In normal/hard, it's in the hardware 
store east of the Monastery behind
the registers on a shelf. 

Play the reels to get the access code 9241. 
Enter the code. Go through the
dock that unlocked and run down to the screen and enter the picture. 

Once insid, find the reward by going down the 
sidewalk to the right. Go in
the house and open the door on the left. 
Grad the wooden crank and head 
the door at the end of the hall. Continue to a 
larger room. Put the crank
in the box and turn it. Take the key and climb 
the ladder in the corner. Go
up to the attic and use the key on the trunk 
to get a golden gun and 2 
boxes of ammo. 

Start in the 2 story apartment building in Chastain Heights, south of the
movie theater.

Release ladderL: you need to pull down the ladder from the fire escape by using
a hook from across the street. The doors with red shutters are near the hook. 
Pull down the ladder and climb in the window. 

Fix Gramophone:
-First part is in the 2nd floor children's room.
-Second part is in the bedroom across from the bathroom. 
Get the record off
the dresser. 

Go back to the gramophone. Insert the crank 
and put the record on until a
spirit comes from the portrait. It will attack. 
Use your lighter to destroy
the portrait. 

Shadow Play
You need to collect the four pieces and the tokens. 

Start in the loft near the north end of Chasaint Heights. Enter the building
and climb upstairs. Light the candles on the table at the top of the map. 
You can now see the locations of symbols across town. 

Soul Eye Fragment
This is on the chair. Go across the room 
to see the symbol on the wall. Put
the fragment where it matches the shape, then aim the UVlight at the wall. 
Rotate it to match, then turn on your flashlight. Adjust your position until
the shadow from the fragment fills the 
space of the hidden shape. When the 
symbol is complete, it will transform into a token.

Healing fragment
This is at the southwest corner of Pearl Creek, at the corner of Cook and
Lansdale. Take it to the shadow symbol in the park at the interse tion's 
southeast corner. Rotate the fragment to match one of the missing shapes,
then turn on your flashlishlight and move your shadow around to complete
the symbol to get the token from the barrel. 

Enlightenment Fragment
This is in the construction site in Pearl Creek, between Lansdale and
Laymond. Take it to the base inside Pearl Creek underground entrance. Rotate
it to match the hidden shape, then use your flashlight as before to complete
the symbol and get a token. 

Four Fragment:
This is on the north edge of Chastain JHeights, near where you started the
side quest. Take it to the south alley and complete the symbol as before. Get
the token from the cardboard box. 

Solve the map puzzle in the loft
After you get all the tokens, you need to put them on the map in the loft.
Place it on the symbol that it corresponds to, and a demon statue will appear.

Ashes to Ashes
Start in the 2 story house near the docks in Pleasant River. Go upstairs 
and open the first door and enter the master bedroom.
Pick up the urn. Exit
the house and go left. At the end of the building, 
go through the gate and
follow the path to the docks. Look at the bench on the pier and select the
urn from your inventory. There will be a cut scene. Then there will be
numbers on the bench. The numbers are for the safe in the building where
you got the urn. 

Dead Man's Hand
House in Pleasant River, south of Rice St. Follow the narrow path east
of the spillway. Go through the yard at the end of the path and go in
the house. Go up to the body in the utility room and take the stairs to
the basement. There are corridors underground here. On easy, you can just 
turn on the UV light to follow the trail to the heart. Otherwise, climb
down the ladder and follow the path to reach a 3 way intersection. The
path on the right leads to the heart. Pay attention to landmarks to avoid
getting lost. Keep the right to find it most easily. There is a gate near
the end, go through and follow the walkway. Take the heart and go 
all the wayback to the ladder. Get back to the utility room 
and put the heart in the

Mirror Mirror
Start in Port District, west of the King Ave brige. Go in the house to
the mirror in the living room.You need to adjust the location of items in
the room to match the mirror's reflection: a portrait, a dresser, a TV, a
lamp, and a candle. It will cycle through 5 reflections. During each, you
must activate the right object. Turn the lamp on, open the dresser drawer,
turn on the TV, rotate the portrait, and light the candle. If done right,
the mirror will break and you'll get some items. If you fail for too long,
an invisible monster will come into the room (I almost wrote that he appears,
but that wouldn't be accurate.)

Digging up the past
Yopu can't do this quest until you've already beat the game once. Use the 
shovels in the town to activate the digging sites. 

1. Hillside neighborhood, north of Straub St in the yard. There's a shovel
in a nearby shack.
2. Border of Hillside and Pearl Creek. There's a shovel just outside of the'
police station yard.
3. Pearl Creek park south of Cook St. There's a shovel on Cook and Lansdale.
4. Logan's Park, between Pearl Creek and Chastain Heights. 
There's a shovel near the Pearl Creek entrance. 
5. Chastain Heights, small park west of theater. There's a shovel near the
Chastain Heights underground entrance. 
6. St. Maria's Monastery in the yard. 
7. Small yard in the port district in the southeast corner. There's a shovel
near a truck on Ketchum St. 

Collecting all the artifacts unlocks the secret ending. 

Coming soon. 

IV. Thanks
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