Spider-Man: Web of Shadows: FAQ/Walkthrough


Spider-Man: Web of Shadows ~PSIII~
Walkthrough Guide
By: Ashurii


Table of Contents

01.) Introduction.....................................[WoSINTRO]
02.) Copyright Notice(s)..............................[WoSCRNOTE]
03.) Contact Information..............................[WoSCINFO]
04.) Version History..................................[WoSVERSION]
05.) Allies...........................................[WoSALLY]
06.) Gameplay Basics..................................[WoSBASICS]
07.) Walkthrough......................................[WoSGUIDE]
08.) Optional Missions................................[WoSOPTMISS]
09.) Credits/Thanks...................................[WoSCREDS]


01.) Introduction.....................................[WoSINTRO]

   My newest GameFAQs Walkthrough FAQs. Yay!! This is my attempt to make a
more complete walkthrough, but only time will tell if I have succeeded. ^_~
   The tags and CTRL+F are good things to use, so you won't be scrolling and 
straining your eyes. xD


02.) Copyright Notice(s)..............................[WoSCRNOTE]

   This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.


03.) Contact Information..............................[WoSCINFO]

   If you have any questions not covered here or see an error on my part,
feel free to e-mail with a subject regarding said issue at
HanakuroRose(at)aol(dot)com. If it is not clear in the subject line, it may
end up in my virtual trashcan.


04.) Version History..................................[WoSVERSION]

   Version 1.00 (03/29/2009) - This should completely cover the game, barring
                               anything that needs slight tweaking or any
                               release of DLC from the PSN. This might work on
                               XBox 360. You're welcome to try, but since I
                               have a PSIII, the controls here are for it. ^^


05.) Allies...........................................[WoSALLY]

     As you progress through the game, you will run into different characters
to ally with yourself. You will have to defeat them in a fight or catch them in
a race (of sorts) in order to impress them into servitude. Each one is aligned
with either the Red Suit Spidey or the Black Suit Spidey. Whichever one you
have more points with makes them loyal to either the Black or the Red

1. Black Cat - Agile, nimble, and hot!! Makes for a great teammate
2. Electro - Always useful for sparking interest in your foes
3. Luke Cage - He'll whip you into shape and break some head in the process
4. Moon Knight - A knight with a huge arsenal and the cape don't hurt either
5. Rhino - I've seen higher IQs on a doorknob, but you can't argue with results
6. Vulture - A rooftop wonder with blades of steel
7. Wolverine - Everyone's favorite evil shedder with rage issues


06.) Gameplay Basics..................................[WoSBASICS]


Suit Switching

Press L3 to switch between suits at any time. Each has their own pros and cons,
although to be fair one really rises over the other, no??

Red Suit Spidey - Your original Spidey that will subdue the enemies unti the
                  cops come for the perp

Black Suit Spidey - A Spidey with a eye for mayhem, not to mention the want to
                    throw cars at people

Spidey's Moves

Web Strike - Pressing L2 will start the Web Strike which can be followed by
             other moves

Special Attacks - Pressing and holding R1 then pressing Triangle, Square, or
                  Circle will give you access to Spidey's Specials. These will
                  eat away at Spidey's Special Meter, however

Web Swinging - To shoot and swing on a web, press and hold R2 and release the
               button to release the line. Hold X while swinging to increase

Wall Crawling and Web Zipping - Press L1 to crawl up the walls and tap R2 for a
                                Web Zip. Hold X to increase speed

Spidey Sense - Press and hold L2 to fire up your Spidey Sense to try and
               prevent ambushes and the such


07.) Walkthrough......................................[WoSGUIDE]


Before we start, let's clear up a few things, shall we?? First, this should be
something any gamer should be aware of which is Experience makes Spidey and his
abilities stronger, so don't pass up the chance for it. Second, collect Spider
Tokens. These are found everywhere in New York, but mainly in out of the way
spots like high towers and the such. You can reach Level 10 only (by collecting
a thousand of the little guys). You also get a boost to your Health and Special
Bars for collecting these. Lastly, let's get down to the meat and potatoes of
the subject: Missions


Your first mission in Prelude is to land the smackdown on some Symbiotes. In
order to do this, head to the yellow dot on your map in the upper left hand
corner of the screen. Swing through the city, until you see a column of yellow
light shooting straight up into the sky. Once there, you come face to face with
the Symbiotes. Start beating them up using the Square button. You must defeat
them all before you can move on to the next checkpoint. Now you learn to Web
Zip by tapping R2. Once you've done this right, you can move on to learn the
Wall Attack. There are some Symbiotes on the wall. Approach them and beat them
down by mashing the Square button repeatedly until they are beaten to a pulp.
In the next lesson, you find the final Symbiote is on the ground. Go to the
ground and defeat him. You'll learn to Wall Crawl. When on the wall, there are
new Symbiotes coming at you on the wall. Beat them down with the Square button.
Saving Civilians is the next lesson for Spidey. Rescue the Injured Shield Agent
is your next mission. Follow the yellow indicator on your map as before. You
arrive on scene as Shield Agents are being attacked by Symbiotes. Rescue them
by pummeling more Symbiotes. Your next mission is to destroy a Pod on a wall.
Wall Crawl and use the Wall Slide into striking range of the Pod. After this,
beat the pod by repeatedly pressing Square. If you happen to get thrown, Web
Zip to get back to the target.


This mission begins with a cutscene, then learning to grab and throw cars (Make
sure your targeting your enemy when you pick up a car, cause you have no choice
but to throw it that way. To do this you must be in the Black Suit. Press L3 to
change to the Black Suit Spidey. Approach a vehicle and press Circle. Spidey
will pick up and hurl the car at an enemy. Defeating Venom is up next. Attack
with Square and block Venom's attack with R1. Venom (and most bosses) will
attack with a three-hit combo. Simply block and wait for him to complete his
combo, then hit with your own combo. After you deliver a flurry of jabs, be
sure to block again. Continue this pattern until Venom is defeated. Now that
you've had the mandatory fight with Venom that seems required in ANY of Spider
Man game, stop him from getting to MJ. In order to do this, pick up lotsa cars
and throw them his direction. Two direct hits will keep Venom away and complete
this mission. Now, use your Web Swinging to follow the ambulance to the


Your next mission is a transitional one, as you must Stop Street Crime. There
are thugs fighting below you. Jump down and beat them up. After you do this,
you meet up with Luke Cage. In your next mission, you must stop five crimes. In
order to do this, swing around the city and look at your map closely. When you
see an icon on the map for a crime, go to that location. Upon arrival, beat up
the thugs and continue looking for new crimes until you complete your missin of
five. You also discover Spider Token number one. When you collect it, you
receive your very first level up. Find Luke Cage by following the yellow icon
on your map. Speak to Luke Cage and accept the mission his gives you. This
mission talks for itself, so just follow the yellow icon on your map.


In this mission, you will learn to use your Spidey Sense which creates shadows
of your enemies onscreen. Your next mission is to target four enemies. Follow
the onscreen instructions, using L2 to initiate your Spidey Sense. Once you've
learned to target enemies, your next mission is to stop four enemies. Use your
Spidey Sense and combat skills to easily complete this mission. After this, you
must Spidey Sense ten thugs. To do this, swing around New York while holding
L2. Mission completed. Luke Cage will now teach you how to Web Strike your
foes. Follow Luke's instructions here and get it over with, because you ain't
going anywhere until you do. ove correctly. After you master this skill, you
learn how to Over Counter a foe. When you attempt a Web Strike and your target
displays a Broken Web icon, this means that your opponent will block your
attack. To protect against this, you must either abort your attack (which is
pressing X after the first Triangle press) or Over Counter (which is a press
and hold the Triangle button instead of the two presses to Counter). You get
Luke Cage as your first ally. Who would have guessed?? xP


Here, you learn to chain your Web Strikes from opponent to opponent. Take this
info and Chain three enemies, four enemies, and then six enemies. After
completing this mission, you have the Web skills to take on all sorts of
enemies. Getting this tactic down is key to this game. Now, head to the Rolling
7's Hideout.


You must protect the Gas Station, before the gangs destroy it. The gangsters
ride around the block in their cars, firing at each other and the gas station.
Web Swing after them, using your Spidey Sense to lock them as a target. Web
Attack the car, either destroying it or flipping it over. You can also pick up
and throw the cars, just don't pitch them into the flammable gas station. xD;;
After you destroy one car, move on to the next. Keep an eye on the meter that
shows the health of the gas station. 


Follow the yellow light back to Luke Cage. He'll teach you how to Swing Kick by
jumping forward then holding R2 then pressing Square when you approach your
target. Your next missions are to Swing Kick the 1st set of thugs, Swing Kick
the 2nd set of thugs, and Swing Kick a 3rd (and final) set of thugs. When
you're done with this, accept the optional mission: Swing Kick 10 thugs.
Alhtough considered optional, these missions MUST be done in this scene to move
the game forward. When done, select the next optional mission: Wrecking Low
Riders - Take Out 5 Gang Vehicles. Now you can start the mission Go to Park Av


And for the love of all that is holy, it is NOT Tony Danza. xD Your first
mission is to Confront Park Ave Leader, so follow the yellow light to the
meeting place. You must defeat all thugs before you can speak with the Gang
Leader. Luke Cage points out the groups (as apparently Spidey's not bright
enough to know) and use your Swing Kick to take them out. After the snot has
been outta them all, talk to the Gang Leader and head to Go to Parley.


In this mission, the Kingpin's soldiers will be on the roof of the buildings
surrounding the park. You must defeat all them all. To do so, chain together
your Web Strikes going from shooter to shooter. When a shooter is too far away
to chain into your Web Strike, use your Web Zip to get closer, then use Web
Strike and begin chaining your attacks anew. It will take a couple of laps
around the buildings to take them out. Go to the Parley and when complete, you
must Eliminate Eight Enemies. Complete this and decide which path you will
choose. When you've made your choice, Go to Kingpin Tower.


Do Not Let Black Cat Escape by using your Web Zip to keep up with her, then
using your Wall Sprint by hitting R1. Follow her up the side of the building.
For Black Cat's Big Heist, you must defeat Black Cat's Escorts. You should be
able to handle them easily by using your Web Strikes and working on your Abort
and Over Counter Next on the agenda, you must defeat Black Cat. Black Cat (like
most of the bosses) will attack with a three hit combo. You can block this with
R1 or attempt to counter by pressing R1 just before one of the strikes in that
combo. This is risky, but the higher the risk the better the reward. Continue
to deal with Black Cat's Escorts chain them together with Web Strikes and get
closer to Black Cat. You must fight Black Cat on the walls as well. Use the
Wall Slide to close distance and Square to start comboing on her. After you
defeat Black Cat, you  will confront Black Cat. Just follow the red icon on
your map, and it will lead you straight to her. You have an opportunity to
choose a path. Next, you must hunt Kingpin's men. Your first mission is to
beat ten Tech Heavies and destroy five Wall Drills. Look for the Large Round
icons glowing red with a white ring around them, as they point out Tech Heavies
and Wall Drills and/or use your Spidey Sense. When you spot a group of Tech
Heavies and a Wall Drill, Wall Slide the Wall Drill. A clear shot can take a
drill out. After completing this mission, move on to Glider Tech. You need to
find an Intact Glider Component. To do this, you have to defeat Glider Troops.
Use your map and your Spidey Sense to find Glider Troops. They will always come
from above, so stay high in the air. You must defeat two or three groups (I
can't remember...) in order to get the Tech and complete the mission. Onward to
the Daily Bugle!!


Your first mission here is to Investigate the Commotion. Follow the yellow icon
on your map to the courthouse. You need to reach it within a time limit, so
don't stop for ANYTHING!! Once at the courthouse you must defeat some Tech
Enemies, defeat some Bombers and Take the Bombs to the Disposal Units. Web
Strike the Tech Enemies and chain your attacks as per usual. Use your Spidey
Sense to detect the bombs planted on the courthouse walls. Look for a blue dot
on your map and a blue column of light rising up from the bomb. Just touching
the bomb picks it up. Then, look for another blue dot on your map, which is the
bomb disposal unit and simply swing over the disposal unit to deposit the bomb.
Now, you are tasked to Destroy Mechs. Pick up a car and throw it at the Mech.
If there are no cars around, you need to lure the Mech to a street where there
are cars. Hit the Mech with a car, then stand in front of the Mech and hit
Square to trigger the Quick Time Event. Hit the Mech with another car, then
stand in front of the Mech, hitting X repeatedly. Spidey will pull open the
Mech, toss the pilot out of harm's way, and start the self destruct mechanism.
If this proves bothersome, you can kill the Mech by hitting it with another
car. Take out two and the mission's yours.


This is a Boss Battle, in which you must defeat the Vulture. In this battle,
use your Web Strikes, but Vulture will usually counter your first attack. Abort
your Web Attack and quickly initiate another. Keep doing this until you catch
him with a web that he doesn't counter. attackaceful and effective. When
Vulture's blade wings separate, Abort your web strike. Keep starting and
Aborting your attacks, until the wings come back together again. You must evade
his feathery blades after a few attacks. Gliders support the Vulture in this
battle. Use them to get close to Vulture by chaining together Web Attacks. Use
the Gliders as stepping stones to get to the Vulture, then start the attack
process on Vulture again. Once defeated, a Quick Time Event is triggered.
Follow the buttons to finish off the Vulture. Now, find Kingpin's Staging Area.


Follow the yellow dot on your map to Kingpin's staging area. Once there, you
must eliminate his Henchmen, clear his Tech Soldiers on the roof, and defeat
some deranged civilians. Using the Black Suit Spidey's tentacle attacks is a
great way to clear out lots of enemies quickly.


This mission is a Boss Battle with Wolverine. Wolverine attacks you because
you're wearing the Black Suit. He thinks that you're one of the Symbiotes
terrorizing New York. Wolverine (like most bosses) will attack you with a three
hit combo. Block all three or try blocking each blow to trigger your Counter
An effective way to beat Wolverine is using Web Strikes, aborting when he
counters or by Over Countering his counter. Make sure to block!! As the battle
lingers on, you are asked a series of questions by Wolverine to determine if
you're the real Spidey and not a cheap imitation. There is no payoff for
answering the questions correctly. You still have to fight Wolvie until you
defeat him. Here are the answers, if you really want them:
-Richard and Mary
-Ned Leeds
-Battle World
-A Mutant
-Aunt May
You'll both soon be attacked by deranged civilians. Smacking Wolvie around
during this will earing you some Black Suit Points.


For this mission, you must Defeat Hidden Symbiotes. Wolverine can smell when a
Symbiote has taken over of a person. Defeat the Symbiotes that he points out to
you. Follow Wolvie (staying real close to him) to find and defeat more
Symbiotes. You must Investigate a Car Accident, go to the yellow dpt on your
map. After you investigate the accident, Go to the Hospital. Once there Defeat
Hidden Symbiotes at the Hospital. Use Black Suit Spidey to make short work of
the Hidden Symbiotes. Now that you've warmed up on Hidden Symbiotes, go Hunt
Venom Down.


Use your Black Suit Spidey Sense to drive out more Hidden Symbiotes and defeat
them. Now, track down Venom stop him. Use the same techniques you've been using
so far and you should do fine. You'll now encounter the Symbiote Pods. Destroy
them. The pods will almost always counter a Web Attack, so Abort and redo. 
Battling the pods is a good time to practice your Over Counter some more.
Remember to press and hold the Triangle Button instead of just tapping it. When
you've destroyed the pods, you must Defeat Venom. Just do the same old same
old, or throw a Buick or two at him.


In this mission, you must Go After Electro. Once Electro is within range, you
can always Web Strike him, even while you're chasing him. Web Strike and Abort,
when Electro counters, attack some more or when Electro is at Max Charge.
Electro will lead you to a set of train tracks between two buildings and set
electric traps. Avoid these while doing battle with Electro. The bolts will
shock you good... Just continue the Web Strike Strategy (this is what we'll
call it from now on) and defeat Electro no problems. When Electro is well done,
you're given two optional Defeat the Symbiotes missions. You must complete
these missions before you can move on.


After you choose between riding with Vulture or Moon Knight, you must Find a
Way to Jump Through the Prison Walls. The cutscene will direct you to a control
room that opens  the prison walls. Jump up on the wall, take out the guards,
and go inside the room to open the doors. Use Web Strike to get onto Rhino's
back. When you press Circle, Rhino will be released. Follow the instructions
on how to ride the Rhino. Run Rhino through everything possible, but beware of
land mines. When you reach the next prison yard, you need to go into another
control room and press the green button. Now ride Rhino into the Recreation
Yard. Use him to destroy the Generators, but once again, be wary of land mines.
Three of the things, and your Spider Toast. Take your Rhino Ride into the
C-Block hallway and bust all the way through to the bars. Dismount and hit the
green button to free the Tinkerer.


Using the Black Suit Spidey, Web Zip/Swing along the path of the arrows laid
out on the ground. Whip some Symbiotes into shape with the Black Tentacles.
Once you escort them out, you must Escort 3 APC's before you can move to the
next mission.


The first thing to do is to Disable the Lower Generators. First, you must
defeat the Tech Soldiers that are protecting the spire. Once you've done that,
climb over the top of the generator assembly and begin pressing Square. Spidey
will pull out the needle and insert it upside down in the generator. Swing
around the building to the second generator. Do the same thing for the second
one and for the Upper Generators. Clear the Rooftop, making your way up the
building, and defeat all the Symbiotes before they are able to open the door to
Kingpin's lair.


First order of business: Enable the Upper Generator. You face a good amount of
resistance doing this, so use Wall Attacks to kill as many Symbiotes as you
possibly can. When you've enabled the Upper Generator, quickly go down to the
First Lower Generator. Defeat the Symbiotes and enable the Generator in the
same fashion as you disabled it. When you get the message to defend the Upper 
Generator, head straight there. This is a tougher fight than last time. Use
your powerful attacks, then head back down to enable the 2nd Lower Generator. 


Follow or stand on the Hovercraft. They take you to the rooftop where you have
to defend it against the Electrolings. These suckers are not easy. Black Suit
Spidey's Tendril Choke is a great tool here. Once you know how to defeat them,
you must defeat more. Defeat 15 Electrolings and Destroy 5 Electropods. You
must find the Electrolings and Pods, but this shouldn't prove difficult. You
find that they are everywhere. When you've defeated enough Pods and
Electrolings, go to Black Cat. Upon finding Black Cat, you must Locate the
Source of the Electroling threat. You really shouldn't be surprised to find out
who's behind it all.


Defeat three Electrolings by using Web Strike Strategy and Over Counters. Then,
you must destroy the Pods, of course, using the same tactics. If you can get
close enough, without getting hit by Electroling attacks, beat the pods to
death with Square attacks. After a short while, you are faced with Electro
Venom. Use the same tactics from the Electropods. When Electro Venom is weak,
four more Electropods will appear. Go take them out, then go back to fighting
Electro Venom. When Electro Venom is kaput, you get the Shocker Sample towards
the Collect Symbiote Samples optional mission.Now, Go to Black Widow back, at
Stark Industries, for the next mission.


The start of this mission is timed, so don't dawdle getting to the first
locale. Upon arrivial, you find a group of armed civilians. A wave of Symbiotes
attacks shortly. Fight them off without getting too far away from the
civilians. When the Airlift arrives, position yourself between the civilians
and the airlift and attack/defend the area. When all the civilians are
successfully on the craft, you will have to perform two more rooftop evacs
before you can move on. Look for the white stars on your map for the other
sites. The missions begin at ground level where you find the yellow towers of
light. Once you're there, you hear the airlift team over their radios. Get to
the rooftops post haste.


Follow the hovercrafts to the infected rooftops. Once there, protect the SHIELD
Agents on the roof by defeating the Vulturelings. Defeating Vulturelings and
the Kingpin's Glider guys is the same thing. Now, off to Moon Knight's roof to
defeat more Vulturelings. After defeating them and leaving Moon Knight's roof,
you must Defeat 30 Vulturelings and 10 Vulture Pods. Use the map and your
Spidey Sense to find them and take them out. When you're finished, go to the
SHIELD Safe Zone.


This mission is straight forward. Defend the safe zone. Each shield generator
will come under attack by Symbiotes. Swing from generator to generator taking
out the Symbiotes before they are able to kill the shield generators. As the
battle rages on, Spidey decides it's time to Call in Air Strike. Follow your
map or just head for the green tents that are off behind where you usually meet
the Black Widow. When you reach the right tent, walk to the hologram and call
in the air strike. While you wait for the air strike, defeat the Berserker
Symbiotes that have invaded the safe zone. Berserkers are of a larger variety,
so you must use a Block and Attack tactic take them out. Before long, the air
strike is on and this mission is over. Now go Meet MJ in Harlem.


Head for the church for the next Boss Battle.


Ringing the church bell pushes back the Symbiotes and gives you and Wolverine
a bit of space. When the church get swarmed, go to the roof and ring the bell.
Stand about a fourth of the roof's distance away from the bell and shoot Web
Balls at it. If you have the Web Shots leveled up enough, you will go into
a rapid fire and ring the bell fast enough to push the Symbiotes back faster
than usual. When you're not ringing the bell, take out as many Symbiotes as you
can. Defeat 20 Symbiotes and the first part of this mission is done. Next,
Wolverine is attacked by a Symbiote, thus this will give birth to Symbiote
Wolverine. Defeat him with the Web Strike Strategy. Then, when close enough on
the ground, defend against it's 3-hit combo and try to execute your Counter.
Now return to Harlem.


Escort the Group to 1st SHIELD Security Zone. Follow the same illuminated path
that the vehicles will follow. Use Web Swing Kick and Web Strikes to take out
Symbiotes along the way and keep the convoy moving until you reach the first
checkpoint. As you escort the Group to the 2nd Security Zone, you must destroy
3 pods in the road. Use your Web Strike and Over Counter to handle them fast or
use Black Suit Spidey with Square combo and Tendril Whip combo finisher.
Remember to keep your eyes on the damage meters for the vehicles in the convoy.
You may have to go back to the school bus and knock off Symbiote clinging to
it. Escort the Group to 3rd Security Zone. In this part of the mission, you
actually assist the Agents at the 3rd zone with getting the shield working.
Follow the icon on your map to the zone and assist the agents by defeating the
attacking Symbiotes. When you've helped the agents, swing back to the convoy
and lead them into the zone. Escort the Group to 4th Security Zone. As with
Zone 3, you help the agents... again. Swing through the alley right in front of
you to get to the zone. Help the agents by defeating more Symbiotes and head
back to the convoy to lead them to the 4th zone.


I like the sound of this chapter. xD When you find Symbiote Black Cat, attack
her on the side of a building. The damage you dish out is much better there.
When she disappears, she will reappear on the roof. Head there when you lose
sight of her. On the roof, use the Web Strike Strategy to get shots at her. You
also have to keep Mary Jane safe, so use Black Suit Spidey to take out the
hordes of Symbiotes that attack you and MJ. Make sure to keep attacking
Symbiote Black Cat when MJ has things under control. Take the fight to the
Symbiotes when you can to keep them from swarming. The more you take out, the
easier the mission will become for you. Catch up to Symbiote Black Cat and take
her out. Head to Kingpin tower at this point.


Now to beat the Symbiote Vulture. Start by Web Striking the Vulturelings and
stringing the attacks together. When you are close enough to Symbiote Vulture,
focus on him. Yes, use the Web Strike Strategy. Vulturelings, Round Two. Battle
them the same way, until you can get close to the Symbiote Vulture and can
attack him again. After he is weakened, fighter jets will swoop in to help in
the battle. Now, the Symbiote Vulture is in the sky by himself and surrounded
by SHIELD hovercrafts. It will be more difficult to stay in the fight with the
Symbiote Vulture with no Vulturelings to chain to him. When you fall down, Web
Zip back up or Web Swing upward until he's in range again. After fighting the
Symbiote Vulture and falling a few times, you should defeat him with the Web
Strike Strategy. This will trigger a Quick Time Event. Follow the onscreen
prompts to finish off the Symbiote Vulture for good.


Jump from the Hovercraft to the yellow column of light on the SHIELD
Hovercarrier. This is the first Jamming Device. Approach it and press X
repeatedly. When Spidey tears open the shell,  press X again to destroy it.
Move on to the next column of light at the back of the ship and destroy both
Jamming Devices. Next, defeat three Bomb Guards in two minutes. Once you have
defeated the Guards, stand in front of the missile rack and take the bomb.
Place the bomb on top of the gun turret on the forward part of the deck. Don't
waste your time fighting. Once you've planted the bomb, you'll have to keep the
process going at the next yellow column of light. Place this bomb underneath
the SHIELD carrier. Time to say hello to Venom Monster. Yay... Swing around the
Venom Monster and try to stay around it's top of it. Keep out of the range of
its attacks at all possible. Use your Spidey Sense to lock on to it's head. If
it doesn't lock on right off, just remember you can select targets with the
right analog stick. Look for the smaller Venom Head, which means that it is
out and ripe for the picking. Use Web Strike Strategy like any other fight and
pressing Square when you land on it's head. You must punch each head 3 times in
order to take it down. When the heads are all gone, you face Venom in a final
showdown that consists a huge Quick Time Event. You will end up hitting all
buttons at least once, so stay sharp Spidey. It might take a couple of tries,
but you'll get it soon enough. All that's left is to choose your final path.
You're the only one that knows if you will tread the path that is right to you.


New Game Plus - Finishing on the Black Suit Spidey's path will let you start
your game again with your experience and moves intact.


08.) Optional Missions................................[WoSOPTMISS]


Here's the optional missions, just so you know. ^_~


01. Thug Bashing - Beat up some thugs, Web Slinger.

02. Swing Kick 10 Thugs - Great practice for your Web Swing Kick by swinging in
                          and kicking the snot out the groups of thugs.

03. Take Out 5 Gang Vehicles -  Web Attack the roofs of the vehicles and use
                                Square to defeat them.

04. Save 3 Civilians - Beat Symbiotes off the roof of a car or grab a civilian
                       out of the air of an explosion. You can also defeat the
                       Symbiotes that may be chasing a civilian(s).

05. Defeat 50 of Kingpin's Paratroops - Use your Spidey Skills to take out
                                        these henchmen.

06. Defeat the Symbiotes - Defeat symbiotes, using Black Suit Spidey's Spidey
                           Sense to find them.

07. Find Symbiote Samples - Defeat the Hybrid Symbiotes in order to collect
                            samples. There are 6 in all. Defeat the Hybrid
                            Symbiotes wherever you find them as well as in Boss
                            Battles and collect all six.

08. Civilian Assist - Help civilians get to the safe zones and save them when
                      they need it.

09. Symbiote Purge - Separate the Symbiotes from their human hosts by beating
                     them after their health is zeroed out. This will not work
                     every time, but it is the only way to separate the
                     Symbiote from the host.

10. Airstrike Symbiotes -  Get an Airstrike Beacon located in the many safe
                           zones throughout the city. Find a group of Symbiotes
                           and place the beacon.

11. Save Infected - A variation of the Symbiote Purge mission. Beat the
                    Symbiotes after they are dead.


09.) Credits/Thanks...................................[WoSCREDS]


All the GameFAQs board surfers - I would like to dedicate this to all of you 
for your help or lack thereof, depending on your mood that day. ^^

GAMEFAQs - For giving this guide a chance. ^_~


Me - For killing my brain to write parts of this guide... xDD