Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: FAQ/Walkthrough

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                \   \        |  |      /  /_\  \   |      /     
            .----)   |       |  |     /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.
            |_______/        |__|    /__/     \__\ | _| `._____|
            ____    __    ____  ___      .______           _______.
            \   \  /  \  /   / /   \     |   _  \         /       |
             \   \/    \/   / /  ^  \    |  |_)  |       |   (----`
              \            / /  /_\  \   |      /         \   \    
               \    /\    / /  _____  \  |  |\  \----..----)   |   
                \__/  \__/ /__/     \__\ | _| `._____||_______/    
                                   THE FORCE

     _     _ __   _        _______ _______ _______ _     _ _______ ______ 
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| Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide  |
| Created by: Axel7174                  |
| FAQ and Walkthrough                   |
| Copyright 2008 Ryne Gardner           |

Version History
Version .40 - 9/18/08 - 9/19/08
--Guide started. Trying to juggle working on this and playing through another
save of Final Fantasy XII. Next update should be forthcoming. I've done the
walkthrough up to the end of the second mission and I've done a few other
sections, including listing the Holocrons since that's an important piece of
info. I found all but one Holocron between the first two levels. Looking for
the missing one; hopefully have it by the next update. 

Table of Contents

1. Intro........................................................ [it00]
 * About The Author
 * About TFU
 * Using This Guide
2. Basics....................................................... [bc00]
 * Controls..................................................... [bc01]
 * Force Powers................................................. [bc02]
 * Force Combos................................................. [bc03]
 * Force Talents................................................ [bc04]
 * General Tips................................................. [bc05]
3. Walkthrough.................................................. [wk00]
 * Kashyyyk..................................................... [wk01]
 * Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory............................ [wk02]
 * Mission Two - Raxus Prime.................................... [wk03]
 * Mission Three - Felucia...................................... [wk04]
 * Mission Four - The Empiricial................................ [wk05]
 * Mission Five - Cloud City.................................... [wk06]
 * Mission Six - Imperial Kashyyyk.............................. [wk07]
 * Mission Seven - Imperial Felucia............................. [wk08]
 * Mission Eight - Imperial Raxus Prime......................... [wk09]
 * Mission Nine - Death Star.................................... [wk10]
4. Extras....................................................... [ex00]
 * Bosses....................................................... [ex01]
 * Costumes..................................................... [ex02]
 * Lightsaber Crystals.......................................... [ex03]
 * Holocrons.................................................... [ex04]
5. Miscellaneous................................................ [ms00]
 * Frequently Asked Questions................................... [ms01]
 * Credits/Special Thanks....................................... [ms02]
 * Legal Hullabaloo............................................. [ms03]

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        \ _\_~~~~~-----:|:::______//---...___
        [\  \  __  --     \       ~  \_      ~~~===------==-...____
        /         __/__   --  /__    --       /____....----''''~~~~    
       /  /   ==           ____....=---='''~~~~ 


|  Introduction  it00  |

About The Author
I don't have much to say about myself. Sometimes I'll pointlessly use the
Version History in my guides to discuss (vent) briefly what's going on in the
life of Axel. All I can say is that since I've started doing this, I've really
enjoyed it. So here we are, with yet another guide. Schwing!

About The Force Unleashed
There are quite a few good Star Wars games out there now. My favorite,
strangely enough, will probably always be the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade game. 
Games like KOTOR rank up there as the best. This latest entry, The Force
Unleashed takes a new spin on things. It's an overall fun game with a few minor
setbacks, bringing perhaps the greatest use of Force Powers since Jedi Outcast
and KOTOR. It also gets the rare privilege of being canon. Hopefully you'll
enjoy this game.

Using This Guide
When using this guide, make note of the quickjumps provided. Use the ctrl+f
function and the codes provided in the Table of Contents to jump to a section
of the guide fast. If you have questions, please check the FAQ section before
e-mailing me. 

|  Basics  bc00  |

First let's go over all the basics to the game. Controls and all important info
regarding your character's progression will be found here. 

Controls     [bc01]
I'll be laying out the controls as they apply to both the PS3 and Xbox 360.
However, and this is imporant, I will only be referring to the PS3 controls
through this guide. The application is really easy to figure out, as far as
which button corresponds to its console counterpart, so don't worry about it.

|Action           |PS3 Button         |360 Button         |
|Movement         |Left Analog Stick  |Left Stick         |
|Camera           |Right Analog Stick |Right Stick        |
|Center Camera    |R3                 |Click Right Stick  |
|Jump             |X/Cross            |A                  |
|Saber attack     |Square             |X                  |
|Force Push       |Circle             |B                  |
|Force Lightning  |Triangle           |Y                  |
|Force Dash       |L1                 |Left Button        |
|Block            |L2                 |Left Trigger       |
|Lock On          |R1                 |Right Button       |
|Force Grip       |R2                 |Right Trigger      |

Force Powers     [bc02]
As you progress through the game, you'll earn Force Points which are basically
experience points. Earn enough and you gain spheres to use in three facets for
leveling up the Apprentice. The first we'll look at are Force Powers. 


|  Walkthrough  wk00   |

So begins the adventure. The classic Star Wars style opening will run, followed
by a quick cutscene. Once you have control, it's time to rock, Dark Side style.

_____________                __________________________________________________
Introduction \______________/ This will be a day long remembered...
_____________/   Kashyyyk   \__________________________________________________

Ah yes. You now have the reins with the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. Darth
Vader's style is not too disimilar from what you'll be experiencing soon with
the Apprentice. He does have a few noteworthy differences however. Instead of
Force Lightning, Vader has his classic Choke attack which you can use by 
hitting Triangle. Other than that, his moves are an available future copy of
what you'll be getting soon enough. Schwing! It's also important to note that
Vader technically can't run. He kind of... speedwalks. I don't mind walking,
because it builds up the moment that it is in fact, Darth Vader, slowly walking
towards his enemies that are cowering in fear of him. If you're in a hurry
though, by all means tilt that stick as far as you want.

Proceed forward and you'll encounter a few of your Stormtroopers under siege by
a bunch of Wookies. Get close enough and the game prompt will inform you about
Force Push. As it says, go ahead and hold Circle to charge the blast. Unleash
it and the gateway in front of you will be blown to bits. Smashing! Take out
the wookies with Choke, Saber Throw and whatever you wish. Proceed forward into
the next area. Here are a bunch of barriers. You can pick them up and toss them
at the oncoming Wookies if you'd like. Really, this level is mostly tutorial,
get your feet wet kinda stuff. Go about dispatching your enemies as you see
fit, I'll just be putting my own suggestions down.

Move forward past a couple more Wookies and you'll hit a checkpoint. Keep going
and you'll encounter a new type of enemy. These Wookie Berserkers wield some 
blades and they're here to shank you! Well, not if Darth Vader has anything to
say about it. Get used to blocking with L2 and then strike back with melee 
attacks from your lightsaber. Take them out with this and also try Force 
Repulse by holding L2 and then holding Circle to unleash a blast that knocks 
back nearby enemies. Dispatch these guys and continue onward. You'll come to a
bridge. Perfect place for a Force Push. Charge it up and let it fly and watch 
the carnage ensue. Move forward and cut down any in your path. On the other 
side will be another barrier so use Force Push to blow it down Big Bad Wolf 

Now proceed forward and go right up the slope. You'll be greeted by more Wookie
Berserkers. Take them out and enter the building. A lift will take you up. At
the top, continue down the next path and you'll find even more Berserkers. Take
them down with a Force Push if you want, although the ensuing wreckage will 
block your path briefly. Otherwise, just go with the trusty saber and contine
onward. You'll eventually come to an area with a few bridges. The nearest one
will be destroyed when a TIE Figther careens into it. Move toward the other one
and you'll see a welcome party coming to greet you. Use the various force
powers and what have you to take them down. They'll come at you wave by wave
for a while but you're far too powerful for them so don't worry. Eventually,
you can cross the second bridge for a checkpoint.

Clear the path of even more enemies and cross the final bridge to the left. 
When you get across, move toward the large hut there with a familiar insignia
on it for a scene. 

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This fight is more or less straightforward. You'll notice the camera assumes
almost a Fighting game-esque style. Most major Boss fights will be like this.
You've still got access to all your Force powers, but now up against a Jedi, it
will not be as easy. 

He'll start off swinging, and chances are your first saber attack will cause
a Saber lock. Hit Square repeatedly to win this for a little damage. He's
susceptible to Force Push, especially if you charge it up. Just make sure you
have the time and distance to do so. Choke won't work because he'll just wave
it off, so don't bother. You may be controlling the Dark Lord, but this guy
isn't a pushover. He'll get cheap, especially toward the end. Learn to use the
more powerful melee attack by pausing between each strike. This will break the
Jedi's guard and knock him down. If you're at close quarters and the Jedi is
on the ground, attempt to stab him which will deal a larger amount of damage. 
Keep him honest with Force Push and even a Force Repulse to knock him back. 

Eventually the Rogue Jedi will use the Force to bring down a TIE Fighter on
you. Stay away from the center of the battlefield and you might be ok. It won't
be a huge problem anyway. Keep attacking and keep him off guard to get in hits.
When you get his health low enough, you might find the Rogue Jedi starting to
get a little cheaper. He'll use Force Push a lot so avoid the damage and the
inconvenience by jumping and holding Square to come crashing down on him. The
damage will be nice and you'll also knock him down. Keep attacking and dodge
his Force powers and the TIEs he brings down. A prompt will appear when he's
near dead. Input the buttons correctly one at a time as they appear to win. 

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Circle, Circle

A scene plays and that ends that. It will be followed by another two scenes and
after that you'll gain control... as the Apprentice. 

____________                         __________________________________________
Mission Two \_______________________/ I've got a bad feeling about this...
____________/  TIE Fighter Factory  \__________________________________________

Objectives                            Bonus Objectives
-Escape the Hangar                    -Destroy 5 TIE Fighters (Talent Sphere)
-Reach the second level of the        -200,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
construction facility                 -Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)
-Escape the Infuster Room
containment field
-Ascend the Wing Assembly
-Disable the Assembly Line
containment field
-Defeat General Rahm Kota
Before you even gain control, you should probably recognize this level if you
played the demo. Yes, it's the same place. There will be a few differences,
some of which I'll note later on at the appropriate times. Most importantly now
however, is that unlike in the demo, you won't have quick access to some of the
abilities that the Apprentice had then. So don't expect to walk in and start
tearing the place apart just yet. For now, just proceed down the hall. If you
want to feed your ego, go ahead and abuse the poor little droids. Continue to
the first door and give it a few Force Pushes to pry it open.


Take on the first few Stormtroopers you meet here. There's a Sith Holocron at
the very end of this walkway. Grab it for Unlimited Energy for a short time.
Make use of it and jump down and engage all the enemies. There's a lot of them
so start taking them out fast or you'll be overwhelmed. Use a couple Force Push
attacks and then slash a few with your saber. Grip some of the objects and hurl
them at other opponents. Mix things up and you'll earn more Force Points, but
of course, you're awfully limited at this stage. 

See the TIE Fighters overhead? Use them! Try to get almost underneath them and
if you see the targeting reticle, use Grip to hoist one down. Hurl at some of
the Stormtroopers if you can or toss it at other TIEs. The real goal here is to
destroy 5. A counter will appear saying how many you've destroyed. There's more
than enough here so destroy 5 and you'll earn a Force Talent Sphere. Take down
the rest of the enemies after that.

Now before we get out of here, make your way to the other side of the hangar.
On the walkway opposite the one you used to get in here, you'll find a Jedi
Holocron, identified by its yellow glow. Grab it for 10,000 Force Points 
(1/15). Now turn your attention to the destroyed shuttle just laying there. Use
some double jumps to get to the very top of it. From here you can again double
jump to reach the walkway. Get on and go to the end and you'll find a Holocron 
giving you the Yellow Lightsaber Crystal (2/15). Schwing! We're finished here 
so make your way to the door (yellow dot). Use Grip to move thesliding lock on
the door to the left with the Left Analog Stick. This opens one door, revealing
another lock mechanism. Slide this one with the Right Analog Stick. Now proceed
into the next hallway. 

Stroll down the corridor and in the intersection a few of Kota's men will 
abmush you. Take them out and then turn left. You'll cross a larger room and
on the other side more of them will be waiting. Dispatch them and proceed into
the small room they were inhabiting. The door directly ahead of you is your
next goal. There's a door to the right too however. Blast it open for another
Holocron, good for another 10k Force Points (3/15). 

In the next corridor, a bunch of Kota's men will appear. Take note of the 
containers with the red lights on them. These are your futuristic version of
the "explosive barrel". Use them wisely with Force Grip and hurl them at your
enemies to take them all out in one fell swoop. Beware them though because they
can hurt you too if you get too close and fling that saber around. You might
have earned your first Level Up here too. For each level, you gain one of each
Sphere. Go ahead and use them now if you'd like. Since I can't account for any
but my own playthrough, I'll make notes of when I use the spheres to level up.
If you get them before or after me, it doesn't make a difference. I'll only be
making suggestions for you to pick from. Some skills and powers I definitely
recommend more than others, but it's ultimately up to you. That said, press
Select and let's take a look.

You should have one Force Combo Sphere, one Force Power Sphere, and two Force
Talent Spheres. You got the other one by destroying 5 TIE Fighters hopefully.
As you can see, a lot of abilities are currently locked. From what you have to
pick from, I usually go with Force Push Rank 2, expending the 1 Force Power
Sphere. You only have two Force Combo abilities to choose from at the moment,
and they're Saber Sling and Dashing Blast. I prefer to hold onto my one Combo
Sphere for now and wait until I can get Sith Saber Flurry. If you want to buy
one now though, go with Saber Sling. As for Talents, it's really up to you. 
Since you have two, you might want to expend them on two abilities with a cost
of one, rather than spending both spheres on one ability with a cost of two.
That probably sounded really confusing worded that way... In any case, I went
with Force Focus and Battle Meditation. Choose what you want and let's get
back to the game.

Head down the next corridor and a large group of Stormtroopers will be waiting
in a nook to your left. If you went and bought the Force Push Rank 2 upgrade,
go ahead and use it now. You can charge your Force Push again finally. Makes it
feel more like the demo now, huh? A fully charged Push will take out all the
Stormtroopers easily. Now opposite of this nook is the next door. Force it open
and you'll reach the next area and objective.


Turn right and go down this walkway. Use the nearby barrels and containers and
fling them at the enemies further down. Some TIE Fighters will fly past and
shoot at you. Pesky flies need to be swatted. You can throw containers at them
if you'd like. Ah, but where's the ingenuity? Better idea. See those pillar
like structures at the edge of the platform? Target these with Grip and using
it, you can bend them outward to the left. Do this and bend the pillars so they
are directly in the flight path of the TIE Fighters. Next time one comes by...
BOOM! Muhahaha. Ahem. Yes, now continue down the walkway.

Some TIE Fighter pilot who apparently had too many shots of Jack Daniels will
crash into the walkway, destroying the bridge to the next area. The gap is very
small though and you can easily jump over it. Do so and head toward the big
fight going on down the way. Start flinging things at the various enemies. Try
to mix it up though. Get involved with your saber and other moves. Try Gripping
and throwing guys off the ledge for the Long Way Down bonus. When they're all
dead, blast open the door on the left and enter.

A mob of troopers await you. Use Force Push and your saber to put them to bed.
The lift on the right will come down, with some of Kota's men aboard. One 
includes the Militia Trooper, who is the melee fighter of the bunch. Kill them,
then turn your sights on the door to the left, opposite of the one you blasted
open to get here. There is another platform here, and there seems to be nothing
of interest. Oh wait, what's that glow? Why yes, it's another Holocron! Clear
the obstruction and collect it for a Force Talent Sphere (4/15). Schwing Now go
back and take the lift up.

Hopefully you bought the Force Push upgrade, because if used correctly, you'll
be in for a brief treat here. At the next floor, a few of Kota's men will run
at you. Another works the gun at the back. Just charge up the Force Push and
let it fly. The blast will blow the enemies back and most likely make a few of
the explosive barrels go off, making for a few fireworks. Mop up any remaining
foes and then open the door to your right first. Turn left and you'll find
another hidden Holocron at the end of this platform. It rewards you with a
Force Combo Sphere (5/15). Now go back and open the other door.

Go down this platform and engage the enemies with Grip and other methods. The
platform is a bit narrow, so it's efficient (not to mention hilarious) to pick
up foes with grip and then just drop them. Continue until you reach the area
before that large structure. 

Surprised? No AT-ST here this time. Another difference between this and the
demo. Take out all the measly Stormtroopers, then cross the gap to the left.
Kill more enemies and then turn left to go down this platform. There's a small
opening on the side but nothing in there. Proceed down to the next one. A group
of Militia Troopers pour out. Use Force Push to disperse them. They're melee
guys and if they jump you at once it can get annoying. When they're down, enter
the small alcove they came out of for a Holocron, netting you another 10,000
Force Points (6/15), and hopefully a Level Up. You probably have a few now so 
you can upgrade if you'd like. I'm going to wait just a bit before I do it 
though. For now, just continue down the platform. A few more Saboteurs appear,
but they fall easily. Get to the end and turn right. The doors will open

A lot of Miltia guys in here. Watch out for the Troopers in particular because
they get annoying fast. Use Saber Blast and Grip to help you take out the other
pesky foes. Grab the Sith Holocron at the center of the room, amongst all the
screens and computers for a temporary boost in damage. Imperials will show up
too eventually so wipe them all out as well. When they're all goners, enter the
next hallway.

Meet the Militia Elite, another vexation. Make him your primary target. Try to
grab the nearby explosive barrel with Grip and fling it at them. Rush the Elite
if he survives and take him out fast. Through the next door, another group will
attack. Fend off the Troopers, then take out the Elite. Enter the next room.


This room is cool, but don't gawk too long or else you'll be taking a long nap.
The room is swarming with Militia guys, and they've set a trap in the form of
an energy field that vaporizes anything that touches it, a trap you can take
advantage of. If you can, charge up a Force Push immediately to blow a ton of
enemies into the energy wall. The biggest problem here is the Troopers as they
whack away at you with their dumb nightsticks. Take them out and use Grip to
fling them away and into the wall. Don't neglect the Elites for too long
however, as their constant shooting will deplete your health in no time. Use
the wall to your advantage and clear the room. Then Force Grip the device that
you can see and target behind the energy wall. Pull it out and the wall will
recede. Follow your objective marker and enter the next room.

A small group of Militia guys. The windows in the back are breakable so try
to fling objects (or the enemies) into them and the vacuum created will pull
them helplessly into space. Otherwise dispatch them with your saber and move
on. The next room is much like the one with the energy wall, just... sans the
energy wall. There's still a lot of enemies here. Make a rush for the Sith
Holocron in the corner however. It will grant you Health Drain Aura. This will
drain the health of nearby enemies, making this job much easier. Continue to
the next room.

In here, use Grip to pull out the object on the left and use it as a platform.
Grip the folded up platform on the wall next and pull that out so you can jump
to it. Jump up to the opening and dispatch the Stormtroopers. Head down this
hallway and you'll drop down to another corridor. Blast open the next door to
reach the next objective.


Another skirmish going on here, and right in the middle of it is an AT-ST. No,
wait... it's an AT-CT? Yeah, I'm as confused as you. This thing has a grav gun
like weapon. Try not to target the Militia guys, because they'll help you
weaken the creature. Also, once they turn on you, you'll be in big trouble.
Just stay back and fling objects at the AT-CT until a prompt appears. Finish it
off with Square, X, and Circle. Now kill all the Militia guys to clear this
area for now. To continue, head toward the back where the assembled wings are
rising up. Use them as elevators and jump on one, riding it to the top. Turn
your attention to the opposite walkway and the Militia guys at the guns. Take
them out with objects or rush them. Just beware the Militia Troopers waiting
to beat your brains out. You can take them all out by taking out the precarious
walkway on which they stand. It will drop them all down below, but strangely
enough, might not actually kill them. Now from here, go to the left most TIE
Fighter wing lift. Ride it up further and you'll reach a secret walkway. Behind
the containers is a Holocron for 10,000 Force Points (7/15). Now from here,
look toward the building below that houses the exit to your next area. Don't
drop down though. Jump onto the roof of this room from the secret walkway and
you'll find another Holocron for another 10k (8/15). Now drop down and enter
the next room. 

Again there's a battle going on. Grab the Sith Holcron on the right for some
help. Take out all the enemies, then turn your sights on the wing assembly
here. This one is a little less productive, but there's a Holocron waiting
above. Thing is there's no way to reach it. Time to get creative. Use Grip and
grab one of the wings on the ground. This is really tricky, but you need to
manipulate the wing in a way that will let you slide it into the holders and
use it as a platform. Aim it for the column to the right of the Holocron, and
low so you can reach it from the platform to the right. Try banging the wing
up against walls so you can rotate it enough to get it in there. Jump up and
grab the Holocron when you succeed for another 10k (9/15). By now you hopefully
got the Bonus Objective for 200,000 Force Points, earning a Combo Sphere. I'm
gonna go ahead and use them now so go ahead if you haven't already. With only
two Force Power spheres, I can't get anything so save those. Force Talents, I
went with Affinity Rank 1, Saber Mastery 1, and Combo Mastery 1. For Force
Combos I bought Sith Saber Flurry and Saber Sling. I decided to save 2 for now.
Now, go back to that center wing platform and head to the left, climbing up
them so you can get in position to jump to a walkway on the right. Do so and
then jump the gap to the next walkway. Grab the Holocron (10/15) for your
first augmentive lightsaber crystal, Power Crystal Rubat. Add it to your saber
right now and it will deal extra damage. Jump down now and head through the
door with the flashing yellow light. 

You'll be behind another Imperial-Militia battle. Interrupt things with a few
charged Force Push attacks. Dispatch the rest, then approach the lift. It will
come down with a few Militia guys aboard. Kill them and then take the lift up.

In here you'll find another assembly. Take out the Militia enemies first. You
can use the assembly arms and Grip them to aim their lasers which will kill
any enemies they touch. It's kinda tough, so it's easier to actually just Grip
the enemies themselves and place them in the path of the lasers. Move down and
pay attention to the left wall, looking for an opening. Find it and enter this
short hallway for a Holocron, good for another 10k (11/15). Continue and your
next objective will present itself. 


Eventually you'll come across another energy field wall you can't traverse. Go
up the ramp to the left and take out the enemies. Enter the next room up here
and you'll get a nice workout fending off a large group of Kota's goons. Use
moves like Saber Sling and Grip to throw them into the energy wall for easy
kills. Look around the room and notice the blue columns of light energy. In
the group of columns that was on your left as you entered this room, there is
a Holocron. The energy of the columns may repel you, so get in there quick and
grab it for a Force Power Sphere (12/15). 

Face the containment field and target the device behind it. Pull it out to
again deactivate it. Still facing where it once was, turn right and enter the
corridor here. Another Holocron awaits for another 10,000 Force Points (13/15).
Head back now and the path is clear. Enter the next assembly line. Use Grip to
fling objects at the enemies on the walkway. Watch for another corridor, this
time on the right side. Enter it for another 10k Holocron (14/15). Use the Sith
Holocron in the room if you need it to finish off any enemies. When the coast
is clear, approach the ramp at the end of this room. Before you go up, turn
right and find the final Holocron for another 10,000. Assuming you found them
all, this will also get you a Force Power Sphere. Enter the door and you'll
be told Kota is above you. Take the lift up.

Watch the scene, then prepare to fight.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This guy is a step up from the Rogue Jedi but some of the tactics will still
apply. This starts off simple enough. Kota will engage you in saber attacks.
Block them and counter with attacks of your own. Use Saber Sith Flurry if you
have it, since it will be more effective than normal combos. Kota is vulnerable
to Force Push, should you catch him off guard, and Leaping Slam. Use both to
knock him down. Get to his body quickly and attempt to stab him for extra
damage, or at least slash him a few times as he's getting up. 

He'll combo attack you and it's hard to escape if the first slash hits. He'll
also go to the center of the room and leap up. If he does this, jump into the
air quickly. Kota will come crashing down with hi sown Leaping Slam, and the
shockwave will spread out in a wide radius, hurting you should you be on the
ground at that moment. Kota will also go to the far platform and use the Force
to throw objects at you. Just dodge them with Dash and wait for him to return.

Aside from using Force Push (which only works sometimes anyway) and Leaping
Slam, you can fight fire with fire and fling objects at him. Also, when he
does his uber Leaping Slam attack, he is weakened briefly, giving you a window
to strike him. Try using Saber Sling and then approaching his body quickly for
the stab attack. 

Take him down a bit and a quick scene will play. Now the area of the facility
is plummeting and the floor will become very hot soon. Kota will assume his
position on one platform. Take the other because the hot floor will drain your
health. Grab nearby objects with the Force and throw them at Kota before he
does the same to you. You can also attempt to jump to his island and saber him
but it's not as effective as the former. When things cool down, get close again
and use the various tactics to weaken him. Eventually when his health drops low
enough, the Finisher prompt appears. 

FINISHER - Square, Square, X, Circle

A scene plays and you'll get the results for your work. Congratulations, you're
done with the first mission!

Watch some story unfold and soon enough, you'll be whisked away to Raxus Prime
for your next mission. 

____________                 __________________________________________________
Mission Two \_______________/ Do... or do not. There is no try.
____________/  Raxus Prime  \__________________________________________________

Objectives                         Bonus Objectives
-Blast your way into the giant     -Destroy 10 Scavenger Skiffs (Talent Sphere)
hyperdrive engine                  -250,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Find a way through the crashed    -Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)
-Destroy the Scavenger's camp
Shield Generators
-Find a way to cross the Junk
-Infiltrate the Jedi Temple and
defeat Kazdan Paratus

You start off in a large area and the way forward isn't immediately clear. 
Nevertheless, you have your first objective. 


First off, the game will notify you that you have unlocked Force Lightning,
which you can now use with Triangle. It will be helpful in getting through here
and also for getting a Bonus Objective. Start by dropping down a ledge. You'll
see a large engine in front of you trapped under some debris. Use Force
Lightning on this to send it flying toward the large structure. It will hit a
damaged opening, slightly opening it up more. Not enough though. From here, go
left and you'll find a large pool of waste that will damage you should you 
stand in it. On the other side, under the next platform is the first Holocron.
Either use Grip on the platform that is laying in the waste and raise it up
slightly, so you can use it to cross, or just step in for a brief moment and
Force Dash in the air to the Holocron for 10k Force Points (1/15). The waste 
won't hurt you much anyway so it'll be fine. Once you have it, use Grip to 
raise the platform as high as you can, then jump to the next ledge. 

A few Rodian enemies greet you here, and they apparently have Grav Gun
capabilities. Take them out fast, then target the nearby engine with Lightning
and it will completely reveal the opening. Drop down to the next ledge. A Skiff 
will drop off some more enemies, including some Rodian Heavy Defenders, who are
like the Militia Elites from before. Focus on the Skiff however and try to 
target it if you can. Unload on it with Force Lighting and it will blow up. 
One down, nine more to go. Take out the Rodian Heavy Defenders next.

Turn to the right a bit and face the vast waste pool. There's a platform that
is a little well hidden. Try to find it and Grip it to make yourself a bridge.
Jump to it and then target the very next one in line and raise it. Jump to it
and a Skiff will attack. Force Lightning it for another kill going toward your
Bonus Objective. The next platform is already raised and it's beyond those
pillars obstructing your path. Use Force Push to clear the pillars from your
path, then jump and Dash over to the next platform. Here you can find a Sith 
Holocron for Invincibility. Nice. Good timing, as another Skiff attacks. Use 
Force Lightning again and take out the Rodian Heavy Defenders. There's another
engine here in case you missed one before. Go that way now, toward the large
structure, using the cliff and the platform ahead. Enter the core.

Inside you'll find some pesky Jawas. Take them out; they're not too hard. Go
around the center and you'll find more. Watch out for the grenades they throw,
and then take them all out. Jump onto the platform some of them were occupying,
and from here you can begin your ascent. Go across the pipes and up the various
ledges until you find some Heavy Defenders blasting at you. Get closer and wipe
them out. Now very close to your position, you can see a platform above you
with a lone Jawa guarding a Holocron. There's two ways to do this. First method
is a little tedious, butit works. Near the exit are two crates. Use Grip and
try to stack them on top of each other as far to the end of the ledge as you
can. Watch out for the Jawa and his grenades though; try to take him out if you
are able to target him. Use the crates and double jump up to the ledge. The
other way is much easier. Below that platform is another platform. Jump to it,
and go around until you get to a long line of pipes. Go to the top and you'll
be able to jump to the large structure in the center. Do so and go around this
narrow ledge until you're facing the Holocron ledge. Jump and Dash to it, take
out the Jawa, and claim the Holocron for a Force Power Sphere (2/15). Now just
drop down and go through the opening.

Out here, two Rodian Rippers will attack you. Use moves like Saber Sling and
what have you to take them down. Also note that you can press Square, then 
Triangle to do a sweet Lightning attack on them. Not only is it a good move, it
infuses your saber with lightning which for a very brief time, boosts your
attack. Continue forward and blast open the obstruction. Take out the Jawas
ahead fast, because their constant grenade throwing can get annoying. Drop down
to the next area for a lot more enemies, mostly Rodian. Take out the Heavy
Defenders fast because they can eat away your health in little time. Continue

Across a small gap you'll see a narrow path. It's being rained on by what I
presume is liquid hot metal. Grip the large metal structures outlining this
area and bend them downward until they lock into place (the Apprentice waves
his hand when they're in the right position). Do this for all three and then
you can cross safely. Head forward and through a small passage until you reach
another large area. 

Before you drop down, look to your left and grab the Holocron for 10,000 Force
Points (3/15). Now head down into this area and you'll discover a new foe and
a new objective.


You'll probably be unexpedtedly ambushed by one or two of these robots that
can seemingly teleport around. They're a little tougher and more durable than
what you've fought so far, but they're not too tough. Use Force Lighting to
stun them a bit and whack away with Sith Saber Flurry and other moves. Also,
try to use Lightning Grenade which works wonders. As the game probably told you
before, you can now use Lightning to charge gripped objects. Now when you throw
them, they make an electric explosion. Do this to the Scrap Guardians and they
will go down easily. Try to face them away from the Rodian Heavy Defenders
though, because then you'll start losing health. If they do start shooting,
ignore the Scrap Guardians and take them out. One or two Skiffs will also
appear to the left of the crashed ship. Try to take them out before they fly

Once the coast is clear, turn your attention to the large ship. There is a very
big round plate that is resting on the ground, not too far from the ledge where
the Skiffs were. Find it and you'll notice the small crack in it. Force Push it
to blast it open and you'll find another Holocron inside. This one grants you
the Compressed Red Lightsaber Crystal (4/15). 

Now you've surely noticed the large area that is flashing blue, hinting that
you can do something with it. Stand a few feet away from it and use Grip and
both the Right and Left sticks to raise it up. Jump to the top and then use it
to get to the ship by jumping and Dashing. Use Force Lightning on the gun
turret here to open it up. 

Fight the Rippers before they throw things at you and take out the Heavy
Defender as well. Drop down the hole here and you'll find a bunch of Scrap
Guardians going at it with the Rodians. Use some nearby objects to use
Lightning Grenade and go for the Scrap Guardians. Take them out, followed by
the Rodians, but watch for a Skiff. Take it out and any other enemies. At the
end of this platform, where the Skiff appeared, you'll find a Holocron for
10,000 Force Points (5/15). 

Turn around and head back, going to the right path where some more Scrap
Guardians may be waiting. Deal with them, then find the cracked opening like
before that will lead you back inside the ship. You'll find a long corridor
inhabited by Jawas. Perfect place for a charged Force Push. At the very end,
you'll see an opening above you with a Jawa. Take him out, but don't jump up
there yet. Directly in front of you is a closed doorway. Blast it open with
Force Push for another Holocron, good for another 10k Force Points (6/15). I
leveled up just before getting this, but hopefully getting this helped you get
a level up as well. Let's upgrade now. I had 7 Force Power Spheres, and I spent
4 on the Lightning Rank 2, and 3 on the Force Grip Rank 2. For Combos, I had 4
Spheres to use, so I spent 3 on Sith Slash and Dashing Blast, saving one for
later. And for Talents, I spent the only 2 I had on Fortitude. Choose what you
want, these are just suggestions. Once you're done, let's continue.

Jump up to the opening and go inside. The next area will load and once it's
done, you're presented with your next objective.


A bunch of Heavy Defenders and Rippers will be waiting in this ravine. 
Lighting Grenade will help tons. Electrify objects and hurl them at these guys
for quick and stylish finishes. Take out any remaining and cross the walkways
to the far side. Here, use Grip to pry open the doors and then enter for a

Here, start by using nearby objects to take out a Rodian pretty close to you,
and one on the far structure in the distance. Head to the that structure and
nab the Sith Holocron for damage increase, then take out all the Rodian Heavy
Defenders to the right. You'll also see a Holocron over here, just below where
all the floating objects are coming out of. Grab it for a Force Combo Sphere 
(7/15). Move left from here toward the Jawas and destroy them. Head over to the
energy wall. A few Rodians will fight you, but you can just toss them into the
wall. No sweat. To the left of the energy wall is a long walkway. Follow it all
the way down for a Holocron, giving you the Gold Lightsaber Crystal (8/15). The
field won't go down yet, so head to the right of it and enter the doorway there
for a lift.

Through the next corridor you'll arrive at another open area. Take down the
Jawas and Rodians around you. To the very right of where you entered is a
platform. Jump up here and you'll find the next Holocron, granting you the
Compressed Yellow Lightsaber Crystal (9/15). 

Approach the ramp leading to the electrical device. More Heavy Defenders will
attack so use nearby objects to Grip and throw at them. Use Grip to slide the
mechanism to the left which will in turn, destroy the generator controlling the
energy field. Now turn back and return to whence you came. Some Heavy Defenders
wait so just cut them down, then head back to the lift. 

Even more enemies await in the previous area. A lot of them in fact. Try using
Grip on one and using him as a Lightning Grenade to toss at his buddies. Don't
let the Heavy Defenders have their way with you. When they're all dead, go to
the area where the energy wall used to stand. Pass through into the next area.


A new enemy called the Scrap Drone will appear. Lightning and your saber work
well, just beware that they explode when defeated. Drop down into this area and
you'll see some stuff going on. Go to the left side and some Scrap Guardians
and Drones will attack. Take them down, favoring Lightning attacks and the like
to quickly eliminate them. Continue down this path until you encounter the
large engine like machine. Use Lightning on it to get it pumping. Now make
your way back and a new foe will present itself. 

This mini-boss, the Junk Titan is a tough customer. He will swipe at you when
close, throw junk at you when you're far away, and also pound his fist down,
sending a fiery upburst through the ground. This attack in particular can
be a little vexing, because even if you dash away from it, the explosion may
still hurt you. Use any nearby objects and infuse them with Lightning before
sending them flying at the titan. There are only a few laying around, so get
close and jump up at the Titan's supposed head and start wailing away with the
lightsaber. Follow this up with a long bout of Force Lightning which will
really drain his health. Continue this up until a prompt for a Finisher
appears. Hit Square, Triangle, and Square as they appear in succession to
finish this guy off. 

Now that that's done, head to the high ledge on the right and besides a few
Scrap Guardians and Drones, you'll find a Holocron worth another 10k Force
Points (10/15). Defeat the Scrap enemies and then approach the giant metal
object that the engine you electrified started to exhaust on. Go to the highest
ledge here and Grip the object. Just hold it in Grip for a while, and a scene
will eventually take over, showing you making a bridge. Your next objective
presents itself.


Carefully jump down to the makeshift bridge you created. Cross into the next
area. A bunch of Scrap Guardians show up. Use the large junk ball and infuse it
with Lightning to throw it at them for good damage. Use other Lightning based
attacks to finish them and the rest. At the next ledge you'll see a large metal
object you can Grip. Pull it down so it's level enough to make a platform. Jump
to it and then across to the other side. 

Immediately when you reach this platform, turn your attention to the left where
you see a lot of metal pillars. Use Force Push and bust them down. You'll find
more metal objects like the one you just used as a platform. Use Grip on the
one in front of you to bend it downward and then get on it. The next one you 
want to target is to the right. Do so and bend it down also. Jump to this one,
and then from there to the platform where a Holocron is laying. Get it to
obtain the Sith Robe costume (11/15). Now head back to where you started. 
Continue through this area and more Scrap enemies will confront you. Try to use
one as a Lightning Grenade on the others. Wipe them out and move on. 

In the next area, another Junk Titan will form. He can get annoying with the
junk he throws at you. Try to Grip something immediately as his body is forming
and then use Lightning on it and throw it at him before he attacks. Use a few
other objects and also attack him with your saber and Force Lightning to keep
him honest. When the prompt appears, hit Square, Triangle, and Circle to finish

Approach the large glowing doors. Force Push them open to gain entry. There's
a Holocron on your immediate left, giving you another 10,000 Force Points
(12/15). You might also have leveled up again, but we'll upgrade in a moment. 
The next Holocron is floating above, just a ways in front of you. To reach it,
use one of the nearby AT-ST heads as a platform. Grip one and set it below
the Holocron, then step on to nab it for Power Crystal Firkrann (13/15). The 
last Holocron is nearby as well. Use the AT-ST head again to jump to the 
platform to the right. Grab the Holocron for 10,000 Force Points (14/15). Damn,
missing one. If you found all 15 though, you'll get a Force Talent Sphere. 

Alright, time to upgrade. Still only had one Power Sphere unfortunately, so
nothing there. With five Combo Spheres, I spent three on Sith Saber Smash,
which I strongly recommend you get. It will give you access to a large amount
of combos using Force Lightning. With the remaining two I bought Sith Slam. 
Finally, I spent one of my two Talent Spheres on a Defense Mastery upgrade. Get
what you want and then proceed through the doorway ahead. Ride the lift to the
top for a scene.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This guy is a bit annoying at first. And odd fellow too, going by appearance.
In any case, his attacks are pretty simple. He'll scurry toward you and deliver
his saber attacks. He's sometimes vulnerable to Force Lightning and also to
the Lightning style attacks of Sith Saber Smash which I hope you got. Beware
his wide slashing counterattack, which is pretty hard to dodge, but he'll use
it if you attack him while he's blocking. Just try to be creative and find
openings and bring his health down a little. He'll eventually blow open the
back wall and climb the pillar there. Using the Force he'll create... a Junk

Take this guy out the same way as before. If you're low on health try to 
alternate between up close and personal saber attacks (while in mid-air) and 
Force Lightning. While your Force energy recharges, jump up again and slash at
him. When the prompt appears, push the buttons to finish him off. 

After the Titan is defeated, Kazdan Paratus will throw junk at you. Just dodge
it or time it so you can push it away. The latter is tougher but more fun.
Paratus will crash down onto the platform, allowing you to engage him again.
Use Force Lightning to stun him and use other combos to weaken him. If he's
knocked down, be sure to try and stab him while he's laying there for more
damage. If you use Force Lightning on him, especially if you and he lock blades
and both back off (you'll know what I mean), there's a chance you'll get into
a Force Lightning battle with him. This is sort of like Tug of War. A dial will
appear and a meter will spin around it. A large space in red on the dial 
represents the area you have to land in. Press Triangle when the meter lands 
in this area to push your Force Lightning harder. Do it successfully to win; 
if you miss or wait too long, you'll be beaten. This may also happen with Force
Push, except to win this, you just have to tap Circle repeatedly. 

He's very tough and you might find it hard to hit him. An easy way I found to
hurt him was to use Force Lightning when I was really close. While he's stunned
use Sith Slash (Square, Triangle, Triangle) and the blow will send him flying.
Then before he recovers, grab him with Grip, hit him with Lightning, and then
throw him around. Pretty good combo. Kazdan Paratus will jump to the column
again and toss more junk at you, and he will also likely form another Titan. 
Take it down and then finish off Paratus. You might get into more Force
Lightning battles. Make sure you win and strike when he's vulnerable. The
prompt will appear soon enough.

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Square, Triangle X

A scene plays and you're finished. View the results of your labor and watch
the next scene prefacing your next job. 


  Holocrons     [ex04]

Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory
1. In the first hangar, on the walkway opposite of the one you enter on, near
the downed starship. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

2. Climb on the very top of the ship and then double jump to the nearby walkway
to reach it. Reward: Yellow Lightsaber Crystal

3. After exiting the hangar you'll turn left and fight some Militia guys. In
the room they were in there are two doors. The right door hides the Holocron.
Reward: 10,000 Force Points

4. In the area where the TIE Fighters fly by, get to the first tower with the
elevator lift. Open the other door to the other side first and find this behind
some containers. Reward: Force Talent Sphere

5. Take that lift up to the next floor. On your left is the exit to the next
area. On the right is a door leading to another hidden Holocron. Reward: Force
Combo Sphere

6. After you reach the end of the platform, you'll jump a small gap to the
other side of the room. Go down this path until you reach the second opening,
with a Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

7. In the Wing Assembly room. Defeat the AT-CT first, then ride the left-most
TIE Fighter wing like an elevator up two floors to find this on a secret
walkway. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

8. Directly in front of this one, on top of the room that you need to enter to
leave this place, is the next one. Jump from the walkway to the top of the
room for this. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

9. In the next assembly room, use Grip to slide some TIE Fighter wings into the
appropriate slots and use them to find the Holocron above. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

10. From there, jump to the left part of the Wing lifts and get on the walkway
for this one. Reward: Power Crystal Rubat

11. In the next big assembly room where the lasers are working on more TIE
Fighter parts, walk down on the main floor and look for an opening on the left.
Inside is this Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

12. You'll come to a dead end with the energy wall. Go up the ramp to the left.
In this room, on your immediate left is a Holocron tucked between the electric
pillars. Reward: Force Power Sphere

13. In this same room, facing the energy field in front of you, go to the right
and enter the corridor. Find this inside. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

14. After the energy field is down, you enter the next assembly room. Look for
an opening on the right on the ground level of this room. Find the Holocron
within. Reard: 10,000 Force Points

15. At the end of this room is a ramp leading toward the end of this mission.
On the right is a small open space with the Holocron just waiting. 
Reward: 10,000 Force Points

Mission Two - Raxus Prime

1. As you come to the first platform you can raise with Grip, either raise it
halfway or just cross the waste to the space underneath the next ledge. The
Holocron is in there. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

2. In the hyperdrive core area. Climb until you reach the exit. Instead, jump
as if to go under the platform with the Jawa on it. From here go around and up
a long stretch of pipes. At the top, leap to the ledge surrounding the large
structure in the center. Go around and then jump and Force Dash to reach the
platform with the Holocron. Reward: Force Power Sphere

3. When you find the crashed ship, this is immediately to your left as you 
enter the area. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

4. Along the crashed ship is a large cracked plate. Blast it open with Force
Push to find this one. Reward: Compressed Red Lightsaber Crystal

5. On the other side of the ship will be a lot of enemies. At the very edge of
this area there is a Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

6. Back inside the ship, fight through some Jawas until you reach a room with
the next corridor above you. Instead of jumping up, blast open the doors in
front of you for this Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

7. You'll reach the Scavenger's Camp which is a large area. To the very right
of where you enter, underneath where the floating debris comes out, you'll find
this one. Reward: Force Combo Sphere

8. To the left of the energy wall is a long platform. Follow it to find this.
Reward: Gold Lightsaber Crystal

9. You'll go down a lift and enter a new area. To the very right of where you
enter, this Holocron is on some high ledge you need to jump to. Reward: 
Compressed Yellow Lightsaber Crystal

10. In the area where you face the Junk Titan, this Holocron is on the right
side. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

11. Where you fight a bunch of Scrap Guardians, you'll have to Grip a metal
platform down to cross. After you cross blow open the metal pillars on the next
platform with Force Push. Bend down some more metal objects to make platforms
to this Holocron. Reward: Sith Robe Costume

12. After you defeat the second Junk Titan, you'll enter a small room. The
first Holocron is to the left. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

13. Floating above in this area. Use Grip and make an AT-ST head a stepping
stone for you. Jump up and get it. Reward: Power Crystal Firkrann

14. Use the AT-ST head to jump to the walkway on the right and grab this
Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points


Contact Info
If you have questions or found a Holocron that I'm looking for, let me know. I
can't guarantee I'll get to a submission very soon but I'll definitely answer
questions if any in a relatively short period of time. 


More to come soon. May the force be with you!