Super Smash Brothers Melee - Comprehensive Guide

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Super Smash Bros. Melee
Comprehensive Guide

By Missing_My_Head

(ASCII Art thanks to

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may reveal things to you about Melee that you
wanted to find out yourself, so proceed with caution.


Introduction []
Version History []
Characters []
      Not-So-Secret Characters []
            Mario Mario []
            King Bowser Koopa []
            Princess "Peach" Toadstool []
            Yoshi []
            Donkey Kong []
            Captain Douglas Jay Falcon []
            Fox McCloud []
            Ness []
            The Ice Climbers (Nana and Popo) []
            The Ice Climber (Popo) []
            Kirby []
            Samus Aran []
            Princess Zelda/Sheik []
            Link []
            Pikachu []
      Secret Characters []
            Doctor Mario Mario []
            Luigi Mario []
            Ganondorf []
            Falco Lombardi []
            Young Link []
            Pichu []
            Jigglypuff []
            Mewtwo []
            Mister Game And Watch []
            Prince Marth []
            Roy []
      CPU Characters []
            The Master Hand []
            The Crazy Hand []
            Giga King Bowser Koopa []
            Sandbag []
            Male Fighting Wire Frames []
            Female Fighting Wire Frames []
      Enemy Characters []
            Goomba []
            Koopa Troopa []
            Koopa Paratroopa []
            Red Koopa Troopa []
            Red Koopa Paratroopa []
            Topi []
            Polar Bear []
            Shy Guy []
            ReDead []
            Like-Like []
            Octorok []
      Glitch Characters []
            NONE []
Stages []
      Not-So-Secret Stages []
            Infinite Glacier Stages []
                  Icicle Mountain []
            Mushroom Kingdom Stages []
                  Princess Peach's Castle []
                  Rainbow Cruise []
       Donkey Kong Island Stages []
                  Kongo Jungle []
                  Jungle Japes []
            Termina Stages []
                  Great Bay []
            Yoshi's Island Stages []
                  Yoshi's Story []
                  Yoshi's Island []
            Dream Land Stages []
                  Fountain Of Dreams []
                  Green Greens []
            Lylat System Stages []
                  Corneria []
                  Venom []
            Hyrule Stages []
                  Temple []
            Planet Zebes Stages []
                  Brinstar []
            Eagleland Stages []
                  Onett []
            F-Zero Grand Prix Stages []
                  Mute City []F
            Kanto Stages []
                  Pokémon Stadium []
            Mushroom Stages []
                  Kingdom []
            Unnamed Stages []
                  RANDOM []
      Secret Stages []
            Superflat World Stages []
                  Flat Zone []
            Planet Zebes Stages []
                  Brinstar Depths []
            Eagleland Stages []
                  Fourside []
            F-Zero Grand Prix Stages []
                  Big Blue []
            Kanto Stages []
                  Poké Floats []
            Mushroom Stages []
                  Kingdom II []
            Special Stages Stages []
                  Battlefield []
                  Final Destination []
            Past Stages Stages []
                  Dream Land []
                  Yoshi's Island []
                  Kongo Jungle []
      Other Stages []
            Adventure Stages []
                  Mushroom Kingdom Adventure []
                  Underground Maze Adventure []
                  F-Zero Grand Prix Adventure []
                  Brinstar Adventure []
            Classic Stages []
                  Race To The Finish []
                  Targets! []
                        Dr. Mario's Target Test []
                        Mario's Target Test []
                        Luigi's Target Test []
                        Bowser's Target Test []
                        Peach's Target Test []
                        Yoshi's Target Test []
                        Donkey Kong's Target Test []
                        Captain Falcon's Target Test []
                        Ganondorf's Target Test []
                        Falco's Target Test []
                        Fox's Target Test []
                        Ness' Target Test []
                        Ice Climber's Target Test []
                        Kirby's Target Test []
                        Samus' Target Test []
                        Zelda/Sheik's Target Test []
                        Link's Target Test []
                        Young Link's Target Test []
                        Pichu's Target Test []
                        Pikachu's Target Test []
                        Jigglypuff's Target Test []
                        Mewtwo's Target Test []
                        Mr. Game & Watch's Target Test []
                        Marth's Target Test []
                        Roy's Target Test []
                  Trophy Collector []
            All-Star Stages []
                  All-Star Teleporter []
            Home-Run Stages []
                  Home-Run Stadium []
            Trophy Stages []
                  Goomba []
                  Entei []
                  Majora's Mask []
            Debug Stages []
                  Test []
                  AKANEIA []
                  IceTop []
                  10-2 []
                  Dummy []
                  Sheik's Target Test []
Items []
      Regular Items []
            Food []
                  Cheese []
                  Meatloaf []
                  Grapes []
                  Apple []
                  Donut []
                  Sesame Chicken []
                  Beef Bowl []
                  Wine []
                  Watermelon []
                  Mushroom []
                  Ice Cream []
                  Strawberry []
                  Pizza []
                  Omelet []
                  Melon []
                  Spaghetti []
                  Bananas []
                  Carton of Milk []
                  Chinese Rice []
                  Coffee []
                  Sushi []
                  Rice []
                  Kebab []
                  Turkey []
                  California Roll []
                  Burger []
                  Orange []
                  Noodles []
            Maxim Tomato []
            Heart Container []
            Warpstar []
            Ray Gun []
            Super Scope []
            Fire Flower []
            Lip's Stick []
            Star Rod []
            Beam Sword []
            Home-Run Bat []
            Fan []
            Hammer []
            Green Shell []
            Red Shell []
            Flipper []
            Freezie []
            Mr. Saturn []
            Poké Ball []
                  Articuno []
                  Bellossom []
                  Blastoise []
                  Celebi []
                  Chansey []
                  Charizard []
                  Chikorita []
                  Clefairy []
                  Cyndaquil []
                  Electrode []
                  Entei []
                  Goldeen []
                  Ho-Oh []
                  Lugia []
                  Marill []
                  Mew []
                  Moltres []
                  Porygon2 []
                  Raikou []
                  Scizor []
                  Snorlax []
                  Staryu []
                  Suicine []
                  Togepi []
                  Unown []
                  Venusaur []
                  Weezing []
                  Wobbufet []
                  Zapdos []
                  Ditto []
                  Enemies []
       Empty Poké Balls []
            Bob-Omb []
            Motion-Sensor Bomb []
            Super Mushroom []
            Poison Mushroom []
            Starman []
            Parasol []
            Screw Attack []
            Metal Box []
            Bunny Hood []
            Cloaking Device []
            Barrel Cannon []
            Party Ball []
      Unlisted Containers []
            Capsule []
            Box []
            Barrel []
      Special Items []
            Giant Apple []
            Egg []
            Hammerhead []
            Headless Hammer []
            Trophy []
            Falling Trophy []
            Red Koopa Shell []
            Green Koopa Shell []
            Birdo Egg []
            Yoshi Egg []
      Character Items []
            Turnip []
            Bomb []
Hazards []
      Banzai Bill []
      F-Zero Raceway []
      F-Zero Car []
      F-Zero Racers []
      Moving Platforms []
      (Dis)Appearing Platforms []
      Destroyable Platforms []
      Moving Stage []
      Klap Trap []
      Arwing/Wolfen Laserfire []
      Greatfox Laserfire []
      Barrel Cannon []
      Blastline []
      Blastfringe []
      Green Greens' Wind []
      Green Greens' Apples []
      Bomb Block []
      Cave Walls []
      Acid []
      Car []
      Birdo []
      Birdo's Eggs []
      Lava []
      Spikes []
      Lava Pad []
      Flipper []
      Bouncer []
      Zapper []
      Oil []
      Tools [] 
Walkthroughs []
      Classic []
      Adventure []
      All-Star []
      Event Matches []
Stadium []
      Home Run Contest []
      Target Test! []
       Dr. Mario []
            Mario []
            Luigi []
            Bowser []
            Peach []
            Yoshi []
            Donkey Kong []
            Captain Falcon []
            Ganondorf []
            Falco []
            Fox []
            Ness []
            Ice Climber []
            Kirby []
            Samus []
            Zelda/Sheik []
            Link []
            Young Link []
            Pichu []
            Pikachu []
            Jigglypuff []
            Mewtwo []
            Mr. Game & Watch []
            Marth []
            Roy []
      Multi-Man Melee []
            10-Man Melee []
            100-Man Melee []
            3-Minute Melee []
            15-Minute Melee []
            Endless Melee []
            Cruel Melee []
Training []
Vs. Mode []
      Stock Mode []
      Timed Mode []
      Coin Mode []
      Bonus Mode []
      Tournament Mode []
      Camera Mode []
      Stamina Mode []
      Super Sudden Death []
      Giant Melee []
      Tiny Melee []
      Invisible Melee []
      Fixed-Camera Mode []
      Single-Button Mode []
      Lightning Melee []
      Slo-Mo Melee []
      Bonuses []
Glitches []
Rumors []
      Sonic and Tails []
      Toad []
      Goldeen []
      Ditto []
      Basically Everything Else []
Various Unlockables []
      Random Stage Select []
      Sound Test []
      Score Display []
      All-Star []
      Alternate Music []
      Mew []
      Celebi []
Trophies []
      Regular Trophies [] 
      Secret Trophies []
            Getting Them []
      Special Trophies []
      Trophy Descriptions []
      Alphabetical Order []
      Game Order []
      Trophy Errors []
Easter Eggs And Other Fun Stuff []
Advanced Tactics []
Japanese Differences []
Comprehensive Movelist []
      Dr. Mario []
      Mario []
      Luigi []
      Bowser []
      Peach []
      Yoshi []
      Donkey Kong []
      Captain Falcon []
      Ganondorf []
      Falco []
      Fox []
      Ness []
      Ice Climbers []
      Kirby []
      Samus []
      Zelda []
      Sheik []
      Link []
      Young Link []
      Pichu []
      Pikachu []
      Jigglypuff []
      Mewtwo []
      Mr. Game & Watch []
      Marth []
      Roy []
      Master Hand []
      Crazy Hand []
      Giga Bowser []
      Male Wire Frame []
      Female Wire Frame []
      Sandbag []
Sound Test []
      Music []
      Sounds []
Things I Need []
Frequently Asked Questions []
Contact []
Credits []
Legal Crap []
Further Reading []
Outroduction []

Whew! That was long!

Introduction []

While browsing through various SSBM guides on GameFAQs, I noticed that 
nearly all of them cover the essentials, and nothing more. Characters, 
Stages, 1-Player, maybe some vs. mode info and a few movelists. I 
decided that, although those guides can be extremely helpful, I wanted 
to make a comprehensive guide covering everything. This guide is not
for the everyday guy looking for how to unlock Luigi. This is a
complete coverage of everything in the game (Well, as much as
possible), and, although it does have basic stuff in it, you might want
to go to another, more compact guide for it.

At first glance, the average person may be put off by its tremendous size, but
I have included the easiest navigation system I could think off. Each section
has a unique code based on the section it's a part of. Doing the following
will take you to whatever section you need:

Step 1: Highlight the code of the section you want in the Table of Contents
Step 2: Press Ctrl+C
Step 3: Press Ctrl+F
Step 4: Click in the text box
Step 5: Press Ctrl+V
Step 6: Press Enter
Step 7: If you are not at your desired section, press Enter again
Step 8: You should now be where you want to be

Version History []

I'm just starting. (Sigh)...This is gonna take a looooong time, 
especially with my broken GameCube.

This is gonna be HUGE. It feels like I'm not going to finish this for years.

Making good progress on the stage section. Still nowhere near complete.

I've finished the Not-So-Secret (heh I love that) and Secret stages 
sections. I made the unpleasant discovery that the numbering on the TOC 
was way off in the entire Other Stages section, so I had to do it all 
manually. Crap. Well, I did it, and now I'm moving onto the Other 

I've made staggering progress on the guide. I may be able to finish 
this before Brawl arrives, maybe even before the Wii! The screwdriver 
that I need to fix my GameCube just arrived today, so I can probably 
get it up and running!

Well, my GameCube's working good as new, now, thanks to the Lens 
Recalibration Guide on GameFAQs! Sadly, my SSBM disc is scratched to 
the point of near corruption, so it's hard to do much with it. Well, 
it's a start. I might just buy a new copy.

I got a disk repair doohickey at the store and it fixed my SSBM disk! 
This should allow the guide to grow exponentially!

Just adding more stuff to the guide. Things are going smoothly, and it 
should be done in about a month.

I've finished almost all of it. All I have left is the three biggest 
sections, the Trophies, the Sound Test, and the Comprehensive Movelist.

I'm starting on the trophies.

Finished the trophies. Well, yeah, I didn't do it all in two sittings,
but I figured 10,000 entries saying I did more trophies would be kinda
monotonous, so I just stated when I started and when I finished. *sigh*
This leaves two more sections to tackle.

Alright, screw that "one month left" comment. This isn't the first addition
since 10/12/06, but I, once again, decided that about twenty-three thousand
entries repeating the same thing would be boring as hell, and would make this
guide bigger than it needs to be. I've tackled the Sound Test section, which
leaves me with the last one in the entire guide: the Comprehensive Movelists.
I'm surprised at how monotonous it is to cover the movelists, but I'm about a
third of the way through it, so I should be done by the end of January. I
hope. Afterall, four months ago, I said I'd be done in a month. And look at me

Well, uh, Happy New Year. Still...haven't made any progress since the last
update. :\ I'm still working on the movesets. Funny how something so simple can
be so monotonous.

Wow, I'm...done. O_o

Characters []

Keep in mind, this is more of an introduction to the character, and not
really a strategy guide. For fighting strategies, see the Comprehensive

I'll introduce them by their full name, then list their everyday one in
(parentheses). From then on, I'll always call them by their everyday name.

Not-So-Secret Characters []

Mario Mario []

Nope, that's not a typo. Mario's last name is Mario. That's why Mario 
and Luigi are called the Mario Brothers (Doesn't it make you wonder if 
his middle name is Mario?). Mario is designed like Chess; A minute to 
learn, a lifetime to master. Well, that's an exaggeration. It'll take 
you a few minutes to learn and a couple of years to master. Mario is 
supposed to be a beginner character, and he is on the outside, but on 
the inside, he's a very complicated combo-master.

King Bowser Koopa []

Some of you Japanese readers will know him as Koopa, but here in the 
'states, we call him Bowser. He's extremely powerful, but not all that 
fast (*cough*). Bowser is the heaviest character in the game, and he 
jumps like he keeps bricks under his shell, but he's an extremely 
powerful and virtually unstoppable in the hands of a master.

Princess "Peach" Toadstool []

Ridiculed by many, Peach is actually an extremely useful character. 
She's not exceptionally strong, but she can string together a ton of 
weak moves into one, big, omnipotently powerful combo. Many masters 
recognize and fear the power of her smash down A, which can do over
80% damage to heavier opponents.

Yoshi []

Ah, Yoshi. Who doesn't recognize this guy? His fighting style is...
odd, to say the least. With bizarre projectiles, lightspeed rolling
moves, and the ability to turn his enemies into eggs, Yoshi certainly
stands out among the other fighters.

Donkey Kong []
(Donkey Kong)

DK is heavy, fast, and powerful, which are three of the best traits
you can have. He's also excellent at the Multi-Man Melees, due to his
Ground Slap move.

Captain Douglas Jay Falcon []
(Captain Falcon)

Falcon is fast and powerful, though hard to control. Of course, nothing
beats annoying the crap out of your opponents with "FALCON PUNCH!"

Fox McCloud []

Recognized by professionals as the best character in the game, Fox is
extremely fast and very agile. His fast falling speed was intended to
be a weakness, but professionals can turn it into an advantage by using
it in their combos.

Ness []

Ness was omnipotent in SSB, but in this game he's been nerfed, or
weakened. Regardless, he does have a few good moves on him. PK Flash,
for instance, is INSANELY powerful when fully charged.

The Ice Climbers (Nana and Popo) []
(Ice Climbers)

Well, they're not easy to use, but once you can do it, they're deadly.
Two characters fighting at once is an obvious opportunity for combos.

The Ice Climber (Popo) []
(Ice Climber)

Not a character in his own right, but if you kill Nana, you're left 
with Popo. Popo is strong on his own, but nowhere near as good as both
climbers together.

Kirby []

Poor, poor Kirby. Like Ness, Kirby was nerfed to HELL. His attacks have
low priority (See advanced techniques), he's light, and he's none too
fast. But, still. Diving off the edge with an enemy in your hands using
his suicide throws is one of the most fun things in the game,
especially when your opponent doesn't know it's possible.

Samus Aran []

Samus is good for beginners, due to her easy-to-use and powerful
specials, and is good for experts, due to her agility and combos.

Princess Zelda/Sheik []

Zelda is a powerful, though awkward, fighter, utilizing magic to fight.
Sheik, on the other hand, is a quick, agile ninja who specializes in

Link []

Link may be slow, but he's the master of projectiles. Try to stay away
from your opponent and just spam them, instead of direct fighting.

Pikachu []

Pikachu is kind of an awkward character, relying on unusual projectiles
to fight. If you can aim well with Thunder, you can bounce people off
the top with it.

Secret Characters []

Doctor Mario Mario []
(Dr. Mario)

A clone of Mario. For those of you who don't know, a clone is someone 
who has the exact same Movelist, but with diminutive differences. For 
example, Dr. Mario's Smash A does electric damage, while Mario's does 
fire. Overall, I still use regular Mario over Dr. Mario, even though 
Dr. Mario is technically better.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat Classic with Mario with no continues or play 100 vs. mode

Luigi Mario []

First off, I would like to say, ATTENTION WORLD OF NEWBIES: LUIGI IS 
NOT A CLONE OF MARIO!!! Seriously. It's pretty amazing how many people 
believe that Luigi is a Mario clone. Anyway, Luigi's Green Missile move 
is a lot of fun, but it's dangerous. About 1/8 of the time, Luigi will 
go off with a bang and fly across the arena at breakneck speeds. You 
can also use it as a recovery.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Finish the Mushroom Kingdom side scroller in Adventure 
mode when the timer has a 2 in the seconds place (##:#2:##) and don't 
continue. You'll know you did it right if you fight Luigi instead of 
Mario in the next fight. You can also play 800 vs. mode matches.

Ganondorf []

Now, this guy's a clone! You might not expect it, but Ganondorf is a 
Captain Falcon clone. Basically, to find the differences, replace all 
of C. Falcon's fire moves with moves that to shadow damage instead. He
also has some slightly different A moves, such as his neutral A and his
up tilt.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat Event Match #29 or play 600 vs. mode matches

Falco Lombardi []

Another day, another clone. Falco = Fox, what do you expect? He's
slightly slower than Fox, but he makes up for it with more power.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat the 100-Man Melee or play 300 vs. mode matches

Young Link []
(Young Link)

Wow. Another clone. This is starting to get depressing. This one is 
kind of obvious, Young Link = Link. Y. Link's bow is lit on fire, but 
that's not all that much. Oh, yeah, and Young Link can wall jump, which 
really is only is useful in Adventure Mode and Target Tests. Oh well.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat Classic with 10 different characters (No 
continuing), and make sure two of them are Link and Zelda or play 500 vs.
mode matches

Pichu []

Oh, for the love of God it's another clone. Again, pretty obvious who 
it is. Pikachu. The main (And irritatingly persistent) difference is 
that all electric moves damage Pichu up to 4%. However, Thunder only 
damages it if the bolt touches Pichu.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat Event Match #37 or play 200 vs. mode matches

Jigglypuff []

Woot!! Not a clone! Jigglypuff might seem weak and useless, but she's
actually pretty powerful. Most newbs don't know this, but her Down+B,
Rest, is actually a super-powerful attack if you're right on top of
your enemy.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat any one player mode with or without continues or play 50
vs. mode matches.

Mewtwo []

Mewtwo is considered by professionals t be the worst character in the
game, due to his slow speed and awkward attacks. However, if you can
master him, it's worth it, because nobody knows how to fight the
character that nobody plays as.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Play 20 Hours of vs. mode over time (It's divided by the 
amount of human players) or play 700 vs. mode matches

Mister Game And Watch []
(Mr. Game & Watch)

Ah, Mr. Game & Watch. Unless you've been playing video games since the 
ice age, or know someone who has, you've probably never heard of this 
guy. He was Nintendo's first creation (That's right, before Mario). 
He's got a wide variety of strange moves using objects from past games. 
Many people think he's crap because of his tiny weight and appearance 
of a joke character, or one used just for novelty. However, he is 
actually pretty darn strong if you know how to use him right. I'm not
all that great with him, but if  you want to be, I'd strongly suggest
checking out some of the G&W guides on GameFAQs.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat Classic, Adventure, or Target Test with all the 
other characters at least once or play 1,000 vs. mode matches.

Prince Marth []

Believe it or not, Marth is the character used by SSBM's world
champion. He's fast, agile, and has the best range in the game, making
him a worthy opponent.
HOW TO UNLOCK: Use 14 different characters in the game (One Player or 
Vs.) or play 400 vs. mode matches.

Roy []

Not sure if it's Prince Roy, I haven't played the games, but I think 
it's just Roy. Roy is a clone of Marth, though he has one primary
difference. When you fully charge his B Move, if it hits its mark, its 
mark is toast. It's a One-Hit-K.O..
HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat 1P Mode with Marth (No continues) or play 900 vs. mode

CPU Characters []

Note that if you use an Action Replay to activate Debug Mode, these 
characters become fully playable. WOOT!!!

The Master Hand []
(Master Hand)

The final boss from SSB returns, this time with a whole new slew of

The Crazy Hand []
(Crazy Hand)

Master Hand's right hand...left He's much more powerful and
fast than Master.

Giga King Bowser Koopa []
(Giga Bowser)

The only CPU who is technically a clone. Giga Bowser is not much 
stronger than regular Bowser, but in Adventure mode (Not Event Match 
51), he is given an insane handicap. Also, he's got ludicrous range 
that can even outdo some of the game's shorter projectiles. You can 
seriously ALMOST reach all the way across Final Destination.

Sandbag []

The target character of the home run contest. You have to attack him, 
then smash him to knock him far. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt him. He 
actually enjoys it!

Male Wire Frame []
(Male Wire Frame)

One of the two fighting Wire Frames. The male Wire Frames have better 
attack and defense, but the females are faster and have higher jumps. 
Their moves are based on C. Falcon and Ganondorf's A moves.

Female Wire Frame []
(Female Wire Frame)

One of the two fighting Wire Frames. The male Wire Frames have better 
attack and defense, but the females are faster and have higher jumps. 
Their moves are based on Zelda's A moves.

Enemy Characters []

These characters appear ingame and cannot be played under any 
circumstances, as they are technically not characters in the first 

Goomba []

A very basic enemy. It walks one way, and when it hits something, it 
walks the other way. These can hold trophies.

Koopa Troopa []

Another basic enemy. If you jump on it or lightly attack it, it will 
withdraw to its shell, which can be used as an item.

Koopa Paratroopa []

A Koopa Troopa with wings. Whoopee. If you jump on it, you get a 
regular Koopa.

Red Koopa Troopa []

Jump on or lightly attack a Red Koopa Paratroopa and you'll get this.

Red Koopa Paratroopa []

Essentially the same as a Koopa Paratroopa, but these guys fly up and 
down, whereas Koopa Paratroopas either fly side-to-side or jump around.

Topi []

A simple enemy from the Ice Climber series. It behaves similarly to a 
Goomba, but you can't jump on it. Is also slides occasionally, giving 
it a boost of speed. In the Japanese version, these look like Seals, 
instead of Yetis. This was changed to prevent the game from looking
like it was promoting animal cruelty.

Polar Bear []

Quite a tough enemy. These things take a lot of damage before they die. 
They're kinda slow, though, and they can't do much damage.

Shy Guy []

These enemies cannot hurt you, but you can hurt them >:D. Some of them 
drop food when killed.

ReDead []

Looks like a drunk zombie. If they touch you, they'll grab onto you and
do damage. Note that if you attack it and it falls over, it's not dead
yet. It's only momentarilly incapacitated. Beat on it some more to
knock it offscreen.

Like-Like []

These annoying cylinders will eat you and steal your items.

Octorok []

The only enemy with a projectile. They're pretty annoying when they're
shooting you, but you can't find them.

Glitch Characters []


Upon activating debug mode, you are rewarded with the ability to play
as some new characters, but you've already seen them all. Except NONE.
NONE isn't really a character, because it just freezes the game, but
since it's in the place where you choose characters, I guess he fits

Stages []

Not-So-Secret Stages []

Infinite Glacier Stages []

Icicle Mountain []

Series Theme: Ice Climbers

Character: Ice Climbers, Ice Climber

Common Items: Freezie (Despite having nothing to do with Ice Climber)

Description: Easily the most hated stage in the game, and ironically 
the first on the list. This nightmare is always moving up and down 
randomly at varying speeds. It's also got destroyable and self-moving 
platforms, as well as platforms made of ice, which make traction a 
thing of the past.

Mushroom Kingdom Stages []

Princess Peach's Castle []

Series Theme: Mario

Character: Peach

Common Items: Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Fire Flower, Metal Box, 
Lip's Stick, Hammer, Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-Omb, Starman

Description: This stage bears no resemblance whatsoever to its past, 
Nintendo 64 self. This one actually resembles Peach's castle. Banzai 
Bills occasionally strike the castle, causing cataclysmic explosions 
that send CPUs running to the other side of the stage. Take advantage 
of this. You can also hit switches to create platforms and ! Blocks.

Rainbow Cruise []

Series Theme: Mario

Character: Mario

Common Items: Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Fire Flower, Metal Box, 
Lip's Stick, Hammer, Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-Omb, Starman

Description: Another loathsome moving stage, though not quite as bad as 
Icicle Mountain. However, although it isn't quite as turbulent, it's 
much more random and chaotic, with (dis)appearing platforms, swinging 
pendulums, falling logs, exploding floors, and flying carpets. However, 
you start out on a nice simple boat, so, if possible, try to finish the 
match before it sinks.

Donkey Kong Island Stages []

Kongo Jungle []

Series Theme: Donkey Kong

Character: None

Common Items: Barrel Cannon

For some horrible, twisted reason, the designers decided to make the DK
rap return. The stage itselfis pretty basic, with a few platforms. A
variety of objects can float down the river, ranging from crates and
barrels that can be broken for items as they pass, to Super Mushrooms
to increase your size, to logs to make extra platforms. There is also
a barrel cannon at the bottom.

Jungle Japes []

Series Theme: Donkey Kong

Character: Donkey Kong, Young Link

Common Items: Barrel Cannon

Description: Pretty simple stage. Three platforms, biggest one in the 
middle. You can see Cranky Kong in the house in the background. Also, 
Klap Traps occasionally rear their ugly heads in the water below, and 
tend to mean instant death.

Termina Stages []

Great Bay []

Series Theme: The Legend of Zelda

Character: Link

Common Items: Heart Container

Description: Not too basic, not too complex. This stage has a floating 
rock (!?) that can be used as a rickety platform. There is also a giant 
turtle that occasionally dives underwater. Make sure you're not onboard 
when this happens!

Yoshi's Island Stages []

Yoshi's Story []

Series Theme: Yoshi

Character: Yoshi

Description: Very basic stage, three floating platforms, one major one, 
nothing special, save for a floating cloud that carries you around.

Yoshi's Island []

Series Theme: Yoshi

Character: Bowser

Common Items: Egg

Description: Ah, nothing like a little touch of old school. Watch out 
for the blocks, especially the ones in the middle, because they can be 
destroyed, getting rid of crucial platforms.

Dream Land Stages []

Fountain of Dreams []

Series Theme: Kirby

Character: Marth

Common Items: Warp Star, Star Rod, Parasol

Description: A pretty simple stage, but with one small twist. The side 
platforms slowly rise and fall. I know, whoopee. It's not that big of a 
deal, obviously, but it's something.

Green Greens []

Series Theme: Kirby

Character: Kirby

Common Item(s): Warp Star, Star Rod, Parasol

Description: Another simple stage. Well, kinda. The blocks on the sides 
can be destroyed, opening up holes, and blocks with bombs inside will 
explode, and then there's Green Greens, who occasionally blows you 
around, but all in all, it's pretty simple. Note, however, that Green 
Greens may occasionally drop apples, which act either as food or as 
very powerful throwing weapons.

Lylat System Stages []

Corneria []

Series Theme: StarFox

Character: Fox

Common Items: None

Description: Basically a ripoff of the old Sector-Z stage from SSB, 
only a bit bigger. And with much, MUCH better scenery. Also, along with 
the traditional Arwing attacks, Wolfens will also occasionally ride 
down. Rarely, even the GreatFox will attack, but you have to be right 
in front of its gun to get hit. If you do, you're toast. The guns
themselves also serve as platforms, useful as a last-ditch attempt if
you're about to die. If you stand on them while they're shooting or
even charging, you're mincemeat. If you attack them enough, you can
destroy them, ceasing the attacks, but it also gets rid of your

Venom []

Series Theme: StarFox

Character: Falco

Common Items: None

Description: This time you're on the wings of the GreatFox. What this 
stage lacks in starship attacks it makes up for in...well, nothing. :P 
It's pretty boring.

Hyrule Stages []

Temple []

Series Theme: The Legend of Zelda

Character: Zelda/Sheik

Common Items: Heart Container

Description: The biggest regularly playable stage in the game that 
doesn't move (Non-playable stages like the Home-Run Arena and Test are 
much bigger). Despite its massive size, there aren't any gimmicks.

Planet Zebes Stages []

Brinstar []

Series Theme: Metroid

Character: Samus

Common Items: Screw Attack

Description: Widely hated by the SSBM community due to its Blast-Line 
obscuring acid. This level features three breakable sections: The 
"appendages" holding up the two side platforms, and the little capsule 
thingies that hold together the two sections of the stage.

Eagleland Stages []

Onett []

Series Theme: Earthbound

Character: Ness

Common Items: Mr. Saturn

Description: Kinda basic stage. A few platforms, two of them 
destroyable. The only thing that really makes it special is the 
occasional passing car that can hurt anyone it touches. The awnings on
the store can also fall off, sometimes.

F-Zero Grand Prix Stages []

Mute City []

Series Theme: F-Zero

Character: Captain Falcon

Common Items: None

Description: Neat stage. You ride around on this little platform that 
occasionally plops itself down on the racetrack. A whole variety of 
crazy things appear, ranging from platforms to tunnels to the F-Zero 
Racers themselves.

Kanto Stages []

Pokémon Stadium []

Series Theme: Pokémon

Character: None

Common Items: Poké Ball

Description: Craziness. Absolute craziness. This stage is simple 
enough, but every now and then it'll change into something completely 
different. There are a few different forms, Fire, Water, Normal, etc.. 
Normal is what you start on. Also, be sure to look at the screen in the 
background, it shows some very useful information, such as score, 
what's currently happening, and even warnings when the stage is going 
to transform, and what it's going to transform into.

Mushroom Stages []

Kingdom []

Series Theme: Mario

Character: Luigi

Common Items: Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Fire Flower, Metal Box, 
Lip's Stick, Hammer, Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-Omb, Starman

Description: Ah, the memories. Kingdom has lots of brick blocks that 
you can destroy, as well as ? Blocks with items inside. There are also 
two platforms attached to strings like a scale, which is useful for 
weighing characters.

Unnamed Stages []


Series Theme: n/a

Character: n/a

Common Items: n/a

Description: Can't decide where to fight? Click RANDOM. Not really a 
stage, but hey what the heck, I'll put it in anyway.

Secret Stages []

Superflat World Stages []

Flat Zone []

Unlock Method: Beat Classic with Mr. Game & Watch (No continues)

Series Theme: Game & Watch

Character: Mr. Game & Watch

Common Items: None

Description: Crazy. Just crazy. So much stuff can happen here. 
Platforms randomly appear, disappear, and teleport. People spill oil 
that screws with your traction. Harmful tools fall from the sky. People 
come out of manholes. It's endless.

Planet Zebes Stages []

Brinstar Depths []

Unlock Method: Play Vs. Mode 50 Times

Series Theme: Metroid

Character: Ganondorf

Common Items: Screw Attack

Description: Another insane stage. See that big, dragon-lizard, 
behemoth back there? Yeah. That's Kraid. Remember him from the Metroid 
games? Well, he's back. And instead of trying to kill you, he's just 
screwing with your head. He'll occasionally slash the stage, causing it 
to spin around. Absolute insanity.

Eagleland Stages []

Fourside []

Unlock Method: Play Vs. Mode 100 Times

Series Theme: Earthbound

Character: Pichu

Common Items: Mr. Saturn

Description: Less insane than the past two, thank god. There are a 
number of buildings which act as platforms. Occasionally a UFO will 
appear, which can also be used as a platform, but its traction is 

F-Zero Grand Prix Stages []

Big Blue []

Unlock Method: Play Vs. Mode 150 Times

Series Theme: F-Zero

Character: None

Common Items: None

Description: I guess I jinxed myself when I commented on the less-than-
insane condition of Fourside, because this one is madness, as well. 
You're constantly jumping from car to car, and if you touch the road, 
you get sent flying into the blast line unless you jump immediately. 
The stage is constantly changing without pause, so you need incredible 
reflexes to survive.

Kanto Stages []

Poké Floats []

Unlock Method: Play Vs. Mode 200 Times

Series Theme: Pokémon

Character: Jigglypuff

Common Items: Poké Ball

Description: Great. Just great. The curse of Fourside lives on. Poké 
Floats is every bit as demented as Big Blue, but with Pokémon. You 
probably don't, but remember that old Pokémon episode with the Pokémon 
balloons? Yeah, neither do I. But that's where this comes from. You're 
constantly jumping from Pokémon to Pokémon, resisting the urge to 
murder them all.

Mushroom Stages []

Kingdom II []

Unlock Method: Get the Birdo trophy

Series Theme: Mario

Character: Dr. Mario

Common Items: Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Fire Flower, Metal Box, 
Lip's Stick, Hammer, Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-Omb, Starman

Description: Finally, another non-crazy stage. Oh, !@#$%, I did it 
again. Well, while we're waiting for another doomsday level to arise, 
I'll explain Kingdom II. You've got your central platform, and two on 
the sides. A Birdo will occasionally pop up on one of the side 
platforms and shoot eggs. Platforms will occasionally come down the 

Special Stages Stages [] (Yes, I did mean to write "Stages" 

Battlefield []

Unlock Method: Beat All-Star (No continues)

Series Theme: Super Smash Bros.

Character: Mewtwo

Common Items: Fan, Home-Run Bat, Ray Gun, Super Scope

Description: Hey, the curse is lifted! Too bad I hate this stage. :P 
It's too small. Well, smallness aside, this is a fairly simple stage. 
Following the classic SSB "One-Central-Platform-With-Three-Above-With-
The-Middle-One-Higher" style, Battlefield is very basic. You used to 
fight the Polygons here, but now you fight the Wire Frames.

Final Destination []

Unlock Method: Beat Event Match #51

Series Theme: Super Smash Bros.

Character: Roy

Common Items: Fan, Home-Run Bat, Ray Gun, Super Scope

Description: This stage obviously lends itself to serious, 
straightforward, high-skilled matches. There are no hazards, no 
distractions, and no moving elements. Nothing. Just one huge, flat 
platform. One weakness is that it has no protection against projectile

Past Stages Stages [] (Once again, I meant to do that)

Dream land []

Unlock Method: Clear all Target Tests with a combined total of no more 
than 25 minutes.

Series Theme: Kirby

Character: None

Common Items: Maxim Tomato, Warpstar, Parasol

Description: This stage is somewhat basic. The only real distraction is
Green Greens, who occasionally blows wind.

Yoshi's Island []

Unlock Method: Get over 1,350 feet on the Home Run Contest.

Series Theme: Yoshi

Character: None

Common Items: Egg

Description: Yet another basic stage. Three floating platforms above 
one major one. The only thing interesting about this one is the clouds 
that will disappear if stood on for too long.

Kongo Jungle []

Unlock Method: Clear 15-Minute Melee.

Series Theme: Donkey Kong

Character: None

Common Items: Barrel Cannon

Description: The most complex of the three Past Stages. Ironic how 
uncomplicated it is, huh? It's pretty basic, actually, but there are 
two platforms floating around in a circular pattern, as well as a 
floating barrel cannon underneath the stage.

Other Stages []
Note that every stage here, save for the Trophy Stages, are playable 
using Action Replay. Also note that certain things, such as reaching an 
enemy that only appears when you enter the area can freeze the game, 
and that doing what normally finishes the level, like breaking all the 
targets, will cause the game to end.

Adventure Stages []

Mushroom Kingdom Adventure []

Affectionately nicknamed Mushroom Kingdom III by some of the community, 
MKA is a side-scrolling platformer level. Packed with Goombas, Koopas, 
Paratroopas, and even a Yoshi Team, this is a great Mario-themed level.

Underground Maze Adventure []

A Zelda-themed platformer, with some horizontal and vertical elements. 
It has three classic Zelda enemies: Octoroks, ReDeads, and Like-Likes. 
There are also five areas where you must fight Link, but you can skip
over all but one of them.

F-Zero Grand Prix Adventure []

An F-Zero themed stage. Not much of a platformer, or any other genre 
really. You have to fly down the racetrack at top speeds, avoiding the 
F-Zero racers that occasionally rocket past.

Brinstar Adventure []

Also called Escape Shaft, RED ALERT!, and WARNING!. This stage forces 
you to get to the escape teleporter as quickly as possible. If you 
don't make it in time, the planet explodes and you lose a life.

Classic Stages []

Race To The Finish []

Remember that old Race To The Finish in SSB? Well, it's back, and much 
MUCH better. There are now three different paths to take, and a huge 
amount of exits, with further ones giving you more points and coins.

Targets! []

Here I will explain the basics of each Target Test arena. For more 
detailed walkthroughs, see the Target Test section of the Stadium section.
This is more of a description of the stage itself.

Dr. Mario's Target Test []

Pretty simple stage, but it's hard. There are a few moving platforms 
and one moving target. Timing is the most important here.

Mario's Target test []

Starts off pretty simple. Just bounce around the red beams breaking 
targets and throwing fireballs. Then you have to ride some platforms. 
It's a little hard, but easy once you get used to it.

Luigi's Target Test []

Madness. Absolute madness. You start out on a GameCube (XD). Targets 
are bouncing around like it's the end of the world. Don't forget the 
occasional flipper. The Targets are completely unpredictable. It's 

Bowser's Target Test []

Very basic. No moving targets, no moving platforms, god forbid no 
moving flippers. Just stable ground and stationary targets. Nice change 
of pace.

Peach's Target Test []

Pretty simple. No moving platforms and moving targets. Nothing 
bad at all.

Yoshi's Target Test []

It's not all that complicated, there's only one moving target, but it's 
hard! Lots of precision jumping and attacking.

Donkey Kong's Target Test []

Not that bad. Just a few complications. Nothing bad at all.

Captain Falcon's Target Test []

Pretty crazy. This level is bad news for newbies.

Ganondorf's Target Test []

Whoo! Crazy! This level is Hell on Earth. Spiked walls, lightspeed 
targets, and enormous pits. Ironically, it's also my favorite Target 
Test. :/

Falco's Target Test []

CRAZINESS!!! Lava pads left and right, precision jumping, and 
skyrocketing targets. Think you got that target nailed? BOOM! Now it's 
five miles away.

Fox's Target Test []

Pretty nuts. You'll need to be pretty good with the Blaster to make it 
through here.

Ness' Target Test []

Another kind of hard one. You'll need precision with the PK Cannonball 
to make it in this one.

Ice Climber's Target test []

You may be questioning why it's Climber's and not Climbers'. That's 
because you're only playing as Popo. Nana is gone. :( Well, there is 
some actual use to this. Belay without Nana is generally worthless. 
However, if you're jumping up to a cloud and miss, you can use belay to 
delay (Rhyme!) yourself until the next cloud comes. Of course, air 
dodges work much better. Bleah.

Kirby's Target Test []

Fun level. Pretty simple, not all that hard, but fun. Stone and Final 
Cutter will come in handy here.

Samus' Target Test []

Simple. No tricks or anything. Just a good, old fashioned Target Test.

Zelda/Sheik's Target Test []

Relatively simple. Note the Triforces at the top. :D

Link's Target Test []

Another simple stage. Up+B will come in handy here.

Young Link's Target Test []

This is basically the only place you will ever need Wall Jump. It's 
nothing all that special. One place requires you to be a sharp shot 
with the bow, though. It's neat, I like it.

Pichu's Target Test []

This one will require precision with Thunder and Thundershock.

Pikachu's Target Test []

Simple stage. Just bounce around it destroying the targets. Easy.

Jigglypuff's Target Test []

Kinda hard. The first part is straightforward, but at the end you'll 
need to time Pound attacks perfectly.

Mewtwo's Target Test []

Pretty crazy. Moving targets, lava pads, and platforms. Shadow Ball can 
be very useful in here.

Mr. Game & Watch's Target Test []

Following the theme of Flat Zone, G&W's Target Test is zany, wild, and 
ever-changing. Targets teleport, disappear, reappear, move, and bounce 
in this insane level.

Marth's Target Test []

Once again, very basic stage. Straightforward Target placements. Only 
craziness is the existence of the two flippers.

Roy's Target Test []

And, to finish it all off, another basic stage. This stage is nothing 
too special, just basic platforms and targets, though a couple do move.

Trophy Collector []

Three randomized regular trophies will fall here, and you have to knock 
them into the collector.

All-Star Stages []

All-Star Teleporter []

The only stage in the game that cannot harm you in ANY way. I repeat: 
ANY WAY. The only way to get harmed is if you use a move that is 
harmful to yourself (Pichu's electrical attacks, Roy's fully charged B, 
hitting yourself with Young/Link's Bombs, etc.). Go to the teleporter 
to go to the next fight.

Home-Run Stages []

Home-Run Stadium []

The biggest stage in the game. Your goal is to hit Sandbag as hard as 
possible without knocking him off the platform, then blast him out of 
existence with the Home-Run Bat.

Trophy Stages []

Goomba []

A level shaped like a Goomba. Neat. It's in Event Match #14 Trophy 
Tussle. Beat it for a Goomba Trophy.

Entei []

This one's shaped like the Pokémon Entei. It's in Event Match #26 
Trophy Tussle 2. Beat it for the Entei trophy.

Majora's Mask []

The last of the three. Shaped like Majora's Mask, it's in Event Match 
#47 Trophy Tussle 3. Beat it for (Guess) the Majora's Mask trophy.

Debug Stages []

These stages are hidden within the game's code and can only be played 
with Debug Mode.

Test []

The second biggest stage in the game, besides the Home-Run Contest
Stadium. It's very strange, with a jagged, random surface and random
floating walls. However, the weirdest of all is the background: It's a
picture of a BAR. Yes, a bar. Not as in the round metal thing you bang
your head on occasionally, a pub. Don't ask me. In fact, don't ask
period. Nobody knows.


The first and foremost of the four unfinished stages (The ones that 
freeze the game when selected in Debug Mode, though Dummy and IceTop 
are playable with other hacks). Probably a Fire Emblem stage, judging 
by the title.

IceTop []

If you select this stage in debug mode, the game crashes. For a while, 
we had no idea what IceTop was, or if it was anything at all. However, 
a recently discovered hack allows you to gain access. Disappointingly, 
it's just Icicle Mountain with no music.

10-2 []

No I don't get the name, either.
Yet another unfinished stage. We have no idea whatsoever what it was 
going to be. At all. Period.

Dummy []

Yes. You are one.
I'm kidding. Dummy is the final unfinished stage. Remember the good ol' 
DUMMY glitch from Animal Crossing? Well, this is sort of similar. 
Usually, selecting this stage in debug mode causes the game to freeze, 
but a recently discovered hack actually allows you to enter it. Will it 
be exciting? Thrilling? A whole new kind of level? Prepare to be 
disappointed. If you were unhappy about IceTop, Dummy is completely 
empty space. No background. No platforms. No music. Nada. It's pure 

Sheik's Target Test []

Yes, it's true. Sheik has a target test. Well, not really. You can't 
actually play it normally. But, apparently you were originally supposed 
to turn into Sheik in Zelda's Target Test to get three extra Targets, 
but this was removed.

Items []

Why fight with just your hands? Get an unfair advantage with one of 

Regular Items []

These are always available, can be turned off in the item switch, and 
appear in every stage.

Food []
Type: Heal
Series: Super Smash Bros. (And Kirby, sorta)
Description: Food heals very small amounts of HP. There are many 
different varieties, explained here: (Don't ask me why I numbered them. 
I just did.)

Cheese 3% []
Meatloaf 9% []
Grapes 4% []
Apple 5% []
Donut 4% [] (Hey, Donuts are actually GOOD for you in this  game!)
Sesame Chicken 7% []
Beef Bowl 7% []
Wine 3% []
Watermelon 6% []
Mushroom 5% []
Ice Cream 3% []
Strawberry 3% []
Pizza 8% []
Omelet 7% []
Melon 6% []
Spaghetti 6% []
Banana Bunch 5% []
Carton of Milk 5% []
Chinese Rice 7% []
Coffee 2% []
Sushi 8% []
Rice 7% []
Kebab 3% []
Turkey 7% []
Rice Ball 6% []
Hamburger 6% []
Orange 4% []
Noodles 5% []

Maxim Tomato []
Type: Heal
Series: Kirby
Description: Heals 50%

Heart Container []
Type: Heal
Series: The Legend of Zelda
Description: Heals 100%

Warpstar []
Type: Weapon (Other)
Series: Kirby
Description: Grab onto the Warp Star and you'll go rocketing into the 
air, and then crash back down, creating an explosion. You can vaguely 
control the Warpstar while it's in the air.

Ray Gun []
Type: Weapon (Projectile)
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: This gun can shoot up to 16 shots.

Super Scope []
Type: Weapon (Projectile)
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: The Super Scope can be a rapid fire low power machine gun 
or a slow fire heavy power rifle. A fully charged shot takes up 1/3 of 
its power.

Fire Flower []
Type: Weapon (Projectile)
Series: Mario
Description: The Fire Flower can shoot continuous flames for three 

Lip's Stick []
Type: Weapon (Held)
Series: Panel de Pon
Description: Whack people with this to poison them.

Star Rod []
Type: Weapon (Held and Projectile)
Series: Kirby
Description: You can whack people with the neutral A, or shoot them 
with stars using a smash attack.

Beam Sword []
Type: Weapon (Held)
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: You can slash people with this. It's pretty strong.

Home-Run Bat []
Type: Weapon (Held)
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: A weak whacking weapon with a deadly secret. A smash 
attack is a OHKO!

Fan []
Type: Weapon (Held)
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: This whacking weapon is weak, but it can be used very 
quickly, trapping the enemy.

Hammer []
Type: Weapon (Other)
Series: Mario
Description: Grab the hammer and you'll start waving it around like an 
idiot, smashing everything in your way. Every now and then, the head 
will come off.

Green Shell []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: Throw or jump on the shell to send it rolling in one 
direction, damaging whatever it hits.

Red Shell []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: Throw or jump on this to make it zigzag back and forth on 
the platform.

Flipper []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Balloon Fight
Description: The flipper replaced the Bumper from SSBB. When thrown, it 
will hover in midair, damaging anyone it touches and blocking

Freezie []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: The Freezie will slowly slide around the stage, breaking 
if attacked. When picked up and thrown, if it hits an enemy they will 
be frozen solid and rocketed into the air. An excellent edge-guarder.

Mr. Saturn []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Earthbound
Description: A weak, self-moving throwing item.

Poké Ball []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Pokémon
Description: Throw this item to release one of the following:

Name: Articuno []
Attack: Blizzard
Replaced: None
Description: Freezes all nearby enemies, just like a Freezie only it 
doesn't last as long.

Name: Bellossom []
Attack: Sleep Powder
Replaced: None
Description: Anyone who touches Bellossom will go to sleep.

Name: Blastoise []
Attack: Hydro Pump
Replaced: Blastoise
Description: Blastoise shoots blasts of water, slowly moving backwards. 

Name: Celebi []
Attack: Fly
Replaced: None
Description: Celebi flies away. You get 8,000 Bonus Points! (Note: In 
order to see Celebi, you must have unlocked everything except all the 

Name: Chansey []
Attack: Softboiled
Replaced: Chansey
Description: Chansey releases a few eggs.

Name: Charizard []
Attack: Flamethrower
Replaced: Charizard
Description: Charizard shoots flames in two alternating directions.

Name: Chikorita []
Attack: Razor Leaf
Replaced: Venusaur (Venusaur has a different effect in Melee)
Description: Chikorita shoots forward several leaves.

Name: Clefairy []
Attack: Metronome
Replaced: Clefairy
Description: Clefairy will use Blizzard, Flash, Earthquake, or 

Name: Cyndaquil []
Attack: Flamethrower
Replaced: None
Description: Cyndaquil flips over and shoots flames from its back.

Name: Electrode []
Attack: Explosion
Replaced: Electrode
Description: Electrode stands still for a few seconds, then explodes 
violently, hurting everyone including you!

Name: Entei []
Attack: Fire Spin
Replaced: None
Description: Entei releases a massive tower of fire, trapping anyone 
who touches it inside.

Name: Goldeen []
Attack: Splash
Replaced: Goldeen
Description: Goldeen splashes around uselessly.

Name: Ho-Oh []
Attack: Sacred Fire
Replaced: None
Description: Ho-Oh flies into the background and releases a massive 
tower of fire, possibly twice as big (!!!) as Entei's, where it was 

Name: Lugia []
Attack: Aeroblast
Replaced: None
Description: Lugia flies into the background, then releases a massively 
power blast of air.

Name: Marill []
Attack: Double Slap
Replaced: None
Description: Marill runs across the stage doing minor damage. Pretty 

Name: Mew []
Attack: Fly
Replaced: Mew
Description: Mew flies away. You get 10,000 Bonus Points! (Note: In 
order to see Mew, you must have unlocked all the characters)

Name: Moltres  []
Attack: Sky Attack
Replaced: None
Description: Moltres just flies away, damaging anyone it touches.

Name: Porygon2  []
Attack: Tackle, Teleport
Replaced: Porygon
Description: Porygon2 will lurch forward, sending opponents in the 
opposite direction it was traveling.

Name: Raikou  []
Attack: Shock Wave
Replaced: None
Description: Raikou releases an enormous blast of lightning that does 
massive damage to everyone on the ground.

Name: Scizor []
Attack: Fury Cutter
Replaced: Hitmonlee
Description: Scizor leaps forward and slashes a random enemy.

Name: Snorlax []
Attack: Body Slam
Replaced: Snorlax
Description: Snorlax leaps into the air, then comes crashing down much, 
MUCH larger. The damage is the same when he goes up as when he comes 
down. Only the size changes.

Name: Staryu []
Attack: Swift
Replaced: Starmie
Description: Staryu locks onto one enemy and pounds them with the Swift 

Name: Suicine []
Attack: Icy Wind
Replaced: None
Description: Suicine releases a torrent of frost.

Name: Togepi []
Attack: Metronome
Replaced: None
Description: Togepi uses Flash, Leech Seed, Powder Snow, Sleep Powder, 
or (Rarely) Nightshade.

Name: Unown []
Attack: Hidden Power
Replaced: Beedrill & Onix
Description: Unown flies away, doing 5% to anyone it touches, but then 
comes back at a random angle (Determined by what letter it was, which 
is in turn random) with thousands more.

Name: Venusaur []
Attack: Earthquake
Replaced: None
Description: Venusaur starts pounding the ground, damaging anyone 

Name: Weezing []
Attack: Smog
Replaced: Koffing & Meowth
Description: Weezing releases some smoke. Touching the fringe of the 
attack is pathetic, but getting caught inside can result in absurd 
amounts of damage, sometimes over 200% in two seconds!

Name: Wobbuffet []
Attack: Counter
Replaced: None
Description: Wobbuffet just stands there, damaging anyone who touches 
him, including you!

Name: Zapdos []
Attack: Thunder Bolt
Replaced: None
Description: Zapdos releases lightning, completely stopping everyone 
who touches it in their tracks.

Name: Ditto []
Attack: Transform
Replaced: None
Description: What's this? Ditto? Well, actually Ditto IS in the game, 
you just can't see him. He was originally going to act like Nana is to 
Popo and copy you, but it was apparently too buggy. You can still do it 
by using Debug mode, but the effect doesn't work. He just poofs away and
does a few points of damage to whoever he touches.

Enemies []
Every now and then, one of the enemy characters will pop out of a Poké 

Empty Poké Balls []
Thirty seconds left on the person to be K.O.'d loses...You
both have over 200% damage...What's that? A Poké Ball right in front of 
you! Oh, thank Miyamoto, you're going to win! Huh? It's EMPTY!? ****!!!

Yep, that's right. Poké Balls don't always have Pokémon in them. It's 
pretty rare, so don't worry about it.

Bob-Omb []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: A ridiculously powerful explosive. If you leave it for too 
long, it starts walking back and forth, exploding on contact or after 
some time.

Motion-Sensor Bomb []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Goldeneye
Description: Throw this item and it will stick to any surface, 
exploding on contact thereafter. It's interesting to note that this was 
originally going to be the Proximity Mine from Perfect Dark.

Super Mushroom []
Type: Powerup
Series: Mario
Description: Touch this to double (More or less) in size. Your stats, 
save for speed, are doubled.

Poison Mushroom []
Type: Powerdown
Series: Mario
Description: Touch this to halve (More or less) in size. Your stats, 
save for speed, are halved.

Starman []
Type: Starman
Series: Mario
Description: Touch this bouncing item to become completely invincible. 
CPUs will avoid you. Note that you can still skydive off the stage and
die. You just can't be hit.

Parasol []
Type: Weapon (Held)
Series: Kirby
Description: The Parasol is a very weak weapon, but it also slows your 
descent when falling, making recovery easier. It can also save your 
life by delaying your death long enough for the clock to run out, but 
this is rare.

Screw Attack []
Type: Powerup and Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Metroid
Description: While holding this item, your first and second jumps are 
identical to Samus' third jump. You can also throw it at an enemy to 
damage them and cause them to screw jump. This is the perfect edge-
guarder. Note that if used by Jigglypuff or Kirby, only the first jump of
their double jump will be affected.

Metal Box []
Type: Powerup
Series: Mario
Description: Attack this to become metal. While metal, you are much 
heavier and do not have a voice.

Bunny Hood []
Type: Powerup
Series: The Legend of Zelda
Description: While wearing this you go wicked fast and jump  ridiculously

Cloaking Device []
Type: Powerup
Series: Goldeneye
Description: You are semi-invisible while wearing this and cannot take 
damage. You can still be hit, though.

Barrel Cannon []
Type: Other (Sort of a thrown weapon)
Series: Donkey Kong
Description: Throw this to get it rolling. Any opponent who touches it 
gets sucked inside and must press A to get blasted out at a high 
velocity. Barrel Cannons are significantly less common than the other 
items, and disappear more quickly.

Party Ball []
Type: Container
Series: Super Smash Bros. (I know, I know, it looks just like the party 
ball from Super Monkey Ball...)
Description: Throw or significantly attack this item to send it into 
the air. After a few seconds, it will open, revealing either four 
randomized items, four of the same item (Usually Bob-Ombs), or a 
gazillion pieces of food. They can also explode when thrown. Don't ask 
me why this gets on the item switch when other containers don't.

Unlisted Containers []

These are containers which are not listed on the item switch, and 
cannot be turned off unless the item frequency is set to none. All 
containers have a chance of exploding. Also, containers cannot hold 
other containers.

Capsule []
Type: Container
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: Holds one item.

Box [] (Sometimes also called the Crate)
Type: Container
Series: Super Smash Bros,
Description: Holds up to four items.

Barrel []
Type: Container
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: Identical to the Box, only it can roll.

Special Items []

These items do not appear in every stage (Like Giant Apples), appear 
in every stage, but not in the normal fashion (Like Hammerheads), or both
(Like Eggs).

Giant Apple []
Type: Heal and Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Kirby
Description: These come off of Green Greens in Dream Land. They will 
either heal you or be used as a massively powerful throwing weapon.

Egg []
Type: Heal and Container
Series: Yoshi
Description: These appear naturally in Yoshi stages (And Trophy stages,
for some reason) and can also come from the Chansey Pokémon. They will
randomly either act as food or as a capsule.

Hammerhead []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: When a broken hammer is picked up, the head will come off. 
Another player can pick it up and throw it, with about equal power to 
the hammer itself.

Headless Hammer []
Type: Other
Series: Mario
Description: This item is completely useless. It has all the downsides 
of a hammer (No second or third jumps, can't throw it away), without 
the ability to damage opponents! Too bad it's completely 
indistinguishable from a regular hammer until the head comes off.

Trophy []
Type: Other
Series: Varies!
Description: Grab this as soon as you see it! The trophy is now part of 
your collection!

Falling Trophy []
Type: Other
Series: Varies!!!
Description: Okay, not really an item, but, eh. You have to knock this 
into the collector.

Red Koopa Shell []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: Identical to a Green Shell, except it causes Fire Damage 
and a Red Koopa Troopa grows from it eventually.

Green Koopa Shell []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: Identical to a Green Shell, except a Koopa Troopa grows 
from it eventually.

Birdo Egg []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario or Yoshi (Debatable)
Description: When Birdo in Kingdom II shoots eggs, after they make 
contact you can grab them and throw them. Not very strong.

Yoshi Egg []
Type: Other (Serves as a thrown weapon, but it's kinda stupid to use it 
like that)
Series: Yoshi
Description: Found in Event Match #13. You have to keep it from 

Character Items []

There are two items that are made by characters, listed here.

Turnip []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: Mario
Description: These are Peach's Bv. They come in a variety of flavors, 
all with different strengths.

Bomb []
Type: Weapon (Thrown)
Series: The Legend of Zelda
Description: These are Link and Young Link's Bv. Young Link's are 
slightly weaker. Neither of them come anywhere close to the strength of 
a Bob-Omb, and they can explode in your hand.

Hazards []

You can fight, but so can the stage!

Banzai Bill []
Found In: Princess Peach's Castle
Series: Mario
Description: Every now and then, a Banzai Bill (Basically an enormous 
Bullet Bill) will come crashing down onto the castle, creating a 
devastating explosion.

F-Zero Raceway []
Found In: F-Zero Grand Prix
Series: F-Zero
Description: The raceway in this stage will hurt you if touched. Note 
that the raceway in Big Blue falls under moving stage.

F-Zero Car []
Found In: F-Zero Grand Prix
Series: F-Zero
Description: Occasionally, racecars will come flying down the track 
when you're on it, damaging you if you touch them

F-Zero Racers []
Found In: F-Zero Adventure
Series: F-Zero
Description: Every now and then, a huge pack of racers will come 
rocketing down the track. Jump on a platform (Or just continuously jump 
if you're Kirby or Jigglypuff) to avoid them.

Moving Platforms []
Found In: Too Many!
Series: Varies By Stage
Description: Sometimes the platforms within a stage will move, even if 
it's not a moving stage itself! This tends to be harmless, but it can 
affect the battle slightly.

(Dis)Appearing Platforms []
Found In: Flat Zone, Rainbow Cruise, Mr. Game & Watch's Target Test, 
Underground Maze Adventure, F-Zero Grand Prix, Princess Peach's Castle, 
Pokémon Stadium (Chances are I missed a few)
Series: Varies By Stage
Description: Not only do they move, some platforms simply exit existence!
They usually pop back after a while, though.

Destroyable Platforms []
Found In: Kingdom , Dream Land, Mushroom Kingdom Adventure, Icicle 
Series: Varies By Stage
OF KILLING THEM!!! No, seriously. A few platforms in the game can be 
blown up by you.

Moving Stage []
Found In: Big Blue, Rainbow Cruise, Icicle Mountain
Series: Varies By Stage
Description: Crazy, huh? The entire stage moves around. Not pretty for 

Klap Trap []
Found In: Kongo Jungle, Jungle Japes
Series: Donkey Kong
Description: Not the prettiest sight on the planet. These alligator-
things will constantly jump up and down in the water, attempting to 
bite your head off. Touch one, and you're toast. Of course, if you're 
down far enough to touch one in the first place, you were probably 
already toast.

Arwing/Wolfen Laserfire []
Found In: Corneria
Series: StarFox
Description: Arwings and Wolfens will occasionally fire around the 
Greatfox, sometimes hitting you. Slippy, you're fired!

Greatfox Laserfire []
Found In: Corneria
Series: StarFox
Description: Even the Greatfox will occasionally enter the fight. Those 
laser cannons really pack a punch, and will pretty much always kill you.

Barrel Cannon []
Found In: Both Kongo Jungles (Past and present)
Series: Donkey Kong
Description: No, not the item. Of course, it behaves identically, except
it floats and never goes away.

Blastline []
Found In: Every stage except the All-Star Teleporter and the Home-Run 
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: Touch this and die!

Blastfringe []
Found In: Every stage except the All-Star Teleporter
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: As long as you're off-screen, you'll take 1% every second. 
This is the only hazard in the Home-Run Stadium.

Green Greens' Wind []
Found In: Dream Land, Green Greens
Series: Kirby
Description: Green Greens will occasionally blow wind in a random 
horizontal direction, moving everything in its way.

Green Greens' Apples []
Found In: Dream Land
Series: Kirby
Description: When Green Greens releases his apples, if they hit you,
you'll get hurt.

Bomb Block []
Found In: Dream Land
Series: Kirby
Description: You know those harmless little yellow blocks in Dream Land? 
Well, some are explosive! Luckily you can tell by the little Bomb 

Cave Walls []
Found In: Venom
Series: StarFox
Description: The Great Fox will occasionally pass through a cave on 
venom. Hitting a wall of the cave, although it prevents you from dying, 
will damage you.

Acid []
Found In: Brinstar
Series: Metroid
Description: Ah, the despised acid from Zebes in SSB returns with the 
same effect. It rises and falls, occasionally covering the stage, but 
it never reaches the top platform. Note that the bottom Blastline is 
obscured during this.

Car []
Found In: Onett
Series: Earthbound
Description: Every now and then, a car will pass by the arena, damaging 
you if it hits you.

Birdo []
Found In: Kingdom II
Series: Mario or Yoshi (Debatable)
Description: Birdo will enter the stage now and then, pushing things 

Birdo's Eggs []
Found In: Kingdom II
Series: Mario or Yoshi (Debatable)
Description: Birdo will shoot eggs, which can deal minor damage.

Lava []
Found In: Underground Maze Adventure, Race to the Finish
Series: The Legend of Zelda
Description: If you touch this, you get rocketed upwards and set on 

Spikes []
Found In: Ganondorf's Target Test, Race to the Finish
Series: Super Smash Bros. (Maybe Zelda)
Description: Touch these and you'll get bounced around and damaged.

Lava Pad []
Found In: Countless Target Tests and the Race to the Finish
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: These bounce you away with fire damage!

Flipper []
Found In: Countless Target Tests
Series: Balloon Fight
Description: Just like the item, only they never go away.

Bumper []
Found In: Jigglypuff's Target Test
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: These bounce you away with less force than Lava Pads and 
do not cause any special type of damage.

Zapper []
Found In: Mewtwo's Target Test
Series: Super Smash Bros.
Description: Bounces you away with the same force as Lava Pads, but 
with electric damage.

Oil []
Found In: Flat Zone
Series: Game & Watch
Description: Occasionally a less-than-dexterous worker in Flat Zone will
spill Oil, which mucks with your traction.

Tools []
Found In: Flat Zone
Series: Game & Watch
Description: My, my, my...Incompetent workers seem to be a problem here 
in Flat Zone. This one is dropping harmful tools left and right!

Walkthroughs []

Ah, the meat of any SSBM guide, the walkthroughs. Here I will guide you 
with as much detail as possible through all four of the main 1P Modes 
of Melee: Classic, Adventure, All-Star, and Event Matches.

Classic []

Since classic is randomized, I will explain the match types. Although 
the enemies are random (Save for the last fight), the situations are 

1. 1 vs. 1
2. 2 vs. 2
3. Target Test
4. 1 vs. 1
5. 3 vs. 1 GIANT
6. Snag Trophies!
7. 1 vs. 1
8.1 vs. Team 10
9. Race to the Finish
10. 1 vs. 1 METAL
11. 1 vs. 1 Master hand
11a. 1 vs. 1 Master Hand & 1 Crazy Hand
12. Credits

1. 1 vs. 1
Not too hard on any difficulty. Just fight like you normally would.

2. 2. vs. 2
If you're used to team matches, you'll finish this no problem. A thing 
to remember is that your ally's difficulty is inversely proportional to 
the difficulty level you're playing on. In other words, if you're 
playing on Very Easy, your ally is Very Hard. If you're on Normal, so 
is your ally.

3. Target Test
See Stadium for details on Target Tests.

4. 1 vs. 1
Another basic 1 on 1 fight.

5. 3 vs. 1 GIANT
You and two allies (Same difficulty concept) have to fight one 
randomized giant character. It's easy on lower difficulties, but it can 
be abysmally hard on higher ones.

6. Snag Trophies!
Three trophies fall down, you have to knock them into the catcher to 
add them to your collection.

7. 1 vs. 1
Yet another basic fight.

8. 1 vs. Team 10
A fight against 10 of the same guy. On low difficulties, they're 
pathetic. You could probably waste them with Luigi's taunt. On higher 
ones, they're insane. They'll rip you to shreds like a level 5,000 Giga 
Bowser against a level 1 Pichu with abysmal handicap and 999% damage.

9. Race to the Finish
Try to get the furthest exit possible. Better exit means better pay.
There's not much strategy here, just reflexes and precision, which not
even the best guide can help you with.

10. 1 vs. 1 METAL
A fight against a randomized metal character. Once again, pathetic on 
low difficulties, abysmal on hard. Try to damage them with projectiles, 
and then try to get a throw in to kill them.

CUTSCENE: Your character zaps onto the stage. Master Hand floats onto 
Final Destination, laughing manically.

11a. 1 vs. 1 Master Hand
This is it! The climactic final boss fight against Master Hand! Attacks 
that hit a bunch of times (Especially Yoshi's aerial Av) are 
exceptional.  Captain Falcons smash up is also very good.

11b. 1 vs. 1 Master Hand & 1 Crazy Hand
If you're fighting on Normal or higher, haven't continued, have gotten 
to Master Hand and halved his HP within fifteen minutes, his partner, 
Crazy Hand, who disturbingly reminds me of Homsar from Homestar Runner 
for some reason, will appear with a cutscene.

CUTSCENE: The screen freezes on your character hitting Master Hand. A 
deranged laugh is heard and the camera pans to see another hand, who 
looks like he's in a blender, screaming with laughter, float onto the 
stage and the fight resumes.

With Crazy Hand added to the equation, things get much tougher. The 
hands can use combo attacks, and when one is recovering the other can 
attack. It's maddening. Beating Crazy Hand as well as Master Hand gives 
you some bonuses.

12. Credits
Have fun shooting the credits!

Adventure []

Now it's time for a REAL walkthrough. It'll be hard to document a 
walkthrough that works for every character, but I think it can be done.

1. Mushroom Kingdom
2. Mario & Peach
2a. Luigi & Peach
3. Two Mini DK's
4. Giant DK
5. Underground Maze
6. Zelda/Sheik
7. Samus
8. Escape From Brinstar
9. Kirby
10. Team 15 Kirby
10 1/2. Giant Kirby
11. Fox
12. Fox
12 1/2. Falco
13. Team 15 Pokémon
14. F-Zero Raceway
15. Captain Falcon
16. Three Nesses
17. Icicle Mountain (2 Ice Climber Sets)
18. Team 15 Fighting Wire Frames
19. Metal Mario
19 1/2. Metal Bros.
20. Bowser
20 1/2. Giga Bowser
21. Credits

1. Mushroom Kingdom
Ah, the memories. Sidescrolling, brick blocks, Koopas, Goombas, 
Paratroopas, it's got it all. Towards the end you'll face a Yoshi team. 
They're overall not too hard, but they can put up a fight on higher 
difficulties. Attacks that can hit a group of people at once, such as Screw
Attack and Raptor Boost, are very useful.

2. Mario & Peach
A very hard fight against Mario and Peach. Items are very important 
here, as skill tends not to be quite enough. Of course, this is on 
higher difficulties, and on lower ones you can take them out, though 
they still do ironically put up a halfway decent fight.

2 1/2. Luigi & Peach
If you finished Mushroom Kingdom with a 2 in the seconds place 
(##:#2:##), you'll fight Luigi instead of Mario, after a cutscene.

Mario is jumping up to the castle, when a familiar green leg steps on 
his head and kicks him away. The screen rolls up to reveal (of course) 

Luigi tends to be more suicidal than Mario, usually involving his Green 
Missile attack. If you beat Luigi for the first time here, you will 
unlock him!

3. Two Mini DK's
On lower difficulties, you can destroy these guys with one attack. On 
higher difficulties, make no mistake. They will be a challenge. They 
generally revolve around having one attack you while the other heals, 
thus preventing you from killing either. Of course, as is with most 
duos, kill one and the other's easy. Trust me, this even works on the 

4. Giant DK
Big, ugly, and with an IQ to rival a cereal box, this moron is the 
easiest fight in Adventure, hands down. He'll kill himself nearly every 
time, even on Very Hard. If he doesn't, just bop him a few times and 
he'll die.

5. Underground Maze
Another sidescroller. This one is Zelda themed. There are ReDeads, 
Like-Likes, and Octoroks in wait for you. The Octoroks are annoying, 
but nothing here can really hurt you, save for the Links. There are six 
arenas, one random one will have the Triforce, your goal, and the other 
five have the master sword, which will trigger a battle with Link.

6. Zelda/Sheik
This battle isn't tough, but it can take a while to do. Zelda is 
persistent, and you'll need one of those magical, "You're dead" items 
to appear, like Hammers, Bob-Ombs, and/or Home-Run Bats. Brute force 
still works.

7. Samus
Surprisingly not as hard as you think. Samus can go down pretty fast. 
Just remember that CPUs really like that top platform for some reason.

A WARNING! sign flashes and an alarm sounds, with the camera rotating 
around your deliriously complacent character. :P

8. Escape from Brinstar
Okay, your character got the gist. You have to rocket up through the 
escape shaft and make it to the teleporter before the planet blows up 
with you on it. (By the way, don't ask me why the hell Brinstar is 
going to blow up, it just is)

Brinstar is shown trembling, then violently explodes, with or without 
you on it. The camera then pans to Dreamland, which amazingly seems to 
be in the same solar system.

9. Kirby
Apparently the shockwave of Brinstar exploding has angered the Kirbys 
and they blame you for it. First you have to fight one Kirby. This 
isn't hard. A good method is to go onto the blocks, throw him upwards, 
and then let him use stone. That's suicide right there. Stupid Kirby.

Three Kirbys, each with randomized abilities, come crashing down onto 
Dream Land riding Warpstars.

10. Team 15 Kirby
You have to fight 15 Kirbys, all with random abilities. The first three 
will be the ones you saw in the cutscene. On lower difficulties, 
they're cake. On higher ones, they're a living nightmare. Even masters 
at SSBM might lose a life or two on bad runs. I can't give you much 
strategy, just hope for a hammer.

10 1/2. Giant Kirby
If you beat the Kirbys in less than 30 seconds, first you'll see a 

A Giant Kirby plops down onto the stage and smiles.

...and then you'll start to fight it. It's pretty easy, just beat it up 
with multi-hit attacks and kill it with a smash.

11. Fox
Kinda basic. Fox goes down pretty easy. Just beat him up and try to get 
him stuck underneath the cockpit of the Greatfox so his jumps don't get 
him back up. If he lands on the guns, he still can't get back up, and 
they'll fire soon enough... :D

Slippy, Peppy, and Falco come flying in on Arwings and engage in a 
random conversation. See Sound Test for conversations.

12. Fox
Fox again, but in red (Unless you're playing as a red Fox). He's a bit 
more aggressive, so be careful.

12 1/2. Falco
If you have Falco unlocked, you'll fight him instead of Fox half of the 
time, with a different cutscene as well:

Slippy, Peppy, and Fox come flying in on Arwings and engage in a random 
conversation. See Sound Test for conversations.

13. Team 15 Pokémon
A team of 15 Pokémon. It's mostly Pikachu, but one of each of the other 
Pokémon you've unlocked (Save for Mewtwo) will also appear. Poké Balls 
are key on higher difficulties, but on lower ones plain old force can 
take them out.

A group of F-Zero racers are shown flying down the track, a few of them 
spinning out and exploding.

14. F-Zero Raceway
Make your way down the F-Zero racetrack. Every now and then a pack of 
cars will rocket past. Jump on a platform or just hover if you're Kirby 
or Jigglypuff to avoid them. It's always fun to cross the finish line 
by being hit by cars. :)

15. Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon seems to be pretty suicidal. He tends to recover very 
poorly. It's a pretty easy fight here.

16. Three Nesses
These guys are very easy. Just throw them around and try to get a car 
to hit them and you're fine. Bob-Ombs, Motion-Sensor Bombs, and Hammers 
are very useful here.

17. Icicle Mountain (2 Ice Climber Sets)
You start out on an extremely slow-moving Icicle Mountain. However, you 
can move it by going up. Pretty soon it will speed up, and then you'll 
be attacked by two sets of Ice Climbers. They can damage you quite a 
bit, but don't expect to lose any lives. Just try to keep track of 
which one is Popo and kill him.

18. Team 15 Fighting Wire Frames
15 randomized Male and Female Fighting Wire Frames will attack you, and 
they're all pretty weak. You know the drill, just group them all 
together and let loose.

Metal Mario falls from the sky, landing with a thud on the top 
platform. He then falls flat still as a rock.

19. Metal Mario
Remember stubborn old Metal Mario from SSB? Well, he's back, but 
nowhere near as tough. A good throw can kill him easily.

19 1/2. Metal Bros.
If you have Luigi unlocked, you'll fight both Metal Mario and Metal 
Luigi. It's a bit tougher, but it's doable. A few good smashes and 
throws should take them down. You also get a different cutscene:

Metal Mario and Metal Luigi fall from the sky, landing with a thud on 
the top platform. They then fall over in opposite directions, stiff as

20. Bowser
The climactic final (Or not...) battle against Bowser! This Bowser is
bigger than regular Bowser, but not as big as Bowser with a Super 
Mushroom. He's pretty tough, and needs high damage to kill. Try spamming
projectiles and jumping over him when he gets too close.

Bowser's trophy falls from the Final Destination. Your character poses 
as the trophy hits the Blastline and explodes.

20 1/2. Giga Bowser
If you have beaten Adventure on Normal or higher without continuing in 
under 18 minutes, a considerable feat, you will fight Giga Bowser right 
after the Bowser fight. You know you did it right when you see this 
cutscene instead of the above one:

Bowser's trophy falls from Final Destination. Your character poses as 
the Blastline explosion occurs. Surprisingly, Bowser's Classic trophy, 
which is even bigger than life-size, floats back up, gets struck by 
lightning, and starts to spark. The camera rotates around the 
electrocuting trophy, and pans to its head, which shatters and reveals 
a mutated, screaming Bowser head.

Hello! This guy's enormous, and unless you know the proper method, 
he'll rip through you like tissue paper. The two main methods are spam 
your projectiles (Samus' missile works great) or use Jigglypuff's rest. 
Giga Bowser is very weak against items, so get all you can, especially if
you have no projectiles and aren't Jigglypuff.

21. Credits
Have fun with the credits!

All-Star []

All-Star, like Classic, has preset situations with randomized 
characters except the last one, described here.

1. 1 vs. 1
2. 1 vs. 1
3 .1 vs. 1
4. 1 vs. 1
5. 1 vs. 2
6. 1 vs. 2
7. 1 vs. 2
8. 1 vs. 2
9. 1 vs. 3
10. 1 vs. 3
11. 1 vs. 3
12. 1 vs. 3
13. Team 25 Mr. Game & Watch

1-4. 1 vs. 1
A simple one on one. If you can make it through Classic, you can make 
it through these.

5-8. 1 vs. 2
One on two. It can be hard at times on higher difficulties, but don't 
sweat it too much.

9-12. 1 vs. 3
Now it can start to get kinda hard. They tend to gang up on you, so be 
prepared for the Punching Bag bonus. A Home-Run bat it a godsend here.

13. Team 25 Mr. game & Watch
A team match against 25 G&W's. It's never that hard, but it'll take a 
while on high difficulties.

Event Matches []

Ah, my favorite walkthrough: Event Matches. I'll guide you through each 
of them and tell you about what they 

#1. Trouble King
Description: Fight Bowser in a classic Mushroom Kingdom clash!
Character: Mario
Enemies: Bowser
Stage: Battlefield
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Bowser
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Couldn't be simpler. You vs. Bowser. He's really weak, so 
don't expect any trouble, despite the name Trouble King. :P

#2. Lord of the Jungle
Description: A duel of epic proportions! Which ape is top primate?
Character: Giant DK
Enemies: Tiny DK
Stage: Kongo Jungle
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Tiny DK
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: This match is pretty fun, and very easy once you know the 
strategy. What you have to do is headbutt Tiny DK and charge up your 
punch while he's stuck. Let him have it, and start charging again. 
He'll die, and by the time he gets back, you'll be charged again and 
you can kill him again.

#3. Bomb-fest
Description: Bombs are everywhere in this explosive battle.
Character: Choose
Enemies: Samus, Link
Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Link and Samus
Unlocks: Motion-Sensor Bomb Trophy
Strategy: I recommend being any heavy character that can withstand 
explosions, like Bowser or DK. Link and Samus are specifically 
programmed to only use their Bombs. Banzai Bills are also more common 
here than usual, and the only items are Motion-Sensor Bombs, Bob-Ombs, 
and Poké Balls with Electrodes inside. This match is relatively hard 
for its earliness, and you'll need some skill to make it. Try not to go 
crazy with explosives, because you might get caught in one.

#4. Dino-wrangling
Description: A giant Yoshi is on the loose! Somebody stop it!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Double Giant Yoshi
Stage: Yoshi's Story
Your Lives: 3
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Double Giant Yoshi
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Two words: Jigglypuff's Rest. One time I actually got him to 
kill himself in just over two seconds once!

#5. Spare Change
Description: Don't stop until you get 200 coins!
Character: Ness
Enemies: Captain Falcon
Stage: Onett
Your Lives: Infinite
Their Lives: Infinite
Goal: Get 200 coins before Captain Falcon does
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: You don't lose if you hit the Blastline, but your coins are 
halved and the half taken is blasted onto the stage for Captain 
Falcon's taking (Of course, you could throw C. Falcon out of the 
stage...). Keep in mind that about half the coins you pick up are your 
own and that you don't lose coins when hit, so don't be afraid to just 
rocket straight into Captain Falcon. You wouldn't get the coins if you 
used projectiles anyway.

#6. Kirbys on Parade
Description: Look out! A rainbow of Kirbys is after you!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Three Tiny Kirbys
Stage: Fountain of Dreams
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill all three tiny Kirbys
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: The pink Kirby will attack, the other two are set on Evade 
mode. They're all pretty dang weak, so don't worry about it. A good 
item should do the trick. Donkey Kong's Giant Punch and Ground Slap are 
also very useful.

#7. Pokémon Battle
Description: Use Poké Balls to duel with Pikachu
Character: Choose
Enemies: Pikachu
Stage: Pokémon Stadium
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Pikachu
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: You can't hurt Pikachu, and Pikachu can't hurt you. Your 
Pokémon can harm your opponents, though. You have to use the Poké Balls 
to beat Pikachu. Note that this is slightly complicated by the fact 
that you can't attack Pikachu to stop him from getting a Poké Ball. I 
recommend Captain Falcon for this, as he can run exceptionally fast in 
order to grab all the Poké Balls.

#8. Hot Date on Brinstar
Description: You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid! (Note: I 
know it should be spelled Samus', but the game spells it Samus's, so 
that's how I put it here)
Character: Choose
Enemies: Samus
Stage: Brinstar
Your Lives: 3
Their Lives: 3
Goal: Kill Samus
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: You start with 102% and Samus starts with 130%, so it's easy 
to get in quick kills. Items are important here, and you'll need some 
hard-hitters that don't take very long to activate. Bowser is a good 
choice, and, if you're good, Captain Falcon.

#9. Hide 'n' Sheik
Description: Only Sheik KOs count. Wait for the change...
Character: Choose
Enemies: Two Zelda/Sheiks
Stage: Great Bay
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill both Zelda/Sheiks
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: This is the first Official (Well, okay not actually official) 
Hard Event Match. The Z/Ss will rip you to shreds, and at only one 
life, that can be deadly. You can only kill them when they're Sheik. 
You don't lose if you kill Zelda, but she comes back with 0% again, so 
you have to start all over. I used Bowser on this one, and found he is 
a very good choice.

#10. All-Star Match 1
Description: It's the Mario Stars: Mario, Yoshi, DK, Peach and Bowser
Character: Choose
Enemies: Mario, Yoshi, DK, Peach, Bowser (One after the other)
Stage: Yoshi's Island, Jungle Japes, Yoshi's Story, Princess Peach's 
Castle, Rainbow Road (In order)
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Your damage is kept between matches and healing items don't 
appear, so you're skr00d if you get too much damage. Mario goes down 
pretty easy, same with DK, Yoshi, and Peach. Bowser might cause you a 
little trouble, but don't sweat it. This is pretty easy.

#11. King of the Mountain
Description: Ice Climbers protect their turf! Just try to survive!
Character: Choose
Enemies: 2 Ice Climber Sets
Stage: Icicle Mountain
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: Infinite
Goal: Survive for 1 minute and 2 seconds
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Bowser is the best for this due to his massive weight. You 
can't get rid of the ICs, you just have to not die until the time runs 
out. Healing items, Starmen, Metal Boxes, and Cloaking Devices are all 
very useful here.

#12. Seconds, Anyone?
Description: Take out Capt. Falcon in less than seven seconds!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Captain Falcon
Stage: F-Zero Grand Prix
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Captain Falcon
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: You both start with 100%, so it's easy to K.O. in such short 
a time. I recommend Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, or Jigglypuff, for this. 
CF and Ganondorf can just use their B attacks, and Jigglypuff can use 

#13. Yoshi's Egg
Description: Protect the single remaining Yoshi egg from being broken!
Character: Yoshi
Enemies: Pikachu, DK, Fox
Stage: Rainbow Road
Your Lives: Infinite
Their Lives: Infinite
Goal: Keep the Yoshi Egg from breaking for 55 Seconds
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Try tossing the egg into the air every time it lands to 
prevent anyone from attacking it. It can withstand a few hits, so don't 
freak out if it gets hit a couple times.

#14. Trophy Tussle 1
Description: Face off for a trophy! The prize this time: Goomba!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Three Randomized Enemies
Stage: Goomba
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Your Enemies
Unlocks: Goomba Trophy
Strategy: I suggest you restart over and over until you get a bunch of 
lightweights, then use Bowser's Bv to destroy them all.

#15. Girl Power
Description: A group of femme fatales has dropped by for a visit...
Character: Choose (Tiny)
Enemies: Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Samus
Stage: Fountain of Dreams
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Peach, Zelda/Sheik, and Samus
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Seeing as how you're tiny, this can be hard. Go for all the 
items you can get and try to attack them all at once so they can't 
fight back.

#16. Kirby's Air-Raid
Description: Warp Stars are everywhere! Climb aboard and hang on!
Character: Kirby
Enemies: Team 10 Kirby
Stage: Corneria
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: Infinite
Goal: Kill all 10 Kirbys
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: This event is extremely fun, and you can't really lose unless 
you try to. The Kirbys can only be hurt by Warp Stars, which are 
abundant here. As with all teams, they're extremely weak, so one hit 
will kill them. Once again, a very fun event.

#17. Bounty Hunters
Description: Fight a fellow bounty hunter for the bounty on Bowser!
Character: Samus (Ally: Captain Falcon)
Enemies: Bowser
Stage: Jungle Japes
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Bowser before Captain Falcon
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: CF counts as your ally, so you can't hurt him. You have to 
kill Bowser before he does. I have seen Falcon kill himself, so just 
hope that happens, because then it's just a fight against Bowser, which 
is easy. If he doesn't die, just try to kill Bowser as fast as 
possible. Remember, if Captain Falcon damages Bowser, he's helping you, 

#18. Link's Adventure
Description: Everyone has a dark side... Link has two!
Character: Link
Enemies: Dark Link (Really just Link with a different coloration, but 
it's basically Dark Link)
Stage: Temple
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Dark Link
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Make no mistake, Dark Link is a tough enemy. He WILL rip you 
to shreds if you aren't careful. Items are useful, as always, but 
they're pretty rare here, so just try to hit him as much as possible 
and not hold back. Pretty much, you have to be a god with Link to avoid 
losing a life.

#19. Peach's Peril
Description: Bowser's after Peach! Again! Guard her until time runs 
Character: Mario (Ally: Peach)
Enemies: Bowser
Stage: Final Destination
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: Infinite
Goal: Make sure Peach doesn't die for 1 minute
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: All you have to do is prevent Peach from dying. Killing 
Bowser doesn't ensure victory, but it helps. There's really nothing to 
say other than just beat up Bowser.

#20. All-Star Match 2
Description: Nintendo's realistic starts are out in force.
Character: Choose
Enemies: Samus, Link, Zelda/Sheik, Captain Falcon, Fox (In order)
Stage: Brinstar, Great Bay, Temple, F-Zero Grand Prix, Corneria
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Samus, Link, Zelda/Sheik, CF, and Fox
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Use Jigglypuff's Rest on them all. If you suck using Rest, 
then use a character you're good at, but I can't really help you with 
that. JP's Rest is easily the best method, but it's hard to pull off if 
you haven't practiced. (Try practicing on Giga Bowser first. Of course, 
if you need help on this, you probably can't reach him anyway.)

#21. Ice Breaker
Description: Your cold mission...Is to KO both Nanas.
Character: Choose
Enemies: 2 Ice Climber Sets
Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill both Nanas, but not the Popos
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: This is one hard mission. The only advice I can give you is 
to smash attack them so they separate, and then relentlessly attack 
Nana. This is seriously one of the hardest events in the game.

#22. Super Mario 128
Description: Battle 128 tiny Marios in a wild endurance match!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Team 128 Double Tiny Mario
Stage: Kingdom II
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill all 128 double tiny Marios
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Named after the elusive GameCube/Wii game Super Mario 128, 
this isn't a very hard match, just a long one. Use DK's Bv to 
obliterate them all. Keep in mind that they will push you around, so 
you'll have to stop and reposition yourself every now and then.

#23. Slippy's Invention
Description: Slippy: With my new device, you guys'll be invisible!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Invisible Fox, Invisible Falco
Stage: Venom
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Invisible Fox and Invisible Falco
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Craziness. It's really hard to K.O. them while invisible. 
Pokémon that cover a wide area, like Snorlax and Zapdos are very 
useful. Go for all the Poké Balls you can get and try to move around a 
lot so they can't hit you very much.

#24. The Yoshi Herd
Description: Yoshis, Yoshis, everywhere! Defeat 30 within 2 minutes.
Character: Choose
Enemies: Team 30 Yoshi
Stage: Yoshi's Island
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill all 30 Yoshis
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: I'd recommend Donkey Kong, but not for the reason you think. 
The Yoshis don't come to you like most teams do, so you'll need to come 
to them. DK's smashes are all very good at taking them out.

#25. Gargantuans
Description: Giant Bowser VS. Giant DK in a spectacular war of titans!
Character: Giant Bowser
Enemies: Giant Donkey Kong, Double Tiny Mario, Double Tiny Peach
Stage: Fourside
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives 1 (Giant DK), 2 (Double Tiny Mario & Peach)
Goal: Kill Giant DK
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Godzilla vs. King Kong! DK has one more life than you, so you 
have to be careful. Items are rare here. Still, this is a very fun 
event. DK tends to have trouble recovering when thrown down between 
buildings, so try to get him in there.

#26. Trophy Tussle 2
Description: Another match for a prize... Who will get Entei?
Character: Choose
Enemies: Three Randomized Enemies
Stage: Entei
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill the three randomized enemies
Unlocks: Entei Trophy
Strategy: This one is a bit harder than Trophy Tussle 1. I'd suggest 
choosing a character with powerful throws. Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, 
Mewtwo, Ness, and Jigglypuff are all good choices, as their back throws 
(Save for Jigglypuff. Her up throw is the best) are extremely powerful. 
Also, keep on exiting and coming back until you get three lightweights, 
like Pikachu, Pichu, and Kirby.

#27. Cold Armor
Description: These metal bounty hunters take no prisoners!
Character: Samus
Enemies: Three Metal Samuses
Stage: Brinstar Depths
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill all three Metal Samuses
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: There are three times as many enemies as you and they all 
have two times your lives. Not a fun mission. The best strategy is to 
just wait for the stage to rotate, as they have dismal recovery, and if 
they fall off, they're as good as dead. It's exceptionally hard to take 
them out manually.

#28. Puffballs Unite!
Description: Kirbys galore...each with a unique copied ability!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Team 15 Kirby
Stage: Dream Land
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill all 15 Kirbys
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: As with nearly all team battles, DK is the best choice. Just 
use his Bv and there you go.

#29. Triforce Gathering
Description: Enter Ganondorf! Team up with Zelda and fight evil!
Character: Link (Ally: Zelda/Sheik)
Enemies: Ganondorf
Stage: Temple
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Ganondorf without Zelda/Sheik dying
Unlocks: Ganondorf (If you beat him in his challenge afterwards)
Strategy: Zelda can't die, either, so watch out for her. Ganondorf goes 
down pretty easily, you just need to attack him relentlessly, as he's 
too slow to get an attack in in-between yours.

#30. All-Star Match 3
Description: Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, and Ice Climbers want to fight!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, Ice Climbers (In order)
Stage: Fountain of Dreams, Pokémon Stadium, Onett, Icicle Mountain
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, and the Ice Climbers
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: You're up against the lightweights, so use a heavy, hard-
hitting character. Ganondorf (You just unlocked him!), Bowser, Captain 
Falcon, and DK are all good choices. Kirby tends to overuse his Stone, 
so when he does, nudge him over the edge and he's gone. Poké Balls are 
very common in Pokémon Stadium, so get lots of Pokémon to fight 
Pikachu. Ness and the Ice Climbers I can't really help you with, but 
they go down easy anyway.

#31. Mario Bros. Madness
Description: A classic plumber clash in the Mushroom Kingdom!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Mario, Luigi
Stage: Kingdom
Your Lives: Infinite
Their Lives: Infinite
Goal: Defeat Mario & Luigi in a time match
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Use a character with a tremendous back throw. Mewtwo, Mario, 
Luigi, Dr. Mario, and Ness are all good choices. You can also do it 
with Bowser's Koopa Claw's back throw, but that's slightly harder to 
pull off. Seeing as how Kingdom is a "walk-out" stage, where you can 
simply run headlong into the Blastline, just stand right on the edge of 
the screen, wait for them to come to you, and use your back throw to 
knock them out of existence.

#32. Target Acquired
Description: Incoming Arwings! KO Jigglypuff more than they do!
Character: Falco
Enemies: Jigglypuff
Stage: Corneria
Your Lives: Infinite
Their Lives: Infinite
Goal: KO Jigglypuff more than the Arwings do
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Not very hard. The Arwings tend to take random crap-shots at 
everything, so JP won't get hurt too much. Smash attacks, especially 
your up smash, are very useful here.

#33. Lethal Marathon
Description: Avoid the F-Zero machines and race for the finish.
Character: Captain Falcon
Enemies: None
Stage: F-Zero Adventure
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: n/a
Goal: Reach the end of the racetrack
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: The speed and damage ratio here are doubled, so the cars come 
fast and can kill you at 0%. This one requires reflexes and practice. 
There is no real method for doing it.

#34. Seven Years
Description: Young Link VS. Link! How can you fight yourself?
Character: Young Link
Enemies: Link
Stage: Great Bay
Your Lives: 3
Their Lives: 3
Goal: Kill Link
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: This isn't easy, but it's doable. Aerial attacks are useful 
here, and items will come in handy. Try to hit him underneath the big 
platform so he bounces down to his death.

#35. Time for a Checkup
Description: Are routine physicals supposed to hurt this much?
Character: Luigi
Enemies: Dr. Mario, Peach
Stage: Yoshi's Story
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Dr. Mario and Peach
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Very hard. Dr. Mario and Peach (Dressed like Nurse Peach :D) 
work together perfectly. As with all hard battles, items are key. I 
once killed them in 27 seconds by getting an Articuno from a Poké Ball.

#36. Space Travelers
Description: Adventurers head for Earth: Ness is the welcome wagon
Character: Ness
Enemies: Samus, Kirby, Fox, Captain Falcon, Falco (In order)
Stage: Fourside, Battlefield
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Samus, Kirby, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Falco
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Sorta like an All-Star match, only you don't switch stages 
every time. It starts out pretty easy, Samus and Kirby can be killed 
quickly, but you'll start to rack up damage. I recommend grabbing all 
the good items you can and going nuts with them. PK Flash, PK 
Cannonball, and your Smashes are all extremely useful here.

#37. Legendary Pokémon
Description: A slew of legendary Pokémon are all the help you'll get!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Giant Male Wire Frame, Giant Male Wire Frame, Giant Female 
Wire Frame, Giant Female Wire Frame, Jigglypuff
Stage: Battlefield
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill all four Wire Frames
Unlocks: Pichu (If you beat his challenge afterwards)
Strategy: I'd recommend Captain Falcon for this. His immense speed will 
help you get all the Poké Balls. Note that the Wire Frames don't use 
the Poké Balls, but Jigglypuff will go for them all, so you have to be 
quick. The Poké Balls contain only legendary Pokémon (Plus Wobbuffet). 
That means you can get Ho-Oh, Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, 
Suicine, Raikou, Entei, Mew, Celebi, and Wobbuffet. Note that Unown is 
absent, despite its legendary status. Note that you don't have to kill 
JP, and also that you don't have to use the Poké Balls. In fact, it is 
common to let some non-lethal, yet still massively damaging Pokémon, 
such as Ho-Oh, Entei, Raikou, and Zapdos, send their damages into the 
200's, and then blow them away with a smash attack. The Pokémon are 
there to help you,

#38. Super Mario Bros. 2
Description: The cast of the classic NES game are raring to go!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Peach
Stage: Kingdom II
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Mario, Luigi, and Peach
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Luigi will usually kill himself at the beginning, so reset 
until he does. Then just use the back-throw strategy used in Mario 
Bros. Madness. It works great.

#39. Jigglypuff Live!
Description: Jigglypuff nabs the spotlight on center stage.
Character: Jigglypuff
Enemies: 3 Jigglypuff
Stage: Pokémon Stadium
Your Lives: 3
Their Lives: 3
Goal: Kill all three Jigglypuff
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Too easy. Just use your up throw on them and they die 

#40. All-Star Match 4
Description: Secret characters emerge to join forces.
Character: Choose
Enemies: Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch (In order)
Stage: Temple, Kingdom II, Poké Floats, Final Destination, Flat Zone
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, and Mr. Game & Watch
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Pretty dang hard if you don't know what you're doing. Marth 
requires a little strategy, but can go down easy. Luigi just needs the 
back-throw method. Jigglypuff is light enough to be blasted off by a 
good Smash. Mewtwo is pretty hard. You just need to beat him up with 
powerful moves and let loose with a smash. Mr. Game & Watch can also 
have the back-throw, but it's slightly more difficult than Luigi. 

#41. En Garde!
Description: The lithe Marth challenges Link in a battle of steel!
Character: Marth
Enemies: Link
Stage: Temple
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Link
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: This is hard, but not as hard as you think. Link can go down 
with a few good smashes and a couple of good items. Remember that your 
B move doesn't take nearly as long as Roy's to charge.

#42. Trouble King 2
Description: Hey, Mario! When did Bowser get so big, huh?
Character: Tiny Luigi
Enemies: Double Giant Bowser
Stage: Poké Floats
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill Double Giant Bowser
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Extremely easy. Go to the beginning of Squirtle's arm and 
stay there. When Bowser comes down, grab him and forward throw him. 
He'll get stuck underneath the arm and die. Repeat, and you've won.

#43. Birds of Prey
Description: Capt. Falcon and Falco join forces to take out Fox!
Character: Fox
Enemies: Captain Falcon, Falco
Stage: Big Blue
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill CF and Falco
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: A very hard event. The best I can recommend is to constantly 
switch cars in the hopes that one (or both) of them will hit the road 
and get sent rocketing into the Blastline.

#44. Mewtwo Strikes!
Description: Don't waste you time battling Zelda...
Character: Choose
Enemies: Zelda/Sheik, Mewtwo (After 15 seconds)
Stage: Battlefield
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Mewtwo without killing Zelda/Sheik
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Killing Zelda/Sheik results in failure, so try not to attack 
her. After 15 seconds Mewtwo will appear. He's your target. He goes 
down easily enough, but Zelda/Sheik can make it a pain. Never 
underestimate the power of items.

#45. Game & Watch Forever!
Description: The system that started the worldwide boom lives on!
Character: Mr. Game & Watch
Enemies: Team 25 Mr. Game & Watch
Stage: Flat Zone
Your Lives: 3
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill all 25 Mr. G&W's.
Unlocks: Game & Watch Trophy
Strategy: Judgment and Trampoline will be your primary attacks here. 
They can easily take out the teams. You have three lives, which should 
be plenty.

#46. Fire Emblem Pride
Description: The heroes of Fire Emblem join forces to fight you!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Roy, Marth
Stage: Temple
Your Lives: 3
Their Lives: 3
Goal: Kill Marth & Roy
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Pretty dang hard. There is no real strategy to this, it's 
just straightforward fighting. Items can make or break you, so keep and 
eye out for them. Try to either keep you distance and only attack when 
safe or just run headlong into them and attack endlessly. The former is 
safer and easier, but the latter is much more powerful if you do it 

#47. Trophy Tussle 3
Description: Want a new trophy? Here's your shot at Majora's Mask.
Character: Choose
Enemies: Three Randomized Enemies
Stage: Majora's Mask
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 2
Goal: Kill the three random enemies
Unlocks: Majora's Mask Trophy
Strategy: As with Trophy Tussles 1 and 2, keep on exiting until you get 
three lightweights. I recommend Bowser for this. Get them trapped 
between two spikes and then use Bv. This is an exceptionally hard 
event, and one of the last I completed.

#48. Pikachu and Pichu
Description: These Pokémon are pals...but not with you!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Pikachu, Pichu, Pichu
Stage: Green Greens
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: Infinite (Pikachu), 1 (Both Pichu)
Goal: Kill both Pichu
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Worst. Event. Ever. This is so freaking hard. I suppose you 
could use JP's rest, but they're so dang small and fast, and they'll 
never let you get close enough. Those Pichu are practically made of 
cement. You can't knock them off at over 100%!!! I'm sorry, but there's 
really nothing I can do to help you here. Looks like you're on your 

#49. All-Star Match Deluxe
Description: Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Roy, Young Link, and Pichu!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Young Link, Roy, Ganondorf (In order)
Stage: Kingdom, Venom, Pokémon Stadium, Great Bay, Temple, Final 
Your Lives: 2
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Y. Link, Roy, and Ganondorf
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Extremely difficult. Of course, Dr. Mario is vulnerable to 
the back-throw method, but everyone else is exceedingly difficult. Once 
again, I cannot give you any true strategy.

#50. Final Destination Match
Description: Master Hand's the right hand; now meet the left!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Master Hand, Crazy Hand
Stage: Final Destination
Your Lives: 1
Their Lives: 1
Goal: Kill Master Hand and Crazy Hand
Unlocks: Nothing
Strategy: Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. You're up against both of 
the hands, each with 300HP, and you have one life. One. A popular 
strategy is to use Yoshi and short-hop underneath the Hands, then use 
his aerial down A. You can do over 50 damage with it! Another one is to 
use Captain Falcon's Smash Up. Ganondorf is not as popular, as if you 
accidentally use his Up A, not his Smash Up, you'll be massacred. I 
recommend the Yoshi method, personally. Also, only attack only one Hand 
at a time, as once one is gone, the battle becomes drastically easier.

#51. The Showdown
Description: Giga Bowser, Mewtwo, and Ganondorf unite!
Character: Choose
Enemies: Giant Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo
Stage: Final Destination
Your Lives: 3
Their Lives: 3
Goal: Kill Giant Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo
Unlocks: Final Destination, Final Destination trophy
Strategy: Thought #50 was hard, didja? Hah! That's a cakewalk compared 
to this! This combines the three main powerful types of Melee: The 
slow, heavy powerhouse (Ganondorf), the lightweight, precise character 
(Mewtwo), and the hulking boss monstrosity (Giga Bowser). Although this 
Giga Bowser is not given the normal handicap, he is doubled (!!!) in 
size, making him even more absurd. I recommend Jigglypuff for this one, 
as her rest can easily take out Giga Bowser. A common strategy for 
killing Ganondorf is to hover on the edge of the platform. Ganondorf 
will probably use his B^. Air Dodge towards the stage, and he'll fall 
to his doom. Repeat until Ganondorf is dead. You'll have to take out 
Mewtwo manually, but some say Rollout works well.

Stadium []

Just can't beat that one Event Match? Can't seem to clear All-Star?
Crazy Hand trophy got you tearing your hair out?

Well, come here to train!

Home Run Contest []

Here you beat up Sandbag and send him flying. Two of the most popular 
methods are short-hopping with Yoshi and then using his Aerial Av, 
similar to the method for taking out the Hands. Another one is to spam 
Fox's Blaster. There is a Home-Run bat on the left for your use. There 
are also many more advanced methods, such as abusing a timer-freezing 
glitch using the Ice Climbers or using Ganondorf's Aerial Av.

Trophies Available From Home Run Contest: Paper Mario (1,476 feet, 450 
meters), Sandbag (984 Feet, 300 Meters), Unown (Total of 16,404 Feet, 
5,000 Meters)

Target Test! []

A test of speed and precision. I won't provide an actual walkthrough of 
the Target Tests for two reasons:

1) The timer keeps running when you pause it, so you can't stop to read 
the directions
2) It just ruins the feel of it. Of course, then again, telling you how 
to unlock the characters kinda ruins it. :P

However, I will give you pointers on some of the harder targets.

Trophies Available From Target Test!: Target (Clear every target test), 
Lon Lon milk (Combined total of 26 minutes or less), Sheriff (Combined 
total of 12 1/2 minutes or less)

Dr. Mario []

You can kill two birds with one stone here. A super jump punch will 
take out the target behind the bar, as well as the one in front of it. 
Other than that, it's all basic strategy. The target in the backwards C 
can be taken out with a well-aimed Megavitamin, so experiment with 
various heights.

Mario []

This one is a whole lotta strategy, with no real guidelines. Fireballs 
will be crucial here, so practice up.

Luigi []

Dr. Mario and Mario's were strategy. This one is somewhat luck-based. 
Of course, there is strategy to it, but everything's so random it's 
hard to tell you anything. Try to destroy a lot with one attack.

Bowser []

This doesn't really have any tricks to it. It's just straightforward 
destroying. The flipper moves, but not much. Fire Breath doesn't have 
as much use as you might expect.

Peach []

The target behind the barrier is destroyed with a Peach Bomber. 
Obviously, you need to use turnips to destroy the moving target. Other 
than that it's pretty simple. Parasol will be very useful here.

Yoshi []

You can get a lot of targets here with a well-aimed Up+B. It's pretty 
obvious, but an Egg Roll will take out those two targets on the bottom. 
The target underneath the logs can give some people a hard time. Most 
people try to land on the platform and then attack. What you should do 
is jump up to the logs and attack on the way there.

Donkey Kong []

Many people think they should destroy the first two targets with an 
Up+B or a Smash Down, but it's in fact best to take them out with 
separate A attacks. Other than that, a pretty straightforward Target 
Test with no real strings attached.

Captain Falcon []

The targets on the far left are a bit tricky. The lower one can be 
taken out with a Falcon Punch from the very edge, and the other one 
requires a Falcon Kick from above. Since the platform below may not be 
there when you come down, I recommend getting this one last. Other than 
that, it's all very simple. Enjoy.

Ganondorf []

This one is pretty crazy. A good way to start of is to spam A while 
it's starting up. When it does, you'll immediately punch the first 
target. Right after that, do a Wizard's Foot to destroy the next two. 
Spam A as soon as possible to destroy the fourth one. After that you'll 
have to wing it, but you've got a head start.

Falco []

Very fast-paced. I recommend getting all the targets on one side, and 
then moving onto the other, because getting across can be very hard, 
especially from left to right. It should be noted that the small 
floating structure with the notches on the left side can be used to 
kill two birds with one stone. A rapid A attack can destroy the 
floating platform and the one inside.

Fox []

This, unlike most Target Tests, actually has a path to follow, instead 
of having semi-randomly placed Targets that you have to make up your 
own path to destroy. If you're really good with the Blaster, you can 
try jumping and shooting the targets as you come down, but it's 
extremely difficult. Fire Fox can be used to destroy a few targets in 
one attack, and should be used on the target in the upper container.

Ness []

PK Cannonball will be useful here. I recommend using it on all the 
lower targets. It may take you a few tries to get them all, but it will 
majorly cut down on your time. The upper ones just require basic skill, 
so don't try anything too fancy.

Ice Climber []

Once again, that's supposed to be Ice Climber, not Ice Climbers. You 
only play as Popo in this one. The lower platforms can be destroyed, so 
be careful about your attacks. The highest one is in the clutches of a 
bird at the very top, and may require some skill to destroy. This one 
will take very long to do if you're not good with the Ice Climbers. I'm 
abysmal with them, and my record is a depressing 51 seconds. Seeing as 
how I'm horrible at this one, I'd recommend you choose another guide.

Kirby []

Obviously, you can use Stone to destroy the two targets in the column. 
Remember to press B at the end to cancel it so you don't die. Also, in 
the column with the two notches with targets inside, you can use your 
midair Hammer to destroy both of them.

Samus []

Quite a few of the targets here can be destroyed with your missiles. 
There are two tricky ones. One of the is the one at the very top. The 
best way to get it is by releasing a Bomb right next to it. The other 
tricky one is the one towards the bottom, in the column. You can either 
drop down, attack it, and then use your double and triple jumps to get 
to the floating platform to the left, or you can drop down and time 
your Up+B so it destroys the target and brings you back up to the 

Zelda/Sheik []

I'm pretty bad at this one. Din's Fire will be useful here, as will 
Farore's Wind. I'm terrible here, so I can't give you much advice. 
There are plenty of other guides that can help you.

Link []

To start, turn around and jump. At the peak of your jump (You should be 
right in front of the target), throw a Boomerang. It will hit the 
target, bounce back, and hit two more. Get out a bomb and jump over to 
the highest platform. As you jump, throw it down to destroy another 
target. Go to the end of the platform and just tap B to destroy that 
target. The rest are pretty obvious. You should be able to do this in 
under 20 seconds if you're good.

Young Link []

A good excersize in Wall-Jumping. When you hit a wall, press the other 
direction on the control stick to jump off of it. Hit the target on the 
way up. This is a lot of sharpshooting with the Bow and Arrow. The 
Target inside the box can only be destroyed with a Boomerang that's 
coming back after you threw it, so that might take some practice.

Pichu []

Start off with Thunder a few times until the targets above you are 
destroyed. If it takes more than a few seconds, restart and try again. 
Eventually you'll get it. Use Thundershock on the two trophies you're 
swinging towards, and then either use Thundershock on the target inside 
the two bars or get between them and headbutt. Quick Attack up to the 
platform above to get another target. Go to the moving platforms. Hop 
around and attack the lower two, and then jump underneath the highest 
and use Thunder. Yeah, that was kind of a walkthrough, I know.

Pikachu []

The two targets above you have to be taken out manually, not with 
Thunder, so do that. The one in the U-shaped container can, so use 
Thunder. You can Thundershock the two Targets on the ends of the 
platform. Go to the C-shaped containers and use Thundershock or Skull 
Bash on the first one, use Quick Attack into the second one, and use 
any attack on it. Thundershock the Targets to the right, and then hop 
up into the upside-down U and destroy that. Another Walkthrough, but it 
seems doable without pausing, so you won't waste time.

Jigglypuff []

For the most part, it's pretty straightforward. At the end, there is a 
trick, though. You might want to jump and use you're A attack on each 
target. I recommend Pound. It is much more efficient, and moves you 
towards the next one without wasting a jump.

Mewtwo []

This is no easy Target Test. Aerial attacks, Shadow Ball, and precise 
jumping will be necessary. There are no real pointers I can give you. 
Watch out for the floating "cages" with the moving targets inside, they 
can hurt you. Once again, look for another guide. This is ironic, 
seeing as how Mewtwo is my second best character.

Mr. Game & Watch []

I have found that using his Up+B can destroy  enormous amounts of 
targets. I recommend using it under a cluster of targets, then finding 
another group and repeating. Remember that the target behind the door 
isn't always there.

Marth []

Up+B will be useful here. On the moving platform that goes by the 
Flipper, press down to duck underneath it. Use Up+B when the platform 
is above you to land on it. The upper Targets near the flippers require 
a bit of skill to destroy. Try jumping over the flippers and Up+B-ing 
the targets.

Roy []

The targets inside the boxes can be taken out like normal. You might 
want to Up+B the lower one. It's all pretty basic here, so I shouldn't 
have to give you too much advice. The Flippers can be a problem, but 
that's not something I can tell you how to handle.

Multi-Man Melee []

10-Man Melee []
Number Of Enemies: 10
Time Limit: None
Difficulty: Like cutting warm butter with a chainsaw
Unlocks: Nothing
How To Do It: If you need help on this, I suggest you bury your 
GameCube fifty feet underground and eat your controllers. Basically any 
attack will work here. Honestly, it's only ten.

100-Man Melee []
Number Of Enemies: 100
Time Limit: None
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Unlocks: Falco (If you beat his challenge afterwards), Male Wire Frame 
trophy (If done in under four minutes)
How To Do It: Many methods work, but as with most team battles, Donkey 
Kong's Down+B works best. If you beat this, you will be challenged by 
Falco. If you win, you unlock him!

3-Minute Melee []
Number Of Enemies: Infinite
Time Limit: 3 Minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Unlocks: Nothing 
How To Do It: Once again, use DK's Down+B. That's it. It's not all that 
hard, just pray you don't get a Bob-Omb right in front of you.

15-Minute Melee []
Number Of Enemies: Infinite
Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Difficulty: Hard
Unlocks: Past Stages: Kongo Jungle, Fighting Wire Frames trophy
How To Do It: This isn't actually hard, but it takes so long your thumb 
will snap off. As always, use DK's Down+B. If your thumb starts to 
hurt, pause and come back later, then finish it. You can also put a 
weight on the B button and just leave DK sitting there, pounding away, 
but it's hard to do this right, and you might get knocked off. Still, 
DK's Down+B is the way to go.

Endless Melee []
Number Of Enemies: Infinite
Time Limit: None
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Unlocks: Female Wire Frame trophy (If you get at least 100 KOs)
How To Do It: Just sit there with DK, pounding away. There is no end to 
this, the enemies keep coming and the timer never stops, so just do 
your best.

Cruel Melee []
Number Of Enemies: Infinite
Time Limit: None
Difficulty: INSANE
Unlocks: Mr. Resetti trophy (If you get at least 5 KOs)
How To Do It: This is absurd. The Wire Frames are handicapped beyond 
Giga Bowser, and you don't get any items. There are plenty of methods 
floating around, and I suggest you check them out. The one I use 
involves Roy. His Up+B decimates groups of Cruel Wire Frames. You'll 
have to improvise a little right after you attack, but it's easy if you 
hit them all. People can get thousands of KOs with some of the better 
methods, so I strongly suggest you check those out.

Training []

Come here to, well, train. There's not much to this place. You pick two 
characters, and beat one up with the other. I'll list the options you 
have in the pause menu:

Speed: Allows you to change the speed of the game. You can choose from 
x1, 2/3, 1/2, 1/4, x2, and x1.5.

Item: Creates one item where your character is standing. You can choose 
from any item on the item switch.

No. of CPs: Sets the number of Computer-controlled opponents on the 
field. You can have 1, 2, or 3.

CP: Sets the Computer's mode. You can choose from Stand (Does nothing), 
Walk (Walks back and forth), Evade (Runs away from you), Jump 
(Constantly jumps), Attack (Fights), and Human (Is Player-controlled)

CP Damage: Sets the Computer's damage. Can go from 0%-999%.

Camera: Sets the camera mode. Normal is, well, normal, Free follows 
your character, and Zoom zooms in on them, hence the name.

Reset: Sets everything back to default (x1, no items, 1, Stand, 0%, 
Normal, in order)

Finish: Goes back to the character select screen

Vs. Mode []

Stock Mode []

The classic. You get a number of lives (1-99). Last person to still 
have lives wins. You can set the lives and (Optionally) the time limit.

Timed Mode []

Another popular one. Infinite lives. Whoever KOs the most and dies the 
least wins. You can unlock a score display to let you see the score 
before the match ends.

Coin Mode []

This one is more original than the others. Get hit, and coins come out. 
Get the most coins and win. Getting hit doesn't make you lose your 
coins, it just makes more. You can even grab your own coins. This means 
projectiles aren't always smart. Dying halves your coins and propels 
the lost coins onto the stage.

Bonus Mode []

You know those little awards you get after matches? Well, whoever gets 
the most points from them wins. See the Bonuses section for more.

Tournament Mode []

This sets up a bracket tournament for you and your friends. You can 
have up to 64 players! There are many options, like how to stage is 
determined, how many players there are, and the computer level.

Camera Mode []

Take hilarious pictures! There's no goal here. Just have fun! Be careful
about your memory card space, though, these things take up a truckload of

Stamina Mode []

Instead of percentage, you now have HP. When you run out, you die. You 
can also die by getting knocked off the edge. Think Master Hand.

Super Sudden Death []

Everyone starts with %300! These matches are crazy! Try to pick someone 
fast and powerful, like Captain Falcon.

Giant Melee []

Everyone is constantly giant! Grab a super mushroom and you'll get even 
bigger! While doubly huge, if you're Mario, do his taunt and you're 
ENORMOUS!!! This is a pretty fun mode, especially on smaller stages 
like Battlefield.

Tiny Melee []

The opposite of Giant Melee. Something fun to do is play in Hyrule 
Temple with only Pichu as characters and only Poison Mushrooms as 
items. It's impossible to find yourself!

Invisible Melee []

Everyone is constantly invisible. This can make fighting very hard. 
Items can be helpful as they show where you are. Note that the effects 
are not identical to that of the cloaking device, as you can still be 

Fixed-Camera Mode []

The camera never moves. Whoop-dee-freakin-doo. There is absolutely nothing 
special about this.

Single-Button Mode []

I'm going to murder whoever the genius was that came up with this 
brilliant idea. Only the Control Stick and A work. That means no 
dodging. No shielding. No grabbing. No specials. No using X and Y for 
jumping. O_o

Lightning Melee []

Everything is at double the normal speed. Unfortunately, the sounds 
aren't sped up, so characters' voices won't sound high-pitched.

Slow-Mo Melee []

The opposite of the Lightning Melee. Everything is half as fast. Once 
again, the sounds aren't altered. This mode is pretty boring, but some 
of the double jumps look awesome in slow-mo.

Bonuses []

At the end of Vs. mode matches (And 1P mode levels), you will get 
awards based on what you did. These have two uses: Winning Bonus mode 
fights, and getting the Diskun trophy. If you get every one of these at 
least once, you'll get the almighty Diskun trophy.

And, without further ado, here they are. I will provide some help for 
some of the harder ones.

Bird of Prey - 4000
Only used aerial attacks.

Combo King - 2500
Used many combos. (Average # of combos is 2.5 or more)

Juggler - 1500
Struck an enemy many times while keeping him airborne.

Backstabber - 2000
High % of attacks were from rear. (70% or more of total)

Sweeper - 2500
High % of attacks were low. (50% or more of total)

Sweeper - 2500
High % of attacks were low. (50% or more of total)

Clean Sweep - 5000
All attacks were low attacks.

Meteor Smash - 800
KO'd foe with a Meteor Attack.

Meteor Clear - 3000
Cleared the level with a Meteor Attack.

Meteor Master - 8000
Every Meteor Attack KO'd an opponent. (Minimum of 2)

Meteor Survivor - 2000
Succeeded in recovering from a Meteor Attack. (To set this up, go to 
Hyrule temple, have Kirby or Jigglypuff as one character, and have the 
other be anyone with a meteor attack. Have Kirby/JP float above the top 
left platform and have the other character use his meteor on them. 
Float Kirby/JP down to the platform below.)

Flying Meteor - 4000
Hit a flying enemy with a Meteor Attack. (To set this up, go to 
Brinstar with Young Link and anyone else. Kirby is a popular choice. 
Wait for the acid to come up, have Kirby jump into it and use Young 
Link's aerial Down+A above him. Kirby will hit the acid, bounce up, hit 
Young Link's sword, and die. There you go!)

Exceptional Aim - 4000
Hit with most attacks.

Perfect Aim - 10000
Hit with all attacks. (At least 8 attacks per minute)

All Ground - 6000
Used all standard ground attacks against enemies.

All Aerial - 4000
Used all standard aerial attacks against enemies.

All Variations - 10000
Used all attacks except finishing blows on enemies. (See All on One, 
but spread out the attacks on all your enemies. None of them can die 
before you finish, and you can't either)

All on One - 20000
Used all attacks except finishing blows on one enemy.  (You have to use 
your neutral, up, down, and forward specials, neutral A, A combo, 
forward, up, and down A tilts, one of your two diagonal A tilts, your 
forward, backward, up, down, and neutral aerial A moves, dashing A, and 
your forward, back, up, and down throws on ONE enemy all before either 
of you die. It's easiest to do this with a handicap of 1 against a 
computer with a handicap of 9 on 0.5 damage ratio in a coin match to 
avoid Sudden Death.)

Lethal Weapon - 7000
Hit with a wide variety of attacks. (You have to use your three 
smashes, five aerials, and four specials, only once each on only one 
enemy before anyone dies. You should do this in a coin match to prevent 
Sudden Death.)

Berserker - 3500
Attacked in a frenzy. (60 attacks or more in 1 minute)

Smash King - 3000
Used many Smash Attacks. (50% or more of all hits)

Smash Maniac - 3500
Only used Smash Attacks.

Smash-less - 1500
Used no Smash Attacks.

Specialist - 2200
Hit with only special moves.

Dedicated Specialist - 3100
Used only one kind of special move.

One-Two Punch - 1800
Hit consecutively with all weak attacks.

First Strike - 500
Delivered first blow of match.

150% Damage - 1000
Took 150% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

200% Damage - 3000
Took 200% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

250% Damage - 7000
Took 250% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

300% Damage - 10000
Took 300% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

350% Damage - 15000
Took 350% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

Heavy Damage - 20000
Took 400% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

Sniper - 2000
Hit only with flying objects.

Brawler - 2000
Hit only with direct attacks.

Precise Aim - 10000
All attacks hit immediately after execution.

Pitcher - 6000
Fought only with grabs and throws.

Butterfingers - -500)
Had a high rate of grab and dash-grab failures.

All Thumbs - -1500
All dash-grab attempts failed. (At least 4 attempted)

Cuddly Bear - 2000
Performed at least 3 grabs, but did not attack or throw enemy.

Compass Tosser - 3500
Used all four directional-throw moves.

Throw Down - 2500
Threw last foe to clear game.

Pummeler - 1500
Did a lot of damage by holding and punching foes.

Fists of Fury - 2500
After grabbing, always held and punched, never threw.

Close Call -  2000
Threw just before enemy broke your hold.

Opportunist - -1000
Didn't attack for a very long period of time.

Spectator - -2500
Spent a long time on sloped terrain.

Statue - 500
Little left-to-right movement.

Never Look Back - 5000)
Never changed direction.

Stiff Knees - 300
Did not crouch.

Run, Don't Walk - 6500
Did not walk. (Extremely short distance doesn't count)

Ambler - 2500
Walked a lot.

No Hurry - 1000
Did not run.

Marathon Man - 2000
Ran a lot.

Eagle - 1500
Went airborne a lot.

Aerialist - 2500
Did not jump from the ground. (No overlap with Cement Shoes)

Acrobat - 3000
Always did a midair jump. (No overlap with Cement Shoes)

Cement Shoes - 4000
Never jumped, including midair jumps.

Head Banger - 800
Hit walls a lot. (3 or more times per minute)

Elbow Room 2000
Bumped into or pushed foes a lot.

Power Shielder - 5000
Used the Power Shield often. (3 times or more in 1 minute)

Shield Buster - x2500
Broke enemy's shield.

Shattered Shield - x-1000
Shield was broken by enemy.

Shield Stupidity - x-2000
Broke own shield.

Shield Saver - 500
Dropped shield just before it was broken.

Skid Master - 1000
Had long stun-slide distance. (9 feet or more in 1 minute)

Rock Climber - 800
Hung from many edges. (4 times or more in one minute)

Edge Hog - x2500
Hung from edge to prevent opponent from doing the same.

Cliffhanger - 2000
Grabbed a lot of edges after being knocked off the stage.

Life on the Edge - x800
After being hit, grabbed edge without a midair jump.

Poser - 2000
Taunted often. (6 or more times in 1 minute)

Poser Poseur - x500
Taunted right after someone else. (Within 1 second)

Poser Power - x700
Attacked someone with a taunt.
Pose Breaker - x800
Gave a quick weak attack to a taunting opponent. 

Instant Poser - x100
Taunted right after knocking down a foe. (Within 1 second)

Control Freak - 1000
Tapped the control stick twice as fast as second fastest tapper.

Button Masher - 700
Pressed buttons twice as fast as second fastest presser.

Button Holder - 4000
Held down the A or B button. (For the entire match)

Rock Steady - 3000
Did not fall down.

Pratfaller - 1500
Always landed face up.

Face Planter - 1500
Always fell face down.

Twinkle Toes - 2500
Succeeded on every attempt to absorb damage.

Floor Diver - 1500
Dropped through floors often. (12 times in 1 minute)

No R 4 U - 300
Did not press the L & R Buttons.

Climactic Clash - x1200
Hit same enemy with progressively stronger blows.

Floored - 300
Took a lot of damage from floors. (Over 50% of damage)

Punching Bag - 100
Got stuck between two enemies and hit back and forth.

Stale Moves - -2000
Persistently used the same attack.

Blind Eye - 3000
Always looking in opposite direction as oncoming attack.

Crowd Favorite - 2500
Audience cheered for player.

Master of Suspense - 2500
Surprised the crowd often. (3 or more times in 1 minute)

Lost in Space - 2000
Frequently magnified. (1/4 of time in a magnifying glass)

Lost Luggage - 3000
Was in magnifying glass on all 4 sides of the screen.

Half-Minute Man - 2500
Beat level within 30 seconds.

Pacifist - 3000
Never attacked even once including misses.

Peaceful Warrior - 5000
Never attacked, but didn't lose the match.

Moment of Silence - 3000
Took no damage for 1 minute. (No overlap with Impervious)

Impervious - 7000
Didn't suffer a single attack.

Immortal - 5000
Never got knocked down.

Switzerland - 12000
Never attacked anyone, never took any damage.
Predator - -1500
Attacked only opponents with high amounts of damage.

Down, But Not Out - 2000
Fell all the way down, but got back up the most in a match.

Solar Being - 800
Only left stage by flying off screen and becoming a star.

Stalker - -1000
Always attacked a particular player.

Bully - -2000
Always KO'd a particular player.

Coward - -500
Spent a long time a great distance away from enemies.

In the Fray - 2000
Average distance between you and foes was very small.

Friendly Foe - 3000
Never pushed an enemy.

Center Stage - 2000
Spent a long time in the middle of the arena.

Merciful Master - 3000
Won without KO'ing anybody.

Star KO - x300
KO'd an enemy and turned him or her into a star.

Rocket KO - 5000
Sent all team enemies flying off the top of the screen.

Wimpy KO - x4000
KO'd a foe with a weak attack.

Bull's-eye KO - x800
KO'd a foe with a firing item.

Poser KO - x5000
KO'd an enemy with a taunt.

Cheap KO - x500
KO'd an enemy from behind.

Bank-Shot KO - x3000)
KO'd an enemy with a deflected item.

Timely KO - x3500
KO'd a foe at the time limit.

Special KO - x800
KO'd an enemy with a special attack.

Hangman's KO - x2000
Attacked an enemy that was hanging from an edge for a KO.

KO 64 - x640
KO'd an enemy when the enemy was at 64% damage.

Bubble-Blast KO - x1200
Attacked a magnified enemy and KO'd him or her.

Sacrificial KO - x1500
The same attack KO'd both you and your enemy.

Avenger KO - x2500
KO'd a foe right after foe KO'd you. (Within 5 seconds)

Double KO - x2000
KO'd 2 enemies at once.

Triple KO - x4000
KO'd 3 enemies at once.

Quadruple KO - x8000
KO'd 4 enemies at once.

Quintuple KO - x15000
KO'd five enemies at once. (Note that this is only possible in certain 
team battles, like the Multi-Man Melee.)

Dead-Weight KO - x4000
KO'd an enemy by throwing another enemy at him or her.

Kiss-the-Floor KO - x1000
Threw an enemy onto a damaging floor for a KO.

Assisted KO - x1500
KO'd a foe with an item.

Foresight - x500
Hit the front of the screen.

First to Fall - -1000
First one to be KO'd after match begins.

Cliff Diver - 500
Let go of the edge of a cliff and fell off stage.

Quitter - x-1000
Fell off stage without even trying to recover.

Shameful Fall - x-1500
At less than 50%, got KO'd by a foe with over 100% damage.

World Traveler - 2000
Got KO'd off all four sides of the screen.

Ground Pounded - 500
Got KO'd by a damaging floor.

Environmental Hazard - 1000
Got KO'd by a part of the stage environment.

Angelic - 2000
Was standing on revival platform when match ended.

Magnified Finish - 1000
Ended the match in a magnifying glass.

Fighter Stance - 500
Ended match while taunting.

Mystic - 2000
Ended match while off-screen.

Shooting Star - 1500
Ended match as a star.

Lucky Number Seven - 3000
Finished with :07 left.

Last Second -5000
Finished with :01 left.

Lucky Threes - 3330
Finished with 3:33 left.

Jackpot - 1110
Damage at end was the same number repeated three times.

Full Power - 2000
Damage at 0% at finish.

Item-less - 1800
Did not use any items.

Item Specialist - 2000
Only hit with item attacks.

Item Chucker - 3000
Hit only by throwing items.

Item Smasher - 3000
Used only smash attacks with swinging weapons.

Capsule KO - x800
KO'd an enemy with a capsule.

Carrier KO - x800
KO'd a foe with a large item carrier.

Weight Lifter - 1500
Frequently held heavy items. (Over 5 seconds per minute)

Item Catcher - x1000
Caught an item thrown at you.

Reciprocator - x2000
Threw an item thrown at you back at an enemy.

Item Self-Destruct - -1000
Item caused player to Self-Destruct.

Triple Items - 3000
Got the same item 3 times in a row.

Minimalist - 100
Spent the least amount of time holding items.

Materialist - 1500
Spent the longest amount of time holding items.

Item Hog - 4000
Got 10 or more different kinds of items.

Item Collector - 4000
Got every kind of item that appeared.

Connoisseur - 3000
Got every kind of food that appeared.

Gourmet - 2000
Used only food items. (3 or more)

Battering Ram - 1500
Used only battering items. (3 or more)

Straight Shooter - 1500
Used only shooting items. (3 or more)

Wimp - 1500
Used only recovery items. (3 or more)

Shape Shifter - 1500
Used only transformation items. (3 or more)

 Chuck Wagon - 1500
Only grabbed throwing items. (3 or more)
Parasol Finish - 1600
Was parachuting with the Parasol at match's end. (Note that Peach's 
Up+B seems to also work)

Gardener Finish - 2000
Put a flower on an enemy's head at match's end.

Flower Finish - 1700
Had a flower on head when the match ended.

Super Scoper - 2000
Did 100% damage or more firing the Super Scope.

Screwed Up - 2000
Held Screw Attack for 30 seconds or more.

Screw Attack KO - x2500
Used a Screw Attack to KO an enemy.

Warp Star KO - x1000
KO'd a foe using a Warp Star.

Mycologist - 2500
Got 3 or more Mushrooms.

Mario Maniac - 8000
Used only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen.

Metal KO - x800
KO'd enemy while metal.

Freezie KO - x2000
Froze enemy with Freezie then KO'd him or her.

Flipper KO - x2000
KO'd enemy with a flipper.

Mr. Saturn Fan - 3000
Only item used was Mr. Saturn.

Mrs. Saturn - 1500
Held Mr. Saturn for 30 seconds or more.

Saturn Siblings - 4000
Got 3 or more Mr. Saturns.

Saturn Ringer - 4000
Caught a Mr. Saturn thrown at you.

Giant KO - x600
KO'd a foe while giant.

Tiny KO - x2500
KO'd a foe while tiny.

Invisible KO - x800
KO'd a foe while invisible.

Bunny-Hood Blast - x1200
KO'd someone while wearing a Bunny Hood.

Vegetarian - 1800
Got 2 or more Maxim Tomatoes.

Heartthrob - 2800
Got 2 or more Heart Containers.

Invincible Finish - x1200
Player is invincible at the end of the match.

Invincible KO - x800
KO'd a foe while invincible.

Beam Swordsman - x800
KO'd a foe with a Beam Sword.

Home-Run King - x600
KO'd a foe with the Home-Run Bat.

Laser Marksman - 4000
Hit with every blast from the Ray Gun until it ran out.

Flame Thrower - 1600
Got a 10 combo or higher with the Fire Flower.

Hammer Throw - 1500
Threw the hammer away.

Headless Hammer - 2500
Grabbed a broken hammer.

Super Spy - x800
KO'd someone with a Motion-Sensor Bomb.

Bob-omb's Away - -500
KO'd by a wandering Bob-omb.

Bob-omb Squad - x2500
Grabbed a Bob-omb just before it exploded, and wasn't hurt.

Pokémon KO - 1000
KO'd a foe with a Pokémon.

Mew Catcher - 10000
Mew appeared.
Celebi Catcher - 8000
Celebi appeared.

Goomba KO - 100
KO'd a Goomba.

Koopa KO - 200
KO'd a Koopa.

Paratroopa KO - 300
KO'd a Paratroopa. (Note that you can't just attack it and turn it into 
a Koopa. You have to actually KILL it while it's a Paratroopa.)

ReDead KO - 300
KO'd a ReDead.

Like-Like KO - 500
KO'd a Like-Like.

Octorok KO - 150
KO'd an Octorok

Topi KO - 200
KO'd a Topi.

Polar Bear KO - 800
KO'd a Polar Bear.

Shy Guy KO - 20
KO'd a Shy Guy.

First Place - 1000
Got 1st place in a timed match.

Last Place - -1000
Got last place in a timed match.

Wire to Wire - 2000
Led in points from the start to the finish.

Whipping Boy - -1500
Trailed in points from the start to the finish.

KO Artist - 3000
Had a lot of KOs. (More than 3 and double second place)

KO Master - 1500
Had the most KOs. (Not awarded if Artist is earned)

Offensive Artist - 2000
Caused a lot of damage.

Offensive Master - 1000
Caused the most damage.

Frequent Faller - -1000
Had a lot of falls.

Fall Guy - -500
Had the most falls.

Self-Destructor - -2000
Had a lot of Self-Destructs.

Master of Disaster - -1000
Had the most Self-Destructs.

KOs - x500
Counts each KO.

Falls - x-500
Counts each fall. (Self-destructs not counted)

SDs - x-500
Counts each self-destruct.

Target Master - 30000
Smashed all targets in Target Test!

Hobbyist - 1000
Got at least one trophy before the stage ended.

Collector - 30000
Snagged all trophies that appeared!

No-Damage Clear - 300000
Cleared all levels without taking any damage. (This is absurdly 
difficult. I found the easiest way was to use DK in All-Star on Very 
Easy. His ground slap can kill most enemies in one hit. Remember, you 
can't EVER take damage.)

No-Miss Clear - 10000
Cleared without losing a single life.

Continuation - -20000
Cleared by continuing.

Speedster - 10000
Cleared all levels quickly.

Speed Demon - 20000
Cleared all levels very quickly.

Melee Master - 100000
Cleared All-Star mode without recovering damage even once.

Classic Clear - 50000
Cleared the Classic mode.

Adventure Clear - 50000
Cleared the Adventure mode.

All-Star Clear - 50000
Cleared the All-Star mode.

Very-Hard Clear - 200000
Cleared the Very-Hard mode.

Crazy Hand KO - 80000
Defeated Crazy Hand in Classic mode.

Luigi KO - 20
Defeated Luigi in Adventure mode.

Link Master - 30000
Defeated all five Links in Adventure mode.

Giant Kirby KO - 10000
Defeated Giant Kirby in Adventure mode.

Metal Bros. KO - 8000
KO'd Metal Bros. in Adventure mode.

Giga Bowser KO - 100000
Defeated Giga Bowser in Adventure mode.

Glitches []

This relatively small section is devoted to the little errors in SSBM.

Personally, I'm terrible at making Black Holes. There are two places I 
recommend you to go to:

-The Black Hole Glitch Guide on GameFAQs
-    A very good video about 
how to do it, but it leaves a couple things out.

The results are deadly. Touching this monstrosity will get you up to 
999% within one second (Literally), and then propel you out at insane 

A very fun glitch that's relatively easy to do. All you have to do is 
have Ness shoot three PK Flashes into G&W's bucket, then have Ness 
shield and have G&W dump it on him. The shield will break, Ness will be 
dazed, and G&W will be sent flying away faster than anything in the 
game, instantly killing anyone he touches. This can be repeated.

We're not really sure if this is a glitch or not, but just in case, I 
put it here. What you do is pick up a super scope, fire 15 small shots 
(Since it fires three at a time, you'll want to press A five times). 
Then fire two large shots. Start charging, but have somebody attack you 
before you finish. Some people say touching a mushroom also works. 
Either way, you now have infinite ammo.

Once again, not entirely sure whether it's a glitch or not, but it 
seems to be. What you have to do is Short-Hop, then immediately air 
dodge diagonally down. Your character will slide along the ground with 
a little puff of smoke behind them. For some characters, like Bowser, 
this is about as useful as a train with square wheels. Others, like 
Luigi, can completely revolutionize how you play Melee. The main use of 
Wavedashing is using attacks that usually only work from a standstill 
while moving. Luigi is the best one to practice with.

In Adventure mode, if you beat the Kirby team in under 30 seconds, you
fight Giant Kirby. I've found that if you're marginally over 30 seconds,
you'll still fight him.

When you start a new game, if you have no trophies and you go into the
Trophy Gallery, you'll get a random one for free!

Usually, if you end Adventure Mode's first level with a 2 in the seconds
place, you'll fight Luigi. However, if you end with a time of 00:02:XX, you

Rumors []

LI3K Z0M6 S0N1K 4N[) T4L3Z AR3 !N T3H M3L33!!!1!

No. No they're not. Here I'll disprove all the popular SSBM rumors, and 
some of the less popular ones.

Sonic and Tails []

In the April 2002 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly a rumor was 
started that would change the gaming world forever. Apparently, if you 
were to defeat 20 wire frames in Cruel Melee, you would unlock Sonic 
the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails' Prower of Sonic the Hedgehog fame.

THIS. IS. FAKE. I cannot stress it enough. IT'S FAKE.

Toad []

After the Sonic and Tails rumor had FINALLY died down, another one 
popped up. Of course. Apparently, if you shoot all the credits at the 
end of 1P mode and then beat Classic mode without continuing, you'll 
unlock Toad. It's not true, but that's too bad, because Toad would be an
awesome character.

Goldeen []

Ah, a classic SSBM urban legend. If you release Goldeen and you're very 
lucky, she'll OHKO an enemy. Nobody really knows for sure if this is 
true or not, but for now, it stands at false. Until we see some real 
video proof, this is considered a hoax.

Ditto []

Can Ditto really appear out of a Poké Ball? Well, yes and no. It can't 
in the actual game, but using Debug Mode allows you to make him appear. 
He was originally going to copy your character and act like Nana is to 
Popo, but it was too buggy. Note that when he appears, he doesn't do 
what he was intended to do, he just poofs away. He can do a little bit
of damage to an enemy if he touches them, though.

Basically Everything Else []

Aside from the big four (Sonic & Tails, Toad, Goldeen, and Ditto), 
there are a few minor ones, listed here.

-Koopa Troopa
-Dragon Temple Stage (Well, there is AKANEIA...)
-Baby Mario
-Baby Luigi
-Baby Bowser
-Balloon Fighter
-1,000,000 Melees Message (This one might actually be real, nobody 

Various Unlockables []

Random Stage Select []

To unlock this, unlock every stage except the past stages and the 
special stages. This lets you make the random stage select not all that 
random. You can toggle which stages can be selected with Random.

Sound Test []

To get this, you need to unlock all stages. This lets you listen to 
(Almost) every sound in the game.

Score Display []

To get this, you need a total of 5,000 KOs. The best way to do this is 
to just leave the game on overnight with a bunch of Humans on a moving 
stage, and maybe some Bob-Ombs.

All-Star []

To unlock All-Star, you must beat Classic, Adventure, or Target Test 
with all 25 characters.

Alternate Music []

Beat Classic, Adventure, All-Star, and Target Test with all characters, 
unlock the sound test, beat all four beatable Multi-Man Melees (Not 
Endless and Cruel). After doing this, you can hear different music on 
the main menu occasionally.

Mew []
Unlock all characters. Mew can now appear from a Poké Ball.

Celebi []
Unlock everything except the trophies. Celebi can now appear from a 
Poké Ball.

Trophies []

Ah, the biggest part of any SSBM guide, the trophies. The trophies are 
broken into three categories, Regular (Can be obtained in the lottery), 
Irregularly Regular (Must complete a goal before you can get them in 
the lottery), and Secret (Must complete a goal to get them).

Regular Trophies []

You can get these trophies in the lottery, by killing Goombas, in Snag 
The Trophies!, and when they appear just by chance.

88) Warp Star
89) Ray Gun
90) Super Scope
91) Fire Flower
93) Star Rod
94) Beam Sword
95) Home-Run Bat
096) Fan
097) Hammer
098) Green Shell
099) Red Shell
100) Flipper
101) Freezie
102) Mr. Saturn
103) Bob-omb
105) Super Mushroom
106) Poison Mushroom
107) Starman (1)
108) Parasol
109) Screw Attack
112) Cloaking Device
113) Barrel Cannon
114) Party Ball
115) Crate
116) Barrel
117) Capsule
118) Egg
120) Poké Ball
121) Venusaur
122) Charizard
123) Squirtle
124) Blastoise
125) Clefairy
126) Electrode
127) Weezing
128) Chansey
129) Goldeen
130) Staryu
131) Snorlax
132) Articuno
133) Zapdos
134) Moltres
136) Chikorita
137) Cyndaquil
138) Togepi
139) Bellossom
140) Marill
143) Wobbuffet
144) Scizor
145) Porygon2
146) Raikou
148) Suicune
149) Lugia
150) Ho-oh
152) Toad
153) Coin
154) Vegetable
155) Megavitamins
157) Kirby Hat 1
158) Kirby Hat 2
159) Kirby Hat 3
162) Princess Peach's Castle
163) Banzai Bill
164) Lakitu
165) Pidgit
166) Birdo
167) Klap Trap
168) Shy Guys
169) Pak E. Derm
170) Tingle
171) Moon
172) Turtle
173) Four Giants
174) Master Sword
178) Arwing
179) Great Fox
180) Peppy Hare
181) Slippy Toad
183) Chozo Statue
184) Whispy Woods
185) Fountain of Dreams
187) Pokémon Stadium
194) Koopa Troopa
195) Koopa Paratroopa
196) ReDead
197) Octorok
198) Like Like
199) Topi
200) Polar Bear
201) Raccoon Mario
202) Metal Mario
205) Plum
206) Daisy
207) Waluigi
208) Thwomp
209) Boo
210) Koopa Clown Car
211) Viruses
212) Bucket
213) Racing Kart
214) Baby Mario
215) Baby Bowser
216) Raphael Raven
217) Dixie Kong
218) King K. Rool
219) Goron
222) Ocarina of Time
223) Samurai Goroh
224) Dr. Stewart
225) Jody Summer
228) Andross (1)
229) Andross (2)
231) Metroid
232) Ridley
233) Fire Kirby
234) Fighter Kirby
235) Ball Kirby
236) Waddle Dee
237) King Dedede
238) Rick
239) Gooey
240) Meta-Knight
241) Paula
242) Jeff
243) Poo
244) Starman (2)
245) Bulbasaur
246) Poliwhirl
247) Ditto
248) Eevee
249) Totodile
250) Crobat
251) Cleffa
252) Igglybuff
253) Steelix
254) Heracross
256) Professor Oak
257) Misty
259) Maruo Maruhige
260) Ryota Hayami
261) Kensuke Kimachi
262) Love Giant
263) Hate Giant
264) Ray MK II
265) Bayonette
266) Annie
268) Totakeke
270) Heririn
271) Alpha
272) Vacuum Luigi
273) Pikmin
275) Excitebike
277) Ducks
278) Bubbles
279) Eggplant Man
281) Balloon Fighter
282) Stanley
283) Pit
284) Dr. Wright
285) Donbe & Hikari
286) Ayumi Tachibana
287) Monster
290 Nintendo GameCube

Secret Trophies []

001) Mario (Beat Classic with Mario)
002) Mario (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Mario)
003) Mario (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Mario)
004) Donkey Kong (Beat Classic with DK)
005) Donkey Kong (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with DK)
006) Donkey Kong (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with DK)
007) Link (Beat Classic with Link)
008) Link (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Link)
009) Link (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Link)
010) Samus Aran (Beat Classic with Samus)
011) Samus Aran (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Samus)
012) Samus Aran (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Samus)
013) Yoshi (Beat Classic with Yoshi)
014) Yoshi (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Yoshi)
015) Yoshi (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Yoshi)
016) Kirby (Beat Classic with Kirby)
017) Kirby (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Kirby)
018) Kirby (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Kirby)
019) Fox McCloud (Beat Classic with Fox)
020) Fox McCloud (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Fox)
021) Fox McCloud (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Fox)
022) Pikachu (Beat Classic with Pikachu)
023) Pikachu (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Pikachu)
024) Pikachu (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Pikachu)
025) Ness (Beat Classic with Ness)
026) Ness (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Ness)
027) Ness (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Ness)
028) Captain Falcon (Beat Classic with Captain Falcon)
029) Captain Falcon (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Captain Falcon)
030) Captain Falcon (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Captain Falcon)
031) Bowser (Beat Classic with Bowser)
032) Bowser (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Bowser)
033) Bowser (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Bowser)
034) Peach (Beat Classic with Peach)
035) Peach (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Peach)
036) Peach (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Peach)
037) Ice Climbers (Beat Classic with Ice Climbers)
038) Ice Climbers (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Ice Climbers)
039) Ice Climbers (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Ice Climbers)
040) Zelda (Beat Classic with Zelda/Sheik)
041) Zelda (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Zelda/Sheik)
042) Zelda (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Zelda/Sheik)
043) Sheik (Beat Classic with Zelda/Sheik)
044) Sheik (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Zelda/Sheik)
045) Sheik (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Zelda/Sheik)
046) Luigi (Beat Classic with Luigi)
047) Luigi (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Luigi)
048) Luigi (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Luigi)
049) Jigglypuff (Beat Classic with Jigglypuff)
050) Jigglypuff (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Jigglypuff)
051) Jigglypuff (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Jigglypuff)
052) Mewtwo (Beat Classic with Mewtwo)
053) Mewtwo (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Mewtwo)
054) Mewtwo (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Mewtwo)
055) Marth (Beat Classic with Marth)
056) Marth (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Marth)
057) Marth (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Marth)
058) Mr. Game & Watch (Beat Classic with Mr. Game & Watch)
059) Mr. Game & Watch (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Mr. Game & Watch)
060) Mr. Game & Watch (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Mr. Game & Watch)
061) Dr. Mario (Beat Classic with Dr. Mario)
062) Dr. Mario (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Dr. Mario)
063) Dr. Mario (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Dr. Mario)
064) Ganondorf (Beat Classic with Ganondorf)
065) Ganondorf (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Ganondorf)
066) Ganondorf (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Ganondorf)
067) Falco Lombardi (Beat Classic with Falco)
068) Falco Lombardi (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Falco)
069) Falco Lombardi (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Falco)
070) Young Link (Beat Classic with Young Link)
071) Young Link (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Young Link)
072) Young Link (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Young Link)
073) Pichu (Beat Classic with Pichu)
074) Pichu (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Pichu)
075) Pichu (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Pichu)
076) Roy (Beat Classic with Roy)
077) Roy (Smash 1) (Beat Adventure with Roy)
078) Roy (Smash 2) (Beat All-Star with Roy)
079) Male Wire Frame (Beat 100-Man Melee in under 4 minutes)
080) Female Wire Frame (Beat 100 or more Wire Frames in Endless Melee)
081) Fighting Wire Frames (Beat 15-Minute Melee)
082) Giga Bowser (Beat Giga Bowser in Adventure without continuing)
083) Master Hand (Beat Classic on Hard or Very Hard without continuing)
084) Crazy Hand (Beat Adventure on Hard or Very Hard without 
085) Food (Play 1,000 vs. mode matches)
086) Maxim Tomato (Play 10 vs. mode matches)
087) Heart Container (Play 100 vs. mode matches)
092) Lip's Stick (Get 20 or more combos in training mode)
104) Motion-Sensor Bomb (Beat Event Match #3)
110) Metal Box (Get 10 or more combos in training mode)
111) Bunny Hood (Get 125 total combines combos in training mode)
119) Smash Coins (Play 100 vs. mode coin matches)
135) Mew (Beat All-Star on Hard or Very Hard with or without continues)
141) Sudowoodo (Unlock Poké Floats)
142) Unown (Get a combined total or 16,503 feet or more in the Home-Run 
147) Entei (Beat Event Match #26)
151) Celebi (Get Celebi to appear)
156) Lon Lon Milk (Beat the Target Test with every character and a 
combined total or under 25 minutes)
160) Kirby Hat 4 (Unlock Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Luigi, Marth, and Mr. Game 
& Watch)
161) Kirby Hat 5 (Unlock Dr. Mario, Roy, Pichu, Ganondorf, and Young 
175) Falcon Flyer (Unlock Big Blue)
176) F-Zero Racers (Beat Adventure with every character)
177) Mute City (Walk a total or 3,300 feet or more)
182) Kraid (Unlock Brinstar Depths)
186) UFO (Unlock Fourside)
188) Game & Watch (Beat Event Match #45)
189) Target (Beat every target test)
190) Sandbag (Get 990 feet or more in the Home Run contest) 
191) Battlefield (Beat All-Star)
192) Final Destination (Beat Event Match #51)
193) Goomba (Beat Event Match #14)
203) Paper Mario (Get 1,485 feet or more in the Home Run contest)
204) Wario (Beat All-Star without continuing)
220) Marin (Beat Classic, Adventure, or All-Star after you have 
unlocked the Sound Test)
221) Majora's Mask (Beat Event Match #47)
226) Landmaster Tank (Get 1,000 KOs)
227) Wolfen (Beat Adventure in under 1,100 seconds)
230) Samus's Starship (Escape from Brinstar in Adventure mode)
255) Meowth (Beat All-Star with every character)
267) Tom Nook (Over time, collect 1,000 coins. Spending coins does not 
decrease your amount)
269) Mr. Resetti (Kill at least five Wire Frames in Cruel Melee)
274) Captain Olimar (Have a Pikmin save file on one of the two memory 
cards in your GameCube when you start the game)
276) Donkey Kong Junior (Beat Classic with every character)
280) Mach Rider (Beat Classic in under 300 seconds)
288) Sheriff (Beat every target test and have a combined total of under 
12 1/2 minutes) 
289) Diskun (Over time, get every end-of-game bonus at least once)

Getting Them []

Mario-Roy (Smash 2)
These are pretty obvious. You shouldn't need help with them.

Male Wire Frame
It's extremely easy to beat 100-Man melee in under four minutes, so 
don't sweat it. Just use DK's Down+B and you'll be fine.

Female Wire Frame
If you can beat 100-Man Melee, you can beat this. Just use DK's Down+B.

Fighting Wire Frames
Beating 15-Minute Melee isn't necessarily hard, it's just tedious. DK's 
Down+B should work just fine, as long as you don't hit a Bob-Omb or 
exploding container.

Giga Bowser
This one might take you a few tries. If you can get to him with 
Jigglypuff, great, because Rest is Giga Bowser's kryptonite. If not, I 
suggest spamming your character's projectiles (If they have any) until 
he gets too close, then jumping over to the other side and continuing. 
Samus' missiles are very good for this, because they do plenty of 
damage, give good knockback, and when his damage is high, you can hit 
him with a Charge Shot to kill him. He needs more damage than the 
average bear, so be prepared to get him well over 400, maybe even 500%.

Master Hand
It's not as hard as it sounds. I suggest taking your time so you don't 
fight Crazy Hand at the end. If you can make it with Yoshi, you're in 
luck, but if not, just fight him like normal and pray to god Crazy Hand 
doesn't show up.

Crazy Hand
So, you think Master Hand and Giga Bowser were hard? Hah! Those are a 
walk in the park! I highly suggest getting a nice, long list of swears, 
obscenities, and profanities before attempting this. I've done a LOT of work
trying to figure out who's the best for this, and I have found that Captain
Falcon, Samus, and Link are the best. I did it with Samus.

CAPTAIN FALCON'S METHOD: Raptor Boost can easily take out most teams, save
for the Pokémon team, which is a little bit tougher. For them, just run
around gathering Poké Balls, seeing as how you're the fastest character in
the game. Most other characters will require some improvising, but it's
pretty easy overall.

SAMUS' METHOD: Screw Jump is useful for teams, and your Charge Shot and
Smashes will be vital in regular fights. In the Giant DK fight, you can
sometimes trick him into airdodging over a pit by firing a missile at him.
When fighting Bowser, just relentlessly pelt him with missiles until he

LINK'S METHOD: This is arguably the hardest of the three, but it's very
effective when used properly. Use your Upsmash and Aerial Down A to take out
teams, and try to keep your distance in other fights, using projectiles. If
they get too close, try to hit them away with a smash or something.

Not all that hard, just tedious. If you have friends, get together and 
have a blast. If you can't get hold of your friends and don't have any 
siblings, you'll just have to do it yourself. You may not want to do 
this all at once.

Maxim Tomato
Please. 10 vs. mode matches? You should probably have this already, and 
if you don't, go play a few vs. mode fights. If you can't get this, 
you're either mentally ill or you have a corrupted game.

Heart Container
You probably have this already, and if you don't, don't sweat it. It's 
just 100, it's not that bad.

Lip's Stick
This is easy enough. 20 may sound like a huge number of combos, but 
just play as Kirby against Bowser and back him up against a wall, then 
let loose with your A combo.

Motion-Sensor Bomb
See Event Match #3.

Metal Box
See Lip's Stick trophy.

Bunny Hood
Most characters can get a couple combos in just by using their A combo, 
and some have infinite combos, so get as high as you can with each and 
you'll have no problem.

Smash Coins
This is another one of those trophies that isn't hard, just tedious. 
Playing 100 on your own is boring as hell, but with a few friends it 
can be pretty fun. I did it on my own in about four sittings.

I recommend just stocking up on coins for a while. Keep in mind, 
continues are allowed, so don't hold back. Also, if you save up for 
weeks and get like 400 coins, then use them all up and get a game over, 
QUICKLY turn off the GameCube before it saves and turn in back on. 
You'll still have all your coins, so you can try again.

Easy. Just go to the Poké Floats section to see how to unlock it.

Not very hard if you know what you're doing. Yoshi and Ganondorf's 
aerial Down+A moves are excellent at damaging Sandbag. Now, this 
obviously won't get you over 16,000 feet, but it's a good start. This 
might take a few tries, but it shouldn't be impossibly hard.

See Event Match #26

To get Celebi to appear you need to have everything unlocked except all 
the trophies, so do that and then do a vs. mode match with only Poké 
Balls on Very High and hope for Celebi.

Lon Lon Milk
25 minutes total means an average of under one minute for each, so it 
should be very easy. Certain ones, like Luigi and Mr. Game & Watch are 
extremely easy and should sink your average like a brick.

Kirby Hat 4
See the unlock methods for the needed characters.

Kirby Hat 5
See the unlock methods for the needed characters.

Falcon Flyer
See the unlock method for Big Blue.

Mute City
3,300 feet is nothing. Just run around a lot in a few vs. mode matches 
and you'll get this in no time.

See the unlock method for Brinstar Depths.

See the unlock method for Fourside.

Game & Watch
See Event Match #45

See the target tests.

You can easily get over 990 feet with Yoshi. Piece of cake.

You just have to beat All-Star. Honestly, it's not that hard. You can 
even continue.

Final Destination
See Event Match #51.

See Event Match #14.

Paper Mario
1,485 feet isn't so bad. Once again, Yoshi.

Once again, just beat All-Star. But (Oh no!) you can't continue! OH 
NOEZ!!!1! Seriously, just do it on Very Easy.

See unlock method for Sound Test, then beat any 1P mode.

Majora's Mask
See Event Match #47.

Landmaster Tank
1,000 KOs isn't that many. You can always just leave your game on 

It's not as short as it sounds. You really have a long time, just try 
to be quick on the side-scrollers.

Samus's Starship
(Note: It should technically be Samus' Starship) You need help on this? 
Seriously? Go to a psychiatrist. You just need to escape from 

Very easy. There isn't much to it, really.

Tom Nook
Spending coins doesn't decrease the value, so don't freak out about 
continuing or using the lottery. 1,000 is a big number, but not as big 
as you think. This one is easier to get just by playing normally.

Mr. Resetti
There are plenty of complicated Cruel Melee methods, but to get just 
five, you won't need anything too fancy. All you really have to do is 
use Roy's Up+B on them.

Captain Olimar
If you have Pikmin, then great. Good for you, you win. If not, go out 
and rent it. It's pretty old by now and shouldn't cost much to rent, 
especially because it's outdated by Pikmin 2. Besides, it's a great

Donkey Kong Junior
Beating Classic with every character is simple enough, so don't sweat 

Mach Rider
300 seconds may seem like a horrifyingly small amount of time, but it's 
really not. Well, it is short (5 minutes), but it's doable. Don't sweat 

Remember the Lon Lon Milk trophy? Well, you need to cut your time in 
half. That means an average of 30 seconds for each character. It's 
hard, but possible.

Horrendous. This trophy is definitely up in the ranks for Crazy Hand, 
Giga Bowser, and Master Hand. Most of the bonuses are simple enough, 
but there are a few that will leave your GameCube controllers lodged 
inside the TV from anger. No Damage Clear, All On One, and All 
Variations are the hardest, hands down. See the bonuses section for 
more help.

Special Trophies []

If you live outside of Japan, like me, you can't get these without hacking.
If you live in Japan, you can get one of them (Tamagon) normally, and the
other two through special events. If you live in the PAL region, tough
luck. You can't get them period.

How did I get the data? Eh, I found pictures on the internet.

The trophies are as follows:

-Mario & Yoshi
-Samus Unmasked

Trophy Descriptions []

Ho boy, this is it. The big list. The one every FAQ-writer fears. Only 
the dreaded Pokédex has surpassed its power.

Well, enough with all that crap, on with the descriptions. Generally,
character trophies are about their background information, and their
Smash trophies are about their abilities in Melee. One annoying thing
you'll notice about the smash trophies is that no matter HOW bad they
are, it makes them sound amazing. :P

It's interesting to note that all but one of the current confirmed Super
Smash Bros. Brawl characters have a trophy in Melee. Meta Knight has a
trophy, Pit has a trophy, Wario has a trophy, and if you count the
secret Samus Unmasked trophy, so does Zero Suit Samus. The only one
who doesn't is Snake, but that's understandable.

Known worldwide
as Mr. Nintendo, Mario
uses his incredible
jumping ability to thwart
the evil Bowser time
after time. While he's
best known as a hero,
Mario has played many
roles, including racer,
doctor, golfer, and villain.
His tastes have changed
over 20 years of gaming;
he long ago swapped
the colors of his shirt
and overalls.
[Donkey Kong]
[Arcade 1981]

Mario (Smash)
Mario is a character
without any glaring
weaknesses and plenty
of strong attacks:
he's even equipped
with a Meteor Smash.
He's a straightforward
character who'll
reflect the actual
skills of the player.
Mario's Cape will turn
other characters in
the opposite direction
and can also reflect
missile weapons.
[B: Fireball]
[Smash B: Cape]

Mario (Smash 2)
Mass determines how
easily a character can be
sent flying, as well as a
character's physical
strength: Mario's mass
is the standard upon
which other Smash
Fighters are measured.
His Super Jump Punch
sends foes skyward in
a shower of coins, while
the Mario Tornado pulls
in nearby foes, spins
them silly, and scatters
them every which way.
[Up & B: Super Jump Punch]
[Down & B: Mario Tornado]

Donkey Kong
While he now prefers
the laid-back jungle
to construction
site mischief, DK is often
forced back into action
by the Kremling Krew.
The great ape is quite
fast despite his burly
physique, and he keeps
his strength up with
a steady diet of his
favorite food: bananas.
His one extravagance
(and only piece of clothing)
is a monogrammed necktie.
[Donkey Kong]
[Arcade 1981]

Donkey Kong (Smash)
Donkey Kong is a huge
target in a fight, so
he hates crowds.
When he's in the fray,
the Giant Punch deals
serious damage to
multiple opponents.
The big ape's Headbutt
hits so hard that it
temporarily buries
opponents in the
ground. DK is a lot
faster than he looks,
and he's lethal in the
hands of a master.
[B: Giant Punch]
[Smash B: Headbutt]

Donkey Kong (Smash 2)
Being the strongest
simian around, DK has
the upper hand once
he grabs an opponent.
He can even lift his foe
up and make him or her
an unwilling traveling
companion; if DK grabs
you, shake your Control
Stick as fast as you
can to break his grip.
His Spinning Kong covers
more lateral distance
than vertical, so use it
quickly to recover.
[Up & B: Spinning Kong]
[Down & B: Hand Slap]

Even in his youth, Link
was already becoming
the warrior who would
carry the destiny
of Hyrule (and many
other lands) on his
shoulders. His epic
struggles against the
forces of darkness are
written in legend, and
he is bound to the
Princess Zelda and the
archfiend Ganondorf
by the awesome power
of the Triforce.
[The Legend of Zelda]

Link (Smash)
Burdened with a shield,
a heavy sword, and
plenty of equipment,
Link is not a very
mobile character.
Nevertheless, he's
skilled with the blade,
and his varied supply
of missile weapons makes
him a powerful fighter.
To master Link, you
must control the pace
by balancing your long-
range attacks with
head-to-head swordplay.
[B: Bow]
[Smash B: Boomerang]

Link (Smash 2)
Link's Bow, Boomerang,
and Bombs all take
time to wield, so you may
want to try drawing them
in midair to prevent your
foes from attacking you
while you're vulnerable.
The Spin Attack can
score consecutive
midair hits, and the final
slash is very powerful.
Link's Bombs are his
trump card, but he can't
pull one out if he's
carrying another item.
[Up & B: Spin Attack]
[Down & B: Bomb]

Samus Aran
This intergalactic
bounty hunter's full
name is Samus Aran.
Clad in a Power Suit
made by the Chozo
race and infused with
their enhanced blood,
she cleared the planet
Zebes of a Metroid
infestation. Samus
is an orphan, the
sole survivor of a
Space Pirate raid that
destroyed an Earth
colony named K-2L.

Samus Aran (Smash)
Samus has an abundance
of projectile weapons,
making her a long-
distance attack
specialist. The most
powerful weapon in her
arsenal is the Charge
Beam, but be warned:
It can be reflected.
Her missiles have
homing capabilities, but
when fired as Smash
Attacks, they fly on a
straight trajectory and
have boosted power.
[B: Charge Shot]
[Smash B: Missile]

Samus Aran (Smash 2)
While Samus' arsenal
missile weapons is
indeed formidable, her
enemies are in for a
rude awakening if they
guard against nothing
else. Her grappling beam
captures foes and
latches on to walls, and
the Screw Attack drags
foes upward in a series
of spins that doubles as
a recovery move. Samus
can also use her Bombs
to perform Bomb Jumps.
[Up & B: Screw Attack]
[Down & B: Bomb]

Yoshis are gentle,
fleet-of-feet dinosaurs
that make their home
on idyllic Yoshi's Island.
They come in a variety
of colors and have
evolved an interesting
trait to help increase
their numbers: they can
transform anything they
swallow into an egg.
With adhesive tongues
and bottomless bellies,
Yoshis have been
known to eat anything.
[Super Mario World]

Yoshi (Smash)
To make up for his lack
of powerful airborne
attacks, Yoshi has a
miraculous jumping ability
and is resistant to
damage while in the air.
Yoshi can also swallow
a foe and transform him
or her into an egg: try
doing this close to an
edge! The speed and
power of the Egg Roll
increases if you hold
down the B Button, but
it'll be tougher to control.
[B: Egg Lay]
[Smash B: Egg Roll]

Yoshi (Smash 2)
Yoshi has no third jump,
so the timing of his
second jump is of vital
importance. The angle
and distance of his Egg
Throw can be altered by
how you tilt the Control
Stick and how long you
press the B Button.
When Yoshi lands after
doing his Yoshi Bomb,
stars appear on either
side of him, making it
hard for enemies to
deliver counterattacks.
[Up & B: Egg Throw]
[Down & B: Yoshi Bomb]

A denizen of the far-
off, peaceful planet
Pop Star, Kirby became
a citizen of Dream Land
after defeating King
Dedede. Even though
he's only about eight
inches tall, Kirby is
an extremely skilled
technician. He has
the unique ability to
absorb the powers of
his enemies, and his
elastic body makes him
a versatile fighter.
[Kirby's Dream Land]

Kirby (Smash)
Kirby's small size lets
him dodge many attacks,
but his light weight
makes him fly far
when struck. Using
his ability to inflate,
he can jump five times.
His Swallow attack
creates wild combos;
not only can he copy
foes? moves, but he'll
also put on special
hats and mimic their
voices. His Hammer is
unwieldy, but powerful.
[B: Swallow]
[Smash B: Hammer]

Kirby (Smash 2)
Because of his light
weight, Kirby is always
in danger of being sent
flying, but his ability to
puff up and fly allows
him to come back from
amazing distances. His
Final Cutter strikes on the
way up and on the way
down, and it sends out
a beam of force upon
landing. Kirby transforms
into various objects and
crashes down when he
uses his Stone technique.
[Up & B: Final Cutter]
[Down & B: Stone]

Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud is the
leader of a band of
known as Star Fox.
Fox and his fellow
pilots Peppy, Slippy,
and Falco patrol the
Lylat system in their
mother ship, the Great
Fox. From the cockpit
of his Arwing, Fox
leads the ceaseless
pursuit of the evil
scientist Andross, who
doomed Fox's father.
[Star Fox]

Fox McCloud (Smash)
Fox is among the
quickest and nimblest
of the Smash Bros.
characters. His speed
is offset by low
firepower, however,
and he's better at one-
on-one fights than
melees with multiple
foes. His Blaster is
unique: it does damage,
but it doesn't make
enemies flinch. His Fox
Illusion is best used
as a surprise attack.
[B: Blaster]
[Smash B: Fox Illusion]

Fox McCloud (Smash 2)
Fox falls quickly, so he's
a tough target to strike
from below: however,
this advantage can work
against him when he
goes flying sideways.
You can use the
Control Stick to set
the direction of the
Fire Fox technique
while it's charging up.
On a side note, Fox is
also much lighter than
he was in the N64 Super
Smash Bros. game.
[Up & B: Fire Fox]
[Down & B: Reflector]

It's safe to say that
Pikachu is the most
famous and popular
of all Pokémon. It has
electric pouches in
both cheeks: when
in danger, it shoots
electricity at its
enemies. Although
Pikachu can evolve into
Raichu by exposure to
a Thunderstone, many
trainers like Pikachu
so much that they
don't let it evolve.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Pikachu (Smash)
While its electric
attacks, such as
Thunder and Thunder
Jolt, are powerful,
Pikachu is at its best
speeding around the
fray and waiting for
its chance to strike.
You can control the
path of Pikachu's
two-directional Quick
Attack, allowing you to
jump twice. Hold down
the B Button to charge
up Skull Bash.
[B: Thunder Jolt]
[Smash B: Skull Bash]

Pikachu (Smash 2)
The angle of the
Control Stick controls
the direction of Pikachu's
Quick Attack. Pikachu
will move blindingly fast,
and it will also cause
damage to any character
it runs into. Move the
Control Stick during the
Quick Attack and Pikachu
will move in up to two
directions. Be sure to
check out the ceilings
on the level when you
use Thunder.
[Up & B: Quick Attack]
[Down & B: Thunder]

Ness is a young boy
who's mastered the
psychic power known
as PSI. Ness was living
a normal life in the
suburbs of Onett until
a meteor crashed into
a nearby mountain and
sent him on a wild
adventure. Believing in
the ultimate powers of
wisdom, courage, and
friendship, Ness proves
that some heroes come
in small packages.

Ness (Smash)
The key to mastering
Ness is controlling his
unique midair jump,
which makes up for
what he lacks in speed.
His PK Flash attack
may seem weak at
first glance, but it grows
more powerful the
longer you hold down
the B Button. To do
a lot of damage with
PK Fire, try to burn
your opponent as many
times as possible.
[B: PK Flash]
[Smash B: PK Fire]

Ness (Smash 2)
Ness's mind is his best
weapon. PK Thunder is
a PSI missile weapon
that can be guided using
the Control Stick, and
if Ness hits himself with
it, he turns into a living
missile capable of doing
massive damage. This
move can also be used
for recovery. PSI Magnet
turns energy missile
attacks into health; try
out certain Pokémon for
stamina replenishment.
[Up & B: PK Thunder]
[Down & B: PSI Magnet]

Capt. Falcon
Usually a relentless
bounty hunter, Captain
Falcon shifts gears to
become a race pilot
once the F-Zero
Grand Prix begins. His
beloved racer, the Blue
Falcon, can exceed the
speed of sound, and he
knows how to drive it;
he'll go down as one
of the all-time greats.
Now 36 years old,
Captain Falcon wears
his F-Zero X visor.

Capt. Falcon (Smash)
Falcon's style is a
balanced combination
of raw power and speed.
His attacks are slow,
but when combined with
Falcon's high mobility,
he's a formidable
combat force. The
Falcon Punch packs
the highest degree
of destructive power,
while the explosive
Raptor Boost can be
used to smash airbornce
foes into the depths.
[B: Falcon Punch]
[Smash B: Raptor Boost]

Capt. Falcon (Smash 2)
The Knee Smash, used
in midair on foes in front
of you, is slow and has
a short reach, but if it
connects, it'll send foes
flying a long way on a
low trajectory. Falcon
uses his Falcon Dive to
grab an enemy in midair
with an explosive blast.
He can do this technique
repeatedly without
landing, so it can also be
used as a recovery move.
[Up & B: Falcon Dive]
[Down & B: Falcon Kick]

Bowser has a long
history of kidnapping
Princess Peach to lure
his nemesis, Mario,
into traps. He leads
an enormous group of
mischievous creatures,
not the least of which
are his seven children.
With outrageous
strength, flammable
breath, and more spikes
than you can shake
a Star Rod at, Bowser
is a constant threat.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Bowser (Smash)
In many ways, Bowser
is the toughest character
around. Not only does
he have near-impervious
hide, but his great
mass makes him almost
impossible to hurl
offscreen. Of course,
his weight also makes
him rather slow to
maneuver, so when
facing him in battle,
it's best to press your
attack and not give him
a chance to counter.
[B: Fire Breath]
[Smash B: Koopa Klaw]

Bowser (Smash 2)
Bowser's Fire Breath
strikes continually, but it
grows gradually smaller
over time until it's barely
smoldering. The Koopa Klaw
rakes enemies at a
distance and pulls nearby
foes in close for a good
gnawing. Bowser's Whirling
Fortress moves laterally
over the ground; it works
in midair as a recovery.
The Bowser Bomb is
powerful and paves the
way for more attacks.
[Up & B: Whirling Fortress]
[Down & B: Bowser Bomb]

Princess Peach presides
over the Mushroom
Kingdom from her
huge castle. Her loyal
subject Toad does his
best to protect her bu
always seems to fail
spectacularly. Besides
her royal duties, Peach
is interested in both
tennis and golf; since
she's so magnanimous,
she'll even deign to
play a few matches
with the evil Bowser.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Peach (Smash)
Peach's ability to
float is invaluable
in Super Smash Bros.
Melee, as she can
return from incredible
distances. Balancing
this talent, though,
is the fact that she's
quite light and
therefore can be sent
flying with a single
powerful attack. Her
attacks are fairly
weak, so you'll have
to hang around to win.
[B: Toad]
[Smash B: Peach Bomber]

Peach (Smash 2)
Peach's Smash A attack
will set her swinging with
either a frying pan, tennis
racket, or golf club. These
bludgeoning deviced
appear randomly and have
different reaches and
power levels. The
princess uses Toad to
absorb attacks, and he
counters by sending
spores out at attackers.
Don't worry about the
little guy, though: he
takes his job seriously.
[Up & B: Peach Parasol]
[Down & B: Vegetable]

Ice Climbers
That's Popo in the blue
and Nana in the pink.
These two stars of the
game Ice Climber have
scaled many an icy summit
in their mountaineering
careers. Back in their
glory days, they chased
eggplants, cucumbers,
and other vegetables
that inexplicably fell
from frosty summits
where a condor reigned
supreme. They're
rarely seen apart.
[Ice Climber]

Ice Climbers (Smash)
This unique twosome
fights together as a team.
Your score will not be
affected if the CPU-
controlled character is KO'd,
but a lone Ice Climber
won't be able to use
teamwork moves, which will
make for a tough and
frantic solo fight. The Ice
Shot fires mini-glaciers out
of their hammers, while
Squall Hammer is at its
strongest when Nana and
Popo combine their strength.
[B: Ice Shot]
[Smash B: Squall Hammer]

Ice Climbers (Smash 2)
The colors of the Ice
CLimbers parkas denotes
who's in the lead: Nana's
in pink or orange, while
Popo's in green or blue.
Their hairstyles are also
slightly different Belay
allows them to cover great
distances, but doesn't give
foes the chance to target
their landing. Blizzard is
best used in close
quarters:  in the fray, Nana
and Popo will sometimes
freeze opponents.
[Up & B: Belay]
[Down & B: Blizzard]

The crown princess
of Hyrule, Zelda entrusted
Link with the future of
Hyrule after a revelation
came to her in the world
of dreams. She knows
much about the Trifoce;
in fact, the only person
who likely knows more
about Triforce lore is
Ganondorf himself,
whom Zelda evaded in
Ocarina of Time by
transforming into her
alter ego, Sheik.
[The Legend of Zelda]

Zelda (Smash)
Zelda is a bit slow
and, because of her
light frame, easy to
send flying. On the
other hand, her magical
skills lend her reliable
and explosive attack 
power. Zelda's easier
to use if you focus on
waiting and countering
rather than pressing
attacks. She can
use Nayru's Love to
reflect projectile attacks or
as an offensive weapon.
[B: Nayru's Love]
[Smash B: Din's Fire]

Zelda (Smash 2)
Zelda's midair Lightning
Kick centers immense
magical power in the ball
of her foot. If she strikes
perfectly, the attack is as
strong as can be. If her
aim is slightly off, it'll be
exceedingly weak.
Farore's Wind again
utilizes Zelda's magical
prowess, this time by
transporting her great
distances. It's vital to
know the lay of the land
before using this move.
[Up & B: Farore's Wind]
[Down & B: Transform]

This is Zelda's alter ego.
Using a variation of
the name of the ancient
Sheikah tribe, she
appears before Link and
teaches him melodies
instrumental to his
success. It's believed
that she's not just a
quick-change artist, but
rather that she is able
to instantaneously
alter her clothing and her
eye and skin color by
using her magical skills.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Ocarina of Time 11/98]

Sheik (Smash)
Strategically switching
between Zelda and Sheik
is key. Compared to
her Zelda form, Sheik is
nimble and has gorgeous
moves, but she lacks a
strong knockout attack.
The number of needles
thrown in Needle Storm
is based on how long
you hold the B Button
before releasing it.
Use the Control
Stick to wave the Chain
after brandishing it.
[B: Needle Storm]
[Smash B: Chain]

Sheik (Smash 2)
The best strategy to use
when playing as Sheik
is to let her flow from
one powerful attack into
another, like a river of
quicksilver. Zelda has
some techniques with
more punch, however,
so in one-on-one battles,
use Transform as needed.
Sheik only travels a short
way when using Vanish,
but the move comes with
a small explosion that
damages foes around her.
[Up & B: Vanish]
[Down & B: Transform]

Although Mario's
younger brother has
always played second
fiddle, Luigi finally
garnered the spotlight
with his very own game,
Luigi's Mansion. Things
are looking up for
the eternal understudy;
he's even picked up
his own rival in Waluigi.
The day he's referred
to as the "lean, mean,
green machine" may
not be too far off.
[Mario Bros.]
[Arcade 1983]

Luigi (Smash)
Luigi has worse
traction than his
brother, but he's a
more powerful jumper.
His fireballs aren't
affected by gravity,
so they fly straight
horizontally. The Green
Missile is similar to
Pikachu's Skull
Bash, but there's
a 12.5% chance of a 
spontaneous misfire.
Luigi's taunting pose
inflicts minor damage.
[B: Fireball]
[Smash B: Green Missile]

Luigi (Smash 2)
Smack someone with
Luigi's Super Jump
Punch, and if the timing
is just right, it will
become a Fire Jump
Punch of incredible
strength. However, Luigi
can only jump straight
up when delivering this
blow, and if his aim is a
bit off, he'll only do a
single point of damage.
The Luigi Cyclone
sucks foes in and twirls
them about.
[Up & B: Super Jump Punch]
[Down & B: Luigi Cyclone]

This Balloon Pokémon
invites its opponents
in close with its big,
round eyes and then
puts them to sleep with
a soothing lullaby. It
puffs itself up when
angry, and while it may
look adorable, it's not
to be trifled with: it
knows several powerful
techniques. Jigglypuff
evolves into Wigglytuff
after exposure to
a Moon Stone.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Jigglypuff (Smash)
Jigglypuff's normal
attacks are weak, and
because of its light
weight it's easily sent
flying. However, with
its incredible midair
agility, it seems to
dance when airborne.
Rollout is a powerful
speed attack, but be
careful not to fly off
the edge. Pound does
serious damage, and
it can also help as
a recovery move.
[B: Rollout]
[Smash B: Pound]

Jigglypuff (Smash 2)
Jigglypuff can put its
enemies to sleep if they
are in range of its Sing
attack, although the
attack does not work on
airborne foes. Rest puts
Jigglypuff into a deep
sleep, but at the instant
it drops off, an intense
energy force radiates out
of the exact center of
its body. If this force
comes in contact with
an enemy look out! Rest
is Jigglypuff's wild card.
[Up & B: Sing]
[Down & B: Rest]

A genetically created
Pokémon, Mewtwo is
the result of many long
years of research by
a solitary scientist.
Although Mewtwo
was bio-engineerd from a
fossil of the legendary
Pokémon Mew, its size
and character are
far different than its
ancestor. Its battle
abilities have been
radically heightened,
making it ruthless.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Mewtwo (Smash)
As Mewtwo relies mostly
on its powerful brain,
there are times when it
scarcely uses its arms
and legs. Since Mewtwo
spends much of its
time floating, it flies far
when struck. Shadow
Ball traces a jagged
path once released: the
longer Mewtwo holds
it, the more powerful it
becomes. Mewtwo uses
Confusion to spin its
foes around.
[B: Shadow Ball]
[Smash B: Confusion]

Mewtwo (Smash 2)
Mewtwo is definitely not
a speedy character, but
its ESP-powered grab
and throw moves are
comparatively strong.
Teleport has a short range,
but doesn't leave it open
to attack. It's best used
as an escape move
during disturbances.
Mewtwo can daze a foe
if it makes eye contact
and uses Disable; the move
is useless unless Mewtwo
is facing the enemy.
[Up & B: Teleport]
[Down & B: Diable]

The betrayed prince
of the Kindom of
Altea, the blood of
the hero Anri flows
in Marth's veins. He
was forced into exile
when the kingdom of
Dolua invaded Altea.
Then, weilding his divine
sword Falchion, he led
a revolt and defeated
the dark dragon Modeus.
Afterwards, Altea
was annihilated by King
Hardin of Akanea.
[Fire Emblem]
[Japan Only]

Marth (Smash)
Marth is a magnificent
swordsman. While his
swordplay is faster
than that of Link, he
lacks power, and his
quickness is offset by
a marginal endurance.
His Shield Breaker gains
power the longer it's
held. The Dancing Blade
combination uses
both the Control Stick
and the B Button to
produce a series of
up to four attacks.
[B: Shield Breaker]
[Smash B: Dancing Blade]

Marth (Smash 2)
The tip of Marth's blade
causes the most damage,
so you should try to
create adequate distance
between you and your
enemy to gracefully strike
with that point. Marth's
Dolphin SLash is fast and
powerful, but it leaves him
vulnerable upon landing.
Marth uses Counter to
block a foe's attack and
deal a return strike. If
you're fighting a Counter-
happy Marth, grab him.
[Up & B: Dolphin Slash]
[Down & B: Counter]

Mr. Game & Watch
First appearing in 1980
the Game & Watch
series is the father
of all portable liquid
crystal games. The main
character is simple and
monochrome but has
a timeless individuality.
There are 39 different
games in the series
and they've sold
over 43 million units
worldwide. Pictured at left
is the particularly popular
Fire model.
[Game & Watch]

Mr. Game & Watch (Smash)
A resident of a
totally flat world, Mr.
Game & Watch's frame-
by-frame movement
is distinctive. His image
is known far and wide,
and respected by gamers
everywhere. in Super
Smash Bros. Melee, he
hurls sausages with his
Chef technique. The
random strength of his
Judgement is determined
by the number displayed;
food appears on lucky 7.
[B: Chef]
[Smash B: Judgement]

Mr. Game & Watch (Smash 2)
A man of great stature in
the world of Nintendo
characters, Mr. Game &
Watch is a comparatively
light fellow and doesn't
feature many powerful
attacks. When he's in
danger of falling, Fire calls
out a rescue brigade to
send him skyward once
more. He can also catch
missile weapons with Oil
Panic; once he's caught
three, he can dump the
bucket on his foes.
[Up & B: Fire]
[Down & B: Oil Panic]

Dr. Mario
Immaculate in his
medical garb, Dr. Mario
destroys killer viruses
with his amazing
vitamin capsules. With
his dedicated nurse,
Princess Peach, at his
side, Dr. Mario spends
day and night in his
laboratory working
on new miracle cures.
Somehow he's managed
to keep up with all the
new viruses that have
arisen over the years.
[Dr. Mario]

Dr. Mario (Smash)
There's hardly any
difference in the
abilities of Mario and
Dr. Mario, so choosing
is largely a matter of
taste. Dr. Mario is a
tad slower due to his
lack of excersize, but
his Megavitamins pack
a bit more punch than
Mario's Fireballs. The
capsules travel on
a unique trajectory
and make a distinct
sound on impact.
[B: Megavitamins]
[Smash B: Super Sheet]

Dr. Mario (Smash 2)
The differences between
Dr. Mario and Mario are
more pronounced in
some areas than others,
but basically they can be
played in similar fashion.
While it may be hard to
spot the contrasts, they
do exist. For example,
Dr. Mario's Super Sheet
is longer and narrower
than Mario's Cape, and
any opponents hit by
Dr. Tornado will fly off
in diverse directions.
[Up & B: Super Jump Punch]
[Down & B: Dr. Tornado]

Said to be the sole man
born to the Gerudo tribe
in a hundred years,
Ganondorf aspired to
conquer the world. He
plundered a piece of the
sacred Triforce from the
Temple of Time when Link
pulled the Master Sword
from its pedestal. With
the Triforce of Power
in Ganondorf's possession,
Hyrule was plunged into
darkness until Link and
Zelda defeated the fiend.
[The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of TIme 11/98]

Ganondorf (Smash)
Since he's slow and
can't jump very high,
Ganondorf relies mainly
on his immense physical
strength to overwhelm
his enemies. His great
weight also makes him
a difficult foe to send
offscreen. Ganondorf's
Warlock Punch is slow
but absurdly powerful,
and when he strikes
with his Gerudo Dragon,
enemies rise skyward
enveloped in dark flames.
[B: Warlock Punch]
[Smash B: Gerudo Dragon]

Ganondorf (Smash 2)
Ganondorf's slow
speed works against
him in single combat,
but in melees, his crazy
power lets him earn his
keep with innumberable
KOs. Ganondorf can't
strike quickly, but each
blow he lands adds up.
Ganondorf is at his
quickest when he
uses the Wizard's Foot,
and his Dark Dive
blasts foes in a burst
of dark energy.
[Up & B: Dark Dive]
[Down & B: Wizard's Foot]

Falco Lombardi
A Star Fox team pilot,
Falco's constant air
of casual indifference
belies his precise
piloting skills. He
avoids discussion of
what he did before
joining to team,
but many consider it
likely that his past
was filled with reckless
behavior. He's not much
for cooperation, but
he does respect those
more skilled than he is.
[Star Fox]

Falco Lombardi (Smash)
Where his leader, Fox
has blinding speed,
Falco has his own
distinct skills and
advantages. He has
both a higher jump
and a longer reach than
Fox, and although his
Blaster lacks rapid-
fire capabilities, it
strikes with shocking
force. Unlike Fox,
Falco can stop enemies
in their tracks with
his Blaster fire.
[B: Blaster]
[Smash B: Falco Phantasm]

Falco Lombardi (Smash 2)
Falco's amazing jumping
abilities have many merits,
but it's vital to realize
that it comes at the cost
of some attack power
and defensive strength.
He falls at a high speed,
which disrupts potential
attackers, but this also
prevents successful
recovering occasionally.
Hit an opponent with
Reflector, and he or she
will fly straight up: this is
Falco's quickest attack.
[Up & B: Fire Bird]
[Down & B: Reflector]

Young Link
Link's younger incarnation
is often considered to
be the true Link: he was
a young boy in the very
first Legend of Zelda
game, and he has appeared
as a youth in most
of the subsequent
games. Since his debut on
the original NES in 1987,
Link's appearance has
changed over and over
again, each time adding to
the mystique of his
incomprable story.
[The Legend of Zelda]

Young Link (Smash)
Young Link is lighter
and faster than his
older self, and his
Kokiri sword packs less
punch. Even though his
Boomerang has a shorter
range, he has greater
control over it. He's
a smaller target, and
while his Hookshot has
less reach than the
older Link's, you can
still use it in midair
as a last-ditch attempt
to grab a ledge.
[B: Fire Bow]
[Smash B: Boomerang]

Young Link (Smash 2)
With a youthful spring
in his step, Young Link
can preform amazing
wall-jumps. Once he
hits a wall, tap the
Control Stick in the
opposite direction to
send him leaping upward;
you can practice to
your heart's content in
Target Test. His Spin
Attack can stike multiple
times even on the ground,
and although it's hard to
discern, so do his Bombs.
[Up & B: Spin Attack]
[Down & B: Bomb]

A Tiny Mouse
Pokémon identifiable
by its big ears, Pichu
evolves into Pikachu.
It's not very skilled
at storing up
electrical energy
and will sometimes
discharge it if jarred.
Although it's small, it
has enough electrical
power to give even
an adult quite a shock.
It's often startled by
its own power.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

Pichu (Smash)
Compared with Pikachu,
Pichu is a tad more
nimble and a little more
difficult to hit. Those
are the only two
advantages, however,
and since Pichu
damages itself when it
uses electrical attacks,
it's best suited for
handicapped matches.
Even though Pichu's
tough to catch, it's easy
to throw its tiny frame
great distances.
[B: Thunder Jolt]
[Smash B: Skull Bash]

Pichu (Smash 2)
Pichu is the lightest
character in Super
Smash Bros. Melee.,
and it's top of the class
in weakness, too! For
Pichu, it's all about
scampering here and
there to pick up items
that will help it survive.
The first warp in Agility
causes 1 point of
damage to Pichu, and the
second cause 3, so try
to limit the number of
times you use the move.
[Up & B: Agility]
[Down & B: Thunder]

The son of the lord of
Pharae Principality, Roy
was studying in Ostia
when the Kingdom of Bern
invaded League of Lycia.
His father fell ill at this
time, so Roy assumed
leadership of Pharae's
armies. After his fateful
meeting with the
Princess Guinevere,
his destiny became
inextricably linked
with the fate of
the entire continent.
[Fire Emblem]
[Japan Only]

Roy (Smash)
While Roy's moves are
well balanced. he's a
little on the slow side,
and he doesn't excel at
midair combat. His blade,
the Sword of Seals,
gives him excellent
reach, and makes his
Double-Edge Dance
slightly different than
Marth's Dancing Blade.
When it's fully charged,
Roy's destructive Flare
Blade delivers an
instant KO.
[B: Flare Blade]
[Smash B: Double-Edge Dance]

Roy (Smash 2)
Roy's blade is different
than Marth's; he does
the most damage hitting
with the center of his
sword. So, a fearless
advance into the arms
of his foe is Roy's best
bet. Blazer is a bit slower
than Marth's Dolphin
Slash, but it's still a
mighty attack that sets
anyone it strikes aflame.
Roy's attack after using
Counter differs slightly
from Marth's.
[Up & B: Blazer]
[Down & B: Counter]

Male Wire Frame
Who built the Fighting
Wire Frames and to
what purpose remains
a mystery. They're a
simple collection of
wires which house a
sparse framework of
bones and organs that
lends them a rather
disturbing appearance.
They look rather big
and powerful, but in
reality, both their
offensive and defensive
abilities are subpar.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Female Wire Frame
This is the female model
of th Fighting Wire
Frames. The female's
abilities are roughly
the same as the male
model's. All Fighting
Wire Frames lack the
ability to use special
techniques, and their
attacks lack any real
physical strength.
Additionally, they're slow
and are therefore easy
to outmaneuver. They
tend to attack in gangs.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Fighting Wire Frames
The Multi-Man Melee
mode consists of
10-Man, 3-Minute,
Endless, and other
such matches, which
pit you against the
Fighting Wire Frames
under varied rules.
Of particular note is the
Cruel Melee, where the
Wire Frames pull no
punches; they'll come
after you with a single-
minded fury rarely seen
in CPU opponents.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Giga Bowser
An even more imposing
figure than the
original King of the
Koopas. Giga Bowser is
roughly twice the size
of his scaly, fire-breathing,
spike-studded Super
Smash Bros. Melee
counterpart. Predictable,
this monstrous creature's
offensive and defensive
powers are a grade
higher than those of
regular Bowser. Good luck
defeating this colossus!
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Master Hand
The Master Hand awaits
anyone who survives the
long and difficult road to
the Final Destination.
The symbolic link between
the real world and the
imaginary battlefields of
Super Smash Bros. Melee
is quite a handful in battle,
amd just because it wears
a white glove doesn't
mean it fights clean. Get
ready to be flicked,
swatted, punched, and
poked like crazy!
[Super Smash Bros.]

Crazy Hand
Where the Master Hand
loves to create, its
alter ego is impulsive
and destructive,
consumed with that
hollow feeling which
comes from destroying
one's own creations. The
Crazy Hand appears
when a player clears
obstacles quickly and the
Master Hand's power is
low. You have only one
chance to defeat the
Crazy Hand.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

These food items will
restore your health
when you eat them.
There are 28 different
types of food, and the
nutritional value and
yumminess quotient
differs slightly with
each type. Party Balls
tend to hold the largest
amount of food items.
You may be vulnerable
when gorging yourself,
but you do need to
eat to survive.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Maxim Tomato
Maxim Tomatoes cure
50 percentage points
of your accumulated
damage. Once you eat
one, after a brief moment,
your damage meter slowly
drains the appropriate
amount, regardless of
whether or not you pick
up another item right
afterwards. In the
Kirby series, these
juicy, health-restoring
items were a favorite
of the pink hero.
[Kirby's Dream Land]

Heart Container
Heart Containers drift
toward the ground slowly
and replenish 100
percentage points
of health. In The Legend
of Zelda, these items
beefed up Link's life
meter; in most cases,
Link found them in the
possession of bosses
or hidden in secret
areas. Heart Containers
are often scattered
across the land in
several fragments.
[The Legend of Zelda]

Warp Star
The Warp Star
originated as Kirby's
ride: it helped the
ponderous puffball get
around at high speed.
Hop on the Warp Star
in Super Smash Bros.
Melee , and your character
will rapidly launch up and
off the screen. You'll
return in a flash,
causing an explosion
as you hit the ground.
Try holding a direction
in atler your landing!
[Kirby's Dream Land]

Ray Gun
The Ray Gun is toy-
like in appearance,
and shoots short, fat,
highly reflective beams
of green light. The
gun is fairly weak, but
since it fires so fast,
it can easily juggle
enemies. It contains
enough energy for only
16 shots. Try dropping
it with a few shots
left and watch your
foes waste time and
energy retrieving it.
[Super Smash Bros.]

Super Scope
A peripheral device
for the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System,
the Super Scope is a
wireless weapon that
shoots infrared light
to a reciever placed
on top of the television.
In Super Smash Bros.
Melee, it can be fired
rapidly or charged up to
release a more powerful
blast. It has only enough
energy for 3 charge attacks.
[Super Scope]

Fire Flower
Once you grab this
item, press and hold
down the A Button to
make the flower breathe
flames until its power
gives out. The Fire
Flower is incredibly
useful when you want
to push someone off
the edge of a stage. In
Super Mario Bros., it
transformed Mario into
Fire Mario, changing
his grab and enabling
him to throw fireballs.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Lip's Stick
This magical stick was
used by the character
Lip in the Japanese
game Panel De Pon,
which was later
released as Tetris
Attack in the United
States. Lip's Stick
causes a flower to
sprout from an enemy's
head, inflicting damage
as it grows. Quickly tap
the Control Stick back
and forth to get a flower
off of your head.
[Panel De Pon]
[Japan Only]

Star Rod
This magic wand holds
16 star shots and sends
foes flying at a low
angle when thrown. It's
most powerful when
Captain Falcon or Sheik
preforms a Smash Attack
while holding it. In
Kirby's Adventure, the
Star Rod is the secret
power behind the Fountain
of Dreams. King Dedede
steals the Star Rod in
order to seal away the
nasty Cloaked Nightmare.
[Kirby's Adventure]

Beam Sword
With its distinctive
glowing blade, the Beam
Sword is eye-catching
and lethal. At first, the
blade is about the size
of a short sword, but
the length changes
depending on who
wields it. The blade
also lengthens in direct
proportion to the
power of the attack, so
it reaches its maximum
size when swung as
a smash attack.
[Super Smash Bros.]

Home-Run Bat
Smash an enemy with
this slugger, and you'll
send them flying out of
sight; hence the name
Home-Run Bat. The
sound of the bat being
swung immediately
strikes fear into the
hearts of opponents and
can turn the tide of a
battle. It's slightly risky
to use, though; it has
a very limited range, and
it takes a little time to
wind up for your swing.
[Super Smash Bros.]

The Fan can be swung
so rapidly that it leaves
opponents unable to
counterattack. It is,
however, an exceedingly
weak weapon. Despite
this shortcoming, the
Fan is quite effective
as a shield breaker,
and it works well at
disrupting an enemy's
equilibrium. Throw the
Fan to send your foe
bouncing straight up
into the sky.
[Super Smash Bros.]

If you grab the Hammer,
you'll run across the
screen swinging it back
and forth nonstop. In
Donkey Kong, Mario used
the Hammer in exactly
the same fashion. It's an
extremely powerful weapon,
but you have no recovery
move when carrying it.
Every now and then,
the mallet head will fall
off, and you'll end up
completely vulnerable,
swinging just the handle.
[Donkey Kong]
[Arcade 1981]

Green Shell
Hit or throw a Green
Shell, and it'll follow
the contours of the
environment, causing
heavy damage to any
characters it hits.
These Koopa shells
have many uses in the
Mario series: they've
been picked up, kicked,
thrown, swallowed, and
even spit out. Mario
just uses them as tools
to pummel Bowser's
numberless henchmen.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Red Shell
Throw a Red Shell
and it will home in
on random characters
and send them flying
straight up. Red Shells
moving around the
surface are dangerous
to all players, but they
may also present attack
chances for players
with good timing and
strategy. Red Shells
won't leave the platform
they're on once
they start moving.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Made famous as an
unpredictable obstacle
in Balloon Fight, the
Flipper stops and hangs
in midair when thrown.
Any character who
comes in contact with
the bumper-balls on
its ends will be knocked
away as the Flipper
spins wildly. Flippers
can be a bit irksome:
in Balloon Fight, they
caused accidents to
friends and foes alike.
[Balloon Fight]

Freezies slip and slide
along smooth surfaces
and will happily slide
off the edge of a stage
if left alone. In Mario
Bros., they would stop
and freeze portions of
the ground; in Super
Smash Bros. Melee,
they can be picked up
and hurled as weapons.
Hit a foe with a Freezie,
and he or she will be
temporarily encased in
a huge block of ice.
[Mario Bros.]
[Arcade 1983]

Mr. Saturn
The origins of the
Mr. Saturn race are
unknown, but many
believe they came from
outer space. They
reside in Saturn Valley
and speak their own
unique language. In
Super Smash Bros. Melee,
Mr. Saturn is just another
item with which to pelt
foes. These guys are
laid back and not into
fighting, so you can
rest easy_or can you?

These little guys are
just what they appear
to be: walking bombs.
Pick one up and hurl
it for an incredibly
potent attack. If no one
picks them up, Bob-ombs
light their own fuses and
start wandering around
armed and dangerous.
In Super Mario 64, Bob-
ombs chased Mario down
once they noticed him.
Pink Bob-ombs are nice
and capable of speech.
[Super Mario Bros. 2]

Motion-Sensor Bomb
The perfect accessory
for ambushes, the
Motion-Sensor Bomb
has been a favorite
convert weapon of spies
and other stealthy
operatives. It adheres to
any surface, and once
armed detonates with
incredible force when
it detects motion in
its range. In the frantic
world of Super Smash
Bros., it doesn't take
long for it to go.

Super Mushroom
Super Mario Bros.
veterans will recognize
these power-ups, which
hid inside brick blocks
and helped Mario and
Luigi withstand enemy
attacks. In Super Smash
Bros. Melee, they
temporarily turn your
character into a giant.
Not only will your size
and strength increase,
but so will your mass,
making it harder for
foes to knock you off.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Poison Mushroom
Poison Mushrooms
made their debut in Super
Mario All-Stars, where
they'd cost characters a
life if picked up. These
nasty fungi are dark and
foul-tasting, and in Super
Smash Bros. Melee, they
make you shrink on
contact. With your
diminished stature comes
a loss of power and mass,
making you a prime target
to get smashed offscreen
with even a light attack.
[Super Mario All-Stars]

Starman (1)
This item makes you
invulnerable to all
attacks for a short
period of time. the
Starman bounces around
and eventually tumbles
out of the stage, but all
you need to do is
touch it to power up.
It possessed similar
powers in Super Mario
Bros., except you could
also harm enemies just
by touching them while
under its imfluence.
[Super Mario Bros.]

The Parasol, which was
originally used by Kirby,
can be used as a
weapon to bludgeon
enemies. Even better
is the fact that players
can open it while
airborne and float
lazily back toward safe
ground. It's incredible
useful in returning to
the field of play after
an opponent gets the
better of you and
sends you flying.
[Kirby's Dream Land]

Screw Attack
One of Samus Aran's
power-ups from the
original Metroid, the
Screw Attack turns
a jump into a rotating
attack move. When
carrying this item, any
character's ordinary
jump move will turn
into a Screw Attack.
By the same token,
if you throw this item
at an enemy, your
foe will spontaneously
do a Screw Attack.

Metal Box
First spotted in Super
Mario 64, the Metal Box
holds the power to turn
your character briefly
into heavy metal. Your
mass is exponentially
greater while metallic,
making it difficult for
others to throw you.
Be careful, though:
not only will you move
a bit slower, but you'll
also fall much more
quickly than you
ordinarily would.
[Super Mario 64]

Bunny Hood
Don the Bunny Hood
to improve your agility
drastically, allowing
you to jump great
distances and move
at high speed. The ears
are a cute accessory:
they're even adorable
on characters they
don't quite suit. The
Bunny Hood was key
in Majora's Mask, where
it made Link move at
one-and-a-half times
his normal speed.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Ocarina of Time 11/98]

Cloaking Device
This state-of-the-art
camouflage device bends
light rays in such a way
that players using it appear
almost invisisble. The device
fosters confusion, and
players using it will not
take damage while cloaked.
This does not mean,
however, that players
become invulnerable, so
they can still be sent
reeling or flying across the
screen, depending on their
damage percentage.

Barrel Cannon
The Barrel Cannons
wew used in Donkey
Kong games as a vital
means of transportation,
and their explosive
nature is used similarly
in Super Smash Bros.
Melee. On the Kongo
Jungle stage, one can
catch characters as
they fall from the main
platform. Careful! The
Barrel Cannon rotation
may accidentally send
you flying off the screen.
[Donkey Kong Country]

Party Ball
Party Balls are just what
they sound like: a recipe
for wild fun packed into
a paper ball. Throw or
strike one into the air,
then wait or it to trigger
its time-release. Parties
are always unpredictable,
so here are the odds on
how zany your party
might be:
Self-destruction: 10%
Food banquet: 36%
Bob-omb fest: 12%
Other: 42%
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

A Crate will release
lots of items when it's
broken open. It's very
heavy, so unless your
character is strong,
you'll walk slowly while
under its burden. You
can throw Crates up,
down, left, or right,
but it's hard to hit
opponents because
the throwing process
takes time. Every now
and then, a Crate will
explode under duress.
[Super Smash Bros.]

Like Crates, Barrels
are often filled with
items and occasionally
explosive. Thrown
Barrels may break on
contact or go rolling
along the ground to
smash into characters.
Like the Crate, the
Barrel is heavy, so it
will restrict the speed
at which the character
carrying it can move.
The speed differs
between characters.
[Super Smash Bros.]

These small containers
contail items that fly
out when the Capsules
break. Capsules will
explode roughly 12.5%
of the time, so deciding
when and where to
break them can be
quite a strategic
decision: sometimes,
it's better to throw them
rather than attacking
them directly. Explosive
Capsules pack a
tremendous punch.
[Super Smash Bros.]

Eggs are basically
the same as Capsules,
in that they'll release
items when you break
them open. They've
been known to explode,
too. The likelihood that
certain items may be
inside Eggs depends on
the type of stage being
played. Sometimes Eggs
will contain health-
replenishing food items;
other times, they may
hold weapons.
[Super Smash Bros.]

Smash Coins
These coins are used
in Super Smash Bros.
Melee Coin Battle mode.
The gold coins are worth
ten points, silver are
worth five, and the
copper are worth one.
Hit an opponent and
coins will come raining
down. If you're knocked
off the screen, you'll
lose half of your coins.
Once time's up, the
player with the most
coins wins.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Poké Ball
These balls are used
to capture and contain
wild Pokémon. Most
Pokémon must be
weakened in some
way before they can
be captured, but once
they're inside a Poké
Ball, they enjoy their
new home, since
Poké Balls contain an
environment specially
designed for Pokémon
comfort. Master Balls
are the strongest type.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Evolving from Ivysaur,
this deceptively toxic
Pokémon has a huge
flower on its back
that omits a cloying
fragrance: the scent
lulls its enemies into
a state of calmness.
Venusaur's flower
sysnthesizes sunshine
into pure energy for
its Solarbeam move.
Think of Grass-type
Pokémon, and
Venusaur comes first.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

It's hard to believe,
but this massive Flame
Pokémon evolves from
the tiny Charmander.
Not only can it fly at
heights of over 4,500
feet, but its flaming
breath is hot enough to
reduce almost anything
to ashes in seconds.
The flames at the end
of a Charizard's tail
are said to be a farily
accurate barometer
of its power.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Reatreating into its
shell and spitting
water at its foes is
Squirtle's trademark
response to danger.
It's one of the three
Pokémon that trainers
can recieve from
Professor Oak in
Pokémon Red and Blue.
Squirtle evolves into
Wartortle and then
Blastoise, ramping
ip its water powers
with each evolution.
Pokémon Red & Blue

Blastoise is the next
evolutionary step after
Wartortle. The thick
jets of water they
shoot from the cannons
on their backs are
strong enough to cut
through steel plating.
When in danger,
they hide inside
their armored shells.
Blastoise is so popular
among trainers that
it's considered the
definitive Water-type.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Clefairy are very cute
Pokémon, which makes
them popular pets.
However, as they're
only found in a few
areas, it takes a lot
of work to find one.
Strangely enough, legend
has it that Clefairy are
more active during the
full moon. These
Pokémon are known to
use Metronome, a move
that unleashes randomly
selected techniques.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Electrode, an electric
Ball Pokémon, is the
evolved form of
Voltorb. It has the
tendency to explode
with even the slightest
provocation, which has
earned it the nickname
"Wrecking Ball."
Electrode is the
quickest Pokémon
found to date, and its
distinctive white-over-
red coloring is the
opposite of Voltorb's.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

The evolved form of
Koffing. Weezing is
basically a pair of
Koffing fused together.
They tend to float in
the air and emit gas or
noxious smoke from the
outgrowths that cover
their bodies. As strange
as it may seem,
diluting Weezing
emissions as much as
possible creates one
of the most exquisite
perfumes known to man.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Renowned for its kind
temperament, Chansey
has been known to
offer injured creatures
a highly nutritious egg
to aid their recovery.
Legend has it that
this charitable creature
brings happiness to
anyone who captures
it. All Chansey are
female, and every now
and then one is found
in possession of a
Lucky Egg.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

These Water-types are
often referred to as
"water dancers," as
their elegant fins make
them incredibly agile
underwater. They can
even travel upstrean
in rapids at a speed of
five knots; of course,
they're not quite as
nimble on dry land.
Goldeen's Horn Drill
is so strong that it
can KO an enemy with one
strike if it connects.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

These Starshape
Pokémon that evolve
into Starmie are found
in large numbers at
the seashore. At night,
Staryu's red center
glows and blinks on
and off. It's said that
as long as its red center
remains, it can regrow
its limbs. Whether it's
related to Cleffa,
another Pokémon with
a vaguely star-shaped
appearance, is unknown.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Snorlax love to sleep
and love to eat: these
portly Pokémon get
grumpy if they don't
get 880 pounds of food
per day. After snacking
out, they always nap.
They have cast-iron
stomachs and can eat
moldy and even rotten
food with no digestion
problems. They are the
heaviest Pokémon on
record , weighing in at
over 1,000 pounds.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Clouds gather, the
barometer plunges,
and fresh snow falls
from frigid air when
this legendary Pokémon
takes wing. Graceful
and elegant,  it boasts
long tail feathers that
flap in the wind and
are lovely to behold.
As would be expected,
its combat moves
are based on its cold
nature; they include
Ice Beam and Blizzard.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Zapdos flaps its wings
and summer storms
appear, throwing
lightning every which
way. It's said that you
can hear this legendary
Pokémon coming, as
its wings make a very
distinctive popping
sound as it flies. In
addition to electrical
moves like the dreaded
Thunder, it also wields
a vicious move called
Drill Peck.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

As tradition has it,
the onset of spring
heralds the return of
this legendary Pokémon.
from its southern home.
Its bright orange color
and fiery aspect lends
to its overwhelming
appearance. Sky Attack,
the strongest of flying
moves, is a perfect
fit for this burning
phenom, but it obviously
also excels at powerful
Fire-type moves.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Mew is an extremely
rare Pokémon that has
been seen by only a
few people. Information
on every Pokémon in
the world is contained
in Mew's cell structure,
so it has the ability
to yse any and all
TMs and HMs. Some
Pokémon scholars
believe Mew to be
the ancestor of all
existing Pokémon, but
the idea is debatable.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Chikorita was one of
the first three Pokémon
available in Pokémon
Gold, Silver, and
Crystal. A Grass-type
Pokémon, it emits
a delightful fragrance
from the leaves on
its head and loves to
spend its time leisurely
sunbathing. When called
into battle, it uses
its Razor Leaf move
to strike at opponents'
weak points.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

Cyndaquil frighten
easily, so they're
often found curled
up in balls. When
threatened, they flare
the flames on their
backs to drive off
enemies. Cyndaquil was
one of three Pokémon
that trainers could
choose from at the
beginning of Pokémon
Silver, Gold, and
Crystal. No one knows
if their eyes are open.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

These adorable Spike
Ball Pokémon hatch
from eggs given out by
Professor Elm's assistant.
Common superstition
holds that their shells are
chock-full of happiness
and that they become
good-luck charms when
handled with kindness.
It's impossible to predict
which ability a Togepi will
call upon when it uses
its Metronome move, so
you'd better be ready!
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

From time to time, these
beautiful Flower
Pokémon will gather in
numbers and perform
an odd sort of dance to
call out the sun. While
in the midst of this
strange exhibition,
their petals brush
together to create
a peaceful and soothing
melody. A Gloom will
only evolve into
a Bellossom if it's
exposed to a Sun Stone.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

This Aqua Mouse
Pokémon evolves
into Azumarill. The
round ball on the end
of its tail acts like a
flotation device, so
it can float safely in
the roughest of water
conditions. It resides
on Mt. Mortar in
seclusion; few of the
creatures are ever
seen. Marill's cuteness
has earned in a large
and loyal fan base.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

An Imitation Pokémon
with an aversion to
battle, Sudowoodo
always poses as a
tree in order to avoid
being attacked. Despite
their arboreal appearance
these Pokémon are
actually Rock-types,
and therefore highly
vulnerable to water.
When it begins to rain,
they vanish. Sudowoodo
can be found blocking
Route 36 Johto.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

These Symbol
Pokémon resemble
ancient hyroglyphics
found on rocks,
a resemblance
that's said to be more
than superficial. Quite
a few different shapes
of Unown have been
confirmed, and it's
believed that each type
has unique abilities.
These enigmatic
Pokémon can be found
in the Ruins of Alph.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

A Patient Pokémon,
Wobbuffet lives in
darkness to hide its
mismatched black
tail. Even for a stoic
Pokémon, this creature
is a testament to self-
control; it will not
actively attack an
opponent. Its Counter
and Mirror Coat
moves are solely
used for reflecting
attacks directly back
at its antagonist.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

This Scissors Pokémon,
the evolved form of
Scyther, has arms
ending in large, strong
pincers with distinctive
eye-spot markings.
it's unable to fly very
far with its undersized
wings, but it can affect
its body temperature
by flapping them at high
speeds. its sleek look
has made Scizor quite
the popular catch
among trainers.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver

Representing the next
step in technological
progress, this Virtual
Pokémon is a higher-
powered version of the
man-made Pokémon,
Porgyon. Compared to
the sharp edges of its
relative, Porygon2's
body is extremely
smooth and rounded.
In battle, it utilizes
a special move called
Conversion 2 to alter
its type.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

These Thunder
Pokémon travel near
and far blasting out
electrified whirlwinds.
They carry storm clouds
on their backs, so they
can produce lightning
regardless of the local
weather; it's even said
that they descended
to the earth via lightning
bolts. Their extreme
quickness lends itself
to flight, so they're
very hard to capture.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

A volcanic Fire-Type,
Entei is hotter than
liquid magma and as
tough as nails. This
powerful creature was
one of the three
Pokémon running around
the Burned Tower of
Ecruteak City. Entei is
extremely difficult to
seek out and capture,
as it tends to wander
all over the landscape,
sprouting intense
flames from its body.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

This mystical Aurora
Pokémon constantly
journeys in search
of places with pure
flowing water. Suicine
wields the power to
instantly purify any
contaminated water
it finds. Some say
Suicine is the north
wind reborn. Its strange
and dramatic story is told
over the course of the
Crystal version of
the Pokémon game.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

The waters of the Whirl
Islands are home to
this legendary Pokémon,
whom few have seen.
Lugia lives quietly in the
deepest ocean trenches
for one very good reason:
its combined aerial and
psychic powers are so
strong as to be extremely
dangerous. The special
moves of this gargantuan
creature include the
destructive wind assault
known as Aeroblast.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

As it soars around
the skies of the
world, this Rainbow
Pokémon leaves
a trail of rainbows and
myths in its wake. Its
signature move is called
Sacred Fire, and it
is believed to appear
only before trainers
who are pure of heart.
If you see a trainer
with Ho-oh, you can
assume that catching
it took a lot of work.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

Celebi has the power
to travel through time,
and thus wanders from
one age to the next.
It is considered a deity
by the forests: plants
and trees are said to
grow in unimaginable
abundance wherever
Celebi visits. Like
Mew, Celebi is a
Pokémon shrouded
in mystery. Its special
techniques blend grass
and psychic powers.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

Toad, Peach's longtime
servant, first showed
off his strength in
Super Mario Bros. 2,
then proved to be an
agile driver in Super
Mario Kart. There are
many Toads in Peach's
castle and across the
Mushroom Kingdom,
and although they
look similar, they have
varied natures. Not the
best of guards, Toad
must often be rescued.
[Super Mario Bros.]

The Mushroom Kingdom
is dotted with these
mysterious coins. There
seems to be an endless
supply hidden in various
blocks, and Mario
gains an extra life when
he manages to collect
a hundred of them.
No one can confirm
whether or not these
coins are actually used
as the currency of the
Mushroom Kingdom, but
it's a safe assumption.
[Mario Bros.]

These vegetables, which
first appeared in Super
Mario Bros. 2, can be
plucked from the ground
and hurled at enemies.
Unlike regular veggies,
they often sport
eyes or even faces:
in fact, when Princess
Peach plucks them
from the ground to
use as projectiles, the
expressions on their
faces dictate how much
damage they'll do.
[Super Mario Bros. 2]

Megavitamins come in six
color combinations of
red, blue, and yellow.
Dr. mario uses these
capsules by tossing
them into contaminated
bottles to destroy
viruses. The origin of
these wonder pills is a
mystery, but the most
likely theory is that
they're the result of Dr.
Mario's lifelong efforts
to find a cure for the
common cold.
[Dr. Mario]

Lon Lon Milk
The pride of Lon Lon
Ranch is this delicious
and nutritious milk. When
Link played Epona's Song
for Lon Lon cows, they
would perk up and provide
him with a bottle full of
the tasty beverage. The
fact that Link sometimes
used bottles that had
housed bus is a matter
of questionable hygiene.
In Super Smash Bros.
Melee, Young Link drinks
milk instead of taunting.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Ocarina of Time 11/98]

Kirby Hat 1
Here's Kirby sporting
several results of his
Copy ability. In Link's hat
he can shoot arrows,
while Mario's cap gives
him access to Fireballs.
The Donkey kong suit
offers up a Giant Punch,
while Samus's helmet
allows Kirby to fire off
charged-up energy
shots. Finally, while
wearing the Yoshi hat,
Kirby can swallow enemies
and turn them into eggs.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Kirby Hat 2
Kirby's got several of
his finest hats on here.
In Ness's baseball cap,
he can use the power of
PSI to unleash PK Flash,
while Captain Falcon's
visor gives him a huge punch.
His adorable Pikachu
cap comes complete
with stored-up electric
charges, allowing him to
shock his foes, and the
Fox ears come with a
matching Blaster.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Kirby Hat 3
With all of these hats,
Kirby could open his
own haberdashery!
Peach's crown lets him
use Toad, while the Ice
Climber parka allows
him to shoot ice blocks.
Kirby has Fire Breath
in the Bowser horns,
and he can copy Zelda in
both her forms. In Zelda's
headdress he can use
Nayru's Love, while
Sheik's wrap gives
him a needle arsenal.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Kirby Hat 4
Looks like Kirby's copied
a bunch of hidden
characters! In Luigi's
hat, he can shoot green
Fireballs, while copying
Mewtwo gives him the
power to hurl Shadow
Balls. Copying Mr. Game
& Watch lets Kirby hurl
sausages, and doing
the same to Jigglypuff
earns him a Rollout move.
Marth's hair comes
complete with a powerful
Shield Breaker move.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Kirby Hat 5
Secret hats galore!
In Pichu's hat Kirby can
shoot out electricity,
while Dr. Mario's headgear
gives him Megavitamins.
When Kirby wears Falco's
beak, he gets to use
Falco's powerful Blaster;
by the same tokeb, he
can fire arrows while in
Young Link's cap. When
Kirby copies Ganondorf,
he gets the Warlock
Punch and copying Roy
produces a Fire Blade.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Princess Peach's Castle
Princess Peach's
magnificent royal
castle appears to be
inhabited solely by
the princess and a
multitude of Toads.
Bowser tried to steal
the castle's Power
Stars in Super Mario
64, and in Paper Mario,
the surly archfiend
actually lifted the
castle into the
stratosphere with his
own filthy fortress.
[Super Mario 64]

Banzai Bill
Once they've fired from
cannons, Bullet Bills fly
on straight paths. In
great numbers, they're a
nightmare; while Mario
can stop most with
a single jump, the rare
giant Banzai Bill is much
tougher to avoid. In Super
Smash Bros. Melee, all
Bullet Bills are Banzai
Bills. They burrow into
Princess Peach's
castle and then detonate
with immense power.
[Super Mario Bros.]

These airborne menaces
used to ride their
clouds exclusively
as Bowser's henchmen.
They typically hover
just out of Mario's reach
and hurl Spinies with
irritating precision.
More recently, however,
they've been known
to take on less evil
tasks, such as doing
camera work for sports
events and even helping
Mario on his quests.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Pidgits are wingless
birds enchanted by the
vegetable-hating Wart
to be the bearers of
bad dreams. They
live in Subcon, a land
contained within
Mario's dreams, where
they fly around on
magic carpets. Mario
and friends were able
to use these carpets
for short distances
once they dislodged
the pilotin Pidgit.
[Super Mario Bros. 2]

First seen in Super
Mario Bros. 2, Birdo is
known for shooting eggs
and fireballs from
her mouth. Mario and
his friends would have
to jump onto the eggs
in midair, pick them
up and throw them back
at her. Long missing
from the Nintendo
scene, Birdo recently
reappeared in Mario
Tennis and Super
Mario Advance.
[Super Mario Bros. 2]

Klap Trap
This low-slung
alligator made its
first appearance in
Donkey Kong Country.
You can subdue it
by jumping on its back,
but its powerful
jaws make it dangerous
to approach from the
front. In Super Smash
Bros. Melee, it swims in
the river and sometimes
jumps in the Barrel
Cannon to stop players
from using it.
[Donkey Kong Country]

Shy Guys
There are many types of
Shy Guys: they've been
known to walk on the
ground, fly through the
air, traipse about on
stilts, wear flowers or
camouflage, throw balls,
swing bats, sail on
pirate ships, carry fruit,
do the Bamboo Dance,
ride submarines, play
guitar, play tennis, wear
red, come in large or
small sizes, steal people's
toys, cause mischief...
[Super Mario Bros. 2]

Pak. E Derm
This pesky pachyderm
bars Yoshi's path by
sticking poles high into
the air. Pak E. Derm
has been practicing
this skill for years, and
he's so masterful that
he can even block
Yoshi's high-flying
Flutter Jump. Pak E.
Derm is a little unstable,
however, and the tends
to topple over if Yoshi
pounds the ground
anywhere nearby.
[Yoshi's Story]

Tingle is a mysterious
middle-aged man who
thinks he's "the very
reincarnation of a fairy."
His bizarre behavior and
unique speech are
just little pieces of
his vibrant personality.
Tingle travels by
way of a small hot-air
balloon, making maps
of the lands below
him. Pop his balloon,
and Tingle will fall to
earth to sell his maps.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Majora's Mask 10/00]

High in the sky above
the Clock Town Tower,
a menacing moon slowly
sinks toward the city.
Shrouded in mystery
and feared by all, it
threatens to devour
everything and everyone
in a cataclysm of fire.
Strangely, inside the
moon is a beautiful,
pristine plain broken
by a single tree. The
moon breaks after Link
defeats Majora's Mask.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Majora's Mask 10/00]

When Link played the
New Wave Bossa Nova,
what masqueraded as a
lone island rose out of
the waters of the Great
Bay Coast and revealed
itself to be a giant
turtle. This mighty
terrapin is ancient and
wise beyond belief. It
sensed Link's destiny
and braved the stormy
seas in order to
transport him to the
Great Bay Temple.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Majora's Mask 10/00]

Four Giants
"Swamp... Mountain...
Ocean... Valley... The four
who are there..." Link
summons these four
giant guardians to aid
in his battle against the
Skull Kid, who's possessed
by Majora's Mask. They
appear from the four
compass points to catch
the moon, which is about
to crash into Clock Town.
Without abandoning the
innocent Skull Kid, they're
able to protect the town.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Majora's Mask 10/00]

Master Sword
The Master Sword varies
a bit between titles in the
Legend of Zelda series,
but it's generally the most
powerful blade that Link
can carry. It's a magical
weapon that can be
wielded only by a true
hero, and, as its name
implies, it's the weapon
of choice in decisive
battles. At the end of The
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
Time, Link returned it to
its stone pedestal.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[A Link to the Past]

Falcon Flyer
Captain Falcon's speedy
midsize star cruiser
boasts an on-board
computer that allows
Falcon to control it
remotely...perhaps that's
why it's never appeared
on-screen in an F-Zero
game. Without this ship,
Falcon couldn't prowl
the galaxy like a lone
wolf: the Blue Falcon is
a state-of-the-art
machine, but it's only
used for F-Zero races.

F-Zero Racers
In the year 2560, an
association of wealthy
space merchants
created the F-Zero
Grand Prix in an attempt
to their opulent lifestyles.
The jet-powered racers
have no tires, but use
G-Diffuser systems to
float a foot above he
surface. Many believe the
F-Zero championship is
the highest claim to fame
in the galaxy.
[F-Zero X]

Mute City
F-Zero courses are set
hundreds of feet above
ground and kept afloat
by opposing-gravity
guard beams on both
sides of the tracks.
Mute City, which grew
from an intergalactic
trading post to a city
with a population of
over two billion, is the
most famous stop on
the F-Zero Grand Prix.
This course layout is
from the F-Zero X era.

The Arwing is the
symbol of Star Fox.
Like an F-Zero racer,
it's equipped with
an opposing-gravity
device. It can barrel
roll and flip with
ease thanks to its quick
acceleration and flexible
control. In battle, the
ship uses retractable
wings for precise
flying. Every Arwing
has smart bombs
as its sub-weapons.
[Star Fox]

Great Fox
The mother ship of the
Star Fox team. When
in battle, the ship's
robot, ROB, can assume
control of the bridge,
allowing all hands to
take to their Arwings
or combat positions.
The ship runs plasma
engines capable of warp
speeds, and its front
lasers are effective
both in battle and in
clearing paths through
asteroid belts.
[Star Fox]

Peppy Hare
Peppy was a member
of the original Star Fox
team with Fox's father,
James McCloud. Peppy
was the sole survivor
of the Battle of Venom,
where a trecherous
teammate named Pigma
Dengar betrayed
the team. Peppy now
rarely climbs into the
cockpit of an Arwing,
preferring instead
an advisory position
in mission planning.
[Star Fox]

Slippy Toad
Slippy Toad is the
mechanical genius behind
most of the Star Fox
team's new weapons
and technology, and
just lately he's been
spending the bulk of his
time in Research and
Development. He's also
a competent pilot, but
his enthusiasm tends
to outweight his technical
flight skills. He and Fox
have been friends ever
since their school days.
[Star Fox]

A boss enemy from
Metroid, Kraid lives in
the depths of Brinstar.
He immobilizes enemies
with his three red
eyes, and his powerful
jaws can crush
anything. He can also
shoot the three spikes
in his belly; it's said
he often fires them at
his prey. Once Samus
defeated Ridley
and Kraid, the way
to Tourian opened.

Chozo Statue
These statues, which
provide power-ups to
Samus and have some
connection with her
Power Suit, have been
found in many places,
most notably Zebes. The
Chozo boasted the most
advanced civilization
in their galaxy. Some
say that when they
could advance no
further, they chose to
withdraw and observe
other life forms.

Whipsy Woods
A boss enemy from
Kirby's Dream Land,
Whispy Woods is a
big tree that shoots
whirlwinds at Kirby.
Is isn't the toughest
enemy: all Kirby has
to do in avoid the
occasional whirlwind,
suck in apples that fall
down, and then shoot
them back at the tree.
In Super Smash Bros.
Melee, Whispy Woods is
quite the blowhard.
[Kirby's Dream Land]

Fountain of Dreams
This mystical fountain
in Dream Land uses the
power of the Star Rod
to create a gush of
pleasant dreams that
flow like water. The
dreams then become
a fine mist and drift
over the land, bringing
peaceful rest to
one and all. It's been
confirmed that
there are identical
facilities on other
planets near Pop Star.
[Kirby's Adventure]

At the beginning of
Earthbound, this flying
saucer appears along with
the ominous message,
"The War Against Giygas!"
Adding to the mystery
are three more UFOs,
which fly amok in the
skies over Onett; how
all of these alien craft
are connected is
anyone's guess. In Super
Smash Bros. Melee, this
slippery UFO appears on
the Fourside level.

Pokémon Stadium
Trainers come from far
and wide to congegrate
at Pokémon Stadiums,
the ultimate venues to
show off their Pokémon
teams. There are many
different arenas with
varying terrain designs,
some of which afford
advantages to certain
Pokémon. This particular
stadium is reserved
for huge vents and
boasts a big screen and
spectacular fireworks.
[Pokémon Stadium]

Game & Watch
This stage of Super
Smash Bros. Melee
takes its motif from the
Game & Watch series.
It incorperates settings
from Oil Panic, Helmet,
and Manhole, and it's sure
to send a wave of
nostalgia crashing over
old-school gamers. If you
want to truly reproduce
the Game & Watch
experience, try playing
this unique level in
Fixed-Camera Mode!
[Game & Watch]

This is one of the
targets you must hit
and destroy in a bonus
stage of Super Smash
Bros. Melee. All bonus
stages are specially
designed to test the
individual abilities of
each fighter. Clearing
the target-breaking
levels requires an
ultimate combination
of skill, timing, and the
specific techniques of
each character.
[Super Smash Bros.]

Sandbag exists for one
reason only: to get
smashed in the Home-
Run Contest. Pound on
Sandbag as much as
possible in the time
allotted, then swing
for the fences as you
compete for the longest
home run of all time.
Getting hit doesn't
hurt Sandbag at all.
As a matter of fact, it
loves to see players
wind up and let loose.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Super Smash Bros. Melee
borrows setting from
many different games
to create its stages, but
the Battlefield is an
original creation. While
its initial impression
may strike some players
as a bit ominous, the
layout itself is fairly
standard, lending it to
serious, straightforward
matches. Additionally, it's
used to pit players against
the Fighting Wire Frames.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Final Destination
As time passes on this
stage, the level appears
to travel through a
wormhole from the
imaginary Super Smash
Bros. Melee world
into reality. You move
through a cloud-filled
sky over a vast
mountain range, then
into a deep-space
vista of dark blues and
purples. The scenery
is as real as you can get
in this fantastical world.
[Super Smash Bros. Melee]

Goombas are actually
traitors who've
defected from the
Mushroom Kingdom's
forces. They're a
slow and predictab;e
nuisance, as they
always try to wander
into Mario's path.
Fortunately for Mario,
they don't have much
stamina, as a single
jump on the head is
generally enough to
defeat them.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Koopa Troopa
Common soldiers in
Bowser's army, Koopa
Troopas can retreat
into their shells.
Unbelievable as it may
seem, they're clearly
unaware of being kicked
and sent sliding when
in this position. There
are many Koopa types,
each with a different
shell color and unique
traits. They all wear
T-shirts and shorts
under their shells.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Koopa Paratroopa
These winged Koopa
Troopas can fly, but
they're none too smart:
they tend to spend a
lot of their time simply
jumping or fluttering
around a small area.
As a result, no one
exactly thinks of them
as majestic, soaring
creatures. They lose
their wings and become
normal Koopa Troopas
if Mario or Luigi jumps
on their backs.
[Super Mario Bros.]

Seven years after
Ganondorf took control
of Hyrule, ReDeads
roamed the ruins of
Castle Town, moaning.
At first, Link was
shocked at the state
of the town, and the
apparent lack of survivors.
He later learned that the
townsfolk had evactuated
to safety, and that the
ReDeads were just magic
animated into hideous
humanoid shapes.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Ocarina of Time 11/98]

These common enemies
made their debut in the
very first Legend of
Zelda game and have
been a staple of every
game in the series
since. They shoot rocks
from their mouths
at high velocity, but
the projectiles are
simple to block and
do very little damage.
Octoroks have low
stamina, so they don't
pose much of a threat
to good fighters.
[The Legend of Zelda]

Like Like
In The Legend of Zelda
these slow-footed
monsters inhaled Link
and ate his shield,
just beating out
Wallmasters for the
coveted title of "Most
Aggravating Enemies
Ever." Supposedly,
their name comes
from an old, almost
indecipherable Hyrulian
proverb: "Shield-eaters
and world leaders have
many likes alike."
[The Legend of Zelda]

Topis debuted in the
game Ice Climber,
shuttling ice with
which to repair cracks
in the floors. They
were kept really busy,
as Nana and Popo
constantly cracked
floors with single
strikes of their ice
hammers. Despite
the monotony of
their chilly work, these
creatures never slacked
off for an instant.
[Ice Climber]

Polar Bear
This bizarre beast
appears whenever the
Ice Climbers take five
during their ascents.
Each leap the upright
bear makes causes an
earthquake and makes
the mountain scroll
upward. If the climbers
fall off the bottom of
the screen, they'll
drop into a bottomless
chasm. For reasons
unknown, it sports pink
shorts and sunglasses.
[Ice Climber]

Raccoon Mario
In Super Mario Bros. 3,
Super Leafs caused
Mario to grow raccoon
ears and a tail. By
sprinting and rapidly
wagging the tail, Mario
gained the ability to fly
for short periods. Like
the Cape in Super Mario
World, the tail also
reduced the speed at
which he fell, making
midair moves easier.
Needless to say, real
raccoons were jealous.
[Super Mario Bros. 3]

Metal Mario
Mario was in for a big
surprise the first time
he hit a Metal Box
in Super Mario 64.
The metal cap that
popped out transformed
Mario into living
metal, giving him great
stamina, a heavy tread,
and the ability to walk
underwater. In Super
Smash Bros., Metal
Mario showed up as
an incredibly stubborn
midlevel boss.
[Super Mario 64]

Paper Mario
The Star Rod: Bowser
stole it, and Mario
wants it back. Bowser
vs. Mario is familiar for
Mario afficionados, but
Paper Mario is novel.
What this game brings
to the 3D polygon-
filled gaming world
is its art style:
everything is wafer
thin! What the visuals
lack in realism, they
more than make up
for in unique artistry.
[Paper Mario]

An old acquaintance
of Mario's. His failure
to seize Mario's castle
has fueled Wario's
desire for a palace
of his own. Wario has
herculean strength
and can do things that
even Mario can't imitate.
His unexpected skills
include a talent with
items and the ability
to assume many roles,
among them a snowman,
a zombie, and a bat.
[Super Mario Land 2:]
[6 Golden Coins 11/92]

Plum is one of the
first playable golfers
in Mario Golf. She's
not all that strong, so
her drives tend to lack
distance. On the other
hand, her strike area
is large and allows for
refined control. She's
a very stable golfer,
both well balanced and
easy to master, which
makes her a favorite
among beginners and
pros alike.
[Mario Golf]

The princess of Sarasa-
land, Daisy met Mario
when he helped defeat
the evil alien Tatanga
in Super Mario Land.
Princess Daisy is a
bit of a tomboy when
compared with her
counterpart, Princess
Peach. After her
appearance in Mario
Golf, some gossips
started portraying
her as Luigi's answer
to Mario's Peach.
[Super Mario Landd]

This tall, thin, evil-
looking guy seems to
be Luigi's rival. He works
hard at his mischief:
Waluigi reportedly spent
a lot of time training
for his debut in Mario
Tennis by honing his
ability to antagonize
the Mario brothers. While
it's general knowledge
that he's the same age
as Luigi, hie relationship
to Wario is unclear.
[Mario Tennis]

Thwomps spend most
of their time suspended
in midair, waiting. When
Mario passes below,
they crash down with
amazing speed. As you
may guess from their
appearance, they're
heavy and solid enough
to make any attack on
then futile. Small ones
are called Thwimps:
despite their weight,
they often form groups
and bounce around.
[Super Mario Bros. 2]

These shy spirits
inhabit Mario's world
and have been known to
vanish or freeze when
met face-to-face. In
recent years, they seem
to have overcome
their fears in order to
pursue tennis and other
social activities. They
usually appear in
groups and fly in
formation. From time
to time, giant Boos make
surprise appearances.
[Super Mario Bros. 3]

Koopa Clown Car
Bowser's single-seat,
personal airship
doesn't exactly handle
like a dream, but it
wasn't designed to be
sporty. The Koopa Clown
Car was made to carry
Bowser's huge weight,
not to mention a logic-
defying arsenal of
massive bowling balls.
In Super Mario World,
Mario busted the Koopa
Clown Car by pelting
it with Mecha Koopas.
[Super Mario World]

These contagious
viruses make life
difficult for Dr. Mario.
They infect everything
they come into contact
with, and the good
doctor must attempt to
neutralize them with his
trusty megavitamins.
Dr. Mario can stop
these pesky germs by
lining up megavitamin
capsules of the same
color with the nasty
[Dr. Mario]

In Mario and Wario, an
excellent game released
only in Japan, this hidden
item gets placed on
Mario's head, rendering
him sightless. The fairy
Wanda then guides the
helpless Mario past
numerous obstacles to
the goal. The M on the
bucket becomes a W
when turned upside down,
signifying that Mario has
falled under Wario's
wicked control.
[Mario and Wario]
[Japan Only]

Racing Kart
The famous racing karts
from the ever-popular
Mario Kart racing series
come loaded for speed
with three different
engine sizes: 50, 100,
and 150 cc. The karts'
handling differs with
the characters driving
them, but all of
them utilize Mario Kart
standards like drift,
jump, and turbo. They're
extremely durable and
impossible to total.
[Super Mario Kart]

Baby Mario
Long ago, when the
stork was carrying Baby
Mario and Baby Luigi
to the Mario household,
the stork was ambushed,
causing Baby Mario
to tumble onto Yoshi's
Island. This marked the
beginning of the Yoshies'
adventure to deliver
Baby Mario to his
parents. Since then,
Baby Mario's been
spotted on golf courses
and tennis courts.
[Super Mario World 2:]
[Yoshi's Island 10/95]

Baby Bowser
Even as a youngster,
Baby Bowser was already
playing pranks and
causing trouble for
Baby Mario and his
pal Yoshi. Even at this
early age of his evil
career, Baby Bowser had
tons of henchment at his
disposal. Many experts
speculate that Mario
and Bowser have some
sort of connection that
can be traced back
to their mutual births.
[Super Mario World 2:]
[Yoshi's Island 10/95]

Raphael Raven
The basically laid-back
Ravens come in several
sizes. The smaller ones
travel in flocks or
traipse around small
platforms all day long.
The biggest of their
breed is called Raphael
the Raven, and his
enormous size renders
most direct attacks
useless. Instead of
fighting, Raphael and
the Ravens helped Mario
out in Paper Mario.
[Super Mario World 2:]
[Yoshi's Island 10/95]

Dixie Kong
More than just Diddy
Kong's girlfriend,
Dixie Kong is also a
fearless adventurer and
a reliable team player.
She earned her wings
helping Diddy rescue
Donkey Kong from
the clutches of King K.
Rool. Dixie's amazingly
quick and nimble,
and she's even able
to twirl her ponytail
in order to float slowly
through the air.
[Donkey Kong Country 2:]
[Diddy's Kong Quest 12/95]

King K. Rool
The demented head of
the Kremlings and big
viss in the Donkey
Kong series, K. Rool is
a giant, greedy glutton
with a serious eye tic.
While he fits the evil
boss mold nicely,
he's just enough of a
bumbler to have gained
a few fans over the
years. His plan to blow
up the DK Isles with
his Blast-O-Matic shows
how unbalanced he is.
[Donkey Kong Country]

Most Gorons inhabit the
stony slopes of Death
Mountain. They can
achieve incredible land
speeds by curlng up
into balls and rolling:
they also curl up into
small balls to sleep.
They're a gentle and
calm people, but their
leader, Darunia, is
impassioned and brave.
Gorons use strong and
dextrous fingers to
ake blades and bombs.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Ocarina of Time 11/98]

Marin is a young girl
who cares for Link
after a shipwreck
washes him up on
the shores of Koholint
Island. She's a talented
harpist, well liked for
her kind and gentle
nature. She holds fast
to the ideas of truth
and honor; if Link happens
to steal something
during his adventure,
she greets him with
a shout of "THIEF!"
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Link's Awakening 8/93]

Majora's Mask
A lonely Skull Kid put
on Majora's Mask anb 
unknowingly allowed
a great evil to invade
the land of Termina.
The mask manifested
its evil power into the
fearsome-looking moon,
and the skull kid became
merely a puppet under
its malevolent power.
In the ultimate battle
with Link, Majora's Mask
transformed into three
separate forms.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Majora's Mask 10/00]

Ocarina of Time
This ocarina, the treasure
of the House of Hyrule,
was entrusted to Link
by Zelda when she fled
from Ganondorf's
insurrection. When used
in conjunction with three
Spiritual Stones, it opened
the way to where the
Master Sword rested.
In Majora's Mask, it gave
Link limited control over
time, but it has other
uses: it's fun to play as
a musical instrument.
[The Legend of Zelda:]
[Ocarina of Time 11/98]

Samurai Goroh
A rival bounty hunter,
Samurai Goroh has
crossed paths with
Captain Falcon in many
adark corner of the
universe. He also goes
head-to-head with
Falcon in F-Zero races,
so the threads of their
fates seem to be deeply
intertwined. Samurai
Goroh is famous for
his katana, and his
signature T-Shirt is
instantly recognizable.

Dr. Stewart
Dr. Stewart inherited
the Golden Fox upon
the death of his father
and soon became an F-
Zero pacesetter. The
Fox, which bears the
lucky number 3, doesn't
have the highest of
traction ratings, but
a skilled pilot will thrill
at the sensation of
drifting through corners.
This machine requires
a high degree
of technical ability.

Jody Summer
An ex-fighter pilot,
Jody brings her skills
to the F-Zero Grand
Prix as an ambassador
of the interstellar
regime. Her machine,
the White Cat, is not
built for strength or
endurance. however,
it's incredible light
and has excellent
traction. A good
match for beginners,
the White Cat's a solid
all-around racer.
[F-Zero X]

Landmaster Tank
Team Star Fox's high-
powered, anti-aircraft
hover tank. Its
caterpillar-like treads
allow it to perform
quick lateral rolls. It
can even fly for short
periods of time. Its
main cannons closely
resemble the weapons
technology on an
Arwing, so the same
rules apple: If you charge
them up, you can shoot
guided missiles.
[Star Fox 64]

The beloved ship of
the mercenary team
Star Wolf, which was
hired to destroy Fox
and his team. The ship's
abilities rival an Arwing.:
As a matter of fact,
the Wolfen II was an
improvement over its
predecessor and could
nearly outperform
team Star Fox's ships.
Star Wolf's leader, Wolf
O'Donnel, is Fox's
most persistent rival.
[Star Fox 64]

Andross (1)
Star Fox's archenemy.
Whether it's a metallic
manifestation of
Andross or just a
hologram is unknown,
but from its outward
appearance it's safe
to assume that it's not
the fiend's true form.
Andross occasionally
sucks matter in and
then violently exhales,
sending out a cloud of
metal tiles. Its eyes are
its weak points.
[Star Fox]

Andross (2)
This incarnation of
Andross was so big
as to be ridiculous,
but it at least appeared
to be a living being.
Andross was once
a brilliant scientist,
but was banished from
the galaxy for his
dangerous experiments.
From the planet Venom,
he readied his troops
and directed his sword
of vengeance toward
the Lylat System.
[Star Fox 64]

Samus's Starship
This compact ship is
used by Samus as her
base of operations. Of
course, Samus can't
fly it into the catacombs
of every planet she
visits, so she leaves
it on the surface as
her sanctuary. Samus
can recharge her Power
Suit inside the ship,
so it tends to be the
only safe and secure
spot on inhospitable
alien terrain.
[Metroid II: Return of Samus]

A parasitic life form
that can absorb all
types of energy.
Metroids have strong
resistance to most
conventional weaponry.
To defeat them, Samus
Aran had to freeze
them with Ice Beam
shots and then blast
them with missiles.
Mochtroids, which look
like Metroids, are
weaker, with fewer
internal nuclei.

The head of the Space
Pirates on Zebes.
Ridley soars through
space on wicked wings.
Ridley may look like
a mindless monster,
but he's actually quite
intelligent. After the
SR-388 incident, where
Samus captured the
infant Metroid, Ridley
took the Space Academy
by storm, annihilating
the complex and taking
the Metroid back.

Fire Kirby
When Kirby swallows
a fire-wielding enemy,
he transforms into Fire
Kirby. Not only does
he breathe fire in this
form, but he can also
sprout flames on his
entire body and damage
enemies by crashing
into them. Fire Kirby
wears the bright red
headdress of his enemy
Burning Leo. The hat
turns into a helpful
weapon when thrown.
[Kirby's Adventure]

Fighter Kirby
Kirby dons a warrior's
headband and becomes
a fierce fighter when
he swallows an enemy
slilled at physical
attacks. Fighter Kirby
uses many colorful
punching and kicking
moves as he overpowers
his enemies with his
sparring skills. The
Vulcan Jab is just one
of the many techniques
Kirby can use thanks
to his copying power.
[Kirby Super Star]

Ball Kirby
When kirby swallows
a ball enemy, he turns
into a ball and can
bounce off of floors
and walls. It's tough
to control, but well
worth it for the strong
attack power it gives
Kirby. After his debut
in Kirby's Adventure,
Ball Kirby has popped
up in several more
Kirby  games, such as
Kirby's Pinball Land and
Kirby's Block Ball.
[Kirby's Adventure]

Waddle Dee
Many delicate creatures
like this one inhabit Dream
Land. They generally
live carefree lives and
have never considered
themselves to be
followers of King
Dedede. Waddle Dees
are innocent and
generally harmless to
man and beast. While
they have virtually no
offensive or defensive
power, they'll sometimes
try to wield a parasol.
[Kirby's Dream Land]

King Dedede
Dedede's the self-
proclaimed king of
Dream Land. While he
says he's king, Dedede
performs no administrative
functions and the
citizens of Dream Land
continue to live as
they always have. He's
able to suck in air
and fly like Kirby does,
but only as a result of
the vigorous training
he undertook after
being bested by Kirby.
[Kirby's Dream Land]

Rick made his debut
alongside Kirby's other
friends, Coo and Kine.
He looks like a meek
hamster, but when he
puffs himself up, he's
bigger than Kirby. When
he's carrying Kirby on
his back, he can mimic
Kirby's copy powers
with some special
moves of his own.
Rick's claim to fame
is his exceptional
traction on icy surfaces.
[Kirby's Dream Land 2]

While Kirby swallows
enemies in order to
copy their powers,
Gooey wraps them
up in his tongue to
steal their abilities. In
Kirby's Dream Land 2,
he occasionally
appeared inside of
a bag, but by Kirby's
Dream Land 3, he was
a full-fledged partner.
He could be controlled
by setting him up
as Player Two.
[Kirby's Dream Land 2]

The mysterious head
of the Meta-Knights,
he wields his sword with
dignity. He delivered
his sword to Kirby and
demanded single combat
in a show of his
knightly honor; his
strict adherence to his
code of ethics makes
him a rarity in Dream
Land. Sometimes he
throws off his cape in
battle. It occasionally
transforms into wings.
[Kirby Super Star]

Paula is a PSI master
who used her incredible
psychic abilities to
call Ness from afar.
Ness rescued Paula
from the blue-stained
clutches of the Happy
Happyist cult, and she
became integral to his
EarthBound adventure.
Originally, Ness didn't
know either PK Thunder
or PK Fire, so Paula
probably taught him
these techniques.

Another of Ness's close
friends in EarthBound.
Jess is the only son of
the famous scientist,
Dr. Andonuts. Jeff is a
mechanical genius, able
to turn common, broken
tools into complex
weapons like the Hungry
HP-sucker and the
Slime Generator. He's
a bit on the shy side
but incredible intelligent
and brave in the heat
of battle.

Poo, the crown prince
of the mysterious
eastern country of
Dalaam, joined Ness
after completing
rigorous training in his
home country. While he
doesn't stand out among
Ness's friends, his vast
experience and strong
willpower make him a
key to success.
Poo can assume
the form of an enemy
to gain its powers.

Starman (2)
Just one kooky subset
of the diverse cast of
enemies in Earthbound,
these strange creatures
are aliens in the
employ of Giygas.
Variations of the
Starman race include
Starman, Starman Jr.,
Starman Deluxe, and
Starman Super. They
all use PSI powers, but
their strength differs
depending on the level
on which they're found.

Bulbasaur is a cute
Pokémon born with
a large seed firmly
affixed to its back:
the seed grows in size
as the Pokémon does.
Along with Squirtle and
Charmander, Bulbasaur
is one of the three
Pokémon available
at the beginning of
Pokémon Red and Blue.
It evolves first into Ivysaur
and then continues by
evolving into Venusaur.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Poliwhirl is a
Tadpole Pokémon
able to live on either
land or in the water.
When on dry land, it's
constantly sweating to
keep its skin nice and
slimy. When in danger,
it spins the whirlpool
marking on its stomach
to put enemies into
a deep sleep, then it
runs away. It evolves
into either Poliwrath
or Politoed.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Every Ditto has the
ability to copy a
Pokémon's entire cell
structure in an instant
and become its
exact replica. They're
terrible at remembering
techniques, but when
they use Transform,
they temporarily learn
all of their foe's
moves. If a Ditto starts
to laugh, it weakens
and can't hold
its transformation.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

As adaptable a Pokémon
as any yet discovered,
Eevee's evolutionary
progress changes to
meet the conditions
of its environment. So
far, five evolutionary
forms have been
discovered and then
catalogued for this
unique Pokémon:
Vaporeon, Jolteon,
Flareon, Espeon, and
Umbreon. All evolutions
have special benefits.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Little but feisty is
the best description
for these Water-type
Pokémon. The first
thing they do when
they see something
move is latch onto it
with their powerful
jaws. Totodile was one
of the three Pokémon
that Professor Elm
offered to trainers in
Pokémon Gold, Silver,
and Crystal. They evolve
into Croconaw.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

A Bat Pokémon that
evolves from Golbat,
Crobat's hind legs have
evolved into a second
pair of wings, which
allows it to fly at
great speeds but limits
its ability to rest.
The affection a Golbat
has for its trainer is
vital for the evolution
process: if a novice
trainer has a Crobat,
it shows that he or she
cares for Pokémon well.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

With silhouettes
that resemble stars,
Cleffa are often
sighted when the
night sky is filled
with shooting stars.
Cleffa evolves into
Clefairy, but only
if it has a strong bond
of friendship with its
trainer. Since Cleffa
are so cute and loveable,
many trainers choose
to keep it in this
unevolved form.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

Igglybuff, which
evolve into Jigglypuff,
are so incredible
elastic that they
always seem to be
bouncing. They have
extremely stubby legs,
so for these Pokémon,
bounding from place to
place is much faster
than walking. Unlike
its equally adorable
relatives, Jigglypuff and
Wigglytuff, Igglybuff
has red eyes.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

A combination of Steel-
and Ground-types,
Steelix are the longest
Pokémon yet to be
discovered, reaching
over 30 feet in length.
Since they live so deep
under the surface of
the earth, the intense
pressure has made their
bodies stronger than
diamonds. Steelix is every
bit as intimidating
as its relatve.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

Heracross are powerful
creatures that are
known to drive their
single horns into the
bellies of their foes
and then toss them
over their heads. The
immense power of their
Megahorn move is
said to be the strongest
among Bug
Pokémon. They are
one of several types of
Pokémon that can be
found by shaking trees.
[Pokémon Gold & Silver]

Meowth Meowth's
dream. Meowth strides
all over the globe,
scattering invitations
to other Pokémon,
insisting they come to
"Meowth's Party." At
this wonderful party,
guests are packed in
like sardines as Meowth
climbs up the stage
and its faithful guitar.
It strikes a chord,
pauses, and then rocks
their world!
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Professor Oak
The leading expert on
the study of Pokémon.
It seems there are
always new and
mysterious species of
Pokémon being brought
to light, and Professor
Oak is at the heart
of it all with his
insightful research.
The Pokédex is one
of his inventions: new
trainers receive one,
and a Pokémon to boot,
when they start out.
[Pokémon Red & Blue]

Misty's the gym leader
of Cerulean City and a
real tomboy. She loves
swimming and all things
aquatic, so she makes
a point of collecting
Starmie, Staryu, and
other Water-type
Pokémon. This is
common among gym
leaders: typically,
the Pokémon is kept by
trainers tend to reflect
that person's personality
and preferences.

Many wild Pokémon live
on Pokémon Island, and
avid cameraman Todd
uses the ZERO-ONE as
his means to get close
to them. the ZERO-ONE
is fully automated: its
progress is monitored
and controlled by a
series of strategically
located beacons. The
vehicle can instantly
change its shape
to allow it to travel
by land, water, and air.
[Pokémon Snap]

Maruo Maruhige
His name is Maruo
Maruhige. He has a
splendid moustache, and
he's the eldest son of
a long-established card
merchant. After stints
as a taxi driver and
convenience store
clerk, he settled into his
role as heir to the card
business, which has
been in his family
for five generations.
He manages the
Maruhige Card Shop.
[Card Hero]
[Japan Only]

Ryoto Hayami
An 18-year-old Wave
Race competitor from
Japan. While he doesn't
appear to have one
outstanding trait, his
acceleration, top speed,
and maneuverability
are quite well balanced.
In Wave Race: Blue
Storm, he's done aay
with his helmet and
goggles in an attempt
to make his face more
recognizable across
the world.
[Wave Race 64]

Kensuke Kimachi
A member of the
Vertical Air snowboard
team of Japan. He's 19
years of age and a
top boarder in Japan,
but his team is still
working on achieving
world-class ranking.
Kensuke is a mellow,
laid-back guy who gets
bored quickly with
things that don't spark
his interest. He plays
a lot of Nintendo games
when he's not riding.
[1080° Snowboarding]

Love Giant
A reincarnation of the
sun that appears on
a solitary island in the
south areas. Doshin
feeds off the emotions
of the islanders to
grow into a giant. The
islanders named it for
the sound of its heavy
footsteps: "Doh-Shin!"
Its yellow color
indicates its friendly
nature: this Doshin
likes to help with the
villagers' daily tasks.
[Doshin the Giant]
[Japan Only]

Hate Giant
A reincarnation of the
sun that appears on
a solitary island in the
south areas. Doshin
feeds off the emotions
of the islanders to
grow into a giant. The
islanders named it for
the sound of its heavy
footsteps: "Doh-Shin!"
The red color of this
Doshin points towards
its malignant nature.
It knows but one thing:
Destroy! Destroy!
[Doshin the Giant]
[Japan Only]

Ray Mk II
The Custom Robo
games feature combat
between small robots
averaging about 12
inches in height. Ray
Mk II is the upgraded
descendant of one of
the combatants from
the original game. It's
a well-balanced Jumper
model in the Shining
Fighter line of robots.
Its stable design lets
it excel with a minimum
of customization.
[Custom Robo 2]
[Japan Only]

Tsurugi and Yaiba, twin
brothers who were
bewitched by the dark
power, combined their
beloved robots Spear
and Lance to form
this illegal robot. The
brothers used the
Strike Vanisher model
as a base, but then
added a number of
stealth capabilities.
This successful power-
up is nothing short of
a Custom Robo miracle.
[Custom Robo 2]
[Japan Only]

Annie, a Jumper model
in the Stunner line of
robots, was the robot
used by Nanase, a cadet
at the Takuma Academy,
a commander training
school. At the climax
of the story, Nanase
fell prey to temptation
and stained her
hands with the illegal
robot Majel. This
act ultimately set the
stage for her undeniably
tragic end.
[Custom Robo 2]
[Japan Only]

Tom Nook
This guy's the friendly
neighborhood shopkeeper
who kindly helps the
player set up in his or
her first house. He has
a nose for business,
and his customer
service is second to
none. During the course
of the game, his store
starts as a corner shop,
expands to become a
convenience store, and
finally becomes a
thriving supermarket.
[Future Release]

A wandering musician
whose daily life is a
bit of a mystery. He
plays in front of the
train station ever
Saturday night starting
at 8:00 p.m. He has
a large repertoire and
plays both old and new
hits from all over
the world. His music
is so ingrained in
the villagers that it's
impossible to imagine
them living without it.
[Future Release]

Mr. Resetti
Prepare to receive
a really long talking-to
if you reset this
gane: the next time
you play, Mr. Resetti
will be waiting to
deliver his best scolding.
No matter what your
intentions are, pressing
the RESET Button will
bring you face-to-face
with this fervent
character. Sometimes,
the only way to shut
him up is to apologize.
[Future Release]

Kururin sets off in his
specialized helicopter
to rescue his siblings,
who have lost their way
somewhere among ten
worlds. The helicopter
is fitted with an
enormous bladem
propels the machine
forward by slowly
rotating. The mazes
that Kururin must
navigate and narrow
and filled with all kinds
of strange obstacles.
[Kuru Kuru Kururin]
[Japan Only]

A creature in an
imaginary cubist world
where survival of the
fittest is the rule.
These creatures have
strong, efficient bodies
and the cute faces
of pandas. They form
family groups and treat
each other lovingly,
yet have no respect
for other beasts.
Their favorite foods
seem to be meat and
bamboo grass.
[Future Release]

Vacuum Luigi
In a strange twist of
fate, Luigi wins a huge
mansion in a contest
he didn't even enter,
and the place turns
out to be haunted!
After meeting a weird
professor named Elvin
Gadd, Luigi enters the
place armed with a
flashlight and a ghost-
sucking vacuum
cleaner. Mario's trapped
somewhere in there!
Can Luigi save him?
[Luigi's Mansion]

These strange beings
are part plant, part
animal. They spend
most of their time buried
in the earth, but they will
befriend whoever plucks
them, as evidenced
by their devotion to
Captain Olimar. Each
Pikmin has a leaf on its
head that grows into a
bud and finally a flower.
Like a flower, the life of
a Pikmin is both fragile
and beautiful.

Captain Olimar
the main character
of the game Pikmin,
Captain olimar crash-
lands on a mysterious
planet after his
spaceship malfunctions.
In order to get off the
planet, he must gather
the pieces of his
broken ship, but the
atmosphere of the
planet is poisonous to
Olimar. As a result, he
has to enlist the help
of the native Pikmin.

This top-of-the-line
motocross motorcycle
can accelerate like
crazy with its turbo,
but this also causes
the temperature
gauge to rise rapidly:
if used too often, the
bike will overheat. You
can cool your hot bike
down by running over
special icons scattered
across the track. The
turbo and ramps let
you pull insane airs.

Donkey Kong Junior
Donkey Kong Jr. came
to the rescue when
Mario imprisoned his
father. DK JR.'s challenge
was to collect the keys
to Donkey Kong's
cage, all the while
dropping fruit on his
enemies from high
above. He was able to
climb faster by using
two ivy vines at once.
This ape is also quite
skilled at kart racing,
tennis, and mathematics.
[Donkey Kong Junior]
[Arcade 1982]

Tese friendly fowl
are the targets in the
game Duck Hunt, which
utilizes the Nintendo
Zapper Light Gun. They
appear and randomly fly
about trying to escape
after your faithful (if
slightly clamorous) hunting
dog flushes them out.
Once you drop the ducks,
your dog dutifully
fetches them by the
napes of their necks
and grins at you.
[Duck Hunt]

The mysterious Bubbles
can only move straight
ahead and has problems
stopping: she changes
paths by sticking out
her hand and grabbing
a post on the way by.
If Bubbles makes contact
with a Sea Urchin,
she'll pop and deflate
like a balloon. Bubbles
protects herself by
shocking Sea Urchins
and pushing them into
walls to destroy them.
[Clu Clu Land]

Eggplant Man
Eggplant Man debuted
as an enemy in the
NES game Wrecking
Crew. Even though his
movement pattern was
very simple, he was
a farily formidable foe,
since Mario and Luigi
had limited means of
attack. You could beat
this aenemy by dropping
a Dead-End Drum on
him or by trapping him
behind a door and
blowing up the room.
[Wrecking Crew]

Mach Rider
After the destruction
of his home town, Mach
Rider jumped onto his
combat motorcycle and
set off in search of a
new home, destroying
all the Quadrunners
who got in his way.
His motorcycle has
four gears and endless
ammunition. When hit,
Mach Rider would break
into fragments and
then rejoin together.
[Mach Rider]

Balloon Fighter
The goal in Balloon
Fight is to break your
enemy's two balloons,
depriving him of jos
flotation devices. If
you lose one balloon,
your buoyancy drops
and it becomes harder
to rise. As you can
pop both friends' and
enemies' balloons, you
have to stay alert in
this two-player fun
fest. The balloonist's
name is unknown.
[Balloon Fight]

Stanley is a plucky
exterminator who takes
on Donkey Kong and
an army of insects in
the third installment
of the original Donkey
Kong series. Stanley
has a tough job: he
has to chase Donkey
Kong away to another
greenhouse with his
insect repellant, then
climb up the ivy to
pump the main hive
with deadly spray.
[Donkey Kong 3]

The head of Palutena's
personal bodyguards,
Pit traveled near and
far to gather Three
Sacred Treasures that
would help him defeat
the evil goddess
of darkness, Medusa,
and free Palutena, the
goddess of light. Pit
couldn't fly with his
little wings; only the
Wings of Pegasus let
him take flight. Will
Pit ever fight again?
[Kid Icarus]

Dr. Wright
The assistant to the
mayor of SimCity,
Dr. Wright was actually
named after the creator
of the game. As a
player, you'd have to
use your wisdom and
experience to give
timely advice to the
mayor; if you did a good
job, the city prospered.
Dr. Wright is one of the
leaders in the all-time,
bizarre Nintendo-game-
hairstyle contest.

Donbe & Hikari
Donbe and Hikari are
the main characters in
this video-game version
os a classic Japanese
folk tale. The game
chronicles the lives
of our fearless heroes,
from their births to the
time they drove the evil
from the Island of Ogres.
They are accompanied in
their adventures by Ringo
the dog, Matsunosuko
the monkey, and Ohana
the pheasant.
[Shin Oni Ga Shima]
[Japan Only]

Ayumi Tachibana
Ayumi's the heroine of
the Detective Club games,
which were made
for the Famicom Disk
System. In the first
installment of the series,
Ayumi solved the murder
of one of her friends,
and shortly thereafter,
she opened her own
investigative agency.
Since those early days,
she's proven to be
a daring and peerless
crime solver.
[Famicom Detective Club Part II]
[Japan Only]

This rally car tore up
dirt and raced through
uncharted lands in the
Disk System game 3D
Hot Rally. While it wasn't
as fast as the other
two car types, it had
super-stron shocks
to deal with horrible
roads and other obstacles.
Mario and Luigi are in
command of this car,
athough they don't
show themselves in
the game very often.
[3D Hot Rally]
[Japan Only]

Sheriff is a game 
with a particularly long
history, even among
other classic Nintendo
arcade ganes. You
aimed the sheriff's
gun by way of an
eight-directional dial
controller, which you
would depress to
fire. The goal of this
frontier shooter was
to protect the territory
from various scoundrels
and ne'er-do-wells.
[Japan Only]

This little guy is the
adorable mascot for a
Nintendo Entertainment
System peripheral device
released in 1986. Using
the disk system, you
could rewrite games for
500 yen, and epochal and
economical feature.
Funnily enough, the
instruction booklet was
sold seperately for 100
yen. The disk system's
first game was The
Legend of Zelda.
[Disk System]
[Japan Only]

Nintendo's latest bundle
of joy arrived in North
America on November 18,
2001, and video-game
fans rejoiced. This little
beauty is sleek, compact
and full of cutting-edge
technology. Incorporating
optical media for the first
time, the Nintendo
GameCube was truly
born to play. Rumor has
it that Super Smash Bros.
Melee is a software title
for this wondrous device.
[Nintendo GameCube]

Tamagon (Hidden trophy)
This is the main
character of a Japanese
NES game never released
in North America. In this
quirky maze game, your
goal was to work your
way through a series
of scrolling mazes while
battling the cyclopean
henchmen of a large,
winged demon. Tamagon
not only had to worry
about the evil creatures,
but also the walls, which
were extremely harmlful.
[Demon World]
[Japan Only]

Samus Unmasked (Hidden trophy)
It's said that the orphaned
Samus Aran was raised by
the few survivor of the
Chozo race. They armed
her with a Power Suit and
taught her the ways of
advanced combat: even
burdened with her heavy
suit, Samus is as graceful
as a butterfly. In the
Metroid series, it was
standard that Samus would
remove her helmet and
armor if you cleared the
game fast enough.

Mario & Yoshi
Yoshi was first
introduced in Super
Mario World, and the
sight of Mario riding the
helpful character soon
became an endearing
image. Despite his Cape,
Mario can't fly while
astride Yoshi. The pair
can make huge jumps
and drift slowly back
to earth, though. As
a last resort, Mario
could leap off Yoshi's
back to safety.
[Super Mario World]

Wow. I'm done.

Holy crap.

Alphabetical Order []

I'm going to list the trophies in the order they appear when you set
the trophy list to the "A - Z" mode.

-Andross (2)
-Andross (1)
-Ayumi Tachibana
-Baby Bowser
-Baby Mario
-Ball Kirby
-Balloon Fighter
-Banzai Bill
-Barrel Cannon
-Beam Sword
-Bowser (Smash)
-Bowser (Smash 2)
-Bunny Hood
-Captain Olimar
-Capt. Falcon
-Capt. Falcon (Smash)
-Capt. Falcon (Smash 2)
-Chozo Statue
-Cloaking Device
-Crazy Hand
-Dixie Kong
-Donbe & Hikari
-Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong (Smash)
-Donkey Kong (Smash 2)
-Donkey Kong Junior
-Dr. Mario
-Dr. Mario (Smash)
-Dr. Mario (Smash 2)
-Dr. Stewart
-Dr. Wright
-Eggplant Man
-Falco Lombardi
-Falco Lombardi (Smash)
-Falco Lombardi (Smash 2)
-Falcon Flyer
-Female Wire Frame
-Fighter Kirby
-Fighting Wire Frames
-Final Destination
-Fire Flower
-Fire Kirby
-Fountain of Dreams
-Four Giants
-Fox McCloud
-Fox McCloud (Smash)
-Fox McCloud (Smash 2)
-F-Zero Racers
-Game & Watch
-Ganondorf (Smash)
-Ganondorf (Smash 2)
-Giga Bowser
-Great Fox
-Green Shell
-Hate Giant
-Heart Container
-Home-Run Bat
-Ice Climbers
-Ice Climbers (Smash)
-Ice Climbers (Smash 2)
-Jigglypuff (Smash)
-Jigglypuff (Smash 2)
-Kirby Hat 1
-Kirby Hat 2
-Kirby Hat 3
-Kirby Hat 4
-Kirby Hat 5
-Klap Trap
-Koopa Clown Car
-Koopa Paratroopa
-Koopa Troopa
-Landmaster Tank
-Like Like
-Link (Smash)
-Link (Smash 2)
-Lip's Stick
-Lon Lon Milk
-Love Giant
-Luigi (Smash)
-Luigi (Smash 2)
-Mach Rider
-Majora's Mask
-Male Wire Frame
-Mario (Smash)
-Mario (Smash 2)
-Mario & Yoshi
-Marth (Smash)
-Marth (Smash 2)
-Maruo Maruhige
-Master Hand
-Master Sword
-Maxim Tomato
-Metal Box
-Metal Mario
-Mewtwo (Smash)
-Mewtwo (Smash 2)
-Motion-Sensor Bomb
-Mr. Game & Watch
-Mr. Game & Watch (Smash)
-Mr. Game & Watch (Smash 2)
-Mr. Resetti.
-Mr. Saturn
-Mute City
-Ness (Smash)
-Ness (Smash 2)
-Ocarina of Time
-Pak E. Derm
-Paper Mario
-Party Ball
-Peach (Smash)
-Peach (Smash 2)
-Peppy Hare
-Pichu (Smash)
-Pichu (Smash 2)
-Pikachu (Smash)
-Pikachu (Smash 2)
-Poison Mushroom
-Poké Ball
-Pokémon Stadium
-Polar Bear
-Princess Peach's Castle
-Professor Oak
-Raccoon Mario
-Racing Kart
-Raphael Raven
-Ray Gun
-Ray Mk II
-Red Shell
-Roy (Smash)
-Roy (Smash 2)
-Ryota Hayami
-Samurai Goroh
-Samus Aran
-Samus Aran (Smash)
-Samus Aran (Smash 2)
-Samus Unmasked
-Samus's Starship
-Screw Attack
-Sheik (Smash)
-Sheik (Smash 2)
-Shy Guys
-Slippy Toad
-Smash Coins
-Starman (1)
-Starman (2)
-Star Rod
-Super Mushroom
-Super Scope
-Tom Nook
-Vacuum Luigi
-Waddle Dee
-Warp Star
-Whispy Woods
-Yoshi (Smash)
-Yoshi (Smash 2)
-Young Link
-Young Link (Smash)
-Young Link (Smash 2)
-Zelda (Smash)
-Zelda (Smash 2)

Game Order []

As you might have guessed, this is how they're ordered in Game mode.
I did not include the three secret trophies, as I do not know where they
go. Can someone tell me?

-Dr. Mario
-Raccoon Mario
-Metal Mario
-Paper Mario
-Vacuum Luigi
-Banzai Bill
-Koopa Troopa
-Koopa Paratroopa
-Koopa Clown Car
-Super Mushroom
-Poison Mushroom
-Fire Flower
-Metal Box
-Green Shell
-Red Shell
-Racing Kart
-Princess Peach's Castle
-Baby Bowser
-Baby Mario
-Shy Guys
-Raphael Raven
-Pak E. Derm
-Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong Junior
-Dixie Kong
-King K. Rool
-Klap Trap
-Barrel Cannon
-Young Link
-Like Like
-Heart Container
-Master Sword
-Lon Lon Milk
-Bunny Hood
-Ocarina of Time
-Majora's Mask
-Four Giants
-Capt. Falcon
-Falcon Flyer
-F-Zero Racers
-Samurai Goroh
-Dr. Stewart
-Jody Summer
-Mute City
-Fox McCloud
-Falco Lombardi
-Peppy Hare
-Slippy Toad
-Great Fox
-Landmaster Tank
-Andross (2)
-Andross (1)
-Samus Aran
-Samus's Starship
-Chozo Statue
-Screw Attack
-Ball Kirby
-Fighter Kirby
-Fire Kirby
-Kirby Hat 1
-Kirby Hat 2
-Kirby Hat 3
-Kirby Hat 4
-Kirby Hat 5
-King Dedede
-Waddle Dee
-Whispy Woods
-Maxim Tomato
-Star Rod
-Warp Star
-Fountain of Dreams
-Mr. Saturn
-Professor Oak
-Poké Ball
-Pokémon Stadium
-Ice Climbers
-Polar Bear
-Ryota Hayami
-Kensuke Kimachi
-Love Giant
-Hate Giant
-Ray Mk II
-Mr. Resetti
-Tom Nook
-Motion-Sensor Bomb
-Cloaking Device
-Captain Olimar
-Maruo Maruhige
-Mach Rider
-Eggplant Man
-Balloon Fighter
-Dr. Wright
-Lip's Stick
-Ayumi Tachibana
-Donbe & Hikari
-Mr. Game & Watch
-Game & Watch
-Super Scope
-Mario (Smash)
-Mario (Smash 2)
-Yoshi (Smash)
-Yoshi (Smash 2)
-Donkey Kong (Smash)
-Donkey Kong (Smash 2)
-Link (Smash)
-Link (Smash 2)
-Capt. Falcon (Smash)
-Capt. Falcon (Smash 2)
-Fox McCloud (Smash)
-Fox McCloud (Smash 2)
-Samus Aran (Smash)
-Samus Aran (Smash 2)
-Kirby (Smash)
-Kirby (Smash 2)
-Ness (Smash)
-Ness (Smash 2)
-Pikachu (Smash)
-Pikachu (Smash 2)
-Jigglypuff (Smash)
-Jigglypuff (Smash 2)
-Luigi (Smash)
-Luigi (Smash 2)
-Bowser (Smash)
-Bowser (Smash 2)
-Peach (Smash)
-Peach (Smash 2)
-Zelda (Smash)
-Zelda (Smash 2)
-Sheik (Smash)
-Sheik (Smash 2)
-Marth (Smash)
-Marth (Smash 2)
-Mewtwo (Smash)
-Mewtwo (Smash 2)
-Ice Climbers (Smash)
-Ice Climbers (Smash 2)
-Mr. Game & Watch (Smash)
-Mr. Game & Watch (Smash 2)
-Dr. Mario (Smash)
-Dr. Mario (Smash 2)
-Young Link (Smash)
-Young Link (Smash 2)
-Falco Lombardi (Smash)
-Falco Lombardi (Smash 2)
-Pichu (Smash)
-Pichu (Smash 2)
-Roy (Smash)
-Roy (Smash 2)
-Ganondorf (Smash)
-Ganondorf (Smash 2)
-Beam Sword
-Smash Coins
-Home-Run Bat
-Party Ball
-Ray Gun
-Final Destination
-Male Wire Frame
-Female Wire Frame
-Fighting Wire Frames
-Giga Bowser
-Master Hand
-Crazy Hand

Trophy Errors []

Samus Aran - [Metroid][8/89] (Metroid came out in 1987)

Ness (Smash 2) - Ness's (Should be Ness')

Mewtwo - bio-engineerd (Should be bio-engineered)

Pichu (Smash 2) - Super Smash Bros. Melee., (Unecessary period)

Mr. Saturn - so you can rest easy_or can you (Underscore should be a

Coin - No one can confirm whether or not these coins are actually used
as the currency of the Mushroom Kingdom (Coins are used as currency in
the Mario RPGs and several Mario Parties)

Kirby Hat 1 - while Samus's helmet allows Kirby to fire off charged-up
energy shots. (Should be Samus')

Birdo - [Super Mario USA] (NOTE: This is the Japanese version) (Birdo
first appeared in Doki Doki Panic in Japan)

Battlefield - [Super Smash Bros. Melee] (The Battlefield first appeared
in Super Smash Bros. as a place to fight the Polygons, but it was not
formally named Battlefield until SSBM.)

Final Destination - [Super Smash Bros. Melee] See Battlefield.

Koopa Troopa - [Super Mario Bros.] The Koopa Troopa actually first
appeared in the arcade classic Mario Bros., though under the name

Daisy - Not a text error. (This isn't a text error. In earlier versions
of the game, and all versions of the Japanese release, if you zoom into
the hair on Daisy's head, you can see a third eye.

Waluigi - His relationship to Wario is unclear (Wario is Waluigi's

Wolfen - Arwing.: (Unecessary period)

Samus's Starship - Samus's (Should be Samus')

Meta-Knight - Meta-Knight (His name does not have a dash. Note that the
members of his army do have a hyphen and are called Meta-Knights, in
order to seperate them from the one and only Meta Knight), [Kirby Super
Star] (He debuted in Kirby's Adventure. These erros are ironic, as Meta-
Knight and the Kirby series as a whole were created by Masahiro Sakurai,
who also directed SSBM)

Jeff - Ness's (I know I'm starting to sound like a grammer goody-goody,
but it should be Ness'.)

Poo - Ness's (Ditto)

Totakeke - p.m. He (I suppose there should technically be another period
after the p.m., but nobody really cares)

Easter Eggs and Other Fun Stuff []

Need a break from trying to get that Crazy Hand trophy? Well, here are 
some fun little things in the game to keep you entertained. Some are 
blatantly obvious, others you would never notice, but they're all fun. 
Some aren't even intentional. Credit goes to for a bunch of 

If you're playing as Fox or Falco on Corneria or Venom, press left and 
right repeatedly on the D Pad to hear a secret conversation between 
Peppy, Slippy, and whichever character didn't activate the taunt. 
Getting hit or dying cancels it, and it can only be activated once per 

If a metal Link uses his Up+B, he'll flash, making him look like he's 
made of gold.

If a metal Ganondorf uses Warlock Punch he'll flash, making him look 
like he's made of bronze.

The GameCube's original codename was the Dolphin, just like the Wii's 
was the Revolution and the DS' was the Nitro. Dolphins appear all over 
the place here. Some known locations are:

-Big Blue
-Falco's Target Test
-Captain Falcon's Target Test
-The Credits (It looks different from the others)

In the intro, Fox will briefly fly past a Wolfen, with none other than 
Wolf O'Donnell inside.

On the corners of the Box item, there are near-invisible pegs that hold 
it together.

In Jungle Japes, one of the lanterns has moths flying around it.

Speaking of Jungle Japes, the barrel-shaped outhouse on the left side 
has a hole in the bottom. This should only encourage you to stay out of 
the water!

In the background of Onett, you can see a hospital. Perhaps this is 
where the fighters go to rest after a long day's smashing?

Also in Onett, sometimes a Taxi will drive by. The license plate says 
"ONETT" on it. (heh...Onett on it...)

Sometimes a Black Van will drive by Onett. It's even labeled "RUNAWAY."

Speaking of the van, you're actually warned about it. There is a sign 
on the right side of the stage that says:

Message Board
A black van driven by this guy {picture}
has been spotted
racing recklessly through
town. Be careful!

Another Onett vehicle. Every so often a pink car will drive by. When 
it's going right to left, everything's okay. When it goes left to 
right, however, if you rotate the camera you'll see that it has only 
two wheels!

If you attack the cars coming at you in Mute City, you can blow them 
up. This is hard, but a Bob-Omb usually does the trick.

Once again in Onett, if you pause and zoom out in certain locations, 
you can see three flower beds, two bicycles, and what looks to be a 
concession stand of sorts.

In Yoshi's Story, if you zoom out you can see that the entire thing is 
inside a cardboard box.

In Kongo Jungle, if you zoom out you can see a rainbow by the 
waterfall. You've probably already seen this, but just in case, I put 
it here.

Kingdom actually warns you about the Blastline. If you pause and zoom 
out, then rotate the camera you can see warning signs on the ends of 
the stage.

If you go to your Metal Mario trophy (If you have one) and zoom in on 
the reflective part of the metal, you can see what looks to be some 
trees. Some say it's a screenshot of Yoshi's Island.

In the back of Mushroom Kingdom Adventure, you can see golf courses. 
This is, of course, a nod to Mario Golf.

In the background of Corneria, you can see a poster with General 
Pepper's face on it.

If you zoom in and look at a capsule, you'll notice a little label that 
says "Capsule" on it.

When a character is holding the Super Scope and aiming, they actually 
close one eye.

Speaking of the Super Scope, when Captain Falcon uses it, he shoots it 
from behind his back. Showoff!

In the background on Jungle Japes, you can see Cranky Kong sitting in a 
rocking chair, and occasionally getting up and pacing back and forth.

Captain Falcon's red costume changes his appearance to look like Blood 
Falcon, his clone.

Mario's yellow costume changes his clothes to match Wario, minus the W 
on his hat and gloves.

Peach's yellow costume gives her Princes Daisy's coloring.

On Roy's trophy you can clearly see a sheath, but when he is ingame, 
it's gone.

If you zoom in on a trophy in 1P mode, it will change to a "?" so you 
don't know what it is.

Just as the boat in Rainbow Cruise sinks, pause and look into the 
background. You can see some sort of village.

If you attack the laser cannons on the Greatfox in Corneria, they will 
eventually explode.

A certain background color will make your Ganondorf trophy have red 
eyes. Creepy.

Mewtwo's eyes change from purple to yellow for a split second when he 
gets hit. Perhaps his purple contact lenses fell off? <_<   >_>

If you zoom in from behind the Baby Mario trophy's head, it looks like 
a Panda Bear. Too strange.

For a split second when Samus jumps, you can see little blue streams of 
fire coming from her jetpack. Very cool.

In Great Bay, the moon in the background will slowly come towards 
Earth, only to be pushed back up by the four giants, just like in 
Majora's Mask.

If you zoom in on the baseball bat on Ness' trophy, you'll see it says 
"NETT Sports." Perhaps this is a sporting goods company?

In Brinstar, the Chozo Statue in the background will occasionally get 
up and move around.

If you zoom into the Metroid trophy you can see the elevator from Super 
Metroid reflected on it.

On Hyrule temple you can see little doors that go into some sort of 
dungeon on the little platform to the left and in the bottom left part 
of the stage, well hidden. Get ye flask!

The bottom of the Barrel Cannon reads "2L84ME," translating to "Too 
Late For Me" (2 = Too, L8 = Late, 4 = For, ME = Me)

Whenever someone has their eyes closed, a reflection or magnifying 
glass will show them with their eyes open.

In the All-Star teleporter, there is something in the background. It's 
pretty abstract, and I have no idea what the hell it's supposed to be.

Signs will occasionally fly by in Mute City that read "Smash 2," an 
obvious reference to SSBM.

A long bar will occasionally fly by in Mute City bearing concept art 
for an F-Zero game.

In Onett (Again!) there is a little chimney that will occasionally emit 

When you use Thunder with Pikachu or Pichu, there is actually a small, 
dark cloud at the top.

Advanced Tactics []

Here is where I list all of the special, advanced moves that you can 
always see the pros doing.

Short-Hop, then immediately air dodge diagonally down. Your character 
will slide along the ground. This may seem as useful as non-stick glue, 
but it does have a use. While Wavedashing, you can use move while 
moving that are normally only accessible while standing still, opening 
up huge combo possibilities. Note that some characters, like Bowser, 
can't Wavedash enough to do anything, but others, like Luigi, have 
enormous wavedashes.

Short-hopping is very simple. Press X or Y. You will notice that your 
character does not immediately jump, there is a delay. If you let go of 
X or Y before this slight delay is over, your character will jump half 
of their normal jump height.

L-Canceling is tricky. When you use an aerial move that causes a delay 
when you land, if you press L or R AS SOON AS YOU LAND, the delay is 
almost nonexistent. The best way to practice is to use Link's aerial 
Down+A, it has the most noticeable change.

When you jump, if you press down at the peak of your jump, you'll start 
falling much faster than normal.

Samus, Young Link, and Captain Falcon can all jump off of walls by 
pressing the opposite direction on the control stick when they hit it.

Shffl stands for Short-Hop-Fast-Fall-L-Cancel. What you do is short 
hop, do an aerial attack, fast fall down, and then L-Cancel. This lets 
you do aerial moves practically on the ground.

When you've been sent flying, if you press Left or Right as soon as you 
hit the ground, you'll quickly roll in that direction. This is useful 
not only for quick recovery, but also for getting away from your 

If you press L or R at the exact moment an attack hits you, you'll 
power shield, and use up minimal shielding. If done on a projectile, it 
reflects it, and if it's a Poké Ball, it even counts as yours!

Pretty simple. All you do is grab an edge when someone else is trying 
to get it, and they can't grab it because only one person can grab a 
ledge at one time.

Samus, Link, and Young Link's throws can be used to grab edges when 

This only works with Samus. Use her grab repeatedly, but not too 
quickly or you'll shield. As you're doing this, press the buttons on 
the D-Pad in a circular motion. Eventually her grappling beam will 
expand to a huge size, about 2 1/2 times as big as normal. You have to 
press Z when it hits an enemy to grab them, but L and R can make it 
home in on enemies.

You can catch a thrown item by pressing A as soon as it hits you. A 
good way to practice is to play catch with yourself. Toss a Mr. Saturn 
or similar item into the air, and try to catch it when it comes down.

Certain attacks have higher "priority" than others. When two attacks
hit each other, the one with the higher priority will cancel out the
other one. If two same-priority attacks connect, neither one will make
it through. Try to learn your attacks' priorities and use your higher
ones, but don't overuse them, or you'll become predictable. Also, keep
in mind, a higher-priority attack isn't necesairrily a stronger one.

Bowser's roll is pathetic. It goes next to no distance and leaves you
wide open for attack. Using Whirling Fortress on the ground and moving
that way is far more effective, as it goes much further, damages
opponents, and doesn't leave you open for very long.

This isn't easy, so I wouldn't urge you to try to get it unless Samus is
your main character. In midair, use Bomb, and when you drop down, use
another. You will bounce up into the explosion of the first bomb. Move
sideways, then repeat. This theoretically gives you infinite lateral
recovery, but it's hard to do continuously. Do not use your Screw Attack
until you're close enough to land on the platform with it, if at all,
because your Bomb will be disabled if you use it.

Unlike Samus' Bomb Jump, this doesn't provide infinite recover, just extra
recovery. When recovering, do your double jump, throw a bomb into the air,
and triple jump into it. You will get all the distance of a triple jump,
but now you can use it again! I suppose it might be possible to do it
again, but it would probably take too long. I've never heard anyone talk
about Young Link doing this, but I assume it's possible.

My favorite technique of all! Using Jigglypuff, grab someone while on a
destroyable platform and throw them down. Press Down+B really fast. The
platform below will break, cushioning the blow, and your Rest will
immediately connect. As far as I've seen, this is 100% impossible to
avoid. The only problem, of course, is getting your opponent onto a
destroyable platform, and then succesfully grabbing them.

This one kinda goes without saying. When against a computer, if it's giving
you trouble, remember these tips:

-A CPU Luigi will NEVER use Super Jump Punch to recover. He'll always use
Green Missile.
-A CPU Jigglypuff practically never uses Rest.
-The Giant DK in Adventure mode will often kill itself
-A Level 9 Ness in Kongo Jungle will kill itself when the match starts
every time.
-CPUs don't seem to know how to use a HomeRun Bat

Japanese Differences []

Not everything stays the same when you switch continents. Some of these 
are visible when you switch the language, others aren't. Ones that 
can't be done just by switching the language setting will be marked 
with a "#."

-All the text is in Japanese. Duh.
-Bowser is called Koopa
-Jigglypuff is called Purin
-DK is called D. Kong
-Ice Climbers are called Ice Climber
-Jigglypuff has a different voice
-Falco has two taunts, both of which have a different voice
-Topis are seals, not yetis. (#)
-Everything in the trophy collection room is based off of its Japanese 
-There is a Virtual Boy in the trophy collection room
-The Tamagon trophy is available (#)
-The announcer says, "Battle Royal" instead of, "Melee!" in vs. mode.
-In coin matches, he says, "Get the coins!" instead of, "Grab the 
-When a character's name is chanted, it sounds different
-Pokémon have different voices
-The "You Have Unlocked ____" messages have different titles (NEW RULE, 
-The slot machine in the lottery has its lever labeled "A"
-The Sound Test has Japanese characters in place of the CD and Horn. 
Probably a mistake, as the character in place of the CD still spins
when selected.
-Trophies are called Figures
-The Home Run contest is measured in meters
-Event Matches that let you choose your character are labeled "SELECT" 
-At the end of a stock match, the announcer says, "Game set!" instead 
of, "Game!"
-At the end of a timed match, the announcer says, "Time up!" instead 
of, "Time!"
-Trophies don't say "Japan Only."
-The Home-Run Contest platform is slightly bigger.

Comprehensive Movelist []

Here we are. Every move that every character can do. And I have to list
them all.


Note: For sanity reasons, I'm not going to be covering things such as sidestep
dodges or airdodges, it's just not worth the time.

Another note: I don't play at tournaments or anything, and I haven't mastered
every character inside and out, so I may be missing some strategies and popular
combos here.

Dr. Mario []

Dash - Sprint - Dr. Mario dashes across the stage. It's not the fastest
thing in the world, but it gets the job done.

Jump - Jump (Great name) - An average jump. Nothing great, just...okay.

Double Jump - Tumble - Not the highest jump in the world, but it looks
pretty cool.

A - Punch - A quick punch. You'll be using this a lot.

A,A - Punch, Punch, - Two punches. Only do this if you're going to do
the kick afterwards.

A,A,A - Punch, Punch, Kick - Two punches, then a kick. Relatively

A> - Kick - A spinning kick to the side. I personally wouldn't use
this all that much.

Av - Low Kick - Downsmash is much more useful.

A^ - Spinning Uppercut - Good for juggling.

Smash - Zap - Very useful move. A great KOer, also a pretty good edge-

Downsmash - Spinning Kick - I don't use it much, but it could come in
handy, I guess. Probably best against heavy characters.

Upsmash - Headbutt - Great for juggling if you have some time to

Dashing A - Sliding Kick - A great combo starter. Try repeatedly using
this on them so they can't move, then Smash Attack them away.

Aerial A - Kick - It's not bad, but I'd use a different attack.

Aerial A> - Down Punch - Sends the foe hurtling away. Has about the power
of your average spike, but it won't send them down every time.

Aerial Av - Driller Kicks - Practically worthless as a KOing move, but
if you need big damage fast, this is an awesome move.

Aerial A^ - Not too great. Does mediocre damage and has minimal
knockback. Don't bother.

Aerial A< - Might be useful for killing a stubborn enemy who almost died,
but not quite. It might be hard to recover after using it for this, so
you might want to only use it on stages like KIngdom II and Flat Zone.

B - Megavitamin - An okay projectile, but a terrific edge-guarder.

Smash B - Super Sheet - Turns the opponent around, making it useful for
opening them up for another attack. It can also reflect projectiles, so
it can be invaluable.

Down B - Dr. Tornado - When it shoots them out, it can be a prime
opportunity to unleash a deadly combo, so keep that in mind.

Up B - Super Jump Punch - Great for racking up damage, blasting people
off the top of the screen, and setting up combos. It's a very powerful

Grab - Hold - This has pretty short range, so be careful.

Pummel - Headbutt - Unless you're deperate for damage and you've got all
the time in the world, don't bother with this.

F Throw - Fling - An okay throw, but his B Throw is much better.

B Throw - Spin Throw - An extremely powerful attack. Highly

U Throw - Toss - Once again, a terrific combo starter.

D Throw - Slam - Not too great, but using Dr. Tornado directly after
can be effective if you can hit with it.

Get Up Attack - Twirling Kick - A good move if you have a bunch of
people around you. Use it if it's going to hit someone, but otherwise
just get up like normal.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Double Kick - It's...okay. I'd use it if there's
somebody there, but otherwise, just do your normal recovery.

Mario []

Dash - Sprint - Mario dashes across the stage. He's a bit faster than his
clone, but it's still pretty average.

Jump - Jump (Great name) - Ironically, although Mario is known for his
outstanding jumping ability, his SSBM jumps aren't too exciting. They're
pretty much average.

Double Jump - Tumble - It's not that high. Looks cool, though. :)

A - Punch - A normal punch.

A,A - Punch, Punch, - A punch, then another one. It's okay.

A,A,A - Punch, Punch, Kick - This is where the action is. It's not one of
those WHOAMG THIS IS AMAZING!!! moves, but it can set up KOs at higher

A> - Kick - It's not a bad move, but, like most tilts, it's hard to use
without smashing.

Av - Low Kick - I wouldn't really bother with this.

A^ - Spinning Uppercut - An excellent juggling move.

Smash - Flare - A wonderful smash. It's a great KOer and a very good edge
guarder. It's also convenient for ending juggles.

Downsmash - Spinning Kick - At high percentages, it can kill, but much
less effectively than some of his other moves, so don't really bother.

Upsmash - Headbutt - A perfect move for juggling and KOing, but only if
you can charge it up in time.

Dashing A - Sliding Kick - This is wonderful for juggles. Just like Dr.
Mario, you can run over, slide kick them, quickly turn around, and use it
again, then repeat. After you've gotten enough damage, use your Smash
attack to blow them away.

Aerial A - Kick - It's not bad, but I'd use a different attack.

Aerial A> - Down Punch - Sends the foe hurtling away. Has about the power
of your average spike, but it won't send them down every time.

Aerial Av - Driller Kicks - Practically worthless as a KOing move, but
if you need big damage fast, this is an awesome move.

Aerial A^ - Backflip Kick - Not too great. Does mediocre damage and has
minimal knockback. Don't bother.

Aerial A< - Double Kick- Might be useful for killing a stubborn enemy who
almost died, but not quite. It might be hard to recover after using it
for this, so you might want to only use it on stages like KIngdom II and
Flat Zone.

B - Fireball - It's not as good of an edgeguarder as Dr. Mario's
Megavitamin, but it's still okay. It's good for damaging a foe without
getting to close, though.

Smash B - Cape - Turns the opponent around, making it useful for opening
them up for another attack. It can also reflect projectiles, so it can be

Down B - Mario Tornado - When it shoots them out, it can be a prime
opportunity to unleash a deadly combo, so keep that in mind.

Up B - Super Jump Punch - Great for racking up damage, blasting people
off the top of the screen, and setting up combos. It's a very powerful

Grab - Hold - Maybe it's just me, but this seems to have more reach than
the Doctor's.

Pummel - Headbutt - Like most pummels, don't get too excited.

F Throw - Fling - An okay throw, but his B Throw is much better.

B Throw - Spin Throw - An extremely powerful attack. Highly recommended.

U Throw - Toss - Once again, a terrific combo starter.

D Throw - Slam - Not too great, but using Mario Tornado directly after
can be effective if you can hit with it.

Get Up Attack - Twirling Kick - A good move if you have a bunch of
people around you. Use it if it's going to hit someone, but otherwise
just get up like normal.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Double Kick - It's...okay. I'd use it if there's
somebody there, but otherwise, just do your normal recovery.

Luigi []

Dash - Sprint - Luigi dashes across the stage. Luigi's pretty fast.

Jump - Hop - A very good jump. Too bad Mario couldn't get one like this.

Double Jump - Tumble - Actually this is kind of average, as opposed to his
first jump.

A - Punch - A normal punch.

A,A - Punch, Punch, - A punch, then another one. It's okay.

A,A,A - Punch, Punch, Butt Bonk - Um... Luigi does an interesting variation
on Mario's triple A... From what I can tell, it's faster, but not quite as

A> - Kick - Meh, not enough knockback and average damage.

Av - Low Kick - I wouldn't really bother with this.

A^ - Swinging Punch - A good juggler.

Smash - Jab - A wonderful smash. It's a great KOer and a very good edge
guarder. It's also convenient for ending juggles.

Downsmash - Spinning Kick - At high percentages, it can kill, but much
less effectively than some of his other moves, so don't really bother. It's
decent at starting juggles, though.

Upsmash - Headbutt - A perfect move for juggling and KOing, but only if
you can charge it up in time.

Dashing A - Tantrum - Has zilch for knockback and mediocre damage, but it can
be used consistently to create a great combo.

Aerial A - Kick - Knocks them straight into the air. Good for upper KOs.

Aerial A> - Chop - Pretty good knockback. Good for KOing.

Aerial Av - Stomp - Decent knockback. Good KOing move at high percentages.

Aerial A^ - Backflip Kick - Not too great. Does mediocre damage and has
minimal knockback. Don't bother.

Aerial A< - Double Kick- Might be useful for killing a stubborn enemy who
almost died, but not quite. It might be hard to recover after using it
for this, so you might want to only use it on stages like Kingdom II and
Flat Zone.

B - Fireball - Unlike Mario's Fireballs, Luigi's Fireballs travel in a
straight line, oblivious to gravity. This hurts their edgeguarding

Smash B - Green Missile - Funny how the computer always uses this to
recover. Occasionally it will misfire and blast you across the screen.

Down B - Luigi Tornado - Doesn't suck them in like Mario's does. Because
you have to finish the move first, you can't really do any good combos
after it.

Up B - Super Jump Punch - Wonderful damage-giver, and if you activate the
move when you're practically inside of your enemy, it'll do tons of extra

Grab - Hold - Meh. Average.

Pummel - Headbutt - Like most pummels, don't get too excited.

F Throw - Fling - An okay throw, but his B Throw is much better.

B Throw - Spin Throw - An extremely powerful attack. Highly recommended.

U Throw - Toss - Once again, a terrific combo starter.

D Throw - Slam - Not too great.

Get Up Attack - Twirling Kick - A good move if you have a bunch of
people around you. Use it if it's going to hit someone, but otherwise
just get up like normal.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Double Kick - It's...okay. I'd use it if there's
somebody there, but otherwise, just do your normal recovery.

Bowser []

Dash - Motor - Apparently Bowser's hidden his old Mario Kart motor in his
shell and can use it to move. It's slow, but not as slow as you'd think.

Jump - Hop - A decent jump. Surprising for someone like Bowser.

Double Jump - Whirl - Pretty lousy.

A - Swipe - Eh, nothing special.

A,A - Swipe-Swipe - Two swipes. The second one is moderately powerful.

A> - Punch - Decent. Has about the same knockback as his second swipe, and
that's easier to use.

Av - Low Swipes - It's not a bad move, but Bowser's got better ones to use.

A^ - Sweeping Claw - A pretty good finisher, but his upsmash is a better one.

Smash - Headbutt - An excellent finisher.

Downsmash - Spin - A tremendous damage-causing move. It sucks the enemy in
and grinds them up, doing huge damage with decent knockback at the end.

Upsmash - Spikes - The perfect move for killing enemies who just barely
survived an upwards attack.

Dashing A - Headbutt - Pretty mediocre.

Aerial A - Spin - Meh.

Aerial A> - Slash - One of Bowser's better aerials.

Aerial Av - Upside Down Spin - Wonderful damage-racker.

Aerial A^ - Swipe - The move in itself is pretty good, but it's long charge
time kills it.

Aerial A< - Spike - Fair knockback, and pretty good damage.

B - Firebreath - BEST. EDGEGUARDER. EVAH. Also a pretty good damage-racker.

Smash B - Koopa Klaw - A wonderful move. If you hit dead-on (Which isn't that
hard), you'll grab the enemy, and, although you only have horizontal throws,
they're immensly powerful, especially the backwards one. You also get an
extra-powerful pummel.

Down B - Ground Pound - Hey! That's Mario's move! This move has good damage
and great knockback, but is prone to SDs.

Up B - Whirling Fortress - Pretty good damage, but horrible knockback.
However, seeing as how his Roll makes grown men cry, this is the perfect
replacement for it when used on the ground, as you can move while using it.

Grab - Grasp - Sub-par reach.

Pummel - Headbutt - Damage sucks, but it's a pretty fast move.

F Throw - Headbutt - Pretty bad.

B Throw - Hurl - It's okay...

U Throw - Grinder - Impressive damage, but average knockback.

D Throw - Body Slam - Knockback that couldn't move a feather, but it's got
repectable damage. Plus it just looks funny. :P

Get Up Attack - Swipe - It's slow, has minimal range, and does pathetic
damage, but at least it has good knockback.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Spike Wheel - Mediocre damage, but its surprisingly
fast and powerful for a ledge recovery attack.

Peach []

Dash - Run - Peach runs across the stage. Not that fast, but still okay.

Jump - Jump - Pretty sub-par. If you hold X, Y, or ^ after you jump, you can
float for about three seconds. While floating, you can move left or right.

Double Jump - Whirl - About the same as her single jump. If you didn't do the
float after her first jump, you can do it after this one.

A - Slap - Average.

A,A - Slap-Slap - Average, again.

A> - Up Kick - A decent juggler, which is unusual for a horizontal attack.

Av - Trip - Eh.

A^ - Headbutt - Not that great.

Smash - Frying Pan/Golf Club/Tennis Racket - The weapon you get is random,
but it will never be the one you got last time. Each weapon has its own
properties. The frying pan is the strongest, but also has the shortest range.
The golf club is the weakest, but has the best range. The tennis racket is
a balance of the two. The pan generally sends its target up, while the tennis
racket sends them down, and the golf club sends the straight out.

Downsmash - Spin - Heavy characters beware, this is your worst nightmare.
When used on a big, heavy character (Bowser being the best example), and you
are on a slope (So they can't get away as easily), it can do over 70% damage!

Upsmash - Driller - A great juggler.

Dashing A - Push - Average.

Aerial A - Spin - Nothing special.

Aerial A> - Smack - A powerful move, but it has a long delay, so it's almost

Aerial Av - Rapid Kicks - This can score up to four hits, making it an
exellent damage-racker.

Aerial A^ - Swipe - The move in itself is pretty good, but it's long charge
time kills it.

Aerial A< - Kick - Good finisher.

B - Toad - A blocking move.

Smash B - Peach Bomber - A small delay, but if you can hit with this move,
your enemy is toast. It's extremely powerful, and pretty fast after the
delay. If you're a cheap player, there's an annoying tactic using this move
that, assuming you can get the first K.O., pretty much assures you a win in
Time matches. Hitting a wall with PB will send you up a little, so if you get
one kill, and then jump off the side and continuously use the move until the
match ends, you'll win, assuming they weren't able to reach you, which they
usually aren't.

Down B - Turnip - The turnip has a random face, which determines its power.
The standard :) face is the most common, and thus the weakest. There are many
faces, such as ;), O_O, ._., ^_^, -_- and a bizzare one that looks kinda like
=_=, but with a stiched up mouth and sad eyebrows. It's pretty dang powerful
for a turnip. Very, VERY rarely, Peach may also dig up Mr. Saturns, Beam
Swords, and Bob-ombs.

Up B - Parasol - Another one of those "score-a-billion-and-one-hits-in-one-
move" attacks. It also acts like the Parasol item, so you get an easier

Grab - Hold - Decent reach.

Pummel - Stomp - Meh, not that great.

F Throw - Smack - Bleah.

B Throw - Bounce - Not that good, but it's okay.

U Throw - Push - Damage isn't too good, but the knockback is impressive.

D Throw - Body Slam - Average.

Get Up Attack - Spinning Kick - Not the greatest damage in the world, but the
knockback is sufficient.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Tackle - Not very good.

Yoshi []

Dash - Run - Yoshi blasts across the stage at top speed. He's not exactly
a speed demon, but it's above average.

Jump - Jump - Slightly above-average.

Double Jump - Flutter - Yoshi's double jump is collosal, but he doesn't have
a triple one. Go figure.

A - Kick - Average.

A,A - Kick-kick - Average, again.

A> - Kick - Eh.

Av - Tailwhip - It's okay, but nothing to write home about.

A^ - Headbutt - An okay juggler, but nothing special.

Smash - Headbutt - A good finisher.

Downsmash - Double Tailwhip - Good knockback and impressive damage.

Upsmash - Headbutt - A great juggler.

Dashing A - Tackle - Not very good.

Aerial A - Kick - Okay damage and knockback.

Aerial A> - Headbutt - Knockback leaves a lot to be desired, but the damage
is alright.

Aerial Av - Rapid Kicks - Sweet Jesus you can do a lot of damage with this!
This move is PERFECT for killing Master/Crazy Hand and for annihilating
Sandbag. If timed correctly, it can do over 50% damage!

Aerial A^ - Talwhip - A great juggling move. Also a good finisher.

Aerial A< - Triple Tailwhip - Terrible knockback, but decent damage.

B - Swallow - Pretty good move if you know how to use it.

Smash B - Egg Roll - Egg Roll is a powerful move, but you need to know how to
control it.

Down B - Ground Pound - Hey! First Bowser, now Yoshi, when does Mario get to
use it? Anyway, it's a pretty strong move, but easy to kill yourself with,
especially if you use it from the ground. The stars that appear after the
attack can to light damage.

Up B - Egg Toss - Seeing as how Yoshi got a godly double jump, his third one
got replaced by a projectile. You can control the distance and direction of
the egg by pushing the control stick.

Grab - Swallow - Excellent reach.

Pummel - Chew - Eh.

F Throw - Spit - Not that good.

B Throw - Spit - Slightly better.

U Throw - Spit >_> - Average.

D Throw - Slam - Not bad, actually.

Get Up Attack - Spinning Tailwhip - Sub-par damage, but the knockback is
pretty good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Tailwhip - Average.

Donkey Kong []

Dash - Sprint - Surprisingly fast.

Jump - Jump - Average.

Double Jump - Summersault - Horrible.

A - Punch - Average.

A,A - Punch-punch - This does some pretty good damage for a neutral A.

A> - Smack - Average damage and knockback.

Av - Trip - Meh.

A^ - Swipe - Pretty good juggler.

Smash - Clap - An excellent finisher, very powerful.

Downsmash - Double Punch - Kind of an awkward move, but the damage is okay
and the knockback isn't bad.

Upsmash - Clap - A pretty good juggler, and an excellent finisher.

Dashing A - Kick - Kind of awkward, and it deals average damage.

Aerial A - Spin - Average.

Aerial A> - Clobber - Pretty god knockback, but sub-par damage.

Aerial Av - Stomp - A pretty powerful spike move, but it can be hard to
recover after using it.

Aerial A^ - Headbutt - Meh.

Aerial A< - Kick - Abysmal knockback and sub-par damage.

B - Giant Punch - Donkey Kong's trump card. If you can fully charge it, your
enemy as might as well just jump off the stage now and save you the trouble.

Smash B - Headbutt - This move does pathetic damage and has zero knockback,
but seeing as how your enemy is stuck in the ground for a few seconds, you're
free to beat on them until the escape. Also, when they pop out is the perfect
time to start a combo.

Down B - Ground Slap - A Wire Frame's worst nightmare. This move is lethal
against teams, and decent in other fights.

Up B - Monkey Copter - It won't lift you up very far, but it's got some
terrific horizontal power.

Grab - Grasp - Pretty good reach.

Pummel - Karate Chop - Same as always, don't get too excited.

F Throw - Carry - Ah, DK's classic forward throw. If you have more lives than
your opponent, you can just keep on dragging them off the edge with you until
they run out of lives.

B Throw - Hurl - Not bad.

U Throw - Fling - Pretty good.

D Throw - Smash - Pretty good.

Get Up Attack - Double Punch - Damage sucks, but the knockback gets the job

Ledge Recovery Attack - Tackle - Good knockback, but since you go flying
along with them, you won't really knock them away.

Captain Falcon []

Dash - Sprint - Best in the game!

Jump - Soar - Eh.

Double Jump - Flip - Horrible.

A - Punch - Average.

A,A - Punch-Punch - Meh.

A,A,A - Punch-Punch-Blitz - This is one of those moves that makes you attack
like there's no tomorrow until you stop pressing A.

A> - Kick - Decent.

Av - Breakdance - Damage is pretty good.

A^ - Down Kick - Not bad.

Smash - Elbow - An excellent move.

Downsmash - Swinging Kick - Decent.

Upsmash - Roundhouse Kick - Very powerful.

Dashing A - Shoulder - Not too great.

Aerial A - Double Kick - Meh.

Aerial A> - t3h knee - You kinda have to be a regular at the Smashboards or the
SSBM GameFAQs message boards to get the inside joke here. "t3h knee" has the
mysterious ability to zap the enemy and blast them away. Very powerful.

Aerial Av - Stomp - A good spike move.

Aerial A^ - Flip Kick - Eh.

Aerial A< - Jab - Damage is pretty good.

B - Say it with me, "FALCON PUNCH!" - A hugely powerful attack with a long

Smash B - Raptor Boost - Pretty dang powerful. He aims down if you're in the
air, and up if you're grounded.

Down B - Falcon Kick - Pretty fast and powerful.

Up B - Falcom Dive - It's a decent recovery move, but if it connects with an
enemy, you can use it again. Note that this functions as a grab move, which
means that it goes through shields, and can't affect Master Hand, Crazy Hand,
and Giga Bowser.

Grab - Hold - Meh.

Pummel - Knee - Nothing too exciting.

F Throw - Punch - Average.

B Throw - Kick - It's alright.

U Throw - Uppercut - Not very good.

D Throw - Smash - It's...okay. If you use it on a ledge, they won't go flying
down, they'll just bounce off of nothing.

Get Up Attack - Kick - Pretty good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Kick - Knockback is pretty good, but the damage isn't
all that great.

Ganondorf []

Dash - Sprint - Well, it's not BAD...

Jump - Soar - Eh.

Double Jump - Flip - Horrible.

A - Punch - Pretty good knockback for a punch.

A> - Kick - Decent.

Av - Breakdance - Damage is pretty good.

A^ - Explosion Kick - It's pathetically slow, but if you can actually hit with
the blasted thing, it's almost always a K.O..

Smash - Elbow - An excellent move.

Downsmash - Swinging Kick - The second kick blasts them skyward for some
cryptic reason. Very powerful.

Upsmash - Roundhouse Kick - Very powerful.

Dashing A - Shoulder - Knockback is okay, but the damage is huge for a dashing

Aerial A - Double Kick - Meh.

Aerial A> - Pound - Not bad.

Aerial Av - Stomp - An exceedingly powerful spike move.

Aerial A^ - Flip Kick - Eh.

Aerial A< - Jab - Not that great.

B - Warlock Punch - A ludicrously overpowered punch. Too bad it takes so long
to activate.

Smash B - Gerudo Dragon - Pretty dang powerful. He aims down if you're in the
air, and up if you're grounded.

Down B - Wizard's Foot - It's not as fast as CF's, but it's more powerful.

Up B - Dark Dive - It's a decent recovery move, but if it connects with an
enemy, you can use it again. Note that this functions as a grab move, which
means that it goes through shields, and can't affect Master Hand, Crazy Hand,
and Giga Bowser.

Grab - Hold - Meh.

Pummel - Knee - Nothing too exciting.

F Throw - Punch - Average.

B Throw - Kick - It's alright.

U Throw - Uppercut - Not very good.

D Throw - Smash - It's...okay. If you use it on a ledge, they won't go flying
down, they'll just bounce off of nothing.

Get Up Attack - Kick - Pretty good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Kick - Knockback is pretty good, but the damage isn't
all that great.

Falco []

Dash - Sprint - Bleah.

Jump - Leap - Pretty good.

Double Jump - Flip - Not bad at all.

A - Punch - Average.

A,A - Punch-Punch - Nothing special.

A,A,A - Punch-Punch-Frenzy - It's another one of those moves that just keeps on
going and going until you stop pressing A.

A> - Kick - Decent.

Av - Spin - He does it so quickly it's hard to tell that he's actually
spinning! It's an okay move.

A^ - Up Kick - O_O Looks like Falco's a gymnast! This move is a pretty good

Smash - Swift Kick - Very powerful, a good finisher.

Downsmash - Split Kick - Not very good.

Upsmash - Flip Kick - An excellent juggler and finisher.

Dashing A - Shoulder - Knockback is okay, but the damage is huge for a dashing

Aerial A - Kick - Meh.

Aerial A> - Kicks - Arguably one of the longest attacks in the game. I assume
that if you were able to hit with every kick that you would do preposterous
amounts of damage, but it's essentially impossible to do that.

Aerial Av - Driller - Meh.

Aerial A^ - Flip Kick - Not bad.

Aerial A< - Kick - Eh.

B - Blaster - It's not as fast as Fox's, but it actually moves your opponent.

Smash B - Falco Phantasm - Pretty good attack, and it doubles as a recovery.

Down B - Reflector - This can reflect projectiles, and it sends the enemy
upwards if you hit them with it.

Up B - Fire Bird - A pretty good recovery. You can control the direction it
goes in by pushing the control stick while it's charging.

Grab - Hold - Meh.

Pummel - Knee - Nothing too exciting.

F Throw - Headbutt - Not too great.

B Throw - Blaster Shots - Decent.

U Throw - Blaster - Okay.

D Throw - Blaster Blitz - Falco goes nuts and mutilates them with the Blaster.
Pretty cool looking, but it's not a very good throw.

Get Up Attack - Kick - Eh.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Slide Kick - Well, it's not the best attack in the
world, but it's superbly fast, especially for a ledge attack.

Fox []

Dash - Sprint - Very good.

Jump - Flip - Eh.

Double Jump - Flip - Average.

A - Punch - Average.

A,A - Punch-Punch - Nothing special.

A,A,A - Punch-Punch-Frenzy - It's another one of those moves that just keeps on
going and going until you stop pressing A.

A> - Kick - Decent.

Av - Spin - He does it so quickly it's hard to tell that he's actually
spinning! It's an okay move.

A^ - Up Kick - O_O Looks like Fox is a gymnast! This move is a pretty good

Smash - Swift Kick - Very powerful, a good finisher.

Downsmash - Split Kick - Not very good.

Upsmash - Flip Kick - An excellent juggler and finisher.

Dashing A - Jumping Kick - Not too good.

Aerial A - Kick - Meh.

Aerial A> - Kicks - Arguably one of the longest attacks in the game. I assume
that if you were able to hit with every kick that you would do preposterous
amounts of damage, but it's essentially impossible to do that.

Aerial Av - Driller - This one actually combos them, but it still doesn't do
much damage.

Aerial A^ - Flip Kick - Not bad.

Aerial A< - Kick - Eh.

B - Blaster - It extremely fast, but it won't move them at ALL, not even at

Smash B - Fox Illusion - Pretty good attack, and it doubles as a recovery.

Down B - Reflector - This can reflect projectiles, and it sends the enemy
downwards if you hit them with it.

Up B - *coughMozillacough* Fire Fox - A pretty good recovery. You can control
the direction it goes in by pushing the control stick while it's charging.

Grab - Hold - Meh.

Pummel - Knee - Nothing too exciting.

F Throw - Punch - Not too great.

B Throw - Blaster Shots - Decent.

U Throw - Blaster - Okay.

D Throw - Blaster Blitz - Fox goes nuts and mutilates them with the Blaster.
Pretty cool looking, but it's not a very good throw.

Get Up Attack - Kick - Eh.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Slide Kick - Well, it's not the best attack in the
world, but it's superbly fast, especially for a ledge attack.

Ness []

Dash - Run - Not bad.

Jump - Jump - Pretty good.

Double Jump - Float - WHOA! This is huge!

A - Punch - Average.

A,A - Punch-Punch - Nothing special.

A,A,A - Punch-Punch-Kick - Average.

A> - Kick - Decent.

Av - Low Kick - Pretty bad.

A^ - Push - Decent juggler.

Smash - Baseball Bat - Very powerful, a good finisher.

Downsmash - Yo-yo - Horrible.

Upsmash - Yo-yo Swing - Pretty good.

Dashing A - PSI Blast - It looks freakin' awesome, but it's not a very good

Aerial A - Spin - Meh.

Aerial A> - Shock - Very good at racking up damage.

Aerial Av - Stomp - A pretty good spike move.

Aerial A^ - Headbutt - It's okay.

Aerial A< - Double Kick - Not too great.

B - PK Flash - It's okay when its uncharged, but if you fully charge it, it's
HUGE. You can move it a little with the control stick.

Smash B - PK Fire - This is great for racking up damage. It goes down if used
in the air.

Down B - PSI Magnet - This will suck up all energy attacks and heal you,

Up B - PK Thunder - You can guide it with the Control Stick. If you hit
yourself with it, it can act as a third jump.

Grab - Grab - Average.

Pummel - Headbutt - Nothing too exciting.

F Throw - Blast - Excellent.

B Throw - Blast - Extremely good.

U Throw - Blast - Pretty good.

D Throw - Eruption - Looks awesome, but isn't that good.

Get Up Attack - Spinning Kick - Not too good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Double Kick - Not bad.

Ice Climbers []

Dash - Run - Not bad.

Jump - Jump - Average.

Double Jump - Jump - Pretty good.

A - Hammer Swing - Average.

A,A - Hammer Swing-Hammer Uppercut - Nothing special.

A> - Quick Hammer Swing - Decent.

Av - Low Hammer Swing - Not too good.

A^ - Driller - Very good damage-racker.

Smash - Hammer Smash - Pretty good.

Downsmash - Hammer Spin - It's okay...

Upsmash - Upwards Hammer Swing - A good juggler.

Dashing A - Lunge - It's outstanding as far as dashing attacks go, but if you
use it too close to an enemy, you'll miss them.

Aerial A - Spin - Meh.

Aerial A> - Smash - A good move of which the usefullnes is hurt due to the lag.

Aerial Av - Hammer Dive - Damage is pretty good, knockback sucks.

Aerial A^ - Hammer - Damage is HUGE, and the knockback is pretty good, too.

Aerial A< - Swing - Pretty good.

B - Ice Shot - Not as good as it looks.

Smash B - Squall Hammer - Not as good of a damage-racker as it might appear.

Down B - Blizzard - This has a decent chance of freezing the enemy.

Up B - Belay - If you still have both Ice Climbers, this is enormous. If Nana
is missing, it doesn't do squat.

Grab - Grab - Not very good.

Pummel - Attack - Since Nana is helping you, this can actually do some pretty
nice damage.

F Throw - Smack - Not bad.

B Throw - Fling - Okay.

U Throw - Smash - Decent.

D Throw - Smash - Bleah.

Get Up Attack - Hammer - Knockback is impressive, but the damage isn't too

Ledge Recovery Attack - Double Kick - Meh.

Kirby []

Dash - Run - Not bad, not good.

Jump - Jump - Meh.

Double Jump - Float - HUGE.

A - Punch - Average.

A,A - Punch-Punch - Nothing special.

A,A,A - Punch-Punch-Frenzy - Another one of those "OMFG I'M GONNA BEAT YOU TO
OBLIVION!!!1!" moves where the character goes ballistic on their enemy.

A> - Kick - Knockback is pretty good.

Av - Low Kick - Okay.

A^ - Up Kick - It's an okay juggler, but his upsmash is far superior.

Smash - Jump Kick - Pretty good.

Downsmash - Spin Kicks - Not too great.

Upsmash - Flip Kick - A good juggler.

Dashing A - Fireball - Not very good.

Aerial A - Spin - Not good, not bad.

Aerial A> - Triple Kick - Pretty good.

Aerial Av - Driller - Good damage racker, but the lag hurts it.

Aerial A^ - Flip Kick - Bleah.

Aerial A< - Double Kick - Meh.

B - Copy - You can copy your enemy's B move with this, or just leap off an
edge with them in your mouth.

Smash B - Hammer - The damage is pretty good, and the knockback can be lethal
at high speeds.

Down B - Stone - It's kind of an awkward move, but it can be lethal. Watch out
for breakable and slanted platforms, because you can die if you use this move
above them.

Up B - Final Cutter - Pretty good, especially when you realize that this is
used after Kirby's über-double-jump.

Grab - Hold - Better than it looks, but still not very good.

Pummel - Punch - Same as always. Not very good.

F Throw - Dive - This would be the perfect suicide move, except your opponent
has a good chance of escaping.

B Throw - Dive - Now, THIS is the perfect suicide move!

U Throw - Smash - If you're facing backwards on a ledge, this is ANOTHER
suicide move, but otherwise it's crap.

D Throw - Frenzy - Not bad.

Get Up Attack - Spin - Knockback is pretty good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Down Kick - Knockback is alright.

Samus []

Dash - Jog - Not bad, not good.

Jump - Jetpack - Meh.

Double Jump - Spin - Okay.

A - Punch - Average.

A,A - Punch-Punch - Nothing special.

A> - Kick - Pretty good.

Av - Flamethrower Burst - Much better than it looks.

A^ - Down Kick - Decent.

Smash - Barrel Punch - Not too great.

Downsmash - Spin Kick - Bleah.

Upsmash - Flamethrower - A good damage-racker.

Dashing A - Shoulder - Meh.

Aerial A - Kick - VERY powerful.

Aerial A> - Flamethrower - Pretty good.

Aerial Av - Smash - A good spike, though a little hard to aim.

Aerial A^ - Driller Kicks - A decent damage racker.

Aerial A< - Kick - Pretty good.

B - Charge Shot - This takes about two and a half seconds to charge. When it's
uncharged, it's not too good. If it's fully charged, though, it's lethal.

Smash B - Missile - If you smash this, it won't home in, but it'll be faster,
go further, and will be more powerful. If you tilt, it won't go as far, won't
be as fast, and will be weaker, but it will home in on a nearby enemy.

Down B - Bomb - A decent move. There is a "Bomb-jump" technique that gives you
infinite horizontal recovery, but is exceedingly hard to do. I can't remember
how to do it, so if you could e-mail me the method, that would be great.

Up B - Screw Attack - A good damage-racker, and a pretty good recovery, too.

Grab - Grappling Beam - HUGE. There is a secret technique which lets you double
the length of the beam AND let it home in on attacks. What you do is repeatedly
grab as fast as you can, but not so fast that you shield. While you're doing
this, rotate buttons on the D-Pad. After a few tries, the beam should double
in length. You now have to press A or Z when it connects with an enemy to grab 
them, it won't do it on its own. While it's out, pressing L (But not R) will
make it home in on an enemy. This even lets you grab an enemy that's behind
you! The beam will stay in this state until you die. You can also use the beam
(extended or not) to grab onto ledges from a distance, and then press Z or A to
pull yourself up.

Pummel - Punch - Same as always. Nothing special.

F Throw - Whip - Looks freakin' cool, but it's only mediocre in terms of

B Throw - Fling - Not bad.

U Throw - Fire - Pretty good.

D Throw - Smash - Not bad.

Get Up Attack - Swing Kick - Not too good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Kick - Knockback is alright.

Zelda []

Dash - Fast Walk - Not very good.

Jump - Leap - Meh.

Double Jump - Spin - Okay.

A - Spark - Meh.

A> - Sparks - Pretty good.

Av - Low Kick - This move can annoyingly trap an enemy, preventing them from
escape, making it very useful.

A^ - Sparks - Decent.

Smash - Flash - Damage is excellent. Knockback, not so much.

Downsmash - Spin Kick - Decent.

Upsmash - Spell - A TREMENDOUS damage racker.

Dashing A - Sparks - Not bad.

Aerial A - Spin - Okay.

Aerial A> - Magic Kick - Not bad.

Aerial Av - Kick - Bleah.

Aerial A^ - Explosion - WHOA! REALLY powerful!

Aerial A< - Magic Kick - Not that good.

B - Nayru's Love - A good damage racker. This can reflect projectiles.

Smash B - Din's Fire - It's an okay move, but you can aim it, so that makes it
really useful. 

Down B - Transform - See Sheik's moveset, below.

Up B - Teleport - WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can even aim it!

Grab - Telekinesis - Okay.

Pummel - Zap - Same as always. Nothing special.

F Throw - Blast - Knockback is good.

B Throw - Fling - Okay.

U Throw - Blast - Okay. >_>

D Throw - Sparks - Decent.

Get Up Attack - Spin - Bleah.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Kicks - Okay.

Sheik []

Dash - Sprint - Pretty fast.

Jump - Leap - Meh.

Double Jump - Frontflip - Okay.

A - Slash - Meh.

A,A - Slash-Slash - Decent.

A,A,A - Slash-Slash-Blitz - Yet another WHOAMFG IMMA GUNNA KIL J00!!1! attack.
Pretty good.

A> - Kick - Pretty good.

Av - Spin - Not too great.

A^ - Up Kick - Decent.

Smash - Double Jump Kick - Pretty good.

Downsmash - Breakdance - Pretty good.

Upsmash - Double Slash - A surprisingly good juggler, if you can hit with it.

Dashing A - Slash - Very fast, but not that good.

Aerial A - Kick - Okay.

Aerial A> - Slash - Okay, but it's hard to aim.

Aerial Av - Stomp - Bleah.

Aerial A^ - Driller Kicks - Unlike most moves of this type, this is really more
of a hard-hitter than a damage-racker.

Aerial A< - Kick - Okay.

B - Needle Storm - You can charge this up to throw more needles. When in the
air, they go diagonally down.

Smash B - Chain - A good damage-dealer. If you hold B, you can move it around.
When used in the air, Sheik will pause for a second, but then she'll begin
falling as if she had just used an Up+B attack.

Down B - Transform - See Zelda's moveset, above.

Up B - Vanish - Very good.

Grab - Grab - Meh.

Pummel - Stab - Same as always. Nothing special.

F Throw - Toss - Meh.

B Throw - Kick - Okay.

U Throw - Double Up Kick - Decent.

D Throw - Pound - Bleah.

Get Up Attack - Kicks - Knockback is fair.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Sliding Kick - Pretty good.

Link []

Dash - Sprint - Okay.

Jump - Leap - Meh.

Double Jump - Tumble - Okay.

A - Slash - Meh.

A,A - Slash-Slash - Decent.

A,A,A - Slash-Slash-Blitz - This is yet another WHOAMFG IMMA GUNNA KIL J00!!1!
attack. Pretty good, but a little harder to combo with than other attacks.

A> - Down Slash - Okay.

Av - Low Slash - Very good.

A^ - Up Slash - A good juggler.

Smash - Slash - Very good.

Smash,A - Slash-Slash - You can actually do another attack after the slash.
This one isn't very good, but is makes the range enormous.

Downsmash - Low Slashes - Not very good.

Upsmash - Triple Up Slash - Excellent. The last slash is the strongest, the
first one is in the middle, and the second one is the weakest. Very good
juggler and finisher.

Dashing A - Slash - Okay.

Aerial A - Kick - Okay.

Aerial A> - Slash Spin - Decent.

Aerial Av - Dive - A great spike, but if you miss, you're toast.

Aerial A^ - Upward Stab - A great juggler.

Aerial A< - Double Back Kicks - Not too great.

B - Arrow - You can charge this, but you won't be able to keep it. You
have to fire it before you can move again.

Smash B - Boomerang - If you can aim this well, it's deadly.

Down B - Bomb - This WILL explode in your hands, so be careful.

Up B - Spin Attack - Excellent.

Grab - Hookshot - A great grab. You can use it to grab ledges.

Pummel - Cut - Eh.

F Throw - Kick - Meh.

B Throw - Kick - Okay.

U Throw - Slash - Pretty good.

D Throw - Smash - Bleah.

Get Up Attack - Slash - Not all that good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Down Slash - Knockback is surprisingly good.

Young Link []

Dash - Sprint - Not bad.

Jump - Leap - Pretty good.

Double Jump - Tumble - Okay.

A - Slash - Meh.

A,A - Slash-Slash - Decent.

A,A,A - Slash-Slash-Blitz - This is yet another WHOAMFG IMMA GUNNA KIL J00!!1!
attack. Pretty good, but a little harder to combo with than other attacks.

A> - Down Slash - Okay.

Av - Low Slash - Very good.

A^ - Up Slash - A good juggler.

Smash - Slash - Very good.

Smash,A - Slash-Slash - You can actually do another attack after the slash.
This one isn't very good, but is makes the range enormous.

Downsmash - Low Slashes - Not very good.

Upsmash - Triple Up Slash - Excellent. The last slash is the strongest, the
first one is in the middle, and the second one is the weakest. Very good
juggler and finisher.

Dashing A - Slash - Okay.

Aerial A - Kick - Okay.

Aerial A> - Slash Spin - Decent.

Aerial Av - Dive - A great spike, but if you miss, you're toast.

Aerial A^ - Upward Stab - A great juggler.

Aerial A< - Double Back Kicks - Not too great.

B - Fire Arrow - You can charge this, but you won't be able to keep it. You
have to shoot it before you can move again.

Smash B - Boomerang - If you can aim this well, it's deadly.

Down B - Bomb - This WILL explode in your hands, so be careful.

Up B - Spin Attack - Excellent.

Grab - Hookshot - A great grab. You can use it to grab ledges.

Pummel - Cut - Eh.

F Throw - Kick - Meh.

B Throw - Kick - Okay.

U Throw - Slash - Pretty good.

D Throw - Smash - Bleah.

Get Up Attack - Slash - Not all that good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Down Slash - Knockback is surprisingly good.

Pichu []

Dash - Dash - Pretty good.

Jump - Jump - Okay.

Double Jump - Jump - Meh.

A - Headbutt - Not good, but it's fast, and can combo easily.

A> - Kick - Okay.

Av - Spin - Not bad, not good.

A^ - Tailwhip - Actually pretty good if you use it quickly.

Smash - Shock - Pretty good.

Downsmash - Spin - Not very good.

Upsmash - Headbutt - Good juggler.

Dashing A - Headbutt - Bleah.

Aerial A - Spin - Not bad.

Aerial A> - Spark - It's good, but it damages Pichu so much that it's not
really worth it.

Aerial Av - Sparks - Better than you think.

Aerial A^ - Spin - Not that great.

Aerial A< - Cyclone - Not as good as it looks.

B - Thundershock - If aimed at a platform, it'll skip along it. If aimed at
open space, it'll just float down in the form of a spark.

Smash B - Skull Bash - A good attack, and it works as a recovery, too.

Down B - Thunder - This attack comes from above, so make sure nothing you don't
want to hit is above you. If you get a running start, jump, and then use it in
midair, you can avoid the damage it does to you.

Up B - Quick Attack - You can use this twice, and you can aim it both times.

Grab - Grab - Not very good, but it's cute. ^_^

Pummel - Shock - It's just as crappy as all the other pummels, but it also
damages you. WORST. MOVE. EVAR.

F Throw - Sparks - Not too great.

B Throw - Roll - Okay.

U Throw - Headbutt - Bleah.

D Throw - Smash - Not too good.

Get Up Attack - Spin - Damage sucks, but the knockback is excellent.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Kick - Damage isn't good, but the knockback, once
again, is awesome.

Pikachu []

Dash - Dash - Excellent.

Jump - Jump - Okay.

Double Jump - Frontflip - Meh.

A - Headbutt - Not good, but it's fast, and can combo easily.

A> - Kick - Okay.

Av - Spin - Not bad, not good.

A^ - Tailwhip - Actually pretty good if you use it quickly.

Smash - Shock - Pretty good.

Downsmash - Spin - Not very good.

Upsmash - Headbutt - Good juggler.

Dashing A - Headbutt - Bleah.

Aerial A - Spin - Not bad.

Aerial A> - Spark - Not that good.

Aerial Av - Sparks - Better than you think.

Aerial A^ - Spin - Not that great.

Aerial A< - Cyclone - Not as good as it looks.

B - Thundershock - If aimed at a platform, it'll skip along it. If aimed at
open space, it'll just float down in the form of a spark.

Smash B - Skull Bash - A good attack, and it works as a recovery, too.

Down B - Thunder - This attack comes from above, so make sure nothing you don't
want to hit is above you.

Up B - Quick Attack - You can use this twice, and you can aim it both times.

Grab - Grab - Not very good.

Pummel - Shock - Bad, as usual.

F Throw - Sparks - Not too great.

B Throw - Roll - Okay.

U Throw - Headbutt - Bleah.

D Throw - Smash - Not too good.

Get Up Attack - Spin - Damage sucks, but the knockback is excellent.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Kick - Damage isn't good, but the knockback, once
again, is awesome.

Jigglypuff []

Dash - Dance - Bleah.

Jump - Jump - Okay.

Double Jump - Float - HUGE!

A - Punch - Meh.

A,A - Punch-Punch - Nothing special.

A> - Kick - Eh.

Av - Low Kick - Good, but not great.

A^ - High Kick - A decent juggler.

Smash - Jump Kick - Okay.

Downsmash - Kicks - Meh.

Upsmash - Headbutt - Good juggler.

Dashing A - Headbutt - Okay.

Aerial A - Kick - Okay.

Aerial A> - Double Kick - Not bad.

Aerial Av - Driller Kicks - Just by looking at the name, you should be able to
tell that this is a good damage-racker.

Aerial A^ - Swing - Actually a good juggler.

Aerial A< - Swinging Kick - Better than it looks. Using this consistantly to
push an enemy off the stage is called The Wall of Pain.

B - Rollout - Good if you can control it, horrendous if you can't.

Smash B - Pound - Pretty good.

Down B - Rest - BANZAI!!! If you can hit with this move, it's almost always a

Up B - Sing - Since Jiggs has an awesome double jump, her Up+B is swapped for a
new attack. This won't damage an enemy, but it will put them to sleep.
Unfortunately, by the time you're done singing, they'll be awake again, so it's
best to use it in Team Matches, where your teammate can attack them while
they're asleep.

Grab - Grab - Not all that good.

Pummel - Punch - Bad.

F Throw - Puff - Pretty good.

B Throw - Smash - Not bad.

U Throw - Fling - MUCH better than you think!

D Throw - Grinder - Not as good as it looks.

Get Up Attack - Spin - Meh.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Kick - Knockback is alright.

Mewtwo []

Dash - Float - Bleah.

Jump - Jump - Okay.

Double Jump - Float - Pretty dang huge.

A - Shock - Pretty good.

A,A - Shock-Dark Powder - Another insane, multi-hit attack.

A> - Tailwhip - Not that great.

Av - Spin - An alright juggler.

A^ - Tailwhip - A decent juggler.

Smash - Blast - Okay.

Downsmash - Point of d00mz - Pretty powerful.

Upsmash - Powder Blast - Pretty powerful, a good juggler.

Dashing A - Powder Tackle - Not too great.

Aerial A - Sparks - A great damage-racker.

Aerial A> - Slash - Not bad.

Aerial Av - Swipe - It's a spike, but it's hard to aim, and it's really slow.

Aerial A^ - Tailwhip Backflip - Pretty good.

Aerial A< - Tailwhip - Not bad.

B - Shadow Ball - Works pretty much like Samus' charge shot, but it's smaller,
is more unpredictable, and can hurt enemies while it's charging.

Smash B - Confusion - Not useful, but it's annoying. >:D

Down B - Disable - If you're facing them and they're facing you, you can, well,
disable them for a while. If you use it again while they're still confused,
they'll be sent flying away, and given 1% damage.

Up B - Teleport - It's fast, doesn't leave you open, and it goes pretty far,
but it won't work as an attack, sadly.

Grab - Psychic - Better than most.

Pummel - Shock - Sucks, like it always does.

F Throw - Bombard - HORRIBLE. Nowhere NEAR as good as it looks, not even for

B Throw - Blast - Now, this, on the other hand, is wonderful. Use it in stages
like Kingdom II and Flat Zone when you're standing at the egde.

U Throw - Blast - Also very powerful.

D Throw - Smash - Not that good.

Get Up Attack - Zap - Knockback is pretty good.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Tail Smack - Okay.

Mr. Game & Watch []

Dash - Sprint - Pretty good. Looks hillarious, too.

Jump - Jump - Okay.

Double Jump - Jump - Not bad.

A - Bug Spray - It's fast, so you can combo with it.

A> - Chair - Okay.

Av - Tile - Pretty good.

A^ - Flag - Good juggler.

Smash - Torch - Pretty good.

Downsmash - Double Hammers - Not bad.

Upsmash - Diver's Helmet - Pretty good juggler.

Dashing A - Lunge - Okay.

Aerial A - Parachute - Biggest aerial attack in the game.

Aerial A> - CREDIT CARD OF DOOM!!! - This is what happens to you when you don't
pay your credit card bills. It's a pretty good attack.

Aerial Av - Key Dive - Not bad.

Aerial A^ - Horn - Pretty good.

Aerial A< - Turtle - It's a turtle. <_< Not a bad attack, actually.

B - Chef - It's an alright move, but it's a little unpredictable. The frying
pan itself does more damage, so try to hit with that.

Smash B - Judge - The effect is randomly chosen from nine possible outcomes,
ranging from damaging you at #1, to creating food at #7, to a OHKO at #9.

Down B - Oil Panic - You can catch three energy attacks in this, and then dump
it all out on your enemies. Try catching Charge Shots or PK Flashes.

Up B - Fire - It's pretty huge.

Grab - Grab - Bleah.

Pummel - Bell - Bad.

F Throw - Juggle - Okay.

B Throw - Juggle - Okay.

U Throw - Juggle - Okay.

D Throw - Juggle - Okay. And, no, this wasn't a mistake. Apart from direction,
these are all pretty much identical.

Get Up Attack - Hammer Swing - Not too great.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Bell - Knockback is good.

Marth []

Dash - Run - Pretty good.

Jump - Jump - Okay.

Double Jump - Tumble - Not bad.

A - Slash - Pretty good.

A,A - Slash-Slash - The second slash isn't as strong as the first one, but it
keeps them in your range, so you can combo with it.

A> - Slash - Okay.

Av - Low Stab - Meh.

A^ - Swipe - A good juggler.

Smash - Slash - Not bad.

Downsmash - Double Low Slash - A kind of good finisher. Sometimes. <_<

Upsmash - Stab - A little hard to aim, but it's a good juggler, nonetheless.

Dashing A - Swipe - Not bad. It's a good "rush in, attack, and then head for
the hills" move.

Aerial A - Double Slash - Very good.

Aerial A> - Slash - Okay.

Aerial Av - Low Slash - Better than it looks.

Aerial A^ - Slash - A good juggler.

Aerial A< - Slash - Meh.

B - Shield Breaker - A good finisher and edge-guarder.

Smash B - Dancing Blade - This move is a little confusing, but if you can do it
right (Which I can't), you can pull off a ton of attacks.

Down B - Counter - When someone attacks you, if you activate this at the right
time, you'll counter them.

Up B - Dolphin Slash - Very good.

Grab - Grab - Meh.

Pummel - Knee - Garbage.

F Throw - Smash - Not too great.

B Throw - Toss - Eh.

U Throw - Throw - Not bad, actually.

D Throw - Smash - Bleah.

Get Up Attack - Slashes - Not too great, but the knockback is alright.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Slash - Good knockback.

Roy []

Dash - Run - Pretty good, but not quite as good as Marth's.

Jump - Jump - Okay.

Double Jump - Tumble - Not bad.

A - Slash - Pretty good.

A,A - Slash-Slash - The second slash isn't as strong as the first one, but it
keeps them in your range, so you can combo with it.

A> - Slash - Okay.

Av - Low Stab - Meh.

A^ - Swipe - A good juggler.

Smash - Slash - Not bad.

Downsmash - Double Low Slash - A kind of good finisher. Sometimes. <_<

Upsmash - Stab - A little hard to aim, but it's a good juggler, nonetheless.

Dashing A - Swipe - Not bad. It's a good "rush in, attack, and then head for
the hills" move.

Aerial A - Double Slash - Very good.

Aerial A> - Slash - Okay.

Aerial Av - Low Slash - Better than it looks.

Aerial A^ - Slash - A good juggler.

Aerial A< - Slash - Meh.

B - Fire Blade - If you don't charge this all the way, it's an okay attack. If
you charge it all the way, you'll gain 10% damage, but it's a one-hit-K.O..

Smash B - Double-edge Dance - This move is a little confusing, but if you
can do it right (Which I can't), you can pull off a ton of attacks.

Down B - Counter - When someone attacks you, if you activate this at the right
time, you'll counter them.

Up B - Blazer - Very good. Works great in the Cruel Melee.

Grab - Grab - Meh.

Pummel - Knee - Garbage.

F Throw - Smash - Not too great.

B Throw - Toss - Eh.

U Throw - Throw - Not bad, actually.

D Throw - Smash - Bleah.

Get Up Attack - Slashes - Not too great, but the knockback is alright.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Slash - Good knockback.


Master Hand [] (Master Hand movelist thanks to hooligan333 and his
Debug Mode guide)

Note that all directions are pressed on the D-Pad, not the Control Stick. Also
note that only Player 3 can control Master Hand.

A^ - Rocket Driller - Master Hand flies into the background, and then blasts
past the stage, twirling his fingers.

A> - Rocket Punch - Same as above, except he punches.

Av - Smash - Master Hand slaps the stage from the background.

B^ - Laser - Master Hand shoots a laser from each of his fingertips. Note that
only the endpoints can damage you.

B> - Gun - Master Hand shoots two to six bullets, depending on how damaged he

Z^ - Grab - Master Hand grabs the enemy, and proceeds to crush them. If they
don't escape in time, he can throw them.

Z> - Grab - Same as above.

R< - Poke - Master Hand pokes the air three times, trying to hit you.

R> - Punch - Master Hand punches the ground.

Rv - Slap - Master Hand slaps the ground.

R^ - Driller - Master Hand drills his fingers into the ground.

L^ - Flick - Master Hand flicks his fingers across the stage, pushing you off

Lv - Walker - Master Hand "walks" with his index and middle finger. If he
reaches you, he "kicks."

Y< (When Crazy Hand is pressing Y> at the same time) - Applause - Master Hand
and Crazy Hand put some sleeping gas between themselves, and then start

Y^ (When Crazy Hand is also pressing Y^ at the same time) - Double Punch -
Master Hand and Crazy Hand punch together.

Y^ (When Crazy Hand is also pressing Yv at the same time) - Fist - Crazy Hand
punches across the stage and is caught by Master Hand's palm.

Crazy Hand [] (Crazy Hand moveset also thanks to hooligan333 and his
Debug Mode guide)

A^ - Rocket Punch - Same as Master Hand's.

A< - Rocket Driller - Same as Master Hand's.

A> - Slap - Same as Master Hand's, but it buries you, instead of sending you

Av - Rocket Driller - Same as A<.

B^ - Laser - Same as Master Hand's.

B> - Laser - Same as above.

Bv - Bombs - Crazy Hand drops several powerful bombs in the center of the

B< - Laser - Same as B>.

L^ - Flick - Same as Master Hand's.

Lv - Seizure - Crazy Hand lies on the ground, then goes berzerk, smashing
everything in sight.

L< - Nightcralwer - Crazy Hand "crawls" with his fingers across the stage.

L> - Flick - Same as L^.

R^ - Punch - Same as Master Hand's.

Rv - Poke - Same as Master Hand's, but it can freeze you on the last one.

R< - Driller - Same as Master Hand's.

R> - Slap - Same as A>.

Z^ - Grab - Same as Master Hand's, but it poisons you, and Crazy Hand throws

Z> - Grab - Same as above.

Z< - Grab - Same as above.

Y> (While Master Hand is pressing Y< at the same time) - Applause - Crazy Hand
and Master Hand release some sleeping gas between themselves, then begin

Y^ (While Master Hand is also pressing Y^ at the same time) - Double Punch -
Crazy Hand and Master Hand punch together.

Yv (While Master Hand is also pressing Y^ at the same time) - Fist - Crazy Hand
punches across the stage, and is caught by Master Hand's palm.

Y< - Sparkle - This move is just for decoration, and has no real purpose. Just
looks cool. :)

Giga Bowser []

Note that, contrary to common belief, Giga Bowser is not much stronger than
regular Bowser. The only reason he's so hard in Adventure mode is because he's
given an enormous handicap.

Dash - Motor - This is ever-so-slightly slower than Bowser's.

Jump - Hop - A decent jump. Surprising for someone like Giga Bowser.

Double Jump - Whirl - Pretty lousy.

A - Swipe - Eh, nothing special.

A,A - Swipe-Swipe - Two swipes. The second one is moderately powerful.

A> - Punch - Decent. Has about the same knockback as his second swipe, and
that's easier to use. This attack has a fire effect.

Av - Low Swipes - It's not a bad move, but Bowser's got better ones to use.

A^ - Sweeping Claw - A pretty good finisher, but his upsmash is a better one.

Smash - Headbutt - An excellent finisher. Giga Bowser's creates an explosion.

Downsmash - Spin - A tremendous damage-causing move. It sucks the enemy in
and grinds them up, doing huge damage with decent knockback at the end. This
attack can freeze your enemies.

Upsmash - Spikes - The perfect move for killing enemies who just barely
survived an upwards attack.

Dashing A - Headbutt - Pretty mediocre.

Aerial A - Spin - Meh. This version has an electrical effect.

Aerial A> - Slash - One of Bowser's better aerials.

Aerial Av - Upside Down Spin - Wonderful damage-racker.

Aerial A^ - Swipe - The move in itself is pretty good, but it's long charge
time kills it.

Aerial A< - Spike - Fair knockback, and pretty good damage.

B - Firebreath - BEST. EDGEGUARDER. EVAH. Also a pretty good damage-racker.

Smash B - Koopa Klaw - A wonderful move. If you hit dead-on (Which isn't that
hard), you'll grab the enemy, and, although you only have horizontal throws,
they're immensly powerful, especially the backwards one. You also get an
extra-powerful pummel.

Down B - Ground Pound - Hey! That's Mario's move! This move has good damage
and great knockback, but is prone to SDs.

Up B - Whirling Fortress - Pretty good damage, but horrible knockback.
However, seeing as how his Roll makes grown men cry, this is the perfect
replacement for it when used on the ground, as you can move while using it.

Grab - Grasp - Sub-par reach.

Pummel - Headbutt - Damage sucks, but it's a pretty fast move.

F Throw - Headbutt - Pretty bad.

B Throw - Hurl - It's okay...

U Throw - Grinder - Impressive damage, but average knockback.

D Throw - Body Slam - Knockback that couldn't move a feather, but it's got
repectable damage. Plus it just looks funny. :P

Get Up Attack - Swipe - It's slow, has minimal range, and does pathetic
damage, but at least it has good knockback.

Ledge Recovery Attack - Spike Wheel - Mediocre damage, but its surprisingly
fast and powerful for a ledge recovery attack.

Male Wire Frame []

Sorry, I don't have an Action Replay, and I can't find any movesets for the
Wire Frames.

Female Wire Frame []

Sorry, I don't have an Action Replay, and I can't find any movesets for the
Wire Frames.

Sandbag []

Dash - Slide - Sandbag slides along with surprising speed.

Jump - Levitate - Sandbag floats into the air. It's actually quite large.

...uh, that's it. That's all Sandbag can do. :P

Sound Test []

Easily the most bizarre thing I have ever included in any of my guides. I'm
describing every sound accessible via the Sound Test.

I have way too much free time.

Music []

Where You Hear It: The opening movie
Description: This is SSBM's main theme. It's far less zany and random
than SSB's theme. You can hear it in the opening movie.

1-Princess Peach's Castle
Where You Hear It: Princess Peach's Castle
Description: A remix of the classic Super Mario Bros. theme.

2-Rainbow Cruise
Where You Hear It: Rainbow Cruise
Description: The classic minigame music from Super Mario 64, which also
played in (You guessed it) Rainbow Cruise.

3-Kongo Jungle
Where You Hear It: Kongo Jungle
Seriously, god knows why the crap they brought it back. It's pretty much
a carbon copy of the original song, but they removed the swear. Instead
of saying "He's one hell of a guy," it now says "He's one heck of a guy."

4-Jungle Japes
Where You Hear It: Jungle Japes (O RLY?)
Description: Ah, the classic Donkey Kong music. I don't play that many DK
games, so I don't really know the tune, but it's definitely Donkey Kong.

5-Great Bay
Where You Hear It: Great Bay
Description: Any Zelda fan worth their weight in styrofoam should
recognize this music. It's a classic!

Where You Hear It: Temple
Description: Once again, you're not a Zelda fan if you don't know this.
My friends say it sounds like a level from Goldeneye 007, but I haven't
played it (Or, at least not excessively; I did play my cousin in
multiplayer once), so I wouldn't know.

Where You Hear It: Brinstar
Description: More classic music. This one's from Metroid.

8-Brinstar Depths
Where You Hear It: (Surprise!) Brinstar Depths
Description: Another Metroid tune. I don't play much Metroid, but from
what I can tell, this is related to Ridley. Correct me if I'm wrong, the
only Metroid game I've played excessively is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

9-Yoshi's Story
Where You Hear It: Yoshi's Story
Description: I never really played any Yoshi games, so I don't know where
this is from. Obviously has something to do with Yoshi.

10-Yoshi's Island
Where You Hear It: Yoshi's Island
Description: Now, THIS I recognize. The classic Super Mario World theme. In
fact, Super Mario World was the first video game I ever owned, way back
when I was two years old. :) It always brings a wave of nostalgia crashing
over my head.

11-Fountain of Dreams
Where You Hear It: Fountain of Dreams
Description: A very nice song, taken from Kirby. It's slow and completely

12-Green Greens
Where You Hear It: Green Greens
Description: Another classic Kirby song. Did you know that this song is
used in the tutorial for Kirby Air Ride?

Where You Hear It: Corneria
Description: The background music for a level or two in Star Fox 64. It's
not exactly something you'd listen to for entertainment, but it fits the
stage nicely.

Where You Hear It: Venom
Description: This is more associated with Star Fox. It's the classic theme
song. Ironically, it makes me think more of Star Fox Assault than any other
Star Fox game, and Assault came out many years after Melee.

15-Pokémon Stadium
Where You Hear It: Pokémon Stadium
Description: A classic Pokémon theme. Complete with a full orchestra and an
enormous chorus, I found that it actually sounds GOOD! Imagine, a Pokémon
song sounding good! That's crazy talk! :P

16-Poké Floats
Where You Hear It: Poké Floats
Description: It's been a while since I last played my copy of Pokémon Gold,
but from what I can remember, this is the battle theme. Correct me if I'm

17-Mute City
Where You Hear It: Mute City
Description: I don't play much F-Zero (The most I've ever done is the
occasional Pay-To-Play SNES in a hotel with F-Zero for download), but I
guess this is a classic theme or something to that extent.

18-Big Blue
Where You Hear It: Big Blue
Description: Once again, I don't play all that much F-Zero, but I'm
guessing that this is a race theme or something.

Where You Hear It: Onett
Description: Judging by the name, I'd guess it's from the game Mother, but
I haven't played, so I may be wrong.

Where You Hear It: Fourside
Description: Sounds a bit more science-fictiony than Mother. I guess it's
from EarthBound, but I haven't played, so I don't know.

21-Mushroom Kingdom
Where You Hear It: Kingdom
Description: If you don't recognize this, sell all your gaming systems on
eBay, including all your games and accessories, then drive a pole through
your head and jump out of a building. Setting youself on fire is optional.
In all seriousness, it's the Super Mario Bros. theme! Essentially the
definition on platforming itself!

22-Mushroom Kingdom (Finale)
Where You Hear It: Kingdom
Description: When the timer strikes 20 seconds, the music changes to this
fast-paced version of the original song. Pretty cool if you ask me. It's
just like what happened in Super Mario Bros. when time was running out.

23-Mushroom Kingdom II
Where You Hear It: Kingdom II
Description: God this is annoying. I instantly recognize this music, but I
can't remember what game it comes from to save my life. Well, regardless,
it's certainly Mario music. I just wish I could remember what it comes

24-Mushroom Kingdom II (Finale)
Where You Hear It: Kingdom II
Description: It runs on the same concept as Mushroom Kingdom (Finale), but
this time it doesn't bear the slightest resemblence to the other song.

25-Icicle Mountain
Where You Hear It: Icicle Mountain
Description: Hate the stage, love the music. Seriously, this is awesome.
Too bad it had to be wasted on such a hated level.

26-Flat Zone
Where You Hear It: Flat Zone
Description: At first it starts off with no resemblence to...well,
anything. It quickly changes to a weird, off-the-wall techno. Pretty
catchy, actually.

27-Kongo Jungle N64
Where You Hear It: Kongo Jungle
Description: Just like the same old music from SSB! It's...simple, to say
the least. Kinda catchy, I guess.

28-Yoshi's Island N64
Where You Hear It: Yoshi's Island
Description: Once again, a direct copy of the SSB music. I find it to be
kind of suffocatingly happy-go-lucky.

29-Dream Land N64
Where You Hear It: Dream Land
Description: BEST. VIDEO GAME. MUSIC. EVER. Well, okay, maybe not. The
Waluigi Pinball/Wario Stadium theme from MKDS and Paper Mario: The Thousand
Year Door's theme are better, but this is absolutely phenomenal. Just like
the past two, it's a carbon copy of the SSB equivalent.

30-Super Mario Bros. 3
Where You Hear It: Yoshi's Story, Mushroom Kingdom Adventure
Description: A nice remix of a classic Mario song. Kind of sounds like a
rock song at first, but it quickly changes to the normal Mario tune.

31-Saria's Theme
Where You Hear It: Great Bay
Description: The good ol' Saria's Song from OOT.

32-Battle Theme
Where You Hear It: Pokémon Stadium
Description: Another battle theme from the Pokémon RPGs.

33-Fire Emblem
Where You Hear It: Hyrule Temple
Description: I don't play Fire Emblem, but I guess this is some sort of
classic song.

34-Mach Rider
Where You Hear It: Big Blue
Description: I'm guessing this is the theme from Mach Rider, but I haven't

35-Mother 2
Where You Hear It: Onett
Description: Yet again, I'm guessing this is the theme from Mother 2, but
I haven't played it.

36-Dr. Mario
Where You Hear It: Kingdom
Description: Now, this I most certainly recognize! It's the classic Dr.
Mario theme! I haven't played the original, but I do own, and occasionally
play, Dr. Mario 64.

37-Balloon Fight
Where You Hear It: Icicle Mountain
Description: Nice tune. It's from Balloon Fight, in case you didn't read
the title.

38-Mario's Victory
Where You Hear It: When Mario, Bowser, Peach, Luigi, or Dr. Mario wins
Description: It's none other than the Stage Complete jingle from Super
Mario Bros.!

39-DK's Victory
Where You Hear It: When Donkey Kong wins
Description: Some sort of DK jingle. I haven't played very much Donkey
Kong, so I wouldn't know.

40-Zelda Team Victory
Where You Hear It: When Zelda, Sheik, Link, Young Link, or Ganondorf wins
Description: An obvious Zelda jingle.

41-Samus's Victory
Where You Hear It: When Samus wins
Description: The only Metroid game I have really played (Other than a two-
minute play of Metroid Prime) is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and this tune is
the "You Got A Map" theme, so I'm guessing that applies in other Metroid
games, too.

42-Yoshi's Victory
Where You Hear It: When Yoshi wins
Description: Sadly, I haven't played as much Yoshi as a should, so I don't
particularly recognize this. :(

43-Kirby's Victory
Where You Hear It: When Kirby wins
Description: A classic Kirby theme. I used it for the "game over" jingle in
a Waluigi fangame I made. :D

44-Fox's Victory
Where You Hear It: When Fox or Falco wins
Description: The "MISSION COMPLETE" jingle from Star Fox games.

45-Pokémon Victory
Where You Hear It: When Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, or Mewtwo wins
Description: A short clip from the classic Pokémon theme song.

46-Capt. Falcon's Victory
Where You Hear It: When CF wins
Description: A hard rock clip that apparently comes from F-Zero.

47-Ness's Victory
Where You Hear It: When Ness wins
Description: Some sort of Earthbound clip. Kinda reminds me of DK's winning

48-Fire Emblem Team Victory
Where You Hear It: When Marth or Roy wins
Description: A FE theme. I really need to play some of these games.

49-Mr. Game & Watch's Victory
Where You Hear It: When G&W wins
Description: A collection of various Game & Watch-ish sounds. Pretty cool.

50-Ice Climbers' Victory
Where You Hear It: When the Ice Climbers win
Description: An IC theme.

51-Metal Battle
Where You Hear It: The Metal Fight in Adventure mode
Description: A metallic-sounding techno song. If you ask me, the Metal Cap
theme from SM64 would be more fitting.

Where You Hear It: Battlefield
Description: A very cool remix of the menu song. I love it. :)

53-Final Destination
Where You Hear It: Final Destination
Description: A dramatic, climactic song that is very fitting for final boss

54-Menu 1
Where You Hear It: The menus
Description: It's kinda catchy, but if you leave it on for a few hours, any
other people in the room will have their heads explode, because it's rather

55-Menu 2
Where You Hear It: The menus
Description: I can't remember what the requirement is for this, but it's
something hard, I know that. Basically it's a remix of the into theme.

56-How to Play
Where You Hear It: The tutorial
Description: Kind of a stereotypical "Mission Briefing" song. Not something
you'd put on your iPod, but it's decent.

Where You Hear It: Target Tests and the Home Run Contest
Description: A fun, catchy tune that for some reason makes me think of Slot

58-Multi-Man Melee 1
Where You Hear It: Multi-Man Melees
Description: A motivating song that it perfect for long battles.

59-Multi-Man Melee 2
Where You Hear It: Multi-Man Melees, Final Destination
Description: A neat song that fits the Super Smash Bros. feel.

60-All-Star Intro
Where You Hear It: All-Star Teleporter
Description: Actually, this comes from Kirby. It's certainly not a dance
song, but it fits the "recovery" theme.

61-Tournament 1
Where You Hear It: In-between Tournament matches
Description: A fast-paced, "get ready" type of song.

62-Tournament 2
Where You Hear It: In-between Tournament matches
Description: A slower, yet still fitting song.

Where You Hear It: Trophy collector, trophy lottery
Description: Kind of annoying, but I guess it fits the mood. Sounds like
the kind of music they always play in stores.

64-Classic Intro
Where You Hear It: Right before Classic fights
Description: A quick, sharp jingle that plays when you're about to fight.

65-Adventure Intro
Where You Hear It: When entering a new zone on Adventure
Description: A bit longer than the Classic one.

66-Stage Clear 1
Where You Hear It: When you finish a 1P fight
Description: A nice little jingle that tells you you're done.

67-Stage Clear 2
Where You Hear It: When you finish a 1P fight
Description: I don't really like this as much as the first one. It's a bit
more fast and brusque.

Where You Hear It: When you run out of lives in 1P mode
Description: A slow, short tune that asks you if you want to give up your
coins, your points *coughandyourdignitycough* to continue.

69-Game Over
Where You Hear It: When you can't or choose not to continue
Description: Kind of a stereotypical "DUN DUN DUN!!!" jingle.

70-New Trophy!
Where You Hear It: When you get a new, normal trophy
Description: A quick "ding!" type noise.

71-Rare Trophy!
Where You Hear It: When you get a rare trophy
Description: To tell you the truth, I like the normal one better. This one
sounds a little too overdone.

Where You Hear It: When you are challenged by a new character
Description: The sound we all love to hear. You are about to unlock a new

73-New Feature 1
Where You Hear It: When you unlock something small and basic
Description: Just a quick "ding!"

74-New Feature 2
Where You Hear It: When you unlock something moderately important
Description: Basically New Feature 1, but played twice.

75-New Feature 3
Where You Hear It: When you unlock something huge
Description: Kind of like a less overzealous Rare Trophy! jingle.

Where You Hear It: When you use a hammer
really, but I still wouldn't if I were you. It's essentially eight notes
repeating forever.

Where You Hear It: When you use a Starman
Description: Kind of like the Hammer, but a bit less plain.

78-Warning Siren
Where You Hear It: When Brinstar is going to explode
Description: OH NOEZ TEH WORLD IS GONNA BLOW!!!!!!!!1111111111111 REPENT!!1
Ahem, returning to seriousness, this is the alarm that sounds when Brinstar
spontaneously decides to blow itself sky high.

Where You Hear It: When you finish 1P mode.
Description: Congrats! You have just finished 1P mode!

Sounds []

Listing all the sounds in the format used above would be tedious beyond
human recognition and would probably require the harddrive space of the
gods, so I'm going to use a simpler format.

Note that I did most of this around 3am, so it might be a little redundant,
or innacurate, but since about .000000001% of the people who read this
guide are even going to glance at this section, I figure it's not THAT big
of a deal.

Usually when a sound is in quotes, the person that the section concerns is
saying it. If not, the actual speaker will be in (parentheses)


0) "Super Smash Brothers...MELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
1) "Multi-Man Melee!"
2) "Home Run Contest!"
3) "Training mode!"
4) "All-star!!!"
5) "Choose your character!"
6) "Melee!"
7) "Decision!"
8) "Grab the coins!"
9) "Survival!"
10) "Tournament mode!"
11) "Camera!"
12) "Stamina!"
13) "Super Sudden Death!"
14) "Giant melee!"
15) "Tiny melee!"
16) "Invisible melee!"
17) "Fixed camera!"
18) "Single button!"
19) "How to play!"
20) "Computer player..."
21) "Stock player removed."
22) "Winner drops out!"
23) "Loser drops out!"
25) "Congratulations!"
26) "Continue?"
27) "Game Over..."
28) "And..."
29) "Wow, incredible!"
30) "Complete!"
31) "Bonus stage!"
32) "Failure."
33) "Race to the finish!"
34) "Versus..."
35) "No contest!"
36) "Sudden death!"
37) "Blue team!"
38) "Green team!"
39) "Red team!"
40) "This games winner is..."
41) "Wins!"
42) "Captain Falcon."
43) "Donkey Kong!"
44) "Doctor Mario!"
45) "Fighting Wire Frames!"
46) "Falco!"
47) "Fox!"
48) "Ganondorf."
49) "Giant..."
50) "Giga Koopa!" (Note that when set to Japanese, this says "Giga Bowser")
51) "Mr. Game and Watch!"
52) "Ice Climbers!"
53) "Roy!"
54) "Jigglypuff!"
55) "Kirby!"
56) "Bowser!"
57) "Link!"
58) "Young Link!"
59) "Luigi!"
60) "Mario!!!"
61) "Marth!"
62) "Metal..."
63) "Mewtwo!"
64) "Master Hand!"
65) "Ness!"
66) "Peach!"
67) "Pichu!"
68) "Pikachu!"
69) "Samus!"
70) "Yoshi!"
71) "Sheik!"
72) "Zelda!"
73) "Defeated!"
74) "Five!'
75) "Four!"
76) "GAME!"
77) "GO!"
78) "One!"
79) "Player one..."
80) "Player two..."
81) "Player three..."
82) "Player four...'
83) "Ready...!"
84) "Success!"
85) "Three!"
86) "Time!"
87) "Two!"
88) "Team."
89) "Break the targets!"


0) "Mario!" (Crowd)
1) Becoming giant sound
2) Shrinking sound
3) Fireball sound
4) Coin
5) Super Jump
6) Swoosh
7) Wind
8) Crush
9) Swing
10) "Wah!"
11) "Wah-hah!"
12) "Yah!"
13) "Hoo!"
14) "Haha!"
15) "Yuh..."
16) "Yeehaw!"
17) "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...!"
18) "Hoo..."
19) "Whoo!"
20) "Hoo-hoo!"
21) "Let'sa go!"
22) "Hmph..."
23) Snoring (Inhaling)
24) Snoring (Exhaling)
25) "Hmp!"
26) "D'oh!" (Now, who does that make you think of?)
27) "Here we go!"
28) "Uh!"
29) "Oof!"
30) "Whoa!"


0) "Donkey Kong!" (Crowd)
1) Thump
2) Swoosh
3) Land
4) "Waroo!"
5) Skidding
6) "Hoh!"
7) Swing
8) Fwoosh
9) Crunch
10) Thud
11) Explosion
12) Slap
13) Wind
14) "Warooh!"
15) "Ungh!"
16) "Hah!"
17) "Agh...!"
18) "WOW!!!"
19) "...RAWR!"
20) "Aroomph!"
21) Sliding
22) "Waru!"
23) "Whoo!"
24) Grinding
25) Snoring
26) "GAGH!"


0) "GO LINK!" (Crowd)
1) Sword swing
2) Another sword swing
3) Yet another
4) The boomerang's swoosh
5) A swish
6) A metal-sliding-on-metal sound
7) "Eh..."
8) "Hut!"
9) "Tah!"
10) "Tyak!"
11) "Hyat!"
12) "Hyeah!"
13) "Ekeh..."
14) "Wah!"
15) "SeerACK!!!"
17) Sounds like a roar or something...strange...
18) "Eegyah!
19) "Mm-hm!"
20) "Yut!"
21) "Hun!"
22) "Yuh...!"
23) "YEAH!!!"
24) "Eh-!"
25) Smack
26) Tapping
27) Slice
28) Sounds like a flying arrow
29) Chains
30) Ding
31) Another ding
32) Tap
33) Wind
34) Drip
35) Swing
36) Equipping bomb
38) Bop
39) Woosh!
40) Tap


0) "Samus, Samus!" (Crowd)
1) Slice
2) Woosh
3) Another woosh
4) Tap
5) Beep
6) Charge
7) Charge 2
8) Charge 3
9) Charge 4
10) Blast
11) Explosion
12) Bomb deploy
13) Screw attack
14) Jump
15) Zap
16) Buzz
17) Boop
18) Wind
19) Wind again
20) Some sort of low, clanking noise
21) Basically the same as 20
22) A low, hollow sound
23) Buzz
24) Jump
25) Crash
26) Slice


0) "Yo-shi...!" (Crowd)
1) "Wahoo!"
2) "Hut!"
3) "Huh!"
4) "Whoa!"
5) "Hat!"
6) "Hah!"
7) "Glump!"
8) "Hoot!"
9) "Awawawawawawawawawa!!!"
10) "Gah..."
11) "Wa!"
12) "Ha!"
13) "Haroong!"
14) "HAH!"
15) "Aroo-roo!"
16) "Ah!"
17) "!"
18) "Brling!"
19) "Haa!"
20) "Yahoo!"
21) "Bum!"
22) "Yahoo...!"
23) "Ang!"
24) Pop
25) Classic "killing goombas" sound
26) Low rumble
27) Pop!
28) Boom
29) Break
30) Crunch
31) Thud
32) Flutter


0) "Kirby! Kirby!" (Crowd)
1) Whoosh
2) Thud
3) Land
4) Kirby's Spinning Attack
5) Releasing a power
6) Thump
7) Copying a power
8) Copying another Kirby
9) Sparkle
10) Another sparkle
11) Thud
12) Inhaling
13) Bop
14) Some sort of low noise, hard to describe
15) Jump
16) Another jump
17) Thud (Again...)
18) Skidding
19) Fwoosh
20) "Hiiiiii!"
21) "Hey!"
22) "Twoh!"
23) "Hah!"
24) "Hit!"
25) "TorEAH!"
26) "Torut!"
27) "WOW!!!"
28) "Falcon..."
29) "PUNCH!"
30) "Ooh..."
31) "At!"
32) "Tee-YAH!"
33) "Kun."
34) "PK Flash!"
35) "Pichu!"
36) "Pikachu!"
37) "Kahng-HEY!"
38) "Hoh!"
39) "Haa!"
40) "Eeh-YAH!"
41) "Hit!"
42) "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...!"
43) "Aw..."
44) "Eeyah!"
45) "Oowah!"
46) "On-zho!"
47) Snoring
48) "Oh!"
49) "AGH!"
50) "Onshi!"
51) "Geh-he-hah!"


0) "Gooooooooooooooooo FOX!" (Crowd)
1) Load gun
2) Another loading gun sound
3) Fwoosh
4) "Missing complete!"
5) "Hah!"
6) "Tei!"
7) "Tote-YAH!"
8) "Glit!"
9) "HAH!"
10) "C'mon!"
11) "Buyaah!"
12) "Kuh!"
14) "Oh..."
15) "Egh-AHH!"
16) "GAH!"
17) "Shyooh!"
18) "Hup!"
19) "...Eh!"
20) Snoring
21) "Ota!"
22) "Whoa!"
23) "Geh...!"
24) "Uh!"
25) I have no idea what the crap this is. Sounds like somebody using a
power drill on a moose. O_o
26) Click
27) Sliding
28) Whoosh
29) Reflector
30) Reflecting
31) Another gun sound
32) Blaster
33) Another blaster
34) Yet another blaster
35) "Wow! I almost feel like goin' for a swim!" (Slippy)
36) "You swim in the ocean, too?" (Falco)
37) "Don't make fun of me, bird brain!" (Slippy)
38) "Ah, to be young again!" (Peppy)
39) "Fox! Be careful! I have a bad feeling about this!" (Peppy)
40) "What? Everything's fine! I'm here!" (Slippy)
41) "That what worries me the most." (Falco)
42) "Use the B-Button and Control Stick Combo for special moves!" (Slippy)
43) "Press Up, X, or Y to jump!" (Peppy)
44) "What? You're just NOW explaining the controls!?" (Falco)
45) "Watch your radar carefully, Fox!" (Peppy)
46) "Keep your eyes open!" (Peppy)
47) "C'mon Fox, whatt're you doing!?" (Peppy)
48) "Be quiet, ya old fogey!" (Slippy)
49) "Behind you Fox! Stay alert!" (Falco)
50) "Just don't give up! Trust your senses!" (Peppy)
51) "C'mon Fox!" (Slippy)


0) "Pika, Pika, Pikachu!" (Crowd)
1) Tap
2) Whoosh
3) Fwoosh (How creative)
4) "Pika, PIKA!!!"
5) Land
6) "Pi...ka..."
7) "Pika, PIKA!!!" (From what I can tell, this is identical to 4)
8) "Pika!"
9) "Pi!"
10) "Pika!"
11) "Pika!!!"
12) "Pikachu!"
13) "Pikachu!!"
14) "Pi!!"
15) "PI!"
16) "Pi."
18) "Piiiiiiika..."
19) "PIKA!!!"
20) "Ah!"
21) "Pika!"
22) "...pika."
23) "Pi...ka."
24) "Pika."
25) "PIKA!"
26) "Piiiiiiiiiii..."
27) "KA!"
28) "Pi...KA!"
29) "Pika."
30) Zap
31) Another zap
32) Thunder
33) Agility
34) Charging
35) Skull Bash
36) Electricity
37) Zap


0) "Falcon!" (Crowd)
1) Woosh
2) Another woosh
3) Yet another
5) "Show me your moves!"
6) "Tuh!"
7) "Toowah!"
8) "Hyah!"
9) "Huh!"
10) "Hoowah!"
11) "Falcon..."
12) "Falcon Kick!"
13) "Tewwah!"
15) "Ohh..." (Sounds nothing like CF)
16) "Hwo!"
17) "Whoa!"
18) "Tu!"
19) "Hm!"
20) "PUNCH!"
21) "Ooh...!"
22) Snoring (Inhaling)
23) Snoring (Exhaling)
24) "Yes!"
25) Explosion
26) Sounds like 25, but higher pitched
27) Eagle
28) Fwoosh


0) "Ness! Ness! Ness!" (Crowd)
1) Swing
2) Lower swing
3) Tap
4) Lighter tap
5) "Okay!"
6) "Hut!"
7) "Toh!"
8) "Yeah!"
9) "Hoot!"
10) "Tyah!"
11) "Oof!"
13) "Ooh..."
14) "Ahh!"
15) "No!"
16) "Hyut..."
17) Snoring
18) "Okay?"
19) "Oh!"
20) "PK FIRE!"
21) "PK FLASH!"
22) "HAH!"
23) "PK FIRE!"
24) "Ouch!"
25) "Uh."
26) Fwoosh
27) PK Flash
28) Charging
29) Buzz
30) Low beep
31) Jump
32) Yo-yo
33) Swish
34) Charge
35) Tap
36) Another Yo-yo sound


0) "Bowser! Bowser!" (Crowd)
1) Whirling Fortress
2) Slash
3) Thud
4) "Roar!"
5) "RAWR!!!"
6) "Roar!"
7) "Hah!"
8) "RAH!"
9) "Whu!"
10) "Rah!"
11) "Roar!"
12) "Roooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.............." (Giga Bowser)
13) Weird buzzing noise
14) Weird warping-type noise
15) "RAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" (Giga Bowser)
16) "Rgh..." (Giga Bowser)
17) Wind
18) Skidding
19) "Rar!" (Giga Bowser)
20) Whirling Fortress
21) Firebreath
22) Firebreath again
23) Quick firebreath
24) Even quicker firebreath
25) Thud
26) Hard to tell what it is...
27) Slash
28) Thump
29) Wind
30) Thunder


0) "Go Peach!" (Crowd)
1) "Sweet!"
2) "Hah!"
3) "Yahoo!"
4) "Yah!"
5) "Yoo!"
6) "Ya!"
7) "Whoa!"
8) "Hatcha!"
9) "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
10) "Ooh..."
11) "Ah!"
12) "Ho!"
13) "Hmph!"
14) "Mmm...ah."
15) "Hah!"
16) "Oh!"
17) "Uh-oh!"
18) "Doh!"
19) "Oh, did I win?"
20) "This is fun!"
21) Toad
22) Jump
23) Parasol
24) Turnip
25) Skidding
26) Explode
27) Frying Pan
28) Golf Club
29) Tennis Racket


0) "Ice Climbers! Ice Climbers!" (Crowd)
1) Jump
2) Another jump
3) Land
4) "Yup!"
5) "Yup!!"
6) Yet another jump
7) ANOTHER jump
8) Another frickin' jump
9) Holy screwball it's another jump
10) Ice Shot
11) Tap
12) Blizzard
13) Blizzard 2
14) Woosh
15) Land
16) Land 2
17) Wind
18) "Yup!"
19) "Hey!"
20) "Hoh!"
21) "Pudya!"
22) "Haa!"
23) "Yeah!"
24) "Ey...!"
26) "Aww..."
27) "Waa!"
28) "Yeah!!!"
29) "Heesho!"
30) "Uh...Hey..."
31) "Umbup!"
32) "Wah!'
33) "Ya!"
34) "Hut!"
35) "Yup!'
36) "Ei!"
37) "Dah!"
38) "Boodya!"
39) "Ah!"
40) "Yeah!"
41) "Whee!"
42) "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
43) "...ooh..."
44) "Whoa!"
45) "Yea!!"
46) "Eechoo!"
47) "Ooh...we!"
48) "Ut!"
49) "WAH!"
50) "Hat!"
51) "Ita!"


0) "Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Sheik!" (Crowd)
1) "Zelda! Zelda! Ooh!" (Crowd)
2) "Huh!"
3) "Hoh!"
4) "Tah!"
5) "Yah!"
6) "Hah!"
7) Sparkle
8) Yah!
9) "Hot!"
10) "Yeah!"
11) "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
12) "Uh!"
13) "Yah!"
14) "Ah!"
15) "Hut!"
16) "Ohh..."
17) "Yes!"
18) "Hah!"
19) "Ooh!"
20) "Oh!"
21) "Eh!"
22) "Hmm!"
23) "Hum!"
24) "Tah!"
25) "Mm-hmm..."
26) "Tuh!"
27) "Teh!"
28) Sparle
29) "Hoh!"
30) "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
31) "Whooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!"
32) "Mm..."
33) "Woah!"
34) "Ah!"
35) "Too!"
36) "Hmp!"
37) Snoring
38) "Hah!"
39) "Hwah!"
40) "Huh!"
41) "Tsew!"
42) "Uh!"
43) Explosion
44) Tap
45) Chain
46) Very light tap
47) Another tap
48) Another chain sound
49) Yet another tap
50) Another chain!
51) Another freaking chain!!!
52) *sigh* Another tap...
53) Transformation
54) Light sparkle
55) Long sparkle
56) Quick sparkle
57) Another sparkle
58) Wind
59) WHAT...THE...CRAP...I don't recognize this at ALL...
60) Farore's Wind
61) I think it's Din's Fire, but I'm not sure
62) Small explosion
63) Fire
64) Weird sparkling sound
65) A quick beep-like sparkle
66) Pretty much like 65, only longer


0) "LUIGI!" (Crowd)
1) Jump
2) Become giant
3) Shrink
4) Fireball
5) Coin
6) Super Jump Punch
7) Whoosh
8) Wind
9) Small explosion
10) Hard to tell...
11) Charging Green Missile
12) Green Missile
13) Green Missile (Misfire)
14) "Whoo!"
15) "Yipee!"
16) "Yah!"
17) "Hoo!"
18) "Haha!"
19) "Uh!"
20) "Yahoo!"
21) "Ahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!"
22) "Oomph..."
23) "Yah!"
24) "Hoohoo!"
25) "Letsago!"
26) "Hmmp!"
27) Snoring (inhaling)
28) Snoring (exhaling)
29) "Hup!"
30) "Uh!"
31) "Letsago!"
32) "Oof!"
33) "Uh!"
34) "Whoa!"


0) "Jigglypuff!" (Crowd)
1) "Jigglypuff!"
2) "Puff!"
3) "Jiggly!"
4) "Paff!"
5) "Puf!"
6) "Paf!"
7) "Paff!"
8) "Jigglypuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffff...!"
9) "PuUuUuUf..."
10) "JIGGLY!"
12) "...puff!"
13) "Ah!!!"
14) "Jigg..."
15) "...llypuff!"
16) "Jiggly...!"
17) "Oh...Hah..."
18) "Hah..."
19) "Ohh???"
20) Charging Rollout
21) Rollout
22) Changing directions with Rollout
23) Stopping Rollout
24) Bubbles


0) "MeeeeeeeeeeeeewTWO!" (Crowd)
1) "Hmmhmmhmmhmmhmhmhmhmhm...!"
2) "Hm!"
3) "Hoh!"
4) "Tah!"
5) "Mmm!"
6) "Huh!"
7) "HUH!!!"
8) "Hoh!"
9) "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...!"
10) "Oh..."
11) "Ooh!"
12) "Whoa!"
13) "HmHahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"
14) "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"
15) "Hm!"
16) "Hmmmmmm..."
17) "Wha!"
19) "Tuh!"
20) "Oh!"
21) Flutter
22) Lower flutter
23) Burst
24) Low beep
25) Lower beep
26) Jump
27) Double jump
28) Another jump
29) Dark Powder attack
30) Disable
31) Fire
32) Same as 31, but higher
33) Same as 31, but LOWER
34) Shot
35) Charging Shadow Ball
37) Charging Shadow Ball (bigger)
38) Charging Shadow Ball (even bigger)
39) Charging Shadow Ball (full size)
40) Shadow Ball
41) Smaller Shadow Ball
42) A combo attack
43) Another A combo attack
44) No idea


0) "Marth! Marth! Marth!" (Crowd)
1) Clank
2) Another clank
3) Slice
4) Another slice >_>
5) Yet another slice...
6) Sword hitting sword
7) "Tah!"
8) "Tey!"
9) "Hit!"
10) "Hut!"
11) "Taah!"
12) "Towah!"
13) "Toyah!"
14) "Yeah!"
15) "Hint!"
16) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
17) "Mixta!"
18) Japanese (Can some translate?)
19) "Sokuda!"
20) "Twah!"
21) "Eh!"
22) "Wlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...!"
23) "Oh!"
24) "Waugh!"
25) "Oowah!!!"
26) "Huh!"
27) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
28) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
29) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
30) "Eh!"
31) Snoring
32) "Ota!"
33) "Wah!"
34) "Eeyah!"
35) "Ugh!"
36) Sword
37) Sword hitting Sword
38) Charging
39) Releasing his sword (I think)
40) Up+B
41) Clank
42) Another clank


0) "Game and Watch!" (Crowd)
1) Bell
2) Buzz
3) Tap
4) Bell (Again)
5) Bop
6) Beep
7) Tap
8) Alarm clock-like beep (Sounds just like mine >_<)
9) Two beeps
10) Multiple buzzes
11) Two taps
12) Beep
13) Four beeps
14) Beep
15) Three beeps
16) Five buzzes
17) Beep
18) Tap
19) Clank
20) Bip
21) Buzz
22) Boing
23) Buzz


0) "Gooooooooooooooooooooo DOC!" (Crowd)
1) Megavitamin
2) Megavitamin hitting
3) "Hoh!"
4) "Hoohoo!"
5) "Haha!"
6) Giant
7) Tiny
8) Same as 1
9) Coin
10) Jump
11) Whoosh
12) Another whoosh
13) Hard to describe
14) Same as 2
15) Swoosh
16) "Wah!"
17) "Waha!"
18) "Yah!"
19) "Hoo!"
20) "Haha!"
21) "Yuh!"
22) "Yeehaw!"
23) "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh........!!!"
24) "Hooh..."
25) "Hooh!"
26) "Hoohoo!"
27) "Letsa go!"
28) "Hmph...!"
29) Snoring (Inhaling)
30) Snoring (Exhaling)
31) "Hum!"
32) "D'oh!"
33) "Here we goooooo!"
34) "Uh!"
35) "Oof!"
36) "Whoa!"


0) "Young Link! Young Link!" (Crowd)
1) Whoosh
2) Another whoosh
3) <_< Another whoosh
4) Sword
5) Another sword sound
6) Tap
7) "HAAH!"
8) "Hut!"
9) "Hit!"
10) "Tah!"
11) "Hwah!"
12) "Yah!"
14) "Uh..."
15) "Ah!"
16) "Hup!"
17) "Yup!"
18) ???
19) "Bleah!"
20) "...Yup!"
21) "Woh!"
23) Sounds like disturbed laughter O_o
24) "Hut!"
25) Tap
26) Tapping
27) Slash
28) Another slash
29) Chain
30) Another chain -_-
31) Yet another chain...
32) Tap
33) Explosion
34) Flip
35) Another flip
36) Bomb
37) Up+B
38) Tap
39) Blast
40) Tap
41) Sounds like opening a jar


0) "Ganondorf!" (Crowd)
1) Whoosh
2) Clank
3) "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah-AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"
4) "Hah!"
5) "Het!"
6) "AH-hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"
7) "Hahahahaha!"
8) "Hmph!"
9) "HMPH!"
10) "HAH!"
11) "Tuk!"
12) "Hm!"
13) "Hmp!"
14) "Ehh..."
15) "Mp!"
16) "Tok!"
17) "OH YEAH!"
18) "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah-AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"
19) Snoring (Inhaling)
20) Snoring (Exhaling)
21) "Uh!"
22) "Woh!"
23) "Wooooooaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!"
24) "Woh!"
25) "Eeyah!"
26) "Hah!"
27) "Ahahahaha!"
28) Some sort of energy blast
29) Same as 28, but more highly pitched
30) Eagle
31) Up+B


0) "Fal-co!" (Crowd)
1) Whoosh
2) Tap
3) Fwoosh
4) Wind
5) Land
6) "Heh."
7) "Mission Complete!"
8) "HM!"
9) "Hoh!"
10) "Twoh!"
11) "Haht!"
12) "YEAH!"
13) "Fire!"
14) "Oowoh!"
16) "Mmm..."
17) "Ergt!"
18) "Dowagh!"
19) "Huh!"
20) "Hut!"
21) "Hwoh!"
22) Snoring
23) "Oh!"
24) "Owah!"
25) "M-hm!"
26) "Uh!"
27) No idea
28) Click
29) Fire
30) Fwoosh
31) Reflector
32) Laser
33) Blaster
34) Laser
35) Another laser
36) Yet another laser
37) "All ships report in!" (Fox)
38) "This is Slippy! I'm alright, I'm alright!" (Slippy)
39) "Peppy, here. I'm a little shaken, but I'm okay." (Peppy)
40) "Sorry, I've always wanted to say that!" (Peppy)
41) "Look out Slippy! Enemies behind you!" (Peppy)
42) "Fox! I think someone's on my tail!" (Slippy)
43) "Get outta there, Slippy!" (Fox)
44) "Thanks, Fox. I thought I was done for." (Slippy)
45) "Hold A to charge up shots!" (Slippy)
46) "Cut your way through with a boost!" (Peppy)
47) "Aren't you guys thinking of something else?" (Fox)
48) "Falco! Don't let them get you!" (Peppy)
49) "This has gotten interesting! I'm on the edge of my seat!" (Slippy)
50) "Calm down. This is where the REAL battle begins!" (Fox)
51) "Wait right there, Andross! All ships report!" (Slippy)
52) "Hey, Slippy! Don't get to excited!" (Peppy)
53) "Keep it together, things are about to get ugly!" (Fox)


0) "Pichu!" (Crowd)
1) "Pichu!"
2) "Chu!"
3) "Pichu!"
4) "Pi!"
5) "Pichu...!"
6) "Pi-Chu!"
7) "Piiiiichu!"
8) "Pi!!"
9) "PI!"
10) "Pi."
12) "Piiiiiiiiiii-Chuuuuuuuuuuu..."
13) "Pi!"
14) "PICHU!"
15) "CHU!!!"
16) "PiCHU!!!"
17) "...chu."
18) "Piiiiiiii..."
19) "PICHU!!!"
20) "Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...!"
21) "Chu!"
22) "PiCHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
23) "Chu!"
24) Spark
25) Another spark
26) Thunder
27) Agility
28) Charging
29) Skull Bash
30) Zap
31) Blast


0) "Roy's our boy!" (Crowd)
1) Clank
2) Another clank
3) Whoosh
4) Another whoosh
5) Swish
6) "Foh!"
7) "Cei!"
8) "Ha!"
9) "Yah!"
10) "Hyah!"
11) "EeeeeYAH!"
12) "Torea!"
13) "Hum!"
14) "Sah!"
15) "Hok!"
16) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
17) "Yah!"
18) "Hey!"
19) "Whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
20) "Uh!"
21) "D'oh!"
22) "Gragh!"
23) "HAH!!!"
24) "Yeah!"
25) "Sugo!"
26) "Hoh!"
27) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
28) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
29) "Ep!"
30) "Hooh!"
31) "WAUGH!"
32) "HeeYAH!"
33) Japanese (Can someone translate?)
34) Snoring
35) "Wah!"
36) Sword
37) Sword hitting Sword
38) Charging
39) Clank
40) Up+B
41) Clink
42) Clank


3) Burst
4) Laser
5) Higher pitched laser
6) Even higher
7) Swoosh
8) Wind
9) Whoosh
10) Swish
11) Rocket
12) Another rocket
13) Explosion
14) Fwoosh
15) Fwoosh
16) Whoosh
17) Drill
18) Faster drill
19) Smash
20) Higher-pitched smash
21) Fire


0) Sparkle
1) "Chika!" (Chikorita)
2) Land
3) Land
4) Land >_>
5) "Weezing!" (Weezing)
6) Rumble
7) Whoosh
8) Fwoosh
9) "RAGH!!!" (Charizard)
10) Sounds like a tractor beam...
11) Lower-pitched version of 10
12) Slash
13) Slash
14) "Blastoise!" (Blastoise)
15) Charging
16) Explosion
17) "Scizor!" (Scizor)
18) Blast
19) "SnorLAX!!!" (Snorlax)
20) "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........." (Snorlax)
21) "Bellossom!" (Bellossom)
22) Sounds like sliding metal
23) Explosion
24) "Mew!" (Mew)
25) "Clefairy!" (Clefairy)
26) "WABBA WABBA!" (Wobbuffet)
27) "Tiki turri!" (Togepi)
28) Land
29) "Goldeen Goldeen Goldeen!" (Goldeen, no duh)
30) "VENASAUR!" (Venasaur)
31) Rumble
32) Rumble
33) Rumble -_-
34) Rubmle O_o
35) "Cynda!" (Cyndaquil)
36) Boom
37) Blast
38) Bang
39) "HYAH!" (Staryu)
40) Swift
41) Swift
42) "Chansey!" (Chansey)
43) Bop
44) "Mari-ill!" (Marill)
45) Buzz
46) Buzz
47) Swoosh
48) Explosion
49) Hard to describe
50) Blast
51) Blast
52) Shockwave
53) Once again, hard to describe
54) Sounds like a broken radio O_o
55) Higher-pitched version of 54
56) Burst
57) Burst
58) Blast
59) Blast
60) Trumpet
61) Higher-pitched trumpet
62) Lower-pitched trumpet
63) Sparkle
64) Brinstar exploding
65) Blast
66) Shockwave
67) Sounds like a space shuttle taking off
68) Unknown
69) Sounds like fire
70) Charging
71) Swoosh
72) Flare
73) Blast
74) Beep
75) Buzz
76) Bleep
77) Laser
78) Sounds like a meteor
79) Shockwave
80) The sound you get when you beat 1P mode
81) Three taps


0) Swish
1) Fwish
2) Swoosh
3) Tap
4) Tap
5) Whoosh
6) Land
7) Tap
8) Land
9) Bang
10) Tap
11) Fwoosh
12) Fwish
13) Fwoosh
14) Swish
15) Bop
16) Tap
17) Bang
18) Tap
19) Burst
20) Burst
21) Tap
22) Burst
23) Burst >_>
24) Tap
25) Coin
26) Bang
27) Lower-pitched bang
28) Bang
29) Whack
30) Punch
31) Whack
32) Burst
33) Tap
34) Whoosh
35) Zap
36) Lightning
37) Shock
38) Land
39) Burst
40) Burst
41) Slash
42) Slash
43) Slash
44) Tap
45) Bop
46) Tap
47) Birds
48) Swish
49) Fire
50) Fire
51) Fire
52) Tap
53) Beep
54) Clank
55) Clink
56) Clang
57) Clink >_>
58) Woosh
59) Bop
60) Laser
61) Breaking shield
62) Same as above, but longer
63) Blast
64) Explosion
65) Explosion
66) Huge Explosion
67) Another explosion
68) Boom
69) Blast
70) Land
71) Tap
72) Clink
73) Beep
74) Beep
75) Ding
76) Rustle
77) Bubble
78) Whoa...No idea.
79) Same as above, but longer
80) Ditto
81) Crinkle
82) Whoosh
83) Ding
84) Getting a coin
85) Ding
86) Beep
87) Whoosh
88) Whoosh
89) Pulse
90) Whoosh
91) Whoosh
92) Bubble
93) Whoosh
94) Land
95) Fwoosh
96) Whoosh
97) Whish
98) Woosh
99) Tap
100) Tap
101) Tap
102) Sounds like somebody locking a door
103) Sounds like trying to open the locked door...
104) The sound that is made when you go backwards in a menu
105) When you select something in a menu
106) Choosing something in a menu
107) Doing something that is not allowed
108) Can't tell. Sounds farmiliar...
109) The sound that is made when you go back to the title screen
110) Clank
111) Clink
112) StarFox Communicator
113) Clink
114) Coin
115) Bubble
116) Tap
117) Sounds like an automatic door.
118) Sounds like closing a door
119) Clink
120) Siren
121) Alarm
122) Bang
123) Boom
124) Alarm
125) Snapshot
126) Reflector
127) Turning off the reflector
128) Throwing an item
129) Eating food at 0%
130) Tap
131) HomeRun
132) HomeRun (Again)
133) Smack
134) Light smack
135) Hard smack
136) Pulse
137) Laser
138) Click
139) Sparkle
140) Sparkle
141) Sparkle
142) Clicks
143) Beam Sword
144) Beam Sword
145) Beam Sword
146) Explosion
147) Tap
148) Bang
149) Shell
150) Tossing an item
151) Click
152) Gun
153) Beep
154) Breaking a container
155) Swoosh
156) Clop
157) Ding
158) Bleep
159) Breaking a container
160) Super Scope
161) Lock and Load
162) Charging Super Scope
163) Charged Super Scope
164) Fully Charged Super Scope
165) Tap
166) Bop
167) Land
168) Tap
169) Tap
170) Click
171) Bloop
172) Mr. Saturn High-pitched
173) Mr. Saturn Medium-pitched
174) Mr. Saturn Low-pitched
175) Poké Ball
176) Warp Star
177) Swish
178) Screw Attack
179) High-pitched screw attack
180) Bunny Hood
181) Running With Bunny Hood
182) Flutter
183) Jumping With Bunny Hood
184) Jumping With Bunny Hood
185) Super Mushroom
186) Poison Mushroom
187) Lip's Stick
188) Bop
189) Lip's Stick
190) Metal Box
191) Smash
192) Bop
193) Clank
194) Clank
195) Party Ball Activating
196) Party Ball Opening
197) Party Ball Opening (2)
198) Tap
199) Blast
200) Cloaking Device
201) Unknown
202) Timer
203) Open
204) Target
205) Whoosh
206) Shot
207) Shot
208) Boom
209) Shot
210) Roar
211) Breaking a block
212) Clank
213) Tap
214) Rumble
215) Fwish
216) Blast
217) Land
218) "Oh!" (Audience)
219) "Oh!" (Audience)
220) "Oh!" (Audience)
221) "YEAH!!!" (Audience)
222) "Whoo!" (Audience)
223) "YEAH!" (Audience)
224) "WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" (Audience)
225) "Aww..." (Audience)
226) Tap
227) Fwish
228) Fwish
229) Tap
230) Boop
231) Clank
232) Land
233) Bop
234) Bop
235) Bop
236) Bop
237) Land
238) Click
239) Tap
240) Clink
241) Tap
242) Clink
243) Tap
244) Gun
245) Tap
246) Clang
247) Tap
248) Clank
249) Tap
250) Clang
251) Tap
252) Clink
253) Boop
254) Clink
255) Land
256) Shot
257) Land
258) Shot
259) Bop
260) Clink
261) Tap
262) Clank
263) Tap
264) Clink
265) Tap
266) Clink
267) Fwish
268) Clink
269) Bop
270) Clink
271) Tap
272) Clink (I'm starting to notice a pattern here...)
273) Tap
274) Clank
275) Bubble
276) Clank
277) Sounds like a slamming door
278) Clank
279) Tap
280) Clink
281) Tap
282) Clank
283) Bubble
284) Clink
285) Bop
286) Clank
287) Bop
288) Clank
289) Explosion
290) Boom
291) Whoosh
292) Land
293) Tap
294) Blast
295) Boom
296) Land
297) Boom
298) Tap
299) Fwish
300) Swish
301) Swish
302) Whish
303) Swish
304) Splash
305) Splash
306) Splish
307) Splish
308) Splish
309) Splish
310) Splish
311) Splish
312) Splish (Oh, for crying out loud...)
313) Splish
314) Land
315) Land
316) Tap
317) Tap
318) Tap
319) Bop
320) Bop
321) Boop
322) Bloop
323) Boop
324) Donk
325) Clank
326) Clank
327) Clank
328) Clink
329) Land
330) Land
331) Splash
332) Splish
333) Splish
334) Bop
335) Bop
336) Bop
337) Bop
338) Bop
339) Click
340) Click
341) Click
342) Click
343) Beep
344) Blast
345) Blast
346) Sparkle
347) Sparkle

BACKGROUND (For the record, I don't know what separates this from
Universal, either)

0) Wind
1) Higher-pitched wind
2) Highest-pitched wind
3) Lower-pitched wind
4) F-Zero car
5) F-Zero car
6) F-Zero car
7) Clank
8) Clink
9) Zap
10) Spark
11) F-Zero alarm
12) Bop
13) Shot
14) Shot
15) Shot
16) Explosion
17) Rumble
18) Smash
19) Click
20) Airplane
21) Airplane
22) Airplane
23) Laser
24) Laser
25) Pulse
26) Pulse
27) Engine
28) Charging
29) Charging
30) Swish
31) "How's the Cloaking Device I invented?" (Slippy)
32) "Fox! Are you alright?" (Peppy)
33) "Looks like we're just in time!" (Slippy)
34) "Sheesh, you're such a pain!" (Fox)
35) "Fox, we've come to help!" (Falco)
36) "Looks like you've taken a beating! Hang on!" (Peppy)
37) "We've got the enemy on our monitors!" (Slippy)
38) "Fox! Are you alright?" (Slippy)
39) "Be careful Fox, this doesn't look good!" (Peppy)
40) "Try to stay alive, huh, Fox?" (Falco)
41) "I found our prey, stay clear!" (Fox)
42) "Get ready everybody!" (Peppy)
43) "I'm right behind you guys!" (Slippy)
44) Wind
45) Wind
46) Swish
47) Sounds like something you'd hear in a horror movie...O_o
48) Sounds like something heavy entering water
49) Whistle
50) Beep-beep
51) Horn
52) Land
53) Land
54) Splash
55) Car
56) Car
57) Car
58) Car
59) Car
60) Car
61) Boing
62) Boing
63) UFO
64) Helicopter
65) Helicopter
66) UFO
67) UFO
68) Water
69) Jungle Japes wilderness
70) Splash
71) Splish
72) Splash
73) Wave
74) Wave crashing
75) Wave crashing
76) Tap
77) Splash
78) Smack
79) Charging
80) Charging
81) Splish
82) Splish
83) Bubble
84) Bubble
85) Bubble
86) Smack
87) Charge
88) Boing
89) Charge
90) Wave
91) Splash
92) Splash
93) Blip
94) Sliding rock
95) Squish
96) Squish
97) Alarm
98) Water
99) Boom
100) Charge
101) Charge
102) Blast
103) Shot
104) Rumble
105) Rumble
106) Charge
107) Rumble
108) Slash
109) Sounds science-fiction...y
110) Kinda like 109
111) Explosion
112) Blast

Wow, I never thought I'd finish that.

Things I Need []

Although this guide is supposed to be comprehensive, I obviously don't have
everything in existence. Here is a list of things I need:

-How to do Samus' Bomb jump. I used to know, but then I forgot, and I can't
find it.

-Advanced strategies for the movelists. I admittedly live kinda in the middle
of nowhere, so I don't get exposed to much professional stuff.

-There are some sounds in the Sound Test which I can't identify. If you know
what they are, please tell me.

Frequently Asked Questions []

Q: You made a mistake!
A: I did? Well, then E-Mail me and tell me what it is!

Q: Why did you write this?
A: Cuz I was bored. :P And because there aren't any comprehensive  guides
out there.

Q: Where is Board the Platforms?
A: That has been removed, sadly. :( There are rumors of it returning in
Super Smash Bros. Brawl, however.

Q: In order to unlock Mewtwo, I have to play vs. mode for 20 hours 
A: You don't. It's 20 Hours collectively. Also, it's divided by the 
amount of human players in the game. So if you have four humans playing 
for five hours, you still unlock him.

Q: I just unlocked three stages (Dream Land, Kongo Jungle, and Yoshi's 
Island) from the original SSB! How do I unlock the others? (Like Hyrule 
Castle, Saffron City, etc.)
A: Dream Land, Kongo Jungle, and Yoshi's Island are the only SSB stages 
available in Melee. However, the rest of the stages are somehow cloned 
in Melee:

Hyrule Castle = Hyrule Temple
Peach's Castle = Princess Peach's Castle
Sector Z = Corneria
Saffron City = Fourside (Sorta)
Planet Zebes = Brinstar
RANDOM? = RANDOM (I guess...)
Mushroom Kingdom = Mushroom Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom II.

Q: Your guide is awesome!
A; Thanks!

A: Um...could you be more specific? (and intelligent...)

Q: How do you get the accented e in Pokémon?
A: Well, you can use Alt codes (I don't), you can go to Insert > Symbol 
and find it (I don't), or you can do what I do: Just press Ctrl+E+'. 
And there you go. (Note that this will not work in some programs, such as

Q: Why is SSBM rated T? Isn't E10+ more appropriate?
A: Probably, but E10+ didn't exist when Melee was released. We can 
expect an E10+ rating for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Q: How do I get the Diddy Kong trophy?
A: Strangely enough, there isn't one. Funny how Dixie and DK Jr. got

Q: You made a typo in the ____ trophy description!
A: Before you yell at me about it, check the errors section or the trophy
in question to make sure that it wasn't an intentional recreation of an
ingame typo.

Q: You keep talking about this "Action Replay" thing, or "AR." What is it?
A: The Action Replay is a device used for hacking games. I do not own
one, but I do know what they can do. One thing they can do is activate
SSBM's secret debug mode, which allows you to do things that you could
never do before, like play as the NPCs, use target tests, the Home-Run
Stadium, and other things as stages, and create billions of the same item
and activate them all. It's very fun, but risky if you don't know what
you're doing, so be careful. ARs can be bought at most gaming stores, or
online. Try Amazon or eBay.

Q: So, is that how I can play as Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Giga Bowser, the
Wire Frames, and Sandbag?
A: Yup.

A: Go fall in a well.

Contact []

Questions, comments, suggestions, death threats, I want them all. If you want
to send me something about the guide, e-mail me at
Don't hesitate to send me something, I'm eager to hear from you! Just make sure
you follow these guidelines.

-Tell me I got something wrong (even if it's a nitpicky grammatical error).
-Tell me I missed something.
-Ask me a question that isn't answered in the FAQ.
-Ask me if you can host my guide on your site.
-Long story short, be helpful.

-Say you hate my guide without reason. It's perfectly fine if you hate it, but
if you have to tell me about it, at least give me a reason so I can improve it.
-Ask me something already answered in the FAQ.
-Ask me if you can host my guide on your site if I already said no.
-Send me garbage mail.

Also, there are a few things to keep in mind:

#1. If you ask me a question, I won't e-mail you back, but will put the
question (and the answer, of course) in the FAQ.

#2. If you ask me if you can put my guide up on your site, chances are, I'll
say no. Sorry, but I'm just kind of against having my guides thrown all across
the internet.

#3. If you ask me if you can put my guide up on your site, I won't respond to
say no, only yes. So if you don't get a response, I either haven't read your
e-mail, or I've decided against it.

That said, start mailing!

E-Mail Count: 0

Credits []

General Thanks
-Me, for making it
-You, for reading it
-Nintendo, for making the GameCube
-HAL, for making SSBM

-Sergeant_Slaughter, I used the bonus guide in his Trophy FAQ as a base
for mine.

-Mem010, I used the trophy lists in his Trophy Guide as a base for

-a46erfan_80 and Master_Shippo, who tried hard to get me the correct
description (With line breaks) for the Crazy Hand trophy. Even though I
ended up finding it on my own, they tried, so they get their names up
here anyway.

-I know I've probably forgotten some people! E-Mail me if I forgot you!

Legal Crap []

This guide is Copyright © 2006-2007 Missing_My_Head.

Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Link, etc., and all related characters, icons,
logos, and concepts are copyright Nintendo, HAL, Game Freak,
Creatures Inc., etc.. I have no connection with any of these companies.
I assume no responsibility for anything to do with the SSB series.

Further Reading []

Can't get enough smash? Here are some websites to give you some further
information:, greatest video game website in the world, an enormous online encyclopedia with info on everything,
including Smash., a wiki all about SSB, GameFAQs' sister website, Super Smash Bros. official website (Currently covering SSBB), the name says it all, the biggest SSB community there is, you can find lots of SSBM videos here. I highly recommend
a certain one called "The Wrath of Giga Bowser." It won't give you any
strategies, but it's frickin' hillarious. You can also find professional
matches, tutorials, and galleries of Debug Mode stuff., the most powerful search engine in the world. Use it to look up
SSB stuff!, another powerful search engine, yet another powerful search engine, a gaming website with plenty of SSBM information, another gaming website with a lot of SSBM info

Well, that's it. The end. If you read the entire guide, I'll eat my GameCube.