Tales of Symphonia FAQ/Walkthrough

       Tales of Symphonia
Walkthrough/FAQ v1.02
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
Written by: Klaive/Demon Lord Kage (TheGrandKlaive@aol.com)


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Tips and Notes

1.  Fight every enemy you see.  You need the levels.

2.  Develop Raine.  She'll be your main healer and she's absolutely needed.

3.  Always equip the latest gear on your characters.  Good gear is the
difference between smashing a boss with ease and getting smashed with just the

same ease.

4.  If you can't beat something, put your characters on auto.  With as easy as
this game is, if you can't win, the computer is likely much better than you.

5.  Use Strategies! The strat menu is your AI for the characters you aren't
controlling.  It's vital that you master this.

6.  Start your game on "Hard" and after the first 265 battles you fight, you'll
get Lloyd's best title.  You may then set it back to "Normal."

7.  Don't neglect your cooking.  Cooking can be the most important asset you

8.  Use a Magic Lens against EVERY new enemy.  If you aren't sure if an enemy's
new or not, use a lens anyway! Better to waste 9 gald than wager a monster
list entry.

Note: You may e-mail me.  This is why I included my e-mail address.  If you see
something I should add to my guide or something inside that is incorrect,
please let me know.  However, I must ask that no one spam my e-mail and I
should emphasize that should you choose to e-mail me regarding game help, I
may or may not be able to respond and if I do, I may or may not be able to
help you, depending on your problem.



Okay, what I'm going to do in this guide is a deviation from the norm.
Rather than give you statistical facts I look up, I'm going to play the game
for the first time and record my journey as it happens, giving you advice
and tips and telling you where to go and what to do.

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the case is that there are TWO
GameCube Discs.  What the heck? That's awesome!

Putting in Disc 1, I was stunned and amazed by the kick ass anime sequence.
Very impressive for the GameCube.  Chicks with axes, a mage swinging a staff,
some dude killing undead things...  what does all this mean? Dude, I have no

So let's go ahead and start a New Game.  Jeez, that blonde chick sure is cute.

No, I don't wanna change my game settings! Psh! Maybe you do though, so look
into that and get it done so you can rejoin me and we can get this game

All done? Great.

Awesome voice over.  This sounds kinda like Secret of Mana.  Except there's 
Cool.  I have to say I love these graphics.

Lloyd Irving!? Who in the blue hell is that!?

Ouch! I'd say "Gah!" too.  That had to suck.

I considered naming my daughter Rain.  When I have one, I mean...  but this
one's spelled with an "e." Meh, whatever.  Don't worry, I'll start the
walkthrough soon, nothing's really happening yet.

Wow...  again, these graphics rock.  Check out the detail in Genis.

Okay, does anyone else find it odd that this Lloyd dude is in school with a
sword and armor?

Um, why is the chick the Chosen One? Maaan, that's crappy.

Human ranches? That's just scary.


If you talk to the dude in the brown pants by the window, you'll find out
that Colette's dad is rumored to have been an angel.  Freaky.

The mean girl in the red and white rags on you and tells you you got raised
by a dwarf and apparently you're friends with an Elf and a Chosen.

No one else says anything worth listening to.

Try to leave and Genis freaks out at you.

When given the option, explain that sneaking out is, in fact, research.

Hey, apparently Genis is an Elf, cause he's Lloyd's best friend.

So you invite Genis and Colette along and they join up.  Ooooh, then you get
a neat explanation about Skits.  Skits sound cool.

Hey cool, talk to the boy in the front row (not the one by the chalkboard,
the other one) and he'll give you a Magic Lens.

Press the Z button for the "It'll Be Fine" Skit...

That was kinda pointless.

Now go up to the boarded up hole in the wall to the left of the blackboard.

Hahaha, when you examine it, you find out Colette made the hole! Whoa, and
she gets the title "Klutz!"

Try to leave and be like, "It's research, d00d!" and you'll all head out.

ALTERNATE SCENE: If you choose, "Okay, fine..." when Genis gives you the
option, the wounded pastor limps up to the room and dies in front of Colette.
It's pretty cool, except he's not dead.  Oh wait, yes he is.  If you say you
won't go with Colette, Genis gets mad and you go anyway.

Okay, leave the school and the party starts talking about how quiet it is.
Frank, Colette's Father, appears...  what the heck, is he supposed to be an
angel? Where's his wings, dude?

The Archangel Frank? I don't think so.  Anyway, you find out the Desians
invaded the village and everyone hid.  The Desians aren't interested in the
villagers though, they're headed for the temple.  So anyway, Colette's old
granny is in the temple.  So you all head that way.

(¯`•._.•[Village of Oracles | Isaela]•._.•´¯)

Iselia Village
Items: Magic Lens
Enemies: Ghost, Hawk, Rabbit, Wolf, Zombie

I went south and into the first building I saw and bought 10 magic lenses.
You never know, man.

Whoa, if you find Frank in the big house on the east side of town, you get
full healing.  Awesome.

On the west side, Genis doesn't want you going in his house, he sucks.

So now that we're done exploring, save in the circle by the school and head
out through the north exit.  You'll encounter your first monster!

I got a grinny pink skull that turned out to be undead.  I guess this is real
time battle, cause I stood there like an idiot for a few minutes before
kicking that things boney butt.

It was easy enough, never hit anyone.  

What's the Exsphere?


Time for more fighting!

I suck at combat, but I'm learning.

Now head out the gate finally...

Head to the temple, where you find a beam of light shooting out of the top.

Martel Temple
Items: Life Bottle x2, Panacea Bottle, Apple Gel, 250 Gald
Key Items: Training Manual, Sorcerer's Ring
Enemies: Vidarr (BOSS), Soldiers, Ghost, Golem, Slime, Spider, Zombie

You hear combat going on and a pastor yells for you, he's wounded, it seems...
or dead?

No, he's alive, but wounded.  So this is what it'd be like if the pope got

He just died!

Some dumb guy is asking where the Chosen is.  He has stupid hair.  Lord Botta?
He has a stupid name too.

Okay, so kick the crap out of these soldiers.

Some dude with a ball and chain comes in, you whip up on him and suddenly your
characters start acting like they lost.  That's annoying.

Hey, a red headed dude with a sword just showed up and stole the show!

Okay, so beat the hell out of this guy...  he's really, really easy.

They start treating purple guy like he's special, but in battle he's less
impressive than Lloyd from what I've seen.

They run away like cowards.

I'm getting pissed now.  Lloyd is stronger than this guy.

That guy didn't save the Chosen! Lloyd did! Oooooh, I'm seeing red!
Somebody slap granny!

....Lloyd will only get in the way!? I should stab this idiot in the face!

Anyway, you all head into the temple because Colette is all kinds of chill.
I headed down the left passage first, but it was blocked off.  So I headed
north.  There's a seal blocking you from proceeding further...  Colette says
to get the Sorcerer's Ring in the temple.  So now we head right..

At this point, I suggest changing the strategies on all your characters to
"retain" so they have some TPs left for the boss fight, assuming there is one
to come.

Head down the stairs at the end of the passage, on down to the disco dance
floor.  You see the Sorcerer's Ring hovering and talk about it.  Suddenly,
you notice a golem, kill it and a block appears in its place! Klutz
accidentally pushes it through a hole, but hey, that's a good thing.  Go up
the stairs to the left and head down that corridor and you find the other side
of the blocked corridor from the start.  Play the "Test of the Chosen" Skit
if you want and open the three treasure chests for 250 gald, a life bottle
and an apple gel.  Go back down to the disco floor.

Okay, so beat the golems and push blocks into every hole (some are wasted,
but hey, you need the XP.) Then go down stairs.  Save at the save point, then
push the block all the way to the right.  Fight the enemy and open the chest
for a panacea bottle.  Go back up, kill another golem, push another block
through the center hole, and push it all the way left.  Fight the enemy and
grab the life bottle from the chest.

Now, for the northern passage.

Another golem, another block.  Center hole again, thanks.

This time, we push it straight up.  All the way! Hear that little tinkly
sound like a fairy played a bell just for you? That's your doggy treat for
doing such a good job.

Proceed for a cut scene and your Sorcerer's Ring!

Hey, cool, it makes fire that freezes enemies!

Now save your game again (mind the floating skull) and head back to where the
barrier was! Shoot it with your cool new fire! The doors open up and Lloyd
whines.  Step onto the glowy circle and warp!

You see the crystal on the altar and suddenly an angel appears.  Lloyd acts
dumb.  Kratos sets him right.  Remiel.  Now THAT's an angel name.  Frank.

Anyway, Colette gets fixed up and becomes the Chosen of Regeneration.

Whoa, that tower is huge! This is like Dragon Ball or something!

South to the Seal of Fire, eh? Hmm...

Anyway, go talk to that red-headed idiot and another cut scene will occur.
Warp down after setting the Elf in his place, and then click Z to hear the
skit about Lloyd's Thoughts on Angels.   Haha! Lloyd is dumb.  Hahahaha!

Run south and you'll hit a cut scene.  LOOK, IT'S RAINE! YAY! ACK! She's
BEATING GENIS TO DEATH!!! HELP!!! She kicked Lloyd in the face!? What's
going on here!? This is unacceptable!  My party was defeated by their

After the cut scene, click Z for the skit "Do I Have to?"

Don't be such a goody-goody, Genis, jeez.

Now click Z again for "The Oracle" skit.  Whoa, Lloyd's hopeless.

Head on out to the south exit and another cut scene happens.

Who's laughing!? Who's there!?

Genis says I'm better off not knowing.  He should die for such a comment.

Nothing new in the tower, how depressing.  Back to town!

Iselia Village
Items: Grapes, Bread
Key Items: Collector's Book
Enemies: None

Run into Colette's house and you hear the Mayor being stupid.  The granny gives
you a Collector's Book.  Isn't that lovely? Someone kill Kratos please.

At least Colette apologizes for him, but wow.  He needs to get shot.

Whoa, it's Colette's birthday! Cool! Lloyd forgot though.  You and Elf
depart for his house!

Along the way, you'll listen to the skit "Sole Redeeming Feature".  I agree
that the red-headed idiot is annoying.

Head to the school.  A cut scene will automatically begin.  Genis gets the
"Brotherly Love" title.  Why? Who knows?

Try to leave and trigger a very brief cut scene.  Once out, head over to
Genis' House.

Cooking Tutorial Time!

Check out the books against the far wall to the left! It's a cut scene!
Genis is a nerd! Examine them again and read "The Desians: A Lineage of

Alright, now head out of the south gate  Lloyd has a fun pet!

Isaela Forest
Items: Apple Gel x3, Orange Gel x2, Life Bottle, Leather Glove, 500 Gald
Key Items: None
Enemies: Giant Bee, Hawk, Minicoid, Rabbit, Slime, Spider, Whip Master, Wolf

Head to the northwest and enter the forest.  Follow the path and pick up the
Life Bottle from the first chest you come to.

When you get to the cut scene, go through it and click Z to hear the "Genis'
Friend" skit.  Save your game and head into the ranch.

Genis' friend is an old chick named Marble.  How odd.

Hey, we need to help Marble and get her a key crest! Say "Fine!" I chose
"But..." when she said to run.

Head back to the right, near the cliff going up.  This will trigger another
cut scene.  Jump up the cliffs with the A button.  Another cut scene shows
Marble getting the living hell beaten out of her.  Looks painful! If you're
sadistic.  don't press A after Genis says, "She's..." and they'll just keep
beating her forever!

Lloyd comes up with a plan and Genis gives him a cookie, good stuff.  Kill the
Desians when they attack you and another cut scene occurs.

Hey, look! It's a guy with a giant tongue depressor for an arm.  That's so
cool! Or...  is it?

Save your game and continue north.

Following the path, you'll find an apple gel with a leather glove and another
apple gel above it, and to the east, 500 gald.  To the north, there's some
orange gel tied to a tree trunk!  Continue north to the next area to hit the
overworld map.  Hit Z to see the skit, "Restless Noishe." Fight in this area
until you get a beast hide, if you don’t have one yet.  After that, just walk
around to Dirk's House and enter.

Awwww, Lloyd's mom's dead.

(¯`•._.•[Dirk's House]•._.•´¯)

Dirk's House
Items: Apple Gel x2, Life Bottle, 500 Gald
Key Items: Sylvarant Map
Enemies: Dirk (BOSS) (Just Kidding.)

Go inside and meet Lloyd's dwarfy father.  You find out some heavy stuff and
Colette asks you to go up to the terrace.  Hey, where'd she come from?

So you banter a bit and say your goodbyes.

Now go downstairs and save your game.  Then exit the house and head northwest
to Lloyd's mother's grave where the dwarf is.

He'll give you the key crest, 2 apple gels, a life bottle, 500 gald and the
Sylvarant Map.  

WTF? Colette left without you!? Should we kill her next time we see her?
I think so!

Iselia Village
Items: Apple Gel, Orange Gel
Key Items: None
Enemies: Exbelua (BOSS), Bowman, Whip Master

Head back to the village to discover that Phaidra is looking for you.  Click
Z to see the skit, "Dirk, The Craftsman."

GO TO THE STORE AND STOCK UP ON FOOD NOW! Things are about to get hairy!
This is your last chance! I suggest getting 2 boot accessories for both Lloyd
and Genis if you haven't yet.  Hey, Defense is a good thing.

Head to the eastern side of town and hit Z for the skit, "What is Colette

Enter Frank's house to meet Phaidra and Frank.  They give you a tear jerking
letter from Colette that pissed me off.

Whoa! Rumbling noises! Talk to Frank and get healed, this could be bad!
Head outside to find Desians burning down the village, lead by tongue
depressor guy! Save your game outside the house! Kill all the Desians you
see! Death to them! GRRR! Head to the north part of town by the school and
rescue the person in distress! After killing those Desians, the man you saved
gives you Apple Gel and Orange Gel.  Hit Z for the skit, "Desians Attack." Go
back to Frank if you need healing, and proceed to the western side of town.
Oh no! Genis' House is on fire!  Continue south and get called out by some
Desian dude.  Tongue depressor arm appears and has a name...  Forcystus.  He
starts talking.  He thinks he has the power to judge us.  We'll show him.

Okay, so her brought a weird cross between something from Resident Evil and a
Cucumber to fight us.  Meh, we can handle it.

So we beat it down and now the jig is up.  Our Exsphere has been seen!
They're trying to take it, oh hell no.  Um...  the thing we just beat up was
apparently Marble.  How...  disturbing.   Hahaha, Forcystus got pwned.

Ack! We're banished! See? Didn't I tell you to stock up on items? Aren't
you glad you listened to me? Hehe, hope you did listen...  cause otherwise,
you're in for a long hard road.

Alright, let's leave the village.  Head out the south exit and meet Noishe.
You get a new title, "Drifting Swordsman."

Sylvarant's Southwest Continent
Items: EX Gem Level 1
Key Items: None
Enemies: Hawk, Minicoid, Rabbit, Slime, Spider, Tentacle Plant, Wolf,
Scorpion, Sidewinder, Thief

Head southward along the road and eventually you'll come to a cut scene.
You'll find a letter from Dirk which gives an EX Skills Tutorial.  Further
south is a House of Salvation.  The guy gives you a travel lecture.  Go
inside and click Z for the skit, "Why do Desians Exist?" Head upstairs and

Now we go back out and continue our journey to the south! Whoa! A desert!
Let’s see what’s in here! Head down to the city of Triet, ignoring the ruins
and the skit "I don’t sleep in class" will automatically play.  Enter the
city and find a group of Desians talking about you.

(¯`•._.•[Desert Oasis | Triet]•._.•´¯)

Items: Soft Leather, Cabbage, Pork
Key Items: None
Enemies: Bowman, Whip Master

Leave town and head straight east to find Sylvarant Base.  Go past it and run
into the rock sticking up from the sand to activate long range mode!

Hit X and ride your puppy all the way back to town! Go up and examine the
wanted poster for a scene.  HAHAHA, Lloyd’s ugly.

Talking to the dude in the white shirt and do-rag to the left yields a
mini-scene.  Run up the middle of the bazaar and a dude with a Mohawk will be
like, "Say, you there." Say that you’ll give him a minute of your time and
listen to him.  You should have a beast hide by now.  If you don’t you’ve been
slacking and you didn’t listen to me before.  Shame on you.

Talk to dude again and give him your beast hide.  He gives you free soft
leather armor! Sweet! He’ll even customize it into hard leather! Sweeter!

To the North, there’s a shop with a sword for Lloyd.  DO NOT BUY IT.  DO NOT
UNEQUIP HIS WOODEN SWORD.  You’ll see why later.  If you do unequip it, be
aware that you’ll find combat easier in the immediate future, but you’ll be
missing out on something fairly nifty in the long run.  Of course, in the end,
it won’t be that big of a deal.

I will buy a Fine Star for Genis though, thanks! Further north is an armor
shop.  White Cloak for Genis! Make sure both guys have berets.  To the left
of the armor shop is a hole through a building.  Hmm, familiar.  The item
shop is down below the customizer.  If you’re out, it’s stock up time.

Head into the inn down the stairs to the right near the stable.  Save your
game and head upstairs.  Move all the way to the end of the hallway to
discover the Wonder Chef! Holy Crap, that’s a big fork! He teaches you the
cabbage roll recipe.  Cool beans.  Venture back outside the inn.

Now we take the northern street and check out the people there.  Whoa, look.
It’s a...  cat...  thing.  Let’s learn about the Katz Exploration Team.  Hey,
neat.  No thanks though.  I don’t want any EX Gems in exchange for my Grade
either.  Psycho.  Continuing to the north, you discover the Desert Rose! It’s
a food shop.  Beyond that is the fortune-teller’s tent.  Guess that’s where
we’re headed.  Make sure you have 100 gald, if you don’t sell something.

Talk to the fortune teller.  She charges you 100 gald.  Pay her and listen
carefully.  What a hack.  Talk to her again to find your party members’
opinions on you.  Go ahead and leave now.   We’re done with this city.  To the

What the heck!? The Desians! They’ve found us! Time to fight! I kicked
their butts!

Whoa, cheap shot from behind.  Electric shock.  That sucked.  Genis proves to
be a little crybaby who wets his panties and they capture you two and drag you
off.  Lloyd can’t do anything about it from his unconscious state.

They let Genis go...  by the gods he’s lame.  Sobbing and pitiful...  I hope he
gets hit by a bus.

Sylvarant Base
Items: Beast Hide, Memory Gem, Beast Fang, Magical Cloth, 1500 Gald
Key Items: None
Enemies: Botta (BOSS), Foot Soldier, Raybit

Hit the guard from your cell using the Sorcerer’s Ring.  The door will open
for some weird reason.  Press the switch to the left to open that cell and
obtain another beast hide.  Alright!  Open the one to the left of that, and
save.  Now back right between the desks, open the chest behind them.   Woo
hoo, you get your equipment back! That was...  disturbingly simple.

LEVEL CHECK! Right now, Lloyd and Genis are level 7 for me.  Cool? Cool.

Head right and fight the two prison guards.  After that, go back to your cell
and rest.  Wow, isn’t that just...  dumb? Sleep a whole night and you aren’t
even locked up when you awaken.   These guys are positively inept.

Travel back to the right, up through the door.  This triggers a scene in which
you examine some weird thing.  You hide from a couple of guards automatically
(I would’ve just killed them.)  These guards are so incredibly stupid, it’s
not even funny.  Seriously, I mean it.  They activate some robots, virtually
yell out that their weakness is electricity and tell you precisely how to open
the doors with them.  This is just...  shameful.

Examine the weird thing you find your head virtually rammed into by the
current plot and your sorcerer’s ring will change.  Click Z for the "Help
Genis!" skit.  Another Z for the "Unknown Technology" skit appears.
Okay, immobilize the robots over their panels and head left through the door.
Hit Z for the "Feels Different" skit.  Kill the Desian for a memory gem.
Personally, I went back and saved, because...  well, why not? Rested up too!

Head north at the upside down T-Intersection where you found your memory gem.
Open the chest for a Beast Fang.  A vending machine in the room serves as a
shop.  Cool.

There’s a computer thing on the right hand side of the room, but it does
nothing, so exit back to the south and go west this time.  Remember, if you’re
hurt, return to your cot and rest.   They’re offering you this ridiculous
hospitality...  take advantage of it!

Your memory gem starts glowing when you enter the western chamber.  You learn
that memory gems can open sealed save points.  Cool.  Um, dude...  there’s a
GameCube in the middle of the room.  Whatever.  Examine the weird looking
panel thingie.  It explains that you need to shoot the top column, then the
middle column to light up the red south door.  Enter that door.  The entrance
is locked, but hey, you get a magic cloth!

Return to the GameCube room and shoot the bottom column.  Head through the
east door (Yes, where you originally came from) and head down the stairs.
You’re now in a different passage!  Sweet! Head through the double doors
and claim your prize of 1500 gald.  Not too shabby.

Back to the GameCube room! Shoot the top column again, then the middle one.
The green light should be on now.  Venture to the northern passage! Ack!
Spotted by a Desian! Time to fight?  No! Time to run! Whoa! Out of the
frying pan and into the fire.  Blue haired dude is hanging out in the room.
He talks to Lloyd and scares the crap out of everyone by being there.  He
starts trying to cast magic and suddenly Lloyd’s all polite.  Oooh, never
mind.  Lloyd pwned him with words.  Haha.  That rocked.  Botta runs in though
and wrecks things.  How annoying.  I hate his stupid hair.  -_- The guy with
the blue hair is cool though.

Anyway, the rest of the party shows up! Yay! It’s good to see them again,
all this lone fighting with no healing was taking a toll! Now, my suggestion
is...  set up your strats so that everyone is set to "Attack Same", "Use
Skills Freely" and everyone but Genis can "Move Freely." Genis should be set
to "Long Range Magic."

Got all that? Let’s go.

Focus on the foot soldiers first.  Take them out quick.  Now it’s time for big
bad Botta.  Kick him in his stupid hair! Damn, right he underestimated our
power! Hmmph!

Yes, he underestimated our abilities too.  Okay, so Raine’s here.  That’s cool
and awesome.  Botta dropped his...  something? And she picked it up.  Anyway,
a cut scene happens and you all get outside finally.  Woo hoo.  You find
yourself back outside on the over world map.  Get on your doggy and head
southeast until you come to a small bit of land jutting out onto the ocean.
It ’s grassy.  You’ll auto-disembark when you hit the shore and see a glowing
circle.  Step inside it to talk to Colette.  How you answer these skits
determines your relationships with party members in the future.

Items: None
Key Items: Monster List
Enemies: None

Hit Z as you near Triet for the "Good Job, Noishe!" skit.  Then you’ll have
the auto-skit, "Know the Enemy." Go ahead and enter town.  Genis says he’s
tired and Lloyd agrees.  You all head to the inn.  You learn that Lloyd is
cool.  Leave your room and venture upstairs.  Enter the second room first.
Mmmm, Colette...  after a nice little cut scene, you automatically head out.
If you go back in, you discover that Colette dislikes bell peppers.  Me too,
Colette.  Me too.  Now head into Raine and Genis’ Room.  Don’t bother
knocking, they won’t mind the intrusion.   They’re Elves.  Real Elves don’t
even sleep.  Oh, wait, this isn’t Dungeons and Dragons.  Sure enough, Genis is
snoring and Lloyd is surprised Raine isn’t.  Hahaha, I’m gonna pinch Genis’
nose.  ^_^

Talk to Raine again for more dialogue  Okay, now leave the room.  Hmmm...
Big Red is leaving the inn...  wonder how come? Let’s follow him! He spun
around and drew his sword on Lloyd.  I’d kill him for that.  Seriously...
am I just warped or something? Lloyd is my best fighter, he’s much better
than Big Red.  I don’t get it.  Anyway, after the scene you’re back up in your
room.   Exit the room, save your game downstairs and leave the building.  The
party is waiting on you.  During this cut scene, you get the monster list and
Raine joins the party.  Shop time!

But first! Hit Z for the skit, "Journey to Save the World."

Now, it’s shop time.  Here’s my breakdown for equipment after shopping:


Weap.  Wooden Blade - We’re keeping this a while.
Body  Hard Leather
Head  Beret
Arm  Leather Glove
Acc.1 Boots
Acc.2 Boots


Weap.  Fine Star
Body  White Cloak
Head  Beret
Acc.1 Boots
Acc.2 Boots


Weap.  Duel Ring - From the Customizer
Body  Leather Guard
Head  Ribbon
Arm  Gloves
Acc.1 Poison Charm


Weap.  Long Sword
Body  Hard Leather
Head  Leather Helm
Arm  Wooden Shield


Weap.  Rod
Body  Robe
Head  Ribbon
Arm  Gloves

That should do it!

Head to the north part of the city now.  There’s a man hanging out by the
pier.  Talk to him and you’ll experience a cut scene.  After that’s over,
select Colette as your lead character and talk to the dog.  She’ll name it
Cammy! Awww! Anyway, time to leave town.

Head southwest of the town along the coast and press Z for the "Kratos'
Intention" skit to play.  Disembark and you’ll see another skit point, this
time with Raine.  "What’s wrong, professor?"

After that, just head to the ruins and opt to enter.  There’s a cut scene
and then Kratos teaches everyone a new ability.  After that, click Z for the
skit, "Combo! Lloyd and Colette" and head up the steps for another cut
scene.  Raine gets the title "Archeological Mania." 

Now head down the stairs and get ready to burn.

Triet Ruins
Items: Lemon Gel, Memory Gem, Mumei, 1000 Gald, Apple Gel, Stiletto, Savory,
Bracelet, Circlet, Spirit Bottle, Life Bottle
Key Items: None
Enemies: Ktugach (BOSS), Ktugachling (BOSS Companion), Brown Pot,
Fake (Powerful), Fire Bird, Fire Element, Fire Warrior, Scorpion

To the very north of this corridor is a fake...  it’s physical defense is
absolute, and its offense is extremely strong.  It nearly wiped out my
entire party, but when I beat it (using Genis’ magic and defending up close
with Lloyd), I got him the title, "Study Harder!" and got a spirit bottle
for my troubles.  Of course now I have to go back to town because it seriously
kicked my butt.

Um, I went back to the town and stayed at the inn, and in the middle of the
night, Lloyd goes, "Whoa!! Who’s there?!"  Cut scene.  Weird stuff.

Anyway, back to the ruins where you (hopefully) still are, since you weren’t
unprepared like me and you actually knew to use Genis’ magic rather than
Lloyd’s blade.

Follow the bottom passage and shoot the rocks off the chest with the
Sorcerer’s Ring for a Lemon Gel.  Now go back to the center doorway and go in
there.  To the south, near a funky looking monster, you’ll find Apple Gel in
a chest.  To the north, you’ll find a Bracelet and a Life Bottle.

Exit this area and go to the southern entrance again, near where the chest you
blew the rocks off is.  Walk up to the alcove and there will be a cut scene
where they talk about the torches.

Kill the single enemy here for a memory gem.  Now then...  move up the stairs
to the torch on the left hand side.  This is the upper level torch, not the
lower level torch.  A platform will raise.  Light the upper level torch.  Now
go down the stairs and light the lower torch in the alcove.  After two more
platforms raise, leave this area and return to the center area.  Push the
stone block off the ledge to the left, run up the ramp, across the first
platform you raised and grab yourself a Savory from the chest! Continue along
the path to reach two more chests.   1000 gald and a Mumei.  Now push the
other block over the last one that fell and walk straight across.  You’ll see
another torch directly in front of you.  Shoot it.  Now go back out of this
chamber and head to the north entrance.  Follow the path until you see a stone
and push it to your right, then all the way down to the niche where it can
fall.  Look, another torch.   DON’T LIGHT IT YET! Move to the chest and get
the stiletto.  NOW you may light the torch.

Go over to the newly raised platform and climb the stairs, following the path.
Take the left turn and grab the circlet from the chest.  Equip Kratos with the
Stiletto immediately.

Now step onto the weird seal on the ground and examine it.  Choose to unlock
the memory seal.  Save your game.  Now you may head through the other circle
and teleport to a cut scene.

Boss Fight! Wow...  this dude is TOUGH.  Lloyd was the only one left standing
at the end.


Another cut scene ensues and Remiel appears.  Also, for all his beloved
daughter talk...  he owes a hell of a lot back child support, don’t you think?
Anyway, Colette learns Angel Feathers.   Leave the dungeon after saving, for
another cut scene.  He needs to stop calling her a dork, doesn’t he know what
that means? -_-; Anyway, at the campfire, talk to everyone else before
Colette, then speak to her last.  After the scene, press Z for the skit, "To
Palmacosta." Head to Triet to stock up on supplies.  There’s a scene when you
enter and Raine gets the title, "Sisterly Love."

On your way out of town towards the pass to the east, hit Z to view the skit,
"Light Eater." Enter Ossa Trail east of town and travel along it.

Ossa Trail
Items: Battle Staff, Melange Gel, Apple Gel, Orange Gel, Fine Guard, Black
Silver, Beast Fang, EX Gem Level 1
Key Items: None
Enemies: Clumsy Assassin (BOSS), Guardian-Wind (BOSS Companion), Sword
Dancer (Optional BOSS), Archer, Axe Beak, Bear, Hawk, Madragora, Thief,

Um, someone yells, "Stop!" and it’s weird.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Funniest.  Scene.  Ever.  Hooray for the Klutz!

Continuing further, I found a Battle Staff and equipped it to Raine.  Near a
save point, I discovered Apple Gel and Melange Gel.  Continuing on down the
road, orange gel was found.  Oh, great.  Here’s this inept assassin again.
Holy Crap, she’s not bad! She killed my Genis! Bah!

Colette got "Ring Whirlwind" and she wasn’t even in the battle.  Odd.

Head into the mine the inept assassin wandered out of and make sure you’re
set back on conservative strat for magic, as well as somewhat healed up.  ^_^

Hit Z for the skit "The Ossa Trail" and move forward.  Take the left fork,
then the north fork to find a Fine Guard, which you’ll equip to Colette.  Now
go right and then south and take the right fork you didn’t take before.  You
should head south from there to obtain Black Silver which appears useless,
now double back north and take the left turn back from whence you came.   Move
north again at this nexus, and continue up into the next area.  Here, you’ll
find a hidden chest with Beast Fang behind the boxes, and another chest with
an EX Gem Lv1.  Alright!

See that big skull head? Well, I wouldn’t mess with it.  This is an extra
boss and supposedly, your entire party should be level 15 before you even
consider challenging it.  Just for argument’s sake, I’ll fight it and tell
you how I do...

Well, I managed to get it down from 8888 HP to 7210 before it decimated my
entire party, using Colette’s Angel Feathers.  That should tell you something.
Amusingly enough, if you lose to him, he restores your entire party to 1 HP
and returns you to the game.  SWEET! I was out of life bottles too! Welcome
back, Genis!

Anyway, come out of the cave and exit Ossa Trail to trigger the
"Team Coordination" skit.  Now hit Z for the "Raised by a Dwarf" skit.  Leave
the pass and hit Z for yet another skit, "An Assassin" which is funny.

NOTE: Be aware that at this point in the game, you can travel north to face
some much more difficult enemies and enter Hima for an alternate path through
this portion of the game.  I won't be covering the alternate path, because
mostly all the same events take place, only with slightly different scenes.
If this is your first time through, please stick to the walkthrough.  The
stopping points of the alternate path are Hima, Luin, Asgard, the Balacruf
Mausoleum and the Tower of Mana.  Do everything in each area.  You can search
for these places in this Walkthrough to find out what you're supposed to do,
if you choose to ignore my advice and take this more difficult road on your
first time through.

You want to head northward, around the mountains and across the beach.  You’ll
see a bridge there, don’t cross it.  Instead, turn around and look behind the
mountain you went around and you ’ll find a marker to enable you to ride your
doggy.  Now head back to the pass and ride just south to the town of Izoold.

(¯`•._.•[Small Fishing Port | Izoold]•._.•´¯)

Izoold Port
Items: Rice
Key Items: Lyla's Letter
Enemies: Max (BOSS)

Let Colette lead and talk to the puppy who is quickly named Pookie.  Talk to
the man pacing in front of the inn and then move up to the house north of the
inn, ignoring that for now.  When you walk in, a cut scene begins with a lady
named Lyla.  After the scene, go spend the night in the inn for 120 gald.
That triggers a skit! Save your game and exit the inn, crossing the bridge
to the other side of town.  Talk to the cat on the dock and play some EB!

The object of this game is to hit the corresponding button to the emotional
balloon the cat displays.  Simple enough.  On Easy Mode, you have to do it 10
times and you get 5 apple gels.  On Normal Mode, you do it 15 times and get
5 life bottles.  On Hard Mode, you do it 30 times and get 5 Lemon Gels.

Playing is free, so beat each game 4 times and get 20 of each.  Then go save.

On your way back to the docks, stop by the house next to Lyla’s.  Inside
you’ll see a guy who says there’s no ranch here.  Cool.  Walk behind the
table to the right and examine the bird statue.  It’s Wonder Chef! Hooray!
He teaches you rice ball.  Neat.

Shop at Deep Blue north of the EB Cat, then head down to the dock and move to
the southern pier.  This triggers a cut scene with Lyia.  Agree to take her
letter, even though it’s immoral...  poor Max.

You may want to go back to the mine at Ossa Trail and fight that skull if you
gain some levels.  I didn’t bother, I’ll do it on my next play through, or
maybe he’ll be there when I am able to return here.  Anyway, don’t say I 
didn’t warn you.

NOTE: He'll be here a good while longer.  I'll say when to go back to fight
him later in the guide.  ^_^

When you’re ready (too bad this place doesn’t have magic lenses), head back to
Max and say you’re ready to go.

Haha, Raine is afraid of ships!

What? No battles? So much talk for so little action.  Hmmph.

(¯`•._.•[The Port City | Palmacosta]•._.•´¯)

Items: Rice, Egg, Palma Potion
Key Items: None
Enemies: None

Hit Z for the skit, "To Fight the Strong." Now proceed down the dock.  Look!
A Dog! Colette time! Aww, Teddy!

Go shopping! Thank the gods! Magic Lenses!

Pick up lots of equipment and get some customizations done.  Don’t buy any
weapons for Lloyd! Armor is fine though.  Don’t worry, you’re almost there!
Soon, you’ll be able to buy a nifty new weapon for Lloyd, just chill until
then and love your wooden sword.

I advise not using your grade up at the customizer unless you’re in a pinch
for a material and REALLY want something made.

Alright, head down south across the stone walkway thingie to the next screen.
Head further down and a cut scene initiates.  Colette! You are so clumsy,
you make Usagi look like a suitable candidate for the lead in Swan Lake.
Jeez! Haha, Lloyd called that dumb jerk an idiot.  Too bad I can’t curse
in this thing.  I want to call him something else.

Anyway, Colette says she’ll get a replacement palma potion.  I seriously hope
she has her own stash of gald.  Move across the bridge to the right and find
that the first building is all sold out of potion.  Enter the second building
for a cut scene.  Who is Chocolat? She’s kinda cute.  Haha, her mother is

Um, why didn’t our party kill those pukes? Psh.

Hit Z for the skit, "Dorr of Palmacosta."

Talk to the chick.  Don’t buy the palma potion, it’s 1,000 gald! You
shouldn’t have that much anyway.

Exit the menu and another cut scene occurs.  Cacao asks if you need money.
She sends you to the Cafeteria at the Academy.  Colette says she’ll be a
waitress for money.  Hehe.  The upstairs has two books, "The Motives of
Desians" and "The Dwarven Vows." Head out of here and back left, over the
bridge and past the dumb people to the inn.  Go in and save.  Now go back all
the way right until you enter a new screen.  A cut scene occurs immediately!
Kilia! That’s a name I know, but you probably don’t! ^_^

Another dog’s to the right, bring Colette out and the doggy becomes Pepe! Head
into the church all the way to the right and speak to the priest for a cut
scene.  Leave the church for another cut scene.

To the left is the General’s Building, head in and speak to him.

Holy Crap! GENIS GOT SERVED! 0_0!

Exit the building and hit Z for the skit, "Colette’s Imposter."

Talk to the guard on the right hand side of the door you just left.  It
triggers a scene.  Select, "Please" from the menu.  Lloyd is silly.  Hehe,
anyway, beside the church is the academy.   That’s where we’re off to! Go
inside to trigger an event.  Accept the Challenge! Up ahead, you’ll see a
weird upside down floor lamp thing with balls in it.  Examine it.  OMG! It’s

He teaches you omelets! Go upstairs and enter the first door to your right to
study.  The answer to the first question is "Guardian", the second is
"Acceleration due to gravity" and the final answer is "I don’t know." Leave
the class room and move right to the second door.  A scene begins...

If you answered the three easy questions earlier, which you should have known,
had you been paying attention to the game...  Genis scores perfect on the test
and is granted the "Honor Roll" Title.

Back downstairs, into the hallway, to the second door.

It’s the cafeteria!

Talk to the weird looking guy with the plastic Ken doll head and tell him
you’d like to be a waitress.  Even if you suck, he gives you a Palma Potion.

Come back and play more.  Get every order right with no extras and Colette
gets the title, "Turbo Waitress."

You should head down to the steam ship dock for a scene.  Wow, that assassin
is dumb.  Funny though.  Go back to the stupid bullies in front of the inn for
another scene.  Big Surprise.   They’re the imposters.  I hope we get to
murder them in their sleep later.

Go in the in and hit Z for the "Imposters" skit.  Save your game.  We’re
leaving the city.  Make sure you’re all stocked on items still and leave.

Sylvarant, Southeast Continent
Items: EX Gem Level 2, Linkite Nut, Magic Mist
Key Items: None
Enemies: Archer, Fish, Giant Beetle, Grasshopper, Sea Jelly, Soldier, Witch,
Woods Worm, Wyvern

Go east first for Nova’s Caravan in the middle of the forest.  Enter it for
a scene.  Lloyd got pwned.  Go talk to her kids beside her.  Talk to both of
them separately.  The girl gives you her nut.  Finally, Lloyd has two.  That
was a little joke.  Nevermind.  -_-

Go south and talk to Sarah who’s hanging out by herself.  Talk to the father
again to get your compiled info, save and head out again.

You can head south from town to reach an EX Gem Level 2 and follow that path
for a marker if you want, but the marker won’t help you just yet.

Follow the road.  Travel left at the fork and over the bridge and soon you’ll
come to a House of Salvation.  Doggy to the north! Colette Time! Hi Caramel!

Head inside the House of Salvation and lo and behold...  the assassin.

Speak to her and learn that she’s oddly nice.  Weird stuff.  Oh, maybe not.

Continue on along the road, taking the left fork again and eventually, you’ll
come upon the peak that was your previous destination.  Now, you can enter
here if you like...  or you can diverge to the right just before the mountain
and run down the peninsula to find the marker for your dog.  Me? I found the
marker and came back.

Anyway, go on inside.

(¯`•._.•[Hakonesia Peak]•._.•´¯)

Iselia Village
Items: Magic Lens
Enemies: Ghost, Hawk, Rabbit, Wolf, Zombie

Go up to the guards.  They tell you to get lost and die until you have a road
pass.  Go in the shop to buy one and gawk until your head explodes over the
price.  No, you won’t be trying to raise that much gald.  Wow, Raine sure
likes pwning people.  So he tells you to bring him some statue or something.
How Troublesome.  -_-

Okay! Back to the House of Salvation! Wait, what’s this? A cut scene!?
Uh oh, Desians are headed for Palmacosta! Can we kill them? Oh, please,
Tales of Symphonia? Just this once? I want to kill the Desians so badly.  
You never let me just kill them all!

Hit Z for the "Lloyd Admonished" skit.  Leave the peak and hit Z again for
the "Lloyd Praised" skit.  Hahaha, can’t stop laughing.  That skit was
awesome.  ^_^

Journey all the way back to Palmacosta and enter the city.  Stay the night at
the hotel to rest up and save.  Go to the town center towards the academy and
the government building to view a cut scene.  Wow, looks like it’s time to
kill everything I see before me.

This guy comes off as a mega-lame Vegeta wanna-be.  What’s with the Irish
dreadlocks? It’s just...  ugly.

Haha, Genis rocks.  You know...  I take it back.  Not all scenes like this
suck.  Magnius is catching a beat down.  For seriously.  He’s so cowardly
too.  Wow.  I’m appalled and amused.

After you fight the easiest battle in the history of the world, you enter a
cut scene.  You know, you’d think at least we’d get a discount, damn.

Anyway, head downstairs and hit Z for the skit, "Mystery of the Imposters."

Exit the building and hit Z for another skit entitled "Palmacosta’s Future."

Near the western exit to Palmacosta is a girl dressed in white.  She needs an
escort to the peak.  Go ahead and escort her.  Now leave and head to the
House of Salvation.  Walk towards the building for s cut scene.  
Choose "Yeah, okay." If you don’t, you suck, and I revoke my permission for
you to continue reading my walkthrough.  Hmmph! (Unless, of course, you're
trying for an alternate ending or something.) ^_^

Go inside the House of Salvation and speak to the priests.  Things can never
be easy, can they? Anyway, answer how you want, I said, "I’ll go get it!"
and got chastised.  Hehe.  Run northeast from the House of Salvation.
You’ll see a mountain range.  Follow it east and go around it to find the
Ranch.  Go inside.

Once inside, press Z for the skit, "The Second Ranch." Head up for a cut
scene with Neil.  Raine just pwned Genis yet again.  She’s becoming the Queen
of Pwning.

Palmacosta Human Ranch
Items: Memory Gem, Apple Gel x2, Life Bottle x3, Orange Gel x4, White Silver,
Omega Shield, EX Gem Level 2, Melange Gel, Panacea Bottle, Mage Cloak
Key Items: Purple Card, Blue Card, Red Card
Enemies: Magnius (BOSS), Bowman, Evil Sorcerer, Raybit, Whip Master

Choose to attack.  It’s a good opportunity to get more experience.

Take the left path up to the front gate.  Time to fight! YAY!

Storm right inside the gate, killing every Desian you see!

Once you’ve left a trail of carnage all the way to the building, head down
inside.  Use the weird machine thingie to change the function of your
Sorcerer’s Ring.  Move through the door to the left and kill the Desians you
find there for a memory gem.  Hit Z for the skit, "At the Palmacosta Ranch."
Use your Sorcerer’s Ring here to find an apple gel! Use the ring continuing
left to find an orange gel in the next chamber, another orange gel in an 
eastern hallway and a life bottle to the north.

Back to the central chamber where you changed your Sorcerer’s Ring.

Go east this time.

As always, kill everything you see...  and then use the Sorcerer’s Ring to find
an Omega Shield, which you should immediately equip to Kratos, along with
some white silver.  Using the Sorcerer ’s Ring again, examine the weird blue
thingie beside the stairs.  It’ll create a bridge for you.  Nifty.  Continue
east two steps for a cut scene.

Kill the Desians for a Purple Card.

Anyway, there’s an orange gel here.  Now play with the blue thingie to the
north and grab a life bottle.

I couldn’t carry most of this stuff because, well, I rock.

As you exit this area...  be sure to turn the bridges off! Otherwise, you’ll
miss out on something later.

Back to the center room.  Use your ring and teleport above the ring change
device.  Move north and save.  Move to the left from the save point into the
next area for a cut scene.  You get a blue card from a kid.

Go back out and all the way to the right.  Use your ring to see four boxes
and push them in the holes to the south, granting you access to the healing
thingie.  Now access the new bridge to the east.  Use the Sorcerer’s Ring
and head down the stairs for another cut scene.  Colette finds the Red Card.

If you use the Sorcerer’s Ring in the middle of where you pushed all the
blocks, you’ll see an EX Gem Level 2 and to the north is a mage cloak for

Go back to the center room, save, then use the Sorcerer’s Ring and head north
to teleport.  You use all three cards.

In the first room, take the mélange gel to the left and take the left 
teleport ring as well.  The second room requires you take the north ring.  An
apple gel is near where you enter the third room.  Get it if you need it and
then use the warp point all the way north.  Run up the spiral stairs and kill
the idiot.  Grab a panacea bottle and warp back to the room you just came
from.  Use the very bottom warp point here.  This time, you take the warp
point on the left.  The red one.  Take the south warp point in this room.
Use the Sorcerer’s Ring to find a life bottle.  Not that I needed one.
Meh.  Return from whence you came through the same warp ring.  Use the yellow
warp all the way north, then take the one all the way left.  There’s an
Orange Gel north of that warp by the way.  Use the north yellow warp point
this time, followed by the left red one.  WHEW! Finally!

That was annoying.  -_-

Enjoy your ever-so-brief cut scene and kill yourself some Desians.  Another
cut scene ensues.  Kill the roaming Desians and head to the right.  Unlock
the memory seal and heal your party up as well as saving (Duh.)

When you’re ready, proceed north and take the teleport for a cut scene.  Wow,
Chocolat is a dumb...  oh wait...  I forgot...  profanity isn’t allowed in these

Anyway, kick the Desian’s butts and fight Magnius.

Okay, he was tough, but at the end of the day, he’s in a box and we’re
enjoying our warrior symbol and EX Gem Level 1.

After the battle, another cut scene occurs.  After that, leave the exploded
ranch and hit Z for the skit, "Make Sense?" Save your game and go back to
town quickly.

Items: None
Key Items: Pass
Enemies: Kilia (BOSS)

Stay at the inn and Colette shrieks.  Save your game and go to Cacao’s shop.  
After a cut scene, replenish your supplies and head to the government
building.  Time to pay the piper, Dorr.

Cut scene.  Go down to the basement like you were told.  Cut scene.  Check
Kilia out! 0_o

Beat her and guess what? Your wooden sword training has paid off! You get
the title, "Eternal Apprentice!" It’s a great title for this stage in the
game, so go ahead and take it, now you can choose better weapons for Lloyd.

Another cut scene ensues.  I said "Okay." Aren’t I noble?

You find a pass on dude when he dies.  After you can move again, assign
Eternal Apprentice and hit Z for the skit, "Justice and Strength."

When you can, hit Z for the skit, "He’s a Father" followed by "Don’t Tell
Lloyd", "Parental Love" and "Mystery of the Desians."

I suggest having a Masamune forged for Lloyd now.  It raises his slash from
199 to 319 and his thrust from 189 to 294.  That kicks serious rump roast.  

Leave town and hit Z for the skit, "Someday."

If you equip Lloyd with the Warrior’s Symbol as well as the Heal Bracelet...
Whoa.  He becomes the man! 0_0

We’ve got it made now.  A great title, a great weapon and awesome
accessories.  Go Lloyd! ^_^

Now you should head to the east coast just south of the exploded human
ranch.  Don’t even worry about getting to the coast itself, just find the
ranch again and due south is your next destination.  Thoda Dock.

Enter now.

(¯`•._.•[Thoda Island | Sightseeing Boat Dock]•._.•´¯)

Thoda Island/Temple of Water
Items: Mermaid's Tear, Life Bottle, Circlet x2, White Silver, Orange Gel,
Stun Ring, Memory Gem, EX Gem Level 1
Key Items: Spiritua Statue
Enemies: Adulocia (BOSS), Amphitra (BOSS Companion), Float Dragon, Green
Roper, Octoslime, Starfish, Water Element

Dog! Colette! Now! Binky.  Awww.

Go inside and talk to chick.  Be like, "Hells yeah, I want to use the boat!"

Um, dood.  It’s a washtub.  Raine just peed herself.  Haha, she tried to
cover.  Nice try.  After the cut scene, save at the memory circle and head up
the stone path for a cut scene.   Afterwards, a dog is to the north.  It’s a
dog named Bob.  But then, you’d know that already if you were talking to dogs
with Colette like you should be doing.  Go up the stairs to the raised
platform for another scene.  You have to follow Genis’ directions four times
in a row.  This will be difficult if you’re 3 years old and don’t know your
left from your right.

Assuming you’re 4 or older, you’ll get the Spiritua Statue when you beat this
incredibly difficult mini-game.  Yes, I am being sarcastic...  because the
entire concept of this mini-game was asinine.

Hit Z for the "Tower of Salvation" skit.  Examine the blue topped box thingie
for another cut scene.  Hey cool, it’s our assassin buddy.  Wonder if she’ll
try to kill us again? Man, she sucks.  For Seriously.  (Yes, "For
Seriously." It’s ultra cool lingo.  Start using it.)

After the cut scene and the neat dialogue, proceed all the way up and then
down the stairs.  Open the chest for a Mermaid’s Tear and continue down
stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs, find a Life Bottle and a Circlet in
chests, but don’t examine the Sorcerer’s Ring Changer yet.

Move all the way left from the chests and down.  To the right, there are two
huge pillars.  Go between them to the right for a White Silver and an Orange
Gel.  Go back into the room you came from and light the two braziers next to
the flame symbols on either side of the platform thing.  Now go back into the
room with the changer device and change your ring.

Move due south from here, using the right southern exit this time into a new
area.  Open the chest downstairs for a stun bracelet.  Kill the enemies for a
memory gem and grab a circlet from the chest.  Proceed down the stairs and
to the left into the next area.  Push the block you find all the way right
until it clicks into place under the door you just came through.  Now go all
the way back to the room with the flame braziers.  Shoot the bucket on the
right with the Sorcerer’s Ring.  Getting the picture?

Go back to the room with the block holding the door open and hit Z for the
Skit, "Seal of Water" and press it again for "Get Bored Before Lloyd." Now
shoot the bucket on the scales here as well.

So desu ne! ^_^ Hope you’ve saved!

Run to the newly risen platform! Go stand in the circle and warp! Woo hoo!

Cut scene!

These fish aren’t too hard.  Don’t forget your magic lenses, smack them down
and everything’s cool.

Watch the scene unfold before you.  Okay, once again, Raine pwns Genis.  By
now his cheeks must be like leather.

Exit this ruin to watch Colette fall flat on her face...  again.  After the
scene, save your game and get back in your wash tub, exiting the area upon
your arrival and pressing Z for the skit, "Getting Boring."

Go West, young man! It’s time to pass by the House of Salvation on your way
to the mountain to the northeast! Enter Hakonesia Peak and speak to the old
idiot again.  He takes your statue and lets you look at the Book of
Regeneration.  Now go out and hit Z for the skit, "Angel Language."

Now go up to find the guards and show them your pass.  I found a new House of
Salvation! Monmon the dog is here for Colette.

Just southwest of the House of Salvation lies Asgard, but due northwest of
Asgard is the marker for the area, which I ventured to first.  At any rate,
enter Asgard.

(¯`•._.•[City of Ruins | Asgard]•._.•´¯)

Items: Beef, Kelp
Key Items: Figurine Book
Enemies: Windmaster (BOSS)

Up the stairs and to the left are all the shops! Whoa, nice equipment.  I...
um...  spent 20 grade points.  -_-

I’m going back out to get them back!

I went killing for a while and got everyone to level 20.  Good stuff!

Okay, down the stairs and north is The Whirlwind, where you’ll restock your
magic lenses.  Nearby is a dog that Colette names Hal.

You can head up to the northern part of town and climb the stairs to trigger
a cut scene.  While Raine is ranting and babbling on and on incessantly like
a broken record, run around to the back of the dais to overhear a
conversation.  Raine kicks the hell out of these kids.  Lloyd shows his
dwarven ingenuity yet again and then the Mayor shows up.

After the scene ends, go to the right and into the next area.  Have Colette
talk to Murry the Dog.  Now go upstairs to the house with all the weird
pillars and odd design and enter for a cut scene.  Oh no.  Don’t sacrifice
some girl we don’t know! Anyone but her! -_-


Anyway, save your game and go up to talk to the Mayor at the dais again to
trigger a cut scene.  Lloyd got pwned.

Now kill the dumb wind spirit who is a walk in the park if you’re decked out
in the latest gear and are level 20.

I left Colette out of the party for that fight.

Anyway...  whoa.  Bombshell got dropped.  I knew, of course...  it was obvious
with all the hints being dropped, but still, it’s a shocking revelation in the

Go to the house from before for yet another cut scene.  Genis is pwned into
leather cheeks again.  After the scene, go upstairs and examine the tuba on a
box.  It’s the Wonder Chef! OMG! Meat Stew time! ^_^

Go back to the previous area and hit Z for the skit, "Leave it to Me." Go
back to that expensive inn you wound up at after beating the wind guy.  The
one with the two people outside, I mean.  Go inside and stay the night for
400 gald.  When Kratos says he’s going to train and invites you along,
say "Yeah, I’ll go." Awww, Kratos and Lloyd are becoming friends! ^_^

Sylvarant, Northeast Continent
Items: EX Gem Level 2, Strike Ring
Key Items: None
Enemies: Archer, Dragon Rider, Fish, Giant Beetle, Grasshopper, Harpy.
Marcroid, Minicoid, Sea Jelly, Soldier, Starfish, Velocidragon, Warrior,
Witch, Woods Worm

Okay, so I left town, realized I had been playing on Normal Mode and spent
all night getting 256 additional battles on Hard mode to win the
title "Berserker." My battles may now be easier than yours cause my Lloyd
is level 27 and I have 35, 352 gald.  Also, all my recipes to date are
mastered for all characters.  I will be making a note suggesting you start
out in Hard to prevent from having to do this.  I now have 502 total
battles.  0_0

Go to the House of Salvation and speak with the man inside.  That’s
interesting.  Now go due north from the House of Salvation until you come
upon Lake Umacy.  Enter for a cut scene.  Too bad the Art of Summoning was
lost so long ago, eh? Or...  was it? ^_^

Leave here and head east to the coast and northward.  Hey, look.  Nova’s
Caravan! But for now, look to the Northwest and see a skit point!

Activate it!

You may now proceed to Nova’s.  Nothing here!

There are two other skit points and I’m afraid you’re going to have to search
for them because I wandered aimlessly and can’t really say how to guide you,
other than one is north east of the human ranch.  Near the Tower of Mana is
a chest with an EX Gem Level 1.

Where is Kratos’ skit? I can’t find it anywhere.  -_-

Anyway, enter Luin.  

(¯`•._.•[The City of Hope | Luin]•._.•´¯)

Items: Cod, Kelp
Key Items: None
Enemies: None

Visit the customization shop and get a ruby wand for Raine.  Take the left
path along the dirt road to a new area where you’ll view a cut scene.  Hehe,
I said she was cute.  ^_^ Kawaii Sheena no Ai!

Wander around and you’ll find the mayor’s house which has been converted into
an item shop! Well, don’t just stand there! Talk to the smoking pig in the
corner! It’s Wonder Chef!

Seafood Stew! Yum, sounds good! ^_^

Back to Asgard for ingredients! I love seafood stew! Okay, there’s no fish
here.  That...  sucks.

Whatever.  I’m just going to go to that mausoleum place they mentioned

It’s across the bridge due east of Asgard.  Enter the Balacruf Mausoleum for
a cut scene.  Speak to doggie with Colette.  Whoa! It’s Pepe! How’d that

Get the gald in the shed to the left.  Proceed up the stairs to the stone
thingie for another cut scene.

Balacruf Mausoleum
Items: 1800 Gald, Beast Fang, Memory Gem, Iron Guard, Blue Ribbon, Beast
Hide, EX Gem Level 2, Blue Ribbon
Key Items: None
Enemies: Iapyx (BOSS 1), Resolute Assassin (BOSS 2), Guardian-Lightning (BOSS
2 Companion), Arachnid, Gargoyle, Harpy, Melting Pot, Skeleton

Move right for a beast fang then move back left and up the stairs and walk
very slowly over the trapped floor.  This prevents the trap from triggering!
Yay! Aren’t we smart? ^_^

Light the braziers to the left and read the plaques.

Push the block off the ledge and head back right and down the stairs nearby.
Defeat the enemy there for a memory gem and keep on truckin’.  Now push the
box onto the plate and the wind stops.  Hallelujah and stuff.  Walk slowly
across the floor trap to the right and then run all the way to the right,
light the brazier and read the plaque.  Move back left and go up the booby
trapped corridor, timing it so you don’t get violated.  Head up the stairs
and read the plaque by the already-lit torch.  Keep going and light the
torches around the door.  Move down the stairs and read the plaque at the
bottom.  Move south and find a box.  Push it to the right and down one onto
the panel to stop the wind.  Go south and claim your beast hide.  Ignite the 
brazier here and read the plaque to the left, hitting Z for the skit, "Test
in Ruins." Go all the way up for an iron guard and a blue ribbon.  Now go
back to the left and around the stairs to the unlit brazier.  Light it and
read the plaque.  Now go back to the sorcerer’s ring device you saw earlier
and change the ring to wind.  Hit Z for the skit, "Traps in Ruins."

Now proceed north through the door that you opened before by lighting the
braziers.  Cut scene! Seriously, I do think Sheena is cute...  totally

Now, shoot the red windmill on the left with the sorcerer’s ring.  Then shoot
the green windmill on the right.  Then shoot the yellow windmill below that.
Then shoot the white windmill on the left.  Finally, shoot the blue center
one.  Now stop all the windmills Kill the creature and get the gem.  Now
it’s time to start the windmills again.  Hit the blue center one, then the 
red one on the upper left, yellow one on the lower right, white one on the
lower left and finally the green one in the upper right.  Stop the mills,
kill the skull and claim your prize.   Last time! Red left windmill, yellow
right windmill, green right windmill, white left windmill and blue center
windmill.  Go up and examine the door to open it.  Proceed through for a cut
scene and a boss fight.

Easy boss.  No problem.  ^_^

Colette learns Holy Song! YAY! After the scene, head back towards the
exit.  Try to avoid enemies.  Oh, look who it is.  Sheena.  Isn’t she cute?

Okay, wipe the floor with her.  After the scene, leave for another scene.  
When you’re finally done, head back to Luin for another scene.

(¯`•._.•[The City of Devastation | Luin]•._.•´¯)

Items: None
Key Items: Sheena
Enemies: Sheena's Chest (BOSS)
Go back to the fountain area where you met Sheena earlier.  She’s back.  
After a lengthy cut scene...  Sheena joins the party! YAY!

Hit Z for "Tragedy in Luin" the skit as well as "Corrine’s Happy Too"
and "Sheena Afraid of Failure."

Asgard Human Ranch
Items: Beast Hide, White Robe, Iron Bracelet, Memory Gem
Key Items: None
Enemies: Evil Sorcerer, Spearman, Whip Master

Now proceed north on the world map to the Asgard Human Ranch.  Enter it for a
cut scene.  Kill the Desians and the scene continues.  When you finally
regain control, work your way right to the niche and grab a beast hide.  Now
enter the compound.  Proceed up to the upper left door and enter it to reach
the control room for another cut scene.  When you regain control, grab the
white robe just above you.  Move along the path, killing all the enemies.
Eventually, you get a memory gem and below that encounter, the chest holds an
iron bracelet for Genis.

Proceed up the stairs for another cut scene.  Wow...  so that’s how it

Sheena rocks, by the way.  When finished, head back to Luin for a nice
scene.  I said, "All right." But should’ve said "No!" cause it’d be cool to
say that.  ^_^

When you regain control, head to the upper right path into town.  There’s a
swordsman here.  Cool.  Talk at him a while.  Go ahead, chat him up.  You
know you want to.  Say, "Yeah, you’re right" to Kratos.

Wait...  did he just say...

Oh wow...  that sentence is so messed up.  That’s like saying:

"But if you lack clarity of thought, you will not be not able to unleash your
real strength."

Which means, "But if you lack clarity of thought, you will be able to unleash
your real strength."

Kratos needs to do two things.  First, he should figure out what message he’s
trying to send to poor impressionable Lloyd...  and if he’s trying to tell him
he SHOULD have clarity of though, he needs to take some grammar classes with

Anyway...  go back to the fountain area and take the western exit out of town
for a scene.  To your north (not across the bridge) lies a chest with a
technical ring and a skit point at the beach.

Hima looks like a winding rock path going up a mountain.  Just find it, it
shouldn’t be hard.  ^_^

Enter Hima.

(¯`•._.•[The Village of Adventurers | Hima]•._.•´¯)

Items: Rice, Cheese
Key Items: Desian Orb
Enemies: None

Down by the inn, Colette talks to a dog named Boo.

"Doggy Boo, what’s the matter with you?
You don’t act like the other doggies do.
You wear a disguise to look like human guys,
But you’re not a man, you’re a Doggy Boo."

Ahem, anyway.  Go to the customizer and discover that you can’t get very much
done.  Now go inside the inn.  There’s a door to the right.  Go in and
examine the steaming barrel.  OMG WONDER CHEF!!!!! Risotto time!

Now leave town.  Yep, you heard me.  We’re going all the way back to Ossa

Yep! Ossa Trail! It’s really not that far away.  If you head west and keep
right, you’ll be taken straight there.  Save when you get there and go on
inside.  Enter the mine and go all the way up.  Hey, look.  A skull! I
remember this guy... let’s get him!

This guy’s a cake walk now.  Kick his butt and get his mirror.  Then you’ll
see a little skit.  Afterwards, head to Izoold and buy all the fish they’ve

Okay, back to Hima.  I traveled southeast from the entrance and found the
marker and the missing Colette skit point.  Anyway, into Hima we go.

Enter the inn and talk to the woman blocking the stairs.

Ascend up the mountain for another cut scene.  Get the orb and talk to
another doggy for Colette to name! Rockie! Fitting.

Hit Z for the skit, "Kratos...  angry?"

Keep on trucking to the top of the mountain for a scene.

Okay, now back to the ranch we go, right?

Asgard Human Ranch
Items: Cleric's Hat, Lameliar Leather, Pellets, EX Gem Level 2, Card of
Earth, Stun Charm
Key Items: None
Enemies: Kvar (BOSS), Energy Stone (BOSS Companion), Evil Sorcerer, Raybit,
Spearman, Whip Master

Yep! So go inside and hit Z to hear the skit, "The Power of Exspheres" then
examine the boulder right in front of you.  Time to kill Desians.  Now you’ll
split the party into two groups.   The best choice would probably be Lloyd,
Kratos and either Genis or Raine, but I chose Colette just cause she said, "I
want to go with Lloyd..." all cute like.

Whatever you decide, you’ll want to head up through the northwest door
first.  Grab the cleric’s hat at the end of the aisle and return, moving past
the door you came through and down the left passage.  Run to the end of the
next corridor to get pellets and lamellar leather for Lloyd.  Moving back up
the aisle, you’ll notice a machine to your left.  Examine it and select
the "Shutdown" option.  Now back to the main room.

This time, head down the stairs and through the other western door.  Examine
the device to modify your Sorcerer’s Ring.  Run down the conveyor belt and
shoot at the pillars in the middle until you deactivate all three on your

Now go around and do the same to the other three pillars to halt the belts.
Move up and get the EX Gem Level 2, then go back and enter the doorway.
Unlock the memory circle now, save and teleport.

Now you switch so you can head through the southeast door this time.  Move
south into the courtyard and slip between the crates.  Push the mobile crate
in and get the rest of the crates out of the way so that you can enter the
door.  Do so.  Go all the way northward and get the Card of Earth.  Equip it
to Sheena and step on the blue plate on the floor.  Examine it and head
through the western door.  Kill the Desians and free the prisoners for
another scene.  Go through the left hand passage on the bottom level and get
a stun charm from the chest.  Examine the floor tile to close off this room
and backtrack where you came from.  Take the south exit and head to the
switch rooms to kill the protective floating robots.  Press both switches and
the scene shifts to Lloyd.

Hit Z for the "Kind Heart" skit.  Save and proceed up to the teleportation

Lloyd avenges his mother finally and you get a holy ring from the fight.
Whoa! He ain’t dead and Lloyd’s pissed! Okay, Kvar got served.  Whoa,
Kratos is the man! Woo hoo!

Now that you’ve gotten control of your character again, head to the
residential area to the right of the inn and go to the far right house on the
bottom level.  Enter the doorway on the right wall and speak to Harley.  You
get the Figurine Book and 6 pellets.  Now go back to where the dais was north
of town.  There, you’ll find the fakes trying to convince the villagers that
they’re you.  Posers.  After they get busted up, go save your game.  Next
stop: The Tower of Mana!

Well, almost.  First, hit Z for the "Avenge" skit once you exit town.  Now
head to Luin, cause it’s closer.  There’s a traveler by the fountain.  He
needs to go to Hima.  Hey! Isn’t that ironic? ^_^

Let’s go!

Head southeast for a scene.  OMG No! Help freaky lookin’ Clara!

Now talk to dude by the entrance to town and go back to Luin with him.  Time
to head to the Tower of Mana which lies due north of this town! Enter the
tower for a scene of Raine having an orgasm over this tower.  Go inside
before she has an aneurism.  Cut scene!

Tower of Mana
Items: Memory Gem, Armet Helm, Iron Mail, Lunar Guard, Moon Robe, EX Gem
Level 2 x2, Stinger Ring
Key Items: Boltzman's Book
Enemies: Iubaris (BOSS), Grim Reaper, Living Doll, Living Sword, Specter

NOTE: If you didn't follow this guide and instead took the alternate path
from Ossa Trail straight to Hima, you'll need to speak to the Martel Priest
in Luin, the Priest atop the stairs near the entrance of Asgard, and then
speak to the Pastor at the Balacruf Mausoleum in order to get the key to the
Tower of Mana.

Choose either Kratos or Raine and proceed through the door.  One enemy along
the stairway will give you a memory gem and some white silver.  Yay.

At the end of the stairway, get an Armet Helm from the box.  Move through the
door and proceed to the top of the chamber.  Hmm, a red curtain we can’t
inspect.  BURN IT! ^_^ (Using the Sorcerer’s Ring, naturally.)

Push the mirror block so the light splits left and right then up until it
shines on both sides.  Now go through the door on the left.  You can unseal
the memory circle if you want, I didn’t bother.  Examine the machine beneath
the door for a scene.

Now that you’ve changed parties, go into the door directly above your group.
Burn the curtain to the left.  Wait, how did this party get the Sorcerer’s
Ring!? 0_o

Align the mirror so that it opens the north door and proceed through it.  To
your left is a curtain to burn.

Move all the way north for chests containing an EX Gem Level 2, a Lunar Guard
and a Moon Robe.

Now arrange the mirrors so that they all shine onto the three spheres in the
room.  Don’t ask me how to do this.  If you have half a brain, you already
know how.  The mirrors are facing in different directions, so just play with
the light beam using different mirrors until it goes where you want, or hey,
you could even try using logic.  Either way, it opens up a path.

Go north into the next area and examine the chest to the north for a Stinger
Ring.  Exit through the door on the right followed by the one to the south.
Climb the winding staircase and go through the door.  Go through the left
door and check the chests for an EX Gem Level 2 and some Iron Mail.  Now go
across the bridge of light for a scene.  Now bring Lloyd across the bridge 
too! But first hit Z for the "Difficult to Fight Separated" skit.  Then
again, hit Z for the "Splitting Up is Nervous" skit.

Okay... keep going and rejoin the others for a scene.  With the warp point
now activated, reorder your party and get them ready for a coming boss fight.
Colette must be in your party.

Go ahead and warp afterwards for a scene and a relatively easy but lengthy
boss fight.  Yay, my Genis got "Magic Cycle: The Title." Did yours? ^_^

After a long scene, take a break and go pee, then get something to drink.

Seriously, you should take a brief break so your eyes don’t fall out of your
skull.  I just went and made myself a ramen bowl and I have ice cold plum
wine to go with it.  Yum!

If you live with cats though, make sure to cover your GameCube with a book or
something, mine like to step on the reset button.  >_<

Travel down to the ground level and check the book case to the left to find
Boltzman’s Book.

Leave the tower for another scene.  Whoa, that’s some heavy storyline
development! That’s like, the axis of the whole game!

Okay then, travel to Lake Umacy and enter for a scene.

Lake Umacy/Thoda Geyser
Items: Aquamarine
Key Items: Unicorn Horn
Enemies: Undine (BOSS), Float Dragon, Green Roper, Octoslime, Starfish, Water

Are you freakin’ kidding me? The geyser!? When you’re back on the world map,
hit Z to hear a skit about "Lloyd’s Bad Habit."

Okay, go back to the geyser and whip Undine’s bootie.  She is actually a big
time push over.

Warp back into the temple and hit Z for the "Summoner Sheena" skit.  Go all
the way back to the lake for a lengthy scene.  Raine just became a permanent
member of my party.  Flee to Hima!  Aaaaiiiieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Once inside, you’ll see a cut scene.  Go to the inn and on the way, hit Z for
the skit, "Do Goddesses Get Sick?" Go to the second floor of the inn and
into the bedroom for another scene.   Yay! Now speak to Pietro again.  Leave
and travel back to Luin.  (I’m still using the traveling merchant to go back
and forth.) ^_^

Near the entrance of the city, you’ll find Pietro.  Speak to him and donate
5,000 gald.  Leave town, come back, donate 12,000 gald, leave, return, donate
21,500 gald.  Basically, each stage of rebuilding costs a different amount
and donating more than that amount is a waste.  To donate again, leave town
and return.  There are 15 stages and these are their costs:

1.  5000
2.  12000
3.  21500
4.  15000
5.  20000
6.  25000
7.  35000 - You have to stop here for a while.  The story must advance for
further changes to be possible.

What’s the point in doing all this? Well, if you invest enough into it, Luin
becomes like your own personal city full of awesome equipment and built to
honor your party.  It’s well worth it, but quite costly at this point in the
game.  I assume the gald gets better as we progress.  For now, I’ve completed
step three.

(¯`•._.•[City of Rebirth | Luin]•._.•´¯)

For the record, later on when you can continue building, the rest of the
steps and costs are:

8.  40000
9.  45000
10.  50000
11.  75000
12.  100000
13.  5000
14.  5000
15.  5000

If you haven’t yet, go back to Ossa Trail and murder the Sword Dancer.  The
floating skull in the mine? Yep, this is your last chance and if you miss
it, you’ll hate yourself.

Regardless of that, it’s about time we pay good ol’ Dirk a visit.  Take the
long journey all the way back to Dirk’s House! He’ll explain about pellet
processing.  Then you talk to him again and get a bunch of good stuff.

Now head to the Triet Ruins where you released the fire seal and enter.
Navigate to where the seal was and defeat Efreet to form a pact with him.

If you didn’t open the treasure chest with the fake at the north end of the
entry hall earlier, now’s your chance.  Just make sure Genis is in your
group.  When you exit the temple, hit the Z button for the Skit, "Just
Another Pact."

Go all the way back towards Asgard.  Head east from the city back to the
Balacruf Mausoleum.  This seal has three bosses you fight at once.  Remember
to use magic lenses on all three.  Now, you’ll want to focus on Sephie first
as she’s the biggest threat, followed by Yutis who has the bow.  Finally,
Fairess can be defeated in peace.

That was a relatively tough battle, but nothing big.  Now we have Slyph!

Okay, it’s time to go back to Hima.  Make sure you’ve gotten these summons,
because if you haven’t, you suck.  Seriously, if you wait any later, they’ll
all gain a bunch of levels and be harder to beat.  Efreet will have 30,000
HP! So yeah, do all that now.

Now that you’re in Hima, stock up on items and make sure you’re ready to go.

Climb to the top of the mountain for a scene.  Now go talk to everyone, but
talk to Colette last.  Kratos is in the graveyard.  Speak to him twice.  Talk
to Colette for a scene...

HEY! I got an Assassin’s Ring! YES! Why is Kratos talking like he’s
leaving the party though? That would suck.  -_-

Ascend to the peak of the mountain again.  You don’t get to ride with
Colette, so Sheena was my choice.  I’m such a pervert.  ^_^

Tower of Salvation
Items: None
Key Items: None
Enemies: Remiel (BOSS), Kratos (BOSS), Yggdrasill (BOSS)

When you arrive at the tower, you’ve been ditched.  Run inside! Whoa,
bodies.  Freaky!

Warp for a scene! OMG! Don’t do it Colette! Kick the crap out of Remiel!
Ha! Remiel, my friend, YOU are the Inferior Being! WTF, Kratos!? OMG!!!!
HE’S WHAT!?!? 0_0

Yay! I beat Kratos! Damn, and it took every item I had too.

Oh great, now Yggdrasill is here.  I can’t beat him if he fights me.  There’s
no way.  Um... he crushed my people like soda cans.  -_-

Oh, cool, the game goes on.  No matter then.  A lengthy scene ensues.  Botta
has stupid hair.

Sylvarant Base
Items: EX Gem Level 2, Straw Hat, Protect Ring
Key Items: None
Enemies: Evil Warrior, Foot Soldier, Raybit

When you regain control, hit Z for the "Lloyd Humiliated" skit as well
as "Betrayer Kratos." Take the north option at the intersection and go down
the stairs.  There’s a vending machine where you can restock (I needed that.)

Continue to the right and you’ll find a memory circle.  Thank Martel! Wait...
no...  kill Martel! Mwahaha!

The skit, "Yggdrasill’s Aim" becomes available soon, hit Z to view it.  Keep
heading east and change the function of the Sorcerer’s Ring.  Now go to the
upper level and down to find a platform with a block on it.  Line up the two
blocks on the floor to the left of the platform so you can run across and
push the grey block down.  Move the blocks to the right to form a bridge
from the platform with the stairway to the treasure chests.  Inside of them,
you’ll find a straw hat and an EX Gem Level 2.

Move the grey block onto the blue floor tile to reveal a stairway, now push
the other two blocks on the pink-lighted lift beside the platform which once
held the grey block.  Line them up vertically along the right side of the
lift.  Now head down the stairs that just opened up.  Go left and shoot the
column with your ring to power the lift.  Go to the control panel and
activate it, bringing down the boxes.  The boxes will serve as a bridge to
the south side of the room if you aligned them right.  Shoot the column
beneath the platform with the big computer on it, then examine the computer
and push the switch.  The water should drain out.  Now go back to the upper
portion of the room, cross right and push the grey block into the empty
canal where the water was.  Move back to the south side, taking the stairs
down to where you pushed the block off and slide the block onto the tile.
Shoot the column to the left with your ring.   Ascending the stairs, find a
protect ring hidden from view by the computer platform.  Go south into the
next area for a scene.

Now simply go to the left and then up at the intersection.  That was easy.
After a lengthy scene, hit Z for the skit, "Don’t Give Up", "I’m a
Hypocrite", "Flying", "Angel Yggdrasill", "Tethe’alla’s Chosen" and "Kratos,
Our Enemy." Whew, that’s a lot of skits!

Fooji Mountains
Items: EX Gem Level 2, Cool Orbit, Card of Fire, Misty Robe, Black Onyx
Key Items: None
Enemies: Black Bat, Egg Bear, Hare, Night Raid

Continue down the mountain, fighting whatever you come to.  When you find
Cool Orbit, give it to Genis.  It rocks for him.  Same with Sheena and the
Fire Card.  Now head out for another scene.  After the scene, hit Z for
the "Angry Noishe" skit.  Proceed due north to the city.  Save your game.
Now, you can enter here, but my choice was instead to explore.  I got
a "Luin Rebuilt 1" skit as I was wandering around and oddly, Colette seemed
fine and dandy for a bit.  The angel coma must’ve worn off?

Tethe'alla (Meltokio Region Monsters)
Items: Anti-Magic Bottle, Elven Boots, EX Gem Level 3, EX Gem Level 4, Rare
Pellets, Resurrection Ring, Reverse Doll, Rune Cape, Sephira, Super Pellets
Key Items: None
Enemies: Black Bat, Egg Bear, Hare, Night Raid, Rogue, Seaspin, Super Star

Know what I found exploring? The marker for the region.  That’s it.

Meh, anyway, back to Meltokio for a scene.

(¯`•._.•[The Imperial City | Meltokio]•._.•´¯)

Items: Beef, Fruit x2, Onion
Key Items: None
Enemies: Zelos (Not really, but it'd be nice to kill him.)
Move into the city for another scene.  OMG, Colette! You mean bitch! 0_0

If you head all the way right into the slums, there’s a guy who makes a
reference to Final Fantasy VII.  "I heard there was a cute flower-seller in
here, but...  I guess it was just a false rumor." Hehe, Aeris.  ^_^

Anyway, head up to the mid-level for a scene.  Who’s this idiot? And why is
my party tolerating the presence of these snotty nosed tramps? HAHA, Genis
said it! Go Genis! ^_^

NOTE: Do not bother buying the ogre sword for Lloyd.  A better sword, the
Kotetsu, waits for you at the next town for just 200 gald more!

Okay, head to both the armor shop to the right and the weapon shop to the
left.  Make sure you get the claw gauntlet and the ogre sword for Lloyd.  My
Lloyd’s Slash is 601 and his thrust is 581.  It’s awesome!

There’s a Hello Kitty toy at the back of the weapons shop.  Examine it.
WONDER CHEF! YAY! There must be two!?

He teaches you about steak! Go up to the third tier of the city and head
right.  Enter the big golden house.  It’s the second house you come to, mind
you.  Head upstairs and examine the weird thing with the chef’s hat on it in
the left corner.  WONDER CHEF AGAIN! Man, oh, man, does he move fast! 0_0

Learn Fruit Cocktail!

Now enter the palace... or not! Go to church and ask Minister Feelerupper
about things.  Ooohh, who’s this adorable creature named Presea? I think I’m
in love.  <3_<3

My thoughts exactly, Genis.  "...She’s cute."

YAY! Genis knows what I’m talking about!

Genis has a chub for Presea.  ^_^

Leave the church for a scene and notice that Genis is walking funny.  ^_^

ROFLMAO! Lloyd can’t lift the sacred wood.  He should let Genis try it all
by himself.  He didn’t have any trouble getting his wood up just a minute ago.

Lloyd lost all confidence as a man.  Perhaps next time he should try Viagra?

Okay, that’s enough with that.  ^_^

Go up to the door to join her.  Ironically, she ends up joining you.  YAY!

Find the royal chambers and enter for a scene.  I said, "All right.  That’s

Alright, exit the castle and head to the cathedral.  Meet up with FLAMING
MORON (as he will henceforth be referred to until he becomes somehow cool)
and he joins your party.  Leave town and save your game.  Go northeast to
the bridge for a scene.  Now cross the bridge... it’s a looooooooooong walk.

Grand Tethe'alla Bridge
Items: None
Key Items: None
Enemies: None

Dude, I saw an island with a skeleton on it! 0_0

Enter Sybak for a scene.

(¯`•._.•[The University City | Sybak]•._.•´¯)

Items: Egg, Rice
Key Items: Tethe'alla Map
Enemies: Cardinal Knight
Get new equipment, then enter the Academic Resources Building.  Examine the
magazines between the book shelves.  It’s WONDER CHEF! ^_^

Fried Rice is delicious.  Now travel to the left section of the city and go
inside the building there for a scene.

Colette gets a title! Oooh.  Leave the building and return to the main part
of town.  There’s a man standing by the weapon shop who you should speak to
for a scene.  Knock FLAMING MORON out with a right hook to the jaw and
return to the academy.  Speak to the trench coat mafia outside the door.  Go
back to the room you were in before.  A scene plays out.  Back to the
lobby!  YAY!

Uh oh.  Guards heard everything.  Oh jeez.  Oh no! Genis and Raine! You
can’t hurt them! >_<

We’re locked in a lab! There’s nothing we can do! Forsaken! Forlorn! We
are lost!

Or... are we? No! Sheena to the rescue! ^_^

<3 Sheena


Hit Z for the skit, "Curiosity Towards the Unknown" and exit the uh...  exit.  
Then hit Z again for the "Sheena’s Spell" skit.  Leave town and head to the
bridge.  Hit Z for the Skit, "Hurry Along the Tethe’alla Bridge" and do just
that! OMG RUN!

There’s that skeleton again.

Keep going! Undine Rocks!

Time to kill the guards! After you rock their socks (hope you used a magic
lens) Genis and Raine are saved! They rejoin the party.

Leave and hit Z for the skit, "Half-Elves in Tethe’alla." Now zoom right up 
to the Fooji Mountains.  It’s kinda funny, isn’t it? Meltokio (Tokyo?) and 
Fooji Mountain (Mount Fuji?) Haha!  ^_^

Fooji Mountains
Items: None
Key Items: None
Enemies: Chimaera, Demon, Ghost, Slime, Zombie

Enter the Fooji mountains for a scene.  Climb the mountain and save at the
memory circle, then proceed left for a scene.

Haha, Lloyd pwned everyone with his awesome key crest.  Colette slaps the
hell out of ugly chick and releases you with her natural grace.  ^_^

Pronyma attacks and says, "You will pay for making a fool of me!" Hate to
break it to ya, lady.  But you made a fool of your own damn self.  ^_~

Pronyma is a Whaaburger that gets served up on a bitch plate with a side of
French Cries.  Kratos changed clothes.  What a loser.  For seriously, I hope
he gets herpes and dies.

Hit Z for "A Girl Who Lost Her Heart": The Skit followed by, "We’re Alike."

Descend the mountain and return to Meltokio.  OMG, that FLAMING MORON has us
walking in dungwater surrounded by poo-gas! >_<

Meltokio Sewers
Items: 2500 Gald, Breastplate, Card of Lightning, Elixer, EX Gem Level 1, EX
Gem Level 2, EX Gem Level 3, Great Ax, Memory Gem, Spirit Ring, Thunderbolt
Key Items: Wing Pack
Enemies: Convict (BOSS), Fake, Giant Leech, Jellyfish, Sewer Rat (Large and
Small Versions), Violent Viper

Go in and head left at the intersection to change the function of the
Sorcerer’s Ring.  Whoa! Mini-Me!

I told you this was a Secret of Mana sequel!

Cross the spider webs and kill the enemy up the stairs for a memory gem.

Follow the path and grab the EX Gem from the box above you after a short
scene discussing the door being sealed.  Climb the stairs and move into the
center of this area for another scene.   Examine the trash compactor for a
brick of trash! YAY! Now push that brick off the middle gap to your left.
Make another.  Push it off the gap at the bottom.  Now another, pushed off
the other gap at the bottom.  YAY!

Turn small and walk over the bridge you just made, examining the doohickey on
the wall.

The door opened! Huzzah!

So what are you waiting for? Go through it!

If you check behind the stairs to your right, you’ll find a hidden chest full
of breastplate.

Head down the stairs to the left, turn small and hop in the crate.  Whee!

Now turn the thingamabob on the wall and go back to the trash compactor.
Enter the mouse hole just left of it for a Great Ax, then get big again and
head right into the door.  The object here is to push trash blocks off the
corners to make new paths, using the spiderwebs to go around your blocks at
corners.  Ignore the first corner, it does nothing.  At the second corner,
push a block off to the right to complete a ledge path for little you.

Go downstairs and through the door that used to be locked.  Go down the
stairs to your right, shrink and follow the ledge, taking the left fork.  Go
inside the cage, return to normal, open the door and exit.  Back to the
garbage maker.  Push your new block off the right side of the fourth corner.

It should land right in front of the open cage door.  Return to the cage.
Push the block onto the floor depression so that the bridge extends.  Now go
all the way back to make another garbage block.  By Satan, this sewer is
tedious! Gah!

Push it all the way to the last corner and off the right side where it lands
on the ledge below.

Back into the formerly locked door you go!

Push the block off the ledge and go cross the path it completed.  Now turn
the yellow whachamacallit and head through the door that opens.  A chest
contains 2500 gald in the next room.   Continue on.  There are mouse holes to
either side of the downstairs area with powerful weapons in them.  Don’t miss

Continue along to encounter a cut scene where you’re ambushed by three
homeless leukemia patients.  They’re easily defeated.  It was all the
chemotherapy that made them weak.

FLAMING MORON is almost funny in a pathetic kinda way.

There’s a chest to the right of the exit.  It’s another fake.  Heal yourself
and put Colette, Raine and Genis in your party.  Set them to long range magic
and make sure they aren’t reserving.  This will be a tough one.  Don’t
bother attacking it with Lloyd, he’s better off just using items.

For your trouble you get an all-divide and an elixir.  Now go up to the
ladder and get out of this putrid place.

To the right, in the upper class section of town is a dog named Pudding.
Colette is back in the swing of things, naming doggies.

You’ll also find the puppy, Chibi, in the slums.  Now go to the research
facility for a scene.  We just love scenes, isn’t that right? Go to FLAMING
MORON’s big gold house.  Methinks he is compensating.  ^_^

Dude, are my eyes playing tricks on me or is FLAMING MORON NAKED behind that
couch!? 0_o

Whew.  It was just the angle.  That frightened me.

Talk to everyone (especially Genis and Presea upstairs) and then talk to the
butler to go to bed.  Awww, yay! Colette slept AND her shoulder feels 
stiff.  That’s a good sign! ^_^

I loves me some Colette! <3  My girlfriend Sarah's voice sounds exactly like
Colette's.  I tease her about it all the time.  (Yes, she plays ToS, too.)


To borrow a quote from Eminem, "It’s back to the lab again." (From the
song, "Lose Yourself" in case you’re wondering.  Keep in mind that I’m a
Slipknot fan though, Eminem’s line just came to mind as he is pretty much
the only rapper I’ll listen to.)

Anyhow, enter the lab for a scene! You get the wing pack! To the man hole
we go! But first, hit Z for the skit, "EC." Choose to Quick Jump.  For
seriously.  YAY! That was fast! Leave the city and go to the bridge for a
short scene.  Go to the gate ahead for another scene.  Descend the stairs to
meet Ninja.  You may want to pause a moment to slap the living hell out of

Talk to Ninja guy for a scene.  I hope they’re paying Undine well cause
they’re working that poor girl like a water dog (that’s my Chinese Zodiac
sign! Also, I’m an Aquarius, if you were wondering.  Born on Valentine’s
Day! ^_^ Ahem!)

Yay, we got our first vessel! Disembarking is a bit touchy, but I’m sure
we’ll get used to it.  Go to Sybak, but save before entering.

Items: None
Key Items: None
Enemies: None

A scene ensues and just look who it is...  it looks like Elvis and Ronald
McDonald had a baby.  Hmm, FLAMING MORON amused me and will henceforth simply
be referred to as Idiot, until such time as he redeems himself further.  By
the inn, the canine known as Chappy awaits Colette.  Next, head towards the
research facility and you’ll find a dog by the water front.  His name is
Turbie! Now enter the manhole to the far left.  Talk to Kate for a scene and
then leave town.

Go east and enter the Gaoracchina Forest for a scene.

Gaoracchia Forest
Items: Angel Bracelet, Drain Charm, Phoenix Rod, Pretty Ribbon, Witch's Robe
Key Items: None
Enemies: Convict (BOSS), Boxer Iris, Cardinal Knights, Ghoul, Phantom,
Pumpkin Tree, Tropical Worm, Undertaker

Oh look, it’s a bunch of [Annoying Real Life Religion Omitted].  Kill them!

Proceed further into the forest.  Change the function of the Sorcerer’s Ring
and take the left path.  Head northish and OMG a SKIT POINT!

If you look to the southeast of the skit point, you’ll see a stone marker!
Huzzah! Go back into the forest and head east this time.  Go stand in the
well lit area to the right until your bar is fully charged up.  Awesome!
Just south of that is a drain charm.  Take the north path to find a Phoenix
Rod hiding in some plants you hafta burn out.  Continue east.  To the south
in this area is a Witch’s Robe hidden by plants too.  The path leading east
is also overgrown.  Burn it away and head east.  Here, burn vines away for an
angel bracelet.  Head south and back west again.  Stock up on sunlight and
take the lower left path.  Head down and to the right for a pretty ribbon.
Continue east and take the southern path for sunlight, then go back to take
the northern one.  Continue east, burning through the vines that get in your
way.  In the next area is a memory circle.  I’m not bothering with it,
especially since I didn’t find a gem in here.  Continue east and a scene
occurs and the cool looking convict attacks you.  Dude, I got 3.50 grade for
beating him.  SWEET! ^_^

Hey um... why doesn’t Colette’s kick ass strength carry over into battle? -_-

Exit south and hit Z for the skit, "Pretty Boys Die Young." Skit point!
YAY! Enter the Ninja...  err...  village!

I love this village.  It’s beautiful.

(¯`•._.•[The Mystical Village | Mizuho]•._.•´¯)

Items: Black Satay, Panyan, Seaweed
Key Items: None
Enemies: None

Oh yeah, big secret village...  Katz are here.  I suppose they are secret ninja

There’s a booth in the village.  Beside it is a dog named Tiggy.  Colette
says he’s cute.

The Shiden swords and the Shuriken rock.  ^_^

Now go talk to Orochi outside the Vice-Chief’s house across the small
bridge.  After a long scene, Lloyd gets a new title.

Gentle Idealist < Berserker

Regal joins up.  Let’s see what he’s got.  Hit Z for the skit, "Mizuho’s
Information Network." Go back inside the Vice-Chief’s house and examine the
washing device against the wall directly ahead from the entry.  OMG IT’S
WONDER CHEF! Okay...  this is the best recipe ever.  Ramen is my very favorite
food.  ^_^

If you have a palma potion, keep it.  If not, buy a Mizuho potion.  Trust me.

You can also rest in the chief’s house FOR FREE!

Leave town and save your game.  Go into the forest again and take the eastern
exit.  Cross the bridge to the town of Ozette.  Enter for a scene.  

(¯`•._.•[The Quiescent Village | Ozette]•._.•´¯)

Items: Beef, Onion, Tomato
Key Items: None
Enemies: None

Go down the stairs to the left into the inn and examine the parrot.  WONDER
CHEF! Tenderloin.  Mmmm.

By a shop is Kalcy the dog.  Colette talks to her and compliments her tail.

Head up to the treehouse for another scene and a dog named Sammy.

Go down into the next area for another scene.  Ewww, freaky.

Hit Z for the “Weird Guest” skit.  Leave town for another scene and head
directly over to Altessa’s House.  You should’ve left town from the exit left
of Presea’s house.  Enter.

(¯`•._.•[Altessa's House]•._.•´¯)

Altessa's House
Items: None
Key Items: None
Enemies: Altessa's Beard (BOSS)

Head inside for a scene with the sexy, sexy Tabatha.  Haha, all Raine heard
was "the sea."

Hit Z after leaving for the skit, "Is Tabatha an Angel?"

Return to Mizuho! Go to the shop and speak to Puninja.  Go to the well
behind the Vice-Chief’s house and examine it to get the account book.  You
get the Secret Notebook as payment.  Nin Nin! ^_^

There’s a dock just northeast of Ozette and that’s where we’re headed.  Sail
around a bit, just to the south side of the continent you’re on, you should
find the temple of lightning.  Ignore that for now and head to the skit
point nearby.  Head Southeast from the dock and sail hard, circling the big
continent you find until you reach another pier.  Skit point!

Toize Valley Mine
Items: Battlesuit, Crescent Ax, EX Gem Level 1, EX Gem Level 3, Iron Greaves,
Memory Gem, Sage, Saint Rapier, Sand Saber, Silk Robe, Super Pellets, Thunder
Key Items: Inhibitor Ore
Enemies: Auto Repair Unit (BOSS), Defense System (BOSS), Guard Arm (BOSS),
Orbit (BOSS), Bacura, Basilisk, Cardinal Knight, Commander Knight, Red Bat,
Red Roper, Rock Golem, Roller Snail

Enter the mine here for a scene and a sudden fight.  Kill the Auto Repair
Unit First and then focus on the Defense System.

Go back in the front room and get the sage and EX Gem Level 1 from the
chest.  Hit Z for the "Mine from Ancient Times" and the "Machines that are
still Alive" skits.

In the next area, there is a machine you should examine to start a lift
moving, take the lift across for another scene.  Then go back, hit the switch
with your ring and ride to the north ledge.  Kill the rodent looking enemy
for a memory gem.  Now get on the elevator to the lower level, ride down and
collect the crescent ax, the saint rapier (which you will immediately equip
to Lloyd) and the sand sword if you use Idiot.  I don’t.

Head to the lower right area and change the function of the Sorcerer’s Ring.
Hit Z for the "Bomber Ring" skit.  Now go back up the elevator.  Go to the
left and bomb the hell out of that boulder! Mwahaha!

Now all the way back down the elevator.  Change the ring function, back up
the elevator, board the lift, shoot the switch as you pass it, disembark on
the left hand side, move up and jump the gap, go down the elevator, change
the ring back to bombs, ride the elevator again to the upper level, jump back
and ride the lift to the east.  WHEW! That’s a lot of crap.

Enter the doorway and approach the boulder for a 1.5 second scene.  Blow the
boulder up.  Blow up every boulder you come to.  Activate the machine in the
center of the room and reap the battlesuit for Lloyd.  There are also Iron
Greaves in here for Regal, a memory circle, and to the north east, a boulder
trap that triggers a scene.  If the boulder hits you, you get super pellets
and a thunder cape and ride the elevator back up.  There’s another machine to
activate up here and a silk robe to obtain.  Not to mention a gnome to talk
to! Give him your potion!  Didn’t I tell you to get some? Haha, you didn’t
listen to me did you? LOSER! ^_^

I unlocked my memory seal here because it needed to be done and I saved.
Okay, now outrun the boulder but don’t hit the switch you heard about in the
scene.  Proceed onward to see a weird spinning thing.  It’ll follow you if
you get close.  Lure it up the ramp and step on the plate.  Run past it and
let the bolder smash it up! Haha!

Toggle the boulder switch and go back, riding the elevator down to examine
the smashed slab.  Evil Eye, Colette’s Devil Arm is found! Don’t equip it.
As you can see, it’s quite cursed.   It’s for a side quest later, I believe.

Now go back down the ramp and proceed past where the slab was into the next
area.  Take the lower path for an EX Gem Level 3.  Return to the suspension
bridge and cross it for a scene.  Blow all the boxes up to find the box
containing the inhibitor ore.

Another scene ensues.  Finally, things are going the way they should.  I hope
they stay like this forever.  ^_^

We finally have everything we need, Colette’s safe, nobody’s arrested and
nobody’s betraying us.  Whew.  Life is good.

Head back outside the mine now.  What? Soldiers? Oh crap.

Whew, no fight.  Hit Z for the "You and I are..." skit.

Leave and go back to Ozette.  Enter the city and head into the center for an
annoying scene.  Dumb church knights.  Magic Lens the commander knight and
then just utterly smash these idiots.   Yay! Lloyd is a Master Swordsman
now! ^_^

Oooh, and Raine is a "Professor."

Anyway, afterwards is a scene.  Whoa, is Raine secretly blonde? Never trust
a girl under a Vegeta-haired idiot’s control! Bah! Well, that happiness was
short lived.  -_

Hey, cool.  Presea is well-spoken now.  Much cuter.  Oh great, here’s Kratos’
dumb self again.  Quick Jump!

Woo hoo, I have over 50k gald! ^_^

Go restock at the store.  I just got the skit, "Colette’s Secret." Anyway,
once done, head to the Vice-Chief’s hut and speak to him for a scene.

Go talk to all your party members.  Sheena last.  Wait...  Idiot says Sheena
has a thing for Lloyd? Hmm...  Okay, henceforth he is Zelos.  He has proved
himself not to be Idiot...  for now.

Talk to Sheena at the Graveyard and after the scene hit Z for the skit,
"Sheena’s Real Name."

Head due north of the pier near Ozette and you’ll find the Temple of
Lightning just a hop, skip and a jump away.  Well, what in the blue-white
hell are you waiting for? Go in! A scene, of course, ensues.  Hit Z for
the skit, "Do Your Best."

Temple of Lightning
Items: Battle Cloak, Duel Helm, EX Gem Level 2, EX Gem Level 3 x2, Power
Greaves, Sardonyx, Silver Guard, Shining Star, Spirit Bottle, Thunder Scepter
Key Items: Corrine's Bell
Enemies: Volt (BOSS), Gold Skeleton, Gold Slime, Lamia, Lightning Bird,
Thunder Sword

What you want to do with the three paths is make sure only the lowest rod is
raised and step on the tile to send the shock to break the boxes.  Go to
change the sorcerer’s ring now.  Go east and use the lightning to destroy
the blue boxes for a silver guard.  Now go past the middle path where the
switch was and ascend the stairs.  Destroy the box before the door and climb
the stairs to your left or right.  Destroy the blue box on the bottom of the
stack and proceed back down to enter the next room.  Destroy the blue block
to the left, kill the enemy and ascend the stairs.  Enter the room to your
left.  Navigate the room and then in the next area, enter the bottom door and
blow up the blue block to the right.  Now activate the lightning rod which
blows up the platform you’re on so you drop below.  Examine the chest for an
EX Gem Level 3.  Hit Z for the skit, "Beware of Lightning." Head left, blow
up the blue box, raise the lightning rod.  This box has a duel helm in it.
Once again, blast the box to the left and raise the rod for a thunder
scepter.  Now go to your left and examine that machine to raise THAT thunder
rod.   This one prevents the water below from being electrically charged.

Head east through the door into the darkened room.  Just run off a ledge and
drop.  It’s cool, really.  Go into the central room.  Go down the stairs to
the left, into the water.  Deactivate the rod in the middle of the pool and
change the function of the Sorcerer’s Ring on the platform.  You’ll see that
you now shoot yellow lightning.  Go all the way back to the entrance.  Go
left and kill the yellow boxes for Genis’ Shining Star.  Head to the chamber
with the stack of boxes.  Kill the two boxes blocking the door on the left
and the box at the bottom of the stack at the top in the center.

Go to the right side and navigate up through the dark room.  Blow up the
yellow floaty box.  That drops a lightning rod down.  Yay!

Go back to the room with the water, head right and examine the machine to
raise the lightning rod.  Up the stairs to the west, navigate the dark room.
Cross the bridge, navigate the dark room down the stairs, then afterward,
head west along the ledge to deactivate the lightning rod, activating the
machine in the room below.  Go back into the room with the bridge and
destroy the left hand pair of yellow blocks on the third floor and the right
hand pair of blocks on the fourth floor.  Leave the rest alone.  Descend the
stairs and activate the machine below to drop a boulder onto the bridge,
breaking it.  To get the battle cloak, you need to blow up the boxes to
ensure that the charge reaches the top of the circuit second from the left.
Anyway, down the broken bridge you go, out the southern door.  Change the
Sorcerer’s Ring to red lightning and return all the way to the entrance.
Blow up the red boxes to the left in the first chamber for an EX Gem Level 3.

In the room with the box pillar, go into the left door you cleared earlier.
The one up the left flight of stairs? This is the most difficult dark room
yet, and still incredibly easy.  Blow up the red boxes at the end and grab
Regal’s Power Greaves.  Go into the water room and save your game by
unlocking the memory circle.  Now go back into the previous room, ascend the
stairs, blow up the red block and examine the rod to summon Volt.

This is the easiest boss fight ever.  Just kick his electric ass.  Head
outside after some sad stuff for another scene.  Hit Z once out for the
skit, "Thank You, Corrine."

Now get on your boat and head east.  Navigate around the weird sea rocks and
find the dock to the Tethe’alla base.  Enter for a scene.  

Tethe'alla Base
Items: Aqua Cape, Beam Shield, Card of Ice, Dragon Tooth, EX Gem Level 2, EX
Gem Level 3 x2, Lavender, Lightning Sword, Memory Gem, Silver Circlet, Silver
Mail, Tomahawk Lance
Key Items: None
Enemies:  Botta (BOSS), Yuan (BOSS), Commander, Evil Warrior, Foot Soldier,

NOTE: The passcodes in the next area are actually random.  So if yours don't
match mine, don't stress.  Just write yours down.

Change the function of the Sorcerer’s Ring and save your game.  Leave this
area.  In the circular room, go to the right.  Pull the blue box down from
the north and push it right to block the beam, then pass through where
there’s no beam.   Head all the way east and into the room.  Kill the dummy
standing there for the passcode, "THE POWER OF."

Now push and pull the block so you can go north and then do just that, into
the next room where you will find a silver circlet.  Move the box you find to
your right all the way to the laser at your left and pass by.  Then pull and
push it up to block that laser so you can continue further until you can
access the room on the left.  Move the block you find here so you can
continue left into yet another room.  Kill the enemies you find here for the
second passcode, "THE STAR IS."

Climb the very short staircase below the enemy and charge the column with
your ring, then head right and activate the newly powered panel to raise the
lift with the block.  Now go back to the circular room.  You may want to go
talk to Orochimaru or whatever his name is, for healing and saving.

Anyway, back in the circle room, head to your left this time.  Block the beam
to your left and explore the two small rooms found in this corridor for an EX
Gem Level 2 and a Card of Ice for Sheena.  Now go back and use the block to
head north.  Take a left as you come to it and enter the first door.  Kill
blue for the third passcode, "THE RADIANCE OF LIFE."

Open the chest here for an EX Gem Level 3.

Leave and go to the upper portion of the corridor this time, defeating the
raybit to get a memory gem.  Proceeding north, follow the path to the blue
box, which you should pull all the way back near the stairs and push off the
unprotected ledge to smash into to laser maker.

Go all the way back east to the room you’re in now, but on the bottom level
for a dragon tooth (for Lloyd!) and a lightning sword.  Leave here and travel
north in the corridor to the hangar.

Go up the stairs straight ahead for Lloyd’s Silver Mail.  There are two blue
boxes here.  Push them to the left and up to fill in the gaps and form a
bridge with the other boxes.  Ascend the stairs to your left and then move
straight up, down the stairs, across the boxes to some lavender.  Shoot the
Sorcerer’s Ring at the column behind the lavender box.  You’ll have to do it
from an angle and the box blocks your shot.  Move the blocks that formed the
bridge down to the staircase at the bottom, arranging them horizontally so
that one is to the left of the halfway point up the stairs and the second is
directly above the halfway point.  Ascend the stairs, move up onto the boxes
and move left for an Aqua Cape.  Push one box to the upper-right corner of
the nearby lift.  Stand on the lift and activate the panel to raise.  Push
the box just one space north and ride back down.  Go up the stairs and across
the top level to descend to the mid- level and pull the box all the way right
to push off the unprotected ledge.  Step on the box and shoot the column
directly in front of you.  Go back to the lowest level.  Drag the last blue
box onto the lift near the column you just shot and ride up into the rafters
with it.  Drag the box to line up with the chest ahead of you and push it
towards the chest, making it fall into the gap so you can claim your
tomahawk lance for Presea.  Go all the way left and all the way up to get a
beam shield and then go back down, shooting the column to power the blue
lift.   Descend on the lift and pull the blue box off.  Push the box off the
ledge between the railings to walk across to the box containing the EX Gem
Level 3.  Now go back to your dude in the circle room, heal and save.

Make your way back into the hangar, push a blue box onto the lift near the
entrance and ride up with it.  Push it up to the short gap above you, all the
way to the right.  By doing this, you should be able to cross into the upper
area.  Ride this lift then examine the panel by the door to imput your three
passcodes.  Now head through the door for a scene and a boss fight.

Focus on Botta first, then kick Yuan’s butt.  Make sure to magic lens them
both.  Also, I got the title "Brave Soul" for Lloyd cause I’ve never run
away.  Did you? ^_^

Another scene ensues.  Botta whines with his stupid hair and Yuan licks his
wounds.  Haha, I almost called him Yuna.

Dragon's Nest
Items: None
Key Items: None
Enemies: Baby Dragon (BOSS), Winged Dragon (BOSS)

You now have Rheairds! OMG YAY! Near Altamira, is a floating sphere
thingie.  That’s where Colette is.  Save her! Kill the baby dragons first,
then kill the big one.  Don’t forget your magic lens! After a lengthy cut
scene, Colette joins the party again, hit Z for "Looks Can Be Deceiving": The

Drop by Altessa’s House and speak to Tabatha to learn theb recipe for Curry!
Yum! Go to the bedroom of Presea’s house in Ozette and examine the stuffed
bear in the corner.  It’s the WONDER CHEF! He teaches you the recipe
of "Daddy’s Corpse Soup!" Okay, okay, bad joke.  Sheesh.  -_-

You learn about Gratin.

Now head to Meltokio.  Enter the house next to Zelos’ manor and speak to the
chick standing by the window for a cut scene.  Exit the house for another
scene.  Ask if something is wrong.  Now go to Sybak.  Go talk to the
scientist standing with Turbie the dog in the left section of the city by the
water’s edge for a cut scene.  Leave the area and ask if she really wants to
leave it like that.  Now go back and talk to Janet again.  Hey cool, that
was pointless!

Oh wait, a scene occurs when you start to leave.  Say, "Presea..." Awwww.  Go
back to Sybak yet again.

Go up to the junk merchant and speak to the guy in blue standing near him.

Now it’s time to finally head to the Temple of Earth!

Temple of Earth
Items: Ancient Rod, Bardiche, Bellebane, EX Gem Level 1, EX Gem Level 2, EX
Gem Level 3, Ghost Shell, Mythril Bracelet, Mythril Circlet, Mythril Guard,
Key Items: None
Enemies: Gnome (BOSS), Cave Worm, Clay Golem, Dragon (CASH COW), Earth
Element, Giant Snail, Neviros

Enter and immediately change your Sorcerer’s Ring.  Proceed in a bit and
quake the pillars to make them crumble.  Speak to the gnome on the bridge
ahead.  If you gave the gnome from before a potion like I told you, you’re
good.  If not, you have to go all the way back and do that now.  If you
haven’t learned by now, listen to me when I advise you to do something.  ^_^

Take the lower path all the way down after the bridge into a cave where,
across a bridge, lies a mythril circlet.  Now go all the way back and take
the north path this time.  To your right, you’ll see a small ledge.  Stand
on it and quake to make it collapse into a path.  Ignore it for now and head
north through the cave.  Cross the bridge and talk to the gnome on the other
side for a scene.  Make curry.  Chose anyone but Raine or Zelos to make it.
I chose Regal.

Move up the path on the side of the mountain to obtain Bellebane.  Go down
onto the plank areas.  There are three sections.  Stand over the one on the
end and quake.  Quake your way down to an EX Gem Level 2 and keep going.
You’ll smash through two platforms to an EX Gem Level 1.  Take the far
platform again on the end.  After reaching the very bottom, go down to fight
a dragon.  Now, this guy was no push over...  but notice that he not only gave
good exp, he also gave 10,000 GALD!!!! Fight him many times! 0_0

Talk to the gnome standing before the cave and agree to go back up.  Now
navigate back to the wooden platforms.  Quake the middle one now.  Then quake
down again, run left to get your chest containing a ghost shell, then run
back down all the way and quake again.  Run all the way left and grab an
ancient rod and then go to the uppermost of the two wooden panels just above
you (not all the way at the end!) and quake again.  Get a Bardiche for
Presea from the chest and quake your way down to the dragon again.  Round 2!
Whoa, amazing grade for this guy too! Back to the platforms.  Hit the first
platform this time! Get the EX Gem Level 3 this time and just quake your way
right on down.  Dragon Time! Return and fight this dragon as many times as
you want.  Me? I’m gonna fight him until I have 420,000 Gald.  Why so
much? That’s how much I need to fully restore Luin.

Actually, maybe not.  I need access to a save point before I do a lot of cash
hunting, so on with the story.

There’s a gnome you talk to on your way out of the secret entrance.  He’ll
tell you he’ll go somewhere but you hafta keep the enemies off of him.  Do
just that.  Let the gnome go into the cave first and then follow after
killing all the enemies.

Speak to him for a scene.  After you drop down, head up the ramp below you to
find the mythril bracelet.  Continue moving up the ramps.  Alright then.  Now
we have a save point accessible to us and know the path back to the dragon.
I’ll be saving after every 50,000 gald.  ^_^

Final Count: 456,984 Gald.

It’s important to note that while beating this dragon once isn’t difficult,
battling him many times will become taxing.  Therefore, you should use a
trick I discovered to destroy him.   First, you want a party consisting of
three melee fighters (I chose Lloyd, Presea and Regal) and then you want

Really, all the fight is, if you use my trick, is Dragon vs.  Raine.  3 Rays
from Raine should kill it.  It’s extremely weak against light.  Your melee
fighters’ job is to keep it off of her until she can Ray three times and hit
it when they can.  Also, disable healing circle in favor of nurse.  To be
honest, Healing Circle is far too short range to use in most practical
situations.  But if you like, you can re-enable it after the battle.

If you ever need easy money, come back here later.

Now, when you have all the money you want for now, go save at the save point,
heal up and proceed north to the seal.  Hey, Gnome.  What’s up?

What an annoying and simple Gnome.  Kick his booty.  Afterwards, there’s a
nice scene.  Leave the cave for another scene.  Go to Altessa’s House.  OMG
look, a Gnomelette.  	Talk to it!  Now go back to the earth temple! Go
through the secret passage to fight the dragon! Now talk to all the lil
gnomes behind the dragon.   They leave.  Now inspect the locked chest and
leave the temple.

Land near Flanoir, the city on the ice continent.  Save your game.  I chose
to run around killing enemies while using magic lenses on them.  You may wish
to do the same.  OMG A SKIT POINT!

Kratos!? WTF? 0_0

Enter the city.  

(¯`•._.•[The Snowy City | Flanior]•._.•´¯)

Items: Beef, Egg
Key Items: Nebilim, Nebilim's Key
Enemies: Just the bitter cold.
There’s a dog named Poochi roaming about for Colette to speak to and there’s
a man sitting in front of a building you speak to for a cut scene.  His name
is Abyssion.  He tells you about the devil’s arms.  Head down the stairs to
the left and speak to the man with the pack for another cut scene.  Head
north up the stairs and to the left.  Buy food at the cart and have Colette
talk to a pup named Penny.  Isn’t she cute? ^_^ (The Dog’s nice too.)

Continue left into the next area.  Go up the stairs and into the shop, speak
to the old man who notes that you have three penguinist quills.  (What? I

He made me some penguinist gloves.  Neat.  Oh my god... I just bought 6 black
onyx’s and 4 moonstones.  I’m down to 215k.  I’m returning to the dragon to
make money.

Okay, now I’m back up to 455,745 Gald and didn’t even have to leave or use an
item once.  These items rock hard.  Open the locked chest beyond the dragon
for the Gates of Hell Devil’s Arm.

I probably should try to get two for Sheena, Zelos and Colette but...  well,
I’m eager to actually play the game.

So anyway, where were we? Oh yeah... back in town... leave the shop with the
awesome accessories and go down the stairs and all the way up to see statues
of Pac-Man, Bigfoot and The Wonder Chef.  Back up to the cool accessory
shop, and up the second flight of stairs you go! Enter the church of
martel.  Examine the weird thing in the back left corner.  OMG IT’S WONDER
CHEF!  ^_^

Quiche time!

If you haven’t yet, return to the gnome cave for the Gates of Hell Devil’s

There’s another Devil’s Arm in the Gaoracchia Forest, just a bit northwest of
the Ozette entrance, hidden by vines.  This is the Fafnir.  Abyssion finds
you when you discover the Fafnir.  Go rest and restock in Mizuho.

Temple of Ice
Items: Ancient Robe, Defenser, EX Gem Level 2, EX Gem Level 3, Ice Coffin,
Mythril Armor, Mythril Gauntlet, Mythril Shield, Rosemary, Sapphire
Key Items: Celsius' Tear
Enemies: Celsius (BOSS), Fenrir (BOSS Companion), Bigfoot, Feather Magic, Ice
Spider, Ice Warrior, Lobo, Penguinist

South of Flanoir is the Temple of Ice.  Save your game and enter.  In the
outside area, find boxes containing a mythril shield, a defenser and an
ancient robe.  Lloyd gets the Defenser, Rain gets the Ancient Robe and Zelos
gets the Mythril Shield.

Now enter the cavern and change the function of the Sorcerer’s Ring.  Explore
the cave to get an Ice Coffin, a mythril gauntlet and some mythril armor.

Now climb the ramp and exit through the upper opening.  Move down to the
drippy icicle over the gap and use the Sorcerer’s Ring on it.  Cross the gap
and follow the path to enter the cave.   Grab the EX Gem Level 2 and examine
the flower on the ledge to obtain the Celsuis’ Tear.

Head back into the main cave and cross the ice bridge.  Freeze the water
drips you see here and make a block.  Pull it south then push it left across
the gap and cross to the next section of ground for a cut scene.  Go to
the southeast water drip and freeze it then push the block west to cross that
gap too.  Examine the area where the water is flooding into the pool for a
cut scene.

Move back to the block of ice you made and move north from it.  You’ll bump
into a statue, now press left into a rock, now down into the wall, now left
into the wall, now up into a rock, now left into a statue, now up into a
wall, now right into a big thing, now down into a rock, now left to a
treasure chest containing Rosemary! YAY!

Now move all the way south on the rock platform you’re on now, and head right
to skid all the way across the lake into a rock, now go north into the wall,
now left into a wall, now south into a rock, now right into a statue, now up
into that thing again, then right into a rock, then up for an EX Gem Level
3.  Go north and rotate the statues to match the way the ones in the lake
were facing.  Proceed through the now open door to the seal.

Defeat Fenrir first and then focus on Celsius.  Again, they aren’t that hard.

A scene ensues.  Leave this temple and exit to the world map.  What the
heck!? Ozette is on fire! Ahhh! 0_0

Lloyd’s like, "What’s wrong, are you okay?" to the dead girl surrounded by
FLAMES AND DEATH.  Astute as always, I see.

After the scene, hit Z for the skit, "Two Who Can’t Return." Leave Ozette
for the "Kendama and Mithos" skit.  Now head to Altessa’s house.  Hit Z for
yet another skit, "Let’s Be Friends" followed by "Mithos the Hero"
and "Secret of Ozette."

Go up to Altessa and Tabatha and talk to Altessa for a scene.  Enter the
house and continue the talk.  After another scene and resting, you get to
take Mithos with you and Presea gets crested anew.  Fly to Altamira and
enter the city for a scene.  Regal won’t enter Altamira.

(¯`•._.•[The Seaside Paradise | Altamira]•._.•´¯)

Items: None
Key Items: Employee ID
Enemies: Nope

The second floor of the inn has awesome weapons and armor.

Time to fight the dragon some more.  -_- AFTER we get Raine back!

Move to the back of this area and have Colette talk to the pup named Scooby
Lulu.  She’s adorable.  ^_^

Talk to the guy standing by the monument for a scene.  You get the ID.  Now
go down and to the left.  Take the elevator down and board the weird boat
thing.  Talk to Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, and tell him you’re going
to the Lazareno Company.  Once there, head through the doors in the back and
head to the Sky Terrace.  Move to the grave in the center of the terrace for
a scene.  Now go down to the first floor for another scene.  Go tell Steve-O
you want to go to the Altamira Entrance.  Crikey! Bob’s yer Uncle! G’day!

Isn’t she a beauty?


Anyway, leave the city.  Raine annoys me.  Now I have to go dragon hunting
without her.  This will NOT be easy.

Okay, 519,621 Gald.  I can proceed.  Go to Mizuho.  Rest and Save your game.

Fly just east of Altimaira to the island with Stonehenge on it.

Otherworldly Gate
Items: None
Key Items: None
Enemies: Cardinal Knight, Commander Knight

Enter here for a scene.  Kill the guards like it ain’t no thing and the scene

Travel into Palmacosta and go talk to Neil in the government building.  Leave
after a scene and hit Z on the world map for the skit, "Human Ranch Rebuilt."

Fly around and check out Nova’s Caravan.

Alright, I’m headed to Luin now, as I’ve been trying to do for a while! ^_^

There’s a dog in Luin named Lucky after stage 4 of reconstruction.

Colette should speak to him.

Whoa...  these Joke Weapons ain’t no Joke! 0_0 I should’ve gotten more money
at the dragon.

NOTE: Sheena's Money Bag doubles the gald you earn in battle! Buy it first!

Never mind, I’m sure we’ll get to freely travel back and forth eventually.
For now, save your game and head to the Palmacosta Human Ranch for a scene.
Botta, Lord of Stupid Hair, awaits you.  Talk to him.

Remote Island Human Ranch
Items: EX Gem Level 1, EX Gem Level 2 x2, EX Gem Level 3 x2, EX Gem Level 4,
Holy Cloak, Holy Staff, Minazuki, Mythril Ax, Mythril Greaves, Revive Ring,
Saffron, Stone Charm, Vajra
Key Items: None
Enemies: Rodyle (BOSS), Bowman, Evil Jelly, Evil Sorcerer, Giant Slug,
Spearman, Whip Master

Okay, head straight ahead in the tunnel and go through the central door.
Walk left to the third tile and then head up to the end.  Now head right to
the upper right corner of the 8, now all the way down to the lower right
corner, all the way left and then up.  The platform should drop.  Head across
it to the next light/tile area and step onto the first tile.  Stop.  Turn and
go all the way south, now go two steps right, all the way down, all the way
right, two steps up, two steps left, all the way up, all the way right, four
steps down, all the way right, all the way up, all the way left.  Finally!

Cross that platform as well and change the function of the Sorcerer’s Ring.
Ride the elevator for a scene.  Exit south and run around pushing all the
switches.  Don’t miss the Vajra and the Holy Staff on the way.  With all the
switches pushed, another scene ensues.  Get the stone charm right of the door
and head back to the elevator, riding it up.  Go through the south door and
use the sorcerer’s ring to summon a chariot.

If you look closely at the chariot, it has a light on one side.  Hitting the
Sorcerer’s Ring toggles which direction the light’s on.  The chariot goes in
the direction the light is pointing at all intersections.  Navigate to all
the upward pointing lifts and finally to the ledge all the way up.  It’s
tough because the chariot moves pretty fast, but don’t email me about this,
because you should be able to figure it out and to be honest with you, I
can’t do a walkthrough on it because it goes so quickly and you can’t pause.
So do your best.

Go through the door on the ledge and up into another circular room, head
right into the next door.  Go right until you see a warp point.  Use the
Sorcerer’s Ring to turn it pink.  Warp.  Go left for an EX Gem Level 2.
Warp back to the first room and change the ring to green.  Warp again and
head right for a saffron.  Back to the first room.  Change the teleport ring
to blue.   Move to the end of the room and change the white ring to pink,
take it and examine the machine to the right.  Warp back one room and change
the now white ring to blue.  Take it and change the next white ring to pink
and warp again for an EX Gem Level 1.  Warp back and change the white ring to
green and take it.  To the left (not up the stairs) find a Holy Cloak for
Genis.   Now go up the stairs, changing the white ring to blue.  Take it and
head left for an EX Gem Level 2 and warp back again.  Change the white ring
to green and warp to an EX Gem Level 3.  Use the stairs to reach the next
locking mechanism.  Disengage it.  Warp back.  Change the white ring to pink
and take it for a Minazuki and an EX Gem Level 4.  Go up the stairs and
change the white ring to blue.  Warp.  If you don’t go up the stairs and
just head left, you’ll find a mythril axe.  Go up all the stairs to disengage
lock 3.  Notice the white ring you passed ascending the stairs? Turn it
pink and take it to get an EX Gem Level 3.  Warp back and change the ring to
blue this time.  Take it for mythril greaves and a revive ring.  Now ascend
to the very top of the stairs, turn the white ring pink and step through.
Go through the doors and ride the elevator up.  Venture through the door to
your left for a scene and a boss fight.  I’ve been wanting a piece of this
bastard since the first time I saw him.  I hate nasty old men like him.

Aww, he morphs into a thing.  I wanted to beat up on his wrinkly old ass.
Psh whatever, kill him.

Afterwards, a scene takes place with Botta.  Wow...  he has stupid hair...  but
he’s noble.

Another boss fight! OMG!


Time for another scene! When you finally regain control of your party, hit Z
for the skit, "My Exsphere" followed by "You’re Not Alone" and "What is
Best." Leave the city for a long scene.   At the end, hit Z for the "To
Altamira" skit.  Enter Altamira for a scene.  Tell Steve Irwin you want to go
back to the company.  A long, long scene plays out.  So long...  but
interesting.   Afterwards, hit Z for the "Avenged" skit.  Okay, leave here
and tell Steve to take you back to the main area.  Hit Z for the
skit, "President’s Job." Go to the hotel and check in.  Tell the clerk
you’ll be going out tonight.  Take the ride from Steve to the Casino.  Have
Colette talk to the dog by the casino.  Oh, my god.  Colette named Kenny!
You bastards! >_<

Cross the bridge to your left and talk to dude standing there crying.  Buy
what he’s selling.  It’s actually a Devil’s Arm! Go back to the hotel now.
Go to the fourth floor and examine the pumpkin.  It’s... WONDER CHEF! 0_0

Spaghetti! Yay! Now go to the fifth floor and enter your room.  Examine the
bed to turn in for the night.  You are now free to leave and explore the
world as you see fit.  Me? I'm going to kill me some dragons and make me
some mad loot.

Now I have 510,605 Gald.  Sheena's Moneybag Doubles your money when
equipped.  ^_^

I visited Flanoir and made sure everyone had either two black onyx shards
equipped, or two moonstones.  Colette, Raine and Genis got moonstones.  The
rest got onyx.

Back to Luin I go!

Now everyone also has their joke weapons.  Yay!

Now go to the Balacruf Mausoleum in Sylverant.  OMG.  The Imposters! Now
head to Luin, in front of the mayor's house, you'll find them trying it
again! HAHA!

They got served.  Now go to Izoold.  Go down to the beach area for a scene.
Save her and return her to her human form.  YAY!

Alright, time to get serious.  Fly down south of the Fooji mountains in
Tethe'alla.  Among the mountains, you'll see a temple with a cave beneath
it.  Land in front of the cave and go inside for a scene.

Now fly to Meltokio.  Quick jump through the sewers and head to the research
building.  Cut scene! OMG.

Now go inside the building for another scene.  To the Coliseum! Talk to the
chick at the desk.  Zelos can fight for free.  Presea fights for 5000 gald
and everyone else fights for 10,000 gald.  I have never once used Zelos in
battle.  Not once.  I'm not about to start now.  I chose Lloyd.

Win the match and then go into the prison passage to the right for a long,
long scene.  Now that you have the blue candle, leave town and save your
game.  Listen to "The Life She Chose" (the skit) by hitting Z.

Go back to the Temple of Darkness for a scene.

Temple of Darkness
Items: Amethyst, EX Gem Level 2 x2, EX Gem Level 3, EX Gem Level 4,
Headband, Memory Gem, Shadow Dancer
Key Items: None
Enemies: Shadow (BOSS), Coffinmaster, Druid, Manticore, Pharaoh Knight

Move all the way up for an EX Gem Level two then go back down and cross the
bridge.  Proceed right to find a shadow fragment for a scene.  Go east and
out the door.

Descend the staircase and examine the open hatch in the wall.  Lloyd climbs
through the shaft alone.  Change the function of the Sorcerer's Ring.  Pull
the block to your right out.

Rejoin the party and move back into the first room, pushing the block with
the face all the way into the wall.  Go back east to the stairs with the
passage, but this time, go all the way down the stairs.  Just under the
staircase is a chest containing a headband.  Go through the door at the
bottom.  Go up to the middle level which is up the ramp from the save point.
Go right for a chest containing an EX Gem Level 3.

Now go down the ramp to the far left and go right at the bottom across the
narrow walkway.  Now touch the shadow fragment and lead it all the way back
to the memory circle, shooting the lights as you pass by.  Now go back up to
the second level and activate the lower face block with the blue eyes.  Push
it all the way in and go down the stairs to the exit to this area, back
where you came from.  Climb the stairs into the main chamber and open the
chest to the south for a shadow dancer.  Touch the shadow fragment and lead
it over to the other shadow fragment to the north.  Go back through the east
door and go through the gap down the stairs to the Sorcerer's Ring area again.

Activate the block and pull it out.  Return and lead the two shadows to the
left, killing the lights as you move.  Lead them down to where the double
staircases are.  At the base, there's another shadow fragment.  Get it to
follow too and activate the bloc with the green eyes, pulling it out.  It's
the one between the stairs.  Now climb all the way down the stairs and the
ramp to the save point.  Hey, this looks familiar! Four shadows down, one to
go.  Go all the way back to the double staircases with the two face blocks.
Activate the block on the right and push it into the wall to push the shadow
fragment off a ledge.  Activate the block between the staircases again and
pull it back out.

Now go down to where the shadow fragment is and move the box over to the
grooved ramp to the right, pushing it to the end.  The shadow fragment will
disembark.  Go around and collect it and lead it down to the save point with
the others.  Save your game.

Gather your shadows and head into the chamber below.  Follow the path until
you come to an intersection with a raised block in the center.  The right
path takes you to an EX Gem Level 4 while the bottom takes you to an EX Gem
Level 2.  Now take the northern path and descend the stairs for an eventual
memory circle.  Save and heal here if you need it.  Lead all the shadows way
down stairs for a scene.

Kick his butt using Raine's Ray and brutal combos from Lloyd, Sheena and
Presea.  This is the best summon spirit ever.  Amethyst is my birthstone.

Anyway, leave and go to Mizuho for healing and saving.  After that, head into
the Gaoracchia Forest.  You know, that place with the light beam near
Mizuho? From the ring changer, head northwest, northwest, southwest.
Look! The Sword Dancer! For beating him you get an EX Gem Level 1.

And, of course, a Yasakani Jewel.

Now go to Sylvarant.  Go on!

Just northeast of the Sylvarant base is a small tree in a tiny valley.  Land
there and walk up to the tree and enter.  Examine the tree itself for a scene.

Linkite Tree
Items: Topaz
Key Items: None
Enemies: None

Now go back to Tethe'alla and fly to Altessa's House.  Enter and talk to
Mithos.  Now go around the table and examine the red exsphere.  Go deep into
the mine after the scene, to the waterfall area.  Standing on the suspension
bridge, a scene occurs.

Now go back to Sylvarant and enter the Tower of Mana.  Really.  Go do that.

Enter the tower without hesitation.  Travel all the way to the warp leading
to the seal.


You want to win? Put Lloyd, Sheena, Presea and Raine in your party and gang
up on Aska first.  Make sure everyone else is set to attack same.  Raine
should be set to L-Range Magic while the others are set to front line.
Raine should be set to heal while the rest are to use skills freely.

Whoa, an awesome anime sequence! HELL YEAH!

Iselia Human Range
Items: Aqua Greaves, Cor Leonis, Ether Sword, Hairpin, Lovely Mittins,
Muramasa, Rune Circlet, Rune Cloak, Rune Gauntlet, Rune Guard, Rune Helm,
Rune Mail, Rune Robe, Rune Shield, Rune Staff, Solar Spinner, War Hammer
Key Items: None
Enemies: Forcystus (BOSS), Bowman, Evil Sorcerer, Raybit, Spearman, Whip

After a long, long, long, long, long, long, LONG scene...  you end up in the
Isaela Human Ranch.  Finally! Enter the building by heading down the stairs
and change the function of the sorcerer's ring.  Go north past the dumb red
crap for a scene.  Choose your team.  For the reactor team, I suggest Presea,
Colette and Raine.

When you regain control, search right and down along the wall to open a chest
you can't see containing Lovely Mittens.

Stock up on items and heal at either of the two blue circles.  Now head north
up the corridor, avoiding the red lights.  Up the right staircase, you'll
find a Rune Staff and an Ether Sword.   Moving back left over the staircase,
you'll find a Muramasa, a Cor Leonis and a Solar Spinner.

Go back down the corridor to the healing room and hit the weird things to
either side of the left door with the Sorcerer's Ring to open it up.  Proceed
through, avoiding red lights again.   Enter the next room for a scene.

Wow, what utter BS.  I'm sorry, but no typical Desian is going to kick Lloyd
into submission like that.  What in the hell?

Kick their butts for another scene.  Go downstairs and head through the right
door into a hallway where you'll avoid red lights.  At the end of the
corridor, a Rune Robe is yours.  Proceed up the stairs and to the door on
the left, opening it up with the Sorcerer's Ring to obtain Aqua Greaves, Rune
Mail and a Rune Shield.  Go into the central area and open the door, moving
up to reach three chests with a rune guard, a hairpin and a rune gauntlet
inside.  Now head down the stairs to the east and open the door down the
corridor for a rune circlet and a rune cloak.   Go back up the corridor, up
the stairs, further to the right and down that corridor.  Proceed through the
door on the right.

You'll find a war hammer in a chest just below where you entered.  Kill the
Desian for a memory gem.  Ignore the elevator and return to the previous
area, unlocking your save symbol, saving, and heading north all the way to
the sealed door, which you'll unlock and continue further.  Avoid the red
lights and step on the elevator to proceed up.

Tongue Depressor Guy! OMG! I wondered where he went!

Take out the Exbones first and then break his tongue depressor in half.

Why is everyone so surprised when you kill them? You've killed everyone
else... I'd just run if I was them.  ^_^

Colette = Forrest Gump.

After the battle and scene, exit the ranch for a scene.  Lloyd rules.


And an awesome scene!

Dude, Sheena pwned Martel.

After the shocking scenes...  it's on to...

DISC 2! And not a moment too soon!

When you regain control, head out the door and go left into the next area.
Keep going left into the group of chattering people who are all stressing
out.  They need to have a Sobe and relax.  Jeez.

A scene occurs.  I curse the Mayor to contract leukemia.

Go left to Raine's house to find her for another scene.  Go to the southern
gate of Iselia when you're ready to find Colette for a scene.  Go towards the
house for two scenes.  YAY! Sheena!  I missed you, baby.  ^_^

When you regain control of Lloyd, wander around Dirk's place and speak to

There's a twig by Lloyd's bed upstairs.  Examine it.


OHHHHHHHH Miso! Pardon me while I drool.

Now head out on the balcony and speak to Colette.

Save your game and exit Dirk's House.

Return to Iselia and use Colette to talk to Genis' dog, Bunz, outside his old
wrecked house.

Now go to the house of salvation nearby and have Colette speak to Kitty, the

Now enter Triet.  Talk to the guy near the fruit stand to hear about a worm
and then head up to the north section of town and speak to the guy standing
on the grass near the dog.

Now leave town and head north towards a mountain.  Circle the mountain and
you'll see a skit point.  Enter it eagerly.

Beat it up for a Soul Eater, another of the Devil's Arms.

Now go to Tethe'alla where the next stop is Altessa's House.

Enter the house for a scene! I think Genis has a crush on Mithos.  Yeah, I'm
aware Mithos is a guy.  Are you aware that Genis is bisexual?

Go to Sybak now and enter the library for a scene.  Now go to Meltokio and
quick jump inside.  Go a step south for a scene.  I love Presea.  She will
have my babies someday when I am 30 and she is still 12.

Exit the sewer and hit Z for the skit, "End of the Revenge." Travel to the
martel cathedral.  Enter and die.  Errr...  I mean, Enter.  Go into the left 
door to find the pope.  After a lengthy scene...  or several scenes back to
back, however you wish to look at it...  head downstairs towards the right.
Enter the archives for another scene.

Go to the throne room and speak to the Princess for a scene.  Now head to
Altamira and go to the Company HQ as before.  Hey, Steve-O! Long time no see!

But wait! There's a scene on the bridge! Agree to take her money.

Anyway, back to the task at hand.  To the Company!

Head to the office and speak to George for a scene.

Now go to the second floor.

OMG A SCENE! Who knew!?

Ninja vanish!

Zelos keeps freaking out.  It's becoming annoying.

Go to Sybak already!

Go talk to Joshua by the junk seller for a scene.  Annoying.

Enter the imperial research academy to the left.  A scene plays out as you
enter.  Haha!

Head through the door on the left and enter the first door for the zircon.
Now go to Meltokio, just a bit right of Zelos' house for a scene.  Now go
back to Sybak yet again and speak to Joshua.  Tell him the truth!

Now exit and head just outside of Mizuho.  Save your game and enter.  A scene
occurs and you're taken to the Vice-Chief's Place.  I told the facts about
Kuchidiot.  Leave the house and talk to your other party members.  Finally,
speak to blue dude by the gate.  Tell him you're ready.

A scene busts out and it's on like Donkey Kong!

Whoa, that was a tough battle, but I made it! Good thing I'm good with
Sheena.  ^_^

For winning, you get Asura.

I didn't stop him from committing suicide.  Not that it matters though.
Sheena stopped him.

Meh, whatever.

Go outside town and save.

Go to Asgard in Sylvarant for a scene.  Haha.

While you're here, stock up on food.  In fact, I'm going to go ahead and
stock up on everything.

I need tomato, miso and seaweed.  Hmm.

Fly to the northwestern continent and enter the city there.

(¯`•._.•[Katz' Village]•._.•´¯)

I love this place! Good food selection and katz mittens for the girlies.
Kawaii! ^_^

Go back to Tethe'alla when you're done here.  I chose to stop by Sybak at the
Sunrise Cafeteria!

Fly to the continent that's most southeastern and land near the forest at the
north end.  Due west of Altamira is the Ymir forest.  Yes, it has a lake
around it.  Approach the bridge leading into the water and enter for a scene.

Ymir Forest
Items: Blue Seed, Crystal Shell, Gladius, Maid's Hairband, Metal Sphere,
Resist Ring, Solar Guard, White Seed, Ymir Fruit
Key Items: None
Enemies: Baby Boar, Boar, Dodo, Killer Bee, Orcrot, Storm Claw

Go directly up and change the function of the Sorcerer's Ring.  Climb the
stump right of the ring changer and activate the ring.  There is a chest
behind the tree which is hidden from view, inside is a resist ring.

Take the east path, then go south when you can't proceed east anymore for a
chest.  Climb up on the left stump and use your ring.  Open the chest for a
solar guard.  Go all the way north and search behind the tree for a gladius.

Now move back to the Sorcerer's Ring changer and head west over the tree
root.  Once you've climbed from the root onto the wooden walkway, head into
the area directly north.  Continue north and descend the root.  Go right,
then north under the tree branch and follow this path to another root.
Follow this path, taking the south branch and then descend the root, moving
left and searching behind a tree for a Maid's Hairband.  Continue up to meet
a small child who has a scene for you.

Go back to the first area and take the right path to the north.  In the next
area, take the first left turn you come to.  Here, you'll find a tree stump
with a flower.  Climb up and use your ring.  Now leave and go north, then
take the other left path above the one you just came from.  Move left for a
scene in which Lloyd notices a fish.  Wow, nice powers of perception there,

Go back to the previous area and take the right path, continuing along until
Lloyd notices a blue thing in a tree.  Climb the stump, use your ring.  Grab
your nuts.  Nuts, seeds, whatever it is.  Collect it.

Go back to the Sorcerer's Ring Changer.  Just left of the device is a small
garden.  Examine it and plant the blue seed.  Whoa! Blue flowers bloomed!

Travel back towards the child and after you've entered the same area of
forest he's in, keep following the path until you climb down the root for the
first time.  Just left of that is a lily pad you'll jump on.  If you're
confused, it's just below and to the right of the memory circle.  You can see
the little memory circle island from here.  Use the ring once on the lily
pad.   Go get the treasure chest.  Therein lies a white seed.  Go back to the
garden and plant it.

Go east and climb the root up to the upper walkway and jump to the white
flower on the branch.  Use your ring and a bird pwns you.

Push the crate off into the water and go back to the flower, getting a ride
back from the bird.  Jump back across and descend the root, heading east
until you come to where Lloyd found the blue seed.  Before that tree is a
path leading up across a root, which you will ascend and follow up to the
root leading down.  Don't take the upper left path, the root may be a bit
difficult to notice because it's so steep, but that's what you're taking.
Travel right across the crate you dropped earlier to climb the stump and use
your ring.  Yay! Fruit!

Go back up the root you descended to get here and down the root you climbed
to get to this path.  Moving north from here, you'll find another little
island with a stump and a pink flower.   Climb the stump and use your ring
Move down and east past the other island and continue up onto a lily pad.
Use your ring.

Go to the island where the fish left the fruit.  Stump.  Ring.

Find the fruit to the left and when you see it, jump on the lily pad that's
partially hidden by the tree.  Use your ring.

Before you follow the fruit, go to the top level again and this time ignore
the root you climbed down, instead continuing left and jumping onto the
branch with the white flower.  Use the ring to be carried away.  Climb the
stump and use your ring.  Bye, Bye Boulder.  ^_^

Go back to the fruit and head into the next area.  Jump on the lower lily pad
and wait for the fish to your left to look away to the left, after he does
the "..." then use your ring.  Timing is important.

Go back to the sorcerer's ring changer.  Hop on the lily pad (the one with
the flower) left of the changer and use your ring.  Yes, it most certainly
did, Lloyd.  Go claim your fruit.

Go save before your cat resets your system.  <(^.^)>

Go up to the boy for a scene and proceed onward...  oh look, it's Crackhead.
Err...  Kratos.

(¯`•._.•[The Hidden Elven Village | Heimdall]•._.•´¯)

Items: Carrot, Milk, Onion
Key Items: Elf Elder's Staff
Enemies: Rampant Racism

There's a doggy Colette can reach if you go under the inn's porch.  Her name
is Coco.

Go into the left area of town and speak to the man standing before the
windmill for a scene.

Northwest of the windmill is the elder's house.  Go under the porch like

Speak to the child guarding the bridge for a very difficult boss fight.

When you win, proceed past him across the bridge and talk to the dog with
Colette.  Awww, and her name is Cookie! ^_^

Now be serious and enter the elder's house.  Enter the back bedroom and
examine the painting to discover an important plot point.  Which is...  WONDER
CHEF! ^_^

Learn Cream Stew.  You're gonna get so fat.

Go back out into the main room and chat the elder up.  He gives you the shaft!
Or the staff, whatever you want to call it.

Go back to the town entrance and rejoin your half-elven party members.  Quick

Go just southeast to the gorge and head north for a scene.

Latheon Gorge
Items: Amango, Battle Pick, Cod, Diablos, Draupnir, Elixer, EX Gem Level 3
x2, EX Gem Level 4 x3, Flare Greaves, Kirima, Mana Leaf Herb, Memory Gem,
Pasta, Rare Pellets, Rare Shield, Star Cap, Tomato
Key Items: None
Enemies: Plantix (BOSS), Crush Tortoise, Deathseeker, Fake, Poison Lily, Sea
Dragon, Sheldra, Spiked Snail

Go north further for an EX Gem Level 4.  Go back down, to the right and down
again.  Change the function of the Sorcerer's Ring.  It makes a bubble around

Go right and up for some rare pellets.

Climb the ramp just left of the chest and bubble up in front of the plant to
be blown across to the dead plant.  Head north and pick a Kirima fruit from
the tree on the ledge.  So far, this is easy.

Go back to the dead flower and give it the fruit to bring it back to life and
bubble up to get blown to the south ledge.  Go east and cross the bridge into
the next area.  Go all the way left for an EX Gem Level 3 and back up the
ramp to the south.  Another EX Gem Level 3 lies to the left.  Move down and
open the chest below your current position for Diablos, another Devil's Arm.

Get another fruit from the tree up the ramp to the right and continue along
this path to the dead plant on a ledge.  Revive it with the fruit.  Go back
down to the plant near the Diablos chest and bubble up so the plant will
blow you.  The plant you revived redirects you.  Follow the path to am Amango
tree.  A little scene plays out.  Climb up the nearby ledge.  Go north and
left for an EX Gem Level 4.  There's a big purple flower nearby, just to the
left of the gem.  Bubble up for it.

Give the dead top flower some Kirima and bubble up for it.  Open the chest to
your left for a star cap.  Go right and get blown back to the island.  Now
use the south flower to go to a ledge containing a Rare Shield.  Nice.

Let the nearby purple flower blow you back from whence you came.  Head back
up to the third area again (where the second EX Gem Level 4 was) and revive
both dead plants.  Bubble up in front of the north east one that you
revived, up on the ledge.  If you did it right, three plants should work
together to make sure you reach the ledge with the flare greaves.  Toroid is
also on this ledge.  Fun.  It's still inferior to the tambourine.

Revive the plant at the top of the path.  Bubble up in front of the plant on
the lower ledge next to the box where you got the flare greaves from.  It'll
blow you down next to a big purple flower on a hill, which you should bubble
up in front of.  ^_^

Before you do anywhere else, head left and down and up the slope, reviving
the leftmost flower that is facing south.  Bubble up for this flower so it
can drop you onto a ledge with an EX Gem Level 4 on it.  Yay!

Head all the way back to the area with the flower that blew you off for the
EX Gem, and this time, take the flower just below the entrance so it blows
you up to the northwest ledge.  Kill the upper flower that's blowing
southeast with an Amango.  Now use the south blowing plant to reach the
southern ledge and go down the ramp to your right to kill the flower near the
entrance with Amango.  Revive the plant immediately to the right of the one
that blew you down to the cliff with the EX Gem Level 4, up on the
southwestern hill and take it.

Ascend the slope you're on now and revive the plant so that it blows up.  Go
left and let both plants blow you at once.  Drift west to the next ledge and
follow the path up to the big purple plant and let it carry you away.  Use
your ring to drift to the right.  If you listened to me about which plants to
revive, you'll go up a bit and end up on another ledge.  Revive the dead
flower on the ledge and let the right flower blow you left.  Revive this
flower too, then enter the cave.

See the chest? It's a fake, so be ready with Genis and Raine.  Leave the
cave through the southwest exit.  Revive the dead flower and let it carry you
to the next ledge.  Now let the big purple flower carry you away too.  Let
this flower carry you right and you'll wind up on the highest ledge.  Head
right for a scene.  Proceed into the next area and follow the path.  Hey
look, a bridge! Revive the plants to either side of the bridge.  Let the
plant to the right of the bridge blow you so that you cause a mini-
avalanche.  Southeast of the shack across the bridge, open a chest for a
battle pick.  Go save at the memory circle and then enter the house.  Ignore
the old man and examine the bunny behind him to make a ghastly discovery...


Learn Pescatore and learn it well.

When you're done, go holler at dude.

Head down after the scene and right for another scene.  Take the flower down
to the cave.  Simple enough.  Get yourself ready (put three melee fighters in
your group) and head inside, moving left towards the plant for a scene.

This boss was easy as easy as Maruchan Instant Wonton Soup.  ^_^

A scene proceeds after the boss fight.  Save your game at the memory circle 
and go back inside the cabin to speak to the storyteller.

What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!?
What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!?
What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? What!?
What!? What!? WHAT!?!?!?!? 0_0


After some shocking revelations, leave the pass and save your game.

Head to the southeast Abbey just southeast of the Toize Valley Mine.

Go inside and enter the building  Venture through the oddly open door and
talk to the Scottish girl scout with the cookie on her head.

Hit Z for the skit, "Your sister hates you?"

Leave here and save.

Head to Altamira, enter the city and examine the gravestone in the first area
to run into Wells.  Presea gets the "Mature Kid" title.

Now head for Exire, the Floating City.

I couldn't find it and asked around.

Kureejii Lea from GameFAQs said, "It changes location throughout the sky of
Tethe'alla, but it's usually in a relatively "open" spot over the water."

Megaexe, also from GameFAQs, added, "It's in Tethe'alla, randomly somewhere
in the sky.  Usually east of the hot springs, the bottom right corner, or west
from the bottom right corner between the 2 continets."

Kopiok, the final responder before I found it, also from GameFAQs obviously,
said, "It shows up as a faint dot over the oceans [on the map]."

I never saw the dot, but thanks to these three, I located it without much

(¯`•._.•[The City in the Sky | Exire]•._.•´¯)
Climbing up the stairs, you'll find a dog for Colette to talk to.  Simon
says, "Woof."

After speaking to the dog, descend the stairs below you and to the left and
enter the first house to your left that you can, speaking to the person
inside for a scene.

Head left and run across the bridge into the next area.

Enter the door to find Katz and descend the stairs, examining the blue bird
statue for...  WONDER CHEF! (This guy REALLY gets around.)

He teaches you Shortcake.  Descend the stairs and head out of this building.
Climb the stairs and talk to another puppy with Colette! Chuchu like a
train, a train that carries Colette to a new title: "Dog Lover." YAY!

No more talking to doggies for profit, only for fun! Climb the stairs to the
right for a scene.  Go on inside.  Whoa.  Crazy.  Head back into the first
house you were able to enter where you had the scene earlier and speak to
the elder to read Virginia's Diary.  Leave town and hit Z for the
skit, "Mother." 

Quick! Fly to Altamira! Go to the company and talk to George in the
president's office! There's a scene when you arrive.  Yay! Presea has a new
title AND a new costume! OMG She's so sexy and cute! ^_^

Now fly to Altessa's House and pay Mithos a visit.  Inside, when you speak to
him, a scene breaks out.  Raine has AIDS.  -_-

When Genis and Mithos leave, choose the option to keep tabs on them.

Genis, you little bastard.

Go to Meltokio and enter Zelos' house.  A cut scene occurs.  New title for
Zelos and he gets a new costume.

Enter the house and speak to the butler for a scene.  Run to the castle! Run
like you mean it! Once inside, a scene takes place.  Go to the bridge near
town now for yet another scene.  Now fly all the way to the forest entrance
near Ozette and enter for a scene.  Kick the soldiers' butts!

New title for Zelos.

Another scene carries you and now you're free to go.  Travel to Sybak.
There's a kid by the inn.  Talk to him for a scene.  Talk to some people
around town and another scene kicks the door in!

Restock food at the sunrise cafeteria and head to Heimdall via Ymir Forest
Quick Jump and speak to the children on the right for a scene.  Interesting.  
Quick Jump out and save your game.

Tower of Salvation
Items: None
Key Items: Your Self-Respect
Enemies: Kratos (BOSS)

On to the Tower of Salvation! Fly there and enter the tower.  Proceed up for
a mini-scene and climb the stairs for another, longer scene.  Now enter the
tower! Proceed onward over the glass walkway, noting all the DEAD CORPSES

floating around.  >_<

Take the teleporter.  Oh look.  A scene.

Kill Kratos.  I got 10446 EXP and +10 Grade just for this simple battle.

If you somehow lose, the game continues, so don't freak out.

Anyway, after the scene, take the platform below you and save your game to
the left.  Climb the stairs left of the memory circle and try to teleport for
a scene.  

(¯`•._.•[The Holy City | Welgaia]•._.•´¯)

Items: Apocalypse
Key Items: Mana Fragment
Enemies: None

Move the block off the teleporter for another scene.  Now teleport for real
and another scene busts out.  Speak to all the angels now, at least all the
ones on the ground.  Enter the door right of the moving walkways.  Enter the
door on your left as you enter for the Apocalypse Devil's Arm.

Seven down.  One to go.

Leave this building and exit the next area through the door on your left.
Speak to the angel standing here for a scene.  WTF is up with Kratos anyway?

Go back to the area to your left and take the moving walkway north.  Save
your game.

Continue north for another scene.  Navigate to the teleporter where an angel
tells you to go to hell and die.  Take the upper right path this time and
take that moving walkway to the next area.  Go up the stairs and all the way
right, examining the machine for a scene.  Learn about all three topics.  The
terminal just left of that one can be examined for another scene, which
shows you the way out of here.

Tower of Salvation
Items: Dragon Fang, Energy Tablets, EX Gem Level 2, EX Gem Level 3 x2, EX Gem
Level 4, Holy Circlet, Holy Robe, Laser Blade, Nagazuki, Rare Guard
Key Items: Elevator Key
Enemies: Yggdrasill (Final BOSS)

Descend the stairs and ride the platform to the emergency teleporter for a
scene.  Use the memory circle to your left and run down the stairs.  A chest
contains an EX Gem Level 3 as you proceed left.  Follow the path down the
stairs and head into the door to the right that you come to as you're
traveling.  A scene unfolds.  Follow my directions exactly, just like in the
ice temple.

From the start, head right, then down, left, up, left, up, left, down, left,
up, left, down, right, down, right, down, right, up, right.

Get the EX Gem Level 4 from in here and examine the red sphere.  Go back and
simply float across without confusion.  You can't mess up getting back.  Go
south from here to get a rare guard and leave this whole area, going back up
the stairs.  Go north and then down the stairs to get chests with a laser
blade and a nagazuki inside of them.  Continue through this area to find a
blue sphere, opening blue doors.  Ascend the stairs back into the previous
area and go straight ahead into the door, blasting into everything, following
the path until you reach a chest containing a holy robe.  Continue down the
stairs and follow the path until you come to an intersection.  Move north
into the small room to get Regal's dragon fang.  Exit here, go left for an
EX Gem Level 3 and ascend the stairs above you.

Return to the anti-gravity area and this time just make your way to the lift
that's headed up.  Shouldn't be too hard to get there.  From here, go down,
right, up, left, up, right, up, right, down, right, down, right, up, left,

Exit the doorway and go east for energy tablets.  Take the southern exit in
this chamber to another anti-gravity room.  Go to the lift all the way south
and take it down to the first room.   Go straight left to the next lift and
take it to a new anti-gravity chamber.  Move to the east doorway and grab a
holy circlet from inside the room.  Take the Elevator Key from the glowing
blue light.  Go back to the anti-gravity chamber and ride the lift back up to
the first room and take the left door out.  Go upstairs and find the elevator
and inspect it to use the key.

Examine the blue sphere to descend and exit stage left.  Following the
corridor, you should find an EX Gem Level 2.  No memory circle? That blows!

Heal your party up and prepare for the final boss fight before stepping onto
the warp point.

Ready for the game to end? Me neither.  -_-

Meh, whatever.  Proceed to the warp point and take it once you're ready.  The
time has come.  A scene ensues.

Wow, he's hard.  Thank goodness he's the final boss!

Hahahaha, I tricked you.  ^_^

The Game isn't over yet!

After the scene, leave the tower.  You auto jump to Altessa's where a memory
circle has magically appeared.  Enter the house now to trigger a lengthy
series of events.

Altessa's House & Flanoir
Items: Snow Hare*, Kratos' Locket*, Zelos' Cruxis Crystal*
Key Items: None
Enemies: Angel Commander, Angel Swordian

* Item Depends on who you talk to in Flanoir.  Default is Colette and her
Snow Hare accessory

Whoa! Say what!?

Okay, kill the dumb angels.

When you finally regain control of your characters, save and head to Flanoir
for a scene.

Take a moment to speak to Abyssion for another scene.

Afterwards, head to the doctor's on the east side of town.

After many long scenes, leave town and save.

Head back to Meltokio and enter the castle, moving right of the throne room
into the next area.  Go up to the maids talking at the mid-level for a
scene.  Aww, Colette's a cutie pie.  ^_^

Now head down to Zelos' house and speak with his butler for yet another scene.

Enter the castle with Lloyd after the scene.  I picked Presea and then spoke
to Sheena, Colette and Regal.  ^_^

I'll have to get the rest on my next play through.  Hehe.

The ones you speak to get titles to keep their formal attire, you see.

"Clothes exist to increase defense." Priceless.

Regal...  dude...  how did you change clothes with cuffs on?

Colette's so pretty!

Sheena... omg... mmm..

Of course, Presea is by far the sexiest.  <3_<3

Now head down to the slums for a scene, then leave the slums and re-enter for
a different scene.  Proceed to the Meltokio item shop and talk to the Katz by
the shelf for a scene.  Now go to Katz' Village in Sylvarant and speak to
the elder.

Travel back to Meltokio and enter the slums for a scene.  You have a new
costume for Genis now! ^_^

Head to The Hidden Forest Village, Mizuho, now and walk inside, speaking to
Orochi outside the chief's house for a scene.  Go inside and speak to Tiga
for another scene.  Leave here and do the Electric Slide to Volt's Temple.
Enter for a scene.  Return to where you unsealed Volt and experience yet
another scene.  Talk to everyone but Colette.  Save her for last.  When you
speak to Colette a new scene jumps through the window and kicks you in the
face.  Whoa, Sheena's a little hottie.  Go back inside the chief's house and
speak to him for another scene.

NOTE: According to my friend, Mike, the third person you speak to ends the
scene, not just Colette.

Now leave town and head to Altamira.  Talk to the woman in front of the inn
for a scene.  Agree to help and go round up her rugrats.  Jo and Mary are on
the beach.  Go to the Amusement Park area and find Beth standing beside
where you disembark.  Go back to mother and speak to her because Beth is an
asshat.  Go back and talk to Beth again.  Go to the second floor of the
hotel with Zelos leading your group as your avatar.  Talk to Diana who is
standing by the sign board as Zelos to get her to go back.  Go back to the
beach and collect Mary.  Now go talk to the mother for a scene.

Enter the hotel and speak to the check in clerk to trigger a scene.  This is
just like the banquet.  Choose who you most want to see in a bathing suit and
then you get their title too.   You'll realize quickly that relationship
points matter a great deal because the two people who like you most also get
bathing suits.  I got Lloyd, Presea, Colette and Regal.  Next time, I'll
choose Sheena and try to be nicer to Raine.

Presea...  Bathing Suit...  OMG...  Excuse me, I...  um...  I'll be right back.

Whew! Okay, as I was saying...  ^_^

Save your game, leave Altamira and fly to the hot springs on the small island
just north of the temple of earth.  You remember the temple of earth don't
you? I know you remember our dragon friend.  ^_^

Speak to the priest hanging out by the weird horse stall for a scene.  After
the scene, talk to the priest again and say females will be entering the hot
spring.  HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!  Colette's an Ironing Board!

Now go to Asgard and head up to where you stopped the idiots from blowing up
the stage earlier.

Return to Luin now! Speak to the red-headed fool at your dock for a scene.
Take the boat!

Yes, yes, I know, but you had to in order for these events to unfold.

Leave town and come back to the dock again.  He's back.

Talk to him and agree to his offer.  Lloyd looks so freakin' cool now.

Go to the Houses of Salvation near Asgard and Iselia and speak to the
priests.  Now head to the one near what used to be Palmacosta and, as
directed, head to the Thoda Dock.  As I'm sure you can imagine, this side
quest was intended to take many hours.  Speak to Auguste on the pier for a

Go to the Hima Graveyard and speak to Aifread.  Back to Izoold we go.  Speak
to Lyla and give her his letter for a scene.  Go down to the dock and speak
to Max again.

Whew.  Now head to Hakonesia Peak and save your game outside of it.

Enter the peak and talk to Koton for a scene.  You receive the last Devil's

Alright, now on with the story!

Tower of Salvation
Items: Diamond Shell, Energy Tablets, EX Gem Level 2, EX Gem Level 3 x2, EX
Gem Level 4 x2, Hanuman's Staff, Heavenly Robe, Ogre Ax, Phoenix Cloak,
Southern Cross, Star Bottle, Shaman Dress, Spirit Bottle, Star Bracelet, Star
Circlet, Star Guard, Star Gauntlet, Star Helm, Star Mail
Key Items: None
Enemies: Gatekeeper (BOSS), Idun (BOSS), Pronyma (BOSS), Yggdrasill (BOSS),
Angel Commander, Angel Spearman, Angel Swordian, Bomb Plant, Bomb Seedling,
Evil Orchid, Mocking Plant

Return to the Tower of Salvation! Enter and begin to ascend the stairs for a
scene.  Stock up with the machines if you need to and teleport up.  How
convenient.  Straight to business.

Interesting scene...  can't say I'm surprised though.

Wow, I beat him with a 43 hit combo.

After the scene, hit Z for the skit.

Head straight up and blast the roots away with the Sorcerer's Ring, continue
up into the next area.  Jump the gap ahead of you to make the bridge drop you
down to the next level.  Get the diamond shell nearby and go back up the
stairs.  Jump back on the platform and run east into the next area.  Take the
southeast path and blast away the tree roots for a Hanuman's Staff, an Ogre
Ax and a Southern Cross.  Go back and continue the path as you were going,
burning the roots out until you may finally ascend the stairs.

Ascend another flight of stairs, follow the path and burn the roots away.  A
Heavenly Robe should be in the southern section of the room.  All the way
northeast, burn roots for Energy Tablets.

Go southeast down a wide passage and turn north to burn tree roots to access
a room with an EX Gem Level 4 and some star mail.  Go southwest to the end of
the corridor and exit through the doorway.

Head south to grab a Phoenix Cloak.  Now move over to the ledge on your right
and shoot the hanging stone three times to make it fall.

Now make your way back to the bridge and hop across to get a star guard from
the chest.  Ascend the stairs and teleport away on the teleporter.

Head down the stairs to watch a scene.  Hey look, Regal thinks he's Gandalf.
Isn't that interesting?

To the southwest you'll find a Shaman's Dress and a vending machine, while to
the northeast of the memory circle is an EX Gem Level 3.  Go back, save your
game, and warp when restocked and ready.  Descend the spiral stairs, running
like a Ninja and at the bottom, enter the central area for a scene.  Dude, my

Continuing on a Star Helm is hidden behind a wall.  It doesn't look it, but
this area is totally straight forward.  Just don't backtrack and follow the
path and you can't help but wind up at the teleporter.  Take it to the upper
floor for a scene involving a door.  Everyone is leaving! >_<

In this next area, wander around and find the star shield.  Not that it does
you any good.  Find the memory ring, save your game and wander back around to
find the teleport.  Warp.

Down the stairs, you'll find a locked door and a scene is displayed.  I'll
never recover.

Explore the area for a Star Circlet, a memory circle, a Star Gauntlet, an EX
Gem Level 3 and a warp point.  Save on the memory circle and warp on the warp
point.  At the four-way intersection, go left for an EX Gem Level 2, right
for a Star Bracelet and forward up the northern passage.

In this...  the final area, search around to find a spirit bottle and an EX Gem
Level 4.

When you're ready, save at the memory circle and head up the warp point.  It
looks like this, the final battle, will be one Lloyd must fight all alone.
But the memory of his friends and companions will remain with him and give
him strength.  Their sacrifices will not have been in vain.  The time of
reckoning is at hand!


Travel along the bridge for a quick scene, quick but intense.

Save again and examine the sword in the wall to reveal a hidden door for a
somber scene.


Reorganize your party! It's time to roll!

Smash the Iduns first and then beat down Pronyma with ease.  Watch the scene
unfold before you.

The time has come...  face Yggdrasill! This time, you must defeat him for

You need strategy? Use Lloyd, Sheena, Raine and another melee fighter (I
chose Presea.)

At the start, your secondary melee fighter uses magic lens, Raine uses Field
Barrier and Sheena casts S.  Seal: Darkness on Lloyd.  Lloyd rushes Yggdrasill
and starts hitting him.  After everyone casts, hit Z and perform a unison on
him.  While he's staggered, Sheena Shadows your secondary melee and Raine
does Acuteness.  Raine heals the whole fight and if Sheena goes into over
limit, Shadow comes out to play.

That's all it took.

Now sit back and enjoy the ending of the game.

Oh, wait.  It isn't over! ^_^

Save your game when you exit the tower and head to the Ymir Forest.  Quick
Jump for a scene.

Torent Forest
Items: Acalanatha, Angel's Tear, Crystal Dagger, Diamond, EX Gem Level 3, EX
Gem Level 4 x2, Mana Protector, Memory Gem, Shield Ring, Stardust, Warlock
Key Items: None
Enemies: Kratos (BOSS), Origin (BOSS), Alraune, Bellpepper Head, Carnivorous
Plant, Cutlass, Gold Dragon, Man-Eater, Torent

Speak to all your party members inside the village except Colette.  Don't
talk to her until you're done.  Tell her you'll go to bed with her when
you're done.  Enter the inn and another scene occurs.  After the scene, save
your game.  Go see the elder and after the scene, speak to the watchman to
your north.  Travel up along the path and witness a critter! Explore the
area to find a crystal dagger and stardust.  Now go back to the trunk the
critter went into and shoot your sorcerer's ring inside! Follow it and take
the exit it takes.  Shoot the stump immediately to your left when you enter
to make it run away again.  Explore the area for an angel's tear and an
acalanatha.  Again, exit to where the critter went.  In the next area, move
northeast from the shallow pond to discover a dragon.  Kick it's butt.
Crappy Gald and even crappier EXP.  Blah.  Nice grade though.  Just north of
the pond is a creature with a memory gem that you need.  Just right of the
dragon's position is the stump.  Blast it.  Follow the critter again!

Explore this area for a mana protector which, for some reason, Presea can't
wear.  Also grab an EX Gem Level 4, an EX Gem Level 3, a memory circle to
unlock, another EX Gem Level 4, and behind the waterfall, find two chests
containing a shield ring and a warlock garb.  Now go back and save and this
time, take the southeast path to another stump.  Ready? Aim.  Fire!

In the next area head up and then turn to the right and fire at the stump you
find.  Make sure you've gone up more than three steps when you turn right,
this is quite a bit up.  Chase the critter into the next area.  Moving east,
you'll see a scene.

Kratos was incredibly easy.  I used 2 lemon gels and that was it.  Laughable.

Here comes the real fight!

Dude, I kicked his butt hard and got 13,312 exp for it.  I want to fight him
over and over!

Watch the scene that follows.  Dude! Anime! Right on!

Go save everyone! First, the chick stuck under the rubble near the windmill,
then two dudes in the main area of town, then the elder! Now run! Leave

Holy Crap, that was cooler than [Month and Date have been censored for

Leave the city after a scene, opt to quick jump, and fly to Dirk's House!
Enter his house for a scene!

How disappointing.  All that hype and it drops my slash by 30 points.  Ah
well, I guess it can't be helped.

Go back inside after the scene and talk to Dirk twice more.

Save your game after customizing whatever you like and head out onto the
world map.  Time to go to the Tower of Salvation in Tethe'alla.

Head inside, walking right over the conveniently positioned rubble like a
bridge.  Soon, there's a cut scene.


Items: EX Gem Level 2, EX Gem Level 3 x2, EX Gem Level 4 x2, Golden Helm,
Magical Ribbon
Key Items: None
Enemies: Dark Archer, Dark Spear, Dark Sword, Death, Doom Guard, Samael,
Phantasm, Phantom Knight

Navigate this area to get an EX Gem Level 3 and an EX Gem Level 2 and then
head straight from the original arrival point into the next area.

Travel this obscenely huge area for a Golden Helm, an EX Gem Level 3, an EX
Gem Level 4, a magical ribbon and an EX Gem Level 4.  At the end of a long,
long, crazy long path, you find a platform that traps everyone but Lloyd.

Items: None
Key Items: Chipped Dagger, Derris Emblem, Mirror Shard, Spider Figurine
Enemies: The Fugitive (BOSS), The Judged (BOSS), The Neglected (BOSS)

A scene plays out.  Warp up! Go up to find Colette! Hi Darling! ^_^

After the scene, move up and warp again.  Take the right path that soon turns
south to find yourself in a weird nightmare.  When it's over, examine the
glowing circle to the right for a battle.  That was easy.  Use the warp
point below you to enter the prisons.  Save and go bust the party out.  Set
your party up and examine the blood.  Go save! Go back to the main area
where you first entered the city.  Take the eastern tunnel to enjoy
refreshers and restockers.  Descend the steps and use the lift to go down to
the lowest level where Raine and Genis await.

Wow, Raine likes to rip off famous quotes.  Yay! The real party's back
together! Examine the cell for another fight.

Go back to the main area and head up the central path to find the Derris
Emblem.  Proceed into the next area via the warp point.

Items: Blue Shield, Demon's Seal, Elemental Guard, Elixer, Energy Tablets, EX
Gem Level 4, Mortality Cloak, Ninja Sword (YES!), Prism Guard, Shield Ring,
Spirit Bottle
Key Items: Future Stone, Past Stone, Sacred Stone, Vinheim Key
Enemies: Mithos (Final BOSS), Dark Archer, Dark Commander, Dark Dragon, Dark
Spear, Dark Sword

Explore for a blue shield, a demon's seal, a shield ring, energy tablets, a
spirit bottle and an elixir.  Travel up the stairs in the main area now and
confront the black dragon! Woo hoo, Dragon Mail! And the Vinheim Key!

Dude, Lloyd can't wear dragon mail!?

Lame.  >_<

Open the doors and proceed beyond for a scene.  After the scene, go back into
the castle.  Anti-Climactic? Yes, I know.

Down the stairs, take the east door and go around the stairs to the
stationary angel.  Kill it.  A black box should appear high on a ledge.  Go
to that ledge and open that box.  Ascending the spiral staircase on the left
side all the way to the top, but moving one level down and defeating the
angel in that room will get you a past stone.  When you have both stones,
head to the ground level of the castle, down the stairs from where you
killed the dragon and the past stone reacts! It made four boxes and
activated the warp ring.  Push the black box onto the teleporter and push it
in the gap to the lower right of the platform.  Return and move to the right
side of the room to make the future stone react.  Go back to the left and
push the dark blue box inside of the left warp point just like you did with
the black one.  Go back and do the exact same with the red box.  Now push the
purple box to the left side of the room, into the teleporter, all the way to
the right and into the niche.

Now we do the same to the right warp point, teleporting and positioning the
boxes in the order of yellow, green, light blue and white, with the white one
entering the niche.

Open the chest to attain the sacred stone.

Go back to the main hall and examine the lower warp ring.  Say yes when the
option appears.

Congratulations! The world is now yours to toy with! Mwahaha!

Here's a breakdown of all the side-quests you can do now before you confront
Mithos for the final showdown.

- Sword Dancer is in Iselia Forest with 99,999 HP.  Defeating him gets you
Lloyd's ultimate weapon, the Kusanagi Blade.  I did this and it was
surprisingly easy.  Use light magic and an All -Divide.

- Abyssion awaits you in the Temple of Darkness.  You can defeat a monster
involved with this side-quest who has 120,000 HP and is extremely powerful to
unlock the potential of the Devil's Arms, which can then grow with power
with every enemy you kill.  - This guy, I also killed.  He was pretty easy
but the battle was lengthy.  Again, use an All-Divide.

- The Meltokio Coliseum is open with many different avenues to pursue, not
the least of which is attaining great weapons and awesome titles for every
character by beating advanced class with them.  If you win the advanced group
battle, you fight three bosses at once and they are easily the hardest fight
in the game.  Beat them for good accessories.  Beat the advanced class twice
to face off against Seles.  Beat her for the best sword and a scene.  She dies
in three hits from a developed Nebilim.  - Been there, done that.

- Nefiheim, The Underworld becomes available by examining a book in the Sybak
library and heading to Heimdall.

The rest, I'll take you through myself.  ^_^

Enter Iselia for a skit called "Corrine is Calling Me." Head to Martel
Temple and enter for a scene.  Go up the warp ring for more of a scene.  Awww!

Are you level 80 yet? When you are, go to Ozette and speak to the man by
Presea's Father's Grave for a scene.  Leave and speak to him again to obtain
her Gaia Cleaver.  She must be level 80 or have mastered all techs.  Oddly,
if you equip it and speak to him a second time, he gives you another! 0_0

NOTE: You may need to leave Ozette and re-enter the first time for him to
give you the weapon.

The same goes for Regal.  If you enter the Meltokio castle and explore the
left cell block in the dungeon, a man will direct Regal to the hot springs
where he will meat Levin who will grant him his greaves: Dynast.

Alright.  Now then...  Go to Meltokio.  To the left of the castle entrance, two
chefs are talking.  Speak to them for a hilarious scene and beef stew.

There is a House of Guidance just east of Meltokio.  Travel there and speak
to the cook inside with Regal as the on screen character.  He teaches you
pork cutlets.

Now go to the House of Guidance southeast of the Ymir Forest and speak to the
chef in the chapel with Regal to learn Potato Salad.

While you're here, enter Heimdall and head to the park on the east side of
town for a scene involving Genis.  Nice spell, huh? ^_^

Nice Title, huh? ^_^

Head to the west side of town and speak to the green haired Elf to learn
about books and now you can leave town.

Last recipe! Fly to Asgard, back in Sylvarant.

There's a cook hanging out by the windmill on the right side of the main
area.  He teaches you Paella.

Well, my friends, I hate to say it, but we're done with Sylvarant for good.

Travel back to Tethe'alla for the final time.  (Well, unless you want to
return and GRADE hunt later, of course.)

Find Exire, the floating city.  Enter Virginia's house for a scene.  Equip
your best 4 party members (the ones you like to fight with) for battle and
give one an opal accessory, one a garnet, one an aquamarine and one a ruby.
When that's done, trek to the Elder's House.  Move around behind the house
and find a secret path.  Follow this all the way to a graveyard.   Examine
the lone monument for a scene and a fight.

Doesn't that kick ass? ^_^

When you're done with all the side quests, return to the tower of mana and
warp back to the castle.  Run up the stairs and through the door.  Take the
warp point to confront Mithos for the final showdown.

Beat Mithos twice to witness the ending.


FAQ (Including Spoilers)

Q: What are the Devil's Arms?
A: The Devil's Arms are potentially powerful weapons that start off as crappy
cursed weapons.  When you defeat Abyssion after collecting them all, you
unlock their true potential.  Each enemy a character kills adds a small
amount to the damage inflicted by the Devil's Arms after they are unlocked.
If you import battle data into your next game, this bonus carries over and
they can grow truly, amazingly powerful.

Q: What is the Grade Shop?
A: When you beat the game, a menu pops up and allows you to buy stuff for
your next play through by using Grade accumulated through your last game.
You are awarded 1000 grade for completing the game and it is added to
whatever you collected.

Q: How do I do the grade trick!?
A: This trick requires a turbo controller.  Go to the island where you
entered the Remote Island Human Ranch and stand on the narrow beach area
surrounding the entrance.  Unplug your controller.  Hold the directional
stick left and the C-Stick right and plug the controller back up.  Let go and
Lloyd starts circling the island, running into enemies.  Now simply tape
down turbo and the A button and go do whatever.  Come back in 24 hours and
you've accumulated incredible grade.  It's not bad for the Devil's Arms
either! ^_^

Q: Who is Lloyd's Father!?!?1/1/oneslash1/!?exclaimationpointquestionmark!?
A: Play the game and find out yourself.  ^_^

Q: Can the Devil's Arms really be stronger than each character's ultimate
A: Yep!

Q: I love you, will you marry me?
A: Nope, I'm back with my former ex-girlfriend now (as of the latest version
of this Walkthrough) and I'm completely off limits.  I love you, Sarah! <3

Q: Can we at least be friends?
A: Sure! If you think you have what it takes, e-mail me and find out.  ^_^

Q: Are there any hidden characters in this game!?!?
A: If there are, they're very, very well-hidden.

Q: Sheena/Regal/Colette/Genis/Rain sucks and I hate them! Why are they such
bad characters!?
A: Because you never bothered developing their techs and building them up.

Q: I can't beat Kuchinawa with Sheena! Sheena must suck!
A: No.  You suck.  Put her on Auto and learn just how much you suck.

Q: I can't find [insert item here], how do I find it?
A: Look harder?

Q: Is it true that you don't post on GameFAQs.com under Klaive anymore?
A: Yes, it's true.  I now post under Demon Lord Kage.

Q: How do I beat the underworld!?
A: It's really hard.  You have to navigate 3 stages which are 5 randomly
generated levels each while maintaining soulfire earned by burning braziers
and on the red levels you have to kill every enemy.  At the end are two
bosses and I have no clue what your reward for winning is.  I have yet to
complete it.  It seems far too troublesome.  -_-

Q: Troublesome!? Do you like Naruto!?
A: Kakashi is a God and Shikamaru is almost as cool as Kakashi.

Q: Are you REALLY attracted to Presea!?
A: Hell, yes! She is all kinds of fine! ^_^

Q: Is Raine a virgin? People said she isn't.
A: Raine IS a virgin.  She didn't approach the lake to contact the unicorn
because she is afraid of water.  Furthermore, she is older than the other
female characters and due to her age can no longer be considered a "maiden."
Raine is a half-elf from a very small human town.  She pretended to be an
Elf all of her life.  No human would touch an Elf, knowing good and well
how much their offspring would be hated, and if she was known to be a half-
elf it would've been even less likely anyone would touch her due to the
stigma involving their race.  The crown that reminded her of someone may
have been from a previous suitor, but nowhere does it imply that he was
a lover.  It is important to remember that this game does not take place
in modern America.  It takes place in a semi-medieval fantasy world created
by Japanese writers.  In such a time, marriage is likely the only avenue
one can take for sex to be an acceptible activity.  Even now, in modern
Japan, unmarried women are fully expected to still be virgins in most parts
of the country, with only Americanized cities such as Tokyo and Osaka being
the exceptions.  The bottom line is this: Raine is a virgin.  In fact, all
of our party members in ToS are virgins except Kratos.

Q: Speaking of Kratos, how do I get him to join my party instead of Zelos?
A: In Flanior, when Colette asks you out for a walk by coming to your room,
say no.  She'll leave and others will come.  Tell them all no.  Eventually,
a scene with Kratos will ensue and you'll eventually get him instead of

Q: What does Lloyd name the tree at the end?
A: He doesn't name the tree Yggdrasill.  I don't care what anyone tells you.
There is no solid answer to this question.  Namco left this out of the game
so that you, the player, could decide for yourself what he named the tree.

Q: Why do you hate Kratos and Zelos so much?
A: They both phail at life.


Thanks and Shout Outs

Mike - Thanks for motivating me by getting ToS.  I probably would've never
beaten the game and finished the guide without you threatening to pass me by
with your super demonic crack-head style gaming.  Thanks for troubleshooting
my walkthrough as well.

Sarah - Thanks for understand me taking such a long time away from everything
so I could finish all this up.  You're the best!  I love you, bunny!

Hermione, Tea Co, Sora and Pandora - Thanks for being the best pets a guy
ever had.  Even though you reset my game about 1000 times during the course
of this walkthrough being written, I still think you're the best.
This is Hermione: http://www.ratemykitten.com/ratemy/kitten?image=137752

Devishal - Don't explode from the awesomeness of Mizuho, The Ninja Village!
We would all miss you!

Robert Hamburger - RealUltimatePower.net rocks my socks.  You are so cool.

All the Regulars at the Stoners' Realm Forums - You are all awesome.  Keep

tardounderdog from GameFAQs - Thanks for telling me where to go to fix the
formatting on this guide so it conformed with FAQ basic standards.

Everyone at GameFAQs.com - Thanks for giving me a place to post this 95-page
hunk of text.  ^_^