Tekken 6: Craig Marduk

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            Written by: Asianskyblue
            Email: Kyuunull@gmail.com

            Maintained by: Wild Man X (tekkenomics@gmail.com)
            Website: Tekkenomics (http://www.tekkenomics.com)

            Version: 1.00
            Written on: January 24, 2011

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6. MOVE ANALYSIS                                              [mv_spar]
   - VALE TUDO STANCE: MOVES & PROPERTIES (Coming soon)       [mv_vtsm]
   - THROWS                                                   [mv_thro]
7. POKES & MIXUPS                                             [ot_pkmi] 
8. COMBOS                                                     [ot_comb]
9. CLOSING & CREDITS                                          [go_away]

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1.00 - (01-24-11)  First release.

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Welcome to my yet another guide on Marduk. 
Inspired by other character specific forums, I decided to write this guide on
Tekken 6 BR Marduk. I know there are good guides on him already & its little
too late for Tekken 6 too as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is going to be out, still
I wanted to do this because he is one of my favourite characters. Why?
He is strange in appearance, has a large array of bizarre and effective
attacks, is fun to play, and is a crowd pleaser (Although I don't like showing
much). He has his downsides, of course but with skillful play these can be
compensated for. He packs a hell of a punch, has good range, and has so many
different attacks that you can keep opponents guessing until their life bar is
empty.  A lot of people don't respect Craig because of his size and his looks,
well I love to show them that he is a real character (Big doesn't mean blunt

The purpose of this guide is to let you know what Craig's ins & outs are.
Whatever I know, it'll be reflected in it. I cannot claim that it'll make you
a top Marduk player but it'll definitely provide you with stuff thats needed
to play him effectively. I won't rant for long. You just read & decide where
this guide stands.


What is this 'PROS & CONS,' you ask? This is simply a rhetorical term for
'Strengths & weaknesses.' I thought it would be nice change of pace from the
other dreadfully formal opinions on this character. Each character is ranked
according to three things: How slow or fast he is, juggles, range & overall
how powerful he is. Hmm? That was four things? Nonsense! The more intricate
details are given below. Just kidding :P Here's the stuff:

Marduk's advantages:

1.  Tackle: Although toned down in some aspects, still spammable.
2.  Okizeme: Marduk's okizeme is deadly, especially when it comes from his
    throws. Not to forget tackle is a tool for this purpose too.
3.  b+1+3 & 2+4 reversals: No need to guess high-mid anymore :)
4.  Lots of mixups from 11-frame WS+1 now.
5.  Unchickenable airthrows & the new wallthrow.
6.  Kickass juggles. 

Marduk's disadvantages:

1.  Size: BIG. I think I don't need to elaborate on it much. When juggled, he
    gets hit like a toy.
2.  No 15-frame launcher from standing or crouch (Let's hope for it in the 
    upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
3.  Hitbox: If you hit a Lar's with a qcf+2 & try to follow with a b+4, he can
    interfere with a u/f+3 there. What is this NAMCO !!!? >.<
4.  Although he's gained some good moves to close gaps, he still lacks some
    quick mid that knocks down on hit.


This is Craig's movelist for your reference. Everything mentioned here is same
as on Tekken Zaibatsu except:
I haven't included the basic arts.
I've myself added a little info on special items.
Everything is correct according to my knowledge, but if there's something 
wrong or anything extra I need to add, please tell me about it.

Command                      Name              Damage    Escape    Properties 

(1+3_F+1+3)                  Rolling Splash    35        1	

(2+4_F+2+4)	             Knee Crusher      35	 2	

VTS 1+3	                     Giant Choke Slam  35	 1	

VTS 2+4	                     Body Slam	       35	 2	

VTS 1+2	                     Spear Tackle      12	 1+2	   #1
 = (1_2)	          = Melon Masher       35	(1_2)	
 = (1~2_2~1)	          = Feint Melon Masher 35	(2_1)	
 = 1+2	                  = Mongol Chop	       40		   #3
 = 1+3	                  = Neck Snap	       40	 2	
 = 2+4	                  = Leg Lock	       40	 1	
 = 3+4	                  = Skull Crush	       40		   #3

f,hcf+1	                    Jack Hammer	       50	 1	

f,f+1+2	                    Atomic Buster      30	 1+2	      JG

qcb+1+2	                    Back Freaker       40	 1+2	

qcf+1+3 *Changed*	    Northern Lights    25	 1
front                       Suplex	
 = 1+2	                  = Mount	       15		   #2

qcf+2+4 *Changed*	    Power Slam	       25	 2	
 = 1+2	                  = Mount	       15		   #2

d+1+3	                    Power Bomb	       45	 1	

d+2+4	                    Ultimate Knee      45	 2	

f,f+1+2	                    Air Suplex	       27	None	

(1+3_F+1+3)	            Gator Slam	       22	None 

(2+4_F+2+4)	            Olympus Screw      22	None	

(1+3_2+4_f,f+1+2) *New*	    Angry Ape	       35	None	

d/b+(1+3_2+4)	            Hercules Toss      20	(1_2)	   #4 JG

d/b+(1+3_2+4)	            Rib Buster	       30	(1_2)	   #5

d/b+(1+3_2+4)	            Body Blow	       12	(1_2)	   #6

b+(1+3_2+4) *Changed*	    Vale Tudo Trap		           #7

[F+] (1+3_2+4)	       Reverse Head Crusher    45	1	

[F+] (1+3_2+4)	            Lift Drop	       40	2	

(1+3_F+1+3)	            Back Drop	       60	None	

(2+4_F+2+4)	       Reverse Air Splash      60	None

#1 Tackle is not escapable when started from a long distance away
#2 Follow up with Tudo Mount extensions, reduces initial throw damage to 15
#3 Craig will dismount when you do not attempt to escape the mount attack
   OR press 1+2 only
#4 Opponent's grounded position needs to be KND, SLD, PLD or FCD
#5 Opponent's grounded position is face down and sideways
#6 Opponent's grounded position is face up and sideways, follow up with Tudo
   Mount extensions
#7 High and mid attack reversal, follow up with Tudo Mount extensions

Command               Name (Stance)               Damage    Level Properties

1,2	              One Two Punch		  8,14	    hh	
 = f+1	            = Elbow Sting		  25	    h	  MS FCDc
 = 3,1+2	    = Kick Tudo Noogie		  14,33	    mh	  KS B!
 = 3+4
	            = Vale Tudo Style	VTS	  -	    -	
	              Gut Punch Rush		  8,15	    hm	  MS
	              Swing Upper		  18	    m	  JG
  	              Tank Elbow		  24	    m	  KS SLDc

b+1                   Knuckle Dunk		  20	    M	  KS SLDc OCb
 = 2    *New*	    = Double Dunk		  12	    M	  KS SLDc OCb

WS+1                  Health Tap		  16	    m	 
 = <2	              Heavy Artillery		  21        m  	  KND CFc
 = 3+4  *New*       = Vale Tudo Style	  VTS	  -	    -

qcf+1   *Changed*     Blister Elbow		  25	    m	  JG
 = <2	            = Blister Knuckle		  28	    m	  KND
 = <2°	            = Kong Blister Knuckle	  48	    m	  GB KND

1+2	              Guard Push		  0	    m	  GB

f+1+2	              Cyclone Knuckles		  25	    h	  PLDc

d/f+1+2	              Tudo Noogie		  27	    m	  KS TC

d+1+2	              Shoulder Impact		  28	    m	  JG

d/b+1+2	              Sway Power Hammer		  27	    m	  JG

b+1+2   *New*	      Earthquake		  25	    M	  SLD

b,b+1+2 *New*	      Heave Hitter		  30	    m	  KND

u/f+1+2	              Mongolian Crush		  25	    h	  CF

SS+1+2	              Tall Hammer		  30	    m	  SLD GB B!

WS+1+2	              Quick Upper		  14	    m	

FC+1+2	              Craig Horn Toss		  30,10	    m	  #1 MS TT

f+1+4   *New*	      Blitz	         SLD	  30	    m	  KND

2,1	              Kong Combo		  12,14     hh	  MS

2,d+1+2	              Kong Shoulder Impact	  12,18	    hm	  JG

f+2	              Hammer		          24	    h	  MS CFc
 = <1	            = Hammer Hook		  30	    h	  CF
 = 2	              Heavy Artillery		 21        m  	  KND CFc
= 3+4   *New*         Vale Tudo Style	VTS	 -	   -    

1+2	              Spear Tackle		 12	   s	 TT
 = u_d	            = Side Step Cancel	VTS	 -	   -	

d+1+2   *New*	      Python Explosion		 24,24	   Lm	 KND

2       *New*	      Tornado Hook		 21	   m	 MS CSc

f+2	              Power Straight		 26	   m	 SLD

3	              Raid Kick		         21	   m	 JG

3+4	              Vale Tudo Style Cancel	 -	   -	 #1

(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4	      Gator Stomp		 30	   M	 KS SLDc OCb

4	              Kong Knee		         25	   m	 KND CFc

u/f+4	              Jump Gut Kick		 21	   m	 JG

#1 VTS can be canceled really fast, creating a pseudo wave dash. You cannot
   cancel after Backdash VTS

Command               Name(Stance)               Damage    Level Properties

b+2+3	              Craig Cannon		 84	   !	
 = b,b	            = Cannon Feint		 -	   -	
 = 1+2  *New*	    = Spear Tackle		 12	   -	 #1

f+3+4	*Changed*     Alligator Tackle		 36	  (!)	 JG

#1 Cancels the previous hit, follow up with Tudo Mount extensions

Command         Hits    Damage          Level
2,1,3,1,2,1		12,14,9,7,14,9	hhmmhm
 = 2,2,3,2	10	7,15,7,26	mmLh
 = 4,3,1,4	10	8,12,14,30	Lmmh

MOVE ANALYSIS                                                    [mv_spar]

Here we start the real meat of the file, the Move analysis. Of special note, 
i've tried to cover every move in his movelist, except:
Basic arts
Reversals    (Coming Soon)
Unblockables (Coming Soon)
Tenstrings   (Coming Soon)
Special items
Vale Tudo Stance moves (Coming Soon)
Other than that, i'm assumming you're already familiar with the legend needed 
to understand Craig's moves. If not, i'd recommend that you go through it
first otherwise there'll be nothing here you'll be able to associate your
reading with.

NOTE: Damages aren't included. Look for them in his movelist.
      WS moves will be covered under Vale Tudo Stance section 
      (will be done soon)

Shall we begin..?

One Two Punch
The basic 10 frame punches Craig has. Natural combo of course. Can setup a lot
of things on hit including new options from VTS stance. Since every
character's punches are 10 frames now, so its not a bad idea to start a round
with it. Useful.

Elbow Sting
This option remains unchanged in Tekken 6 too. Craig throws out his left elbow
after 1,2 which is little slow but gives advantage on block (+4) & hit (More
advantage on hit. Opponent is briefly stunned), although its very rare that
you land a normal hit. Most of the time its going to be blocked or you'll land
a CH. When it does, it happens mostly because the opponent is used to various 
mixups & attacks after a blocked 1,2 or when he ducks the 1,2 try to retaliate
with a WS move. When this happens, opponent falls in FCD position, from where 
you can do:-

* d/b+4 (Groundstomp)
* Dash groundthrow
* d/b+3,1,1

This is what I know about this move but you shouldn't forget that its slow
& HIGH so it shouldn't be overused.

Kick Tudo Noogie
At first this move don't seem to have any good uses but in high level play you
can't overlook it. Used mostly against those chronic duckers who are used to
various mixups like 1,2,f+1, 1,2,3+4 mixups etc. They usually react to 1,2
(Make sure the 1,2 connects & doesn't whiff) followups by ducking or trying to
interrupt & this is where the 3 in the string comes handy. They will eat it
for guessing wrong (Most of the time you can do 1+2 as soon as you see the 3
hittin them. It's not confirmed as a natural combo but many Craig players use
it & has worked for me too) & will do very nice damage if you included the
last 1+2 too. Opponent will be short stunned & you get advantage. Mixups? Yes
but keep this  fact in mind too that the last 1+2 is a high so don't throw it
out everytime they blocked the previous 3. Hell..its launch punishable on
block too (1+2 is  safe though. 0 on block & will stop them if they try to
retaliate with anything) so better not abuse it. Use 3,1+2 occasionaly only
when you're sure 3's gonna hit them or your tricks will get exposed.

Vale Tudo Style
The VTS stance extension after two jabs. You can cancel it immediately by
doing 3+4~3+4. Although not seen much in T6 as previous games still a strong
way of performing Craigs enormous juggles.
Better to use it after hitting them with 1,2 than a blocked one as you risk
yourself of getting interrupted. Also, don't just get into the stance and do
nothing. Rather use the extensions afterwards to open up the possibilites.
They are really good.

Gut Punch Rush
One of the best pokes Craig has. Natural combo. 10 frame speed. High-mid
string so you don't have to worry about duckers. Provides enough frames on hit
so use it for pressuring, punishing, countering etc but do remember that in
case its blocked the disadvantage is a little higher than previous versions
(-9)...oops! This means you can't keep the pressure going with it. Don't worry
though. It's still SAFE & tracks well too. Use it wisely.

Swing Upper
Animation's changed a bit now but its the same old, good 16-frame uppercut.
Craig's fastest launcher (Normal hit). Great punisher to blocked or whiffed
attacks. Sometimes they duck misjudging it for a throw & eat it, so launches
crouchers too. Tracks to Marduk's left & only jab punishable on block.

NOTE: Juggles aren't range dependent in T6 now or better say they are less 
      dependent. This means no matter where you connect d/f+1 from, if you're
      confident with juggling abilities you can still do the best juggle of
      you're choice.

Tank Elbow
Not as effective as it used to be in 5.0. Still an IRREVERSIBLE elbow that
forces opponent into crouch but no advantage on block now (0 frames) which
means no uninterruptible followups, just guessing games. Frames only on hit
now & puts opponent in SLD position when hits them as CH, although its very
rare that you hit them with it as its slow, short ranged & easily SSable.

b+1          Knuckle Dunk          M
= 2          Double Dunk           M    
Just one more extension to b+1 which looks almost the same except it comes
from right hand. Force crouch on block or hit, should anyone or both of them
connect. b+1,2 itself is a good juggle finisher but when it comes to hitting
standing opponents, i'd suggest stick to b+1 only as its safe on block where
as the 2 isn't. You'll eat generic WS+4's. Also b+1 itself is a good bait for
reversal on block.

P.S. b+1,2, is a Natural combo on counter.

Blister Elbow
The same old f,f+1 uppercut launcher from 5.0 & DR coming from his left hand
now with a new command. The qcf input is little tricky & needs some time to
get used to. I'm saying so bcoz sometimes when you try to do it you may end
up with a Jack-Hammer (f,hcf+1 throw). It may be OK till you're landing the
throw instead of the uppercut but the annoying part comes when they break it
or duck...Ouch!
Also it can't be used to punish the lows that stagger the opponents. Thanks
to qcf command. Now you're restricted to u/f,N+4 or WS+3 only.  
Well done, Namco, great job! keep up the nonsense....

Although this move has so many things aganist it, its still one of his
STRONG launchers. Its better to use it after some frame advantage i.e; after
a successful 2,1 mixing it with qcf+2, qcf+1+3_2+4 throws etc.

P.S. Don't do it too close. You'll eat jabs. Do it from a distance.

qcf+1          Blister Elbow          m
= 2            Blister knuckle        m
Not too many uses. The last 2 can be used to surprise the opponents who are
used to qcf+1 or see it whiffing & come charging in. Be careful, if its
whiffed you'll be stucked in some hard place.

qcf+1          Blister Elbow          m
=2*            Kong Blister Knuckle   m
Natural combo. If you hit them with qcf+1, press and hold 2 to make combo
compelete. Not too fancy from juggle point of view but good when there's a
wall nearby. The last 2 will thrust the opponents into the wall, giving you
a chance to do either:-
> A d/b+4 (Groundstomp)
> A Groundthrow

There's a rumuor that (qcf+1),2*, iWR+3 works in Tekken 6 also. I'm not sure
about it.                             

Guard Push
The same "Offensive Push" from 5.0 & DR, a little slower now (15 frames)
instead of 13 & more disadvantage on block. Does no damage itself (whether
normal hit or CH) but gives frames (+3 on normal hit)& pushes opponent 
back a little (They are pushed wierdly, as if there was a wall behind them).
On CH (Learn to note the stun effect) 1+2 now guarantees a free d/f+1 which
you can juggle from. This wasn't possible in previous Tekkens. A f,f+2 after
a CH 1+2 is still there. Only useful near walls.

Lastly, even though its safe on block, i've heard it doesn't track anymore.
Need to check it whether its true or not.

Cyclone Knuckles
One of the Craig's long range moves, now SAFE. Good for punishing the moves
that push far on block e.g.; Paul's qcf+2, Lee's d,d/b+4, DJ's d/f+4,4 etc
& as whiff punisher When no other move would reach. This should be done 
only against those moves that don't recover crouching e.g.; AK's d/b+3
which he performed from far. If you tried f+1+2 at this moment, it'll whiff
& you'd be punished.
It is 15 frames so it is good speed but it is a high. Use it in the same
way as Bryan's f,f+2.

Tudo Noogie
This move was a HIGH CRUSH in previous Tekkens, & it continued to be so in
Tekken 6 too, which is good. It stops any type of high attacks such as jabs,
*Magic*4s, Feng's b+1, EWGF, Steve's 1,2,1 etc & puts opponent in brief stun
(opponent is slightly forced to crouch position). Gives frames on hit (+3) 
so you can build up pressure with moves like 1,2_d+4_b+4, throws etc. 

Sometimes its also nice to throw it out after the attacks that are negative
on hit e.g., f+1+2_d+4 etc. These moves don't give any frames & if your 
opponent knows this he usually throws out moves like 1,2_4s etc & simply 
messes up to eat d/f+1+2.
Thats one way how it should be used but you can create your own setups too.
Tracks well but if its blocked you're going to eat jabs so be careful.

Shoulder Impact
This is one of his HUGE launchers. Great counter to blocked sweeps e.g., 
DJ's f,N,d,d/f+4, Paul's d/b+4, Nina's d,d/f+4 etc (Although you need to do
a crouch cancel first) & sometimes goes under highs as well, although its
NOT a high crush. Craig can be jabbed, countered with 4s, even thrown
sometimes. This move can be used when your opponent is at distance & throws
out 1,2 in which 1st 1 whiffed & 2 was to connect. Beware, if the opponent
goes for further strings, you'll be hit e.g., Steve's 1,2,1,2. Don't do
it here or you'll be hit. Use d/f+1+2_d+4_d/b+1 instead.
Also don't throw it out randomly whenever u like (Some rushdown kindof Marduk
players do it though). Its only jab punishable on block but good comp can get
more than that by making it whiff as its extremely SSable. That way you're
gonna eat even more damage. Be careful when you're throwing it out.

Sway Power Hammer
Another powerful launcher in Craig's arsenal. He briefly turns around while
he sends the opponent high up into the air, just as Hwoarang's Skyrocket.
However, you might get weird angle after the launch. It may happen bcoz Craig
briefly sidestepps to right while performing this move. To prevent this from 
happening, you can do a manual SSL to get a proper juggle but launching them 
that way in a match too is less practical. Instead what really helps in a 
match is doing a SSR before throwing the d/b+1+2. This way you're going to 
evade a lot many things that you couldn't by doing a SSl e.g., jabs,4s, & some
mids too. Wierd angle won't be a problem once you know the juggles BUT its 
emphasized, don't get it blocked because:-

* Recovery is really ass (-22) which means you'll be murdered (However, your
  opponent should know this too)

* There is NO PUSHBACK on block as it used to be in previous tekkens. This is 
  the worst setback for him which means even if your opponent doesn't know 
  about the disadvantage, he'll hit you easily with anything like Paul's qcf+2
  DJ's f,f+2_EWG, Steve's f,f+2, King's b+3 etc.
  This part used to save Marduk's ass in previous games but now its not the 

P.S. d/b+1+2 tracks to Marduk's right although it doesn't look so.

One of the best ground hitting attacks he got in T6 now. Best for okizeme 
purposes & has lot of setups whether they eat it or block it. Craig brings 
both of his hands down as if he's gone nuts. If you hit an opponent trying to
quickstand (And u usually will. Standing ones will block it nearly everytime) 
with it he'll fall in SLD_PLD depending which position he was trying to getup
from, right in front of Craig. You can combo with a WS+3_FC d/f+4_groundthrow
(Breakable) afterwards as he recovers crouching (However,if you hit a grounded
opponent with it you don't get any followups). Catches backrollers too but 
only from KND position. Does solid damage & overshadows f+4 when it comes to
hitting grounded opponents as its more damaging, got good range (better or 
almost same as f+4), provides good positioning afterwards and SAFE. Yep, its 
safe, so you can use it as a bait for reversals too should this move get 
blocked. More setups in POKES & MIXUPS section.

Heavy Hitter
Craig hits the opponent with his both hands like a "Swinging Bat" animation
knocking the opponent off. Although safe, its not used much by the players in
their matches as its slow. A few combo vids show juggles are possible if it 
hits as CH (Opponent is thrown away in the same way as DJ's WS+2), but they
aren't easy. You need to dash in to connect a d/f+3,1 to start a juggle. If
you manage to hit them with it-it'll be pure luck coz using it deliberately is
just a wastage of opportunity. Avoid it i'd say.

Mongolian Crush
The 'Ear Slap' is much better than before. Causes collapse stun in the same
way but good juggles are possible now, for most of the Tekken cast except a
few small characters. Now you can do:
u/f+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2.   Works on medium to bigs.

u/f+1+2, d/b+3,1,1                             Works on any character but
                                               better use it against smalls
                                               only like Wang, Roger etc.

This move can be done from FC too & is 17 frames so now it can be used to 
punish them after ducking throws or any high attacks ( Not the ones that
recover crouching) This way it can be a better punishment than WS+3 as it is
faster by 1 frame & also provides much more damaging juggles compared to the
latter one. Practice as its the only SAFE launcher he's got unless they duck 

Tall Hammer
Same Tall Hammer from Tekken 5 DR. Everything same as before except its got
less advantage in block now (+1) which means limited followups ( Jabs, d/b+1
d+4, throws are good to start with). Still a nice move to do. Its used in the
same way as other character's d/f+2 i.e., SS their attacks & punish it with.
Great evading tool & a really nice move to mixup with d/b+1+2. On hit,
opponent falls in SLD position (Same as CH WS+4) where you can combo
afterwards with a d/b+4 or a Groundthrow juggle (Breakable). Sometimes the
Groundthrow won't juggle due to angle from which you hit them after SSing
their attacks. Craig'll land a Rib Buster, one in which he kicks the opponent
from sideways. No problem you still get good chunk. Good tool to start
pressure again after finishing a wall combo against a rising opponent. Wait
till they get up-then throw it out to get back to advantage.
Bounds in juggles too. Again only useful when opponent hits the walls (Hard to
do though). A nice move altogether & overshadows d/b+1+2 as its safe. Very
effective against rushers but if an opponent is turtuling, check the distance
you're throwing it from. If you're not careful, it might whiff!

Quick Upper
Crap! Less range, less damage & you always have a way better WS+1 instead.

Craig Horn
Craig raises his head to hit them...as if, he smelled something ;p
On medium to far hit, it stuns the opponent briefly like Paul's d/b+2 so u can
start your mixups afterwards and, if you're close enough, Craig will toss them
behind for a throw transition plus additional damage. This is a move you'd do 
more accidentally than intentionally, if you haven't used it much. Sometimes 
you'll get this after you messed up trying a d/b+1+2. 
Having said this, I don't intend to say its bad. Actually, this move's got its
places. Its really good when Craig's already in crouch position & opponent is 
advancing with jabs e.g., Nina's 1,2,1,2_DJ's repeated 1,1s etc. If you want
to crush those jabs without compromising on safety & damage this is it. It
becomes high-crush from crouch & is safe too, so you don't have to worry even
if they blocked it.
It also picks grounded opponents that try to backroll (Exact circumstances for
this to happen evades me at the moment) & slide friendly Laws & Lees- Once u 
block it you can float them with it to start a mini-juggle with d/f+4,2 B!
stuff. Nice.

Opponent getting hit by a truck ;p Big damage too.
One of his great tools to cover gaps. Craig lunges & hits them like John Cena.
Opponent falls right in front of him & Craig ends up in SLD which is usually
a good position for him (That only if they eat it. Not if its blocked). You
can combo afterwards with a SLD 2_d+2 if they lie there, not if they tech
forward or roll back (A d+2 will still hit if they try teching forward) so
wait a little to see what do you need to do next.
As far as disadvantage on block is concerned, it doesn't look bad (Atleast on
paper) but actually is. You're at -frames (-12) & you'll eat some free oki
everytime they block it (Unless your opponent is stupid) so use it less often. 
It looks cool but isn't that amazing.


Kong Combo
Best jab punishment string Craig has, if you ask me. True combo & does more 
damage than other 10 frame jabs he has. On hit, opponent is briefly stunned.
He's not pushed back & Craig gets very good advantage (+5) so you can mixup 
with a lot of things afterwards including throws (qcf+1+3_2+4, qcb+1+2,
f,f+1+2), d+2,4, qcf+2, b+4 etc. This string has got advantage on block too
(+3) but that depends if they don't duck it. Yes, unlike 1,2 & 1,d+2, 2,1 is
not jail which means if they block the first 2, they can duck the 1. So never
use it for countering. Only for punishing. 2nd hit of 2,1 is unparryable
(Don't know whether its reversible or not) Just for telling its properties.

Kong Shoulder Impact
This move still continues to be unchanged. Same properties, same purposes.
No combo, whether the 1st 2 hits normal or CH. However d+1+2 will launch on
hit. Mostly used in juggles only & if the opponent fancys ducking & sees the
2 coming, expecting a 1 afterwards, the d+1+2 part may be used. Other than
that, don't go too far with this move. Its more show than go.

f+2          Hammer          h
= <1         Hammer Hook     h
Craig's f+2 resembles me of AK's f+2,1 series but is a bit different. Though 
it doesn't create a comboable stun on regular hit & the strings starting from
it aren't a Natural combo either but they're still far better than AK's.
Craig's f+2 is 16 frames, minor stuns on hit so you get advantage. On CH
Crumple Stuns where you can juggle from. The Best part starts here. The CH f+2
stun isn't dependent on groundthrow for high damaging juggles anymore. Instead
just do:-

CH f+2, d/f+3,1, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4
CH f+2, d/f+4,2 b! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2

Old d/b+4 & groundthrow juggles are still there, but its upto you. Whether you
want guaranteed damage or 50/50 guessing games. Other than that:

f+2,1 : The 1 alone stuns on hit irrespective of the fact whether its a CH or
        not. You can combo again just like CH f+2 stuff. 1 can be delayed a
        lot too which means you can throw out f+2 & wait for almost a second
        before throwing the last 1. Catches a lot of opponents off-guard. Very
        safe until its ducked.

f+2,d+1,2 :  This portion is for duckers basically. If they see f+2 coming &
             try to crouch or if you're sure they'll do it expecting a 1,
             burst out the d+1,2 part. Natural combo & juggle starter. Leads
             to massive damage juggles (About 75+ to 99 depending upon your
             skills). Although it recovers horribly slow on block (-15 on
             blocking the 2 & -13 on d+1) so that every character gets a free
             launcher on you, still you should think about using it once in a
             while as it has great damaging juggles & can really decide the
             round. Just as 1, d+1,2 can be delayed too.

Elbow Sting
Things speeding up. This move is very nice. Sheer speed (11 frames, depends
upon your execution but can't be slower than 14), good reach & IRREVERSIBLE.
Knocks down the opponent on hit, with no guaranteed followups (Except near
walls). Comes out of a dash, so very reliable whiff punisher. Other things 
might fail but this won't unless the foe recovers crouching.
On block, slightly turns their left side towards Craig, so you can evade most
stuff they try to throw on you like jabs, crouch jabs, some mids etc just by
SSR (SSR 1+2 or d/b+1+2 is good). Still guaranteed after a CH 1+2 (Only near
walls) & is safe on block (Just -1 so u haven't lost momentum completely).
The only thing that may stop u from overusing it is the fact that its a high.

= >1   
Double Impact
Mid gut punch followed by a left one. Not too special. Natural combo on 
counter only. Used basically as a juggle ender (Mostly near walls) & sometimes
as a wakeup tool to catch quick standers, backrollers etc depending upon the
situation. The last 1 on hit sends opponent flying a bit to Craig's right so
if there is a wall there, you can get a mini wall splat plus some additional
hits too. The 1 after d/f+2 is delayable & can be mixed with other attacks too
but works best after a wall throw or any throw which leaves them near walls.
Make d/f+2 whiff & they think its over, let the 1 fly to splat them to walls.
Not safe, jab punishable.

d+2          Alligator          m
=4           Gator Knee         m

Finally, an interesting move to write about. Right elbow to right knee. It
has many things good about it. Natural combo & good damage (More than average
throws!). IRREVERSIBLE & no push back on hit like before. Instead it briefly
stuns the opponent just like Paul's d/b+2 from where you can start your 
mixups like qcf+2_1, throws, d+4_d+3, d/f+3,1 etc.
On block, its totally SAFE, however, the last 4 fails to connect sometimes.
Still no worries. Its not easy to punish Craig at this point. Opponent has to
be really good to take the advantage of the situation. On the same issue, if
d+2 is blocked or whiffed & 4 connects as CH, it stuns the opponent. Same as
CH WS+4 except you can insert d/f+4,2 B! b+1,2 here. Old d/f+3,1 juggles
aren't possible anymore.
For some reason, people don't use it much  but you should. When combined with
other pokes, it can quickly chew away opponent's health. Start using it if u 
haven't to get all the ideas. That's all I can say.

Flash Tomhawk
HALT! That's the way it looks like when it hits as a CH.
The same old d/b+2 from T5 series now got properties changed a bit. Still the
same 14 frame startup so good speed. Forces opponent into crouch on normal hit
& block. On CH however, opponent is knocked down right in front of Craig
exactly the same way as Steve's f,f+2. This part is great. Now you can follow
with a d/b+4 (Groundstomp) or a groundthrow (Breakable) for more damage. It 
can stop any rushing game in its track & is safe too but against turtuling
opponents be careful about the distance you are throwing it from coz its short
ranged so it can be easily backdashed. Also, this move has no tracking

Rolling Back Chop
Now its a HOMING ATTACK (Tracking move) plus SAFE. Can be used from time to 
time to check SSers but its not that fast, so should be used either after some
frame advantage or from a distance so that it doesn't get interrupted. 
Besides that, a CH b+2 stuns just like Paul's b+2 so you can start some combos
* d/b+3,1,1
* SS Groundthrow (Breakable)
These are some basic stuff, more could be there. This move's got good range &
never whiffs but the speed factor makes it less dependable.

Babel Smasher
Awesome new attack! Animation's somewhat like old VTS 2 hitting low. Does
good chunk of damage. On hit, opponent kinda "Staggers" & you get frames so
there are a lot of mixups afterwards like qcf+2, throws, qcf+1, d+1+2, d+2,4
etc. This move goes under highs as well so if someone's goes jab friendly with
u, throw it out to put a break to their agression. On block, its only -12. 
You'll eat generic 11 frames WS+4s only so no worry. The only thing that might
annoy you is the slow speed (Really. Its the only thing that'll make you feel
bad about it) but that can be compensated with the various setups he's got for
this. I wish it had some extra CH properties but still its OK.

Backhand Spin Knuckle
The good old SS+2. Now has different properties & purposes. Now you can 
instantly follow with a VTS stance by pressing 3+4 right after a SS+2, which 
is nice. On hit, SS+2 now forces opponents into crouch & provides enough
frames from where you can start your juicy 3+4 mixups like:
SS+2~3+4, 4.
On block, its still an interesting move, it doesn't provide any frames but if
u immediately follow with a 3+4 afterwards, Craig gets advantage (+2) which u
can exploit. Now SS+2(Blocked)~3+4,1 is almost UNINTERRUPTIBLE, if not 100% &
even the 1 after 3+4 can be followed with a 3+4 again for some more mixups, if
you're feeling dry. Use this fact to your advantage & mixit up with other
options he has to start pissing them off. Although its slow, it can bring u
back in the game.

SLD 2        Wakeup Hammer      m
SLD d+2      Wakeup Sweep       L
This is one damn good reason why a SLD Craig shouldn't be rushed at. These two
sweet things are still there in T6 & can be very useful if used correctly.
SLD 2 is a wakeup headbutt. Semi-fast, irreversible (Obviously) & safe. Gives
slight advantage on hit so you can mixup afterwards with d+4_3, b+4, jabs etc.
SLD d+2, however, is a low sweep that knocks opponent of his feet just like
any Mishima's hellsweep. You can follow afterwards with a d,d/f+4_u/f+3+4 to
start a mini-combo (Sometimes you can sneak a groundthrow too) but be sure it
hits as d+2 is horribly launch punishable if blocked (Tough u/f,N+4s coming ur
way). Any of the above moves can be used in situations like after eating a
Paul's qcf+2, Bryan_DJs' 2+4 throw etc. I won't say Craig has a lot of setups
for these moves but whatever he's got, he comes across them quite often so use
them wisely.

f+3          Knee Lift          m
=2           Mammoth Charge     m   
Giant knee followed by a mid punch. Quite similar to what we see in
d/f+3,d+1,2 series. Used mostly as a juggle filler in most combos &
groundthrows. The 2 in the string bounds airborne opponents but against
standing opponents the whole string becomes NC. Does huge damage (little less
than Jackhammer throw!) & forces opponent into crouch. Marduk gets disbalanced
a bit while performing it but still gets advantage on hit. On CH the knee will
launch them with 2 as a followup that bounds but whole string is so slow that
CHing them with it is a rare event to happen. On block entire string is safe
but I'd say don't go for the 2 if f+3 is blocked. It can be reversed, parried
& SSed left, so if the opponent knows this he'll punish you for it with any 15
frame or faster launcher. An average, unexiting move altogether.

For the attacks starting from d/f+3,1 I won't list the names as they are too
many of them. Just running info on them quickly.

d/f+3,1: Very nice poke. Advantage on hit & block. Same as a standing 1. 
         Totally safe & not easy to punish Craig even if it whiffs. e.g., you
         are against a DJ. You did a d/b+3+4, SS+3+4~3+4~3+4 to which DJ
         didn't respond. You did a d/f+3,1 from here that whiffed. DJ, seeing
         this retaliates with a f,f+2 which you blocked. Got it?
         d/f+3,1 also leads to some other useful pokes. You can add 2 or d+2
         after it for more damage. They're Natural combos too, and safe.
         Sometimes if you like you can go for d/f+3,1,2,f+1 for building
         pressure (Just like 1,2,f+1) or d/f+3,1,2,3+4 part for VTS mixups
         (There are a lot of them even if you cancel the VTS stance by doing
         3+4 Just like 1,2,3+4~3+4. See pokes & mixups section too).
         Other things are just like the ones starting from 1,2. They're not as

         Perhaps, one of his best natural combos & whiff punishers. Although
         slower than d/f+1 for 1 frame, it still holds its own. Range is good
         due to kick. No matter where you throw d/f+3 from, if it connects
         anyhow, d+1 will connect too. Great counter to blocked attacks
         including lows that stagger (You need to do a crouch cancel first)
         like DJs f,N,d,d/f+4, Paul & Law's d/b+4, AK's d/b+3 etc, attacks
         that got whiffed via SSing, backdashing or simply use it as a
         interrupter against rushers. Juggles on hit & damage potential is
         very good. 78 to 87 depending on your skills. If there is a wall
         nearby, you can get near 100 too!
         Block vulnerability's not worse than -13 which means, usually, you're
         going to eat jabs only but some characters like Cat's (King & Armor
         King ;p) will get b+1,2, Paul: b+1,2_d+1+2, Law: f+4,3 etc. To avoid
         this mixitup with d/f+3,1 series. Sometimes they get confused between
         1 & d+1 after d/f+3 & eat the d+1 (The d+1 in the string juggles
         alone too). Reasons for this, as I've understood till now, may be:
         * They were expecting d/f+3,1 so they ducked.
         * They saw d/f+3 whiffing so they rushed in.
         These are some situations for it to happen but these are not the only
         ones. Start using it. Attack, pull back, do whatever u like. Dance
         around them with quick pokes & keep looking for a small hole for
         d/f+3 to connect. If it does, let the combos do the talking.

        The last 2 is good for juggles only. It bounds & you can follow after
        -wards with some moves depending upon the distance you hit them from.
        If you're looking beyond, let me tell you-It's absolute nonsense 
        against standing opponents. Why?
        The last 2 is a high, can be sidestepped right & can be interrupted
        with jabs. Wanna know anything else?

        The kick to headbutt is same as in 1,2,3,1+2. Natural combo & bounds
        in juggles (Sometimes it can replace the staple d/f+4,2 to do more
        damage). Good damage & safe but the last 1+2 is a high, maybe thats 
        why people don't use it as much as compared to other pokes starting 
        from d/f+3. Maybe they don't wanna take risks. That doesn't mean its
        bad. Its good. Use it if you want some variation or just change of 
        taste. Just make sure d/f+3 hits.

d/b+3          Revolver          L   
= 1,1          Double Barrel     hm  
= 4            Trap Kick         m   
One more new addtion to Craig's arsenal. Not a thing that'll overwhelm you but
a good poke alone. Hits grounded opponents & the entire d/b+3,1,1 string is
used mostly in juggles. However, it should not be used too much against
standing opponents as it has a lot of weaknesses:

* d/b+3,1,1 is not a combo. Neither on normal hit nor on counter. Also the
  fact that CH (d/b+3),1 does a comboable stun, doesn't increase its rate of
  use compared to d/b+3,4.

* The 1 after a d/b+3 is high so they can duck it & interrupt from there (Alt
  -hough d/b+3,1 is safe on block & becomes a NC on counter!).

* The last 1 in d/b+3,1,1 is jab punishable on block. Even noobs will block

The d/b+3,4 part, however, is much better compared to 1,1 punches. Its a Lm
string & a natural combo on counter. Good for opponents who like to duck after
eating or blocking d/b+3 or those who like to strike back with a WS+4 after
blocking it. The 4 in the string is same old d/f+4 from T5 series & is jab
punishable on block too but its only jabs & opponent must block it close
otherwise it may not be easy for him to punish Craig (Character's like Xiaoyu
with short hands will have troubles punishing him for this).
It's good overall but less range, less damage (unless it hits as CH) & "no
natural combo on regular hit" properties make it a bad choice compared to the
following move.

Step Shin Kick
Its still there. Earlier I thought namco removed it but they've restricted it
to d+3 now (Earlier it was done as d/b+3 too). Properties remain unchanged
though, & its still good as before. It has range (Although it doesn't look so.
You don't need to get close for hitting them with it), does OK damage (Much
better than a d/b+3) & is a very nice tool to mix your attacks with. Doesn't
hit grounded opponents but very handy in oki situations if you doubt anything
On block, you'll eat WS+4s only so its not that bad. As per the frame data,
its slow but isn't that bad for a low. Though not threatening, still a nice
poke Craig has.

Sasquatch Cannon
Missing the old b+4 "Bazooka Heel" anyone? It isn't there anymore but Namco
has given Marduk a new b+3 which has near about same properties as old b+4
except its a mid. Looks powerful but not as safe on block. Jab punishable from
close range, nothing from far (Maybe because it doesn't provide any pushback
on block).
On hit, knocks them down with no guaranteed followups but thats if they roll
back. If they don't, you get a chance to do

>> A runup groundthrow

>> d/b+4(Stomp)_b+1+2_b+1,2

Range is good but looks aren't (Very uncivilized, kicks like he's going to
break someone's door!). A step up from the old b+4, but not by much.

Knee Sling
Really, one top of the line knee. Only move you'd like to spam a lot despite
its slow speed. Its powerful & knocks down on hit, just like Mishimas' 1,1,2. 
From here you don't have anything guaranteed but if they backroll, you can
connect a d/f+3 with followups; d/f+3,d+1,2 B! d/b+3,1,1 is just an example.
On CH, launches them for some really insane juggles that'll destroy them like
no one's business. 85+ will come like ABC & if you're skilled you can get 
beyond 95 too. Can be performed in various ways ( From  crouch, VTS stance, 
d/b+3+4 etc) & crushes lows too (Not everytime however, I don't know why so 
don't rely on it much for that). Is SAFE (Actually its more than just SAFE)
Craig remains at neutral (0-frames) which means everything that your opponent
thinks he can do, you have an answer for it (Jabs d+4_d/f+1+2, SS+1+2 are good
to start with). 
Also, if you hit an airborne opponent with it, you can connect a d/b+3,1,1 for
a mini-juggle. Don't think, just use it. This is a move you need to learn to
play with in every possible way. Sure, be careful about *Magic* 4s & SSers.

Bicycle Kick
One of his "Maximum effort minimum result" moves. This bullshit started since
T4 & still continues to be here in T6. Marduk jumps & performs somewhat a side
flip with his left leg to hit them. Hits grounded oppoents, crushes lows &
even bounds airborne opponents ( And I can bet you've never used it for any of
the above reasons). Its slow, can be sidestepped & random jabs can float
Marduk out of it very easily. Not a special move to write about, if you manage
to hit them with it consider yourself lucky.

Vale Tudo Style
His regular VTS stance. More talks on it in the further section.

Backdash Vale Tudo Style
The VTS backdsh, now can also be done by b+3+4. This used to be Marduk's life
saver in previous games but now its not the case. Namco's toned it down a bit.
Its not that fast as it used to be & even the moves from this stance take some
time to come out compared to previous versions making it less abusable.
However, you can still think about it. Its good & can be effective if used
correctly. Here's some quick info on it:

* Its main purpose was evasion & it still is. Baiting is secondary to it. It
  can be good to do a normal backdash first (b,b,d/b,b,b,d/b). This way it'll
  evade their attacks much better.

* Its used mostly in those situations where opponent is advancing with moves
  like DJ's b/f+2,1 or Lars' f+1,2,3 Dynamic_Silent entry stuff. If you
  successfully evaded their attack(s) or made it whiff, there are quite a
  things you can do:

> 1+2   : The ultimate tackle. Use it only when nothing else would reach.
> WS+3  : The only launcher (Normal hit) you have from d/b+3+4 & fits best in
          the situation  where there is only a little distance between Craig &
          his foe or if there's a wall behind him (Craig).
> d/f+4 : Same as above except when WS+3 doesn't reach.

* Sometimes when you didn't time the VTS backdash right:
> WS+1,2: Very reliable if you didn't time the d/b+3+4 right & they come
          rushin towards you. Can leave the last 2 sometimes as its a high.
> WS+4  : Same as above but be careful don't get it whiffed.
> SS+3+4~3+4~3+4:
          The only option you have if you do not want to take any chances &
          end up safely. Cancels both normal 3+4 & d/b+3+4 stances.
> f+2   : Only if you're teasing them. Its slow but got lots of range & lots
          of priority. You'll have to use it to understand it.

These are just a few examples but there are still a lot of possibilities. Use
it but only to a degree. Don't rely on it completely. Its OK but not the way
it used to be in T5 series ;___;

Gator stomp
An OK ground hitting mid. Dirty looks,limited uses. Nothing special used
mostly as a juggle ender from the juggles & combos starting from
f,f+1+2, SSR,d/b+1+2, (When opponent gets launched weirdly), WS+3, SLD d+2,
CH d,d/f+4, etc. Leads to oki. If blocked, forces opponent in slight crouch
position. SS games from here can work sometimes like SSR, d/b+1+2 or SS either
side 1+2_2 to build pressure etc.
Other than this:

u+3+4 is suicide in this game now. Earlier it was used to punish blocked
slides. It even did more damage but now its hardly got any uses.

u/b+3+4 can be useful sometimes, as an evading tool after a d/b+3+4 or simply
the way its done to avoid their attacks like Law_Lee's slides, Lars f,f+3+4
(Its a slide too) etc but don't rely on it everytime as it recovers really
slow now. If done incorrectly, you'll eat something!   

That's all about it. Pretty straightforward move. Use it when the opportunity
says so & don't look beyond. Its not a thing to experiment with.

Wild Stomp
Although its his fastest ground hitting mid (i16), its not that special. Its
unsafe; you'll eat generic 11 frame WS+4s so try not using it against standing
opponents but grounded. It can also be beaten by the wakeup kicks so make sure
you train them to eat d+4, b+4, tackle, etc first then mixit up. It also
guarantees a d/b+4 stomp on CH, but thats most probably going to happen in a
ghost battle, not against a challenger. Its not bad but overshadowed by other
options Craig has now. A move that's good as long as it hits.

Roundhouse kick from his right leg. HOMING ATTACK & knock down on hit. Slight
whiff punisher & has got a lot of preference over b+3 as it tracks. Good range
good damage & if an opponent eats it with his back near walls, you get a free
wall splat to start a wall combo. f,f+4 W! d/f+4,2 B! d/f+2,1 is reliable &
good. Its jab punishable but thats if they know it. An OK move altogether.

Craig's fastest new mid. 13 frames, natural combo & bounds in juggles. Does
very good damage (38, more than normal throws!) so a very nice punishment to
attacks that recover -13 or slower but are unpunishable by a launcher (note
that Craig's fastest launcher is d/f+1, 16 frames) e.g., Paul's WS+2, Lars'
SE 3 etc. On hit forces opponent into crouch but leaves Craig at -3. You
know what that means, if your opponent knows this too he'll take advantage of
it, so don't make it a habit to attack afterwards everytime you hit them with
On block its as bad as -17 but sometimes you can restrict yourself to d/f+4
alone. Its OK. Train them to it & throw the last 2 from time to time. If it
lands as CH, they fall in FCD position, from where you can follow with the
same options as from CH(1,2),f+1. 

Also i've heard that d/f+4,2 bounds the opponent if it hits them while they're
backrolling. The exact circumstance for that to happen evades me at the
moment. Use it but only for punishing coz the recovery both on hit & block is
the main thing that makes it unpopular among Marduk players. They trust a
1-frame slower but very reliable b+4.

Knee Slicer
Eh..Its a knee too (Never seen any other character using a knee as a low) :p
This move too has disadvantage on hit & block but its still one of his best 
lows. 14-frames, crushes highs & UNPARRYABLE. Good damage & tracks to Craig's
right. Has got little disadvantage on hit, -5 so you have limited options
afterwards such as d/f+1+2_d/b+1_another d+4 to crush any fast pokes coming
your way like *Magic*4s, throws (Reminds me of King's GS ) & similar stuff
Sometimes it's also good to sidestep or backdash to avoid getting predictable.
Just don't get it blocked. If it happens; say goodbye & don't ask questions =/

Crab Leg
Technically the "Sweep" he has. 
Both, Marduk & his foe fall down in KND position after he hits them. From here
you have a free "quick getup d+3" for some extra tick damage. If its a CH,
it'll turn into a "Leg Trip Takedown Throw" in which the opponent falls right
in front of him in standard FCD position, same as the one after 1+3 throw.
Whatever you feel should connect like b+1+2, tackle, b+1 etc as the CH part is
not a thing to happen frequently, so chances are less they'll try to avoid the
followups. Safety issues shouldn't bother you much. Its good as it can't be
punished by a hopkick, little bad you gave them free Oki (Only generic d+3_4s,
nothing much though). Use it from time to time, just don't make a pattern.
That's all.

Quick Bazooka
This is something that Craig lacked in previous games. Now getting around
quick pokes is easier. No old high b+4 anymore instead Namco's given him a
quick mid kick which looks somewhat like Ganryu's 4,3,4 Ogre kicks. Range is
good (If you
blocked DJ's f,f+2, you can connect it without a dash) with 14-frame startup
which is very nice. Doesn't knock down on hit but gives good frames to start a
little mixup like another b+4, d+4_d+3, tackle etc. On CH knocks them down
with no guaranteed followups. Can stop almost any move your opponent likes to
rush towards you with. Tracks to Marduk's right & safe on block. Any reason
why you shouldn't use it? NO.

Jump Gut Kick
Forget about the u_u/b versions. They're absolute nonsesnse. u/f+4 part has
got some good uses though:
>> Crushes lows including special mids like d/b+1.
>> Starts a mini-combo. You can follow with a d/b+4 or a d/b+3,1,1.
>> Is SAFE on block & forces opponent into crouch so good bait for reversals
Its range is short & juggle damage is little less too but its the right tool
when it comes to crushing those pesky lows. Use it everytime if you're not as
confident with your low parrying skills.

Gator Sweep
The longest range move in Craig's arsenal & its very special. Not because of
the damage, not because of the speed but the advantage it gives on hit. They
are stunned for so long that you can do almost anything you like. Here is a
list of some staple followups (With uninterrupibles) that players like to use
a lot:
>> A WS+4_1 UNINTERRUPTIBLE       or
>> Another d,d/f+4                or
>> Throws                         or
>> u/f+3 For pressuring           or
>> cc SS+1+2 For pressuring        
The first option in the list is an uninterruptible followup while others are
just mixups. On CH, it knocks them down in the same way as getting hit by a
Kaz's f,N,d,d/f+4 giving you a chance for some comboable followups:
>> Another d,d/f+4
>> cc d/b+4 (Stomp)
>> u/f+3+4
>> A groundthrow (Not a 100% guaranteed followup. Sometimes they can abvoid it
                  by throwing those wakeup kicks. They can break it too)
A very good move for pressuring. I personally like to throw it as 3+4~d/f+4 or
after i've successfully evaded any attack with d/b+3+4 so its a good whiff
punisher too sometimes. More than horrible if blocked.

Thor Kick
Umm...what does Thor mean? Some German God? Whatever it is but the move surely
is an uber-sucky. Knocks down on hit just like DJ's CH f,f+2 but speed is slow
so can't be used in fast games,(so slow u can't punish their whiffed attacks
with it). Range is iffy, sometimes fails to connect but a small good thing
about it-its delayable, meaning you can sidestep & wait for a moment before
pressing the 4. This way it surprises the opponent sometimes who like to rush
towards Craig a lot. Damage is good & is safe. It can be an OK addition to
Craig's arsenal, just make sure it doesn't whiff.

VALE TUDO STANCE: MOVES & PROPERTIES                              [mv_vtsm]
Coming soon...

THROWS                                                            [mv_thro]

Marduk's throws = Grappler's Delight
Though not as many in number as King or Nina's but whatever he has, they're
all his garden variety throws. They are DAMAGING plus give a lot of
opportunities for follow-ups. A few like crouch throws & sideones aren't good
for anything except flashiness but rest all are special for their own reasons.
We'll see them one by one.

NOTE: Crouch-throws & side-throws aren't going on the list as there are hardly
      any instances where you'll be going to need them. Back-throws will be
      will be done by next update.


[F]+1+3                                    1
Rolling Splash
Powerbomb with a rolling startup. A good throw to use. Whether they eat it or
break it, Craig will always switch sides. Once landed, opponent ends up in FCD
position with Craig close to their feet. For here, anything isn't guaranteed
but you can sneak some good oki mixups to increase the damage:

If they try to roll away: Tackle them (3+4,1+2. No dash required)  OR
                          Dash in f+2+4 backthrow
If they stay there  OR
try to quickstand       : b+1+2

Also, if you grab them with their back near walls, the throw oki becomes even
more easier:

If they try to quickstand 
or throw wakeup kicks   : d/b+4 (Stomp)*                           OR
                          b+4*                                     OR
                          d/f+2>1*                                 OR

* Both options are safe even if you guess wrong & they laid there. You can
  still block or parry the kicks they throw on you (Which they shouldn't).

If they sideroll        : Groundthrow (Breakable)

If they try to roll away: Same as mentioned above.

Thats some ways of getting maximum damage from the throw. What & when, you'll
learn from experience.


[F]+2+4                                    2
Good throw to mix your attacks with, quite similar to one of King's
sidethrows. Craig grabs opponent's feet & slams him/her on his knee. Although
its escaped a lot, its still good in itself as now in T6 you can get an
additional throw oki nearly everytime you landed it. Now a b+4 is guaranteed
if they try doing anything else besides lying there on the ground (They'll get
hit in the back) & if this throw is done while their back near walls, you can
get something more damaging (Groundthrows, d/b+4 etc depending on the
situation). On breaked, this throw switches sides too.

f,f+1+2                                    1+2
Atomic Buster
Marduk's ultimate grab. Needs no introduction, an absolute gem in his throw
arsenal. Its got everything-Looks, range (due to dash), double button escape,
JUGGLES (most importantly) & very good oki potential afterwards (Now he's got 
a lot of juggles that lead to it). Could be a little difficult to land as its
easily escaped, but once they're caught with it, you're all set to deliver the
the pain e.g., f,f+1+2, d/f+3,d+1,2 B! u/f+3+4, b+1+2.
This is one easy & staple setup that players like to use. From here, you can
eliminate almost half-life bar with it so that can't be ignored, even if
they've had success breaking this throw a lot previously. Keep mixing your
attacks & look for the opportunity to throw it out. Once landed this throw is
a killer.

3+4,2+4                                    2
Body Slam
Also known as "The Hogan Slam. here we go brother" :P
Though not damaging as f,f+1+2 but its speed & oki-options afterwards make up
for it. Very Fast, comes out like a spark (3+4~2+4 should be done as fast as
possible so that you barely see the stance animation. The lesser you see it,
the better you're doing it) so not escaped much.  Once landed, opponent falls
in a tempting KND position close to Craig's feet. You can follow afterwards
with moves like d/b+4 stomp_b+1+2_d/f+3,d+1,2_d/f+2>1_Tackle etc depending
upon the situation (See POKES & MIXUPS for more). Only issue with it- short
range so make sure you're close to them. As it has a low escape rate, mix-it
up always with your pokes (Can be done, its really fast), throws etc to
suprise them from time to time.

3+4,1+3                                    1
Giant Choke Slam
The Choke Slam looks quite similar to Undertaker's. Speed & damage are same as
3+4~2+4 but very little or almost none wakeup games make it less special when
compared to 3+4~2+4 (A tackle or dash in f+2+4 will still catch them if they
try to roll away). OK for mixing up with the above throw sometimes but unlike
others it'll only keep you on the offense than granting some extra hits.

qcf+2+4                                    2
Power Slam
A very important throw to use. It was good & still is (The new command too
doesn't take too long to get used to). Can be used in any way you like such as
after advantage, SSing or blocking the moves which are safe or if you're going
for throws as such. After grabbing them with it, press 1+2 immidiately to
follow with a guaranteed mount plus follwups (Breakable).
Though its not recommended, you can leave out the mount part sometimes. This
way the throw will do extra 10 points of damage & opponent will be in some
good oki position for you to do a few extra hits from here like d/b+4,
d/f+3,d+1, d/f+2>1 etc. Whatever you like, I'd suggest your emphasis should
always be on mount than anything else coz a free mount is always better, much
better when your tackles are escaped a lot.

qcf+1+3                                    1
Northern Lights Suplex
Break with 1, rest things same as qcf+2+4. Very good for mixing with above
throw but given time & practice, you can always replace it with Jack Hammer
(f,hcf+1) for guaranteed 50 damage + oki.

f,hcf+1                                    1
Jack Hammer
The most damaging throw in Craig's arsenal (f,f+1+2 juggle damage & backthrows
not included). Shares the same command as of King's GS but doesn't share its
range & speed. It's little slower & range is short too (That of an average
throw only) however, it still has its reasons why you should think about it:-

* It does a guaranteed 50 points of damage which is not tech-rollable as in
  case of GS.

* Very good oki. Once landed, Craig remains close to his opponent facing his
  belly from the side. This is an advantageous position which you can exploit
  with a d/b+4 (Stomp), b+1+2, groundthrow, d/f+2>1, d/f+3,d+1 etc.

  NOTE:	Just as in the case of 2+4, a b+4 will beat anything they might try
        besides staying there or siderolling.

* Just as GS this throw can be buffered a lot too. Can be setup in many ways
  like- after some advantage like jabs, d/f+1+2, qcf+2, CH+1+2 (Yes, it can
  be done), d/f+3,1 etc.

Only gripe about this throw, it can come out when you don't want it to (The
qcf+1 bug), otherwise throw it out whenever you want to & it'll do its job.

qcb+1+2                                    1+2
Back Freaker
Painful throw that is self-explanatory by its name. Good range (More than
generic throws), good damage & since it doesn't require a dash, not easy to
break on reaction (Atleast not as much as f,f+1+2). Speed is OK & opponent's
positioning afterwards is sweet too, just as JH so follow with the same
options you had earlier. It doesn't has too much to say, just mix it up with
other  throws to reduce chances of getting predictable.

[F]+1+3  Air                               None
Gator Slam
His best airthrow in terms of oki. Marduk grabs their left ankle with his left
hand & slams them on the ground,leaving them in FCD position close to his
feet. Doesn't do too much damage but the wakeup games afterwards make up for
it. You have lots of setups from here (See POKES & MIXUPS for more) & you'll
be able to connect them almost everytime, thus, increasing the damage too.
Only thing that bugs is the fact that it can't be used in long combos plus the
'F' version too has less range than F+2+4, although they both look the same.

[F]+2+4  Air                               None
Olympus Screw
Was I saying something about 'range'? With this ender (F+2+4) you don't have
to worry about that. Weird angle juggles or the long ones can be finished with
this throw reliably, however, you won't get any oki afterwards as you did with
1+3. (You'll get some only if there's a wall on Craig's right as he'll throw
them into it. Damage will be increased by a few points too). Still, its a good
ender as it does the same damage as 1+3. Go for it if you doubt anything else.

f,f+1+2  Air                               None
Air Suplex
And this is the secret behind his damaging juggles. The most damaging ender of
all airthrows-also requires not terrible but good skills (That can be achieved
with practice) to land. Since its range is short & unlike other airthrows it
doesn't have any "Extended arm versions" you'll have to use it in juggles that
involve 3+4~3+4 to make it cover that extra distance & maximizing the damage.
Doesn't provide any oki options afterwards (Or it does...in a different way.
See POKES & MIXUPS again) so you can avoid it if you're not confident with it.
However, if you don't like guessing games then you'll have to incorporate it
in your juggles as its the only way to deal GUARANTEED, sick damage, atleast
in open areas.

1+3_2+4_f,f+1+2  Wall                      None
Angry Ape
What does it mean to be Berserk? Craig's new wall throw is a clear example of
this. Craig grabs them by their feet & slams to the wall like...whack!!
beating the crap out of them (Sorry for saying that). No other character has
options this easy at wall so there's no excuse why you should miss it. Looks
painful & does solid damage too (35). If that doesn't sound much combine it
with those juggles to see what it means. Opponent lies down near Craig's feet
at his mercy so you can say damage's not over yet. Overall, this is a throw
that's made Craig's wall option elite. Doing it is real easy too so you can
afford to miss it only if you messed your juggles or if something else's going
in your mind.

d/b+1+3_2+4     Ground                     1_2
Hercules Toss
Marduk grabs the opponent by the head/foot and launches them high into the
sky. Spectacular to watch but not terribly effective without a follow-up due
to low damage and one button escape. Some staple juggles after a groundthrow
u/f+3, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4
u/f+3, 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4
f+3,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2 
Opponent must be in KND/PLD/FCD/SLD for these throws to land. Setups, for
establishing them, are a lot. Sometimes they'll be guaranteed ( I mean throw
attempt will be guaranteed) & sometimes you'll have to guess (As an oki).
True, its a 50/50 game for both sides but if you land it once, the rewards
afterwards are worth the effort.

NOTE: These throws catch sideroll too.

d/b+1+3_2+4     Ground                     1_2
Rib Buster
Marduk grabs the opponent & kicks his/her belly from side. Looks very painful
but you'll be seeing it on limited occasions like:
After hitting them with SS+1+2 (When they get hit weirdly)
After hitting them with CH (WS+1),2
After a 2+4 Backthrow.
These are some setups, more can also be there. This is the only groundthrow
that doesn't require a juggle, does the damage itself.

d/b+1+3_2+4     Ground                     1_2
Body Blow
And this one leads to mount. It doesn't juggle & doesn't do any damage too...
oops, it does (Sorry for the mistake). Marduk grabs the opponent, delivers a
punch into the belly that does 12 pts of damage & mounts. MOUNT..? That means
they can break it again so its got 2 breaking points which makes it the most
undesired groundthrow in his repertoire, IMHO. However, there are a lot of
occasions when you'll get a chance to land it e.g.,
After a Jack-Hammer
After a f,f+1+2 juggle like: f,f+1+2, dash d/f+3,1+2 B! u/f+3+4,(Insert throw)
After a qcb+1+2
After a mount-1+3_1+2 etc
Note that throw attmept after these isn't guaranteed, its just a mixup. The
throw looks cool till he mounts but once they break the followups, its all
gets bitter again so just avoid it or pray they don't break it when you get a

Backthrows:   Coming Soon...

POKES & MIXUPS                                                  [ot_pkmi]

This section was created just for giving an idea about what options Craig has
when he's in advantage either by hitting them or by making them block
something. Sure, its just for start. You yourselves can get better ideas with
practice but in-case people wanna know where to start, they may have a look
here. It may help.

These are just a few mixups that you can try following after certain moves.
If I mentioned something as Guaranteed, it'll be shown here otherwise consider
everyting to be a guessing game.
They are combined in a logical order so that they create some confusion for
your opponents but putting just anything won't make any sense e.g.,
After a 1,2--> qcf+2 or qcf+1 is a good low-mid mixup but a d+3 or f+4 isn't
(No offense. It's just my opinion).

Lets start again...

 qcf+1+3_2+4, qcb+1+2 or any throw that works for u.(Only when their back
               is near walls)






 SLD 2=

 1+2 (Normal Hit)=


 f,f+1+2 or any throw.

 Throws( Only if their back is near walls)

 d+4    (If you're anticipating jabs or whatever.)
 d/f+1+2(If you're anticipating jabs, *Magic*4s or any high move)
 SSR, d/b+1+2 (If they attack stupidly, works most of the time.)

 Above mixups work for f+1+2 too but you need to know that both d+4 &
 f+1+2 do not provide any frames on hit so sometimes it won't be a bad
 idea to get back instead of attacking.

 d+4_d/f+1+2 (If they try retaliating with jabs)

 [d/f+3],1,2,f+1 (Blocked)=

 2_d+2   ( I generally emphasize not going for 2_d+2  because of frame
          advantage )

 u/f+3 (Blocked)=
 d+4_d/f+1+2 (If they try to throw jabs)
 u/f+3_u/f+4 (If they throw crouch jabs)

 WS+4 ( Uninterruptible )
 Another d,d/f+4
 cc qcf+2_cc 3+4~d+1+2
 Throws( Including qcf+1_2, qcb+1+2,JH)

 NOTE: In above throws you can replace qcf+1+3 with JH for
       guaranteed damage & more oki opportunities.

CH d,d/f+4=
 CC, d/b+4     (Guaranteed)
 cc, b+1+2     (Guaranteed)
 d,d/f+4       (Guaranteed)
 u/f+3+4       (Guaranteed)
 Groundthrow   ( Must be done quick, as soon as d,d/f+4 hits. Its
                 not 100% guaranteed. 2 possible ways in which they can
                 avoid it are:- Either rolling away OR breaking the
                 throws. Chances for avoiding the groundthrow by wakeup
                 kicks are also there, but possibility is less)
 d/f+3,d+1     ( If they try to get up in a panic.)
 3+4,1+2       ( If they try to roll away. You'll land a BT mount
                 most of the time.)
 dash f+2+4    ( If they try to roll away.)

 qcf+1_qcf+2   ( If they try to tech roll)
 d/b+3,1,1     ( Will hit them if they do anything besides tech roll)
 dash in u/f+3_3+4~d+1+2
 dash in + throws

 1+3 airthrow=
 d/f+3,d+1     (If they try to quickstand)
 b+1+2         (If they try to quickstand)
 b+4           (If they try to quickstand, rollaway, or throw kicks.
                Can be avoided only by siderolling)
 d/b+4         (Beats quickstand & wakeup kicks.Can only be siderolled
                or avoided via rolling away.)
 Ground throws (Can't be escaped by siderolling.)
 3+4,1+2       (You'd land a BT mount most of the time. Only if
                they try to roll away.)

 dash f+2+4    (Only if they try to roll away.)

 f,f+1+2 airthrow=
 d/b+3_d+4_f+4 (Will catch them most of the time if they try
                anything besides getting up quickly.e.g., sideroll,
                backroll etc.)
 d/b+1,WS+1,2  (Only if they try to quickstand. d/b+1 will float them for
                a mini-combo)

 3+4,1+2      (Only if they try to roll away.)
 b+1          (Unconfirmed, tried it against Asuka & worked for me.)
 d/f+3,d+1    (Only if Marduk's back is near walls.)
 dash f+2+4   (Only if they try to roll away.)
 d/b+4        (If throw is done when their back is close to walls.
               UNINTERRUPTIBLE but can be siderolled or avoided
               completely by rolling away)
 b+4          (If they try to quickstand, rollaway or throw wakeup kicks)

More coming soon...

COMBOS                                                          [ot_comb]

And this is the reason why players learn a character. Here are some juggles
that I know of. Not an exhaustive coverage but every juggle starter or stuns
have been mentioned with their sample combos. Juggles have been taken from
various forums, vids plus a few I know. More will be added soon as stuff
comes to my mind.

Right now, damages are mentioned for a few select juggles only. If there is a
highest damaging juggle or a staple one I know of, its been mentioned there.

For this section i'll mention 3+4~3+4 as VTSc so if you see a:
1,2,VTSc OR d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, it means---1,2,3+4~3+4 and d/f+3,1,2,3+4~3+4



Low PARRY (d/f)=
instant FC+1+2, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2      : MAX DAMAGE 
(Taken from Golden-Eggs latest low-parry
 juggle cmv)
d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2                : STAPLE
d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+3                         : STAPLE & OKI

= SSR f+3,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, b+1,2
= SSL f+3,2 B! d/f+3,d+1, b+1,2
= SSL f+3,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,f+1                     : STAPLE & OKI
= d/f+3,d+1,2 B! u/f+3+4                         : STAPLE & OKI
= d/f+3,1+2 B! u/f+3+4                           : OKI*
= SSR f+3,2 B! d/f+3,1, d+1                      : OKI
= dash d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc : Wall Carry
= dash d/f+3,d+1,2 B!, d/f+3,d+1                 : Wall Carry

= u/f+3, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2     
= f+3,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2               : STAPLE
= u/f+3, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4           : STAPLE
= u/f+3, 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4
= u/f+3+4 (When Marduk's back was near walls)    : OKI

= u/f+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2 
= 3+4~D/F+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2          : STAPLE
= u/f+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4 

= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2          : 78 STAPLE MAX DAMAGE
= d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4               : 69
= 1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4            : inconsistent
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc  : WALL CARRY
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2        : WALL CARRY
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! qcf+1,2          : WALL CARRY	
= 2,d+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc             : WALL CARRY
= 2,d+1+2, 1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! dash iWS+1,2     : WALL CARRY

= 1, d/f+3,1+2 B! u/f+3+4                        : STAPLE & OKI
= 1, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, b+1,2
= 1, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+2,1
= 1, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, b+1,2            : inconsistent
= d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,d+1, b+1+2
= d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, d+1                        : OKI

= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2          : 87 STAPLE MAX DAMAGE
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4               : 78 STAPLE
= 1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4            : inconsistent
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc  : WALL CARRY
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2        : WALL CARRY	
= 2,d+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc             : WALL CARRY

d/f+3,d+1 (When opponent is backturned)
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, b+1,2
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+2,1

CH 1+2
= d/f+1 launch & juggle of choice.
= f,f+2 (Near walls only)
= f,hcf+1 throw

= d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2             : 80 STAPLE MAX DAMAGE
= d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4
= d/f+4,2 B! d/b+3,1,1
= d/b+3,1,1 

NOTE: d/f+4,2 whiffs against small characters. Use
      the last juggle against them.

= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2          : 88 STAPLE MAX DAMAGE
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4               : 79 STAPLE
= 1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4            : inconsistent
= 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc  : WALL CARRY
= 2, d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2        : WALL CARRY	
= 2,d+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc             : WALL CARRY

d/b+1+2  (Sometimes you may need to SS left briefly
          after the launch to adjust angle for the
= u/f+3, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2      : MAX DAMAGE
= f+3,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= u/f+3, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4           : STAPLE
= u/f+3, 2, d/f+4,2 B! qcf+1,2 

When d/b+1+2 launches them awkwardly or from their
= f+3,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,f+1
= SSR, 1, d/f+3,1+2 B! u/f+3+4                   : EASy & OKI

CH f+3,2 B!
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1, f+1+3_2+4
= d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc, 1,2,VTSc             : WALL CARRY

CH 4
= f+2+4                                          
= f+1+3 (Works from slight angle)

CH (1,2),f+1
= Dash in db+1+3_2+4                                
= d/b+3,1,1
= db+4                                      
= uf+3+4                                    
= FC df+4                                   

CH WS 2 or VTS 2
= d/f+3,1+2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= d/f+3,1+2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4                : 76 & EASY
= d/f+3,d+1,2, B! d/b+3,1,1                  

b+1+2 (All the following moves will hit them only if they get hit by
       b+1+2 while standing or quickstanding from the ground)
= WS+3
= d,d/f+4
= Groundthrow

f+3+4 (If the opponent doesn't tech)
= Dash in, db+1+3_2+4                         
= Dash in, uf+3+4                            
= Dash in, d/b+4

CH u/f+3
= f,f+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2      : 102    
  (From Guc11's latest combo act)
= u/f+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2    : 96
= u/f+1+2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4

= Dash in Groundthrow
= Dash in d/b+4

CH (d/b+3),1
= d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2             : 80
= d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4

= quick stand d+3

= SLD 2   (Not guaranteed if they quickroll back or tech forward)
= SLD d+2 (Not guaranteed if they quickroll back. If they tech 
           forward you can still hit them with d+2)


CH FC df+4
= crouch cancel, db+4                        
= FC df+4                                    

= d/b+4                                     
= d/b+3,1,1

CH (d+2),4
= d/f+4,2, B! b+1,2
= d/b+3,1,1

=d/b+1+3_2+4  ( Breakable)                  
= d/b+4                                    

CH f+1+2
= Dash in b+1,2

CH f+2
= d/f+3,1, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4             : EASY & STAPLE
= 3+4~D/F+1+2, d/f+4,2, B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= d/f+4,2, B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc, f,f+1+2
= d/f+4,2  B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4
= db+1+3_2+4                                
= sidestep left, db+1+3_2+4                 
= db+4                                      


(f+2), 1 (First hit whiff)
= d/f+3,1, d/f+4,2, B! d/f+3,1, f+2+4            : EASY & STAPLE
= d/f+4,2, B! d/f+3,1, b+1,2

= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1,2,VTSc,f,f+1+2           : MAX DAMAGE
= 2, d/f+4,2 B! d/f+3,1, f+1+3_2+4               : EASY
Rest same as the ones starting from d/f+1.

CH (d/f+4),2
= Groundthrow
= d/b+4
= d/b+3,1,1

CH b+2
= d/b+3,1,1                                      : STAPLE
= u/f+3+4                                        : OKI

CH (WS_VTS+1),2        
= d/b+3,1,1                                      : 51
= SS, Groundthrow                                : STAPLE

= d/b+4 (Stomp)
= Groundthrow

CH d/b+2
= d/b+4 (Stomp)
= Groundthrow

Wall combos:
= d/f+4,2, B! d/f+2,1                            : STAPLE
= Wallthrow (1+3_2+4_f,f+1+2)                    : STAPLE
= d/f+3,1, Wallthrow
= 1,2, b+4
= 1,2,3

More coming soon...

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