Theresia: Diary Script

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Developer: WorkJam
Published: Aksys Games (US)
Platform:  Nintendo DS


                     T H E R E S I A : D I A R Y  S C R I P T
                              Version 1.0

Transcribed from the game and typed by threetimes. December 14th 2008.
Updated: January 6th 2009. Corrected a few typos.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no claim on the script in any way shape or form.
All I have done is type it out. The copyright belongs to WorkJam and Aksys

When you complete the game, there will be a new entry on the main menu page,
and you can choose to read the completed diary. This shows stills from the
game, and the journal entries are transformed into a chronological account of
events. This FAQ is meant for those people who might want to read the full

There are two stories: Dear Emile, and Dear Martel. To go direct to the second
one, type *DM into a search box.


1.  D E A R  E M I L E :  L O S T  T I M E  ...............................*DE

"Stop crying child."
"Child...You are now..."
"Child...My daughter."

I remember the moment when someone grabbed my leg and yanked me out of the
Suddenly, there was light! It was so bright...
As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw a woman with pale skin, drenched in
I still remember it clearly...The smell of blood, and my mother's face...

...That was when I was born.


I was born into a country at war. The war took my real parents when I was only
a year old...
A tiny creature that could barely speak...
A helpless child who couldn't do anything without her parents...
I was left buried under rubble in the ruins of a small town, waiting to die...
That was when the slight woman with pale skin dragged me out of the rubble.

She was...
...My mother, the head of the torture division for a mercenary unit, from the
enemy nation...Emile Theresia.

The village I lived in was under the control of the enemy nation,
and my mother belonged to the mercenary unit that had jurisdiction over my
The mercenaries had taught my mother the ways of torture her whole life.
She had no siblings, no friends. All she did, every day, was hurt people,
physically and emotionally.
That was the only life my mother, Emile, was given.
With none of the love or care a normal child might receive, my mother never
learned to feel pain when she tortured others.
Instead, she found that her wok gave her a certain kind of joy, despite her
young age.
Contrary to her young, frail appearance, she was so cold-blooded that people
began to call her the Devil.

When the rumor began to circulate that the Devil had brought home a child,
people were shocked.
"That brute adopted a child..."
"Has she lost her mind for real, now?"
"Well they do say every woman has maternal instincts..."

My mother took me to a church on the outskirts of the village, and officially
made me her daughter.
I remember the church...It was in the middle of a field, watched over by a
quiet priest with long hair.
My mother visited the church with me in her arms...
The priest said nothing, just looked at us, sadly.

"Please...Give that child a name."
"And please say a prayer..."
"Pray for the child's divine protection..."
...I remember that Mother's arms were very warm.

The church had a basement.
It was built long ago, before the priest was even born, as a prison for
It was more than a place to pay for your crimes; it was a place to pray.

Some sinners felt uncomfortable under the sun and went there of their own free
They would come to the church every day and pray for forgiveness.
Even though the subterranean prison was rank with the smell of blood, to the
sinners, it was  sanctuary.
But time passed. Eventually war came to our country, and the church fell under
enemy control...
The basement prison had become a military base, and its purpose had changed.

Mother gave me the name "Leanne".
Mother worked and lived as a torturer in the underground base.
Whenever she had time off work, Mother would come to the church to visit me.
She would stand in front of the altar with me in her arms...
...and stroke my head while she sang me to sleep with a strange lullaby.

A field with sparse red flowers...
The smell of dirt and flowers...
The soft wind...
The warm sunlight...
Bright lights...
The strange singing voice...

And the constant smell of blood that always followed my mother...
These were the things that made me feel safe when I was a child.
Whenever Mother visited me at the church, she never let me out of her sight.

To other people, it looked more like some kind of obsession than motherly love.
And in fact, as I matured...
Mother became more and more insistent that I never leave her side during her

As I grew older and learned to walk, Mother forbid me to come in contact with
other people. I wasn't allowed to go outside.
I could only speak to Mother.
"You are my daughter..."
"This bond is only for you and me."

Whenever Mother held me, I could smell the stench of blood all over her.
She spoke to me in a stern tone...
You must not speak with anyone other than me...
You must not leave your room when you are alone...
...Because you are my daughter.
Once she had made me promise, she gave me a key.

It was a strange key with the tip broken off.
...An oddly-shaped, bloodstained key that probably didn't work.
As she handed me the key, she looked me in the eye, and said...
"Keep this key with you."
"This is your key."
"From now on..."
"You will have no relationships with anyone except me..."

It was a symbol of my confinement.
I was very young, and only barely understood what Mother was saying.
But making the promise was easy...
Mother was everything to me.
As long as Mother was with me...That was all I needed.

When I turned seven, I began working for the priest.
It became my job to take care of the church's animals, and it was a job that
kept me away from other people.
Perhaps Mother had told the priest to make it that way.
Without any human contact, I came to love my job, because I was able to find
companionship with the animals.
When I started my job, a baby horse was born, and it was so cute that I took
special care of it.

She was a mare with red hair, and I named her "Emmy". I became very fond of
I used to sneak out of my room and visit Emmy, even when it wasn't time to
Emmy was a very smart horse, and I felt like she understood what I was saying
to her.
The red-haired mare that grew up with me...

(RED TEXT) I wonder what she's doing now...

As I grew up, Mother continued to visit me regularly.
She would check on any little thing I'd done, and I started to feel like she
was keeping watch over me.
And always...the smell of blood followed her...
I began to feel like the smell that followed her was seeping into my skin.
I used to be really scared of that smell.

It wouldn't go away...
I used to wash my hands, over and over, trying to get rid of it.
No matter how hard I washed, the smell of blood was always there.
But I couldn't stop...I went to the river every day, to wash my hands.

Perhaps because I was there every day...
A boy came up to me.

"Isn't this river pretty? It's cold, but it feels nice."
"You should chill fruits and drinks here..."
The boy's name was Sacha...
He was a war orphan around my age who also lived in the church.
I think Sacha took interest in me because of our shared past...
After that day at the river, he would talk to me every time he saw me.
However, I did my best to comply with Mother's wishes, and did my best to avoid

Around that time, a whole bunch of red flowers suddenly bloomed in the fields
surrounding the church.
The flowers were beautiful, but something about their color made me think of
They reminded me of Mother.
I was desperate for a different color of flower...

...So much that I began digging holes and attempting to plant other types of
I think that I was trying to put another color in that red field.
...If the red flowers were my mother, I wanted my own presence there as well...

And still, Mother regularly visited the church to spend time with me.
I began to notice that every time Mother would visit me, the priest seemed to
be afraid of her.
Although, I suppose it would be only natural to be sacred of a woman like my

But I also began to notice that...
Mother was scared of the priest, too, but in a very different way...
Maybe Mother saw...something...divine in him that frightened her.
Whatever it was, I couldn't see it.
Mother, surrounded by the red flowers, was nothing but beautiful.
I always felt that there was something about her that just sucked me in.

Mother took me to the field a lot...
We never did much, just sat and looked at the red flowers.
She didn't smile much, and when she talked to me, her voice was always a little

To me...

...The smell of blood that her job left lingering on her skin...
...The lullaby she'd sung to me as a child...
...The expansive fields of red flowers surrounding the church...
...All of these things were aspects of my mother.

I turned ten.
I was living a pious life. The church was poor, so we didn't have much food.
In the middle of the night, when there was no one around, I would sit in front
of the altar and pray for other people's happiness.
Sacha began talking to me even more frequently.
I did my best to obey Mother, and stay away from him, but...
Sacha continued to try to talk to me.

Even when I was taking care of the animals, Sacha would often show up.
I couldn't understand.
Why did he take such an interest in me? felt kind of nice...
I started to think that maybe, deep down, I did want to get to know other
Sacha knew that I wasn't allowed to come into contact with people besides
We knew nothing good would happen if people saw us talking.
Sacha had told me so...
Because we couldn't talk much, Sacha started to write letters and bring them to

He would hide his letters in the mountain of hay near the animals. and I would
hide my reply in the same place.
We had many long conversations this way.
Since I was forbidden to go outside, Sacha would tell me about the world beyond
the church.

I started to feel like I was slowly falling for him.
He was the one person besides my mother who would talk to me...

"I'll put the letter in our usual place..."
"I'll put my letter here tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after
"Since you can't see the world..."
"I'll tell you what happens."

(RED TEXT) Sacha...

The day I turned 12...
The war finally came to an end.
My country had lost the war.
Our enemy had developed a new kind of weapon to end the war.
The weapon they had created to end the war was called "Epicari".
It was a powerful biological weapon that infected its victims with a disease
created in a lab.
After the war, many people in my village began to behave oddly, their behavior
getting worse and worse until they finally committed suicide.

Behind the strange behavior and suicides was the bio-weapon "Epicari'.
Those infected would first begin to behave very strangely, and then eventually
lose their memory.
Different people would be affected differently by the virus...
Some would fear a certain color...
Some would roll up in a corner and groan...
Whatever they did, it got worse over time, with some villagers killing animals,
or even other people, but infection always ended with suicide.
You couldn't see anything physically wrong, but...
After death, the skin of the corpses would turn a bright, beautiful purple.
The purple skin told us that corpses were spreading the virus.

The purple corpses had to be burnt as soon as possible, to keep the virus from
The villagers began to gather the corpses and the infected together, into one
...The church on the outskirts of the village...The church where I lived.
As the corpses began to turn purple, they were burned quickly, without any
The people burning the bodies wore thick protective suits to keep from getting
...And everyone else was told to stay away from the corpses.
But I couldn't stand it.
I ignored the warnings and offered up my prayers for the dead.

(RED TEXT) All I can do is pray...

Epicari spread like wildfire, and the death toll continued to rise.
Pretty soon, strange people in lab coats were visiting the church more and more

A lady with black hair named Maylee was the head doctor.
She was always in control, ordering the doctors around, and treating the
infected patients.
But I also saw her burn the bodies of the dead without hesitation.
After Maylee's arrival, the spread of the virus finally slowed down.
I heard people saying that a treatment had been developed for Epicari.

Eventually, the church became the base for Maylee's research, and I often saw
her stay there overnight.
I noticed Maylee watching me as I prayed for the corpses that were waiting to
be burned.

"...It's okay now..."
"There is a medicine that can defeat the purple virus."
"I'm Maylee..."
"...I'm a doctor."

Maylee appeared to have taken an interest in me.
It wasn't like she took time to talk to me or anything...
But every time we saw each other, I could feel her watching me.
After several days of this...
It was like any other visit Mother had made...
That day, the plan was for Mother to spend the night at the church, and head
for work the next day.
Whenever Mother was at the church, she would never leave my side.
But, that night...I woke up, and Mother wasn't there.
I was really worried...
And I got up to wander the halls of the church , looking for Mother.

(RED TEXT) Mother... Mother...
Where are you...?

Just then, I heard something moving nearby.
I don't know why, but the sound caught my attention...and I walked slowly
toward the noise...
It was coming from the storage room.
When I opened the door, I couldn't help but give a small scream.
Hundreds of small red beads covered the walls of the room, crawling about like
I was terrified...
But something about them attracted me, and I froze. room...?
The red beads...are moving...
I wanted to run, but I couldn't move. My body refused to respond. I felt like I
was paralyzed.

"...What are you doing out at this hour?"
That voice tore me out of my paralysis.
I turned around...

Maylee was staring at me.
"They seem to have crawled out of the bottle again."
"...Did they startle you? They get out a lot."
"...Oh, I'm talking about these red creatures."
"They are called..."
"But, never mind that. What are you doing out so late...?"
"Having trouble sleeping...?"

Before I knew it, I was running away as fast as I could.
I don't know why.
I felt like I'd seen something I really wasn't supposed to see...Anywhere was
better than that room.
I never saw "Theresia" again...
...And the spread of the Epicari virus was brought under control, although it
wasn't stopped.

Time passed...
I turned 16.
Mother's attitude never changed.
When she came to visit me, she wouldn't let me leave her side.
She was aloof, and didn't talk much. And she always smelled of blood...
I was still forbidden to meet other people.
Finally, one day, Sacha nervously confessed his feelings for me.

"I'm...I'm in love with you."
"I always have been..."
"I've always loved you."
He confessed his "love" towards me.
Sacha bit his lip as he told me how he felt.
But I didn't know what to say to him.
I liked Sacha too. I wanted to be with him forever.
...That was how I felt.
Is that "love"...?

Does Mother, who never smiles at me, love me...?
I was confused.
Mother's words rang through my head...

(RED TEXT) ...I forbid you to talk to strangers.

"How do you feel about me..."
"What am I to you..."

Sacha kept talking...I still hadn't replied...
He asked me to come and see the world.
But Mother had forbidden me to ever go outside...
...And the world outside scared me.
Still, a part of me wanted to know what was out there...
...And that part was getting harder to ignore...
Finally, one sunny day...

As usual, Sacha was trying to get me outside. For whatever reason, my resolve
wavered, and I took a step toward him, and the outside world.
At that moment, out of the corner of my eye...
I saw Mother...

...And she saw us.
I broke into a cold sweat as I tried to hold back the fear and guilt I suddenly
Mother had a knife in her hand...
...And was walking calmly toward Sacha.

A friar noticed Mother with the knife, and moved to stop her...
...But without hesitation, and almost without looking, her hand moved like
...And her blade dug itself deep into the chest of the friar.

Some soldiers heard the commotion, and ran over to seize Mother...
They picked up the friar and rushed him to the hospital...
But the knife had gone too deep...He had died before he hit the floor.

I was in a daze. I barely remember going back to my room.
I sat in my room, frozen, my mind struggling to make sense of what I'd seen, of
my emotions.
I tried to move my body, but it wouldn't respond.

(RED TEXT) Was Mother a murderer?

I didn't want to see anyone.
Mother's face, covered in blood...

(RED TEXT) The image won't...go away.
Blood...there was so much blood...
Blood all over Mother's

I was used to the smell of blood...
And I knew that Mother was a torturer...
But I'd never actually seen her kill someone before...
I felt like I was about to go crazy.

She...killed someone...
Just like that...

(RED TEXT) Mother is a murderer.

The moment Mother killed that man...
I couldn't get that image out of my head.

After that incident, Mother was forbidden to leave her base.
She stopped visiting the church.
I was scared to see Mother, so when I heard she won't be coming to the church
anymore, I was relieved.
But that day...
The stench of blood and the scream of a dying man...The dark, red blood
covering Mother's face...
...That moment in time was ingrained in my memory...

I couldn't do my job, and locked myself in my room for a while.
A couple days later, Maylee came to visit me.
She took me out into the fields surrounding the church. The red flowers were in
full bloom.

It was the same place Mother and I had visited so many times when I was young.
The smell of the flowers...
...The smell of blood that followed my mother...Memories of my childhood rushed
And along with them, the memory of my mother murdering someone...
Maylee spoke...

"Well, I think everyone..."
"...only cares about their own lives."
"Your mother..."
"She's not the 'murderer' you think she is."
I wasn't sure if Maylee said that to make me feel better...
...Or if she really meant it.

Whatever the case, every time I saw the red fields, I thought of Mother.
She never let me out of her sight when she came to the church.
She always held my hand and kept me next to her.
And I desperately tried to live up to her expectations.
The smell of blood and her cold hands.
She never smiled, and she had such long silver hair..
Those memories were engraved in my heart.
Maylee saw me, engrossed in my thoughts, and muttered...

"Martel Theresia..."
"You remind me of her..."

About a year had gone by...
When suddenly the Epicari virus began to spread again.
Stockpiles of the treatment were nearly depleted when the outbreak occurred.
The results were devastating.
The infected turned hostile, some turning on the healthy, some just killing
each other.
They were put in chains, and kept under tight surveillance.
Even with such extreme measures, the spread of the virus could not be
contained. It was decided that the village and church would have to be
The survivors would be relocated to an underground facility the troops had used
as a base.
The villagers said it had been used for torturing. It was a cold, dark place,
that reeked of blood.

(RED TEXT) Mother...

Mother was there.
When they told me where we'd be going, I heard Mother singing her lullaby in
the back of my mind.

I was going to see Mother for the first time since she had murdered the friar.
...I was scared to see her.
I knew she would lock me up again. I would smell like blood again.
And... a murderer.
I wanted to be free from the smell of blood.
Mother...probably doesn't love me.
I don't remember ever seeing Mother smile.

I'd spent a year thinking about all of this after Mother left.
But if I relocate with everyone else, I'll see Mother again...
Should I...leave the surviving infected people in the village...
...And go see Mother?

"If you stay here, you will be killed."
"You must come with us..."
"Let's go..."
" where your mother is."

The day I as to move underground...
...Sacha took my hand, and asked if I wanted to run away with him.
Run away from the mercenaries.
Emile is underground.
She's a murderer...And I know she will just lock me up again...
Sacha looked very serious.
But there was something about his eyes...
...They had the color of "hope".
I wanted to free myself from Mother.
I wanted to be with Sacha forever.
But I...

(RED TEXT) I wanted to see Mother.

Without hesitation, I took my hand away from Sacha.
Since the day I saw Mother murder the friar...
I wanted to be free from the smell of blood.
But the smell of blood had seeped into my heart...
The smell of blood that followed Mother had become even stronger.

(RED TEXT) Ahh...Mother...
I want to see you.
I want to see Mother again.
I'm going to see her.
I'm going to get to see her again.

Mother was torturing prisoners in the dim prison underground.
On the day I went underground...
I frantically asked Maylee to take me to Mother.
Without hesitation, Maylee agreed, and took me to see my mother.
The minute Mother saw me...
She took my arm firmly, and led me off down a hall.
She took me to the depths of the prison, where it reeked of blood.
She took me to the cells where the prisoners were kept.
Mother threw me into one of the cells...
...and chained me to the wall, just like the other prisoners.

I didn't have the urge to resist.
Instead I found myself filled with happiness.
Mother's chains...

(RED TEXT) Mother's smell...
Don't ever...
...Let me out of these chains.
I want to be in this cell forever...

(RED TEXT) I want to be with Mother forever.

That was how my life in prison began.
I didn't do anything.
I was just chained to the wall.
I could hear people groaning.
...I could hear Mother torturing people...


The sound of blood dripping...The sound of the flesh being cut...The sound of
gouging cutting, tearing...
The pain...the madness...
It was so comforting...
In my memory, Mother is creating all the sounds, and is turning them into
something beautiful.

I stay in the cell for a very long time.
The smell of the stones and the raw smell of blood and skin. The sound of water
and the groaning...
Everything reminded me of Mother.
It was very comforting...
To me, this cell felt like my mother's womb.

Maylee continued her research on the treatment even after she was relocated
I overheard her say that something was needed to replicate it...
A specific strand of DNA was needed to create the cure.

In between periods of intense research, Maylee visited the prison.
She would come and look at me, chained like the other prisoners.
She stared at if I reminded her of the woman whose...
...Whose DNA was in the cure.
There was always something melancholy about Maylee's expression.
I remember her face clearly.

I lived in the prison for almost a year.
One morning, I learned that the priest had been infected with Epicari, and
passed away.
He had refused to take one of the few remaining doses of medicine.
The priest had apparently been afraid of the medicine...
Or so I heard...

The medicine's name was "Theresia".
It was made by combining a specific microscopic organism with a unique DNA

The red beads I'd seen in the storage room at the church...
That was Vaccine Theresia.
Many people had hesitated after seeing the cure for the first time, but they
eventually took it.
The priest had adamantly refused...
I heard he acted out of fear of God.

Even as his condition deteriorated, the patient refused treatment.
Eventually he succumbed to the virus and took his own life.

Research into new ways to fight the virus could not keep up with the speed at
which it spread.
Eventually, the Epicari virus spread to the underground facility...
Once again, the death toll began to rise.
The mercenaries in charge of our village decided to abandon the underground
facility, and go back to their homeland.
As citizens of the country that had lost the war, my people were to be
abandoned and murdered.
It started in the early morning.

People ran for their lives, but the soldiers caught and killed them.
The underground facility was in chaos.
Bloody corpses began to pile up in the gray hallways.
I knew it was only a matter of time before I was killed as well.

(RED TEXT) But it didn't matter...
If I could die in Mother's womb...

I sat, chained to the wall, waiting for my turn to die.
At that moment, my cell door opened and someone ran in.
I opened my eyes and saw Sacha.

He had a key, and he was trying to take the chain off my arms.
"You have to run away."
"Run! You have to make it! I'll get this chain off, and we'll go..."
Sacha had snuck into the prison to rescue me.

(RED TEXT) No. Don't take off my chains.
I've decided to die in Mother's womb.

I told Sacha I wouldn't leave.
I knew that soon, we would both be killed.
Rather than leave Mother...
...I chose to face my death then and there.
Sacha ignored me, and kept working on my chains.
A shrill sound pierced the air.
I mumbled her name and Sacha spun around...
Somehow he'd found a gun, which he was pointing at Mother.

She just stared at him.
Her eyes were the same as the day she had killed the friar. The eyes of a
Sacha was shaking like a leaf, but he kept his gun pointed at Mother.
"I won't let you kill her... I won't let you kill her..."
"She's coming with me..."
I could see tears on Sacha's face, but he didn't back down.

Mother walked slowly toward Sacha. He stood, frozen.
Finally, she reached Sacha.
...And warmly embraced him.

Mother took the gun from Sacha's hands...
...and pressed it to his head.
She started to sing her lullaby...The lullaby she used to sing to me, when I
was a child.
I couldn't look away.
Sacha was captivated by Mother. He had stopped shaking in her arms.
Mother smiled...

...and pulled the trigger.
Yes...Mother smiled.
The smile I thought I'd never seen.
But Mother had always smiled when she sang this lullaby to me.

Mother held Sacha's limp, lifeless body, and continued singing her lullaby.
Blood, brains, and skull fragments dripped down the cell wall...
Mother kept humming her lullaby.

(RED TEXT) How comforting...

As I watched her sing, I felt warm and at peace.

Emile Theresia...
I didn't need anyone else. She was everything to me...
I was waiting for my time to come...
But Mother...

(RED TEXT) ...Did not allow me to die.

"Emile Theresia betrayed us!"
"She murdered one of us...She's protecting an enemy child!"
"That devil...At last we see her true colors!"

Mother stood in front of me, and began to kill her comrades, one after another.
If I went too far away from her, she would grab my hand and pull me back
behind her...
...And tell me not to leave.
She walked across the corpses of her former comrades...
...Always in front of me.

(RED TEXT) Mother's back...

"Kill the Devil! Kill her!"
"Attack her daughter!"
Mother couldn't be stopped. Anyone who got in her way was struck down. Bodies
fell around her like rain.
Oh Mother... She was protecting me.
She was telling me to live.

(RED TEXT) As long as I'm alive...
...I won't let you die.
We will live together...
...As long as I'm alive.

Mother had become a traitor. We went deep into the underground facility and
However, if the mercenaries decided to mount a search for us, Mother knew it
would be difficult to hide.
It was Maylee who gave us a chance.
...A chance to get away.

Maylee had somehow become rather attached to us...
...I could see it in her eyes.
"I'll hide you in my lab until they leave."
"With the disease spreading, I don't think they'll stay around here for very
"This is my way of saying thanks."
Maylee had told me that she'd been able to develop a new batch of Vaccine
And that she was helping us out because we'd helped her...
But at the time, I didn't understand what she was thanking us for...

...Just as Maylee had predicted, the mercenaries soon left my country and went
back to their homeland.
Before long, the doctors started to leave as well.
It was decided that Mother and I would be left in the underground facility.
As Maylee was leaving, I asked her...
Did me...this whole time...?
She gave me an odd look, and said...

"...Love? Why would you say that?"
"That's a vulgar word..."
That was what Maylee told me...
...But she let me stay in the blood-drenched underground prison, with my
Before she left, Maylee showed me something.
It was the red creatures...Vaccine Theresia.

"...I wanted to give this to you."
"This was created from the DNA of a special girl."
"It was named after that girl."
"I think it's a coincidence...But she has the same last name as your mother."
"And the medicine I have here, the new Vaccine Theresia..."
"...Do you understand?"

"This is your mother."

The new Vaccine Theresia...
It was generated from Mother's DNA... Emile Theresia...
That was when I understood.
The squirming red beads... When I first saw them, they reminded me of Mother.
After everyone left...
Mother and I were alone in the underground facility.
In the silence of the abandoned prison, Mother began to lay her traps.
Mother... She only knew how to show her love through violence...
Her only desire was to keep me by her side, forever...
She worries that I might try and leave her some day...
...And she would rather I die than leave her.
She gives me scars and pain to make sure I won't forget...
That is the only way she can show her love to me...

(RED TEXT) That is what I want to think...

I don't know how long we've been here, together in the comforting silence.
I just sit here...holding the pendant with a broken key.
...A long time ago, one of the mercenaries in Mother's unit told me about the
This key...
This was the key to the cell of a prisoner your mother was torturing before she
came here...
The key started to turn red from the blood of the prisoner...
The key broke at the same time the prisoner died.
That was the first time she had seen someone die.
Ever since then...Mother kept the broken key.
Is that dead prisoner still tied to the chains in the cell that will never
again open?
That bloody key is my hands.

But Mother has been gone for a long time...

(RED TEXT) Mother, where did you go...?
You promised me you will be with me forever...
I'm beginning to lose my memories.

I don't want to forget.
From the day she found me...
...Mother always loved me...
I don't want to forget that.

...I see my mother everywhere here.
This red, wriggling creature... There's no trace of my mother in it.
However this red bead... definitely Mother.
I took the red beads Maylee had given me...

...the Vaccine Theresia...And I injected them into my body.
This is all I have left of my beloved mother...
..."Emile Theresia"
This is Mother...
Even if I lose all my memory...
I will never forget her.

(RED TEXT) Now, it's time to sleep...
...In this place that smells of blood...
In this place that is as comforting as my mother's arms...In this place...


2. D E A R  M A R T E L : T I M E S  P A S T .............................*DM



When I saw my little sister for the first time in ten years...I acted like an
But she welcomed me kindly, with a warm smile.
It was a small, nameless orphanage hidden in the depths of the mountains of a
country at war.
I'd come back for the first time in ten years.


When I was a child...I lived in a rural town with my mother and stepfather.
...Until one day, without warning my stepfather suddenly left.
Soon after his departure, my mother died in childbirth.
The child was a girl.
With nothing else to do, I took her to the orphanage my grandfather ran.
He welcomed us with open arms, and promised us a peaceful life.
The orphanage wasn't luxurious, but it had everything we needed.
The only thing it couldn't satisfy was my own lust for knowledge.
After several years at the orphanage, I was adopted by an old couple, and left
my sister behind.
Under the watchful eye of my cold adoptive parents, I studied and read like my
life depended on it.
By the time I was twenty, I was lecturing at a prestigious medical school and
researching new medications.
One day, I received a letter from my little sister.
Our grandfather had died suddenly, leaving the orphanage in a state of utter
I decided to drop everything, and go back to the orphanage.
I had a few commitments, but nothing I was very attached to.
I had gotten bored with my life, and I did feel bad for walking out on my
sister ten years before.

"I apologize for everything."

Even after I apologized, I still couldn't look my sister, Martel, in the eye,
but she just smiled.
As she sat down, she picked up a small box and opened it.
It was a music box.
She gave me another warm smile, and began to speak.

"Do you remember this music box?"
"When I was a little girl, you gave it to me..."
"I was so happy. I listened to it every day."
"I still treasure it..."

I'd given it to Martel as a birthday present when I left the orphanage.
To be honest, I'd totally forgotten about it, but I pretended to be excited
that she'd remembered.
Martel just looked at me and smiled. She looked so happy...

I ended up taking my grandfather's place at the orphanage.
The orphanage also cared for sick children, and to that end there was a
hospital connected to it.
My grandfather had been a religious man, and had renovated a church to create
the hospital.

We continued his tradition of daily prayer. Martel sang the gospel...and
everyone prayed as she sang.
No matter how many times I saw her sing, I was always in awe.
In the ten years we'd been apart, my sister had become a beautiful woman.
Until I'd come to the orphanage, I had always called Martel by her father's
family name...
I hated my stepfather.
As a child, I refused to accept that I was related to her, his offspring.
I made a point not to use her name.
Eventually, it just became second nature to me...To me, her real name didn't
even exist.
But when I came back to the orphanage and called her "Martel" for the first
time, she looked very happy.
I'd always thought that names didn't mean that much...
But when I saw the joy on her face, I began to feel pretty bad...

Eventually, the orphanage began to function normally again.
I stayed on as the director, and resumed my medical research.
After all, there were many children at the orphanage with incurable diseases...
I learned that a woman named Maylee was also doing research at the hospital...
We began working together, researching new medications.

I found we worked well together. Usually, I don't get along with other
But, when I was with her...I felt strangely at ease...
I discovered we both loved to drink, and we spent many nights doing so.
Maylee was a strange woman...
She would tell me that plants and trees get lonely too, and would give my
plants alcohol instead of water.
I'd often been told I was weird; different from other people...
...But I felt like I could relate to her.

Our medicine would save the world.
...That wild dream was the subject of many conversations.
Since I'd come to the orphanage...
She was the first person I could laugh with...
But she wasn't the first person that I had considered a friend.
I had trusted one person before I came to the orphanage: a doctor named Franz.
When I heard that he didn't have a job, I decided to invite him to come and
work at the orphanage hospital.

He gladly accepted, and within a month he was working at the orphanage.
Franz had been raised in the city, and had mentioned many times that he would
like to live in the country.
In addition to being my friend, he was a talented doctor. I was happy to have
him on staff.
"Now we can drink together again."

He grinned, and then turned to the greet the children.
I was happier in the orphanage than I had ever been before.
I learned with the children...Played with the children...And spent all my time
with them.
Sick children were healed, and left the orphanage with new parents.
Maylee, Franz myself, and the rest of the staff all became friends.
It was the first time I'd felt such warmth and joy.
I wondered...was this "family"?

Martel always carried a bundle of bells with her.
She told me the children had given them to her as a gift.
Martel would ring her bells to get the children's attention...
When it was time for food... When it was time for prayer... When it was bath
When the children heard the bells they would flock to Martel.
The sound of the bell ringing always put my soul at ease.

One particular morning, her bells rang throughout the orphanage.
When one of the children had a birthday, we would always have a big birthday
That day was Jean's birthday. The party would be in the garden between the
orphanage and the hospital.
The staff and all of the children gave Jean their presents.
I'd got Jean a stuffed fox with droopy ears.
It was Martel's idea, but Jean really liked the stuffed animal.

He looked up at me with a smile as he gave the fox a hug.
Jean was a little shy, and had trouble interacting with others.
I could relate to his situation, and I was often looking out for him...
I tried not to show favoritism, but I cared for him a great deal.

It made me happy to know that he loved my gift so much.
Jean had suffered from a disease that had affected his foot, and as such hadn't
been able to walk.
However, Franz had operated on his foot and Jean was slowly regaining mobility.
Martel often helped Jean with his rehabilitation.
After he finished a day's session, Martel would read him a story from the
rocking chair in the play room.
Jean looked forward to that story time every day, and when I had time, I came
by to listen to the stories.
Not long before, Jean had been unable to walk, but that day he walked into his
birthday party.

Martel said she wanted to give him flowers.
...So she picked some flowers from the garden that had grown under her window.
We didn't even know when they started to grow.
Strange red flowers that weren't even in the encyclopedia.
One day, the nameless flowers bloomed.
...And within days, they had spread all across the garden.
I don't know why, but as she gathered the flowers, Martel looked almost

I wondered how long these happy days would last...
I sat, staring off into space...Dreaming of a future in that wonderful place.
However, the warm season passed...
...And as the leaves changed color, so, too, did the children change...

(RED TEXT) I had finally found a place where I belonged.

He loved to sing...and he was right handed.
...But one day I noticed he had started eating with his left hand.
And not only that...
...He didn't seem to be using his right hand for anything anymore.
I figured he must be having some emotional problems.
Maylee had some background in counselling, but her attempts to talk to him
revealed nothing.
Every time I see him, he's singing the same song...
It was a song his brother taught him before he died...It meant something
special to him.

He refused to talk about his hand.
When we tried to press the issue, he would start humming something.
We couldn't figure out what it meant...
His strange behaviour worsened.

If we touched his hand he would cringe in fear...
...and attack whoever touched him.
We continued counselling but soon he couldn't even speak properly.
One morning after his counselling session...

He tried to cut off his right hand and died from blood loss.
We still had no idea why...
The children who had shared his room buried him.
It may have been difficult for them, but that was our tradition.

As I watched them lay him in the ground, I felt a sadness greater than any I'd
felt before.
However...I had no time to mourn his passing.
Soon afterward, several other children began to behave strangely.
Some stopped breathing because they found it annoying...
Some closed up every hole they had on their bodies...
Some went crazy any time they saw anything blue...
All the new cases were former roommates of the boy with the strange right hand.
Before long,.they had all become self-destructive.
We desperately tried to stop them...

(RED TEXT) We had to protect them.

We weren't quite trying to save them...
Maybe we didn't want to jeopardize what we had fought for.
But just like the first boy...
Their behaviour got worse...and they died.

It was a virus.
When we investigated the deaths, it became clear that the medicine Maylee had
created was responsible.
Some time before, several children had come down with a serious fever.
It was a contagious disease, and many of the children were infected.
Maylee engineered a treatment to stop the disease.
She successfully suppressed the disease in several children.
However, over time the children's bodies began to reject the treatment, and we
stopped using it.

The boy with the strange hand had been one of those children.
I felt terrible.
Because of our treatment...He had gone crazy and killed himself.
Had the medicine we created taken the lives of my "family"?

(RED TEXT) Was it all my fault..?

"I have no intention of blaming you."
"...Let's just find a solution."
"There's no reason to point fingers at anyone...right?"
Even after such a tragedy, Maylee kept her cool.
I was sure she felt a fair amount of guilt too.
...But she never stopped her research on the virus.
She said she couldn't afford any more sacrifices.

Maybe I relied on her strength too much.
After that, I visited Maylee's room every night.
A woman who can share the guilt...
She was my salvation.
I yearned for Maylee's body. I wanted her to ease the pain.
She didn't reject me.
The warmth of her body put me at ease, and I think...that she felt the same
The feeling of my skin against hers...It helped us forget.

"Don't you think love is a stupid concept?"
"It's just your body trying to pass on its genetic material."
"It's a scam your brain is pulling on you..."
"If you think about it...the same goes for murder, right?"

More children contracted the disease.
We named the virus "Epicari" and continued our research.
If we could eradicate the virus, we could bring back those wonderful days.
...And rid ourselves of guilt.
Sadly, things would only get worse.

The infected became more unstable and began to lose their memories.
When someone with Epicari died, their skin turned purple.
Once the corpse is purple, the virus spreads.
Epicari travels by corpse.
We learned that burning the corpses would kill the virus.

(RED TEXT) It was an evil virus.

There were new cases every day.
Those infected started to become hostile toward people around them.
We were forced to lock up the infected patients.
Once death was verified, corpses were burned once they turned purple.

I always hesitated, but Maylee never did.
The children I'd read to... The children I'd encouraged... The children I'd
Maylee would talk to me as we watched the flames...
"The dignity of the dead or our lives. Which do you think is more important?"
"Beautiful things are ugly, and ugly things are beautiful."
"We are fools and saints."

(RED TEXT) Jean got infected.

He had finally completed his rehabilitation, and was walking like a normal boy.
Jean's future had just begun. He'd triumphed over hardship.
Jean spoke to me...
...As if he'd gone mad.

(RED TEXT) Help me...

The situation was beyond our control. We sent some of our staff to the
government to get help.
The orphanage was in an uproar.
We had to calm the unaffected children even as we tried to create a new
I...had to protect the family that I had worked so hard to get...The family
that I loved...
I think I had a harder time dealing with the situation than the others.
Things were only going to get worse.
It was around that time that Franz started hiding his face.
He started wearing a mask even when he wasn't in the operating room...
He'd always had perfect eyesight, but he started to wear glasses.
If we questioned him, he said he was OK, and went back to treating patients and
researching the virus.
Other than the glasses and the mask, he acted like he always had.
Franz was a very intelligent man. If he was infected, I knew he would have the
presence of mind to diagnose himself.
Everything was okay. He was fine. I had to focus on finding a cure.
I was so naive...I refused to see the dark future that lay ahead.

(RED TEXT) Jean...

Jean didn't make it.
He died in his cell, hugging the stuffed animal I'd given him.
We didn't notice that he'd died.
We didn't notice that he was dead until his skin turned purple...
I could almost see the virus oozing out of his body.
It was too dangerous to go near Jean. We had to leave him there.
As we tried to decide what to do with him, Martel appeared.
Her face was blank as she walked silently past us.

(RED TEXT) She shone with the power of God.

"You're alright now..."
"You're alright..."

Despite our protests, Martel picked up Jean's body and smiled at him.
She buried his corpse by herself.
Even though his corpse was infected...She buried him herself.
I couldn't do it. I was too scared. I was a coward. All I could do was pray...

(RED TEXT) Please protect her, Lord.

The Epicari virus...That hideous purple thing...
I finally made a breakthrough in our search for a cure...
We determined that the most effective form of gene therapy was to use a microbe
called "Scylla."

It was an unsettling swarm of microbes that could insert DNA into human cells.
Scylla crawls into the body and eliminated the Epicari virus.
Our Scylla treatment worked.
It wasn't perfect...but...

...When we administered it to the children, they calmed down and slept
However, it was only a temporary solution...not a cure.
Scylla only suppressed the virus.
We returned to our search for a true cure.

It was around that time that Franz began to cover his entire face in gauze.
He'd often told me that he hated how he looked.
One of the symptoms of Epicari was the exacerbation of personal issues.
However, we'd assumed that the virus only affected children, since their bodies
hadn't yet matured.
Franz insisted he was fine, and refused the Scylla treatment.
I never doubted him.
I was too scared to doubt him.

Some days later...Government troops arrived.
We'd asked the government for help.
...But their "help" had been rather long in coming.
As it turned out, "help" was not what they were there to do.

They arrived at the orphanage in gas masks and Hazmat suits, ready to examine
I wondered what their intentions were?
They weren't doctors.
They handled the children roughly, like soldiers.

Once they had finished...
...They brought in construction equipment and erected a fence.
They planed stone pillars and strung wire to make a fence.
The fence encircled the orphanage, trapping us inside.
They had quarantined us to prevent the spread of the virus...
I was locked inside with the virus.
What was I supposed to wait for?
They said "We promise we'll be back to save you" before they ran away.

The virus got stronger.
We discovered it could infect adults, too.
There was less of a delay between infection and the onset of hostile behavior.
The death toll rose sharply.
Hostile patients started to a attack nearby people...
...They killed several uninfected people.
We had no choice but to increase our security measures.
We were exhausted.

Through all of it, Franz continued with his research into the treatment that
had created the Epicari virus.
His behavior had become increasingly strange, and one night I saw him...He was
wearing an odd mask...
He was carrying an ax as he walked in and out of the building where the
original treatment was stored.

(RED TEXT) He was clearly infected.

...But I couldn't do anything.
We'd been friends for over ten years...Had I lost Franz now, too?
Could I shut him in with the others and watch him go insane and die?
No, I couldn't. I couldn't do that. I didn't let Maylee or the other staff
members lock him away.

"What are you looking at..."
"Don't tell me..."You think I'm infected."
"No, of course not..."

A few days later, Franz disappeared.
The Scylla treatment was no longer effective. Nearly everyone at the orphanage
was showing abnormal behavior.
The people burning the corpses were infected themselves, and died.
The remaining hospital staff were murdered by the infected patients.
There was almost no one left.
Martel, Maylee, and myself...
We secluded ourselves with the two remaining staff members in the room where we
kept the syringes and made a last, desperate attempt at a cure.
We put all of the surviving children in a cell.
We had to leave them there.
I grabbed Martel's arm and ran towards the syringe room.
But she broke away, and ran off, ringing her bell.
She used to ring her bell to get the children's attention...
...And when they heard it, the children would go to her...
She was calling out to the children.
But this one came...
I ran after Martel, and hugged her skinny body to mine.

(RED TEXT) There's nothing we can do.

That was when it happened...Franz appeared, ax in hand, running toward us.
His face was hidden by a mask, but I could hear him screaming at us.
He swung the ax like a madman.
I pushed Martel out of the way and leapt at Franz.
I realized too late, that he was aiming for Martel.
His eyes burned with fury as he swung at my helpless sister.
Maylee grabbed Martel's arm and jerked her out of the way.
There was a crash, and I heard something fall to the floor.


I saw Franz's mask laying on the ground.
He tried desperately to hide his face with his hand.
The ax had embedded itself in the wall.
With a scream of anguish, Franz forced his face onto the blade...

I grabbed Martel's hand and ran to the syringe room.
Our only hope was to develop a new treatment.
We had no time to think...nor to mourn.
We had to find a cure.

I didn't know how much time had passed since we had started.
The other staff members had given up and were trying to escape.
I wondered how many nights had passed since this all started...
Maylee turned to me and spoke.

"I am infected with Epicari."
"I loved you."
I'd never heard Maylee talk like that before.
As I stood there, stunned, Maylee turned and showed me her back.
It was covered with scars.
"There is something terrible growing inside me...I'm losing control of my
"I did this to myself...I am infected with Epicari"
Her voice was as calm as ever.

Unlike Franz, it appeared that she had realized that she was infected with the
But she had told me that it was growing...She was losing control...
She was prepared for death.
Were we all going to die like this?

(RED TEXT) I don't want to die.

One thing had been bothering me.
This whole time, Martel had buried many corpses all by herself...
...But there was no indication that she had been infected.
Everything we knew about Epicari said she should have been infected.

I was desperate.
I decided I had to try using Martel's DNA for the treatment.
...But it wasn't safe.
We didn't know when a hostile infected person would attack us.
There was an underground facility in the orphanage.
This country had seen many wars. It was said that my grandfather had built the
underground facility to be a sanctuary during wars.
I had left some research documents underground.
We decided to relocate there.

The new treatment was an evolved version of Scylla.
Martel's DNA turned it red.
We named the treatment "Theresia", after Martel Theresia.
It was our last hope.

It was clear who the first test case would be.
Maylee's symptoms had worsened.
She was beginning to experience memory loss...
She hurt herself more often and more seriously...

(RED TEXT) Maylee...

The effect of the treatment was incredible.
As a doctor, it was difficult to believe...
But Theresia was a perfect cure for Epicari.
We were ecstatic! We were saved! We could save everyone!
There were still many people in the cells, suffering from Epicari.
We'd get them all, and treat them, one by one...We could save everyone...
We put the red medicine into a flask, and ran back above ground.

(RED TEXT) It was our last hope.

We ran back into the orphanage, and into a nightmare.
Soldiers walked the halls with guns that poured flame onto the patients.
As we emerged they turned their weapons on us.
It almost looked as if they were...enjoying the slaughter.
One of the other doctors tried to protect a patient with their body.
The soldiers set then both alight.
Our last hope...My comrades carrying our cure were being burned alive...
Vaccine Theresia...It was supposed to fix everything.
But everyone was dying...
The flask shattered...And I watched our last hope die.
Martel just stared blankly.

I took her by the hand and ran.
I hid us in s secret room.
I didn't know what to do. All I could do was run.
Were there any survivors...? Had Maylee been able to survive?
Martel and I hardly dared to breathe for fear of getting caught. We kept quiet
and waited for time to pass.
I held Martel so she wouldn't hear anything...So she wouldn't think...
He hair was sticky, and I could smell her sweat.
Suddenly, I remembered...

When I came to the orphanage...Martel was always smiling.
The sun was shining through the window, illuminating her...
She was so...radiant...

(RED TEXT) How did we end up like this?

I think a couple of days passed...
We carefully snuck out of the room we had been hiding in.
The orphanage was full of burnt corpses.
The screams and fire of days before had been replaced with an eerie silence.

I stood there, shaking...I couldn't even move.
Not like Martel.
Expressionlessly...She gently buried each and every body.
She was beautiful.

"Let's plant these flowers...Where everyone can see them."
"That will make them happy."

She smiled at me as she gathered up the red flowers blooming in the garden.
What are you talking about...?
Why are you smiling...?
Had she gone crazy?
...We had been through so much...
Was she trying to block out those horrific memories?
Was she pretending to be a goddess?
Was that it...Martel...?

(RED TEXT) Was that what you wanted to do?

She buried each corpse under a stone pillar in the garden and placed a bouquet
of flowers on each grave.
The garden we had parties in...
With only her thin arms, she would cover each body with soil.
All I could do was watch.
"After we put everyone here, let's put the flowers on the windowsill."
"If they can see the red flowers, we can all admire them together."

(RED TEXT) Was that pity?
You were truly a beautiful person.

But I saw...That nice girl stepped on a bug and killed it.
She didn't even notice, but I heard the noise it made as it died. wouldn't do that, right? A goddess wouldn't step on a bug.
She did nothing. Or was she just ignoring me?
I watched as she wandered around, eventually picking something up...
She continued on, into a room we'd hidden from from the soldiers.
It was next to my room, and filled with some kind of vines.
Martel had told me she liked that room because she could feel the power of
"life" there.
The thing she'd picked up was the music box I'd given her so long ago.
She was worn out...
She took her time, slowly winding the crank.

But I wasn't watching...All I could see...
...was Martel's blood.
Had she cut herself on the vines as she walked in?
Martel was bleeding.
Why did that excite me so much?

(RED TEXT) There's nothing else left.

I had to wipe it off. I started licking the blood off her shoulder. Martel
didn't say anything...She was lost on the music box.
Her eyes were so gorgeous...Such a clear, perfect blue...
Why where they so clear?

My hands closed around Martel's neck.
Her eyes looked up at me, warm and loving. can bleed..
Maybe I couldn't forgive that? No...maybe I was afraid of it?
I couldn't stop myself. My grip tightened.
She didn't resist. She kept smiling.
She mumbled something...
I wonder...What did she say?

I calmly laid Martel's frail body to rest.
I dug up the flowers...the flowers she was always gathering...I flung them
aside and kept digging.
She should sleep here, I thought, my mind strangely calm.
I kept digging. Before long, I had dug a hole in the garden large enough to fit
a human body.
I picked up Martel's body and slowly placed her in the hole.
I picked up the red flowers I'd thrown aside, and laid them on her body.
At that moment, I realized...

I was beginning to lose my memory.
I was infected? Very well then.
I would forget everything, then go crazy and die, like the rest.
I wanted to forget everything...

I finished her burial and walked back to my room.
The diary on top of the desk was illuminated by a small lamp.
Everything started here.
I didn't feel pain any more. I felt like I was in a dream.

There was a music box.
She was happy.
She always smiled while she listened to its song.
I glanced at the music box, then looked away and walked out.
What was I going to do...

There was a knife on the floor.
I pressed the knife against my skin...I could feel my blood ooze out.
I polished the blade and hung it, from a string, in the shadows.
The blade swung like a pendulum.
I wondered if I would feel pain...Even after my memories were gone.

(RED TEXT) Would my blood still be red?

I wandered through the empty orphanage. I was the only one left.
I had lived here.
What was left?
Memories of my friends? Memories of those that had died? Or...

That's right. You're left.
That's right...I forgot. You're still alive.
I ran toward the stone pillar.
I was running towards her.

Martel was there.
There was something red...Swarming around the pillar. But no trace of my

Those red beads...They were...
...Martel Theresia.

(RED TEXT) I remember Maylee telling me...

"Beautiful things are ugly...and ugly things are beautiful."

(RED TEXT) I think so too.

"I'm losing my memory."
"You can't forget..."
"Don't forget what you did."

I am in a small room somewhere, crouched in a corner.
I have a weapon ready.
I want to make sure I feel pain and see blood, even if I lose my memory.
The red liquid that flows through my body...It will leave a message.

(RED TEXT) theresia

A message written in blood.
So I won't forget. So I can atone for all my sins.
Will I be forgiven?
I can only pray.
Because...There's nothing else I can do.

(RED TEXT) I go to sleep...
in this building infested with the red beads...
Because I loved the red beads.


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Thanks to the Theresia board at GameFAQs, for all the helpful information that
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Thanks to GameFAQs for accepting my FAQs.

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