Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine: FAQ/Walkthrough


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  Version: 1.0


  WARHAMMER 40000: SPACE MARINE is the latest game by Games Workshop and takes
  place in the Warhammer 4000 universe. The game was developed by Relic
  Entertainment and published by THQ.

  The game takes us through the Warhammer universe as the captain of the Space
  Marines, Captain Titus who leads the Ultramarine's second company. The main
  plot involves fighting the hideous Ork hordes and their leader Warboss
  Grimskull, but a twist takes us along another path, which is for you to find

  Space Marines has been well received by critics and has been praised for the
  visuals and for its arsenal of nearly a score of weapons.



  COPYRIGHT                                                              [0001]

  This document has been created solely for the purpose of guiding the players
  through the PC version of the game. If you are using a console then it is
  recommended that you follow a guide written specifically for that console as
  a few factors may differ.

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  Any other person or website wishing to publish this guide or use its content
  need to e-mail me at kvr162@gmail.com.

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS:

  To easily navigate through the guide or jump to a particular point listed
  below, copy the code to the right of the topics here and find it (ctrl+f)

  1.COPYRIGHT............................................................. 0001

  2.VERSION HISTORY....................................................... 0002

  3.THINGS TO KNOW........................................................ 0003

    3.1. CONTROLS......................................................... 3001
    3.2. COMBOS........................................................... 3002
    3.3. BATTLE STRATEGY.................................................. 3003
    3.4. SERVO SKULLS / AUDIO LOGS........................................ 3004

  4.WALKTHROUGH........................................................... 0004

    4.1. CHAPTER 1 - PLANETFALL........................................... 4001
    4.2. CHAPTER 2 - AGAINST ALL ODDS..................................... 4002
    4.3. CHAPTER 3 - THE BELLY OF THE BEAST............................... 4003
    4.4. CHAPTER 4 - TITANS OF GRAIA...................................... 4004
    4.5. CHAPTER 5 - THE INQUISITOR....................................... 4005
    4.6. CHAPTER 6 - LAIR OF GIANTS....................................... 4006
    4.7. CHAPTER 7 - HEART OF DARKNESS.................................... 4007
    4.8. CHAPTER 8 - WHISPERS OF THE DEAD................................. 4008
    4.9. CHAPTER 9 - THE WEAPON........................................... 4009
    4.10. CHAPTER 10 - HOUSE OF SECRETS................................... 4010
    4.11. CHAPTER 11 - POINT OF NO RETURN................................. 4011
    4.12. CHAPTER 12 - DYING OF THE LIGHT................................. 4012
    4.13. CHAPTER 13 - WAKE THE SLEEPING GIANT............................ 4013
    4.14. CHAPTER 14 - VICTORY AND SACRIFICE.............................. 4014
    4.15. CHAPTER 15 - PRINCE OF DAEMONS.................................. 4015
    4.16. CHAPTER 16 - SPIRE OF MADNESS................................... 4016
    4.17. CHAPTER 17 - MAN AGAINST DAEMONS................................ 4017
    4.18. CHAPTER 18 - EPILOGUE........................................... 4018

  5.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT....................................................... 0005

  VERSION HISTORY                                                        [0002]

  Version 0.5 - 15/09/2011

    Completed half the game (till chapter 8), locations of some servo skulls
are missing and will be added very soon.

  Version 1.0 - 17/09/2011

  Completed the whole walkthrough of the game but still need to update location
information on Servo Skulls. Read servo skulls section for more info on this.

  THINGS TO KNOW                                                         [0003]

  CONTROLS                                                               [3001]

  The controls of Space Marine are very distinct and unlike most games. The
major difference is the usage of both melee and ranged weapons constantly.

  Left Click -  shoot ranged weapon
  Right Click - Use melee weapon
  W - Move forward
  S - Move backward
  A - Strafe Left
  D - Strafe Right
  Shift - Run
  F - Stun
  E - Use
  Z - Zoom
  Space Bar - Evasion Roll , Fire Jump Pack
  Mouse Wheel - Switch Ranged weapons
  1 - Select Pistol
  2 - Select Assault Rifle
  3 - Select Sniper
  4 - Select Bomber 

  COMBOS                                                                 [3002]

  Combos are a very important part of the game. You cannot get thru the game
without using combos. There are 3 different combos for all the melee weapons
and all the sequence of buttons are same for different melee weapons.

To successfully execute combos you have to use the stun button (f) after the
previous hit finishes. If you are doing a 4 button combo then after hitting
right click for three times, only hit the (f) button when the third hit is
about to be done. Or else you can also hold the last right click and hit (f)

You can also follow up the combos with execution if a red skull appears on the
head of the enemy. To do this, go near the enemy and hit (e)

Some enemies can only be defeated if hit with combo 3
 Combo 1

 Right Click + f
 Area of damage - one enemy

 Combo 2

 Right Click + Right Click + f
 Area of Damage - multiple enemies if hit connected properly

 Combo 3

 Right Click + Right Click + Right Click + f
 Area of Damage - All surrounding enemies in a short distance (radial damage)

  BATTLE STRATEGY                                                        [3003]

  The best aspect of Space Marines is that you just have to treat each type of
enemy differently and new enemies are always introduced solely so you get to
know them before jumping into a horde of them later on. If you keep using the
same kind of attacks on all kinds of enemies then you will simply lose.

1) The melee weapons are the most useful weapons in the game and only using
melee can get you past tough opponents, especially larger enemies. Melee is
also to be used when you are surrounded and believe it when I tell you that
you will be surrounded in every single fight in the hundreds of fights you
get into. The most important aspect of melee fighting is using combos. When in
the middle of a dozen enemies start using the third combo which does radial

2) When you see a large enemy coming at you then execute the initial part of
the combo before he gets close so that when he is in hitting range you land
the most powerful blow of the combo. If you don't do that, then the enemy can
simply hurt you while you try to string together the three right clicks.

3) If you see Orks coming at you, try not to use combos, instead just keep
right clicking to do the normal hits on them.

4) Always use ranged weapons first as you see the enemies running towards you.
Do not run to the enemies, let them come to you. When they are coming try to
shoot them off and only resort to melee when they get too close.

5) When you see a strong opponent in the midst of lesser opponents then run
away from the place so that the enemy cannot hit you, finish off the weaker
opponents first and only then go to the stronger opponent.

6) The usage of fury is extremely important on high difficulty level. Use fury
only when your health is low as it regenerates health and you would not want to
waste that aspect of fury. Also, use fury whenever you are against a large
enemy to shorten the battle without any hassle.

  SERVO SKULLS / AUDIO LOGS                                              [3004]

  Servo skulls hold audio logs of various people and are scattered throughout
the game world. I have given the locations of the skulls as a part of the
walkthrough itself and will not list them separately as I find no use in doing

I will write down all the messages of the audio logs here at a later time.

This guide is not fully upadated and does not hold information on some servo
skulls but will be updated on 


                             WALKTHROUGH                                 [0004]

The game starts with two distinct entities running a scan from outer space on
the forge world of Graia. Then they try to decide on what action to take in the
present situation - the forge world's forces have been taken out by the Orks
and the Orks have assumed control of the weapon systems. After some chat it is
decided that the spacemarines are to be sent to the Forge World to handle the
situation as any other method of countering the Orks would result in strategic
failure. Also, the Orks are trying to raid the Titan war machines and the Titan
has to be secured.

  CHAPTER 1 - PLANETFALL                                                 [4001]

  Objective - Reach planet surface

As a maverick leader does, the Captain decides to do a leap from the space ship
onto another ship and when he lands he immediately faces a horde of Orks.

The Orks do overnumber you by a great extent but you do not have to worry about
a thing. They come at you in very large groups so just keep melee attacking
them using the right click (default). Keep mashing the button and after you
take out the initial wave, another three large Orks appear. If you happen to be
low on health at any time then do not forget to use the execution move. To
execute a target and gain health just hit "f" and the Captain will stun the
enemy and a red skull will appear on its head, then hit "e" near the enemy to
execute it. This is a very important move and will save your hide a great many
times throughout the game.

However, after you are done here, move forward to where the Orks came at you
from and look up to the right and you can see an Ork shooting at you and there
is a fuel tank you can shoot next to him, so just fire at the tank and the
pipes infront of you burst and clear a path for you. Walk upfront to get hit by
a mortar @_@ kill all the Orks that come at you and near the end, the path is
again blocked by the pipes and to the right again is an Ork shooting at you,
kill it as it can do a lot of damage and then shoot the tank next to it so
that a path is cleared in front of you.

As you go in, a cutscene ensues and you see a very large Ork who asks you to
get off his ship. To the left is an Ork shooting at you, take it out first
and then attend to the rather large horde that comes at you. Remember to keep
using execution if your health becomes too low, or just keep running backwards
and shoot at the Orks that come at you. To the right, opposite to where you
saw the first shooting Ork is another gunner, take it out and in front of it
at the top is a fuel tank you can shoot at. After you shoot the tank, more
Orks will flow out at you. By now you should have seen the blue gears on the
screen. Go to the gears icon and you will see about three grenade indicators
on your screen, these are the small orange bottle like icons you see, when you
see them, roll away by hitting space and direction button. Then hit "e" near
the turret to turn it and disable the Ork ship.

Now you see the captain's awesome entrance and as you move, your mate radioes
you and a new objective appears. Keep going to the fist icon on the screen

  CHAPTER 2 - AGAINST ALL ODDS                                           [4002]

  Main Objective - Rendezvous with the squad, Go to the command bunker.

Keep going all the way and fall down and you hear Orks speaking to each other.
You can see the bodies of dead soldiers and now you get an idea of how large
a space marine actually is. You can also see a large ship fall at a distance
and as you move to the two large arch doors, Grechins keep coming at you.
Huh, like they are going to stop the Ultra Marines ;p

Opposite to the large arch doors is a barricade at the far side. Go here and
shoot at the red canisters. The barricade will burst, then keep going up and
you will see a small blue icon floating on the top of a dead soldier. Pick it
up by hitting "e", you can just hold "e" near the blue icon to initiate the
audio log or go to the pause menu (esc) and you can access all the logs you
collect, here also. These are called "Servo Skulls". Listen to the log and move
into the large arch doors where you saw the Orks come at you from.

After you go in you will be able to see a blue space vehicle which crashed here
There is a Grechin around here and you can listen to it. Hit "e" near the
craft and you will gain your first assault rifle with ammo. Just as you pick it
hold "ctrl" to go into aim mode and two gunners will come from the door infront
of this craft. Shoot them, if you go close to them, they will hurt you pretty
bad (how bad? depends on the difficulty you are playing in) go thru the door
they came from and keep going and after you go thru a hole in the wall you will
be able to hear an Ork but you will see a lot of them. They are on the upper
floor of the ruins. Just ignore them for now as they cannot harm you.

Go to the left and when you enter the area where you can see a box with a blue
glow around it, a cutscene shows your first teammate Leandros fighting against
the Orks. Help him out. Use your Bolter here and look at the upper floor. You
will see about 5 Orks from left to right of the upper floor. Shoot at them.
This place may trouble you if you cannot shoot properly and if you are playing
in high difficulty. You cannot make any executions here as there are no Orks
near you yet. So, keep shooting and if your health lowers, run back (shift)
to the place you came in here from. Do not worry about your friend as he cannot
die, but don't stay away for too long. Just let your armor regenerate and go
back, your health does not regenerate in battle, don't bother with that. After
you kill the first batch of 5 shooters, two Orks come at you. You can
perform execution on them to heal yourself a bit but always keep a lookout
for the gunners that keep coming on the upper floor. After you take out all
the shooters, a horde of Grechins come at you. I hope you have noticed by
now that you cannot perform executions on these mini-Orks. So just take them
all out and move on with Leandros.

Go left and up the sand floor and then when you are in the open area, you
will be able to see another audio log near the wall, pick it up and continue
to the right. You will see a couple of soldiers upfront and an Ork, they move
away from there to a central area. Follow them and when you reach the central
area, you will see that a horde of Orks are killing a few soldiers. Stay at
a distance from them and start assaulting them with the guns. Don't worry about
the guards. Just kill all the Orks and go speak to the guardsman. Pick up the
ammo if you need it from the box here and go thru the bunker door.

As you go thru here, Leandros says than only in death does duty end. You will
be able to listen to the aggrieved soldiers as you move thru here. Go onto the
stairs and keep going till you hear from Sidonus. He is just up front so join
up with him. After the cutscene, go to the blue support craft and pick up the
Chainsword. The Chainsword has cool execution visuals and to see them just try
some executions on the Orks that show up.

Leandros earlier in the cutscene mentions that the Orks are guarding the cannon
Now we can't let them be all smart, can we? so let's just go and kill them all.

Keep moving and you will have to go thru a bunker lane and some shooters are
on the sides of the wall. They can be difficult to shoot as they can cover
themselves behind the protrusions of the wall. Just move a bit and then hit
them. Some Orks also show up on the ground so take them out too. Keep going in
the bunker and you will get to kill more shooters on the walls. When you get
to a point where the path branches off to left and right, go left and destroy
the barriers by shooting at the explosive canisters and pick up the ammo here.

You thought there would be a new audio log eh?

Go back the other route and now, you get to meet a new kind of enemy - one that
explodes. From where you are standing just shoot off all the Orks that are on
the wall first. Keep going and you will get to meet the new suicide bomber.
The trick with these little guys is that you should never let them get close to
you, just shoot them from a distance. Keep your trigger finger ready because in
the front you will meet a few Grechins and Bomb Squig again. Shoot the little
bomber first and watch all the Orks blow away. Keep going and the game saves
and you will hear a soldier say "there are too many of them" there are grenades
in the weapons box here. Now, all throughout this next battle, you will stay
near this box and not go into the central area. If you do that, it is suicide.
So just stay near the box here for the first wave and then run to the soldiers
in the far end and keep your stand from there.

First, there are a few shooters around here, go a bit away from the box and you
will see the shooters with explosive barrels around them. Do not shoot the
explosive barrels yet as they will be extremely useful later on. After the
shooters are gone, a wave of Grechins show up, you don't need to waste your
grenades on these guys. Just let them get close and smash them to bits. After
this, there are a lot of Orks in the third wave. Just shoot the Ork gunner
first and then bombard the Orks when they are in a group. Don't use up
all your grenades. After this, more gunners will come at you so shoot them out
and when you hear the Captain mention the drop ship, get ready to use the
grenades. If you are low on them, just pick some more from the two boxes here.

Wait for all the Orks to fall out of the ship. Frankly there are a lot of them.
Throw all your grenades at them. If you can preserve some grenades then
that's great. But if not, use them up. After you decimate this attack an
Elite Ork falls out of the ship. This guy is very tough and just shooting or
hitting him normally won't help much. You have to use some combos or grenades
on him. But if you are out of grenades then I hope you learned to kick. Go
near him and hit right click and immediately hit right click and f.

Also, another combo is rt,rt,rt,f. Just keep kicking him and don't even let
him breath for a second, just keep mashing the buttons and after a lot of
kicking, an execution symbol appears on him, hit "e" and start left clicking
rapidly. He dies after the execution if you hit the left click properly, else
you know what happens.

After he is done, go near the bunker door and go down after it opens up. After
speaking to the Lieutenant follow her and there is a yellow weapons craft here.
Pick up the purity seal from it and now fury is unleashed. Do not hit the fury
button just to see how it is. We will need it upfront in a few moments. Follow
her out and when you are outside keep going till you see the Ork Diggah. Now
we just have to face a few dozen more Orks. It is time to unleash fury (t) but
if you used it up then I suggest you fall back a little bit and start shooting
from a distance.

After they are done move to the end of this path and go into the guard post to
the left. There is another audio log here  go back outside and
to the right is a small space between two Diggas, go thru here and you will
see a weapons box in the distance. Pick up the grenades from this box and move
on front. After a while you can see two Orks near a Diggah, take them out and
get ready and look to the right as some more Orks come your way. Use the
Grenades on them and take out what remain after that. Keep moving and you can
see a soldier fighting with Orks. First kill these Orks and then run to the
heavy Bolter and break it and take it and use it on the dozens of Orks that
show up in front of you. Don't forget to look behind you once in a while to
see if any Orks slipped past you. After the Orks are done for, go up the stairs
in the far end of this place and go thru there and when you get to the weapons
craft, pick up the Stalker Bolter - the sniper. Keep moving and in the far end
you can see stairs and an Ork gunner on them. Use your Stalker. You can take
out all Orks with one shot close to the head. Move front and look to your right
in the building. There are more Orks here to kill with your stalker. After
taking them out, go into the building to the right of this one where the fist
is pointing at. Go in and you will face an Ork who is on the upper floor of
the building. After that, keep going and you can see a weapons crate. Opposite
to the crate is a space (which is to the left of where you are standing if you
came to the crate from the Ork shooter) and you can see the fourth audio log
here with a red glow  keep going forward from the crate and
you will see a few Grechins to the right. Follow them and you come to a
place with a Diggah to the right and exploding canisters next to it. Take out
all the Orks and move into the guard post room to the left corner and inside
this room, you will find the final audio log  in this

Go out and along the path, and you will face a couple of Orks here and there,
nothing major. Keep going all the way, there is nothing to do in this place.
When you reach to the place where Orks go into the chamber and shut off the
door, be ready for some fighting. Go inside after that and into the next door.
You can see an Assault Support pad here. Go in and pick up the awesome jump
pack. This is a really cool thing and to use it just hold the space bar for a
second and you jump. When you jump, you can see yellow arrows on the ground.
These Indicate your landing position. You can direct the yellow marker and
hit right click to slam into the ground, this is not only used for directing
yourself to a particular place, but also to kill hordes of enemies when they
pack up against you. So jump onto the platforms above the ground and keep
moving till you see Ork shooters in the distance, just slam into them and
remember that you can only use the Bolt pistol and bolter with the jet pack
on you.

A horde soon comes and attacks your team on the ground so just slam into them.
A few more Orks come your way and after them, go into the place behind the
mechanical door.

Jump up to some platform as there are some Orks up here, so it is best to stay
up and go down if there are too many Orks on the ground and come back up again.

After some time you will get to the Rok and the captain takes off his jump pack
now go in and...

  Chapter 3: THE BELLY OF THE BEAST                                      [4003]

  Objective: Destroy the Gun Fortress

Keep going all the way into the fortress. You will reach a chamber in the
fortress with ammo caches to the right and in the room to the left. Go thru
the room to the far left of the chamber and pick up the Vengeance Launcher - 
sounds badass eh?

Go into the next room from here and go near the green glowing skull and use
it to open a door. There is another Green skull door and a red one that
is shut. Go thru the Green one and face what few Orks are in here. Go into
the next chamber in front and pick up the Melta charge. A horde come towards
your way after you pick up the charge so use the grenades in the ammo crates
here and dispose off them. Go into the previous chamber where you saw the
locked door with the red skull. Now it opens, and when it does, put a grenade
inside quickly and kill what Orks remain. Take the elevator to the storage.

After you get out of the storage, you can see an Ork run to the right, but
leave him for now and pick up the audio log  which is far
in front of this place.

After that, go after that Ork. You come to a large area with Orks in the
center and behind railings far away. You need not use the stalker on them
but you can if you want to. Be very careful of the many Squigs carrying the
bombs. There are atleast 6 of them, they come two at a time. But they do make a
growling noise so you will know when they are nearby. Traverse thru the room
from the left corner. and you will eventually come to a door with a skull.
There are about half a dozen mini Elites here. Immediately keep throwing
grenades at them, they can also be shot to death but there are many so try
to keep your distance. After they are taken out, go to the left corner of the
room and you may find another mini Elite behind the crates. Go back to the
center and to the shell and push it and after all that go back to the room
with the elevator. When you get here be ready with grenades if you have them.
Throw a couple of grenades as soon as the  door opens and in here along with
some gunners is an Elite, if you did not kill the gunners then I strongly
suggest running back into some other room. The Elite chases you. Use a few foot
stomps on him (rt clk,rt clk, hit and hold rt clk and hit f) and he will be
dead. Go back and into the lift. Activate the elevator and it takes you to
another artillery room. Use your assault rifle or combos and go thru the room.
There are gunners on some platforms to the top and they have some exploding
crates with them so explode them and keep moving till one of your guys mentions
a secondary lift. There are two rooms here, to the left and right in the far
corners having ammo. The third room to the left is actually the elevator.

Activate it to go another level up, of this place. In this level you can find
a lot of ammo crates and go up front to face two Grechins, then pick up the
purity seal. Now, be ready for the toughest battle yet.

As you enter, there are four Orks to the right, take them out. Then run to the
room opposite to this place, its a bit front. You can find grenade crates in
here, let's save them for later. Now standing just beside one of the large
boxes, look up and a lot of gunner Orks appear on the platform above. Use the
newly acquired Marksman ability to take care of them. It is very important that
you kill every one of these gunners because they will become a great hindrance
later on. By this time you should be able to see a horde of Grechins, shoot
grenades at them if they are at a distance and wait for the next wave of Orks.
Be very aware of the bobs Squigs as they come in a pack and can take you out
instantly if you are on hard mode. Don't shoot anything yet, just bomb them
from the distance but if the little bombers get too close, shoot them. There
will be a wave of enemies you might miss, and there will be a lot of the bomb
Squigs that you may miss and they will come near you. When you see a big
wave come too close to you, just run out of this place using "shift", remember
that if they are totally blocking you then whilst running using shift hit right
click and the Captain will smash them down. Run away to regenerate your shields
On higher difficulties do not bother to do any executions as you will be
overrun by Orks if you waste time on one of them. Use foot stomp always. If you
get past the first few waves then comes an Elite and along with it are some
more bomb Squigs. If you see the Elite at a distance and can shoot out the
bombers then you are very lucky. Most of the times the bombers along with the
Elite will get too close and you will die. So whenever you see and Elite and
bombers along, then just run like hell, pick some distance and shoot out the
bombers first hoping the Elite won't catch up to you while you are at it.
You cannot take on the Elite alone as there are too many Orks, so always use
foot stomp (rt clk, rt clk, click and hold rt clk and hit "f").

If you have your fury filled then release it and slash the Elite, it will fall

Hope you will get out of this fight alive. I found it to be extraordinarily
difficult on the hard mode, but no problems on the lower modes. The battle does
not end till you shoot all the gunners and till then Grechin waves will keep
coming at you, but nothing other than that.

If you find the above method too difficult on hard mode then here is another
way to get thru this area without any headache. As you come into this chamber
you can find four Orks fidgeting the shell you screwed. To the left is a room.
As you enter this room (which is directly opposite to the ledge where the
gunners come on) you can see a small space between boxes, its like a box fell
on another box, this is directly opposite to you as you enter this chamber.

Go into the space and...

Shoot the gunners at first but don't try to shoot all of them. Just shoot as
many as you can, from inside this safe haven. Then come Grechins and Orks but
they do not mind this place, one or two may come in but the rest go to
your team mates. You however have to kill all of these things to progress this
level so keep shooting one at a time and don't forget to bomb them. If you are
out of bombs then move out for a bit and pick up the grenades here and go back
in your safe haven. One thing you cannot miss is the hit of the Elite. The
Elite can still hurt you even if you are here, just slap on fury and hit him
fast and go back inside. Take out all the remaining enemies one by one and
after you kill everyone, move out and enjoy the cutscene after that battle.

Go onto the bridge and then starts...

  CHAPTER 4: TITANS OF GRAIA                                             [4004]

  Objective - Destroy the Ram

Go left from the bridge and keep going till you see Orks go behind the door.
keep going all the way till you face Orks and gunners, this is after you get
the objective to board the Ram. Just stand behind one of the boxes and shoot
the Orks as they come. Be wary of the Squig growls and shoot them as soon as
you hear them. They come one at a time so are not a big worry. You will see
gunners come down from a section of the platform in front of you. After you
take out all the gunners, go up the platform and go left all the way to get
a new audio log . Proceed along the platform and you will meet
more Orks at the end. After that, move left and up the next platform. You can
see a gunner up above you, take it out and in a short while a Squig will show
next to him. Shoot it too. Now, before you move along, if you listen to more
Squibs, then I suggest you stay put and let them come at you, when you see
them, shoot them. This is better than running into them. When you stop
hearing the Squibs, move out and kill the gunner on the top. You will face a
few more Squibs here. After that, move onto the next platform in front and
watch the cutscene.

Now you need to stop the ram.

Keep going thru the doors and soon you will face some Orks and a mini Elite.
Upfront you will face more Orks but with an Elite accompanying them. Take all
of them out and move on. There is another mini Elite and some gunners behind
boxes here. Be wary of the mini cannon on the top. IF you have some ammo on
the Stalker, then use it. Move up and when you get near the cannon, another
Orc might mount it. Again, use your Stalker to do the job. Go to the right and
climb the stairs up to the cannon.

Hold the cannon with "e" and break it with right click and rush back to the
stairs. You can see that the stairs are sealed off. You need to attack the
drop ship from here. Stay behind here and try to hit the ship whenever you can.
Use only normal shots as you may not be able to hit the drop ship with charged
shots from this range. After a while, the ship hovers over the middle of the
platform you are standing on and when it does, charge up a shot by holding
left click and till the upper white bar is filled (over the crosshair). If the
Elites do not fall down yet, keep holding the click and when they are on the
floor hit them. Charge a shot again and fire at them even if you don't see the
Elite get up. It can take two shots and sometimes its too lazy to get up after
being shot. Repeat this and if you just use normal shots all the time, you
would finish the ship in four rounds of Elites. But, if you try different
things then it may take lesser or a longer time.

The chapter ends here and you find yourself on land again and...

  CHAPTER 5 - THE INQUISITOR                                             [4005]

  Objective - Disable the crane, Reach Titan manufacturing plant

Move down and watch the cutscene and move in front and go down again till you
are near a gate with the skull activator to the right. Use it and the gate
turns out to be a bridge. Go down the bridge and look up. You can see a truly
gigantic mammoth of a crane. You have to disable it. Go down and you see some
Orcs hitting each other. Throw a couple of grenades in there and more Orcs
will come out. After they are dead, deal with the shooters on the large crates
with the Stalker. Go down to where the Orks where fighting and take a right
and go all the way. At the end turn right and you will see a new Servo Skull
 go down the main path and then face the horde of Orks and
the Elite that comes along. After that, go up to the next area with the large
electric conductors and kill the shooter in front of you in the far end on the
top. Keep moving and you will come across a couple more shooters. When you get
near the control room, you will be able to see a lot of Orks and an Elite.
Start bombing them using grenades or the Vengeance. Then start using the stomp
combo even before they get close to you so you can stomp and not slash when
the Elite comes close. When the Elite is near you, concentrate only on it and
take it out first and only then, hit the normal Orks.

As you enter the room there is a sealed door to the left and the controls to
the crane are in front of you. Use the crane to drop the large cannon and then
after speaking to the Corporal, go thru the previously locked door, which is
also a bridge. There are shooters as you come down behind boxes, they are not
much of a threat but there are like three Squigs that come at you, so don't
stand in between the boxes, shoot everything from a distance.

Move on to face more shooters and then a horde of Grechins in the pit. After
coming out of the pit you will meet more Orks. A bit further are more Orks and
shooters. Execute the Orks for health and stand behind one of the boxes if you
need to regenerate shields. Take out the shooters from behind one of the crates
and after they are done, go down the ramps and into the warehouse. Keep moving
and when you drop to the ground from the broken ramp, run to the right side of
this area and you can see an assault support pad having a new weapon for you.

In this area, you will simply be ravaged by Orks. The best place to hold your
position is to the far right end of this area where you can stand in a small
wedge which is covered by a low wall. This is to the opposite side of the
support pad and if you look opposite from the pad, you can see this place on
the left. This is a small enough place so that only you can fit in it. But Orks
can get in as well. Standing here you need not worry about Orks surrounding you
They just can come in the way in front of you and you will know how many there
are at a single time. Look to the far left and when the Captain asks the
corporal to hold the lift, the Orks start coming. Equip the Vengeance and burst
as many as you can from this distance, do not use the Stalker now itself.

When the Orks get close, then stand inside the wedge and use the Stalker to
kill as many as possible as fast as you can. Do not go into aim mode with
the Stalker, you can see the crosshair normally so kill any Orks that get too
close to you with this. Use up all the ammo if you have to. The ammo crate
here has 10 rounds for the Stalker. Do not try to execute any Ork as there are
too many. Instead, when your health gets too low use fury to regain health and
in fury, run around and kill as many as you can. Use fury only if there are too
many Orks. If you only see a few then execute them as there is another larger
wave on the way. Keep using your Stalker and if its out of ammo, switch to the
Bolter and hope there are not many Orks around, you cannot let Orks get close
to you when using the Bolter so use melee with the new weapon and take out
the ones near you. Then in the end come two Titans at the same time. If you
have fury then use it and hit both of them before your fury drains. If you do
not have fury when they come, just run around gathering as much fury as you can
and just don not be trapped in between both the Titans. After killing all the
Orks, go onto the lift and it takes you to a lower area.

In this area, you can see a Servo Skull beside a group of soldiers, exit thru
the ramp bridge that has come down for you and you are in the Titan plant and
now we have to look for the Inquisitor as you already hear from him in the
latest audio log you picked up...

  CHAPTER 6 : LAIR OF GIANTS                                             [4006]

  Objective - Reach Inquisitor Drogan

Go forward and onto the lift. Activate the lift and it will take you to the
next section of this place.  In here, one of you mates will use a control panel
and tell you that the Inquisitor is in this place but a lot of alien life forms
are converging to his location. Go down the ramp and you can see a large door
open in the distance in front of you. Look to you left to find a ramp that
leads down to a Servo Skull. Go into the door that just opened and activate
this lift by using the panel that is glowing green. Open the door in front of
you by activating the panel to the left of the door. In here, the Captain will
ask for Solinus and after speaking is done, go thru the door here - again by
activating the skull panel next to it. Keep going and after a while, one
of your mates mentions Orks in pipes and you can actually see Grechins fall
down from pipes to the far right. You cannot go there so just go along the path
and you might face a shooter or two which falls down from the pipelines. Just
go all the way till you get to a control panel that drops a lift which you need
to walk on to get to the other side where you can activate a door that leads
you to the Inquisitor Drogan.

After the cutscene, follow the Inquisitor and open the door and go down and
watch the next cutscene. The General Ork himself is here. Stay behind the boxes
to avoid his guns. Try to stay behind the first box to the right here and take
down the Orks as they come to you. After the first wave, move down and you can
see a pipe open at the left top of this area and more Orks come out of it. Be
wary of the gunners and after taking down all of them keep going and then open
the door and the next door and then you will be able to see a support pad in
the bottom of this area. Go down and get the plasma gun and after that go back
up and left. An Ork summoner calls forth some shielded Boyz. You should only
use powerful combos to break their shields. After the first one two more come
at you and after that get onto the lift and use it to go to the bottom of the

Go down all the way and you have to fight the next part alone. After the
Inquisitor opens the chamber, go in and shortly the Warboss come and there are
a lot of Orks with him. There are two Elites in the first wave itself, I hope
you have fury and if you don't then try to smash the small guys before getting
to the Elites. All this while the Warboss shoots at you with fire balls but
just ignore him. After the Elites die, a panel opens up to the right of this
place. Use it and you see a cutscene where the Warboss hits down the mechanical
arm. Drogan then tells you that you need to push that thing yourself. After 
that, a few shielded Boyz show up. Take them down and after the Inquisitor
tells you to grab the power source, go to it and hit "e" and a cutscene shows
which ends your work here and...

  CHAPTER 7 : HEART OF DARKNESS                                          [4007]

  Objective : Escape the sewers

Head into the sewer and keep going along it. You may come across a few gunners
but nothing major. A few Grechins also and after you come to the next area
look out for gunners in the top part of this place while Orks come at you in
here. After killing everything, move into the sewer again and go along, you
will find some ammo here and there but nothing too fancy. Along thing path you
many also encounter some Squigs along with gunners. Exit this area and in the
new area after you fall down, some Orks come out of a pipe along with a Boy or
two. Keep going in front and you can see a Horde of Orks come down this ramp.
After a few Orks come a new armored Elite. I had to use two fury's against it.
After it is done, go up the ramp you saw Orks come at you from and in the left
sewer line is a Servo Skull and you exit this place from the right side of the
sewer line.

As you enter here, you can hear the growls of several Squibs. You will face a
Squib soon so be ready. After that another just falls on you out of nowhere and
you cannot avoid it. Let your shields generate before moving on. Next you can
see two Squibs and an Ork Boy. Shoot the Squibs from a distance if you can to
damage the Bo before he gets near you. And combo him when he come to you. As
you open the next door and exit this place you will immediately be given a
new weapon. You do remember the Melta charge from chapter 3 right? well, you
can have a pretty good estimate how much damage this gun does. It is to be used
as a shotgun and it covers a wide area so you can kill multiple enemies.

You will face two small groups of Orks with a Boy in each one. Use a few rounds
of the Melta gun if you want as you will get some ammo for it nearby. After you
take them out go into the next area and after you fall down in the next area,
look to the left and explode the debris. There is some ammo and a Servo Skull
next to it. Go forward along the path and as you come down you will see that
Orks are trying to flee at you sight but some are left behind and come to you.
Show then exactly what they were afraid of and go to the elevator in the far
corner of the room to the front. Use it to go up and you will get advanced fury
when you reach the top with the next purity seal. Go into the next place where
Orks will come at you in hordes. Go down and use fury only when your health
gets too low. You will meet your battle brothers in the next area and now go
thru the large door and your quest is updated and you now need to meet the
Inquisitor again.

Move along and you will eventually get to a place where you see Orks in the
area at the bottom of the stairs. There are a lot of shooters, shell shooters
and Orks there. It is better if you stand on top of the stairs and shoot the
gunners from here itself. After you clear out the area, go down and two more
Diggas come in and the wall falls down on your right which leads up. There are
not many Orks that come out of the Diggas. After that go up the wall which fell
down and you get to some stairs, go up these ad thru the broken wall to the
right to get out to the surface.

  CHAPTER 8 : WHISPERS OF THE DEAD                                       [4008]

  Objective : Rendezvous with the Inquisitor

The road in front of you is broken. So walk left to where Leandros is standing
and go right from there. Walk along the narrow corridor and go into the room
open to the right in the end. When you fall down, look behind you to the right
and you see a Servo Skull in the space here in front of the closed doors. Go
down the open space from where you fell down. Go left till you see the support
pad and a cutscene shows Ork escape pods falling to the planet surface.

Pick up the Lascannon from the pad and move a bit front to see another cutscene
showing a new kind of enemy. Stand behind one of the rock debris here and start
lasing all the Orks you see. Move on after you are done. Remember to switch
back your Lascannon with the gun in the support pad if you are out of ammo in

Move ahead and go into the corridor to the far right of this place. Keep looking
to your right and you will see a room with a servo skull. Go back and onto the
metallic stairs here and when you are off the stairs, look to the left and in
a room you will find another Servo Skull. Go out and if you need ammo walk
into the room in front or go right and fall down. Go thru this balcony and when
you come out, there is a horde of Grechins with a rocket launcher in the
building opposite to you. After taking care of them, go into the building by
the stairs which are to the right side and you come to a place with an ammo
crate and some guns. I highly suggest the you swap whatever you have with the
Stalker as you are going to need it for the next part. Go up and when you come
to more ammo crates there are gunners and rocket launchers in the distance.
Stand behind the wall to the right and gun them down. After that, equip your
Melta gun. Move to the left and a lot of Ork Boyz will charge at you with a
couple of Squibs with them. Wait till you can get many of them in the crosshair
and shoot. This should take out most of them. If you do not have the Melta then
use your Plasma pistol from a distance and keep moving back as they get near.

Keep going and when you get near the stairs which are to the left of this area
one of your buddies mentions a Rok. Stand near the edge of here and shoot at
all the gunner Orks. Use the explosive canisters to get rid of them faster.
After they are taken out, a horde of Ork Boyz will come at you from the stairs
here. If you have the Melta gun then do not worry about the ammo and just shoot
at anything that gets too close to you. But try to shoot at them in groups.
Even the Vengeance Launcher works fine here but you can't detonate the bombs
if the Boyz are too close to you. GO down the stairs and into the underground.
Keep moving and look to the right always as you will find a Servo Skull in a
small area. Move ahead and out of this place and onto normal ground level. You
can see three guns here and there is a Lascannon also among them. Pick up the
Lascannon. Move on and just go forward only so much that you can see the two
Orks on the stairs shooting at you. Take them out. There are a lot of gunners
and also rocket launchers here to the left and above the stairs. Two Elites
come at you one at a time after you kill a certain number of Orks. After
clearing the area, go onto the stairs and up. As you come up on flight of
stairs another Rok falls and carries a few gunners and a rocket launcher. After
killing them, go to where they were and you will find the next Servo Skull.

Then go up the fallen wall which the fist icon is showing. After a while you
can get to see the monument in front of which the Inquisitor asked you to meet
him. There is a rocket launcher above you to the right. Get to the inquisitor
and a cutscene shows. Head into the place to the right which is pointed by
the blue fist and do not bother searching the rooms as there is nothing in
here. You then come to an open area and can see a arch door in the left end and
an ammo crate to the right side of the gate. Go thru the gate and down into the
underground again and out. In the next area you will hear soldiers shooting
at Orks. Keep your distance from them and shoot at all the Orks. An Elite is
with them but I guess you are used to dealing with these by now. A cutscene
shows and you are to drive the Ork horde away from the Inquisitor's path. Go
to the place which the fist shows and up the flight of stairs.

After you reach the top of the stairs a pod opens and you can go in to get
the jump pack and a new melee weapon, the Thunder Hammer (Thor?) fly into
the next area. There is nothing here to explore so just move along killing all
the Orks and the Elite here. Move towards the fist icon and keep walking till
you get to another flight of white stairs. Keep moving and eventually you will
end up in a battle arena of sorts and now you have to fight the Ork summoner.
He is pointed by a distinct marker. Just fly and smash into him a few times and
you can then execute him. After this, move to the place pointed by the fist.
Go left all the way and drop down to another set of white stairs. Now, walk
along this path all the way and do not turn anywhere, just keep walking front
till you are blocked and then jump up here to get to another Servo Skull. Jump
back down and go left thru the hole in the wall. You come to some stairs. Just
right of the stairs is a broke building and you can reach the top of it by
jumping on the first then to the top floor. Here is another Servo Skull.

Go back down and you find an Elite and a rocket launcher and a lot of grenade
launchers in this large wide area. After killing them all, move into the next
area. Soon, you will hear from your team mates who tell you that they are near
the camp.

This next area is supposed to be a boss battle like thing. You are in a large
arena and if you jump up, you can see a door sealed with magic. A summoner is
here and he summons a crap load of Orks. There are Grenade launchers also. But
every wave has an Elite and a rocket launcher. Kill of 6 waves. All you have to
do is jump and smash, jump and smash. Try to execute the Elites and Rocket
Launchers to restore health. Eventually, you will see the summoner as you jump
about. He has this protective round field. Smash into him and his field goes
away. Smash into him again and keep this up till he is dead and if he
disappears, do not worry as he will come back in another part of this arena.

After he dies, the magic blocking the door goes off and you can pass thru. Go
to the center of this area and you will end this chapter and...

  CHAPTER 9 : THE WEAPON                                                 [4009]

  Objective : Reach the Inquisitor's laboratory

At the beginning of the chapter, you will find yourself in a helicopter with a
large gun at your disposal. There are Orks flying all around you and you have
to take them down. Do not let too many Orks pass you as you may get killed.
After a couple of dozen Orks, the Captain will rip off the gun. At this time
there is an Ork drop ship nearby, keep shooting it and some Orks try to fly
into the copter you are in and hold onto the copter. Turn behind you and shoot
off all the Orks and after a cutscene, you find yourself on land again.

A squad of Orks ambush you here so get ready to mash the right click. After
they are dead, go ahead. Orks keep coming at you all the way till the end and
there are grenade launchers on small towers to your left and right; one on each
side. Take them out first, as soon as possible. Try to fight behind the debris
here so that the ranged attackers do not hurt you too bad. Keep moving and you
will face more Ork Boyz and Orks and in the end is a tower with two gunners in
it. Shoot them and go to the end and the Captain speaks to Mira, at which point
you are transported to a new location where you meet up with your battle
brothers and the Inquisitor - who strangely, seems uneasy.

I don't really like this place as I feel a little too exposed. Keep going and
you will be fired  at by an Ork shooter who is on some rocks at a distance.
He can be easily handled if you have the Stalker. If you did not pick up the
Stalker form the ammo crates near the place where you were dropped; well, you
know what to do. There are two more Ork gunners to the right of the first one.
One is on the rock and the other - above him on a broken pipeline. Move forward
from here and you have to face a few Orks and two Ork gunners who are at a
distance. There is also an Ork grenade launcher in front of you on top of some
debris, kill it first.

Go to the corner right side of this place and thru the path between the rocks.
An Ork Boy and a gunner will show up. As you move along this path, you will see
a Rok fall in some distance in front of you. You know what that means huh?

Go left and face three more Grenadiers, you might have to look for them behind
the large broken pipes on the ground. You can actually melee the grenadiers
but you need to be very careful while doing so. The one you are attacking won't
launch the grenades but the ones elsewhere will. After them, a few Orks come at
you and maybe a few Boyz. Go ahead of the Rok here and another Rok falls in
front of you. I suggest that you run back behind some cover and take out
the grenadiers but the Elite may get in your way. Just run back to a place
where they cannot shoot you so you can take out the Elite and the Boyz without
having to worry about getting blown.

Cross all the Roks and then, after a long walk, you will get to a crashed
Valkyrie (the copter). There is another Servo Skull to its right. Pick up the
Lascannon here and move on. In the next area, there are a lot of bombers hiding
behind a rock in this place. Use your lascannon and after a few of them die,
you will need to take out an Elite and some Boyz. After they die, go to the
right and shoot down the grenadier on the bridge and also the ones in the
rocks past the bridge. When you cross the bridge, you will need to face a
couple of armored Elites. If you remember, I told you last time that I needed
two furys to kill one of them - in hard mode. So, if you are on hard mode, then
I suggest you sprint outta here and turn and start doing some heavy range shots
from a distance. Use fury on them when they get near and when your fury is
about to get depleted, run away and try to gather fury but if the Elites are
following you closely then do more heavy attacks and they will fall even if it
takes a lot of hits. Keep moving from this place shotting all the gunners
and you come down to a place where the Inquisitor tells you that he may need
your help the use the weapon. Keep moving and eventually, you will come to
a door which the Inquisitor has trouble opening. You need to defend this place
while he gets the door open.

Pick up the thunder hammer here because you are going to get into one hell of
a battle. You hear a Rok crash down and out come Orks and Boyz. Don't even
bother stopping right clicking. After a lot of the Boyz comes an Elite. He can
be taken care of easily with the hammer with a couple of heavy combos. After
this, another Rok falls in the place to right of the door. Out come more
Orks and Boyz. Start throwing grenades and lasing as many as you can from the
distance. After a while, two armored Elites join the party. You just need fury
against them. And simply using fury will not help. Use the thunder smash attack
(three right click and f) against these guys. The most important thing you need
to remember here is to keep an ear out for the Inquisitor, and an eye out for
the door. When you hear the Inquisitor say "In here buys..." the door opens
and when it does, just run like hell into the chamber behind the door. If you
stay out for too long, about half a dozen Elites and a lot of Boyz come at
you all at once (that is if you already defeated the armored Elites).

Follow the Inquisitor thru the next door but not before deciding whether to
continue using the thunder hammer or swapping it with some other melee weapon
here so as to use the more powerful ranged weapons. If you are good with
ranged weapons like the lascannon, then switch the thunder hammer. You will
be able to use the bolter and plasma pistol even with the hammer on. So decide
based on your skill, and your inclination toward melee or ranged. I chose to
take the thunder hammer and it paid off as you will be fighting lots and lots
of Orks and Boyz in the next area. Move into this area and just keep killing
all the Boyz and Orks but be careful and listen to the growls of Squibs.
Shoot the Squibs from a distance when you can listen to them. You will face
about two waves of Orks with about eight squibs in the two waves. When
you get to the point where you can see some grenadiers on a bridge on top of
you just ignore them and run past them. Go left and up and you will reach the
platform. Take out all the Orks here and cross the platform to the other side
and keep moving all the way until you get inside a pipe which is the secret
entrance to the lab.

Go down the pipe and when you are out, move to the right side pipe and when
you come out of this pipe, you will have entered the research facility and the
Inquisitor tells you about a few Servo turrets...

  CHAPTER 10 : HOUSE OF SECRETS                                          [4010]

  Objective : Access central security

When you enter the first place the Inquisitor cries out that a turret is here.
It is hanging from the ceiling and a few shots from the plasma pistol are
enough. You come to a place with weapons and you can switch the thunder hammer
if you want to. Even if you want to carry on with the thunder hammer, just put
it down for a bit and pick up the Vengeance launcher from the weapons closet
and open the door here but do not cross over. Stay behind the door just so
that the door does not close. The turrets in the next room cannot harm you
behind this door so just blast the two and after them comes a rocket turret
in the middle, take it out and move in and out of here. When you get to the
next chamber the voice announces that a lock down is in progress and you can
actually see the door to the far left being shut down.

Go in here and be careful as turrets and rocket turrets drop down as you move
along but you do not have to worry as there is plenty of cover to be found
behind the many crates here. So, go out of cover, shoot and when your shields
come down, go into cover to let them regenerate and go back out. Go to the door
which is directly opposite to the one you came in from and as you move on, you
will see a moving turret, first to the right and then to the left. There are
explosive canisters here, so just shoot them to kill the turrets. When you
come into the next place, go right to pick up the Servo Skull and turn back and
go all the way into the next area thru the door. In here, you will face five
turrets and they only activate when you get near to them. So, as soon as you
listen to a turret activate, just roll left or right behind some crates and
follow the same procedure like earlier. Go thru the door to the far right of
this place and the Inquisitor tells you that he changed the protocols but
the turrets in the next area are still functional- so he just shut off the ones
we already destroyed @_@

Go into the next room and thru the space to the right into the large area.
You will face a lot of turrets in this area, but there is plenty of cover to
be found behind one of the containers here. There are open rooms to the right
here, go in and in the middle room you will find a Servo Skull. Go out and to
the far right of the room is a door through which you need to go. To the left
here are three moving turrets and after you fry them, go out of this place and
follow the ramp you are on, to get to the door to the left. Go thru the door
and keep going and eventually you come into a large chamber and you can see
a large skull emblem to the left. The door you have to go thru is below this
skull but this place has a few turrets and a rocket turret. Go thru the door
and you can upgrade your purity seal to give you the final phase of fury.

The Inquisitor disables the defenses which have been keeping the Orks out of
this place for a long time now. Go into the next chamber and to the middle.
You can see that a couple of doors burst and a small group of Orks come thru.
Beat them and you have a new problem. Go into the only open room to the left
of the power source and use the lift to go up and into the next place which
is incidentally, infested with Orks...

  CHAPTER 11: POINT OF NO RETURN                                         [4011]

  Objective : Fire the Psychic Scourge

After you get the quest, walk into the next room. The sabotaged part is in this
room, guarded by several Orks and a few gunners. Use that thing here and the
Captain pushes the exposed conduit in. There is a flight of stairs behind the
conduit, go up these and go left and use the control panel here to fire the
weapon and destroy all the Orks in the planet...

And puff... it fails, well actually it does not. The psychic scourge was never
meant to destroy the Orks. It id used to open a portal between the chaos
dimension and this world. So, after the scourge fires, out comes a new
character and along with him are chaos demons, this guy does look like an
Ultramarine doesn't he?

After all the cutcenes are over, go back and down to the lift which you used to
get here in the first place. You will face some demons. The chaos demons are
agents of Nemeroth and are a little bit tougher than the normal Orks. They are
almost as tough as Ork Boyz but they deal lesser damage than the Boyz. Just
use your normal attacks or full combos to effectively deal with them. Go into
the next area and you will see that the Orks and demons are not friendly to
each other. But both of them are not friendly to us too, so just kick their
ass. They are not that much of a problem, especially if you still have the
thunder hammer with you. Go into the next area thru the door and you will
face more demons and orks. Go thru all of them and you need to kill everything
here to progress thru this area. After that, go to the far left of the room
which has a control panel, to open the main gate here and then exit the
facility and...

  CHAPTER 12 : DYING OF THE LIGHT                                        [4012]

  Objective : Reach the Titan Manufactorum

You can see the portal you opened in the skies here above the large tower. Go
right a long way and you eventually fall into a pipe. You come out of the pipe
and reach a room,go up the stairs and go left where you can destroy some debris
behind which is a Servo Skull. Continue along the path and you can destroy
another barrier to the right to get some ammo and grenades. Keep going and you
will eventually reach an assault support pad and when you use it, it unlocks
the Iron Halo. It boosts you shield and when you look left from the support
pad, between two pillars, you can find the next Servo Skull, its only like 10
paces from the pad.

Go out the door here to exit the area and first go to the left. You can see a
Plasma shooter here. Take him out with combos. Keep going straight and
you can find another plasma shooter. Take out these two guys first and in this
area, keep moving and do not stand in one place for too long as there are a lot
of grenadiers here. After cleaning up here, go up the ramp to the far left
of this place. In this area you will meet resistance with a lot of chaos guards
who shoot at you. You can just run into them and stomp them like little
bugs but a portal opens and out come some demons and two more plasmas. Take
them all out and a few human guardsmen come thru a door that opens and some
demons follow them. Kill the demons and Lt.Mira speaks to you about a train
you need to take to get to Manufactorum Ajakis where the Titan is.

When you come to the next place, you can see stairs to the left, run up there
and kill the grenadiers here. This place will serve us as a vantage point. You
can stay here and clear out the entire area and most enemies cannot even hurt
you, but if you go down then you may not even know which side you are being
fired upon from. Look out thru the windows here and you can see a plasma
standing to the right on the first floor there. Take him out and there are
chaos guars below him, so take them out too. To your left on the ground are
more guards and a plasma and some Orks and demons, fighting. From here look
further left, on top of some stairs is another plasma. After that, go left in
this place itself and it leads nowhere, but you can shoot at Ork gernadiers who
are past the debris here. Shoot out all of them as you need to go to the
location they are at and they will be a big headache later if you do nothing to
them now.

Go back down and head up the stairs to the far right where you saw the third
plasma. You will still have to deal with more grenadiers. So when you go up
the stairs, hit the sprint button and you can easily maneuver then Captain
to miss all the grenades when orks shoot grenades at you. Just go real close
to them and melee them. Go into, and activate the lift past these grenadiers
to go down and meet with Lt.Mira.

Follow the path all the way and you will face more Orks and go straight, you
will come to an area where a lot of shooters and grenadiers are trying to shoot
you (D'oh) always stay on the move here and try to melee all of these guys
instead of trying to shoot them. At the far right is the exit and to the left
of the exit is the next Servo Skull. Go thru the exit and you will have another
long fight ahead of you. After you go down the stairs, you come to a large area
where you cannot count how many Ork shooters and grenadiers there are. You just
have to clean up this place. There is also a Rocket Launcher above in the
other end of this place with shooters next to him, Squibs and Boyz are a common
occurrence. If you are looking for action then just keep running all over the
place and melee all of them while keeping you ear open for Squibs which come
from the far end of this place. Your new Iron Halo just shows its awesomeness
here. Even the bomb Squibs don't do much damage. But, if you want to play it
safe then stand behind one of the many crates or debris and shoot at everything
but I seriously recommend you go berserk here and melee all of them. You can
only progress if you clear out this area down to the last grechin. Follow
Lt.Mira after that and use the lift to go to the next place.

Go to the right and into the corridor. In here, keep looking to the right as
you move and you will find the next Servo Skull in a room to the right of the
main path. Go out and keep going till you get to the guard post. You get to
pick up the new plasma rifle as you come out and it is very useful. As you come
to the post, Orks are shot at by some guardsmen. There are stairs to the right,
go up these and stay here itself. Shoot at all the Orks that come here but dont
stray away doing melee as there are grenadiers and shooters to the left. Also,
another reason you should stay here is that you can listen to Squibs coming and
believe me, there are a lot of Squibs that come at you. Do not worry if you
still have the hammer, just keep your distance and shoot with the plasma pistol
and after a long time, an armored Elite comes, so just use fury and take him

After that, you will have cleared this area and you need to switch on the
sentry guns now. You can see the large black wires on the ground. Keep going
till you fall into a trench and can see only one larger black wire. Look right
to find a Servo Skull.

Follow the wire all the way and you will come across two diggas holding some
Orks and Boyz. After them an armored Elite comes. Whenever you are over
burdened by Orks, run back to this place so you can pick them off in small
groups. Follow the black wire and you can see the generator now. But there are
tons of Orks here. Many will run at you, just sprint back to those diggas and
beat them there instead of here since this place has grenadiers and shooters.
After beating the first wave, go to the center again and come back so that more
Orks follow you here. Another armored Elite shows up in the middle but there
may still be a lot of gunners around so sprint back to the diggas. After that
shoot out as many shooter and grenadiers as you can and kill the remaining Boyz
and activate the generator.

Go back towards the diggas and you will see a guardsman to the left in the path
and a door is open next to him. Go down and you will reach a room full of ammo
and guns. A Servo Skull is here behind the two gun closets to the left as you
enter this room. You have to go behind the closets to get to it. Exit thru the
door here and...


You had it coming...

This can be a tough to excruciatingly tough battle depending on what weapons
you have and your knowledge of them. If you have the thunder hammer, then you
can use the plasma pistol and the bolter. If you do not have the hammer then
you will need to use the plasma rifle and whatever other heavy weapon you have.
Remember to roll away whenever the warboss throws grenades at you.

There are three stages in this fight. In the first stage, the Warboss is
standing opposite to you and come charging at you. The both of you are alone
here. As soon as the fight starts, move back and keep moving to one side and
when the boss charges at you, roll to the side you were moving. If you have
enough distance between you and the boss, you can evade his charge, if not then
witness the awesome destruction power of the warboss. Always be at the opposite
end of where he is and roll out whilst moving when he comes at you. It is very
important that you keep moving all the time here. Also, never melee the boss in
high difficulty because he will rip you apart. Just always keep your distance
from him and shoot him with the bolter. There is infinite ammo in this place
so do not worry about ammo. You can take as much ammo as you want from any of
the crates here. So, maintain your distance and shoot at him constantly. Do
not use any grenades as you will need them for later. After some time, he will
shoot some flashbang grenades, but do not worry as you will come to no harm
during this. The first phase ends after he shoots the flash bang and then...

The Warboss breaks the wall and out flow hordes of Orks. He also shoots a laser
this time and you can roll under it when it comes to you or you can stand in
the extreme opposite corner to where the boss is standing and the laser will
not reach you there. The idea of using hordes of Orks is not that they will
kill you, but that they will hinder your movement so that the Warboss can smash
into you. But we know better. When you see Orks near you, stop and take a hit
at them, kill as many as you can and do not worry about the boss and let him
hit you. But always see that you have nearly full shield when you do this (when
you stop moving) so when he rams into you you will still have some shield left.
If you have the Vengeance launcher then use it to blast the boss a few times.
When your shield lowers, start moving around and ignore all the Orks and just
run around evading the Warboss till your shields grow back again. You can also
enter marksman mode to shoot out all the Orks but just save the fury so that
you can use it to regain health when it's too low. Keep at it till all the Orks
die, Orks still keep coming out whenever the Warboss roars. But they are few in
number. So, when there are only few Orks, move around and shoot the boss. After
a while he again flashbangs you and breaks another wall. Follow the same
procedure as above. Use your vengeance launcher if you have it or even if you
don't, its not a problem. The warboss flashbangs for the third time and now he
is standing above you on top of the wall. Run to the wall directly opposite to
him and move about this wall as he shoots grenades and mortars at you. It
is time to use your grenades, throw all of them at him and pick up more from
the crates here, there are limited grenades so make sure you are throwing them
properly. Aim the crosshair above him so that your grenades fall above the
wall and not below it. All this while, look out for the Squibs he sends down.
Keep listening for Squib growls and never take your eyes off the boss, because
the squibs come from beside him only. Shoot the Squibs when they are near him
to damage him. After a lot of grenades and bullets, he falls down from the wall
and then, go melee him a couple of times and the Captain blows his head off.
Climb the lift to the left here and stock up on all the ammo before you go.
Mount the train and you will reach...

  CHAPTER 13 : WAKE THE SLEEPING GIANT                                   [4013]

  Objective : Activate Titan Invictus and destroy orbital spire

Go into the door opposite to you. After you go thru the next door a room full
of guns opens up with ammo too. After you go thru the next door, you can see
some guards with four plasma shooters. Stay near the door itself and
shoot them down. Do not try to get close even if you have the hammer (on high
difficulty). Take out all of them and move towards them. Keep looking left and
the first room to the left has a Servo Skull. Go past this place and you come
into another area with a lot of possessed. There are ramps that lead you to
them so just shoot them or melee, then and pick up the heavy bolter and take it
with you which is on the first ramp. Go back and down the other way and you
will see a daemon summoner who summons four guards, first shoot the summoner
and then the others and go past the next door. In this chamber are four snipers
They have a laser scope and you can actually see their green lasers. Stand
behind the crates and take them down. They can hurt you pretty bad so find
cover before you start shooting. Reach the other end of this place and go in
the door and activate the lift.

You will be able to see a Servo Skull to the left of the room as soon as you
come out of the lift. Keep going and you will come to the control room. Use the
panel to give power to the Titan. You still need to remove the clamps. Go
down to the room to the right and up the stairs. You can see two chaos guards
here but do not shoot the explosive canister next to them. After killing the
two, many more along with a plasma will come thru a portal. Now shoot the
canister to make them disappear again. Stay as far as possible from where they
are and shoot all of them. A wave of chaos demons appear, take them out and
again a few shooters appear. After you clear out the area, go upwards to the
stairs far in front of you. When you get there you see a chaos spacemarine. Use
fury attacks against him and sprint away if your shield drops too low. He can
cause a lot of damage. Climb the stairs and you will be able to see a door you
can open in front. Instead, go left all the way into the open room to find a
Servo Skull. Go back to the door you can open, from earlier and enter. Activate
the lift and go thru the next door. Go down and pick up the storm bolter from
the support pad. Go back up and use the control panel to unclamp the Titan
and you can see it move. Go thru the door to the right and you need to face a
flying turret. If you have the hammer with you, you will find it difficult to
shoot these things down. Use marksman mode if you have to and proceed thru
the next door. Drop down onto the titan and go down the stairs to the left.
The demon summoner appears here and another flyer turret is also here. Take
care of the summoner first and always keep moving. After the both are done, go
to the right side and a cutscene showing the Titan destroying the orbital spire
runs. Your battle brothers join you after this. Go onto the lift they came in
here from and use it.

  CHAPTER 14 : VICTORY AND SACRIFICE                                     [4014]

  Objective : Rendezvous with Mira

It is best if you take the plasma gun and leave the thunder hammer if you still
have it as, its gonna be ranged combat next and a long one too.

As you go along, after a while give the power source to Sidonus. Then continue
thru the door till Sidonus goes off to the launch pad. You are left to fight
with agents of chaos. Just shoot them down, use charged shots from your plasma
cannon and you can take out the big guys with one charged shot and some normal
shots. Clear out this area, but I hope you are sticking behind the crates here
for cover. Roll away to the next set of crates when you see a grenade thrown
near you. Go thru the door to the left and outside when you get close to
Sidonus, you will see a cutscene.

Three summoners show up. There is an autocannon behind a debris which acts as
cover to the right near the platform itself. If you do not pick up the auto
cannon then I hope you have the plasma gun. Go very close to the summoners and
shoot a charged plasma shot. Each dies with one shot. If you have the
autocannon, then you can take them from a distance behind some cover. Kill all
the chaos guardsmen and then two plasmas and two chaos marines show. Run back
to where Sidonus is and hide behind cover and take them out from behind
the cover. Use fury if you have it. You need to stay behind cover as the plasma
shooters can cause a lot of damage. After that, shoot down the plasmas
and soon Mira shows up with a Valkyrie. The captain decides that he needs to go
alone to the spire and kill Nemeroth.

  CHAPTER 15 : PRINCE OF DAEMONS                                         [4015]

  Objective : Reach the orbital spire

Use the lift to the corner right of the platform and go down. You can see a
Servo Skull as soon as you come down from the lift to the right side.

After walking a distance, you come to ammo crates and a thunder hammer. It is
strongly recommended to pick up the thunder hammer now. Keep going and you
will eventually meet with enemy resistance and you can see that the guardsman
may turn into chaos demons sometimes. Rampage the whole place with the thunder
hammer and  move to the end platform on which you can see two summoners. There
are also a couple of plasmas with them. Kill the summoners first and the plasma
gunners next. Clear out the area and go right from the top of the platform
where the summoners showed up and you can get to a large door here. Go inside
and keep moving.

You come to some ammo crates and melee weapons but I would not swap that
thunder hammer if I were you. Move out and you will see demons being summoned
in the distance. Go there and kill all the chaos demons. There is also a
plasma here but it may run down when you are killing the demons. Go down from
here and kill the plasma if it is here. Do not go down here are there is a
chaos guardsman manning a turret. Go back up to where the first set of demons
appeared and start throwing grenades at the ones below. Shoot at whoever remain
with your plasma gun. Go down and pull out the heavy bolter (the turret) and
take it with you but not before killing the three demons which show up. Go in
and you can find a servo skull on top of crates, straight ahead. But as you
near it, a lot of demons show up. Use the heavy bolter on them and go right
and you will come across a portal out of which some chaos guardsman show up.
Shoot them and a summoner shows up along with more demons. Ignore the demons
and run up to the summoner and take it out first, then attend to the demons.
Move thru the next door and keep going all the way and you meet...

  CHAPTER 16: SPIRE OF MADNESS                                           [4016]

  Objective : Hunt down Nemeroth

The raven squad is a sub division of space marines. You come to a large bridge
which is literally stuffed with chaos forces. You have help from the raven
squad. This place is really straight and all you have to do is smash your way
thru the hordes here. After a while, some more ultramarines join the battle.
You will face all chaos forces on the bridge. Take cover when you need to and
defeat the foes one by one. This is a long bridge and also a long battle. But,
there is nothing special or too difficult here since you will get loads of
help from the space marines. Keep going and at the end of the bridge, your
transport arrives. Its a badass copter and it takes you to the broke ass spire.

After you land, you can see that you have the trusty jump pack with you. Go
to the left and keep going till you can see some guardsman in the distance.
Jump over and pound the ground. Some demons come after you. Keep pounding all
the way thru this level. In the end, jump over to the upper platform and take
care of the demon here and look behind you, you can see another platform
to the right above you and you should jump here next. More demons will be
summoned here. The summoner will disappear sometimes but will always reappear.
One pound on it and you can execute it. Jump to the platform to the left where
some demons and chaos guardsmen are present. Wipe them out and proceed thru
the corridor and as you come out of the corridor, you can see a Servo Skull
to the left. Keep going and jump up to the next platform and you will face
some guardsmen and about half dozen demons. Walk straight from here and you can
see a plasma shooter in the distance. Jump over to it and kill it and take
the servo skull to the left edge of this place. Jump back to the place you
came here from and proceed to the right to the guardsmen who have been shooting
at you and kill them and jump left again to more guardsmen and chaos marines,
along with a few demons. After you clean this place, the captain takes off
the jump pack.

Go along the corridor and you will come to some weapons, do not throw away the
hammer. As you exit, you come across a flying turret. Take it out with the
bolter and go right to take the final Servo Skull of the game. Go back and
along the corridor and you will get to a place with some guardsmen and a chaos
marine. Stay behind the boxes for cover and shoot the guardsmen first before
taking out the marine. Some demons come down the stairs, so kill them and
proceed up the stairs and some more guardsmen shoot at you. Shoot them out and
soon more marines and a summoner appear. After killing the summoner, move out
the door behind it and keep going and you come to a lift platform. Use the
panel to the far right to go up and then you come to a place where there is
electricity discharging and this give a blue light effect - it just looks cool!
You get to a room with weapons and ammo. I would not give up the hammer for the
world, but if you do not have the hammer then you should pick up the Veangance
launcher and plasma gun.

Move on from here and ultimately you reach Nemeroth...

  CHAPTER 17 : MAN AGAINST DAEMON                                        [4017]

  Objective : Destroy Nemeroth

You cannot touch Nemeroth yet. The first wave has demons. If you have the
hammer then keep thunder smashing. If not, use the vengeance launcher on
the ground and detonate it when they are on it in a group so you can do splash
damage. As you enter this area thru the weapons room, you can see a large crate
to the right and several small crates to the left, both of which can be used
as cover. This battle has been written for hard difficulty and you may not
need to be as careful as it is written below but it still helps.

In the next wave, you will face some guardsmen with shooting marines. They are
tough. Pick your spot for cover and shoot from there. If you are using the
hammer then first go as close to the field around Nemeroth as you can and
start pounding them as they come out and when your shields go low, immediately
run from cover to cover. It is important that you don't run in the open space
in the middle but run from cover to cover. After getting the shield, shoot out
the remaining guys and run to the marines and use the third combo on them - the
thunder smash. And follow it up with more combos and execute it and run back
to cover. After this wave, a couple of summoners show up on either side of
Nemeroth and a lot of demons are present. Stand behind cover and keep doing
the thunder smash. After all the demons are done, shoot the summoners as you
cannot reach them. There is lots of ammo around this place so do not worry
about it. After them, two Chaos Ultramarines come with a horde of demons.
Now you know why I asked you not to lose the hammer. Use fury and the thunder
smash together to get rid of them fast. After this finally the Captain throws
himself and Nemeroth off the tower and you have to fight him while falling

All buttons you need to press next are continuous and not just hit once and
leave it. You have to keep hitting the button till it is shown on the screen.
You can only fight in quick time events, watch closely. The half-demon has
a pulse gun on him that can hit pretty bad. You can move the Captain in the
air so as soon as you start falling, just move the Captain in circles. When he
gets near Nemeroth, the first part has you clicking (f) and (right click). So,
look on the screen as to when, what is being asked. Then again you need to
move the captain so that the palsma doesn't hit him. The second time, you need
to do a succession of left click and space. After a long time, the game will
ask for (f) and right click again. After a long mid-air battle, the captain
smashes Nemeroth's head and ends the matter once and for all.

  CHAPTER 18 : EPILOGUE                                                  [4018]

  Objective : none

This is really a cutscene and you are actually taken into custody by the
Inquisition on complaints of heresy and corruption by chaos, by Leandors to the
Inquisition - the asshole !


  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                        [0005]

I sincerely thank the developers and publishers for bringing such a good game
to us and I hope a sequel comes out soon...

If you find any shortcomings in the guide then please e-mail me at