Worms: Battle Islands: Puzzle Solution Guide

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         Version 1.0

- - - FORMATTING - - -

This guide is extremely short, so I'm just going through the puzzles in order.
Additional notes will be found before and after the guide, so scroll to the top
or bottom if you would like to know information not pertaining to the puzzles

- - - ABOUT SPOILERS - - -

If you hate having solutions to puzzles given to you while you try to figure
them out, then SCROLL DOWN SLOWLY!! I will give out hints first, ordered from
least revealing to most revealing, and then give out the answers at the very
end. Scroll down line by line to see whether the next line will contain a hint
or the solution.

- - - PUZZLE 1 - - -

HINT 1/2:
You have infinite amounts of all of the weapons you are given.

HINT 2/2:
The only way to lose is if you die or run out of all 20 minutes you're given to
win; you cannot run out of supplies and enemies don't attack.

There are many ways to beat this puzzle. The safest way to beat it is to use an
airstrike on the enemies to the far left and right, then fire punch the enemy
next to you, use a bazooka on the enemy to the left of him, and then drop a
grenade or dynamite on the worm below you.

- - - PUZZLE 2 - - -

HINT 1/2:
You have 45 health, enough to withstand several mines if you maintain a fairly
large distance between yourself and them when they detonate.

HINT 2/2:
Mines beep 4 times before exploding.

Jump over the mine pits carefully and don't fall in, then backflip up the
platforms to the top. The first one can be a little tricky to land on.

- - - PUZZLE 3 - - -

HINT 1/3:
Read the Weapon Help section for the bazooka.

HINT 2/3:
If you have trouble, taking minimal damage from a bazooka can slightly
shift your own position.

HINT 3/3:
The wind will not change. Use it to your advantage.

Adjust your angle and power level constantly to get the correct positions for
hitting the worms. The one in the bottom right corner is so far down you
actually have to aim left to hit him! It's a touchy-feely business, so
just be as perceptive as possible.

- - - PUZZLE 4 - - -

HINT 1/1:
There are only two possible things for you to do.

Place the mine to the left.

- - - PUZZLE 5 - - -

HINT 1/2:
You cannot deplete the worm's health to 0 with your weapons.

HINT 2/2:
Use the fire punch first.

Fire punch the enemy worm into either corner, then set off a mine next to them
that will destroy the floor and send them falling into the water. The distance
at which the mine has to be placed is very specific, so fuss around with where
you place it each time.

- - - PUZZLE 6 - - -

HINT 1/2:
Read the Weapon Help section for the bat.

HINT 2/2:
Mines do not detonate instantly.

Aim the bat as high as possible, then approach the mines one by one and wait
about four or five beeps before hitting them toward a worm. If they miss, then
you were aiming in the wrong direction.

- - - PUZZLE 7 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Stay clear of falling fire.

Shoot one gas tank with each uzi, staying on the opposite side so as not to be
hit by falling embers. Wait for the fire to die down before shooting again.

- - - PUZZLE 8 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Don't use full power with your bazooka.

Aim somewhat straight and use about half power. The magnets will push your
shell around the hills and it should hit the worm. It may take a few hits, since
precision is not an easy thing in this exercise.

- - - PUZZLE 9 - - -

HINT 1/2:
Patch the holes in the ground.

HINT 2/2:
Read the Weapon Help section for the electromagnet.

Patch both holes in the ground with platforms, then place one more vertically to
the left of the enemy worm. Now set the electromagnet to repel and place it
while facing right. Be warned that this level is glitched and sometimes this
solution will work while sometimes it won't. The mine detonates randomly while
flying, but with enough tries it should hit the enemy worm.

- - - PUZZLE 10 - - -

HINT 1/1:
The mine in this level detonates instantly when it touches a worm.

Throw the electromagnet at the enemy worm. This can be somewhat hard to aim, but
when it hits, it will attract the mine and he will take damage.

- - - PUZZLE 11 - - -

HINT 1/2:
You can bodyslam enemy worms.

HINT 2/2:
Don't use too much force.

Use moderate force while swinging from your rope. Let go at the right time such
that your worm is sliding across the ground very slowly when they collide with
an enemy worm, pushing them off the edge. This can be done as a kamikaze move,
or even as a risk-free move with the right swing.

- - - PUZZLE 12 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Do what you can with what you have.

Parachute down to the platform below, use the jetpack to the area above, drill
down to the area below and hit X as soon as you break through so you don't dig
too far. Fire punch the mine into the wall, blow torch your way right, then
jump up the platforms and parachute back to the left and jump to the finish.

- - - PUZZLE 13 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Try using the Poke as your first action, second action, et cetera.

Use dragon ball, then poke, then two dragon balls, all aimed to the left. The
enemy worm should blow up the wall at the bottom, opening the finish.

- - - PUZZLE 14 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Not all mines are for blowing other mines to different areas. At least one mine
destroys a wall and must be detonated alone.

Detonate the mine in the middle island to destroy the wall in the middle, then
detonate the left mine where you started to blast it to the right. Detonate
the right mine after it settles in the corner, then the right mine again to kill
one worm, trigger the next mine, and kill the other enemy worm.

- - - PUZZLE 15 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Certain places on the map have irregular 'tumors' which are actually perfect
places for you to teleport. Look at these and think about where the game wants
you to go.

Teleport under the small cave to detonate one mine, then detonate the mine that
was sent bouncing around. Then detonate the mine that the previous mine sent
flying and so on.

- - - PUZZLE 16 - - -

HINT 1/2:
One of the tools you have will allow you to move sideways.

HINT 2/2:
Why do you have so much health? What is the mine on the left for? They're there
for a reason, and there's only one culprit.

Throw a holy hand grenade left, use the blowtorch to move right into the
supply crate, jetpack up to the enemy worm, and shoot him with a shotgun.

- - - PUZZLE 17 - - -

HINT 1/1:
One of your worms will not use any weapons or utilities.

Have the first worm drop down and hit the mine. Have the second worm jetpack
to the enemy worm and poke him to the left.

- - - PUZZLE 18 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Poking a worm will not damage them.

Place a platform vertically on the bottom right intersection, then have a worm
stand on the right of the top left platform of the top right intersection (sorry
it's so confusing). Then poke him off the edge and have him jump right to
detonate the mine. He'll bounce to the bottom and his explosion will kill the
enemy worm.

- - - PUZZLE 19 - - -

HINT 1/2:
The stairs are not for the mines; they're for your worm.

HINT 2/2:
You aren't making the mines lead to the enemy worm in as much of a linear
fashion as you did in earlier levels.

Fire up your jetpack and detonate the left mine, then the right once it settles
so the wall is destroyed. Go up and detonate the right mine at the top to knock
the enemy worm to the bottom of the map. Hop down the stairs, avoid the right
mine, and detonate the left mine to send the enemy worm into a death pit.

- - - PUZZLE 20 - - -

HINT 1/2:
The blue magnet is set to repel. You need to find a way to keep the mine there
without it being pushed away.

HINT 2/2:
There is a small landmark close to where you start. It has a function.

Place a platform sideways in the middle of the chute on the right, then use your
second worm to kamikaze the mine by standing on the tiny piece of raised land
and aiming straight up. The mine will bounce and get trapped under the platform,
then detonate the tanks.

- - - PUZZLE 21 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Find a way to trap the mine in the bottom right. Look at the way it moves.

Jetpack over and detonate the right mine to blow the middle mine next to the
left mine. Then place a platform with a positive slope (at an angle such that
if you placed a ball on it, the ball would roll left) close to the edge of the
rightmost bit of land. Detonate the left mine to blast the right mine right. It
should bounce up and over the platform, but get stuck under it and bounce back
right again when it tries to bounce back left. Ultimately, it should get stuck
and detonate the piece of wall protecting the enemy worm. Jetpack over to him
and poke him into the hole with the mine.

- - - PUZZLE 22 - - -

HINT 1/2:
The barrels are useless and play no role in solving the puzzle.

HINT 2/2:
Both of your worms will die.

Teleport high above each of the outer enemy worms such that your explosion will
blast them off the edges and next to the two inner worms, creating a chain
explosion and killing two per turn. After your first kamikaze, revive your
downed worm with lightning, have him jump rope, and repeat the process with your
other worm.

- - - PUZZLE 23 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Read the Weapon Help section for the parachute.

Backflip on the right edge of where you start, then use X to open the parachute
at your peak height. Hold up and right to glide slowly down to the supply crate,
then drop a repel electromagnet down the middle of the map to kill all enemy
worms simultaneously.

- - - PUZZLE 24 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Why do you have so much health?

Stand on the edge of the barrels and shoot them with your shotgun to blast
yourself up to the top, collecting the weapon crate along the way. Once you're
at the top, drop the dynamite off the edge of the cliff by the mine, blasting
it toward the enemy worm and killing him.

- - - PUZZLE 25 - - -

HINT 1/1:
There are two mines that are not part of the mine-to-mine chain, and they're
both very close to each other.

Detonate the top left mine, then go down to the bottom two mines and detonate
one after the other, opening a hole in the floor. Go back up and detonate the
right mine, then the right mine after that to send the final mine bouncing
through the hole you created, down the chute, and next to the enemy worm.

- - - PUZZLE 26 - - -

HINT 1/1:
You have no way to knock the enemy worm left or right off of his perch. The only
way he can fall is straight down.

Detonate the two mines in the middle, starting with the bottom one and
backflipping over to it, and teleporting to the other one. Take care to fly
into a wall or onto a platform to stop yourself from drowning. Then, carefully
detonate the top mine from the right. It will take several tries for you to be
able to land on the platform on the right, but once you do, the enemy worm will
fall to the bottom, detonate the last mine, and fall into the water.

- - - PUZZLE 27 - - -

HINT 1/2:
Don't use the kamikaze.

HINT 2/2:
You can beat this level using only two weapons, if done correctly.

Use the bunker buster to the right of where you start to blast open an escape
route, then use the ninja rope and/or platform to get out, whichever it takes.
Then, throw a red electromagnet into the area where the enemy worm is to attract
all four mines, killing him.

- - - PUZZLE 28 - - -

HINT 1/1:
Try this exercise at least once without guidance, and see where your buffalo
and/or sheep get stuck.

Place the platform two levels down, then place the buffalo to the left so it
runs across your platform. Once the buffalo explodes and stays gone, release
the sheep in the same direction. When it's closest to the enemy worm, detonate
it with X to kill him.

- - - PUZZLE 29 - - -

HINT 1/1:
You will use two magnets in this puzzle. One will be set to attract, and one
will be set to repel.

Drop a repel magnet down the chute to blow the first mine into the first enemy
worm. His death will open an area to the right. Go there (backflip several
consecutive times without moving in between) and make your way up and left to
the weapon crate, then close to the enemy worm. Throw the attract magnet such
that it sticks to the enemy worm, attracting the final mine to him and killing

- - - PUZZLE 30 - - -

HINT 1/2:
Do not take any damage.

HINT 2/2:
Read the Weapon Help section for the lightning strike.

Use your lightning strike on the sentry gun to change it to a friendly sentry
gun, then place a platform vertically on the right edge of the island. Use your
dragon ball on the worm directly next to you, then drop down to the bottom as
carefully as possible and use your blowtorch on the last enemy, pushing him
toward your sentry gun. This last part is somewhat luck, but if done correctly,
his death explosion should do 9 damage, leaving you with 1 health as you beat
the last puzzle!


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