Barbarian (old)
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
Publisher Titus
Date 2005-03-25
Publisher N/A
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtWith its blend of action and deep RPG storytelling, Barbarian offers a satisfying adventure. Here's the story: heroes of Barbaria have waged war since the dawn of time, ravaging the Earth as they battle with weapons and magic alike. Their motives are to stop the madness forged by the evil Zaugg and end his growing power. You will discover every character's massive story and goals through the battles in Quest mode and choose from a total of 300 branches. Upgrade your character and enhance his physical and magical attacks, his ability to lift objects (and even other characters), his speed, and more. In multiplayer mode, one to four players can compete simultaneously, with up to eight different fighters on the screen at once. Barbarian includes 12 huge arenas--with subarenas accessible during gameplay--10 customizable characters in a full 3-D environment, interactive objects you can use as weapons, a rich and detailed training area, and hidden assets for constant rewards.
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