Baten Kaitos
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 1586
Date 2004-11-18
Publisher Namco
Date 2005-04-01
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtBaten Kaitos is a world where islands float in the air and oceans are story from the past. A world already on the edge is about to fall into chaos, when a young man named Kalas goes after revenge. Travelling with the more noble Xhela, they'll enter the ancient Moonguile Forest and seek out answers to old questions. As they go, they'll be led by a spirit that guides Kalas to his goal -- and his destiny as savior. Use Magnus Cards wisely -- foods will ripen or rot, items will rust and gain or lose value

- A breed apart from other RPGs - Its unconventional battle system, leveling system and compelling narrative offer a new kind of deep role-playing experience
- Turn-based card battle system based on the collection Magnus cards -- over 1,000 in all, with all kinds of powers and abilities
- Capture the essence of certain items within blank Magnus Cards, then reproduce these essences to solve puzzles, battle enemies and heal comrades
- Ingenious, twist-filled story rich with surprises and emotions
- Gorgeous graphics - sub-worlds, villages, cities and weather patterns burst with colors and details
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