Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Majesco
Date 2003-05-23
Publisher V.U.G.
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtBloodRayne takes you into a dark world where vampires battle against the evils of humanity! You play as BloodRayne, a vampire who has sworn to protect the humans her kind feed on, from supernatural threats summoned by the Nazis. Hitler's occultists are collecting ancient relics to build up their occult power. BloodRayne will stop this using all the powers and weapons she can muster.

- Travel from the swamps of Louisiana to the docks of Germany to fight against - and drink from - Nazi scum
- Use her sex appeal, super moves and vampiric powers to battle enemy soldiers
- Be careful not to drink too deeply -- if you do, BloodRayne will go into an uncontrollable killing frenzy
- Horrific cinematic action scenes and a unique Camera FX feature allow you to see more of the action at several different angles
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