Burnout 2
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Publisher Acclaim
Date 2003-05-09
Publisher Acclaim
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtBurnout 2, like its acclaimed predecessor, puts fun right at the top of the agenda, dispenses with niggling irritants like realism and delivers top-class gaming entertainment. So what's new? There are additional locations, including a twisty road round the Rocky Mountains and an inspired airport-based level. There is also a greater choice of vehicles. Naturally enough you have to balance your need for speed against the need for good handling and take into account the weather and the kind of level you're racing across. Yet the core of Burnout 2 is still arcade-style racing and there's little else that does it better. It's incredibly accessible and an absolute blast to play. It doesn't matter whether you're competing in the enhanced single-player modes or hooking up with friends--it's completely irresistible. Visually, the game looks great and moves very, very quickly. The action is interspersed with elaborate crashes, and when you do hit something you shouldn't, you're rewarded with an action replay for your trouble. There are genuinely very few negatives here. Those who prefer their driving games flavoured with a bit more realism are going to be happier with a Gran Turismo game. Also, despite some good improvements and additions, there aren't enormous differences between this and the original Burnout. However, Burnout 2 is an exemplary piece of gaming entertainment, and a welcome antidote to the growing band of games that just take themselves far too seriously. Treat yourself. You'll be glad you did. --Simon Brew

- ayers rocking and racing.
- Intelligent traffic system, featuring three distinct types of driver behaviors.
- Unique new next-generation graphical effects.
- Vibration enabled controller compatibility, letting players feel every turn and crunch of the car.
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