Charlies Angels Review

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Graphics: 4.0
Sound : 3.0
Gameplay : 3.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 3.0
Review by Neil 'NXS' J. Sloan

Ahhh! Charlie's Angels for the Game Cube! Who wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the fighting bad girls? Flying through the air to beat up five guys at a time while not even messing up your hair! Could Charlie's Angels be as fun as it seems on the silver screen?? Is it worth buying or even renting just to immerse yourself in their pretty shoes for just a little while?? The answer to all these questions is quite simply, NO!


The graphics for Charlie's Angels really could have been done way better. The character models hardly resemble their real life counterparts. Their animations are stiff and lifeless, so the girls really move like robots. Level design was really nothing to brag about either! Running on a ship filled with crates is not exactly the eye candy you would expect from the GC. You would think the cut scenes would be at least a little better, but you would be wrong, as with exception of maybe wanting to keep up with the story, they're not really worth watching.


The music was not all the wonderful, although there might have been one or two tunes worth humming. The voice overs were just as bad! You would not know the angels are fighting for their life by listening to them. When the Angels fight and get hit, they sound like they are, well laying on their back! I let them get beat just to hear them moan! There's no big variety of sound effects, and although they don't sound as bad as the girls getting hit, there's nothing to write home about either.


Gameplay is usually the part that I like best, however in this case, it is not something that I am looking forward to! As you start, the three Angels are sitting on a couch listening to Charlie and Boz ramble on about what your mission is. After the little cut scene you are in a bikini contest, and by the way this is about the only plus in the game! As soon as you take your strut down the catwalk the fighting begins! Kicking, punching, and jumping are about the only things you will be doing. Start off by fighting one guy and then moving to another section where you encounter two or three others. During these first few fights, you quickly become familiar with the controls. Punch and kick combos and doing the matrix style jump kick are just about your only form of winning. On occasion, your enemies will drop different weapons that you can pick up, but if you do not pick it up before you move on to the next section, you can't go back to get it!

As you progress through the level, you will need the help of the other Angels to open doors or drop a boat in the water for you. Theoretically you can use your cell phone to change Angels manually, but I found very few places where I could do this. After you beat a level, the Angels do learn new combos and each of them fights differently but, still pretty much the same stuff over and over. Playing through the first three levels will pretty much let you know what you be doing for the rest of the game, sure the scenery changes a little bit and you learn new things but it is pretty much all the same throughout the game. No real point in droning on about the gameplay just for the simple fact that there is just not that much of it and it all gets boring very fast!


I really thought that Charlie's Angels was going to be a game I could at least get into for at least two or three days, but after playing it for only four hours, it was apparent that this game was not going to live up to anyone's expectations. I thought maybe it would get better as the game went, but I was sooo very wrong. Let's recap shall we! Graphics were a nightmare, choppy, and the levels and character models I could have done in Photoshop! The sound was just as horrid! Bad music, bad voice acting, and well it was just bad! Gameplay was definitely nothing to brag about! Controls were just not that easy, with not really much to do aside from beat everyone you came across! And putting the fighting in sections was just awful! Not being able to go back three feet for something you forgot to pick up due to an invisible wall just made me want to break the disc! Playing through this game is just awful and I wouldn't recommend it to any gamer out there! Maybe one of these days Hollywood will let the game people make a game that is fun to play while still staying true to the movie. Until then, stay far away from this title boys and girls.