Conflict Desert Storm 2: Back to Baghdad
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Gotham Games
Date N/A
Publisher SCi
Conflict Desert Storm II: Back To Baghdad takes you deep into the combat zone, during the 1991 Desert Storm operation! All-new weapons and vehicles, plus the option to raise your troops' skills and turn them into an unbeatable fighting force!

A Squadron takes you 300km further behind enemy lines, testing your nerve, skill and bravery to the very limit.
Your elite squad - Team Leader, Combat Engineer, Sniper and Heavy Weapons Specialist - are your only men. Their skills are unmatched and irreplaceable
Outmanoeuvre the enemy with tactics, stealth and high-powered combat in 10 gruelling missions.
Equipped with more vehicles, equipment and weapons, your squad is armed to the teeth for the hardest challenge of their careers.
With sharper-than-ever combat AI, you will be faced with the toughest challenges and the smartest enemies. Enhanced graphics and sound place you in the heart of the conflict.
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