Doshin The Giant
Genre Simulation -> Simulation
Today's Rank 2786
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-09-20
Publisher Nintendo
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtGiants generally come in two varieties: there are human-hating Godzilla types and saccharine-heavy friendly ones--Doshin the Giant lets you experience both. The game puts you in control of the eponymous giant, and you're given the power to raise or lower land to please the local island population. There's not much in the way of goals or structure; you just wander round doing what you want most of the time, which is fun in a mellow kind of way but as you might imagine isn't going to be for everyone. No matter how mellow you make yourself, though, there's going to be a point in the game where you think, "humans be damned!" and start stomping on them and smashing up their houses. Do this too much and, not unreasonably, they'll start to hate you and you'll metamorphose from a nice happy yellow giant to an evil red angry one. Doshin the Giant won't be for everyone--it's probably destined to be loved and loathed in equal measure--but it's a fun glimpse at the sort of left-of-centre weirdness that Japanese gamers take for granted. --David Jenkins
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