Extreme G 3
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-05-03
Publisher Acclaim
Take a pinch of Tron's lightcycle action, mix in more than a dollop of WipEout and introduce the mix to the PlayStation 2, and you have Extreme G3. It's a tried and trusted formula--futuristic motorcycling on gravity-defying circuits with armaments on the cycles and turbo boosts which make everything go blurry--and it's utterly engrossing. There's no attempt at realism here; it's arcade racing at its best. Graphics are incredibly smooth, with no distance pop-up, and the background details are splendid--the cityscapes have a stark reality to them and the 360-degree loops are a joy to behold (if a little stomach turning). There's plenty here to keep the average arcade racing fan happy--extra gadgets for your chosen vehicle and increased capacity engines, tyres and more are all there for the taking and all help to speed the player through the game to the point where the really groovy effects kick in. With a bike that's boosted to the hilt, hitting the turbo button produces an utterly stunning effect; the screen distorts as you hit high G and the sound goes woozy, waving in and out of phase to simulate the effect of raw speed. It's really very impressive. Add to this the novelty of the side-by-side two player mode and Extreme G3 is great fun and good value for money. --Chris Russell
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