Far Cry Instincts
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2006-06-15
Publisher Ubisoft
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtIncorporating state-of-the-art graphics and a host of innovative gameplay conventions, Far Cry redefines the term survival action. As Jack, you'll have to outwit hordes of cunning mercenaries by any means. Make long-range assaults, set traps, commandeer vehicles — even develop new skills and abilities to escape the island's evils. Set traps, scout ahead, snipe, and commandeer all types of assault vehicles. Enemies react in real-time and use advanced group-formation tactics to take you out.

- Explosive Xbox Live play allows you to engage in island warfare in more than eight unique modes of multiplayer combat
- Build your own multiplayer maps for use on Xbox Live or in split-screen mode
- Discover all-new locations including abandoned mines, aquatic labs, and a host of locations not found in the PC version
- ESRB Rating: Rated RP for Rating Pending
- 3/5Hx5-2/5Wx7-1/2L"; 0.39 lb.
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