FIFA 2002
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2002-05-03
Publisher Electronic Arts
Determined to squeeze every last ounce out of the FIFA license, Electronics Arts have released yet another footie sim for every format possible--and oddly enough it concerns the World Cup. Taking the essence of FIFA 2002 and modifying it for the world's greatest tournament, EA have restricted the scope of the game, offering only two modes of play (full tournament and friendly) and the 32 teams that are taking part in the tournament. That said, it still plays the same as its older brother and the look and feel given by the inclusion of the new stadia and enhanced sound effects really bring the game to life. Owners of the full-fat 2002 game on PS2 will want to think very seriously before shelling out for this "special" release, but for those who've not come across the franchise before, or those looking for a break from ISS 2, this game has entertainment by the sack load. Graphically it looks the business and the pre-match build-ups are eye candy to please any jaded palate. In-game, too, the player graphics are nicely detailed and there are some wonderful individual animations covering all manner of complex-looking moves, swerves and dives. Control is nice and simple and it's a breeze to pick this title up and start booting the pigskin around the park within a couple of minutes, though mastering the finer points of ball control and the elusive "lob in" will take a good deal longer. 2002 FIFA World Cup really does have a lot going for it. It's not as technical as the ISS games, and it doesn't have the scope or gameplay modes of FIFA 2002, but it does have atmosphere by the bucket load. If you're a newcomer to the world of FIFA or you've missed the last couple of major releases then it's certainly worth a look. --Chris Russell
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