Legends of Wrestling
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-06-07
Publisher Acclaim
When Acclaim lost the extremely lucrative rights to produce the official WWF game, they invested in the WCW licence--which promptly went bankrupt. Without another recognisable federation to back, they produced a game featuring ex-wrestling stars. Legends of Wrestling's presentation lacks the polished sheen of WWF SmackDown. Character selection and in-between bout screens are basic and static affairs. This lack of polish is highlighted by the pre-bout introductions, where the wrestlers high-five non-existent crowd members on the way down to the ring; here they inexplicably pause until the next loading sequence kicks in. Once you get into the ring, though, the game has a much more solid feel. But it comes at a price: the slow-paced action. Plus, the computer AI can be poor as it often ignores chances to finish off defenceless opponents. Despite this, there is enjoyment to be had. Fights with three or four wrestlers are fun but as with most games of this genre, multiplayer is where this game takes off; it supports up to five players (yes, you can be the referee). A simple career mode and unlockable wrestlers add to the package along with the simple joy of smashing chairs over your opponents' heads. Legends of Wrestling does push the genre in the right direction with interesting additions such as a counter gauge which enables you to evade attacks with a well timed button press. If you're not put off by its slow nature and basic look, it's an enjoyable alternative to SmackDown.--Jonathan Winter
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