Madden NFL 2005
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2004-08-10
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2004-09-17
Publisher Electronic Arts
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Box ArtUnited Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtTurn up the heat from the defensive side of the ball with Madden NFL 2005. All-new defensive pre-play controls and defensive AI enhancements give your "D" a broad arsenal of weapons and the new Hit Stick gives you the chance to lay that big hit that turns the game in your favor. The new Storyline Central feature, groundbreaking graphics and customizable fans are other great innovations from the leader in video gaming football.

- Change the momentum of a game with the new Hit Stick - use the right Analog stick to make a huge hit & force a turnover
- Defensive Playmaker Control puts you in complete control of the defense - change pre-snap assignments, for any defensive player on the field
- Go deep inside the NFL with storylines based on the games you play - watch as players argue and fight, pick up scoops from radio & newspapers
- Enhanced Franchise Mode ranks players performance each season, trade away unhappy players, or appoint your MVP team captain
- Customize the look of your crowd with the new Create-A-Fan tool
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