Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 2603
Date 2006-09-08
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2004-11-26
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtFor many, Metroid Prime remains the best GameCube game yet released. In many ways an atypical Nintendo title, with its first person adventuring and a dark sci-fi setting, the game was still full of the classic Nintendo magic with amazing graphics, perfect controls and incredible attention to detail. This new sequel expands on all these aspects as Samus Arran (perhaps the only non-gratuitous - considering she spends the entirety of the game in a big metal space suit - female character in video games) explores the planet Aether, which is mysteriously split between light and dark dimensions, with unique weapons and equipment only work in one or the other. This adds an extra layer of intricacy to the gameplay and storyline and also provides a prime excuse for lots more weapons, gadgets and visors (the sound based echo visor is particularly cool). Perhaps the most controversial new feature in the game though is a four-person multiplayer mode where you can use all of the game’s power-ups and weapons. This actually works surprisingly well with the switch to a morph ball making it impossible to lock onto an enemy automatically, greatly adding to the tactical depth. It is the single player mode that is Metroid Prime 2’s most important aspect though and there seems little chance that fans of the original will be disappointed. Those that felt the original was a little too hard and difficult to control will be catered for as well though, ensuring that this game is far more accessible than the previous one. --David Jenkins

- Addictive outer space adventure as you help Samus fight enemies, solve puzzles and explore incredible new places
- More advanced graphics and game control -- see Samus Aran in brighter colors and deeper details than ever before
- Grapple across ceilings and turn into a Morph Ball to escape, in thrilling action that will test your brains & reflexes
- For the first time in a Metroid game, four players can battle each other while grappling ceilings, search for weapons and escape as Morph Balls
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