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Date 2003-03-28
Publisher Atari
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtSports fans with little interest in video basketball games may want to rethink their stance after getting a look at Sega Sports’ NBA 2K3. They--not to mention hard-core basketball simulation enthusiasts--will likely find it hard to keep from being drawn in by the game’s picture-perfect detail, engrossing realism, and challenging gameplay. Like NFL 2K3, NBA 2K3 is presented in the patented ESPN style. The game has all the sights and sounds of the NBA: the pomp and circumstance of pregame introductions, accurate arena re-creations, realistic player animations and sizes, and fluid dribbling and shooting (including crossover moves and the ability to change shot direction in midair). All of this is accentuated with special touches such as alley-oops, tipped shots, the ability to make passes on the fly, fierce rebounding battles under the basket, and the added drama and excitement of the ball bouncing off the rim before it either falls in or goes awry. NBA 2K3 offers a host of moves and modes on either side of the ball, with 25 offensive and 10 defensive plays from which to choose. Throw in fully customizable strategy options--everything from player clutch factor to computer shot tendencies, plus all types of shot percentages and fouls--and it’s easy to create the ideal matchup and game environment. The limitless roster manager feature also ensures that league and franchise modes will keep from getting stale. Street mode offers a break from the grind of NBA play, allowing you to go two-on-two or all the way up to five-on-five in nine playgrounds and gyms. Pick your favorite players from current teams or choose greats from the '50s through the '80s and go at it as the Ballers vs. the Ringers. Street even features requisite trash talk such as "Yeah! You like that?" and grunts backed with "Get some!" --Larry White Pros: Accurate, eye-catching graphic representation Challenging artificial intelligence Realistic gameplay Cons: Blocky player movements Players celebrate with fans after key shots Lob quality of passes (This review refers to the PlayStation2 version of this game)
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