NBA Courtside Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.8
Review by Thomas Cap
A day in the life of a basketball...

At least once a year a game is released for every major sport association label. FIFA, NHL, NFL we know them all. Of course you noticed that one major label is missing - the NBA. NBA Courtside 2002 is the newest title to carry the NBA label and is, at the moment at least, only available for Nintendo GameCube.

About the game basics. Well, it's a basketball game and - surprise (...) - you play basketball. For the most intellectual amongst our readers - in a game of basketball two opposing teams try to score points by the means of throwing a ball trough two rings - preferably the opponents ring.

In the name of game

Besides playing the game in arcade mode or in tournaments, playoffs etc. NBA Courtside offers one additional mini game where you compete against another player or the AI in scoring 3 point throws.

A Training mode offers the possibility to get used to the controls and learn specials manoeuvres and abilities with a randomly appearing help system.

While you can choose from among the "real" teams you can even build your own dream team not only by hand picking "the best of the best" but with the built-in player editor you can create your very own characters as well.

Moving smooth...

Real fans of basketball will love the programmers for the work they did to bring realism to the game. All star basketball player Kobe Bryant was hired for the motion capturing. Besides the normal moves Kobe did copy some tricks from other players as well. No hardcore fan will miss any famous move in this game.
The animations of the players were done very well and you will love seeing the substitute players sitting outside of the field, or warming up waiting for their turn. To continue on background animation - the crowd is animated nicely as well not like in other games where the crowd is only a colourful heap of pixels.
The in game cameras are positioned wisely and follow the action while it unfolds with no problem.

I didn't mention sound sound yet - and I won't now either. The sound effects are their

What else

Sports games are always a little harder to review since they have this certain lack of story sometimes (...) To end this whole thing let me tell you this - NBA Courtside is a well done Basketball game with a lot of details other Basketball sims lack and will keep you entertained for months if you are into this sort of games.