PN 03
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 3891
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2003-08-29
Publisher Capcom
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTen times more deadly and less scantily clad than Lara Croft, Vanessa Z Schneider is the titular Product Number 3 in Capcom's chic new blaster. As the first of the "Capcom Five" (the other fellow GameCube exclusives being Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, Resident Evil 4 and Dead Phoenix), P.N.03 is a curious mixed bag of clunky controls, highly stylised graphics and adrenaline-fuelled old-school gameplay. The entirely inconsequential plot forces you to guide the svelte Vanessa through umpteen levels of third person combat. After viewing the intro sequence, where V gracefully jumps and twists between enemy bullets, you assume the control system is going to be all about fluid movement and balletic combos. In actual fact it's a rather clunky system that refuses to let you fire while moving and is actually somewhat reminiscent of Resident Evil's. After a while you get used to it and can start enjoying the game, which is broken up into a number of small rooms where you must destroy a series of extremely dim but nevertheless deadly robots. Throughout all this the graphics are extremely well designed, if ultimately rather repetitive–-a statement that could be applied to the game in general if you're so inclined. If you enjoy your old-school arcade action though, this soon becomes addictive and is a welcome alternative to the legion of sequels and clones currently clogging up the charts. --David Jenkins
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PN03 E3 2003 Trailer
14.48MB - 17 downloads - 20 May, 2003

P.N. 03 E3 2003 Trailer, offering one minute and a half of gameplay footage.

play PN03 E3 2003 Trailer download PN03 E3 2003 Trailer
P.N. 03 Trailer #3
11.69MB - 78 downloads - 7 March, 2003

New trailer for P.N. 03, showcasing this upcoming action game for the GameCube. The MPEG trailer offers a bit more than 2 minutes of CGI and gameplay footage, highlighting Vanessa Z. Schneider, the heroine of the game.

play P.N. 03 Trailer #3 download P.N. 03 Trailer #3