Rogue Ops
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Kemco
Date 2004-02-06
Publisher Capcom
North America Retail Box ArtRight now, stealth is the only genre to be in if you want to be the fashionable video game about town, but Rogue Ops isn't just some lazy Metal Gear Solid wannabe; it's got more than enough ideas of its own to ensure you get excited about it. Admittedly the idea of making the lead character an attractive death-dealing minx isn't one of them, but ex-Green Beret Nikki Connors isn't just about looks. Apart from excellent graphics, the real selling point with Rogue Ops is the vast number of different ways there are to solve every puzzle you come across in the game. Even just sneaking past a guard allows you to simply open fire on him, go for a stealth kill, creep away unseen or even pickpocket him for a security card first. In the preview we saw a more complex puzzle involved getting past a couple of remote sentry guns and a laser grid on the floor that would set them off. Again you can go for an all out violent attack, or you can attempt something subtler like finding something to block up the lasers or a way to climb onto the roof and take out the guns that way. The game world has been designed to be as interactive as possible--you should be able to experience it yourself soon enough. --David Jenkins This preview is based on an incomplete version of the game; features or problems mentioned above may not appear in the finished game.
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