Terminator 3: Redemption
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 9606
Date 2004-09-01
Publisher Atari
Date 2004-09-17
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThis is the Terminator Universe like you've never experienced it. Skynet machines run rampant across L.A. roads and freeways, hunting down humanity. Your mission: destroy them and salvage mankind. Drive, fight and blast across the Terminator timeline, from the present-day to 2032, to a shocking, desolate alternate future. It's a race to protect John Connor, Kate Brewster... and tomorrow.Features:Rip through deep levels of nonstop arcade-shooter action Hit the road and enemies in cars, trucks and other vehicles Fire explosive weaponry from all three timelines, including missile launchers and plasma rifles Smash enemies with power punches and combo moves Leap between speeding vehicles Experience massive boss battles Activate vintage Arnold phrases during the action, with exclusive voice recording by the star Team up in co-op mode to attack waves of Skynet machines Hijack 15+ vehicles from the present and the future Demolish never-before-seen Terminator units in melee combat Uncover secret short cuts by executing incredible Terminator Moments

14 single player levels in a variety of highly detailed, photorealistic environments.
Co-op gameplay allowing friends to protect resistance forces on the ground by blasting Skynet opponents from the air.
Fight as the Terminator in third-person, adrenaline rush driving action, which takes place in current day Los Angeles and devastated future Los Angeles, as well as alternate future scenarios.
Engage in classic Terminator combat - rip out opposing Terminator's power cells and use them as high-powered explosive devices; use dismantled Endoskeleton torsos as shields; pick-up objects in the environment and pummel opponents with them; or simply smash opponents to pieces with metal-bending hand-to-hand moves.
Command any vehicle on the battlefield. Leap from vehicle to vehicle and seize control of Sky Net or Tech Com weapons of war.
Experience "Terminator Moments," which reward the player with cool "only Terminator" action shots for executing risky moves or finding short-cuts.
Utilise vehicle weapons for enhanced Terminator combat, including Tech Com truck-mounted laser cannons and helicopter-mounted chain guns as well as advanced Sky Net weapons attached to Future Killer robots, tanks and hovercraft.
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