Top Gun Combat Zones
Genre Simulation -> Flight
Today's Rank 6514
Date N/A
Publisher Titus
Date 2002-11-08
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtWith 36 different missions, including academy tutorial, Top Gun lets you experience every single situation a jet-fighter pilot can put himself through. High altitude dogfights, low-flying blitz attacks, military and civil rescues, City/ Artic/ Desert/ Night/ Day missions... You will have to fight against dozens of different airborne and ground-based enemy vehicles to prove worthy of your Top Gun pilot rank! No other game allows you to fly down back streets on your side taking pot shots at enemy launchers with such realistic detail! Features: 36 different missions set over three distinct period of time Master the Navy's top 5 planes and try to unlock the 3 bonus planes Fly over 4 superb locations: South East Asia, Gulf States, Arctic Circle, Miramar Base, with numerous landscapes - cities, sea, oil rigs, arctic and desert zones... Astounding and very detailed graphics especially in low level flying combat to emphasize ARCADE ACTION over mere piloting Changing light and weather conditions Bonus scoring system rewarding your low-level flying and expert maneuvering Incredible REPLAY mode enabling the review of the entire mission through all sorts of different cameras and angles Build an unlimited number of new missions, choosing your plane, terrain, difficulty level and opponents with the "Quickstart mode" Specifications: 1 Player
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