Turok Evolution Review

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Graphics: 7.5
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : 7.5
Overall : 7.5
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Turok Evolution is a prequel of sorts to all the other Turok titles. It tells the story of Tal' Set and how he came to and saved the lost land. All very epic and mythological, you might think, but it's quite hard to actually figure out what is going on at some points. But as with all great plots it gradually unravels.

Gameplay: Turok is a first-person shooter, plain and simple. There are various puzzles to solve, plat-forming sections; which have a reputation of being tough, and the new addition: flying! It was always going to happen and thank the lord it finally did! Think a giant flying reptile, think fireball cannons, think missiles, and what do you get? A giant flying reptile with fireball cannons and missiles: glorious! Think Starfox 64 in a beautiful prehistoric world; plenty of stuff to shoot and adds great variety to the title.

Graphics: I had high hopes for the visuals in Turok. The previous games were full of wonderful ideas of cities with romantic architecture burning in rubble, and large dinosaurs stomping through dense jungle. But never before had these ideas been. All thanks to the power of next-generation machines the developers have finally been able to create a realistic and absorbing world.

The architecture is amazing, the dinosaurs sometimes awe-inspiring and the jungles feel alive. As you or dinosaurs brush past trees and other foliage it sways or even falls to the ground. After playing the first level of Turok Evolution you'll never forget the time when you entered the clearing to find a glorious waterfall with two stegosauruses and a mother and baby triceratops; stunning! But the graphics aren't without fault, they are beautiful at time but when you find the edge of the jungle things start to get a bit blurry and rough. The frame rate can suffer at busy points but it's quite rare.

Sound: Turok games, even though they were cartridge based, always had epic soundtracks. Evolution is no exception, the music is worthy of a place in the next Jurassic Park film and the dinosaur sound effects are convincing and when intended frightening.

Lifespan: Evolution is quite a long game, each level is split into nicely sized sections; eliminating the problem of levels that were too large in previous games. The multi-player is also solid, and while doesn't include all the options that Rage Wars did, its still a great laugh.

Fun: Where Turok really makes its mark! It is without a doubt one of the most fun games recently released. If you ever wanted to be in the Jurassic Park films, or more importantly shoot the brains out of the supporting, reptilian cast, Turok is the title for you!

Opposition: Compared to 007: Agent Under Fire, its hard to say which title is better, both are solid, look and sound great, and have enough variety to keep you playing. Turok would definitely win in the lifespan contest, it all depends if you want to be Bond or Rambo.

Great atmosphere, good visuals, amazing sound and a long adventure.

On occasions graphics look rough, controls great; but hard to master.