Astro Boy Omega Factor
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 5271
Date 2004-08-18
Publisher Sega
Date 2005-02-18
Publisher THQ
North America Retail Box ArtInvisible enemies are revealed with his x-ray vision, his Arm Canon discharges explosive firepower, his hearing is unparalleled, and his strength is no less than 100,000 horsepower. With his superior, electronic brain, he decodes robotic languages and secret codes. Help Astro uncover his full potential through 10 non-linear, interactive areas, including a volcano, outer space, underground, and the city.

- Awaken and strengthen Astro's seven super abilities throughout the game.
- Explore huge 3D worlds to uncover side quests and hidden items.
- Interact with characters from the cartoon series including Dr. O'Shay, Zoran, and more!
- Collect trading cards and open new areas to search.
- Determine the best super power to defeat Magnamite, Acheron, the Blue Knight, and Atlas.
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