Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAn informant named Kilantrainia, "Bob" for short, has traveled 400 light years to warn Earth about an impending danger. Domingoaniax, an alien leader, and his army of mutants and robot soldiers have taken control of the BSBODSOM project (Build Secret Base on Dark Side of Moon). For months these aliens have been abducting humans and assimilating them into an army of droids that Domingoaniax can use to overwhelm Earth and plunder its natural resources. As our last hope, you must help Jim Track infiltrate the base and succeed where many others before him have failed. You must destroy every alien or assimilated human you encounter, port back as many unassimilated humans from the pods as possible, and then trigger the self-destruct sequence to terminate the moon base and the remaining aliens. The game features full, smooth-scrolling 3-D, smoke and transparency effects, 12 intricate levels to master, and nine unique weapons.
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