Breath of Fire
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date 2001-12-14
Publisher Ubisoft
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtRole-playing games are proving to be a big draw on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and Breath of Fire is a great example of how to produce quality software for the handheld without compromising on quality. Drawing heavily on its 8-bit ancestors, this is a typically epic saga of swords and sorcery, combining high action with periods of exploration and a plot that just keeps you coming back for more. As a member of the Light Dragon Clan it's up to you to discover the mysteries of your colleagues and save the group from destruction; so far so good, but add in some funky main characters, all of whom have special skills which are essential to completing the task at hand, and this is a surprisingly good romp through the fantasy countryside with a fair sprinkling of indoor locations and dungeons to boot. In comparison with other GBA titles--the impressive Golden Sun, for example--it's not going to win any prizes in the graphics or sound department, but it does manage to look very similar to its SNES brother and the cutesy look and feel adds to the atmosphere rather than detracting from it. Sound is sparse and restricted to a few warbles and tinny sounding tunes every so often, but the GBA is not well known for its symphonic sound capability at the best of times so it's easy to push this deficiency aside. For the RPG fan who's looking for fun on the move or the novice looking for something different, Breath of Fire offers many possibilities.--Chris Russell
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