Columns Crown
Genre Puzzle -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 8769
Date N/A
Publisher THQ
Date 2001-12-07
Publisher Atari
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtColumns Crown reinvents the original smash puzzle game with new modes of play. The princess has searched all over her family castle for the missing Spirit Stones that fill in the royal crown. She can only find four of the magical gems, so she enlists the aid of her friend Milshe, an apprentice magician, and their friend Lote, a young alchemist. Choose between the two friends and help the princess collect Spirit Stones in Flash Columns mode. Link with a friend or play the CPU in Versus mode to unleash devastating elemental attacks with the recovered gems. Your performance in each of the exciting modes will reveal more rare Spirit Stones for you to collect and keep you coming back for more gameplay.
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