Crash Bandicoot Review

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Graphics: 7.5
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.6
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Sonic VS Crash

Two titans clash, one is a classic and one is who wish's to replace him, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Sonic and Crash Bandicoot WALKOFF.
Although SEGA left the 'hardware' part of the gaming scene, it is still loading its cannons towards their competitors by introducing magnificent games to all consoles, and if SEGA is known for one character throughout the ages, it’s Sonic.
Vicarious Visions on the other hand, long time game designer, hit the jackpot with Crash Bandicoot, a wicked lad that makes you want more, more fun, more action, more Wowing and shear joy, the unofficial mascot of PlayStation, its the new hero around.
In the Walk off we will look at all the aspects of the game, considering versatility, graphics, gameplay and sound, going head-to-head on every aspect that will lead to a hopefully fair winning. Let the Walk off being!


Crash Bandicoot on the Game Boy Advance (GBA from now on) tries to follow its PlayStation counterpart, rather fast movement, fast decision making at times and different game modes, one of the strongest aspects of Crash is its versatility within gameplay, you are not trapped through out the game to the usual 2D vertical scroller (classical scrollers) but are given different layouts of game modes that range from pseudo 3D runaways (just like its PlayStation version), underwater levels and more.

Sonic Advance on the other hand, differs in its essence from Crash: on the graphics side, Sonic is still featuring the same 'look' concept from its 90's SEGA Mega-Drive version, the bright colours, the wonderful scenes, different acts with different map types (outdoor maps/in-compound maps), Sonic appeals to new Sonic lovers as well as the older ones amongst us. This gets back to the gameplay part, the game is still a classical (yet revised) version of the 90's Sonic, and a lot more similar to the recent years of Sonic releases (Specially the old PC release of Sonic). The main difference besides the 'way' the game goes through is the speed, Sonic is about 2.5 times FASTER than Crash Bandicoot, you will jump, slide, hover and fly with four different characters this title offers you, versatility (while not in the core gameplay) plays a strong hand, giving replay ability just a whole lot more.

Game Modes is an area where Sonic also beats Crash, while in Crash its Single Play only, Sonic offers various game modes besides the 'normal' story-based game, things going for it like VS mode, Time Attack and another mini-game called Tiny Chao Garden, overall, Sonic gives different game modes rather than gameplay modes.


I did address this issue within gameplay, because it does affect or draw how the game actually plays, but graphics wise Crash surpasses Sonic for the mere reason of toyish realism, Sonic (and gang) are still the good old colourful 2D gang that run around in blazing fast speeds, where as Crash is more of the 3D-lookalike that represent change, no longer will we be trapped in ancient times said Vicarious Visions.

Sonic's bright colours and well done animations (as well as the surroundings' animations) are excellent, they keep freshness into the maps you play and into the enemies you encounter, Crash doesn't sway far off behind, it keeps its edge using vivid colours and splendid 3D-like animations giving a whole new range of possibilities.


Both Sonic's and Bandicoots music were superb, each complying to its own gameplay (one fast, one even Faster), because of the nature of Sonic's gameplay, the music is faster, more energetic, whereas in Crash, its more subtle within tempo.


Overall, I think Sonic has more features, whereas Crash is more of the refreshing new gameplay, so, I'll declare this as a DRAW, and tell you to choose based on what you like more, High Paced wicked mind blowing speed vs. new Different gameplay elements that Sonic does not offer.