F-14 Tomcat
Genre Simulation -> Flight
Today's Rank 1178
Date N/A
Publisher Microprose
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtThe catapult officer calls for full afterburner. 50,000 pounds of thrust spools behind you as your F-14 strains for release. Less than three seconds lateryour Tomcat screams through the air at 150 knots. You climb to meet your wingman, then head off to join the fight. Fleet Defender is the first flight simulator to accurately recreate carrier-based operations.

- Accurate cockpit representations. Realistic enemy Ai. New artifical intelligence is patterned after Soviet and Third World military doctrine.
- Expanded Player-Wingman interaction. As flight leader, a wide range of interactive commands allow you to exercise complete tactical contro of your wingman.
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