Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 21469
Date 2004-09-21
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2001-06-22
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtIf you like blazing-fast racing games (and have thumbs of steel), F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is one of the wildest rides yet for a handheld system. Based on the famous Super NES game of yore, the futuristic F-Zero asks you to pick from a starting line-up of four hovercrafts that tear across flat but hazardous tracks. Your goal: compete for first place so you can advance to the next track and difficulty level. To have any success in F-Zero, great reflexes and a memory for track detail are absolute musts. While the controls are responsive, in general the frictionless racing means that almost all cars have a suitably loose feel to them, and require skilled pilots to handle corners. Be warned that gamers with adult-size thumbs may be in for a very painful experience due to the constant mashing of the GBA's shoulder buttons. When you get bored of racing the computer, you can take on up to four opponents via the link cable--and unlike multiplayer Game Boy games, only one cartridge is needed. While F-Zero features many tracks and skill levels, there isn't much depth beyond the simplistic (yet challenging) racing. Fortunately, the silky-smooth animation and detailed graphics should keep fans of speedy arcade racers taxing their thumbs long after they've brought home the chequered flag. --Mark Brooks

- Select from dozens of racing craft and unlock more as you play
- Race against more than 30 opponents in unbelievable high-speed action
- Multiple high-speed tracks with sharp turns, tight barriers, and many other challenges
- Put yourself tot he ultimate test in Zero Mode -- race through 48 challenging tracks while unraveling a wild storyline
- Maximum velocity pads, turbo boosts, mini-leaps and other tools help you get an advantage over your opponents
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