Golden Sun
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 4281
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Date N/A
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2002-02-22
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtWhereas it took the PS2 about six months to get even one genuine classic game, the doggedly reliable GBA is quietly feathering its nest with barnstormer after masterpiece. Golden Sun is the first proper role-playing game on the portable and it's a stonker. RPG fans will be completely un-shocked to learn that the game centres on a spiky haired hero who discovers that the small town life is not for him and he's actually destined to be the saviour of the universe, or something. Although it's not much of a surprise to discover that the game doesn't shy away from the story clichés of the genre it is perhaps a shame that it sticks so close to the usual gameplay traditions, i.e., random battles, turn-based combat and an over-complex spell system. Still, it does do the old customs proud and the combat sequence look particularly good with a rather spiffing 2½-D graphics system and some great 3-D world map views. The puzzles are also more interesting than the norm, most being Zelda-esque physical puzzles as opposed to the usual super-obvious RPG no-brainers. Mired in sentimental tradition it might be, but Golden Sun is certainly more enjoyable than the po-faced interactive movie that is the modern Final Fantasy game. At the time of writing there's nothing quite like it on the GBA, so it's hard not to recommend it. --David Jenkins
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