Golden Sun 2: Lost Age
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 2664
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2003-09-19
Publisher Nintendo
The Game Boy Advance's best original role-playing game is back in stunning form with Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The Japanese have their own peculiar take on role-playing games (RPGs), which adheres to a fairly strict series of features and clichés: young village outcast with mysterious powers, randomly occurring turn-based battles, lots of made-up words with not enough vowels in them. Golden Sun has got them all, and yet it's still incredible fun. The Lost Age is less a sequel and more a second chapter to the first game, picking up right where it left off as Isaac and his buddies try to save the world after their failed attempt to stop the Venus lighthouse from being lit. You don't by any means need to have played the first game to enjoy or understand this one, but if you have, you can upload your team from before and carry on exactly where you left off. Either way there's still tons of new spells and Dijnn to find and use, the best of which create some truly stunning graphical effects when used in battle. If you hate RPGs, you'll hate Golden Sun, but if you have even the smallest interest in the genre you can't go far wrong with this ace portable title. --David Jenkins
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