GT Advance
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 3917
Date N/A
Publisher THQ
Date 2001-06-22
Publisher THQ
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtWhen you first set eyes upon a Game Boy Advance it's almost certain that the game everyone will use to show off the console's abilities will be GT Advance. The idea of Gran Turismo on a portable console may seem ridiculous, but that's exactly what GT Advance is. In terms of graphics, realism, and number of cars, it's as close as you're likely to get to the PlayStation classic while sitting on a bus. GT Advance lets you drive up to 48 different cars, all of which are officially licensed from real-life (but exclusively Japanese) manufactures. There are four separate classes of championship mode with eight courses in each, making for a mighty impressive 32 tracks in total. Of course, as the almost entirely rubbish GT Championship proves, all the options in the world can't save a racing game if it doesn't look or feel the part, but GT Advance does. The cars handle well and the super fast 3-D graphics are amazing. There's even a two-player mode, making this a must-have for any GBA owner who wants to see just what his or her new console can do. --David Jenkins
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