Harvest Moon
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2006-09-08
Publisher N/A
Date 2004-03-26
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtTo the uninitiated, the farming simulator Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town may not sound like a barrel of high-octane arcade thrills. But as anyone who's played any of the previous Harvest Moon games will know, what the series lacks in button-bashing excitement it more than makes up for in charm and addictiveness. The game begins with you gaining ownership of a rundown farm; it's then your job to plant crops, raise livestock and reap the rich rewards of a country life. Fortunately (or not) this is a dairy farm, so although you milk cows and collect eggs there are no unpleasant visits to the abattoir. Instead you spend your time pulling out weeds, watering crops and making sure you're back in time for a good night's rest. To ensure that things don't get dull (and if that's all you did it would be excruciatingly so) there's a whole town to explore, with lots of mini-games to play and various shops to explore. Visiting the town also allows you to pursue the game's other main goal: to get married. There are six beauties for you to try and tempt into wedlock with flattery, gifts and the odd favour. With a link-up option to the GameCube version (which among other things gives you access to an exclusive seaside cottage) this is one of the most unusual and engrossing games around. So don't be put off by the lack of explosions: this is one of the best GBA games yet released. --David Jenkins

- Revisit the Popular World of Harvest Moon - Back to Nature
- Traditional Harvest Moon Game Play with many new surprises
- All-new New events and mini-games, plus old friends to revisit
- Marry and start a family with one of the five eligible bachelors
- Traditional Harvest Moon Game Play with popular features from the other games in the series
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