Jonny Moseley Mad Trix
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher 3DO
Date 2002-03-28
Publisher 3DO
In Jonny Moseley: Mad Trix, up-and-coming free skiers compete for medals in events similar to the X Games or Gravity Games. As they gain more recognition, opportunities open up for sponsors, magazine covers, and even movies. Medals are cool, but covers and movies are the ultimate score. Kick enough butt in the slope-style competitions and you'll be invited to star in the next ski movie, unlocking Big Mountain mode. Next thing you know, you'll be hucking yourself out of a helicopter to do your stuff on camera. Jonny Moseley: Mad Trix mixes in a heavy dose of realism with a serious dose of fiction. While Big Mountain mode sends you to places like Alaska and Everest, the slope-style courses are built into outrageous city environments such as snowed-in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Machu Picchu. Choose between pro free skiers like Jonny Moseley and Tanner Hall, or a handful of outrageous fictional characters.
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