Kirby Advance
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 0
Date 2006-09-08
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2003-09-26
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtThe Kingdom of Mirrors has been invaded by a dark shadow and Kirby's going to need to call in for some backup this time. He's been split into four Kirbys of different colors and with his trusty cell phone, he can call up his colorful alter egos for a little help.

- All-new copying abilities -- from the arrow-shooting Cupid to the fighting moves of Smash
- Use Kirby's cell phone to call some friends to help you find your way through the Kingdom of Mirrors
- Enjoy lightning-fast sub-games like Crackity Hack and Speed Eaters
- Play solo or linkn up with some friends for multiplayer action
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