Kuru Kuru Kururuin
Genre Puzzle -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 9889
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2001-06-22
Publisher Nintendo
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtWhen Nintendo created the Game Boy, the world was introduced to a simple yet devastatingly effective Russian game--Tetris. 12 years on, they've moved onto the Game Boy Advance but, rather than subject us to yet another incarnation of the block-dropping puzzler, Nintendo have given us Kuru Kuru Kurunin. For those of you that can't speak Japanese, Kuru Kuru Kurunin loosely translates into "Crazy Stick Game"--well, not really, but that's the best description you're going to get. Put simply, the game is based around the idea that you are a duck, and that this duck, apart from having a plethora of friends, drives a space ship that resembles a long stick (stay with us on this one--it gets better). Your task is to control the duck's spaceship through a series of tunnels to get to the end of the level. The only problem is that your spaceship is constantly spinning and the tunnel doesn't always stay the same width as the spaceship. As you progress through the game, the tunnels get harder, with you having to avoid objects, bounce off springs and basically muster all your prowess in later levels to get by. With three lifelines, the game's concept is fairly simple and yet for some strange reason very addictive. You can't help but think that you'll crack it on the next go and three hours later still be trying. Very Japanese in its creation, this is certainly one of the more entertaining and original GBA launch titles.--Jason Denwood
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